The Twilight of the Golds (1996) - full transcript

When Suzanne Stein has a genetic analysis done on her unborn child, she discovers that although she has a healthy baby, the child will most likely be born gay, like her brother, David. She must decide whether to keep the child, or to have an abortion. Her family enters a crisis about love and acceptance as she makes this difficult choice.

Attention, everybody,
please. Hello. Phyllis,

bang on a bigger glass.

Hello. You give people food,
they won't shut up.

Rabbi. Rabbi braverman.

Can I have a little help here?

I'm trying to make a toast
at my son's bar mitzvah.

Attention, please!
Ladies and gentlemen,

let's all now take a moment
and look to our family.

Thank you, rabbi.

To my son David.


Mazel tov!

I think the only time I ever danced
with my sister was at my bar mitzvah,

and she was not happy about it.

She couldn't wait for
that song to end, and I

remember thinking, "who is this strange
girl in a dress who looks like me?"

She was a total mystery.

God! Look at us!

That's how we spent our childhood,

competing for mom and dad's
affection, which never ran out.

Or, at least, it seemed
that way at the time.

Suzanne could have gone
to a better college than

she did, but she didn't want
the pressure.

The first sign that life
might not go exactly

according to plan came
when Suzanne announced that

she was giving up on
medical school. She said

it was too hard, and she hated
being tested. Mom and dad

thought that perhaps she was
making a big mistake.

In the end, Suzanne prepared
for a career in retail.

She now manages a clothing store.

I, on the other hand,

am irresponsible and happy.

No chance of me being a doctor
or managing a clothing store.

I'm an artist,
which my father says is defined

as "one who doesn't make any money."

My dream, to direct and design
Wagner's opera the ring cycle.

I'm not sure what Suzanne's dream is.

Maybe she's already lived it.

Rob was her first real boyfriend.

He was determined to win
the nobel prize...

for what, he hadn't decided.

At least mom and dad finally
got a doctor in the family.

As I watched them dance that night,
I remembered that other dance,

at my bar mitzvah, and I wondered

whether Suzanne and I
would stay that close.

Or, if we were ever close at all.

Suzanne, you're pregnant!

Suzanne, congratulations.
You're pregnant.

Suzanne, congratulations.

You're pregnant. Pregnant.

Congratulations, Suzanne.

I'm very excited.

You're pregnant.


Hi, sweetheart!

Here she is!


Oh, this is for you.

Give me that coat.

For the two of you.

Mazel tov.

It's a tablecloth.

Same one we have.

You always liked it,
so I figured it was safe.

You're just making it easier
for us to become like you.

- Of course.
- Of course. Your dream.

Oh, I heard that!

Look at those chubby cheeks!

Happy anniversary,
my sweet baby!

Come, sit down!

Congratulations, Dr. Roth.

Thank you, Walter.

How long you been here, roth?

Oh, 35 minutes.

I was watching the basketball game.

Heck of a game. Where's David?

He'll be here any minute.
You know, he's, uh...

Did you tell Suzanne who you
met at the beauty parlor?

It's him! Is it?

Yes! Aha! Wunderkind!

Come in, come in.

How are you, kiddo?

Good to see you.

Come in, sit down.


Happy anniversary.

We're counting on you
to stick this out, Rob.

There you are. For you.

Oh, no, not again.

This is Wilhelm Furtwangler's

recording of Richard Wagner's
complete 4-opera cycle,

the ring of the nibelungen.


It'll go with the others.

Yeah, the unopened others.

I hate when he does this.

I'm trying to enrich your lives.

So, doesn't he look great, Phyllis?

He's too thin.

He's. Not. Too. Thin.

- Come, come, come.
- Yum.

We're never gonna open 'em.

David, when are you gonna come to
the club and play tennis with me?

Couldn't stand a chance on the court
with you, dad. You're a demon!

So, guys...

He's right, you're a demon.

...three years.



Steven sends his regards. He would
have come, but he wasn't invited.

Rob, you want to come in and
watch the basketball game with me?

Good idea! And you two,
just like old times,

come and help me with the dinner.

Suzanne, the salad dressing,
your speciality,

and sweetheart David,
the rolls in the basket, all right?

Smells good, kasha!

I think I need a bigger knife.

No, not the knife again.

Ah! Be careful with that.

I'll be fine.

So. How are you really?


You have lost weight, David.

I can't wait for the day to come
that I can lose a few pounds,

maybe catch a cold,

without everyone worrying about
what to read at the memorial.

Oh, god! You're so dramatic!

Well, how are you?

I have a surprise.

Thank god!

You're going back to medical school.

Mother, behave yourself
or we will put you in a home.


Stir? I've already stirred.

They won't have kasha there.

To Rob and Suzanne.

To Rob and Suzanne.

To my favorite
legally recognized couple.

May you have 35 years
together, and more,

the way Phyllis and I have.

Thank you, daddy.

Thank you, Walter.

Three years is very good.

Let's talk about Rob.

Rob, how are things at the lab?

Good. Actually, very good.

The genome project's a lot further
along than everybody thinks.

- The what?
- Genome project.

What... what is that?

Well, um...

We're in the process of identifying
all the human genetic information.

Oh, I read about this.

This is for, um...

Curing genetic diseases,

gene therapy, prenatal testing.

Have you got a test for a guy
who can't make a free-throw

in the last two seconds?

That's the test I'd like to see.

My life is basketball.

You okay?

David, we're playing tennis!

All right, we'll play tennis.

Sounds exciting, Rob.
I hope they pay you more money for it.

We're doing fine, Walter.

Friends and I are working
very hard. We're mounting

our own production
of Wagner's ring cycle.

Well, the ring cycle!


There you go! Here we go.

Most people ask the same
why the ring cycle?

The situation in opera today is that
it's so dead and boring and dry...

I vote for that, yes.

And it's just
reserved for old rich people.

What we're going to do
is we're going to reconceive it.

We're bringing it up to speed.

We're going to, uh, essentially make it
much more interesting for a younger crowd.

Rich young people?

Well, if they have money
or not is entirely immaterial.

But the point is...

I would like to know what
it's going to cost me.


Bear in mind, Wagner never
had any money either.

Tell them the story.

Mother, if I told them the
story, we'd be here all night.

Wake me when it's over.

We all know the story.

...reader's digest version.

It's about this gold ring, Rob,
where everybody runs around...

and screaming, fighting over the ring.

For this, you have to sit for a week.

Twenty-three hours.

With intermissions.

This is what he does with
his talent, this talented boy.

