The Truth About Spring (1964) - full transcript

Tommy Tyler a lazy Caribbean sailor and his tom-boy daughter, Spring are out to search for a buried treasure. Tommy brings aboard William Ashton, a young lawyer to help with the search. ...

- Tommy!
- Yes.

Steamer, starboard -How big?

About 20.000 tons.

Cross about a leeway or two.

- Ahoy there, what's your trouble?
- Water, we need water.

- Mr. Boscoe, lower the ladder.
- Aye aye, sir.

Come aboard.

Who are you, sir?

Sarah Tyler's skipper, captain.

We've been without
water for days now.

You poor boy!

Yes, mam, he's kind of weak.

I'll make out fine
without food, but

the kid, he ain't got
the stamina right!

You have no food?

We have enough to get by,
I guess, mam.

Still have a few
apples and a banana.

- I mean food, Mr... Mr...
- Tyler, mam.

Mr. Tyler. I'm talking about
good nourishing food, not fruit.

Captain, isn't there something
you could do about it?

What do you think you'll need,
Mr. Tyler?

Well, uh-a few potatoes will help,
maybe a little lard with some salt.

Meat, captain.
That's what they need, meat.

This child needs nourishment.

- Mr. Foster!
- Sir?

See that they get
what they need.

Tell the cook to take some
steaks out of the freezer.

Aye, aye, sir.

What do you think, Mr. Foster?

Didn't believe a word of it, sir.

Neither did I.

What's eating you?

I can make out just fine
without food, mam.

But the kid here,

he ain't got the
stamina I got, uh!

I'm your father.

If a father can't be
stronger than his daughter

what else is left to it?

Well, you didn't have to say it
like I was some weak.

Never mind about that,
you just cook us something.

I'm warning you,
Tommy, you'd better

not start treating me
like a girl

I mean just because I'm growing.

I'm hungry, you'd better go
and fry them six.

Who is she, Tommy?
I've never seen her before.

I've seen her once
driving out of Nassau.

She sure is something.


You brush your teeth today?

You're gonna start that again?

That and a lot more
I should ask.

If you did what you're supposed to,
I wouldn't have to keep telling you.

Sure you would... just to keep in
practice. Once you get hold of

someone, you never let it go.
It's enough to drive a boy wild.

Well, it won't be any long drive
for the likes of you.

Spring, I've just come to the
conclusion that you need a mother!

It happens I know a very good
woman over in Fort Myers.

You wouldn't dare!

She's a good woman,
clean, accepting.

You wouldn't do that to me!

Likes everything ship shaped and
Bristol fashion! She'd teach you

how to dress properly, do your hair,
proper way to brush your teeth

I'm warning you, Tommy!


And take a bath
while you're in there!

You're beginning to smell
like Bill Water!

You're bored, William!
I take no particular pride in it,

but after 4 wives,

I consider myself in a position
to know about boredom.

I didn't know you were married
four times, uncle Charles.

I'm not surprised.

I scarcely think
about that myself.

It seems to me that the more
times a man marries,

the less weary he becomes.

I can have some coffee.

Here we are.

- Excuse me sir.
- Yes, son.

A Miss Peabody would like to
come aboard at Tampico.

Peabody? Yes, I remember her.

Shall I radio an affirmative, sir?

No, tell Miss Body-Miss Peabody

that although I have
the utmost regard,

for her innumerous charms,

I'm afraid at the moment
I'm incapacitated.

- Yes.
- No, thank you, uncle Charles

I think I'll turn in.

I'm sorry things aren't more lively
for you, William, but you got to

understand that for the time,
being I need rest and quiet

in the worst possible way.

- Good night.
- Good night, William.

You don't see him, do you?


But if I know Cark,
he's out there somewhere.

I'd figure he'd be out
at Montego Bay.

What do you think he'll do
if he catches up with us?

- I got a plan.
- Better be a good one.

- He gets meaner as he gets older.
- Morning.

Good morning.

You're a girl!

I don't know who you are or where
you come from or why you're here,

but if this is all you've
got to say, shove off!

Wow! What I mean was... from a
distance you

well we saw you

fishing and I thought
you might sell us a few.

Hum, how can you sail a boat like
that if you don't have any fish?

- Not fresh.
- You mean they're rotten?

Do you mind keeping it shut for a
moment? He means frozen, in ice.

I'm Tommy Tyler.

This mouth here
is my daughter, Spring.

