The Valentine Competition (2021) - full transcript

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[uptempo music]

♪ Can you feel it

♪ I can

♪ There's a magic when
you hold my hand ♪

♪ I'm an addict

♪ For your love

♪ Maybe one day I
could be your man ♪

♪ 'Cause I get a rush
when I'm next to you ♪

♪ I never want you to go away

♪ And I can't get enough

♪ When you got to leave me

♪ I can't wait
until the next day ♪

♪ I get to see your face

♪ I got a feeling

♪ That it could be love

♪ I know I got this feeling

♪ That it must be love

♪ Hey, I got a feeling
and it could be love ♪

♪ I know I got this feeling

♪ And it must be love

♪ Would you know that I care

♪ From the first day that
I saw you standing there ♪

♪ Automatic, no competition

♪ Just lay your head on my
chest and maybe listen ♪

[alarm beeping]

- A new era is coming to
Great American, gentlemen.

It's an exciting
time for our company

and I need you both to step up

and be part of the team.

- We understand, Mrs. Shank.

But Ron had no idea that
you wanted him to switch out

the ceramic Tiki
torches yesterday.

I forgot to tell him--
No, Jack.

[talking over each other]

- Stop!

I'm talking about the
future and commitment.

Is that clear?

- So I'm not getting fired?


- Honestly, I'm
just as surprised.

- We thought this meeting
was going very differently.

- Oh no, not today.

You're in luck,
I'm in a good mood.

You have a new boss
who should be arriving,

oh, now.

- [Catherine] Mrs. Shank,
so good to see you again.

- Likewise.

Peterson, this is your
new boss and my daughter.

- Your daughter?

Jack Peterson, ordering
department manager.

This is my assistant.

- Rob.
- Ron.

- Hi.

- Mr. Peterson, how long
have you been with us?

- Going on eight
years now, I guess.

Wow, when you say it out
loud, it sounds pretty crazy.

- That does sound crazy.

Since I've only been here
eight minutes and I've noticed

there's a light burnt
out in loading bay two,

a female employee refusing
to leave the restroom

and a third of your shelves
are improperly stocked.

- It's a wonder
we sell anything.

- Walk with me, Mr. Peterson.

- Sure.

Come on.
- Oh, okay.

[quirky music]

- Exactly how many
items are you tracking

for Valentine's Day stock?

- Uh, for all the stores?

- Yes, all 16.

- A lot to be exact

- 2,601, and that's
including the heart-shaped

garden lights being
unloaded as we speak.

- Yeah, I was right.

2,601 is a lot.

- Is everything a joke to you?

Before you leave today
I'd like a report

on my desk detailing
your inventory systems

and cross-referencing
all vendors.

- Lots of things are funny
if you give them a chance.

Take you for instance.

You're a lot like your mom.

- Hmm.

I'll take that as a
compliment, Mr. Peterson.

Having an identical
education to my mother helps.

I just graduated.

- Me too, I got my business
certificate in 14 weeks.

- I have an MBA from Cornell

and a PhD in psychology
and human behavior.

- Well, I feel great now.

- Having a rounded character
is an important quality

for a person in a
leadership position.

- Is there anything else
I can help you with?

- No tie says you
probably can't.

Maybe you should
educate yourself

on professional
apparel, Mr. Peterson.

- I...


Well, looks like we're
working late tonight.

- Oh, I have that charity thing,

but I can stay if you--
- No, no, no.

Please, please, please.

Thank you, but I'll handle this.

- Thank you.

[mellow music]

- Oh!
- Oh!

Sorry, I thought my mother and I

were the only ones
still working.

- I was just heading out.

- Oh, I didn't know anyone
actually read these.

It so--
- Romantic?

- Uh.

- I haven't gotten very far.

I keep going back to the start.

I like how these two meet.

- That's just wrong.

Don't you want to
know how it ends?

- I read the last page,
it's a happy ending

as all great love stories are.

- You don't actually
believe that, do you?

- In love?

- In fiction.

There's so much more concrete
literature out there.

- But concrete
doesn't have the same

emotional impact, does it?

I mean, there's a certain
spark to getting lost

in the pages of somebody
else's imagination,

especially when it
comes to romance.

- Spark?
- Yeah.

Something exciting
and intangible.

After all, there's
nothing more magical

in the whole world
than falling in love.

[phone buzzing]

- Well, I just got
your inventory report.

Let's hope it's not intangible.

- Goodnight, Jack.

Thank you for all of
your hard work today.

You know, you're welcome, Cate.

You have wonderful eyes.

Hold the fort, would you?

[quirky music]


- Are you going to
tell me what's so funny

or must I read your mind?

- Oh, it's nothing really.

It's just Mr. Peterson has
managed to spell analysis

at least four different
ways on this page alone.

It's quite the accomplishment.

- I don't know how he
even made it to manager.

Somehow he just snuck his
way up without even noticing.

- Hmm.

- You know, I can't express
how proud I am of you

that you've dedicated
your life to this business

and didn't fall for the first
man who showed an interest.

- Well, no distractions,
as you always say.

- At a girl.

[gentle music]

- [Richard] Young man, I wanted
oatmeal, these are pancakes.

- [Jack] Your oatmeal
is almost ready.

- [Richard] I don't
have time to wait.

I have to get my wife
flowers for Valentine's Day.

- There's time, it's not
Valentine's Day just yet, dear.

- Where's the waiter?

- He's not a waiter, Richard.

That's Jack, our son.

- If he's not the waiter, why
is he bringing me oatmeal?

- Maybe 'cause I'm waiting for
a tip one of these days, dad.


- Will you be
working late tonight?

- I hope not.

The store is really
busy right now.

So I'll try to get home
in time to make dinner.

- Oh, I can cook, you
know, I'm not that old.

- I know.

I just happen to be
a much better cook.

- Oh!

Are you working all weekend?

- Not if I can help it.

- Who made this oatmeal?

- I did, Pop.

- Is this what I ordered?

- Sure is.

Do you like it?

- I love it.

- Oh, I should get going, guys.

I love you very much.

- I love you, son.

[talking indistinctly]

- That would be amazing.

It's just that way, thank you.

- Clean this place up.

Here we go.

I don't want neighbors.

Well, we'll see.

[clears throat]

- So this is where you hide out?

The office has been paging you.

- They have?

- They have.

Were you talking to the plants?

- My dad and I used to spend
every summer gardening.

And, well, he told me
that talking to the plants

helps them to grow
faster and stronger

and just healthier overall.

- They're not sentient.

They don't know
what you're saying.

- Well, I don't know how
it works, but it does.

Apparently, they respond to
female voices even better.

- Really?

- Really.

- I don't know what to say.

- Whatever comes to mind.

I mean, I know it's tough
when you're facing off

against the purple accord
pansy, but if anyone can do it.

- Hey, little guys.

Uh, keep on blooming.

You're doing great,
smells great.

Well, that was, um.

- Liberating?

- Humiliating.

- Sorry, you've
got a little, uh.


- Oh.


Well, I should get back to work.

And so should you, Mr. Peterson.

This is our busiest
time of the year,

so no time for slacking.

- Yeah.

What do you think?

How did this happen?
- I don't know.

I was so careful.

I was trying to be so careful.

- Well, how many are there?

- 600 pallets.

- And how many do we need?

- 60.
- Six, Ron!

- I swear, I triple checked it.

I must've made a mistake
on the ordering form,

but she's going to fire
me for sure this time.

- We'll think of something
like we always do.

- Could we send them
to another store?

- They'd be dead upon arrival.