How long are they gonna sit to watch
amateurs with horns on their heads?

Tell me! Tell me!

That is ridiculous.

Aren't you lucky that we
condensed it to 6 1/2 hours,

and we're calling it the mini ring.

Oh, I'd better not blink!

Wagner, he was...
wasn't he an anti-semite?

An egocentric genius,
but that's a simplification.

Wagner might have had Jewish blood.

Jewish anti-semites, they're the worst.

Suzanne, don't eat from his mouth!

Listen, we can afford for everyone
to have their own macaroon.

So, um...

I want to, um,
hear more about Rob's project.

Rob, so, tell us, what are you, um,
what are you testing for, again?


Physical, psychological,
emotional characteristics.

That's pretty scary, if you think about it.

Well, the more we know,
the more we can do.

I read in The Times
that there were women who had

abortions when they found out they
were having girls instead of boys.

What about that?


Oh, that's...
a world with more boys.

You'd like that!

Easy with the jokes, Rob!

We don't do no jokes in this family!

All I'm saying, David...

No, we're giving people choices.

Do you have any idea what horrible
defects can strike a person?

I can't listen to this anymore.

I didn't mean to offend
your brother. I'm sorry.

Can you just stop?

Sweetheart, what's the matter?

What? Are you sick?

I'm pregnant.

- I can't believe it!
- Ohh!

The golds rule!

Are you kidding me?

I knew it when we...
when we were in the kitchen.

You're mad!

Yes, well, why shouldn't I be mad?

Why shouldn't you be mad?

I just thought it would be nice.

I thought it would be nice
to share it with everybody.

You didn't even look at me.

Yes, I did!

Honey, I was waiting for your father to ask
me what my involvement was, for god's sake!

You're just so paranoid!

Look, all I'm saying is
there's some things between

you and me that don't have
to revolve around the Golds.

Look, just because you don't
get along with your parents

doesn't mean that you have
to take it out on me.

Listen, if you reject your family
before they reject you,

which they will,
you're gonna be better off.

Chuckles died.

When's the funeral?

How was dinner?

Well, let me put it this way:

Suzanne's pregnant.


Yeah, she's pregnant.

So she and Rob actually...

...Do. Have. Sex.

Oh, god! Can you imagine?

Oh, god! That's great.


You were born to be an uncle.

Thank you.

Um, did my name come up, by chance?


- Yeah.
- Sorry.

I got it.

Could you get chuckles there? Walter's
kind of looking at him like, um...

Guess we need another fish.

I hope these things cost about 20 bucks.

You gotta make my eyebrows
a little darker, grandma!

Wouldn't it be nice...

if they give Rob...

a raise in salary,
with the baby on the way, huh?

Well, maybe. If not,
I'll give him more money.

Between the opera and the baby,

I may have to get a nighttime
job driving a cab.

General practice.

That's where the bucks are.

If only Suzanne
would have stuck with it.

But she didn't.

We let our children
live their own lives.

I should have just let her eat it.


The macaroon.

Why did I open my mouth?

Oh, sweetheart, nobody noticed.

David had a wonderful time.

David and Suzanne,
I worry about 'em, so...


David's gonna be fine.

Just needs a haircut.



What are you doing?

What is that?

What, you made coffee?

How long you been up?

What is this?

Ooh, very hot. Hot.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

No, I am.

No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry,

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Honey, honey.

No, I was a jerk.

No, you weren't. No.

You were right.

I should've. I should've.

I should've told you first.

That was stupid. I'm sorry.

You know, I just... I...
with everybody, I just got scared...

Honey, honey, honey, honey.

...and then I felt like I should
rally the troops, you know?

That's what I felt like.

And I think it was because...
You know why?

Honey, honey, honey, honey.

I... I was worried that I...

Honey, hey. Shh.

It's a good thing.


This is a great thing.

Are you happy?

I am so happy.


I am so happy!



- Thank you.
- Got a minute?

Sure. It's just...
it's all a little overwhelming.

Oh, this is nothing.

Wait till we clone the kid...
that's the party I'm waiting for!


Are you and Suzanne
going to test for the sex,

or... do you want a surprise?

Oh, we haven't even
talked about that yet.

You've got an obstetrician.

Yeah, an old friend of Suzanne's dad.

You all right with that?

Well, they've played tennis
at the club for years.

Well, uh, you're Jewish.

I think we should test for Tay-Sachs,
and I think we should do it here...

the entire genetic series.

Oh, I don't know if we need
to do a whole genetic series.

We have all the technology
at our fingerprints, Rob.

Well, I appreciate the offer, but, um...

aren't we, um, hypocrites
to test only on strangers?

You stand by the work
we've done, don't you?

Well, of course.

- Of course I do.
- That's what matters.

That, and a healthy baby.

I'm gonna be an aunt?

Oh, suze, congratulations!

Thank you.

Okay, we're having a shower.

Oh, god.

Yes, don't try to stop me.

I am throwing you a baby shower,

with tons of champagne.

I can't even drink champagne!

Well, it's not for you,
it's for me. Cristal.

Only the best. And I think
we should have a male stripper.

Oh, god! I think I could do
without the stripper!

Yeah, well, that's also not for you.

Sable and pearls!

Try to sell it, Brandon.

Sable and pearls!

Come on, sell it. Sell it!

Sable and pearls!

I know it's kind of personal,

but I would like to know,

do you want a boy or a girl?

Well, it doesn't really
matter if it's a boy or girl.

Really, the most important
thing is if the baby is healthy.

I know. Everybody says that.

Do you want a boy or do you want a girl?


Oh, god, a girl!

I'm so happy! I wanted you
to want a girl! Oh, god!

Suze, look at these.

We could get them...
very good deal.

Hand-woven Peruvian alpaca?


I don't think so.

You wash this once, it'll make
a nice hand puppet. Not for you.

You know, you're good.

I'm not kidding. You really are.
You're really good.

Now, listen, what do you say
we go out tonight and celebrate?

I can't.

What do you mean you can't?

We're breaking the news
to Rob's parents.



So. The baby.

We're gonna raise it orthodox.

Oh, come on, dad.

It'll be bar mitzvahed.

That should be fine.

We raised you orthodox.

Yeah, look how well I turned out.

Well, we think that the child should
feel free to choose the way that he...

or she wants to worship.

Maybe that came out wrong.

God gives you a child to raise for him,
not to let run wild in the streets.

Dad, don't talk to Suzanne
that way, all right?

You hear that? Disobedient.


