The Tunnel of Love (1958) - full transcript

The Pooles are unable to have a baby after years of trying. They apply to the Rock-A-Bye Adoption Agency, and are assigned Miss Novick as an investigator. Through a farfetched mis-communication she gets a very bad impression of Augie Poole and indicates her report will be unfavorable. Through even more far-fetched circumstances, Augie is able to change Miss Novick's mind, and later comes to believe the baby she is carrying is his. Rock-A-Bye does find the Pooles a baby, and Augie is convinced it is Miss Novick's, and that he is the real much so that his wife comes to believe it, too. She threatens to leave him, but all the misunderstandings are finally cleared up for a happy ending.


Wait. Wait. Wait.

Okay. You haven't done this
since we got married.

Now everything has changed.

You are going to be a mother.

I don't want you to make any effort.

From now on,
I'll take you everywhere like this.

Do not be silly.

Happy Anniversary.

You didn't remember.

Neither you nor.

- Dear. I'm sorry.
- Okay. We're even.

- Thanks.
- Congratulations.

- I never thought they'd make it.
- Thanks thanks.

Isn't it very nice to have
neighbors like the Peppers?

Oh yeah, especially if they bring us
such useful gifts.

Piper Heidsieck. The best of the
best of Miller's champagne.

Alice, these azaleas are gorgeous.

Do not think that it will grow much,
because it is too small.

It will not develop.

- Alice.
- Yes?

What did we do on our
fifth anniversary?

I don't know what you were doing,
but they took me to the delivery room.

Oh yeah, it was Marge.

No sweetie.
It wasn't Marge, it was Ralph.

Ralph? Oh yeah. I ...
I meant, Ralph.

Come on.

And now. We have some great news
for you.

- What is it about?
- We are going to expand our family.

- How long have they known?
- I knew they would finally make it.

Thank you, thank you, but it's not that.

We are going to adopt one.

- Oh well.
- Boy or girl?

One moment. It is not that fast. We
have just submitted an application to the agency.

Rock-A-Bye. It was
recommended to us by the Marshall.

- Where?
- In New Haven.

We can stop at Yale
and enroll him in the class of '79.

You don't have to pay tuition
in advance, right?

I think it's wonderful.

I hope you don't mind that
we gave you as a reference.

- Do we care? We are delighted.
- Why. Sure.

Oh Augie. I'm so excited.
I can not wait.

Dear. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Look. They have thousands of
requests for babies ...

and each one has to
be investigated first.

It will be our turn,
but you can take time.

Has the doctor checked you
and did all the tests?

Oh do not. I'm still under observation.

- We are hoping to have one of our own.
- Sure.

- They say that adopting a baby brings luck.
- Oh yeah.

we are trying everything.

We are going to exhaust all possibilities.

- How hot.
- Yes.

You know, I remember the children.

I know the camp is
the best for them,

but I miss them
terribly, and you?

In the least.


- Do you read this postcard from Ralph?
- I do not have to. I know what it says.

"Send more money. Send more candy.
Send more money."

- That's a good fatherly attitude.
- Okay...

Hi Augie.


Don't tell me you've been
to town on a day like this.

Yes. Not only that ...

I had to stand up
on the bus.

And the air conditioning
was out of order.

Someone must have taken the
ice bucket from the fan ...

And drank it like whiskey

Is Isolde at home?

No. Maybe he went to see the doctor.

He spends half his life there.

Have you heard from the agency?

No. Not yet.

- Oh well. Do not worry.
- I hope so.

Hey, Augie, don't forget we
have a bowling alley tonight.

I'm not going.

I'm dead.

All I want is to take a
cold shower and go to bed.

Life is so ironic.

We are going to have the fourth and
they cannot have the first.

She checks her fever every day.
It has a temperature graph ...

He goes to the doctor.
Does not how many analyzes ...

The poor thing is crazy.

Yes. And it will end up
driving Augie crazy too.

If he had a little more interest,
he wouldn't need so much analysis.

Already. You see it very easy, right?

Of course. You who don't like children ...

all you have to do is
look at me and I'm racing.

- Hi my love.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- I'm undone.

He wanted to take a shower,
but he was so tired.

I also. I'm dead.

I tell you one thing. I won't
take my car into town again. Never.

How smart you were
to take the train.

I was not smart.

Smart you who
took the car.

Yes, but it was absolutely useless.

- I couldn't find a parking lot.
- Yes?

So I left it in a prohibited place.



"Illegal Parking".

In the 5th. Avenue?

$ 25 fine.

But darling,
I found what I was looking for.

I bought a beautiful dress at Bonwit
and also a beautiful mantilla.

Very good. Now you have something valuable
to pay the fine.

- What time is it?
- 5 o'clock.

I forgot.

My graph.

Poor girl.

It is definitely trying.

If we don't have a baby,
it wouldn't be her fault.



Honey, I called Dr. Vancouver and he said
that's a great symptom.

Has risen.

What has gone up?

I temperature.




Do you get it?

He said we have to hurry.

Because I have to be at
Dr. Vancouver's office in 30 minutes.

And you have to take me, because you don't want me
to make any effort, okay?

- Oh honey.
- Huh?

Honey, uh ...

Can't we put it off
until tomorrow?

Augie, no, we can't.

Tomorrow would not be the same.

Okay. And tonight then?

Honey, he won't be in his office
tonight. It is waiting for us now.

If you're too tired to
drive, I can call a cab.

Darling, that's not the point.

I am perfectly willing
to take you.

Well then what is it?

Baby I've been in town
since early this morning

with terrible heat.

People were dropping
like flies.

I left my footprints on the pavement.

All I want is a
cold shower and then go to sleep.

All I want is a cold shower.

Augie Poole, we are wasting
valuable time.

Dr. Vancouver will leave his office
at 6. Come on.

What does Vancouver think I am?

¿Flour robot?

Augie, I don't understand you.

I thought you wanted a baby, because
you were willing to do anything.

I am, honey.

Anything within

Dr. Vancouver said:

"When the temperature has risen
to this point, tell your husband.

And then come to my office
in 30 minutes. "

Oh, just like that, huh?

"Here is the prescription.

Hurry up. Stock it up.
I'm double-parked. "

Augie Poole, are you or are you not
willing to cooperate?

Honey, I want to cooperate, trust me, but
you have to consider my temperature.

You have to give me a
little time.

Baby you know I love you ...

and I will do anything in this
world to make you happy ...

but I can't meet
a deadline.

¿Doctor Vancouver?

I'm Mrs. Poole again.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't convince
my husband ...

and you don't have to wait for me.

Yes. I'm sorry too, doctor.
Anyway, thanks for trying.

Goodbye, doctor.


Baby I'm sorry ...

but look ... I want a baby
as much as you do.

Maybe even more.

You know it, don't you?

You always said it.

And you know how much I love you.

Oh Augie, sometimes I wonder
if just love is enough.

I know. I have a weak character.
That's true...

But I warned you before we got married

that it was a failure in principle.

I told you at the time,
that he wasn't a bold guy.

My only point in favor is that I
have never wavered in my love for you.

But maybe you are right.


love is not enough.

My poor thing!


Why will I always have in my
mind the idea of ​​having a child?

Thank God you have it.

Most importantly, we
want a baby ...

And if we want it enough, you'll see
that sooner or later we will have it.

So let's just chill
and see what happens, huh?

From now on, let
nature dictate events.

From now on,
let me carry the signs.

In agreement.

But you have to promise me one thing.


Never mention the
word failure again.

Even joking.

I do not know, darling.

Maybe it would be better to get a
more productive job and forget about painting.

Never. Never until
the day I die ...

I will allow you to settle for
anything but what you want to be.

If Van Gogh had married a woman
like you, he would still have both his ears.

