The Unforgivable (2021) - full transcript

Released from prison after serving a sentence for a violent crime, Ruth Slater (Bullock) re-enters a society that refuses to forgive her past. Facing severe judgment from the place she once called home, her only hope for redemption is finding the estranged younger sister she was forced to leave behind.

Dad! Please!

Vince Cross. Here to process Ruth Slater.

Twenty. Forty.

The release plan. Read it.
It's how you stay out of here.

Your Ten Commandments.
No drugs, drinking, bars, nightclubs.

No firearms or any other weapons.

You cannot associate with anyone
with a criminal record.

No known felons.

Vince Cross, open the door.

- Questions so far?
- No.

Hey, Katherine, it's me.

Can you please return Mom's calls
and get her off my back?

I told her you've been deep in rehearsals,
but I can't keep that up--

Does your release alter the terms
of your no-contact order? Yes or no?


Can you reach out
to the victim's family? Yes or no?


Couple weeks
staring at the ceiling,

people sometimes wanna make amends.

I got nothin' to say.

The main thing
for success is a job.

- You either have, or you're looking.
- Got a job. Carpentry.


Well, if it doesn't pan out,
I got a friend in seafood packing.

My man, Stan.
He takes my people on a trial basis.

I'm good.

Take the card.

Take the card.

Guess you think you got
this freedom thing all figured out, huh?

The concussion
came from the airbag.

But I'm fine. And nobody was hurt too bad.

Except for you.

Have you been taking your meds?

- Yes, Dad. Jesus.
- Hey.

- Katherine.
- I'm sorry, Mom.

You don't need to be sorry.

- I didn't mean to freak you out.
- Don't worry.

So what do we know?

Oh. She's got a broken rib,
dislocated shoulder, and a concussion.

When you get out of the hospital,
you need to come stay with us for a while.

- No, Dad. I'm fine.
- I think that's a good idea.

My recital's coming up.

Well, we'll cross
that bridge when we come to it.

You can practice at home.

Welcome to your new home.

You and I will meet here
every Tuesday, 11:00 a.m. without fail.

Thanks for the ride.

You sold my stuff!
I had to walk all the way downtown!

I worked with you for months.

- You're such a liar.
- You need to pay rent.

- Think you're better than me?
- Ruth Slater?

- Follow me.
- Fuck you!

The bus map. They're always late.

House rules are simple.

No fightin', stealin',
destroying property.

Come on, get up.

Shower. Ten minutes.

Everything else, use your common sense.

- How about a knock?
- Val, you know the rules.

Ladies. Your new roommate, Ruth.

You can all introduce yourselves.

I'll let you get settled in.

Hey, dickhead.

We're gonna just let this go?

Twenty years of Dad's life,

and this bitch
gets out early for good behavior?

What is that?
You think Dad would want that?

How do I know what Dad would want, Keith?

What is it? Stress, huh?

Doc's put me back on something.

It'll go away.


There's nothing we can do about it anyway.

I'm thinking you and me,
couple of baseball bats.

Yeah, that'd solve
all our problems, and then what?

Come on, man.

I drove to Purdy.

And I watched that bitch walk out.

Hey, you need to leave this alone.

You're not with me on this?

No, I'm not with you.
I got a family. I got a kid.

She's living in Chinatown.


- But what about Dad?
- Now, look.

You need to leave this alone.

- Hey.
- Hmm.

I don't know if it's my state of mind,
but these papers are worse than ever.

- Lord of the Flies?
- Mmm-hmm.

This student is writing about
how Piggy was made into an "escape goat."

They said she was drifting
before she ran the light.

She was just distracted.

It's… a coincidence?

The release letter?
There's no way Katherine saw that.

It's just… the same day.

- What if she tries to find Katherine?
- She can't.

And this was an accident.

It has nothing to do with Ruth Slater.

Slater. Phone call.



Cop killer.

You don't touch my stuff.

You piece of shit.

Get the fuck out.


I don't know
if we're still going.

We need to get a sitter.

What do you even get somebody
for their retirement?

A fishing rod or something?

Hold on. Steve.

Daddy's going to work.

Just so…

Stupid, right? Like…

How many times do I have to
tell you it's not your property anymore.

It's my fucking house!

No, it's the bank's house now!

You come to that door,
I swear to fucking God…

Swear to God what?

