The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (1979) - full transcript

A young woman named Jennie Logan is trying to rebuild her shattered marriage. She and her husband move to an old Victorian style home, where she finds a beautiful dress in the attic, which has a tear in the shoulder. She has the dress repaired. When she tries it on in the restored attic, she suddenly finds herself in another era. This time travel seems to happen whenever she wears the dress. She learns the house was once owned by an artist named David Reynolds who died under mysterious circumstances. She meets the artist and eventually falls in love with him. Knowing what she does about his fate, can her love save him and change history?

Thank goodness,
symbols like this preserved

or else we wouldn't have anything
to remember the past by.

My grandfather lived
through those days.

Saw the new century come in.

That's when folks
began to realize that...

...what they'd lived
through was gone.

Gone forever
and no going back.

Except for right here:
Reynolds house.

It's the best of both worlds.

Old fashioned but...
with all the modern conveniences.

Oh, those cupboards are real!

They came with the house
when it was first built.

True antiques.

They're lovely.

Let me show you the upstairs.

I tell you, most people don't want
these big lovely old houses.

Consider them white elephants.

That's why it's a steal
at this price.

And where else you're gonna
find bedrooms this size?

With closets big enough
to be called "rooms"?

Take your time.

I love it.

Michael, are you sure?

It's gonna mean an hours train ride
every morning for you to the city.

It is what you want.

Honey, we both have to want this.

If you want to live in the Taj Mahal,
that's fine with me.

I want you to be happy.

I want things to be
the way they were.

Come. It's gonna be fine.

Well, as you can see,
it's in move-in condition.

Last owners put in
new plumbing, new wiring,

and brand new paint job
top to bottom.

They certainly did that.

Oh, I wished they
had left it like it was.

Can you imagine!
Painting over this beautiful wood?

What are the train connections
to New York like?

Not too bad.

There are four commuted trains stopped
here in the morning, five in the evening.

Station sells discount tickets
for commuters.

You can check with them.

Oh, I wouldn't bother, ma'am.

That's just an old attic up there.
Dirty, hadn't finished.

Without electricity.

Owners have come and gone,

but for some reason or another
they never seem to bother to improve it.

Until you decide what to do with it
I wouldn't bother going up there.

How is it going?

Imagine anybody doing this.

Oh, my!

What's the matter?

You just scared me.

That's no wonder. This... give me the creeps.

- What are you doing here?
- Well, I heard a noise and I came...

Michael, look what I found.
Look at this!

This has to be as old as the house.
This lace, the skirts...

I can't believe it.

And it looks like it's
in perfect condition too.

Except this hole... tear
right here. That's the only thing.

- It's just lovely.
- You're lovely.

I'm starving.
I'm gonna put some coals on the fire.


- I'm so glad to see you!
- Hi!

I tell you,
it may be spring out there,

but that wind
feels like football weather.

God, you look good!
How are you?

That country
must be agreeing with you.

Did you order drinks yet?

- Bloody Mary.
- Perfect for this weather.

- But how's the house coming?
- Oh, it's a lot of work.

But it's everything
I've ever wanted.

I changed the attic around
into my own private little spot.

You belong in the sticks.
You know?

You were never meant
for this rat race.

I guess I'm a country mouse.

Yeah, my favorite memory
when I was a child,

was when I went to
my grandparents' farm in Ohio.

And... I just can't even
tell you how much I loved it.

The smell of baking bread in the morning,
and those... It was cold and crisp...

...and there were cows and horses, and
my grandmother would churn her own butter.

I tell, you are romantic kid.

You are a throwback
to an earlier age.

Yes, maybe I am.

- To your new life in the country.
- Oh yes, all right.

So, tell me about yourself.

No more down in the dumps?

You know, this past year you could
have taken a prize for grumpiness.

Yes, I know
I've kind of been a pain.

That's understandable,
given the circumstances.

Speaking of circumstances:
How is Michael?

Michael is fine.

Did you ever find out
who that girl was?

Was it one of his students?

I don't know,
and I don't want to know.


In his profession, those bright, young,
eager things are an occupational hazard.

Hey! When am I gonna see that
new dress you tell me so much about?

Did you have it fit in
and everything?

Yes. I just got it back today.

You can see it
when you and Bill come up.

Me and Dan.
Bill was last month.