I'd hate to see them
wither on some shelf.

- Where are you going?

- I got to break
this to the boss

before she gets
wind of it herself.

- Well, Catherine, this is just
another bucket list moment.

Your first layoff.

- I might actually finish my
bucket list before I'm 32.

- There's got to be another way.

- I'll get Rob.
- Ron.

- Catherine, you prepare
your speech and, Peterson,

I'd like you to witness this

and make sure your friend
doesn't do anything

too outlandish when
he gets the good news.

- Oh, there's good news?

- Permanent vacation.

- You can't fire him.

- What choice do I have?

Even if I cut his wage in half

that's still doesn't cover
the cost of the flowers.

- Right, but Ron can't
afford to lose this job.

He doesn't have any money.

His dad left him the house,

he can barely afford
property taxes.

- It's too bad money
doesn't grow on flowers.

- Yeah.

Listen, Ron is the
only man in here, okay,

who comes in every day
with a smile on his face.

And I don't know a single
person in Valentine

who doesn't love him.

If you fire him, you not
only risk losing the respect

of your staff, but of
the entire community.

- Okay, but if I don't, I
lose the respect of my mother.

- We're both creative people.

There's gotta be another option.

- Um, okay, so there's
540 extra flower pallets.

Um, an opportunity
instead of a mistake.

Flowers are used for
holidays, birthdays,

weddings, funerals.

Valentine's Day
is six days away.

Um, we live in the
town of Valentine.

I've got it!

A Valentine's Day
themed competition

hosted by The Great
American Garden Store.

- What's this?

- A challenge.

A town-wide Valentine-themed
garden contest.

- Exactly!

Ron has presented the
Great American Garden Store

with the means to make
this the most successful

Valentine's Day it's ever seen.

- I'm listening.

- We'll offer a full backyard
renovation to the winner.

- People will be buying all
kinds of decorations to win,

not just flowers.

- We'll need a complete
marketing campaign

and we need the whole
town to compete.

- Catherine and I could
arrange the entire event.

There won't be a single
flower left on the shelf

by the time Valentine's
Day arrives.

- I like it, it's fresh.

- This is exactly the change
I wanted to implement,

a reason for people
to get excited.

We'll have to get
started right away.

- And as for you, Eisely--

- I'm just glad I
could be of service.

- Um.


- Let's get started on this.

- [Catherine] Okay, great.

- [Mrs. Shank] We
could even live stream

and broadcast the contest.

[quirky music]

- I didn't realize you
kept all of this stuff.

- No, no, not this one,
the other Valentine's box.

- Right.

You sure it's a red box?

- [Richard] With red hearts.

- [Jack] Red hearts,
red hearts, red hearts

- Why don't you notice?

He's not very good
at direction, is he?

- No, he's not.

- All right.

Who do you think you're
talking to now, Pop?

- Cate.

- Catherine.

- Hi, I was just helping my dad

get his Valentine's
decorations out.

It's kind of a big
deal around here.

He and my mom got
married on Valentines.

- How sentimental.

- Yeah.

Hey dad.

Dad meet Catherine.

She's my boss.

- Hi.

- I got everything here.



- Oh, I wouldn't eat those.

- Oh.

I love to dance.

Five, six, seven, eight.

- Okay.
- And step.

- Sorry about my dad.

He's living in another time.

Lucky guy, right?

Did you come by for
any particular reason?

- Yes, my mom's already aired
the competition town-wide,

so the pressure's on.

That leaves you and I to
address public relations

along with continuous
inventory upkeep.

So let's start with
early morning meetings

at 6:00 a.m. sharp, followed
by email updates at noon

and then Zoom meetings
at the end of the day

before signing off.

And I've already asked around,

so I know you don't have any

activities or hobbies.

So I imagine this would
suit your schedule fine.

- And what if we
imagine that I'm more

of a go-with-the-flow type?

I like to feel problems
as they arrive.

- Well, with the
proper preparation,

no problems should arrive.

- Okay.

So you came all
the way down here

just to discuss the competition?

- Of course.

Why else?

- In my driveway?

- I want to succeed,
Mr. Peterson.

It's important that you
take this seriously.

- Whoa, whoa, I am
taking this seriously.

I was kind of
surprised that's all.

[dog barking]

- Hey Jack.

- Hey Ron.
- Miss. Shank, nice to see ya.

- Ron's your neighbor?

- Yeah, we grew up together.

He's sort of like
my little brother.

- So you hired your
friend as your assistant?

- He has the biggest
heart in town.

Is this about his mistake?

- Nope, just an observation.

- Well, I'll have
you know I made

some observations of my own.

- About what?


- What do you know, Gary's home.

- What have you
observed about me?

- Jack!

My garden store insider.

- What's up, Gary?

- You must be a new friend.

- Boss, actually.

- Oh, I haven't seen
you around before.

I'm Gary.

- Just arrived in
town, Catherine.

- Well then, Catherine,

welcome to our fine
little community.

Hey, I heard on the radio
the store's having a contest.

First prize is a complete
backyard renovation.

Well, what's that mean exactly?

- Just what it says.

- I know what it said.

I want to know what it means.

- It means that the Great
American Garden Store

will give you a full
backyard renovation

to suburban paradise.

- And what's included?

- Anything in the
store you want.

- Anything?

Even a new barbecue.

- Yes.
- Gas fire pits?

- We have those.

- How about a dual,
hydrostatic, zero-turn,

rideable field tractor
with nose roller

and triple blade
cutting capacity?

- Field tractor?

- He's talking
about a lawnmower.

- Oh.
- Yes, Gary,

we have those too.

- You guys talking
about the contest?

- Myra, you're gonna enter?

- Thinking about it.

- You?

I've never seen you
do a thing out there,

it's always Bob.

- I am more than
capable of competing

with Bob or without Bob.

In fact, this year I might
show him how I really care

with a new deck.

- What a lucky husband.

I'm so glad to see so many
people reacquainting themselves

with the true meaning of
the holiday and entering.

- Hmm, I did the math.

- What's the catch, Jack?

Is this some kind of
money-making scheme?

- There's no catch, Gary.

- The contest isn't a scheme.

It's a way to reintroduce
Valentine's Day

to Valentine, Oregon.

A new tradition in the making.

- Mm-hm, mm-hm.

Yeah, that's great.


- As a representative
of the store,

Ron really should do
something for the contest.

- Well, the thing about
Ron is that he's more

of a crafty man, likes
to make his own decor.

- I'm just saying my
mom's not gonna like it.

We should make sure that
he has at least something

festive in his yard.

It is Valentine's Day on
the street of Valentine

in Valentine, Oregon.

He's not much of a gardener.

- Yeah.

See, Ron's focused
on helping others.

He volunteers for all kinds
of organizations here in town,

but I'm not really going
to be decorating either.

So he and I could be
festivally unfestive together.


- There are two parts to a rose.

The thorny stem and the
sweet, fragrant blossom.

It symbolizes everlasting love.

There are also two parts

to the Great American Garden
Store Valentine Competition.

Decorate your front
yard this Valentines

and you stand to win
a fully-renovated,

brand new backyard.

Compliments of me, Debra
Shank, at Great American.

For more information,
visit our website

and follow us live from
the contest. [clapping]

- Not bad for a day's notice.

- It's amazing.

You were made to be on TV.

- I know, I was a
pre-Madonna in my last life.

Hey, there's something I
wanted to talk to you about.

- Is everything okay?

- Yes, so I calculated the cost

of a complete
backyard renovation.