Okay, I need you
to knock it down a notch or two.

- What are you gonna do, Ruth, huh?
- Katie in there?

What are you gonna do?


Whose idea was it?

You can either tell me the truth,
or I'll find out. Your choice.

The ramp?

All right. Well, you guys know my advice.

- No outside counsel.
- Got it.

I did it.

- How'd you do it, Ryan?
- I just did it.

I dragged the wood over
and put it up on bricks.

Uh, Mrs. Ingram?

- You're both grounded.
- What?

- That's not fair.
- I said I did it.

Those pieces of wood are 70 pounds each.
It's a two-man job.

Mrs. Ingram,
you wanna take a look at this?



People put baby shoes in walls
to protect them from evil spirits.

Leave 'em in there.
Someone put 'em in there for a reason.

Love y'all.

- Bye, babe.
- Bye, babe.

Who got air?

He totally loves her.
You don't know what you're talking about.

They met on a beach in Maui.

No, they were laughing
when you left the room.

No, seriously,
like, we're gonna lose this deal

if you don't pull it together.

They were laughing at you when you left.


Just start pushing, man.
Just go, go, go!

- Get in there. Come on.
- Hey, hey! Calm down!

Hurry up, man!

Don't know what to tell ya.

It says I start today, second shift.


I got my carpentry certificate.
I did a year of welding.

I don't need birdhouses
and stop signs. Okay?

Did you get a phone call or a visitor

between when I had a job
and when I didn't?


Ah, come on. Show us a little more.

After two hours, you get a break.
After five hours, you get lunch.

Another two hours, you get another break.

You gotta leave the line
to take a waz or something, go ahead.

But make sure that you're telling a person
where you're going and how long you'll be.

Here on the floor,
keep your head on a swivel, all right?

Everything here is sharp.
Everything's heavy.

Everything can hurt you. Be careful.

These guys are gonna help you out.
Welcome to the graveyard shift.


- You speak English?
- Yeah.

That's Magda. I'm Blake.

Just do what we do.

Hey. You need a ride someplace?

You sure?

You look freezing cold.

See you tomorrow.

Hey. You're past your ten.

What the fuck?

Hurry up!

Drag your bitch-ass out next time.


There's a woman in the front yard.

You know who she is?

- Not leaving. Not leaving, Mac.
- I hear you.

I know that your daddy would not
want you gettin' in deeper trouble.

Bullshit, Mac.

I just want you
to consider your little sister.

I've got a gun, and I swear to God,
they come in this house, I'm gonna use it.

- Help me help you.
- Get…

You can come stay with us.

Boys can bunk in the basement.
You and Katie can have the bedroom.

- We're not leaving. Stop.
- Beth would love to have you.

You know the second I step out
of here, they're gonna take her from me.

We are not leaving!

Get off my porch! I'm not leaving--



Can I help you with something?

I was just looking
at everything you've done.

It's really beautiful.

You one of our neighbors?

Uh, just…
I just did some work on the house.

Way back.

- We just moved in a few months ago.
- Yeah?

- The remodel?
- No, no. Before that.

Yeah, I just did finishes.

Um, some built-ins
and a hutch, stuff like that.

The hutch in the entry?

We both love that thing.

That's what sold my wife on the house.

She actually-- She just repainted it
to match the new interior.

I bet that looks great.

Well, you can come in
and have a look if you want.

Oh, no. I don't… I don't wanna interrupt.

You're not interrupting.
We're not doing anything.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.

Come on. Uh…

I'm John Ingram, by the way.

- Ruth.
- Hey, Ruth. Come on.

This is it.

Hun, this is Ruth.

Ruth, Liz.

She did work on the house.
In fact, she built the hutch.

Which is a good thing.

Otherwise, I would have had to buy
some fancy piece of furniture.

And drop some pro bono work.

You know the Balabans?


Uh, before them, when it was a farm.


Yeah, 'cause we found
some baby shoes in the wall.


Yeah, I didn't… I didn't know them.

You live in the neighborhood?

My sister and I did.

And where do you live now?

Mmm, in… in Seattle.


Mom. Is my laptop downstairs?

- Whose job is that?
- Try the TV room.

Uh, I didn't really realize
how late it was. I need to get going.

But thank you very much
for letting me see your beautiful home.

Hey, how far is your car parked?