That's what you get when you allow
a child to live however he wants.

Fine. Maybe there's some
things you don't like about me,

pop, but there's some things
I don't like about you.

This is what you get,
a son who turns his back

on his faith, who makes a living
performing medical experiments.

See, here we go.
This is why I don't come here.

He wanted to be a doctor,
to heal people. So wonderful!

So be a doctor, but don't...
don't do god's work!

Dad, could we please not do this now?

You're a Jew!

Do you know how dangerous
it is, what you're doing?

Knowledge is neutral, dad!

It's what bad people do with
that knowledge that's dangerous.

God, you're so young.

Let me tell you, it's the "good"
people you have to watch out for.

I'm not gonna let you get to me anymore.

Mom, I'm sorry.

Don't you turn your back on me!

We have a very happy life, dad.

I don't need your approval.

Yes, you do, Mr. Big shot!

Oh, you think you can go your own way.

You cannot escape from what you are.

Come on, now, let's go.


I used to thank god for the day
he decided to become a doctor.

Now I curse it.

Medical experiments!
Did you hear him say that?

I know, but you can't
let that get to you.

Is that what you think I do?

I respect what you do, you know that.

I spoke to Adrian.

He said, um, that he could run
the new tests on you and the baby.

You know, check for tay-sachs,
down syndrome, stuff like that.

I hate... I hate even
talking about this.

It's just... you know, when it's
your own baby, it just isn't very...

I shouldn't have
even brought it up. Forget it.

I'll do it.

I will. I want to do it.

It's better to know, don't you think?

Hello! I said I will do it!

You don't have to be mopey anymore.

I love you.

- All right?
- Yeah. I'm better than you.

I'm fine.

Sure. Yeah.

Just take it easy. Relax.





Hi, I'm from out of town,
just visiting here,

but I saw your ad in the paper,
and I just love opera.

And I am such a fan of
your work, Mr. Wagner,

but, um, I don't know
any arias, but I can...

I can sing popular songs, like opera.

Like what?

I think you'll find
I'm the perfect hero type.


Good afternoon.

My name's Cheery Robinson.

That's Cheery with two "e's."

Make a note of that.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I wanted to change my uniform, but I...
was having a really bad day, so I was...

my chain broke as I was on my way here.

Do you, um,
do you need to take a minute?

No, I'm all right.

Okay, do you have a piece...?

I had a different pen,
but I have a marker.

I'm just...

You have a... a what?

A marker. I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm ready.

All right!

It's okay. She's just a little upset.

Listen, why don't you
take a deep breath?



- You feel better?
- Yeah.

- Do you have a song for me?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, what is it?

David, no.

We are not naming
our firstborn Siegfried.

It's heroic? It's ridiculous!

People are gonna call him Ziggy.

You go back to work.

Yeah, go make some money.

We're all so ashamed of you!

I'm kidding!



David's more excited than we are.

Look, I found the perfect fabric
for the bumper.

See? Bears.



We should talk.

Oh, god.

It's deformed.
It's deformed, isn't it?

No, honey, no, no, no.

It's got no arms, right?

And it's blind.

It's nothing like that.

Well, what?

Let's go through it.

It's, uh...


It's a boy.

No physical deformities.

Ten fingers?

Ten fingers, ten toes.

Well, then, what?
What is it? What? Is it...

is it, um, retarded?

No, as a matter of fact, it looks
like it will be quite intelligent.

Probably left-handed.


You can tell that?

Well, then, what?

What is the... the problem?

No, it's, uh...

It'll probably be... like David.

What does that mean?

Well, we, uh...

We matched the chromosomes
from the test with the data

we've compiled, and we've found
the presence of those genes

that statistically have been
linked to that trait.


I... I didn't...

I didn't even know that
you could do a test like that.

Well, Adrian estimates a 90% certainty.

Although he has a very big ego,
so who knows?


Ninety? Ninety percent?

I believe him.

So, do you get nauseous yet?

Please, I'm eating here.

Oh, stop.

Did the doctor check everything out?

Everything is fine.

Oh, good!

Mom, you're making me nervous.

Hi, Suzanne.

Hi, Debbie.

Oh, isn't he adorable?

How old is he?

It's she.

Seventeen months already.
Can you believe it?

Well, we'll be joining you soon.

No kidding? Mazel tov.


Thank you.

I have a lot of stuff in
storage, Suzanne. I'll call you.

Yes, call her, or Suzanne will call you.

Where's David?

David is working hard on an opera.

Oh, that's interesting.

We just saw phantom again.

Enjoy the rest of your meal,
Walter. Tennis tomorrow?

Ten o'clock, Ed.

Not everyone has to know
that I'm pregnant.

Sweetheart, we're very excited.

We're very proud.

We just didn't want to tell
a lot of people right away.

Oh, really?

I don't think
Mrs. Glaser heard you.

Glaser's deaf, right?

No, she fakes it.

She hears everything.

Okay, we're sorry.

Am I crazy, or did you
get a load of that Klein kid?

Mmm! Ugly as sin!

I thought he was a boy!

You'll show 'em.
Yours'll be perfect.

Let's get some dessert.

All I'm saying is
the test could be wrong.

Yeah, no, it's possible.

I'm saying it's very unlikely,
according to Adrian.

You know, enough.

Enough with Adrian.

What do you think?

What? I think it's
very convincing. I said that.

Oh, honey, I'm not saying that...

Look, if you feel up to raising this
kid, of course, that's what we'll do.

I'm just saying it's not exactly
how we pictured it, you know?

Well, nothing is, you know?

You know, what about...
what about environment?

I mean, if we know before,
couldn't we raise it in such a way...?


Well, aren't there psychiatrists
who say that...?

Judging how clearly it shows
up in the statistical evidence,

there'd just be a lot of
nature to nurture against.

Yes, but we could try
something like that.

If that's what you want to do,
if you'll be happy with that.

Are you mad at me?

No, of course not.
It's a stupid thing to say.

He's my brother.



Hello, Steven.

It's Phyllis calling.

Oh, hi, Mrs. Gold!

Is David there?

Uh... is David here?

Yeah. Yeah, sure. He's here.

Hello, mother.

Hi, sweetheart.

We went to the club for dinner.

Saw the Kleins.

And how are the Kleins?
Still perfect?

So, your sister's...
acting peculiar.

That's because she's pregnant, mother.

Isn't that normal?

No, that's menopause.

You have a lot to learn about women.


You think there's something wrong?

Honestly, I don't think
that that's any of our business.