My name is William Ashton.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You know, I've never seen
a boat quite like yours.

We haven't seen another one either.
I built it myself.

- Come aboard. I'll show you around.
- Thank you.

Come on, give me your hand.

Something wrong?

- Had your breakfast, Mr. Ashton?
- No, I haven't.

Roll over there and make a steak
for breakfast and take them the fish.

Come on, let's go below.

Roll over there and make a steak
for breakfast and take them the fish.

Take them the fish.

Now, take them the fish.

You don't have to pay them.
Tommy said so.

Did he really?

What are you looking at?

I don't quite know.

Well, Tommy said to tell you that
Ashton is with us today.

- You shouldn't expect him.
- Splendid.


Where do you usually sail,
Mr. Tyler?

Close to the wind.

- Too close if you ask me!
- Nobody asked you.

Yeap! I've been 30 years
in these waters,

Caicos, New Orleans, Jamaica...

And in all that time I'm the only
thing he found and hasn't tried to

trade with somebody.

How can you explain to someone
that she wasn't found?

He invented me, just like he
invented most things in this boat.

Well you can't invent time,
can you?

I'm not saying that
she's what I'm most...

Proud of,
but most the other things

in this boat are pretty good.

- Take a pole.
- Thank you.

You'd think that with my
brains and her mouth

we'd be better off than we are.

How do you make your living,
Mr. Tyler?

Well, the fish, trade,
you know, other things.

- Like to fish, Mr. Ashton?
- Very much.

I thought I'd do some fishing
out of the Dryad,

but hasn't turned out that way.

Why not?

Well, maybe because
I'm the only guest

on board and I don't like
to fish alone.

If I'd known I might
not have come along.

Now, that would be a shame!

Yeap! Certainly is a shame if

you wouldn't get some fishing
done by these waters.

Got one!

- Hey, hey a beauty!
- Yeah.

- Got him?
- Yeah.

Put it there.

Why don't you come aboard
with us for a while?

- Do you mean it?
- Sure I mean it. We got room.

We'd be glad to have you.
Won't we, Spring?

Good! I'll tell you something: It
won't be as if we go over there.

Come on, let' see.


- Simmons!
- Sir?

- This is Mr. Tyler.
- How do you do?

How do you do, sir?

He's invited me out
for a few weeks.

Where's my uncle?

I believe he's in his cabin,
Mr. Ashton.

Would you like a steward to
help you pack the luggage?

No, thanks.
I'll take care of it myself.

Right, sir.

- Some boat!
- It's a yacht, Mr. Tyler.

It's something, isn't it?

Now take my Sarah for instance.

You ought to see it
when it was new.

Didn't look anything
like she does now.

I should hope not.

I mean... your mast could
use a coat of varnish.

Well, now, that's very perceptive
of you, captain.

What brand you recommend?

- Condensed milk.
- Yeah, for coffee, you know.

Of course, if you can spare it.

You don't want the
coffee as well, do you?

Well, now that I come to
think of it, I could use...

Forget it, forget it! Please take
this stuff out the ladder, will you?

If Mr. Skelton, sees this,
I'll be... I'll be...

Oh, Mr. Skelton!

Don't worry about me,
I'm just the owner.

Tyler is the name.

Your man here has been good
enough to supply me with

odds and ends for the fish I
sent over this morning.

The price of fish
seem to has gone up.

Is there anything else,
Mr. Tyler would like?

Maybe one of the
diesels perhaps?

Or possibly the compass?

Have you lost something,
Mr. Tyler?

I had some cigarettes
when I came on board.

- Please, do have mine.
- Thanks.

- No, no, no, keep them.
- Thank you very much, then.

- Just my brand.
- I'm sure they are.

Won't you help Mr. Tyler
lower these things?

Come on, boys.

They are slow,
aren't they, captain?

Would you care
for me to assist you?

No. Pretty good brand.

Very good brand.

Watch boys, watch it,
go easy with that stuff.

- Mr. Skelton.
- Yes, Simmons.

I can't understand how this man managed
to talk me out of all this stuff.

It started with the fish, then I
suggested that perhaps his mast could

use a coat of varnish... First
thing I knew I was agreeing with

him that if the mast had a new coat
of varnish, he'd need some new

canvas for his sail and
then there was he soup.

- What about the soup, Simmons?
- It goes with crackers.

I mean he said.

Mr. Tyler said that soup and
crackers go together?