Oh, well...
When you and Dan come up,

you may see the dress.
I'll wear it for you.

- How about Sunday?
- Yeah, I guess so.

Maybe I can give up
a weekend on Fire Island,

and spend it in the farm country.

Now that should show
how much I care about you.

You get tired
of those haystacks and cows,

you come spend a few weeks
at the beach, okay?

Thank you.

Oh, look at you!


Michael, dance with me.

Honey, wait till next time.

Come dance with me.

Honey, you're standing
right in front of the set.

Who's winning?

I don't know.

It was so beautiful today, Michael!

When I was coming back
from town,

I drove right out
and I found myself

in the middle
of a street festival.

It was right
next to the lake.

They had booths,
there were rides,

and there was a whole
flea market off to the side.

And, honey,
there were people in the lake.

They were pedaling around on that
little boat... you pedal with your feet.

It's so pretty there.

The reception is crummy again.
Maybe we could get the cable.

I was thinking that perhaps
we could go back there together.

We could walk around the lake,
I don't know.

It's just gorgeous.
It wouldn't take that long.

You mean now,
right this minute?

Well, I realize
you wanna watch the game.

I'm sorry.
I wasn't thinking.

No, I don't care about the game.
We can go. You wanna go...

You do care about the game!
Now, it's all right.

We'll go out as soon
as the game is over.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

I think your dress is sensational.

Pamela, speak to me.

- Don't touch her.
- Never.

Pamela, speak to me!

Carry her to the bedroom.

Oh, my God!

You take your hands
off my daughter!



Hey, what happened to your dress?
I though we were going for a walk.

I fell asleep.

You fell asleep?

I just had the oddest dream.

I don't know. I... and then I woke up
with this incredible headache.

I was in the room
but there everything was different.

It was so strange. There was paintings
and easels, a statue and stuff.

And there was somebody downstairs,
they kept hollering, crying

"Pamela, Pamela!"
and I just...

It was just so real.
It was terrifying.

You should see some
of the dreams that I have.

This was so specific.

I really felt like I was
back in another century.

Wouldn't you like that?
That dress, this house...

You are in a continual 19th-century-mood.
You've got old on the brain, kid.

No wonder
you're dreaming about it.

I suppose so. I just...

But why "Pamela"?

I don't even know
anyone named Pamela.

- What was that?
- I don't know.


You stay put.


Michael, you down here?

Come and look at this.

Oh, my poor cupboard!

It's the only thing broken.

The window is all right,
the doors are locked.

Do you think it's just
because it was so old?

I don't see how.
Glass doesn't break just because it's old.

Looks like something's
been thrown through it.

Look, most of the glasses are on the
inside of the cupboard, behind the doors.

Watch your feet.

- Where are you going?
- I'm going to clean it up.

You're crazy.

You're crazy, mister.

I take it all back
about the country.

I love this house.

Wouldn't you like
to have a house like this, Dan?

I wouldn't live in this house
'cause it's haunted.

Don't laugh, I think it is.

You never found out
what broke that glass, huh?

I guess it was some kind
of atmospheric change.

All I could think of.
Who knows with glass that old.

Maybe you have a poltergeist.

- Poltergeist?
- Sure!

You know, spirits that haunt houses
and knock things off shelves,

and pound on the walls and things.

I know what it is.

Or maybe...

maybe it's someone trying to get
through from the past.

You know, there's a theory

that the past, present and future
exist simultaneously.

And if you only knew how
you could move from one to the other.

If there's something I can't stand
is this whole occult explosion.

With reincarnation,
meditation, exorcism...

- The whole country's gone nuts!
- Right on.

I think it's fascinating.

Beverly, you're scrambling
your friend's brains.

You know, reading every crackpot article
published in the last 10 years

can scramble anybody's brains.

I'm for a walk.

Good idea.

Oh, Jennie, come on,
the dishes can wait.

- I'll get my hat.
- You don't need your hat.

Oh honey, I got it especially
to wear with my dress.

The girl wants her hat, Michael.
Let her get her hat!

Go get it.
We'll wait for you.

Oh, don't wait, that's all right.
I'll catch up with you.

We'll head over to the lake.
Watch out crossing the road.

Pamela! Pamela!

Pamela! Pamela!


Jennie! Jennie! Jennie!

A psychiatrist?