But darling, we can't go on
living on your grandmother's money.

That's not very honorable,
but it's running out.

Do you think we made a big
mistake buying this house?

When we have kids,
you'll be glad we're here.

The city is not a place
for children.

Oh yeah. I guess
you are right.

But I loved our
first year in town, right?

Oh yeah.

Do you know what I remember
most vividly from those days?


Those long
unheated winter afternoons ...

when we had to get into
bed to keep warm.

Doctor Vancouver, please.

"At least our work
has not been in vain.

They will give thanks. "

Hey This is a
funny picture , Augie.

You have never liked my drawings.

Listen, buddy, I'm not an
art critic . I'm just an editor.

Why don't you just
draw pictures and sell them?

You could make good money.

- And you'll need it when your son arrives.
- Let him make his own money.

I am an artist,
not a joke writer.

Well, as you like.

Do you mind if I use your phone?

A rhetorical question.

Westport Arms?
La Miss. Terry McBain, please.

Hi Terry.

Very good.

And you?



Listen, Terry.
I'm free this afternoon.

Why don't I come over there
and we can discuss your script?

Alright baby

I will see you later.

Thanks my friend.

A librettist lady, huh?

Something wonderful.

Just looking at her and my
blood boils in my veins.

In contrast to the
usual route you need.

Wow. I do not get it.

A lovely wife.
Three children...

another one on the way and
always on the lookout.

Why? So that?
I can't understand it.

How I can?
You are too normal.

Wait a minute.
That annoys me.

Of course yes. You are like that
plant. You need more space.

More land. A bigger planter.
You are never going to be an artist.

You are denying yourself the
emotional soil that your roots need.

You are a tied boat.

A tied boat ...?

Because you mistake me for
Luther Burbank.

You only attack me for being
too normal.

That is a perfect example
of double thinking.

One thing does not contradict the other. Almost
all normal people are inhibited.

Stop, doctor, stop.

Let me settle down.

You know there is nothing as smug
as a monogamous man.

Mind if I have a drink?

Another rhetorical question.

Look what you've got.
Wake up my tormented conscience.

It's fine.
I will call to cancel my appointment.

And what does it matter, friend.

What is yet another elk head
over the fireplace in your life?

It's okay to talk. You have never heard
the call of the unknown.

Drop that bottle!

As long as you are my wife,
never do that again.

- Hi dear.
- Did you call Rock-A-Bye while I was gone?

No. You have to be patient.
They will.

- Investigator could be checking.
- Do not.

If they are to be investigated ...

perhaps it would be better to moderate
the parties and the drinks.

Alice, we want a baby, but we
ca n't eliminate Dick entirely.

Investigated? Can they be hidden
behind our backs without us knowing?

Of course. They are going to assign a
social worker to us.

A woman with her hair
in a bun

and a mouth like a mailbox.

A typical American.

And let's ask ourselves what virtues
she hoped to find ...

in future parents and their guarantors.

First, stability;
the following, solvency.


and finally...


Damn mouse.

These barns.

Everyone knows that my house has
become a barn for mice.

I wish I was back in town,
where the rats come out and fight.

- Hi, Augie.
- Hello.

- Are you going by bicycle?
- No. In mice.

Do you mind if I use your phone?

- Is yours out of order?
- Nerd. I can't call home.

Another personal call, huh?


I see that your tremulous consciousness
has collapsed.

It will take a minute.

¿Westport Arms?

Miss Terry McBain, please?

No this?

No no no. No message.


You have directly messed with
my morality and I don't like that.

Look. I don't care what you
do in your spare time ...

but we are trying to
adopt a baby.

So as long as you are my reference,
I wish you would calm down.

I might also have
Bluebeard feats.

You are going to love the Pooles.

Isolde is a wonderful woman,
Miss Novick.

And Augie is a sweetheart.
Our kids are crazy about him.

He would be a wonderful father.

He is such a loyal and faithful husband.
In fact...

he and my husband are the only two men
in Westport that I really have faith in.

Good good. It was a pleasure meeting you,
Mrs. Pepper.

- Thanks.
- To you.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.


- lsolde, where are you?
- Here.

Isolde, come here.

Come here.


She was here.

- Who?
- The researcher.

De Rock-A-Bye.

She is very practical and clever, but I
gave her a phenomenal reference.

- I hope it doesn't put too many obstacles.
- Thanks. Where is she?

- He's checking in with the marshalls.
- Why?

Honey, they always keep an eye on
adoptive parents for the first year.

That is until everything is legalized.

It will be here
any minute.

You better change.
You seem too masculine.

- Oh yeah.
- Wear something sweet and motherly.

I know. I'll be a brownie leader.
I'll put on my scout uniform.


You have gone too far.

You take advantage, little rat.

You hide in my
bathroom, right?

Come here.

The whole set of lousy mice.

Wait for the exterminator to arrive.

Mr. Poole?


I can pass?

Yes, yes please.

Is Mrs. Poole home?

He's probably getting dressed.

I will call her.

Who do I say is calling you?

Estelle Novick.

You come for more, huh?
This time, you will not escape.

- What is this?
- Is a mouse.

Do not worry.
I will catch it.


It is gone.

He is trained, and I am not.
That's the problem.

- Mr. Poole ...
- He ran away.

Until he gets his second wind.

- Would you like a drink?
- No, thanks.

I'm going to have one.

I've been tense all day.

What do you attribute your tension to, Mr. Poole?

Probably the damn
mice that don't go away.

If we can't defeat them,
maybe we should join them.

I'm going for my wife.

Hey, are you and Isolde old
college friends?

No. I went to school in Paris.

I am doing social work,
while writing my doctoral thesis.

And why can't the doctor
write his own thesis?

You know, I've had this
bottled joke for 10 years ...

waiting for someone to say
what they just said.

This calls for a drink.
Come on, let me make one for you.

I never drink while
I'm working.

The Savings Community, huh?

I am not doing it to save.

It is a very worthy cause.
I will make a contribution.

We can use it for ourselves
, in case any day

the price of whiskey keeps rising.

Are you sure you don't want one?

It seems to me that most people
drink to get away from something.

What are you running away from with your drink,
Mr. Poole?

From the ravages of alcohol.

Very funny.

What school did you go to, Mr. Poole?

I never went beyond high school.

- How did it go on her?
- Terrible.

Everyone hated me because I
was so popular.

Tell me, Mr. Poole,
do you like children?

I am crazy about them.

In fact, I am trying
to adopt one.

That is commendable.

Do you realize what
you are getting into?

Of course I know it...

and you can bet one thing:

It won't be from any of
these surroundings.

I see you have your theories.

I certainly do.

How will you deal with a child who
does not want to eat?

Sending him to bed without dinner.

How would you compare the problem ...

of raising children from 1 to 5
with those from 5 to 7?

What do you think is the
most important period ?

From 5 to 7.

- Why?
- Because that's cocktail hour.

I'm sorry.


Everything is fine.
You may come in.

May l?

I thought it could be private.

No, it isn't, but ...


I was about to have a ...

I was about to take a shower.

Ms. Novick, from the
Savings Community ; Mr. Pepper.

I'll be back in a minute, Miss Novick.

Good. Good. Nice to
meet you, Miss Novick.

The Savings Community is admirable.

I suppose you are about
to call me. I live right next door.

Hey, I take care of my
charities at the office.

Fall one day around 1,
we can have lunch ...

and talk about those things.

How would your wife feel about
dating like this?

Would you like me to bring a note
with her permission?

If you'll wait a second,
Miss Novick, I'll go get my checkbook.

Don't bother, Mr. Poole.
- Why not?

I think you should know that
your friend has tried to pick me up.

Well, naturally ...

But is that a reason why you
ca n't accept my contribution?