Uh, I'm gonna catch the bus.
If I run, I'll be okay.

Ruth, stop, just give me a minute.

It's getting dark.
I'm gonna give you a ride.

And you don't remember
the people you worked for?

I… I don't remember.

- Really?
- It's been so long.

You're a lawyer?

Yeah. How did you know that?

- Pro bono?
- Oh yeah.

What kind of law do you do?


I do some trust work.



I've actually been looking
for someone who does family law,

and I don't know
if you know anybody that--

What are you up to?

Look, you've been lying
since you said hello.

When people want a lawyer,
they just call one up.

Something's not right.


What's up with you?

I lived in that house
with my little sister

when my parents died.

Went into the system.

She got adopted, and that's just
the last place I was with her.

I wrote her for years
and, you know, I didn't…

I didn't hear anything back. I don't know.
I don't even know if she's alive.

But I didn't wanna
unload that on your family.

Look, well, the system…

the system can be hardcore.

I've seen it before.


But you guys made
a really nice home of it.

- Thank you.
- Beautiful.

Thanks for the ride.

Ruth. Ruth. Look.

It's tricky what you're tryin' to do.
I'm gonna see if I can help you out.

Here you go.

Give my office a call.

Okay, thank you.
Thank you very much. Thank you.

Call if you think of anything else.

Oh, I might pop into Trader Joe's.
Do you want anything?

- Mom, the fridge is beyond packed.
- I only have to go in for an hour.

- Text, if you need anything.
- I'm good, but thank you.

I'm like a bomb being disarmed.

They'll relax.
Just give them some time.

Thank you.

You know, they heard you up
all night again last night.

Gotta go back on your meds.

I can't play on that stuff.

- But thank you for not telling them.
- Of course.

None of us can hear a difference.

Yep, and you're all tone-deaf.

But you need sleep.

Are you having those nightmares again?


They're just random flashes, so…

Same as usual.

What else do you remember?

There was music.

And a woman close to me,
but I can't make out who it is.

I don't know what she was to me.

Maybe it's somebody in foster care.


You know,
we could actually look into that.

- See if there's anybody--
- I'm not doing that.

Why not?

'Cause you guys are my family.

Yeah, but, like, aren't you curious?
Don't you wanna know about your past?

No, Em, I don't need proof that
I'm more fucked up than you are.

Well, don't get pissed.


- Hello.
- Come on up.

Hey. Can I help you?

Yeah, I was, uh,
walking by, and I heard you.

Just came in to see if you guys
are looking for extra hands or anything.

Sorry, we're a NGO,

so we're not really
looking for help right now.


- What's it gonna be?
- Kitchen for the homeless.

Community center. It's donation-based.

That's why I had
to let go of most of my guys.

It's probably a good thing you let 'em go.

They should've snapped
a line a couple times

before they got
so enthusiastic about framing.

You wanna make sure
that that's true and plumb

or that door's not going to hang right.

You have references?

Give me an hour.

They're gonna pay me minimum wage.
Well, it's almost minimum wage,

but it's a great deal for both of us,
and I get to sharpen my skills.

- Sharpen your skills?
- Yeah.

I'm thinking you look like hell.

You told me to get a job. I got two.

- You been usin'?
- What?

You seem a little edgy to me. You okay?

So this guy knows
you're an offender, right?

He didn't ask.

Why is he willing to trust you?

That stud wall you're leaning against,
I built it in 45 minutes.

You better tell your boss who you are.

Why? I gotta be a convict wherever I go?

No, you're a cop killer
everywhere you go, yes.

Sooner you accept it, the better.

What do you mean I eat fast?

That's why you're the champ.

Okay. You finish yours before me.

You can't leave the line

unless you tell the person beside you
where you're goin'.

You gotta waz, take a waz.
Just let somebody know what's happenin'.

Here on the floor,
keep your head on a swivel, okay?

Everything here is sharp.
Everything can hurt you. Be careful.

Welcome to the graveyard shift.

You always wanted
to be in the fish game or…

Oh. Sorry.

I didn't know that was gonna be so loud.
Sorry, that's, uh…

I know it sounds weird,
but that's actually my band.

That's me on the drums.

So I don't know.
We've got our own thing going.

You like it or…


- Yeah.
- You hate it.

I don't hate the drums.


- You live here?
- It's my second job.

Second job?