Well, I certainly don't think
you have to do anything that drastic.

Thank you.

For what?

For not thinking
your wife is crazy.

Jennie, don't do this to me.

It's got to the point
I'm afraid to touch you.

Is it ever gonna be
the same with us again?

No, you're going to listen to me.

I admit it happened.
It did happen.

I put my hand in the cookie jar,
and I got caught.

But I can't change the past, so we're gonna
have to live with it and deal with it.

Fine, let's deal with it.

But we're not talking
about cookies, Michael.

We're talking about trust.
You broke it.

Now you're trying to woo back together
with words and it isn't working.

And I'm having a hard time
dealing with these pieces.

There was no meaning, there was no love,
there was nothing, I swear.

I don't even remember
what she looked like.

Until she called...

I don't even know
what her last name was.

That's worse!

That's worse,
can't you see that?

Is that what sex is to you?
Is that all it means?

Do you have any idea who I am
while we're making love?

You can't forgive me, can you?

But forgiveness
has taken place, Michael.

It really has.

I feel love again.
I love you as a person,

and because I believe in the institution
of marriage I want this to work.

Every time you touch me,
I can't... help but think

that you're not making love to me
because you love me but because...

For you it's a physical act.

It's a function
that you carry out

like taking a shower
or jogging or something.

That is not true,

- I love you.
- That is not exactly what I...

And I know I hurt you terribly
and I'm sorry. I will be patient.

Oh, God!
Oh, God!

Oh, look!

Pamela, Pamela!


Pamela, stay!

I love you!

Pamela! Come back!

- How did it go?
- All right. She'd like you to go in.

Mr. Logan, sit down.

I should tell you at the outset

that it's not my practice to divulge
anything that was told to me by a patient.

Not even to the patient's spouse.

I understand.

Can you give me any idea
of how serious this is?

Well, your wife is alert, bright.

Outside of this fantasy

she seems like a perfectly normal
and healthy person.

Did she tell you anything about my...

...our life together?


Do you think that has anything
to do with all this?

That's possible.

But it's really
way too early to tell.

Her fantasy seems to center
around a man.

Well, we'll get into that.

What now?
What shall I do?

Be her husband.
Be understanding.

Just treat her with love
and compassion.

Oh, yes.

There is very little
I don't know about this town.

Aunt Betty used to tell me
stories by the hour when I was a child.

She is our town's oldest citizen.

Well over a hundred,
and her mind wanders but...

...she used to be
a grand story teller.

I was wondering if you could tell me
about the house that we bought.

It's at the top of the hill,
the Reynolds House.

That is one of our
most interesting landmarks.

Did you know a painter lived
there once, an artist?

The attic is very much
like an artist studio.

Oh, yes. He was very talented.
Studied in Paris and everything.

But unfortunately he died young,
still unknown,

and only one
of his paintings survived.

Is it possible to see
that painting somewhere?

Well, we have it right here!

Come, I'll show it to you.

David Reynolds his name was.

He married into one of our town's
oldest families, the Harringtons.

The wedding reception
took place right in your front yard.

Then, the very next day,

when they were getting ready
to go away on the honeymoon,

one of the horses went wild
rearing out of control,

and it killed her,
his bride.

What was her name?

Oh, now, let me think.
I believe it was Pamela.

The story goes he...
he went a little crazy after that,

claimed he saw
his bride come back.

He'd be driving a buggy down the road
and suddenly she'd appear

in the dress she wore
the day she died.

She'd appear and before he could get
close to her she'd disappear.

Shortly after that
the story was

he took up with some other woman.

It caused quite a little scandal

in taking up with her
so soon after his wife's death.

So what happened?

Well, that's the sad thing.
He was killed.

It's been an unsolved mystery
to this very day.

Some suspect it was
the woman he took up with,

because she was seen leaving
the scene of the crime.

Others think it was his father in law,
a bitter, old man,

who blamed David Reynolds for the death
of his daughter and challenged him to a duel.

Well, anyway,
shortly after Pamela's death,

on the night of the town's
turn of the century celebration

he was found shot.
Murdered, they say.

There. That's the painting.

Isn't she pretty?

You look remarkably like her.

Put you in that dress,
your hair in the same kind of upsweep...

Is something wrong, dear?

You're so pale!

Well, that's the same dress,
but so what?