Good boy!

You'll talk to her?

This family talks too much.

What, did she send you
as her little spy?

Hmm? I mean, have you ever not
done what she asked you to do?

Once, but... it was a biggie.

Free spritz!
It's now or never, ladies...!

Is it something between you and Rob?

Okay, fine! I'm
going on my break! It's never!

I can't... I can't
talk to you about this.




Aren't you supposed
to be out on the floor?

Oh, bosslady, don't go there.

I need my caffeine.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm David, Suzanne's brother.

Oh. Well, I could tell.

- Yeah?
- Well, sure.


You have the same smile.

Well, not at the moment, but... oh.

I'm the postman now.

Well, nice meeting you.


So, gee, do you think Brandon's gay?

Would you please just go away? Just...

You... you failed your mission.
I didn't crack.

- All right.
- All right?

I'm going.

Now? Soon?

Listen, it's your life,
and we should all butt out.

I understand.

But, you know, every time you get upset,

it's because you don't deal
with what's bothering you.

Don't pretend that everything's okay.

Can we pretend like we never heard this?

Can you?


We could get rid of it.

We could.

I mean, I never thought I would
have to do something like that.

Ah, we don't have to decide right away.

No, of course not.


You can't take too much time
if you make that decision.

I wish it were deformed.


It's just that it wouldn't
be so complicated, that's all.

It's just so complicated.

Mom, say something.

Well, you know,
it's not such a terrible thing,

when you think of what they
could have told you, you know?

Here, sit down.

Have some tea. Right here.

You're not thinking of, uh...

Oh, Susie...

Don't look so sad.

I don't know what to do.

Maybe that makes me a horrible person.

No! No! It doesn't!

No, honey! Shh, shh, shh...!

No, listen to me.

Now, listen to me.

What does Rob say?

What does he say?

He wanted this baby so badly.

Yeah. Yeah.

And, uh...

Does David know?

Are you crazy?


And I don't want him
to find out, either.

Is that clear?

Yeah, sure, sure.

Yeah, that's clear.

Why did they have to tell you, huh?

I mean, years ago, you go in the
hospital, they put you out...

Tell me what to do.

Tell me what to do.

It's all right.

You're gonna find
you're gonna be all right.

We'll... we'll work this out.

Hi. What a day,

but I made a few dollars.

They got the tests back from the lab.


Please don't be dramatic,
Phyllis. Spit it out.

It's gay.

That's ridiculous.
Are... are they sure?

Well, they're doctors.

They never say they're sure, they
just tell you enough to destroy you.

But how could they possibly...?

They say they can identify the genes
that have some connection with this.

I don't want to hear about this.

Rob says there have been studies...

When do we eat?
I am starving!

She was here.

She's thinking...

It's none of our business.

Suzanne was here today,

and... and she... Walter!


She might not keep it.

You with the money again.

The Grant proposals are in, but there's
something that we need to talk about.

- What?
- Is there going to be a meal break?

A meal break? What, like,
brunnhilde burgers or something?

"Why must we waste our hunger
on food?" Who said that?

- Karen Carpenter.
- Minnie Kahnertovsky.

Listen, who's gonna sit for
seven hours without a meal break?

- Six and three quarters, right?
- It'll be longer by then.

I'm working on a corporate
tie-in with burger king.

Burger king?

I've got a connection at Blimpie...?

What is the point?

Where are we?

Some sort of remedial course
for generation-x whiners?

This is the ring.

This is an opera.

This is about us.

It's about heroism.

It's about being separated
from your parents, your family,

your loved ones, god.

It's about what people do
to figure out who they are

so that they can change the world,
and that's what we're going to do.

Do not fear, children,
Randy is here! Sorry I'm late!

My casting director supreme.

Yes, our Benetton ad is complete.

So, tell me, did you find Siegfried?

Okay, here it is.

I've been through every music
school and church choir

in the city. Nobody can sing this
Nazi shit anymore, I'm telling you.

I know. But did you find me a siegfried?

Okay, point taken.

- You'll keep looking?
- I will. I'm sorry.

He's beautiful. Nature's child.

- You got it.
- An underwear model who sings.

Ooh! Yes!

Can you find him?

If I can, I'm keeping him.


No group hug?

Here it is.

I'm so glad your mother called me.

Now, this is for a girl,
obviously, but some of it's

unisex. I can't believe you don't want
to find out before. I couldn't wait!

You should go through this stuff.

You can get it back to me before I have
another one... which may be never.

Oh, no, Samantha, no,
let's not pull out the diapers.

Okay, come on here. Let's play.

Where's the fuzzy bunny?

Oh, here it is!

You know, actually,
I think I should, um,

I should probably wait
on this stuff. I don't want to...

I don't want to jinx anything.

Oh, poo poo poo.

God forbid. I mean, you should get
everything tested, checked out.

I mean, there's this little boy

in Samantha's "mommy and me" class
that has, like, gnarled feet.

He can't really walk!

I mean, you just feel like,

why did they do that to this
sweet little kid, you know?

I would kill myself.

Oh, there's the bunny.

Debbie, I'm sorry.

Um, you know, I'm not...
I'm not feeling very well.

I know how it is.

When I was carrying her,
I used to puke my guts out.

We'll do this another time.


Okay, say goodbye to Suzanne.

Notice the food at the club
has been horrible lately?

It's, like, dry and overcooked.


You know, I'm really sorry
about this. I just...

You know, it was really
nice of you to come by.

Hey, you know, I really
know how you're feeling.

I mean, when I found out I was pregnant,

I, like, panicked.
I mean, how are we gonna afford it?

How am I gonna
handle the responsibility?

But, you know...

it's really worth it.

Sweetheart, I can't tell you what to do.

You're... you're a grown woman!

All I want for you is that you're happy.

That's all.

You make it sound so easy.

Oh, I'm not.

When David was...

was in college, his sophomore year,

his... his boyfriend...

whatever... dumped him.

Broke up with him.

David was very, very upset.


Yes, Bradley. Bradley.

And, uh, David called us,

and... and said he wanted to...

He said he wanted to come home
so we could cheer him up

and make him feel better

and get him through it all.

And I told him no,

that he'd have to get
through it on his own.

And what did mom say?

Mom said it was my decision.

She was relieved, but...

I was holding the phone and listening...

to my son cry, and...

there was nothing I could do.

It made me sick, it really did.
It made me sick.

There's nothing we can do.

When my son needed me the most,

I wasn't... I wasn't there for him.

I wasn't there.

