The Unknown Girl (2016) - full transcript

The efficient Dr. Jenny Davin works hard and has been chosen to replace Dr. Habran, who has just retired, at the Kennedy Hospital. One night, someone rings the bell of her office after-hours and Dr. Davin asks her trainee Julien to not open the door since does not to seem an emergency. On the next morning, Police Inspectors Ben Mahmoud and Bercaro require her surveillance tape since a teenager was found dead on the other side of the road and they are investigating what happened. Jenny feels guilty for not opening the door and becomes obsessed to find the teenager's identity. Her investigation affects her relationship with patients that might know something about the unknown girl.



Come in.

Breathe normally now, Mr. Remacle.

- Well?
- Emphysema.

- No vesicular murmur.
- Yes. And if it was asthma?

- We'd hear whistling.
- Yes.

A deep breath through the mouth.

Have a listen there.

- All right.
- Wheezing. He has bronchitis, too.

Yes, that's right.

You can get dressed.
It's bronchitis on top of the emphysema.

Nothing serious, but we'll do an X-ray.

- I'll print the form out.
- Thanks.

- You use the university hospital?
- Yes.

Can you go tomorrow morning?


I'll call them to see what time.


Who do I send the X-ray to?

Here, to Dr. Habran.

He won't be back.
I replace him 'til tomorrow.

There's a list of doctors
and health centers on the front door...

Get a doctor, quick!
There's a child... He's going to die!

Get a cushion.

Has he ever had a fit like this?

- What's his name?
- Ilyas.

Julien, the cushion!

Get the cushion!

Can you put your jacket
under his head?

It's over, Ilyas.


Ilyas, can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Say his name again.

Ilyas, it's Mama.


Have you printed
the Spiriva authorization?

Aren't you talking to me, then?

It's all there.

Have you sent Nassrine's X-rays
to her new doctor?

I'm just doing it.

- It's normal to criticize a houseman.
- Yes.

I want you to learn one thing.
Just one.

Can you stop a second?

Learn to make a good diagnosis.

If a patient's suffering moves you,
you make a bad one.

I couldn't help it.

A good doctor has to control
his emotions.

Good evening.

Don't open it.
We're already overrun by an hour.

Excuse me. I had to...

All right. Very good.

I'll be about 15 minutes.


I look forward to it.

See you later.

Someone who comes this late
doesn't care how tired we are.

Maybe it was urgent.

Then they'd have rung twice!

You mustn't let patients tire you out,
or you won't make a proper diagnosis.

What's going on?

You can't leave like this.

Explain yourself.

- Hello?
- It's Jenny Davin.

Come in.

Here you go.

Thank you.

I'm thrilled. You're actually here.

Jenny, come this way, please.


I'd like to take this opportunity
to introduce you to Dr. Davin,

whom Marianne and I have picked
to succeed Clement.

As I've already told everyone,
except Jenny herself,

we chose you
from among twenty-three applicants,

and Professor Delarue,
on learning of our decision, said,

"She's the best assistant I've had
in 30 years."

So, dear Dr. Davin.

Dear Jenny.

On behalf of the Kennedy team,

- Thank you.
- Don't forget...

Oh, yes. Come...

Take it down...

Thank you.

Excuse me.

I'm really very happy to join the team.

I shall do my best
to be worthy of you.

See you Monday, 8:30.

8:15, to make the coffee!


You have to see your office.

Excuse me...

A patient.

Since when?

How bad is the pain?

Good evening, it's Dr. Davin.

Good evening, doctor.
Come in.

We didn't know he called.
He insists on seeing you.

Sorry. We'll pay you extra.

There's no need.

Didn't he say his neck was hurting?

Yesterday, after you left,
he ached all over but it passed.

He's sad about not seeing you
and having to change doctors.


Doctor Jenny

Thank you for your visits

As my dad says
They get me in shape

Your hands on my head

That's the world's best med

Your voice saying it'll be okay

Is the best joint of the day

There's something in your eyes

That really does me good


Doctor Jenny

Thank you for your visits

As my dad says
They get me in shape

Thank you

Doctor Jenny

That's a lovely song.

Leo wrote the music.

- Bravo, Leo.
- Thank you.

Since I'm here, I'll examine you.

Can you leave us, Leo, please?

If you want, I can still be your doctor.