Have a good night. Well, day.

See you in the line.

Hi, John.
It's Ruth, calling again.

Sorry to keep calling.

I just wanna know
if you've heard anything.


Please call me, thanks.


- Fuck!
- Oh shit!

- Fuck!
- Shit, I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- What the fuck!

- Jesus fucking Christ!
- I'm sorry. God!

What are you doing?

I called your name.
I… I didn't hear anything. So I just--

- You can't do shit like that!
- I was… Donuts. I was gonna--

- You cannot trespass like that.
- Shit. I'm sorry.

What do you want? Why are you here?

I couldn't sleep,
and I thought about you here working,

and I thought
maybe you would want some donuts, so…

I'm sorry.

You can't come
into people's places like that.

- You can't do that.
- I know.

Shit. I also… I brought you this…

this coat here. Just…

You know, it's really good,

and I got another that's smaller at home
if this one's too big,

but this one's way better.

I mean, your coat sucks, so I just…

I don't know.
Maybe you wanna just try it on.

You brought me a jacket? Why?

Uh, well, just so you'd be warm.

Do you wanna try?

- I got it. I got it.
- Sure.

I'll just clean up this mess here.

Hey, that… looks pretty good. That's…

That fits. Here, this…

it's just that there's a hood here.

That's like really…

Sorry, you don't have to…

- I'm sorry I scared you.
- No.

I'm sorry about the donuts.

Good luck with, uh, you know…


John, uh, it's Ruth again.

I didn't give you the whole story.

And I'm sure by now you've
worked out all the parts I left out. Uh…

Please give me a chance to explain.

You know, for 20 years,
I wrote thousands of letters.

I did everything I could to reach her
the way that the system wanted me to,

but I… I didn't hear anything.

I don't wanna disrupt her life,

and I'm not looking
for a second chance. I just…

You know, man,
I just… I just wanna know that she's okay.

If I had told you the full truth,
you wouldn't have offered to help me,

and I know that's not an excuse,
but I really need your help.

If I could just…
maybe just talk to the parents.

Please, John, she's my sister.

Thanks. Bye.

Yeah, okay.

- Morning, Tyler.
- Morning.

Working mostly upstairs today?


Did you know the family
that lived here before the Balabans?

Westovers. Nice folks.
Put in the mantelpiece.

They have a daughter named Ruth?

No. That'd be the Slaters.

It was way back.
Didn't they tell you about that?


Oh jeez.

Ruth's dad killed himself.

She was living in the house alone
with her little sister.

Sheriff came to evict.

She killed him.

How does that look? Does it look goofy?

- Officer, you gonna arrest me?
- Yeah, for being a prick.

Did your brother pass along
that information I gave him?

What information?

I got two work addresses.

One's near a fucking armpit,
South King Street, Sixth Ave South,

near Hing Hay Park, Chinatown.

She's there every day. All by herself.

You coming back in?
They're making speeches.

He was Dad's friend.
You could act like you care.

What the fuck are you doing?

What you should be doing.
Everybody's trying to have a good time--

Pressing the cops about Ruth Slater.

- Are you fucking crazy?
- They're not gonna care what we do.

There's no "we."

You're not gonna do anything anyway.
You just talk like always.

You're the one who doesn't do anything.

You don't remember what it was like
when we lost the house. That's her fault.

We lost it 'cause
Mom couldn't stop drinking.

And why do you think that is?

You don't remember him. I do.

But sure, carry on with your nice life,
like it just didn't happen.

I'm not saying that it didn't happen.

She walks around free.

She's got a job and a guy.

She lives like it never happened.

Now, you tell me if that's fair.

Hey. What you guys doin'?

We have a sitter for once.
Can't we just have fun?

Thought big brother had that handled.

You're an asshole.

Just think about it.

And you got air.
You had perfect control of that thing.

Bro, I totally dusted you on
the quad. You just can't say it.

No, no, he's right. He did perfect.

Hey, babe.

How could you not have told me?

Mom, I did the quad at, like, full speed.


Once I found out,
I wasn't just gonna take her case.

- She was in my house with our children.
- Yeah.

And you're right, I should've told you
when I found out, and I'm sorry.

When a murderer talks her way
into my kitchen to relive the moment,

yeah, you should've told me. Shit, John.

Wait a minute.

What do you mean,
"you wasn't gonna take the case?"