And if the contest is a bust

and I'm forced to
award a winner,

how can I ensure that
I'm not losing money?

- Well, there's no real way
to ensure that unless...

- Unless?

- Well, unless you knew the
winner wouldn't ask for much

or would decline the
renovation altogether.

- Yeah, it's too bad we
couldn't guarantee the winner

or know that he'd
decline the prize.

I'd feel a whole lot
better about the contest

if that was the case.

- All the neighbors
are signing up.

- Yes, this might actually work.

- First day of the contest.

- I'm aware, you
updated me three times

at our 6:00 a.m. Zoom meeting.

- We had a meeting?

- Oh, just for the contest
planning committee.

- You want to trade jobs?

- Really?
- No!

Sorry, no.

Mr. Eisely, can
we have a minute?

- Sure, yeah.

- I meant with Mr. Peterson.

- Right.


- I have good news for you.

- Oh, I'm off the
contest committee?

No more meetings?

- Yes.

- Ha-ha!

- I'm serious.

As of today, you're
officially entered.

All future meetings
will be diverted

to your positioning
in the contest.

- Why would I enter the contest?

I'm an employee here.

- Well, now that you're
off the committee,

no one can accuse
you of cheating.

And after you win,
no one can prove

it was actually pre-decided.

- You're rigging the contest?

- Of course not.

Your house will truly have
the best presentation,

mostly because I'll
be the one in charge.

- Oh, now you have a PhD in
flower garden design too.

- No, because she has
her mother's impeccable

sense of design.

- Of course, and what a
lovely mother that is.

And when you win, Peterson,

you'll donate half
your prize money

to the charity of your choice.

Ah, charming, a tax write-off.

- I was thinking
maybe an Alzheimer's

charity would be nice.

- It's my parent's house.

They're not going to like this.

- I'll talk to them.

This afternoon,
we'll leave early.

That way we can get
started tonight.

- Tonight?

- There's no time to
waste, Mr. Peterson,

not if we want to win.

- And what if I
have a date tonight?


You said there was good news?

- Oh, Rob.
- Ron.

- Is off the hook.

Well, assuming you
can pull this off.

Don't disappoint me, Peterson.

Let's go.

- That is good news,
I guess, maybe.

Don't, we'll talk
about this later.

[uptempo music]

♪ Break your stride

- Catherine, you would
do this for any employee

under your watch.

Mr. Peterson, as the
manager of this department,

you need to start
dressing like one.

Therefore, I've taken the
liberty of buying you.

- How long have you
been standing there?

- About 42 seconds.

- Why didn't you say something?

- I said many things,
namely about this.

It's a tie.

- Oh, is this required now?

- No, but it shows
commitment to success.

- Goes quite nicely with
my eyes too, doesn't it?

- Your eyes, although
nice, had nothing to do

with this very
professional gesture.

- Jack, floral department
is on line five

and it sounds like
there's trouble.

- Jack Peterson.

- Jack.
- What's going on?

- [Employee] You've
gotta get down here.

The shelves are emptying,
everyone's on till.

Sir, you can't climb on that!

- Ron here.
[phone beeping]

♪ Ho-Ho, you feel it

♪ Whoa, it's
stirring inside me ♪

♪ Hey, hey, keep rising

- Okay, let's
divide and conquer.

- All right, I'll
take the front.

- Incoming.

- [Jack] Oh.

- Kinda looks like you guys
are running out of stock

in the middle of the contest.

You are, aren't you?

You know, someone could sue.

I'm not saying they would,
I'm just saying they could.

- Honey, don't worry.

No matter what you create
you'll be the winner in my eyes.

- They're in trouble, Linda.

I can see it in their faces.

- We're not in trouble, Gary.

We're not gonna
run out of flowers.

- See, let's try to
focus on this contest.


- Looks like you've committed.

- He is, 10 years and counting.

- Oh, that's lovely.

I actually meant
to the competition.

- Well, that too.

But how am I supposed
to get everything I need

with these teeny tiny carts?

I mean, they're for amateurs.

- Well, it'll take an
innovative customer

to win this competition.

Maybe a second trip?

- Hmm.

- You know, you scare
me sometimes, Cate.

- Confidence goes a
long way, Mr. Peterson.

- You can call me Jack.

- You cannot call me Cate.

Now, let's get back to work,

and don't forget, I want
to leave early today

to start on your house.

- Great, I have two jobs now.

Oh, sorry.

♪ Whoa, it's coming

♪ Inside here, keep rising

♪ It's a new day

♪ Just let go and let
love lead the way ♪

- What do you think?

This will work.

I love a challenge.

I'm here with you, aren't I?

- You just made a joke.

- I did.

- There's hope for you.

- Is there hope for
you, Mr. Peterson?

- I want there to be.

Shall we go meet my parents?

- Yes.

- Hello there.

I didn't know we
were having guests.

- Mother, this is
Catherine Shank.

Catherine, this is
my mother Juliette.

- So nice to meet you.


- We're huggers in this family.

- Um, thank you for having
me in your lovely home.

Hello, Richard

- Have you two met?
- Uh, briefly.

I'm not sure that
he will remember.

- Oh, I remember her.

This way.

- Oh.


This was Juliette
when we got married.

What was it four
years ago, my love?

- Oh, wow, that looks
like a full four years.

- I think 40 years
ago is more accurate.

- Your commitment to each
other is so inspiring.

It's such a long time.

- Yes, and yet not
nearly long enough.

What I would give for 40
more years just like this.

- Do you have a husband?

- Not yet.

My plan is to spend the next
two years as store manager

before getting
engaged in year three.

Then I'll spend two quarters
of the following year

planning the wedding
and get married

in the spring of year
four when I'm 33.

- Wow, that's awfully specific

- Planning your future
is always a good idea.

And how's it going so far?

- I'm right on schedule.

- And when are you
scheduled to find this man?

Or have you already?

- Not yet, but you're right.

I should write that
in my day planner.

- Lest we forget, dear Mother.

Catherine's here for work.

So if it's okay with
you and dad this year,

she's going to be the
one decorating our house

for Valentine's Day.

- What a lovely idea.

You must be a
romantic like Jack.

- I don't know about that,

but I do have an eye
for floral arrangement.

- Hey, where there's artistry,
there's always passion.

- So Jack's a romantic?

Has he done any great
displays of affection

for Valentine's Day?
- Whoa!


- Oh, I wouldn't say nothing.

- We really don't have to
tell that story, okay, please.

- Well, this one time.
- Seriously, mom.

- Okay, now I have to know.

- I believe it was his
final year of high school.

Jack spent the entire morning

in the woods.
- Dad, no!

- Collecting plants
and wild flowers

for this girl he had a crush on.

- That is so sweet.

- It would be.

However, he was
too shy to tell her

that she was his Valentine.

So he left the
bouquet in her locker.

That girl was so proud of
having a secret admirer

that she spent the entire
day carrying the bouquet

from class to class until a rash

started forming
all over her body.

Turns out Jack had
accidentally added poison ivy

to the arrangement.

- I shouldn't laugh,
but what did she do?

- Oh, she went to the
hospital is what she did.

Yeah, and I had to
fess up to her parents.

She thought I did it on purpose,

like it was some
kind of a prank.

- Well, you never made
that mistake again.

- [Jack] No.

- So is that how you
got to know your plants?

- Uh, let's just say
it was the extra push

I needed to pick up my first
flower identification book.

- Nothing says
Valentine's like this.

You'll find a good place
to put them, won't you?

- I'll do my best.

So any other Valentine's
disasters I should know about?