A flirt?
You call that a pickup?

Mr. Pepper, maybe it would be better to
say who I am.

- I'm from Rock-A-Bye.
- Rock-A-Bye?

That's the agency we're
trying to adopt the baby with ...


It is right.
That is why I am here.

Refers to...

You are the...

Are you the investigator?

I am, unfortunately.

This is a disgusting trick.

He told me he was from the
Savings Community.

I did not do it. Mr. Poole said so.

Okay. Sure I told him,
but that's beside the point.

If you are going to be an investigator,
appear as one.

That aphrodisiac perfume she
wore and that subversive cleavage.

What the hell is this,
an obstacle course?

I'm sorry, Mr. Poole, but I'm afraid you don't
have the conditions to be a good parent.

And I guess it is, because he
's addicted to do it yourself.

Wait a minute. Miss Novick.
Please don't make hasty judgments.

You don't know how much this
means to us.

I am a very loyal and faithful husband.

Because I'm the laughing stock of Westport.
I am very inhibited.

- It is?
- Yes.

Mr. Poole. Do you ever think of children
who are victims of broken homes?

If I think about it.

When I can't bear
the thought of them anymore ...

I think of the victims of
blameless parents.

Because I know parents
right now ...

that should be taken
from the children.

I'm sorry, Mr. Poole, but that's
not my job. Good day.

- Miss Novick.
- Hey, can't you be a little more human?

I made a mistake, but that's
the way I am.

A naive, playful, almost a child.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pepper,
you are not the one we are putting up for adoption.

We are here, Miss Novick.

This is Mrs. Poole.

How are you, Miss Novick?

How are you?

- What is leaving now?
- Right now.

Mr. Poole and Mr. Pepper,
they told me everything I needed to know.

Are you not interviewing me?

I mean, after all,
I'm going to be the mother.

It really is not necessary.

Thanks. Goodbye.

It's the strangest
thing I've ever seen.

What could have happened?

Something must have happened.

Okay. Nothing happened, dear.

He was hunting a mouse
and it showed up suddenly.

- And you've been drinking too.
- Yes, I had a drink.

Why? And that?

- Augie, what else?
- Nothing more, dear.

Frankly, I am very
disappointed in Rock-A-Bye.

I think we should forget about them
and request it somewhere else.

Rock-A-Bye has one of the
best reputations in the East.

Because there you get some
of the best babies

They go straight to
Yale or Smith.

Anyway, you are not passing
over it; she is passing over you.

I know exactly what happened.

- You made a big fool of yourself.
- Do not.

- I can see you, running around half drunk.
- I'm not.

No wonder the woman
left here in a hurry.

Hey, Isolde. Honey,
listen to me please.

Leave me alone.

Calm down, dear.
Come with me to my house.

And for this I put on
this uniform.

Augie, I'm so sorry.

But he didn't know who it was.

You said you were from the
Savings Community ...

and I figured it was time
to have something from them.

Are you off a world record?

Can't let a lady pass?

I've never gone after a woman ...

Unless you send me
a signal like radar

I didn't notice any signs.

Your extrasensory perceptions
have been hampered by years of disuse.

She lit up like a sign
over Madison Square Garden.

"The fight tonight."

Are you crazy.

I am not what she is looking for,
but she is looking for.

- Remember my words.
- Friend...

I was looking for my references.
What are you trying to prove?

You're right.
What am I trying to prove?

I've asked myself the same question
hundreds of times ...

And every time it all ends,
I have a great sense of guilt.

But you have to wait
until it's over, huh?

Of course.

I think I deserve punishment ...

And when I don't have it,
I feel uncomfortable.

So I try to regain the
guilt, chasing it around.

Why do you keep chasing him around,
if he causes you so much trouble?

I have to go back to that
feeling of guilt.

- You have to go back?
- Yes.

I have to suffer for chasing around.
That is why I am going to an analyst.

Does it tell you all this?

No, I tell you.

You don't know what I'm going through.

- You could?
- Oh no, no, no. Of course not.

I am very normal.

Normal? You, normal?

You are even worse than me.
Look to you. You are all shaken.


I have a tranquilizer here.

- They're safe?
- Insurance, of course.

It makes some a little sleepy,
but they eat it like popcorn.

That's why you're always
so calm, huh?

And you are totally knotted.

- That's why you don't have children.
- That's ridiculous.

Yes? Let me tell you something else.

You will never get anywhere
, until you relax.

You are not going to rest until
you come out of its cocoon.

Live a little.

You're not going to hurt Isolde.

That will help her.
That will help both of you.

According to your logic,
what if I hooked up with another woman ...

then would I have a child
with my own wife?

Okay. I don't guarantee it,
but what can I lose?

You're not going anywhere
his way.

Save these.
You will need them more than me.

Unbearable ass.

Trying to get me to join your club
in guilty actions.

Well, they won't flatten me.

I would love to know
what happened there.

There is more to this than
meets the eye.

- Hello?
- Alice?

Is Isolde there?


Yes, it is there.

- It's Augie.
- Tell him I'm busy.

- She's busy.
- Well, I thought ...

that he would go out to dinner with me.
Just the two of us.

He wants to go to dinner with you. Alone.

Tell him I'm not hungry.

I'm fed up

Anything else?

Is not sufficient.

It's so unfair.

Guilty by association.

What are you doing here?

Did you come to nail a complaint
to my door?

No. This is an
unofficial call .

- I can enter?
- Look, Miss Novick.

If you want to play Margaret Mead,
go to Scarsdale.

Please, Mr. Poole,
I've been thinking about it.

It was my fault...

and if another reference can be found,
we will reconsider your request.


That's wonderful, Miss Novick.
Come on in.

- I'm going for my wife. It's next to it.
- Wait.

I made a few observations
about you as a parent ...

But I want you to realize
that there was nothing personal.

Just my job.

Personally, I think you are a
very attractive man, Mr. Poole.

I am?

Deep down I knew you were warm
and human, Miss Novick.

Do not worry. I'll go for
a flawless reference,

even if I have to
go to Bridgeport.

Surely you must meet a
good family man in this community.

I know dozens ...


but if you're going to call them directly,
I can't guarantee anything.

Fine thanks.

It does not matter.

I'll have that drink now.

- Okay.
- I'm off duty.


A split personality, huh?

Severe and threatening during
the work day ...


and feminine at night.

What will it take?

A double whiskey.

Really a split personality.

You know, Miss Novick ...

it's hard to think of you
as a man of science.

I bump into it all the time.

I bet it.

Last year I was with a
team of anthropologists ...

and we conducted a study of
sexual patterns in New Guinea.

Yes. I guess there
must be a lot of that there too.

You know what, Miss Novick?


With you I feel less self-conscious.

He keeps saying he's shy,
but I don't see any proof of it.

Okay. That's the funny thing.

I feel relaxed with you.

You know what I mean?

Yes I think so.

It is what poets call
the recognition shock.

The shock of recognition.


Maybe he was right.


Are you going to do something tonight?

Not really.

Me neither.

What about Mrs. Poole?

Mrs. Poole came out very angry.
It left me to my own worries.

Do you want to be one of my
concerns, Miss Novick?

We would go into town for dinner.

I know a lovely place
with an air-conditioned garden.

We will lower the top of the car and let the
wind run through our hair.

In the interest of pure research.

I want to be on your team.

What am I doing here?

How am I going to explain this to Isolde?

Where am I going to tell him I've been?

Why would I listen to that
idiot Nick?


I'm tense as a drum

I'd better take another one
of these tranquilizers.

What's that?

Tranquilizers. Do you want one?

No, thanks.

You're in luck, miss.
We have one on the left.

Thanks. Can you help me please?

It's fine. Push it here.

Hey sir.

Hey sir.

Wake up

What...? What...?