We found the dress in the attic where
the artist used to live. It figures.

What about the woman?

There's a slight resemblance.

You put any pretty girl in that dress
and there'd be resemblance.

His wife's name was Pamela.
How do you explain that?

A coincidence.

What about him seeing her ghost
from a buggy on the road?

It actually happened to me and Mrs. Bates
couldn't possibly have known that.

You don't know
what actually happened.

Stories that passed down
by word of mouth

for more than 75 years
are bound to get distorted.

So you rather think
I'm out of my mind?

What should I believe,
that you're some kind of

backwards reincarnation?

I might as well believe in poltergeist
that Beverly's talking about.

Jen, face it, you're creating
some ideal man in your mind.

Some man
you can throw on my face.

Well, let's talk about it.
Let's bring it out in the open.

You're doing it to punish me, okay?

And I deserve it,
I was wrong and I'm sorry,

and I would do anything in the world
I could to undo all that and I'm trying.

But you've got to face the fact
that what this is

is a kind of fleeing
from reality.

Hell, the move from the city was fleeing
from reality. That's what started all this.

So now my wanting to leave
the city was a crazy act too?

Just everything I do is crazy.

It hurts me to see this
happening to you.

If you allow this coincidence
influence your mind

you're gonna get worse.

I love you. I want you to get well.
Can't you see that?

Yes, Michael.

Michael thinks that I am inventing this man
to get back at him for what he did to me.

I'm not.

I didn't ask for this to happen to me.

I'm not doing it.
It just happens. It's real.

You told me,

that whenever you wear
the dress it happens.


Why don't you destroy the dress?

Why... why? I mean...
What is the dress?

Listen, Jennie:

the dress is the trigger
that your subconscious uses,

to keep you from
getting close to Michael.

So, you're trying to tell me that,

I'm not really seeing this
man that I know I am?

That is exactly what I'm telling you.

It's an illusion of your own making.

It's not reality, Jennie.

What is reality?

What do we really know
about this universe?

What do we know
about time or infinity?

Somebody just found a ring around Jupiter
but it was there before.

Isn't it possible that...

...that a door has been opened to me,

by some miracle if you will,
some kind of a door to the past.

Doors to the past
do not open.

Men walk on the moon.

Real men with real boots
in real machines.

Right! And before that it was nothing but...
I mean, it was science fiction.

It was a fantasy,
and now it is a fact of life.

So why isn't it possible
that what's happening to me,

could someday be
a fact of life as well?

How can you sit there
and be so...


Why don't you destroy the dress?

It's not reality, Jennie,
and you know it.

You look remarkably like her.

Put you in that dress,
your hair in the same kind of upsweep...

David Reynolds?



No, don't, please.

Please, I'll stay
if you don't frighten me.

You're not Pamela.


Who are you?

My name is Jennie,
Jennie Logan.


That dress,
where did you get it?

It was a gift.

Was that you, I saw the other times?
On the road, at the lake?


I thought you were a ghost.

Pamela's ghost.

They thought I was going mad,
I thought so too.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I wasn't Pamela.

Forgive me.

I'm not being civil.

May I offer you something?

Will you come into the house?

I'm afraid I did
a considerable damage.

You did this?

The night after Pamela died.

I couldn't help myself.
I smashed it.

I was in a rage

at God, I suppose,
for taking her.

It didn't help.

Since that first day
on the road

seeing you,

I've lived in a kind
of unreal fever.

I thought maybe Pamela found
the way to come back to me in...

...whatever form
the afterlife allows us.

So you see,

I cannot be too happy
to find that I was wrong.

You must forgive me.

You find me at a difficult time.

Well, there's nothing
to forgive you for.

You didn't ask me to come, I...

I came because...

...because I chose to.

I'm glad you did.

So am I.

Next time my aim
will be more accurate!

David, who are they?


Hired by my wife's father.
The man is demented.

He thinks I killed Pamela
for her inheritance

and he's hired an agency
to seek evidence.

I've tried to convince him I loved his
daughter. He can keep his inheritance.

But he's adamant.

He won't rest
till he sees me punished.

You're very pale.
Are you all right?

I don't feel well.
I'd better go.

- Can I get you something?
- No. I have to go.

- Let me drive you home.
- No, please. I'm sorry.