- Hey, at least I've
taken shots at love.

- Meaning what?

- Meaning you can't
simply manage your way

into a relationship, Cate.

- Sure, I can, Jack.

Relationships are basically
management issues,

time management,
commitment management,

financial management,
but managed correctly,

and a relationship stand
a much better chance

at longterm success.

And it's Catherine.

- Yeah, that is the least
romantic description of love

that I've ever heard.

- Just because I'm logical
doesn't mean I'm not romantic.

- Oh!
- Oh!

- What about the intangibles?

You know, passion and romance,
you know, Valentine's Day.


- All manageable
line item details.

The better you manage them,
the faster you find success.

- Okay, look, all I'm
saying is that love

happens to a person,
whether they like it or not.

You know, it sneaks
up behind you

when you're least expecting it.

And then, bam,
everything changes.

Everything changes.

[dramatic music]

- [Myra] Working overtime, Gary?

- I noticed you
stayed home from work.

- Oh, it's cost-effective

since I'm going to
win this contest.

- Yeah, how many flowers
you got going on?

- Enough.
- You planting magnolias?

- I might.
- Yeah, sure.

You wouldn't know a
magnolia from a marigold.

- Neither would you.

- As a matter of fact, I'm
taking an online florist course.

- Cheater!
- All within the rules.

But I'm not so sure about
your Christmas lights.

- The lights are pink.

That's the color of Valentines.

They emit a romantic hue.

- It's a floral contest.


- No, it's a
Valentine's contest.

- Ron's home.

Let's go ask him.

[talking over each other]


- [Ron] Hey Guys.

- Hey, Ron, we've been
friends a long time.

- Sure.
- We're practically family.

You came to my wedding.

- And mine.

- I did, yeah.

- Is this a Valentine's contest?

- Or a floral contest?

Now, no pressure, Ron.

We'll still love you no
matter whose side you're on.

- I think that it's
up to interpretation.

Is that Jack?
- Jack?

- You scared him off!

- Me?
- Let's go ask Jack.

[talking over each other]

- Hi Catherine, Jack.

We need you to settle a
dispute about the contest.

- Happy to be of service.

- It's Valentines, you know,
neighborly love and all that.

- I told you it's a
Valentine's competition.

- He's talking about the
sentiment, not the contest.

Now, is it a floral contest
or a Valentine's contest?

- We'll accept all
Valentine's Day decorations,

hearts, flowers, whatever
Valentine's Day means to you.

- Ha!

- You're supposed to
create something magical

that says love.

- [Catherine] It could
be pink watering cans.

- Chocolate bouquets.

- Doves aloft in peace.

- [Jack] Candy canes
and happy hearts

dancing under a harvest moon.

- That was poetic.

- I guess I'm feeling
pretty inspired.

- Okay, well, I better
get back to work.

- I have to get to
the garden center

before my husband comes home.

- Ah.

I think we make a
pretty good team.

- Yeah, yes, we do.

Did you bring Cupid?


- They don't call us
Valentine, USA, for nothing.

Remember it's a complete
backyard renovation

and all you have to do

is have the best Valentine
themed display in town.

- There's an angel
in our front yard.

- Of course, there is dear.

We're blessed.

- We are, aren't we.

Is that tea?

- Does this plan of yours
involve flowers at any point?

- I can't build until I design.

I need a vision before I plant.

- Right, well, my vision
tells me that everybody else

is decorating with flowers.

- Don't worry, I
know what I'm doing.

Move him to the left two feet.

- Aye-aye.

You know, when I was a kid,

my dad told me that
the town of Valentine

is actually named
after Saint Valentine.

- Naturally, the same person
the holiday was named after.

Two feet to the right.

- Yeah.

- You know, the original
St. Valentine was a priest

who allowed lovers to marry

back when getting
married was forbidden.

He was later executed.

- Why would marriage
be forbidden?

- Because single men
made better soldiers.

At least, that's
what my mom told me.

- Ah, what a lovely
story to tell

your young and
impressionable daughter.

- No one ever accused my mother

of being a hopeless romantic.

- No.

- Valentine's Day
was always overrun

with banquets at the Hilton

or business meetings
at her estate.

A little backwards.

- My parents were
all about Valentines

and we'd spend all morning
making heart-shaped pancakes

and, essentially, writing
each other love letters.

Now, there's nothing quite
like receiving your own

homemade Valentine's
Day card is there?

- Um, I've never gotten one.

- What?

You mean never?

- Valentine's was always
me, my mom and 200

of our closest associates.

- Please tell me you've at least
watched one romantic movie?

- Why, so I can give
myself a stomach ache

along with unrealistic
expectations of love?

- I think you're missing the
real point of Valentines.

I mean, it's,
it's about friendship

and family and warmth.

It's an opportunity to show
those you love that you care.

- Let's move on.

This will do.

- What, but are you okay?

Did I?

- Of course

No, I, um, I just need time
to think on the design.

- I like working with you, Cate.

- It's Catherine.

But I'll accept the
compliment on Cate's behalf.

- Goodnight

- [Catherine] Night.

- I told ya.

- Listen to me, Peterson.

I've made more money
in the last two days

than I made in the
last two months.

And I've made plenty of
money in the last two months

but I am not willing to waste it

on some small town
mum's backyard.

So turn up the heat, Peterson,

and just take whatever you need

from the store to
outdo them all.

Of course, you have
to return everything

the day after the competition.

- Oh, of course.

Cate's made the company
priorities very clear to me.

- Cate?

- Oh, I'm sorry?

- Catherine doesn't
date B-types.

She's far too
ambitious for that.

- And what's a B-type?

- B is for boyish,
boring, boorish.

- Brave?

- She's out of your league.
- Morning.

Nice tie.

Jack, I wanted to get together
with you this evening.

How does six sound?

- I would love to go on a
date with you tonight at six.

Thank you so much
for asking me, Cate.

- Date?

- If you love me say what?

- What?

He's definitely different.

- That boy is trouble.

As soon as this
competition is over,

we're going to promote
him to store manager

at the Portland site.

- What?

He moved here to
look after his father

who has Alzheimer's.

He can't leave.

- Oh, he will if he wants
to stay with the company.

[dramatic music]

[motor buzzing]

- So, Ron, got any good
Valentine's this year?

- Just the usual
friends and family.

- Oh, really, how many?

- I don't know,
three, four dozen.

- What?
- Listen, I think

you're really going
to need more flowers.

Might be time to make another
trip to the garden store.

But can your budget
handle all this?

- Have you looked at Myra's?

I mean, haven't you seen
what's going on over there?

- Hi!

- Look, I don't
care what it costs.

I can't let a museum
curator beat me.

- Oh.

Don't compare yourself to Myra.

She's focusing on a large,
fantastical display.

What you're creating
is thematic,

you know, love's endless
struggle for perfection.

- I appreciate the
kind words, Ron,

but what do you
know about theme?

- Theme is the coordination
of artistic elements

to create meaning and personify

the experience of
Valentine's Day.

The statement you need to
make is love, romance, beauty.

But judges just
can't see beauty.

They need to feel it.

- Who are you?

[mellow music]

- So a date?

Has the intangible
spark lit up your soul?

- Actually, you asked
me on this date.

- I was just asking for
a quick business meeting

about our design plans.

- Yeah, and what better place
to work our creative minds

than the greenhouse, right?

- The high
concentration of oxygen

released by plants
does help the mind

to process information
more easily.

Plants help us think.

- I love it when you
talk botany to me.

[gentle music]

- You did all this for me?

- Wait till you see
what's in the basket.