- Where...? Where I am...? Where...?
- Yes, I know. Where I am?

Hey, what place is this?

TV Motel.
It is fully air-conditioned.

Where is it?

On Route 22.

How did I get here?

Last night the manager said
a lady brought it in.

A lady?

When he left?

I do not know. I came at noon.

- What time is it?
- 2 in the afternoon. The time of departure.

She left him a note.

"Dear Mr. Poole ...

the car keys are
in the glove compartment.

Thanks for a nice evening.

It was wonderful.

Affectionately. Estelle Novick. "

Good thing you didn't hit
the house, if you hadn't thrown it away.

Did they bring the Sunday papers?



no wonder we are full
of herniated discs in this country.


Let's see what's new
in the real estate section.

Still searching?

We still haven't paid the interest
on the mortgage on this house.

Only for curiosity. I like to see
what they paid for.

Hey, listen to this.

"Westport. Old colonial mansion
recently renovated ...

with a beautiful mill and a pond
located behind the house ...

in a sunny jungle valley. "

It must be from Bill Paxton's dump,
with the swamp to the rear.

You know why they are selling it,
don't you?

Not because?

They are getting divorced.


I thought she was one of the happiest
couples west of the station.

She caught him red-handed and with
her best friend.

- No.
- Yes.

Did anyone know?

It is unforgivable.

Of course it is and that's what
she thinks.

I always thought Ethel was a
very broad- minded woman.

Like you.

Luckily you
're not like Bill.


Darling, here is an article
on adoption.

official adoption agencies

meet the needs
of hopeful parents? "

I would like to write an article.

The bureaucrats.


It's been months since
we requested it at Rock-A-Bye ...

and we don't know anything about them.

O en The Cradle or The Crib.

We will make it, my dear.

I am sure we will succeed.

- Go.
- There you have it.

- Here we go.
- Hey, over here. Go.

- Let's go ahead.
- Go.

Shut your mouth kids, or I'll send a
package of you to boarding school.

It wouldn't hurt if you played
with your kids from time to time.

We have nothing in common.
They bore me.

Being a parent is feeding a mouth
that will later bite you.

Hey, Dick.

Hi Augie.

Could I talk to you for a moment?
It is important.

About what?
Are you worried about something.

Your jaw is loose,
your eyes are glassy.

You have a
surprised expression .

That describes exactly how I feel.

It's fine. Come on in.

Now shut up,
or I'll send you to a reformatory.

Look, Dick, I'm in a mess.

A bad one.

I feel suffocated, like
I'm drowning.

Come on, tell me.

Do you remember the night Isolde
left me ...

and I disappeared and did not appear
until the following afternoon?

That was it, huh? I often
wondered what you said to Isolde.

I told him I got in the car and
started driving to freshen up.

Suddenly, without realizing it,
I found myself in the Bronx.

- So far I don't understand you.
- I was going over the bridge ...

that opens to allow
ships to pass.

And when I was going back, the bridge
didn't go down and I stayed on the other side.

The machinery broke down and
I couldn't go back.

Now I understand you
more clearly.

So I told him I had to sleep in the
car all night until it got repaired.

And did she believe that?

Definitely. Why shouldn't I believe it?
I've never lied to him ...

- Amazing.

What really happened?

I went down the avenue.

Not over the bridge.

With a girl.

Who? Do I know her?

- You met her.
- Yes?

Who? Come on, don't be shy.
Tell me now.

Miss Novick.

- Who?
- You don't remember her?

The Rock-A-Bye researcher.

The hottie? Do not.

Yes. A happy choice.
Don't you think?

I took your advice and relaxed ...

totally with Miss Novick.

Poor friend.
Those kinds of women are not for you.

It is out of your reach.
You are not his type.

Not with women like Novick.

She is not for amateurs.
It is for professionals.

Stop protecting me. You're an
extrovert from Madison Avenue.

Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.

So what happened?

- I dont know.
- You do not know?

Between the double drinks I had
and the box of tranquilizers ...

all I can tell you is that I
woke up the next afternoon in a motel.

In a motel?
That is not right.

Thanks. Now tell me.

- And how long have you been with this?
- It's just that nothing has been happening.

I only saw her once
a week ago.

She called me and said she
wanted to see me.

So I immediately left for New Haven
and asked him what this was all about.


You suspect that you are pregnant.

How far?

If winter comes, can
spring be far away?

Where is your Bible?

It's a bit late for that.

When I was a kid, I had superstition ...

I could always get an
idea of ​​how to solve something ...

randomly putting your finger
on a text from the Bible.

Anything can be interpreted
in a way that is convenient.

What does it say?

"And Lorbabel begat Abind ...

and Abind begot Eliakim ...

y Eliakim engendró a Azor."

And it continues like this for a
whole chapter.

There doesn't seem to be any
ambiguity about that here.

- Maybe trying two or three times.
- No no no. That's all. That's all.

The question that comes to mind is,
will she put it on your doorstep?

For an editor and a man who
is supposed to know English well ...

you have not understood.

I did not mean that.
What does he expect from you?

I'll do the right thing for her.

Obviously, there is only one
way: with money.

So if Townsman still
loves me, I'll sign the contract.

- We love you.
- Would you give me an advance if I sign?

- One thousand dollars.
- I need a check today.

- Why?
- I have an appointment with her at 1.

- Here in Westport? Are you crazy.
- She's leaving town.

She's going upstate
to have the baby.

Can't you give me a
personal check and cash it at the office?

Okay, okay. You're not the
scoundrel I thought you were.

Here. Here's a blank check


How did you do it...?

From where...?

It is impossible.

Go. Don't start again.

- Thanks.
- Where are you going?

- To church.
- To church?

There are no atheists in the trenches.

I wonder where Augie is.
Is late.

Probably on the driving range
hitting a bucket of balls or something.

I am worried about him.

He's acting strange.

In what way, darling?

For one thing, he's never been
so considerate or thoughtful.

That is a new complaint.

I think I know what is bothering you,
but it's so unreasonable.

You see, even though Dr. Vancouver
has assured you over and over again ...

it's not his fault that
we didn't have a child ...

thinks he's the culprit.
Something happens to him.

Sorry Sorry.

Dick, maybe you could talk to him.
Could you?

Tell him that everything is on his mind.

I will, I will, I will.

I will try to convince him that
it is not his fault.

I think so.


Miss Novick!
How wonderful to see it!

What a surprise!

I was passing by and I thought
I should say hi to you.

Hello, by the way ...

Arrive just in time
for lunch.

Mr. Pepper is preparing
some steaks.

Sorry, but I can't stay.

Alice, look, it's Miss Novick.

- Hello, Mrs. Pepper.
- Hello.

- He's beaming.
- Thanks.

You must be very happy in your life.

Yes I am. Every day of the year.

Do you know Mr. Pepper, our reference?


- Would you like a cocktail?
- Yes, thanks.

- Everything's fine.
- Dick?



Ms. Novick, I'm so glad
you're back.

We had lost all hope
about Rock-A-Bye.

Finally we got rid of the mice,
my husband is in the wagon, and

I'm so excited I do
n't really know what I'm talking about.

My husband is going to ...

Come on, Augie.

It's the usual crowd.

Darling, Miss Novick is here.

She came back. Is not it wonderful?

Augie, we were talking about you.

Weren't your ears burned?

Hello Mr. Poole,
nice to see you again.

No, thanks. I think I had better
drink some other time.

I really must go.

I hope we'll see you again, Miss Novick,
or that we hear from you.

I don't give them much hope ...

but I know your case.
They are going to have to be patient.

It's going to take five or six months.

Five or six months.

Miss Novick,
we don't really care.

That's nothing, if we know
there is a possibility.

And they are saving three months
in the regular process.