Something like that.
Something like that.

I hope you know what you are
doing and I hope you know

what you are doing too.

We'll find out soon enough.

If you change your mind, you
know where we are, don't you?

I'll see you in a couple of week,
Uncle Charles.

And Simmons, we know where
you are, don't we?

- You wonder if you made a mistake?
- What would you say:

Did I make a mistake?

Judging my ignorance yes,
but I'd say no.

College man?

Princeton. Law School.

You're a lawyer?

I passed my bar exams
last month.

Well, now,

well hum.

- Mr. Skelton?
- Yes, Simmons.

A Miss Grier and a Miss Jones
request permission to come aboard.

- Permission granted!
- Yes, sir.

This is yours.

I slept here when I was young
but I use the hammock

since I got old. And you can put
whatever you got in that bag here.

- What do I do with these rags?
- What rags?

These are not rags.
They are my clothes.

Oh, I'm sorry I...

Tommy spent his life
collecting these things.

Anyway, you don't need much
on a boat.

What's that?


That with the stripes.

- Pyjamas.
- What?

Pyjamas, you know, to sleep in.

You really do? You really
sleep in that?

- Yes.
- Why?

Well, because I suppose it's
customary. Everybody does.

Sleeping in pyjamas
is something people

do without even
thinking about it.

That's all there is to it.
People sleep in pyjamas.

I don't.

What time do you usually
get up in the mornings?

When she starts slipping around,

I have to get up and let her go.

I get up then.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Kind of nice to have someone else
on board for a change, ain't it?

How come after all this time we
need someone else on board?

Okay with this?

I mean after all these years
it's nice to have someone with us.

I ain't been much of
a father to you have I?

The day you were born
I said to myself

here's one for freedom.
Here's one they won't get.

The night you were
launched I reckon,

I was the happiest guy alive.

I couldn't stop wondering
what the finest thing

I could do for you was.
And then I knew,

or I thought I knew.

Well that fine thing is
the life you have now.

Only now I'm beginning to wonder if
it was the right thing after all.

Fathers don't usually figure on
their little girls growing up.

I see you have some...

Good night.

What are you doing here, Ashton?

I finished law school last month
and decided to take the cruise

with uncle Charles before
going to work.

Aren't you hungry?

How much money do you have?

I beg your pardon.

- You're rich, aren't you?
- Well, I...

- Someday Tommy and me will be rich.
- I'm glad to hear it.

- Tommy's got a map.
- Carquinez is coming.

- You sure?
- Yeap, it's him all right.

- He shifted his helm when he saw us.
- All down the main sail.

Who's it?

His name is Carquinez and
the schooner is the Juan Bango.

It's been condemned
from every port

from all cities ap to Vera Cruz.

I don't understand.
What does he want with you?

- Springer, I'm going below.
- What for?

Tell them I got the smallpox.
That will make him shove.


I don't know what's going on.

But if there's gonna be some kind
of trouble, I'd like to know before.

- What are they doing now?
- They got into the dinghy.

- How many?
- Three, Sellers and two of the crew.

What did you say to tell them?

I said tell them I got the smallpox.
That'll make them shove.

Right! Leave it to me!

Isn't anybody gonna tell me
what's going on?

Not now. You'll find out soon.

Well, I'm afraid of...

Well, well, look who's here.

Where are you blowing from,

Never mind that. Where's Tommy?

He's got the smallpox and died.

Ah! Push off a bit!

When did you say he died?

Last week. Just got it and died
before I could do anything about it.

Buried him in the sea, dropped
over the sea in Dry Tortugas.

You don't say it! That's the
saddest thing I ever heard.

A young like you having to do a chore
like that and to your own pa too.

Just hearing it is enough to
bring tears to a man's eyes.

If he believes it. That is!

Look, your poor pa didn't happen
to leave a map around, did he?

- Sure did.
- Where's it?

I couldn't make out what to do so I
trade it over in Kingston for onions.

Well I just think I'll come over
aboard and take a look around.

Nobody comes aboard the Sarah Tyler
without an invitation, Sellers!

Old friends don't need it.
Not where I come from.

All right! You got it this time.
Next time, It'll be my turn.

Give me a hand.

And I'm not gonna
forget you, mister!

No, sir! I'm gonna remember you!

Come any time, Sellers.
Always happy to see you.

You just stay anchored there.

Carquinez wants to talk to you
and your poor dead father.

What about?