- [Catherine] This is amazing.

- Only Valentine's
finest burgers and fries

for you, Miss Shank.

- Well, lucky for you, I happen
to love burgers and fries.

Will a bottle of wine be
accompanying our fine dining?

- Oh, something much
better than that.

- Oh.

- Cate, there's something
that I've been meaning

to tell you about.

- Go on.

- I'm not totally comfortable

with this whole me
winning the contest thing.

It's a small town.

People are going to think
it's rigged if I win.

- Well, we've been over
this, it's not rigged.

Nothing's actually

But when you win--

- If I win.

- Right, if you win, it'll
be because your garden

is truly the best.

And when you say
that it's rigged,

you imply that my
mother's a cheat.

- Well, I didn't mean that.

Obviously, not explicitly.

- There's been something I've
been meaning to ask you too.

- Okay, go for it.

- Why are you only
ordering manager?

You've been working for
my mother for eight years

and you should be on
the verge of VP by now.

- Ah, promotions means more
work and more responsibility.

- Gross.

Don't you mean
opportunity and money?

- Mm-mm.

- If you took half as
many bold steps at work

as you do with
your French fries,

you'd be at the top
of this company.

- Look, being a big shot
boss, it's not for me.

And if you took a few steps
out of your comfort zone

from time to time,
you might find

that you enjoy your
life a little more.

Not that you're not,
but a little more.

- Sounds like you've given up.

- Oh.

- I never give up.

And that was surprisingly good.

- Right?

There are a few things in life

that I won't ever give up on.

Some things are just
far too important.

- Like?

[dramatic music]

- So we kissed and
it was really good.

What does this mean for
us at work tomorrow?

- You have a great car.

Have I told you that?

- Yeah, great deflection.


- I think it's best if
we keep our professional

and personal lives separate.

We don't want gossip
in the workplace.

- You scared to tell your mom?

- The only thing
I'm scared of is you

getting home alive in that car.

- Looks can be deceiving.

Just saying.

Thanks for a wonderful
evening, Cate.

- Thank you, Jack.

It was unlike any other
date I've been on.

- Goodnight.

It's a little chilly to be
out here in your pajamas

this morning, isn't it?

- Your father wanted
me to introduce him

to the angel in the yard.

- He's not real.

- I'm sorry, Pop.

- You can't make someone love
you with a bow and arrow.

- I know that.

But he's here for the
contest, remember.

- How was your date?

- Oh, mom, it was enlightening.

I mean, there's so
much more to Catherine

than meets the eye.

- I could tell,
believe it or not,

she reminds me of
myself at that age.

- Feisty like a fast train.

The type of woman to
keep you on your toes.

If you're not careful that train

will leave the station!

- No, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad!

- [Mrs. Shank] Morning.

I thought you were
taking the day to work

on the Peterson display.

- I am, just looking
for something.

- Boy, things are really
heating up out there.

It's in the paper every day.

Do you know anything
about Myra and her swans?

- Uh, that's Mr.
Peterson's neighbor.

She won't win.

- Do you think Peterson
can pull this off?

- With my help, of course.

- Hmm.

Do you trust him?

- Jack?

Mr. Peterson?


I think you would
too if you knew him.

- Oh, just remember
that you're his boss,

not his friend or
anything else, right.

You need to put this business
ahead of your feelings.

- Yes, of course.

Got it.

[upbeat music]

- Can you believe this?


- Bye, honey, okay, bye, bye.

- Yup, it'll be a
close competition.

- Oh.
- We've got to

step up our game.

- Oh, don't look now, I
think we've been spotted.

- [Gary] Hey Jack, Catherine.

- Gary, Myra

- I notice your house is really
starting to come together.

- [Myra] Didn't realize
you were participating

in the competition.

- Isn't that a little sketchy?

- Unfair?

- Immoral?
- Biased?

- Guys, I'm doing the same
work as everybody else.

- Yeah, but for the same price?

Yeah, come on, let's
see some receipts.

- Okay, I'm glad to see you
two found some common ground.

It's nice to see
neighbors agreeing,

but you should know
Jack has no sway

over who wins the competition.

- But you do, don't you?

- Yeah, aren't you
Deborah Shanks' daughter,

and isn't that the one who's
making the final judgment?

- She's Deborah
Shanks' daughter,

but I've never met
a more honorable

young woman in my life.

And if you two know me as
well as I know you know me

then you'll trust
my judgment as well.

And I, for one, trust
her to be unbiased.

- I should go.

- What, why?

- Um, I'm needed
back at the store.

- [Jack] But you
took the day off.

- I bet the store
has new stock in it

and she's going to
nab the best of it.

- Let's go, we can
beat her there.

We'll take my car, it's faster.

- [Myra] Let's go!

- What is going on?

- [Mrs. Shank]
Trouble in paradise?

- I'm fine.

I'm just tired.

- Is it about the boy?

I told you he was bad news.

- You know, I
don't get emotional

over relationships, mother.

It's the competition.

Valentine's Street
has gone all out.

The houses look spectacular.

- Are you saying that I
might not legitimately

be able to claim Jack
Peterson as the winner?

- I don't know.

- Well, I would consider that

a huge disappointment,

one I'm surprised
you're even suggesting.

- Yes, mother.

- Are we clear?

- Very.

- All right.

Tomorrow's another day.

One step closer to victory.

[gentle music]

- What have I
gotten myself into?

♪ Are they pretending 'cause
true love feels like a lie ♪

♪ I haven't seen
my happy ending ♪

♪ I've watched the movie
and I've heard the song ♪

♪ I know that I'm still young

- Morning, Ron.

- Morning, Jack.

- You seen Katherine yet today?

- Uh, no, but she was on the
radio about 10 minutes ago.

- All right, I'll check
her office, thanks.

Um, this display, I
set it up two days ago.

Is there a reason
why you're moving it?

- Yeah, that's what
she radioed about.

I'm supposed to put all
the merchandise over $500

in the back until
after Valentine's Day.

- Catherine, how
could you do this?

Ron says that you
told the employees

to take all the expensive
furniture out of the stores

just in case I don't win.

It's pretty cutthroat.

And I thought I knew
you better than that.

- And what makes
you think you know

my daughter at all, Peterson?

- Well, Mrs. Shank, your
daughter's falling from me.

- Come on in, and
I'm going to tell you

what my daughter has
in store for you.

Oh perfect.

- Oh, uh!

- She can tell you herself.

- [Jack] Catherine?

- Um, I got to go.

- Catherine?

- I left my phone in the car.

[dramatic music]

- [Jack] Catherine?


- I don't know what
to tell you, Jack.

- Some of this isn't true.

Tell me you didn't
tell the employees

to take the merchandise
off the shelves.

- It's what my mother
asked me to do.

- And what about that
feels right to you?

In your heart.

- You can't run a
business with your heart.

You should know
that by now, Jack.

Why don't you take the day off

and finish setting up the
final decorations in your yard?

- What, I'm not gonna...

Why are you talking
to me like I'm just

another one of your employees?

- You are an employee,
an important one.

The best there is.

- Do you want to
know why that is?

- Because you follow the rules.

- No, it's because I know
how to listen to people.

I take that time and I
know how to keep my word.

- Well, maybe it's just
easier to criticize

from the cheap seats.

- Is that what you're thinking?

- Well, isn't it?

My mother is responsible
for the livelihoods

of hundreds of people.

This has nothing to do
with how I feel about you.

- Oh, really?

It sure seems like a does.

- I can't do this
right now, Jack.

I'm going to need you
back here by five.