See, honey?
The reward of virtue.

I remember now...

I do not promise, but do
my best for you.

I think you are going to make a
wonderful mother, Mrs. Poole.

Thank you, Miss Novick.

And before I send my recommendation,
is there anything else you want to tell me?

I can also be honest

Even if it ruined our
chances, Miss Novick.

Our financial situation
is not very good.

But money shouldn't be a
big deal, right?

I want to tell you what we
can give:

Our love, care, devotion.

That's what really counts,
isn't it?

Isn't it, Miss Novick?

Exactly, Mrs. Poole.

That's what counts.


you can stop worrying.

I just signed a contract
with Townsman.

Augie, that's wonderful.

They are using their drawings.

Well, it's not really my drawings.

It's the jokes below them.

My love, why did you do it?

If we are going to have a family, I have
to start making some money.

My son must have the best.

If you don't mind, I'd like to speak
to your husband in private for a moment.

I have some questions to ask you ...

that could be embarrassing in
front of others.

Do you understand it?

Yes of course.

Go. Dick

It was a pleasure to see you again, Miss


More than nice, Miss Novick.


Miss Novick ...

What are you doing here?

We were supposed to meet
at church.

There are four churches in town,
but you didn't tell me which one.

What do you mean that you are
going to do your best?

That's the least I can do,
after all you've done for me.

After everything I
've done for you?


The check.

- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.

It is simply a loan,
of course.

- I'll give it back to you one day.
- Do not.

No. I don't want you to return it to me.

But i have to do it.

I have told myself:
I have a friend in Mr. Poole.

And if I ever get in trouble,
he's the one to turn to.

Yes, yes, well. It's fine.
But what about the baby?

I'll take care of the baby too,
of course.

- Okay. Goodbye, Mr. Poole.
- Goodbye.

I don't think we'll see each other again.

After my confinement, I go
to the Australian archipelago.

And I can't take a baby
on that expedition.

I have a better idea. You stay
here and I go to the archipelago.

Goodbye, Mr. Poole.


What a ridiculous idea that is.

A party for baby Poole
that hasn't arrived yet.

How do we know they will achieve it?

They will get it. Isolde always
achieves everything it sets out to do.

Now remember honey.
Don't drink too much tonight.

Why? You don't have to
bring me home.

We are in home.

Only remember.
You are the host.

Okay, okay.
I promise not to have fun.

How am I?

I bought it last year and this
is my first time wearing it.

It's a lovely dress, my dear.

Yes, and this time I'm going to get to
use it several times.

What a stupid idea.

Have a picnic for a baby
who's not even born.

It's not just about our baby.

Alice told me she was dying to throw
a party now that she can show off her figure.

- Yes.
- Let me tie the knot.

- You are very nervous.
- No. I'm not nervous, honey.

The prospect of parenthood
has terrified you.

- That is not true.
- I understand you, darling.

Under the circumstances, it
is perfectly normal.

There is no solution.

It doesn't matter what happens to me.
I am still normal.

- How are you?
- Nice to see you.

- Thanks for the invitation.
- I'm glad they came.

Alice, Dick, they have been very nice.

May I present Miss
Gladys Dunne, actress.

- Hello.
- How are you? I've seen it on TV.

I've tried testing it on TV
to see if I like it.

Ms. Dunne will perform
at the Shakespeare festival.

Yes. I am a fan
of Shakespeare.

While Shakespeare arrives,
how about we dance?

I'd love to.

- Are you ready.
- You start very early.

Not your second drink?

The waiting makes me nervous.

Hurry, let's go.

We should not be the first to arrive.

If we don't hurry, we wo
n't fit into the whole.


It's fine.

- I'm good?
- Great.

- Hello everyone.
- Hello.

- Hello Alice.
- Hi dear.

- You are charming.
- Thanks.

- Where's Dick?
- Go around.

I've seen that girl
on TV.

Open all the refrigerators.

She sure is thawing

C'mon C'mon.

- Excuse me, honey.
- It's fine.

- Hello Hello.
- Hey.

Isolde, you are adorable.

- You too.
- Thanks.

- Thanks for letting me use the skin.
- Isn't it divine?

- Love it.
- Dick told me to take good care of her ...

because it's the last thing I
'm ever going to have from him.

Hey, Augie.


Augie Poole, Gladys Dunne.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Are you originally from Westport?

Yes Yes. What is there
is my barn.

Barns fascinate me.

I've always wanted to live in one.

Why not?

I have hay fever.

You can take out the hay and catch
the mice, which is what I did.

It is a fascinating idea.

I'll send you some mice
to get you started.

You're funny.

Suppose they give me a
helping drink to get started.

Yes ma'am.

Let's dance first.

Hello, Mrs. Poole.

Dr. Vancouver, how are you?

- No good.
- That good.

I have a bad cold, my
chest hurts and I may even have a fever.

Glad to hear that, doctor.

What did he say?

I would love to dance.

Why don't we sit down?
I'll get you a drink.

It's fine.

What will you drink?

- Don't you know what I want?
- Do not.

Do not get bored.

Why don't we go to the barn?
You can show me your sketches.

No I can not.
I am the guest of honor.

Then get me a martini.

Right away.

Pour me a whiskey and mix a
very dry martini, will you?

Don't overdo it, Augie. Quiet.

I have to do something to
calm my nerves.

Alice's brilliant idea.

I know.

Any news from upstate

Only this postcard.

"I'm still working on it.

Good. Estelle Novick. "

Novick. A giant among women.

Give him his credit. She had no one
to help her, like Kinsey.

He had to do his own research.

From door to door.

Hope it's dry enough.

What is this, a lethal weapon?

Strictly regulatory.

Nine to one.

This can bring me down

And if I fall, I'm going to hold
you responsible

To me?

Thank you, Mrs. Poole.

I feel a little dizzy.
I think I'll go to rest for a while.

Why don't you do that, doctor?


- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Looks like she's chosen Augie
as her target for tonight.

You can't blame Augie.
She lunged at him.

Yes, she has a lot more to
throw at him than I do.

And most of it
is out in the open.

It's a shame to see so much
valuable space that you're going to lose.

She should be advertising
a product.

She is advertising a product.

A good kind of vine.

I'ma tell it to grow
on a wall

and leave my husband alone.

- Honey, they're playing our song.
- What?

You don't mind if I dance with
my husband, do you?

lsolde, I have never felt
less worthy of you ...

or needed as much as now.

Augie, it sounds like something
terrible is going to happen.

Darling, nothing is going to happen to us.
We are happily married.

We will continue like this.
- Let's make a pact now.

In agreement. A pact.

- We sealed it.
- It's fine.

Hey what is this?

Kissing her husband,
in full moonlight, huh?

There is nothing bad.
For that we are husband and wife.

It's a wonderful party.

I've done everything possible to keep
my income from paying taxes.

Hey, speaking of taxes.

We got a
strange email this morning.

You know Townsman sent us an estimate
for our tax return

And there are thousands of dollars that
I can't explain

For or against you?

They claim they paid us
$ 12,000

and all I can add is 11.

I thought maybe you might
know something about it.

$ 12,000?


... that's pretty good
for such a short time.

Yes, but you see, I'm a bit
confused because we only get 11.

Oh? Oh, I know what happened.

They have set aside 1,000 for
withholding taxes.

Oh no, it can't be.

We pay the tax ourselves.


Well, you see. The fact is, I've
been playing the stock a little bit.

I promised Alice that I wouldn't.

Well, she was right.

I needed to get 1,000
and Augie left it to me.


So you owe Augie 1,000.


He never told you, huh?


Not a word.

So, Dick, you could
give them back to us if you agree.

I ... I completely

Wasn't it a beautiful party?


Goodnight Sweetheart.