I can't explain it
but I have to go alone. Please.

Wait a moment.

Today has been the nicest day
I've spent in some time.

For which you bear
no small responsibility.

Please, don't follow me.

I won't follow.

Well, hello!
Hello, there!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

So, you did come back.

I see you've made a friend.

He's a good dog.
What's his name?

Old Napoleon, I call him.

Very old Napoleon.

Come on.

- May I see your sketch?
- Of course.

It's lovely.

Yes, lovely.

Hello, David.

I've decided that you've been
alone quite long enough.

So I've come to call.

I hope I'm not intruding.

Coming here is insane, Elizabeth.

You know how your father
feels about me.


I'm Elizabeth Harrington,

and this is my friend,
Edward Hartley.

Forgive me.
May I introduce miss Jennie Logan?

This is very foolish, Elizabeth.

Your father has detectives
planted all over the place.

I'm sure you'll be
in their reports this evening.

If that's the case then
the damage has been done.

So let's have
an enjoyable afternoon.

As we always use to.

Come on, Edward.

We brought lunch.
I hope you don't mind.

It's quite nice.
We got it at Bradley's.

You must go there
sometime, miss Logan.

Cold chicken, sliced ham,

and some fine gruyere.

Buns from Langstraat,

and two bottles
of very cold wine.

I'm sure there's enough for four.

We pretend not to like the summer trade
but actually we thrive on it.

I suppose you enjoy getting
away from New York, miss Logan,

but I do miss it.

Do you plan to return soon?

My plans are indefinite.

I used to be

David's favorite model,
miss Logan.

That is before my baby sister
came back from finishing school,

and snatched him
right from under my nose.

Elizabeth, please!


Mustn't speak ill
of the dead, must we?

- She's very beautiful.
- Yes.

She wants you, you know.

Poor Elizabeth.

I think she feels there was more
between us than actually existed.

She's jealous of you.

She has reason to be.

I'd better go.

Will you come tomorrow?

Will you wear that dress?
I wanna sketch you.

Let me drive you home.

Oh, no. I'll be all right.

I won't have you
walking there alone.

But please, you can't. My...

...husband won't understand.

- So it's "Mrs. Logan".
- Yes.

Why did you come here?

Why did you let me believe
you weren't married?

Can't you guess what it does to me to see
you standing there resembling Pamela?



It's not just because
you look like Pamela.

God, forgive me.

You've made me forget her.

There's something magical about you.

I've only known you two days,

I hardly know anything about you,

but I feel as though
I've known you for years.

As though
I've loved you for years.

I see you have quickly forgotten
what little grief,

might have been expected
from such a man as yourself?

But what's done is done.

I will answer to my
maker for that mistake.

But there is something I can do.

I understand that you are paying
court to my daughter Elizabeth.

Now I warn you, Reynolds:

Until the wheels of justice
put a proper end to your villainy,

you stay away from me and mine,

or as God is my witness,
I will kill you.

I will kill you!

What are you doing?

It's glass from the old cupboard.

I thought I'd save it.
It's just so old.

You kissed the glass.
That's a very strange thing to do.

You had another hallucination,
something to do with the glass?

Tell me, so I can help you.

Help me?

You're trying to convince me
I'm insane and I'm not.

It's true!
Everything Mrs. Bates told me.

I went back.

I met the man who used to live here,
David Reynolds, and I spoke to him.

He is a delusion,

you've idealized in that
romantic head of yours.


Honey, I can't compete
with knights in white charges,

I'm just an ordinary guy.

An ordinary guy, yeah.

A normal person who can't
even allow the possibility

that what's happening to me,
because it isn't happening to you,

is real.

You can go off and go to bed with somebody,
and you don't even know her name.

Well, that's your reality, okay?



I think we ought to
go away for a while.

I still have some sick leave,
we'll take a vacation.

I don't wanna go
anywhere with you.

Are you mad at me because
I'm not caught up in your fantasy?

I just don't want a vacation.

All right.

Then why don't you go
to Fire Island?

I'm sure Beverly
will love to have you there.

You wouldn't mind me going alone?

I think it's necessary for you
to get away from this place.

Forgive me, Michael.

I'm so sorry about everything.
Please, forgive me.

Look out!

You better get out
of that dress.

Here, let me help you.

What's wrong?