I need all hands on
deck to restock tonight.

The employees listen
to you much better

than they listen to me.

- I...

Are you serious?

- Jack!


- Mom?

- Your father has
wandered off again.

I can't find him.

- All right, well,
he can't be far.

I'll search the neighborhood.

You stay here in
case he comes back.

- Bring them him home, son.

- [Myra] Oh, oh, that's mine!

- Hey, what are you doing?

That's obviously mine, you
just took it off my cart!

- Well, you have no
way of proving that!

- Okay.

He doesn't have
to prove it, Myra.

It's not a courtroom.

- You heard her,
let go of the box.

- Not today, Gary.

I've stood by and watched you

throw neighborhood block parties

without a single invite my way.

Well, now it's time for
me to throw the parties

and with my new backyard,

they're going to be
something special to behold!

- You don't need a
personal invitation, Myra.

If you live in the
neighborhood, you're invited.

That's what a block party is.

I thought you just didn't
like me enough to come.

- Sure, make me feel bad.

I'm not buying it!

- Okay, stop fighting.

There's another box in the back.

I'm sure.


- So no knight in shining
armor to rescue you.

- He was supposed to be here

at five to help
organize the staff.

I can't control customer support

and the restocking and
the cashiers all at once.

- I can't believe
you're surprised

that he's disappointed you.

I mean, it's just the
kind of guy he is.

He's flaky and inconsistent.

- Okay, well, I thought he
knew how important today was.

- Oh, watch and learn, sweetie.

Oh, oh, oh, Gary.

Gary, why don't you
proceed to the till?

And Myra, why don't
you come with me

and I'll show you where our
more exclusive items are?

You'll be glad you did.

- Thank you, Mrs. Shank,
you understand me.

- Your mother is
quite the woman.

Big shoes to fill.

- Yeah.

- Hey, where are you going?

[dramatic music]

[phone buzzing]

- Ah!

[dramatic music]

Mr. Peterson?

Richard, what are
you doing here?

- Are you an angel?

Lots of those around lately.

I've been looking for
someone to talk to.

- Really?

You know, Jack still
talks to flowers.

- Every living thing
likes to be appreciated.

Then they tell you
all their secrets.

- Flowers have secrets?

- Oh yes.

Every petal has a story
about the wind and the rain,

favorite bee, one
wondrous sunny day.

So many secrets.

- I guess I never
really thought about it.

- You just have to open
your eyes with your heart

and you realize it's
been there all along.

- What?

- Life.

Wonderful, beautiful life.

It's growing all
around us all the time.


- Does Jack know you're here?

- Who's Jack?

- Um, what about Juliette?

- That's why I'm here.

It's Valentine's Day.

We're supposed to
be getting married.

I guess she stood me up.

But we could get married.

- Well, Valentine's Day
isn't until tomorrow.

So you're a little
early and, trust me,

I'm no Juliette.

- No one is.

You know, when I first met
Juliette she couldn't stand me.

I asked her to dance and I
didn't even know a single move.

- Was she embarrassed?

- Oh, boy, was she ever.

She had to lead, dodge
both my left feet,

but that woman could
be dancing with a broom

and she'd still be the most
graceful person in the room.

- How did you win her over?

- I didn't.

She was dating someone
else at the time.

A real go-getter.

Organized, savvy.

- Sounds pretty perfect.

Tough competition.

- No competition at all.

Turns out Juliette didn't want
to date a replica of herself.

She wanted a challenge.

So did I.

- Well, I'm sure you've been

exceptionally challenging today.

Shall I take you home?

- What happened to my street?

- It's decorated for the
Valentine's Day contest.

What do you think?

- I think Valentine's
Day has finally returned

to my little town of Valentine.

- Come on.

Let's get you to the door.

- I checked the
whole neighborhood.

Nobody saw him.

- He's always been stealthy.

- Yeah, I don't know
what we can do now

other than call the police
and report him missing.

- I'll call the captain,
he'll understand.

He knows Richard.

- Right.

- Not him.

He's no fun at all.

- Richard!
- Dad!

- Where have you been?

You scared us half to death.

- I was only gone a minute.

- It's been two hours.

- How did you get home?

- A beautiful angel
descended from the church.

- You mean you walked all
the way from the church?

- Of course not, we drove in
her cherry red sports car.


- Oh.

Come on, dearest.

It's time for you
to have some dinner.

You gonna join us?

- Uh, thanks, I'd love to,

but there's something
I got to do.

♪ I thought we had something

♪ But maybe we don't

♪ I thought it
meant more to you ♪

♪ But maybe it don't

♪ So, baby, there's
no need for you ♪

♪ To say it again

♪ I don't believe a single
thing that you said ♪

♪ Take what I need and
leave the rest at the door ♪

♪ 'Cause, baby,
good people come ♪

♪ But sometimes good people go

♪ So come again with the news

[gentle music]

- [Jack] Hey, Cate.

- [Catherine] My
name's Catherine.

- Sorry, Catherine.

Just wanted to come
by to thank you.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- I know it was you who
brought my dad home.

I'm really sorry that I
couldn't be here tonight.

- It was the busiest
night of the year.

- [Jack] Yeah.

- Highest grossing too.

- I'm sure it was
a huge success.

Everything you do is.

- I didn't stay, Jack.

I abandoned the store, literally
got in my car and ran away.

I just ended up at the church

and happened to
bump into your dad.

I wasn't trying to
do a nice thing.

I just want to feel like
I'm in control, like my mom.

But there's something
she has that I don't.

- A cold, unfeeling heart.

- Jack.

- I'm just kidding, mostly.

But you don't have to be
like your mom, just be you.

And I like the real you, a lot,

a woman who cares very deeply
about others, cares about me.

Please, don't strangle me.

- I like the real you too.

- Are you aware that this
is known as a sweet William?

- No.

- Well, let me tell you
about the sweet William.

In the kingdom of
flora and fauna,

there was a prince flower
and he was the most

beautiful flower compared
to all of the other flowers.

This very quickly became
known around the world.

[dramatic music]

- I can't believe
how busy it still is.

The competition's in five hours

and people are still shopping.

I'm surprised they
haven't hit a wall.

These people must be exhausted.

- I did.

- You did what?

- I took shopper's fatigue
into consideration.

Half of these people
have already dropped out

from sheer exhaustion.

It'll make our win even easier.

- Accounting did this?

The current rate of
attrition due in equal parts

to contest fatigue,
financial limitations.

- Don't those words
just fill your heart?

- It says here we could
do 18 backyard renovations

and still have made a
substantial profit

off this contest.

- And yet we won't
even have to do one.

- Well, you don't know that.

Jack might decide to
cash in the full prize.

He might even bring out
that new patio furniture

you had me hide
away in the back.

- Is that a threat?

I don't want you wasting
your time with Peterson.

I've told you before.

And it's the last time,
he's not right for you.

- Why?

- Because he's soft.

- Versus hard and cold like us?

- Oh, come on, Catherine.

Look in the mirror.

Is that the face
of a young woman

whose life is destined for
picket fences and block parties?

I mean, I see empires
and boardrooms

and employees all
around the world.

Peterson doesn't even
want to cross town.

He's gonna hold you back.

- You don't know him.

And I love this town.

- Oh, well, I'd
argue I do know him.

He's worked for
me for eight years

and you've known him for?

- A week.

- That's right.

[knocking on door]

I thought I fired that man.


- Hi.
- Hey!

- I saw Ron.

Is he wearing some
kind of costume?

- Cupid, he does it every year.