Cark wants to talk.
He'll tell you what about.

Let's go back to Juan Bango!

Buried me in the sea?

You don't have to look like that.
It was a decent funeral.

Why did you have to
tell that I was dead?

Didn't tell you to say
I got smallpox?

What's the difference between
being dead and having smallpox?

But you told him I was dead
without any emotion.

What did you expect? I told him
you've been dead for a whole week!

Oh! Imagine that!
Dead a whole week!

If I've been dead wouldn't you
be crying or something?

Tommy's right, you know?
He didn't believe you.

If you had just told him he
had smallpox...

He left, didn't he?

If you think they're leaving,

you're dumber than
I thought you were.

You come down. I wanna
explain something to you.

Where are you going now, Ashton?

Well, there's one
only thing left to do:

Give Carquinez shares.

Shares of what? You haven't
told me what the map leads to.

What if I told you a wreck

with maybe a quarter
of a million dollars in gold.



A quarter million dollars.
And old Cark want that.

It's gonna be tough get
away from him this time.

If you show him where the wreck is,
he'll grab everything and run.

Maybe he will, maybe he won't.

I want you to stop him
from taking that map.

- I don't know about this.
- I explained it all to you.

I don't know.
It isn't exactly like fishing.

Hey! Don't scratch the paint,

I thought you was dead.

Didn't like the climate, so I
came back. Where's Cark?

In his cabin. He'll be really
happy to see you.

Makes a man feel good
seeing a boat so well kept

- like this one. Doesn't he?
- Follow me.

Come on!

Hello, Cark!

Why did you say he'd be
happy to see me?

Sit down!

Well, let's get to it!

I don't have time to squander

and being here is not
much of a pleasure.

Who's this?

My lawyer.

- Your what?
- My lawyer.

I wouldn't come aboard
without a lawyer.

All Mr, Tyler tells you is true.

He recently hired me to hold his
affairs, particularly regarding

a certain map in which
he told me that

you showed more than
ordinary interest.

I've investigated all the
affairs of this case

with special attention

given to those areas
which in law

touch the disposition
of procedures

deriving from such
map you've been

given belief that is in
Mr. Tyler's possession.

Of course there's also a matter
of legal ownership and

equatable disposition
as far as I'm

concerned about the
territorial rights.

To be more precise, should this
map lead to a Spanish territorial

possession, it quite
naturally follows...

Hey, You!

That the proper authority will be
more than a little interested...

You lost your first case, son.

You go back to the Sarah, huh?

I will handle from here.

So, we'll do the work and will
dispose of it.

All you gotta do is sit back
and watch.

How does that sound
to you, Tyler?


Good, good. That's settled.

We'll take two dollars out

of every three.

Taking is the only
way you'll get it.

But I don't recommend it.

What do you mean by that?

I want two dollars
out of every three.

But you aren't doing any work!

I've got the map.

You have the map?
That's right, he got the map.

If you do what I think,
you're thinking

it won't do you any good.
Ashton is my witness.

The lawyer.

Tommy Tyler, captain of the...

Sarah Tyler was today reported
missing by his attorney...

Mr. William Ashton
from Philadelphia.

Mr. Tyler was last seen in the
company of Mr. Jose Carquinez and...

Mr. Judd Sellers of the
Schooner Juan Bango.

Persons knowing
of the whereabouts

of these men are requested
to get in touch

with the local authorities.

All right:

You get two out of three.

Where's the map?

Roque Island?

Listen, I've been there
a thousand times and I've

- never seen no hide or anything.
- I don't reckon any marks here.

It doesn't have to be marked.
I know where it is.

- You do, but I don't.
- That's right.

The only reason I'm showing you
this is so you know where to go.

I could tell you where to go
and you wouldn't need

any map to go there.

And this is gonna need
some dynamite,

you have some, don't you?


We'll have to get to the
port for that.

We'll meet you at Roque Island
in a ten days.

Good. It's settled.

Except for one thing.

What one thing?

You wouldn't have a few

galvanized wire on board,
would you?

Just to seal the contract.

- What are you reading?
- Les Misérables.

Those French do a lot of
suffering, don't they?

- You read it?
- Uhu... a long time ago.

Why are you surprised?
I'm not ignorant!

- Where did you go to school?
- Oh, I never went to school.

Tommy taught me how to read
and write. Taught me how to

add and subtract too.

Never how to
multiply and divide.

He said that would
come out naturally.