I'll dry soon.
It's fine.

You'll catch your death.

Please, don't.


You look lovely.

Even wet.

I'll take it off myself.

I'll go fix us
something hot to drink.

What's wrong?

All day I've noticed
that look in your eyes.

Are you worried
about your husband?

No, it's not my husband.

Well, who then?

It's Mr. Harrington.
He hates you.

He truly means to harm you.

Don't worry.

I doubt he is as dangerous
as he sounds.

He wouldn't resort to violence.

There's so little time left.

We have a world of time ahead us.

About the duel,
Mrs. Bates,

is there anything else
you can tell me about it at all?

No, I'm afraid not.

We can't be sure
it actually took place.

It's just a story that's come down
through the years.

Some say it was the duel
what killed him.

Others say it was the woman
who he took up with,

who disappeared
right after the murder

and was never seen
or heard of again.

And it took place on the night
of the turn of the century celebration?

Yes. Sometime after the ball,
which would have been around midnight.

Oh, by the way, we do have
Mr. Harrington dueling pistols

in the memorabilia annex
if you care to see them.

It's around the corner.
Old John will help you.

Thank you.

A couple of relics,
aren't they?

You wouldn't think they'd have
trusted such antiquated pieces.

After all at the turn of the century,

it was pretty advanced as far
as fire arms are concerned.

These are the actual pistols
they fought with?

Oh, no. That's rumored to be.

We just know that they came
from the Harrington mansion.

They used to sit on a little corner table
in the game room by the big fireplace.

Me... I doubt the whole story.



Well, young lady,
if I wanted to kill somebody,

I certainly wouldn't trust my luck
to some 18th century gunsmith.

These pistols are unreliable.

What do you mean?
I don't understand.

You don't know too much
about guns, do you?

Let me show you.

Now look:

On both of these weapons
this front side is movable.

If that side if off one millimeter,
left or right,

that throws your aim off by yards.

How ugly.

I never could stand
the sight of guns.

Mrs. Bates,

last week you spoke to me
about your aunt.

You said that she was very old
and that her mind wanders and everything.

but I wonder if she might know more.

Oh, you mean aunt Betty.

Well, she's not really
my aunt, you know.

Her real name is Betty Wilkins.

But she's given so much of herself
in helping people in this town,

that everyone calls her "aunt Betty".

Do you think that I might speak to her
about the Reynolds story.

She's quite senile now and...

...I'm afraid it would do no good.

All right, let's try.

Dear, I brought you a visitor.

This is Mrs. Logan.

I've been telling her about you.
She so wanted to meet you.

She's interested
in Chesapeakeuan history too.

Yes, I'm very pleased
to meet you.

She's interested
in the Reynolds story.

How his wife was killed and he claimed
he saw her ghost come back,

and then how he was murdered

and nobody ever
found out who did it.

Oh please try and remember.

It's the David Reynolds story.
Do you remember that story?


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm afraid
you'll have to leave.

This happens when she's upset.

Oh, Michael, it's lovely.
It's really lovely.

It's hand-painted. I thought you could
wear it with your white dress.

I'll wear it always.


Remember that camping trip
to Big Surf?

All rain and rain
from day one.

Wet clothes,

wet sleeping bag,

It sucked to pour that brandy
all over to get the fire started.

What a drag that seemed in the past.

Now I wouldn't trade
that memory for anything.

I think about those days a lot.

I was very happy.

Honey, you want some more wine?

No, thank you.
I'm fine.

Does he smoke a pipe,
is that it?

Michael, you're not helping
by doing this.

How about helping me
for a change?

I'm not made of stone.

Do you know how long it's been
since we've made love.

Since you've allowed me
to touch you?

You don't care about me,

or how I feel,
or what you're doing to us.

All you care about
is this dream man of yours.




Come on, open the door.

Damn it. Will you open the door?

Jennie, please, open the door
and talk to me.

I'm sorry you don't
believe me Michael.

And I'm sorry I'm
making you unhappy.

I guess it has to be this way
for a little while.

I'll sleep in the attic.

...five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.

- It's all right.
- David!

It's all right.

It's a dream.

- I'm so frightened, David.
- Come here.

What's wrong?

Do you believe in immortality?

I don't know.

I can't imagine a heaven
that wouldn't have...

...trees and fields
and oceans just like the Earth.