And that costume just keeps
getting better and better.

- He volunteers to put that on?

- Ah, I think the leotard
is quite becoming.

So is that it?

Everything else set
for this afternoon?

- Uh, there are still a few
minor details left to handle,

but I'd say we're as close
to all set as it gets.

- Now, I've been
thinking a lot lately

about what you were saying.

You know how I close
doors and opportunities?

- Oh, forget I ever said that.

Holding your family
above all is admirable.

There's more to life than
job titles and paychecks.

- Right, but now I think
there's a happy medium.

So all we have to do is find it.

- We do kind of
balance each other out.

- [Jack] Yeah, in
more ways than one.

- Uh, I can't, I'm sorry.

- I know, my hands get awfully
sweaty when I'm nervous

and, well, you still
make me nervous, so.

- No, I mean, I
mean, I can't do us.

Um, I do admire your
commitment to your family,

but my family is my
mother and this business.

Um, so I need to put them first.

- Um.

- What's this?

- A Valentine's card.

You told me you never
received one before.

So I just thought I'd...

- Thank you.

I'll see you at three.

[dramatic music]

- I think we're almost
back to normal levels.

Can you believe it?

- Amazing, yes.

Uh, mom, I've been
meaning to ask you,

what are we doing
after the contest?

- Well, the contest is going
to wrap about four o'clock

and then I thought
we'd pick up takeout

and go back to the
office to discuss

planning the Easter contest.

- Easter contest, what
are you talking about?

- Well, why quit
while your ahead?

Every holiday is a contest.

Every contest is
an influx of cash.

And you know what that is?

That's good business.
- Business, yes.

Okay, but we live in a
town called Valentine.

That's why the competition
held such significance.

- Well, sweetie, people
will take every chance

they get to keep spending.


- So we're not doing
anything for Valentine's Day?

Nothing special at all?

- Well, it's just
another day of the year.

No need to get
sentimental about it.

- Of course not.

I'm going to check on till

and then I'll meet you
back at the office.

[dramatic music]



[energetic music]

♪ Can you feel it

♪ I can

- [Mrs. Shank]
Welcome to the first

Great American
Valentine's Contest.

Be sure to follow us live

as we show off all the beautiful
homes on Valentine Street.

And then crown a grand
prize winner at the end.

You won't want to miss this.

♪ That it could be love

♪ I know

♪ I got this feeling
that it must be love ♪

♪ I got a feeling

♪ I got a feeling that
it could be love ♪

♪ I know

♪ I got this feeling
and it must be love ♪

♪ I got a feeling that
it could be love ♪

♪ I got this feeling
that it must be love ♪

♪ I got a feeling that
it could be love ♪

♪ I know

♪ I got this feeling
that it must be love ♪

- What are you wearing?

- Seriously?

You're asking me that?

You're the one wearing
pantyhose, man.

- This is a unisex
leotard, Jack.

And I've worn this before.

I have never seen that.

- I am trying to
impress Catherine.

I need her to know that there's
more to me than fun games,

that I have a have
a professional side.

- So things are going great?

- Yeah, they were.

And then something changed.

I don't know what happened.

She won't even look
at me the same way.

- You know, now
that you mention it,

she was looking at
me weird today too.

Hope I didn't steal
her away from you.

- Yeah, yeah, I really don't
think that's the problem.

- Ah, I don't know.


- Okay, that's the last of it.

We're all set.

Um, that's everything,
except for this.

- Where is that gonna go?

- Um, Jack's father
wanted to add it

to the display, however.

- [Jack] It's quirky, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- I only have homemade
decorations in my place.

I can put it out there

- Please.



- Sorry, pal, looks like
she's interested in me.

- It looks like you're
misreading things.

- She gave me a candle
on Valentine's Day,

message couldn't be more clear.


- Yeah.

♪ I've got a feeling

♪ You know that feeling

♪ I got a feeling
and it must be love ♪

- Hello and welcome shoppers
to the final few moments

of the Great American Garden
Store Valentine Competition.

- Catherine.

Catherine, I want
to talk about this.

I know you're busy,
but not about us.

- It's ahead of my schedule.

I'm not supposed to start dating

until second quarter
of this year, so.

- I understand, but.

- Look.

- [Jack] I am looking.

- No, look!

- Oh.

- This is fabulous.

I hope everyone is enjoying
the live stream so far.

Keep pressing the like button.

- Why are you dressed like that?

You look like you're
about to sue Cupid.

- Well, I just thought that...

I'll change.

- No, no, no, no, don't leave.

She's almost here.

It looks great.

♪ Love when you gotta leave me

♪ Can't wait until
the next day ♪

♪ I get to see your face

♪ I got a feeling that
it could be love ♪

♪ I know

♪ I got this feeling
and it must be love ♪

♪ Hey, I got a feeling
that it could be love ♪

♪ I know, I got this feeling
and it must be love ♪

♪ Did you know that I care

♪ From the first day that
I saw you standing there ♪

♪ Automatic, no competition

♪ Just lay your head on my
chest and, baby, listen ♪

- What?


Are those your nephews?

- Oh, you know how kids are.

Boys, come over here and
play where it's safe!

Oh, there you go!


Oh no, that looks so bad.

Romeo and Juliet
look a little tragic.

- They've ruined
my entire display.

- Oh, you know how kids are.

Maybe if you secured it better,
this wouldn't have happened.

- Well, I think I may
still have a chance.

- What do you mean?

My art is perfect.

- Really?

'Cause it looks like
there's trouble in paradise.

- [Myra] No, no, boys!

[Myra screaming]

♪ A feeling

♪ You know that feeling

♪ I got a feeling
and it must be love ♪

♪ You know that feeling

♪ That special feeling

♪ Don't deny that feeling
when you know it's love ♪

- Oh, this is, this
is, this is not good!

- I'm almost tempted
to help them.

After all that work.

- I'm kind of relieved I live
on this side of the street.

- I did create the most
perfect display for you.

- Look at this, the
Garden Store is trending.

Thank you for the support.

I hope our viewers at home
love these decorations.

Oh, they're so lovely.

Make sure to watch
the conclusion

to see which lucky
homeowner will win

a brand new backyard renovation.

It's exciting and we've got
our live TV coverage with us

as we round the last few homes.

I have the assessments
right here.

Now, let's see what
Valentine Street has for us.

- This is an abstract art set.

I'm calling it
swan's swim together.

- Well, if you asked
me, and people do ask me

because that's the
magic of being a judge,

it looks like they've been
splashing around a bit too much.


Let's move along.

This is great.

Over here.

Here, we have a
floral arrangement

of historic

- Thank you.

- Like Romeo in this display,

it just feels a little tired.

[quirky music]

Yeah, move along, keep going.

Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,

feast your eyes
on the last house

in our competition


Right after commercial.

- Why is she looking
at us like that?

- I don't know.

Maybe we're standing
too close together?

- Very funny.

♪ I wandered around

♪ And finally found

♪ Somebody who could make me

- [Jack] Dad, stop!

♪ May be true

- [Mrs. Shank] What's going on?

- I, I don't know.

- You don't know?

- He must've seen everybody else

getting caught up in
the Valentine chaos

and, you know, thought
it looked like fun.

He's a big fan of fun, I
mean, who isn't, right?

- Really?

Well, I'm a big fan of
perfection, Peterson.

If I wasn't already
moving you to Portland

I'd fire you this second!

- Mom!

- Portland, what is
she talking about?

What's going on?
- Oh, so my daughter

hasn't told you?

Oh, well, fine, I'll
tell you myself.