I'll come once a week.

Thank you.


Are you Dr. Davin?

Inspector Ben Mahmoud.

This is Inspector Bercaro.

Hello, Doctor.

We're investigating an incident
that occurred last night.

We wondered if your surveillance camera
was working.

It works non-stop.

Could we view the last 24 hours?

Of course.

Is it something serious?

A woman was found dead by the river,
near the building site.

Julien, it's Jenny.

Consultations are about to begin
and you're not here.

I wanted to know what's going on.

If you get my message, call me.

I'm sorry about last night.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

See you later.

Have you drunk less
over the last six months?



Just on Sundays,
when I don't have the kids.

I feel lonely and...

On those days,
take a baclofen first thing.

Are the children well?

Next person, please.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Can you manage?
- It's okay.

It hurts because it's infected.

I change the bandage every day
and he takes medicine.

Why didn't he go to the hospital
for his burn?

Hospital want passport
and he not agree.

It's for medical records.
It's confidential.

A doctor or a hospital
won't report him to the police.

If it spreads, he could lose his leg.

He has to go every week
until it heals.

He says okay for the hospital.

This is going to hurt.

How did he do this?

The cable of a machine to lift concrete.

I'll clean it,
but he must go to the hospital quickly.

Not before 3 o'clock.
I have consultations.

All right.

Was the recording any help?

All right.

I will see you later.

What time?

8:05 pm.

I heard her.

I wouldn't let Julien, my intern,
open the door.

- We'd finished for over an hour.
- You couldn't know.

Not answering that late is normal.

Did you see her face
on the entry phone screen?

We were in the annex.

We saw a young man with a bike,
is he your intern?


We'll show you the recording.

If you recognize her, it'll help.
She had nothing on her.

No ID, no mobile phone.

We'll view it
on my colleague's computer.

- How did she die?
- An open skull fracture.

She fell on the concrete bank
or someone pushed her.

- Any signs of violence?
- Not according to the external autopsy.

Have a seat.

Seen her before?

She's young.

What could have made her come back
to ring the bell?

Maybe the light from the waiting room.

We thought she might
have remembered coming before.

Maybe to see Dr. Habran.
I replaced him three months ago.

We'll see him and your intern.
You have their numbers?

We'll show it to you again.

Pause and zoom in on her.

Dr. Davin.

This is Dr. Claessens's assistant.

The MRI on your patient Ilyas Atarhouch
detected no brain tumor

and the encephalogram showed
no signs of an epileptic fit.

That's good news.

Yes, I'll send the results
with Dr. Claessens's comments.

Thank you.

My email address is the same,
but postal is now the Kennedy Center.

I'll note that. Goodbye.

Call Atarhouch family.

Calling Atarhouch family.



Excuse me, I'm looking for the spot
where the girl was found.

The police said
one of the crew found her.

Yes, the crane-operator.

Thank you.

Your colleague told me
you found the body.

Yes, this morning at 6:30.

Where exactly?

Down by the water.

Her head on a lump of concrete.

Thank you.

Are you a reporter?

No, I'm a doctor.

I work at the practice opposite,
on the expressway.

Excuse me...

Which lump of concrete was it?

It's gone now.
The morning barge took it.

It was here.
To the right of the grab.

Thank you.



It's Jenny.

I want to talk, Julien.

I'll be right there.

She had no ID,
no mobile phone to identify her.

The police called.
I'm seeing the recording tomorrow.

I gave them your number.
They think you can help.

The camera saw nothing
because of a van parked outside.

It just picked up the headlights
of cars and a motorbike.

This is just before she rings.

She had a shiny jacket
and a pink skirt.

Maybe you saw her at the bus stop.
She ran after one but missed it.

No. I didn't see her.

Ever seen her around in Liege?
Or elsewhere?

I felt like you did
when the bell rang.

I wanted to open the door too but...

I don't know what happened.

I stopped you from going
just because you wanted to.

To get the upper hand.

Can I have some water?

Sit down.

Are you okay?

You're moving out?



Where are you moving to?

Back to my village.
I'm giving up medicine.

- Sorry for judging your emotions.
- It's not because of that.

Why give up then?

Can I see you or call you
to talk about it?

I won't change my mind.

Can I call you anyway?

If you want.

- Yes?
- It's me.