I didn't care much for learning
arithmomancy, but Tommy made me.

He said...

He said education is one of the
penalties of our civilization.

- You like to swim?
- Sure!

- I'll race you to the beach.
- OK. I'll get changed.

Look, we don't have any spare

That's a shame!

What do you take us for, Tyler?
A marine stall?

I'll tell you what: Instead I
could use a little barrel

- if you have one handy.
- A little barrel?

Yes, you know, to use as a buoy.

A buoy...

Go down the galley and get them
one of those barrels.

Thanks. By the way, one if your
men will have to row me across

to Sarah. My lawyer took mine.

What about my front teeth?
Can you make any use of them?

Any gold in them?

Now, take him back
to the Sarah Tyler.

Are you ready?

I think I should warn you that I
was on a swimming team in college.

What's a swimming team?

Where you've been, Ashton?

Where did you learn
to swim like that?

- I swam before I walk.
- I believe it.

What's this swimming team
you talked about?

Never mind.

Thank, thank you. Much obliged!


Tommy's back.

- What are you laughing at?
- You.

Kind of like having Ashton
aboard, don't you?

What's the joke?

Cark wants us to think he's in a
hurry to get to the port for the

- dynamite.
- Isn't he?

Nah! He ain't going for the
port as we are.

He's heading for Roque Island.
He figures he has 10 days to get

down there and find the wreck
before we show up.

Tommy, don't you think you
should explain everything to me

before this goes any further?


Spring will have lunch ready

in a minute if my nose
is any judge.

Why don't you say something
instead of sneaking up?

I'll say something:

I think I can smell this
fish burning all the

way to St. Thomas.

We'll sail this evening.

Spring, after we eat, I want you
to go to the shore and get us

supplies for a month.
Ashton can help if you like.

- He shouldn't know about the gash.
- Why not?

He's not gonna tell anybody.

How do you like him?

- He's all right.
- That's all?

Just all right?

Look, you're making me tired

with all these questions,
do you know that?

I'll tell you: I ain't
thought much about him.

Haven't, not ain't.

It means the same thing!

A shoe means the same as a boot,
but a boot's what you're gonna get

in a minute.
Oh, sit down, Ashton.

As we fare,
may others fare, Amen.

Okay. Wait for this one.



When we get rich, the first thing
I wanna do is buy me a new pair

of boondockers.

You really think you'll be
rich, don't you?

You sure are something, Ashton.

I guess this is the
silliest question

I've ever heard.

I don't think it's silly.

You don't realize what
money could do to you.

It'd complicate your whole life.

What you mean is it would
mess me up?

Yes, I think it would.

Well, I wanna be messed up
something terrible.

You don't mean that.

I by gosh do mean it too,

Don't tell me what I don't mean.

If I wanna be rich,
I wanna be rich.

Are you coming with me, Ashton?

You can't see it, can you?

- See what?
- The gash.

No, I don't see anything.


Tommy said he had food
hid over here,

but didn't say it was like this.

Yeap! We toot from a wreck
about eight months ago.

There was a storm and the
ship was abandoned

in the Windward Passage.

She went to the rocks
at Port Prince.


- Something more?
- No. That's enough.

If Tommy wants more, he should
come and get it himself.

OK. Drop the rope.


Because I want to get out,
That's why!

Oh! Suppose I don't drop it.
What will you do?

Come on, Spring. Let's have it.


Come on!


Come on!

It's Clearly.

It's Clearly, all right.

If he saw you at the beach,
we lost the gash.

- Who's Clearly?
- Cark's partner.

Drop the hook.

I don't know what he's
doing out here.

He must be after Cark. Probably
got a smell of the wreck.

Yes, maybe you're right. They're
always after one another.

I thought you said they
were partners.

Sure they are. But that
don't stop em from trying to

do each other out of
everything under the sun.

- Dear old Clearly.
- What do you think he wants?

A leg and an arm with
a little hair on each.

Don't let his looks fool you.

Underneath that soft
exterior, there beats a heart of

pure lead.

I'm not playing the lawyer
part this time, am I?

We'll see what he's after.

What are you doing here,

I was about to ask you the
same thing. Who's this?

- My lawyer.
- Come again?

William Ashton is his name.
He's my lawyer.

Wait till Cark hears about that.

Cark already knows.

- He's been here?
- Sure, about six hours ago.

You came from the west.
You should have seen him.

I saw nothing.