As of tomorrow,

you're the new manager
in the Portland store.

- I can't move, I live here.

My dad lives here and
I'm taking care of him.

- Mom, you're being ridiculous.

Punish me, not him.

- Enough, Catherine.

We can hire another Mr.
Peterson for you to flirt with.

They're a dime a
dozen in this town.

Now, get in the convertible.

I don't want the entire
town to watch my daughter

standing beside a sinking ship.

- [Jack] Dad, I'm
going to lose my job,

if I haven't already.

- You don't work here.

Loosen up a little.

I'll teach you to hip hop.

- Hip hop?

Yeah, maybe later.

Help me put Cupid back, please.

Oh, you managed to
move this yourself?

- I'm stronger than I've ever
been, revitalized by love.

- Yeah, that's the thing, dad.

Today's not about love.

It's about my career, I
could lose everything.

- If you think Valentine's
isn't about love

then you've already
lost everything.

- Dad, please get inside.

Mom, made your favorite, huh,

the heart-shaped pancakes.

- Tell my Juliette to come
out here and dance with me.

That Cupid is stiff as a board.

- I'll dance with you.

- Oh, my angel from the church.

- Believe it or not, I
actually love to dance.

- I didn't realize I was
missing out on a party.

- Come join us, we're
just getting started.

- Catherine, what are you doing?

- It's Cate.

- Really?

- And as your boss I
say the only reason

you're getting fired is
if you don't join in.

You're not going
to Portland, Jack.

Not unless my mom wants
me going with you.


- Catherine Shank.

You get in this car
right now or I'll--

- [Cameraman] And we're live.

- Well, hello and welcome back

to the Great American Garden
Store Valentine Contest.

Let's take a look now at our
last house for this evening.

As you can see, this house
has been put together

with expert care.

Nothing is out of place
and everything has been

thought through to this
perfect conclusion,

a place where Valentine
dreams really do come true.

Look at all the happy people.

It's, it's a delight, really.

- If they announce
me as the winner

the whole town's gonna know
that the contest was rigged.

- Do you trust me?

- Of course.

- Then kiss me.

- What?

- Now, I don't think
anyone can dock marks

for that lovely arrangement.


Ha-ha, young love.

Catherine, you're a lady.

You're on television.

- Sorry, mom.

I was just spending my
Valentine's following my heart.

Like you always
taught me, right?

- Well, yes, and a beautiful
display of love like that

is certain to sway the judges.

Say, I've got the
assessments right here.

Maybe you'd like to
announce the winner?

- Gladly, mother.

Hello everyone.

My name is Cate and I've been
in Valentine for one week.

When I first arrived here,

I had one goal in mind,

make this the most
successful Valentine's Day

the store has ever seen.

And, believe it or
not, I achieved this.

But along the way, I got to
know the people of Valentine.

And I realized that when you
fill your pockets with money,

you forget to fill
your heart with love.

That's why the Great American
Garden Store has decided

that this year's winner
should be the person

who has shown the most heart.

Someone who helps
their neighbors.

And is still helping right now.

Someone who decorated their home

with all the Valentine's Day
cards they received this year,

proving just how truly
cherished they are in this town.

- Catherine, what are you doing?

- Saving this business.

I'm proud to announce Ron
Eisley as this year's winner

of the Great American
Valentine's Day Contest.

[crowd cheering]

- You did it!
- Me?

Is this a joke?

I've never won
anything in my life.

- Well, you have now!

- The best thing that I ever
won was this lady right here.

- This is such a
deserving win, Ron.

It's about time
you caught a break.

- Oh, let's get a swimming pool.

- Oh, it's Ron's renovation--

- Hey, a pool for me
is a pool for everyone.

I mean, you guys can come
over whenever you want.

- Oh, a trampoline!

- I love trampolines.

- Rob?

- Ron, actually.

- He didn't buy a single thing.

He wasn't even entered
into the contest.

- Well, that's a technicality.

- Catherine, listen, I
thought you had potential.

I thought you were going
to be just like me.


- [Woman] Look, this
story's trending

number one after that speech.


- Don't you see, Mrs. Shank?

She is just like you.

She's smart and
brave and determined.

She's willing to take
risks to turn heads,

even risk her own
mother's disapproval

if it's the right thing to do.

- Catherine?

- Mom, love is
intangible and chaotic,

impossible to believe
in unless you feel it.

And I feel it.

- I've always wanted
the best for you.

I thought I knew what that
was, but I can see now

that you are your own woman
and, more than anything,

that's the dream
that I wish for you.

And I'll always be
proud to be your mom.

- So does this mean that I
don't have to go to Portland?

- Oh no, you're
still being promoted,

but I'm going to need you

in the Valentine
office headquarters.

- Yes!

- So Catherine, if
you're okay with that,

maybe you could pick up some
takeout and come to the office.

We have some
business to discuss.

- Yes, Ma'am.

- Mrs. Shank, I'll join you.

And I don't mind
paying for dinner

because it's a chance to
talk about my new backyard.

- Oh, okay.

- We're almost there.

Watch your step.


- Can I look yet?

You know I hate surprises.

- You can look when you
can guess where we are.

- That's not fair.

- Yes it is, we talked about it.

Rules are rules.

- Oh look who
suddenly wants rules?

- [Jack] Ah, but it's my game.

All right.

Getting closer, closer.

- [Catherine] Are
we not there yet?

- Very close,
little to your left.

Okay, forward.

Okay, you've been
blindfolded for a while.

But that will all end soon.

- You may sit.
- Sit?

You want me to sit?

- Gently descend,
whatever you like.

Here you are.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Um, this is a small table.

We're in your backyard.

- Why would I take
you to my backyard

to celebrate our
first year together?

- I thought we were
celebrating your promotion?

- Even still.

- Okay, this feels
like the picnic basket

from our first date.

Are we at the Garden Store?

- Warmer, but no.

- Um.

[bell tolling]

Oh, we're at the church that
your parents were married in!

- Bingo.

- Awh, finally.

- Yeah, what gave it away?

- I knew it the whole time.


Jack, this is beautiful.

- Yeah.

For you, my love.

- No poison ivy in here, I hope?

- No, it's something
much more dangerous.

Catherine, Cate,
love of my life,

milkshake to my French fry,

I can't imagine spending
my life without you.

Will you marry me?

- Yes.

♪ Forever yours

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I wish I could stop
the hands of time ♪

♪ So I could always
live this love of mine ♪

♪ Everyday in every way

♪ I'd never close my eyes

♪ Say you're mine forever

♪ And I'll say I'm
forever yours ♪

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all my love

♪ I belong here by your side

♪ Nothing else
could be so right ♪

♪ I see the future
in your eyes ♪

♪ See the love I long to find

♪ I promise this to you

♪ We'll be so strong together

♪ I promise this is true love

♪ Say you're mine forever

♪ And I'll say I'm
forever yours ♪

♪ And I'll give
you all the love ♪

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

[dramatic music]

♪ So be my lighthouse,
be my guide ♪

♪ Be the one I walk beside

♪ Be my last sight every night

♪ Be the best part of my life

♪ And I promise this to you

♪ We'll walk as one together

♪ Promise this is true love

♪ Say you're mine forever

♪ And I'll say I'm
forever yours ♪

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I wish I could stop
the hands of time ♪

♪ So I could always
live this love of mine ♪

♪ Everyday in every way

♪ I'd never close my eyes

♪ Say you're mine forever

♪ And I'll say I'm
forever yours ♪

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all the love

♪ I've got to give

♪ I'll give you all my