I had some good news
from the hospital.

Ilyas doesn't have a tumor.

And it wasn't an epileptic fit,
just convulsions.


I'm sure you can be
a very good doctor.


You couldn't know,
but you should have let her in.

- Not too warm in your jacket?
- I am.

This is her.

She never came to my practice.

- Never seen her?
- Never.

Or possibly as a child.

I have at least 40 African families
on my books.

Can I tell the police
to call you for their names?

- Of course.
- You never know.

Have many chosen their new doctor?

Only 20 or so.

They can't leave you.

Could you fetch the green file
from my bedside table?

There's a document in it...
At the very back.

That one.

Could you pin this up
on the notice board at the faculty?

I'll do it tomorrow.

Before closing my practice,
I'd like to make sure

it doesn't interest a young doctor.

- Come in.
- Hello, Dr. Habran, your injection.

Inspector Ben Mahmoud?

It's Dr. Davin. Yes, hello.

You told me I could call.

I showed the girl to Dr. Habran.
He's never seen her.

But he has a number of African families
and may have seen her as a child.

He can't remember.

He'll give you the families' names.

I also wanted to ask
if the internal autopsy had been done.

So she struggled?

Inspector, one last thing.

Can you let me know
when she'll be buried?

Thank you.


Haemorrhagic bruising on both wrists.

He says it was probably caused
by her attacker

stopping her from escaping
or throwing her down the bank.

Nothing else?
No sign of intercourse?


I can't accept the idea
they'll bury her with no name.

No one will know
it's her in the ground.

If I'd opened the door,
she'd be alive, like me.

True, but then again,
you're not the one who killed her.

Can you pass me the files
to scan for the Boverie Center?

I'm going to take over your practice.

Are you sure?


That's good for my practice

but patients on medical insurance rates
aren't what you wanted.

I've changed my mind.

I don't do fake certificates!

Now please leave.

- You did it for my brother!
- He was sick!

He told me it was a fake!

- He was sick!
- What was wrong with him?

None of your business!
Now both of you leave, please.

What's it to you
if I skip work three days?



Leave that!

I'm sorry, I won't show you in.

I'm already late for my house calls.

I won't keep you.

You seemed troubled yesterday
on the phone.

If you're hesitating,

we can wait another week
before hiring someone else.

That's kind,
but my mind is made up.

Sorry for any trouble it'll cause you.

Don't worry about that.

If I may,

think it over before giving up
your ambitions, your career.

Any court would acquit you
for not opening your door that late.

I have to go.

Thank you again.


Two or three days is okay.

But this...

It's been two weeks now.

Even if you don't pay,
they can't cut off the gas.

- They haven't cut it off.
- What about your sock?

I don't know.

- Here you go.
- Was I sitting on it?

They've put in a meter.

I have to top the card at social services,

but it hurts too much to go that far.

Is there no one to do it for you?

The bar owner's son,
but he's on holiday.

I'll call Social Services.

- Is that okay?
- It's okay.

About that photo of the girl
you showed me...

At the bar, there's a public computer.

If you email me the photo,

I can show it to people.

Good idea.
I'll call social services first.


Thank you.

Would you like a coffee with me?

I'd love one.

Get a cup.
The Nescafe's in the pan behind you.

I'll take your email while I'm on hold.


Alain Thirion...


Just a second...

Mrs. Terwagne?

Hello, it's Dr. Davin.

I'm calling about Mr. Thirion,
122, Rue Ferer.

They've put his gas on a meter and...

But with his diabetes,
he has foot sores

and can't walk that far.

It's Dr. Davin.

Come in.

I heard about it on Radio Liege.

I don't recognize her.

She was probably killed.


Is he in his room?

Look what I've made.

I haven't made any in two years..

Baclofen is helping.

Yes, and my workmates, too.

- Want to try one?
- Yes, all right. Just a little bit.

Very good.

Do your work hours fit in
with the children's schedule?

They're home when I leave at 4:30

and I'm back at 9:30
for their homework and bedtime.

It's not ideal,
but I have no choice.

I'll go and see Bryan.

What did you eat last night?

- Spaghetti bolognaise.
- Sit up.

Frozen or ready meal?

His father made it.
Bryan was there yesterday.

Did you eat anything else?

How do you feel now?

My stomach hurts a little.

Have you eaten today?