I've been trying to adjust
my checking account all day

but it just doesn't add up.

If the checkbook doesn't match,
then the bank is bad.

Good night dear.

It can't be that I had
a thousand dollar mistake.

One thousand dollars?

- Exactly?
- Every penny.

Hey, the bank is closed
at night.

Why don't you wait
until tomorrow and call them?

I already called them, honey, this morning.

There is no mistake, Augie.


I guess you'd better clear it up, honey.


Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
when for the first time it is deceived!

Who was the one who told you that?

The Westport Bank teller.


The truth is, my dear ...

that before he signed with Townsman,
he had been borrowing from Dick.

50 here, 20 there.

Pocket money, but you know
how it goes up.

Of course.

Up to a thousand.

I didn't want to turn to you for that.

- So you turned to Dick.
- Yes.

Men certainly have
a strong bond.

We need each other if we're going to stay
in touch with women, hehe

I should have told you earlier.

I guess it was my silly pride.

It was silly, Augie.

You know that whatever
we have is both of us.

I know that my dear

but every time I left
for whatever reason ...

I felt like a
hopeless failure .

lsolde, you're not listening to me.

I heard every word.

You feel like a
hopeless failure .


Goodnight Sweetheart.

Sleep well.

Sleep well too, darling.

All good, dear. Do not get up.
Do not get up. I'll take it out.

- What happens?
- You know what happened?

No what?

lsolde cornered me with
that $ 1,000.

- He told you?
- Yes.

As I am telling you.

I was a little tight
when he cornered me.

But I think I told Isolde ...

that you loaned them to me to cover
some losses.

- Oh no!
- But do not worry. She swallowed it.

But if I told him that you
had lent them to me.

- Then she won't be calm.
- No. He won't be.

It's fine. I'll say I
was covering for you ...

because I didn't know that you had
told him that you had lent them to me, right?

Not even Alice would believe that.

No, she does not.

It's more. I'm supposed to
give you a thousand dollars.

Give them to me. I'm going to hold on to it
until this is over.

¿Dartelos ...?

- Give them to you?
- Yes.

You couldn't squeeze 1,000 out of
me even if you put me in a Waring mixer.

Give me a check with
an advanced date.

If I gave you a check, they'd bounce it
from Westport to Port Arthur.

Easy, honey. Baby oh baby
Baby baby no

That's not fair. There is no justice.

Here I am trying to get
1,000 to have a child ...

and you have one every year
in the house.

Good Guy. Dickie boy.

- Alice.
- Yes?

Remember how I told you Augie was
acting really weird lately?

Okay. It is getting worse.

You know how sloppy he is and he's
always been distracted, right?

Lately, she's been making
me breakfast and she's bringing it to me on a tray.

That could be the beginning
of a nervous breakdown.

Not only that,
but he's talking to himself ...

and shaking his head.

Wow. If Dick ever
serve me ...

I would have it recorded or
would have recorded it.

It's great, Augie.

I think I'm more fun
when I'm hurting.


Do you realize what month we are in?

Yes, it is March.

The Ides of March.

The moment is approaching.

lsolde, what are you doing biking
on these slippery roads?

You're going to break your neck.

Future mothers are supposed to
exercise until the last minute.

Look, honey, you have to stop
preparing yourself.

A million things could go wrong.
We don't have the boy yet.

- We have no response from Rock-A-Bye.
- But we will.

I know we will.

Darling, you're going to catch a
cold out here.

Come on in.
I'm going to make you some coffee.

- It gets sweeter and sweeter.
- Yes.

We can learn
a lesson from him.

Oh, Dick, I spoke to Alice ...

And she's going to give me the check
for the thousand dollars. Thanks a lot.


Richard, you should be
ashamed of yourself.

After the solemn
word of honor

you gave me not to waste
time in the bag.

- But I ...
- This is a new stage:

You lied to me.

- Hello?
- Mr. Poole?


I'm Miss MacCracken from Rock-A-Bye.


Miss MacCracken from Rock-A-Bye.


Mr. Poole, are you there?

Yes. Yes. Here I am.

Where did he say he was talking about?

De Rock-A-Bye.

Aren't you Mr. August Poole?

Yes. I'm August Poole.

Okay. I have very
important news for you.

Is Mrs. Poole there?

No no no. She is not
here right now.

- Ask him if you can take the message.
- Could you leave me the message?

No. I think it's much better
that you hear it together.

I want to see their expressions.

Now I am in town.
I have to do some things.

I'll come by later.

This afternoon at five.

Yes, sure.

At five o'clock.

Like I said, the Ides of March.

It's just a routine visit.
A prospect. Nothing definitive.

It may not be
your baby yet.

Oh no. It's mine. It's fine.
I can feel it.

Dick, I swear to you.
I'm going crazy.

Suppose Isolde finds out,
what is she going to do?

- How is he going to find out?
- You know Isolde is smart.

Too smart.

It would be different if it were

He wouldn't know if you brought a lady
home and put her in the freezer.

I was never cut out to
lead a double life.

I couldn't even lead
a single life.

Augie, already torturing you.

And the terrible thing is that
I am torn.

I want that baby.

- What?
- Okay. Why not?

He's my son, right?

It is a perfectly natural thing to
love your own child.

You're on your way to madness, buddy.

If it were my son
from a previous marriage ...

no one would think such a thing.

Yes. That is reasonable.

Perhaps it is best to tell the
truth and tell it all.

Confession is good for the soul.

Just in the sense that a
tweed coat is good for dandruff.



Augie, I came
from Dr. Vancouver's office ...

and he told me he has something for
us: a baby.

- Do you have it?
- Yes. There is an 18-year-old girl.

The ideal age for adoption.

No. She is a girl that Dr.
Vancouver has been taking care of ...

and you think you can manage it.

Great. That would solve everything.

I mean, it wouldn't have
to be investigated ...

and all that nonsense.

He said that she is a very
healthy girl from a good family.

The man must certainly be fine.
He's a cadet from West Point.

A good American boy.

Honey, they are
secretly married , but they can't admit it.

Cadets are expelled
if they marry before graduation.

Sounds like the best option for me.

I think the same.

It just doesn't seem fair
to Rock-A-Bye to me.

Isolde, don't start lavishing a
motherly feeling on an institution.

We will take the first baby
to appear.

I will gladly take the
first baby to appear.

I'm going to tell Alice.

You better get started
on that black horse from West Point.

Yes, but there is only one thing.

I've always hated copper
since I was in the Army.

It is not copper. This guy is
definitely a tall guy:

Healthy, smart, alert.

West Point.
He could be president one day.

How can a guy be president
who does what he's done?

Casting stone is not
your trade, my friend.

Why should I have to give it
preference over my own son?

What's wrong?
Looking for more trouble?

I myself feel healthy,
alert and intelligent.

And I'm not going to West Point with a letter
from my idiot congressman.


I see.

Your own son.

This is becoming
your obsession, right?

You read the Bible for inspiration.
Let me remind you of something.

When Daniel came out of the wolf's mouth,
it wasn't because of his hat.

What time is it?

It's almost 5 o'clock.

The only solution you have
left is West Point.

I better call Vancouver and check
the odds.

- It's almost time out.
- Yes.

This is Dr. Vancouver.

Doctor, I'm calling you to find out about
that couple you told my wife.

That cadet and the 18-year-old girl.

Who is it?

I am Mr. Poole. I need to
know something right away, doc.

How long to wait?

Mr. Poole, the situation has changed
since I spoke to your wife.

- Changed?
- Yes.

The boy's parents are going to take care of
his wife and baby until he graduates.

I wanted to call Mrs. Poole,
but they have me tied up here.

Well, thank you, doctor.

I will tell.

It has failed.

Double crossover of charlatan.
That is going to be a happy marriage.