Whenever I'm involved
in a genuinely creative act I...

...I feel I'm part of something
larger than myself.

That I'm expressing...

...part of some immortal creative
force we've come to call God.

I feel that
when I make love to you.

I think that's what the phrase:

"Let your acts glorify God"
really means.

When you act out of love creatively,

you express part of that immortal force.

I'm working on a painting
that gives me that feeling.

It still needs a touch or two,

but I want you to see it.


Will you leave your husband?

Will you come away with me?

I know it's sudden but...

I sense you are like me.

Come with me!
We'll go to Paris, Amsterdam.


I need you.

More than he does.

You don't love him.


I did once. I did!

David, I'll go away with you,
I'll go anywhere you want.

But now! Tonight.



You're home after all.
Were you working?

You're tempting fate
by being here, Elizabeth.

What's the matter, David?

You've never seem so distant before.

Don't you honestly understand
the situation I'm in with your father?

I only understand
that I love you.

I always have
and I always will.


I seem to be intruding again.

You must tell me
when you have a guest.

Then I'll stay away.

Elizabeth, for your sake
and for mine,

I must insist that you leave.

Wait outside, Elizabeth.

Father, please!

I said wait outside.

I warned you, Reynolds!

But apparently there's only one language
that a man like you understands.

Tomorrow night,

this town will celebrate
the coming of a new century.

For me, sir,
it'll be a double celebration.

For tomorrow night,
I will kill you.

Mr. Harrington,
I implore you.

No no, you hear me Reynolds:

Tomorrow night,
after the ball,

my pistols and I
shall be at your service.

And if there's
any shred of honor left in you,

I expect to see you then.

David, please let's go away tonight!
I'll go with you anywhere.

Oceans will not stop him, Jennie.

- David!
- It's senseless.

If he means to duel me,
no power on Earth will stop him.

Oh, God.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Michael, I'd like to go again to Fire Island
tomorrow if it's all right with you.

It's okay.
But I'll miss you.

I worry about you.

Don't worry about me.
I'll be all right no matter what happens.

What is happening?

Please, don't make me hurt you.

Tell me. Let me worry about the hurt.
I think I have a right to know.

I'm in love with David Reynolds.

And he is in love with me.

Darling, he isn't real.

Oh, he is.

He is!

I'm a part of his life.

He's asked me to go away
with him to Paris,

but he's gonna be killed
if I can't stop it.

Look, I've gone back.

I've seen the start,
and I can see it coming!

There's gonna be a duel
between David and Mr. Harrington--

That is Pamela's father.

And unless I can find
some way to stop it,

this Mr. Harrington
is going to kill him.

You don't believe a word
I've been saying.

I believe that you believe it.

I belong there.

I don't wanna live here
in this time anymore.

I feel warm there.

By everything, by him,
by the way the world was then,

The kind of life
I could have with him.

I wanna have his children.

I wanna grow old with him.

I love him.

You can't go away with him.

You can't save him.
He's already dead.

But couldn't he survive someway?

If the past still exists right now,

and I can go to him,

couldn't I change what's gonna happen?

I love you.

I don't want you to go
away from me.

I know you do.
I know.

And I'm sorry
you have to go through this.

I don't understand it.

But if it's meant to happen to me,

it must be meant
to happen to you too.

Can't you see that?

But how will I even know what happens
to you if you went away with him.

If you just disappear
I'll never know from you again.

Oh well...

I'll find a way.

I promise you I will find some way
to get through and let you know.

It's possible to break through
the barriers of time and space.

I know that now, Michael.

David did the night
he broke the cupboard downstairs.

But I belong there,

and I belong with him.

And if I can't find some way
of saving his life,

and being with him

I just don't think
I wanna live either.

Why did you wait
all day to call me?

Listen, I don't like
all this talk

about her not wanting
to live if he dies.

I don't want to alarm you,
Mr. Logan,

but the human mind is capable
of willing itself to die.

What does that mean?

That means that I think
that she should be hospitalized

in order to keep her
from doing herself harm.

Now, do you know where she is?

She dropped me off at the train,
and say she drove to Fire Island.

Well, I want you to go,
and I want you to find her.

And I want you to stay with her,
and I don't want her to be alone.

And I want you
to call me immediately.

Here, David. A toast.
For the new century.