What if I...

decide to have it, hm?

I mean, it'll be your grandkid.

Sure. You... you always
love your own family,

even with all the crap!

I mean, I love you and David so much,

I just... I want to burst.

I'm so happy that you're my daughter.

But if you and Rob have a chance
to avoid some of the crap,

why not take it?


On the counter?

The satchel and the leather
and the wet and the rain?

Thanks a lot, darling.

I made blintzes on Sunday,
and I saved you some.

They're your favorites, right?


I... I just have something
I want to talk to you about, okay?

All right.

Your father will be home
from work soon.

Get you a fork.

Okay, there you go.

Now, what is it?

Well, I, uh...

I went to see my cousin,

Gloria Myers.

I don't remember her.

I haven't seen her
since you were a little boy.

Uh, you know, we used to be close.

All these years,
I told myself we grew apart.

That wasn't it.

That wasn't it.

I dropped her.

I saw her mother die
in the most awful way...

spasms, and uncontrollable
Huntington's disease.

It's genetic.

Not on our side of the family,
thank god.

But I knew someday Gloria...

Gloria might get it too.

I might have to go through it with her.

I was afraid that...

I wasn't strong enough.

Oh, no.


I'm afraid that Suzanne might
make the same mistake...


...and never know it.

What are you saying?

Is... is there something
wrong with the baby... mom?

Well... there's a problem.

What? Did she miscarry or something?
Nobody's told me anything.

Yeah, I can't say.
I'm not supposed to say.

Suzanne would kill me!

I'm gonna call her
right now if you don't tell me.

Don't do that.

She may not keep it.

She went to the lab,
and the did that test, you know?

Rob took her.



It's gonna be like you.


I had to tell you, David.

That's why I called.

Here. Come on.

What would you have done...

If you had known?

It was... a different time,
you know? Different...

Different attitudes.

Not so different.

David, you...

No, David, we love you.

Oh, god.

You were always a joy.

Window's down on my car.

I told you a million times,

the delivery was a breeze, huh?

You came out singing and dancing.

That's why you can't
talk to her yourself,


- No, wait...
- would have done the same thing.

You would have killed me.

You stop that.

You stop that.

I raised you!
I wiped your tush!

Then tell Suzanne to keep the baby.

I can't!

She knows what I've been
through with you!

What have you "been through" with me?

I saw my son...

become something...


That hurts, David.

If you were a parent, you'd understand.

This isn't what I wanted for you.

Well, get over it!

I can't?

Oh, you could,
but you just don't want to,

so what you're doing
is you're letting her kill me.

You're killing me!

No, I'm not! I'm not, David!

Yes, you are!

There's no difference. It's the sa...

First it's raining,
then it's not raining.

Hello, sweetheart.


I'm home.

What's happening?

We're having dinner in the garage?

Hey, Mr. Mini ring,
should I get out my checkbook?

Mom told me about Suzanne.

I thought she told you
not to say anything.

I had to. It wasn't right.

He's part of the family, he has to know.

All right, he knows.

So what? He knows.

But it's still...
it's Rob and Suzanne's decision.

If you got married and you had a family,

then it would be your decision.

We are liberal people, David,
maybe too much so some...

Watch. That's wet.

I like it wet.

What would you have done?

He wants to know what...

if we had known...

What nonsense! We didn't know!

You know this garage is a mess!

Goddamn it!

Why is it so hard for you people
to just answer me?!

What would you have done?!

For a smart kid, David,
you're a little stupid sometimes.

Walter, please.

Why do you want to do this, huh, David?

I think that I have a right to know.

A right?!

The nerve! A right!

Since you were a little kid,
we gave you everything you ever wanted.

You have no more rights!

Boys, you're fighting over nothing.

No, we're not. No, we're not.

You're just upset because you
don't know how I feel inside.

Well, tough.

I don't know how I feel inside.

Bullshit, Walter!

You know exactly how you feel!

You just don't have the guts to tell me!

All right. All right!

You want the truth, you got it!

The answer is, who knows?

Maybe you would be here,
and maybe you would not be here.

Maybe Suzanne would be an only child.

Maybe we wouldn't have to think about
the things that you make us think about.

And how do I really feel?

I'll tell you.

I think you're sick and diseased,

and if there were a cure,
I'd want you cured.

That's how I really feel.


And even though your mother
wouldn't admit it,

deep down she feels the same way too!

Don't you speak for me!

Listen to me...

David! David!

David, David.

- ¬°David!
- David, David, listen to me.

Nothing has changed.

David... David, look at me.

Please, please.

You are our only son...


...and we love you.

We always have, and we always will.

Do you understand
what I'm saying, David?

He doesn't mean any of
that that he said!

Please, Phyllis.
He... he can handle it.

He... he's... he's a man.

He's tough.

I'm getting tougher by the minute.


Listen, mister,
how 'bout a little money...?

I don't need any money, thank you.

Would you want to take something?

No, I don't need anything.

Some food?

No, I'm fine.

Oh, David! Dav...!

David, look, I know I should
probably get all militant

and say right on, hell with
your parents, who needs 'em?

But you love 'em.

Doesn't have to end this way.

I know how they feel now.

It's just the way it is.

All right, well, what about Suzanne?

I'm not supposed to know.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Your family sure picked
a great time to stop meddling.

What should I do?

You gotta stop her.

You gotta tell her she's wrong.

Oh, stop it, please.

Come on, you're more pro-choice
than I am.

David, come on, this is
different, and you know it.

Why are you being so reluctant?
Is this because you think she's right...

maybe the kid's gonna be
better off dead?

Stop it.

Are you still ashamed of who you are?

'Cause if so...

I'd like to know what the fuck
you're doing here.


I love you.

This isn't easy.

When Suzanne brought Rob
home for the first time,

they took him out to brunch
on Sunday, they took him

to a show, they took him to the club.

And the only thing I could think was,
they'll never be this happy for me.

And now I'm supposed to fight so that
some kid can feel the same way? Forget it.

And besides...

Am I so great?

Should there really be
more of me in the world?

I think so.

I love you.

I'll see you tonight.

Quit hitting me.

I need a shower.

- Enjoy.
- Thank you.

Oh. I guess the spring formals arrived.

They've arrived.

And they're hideous.

Oh, Suze, will ya look at 'em?

They're like drag from hell!

Why does everything have
to go wrong today?

Jackie, what's the matter with you?

Nothing's the matter.

Nothing's the matter, I'm fine.

I'm fine!

Okay. Brian and I broke up last night.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I'm sorry.