He drank some still water,
half a bottle.

Has your temperature been taken?

His forehead wasn't hot.

Been to the toilet?

For a poo?

What about at you dad's?

I can't remember.

You haven't got a temperature.

My stopwatch...

76. Everything's fine.

You should show him her photo.
He's always out and about.


Seen her before?

Look at me.

Want some waffles to take home?


- Yes?
- Will you take some waffles with you?

That'd be nice. Thank you.

Lie down.

Call Inspector Ben Mahmoud.

Calling Inspector Ben Mahmoud.

Inspector Ben Mahmoud.

Good evening, it's Dr. Davin.

Good evening.

I wondered if the photo broadcast
had any results.

No, just a few hoax calls.

I just realized
I forgot to call you about the funeral.

She was buried this afternoon.

I'm sorry, I was very busy.
It slipped my mind.

Hello, doctor?

- Which cemetery is she in?
- I'll get the file.

Hello, Oceane, it's Dr. Davin.

I forgot my thermometer here earlier.
Can you let me in?

Is your brother in his room?

I think I left my thermometer there.



I told your sister I was here
for my thermometer.

But that's not why.

You remember, earlier...

when I looked at your eyes?
Look at me.

I had my fingers here on your temples.

Your heart was beating twice as fast
as when I took your pulse.

You'd just seen that girl's photo.

You'd seen that girl before?

What do you know about her?

I've never seen her.

You can talk to me.
I'm your doctor.

I respect patient confidentiality.

I'm not accusing you.

I just need help to find out
what her name is.

Stop your game, please.

Please stop.

Imagine your mother is found dead,
far from here, without any ID on her.

They'd bury her
and couldn't let anyone know.

You'd never know.

You'd keep waiting for her
to come home.

Had you seen that girl before?

If you want to talk,
come to the practice any time.

On lane 7, there are two.


and here.

And three others on lane 5.

Is there a plot near a tree?


This one on lane 7
has trees all along.

- I'll buy that one.
- All right.

The plot...

Ten years?

20? 30?

I'll start with ten.

If we find her name,
maybe the family will come forward

and want her buried at home.

Ten years is 420 euros.

Once you've paid at the town hall,
we can start the work.

May I see your identity card?

Thank you.

Here you are.

You said she's buried
on the last lane on the left?

It's that way.

Walk past the building.
At the bottom, turn left.

It's the potter's field.

You'll see the soil
has been turned over.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Hold on a second.

I imagined myself
dying alone in hospital.

Without my Snowy.

Don't think about that, Mrs. Bazia.
You're in good health now.

Just don't catch cold again.

- If I start coughing, I'll call you.
- Yes.

- Snowy...
- Let me do it.

Thank you, doctor.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, doctor.

- Next, please.
- Yes.

- Hello.
- Hello. Follow me.

Just a second.

Come in.

- Hello, Bryan.
- Hello.

I'm a school supervisor.

Bryan had indigestion
and doesn't feel well.

He said you were his doctor.

His mother asks if you can call her
to keep her posted.


Come with me.

Have a seat in the waiting room.

- Sorry, an emergency.
- All right.

Bryan, come with me.

This should help.

If you asked to be brought here,

it means you have
something to tell me. Right?

Are you okay?

You want to throw up?

Come with me.

It's because of the stress.

Tell me what you know
and you'll feel better.

It's over?

Come on. Get up.

Trust me, I won't tell anyone.

Neither my dad nor my mom?

No one.

I saw her.

She was sucking off an old man
in a camper van.

Thursday evening,
before she was found?

How come you saw that?

We hid.

We watched through a window.

You weren't alone?

I was with a friend.

Had you seen the girl before?

And the old man?
Do you know him?

Where's the van?

On the Val Potet hill.
Below the bridge.

And after, when she left?
Did anyone follow her?

We'd already left
on my friend's scooter.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Are you Dr. Davin?

The penny dropped
when I saw the sticker on your car.

When you called,
I couldn't quite place you.

You came one Sunday for my mother.

She had fallen near the lift
in her social housing block.

Yes, I remember.
I was on call.

She died a week later in hospital.
A second thrombosis.

My condolences.

Thank you.

Under the couch here,
there's more storage space.

The table's under the bed.

Lift it up, unclip the leg
and slot it into place.