A gold bar on his shoulder and a
3-year-old boy on his lap.

I'll take this lying down.

Never ask who
the bell tolls for.

- Mr. Poole?
- Yes.

How are you? I'm
Miss MacCracken from Rock-A-Bye.

Come in, Miss MacCracken.

I introduce them to Sr. Pepper.


Oh yeah. The Poole reference.

Don't you sit down?


Well, uh ...

Do you have any news for us.
Miss MacCracken?

I'll wait and tell both of you together.

I'll call my wife.



What's up darling

Can you come for a moment?

I'm coming.

Frankly, Ms. MacCracken, I wish you
had been sent here first.

Now it comes.

She's my wife.

Darling, this is Miss MacCracken
from Rock-A-Bye.

How are you?

¿De Rock-A-Bye?

Ms. MacCracken,
what is it, please?

The first is the first.

Do we sit down?


First, let me tell you,
Mrs. Poole,

we do our
best at Rock-A-Bye

so that the baby matches well
with the right parents.

Yes, I know.

Yesterday, we received a baby ...

that we think could be
for you two.

Naturally, I can't give you
any details ...

but I understand that the father
is a decent guy,

although somewhat weak and irresponsible.

Ms. MacCracken, please,
what is it?

Is it a boy or a girl?

We don't care, because we'll take it anyway
, but ...

A beautiful healthy child.

She is eight pounds, with curly
blond hair and big blue eyes.

Right to order for you.


With curly blonde hair.

It's a boy.

When can we bring it?

Today, if you want.

If we want? Darling come on

- Can we go?
- Yes of course.

We will take the truck.
The heating is fixed.

- Take the truck.
- Thanks.

Dick! I'll go get a basket
and put some blankets on him.

Nerd. I will do it.

Miss MacCracken, we
meet in the car.

This is the best part
of my job.

Tell new mothers
and fathers. He is so radiant.

But you...

seems surprised.

I am?

You must have made a great
impression on headquarters, Mr. Poole.

Me? Why?

There were more than 200 couples in
front of you ...

and suddenly his name jumped
to the top of the list.

You are a lucky man, Mr. Poole.

A very lucky man.

There is a huge demand
for our little ones ...

and a very small part of the offer.

You have to admit one thing.


I finally defeated the law
of supply and demand.

Whats going on Son?




Quiet, still.
Mom is not at home.

Don't start again.


Alice, can you come here
right away?

- What happens?
- It's the baby! Fast!

Oh my god.

- What is the problem? What's wrong?
- He won't stop crying.

- It's turning blue, look.
- It's not blue.

It is pink in color and it is likely

When did you give him his last bottle?

It's true, of course.

I forgot about that.

I'll heat up the formula.

Wait a minute, little friend.

Just a couple of seconds
on fire.

- You don't have a feeding schedule?
- Yes.

But I forget to write it down.

Finished the fifth bottle
an hour ago.

I do not know what's happening to me. I can't
hold anything back for two minutes.

- Okay. What happened?
- Nothing. The feeling of hunger.

I almost called the fire department because of
the way you were yelling at him.

If I panic,
I can't lower my voice.

Call me for the next emergency.

Sorry, Alice. Thanks a lot.

When you go to town, can you bring me
a packet of foo Yung eggs ...

and some seedless grapes?

Sure. And thanks for waiting
until 2 in the morning.

- What is it?
- Alice is at the races again.

- Congratulations.
- Shut.

- How are you progressing with the jokes?
- I haven't thought of anything funny.

I have a deadline to meet and
nothing good has occurred to you?

To hell with your deadline.
I'm going crazy here.

I have had four children and no
one has seen me go downhill.

Yes, sure, sure.


You're going to love this today, Augie.

It is a new brand with
a sensational taste.

We cut it from the corn syrup and
add a splash of Angostura Bitter.

Isn't it good, little friend? Hey?

I knew you'd like it, little one.

I could stay all
day, just staring at it.

Let him breathe, let him eat.
It is wonderful.

It is a great spiritual experience.

Very moving.

- Leave him alone. Now he has to sleep.
- Hey, Dick.


I am scared.

Scared? About what?

- lsolde. She suspects something.
- Yes?

Every now and then he sees the child
in the crib and then he looks at me ...

Then he looks back
at the crib, then at me.

Like at Wimbledon.

I can imagine it. When you take a
look at the boy, the resemblance is terrifying.


And your idea ...

of this lousy mustache has not
helped. It seems ridiculous.

We have to do something to make
Isolde not think about the resemblance.

What do you suggest?
Put a mustache on the boy?

- Hello Alice.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

How are you?

Hello. Beautiful child.

- How have you been?
- Very good.

Well, I have to go.

What is the problem?
Don't you want to see it?

- See who?
- To the baby.

You seem to make a wide arc
around her every time you come.

Of course I want to see it.

- Who do you think it looks like?
- Churchill.

How are you? Is asleep.

Where did you come from, dear baby?

You came out of nowhere and walked in here.

Where did you get those
big blue eyes?

You know it's remarkable.
The girls are right.

Since the baby shower,
I've had nothing but phone calls

exalting little Augie.

- Yes? What did they say?
- That it was a sweetheart.

And that he never cried.

He was looking at them with that
funny little crooked smile.

The way you are smiling now.
They couldn't get over the resemblance.

It's true. It is notable.

It's amazing.

I think it looks a lot
more like Isolde.

That little mouth, that nose.
It's like hers.

No no no.

His mouth is much more
like yours. Check it out.

- I'll take him inside.
- I'm going now.

Do not go. I want to show you something.
You too, Alice.

Very good.

What do you think of this photo?
It is an enlargement that I have taken.


It is stupendous.

Even just by looking
at the child.

Is it a photo of the new batch I took?
I didn't think it was so soon.

Do you think it is a good portrait?

It is perfect.

- It looks like a little doll.
- Better not come out.

It is very interesting.

See. It's not a photo
of little Augie at all.

It's a photo of the great Augie
taken a few years ago ...

when he was
little Augie's age .

You're not talking seriously?


where did you get it?

His mother sent it to me.

He found it at his home a week ago
and thought I'd like to have it.

He said, "Don't show it to Augie.
He's going to blush."

And you are not blushing.

You are pale

I am?

Okay, old Augie.

You do not say anything?

I know it.

Maybe we all imagine
that the baby looks like Augie,

but don't tell me it's
my imagination

that Augie looks like that baby
when he was the same age.

- lsolde, I love you.
- He's your son, isn't he?

- It is not like this?
- Isolde, honey.

I know you love me and you are a
poor helpless child.

When I think you've been
a despicable fool.

How could I have fooled
myself all these years?

My kind, gracious and honorable husband.

I never want to see you again, you
lustful goblin.

But you are not being fair.

You're condemning this poor
wretch without giving him a chance.

He had his chance and he took it.

Just give me 10 minutes alone
with you, please.

No. I'm leaving here. I'm sick of you,
Westport, and the whole world.

Where are you going?

I don't know, but it will be to a city.
To any city.

I never want to see a tree
or a blade of grass ...

Or a piece of calico again
while I live.

For years they fight ...

And just when you start to stick
your head out of the water ...

they throw the rug under you.

It is logical.

Up there, they look down and say,
"How is Augie Poole doing well?"

"He's doing fine."

"Oh yeah? He's a slob."

"What are we going to do, boss?

Should we break his arm so
he can't draw? "

"No, you can't draw anyway."

"Shall we give him a concussion?"

"No. He has no brain in his head."

"I know what we will do."

"We are going to bankrupt your home ...

and if that doesn't work,
we'll do something drastic. "

"Very good. They did."

Hey, Augie.

Still here?


You know you are a fool to shave
your mustache. It gives you character.