Don't be. He's a jerk.

He is. He's a jerk.
I called the cops on him.

You didn't!

I did too. I said
he was a prowler, you know,

but they didn't believe me
because he had keys to the house,

and all his clothes were in there.

I wasn't really thinking.

Now I have to call this schmuck

and tell him that I don't want
his piece-of-taffeta-puke gowns.

Oy! What a day.
Give me the phone, please.

I'll call.

Excuse me?

No, give it to me. I'll call.

Oh, well, Suze, it's...

Give it to me. I'll call.

You know...

Just... I'm gon'...

No, it's fine, but I'm just saying that
sometimes you have to be a little bit...

You know...

More... uh, no. Okay.


Yes, we got the gowns in.

And we hate them.

And I need for you to take them back.

All of them.

She's so cool. You're very cool.

Marty, you cannot force me to accept
merchandise that I don't want.

Exactly. That's in some
rulebook somewhere.

No, there's nothing wrong
with them, technically,

but they're just not what I ordered.

They're disgusting.
That could be something wrong.

I'm not paying. How's that?

No one's paying.

So sue me. That's fine.

Yeah, you pick 'em up
by six tomorrow night

or they're out in the alley
with the other garbage.

Yes. Garbage.


You say thank you to me.

You're welcome.


Done. Anything else?

Suze. I am impressed.

Smooth! Who knew you had it in you?

That kid better watch out.

He's got a super tough
mommy, do you know that?


Who knew? I didn't know.

"Say thank you, Marty"?

You're getting a promotion,
like it or not.

What are you doing here?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Gift for junior.

Thanks. Look, I... I have
a lot of stuff on my mind.

I just want to get home.

Like what?

Okay? Um, just stupid stuff.

No, wait. I got something for you.

For you.

Another Sondheim collection?

- Mm-hmm.
- God, how many of them are there?

You know, you should really
stop giving us this stuff.

Nobody ever listens to it.

It's not for you anymore.

Well, Rob has no interest.

Somebody will.

Mom told you?


I can't just sit by and let this happen.


David, really,
you have no right to tell me what to do.

You and Rob wanted this baby,

and now, because you know something
about this person that you don't care for,

you're ending his life.

How can you talk to me like that?

I mean, especially after Marnie Eisner.


Marnie Eisner.

My god.

I can't believer you're
throwing that in my face!

Marnie Eisner.

I was in high school.

That was... that was a mistake.

As I recall, you came to me in a panic.

I couldn't have a child!

"Oh, my god, Suzanne,
what am I gonna do?"

That's what you said to me.

What did I do?

I took you to the clinic.

I held your hand, I held her hand.

- You remember that?
- Yes, I remember that!

It was a horrible, awful experience, and I
hope I never have to think about it again!

Do you remember how afraid you were
that mom and dad were gonna find out?

Now it's what they pray for.

The point is, I supported you.

David, I supported you,

no questions asked.

Now, I think you should
do the same thing.

This isn't the same thing.

This is a decision that
no one has had to make before.

No one.

You think I don't know that?

I mean, this is the most difficult
decision of my entire life,

and I am being very careful.

But, David, there are a lot
of things to consider here.

Like how can you do this to me?

God, I just...

I love the way everyone
makes this about them.

How could you do this to me?

David, you don't play
these games with me.

It's not gonna work.

Take this?

I still think moving out is just
going a little bit overboard.

There's no way we can afford this
place, and you know it.

We don't have enough help.

Just got another letter from your mom.

Throw it away.

You should read, it, David.
It's heartbreaking.

You read my mail?

It was addressed to both of us,
which I thought was a very lovely touch.

I don't want to see it.

Oh, come on, David,
how long are you gonna keep this up?


Look, if they don't
want me as their son,

then I'm going to give them their wish.


David, I know you think
you're being all courageous,

cutting them off
no matter how much it hurts,

but did you ever think it might be more
courageous to make things right again?

To forgive 'em?

I think that we passed that
point around "sick and diseased."

All right, look.

Maybe I'll, um...

I'll do it. I'll write back.

- No, you won't.
- Somebody's gotta do it.

No. Don't. Do that.

You should read the letter.
She is in pain.

I mean it, I mean it. No.

David, come... David...!

We're... we're closing now.

What are you doing here?

That seems to be the question.

What if Michelangelo's mother thought
the same way that you do?

What if Tennessee Williams'
mother thought the same way

that you do, or Herman melville,
Cole Porter, martina navratilova?

What if Stephen Hawking's mother
didn't want a handicapped child?

They didn't know.
This is all theory.

Orson Welles' didn't want
a fat one. The point is,

you have got to stop looking
at this as some sort of curse.

It isn't. What it is, is a challenge.

I don't have the strength for it.

I wish that I were as strong
as you are, but I'm not.

Yes, you are. You are.

But you just haven't found it yet
'cause you haven't had any reason to.

You could live the life
that we were programmed for.

I couldn't, and I had
to figure that out.

That was my gift.

Maybe this is yours.

Maybe this is yours.

This is your chance...

your chance to find your own greatness.

Oh! You are not being fair.

Neither are you.

Look, David, I know
how hard your life has been.

I've heard you tell me
how lonely and scared you were.

And you never feel that way.

I've heard you talk about people with
aids, about people getting bashed.

I'm not gonna put somebody
else through that.

Everybody has problems.

Not like that, they don't.

Now, why isn't it more humane

for me to wait until I can bring a child
with no disadvantages into the world?

Because we'd lose too much.

Everything that you love
about me is tied

to that one element
that makes you queasy.

Every human being is a tapestry.

If you pull one thread
or one undesirable color,

then the whole fucking thing falls apart,
and you wind up staring at the walls.


You know, tell him
it's none of his business!

You know, really, he of all people

should know how
to respect people's privacy.

Yeah, well, at least
I know how he feels.


Well, at least David tells me
what he thinks. My husband won't.

What is that supposed...
what are you talking about?

I tell you how I feel!

- No, you haven't!
- Yes, I have!

You just drop hints!

You know, everybody is
trying to influence me.

Everybody has their own agenda.

I'm getting sent all these signals,

and I still feel like I'm in this alone!

I'm sorry you feel that way.

What do you want? I'm here.
I will support you.

Could you just stop playing this game?

Just tell me the truth!

What do you want?

I think you should do
what you think is right!

Look, honey, it's hard enough
to raise a family these days.

Why enter into a no-win situation?

You're easily disappointed.