There's a cupboard
for pans and crockery.

Magnetized so they don't shift
on trips.

The sink has a 20-liter tank,
with a drainage tank underneath.

I'm not here to buy.

I'm looking for the name of the girl
found dead by the river last Friday.

She had no ID.
No one knows her name.

Someone saw her in your van
on Thursday evening.

- Here?
- Yes.

She fellated an old man,
then left along the expressway.

This is her.

Never seen her.

What are you trying to involve me in?

I'm not accusing you.

I just want her name
to let her family know.

- You are accusing me, it's my van.
- I'm not.

If anyone's guilty, I am.

I didn't open my door
when she rang to find shelter.

Who claims to have seen her here?

I can't say.

I don't like your attitude, doctor.

- I'm just asking...
- Get out.

- Just help me find her name.
- Get out.

Get out, I said.

I was his wife's doctor
and I'd like to say hello to him.


I'll just need your name
for the register.

Jenny Davin.

Good evening.

- Mr. Lambert, please.
- He just left. Try the hallway.

Thank you.

Mr. Lambert?

Good evening.

I'm Dr. Davin.
Do you remember?

I treated your wife that Sunday
she had her fall.

I don't remember.

Your janitor told me you were here.

I have nothing to say to you.

Did your son tell you not to talk?

I just want to know that girl's name,
nothing else.

I swear I won't tell anyone.
I can keep a secret. I'm a doctor.

I beg you, Mr. Lambert.

I beg you.

If you were in the van
and she said something

that might tell me her name, say so.

You often have heart problems?

Now and then.

- Is your medication nearby?
- In the drawer.

Have some.
You had a small coronary spasm.

I'll check your pulse.

Any pain in your arm?

Yes, and a little here too.

It should soon pass.
Your pulse is steady.

The girl...

She said nothing about herself.

She spoke French?

Neither I nor my son
have anything to do with her death.

From time to time,

he brings me a prostitute, that's all.

He didn't want to talk to you

because he's scared

the police will discover
his illegal garage.

Do you know where he found her?

He goes to Rue Ste Marguerite,
in Liege. It's handier.

You don't have to go into the city.

But this time,

he couldn't drive her back
because he had a car accident.

They solicit on Rue Ste Marguerite?

They wait in a place
where you can make phone calls.

A cybercafe?

Yes, something like that.

I've got your cigarettes.

- Why're you here?
- I'm talking to your father.

Get the hell out!

Don't worry about your garage.
She wants to know...

Shut the fuck up!
Don't talk to her!


Get out!

Thank you.

Yes, Dr. Davin.

I don't feel well.

Can I come to get a prescription
for my methadone?

- Who is this?
- Morgane. Morgane Pirard.

I know, but introduce yourself.
You're not a child anymore.

Let me park.

You've already taken it all?

Yes. I know I won't be able to resist.
I'm sweating like crazy.

Be strong.
I'll be at my office in an hour, okay?

- An hour?
- It's not very long.

Note everything you feel
in your diary, that'll help.

- I'll try.
- See you later.



Good evening.

I didn't see you.

I was adjusting the heating.

You want to make a call?

- Which country?
- Belgium.

Booth 3.

Thank you.

Julien, it's me, Jenny.

I wanted to see how you are.

I wanted to come out to your village.

Call me or send me a text message
to say if that's okay.


For Belgium,
it's cheaper calling on your mobile.

I have connection problems.

Does this girl look familiar?

People call abroad here,
so I thought she may have come in.

Liege has a lot of cybercafes.

Can I show her photo
to those two men?

If you want.

Good evening.

Have you seen this girl before
by any chance?

Thank you.


Dr. Davin?

Sorry to come so early.
It's because of work.

I'm Vincent Smet, Bryan's father.
Can we talk?

Yes, I'll come down.

- It's about Bryan.
- Come in.

Last night,
he told me what he told you.

But he didn't tell you the truth.

He was alone. He was ashamed,
so he made up a friend.

To excuse his behavior
by involving someone else.


Bryan and I wanted you to know,
so the police won't bother another boy.

They won't.
It was between him and me.

He said you mentioned confidentiality.
But you could change your mind.

- No.
- Okay then, fine.

That's all. And thank you
for urging Bryan to talk.

No indigestion since?

I think getting it off his chest
did him good.