She came by the office today.

No, no, no.

Liz, she wasn't reliving something.
That was trauma.

She wasn't shot at
in some Kuwaiti firefight.

She killed somebody in cold blood.

The woman has been in the system.
You know, that can be more harm than--

If that were any of your Black sons

who had been
in the system in this situation,

they would be dead.

I'm just saying that she did her time,
and she has every right--

I'm not talking about her rights.
I'm talking about her lying.

If she tells the truth, she's denied
her rights, you know that as well as me--

- That is not the reality for that woman.
- That's a reality.

She would not be denied her rights

because she could easily find
a bleeding heart attorney in you.

I can't tell you
what to do professionally,

but you keep her shit away from here.

Stay clear.

Whoa! Right there.

Why are you guys always late?

We showed up. I don't know, lady.

How about a heads-up next time?

Our apologies, ma'am.
Will you sign this form?

Since you're making me late,
you can give me a hand.

Thank you.

So what's this place gonna be?

A community center for the homeless.

What else? What else? Okay.

It's some
really nice work in here.

Well, your parents must be proud.


I don't know. They're dead.

Um, listen, I gotta run.
Thanks for the help.

That's rough. Your parents dying.

Yeah, but life goes on, right?

Look, I really appreciate the help,
but I need to get going.

Yeah. Sorry, I don't wanna hold you up.

Nice to meet you.


- One minute to spare.
- Did I make it or not?

All this running's
gonna kill you, Ruth. Come here.

I'm getting information
you got yourself a lawyer.

- What you think that's gonna do, huh?
- It's none of your business.

- It's none of my business?
- No.

- You trying to contact your sister?
- It's my right.

- No, you lost those rights 20 years ago.
- It's my fucking family.

Blood doesn't make you family.
Get that shit out your head.

There's a reason why
your sister hasn't contacted you.

You're a convict.

All she knows of you is as a killer.

She's probably scared of you.

Let that girl live her life.
Your life starts here, now.

Not 20 years ago.

She's actually better off without you.

Yes. I'll drink it anyway.


Hey, I'm just walking into conferences.


We just got a letter from a lawyer
representing Ruth Slater.

What's up?
Couldn't talk to me on the phone?

I talked to her.

You talked to who?

- Ruth Slater.
- Jesus, Steve.

You talked to her?

You wanna know what she said?

She said, "Life goes on."

You were right.

It's not fair.

- You serious right now?
- Not your bullshit plan.

She's still got a sister out there.

Let's do to her what she did to us.

When you think about,
like, a bonsai tree, like, it just…

All it is, is a tree that's just
had a lot more love, right?

Like, a lot more focus.
It's how-- Uh-oh. There they are.

Paul, how are you? Good day at the office?

- How's it going?
- What's up, Petey? This is my friend Ruth.

No, it's just, like, a lot more focus.
It's not wild, you know.

That is a bonsai. I think that's why
it's, like, The Way of the Warrior.

Oh wow. Look, that's the…

That's Patty's nephew.
You know, Patty from work?

Man, Patty, she… she always
looks like she's scowling.

I call her Mean Mug Patty? No?

She always got that look on her face,
like somebody stole her apple?

Anyway, those are her nephews.
They're… they're really cool.

They're, like, a Seattle institution.

Their grandpa was
the first Asian-American Seattle cop.

Yeah, he's kind of like a hero cop.

He's just sort of beloved, you know.
Yeah, they're… they're cool kids.

Yeah, you know.

- Yes.
- Here you go.

I love it.

Ruth, you have no idea
what you're in store for, Ruth, uh…

- Ruth is an enormous fan of the band.
- Okay.

She's praying
for us to get back together.

You need to pull the trigger.

- Sure, why not? Enjoy, guys.
- Thanks, Nicky.

How come you're not eating?

You all right?

Ruth, if there's something on your mind,
you can say it, like…



I was in prison.

I just got out.

Shut up. Why would you say that?

I was in for 20 years.

For what?


Sheriff. Snohomish sheriff.


An accident?

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

I get it.

I just can't, uh…

- Look, I'm sorry, but I--
- No. I get it.


♪ Oh ♪

♪ A scrub is a guy
That thinks he's fly ♪

♪ And is also known as a buster ♪

♪ Always thinking about… ♪

- What do we do?
- We do nothing.