This kid is not gonna feel wanted.
I know how that feels, Suzanne!

Stop it! Stop it!

You're doing it again!

You're making it my problem!

Stop making it my problem!
Right now!

I don't want that kid!

I don't want him!

I think we should wait for the next one.

I feel ashamed.

I feel ashamed of how I feel,
but the idea of a gay kid bothers me.

Am I horrible person? Am I terrible
for that? I can't help how I feel.

I can't help how I was raised
or how I think.

I feel ashamed!

That's how I feel.

If I decide to have the baby...

then what'll happen to us?

If I decide to have this baby,

what will happen to us?

I don't know.

She's not gonna keep it. It's over.

The idea of a gay kid bothers me.

I can't change how I think,
how I feel.

I don't want it!

I don't want it!

I don't want it!

You know, I'd like you to feel free
to tell me what you're going through.

I'd like to know.


I think the test was a mistake.

Why? Because you didn't like the result?

This is what we've been
working for. I mean,

a lot of people would be very happy

to have this kind of
information ahead of time.

Well, I think a lot of
people should think twice.

When it's your own life,
it's not that simple.

Well, you do some soul-searching,
and then you take the appropriate action.

That's what I would do.

You've never been married,
never had children.

No, but...

if I did...

You're so sure?


Trust your instincts.

Suze, I ordered moss,
and I said "moss" two times.

I spelled it once... "m-o-s-s"...

and they send me beige.

Who would ever buy this jacket in beige?

Is that the baby?

Can I see?


Oh, will you...

Look at him. He is gorgeous.

Look at the fingers.

Right here is his cute little
face, cuter than the Gerber baby.

You could put him on the Pamper box.

And how bout this?

That's the best butt I've ever seen.

Oh, Jackie, stop it.

I already love him.

Look at him.

You know what?

I want to be you.

Oh, please.

I do.

You are one lucky lady.

Well, it's complicated.

You'll see when you have one.

No, actually, I won't see.


Well, I can't have any kids.

God, I'm sorry.

Yeah, me too.

So, um, are you scared of labor?

Are you kidding?

Of course!

I know it's a dumb question,
but... mmm...

Are you doing a video?

God, no!



Okay. Smart choice.

Never go on camera
without proper hair and makeup.

That's right. Especially for
that kind of close-up.

Nurse, she's dilating!
More mascara, stat!

Somebody's a frowny-face.


You know what really,
really concerns me?

The responsibility.

You're a responsible person.

At work, everyone says that you're...

No, you have to put
someone else first all the time.

Ah, but there, you're
worrying about it already.

You'll make a great mother.

You think?




You ready to go?


It's a lovely place.

Thinking of starting a tab.

Such decor.

Early bowling alley.

Didn't your mother teach you
it's not polite to stare?

I can't go anywhere without being ogled.
It's exhausting!

Well, here's a weird question.

Ooh, those are the best kind.

Is there...

Is there something that your parents
could have done to make your life easier?

Yeah. Little things,

like they shouldn't have thrown
me out of the house when I was 15.

Right, but I mean, you know,

say... say your parents

wanted to really make you feel like you
were part of the family. Like, you know,

they really... they really
wanted to make you feel...

More accepted?

Yeah. Yeah, right.

I just...

I just wanted them to treat me the
same way they treated my brothers.

That should be simple enough.

- Go figure.
- Hey.

What'd you say to me in there?

It was a joke, all right?
Just forget it.

No, no. I want to know
what you said to me, faggot.

I want to know.

Just forget it.

Hey, hold it.

I'm talking to you.

Yeah, well, he's not talking to you.

This is stupid.

Hey, let go of me!

Suzanne, run! Come on!

Look, damn it! Come on!

Stop it!

What the hell's wrong with you?

Oh, my god!

I'm so sorry!

I shouldn't have said anything.

No, it's my fault.

I should have just let it go.

Oh, god.

I think there's something wrong.

Oh, god!

I think there's something wrong!

Oh, god!

Rob, how is she?!

What's happened?

I haven't seen her yet.
They told us to wait.

- Where? Wait out here?
- The baby. What about the baby?

I don't know. They said
Suzanne was bleeding.

Where were you?

Where were you?

I was at home.

She went out with Brandon,
this guy from work, after.


She is a pregnant woman, goddamn it!

If you can't take care of your
own wife, what are you doing here?

Walter, don't talk to me that way.
I'm not one of your children.

Did you hear how he speaks to me?

I've got a sick daughter,
and he's starting up like this?

What am I doing here?

There's never any room
for me, Walter.

You spoil your children.
You've smothered Suzanne.

Maybe you're right...
maybe I don't belong here at all.

What are you saying?

Of course you belong here.

Your wife needs you.

No, she needs you.

That's the problem, Phyllis.

Don't talk like this!

If he wants to leave, let him go!

We'll take care of ourselves!

You always do, don't you?

Rob, you're not going anywhere,
and Walter, you leave him alone.

I'm dying from all this!


Where... where's David?

Rob, did you call David?

Walter, call him.

You got a quarter?

I got my credit card.

You never should have told David.

I... had to. He's my son.

We would have been fine,

but you all had to say something.

You just can't stop calling.

You just can't stop screwing up
your children's lives, can you?

You couldn't stop
pushing us apart, could you?

Everything would have been fine.

We would have taken care of this
on our own, our way. Our way.

That's what I was afraid of.

Phyllis, will you please leave me
alone for one lousy minute, all right?

Leave you alone... for one minute?

Yes, I... I'll leave you.



David's phone is disconnected.
Is disconnected.


I need to see Suzanne's husband.

Your wife can see you now.

Aw, jeez, Suzanne.


What happened?

Are my parents out there?


Yeah, they're...

I'll go get 'em.

No, wait, wait.

I want to talk to you alone.

I'm gonna be okay,

but I could lose the baby.

I know.

I don't want to lose it, Rob.

I know.


than anything...

I want you...

to want this baby.

But if you can't...

I am not selling myself short anymore.

I am going to do this.

How many times do you have
to have your heart broken?

Sweetheart, I'm not a dramatic person.

I cut my losses, and I move on.

Now, thank god, she's okay.

That'swhat's important.

Oh, god...

And, as far as the other
thing goes, it's not

the end of the world.

If it was meant to be,

it was meant to be.

We're not completely
out of the woods yet.

We're not?

Is this your soothing
bedside manner, Dr. Sachs?

There are no guarantees, even now.

Albert, I don't know what to tell you.

Just make it work.
This isn't the ring...