Sorry again for coming so early.



I'll get my mobile
to show you the girl.

I already saw her picture
in the paper.

I don't know her. Sorry.


Go up to the bend,
then the first track on the left.

- Okay. Thank you.
- Goodbye.

Could I ask you to take them
a thermos of coffee?

Of course.

That way, Julien won't need
to come back down.

You didn't call,
so I presumed it was okay to come.

- From your grandmother.
- Thank you.

- Want some?
- Please.

- How did you find me?
- I called the university.

I'll take them the coffee.
Want a sandwich?

- Okay.
- Sausage or cheese?


So maybe she was murdered.


Why don't you answer my calls?

I have nothing to say.

If you're not giving up
because of what I said, why are you?

It doesn't matter.

All the same...

quitting after five years of study.

You can change your mind.

You've enough time for your exams.

You can do the missed days' internship
one weekend.

Remember your first day?

You said you'd always dreamt
of being a doctor.

When I saw that kid having his fit,
shaking all over...

I saw myself when my dad hit me.

All I got from him was beatings.

I wanted to be a doctor to treat him
or to treat myself, I don't know.

Or to be a better doctor than ours
who thought I bruised myself playing.

I'm glad you yelled.

I can't be a doctor
and don't want to be anymore.

It makes me think of my dad
all the time.

I'm sick of him
always being in my head.

There, now you know everything.


- You forgot your panettone!
- I'll come back up.

No, stand under the window!

- Hold on.
- Yes.

You can drop it now.

- Thank you.
- See you on Monday.

See you on Monday.

Lower your window!

- I gotta talk to you!
- I can hear you.

Lower your window!

Lower your window.

Don't be so rude. A bit more.

Don't piss us off
with that girl's photo again.

It's nothing to do with us, get it?

Get it, doctor?

- I just want her name.
- You don't get it.

Want us to send you
some sick guys?

- No.
- So say it: understood.




What do you want?

I saw you ride by.
I'd like to show your pal her photo.

My dad told you I was alone.

- I know, but he gets around...
- He wasn't with me, okay?

- Let's split!
- Why did you do that?

The bitch took my dad from my mom.

Help me climb out!

Why can't I talk to him?

Julien, it's Jenny.
I saw you called me.

I was in the shower.
You can call me back.


I'm so happy to hear you say that.

Congratulations, Julien.

When's your first exam?

Good luck.

See you soon.


Bryan's parents.
Can we talk to you?

Yes, I'll come down.

Come in.

Let's use my office.

No need.
This won't take long.

You saw Bryan
and hassled him again about that girl.

Please stop seeing him
and talking to him.

His indigestion's back.

I met him by chance.
I wanted to see his friend.

I told you he had nothing to do with it.

We're changing doctors as well.

I understand that girl haunting you.

As you said, you feel guilty.
But you can't make our son sick over it.

Once you choose your new doctor,
tell me and I'll forward your records.



Yes, speaking.

Are you in a lot of pain?

You said you wanted to change doctors.

All right.

How do I get in?

Say that again.

Even with the morphine,
go to the hospital.

I'll be okay.

It's like last time.

Dr. Habran gave me morphine,

I laid like this all night
and the next day I was fine.

It may not be the same thing.

- Can I take the pillows?
- Yes.

Maybe the disc has slipped
and only a scan will show that.

- I'll put your phone by your hand.
- Thank you.

That's why...

- I should call you an ambulance.
- No.

It's like last time, I can tell.

How much do I owe you?

My wallet's in my jacket.
Can you get it?

You know the girl.

Give me my wallet.

You can pay later.

Give me my wallet.

You called me to talk about her.

My wallet!

You've changed your mind,
but that was why you called.

I'll pay you, then get out!

Here you are.

It's 56 euros.

- Why does it bother you?
- We're the detectives, not you.

I just showed people
the photo on my phone.

Even that's too much.

We're on a big drugs case.
We need these people.

You've made them less cooperative.

Why did you go to that cybercafe?

By chance.

I saw some Africans
and thought: you never know.

- Excuse me. A patient.
- Go ahead.

Yes, I'm listening.

Your parents aren't there?

I'll come before 6, is that okay?

As soon as I can, don't worry.

See you later.

- Don't go back to the cybercafe, okay?
- Yes, I'm sorry.