Thank you.

Have you seen any sign
of Jennie Logan?


Nor of Elizabeth...

...or her father.



Father. You promised to help
me fetch my case in the attic.

We're dreadfully late.

All right, all right!

Elizabeth, your dress is charming!

You look lovely, my dear.

David, I'm worried.
Let's go away now.

There's nothing
to be worried about.

Look at him over there.

He hardly seems so formidable tonight,
nor is he bristling with weapons.

I'm sure he spoke out of...
pain and temper.

No. He inteds to kill you.

Now, how can you possibly know
what he's going to do?

I do know.

Dance with me.

May I have this dance,


Stop worrying.

Let's enjoy ourselves.

Some say it was the duel
what killed him,

others say it was the woman
who he took up with.

I have to leave.

- What?
- I have to leave.

Why can't you stay?

I don't want you
to go away ever again.

We're going away together.

Oh we will. Only I must leave
you now for just a little while.

Don't ask.
Please, allow me this.


When will you be back?

Soon. Soon.

Tonight, I promise.

I love you.

I love you.


Mrs. Logan, I've been trying
to reach you all day.

Mrs. Bates,
I really haven't any time right now.

You must come to
aunt Betty's immediately.

The doctor's with her,
she's not expected to last the night.

She showed me something
that's shocking.

What is it?

I can't discuss it on the phone.

You must come here at once.

It concerns the murder
of David Reynolds.

I'll be right there.

It was in her trunk.

She made me search for it,
and insisted that you see it.

I had no idea.

All these years she kept
her true identity a secret.

Aunt Betty.


Are you Elizabeth Harrington?

Yes. It's true.

After David's death
I left my father's house

and traveled abroad
for many, many years.

I returned only
after my father's death.

But not as a Harrington.

Never again as a Harrington.

I could never return to that life.

Or to that house with
the memory of what I'd done.

What do you mean?

It was I who killed
David Reynolds.

After you left the ball
I sought out David.

I had to tell him
of my feelings.

I may have expected his anger,

but never his cruelty.

I want you to stay away from me,
Elizabeth. Your persistence is useless.

It can only serve to make your father
more irrational than he already is.

Please, understand once and for all
that your feelings for me are not returned.

There never was anything between us.
There isn't now, there never will be.

Even if I weren't in love
with Jennie Logan,

I would not want you.

I hated him.

I hated him
and I wished him dead.

I knew what I had to do.

I even took a pistol with me
in order to stop it.

But at that moment
I had no intention of stopping it.

I hid behind a tree.

And I watched them,
as they walked off the distance.

There would be no chance
of David surviving.

For if my father missed,

I would not.

Where, Elizabeth,
where did they duel?

In the clearing,
behind the band's tent.

- What time did the duel take place?
- Just before midnight.

Michael, I don't have time to talk.
I'm in a hurry.

I bet you are.

I just came back from Fire Island.

David is gonna die
if I don't get to him!

Oh, you are good,
really good.

Please. Michael, please.

You had me fooled.
This crazy act of yours.

I started believing all this jazz

about this dress taking
you back at the past,

and all the while you had
an affaire with some guy.

Well, join the club, baby.

Jennie, give me that dress!
I'm gonna burn it!

I swear I'll break it down!

I've had it!

I've had it!


One, two, three, four...


...six, seven, eight, nine, ten.




enough with that dress!

Jennie, stop playing games.



I'm sorry.

I'm the resurrection and the life,
sayeth the Lord.

He that believeth in me,

though he were dead,
yet shall he live.

And whosoever liveth
and believeth in me,

shall never die.

I know that my redeemer liveth,

and that he shall stand
at the latter day upon the earth.

And though this body be destroyed,

yet shall I see God,

whom I shall see for myself
and mine eyes shall behold,

and not as a stranger.

The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures.

He leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul

- Mr. Logan?
- Yeah.

Sorry to bother you but

what do you want done
with this paintings?

What paintings?

These paintings I found
behind this wall here.

Looks like they've been behind
here an awful long time.

These are old.

Old and dusty.

I'll get a crate.

I promise you I will find some way
to get through and let you know.

I'll wear it always.

David asked me
to go away with him to Paris.

I wanna have his children.

I wanna grow old with him.
I love him.

It is possible to break through
the barriers of time and space.

It is.

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