If I don't have a ring,
I don't have an opera.

Just keep trying.

David Gold, it's past your bedtime!

Oh, god, I'm sorry!

Where have you been?

I was supposed to pick up Kevin.

You were? I'm sorry.
We're working late.

This is, uh...

This is the ring,

and you're just in time
to... see it do nothing.

What are you doing?

It's supposed to smoke
and make flames and... just...

It's working.

That's great!

Good job! That's wild!

Giving up?

I don't look at it that way.

I just, uh...

I don't believe in this anymore.

Oh, come down off the cross, Rob. You were
right there at my side the whole time.

Adrian, I think there's
a difference between

what we can do and what we should do.

But you've devoted your whole
career to being a scientist,

to objectivity.

Now you're making an emotional
value judgment and running scared.

I can't discuss this with you.

Rob, listen.

Every time we're on the verge
of making a positive change,

we run into fear and prejudice,

and then we end up taking
two steps back.

I'm disappointed.

You let me down.

Don't do that, Adrian.

I have enough disappointed
father figures in my life.

I need to do something else now.

I'm sorry.

Don't strain yourself.

Strain myself?

Just let me do that.

You heard what as long as I'm
not rock-climbing, I'm fine.

Even my parents get the message.

Rob, I'm okay.

I'm... I'm okay.

Rob... Robert, Robert, Robert.

I'm cleaning up.

I'm cleaning up, that's all.

It's okay, okay?

Just leave... leave this all here.

Just sit down, Robert.

Listen to me.

I really appreciate

what you've been doing for me.

I do.

But I can take care
of myself now, okay?

And right now...

what I need more than anything
else is just to be alone.

You know?

It's time.




I've got, uh...

I've got most of my stuff out,

and, uh...

You know where I am,


if I forgot anything...


If you need anything.


Oh, god, what a gorgeous day.

I can't believe I have to rehearse.

So, why won't you tell me
where you're going?

Meeting somebody.


You don't have to know everything.

Somebody cute?

Oh, god!


What are you getting
all pissy with me for?

I'm very vulnerable.

All right, David, look,

you can make any excuses you want.

You know you can't move on
with so much unresolved.

Please, will you stop it.

I don't want to talk about them.

No, you're gonna have
to talk about 'em, David.

I mean, come on, this is ridiculous.
Nobody can live without a past.

You lose all definition.

You lose yourself.

No, I don't.

They lost me.

David, I know this is gonna sound
a little dopey to you, okay,

but no matter how far away you go,
they're still your family, okay?

You're connected to 'em.

There's always gonna be that
little twitch upon the thread.

You're gonna have to deal with it.

I don't have to do anything.

Well, that's real mature.

Okay, well, look, you're gonna
have to deal with me, then.

And, you know, I don't know
what's going on with you,

but I don't know how I feel about living
with only what's left of you. I mean, I...

I miss the rest.

You got it, you got it, you got it!

Leave it.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Good game, man!

Howard, very nice!

Off his tuches!

Oh, that's fine.

More than fine.

When you whip the Kleins bad,
it's more than fine!

Oh, man.

Say, you're...
you're, uh, quite an athlete.


I try to get David, you know, to be
interested in tennis, take it seriously,

but he was always interested
in music and all that.

Oh, I know. It drives me crazy.

Yeah? You're not an opera aficionado?

No, no. I hate it.


Thank you.

My favorite opera is Tosca...

they all die!

So, uh...

Can I buy you lunch?



Uh... well, you know...

Uh, how 'bout if, um,
you come over to the house,

and maybe Phyllis will make us
some lunch or something.

Okay. Great, yeah.

Okay. Have you ever been to our house?

No, no, I haven't.

No, I didn't...

I didn't think so.

We've never been to your house.

You know, you play very good tennis...!

So, as our journey comes to an end, um,

and a beginning again...

hence this cycle, this ring cycle...

...let's remember that
we all bear a responsibility

for what's going to happen tonight
and on consequent nights, and, um,

we can all be blamed,
and we all will be.

So, uh, break legs,

and, uh, in our world,
in the opera world,

in bocca al Lupo!

In bocca al Lupo!

Let's make art!

There's some people I want you to meet.


Uh... used to be. Come on.

Come on.

This is important.

Where are you taking me?

Ah, you'll see.

- Why are we panicking upstairs?
- Follow me.

I had a feeling you'd
try something like this.

Well, you didn't
tell me not to, specifically.

Oh, my god, look at you.

You're huge!


What are you doing here?

Well, you know how we love Wagner.

Well, where's Rob?

Rob is not here.

I'm sorry.

So, uh, why did you come here, anyway?

Do you want my sympathy, or...?


David, come on.

I knew we shouldn't have come.

No. Suzanne, please.

Stop it, both of you.


Don't be so quick to judge us.

You know, we did do something right...

We raised two perfect children.

Well, mother, this is not
the time or the place,

and it's kind of late for that
conversation right now, isn't it?

No, don't say that.

It's never too late
for your own family, David.

Are we really that terrible?

I was telling Steven
at the club, we do come around.

The club?

Yeah. We play tennis.

You what?

We beat the shit out of the Kleins!

Well, he did.

And then, uh, we went over to
the house for a little lunch.

He doesn't eat much, this one,

but I'm working on him!

I don't believe it.

Just don't expect me
to march in a parade.

Come on, we've got
to get to our seats, okay?

It's curtain time.

So... we'll talk?

We'll talk.

We'll talk.

Break a leg.

This isn't gonna be easy, you know?

I know.

But that's the way it is, so...

I don't need any help.

Did I offer?








Oh, beautiful.

So the story goes
that Siegfried can only find

love by walking through
the magic fire. So...

What is the magic fire?

It's the fire of hell that will burn
you if you question what you're told.

It's everything you're afraid of
because you're supposed to be.

But then how come Siegfried
walks right through it

without so much as singeing an eyebrow?

It's because the magic fire is a fraud.

It can't hurt you.

Mankind will keep creating
new and better worlds,

and there will always be those
who are left, for whatever

reason, on the other side
of the magic fire.

But those who are brave enough
to walk through that fire

will awaken another part of their soul,

and they will know
what it means to truly love,

without question.

So, I guess that's
the end of this story.

Dad was right...

sometimes people do
come around, even me.

He and mom are back
to calling three times a week,

mostly to talk to Steven.

As for Rob, he shows up on the
weekends to take care of his son.

He's good with him, so, you never know.

And Suzanne?


Well, just look.

English subtitles
edited by Leonnos (2019)