We can't just ignore it.
She hired a lawyer.

The law's clear.

If she comes near Katherine,
she's going back to prison.

She asked to meet with us.

- Not Katherine.
- And she won't stop there.

What possible benefit can there be
bringing this person into her life?

Particularly now?

We did the right thing.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah, we're just talking.

We always knew that we'd have
to deal with this someday.

- Just not yet.
- She's an adult.

We waited too long for this.

We could just go
and listen to what she has to say.

Maybe there's something she can tell us
to help Katherine.

Or she can do 23andMe.
She doesn't have to talk to a murderer.

Go look at her. Does she look like
she's ready to confront that?

- No.
- Thank you.

But we are.

Call the lawyer.

Or I will.


- My father's a cop, bitch!
- Help!

Heard you were braggin' about it.

My father's a cop, you piece of shit!

Get off me! Cop-killing bitch!

Get off me.

Shootin' off your mouth.


Get the fuck out of here.
Nobody wants you here.

- Okay, Patty, you made your point.
- Watch your back, bitch.

Back to work. Clear the floor.

You heard me. Watch your back.

I'm gonna get ya.

All right, back to work.

Oh, fuck me.

Ruth. Ruth.

Ruth, can I just…

I'm gonna help you out,

so you don't have
to give me a little speech.

I fucked up. Did not keep my head down.

And you're right.
Cop killer everywhere I go.

Next time don't drag me
through three bus transfers

to tell me something I already know, okay?


Thought you might like
a change of perspective.

Are you shitting me?

If I was going to give you a speech,
I'd tell you that everybody ends up here.

Where you gotta decide
how you're going to be,

'cause this world
is nothing like you thought.

And everything you learned in the yard
keeps you on a path to right back inside.

People are exactly the same out here
as they are in the yard. Exactly.

Question is, do you wanna be the same?

Looks like a right haymaker.
You couldn't see that coming?

And what's up with your phone?

Went in a puddle.

Well, your fancy lawyer called.

You got a meeting. Just the parents.


I don't know. Call your lawyer.

And clean yourself up a little.
Act like I'm teaching you stuff.

Okay, honey,
remember, no crack today.

See ya.

- Have a good day.
- Bye.

Have fun. You got this.

You don't need
to walk me inside.


Love you.

They don't have to be here.
Remember that.

But they're looking
for any reason to say no.


Ruth, this Michael and Rachel.

Now, they've asked me to conceal
their last names for this proceeding.

Let's have a seat.

All right.

So, first thing, I'd like to
thank the two of you for coming.

I think it's best that
we all just stay open.

There's a lot of complicated feelings,

and I'm here
to help wade through that with you.

- Okay.
- Okay. Um…

Well, first of all, the no-contact order
was the judge's decision.

Not ours.


Katherine has no conscious memory
of her life before us.

She was traumatized.

Now she's doing well.

Of course she struggles sometimes,
like everyone, but…

She has opportunities
she never would've had.

She's very talented.

She has a good life.

A loving family, stability.

Who would it possibly benefit
to disrupt that?

We don't know anything about Miss Slater

except that she's been
in prison for murder,

and I understand
she's trying to rebuild her life, but…

What would Katherine gain
by meeting her now?

- Can I speak?
- Yes.



My mom died having her,
so I raised her from a baby.

Dad didn't do anything before he…

before he gave up. He quit.

I didn't. I don't quit. Not on Katie.

But life doesn't start at five.

Those are big years.

Do you have kids of your own?

Whatever her life was like before,
and I'm sure there were good moments,

they were obliterated by what you did.

Does she really not remember me?

- She doesn't.
- I don't believe that.

I don't believe
that she doesn't remember me.

Does she know about the no-contact order?

- Ruth, calm yourself down.
- Does she?

You know what's striking to me?

Is that we're here
because of what you want.

Not what's best for our daughter.

I think maybe you should

move on to something else.

Do you have any other questions?

Is she sleeping?

She never slept as a kid.

She sleeps fine. You know, I…

I don't think
there's anything more to talk about.

- Don't… Just…
- Rachel? Let's go.

I wrote and sent letters
to Social Services.

Did you get any of my letters?
Did Katie read any of my letters?

Everything we did,
we did in her best interest.

- What did you fucking do to my letters?
- Ruth, calm down.

What did you do to my letters?