Well, you're too late, Clearly.

I've already made
a contract with him.

- You made a contract with Cark?
- Sure.

Well, I guess I've heard
every thing now.

And what are the terms?


- You gave him the location, uh?
- Yeap.

Well, since we're partners,

I'm sure you won't
mind giving it to me.

- Oh, so that's how it is, uh?
- Yes, that's how it is, Tyler.

I hate to be rude, but I don't
have time to chat.

Grab him, Ashton!

Hold it! Tell them to throw
those rifles overboard.

Now, don't pull the trigger, son.
I'm an old man, getting older

- every minute.
- Just tell them!

Throw those rifles overboard.

Come on, do as the man says.

- What now?
- What now?

Well a little business.

If Mr. Clearly here is willing
to listen.

When did you know me not
to be willing to listen

to a good proposition?

All right. Cark is trying to cut
you right from your share, isn't he?

You can call it that, cause I
got another word for that.

I made the deal with Cark
cause I had no choice.

Go on talking.

You and me together
might be able

to swing things a bit different.

I'm listening.

You know as well as I do, if we
find that gold, Cark is going to

try to cut me off my share as
he's doing to you now.

We lash together and split it
down in the middle.

What do you say? Is it a deal?

Right! I'm with you.

Now, where's the wreck?

Roque Island.
But you stay behind.

If we go there together, old
Cark is gonna get suspicious.

You ain't been brought up right,
child. It's sinful to kick an

old man in the head.


Go on, shove off now!

At least I didn't lose
this case.

Oh, I was wondering if
anyone was gonna relieve me.

Tommy's sleeping.

I'm sorry about what
happened at the beach today.

You know, Tommy says that when

a person intends
to do something,

and does it that they shouldn't

be sorry for it afterwards.

I just did it.
I didn't intend to do it.

Then why you did it?

I don't know. Just happened,
I didn't think.

Seems like you're always
doing things without thinking:

Wearing pyjamas, kissing.

Hasn't anybody ever kissed you?

You did. Nobody else would dare.

- You are a girl, you know?
- I'm not.

What do you mean you're not?

Well, you don't catch me
painting myself, do you?

Wearing all kinds of hooks
and straps and pumping

perfume all over me
enough to make

a pig sick of the smell.

That's not all there
is to being a girl.

Well, it's enough to
turn me against it.

I'm me, Ashton.

That's all I
ever intended to be.

So don't expect anything else.

Good night.

How long have you been up?

Since the gulls began to fly.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Must be something.

First time in your life

I haven't had to turn you out.

I didn't sleep much last night.
That's all.

- Are you sick?
- No.

Did you head somewhere?

Then why didn't you sleep?

Oh, I just couldn't
stop thinking.

What about?

You really are something.
Do you know that?

I can't have a private thought
with you around.

Nothing you care to talk about?


He's overhauling us.
It's why he's all aboard.

Trying to get ahead of us.

Are just going to sit down and

let us get beat
by that old boat?

I told him to stay behind us

and now I'm gonna put him there.

Ashton, help Spring get the
rest of the canvas up.

Come on, hop to it!

Grab hold of that line,
Ashton, I'm gonna jibe.


I'm sorry, Spring.
You're not hurt, are you?

What are you trying to do
to me, Ashton?

Nothing. The line slipped.

First you kiss me,
then you knock me overboard.

Guilty and sorry
on both accounts.

You don't like me
at all, do you?

I'm beginning to wonder.

What you mean is "no".

And if you don't like me, why
don't you just say it to me?

Look, I apologized,
I said I was sorry.

What else you want me to do?

Nothing, Ashton. Just nothing!

I told you he'd be here.

If he hadn't been,

I'd lost all faith in crooks.

I don't see any wreck.

Over there, behind the rocks.

We'll anchor up in Windward.

Down it smells like
a garbage scow.

All right, lower the sails.

Look at them all
lining up to the beach.

Think you can get along
with Ashton for a while?

I'll work at it.

Where did you put that gun
you took from Clearly?

It's in my locker.
What are you gonna do?

Nothing, I hope.

When you get a little pinch
then you attack.

If you're expecting trouble,
I'd better go with you.

No. You take me to the beach.

Come back to stay with Springer.

As long as they can't get
their hands on you

I think you can assure me.

I got a safe deposit in Tampa

with four thousand
and sixty-seven dollars,

and twenty-two cents.