I called you because we may have found
the girl's name.

You still want to give her a grave?

Yes, unless her family comes forward.

Max, can you give her the girl's name?


any headway as to the cause of death?

None of your business, doctor.
Don't worry, we know our job.


- It seems her name is Serena Ndong.
- Hold on, I'll note that.


Ndong. N-D-O-N-G.

- Got her date of birth?
- Yes. July 3rd, 1995,

in Libreville, Gabon.

Thank you.

The magistrate has contacted Gabon
to check it isn't a fake passport.

I'll call you when I get his report
in ten days or so.

- Goodbye, doctor.
- Thank you.

Good evening.

I'd like to talk to you.

All right.

Come in.

I was driving home.

I saw the girl
going down to the expressway.

I saw she was a prostitute.

I did a U-turn.

Bryan told me
he and his pal saw me.

We decided to say Bryan was alone,
so his pal wouldn't be questioned.

- You decided.
- Let me speak!

Think it's easy?

When Bryan saw me do the U-turn,
he left his pal.

He ran after me,
he knew I'd stop at the red light.

He saw me go over to the girl
to take her with me.

She refused and began to run.

I got back into my car and followed her.

I wouldn't have done it

if Bryan had called out
or I'd seen him.

When she rang your bell,
I'd lost her behind the parked cars.

Then she ran across the road
to catch a bus.

She missed it.

So I stopped.

I offered her a deal. She accepted,
provided she didn't get into my car.

We were on the towpath.

And I wanted more.

Don't look at me!

Turn round! Turn round!

For pity's sake...

She ran to get away from me,
towards the Meuse.

I followed her.

She ran across the building site
and tripped over something.

She fell down the bank.

The autopsy says
you grabbed her by the wrists.

I did, but before she ran off.

When she turned me down,
I tried to hold her back.

- To force her.
- No, not to force her!

I wanted her to do it for money.

When you saw her on the bank,
not moving,

did you go to check on her?

No, I thought she was...

that she'd fainted...

That she'd wake.

The autopsy says
she didn't die from the impact,

but from blood loss
while unconscious.

- You mean I let her die?
- Let go.

- Who do you think you are!
- Let go.

Forgive me.

Don't look down at me!

I can't sleep because of this girl.

She's in my head all the time.

If you'd opened your door,
it would never have happened.

She's in my head all the time too.

Do you want a tranquilizer?

You'd like to treat me, right?

I'll tell Bryan I told you everything.

Tell him it's true so he'll believe me.

I won't tell anyone.
You need to tell the police the truth.

I can't.

I can't.

Everyone will know.
I'll lose my job.

I'll go to jail.
I'll lose everything.

I don't want to.

Isabelle and I
want to make a fresh start.

I can't, I can't...

Why would I ruin my life?

- Because she's asking us to.
- Who?

The girl.

She doesn't care, she's dead.

If she was dead,
she wouldn't be in our heads.

Is this the bathroom?

Hold on...

Are you okay?

Does your neck hurt?

Can you get up?

You can call the police.

You have to do that.

I left my phone in the car.

You can use mine.

That's the number.

Just a throat infection,
nothing serious.

I'll check his ears.
Turn him.

Hold his head.

Now the other side.

Come in.

No ear infection.

- You still have saline solution?
- Yes.

Clean his nose
every two or three hours.

I'll give you a linctus
for his temperature.

- Goodbye. Thank you.
- Goodbye.


Follow me.

Before going to the police,

I wanted to thank you
for coming to the cybercafe...

and showing me the photo.

My sister's photo.

Because you came,
I felt ashamed and made my mind up.

I was afraid my guy
would put me back on the streets.

He gave a fake passport so the police
wouldn't know he made Felicie work.

She wasn't 18 yet.

Her name was Felicie?


Felicie Koumba.

Excuse me.

Come in.

Do you know where she is?

Her body?

She was buried in the Bergerie Cemetery,
here in Seraing,

while waiting for her family
to claim her.

I'll do it.

I'll take care of everything.

Thank you.

I didn't help my sister
just because I was afraid of my guy.

I was jealous of her too.

She lived with us.

My guy was attracted to her.

When she vanished...

I felt better.

May I give you a hug?



Hello, doctor.

- Shall I take your bag?
- Please.

- May I?
- Thank you.

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