Did you throw them away?
Did you burn them?

Look at me when I'm talking to you, bitch!

- Okay, that's it. Come on, Rachel.
- Ruth!

You burned my fucking letters
like I don't exist?

- You asked us to come. We came.
- What the fuck?

- If you had any respect--
- Respect?

Talk about respect.
I spent 20 years in a fucking cell

the size of your walk-in closet,
waiting for one shred of information!

You were
in that cell for a reason!

What gives you the reason
to treat me like I don't exist?

- You keep her away from us!
- I exist!

Or I'll press charges.
You'll go back today!

- I exist!
- Listen to him, he's right!

I didn't burn your letters.

Then tell her about me!


I think that's as far
as I can take it, Ruth.



Hey, Ruth.
Could you just wait one second?

I have one thing to tell you,
and then I'm gonna leave you alone, okay?

- I'm good. I'm good!
- You're not good.

- I'm good! Okay?
- Okay.

- Look, I'm a convict.
- I'm good.

I'm a convict.

I got out of Clallam
a year and a half ago.

I'm sorry, Ruth. You just… It hit me.

You said what you said, and I just froze,

and I fucking sat there like an asshole,
and I hate myself for it. But…

You're on active, right?

Yeah, no known felons.

I mean, shit, we're in violation
just standing here, right?

Ruth, I had to talk to somebody.

I guess word got out.

I… I'm sorry, Ruth.

I'm sorry for everything.



- What do you want from me?
- I'm sorry.


I'm calling because…

I read your letters.

- It's you?
- No, it's not Katherine.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Can I meet you somewhere?

Anywhere you want.

This is Keith.
You know what to do.

Maybe I'll get back to you.

Where the fuck are you?
You were meant to take over an hour ago.

Call me.



Excuse me. Excuse me.

Thank you.

Skipping school?


Skip school a lot?


We all do things we probably shouldn't,
but we get back on track, right?


Wish I'd gone to school more.

Really liked it.

My baby sister
was a lot younger than I was,

so I stayed home,
and I played school with her.

I was teaching her how to tie her shoes,
but her hands were just so tiny.

What was… what was your sister like?

We lived on a farm, and we had this horse,
and she named him "Cheese."

'Cause that
was her favorite food.

She was funny.

I wonder all the time what she looks like…

what she became.

She plays the piano.

She's really good at it too.

Katherine doesn't know about you.

She has memories.

What kinda memories?

Mmm… Think I should go.
Nobody knows that I'm here.

Okay. It's all right.

Thank you for talking to me.


She has a rehearsal this afternoon.

Cornish Auditorium at 4:00 p.m.

You can watch her play.

Hey, John.
I have a chance to see Katie.

And I really don't wanna screw this up,
so I need you to…

I just need you
to call me back today, okay?

Okay. Thanks. It's Ruth. Thanks.

Where's your mama?


Where's your mom?

- Oh! Shit! Steve.
- Steve?

Oh shit.

Look, Steve.

I'm sorry, Steve.
I'm sorry. Please.

Steve. Look, I just…


- Stop!
- Fuck you!

Fuck you!

I'm sorry.

I screwed up, Steve.

Steve! Please!
Please don't go, please! Steve, please!

I'm sorry.

-Uh, I'm here for John Ingram, please.
- Okay.

Hi, is Mr. Ingram available?

Okay, thank you.

I'm sorry, ma'am.
Mr. Ingram is away this week.

- I can give him a message.
- You can't just…

I'm afraid
I just don't have him right now.

Hey. Hey, is your dad here?

Uh, no. He's away.

- Is your mom here?
- Yeah.

I need to talk to her. Can you go get her?

- Go get her. Go get her, please.
- Mom!

I… Yeah. Sure.

Mom? Somebody's here for Dad.


- Get down!
- Ruth!

I'm getting the keys!
I'm getting the keys!

Oh, no, no, no.
Get the fuck off my property.

Get in the house now.
You got a lot of nerve coming here.

- I need to talk to John right away.
- How dare you?

I'll leave. Tell me where he is.

This is not our problem.
You're not his client.

I have a chance to see my sister,

and I just need to know,
can I go by myself?

- Do I have to take him with me?
- I don't give a shit.

She was taken away from you
because of your choices.

Look, please don't talk to me
about choices right now, okay?