Augie, in a way, I feel
responsible for all of this.

Why don't you let me talk
to Isolde?

With your record,
you are perfect to do it.

Stay away from her.

It's fine.
Stay here and sink.

It is unfair.

You can pick them up and throw them away
like used razor blades.

But with one time I slipped, I was pinned
to the wall like a butterfly.

You are right, there is no justice ...

but you made a fatal mistake:
you reformed.

The unregenerate butterfly
flutters from flower to flower ...

without worrying about the world.


Why did you sit there and moan with me
about your terrible feelings of guilt?

Didn't you hear me?

I have finished my analysis.

I am completely healed.

I can chase everything I like,
without giving a damn hoot, ha ha.

Good afternoon, Mr. Poole.

Buenas tardes.

I can pass?

We are very...

Sure, come in.

It is adorable.

The little rabbit.

Thanks thanks.

Is it going somewhere?

No no no. They are from my wife.

- Is she going anywhere?
- No no no. Does not go anywhere.

These are some things that you will bring
to the center of the community.

Packages for the poor.

I'd say baby is a
full time job.

Yes Yes it is. She is with him
practically every second ...

but once a year he likes to
do something for the poor.


How are they adjusting to
family life?

- Well well. Very good.
- I am glad to hear that.

However, it is what we call
probationary parents during the first year ...

until the adoption is final.
- Yes Yes. I know.

Nice to have you come, Miss
MacCracken. Come whenever you want.

Thank you, but I'd like to see
Mrs. Poole before I go.

There's a cab waiting for
someone, Mr. Poole.

Probably a bug. It can't be
for us. We have a car.


We don't call a taxi.
You came to the wrong house, Jack.

Mr. Poole, I must insist on seeing
your wife, for a moment.

Well, eh ...

I'm going for her right now.

I'll remove this from here.

I guess they take that to the poor.

We have a high standard of living
in Westport.

Mr. Poole, your lies are pathetic.

- Lies?
- You two are breaking up, aren't you?


Fortunately, the child is
young enough not to be affected by this.

I'm afraid I'll have to make
a report to the board.

Please don't file the
report yet, Ms. MacCracken.

I love my wife and she loves me.

Give me a chance to fix
this, please.

It's against all the rules ...

But I will delay my report
for a week.

Thank you, Ms. MacCracken.

I can't tell you
how grateful I am.

- I hope I can fix things.
- Thanks a lot.

- I really hope so.
- Thanks.

- Goodbye, Mr. Poole.
- Goodbye.

Wasn't it my taxi?

It is gone.

I knew it.

- I knew you'd do something like that.
- I'm trying to fix it.

Give me five minutes.

What could you say in five minutes
or in five years that will convince me?

Baby I'm fighting for our
lives, for our baby

May you take pride in being
open-minded and tolerant.

You remind me of your mother.

- That annoys me.
- Yes.

You are always attacking her for being
narrow-minded and intolerant.

What are you doing right now?

Narrow-minded and
intolerant like my mother.

That's it.

What happened to that free spirit
that I married?

It happened to her.

I'm going by my own taxi.

Isolde, I just want to tell you this.

Love you.

And I love him.

And whatever happens, I'm going to
provide the best I can.

Get your hands off that child.

Do you think I would let you raise it?

To you? His father?

lsolde, wait.
Please do not do it.

lsolde, no.

No no no.


Baby, are you hurt?

- Shut.
- He came to me, head-on.

- I did not do it.
- Why don't you see where you're going?

Your ankle. It's a sprain.
It's the swelling.

It's fine.

- I'm going to call the doctor.
- I do not need it.

If you need it. Recharge in me.
We will take you to the doctor.

Sorry honey.

You will be fine.

- You make me angry.
- I'll give you a drink. You are pale.

I am pale with anger.

- Sit down. Let's look at that ankle.
- Leave me alone.

- That's wrong. I'm going for the tape.
- Leave me alone.

Don't bother with the tape.

You're not going to touch me.

Isolde, what are you doing?

The worst thing you can do
is stand up.

- Now, come here and sit down.
- Let go. Do not touch me.

I'm going to put this tape on
you whether you like it or not.

You will listen to me whether you like it or not.

- I'm not listening.
- I'll start by saying ...

that I love you.

I have always loved you.

I never loved anyone else.

What are you doing to me?

I have to do it
hard if it's going to support you.

- Listen to me.
- I'm not listening.

I had nothing to do with it.

You had nothing to do with it?

I mean practically nothing.
I was a captive audience.


A slimy fool.

It was that night that
Rock-A-Bye was suspended and you didn't speak to me.

Psychologically she was mature.

We went to dinner.

We drive to the city.

On the way, she got hungry and we
stopped at a Howard Johnson.

I was not hungry, my
stomach was upset.

I would have liked something like
a grilled lamb chop.

"Could you bring a
lamb chop ?"

I asked the waitress.
I didn't want to eat a lot.

"I can give you the
children's portion , if you wish." she said.

"In fact, the lamb chop is
our special Simple Simon dish."

"Okay. I'll have that one and a
bottle of beer."

"And they gave me the first beer." I told.

"I couldn't give you beer
and Simple Simon."

"If you are thinking of substituting
beer for milk." she said.

"But if you want to take
the Simple Simon ...

I guess it sounds very idiotic to both
you and me, doesn't it?


I will answer you this.

If that's my taxi again,
don't go to ...

Good afternoon, Mrs. Poole.

Hello, Mr. Poole.

- Miss Novick.
- oh.

It's not sweet?

Don't touch that baby.

He is ours and we have the
papers to prove it.

I know it's yours.

I brought it for you.
What's the matter with you, Mrs. Poole?

But, Miss Novick,
why have you come here?

Because I want to say goodbye
and pay you back your loan.

What loan?

The thousand dollars, of course.

My husband sold his book
and got an advance.

Here I brought you a dedicated copy.

Tondo: The Story of a Savage
by Rene Novick.

That's my husband.

I can't thank you enough
for your kindness, Mr. Poole.

I don't know how I would have had
my baby without you.


your baby?

Yes. Here's a photo.

A dear little girl.

Yes Dear.

And now that she is old enough
, we will bond with my husband.

Thanks again for everything, Mr. Poole.

I must say we did a great
job to match results.

That's what everyone says.

Well bye.

I'm going to write to you from Australia.

Are you not ashamed of yourself?

Don't give me that.

You had the conscience of guilt
for something.

That's true, my dear, and I
deserved everything I have.

But maybe you didn't know me
as well as I knew you.

He was a frustrated man.

I couldn't sell my drawings
and I couldn't have a child.

Augie, I don't know how you did it.

How did you change ...

But suddenly I feel guilty,
like it's all my fault.

No, dear, it's no one's fault.

Do not blame yourself.
What happened has not changed me.

I mean, what didn't happen
hasn't changed my love for you.

Can't you believe me?

Augie, I want to believe you.

I want to love you.

I don't want to throw away the six years
we have spent together.


Not now, Augie.

I am so tired.

And I have a feeling of emptiness.

You may be hungry.
I myself am starving.

I'll go fix something.

There is nothing in the house
except milk and porridge.

Very good. I will go to town.
What do you want?

Stop at the Shanghai Gardens ...

And bring me a double order
of "moo goo gai" bread.

All right, sweetie, okay.

¿Pan "Moo goo gai"?

I've had an irrepressible desire
all week.


What other symptoms?

- Symptoms?
- Yes.

What symptoms?

I'm just starving.
That's all.

We were told that this usually happens
when it is adopted.

I have a feeling little
Augie is going to have a baby sister.

Listen, darling, let's put the house
on the market and head back to town.

The country is not a place to
raise children.

Our babies will be born in Manhattan,
in a normal and healthy environment.

And this time, I hope it looks like you.


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