Listen, no one forced you to kill that man
or lie your way into my house.

Okay, you know what?
I'm sorry for the lies.

I'm sorry for everything
that happened here.

I went to prison for half my life,
so I think I've more than paid for it.

You were sent to prison!
You have to take responsibility for that.

Oh my God. I said I did it.
Can you tell me where John is?

John would tell you exactly
what I'm telling you right now.

You lost your opportunity. Lost it!

John looks at you. He sees someone
who deserves a second chance.

I don't see that.

I hear someone
who'd say anything to get what she wants.

You would do exactly
the same thing for your kids.

No. Don't go there.

Don't even pretend this is about her.

Exactly! I was protecting her!

- You are not a victim!
- I said I did it!

All right? That's bullshit!

- I had to make a choice!
- Face it, you traumatized her.

- Do not even pretend this is about her!
- I fucking said I did it!

She was only five years old!

She was only five years old!

She was…

Oh fuck.

What happened, Ruth?

I just want you
to consider your little sister.

I've got a gun in this house,

and I swear to God,
they come in this house, I'm gonna use it.

Get… Where are you going?

How many times do I gotta tell you?

You come to that door,
and I swear to fucking God…

We are not leaving! We are not leaving!

Corey, get off my fucking porch!

Go ahead, try it.

- Go ahead and try it, Corey. Try…
- Ruth!

Katie? Hey, Katie?
Katie? Katie? Katie?


Katie, Katie, Katie.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

It was my fault.

I did it.


What time is your meeting?

It's at 4:00.
I'm not gonna make it.

I'm hungry.

I know. Food's coming. It's coming.

Okay, here you go, sweetie.
The full stack.

Eat as much as you want.
As much as you can.

Katie, I'm so sorry I made you do that.

Do what?


I'm gonna go somewhere, okay?

And I want you to stay here
and eat all you can, okay?



Katie, look at me. Look at me.

No matter what happens…

I'm always gonna love you.
No matter what, okay?

- I love you too.
- I know you do.

Eat up.

You go ahead. I'll see you in there.


Hi, I'm here.

Does Katie know what you did?


I've got a gun to her head.


What do you want?


Harbor Island. 16th and Lander.

You come alone. Or I blow her head off.

Don't you hurt her.

Don't you lay a finger on her.

What do you care?

"Life goes on," right?

Everything okay?

Yeah. She's not here.
But I have the address where she is,

so you can just drop me off,
and I'll be out of your hair.

- You sure?
- Yeah. It's not far.

What are we doing here?

Ruth, what's going on? Talk to me.

- Somebody has Katie.
- What?

- I'm here.
- Shit.

Go through the gate.


Take a left.
Keep walking to the water.

There's a red conveyor.

- I'm at it.
- There's a gray building.

- What?
- There's a gray building.

I see it.

Through the door next to the van.

- I'm here. Let her go.
- Come inside right now.

Come inside now!

Get on the ground right here.

Fucking get on the ground
right fucking now!

- She has nothing to do with this.
- Stop.

- Let her go.
- Get on the fucking ground.

- She's got nothing to do--
- On the ground, now.

Right here. So you can watch.

You're making a mistake.

Let her go. She's innocent.

- Now you give a shit?
- She's just a kid.

So was I.

Now you're gonna watch your sister die.

- No! No! No!
- Your dad didn't--

You do not talk about him!

You do not ever talk about him!

He talked about you that day.

He said you boys would give up your room
so we had a place to go.

Shut the fuck up.

He was kind.

And I am so sorry
I took him away from you.

It's too fucking late.

You think this is gonna
make you feel better?

But life doesn't go on.

Shut up. Shut up.

You leave behind everything you love.

I'm so sorry.

This way. Come to my voice.

Keep your hands up.

You know what…

- I love you. I love you.
- I love you.

- All right! Whoa! Don't move!
- Get down on the ground!

Get down now!

Down on the ground!

- Freeze! Cuff her!
- Stay down!

Keep your hands up.
Chest down.

On your face. Get down.

Face on the ground.
Face on the ground.

Go, go, go.

Let's go. Up!

Excuse me, brother.
Where's Ruth Slater at?

That's 'em right there.

Gentlemen, she's my parolee.

I mean, unless you have a charge,
I'll take custody.

- Let's go, uncuff her.
- Let her go.

You okay?