Now if it develops today
and I ain't

as smart as I think I am,

see that she gets
into some girl's school.


A strict one.

You're supposed to meet us
here in 10 days, Tyler.

What are you doing here now?

You have the guts to
say that to me?

Where's Cark?

Are you ready to show us
where the wreck is?

You mean to say you
haven't found it?

What does it look like to you?

It looks like somebody's gonna
have to put down 1.000 dollars

- cash on account.
- On account of what?

On account that you two thought
you could find her

blast her open and leave me
holding nothing.

I just might leave you
holding nothing now.

How would you like to have

another knot to your
bail sentence?

I should have pinched you
in the head a long time ago.

Let's go see Cark.

Hey, enough of that, men.

Tommy is on the way to the
Juan Bango with Sellers.

Good. I thought we'd
get rid of him

for a while longer.

It's forever: Spring do this,
Spring do that. Wash dishes

cook, brush your teeth, comb
your hair, don't scratch

jump to sea.

It's enough to make
a boy give up girls.

It's only because he cares
about you, you know?

I wish he'd care for somebody
else for a change.

Being cared is wearing me
to a fright or so.

You still angry with me?

Nope. I get over things fast,

specially people
and other diseases.

You don't think much of
people, do you?

I don't know many of them.

But if the ones I don't know

are like the ones I know,

then I don't want to
know the ones

I don't know.

This plate is the
only thing that

is left that belonged
to my mother.

Break this one.

I've been trying it for years.

Hello, Cark.

Don't play around.

What do you want that thing for?

Nothing now that I'm here.

Sellers was about to get
a little physical with me.

But you're smarter than he is.

You know that wouldn't be
a good thing to do.

It sounds all right to me.

How would it sound to the
authorities when my lawyer

got to talk to them?

All right. Let's get down to
it. Where's the wreck?

Just a minute! You're gonna
tell him or should I?

Tell me what?

Tommy's trying to beat us
out of his share.

He wants a thousand dollars
on account.

- He doesn't trust us, Cark.
- Neither does Clearly.

- Have you seen Clearly?
- Sure.

You didn't tell him anything.

You didn't tell him
you've seen us?

Sure I told him.

You don't think I'd purge
my words over like to you?

We're discussing a thousand
dollars, gentlemen.

What about this thousand
dollars? You thief!

Like Sellers was saying:
On account.

On account of what?

On account that I can't
trust you any more

after you lied to me
and break our contract.

And on account that I'm having

such a hard time trying to
decide which way to go.

And that's what Clearly wants.

Is... no... is...


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

Going somewhere?

Yes, I'm leaving this old boat

and will never come back.

What are you angry about now?

He goes off and leaves me alone.

Never gives me a thought unless

there's food to be cooked
or a shirt to be patched.

I thought you said you were glad

to get rid of him for a while.

Never mind what I said.

Oh, anyway, I doubt he's having
a pretty good time over there.

You don't know him.

When he's having the worst time,

that's when he's
having the best.

Wait a minute.

You haven't told me
where you're going.

Where are you going?
To the shore?

No. Going gulls-nesting.


You can't see.

But there's an island
this way off.

You're gonna hand me that mast
or I'll have to do it myself

like everything else here?

You mean to tell me
you're going out

to the ocean in
this little dinghy

all by yourself?

You don't have to come along.

I can take care of myself.

- You make me nervous, Ashton.
- Why?

I haven't figured out yet.
Cast off.

Oh, we're too early.
See those rocks over there?

During the nesting season,

that whole point is
covered with gulls.

The ones you see out there now

are the early breeders.

Maybe I'm wrong,
maybe they won't come back.

They do that, you know?

No, I don't know much
about gulls.

What do you know about, Ashton?

Law, politics, society.

Not very much to know about,
is it?

Well, depends on where you
live I suppose.

Now, here though...
doesn't seem to me much.

I suppose you know a lot
about girls too, uh?

Not a lot, but enough to know

I'm not gonna like going back.

Back? Back where?

Where I came from: Philadelphia.

Philadelphia?! For Pete's sake!

I mean, I could understand if
you say you just have to go to

heaven, but Philadelphia,
I mean, really, Ashton?!

Well, it's.

Nobody has to go to Philadelphia
if they don't want to.

What you 're really trying
to say is you don't like us.

Well, I like Tommy.

And I like you.

And I like being with you,

and believe it or not,
I don't wanna go back.

You do believe me, don't you?

I'm hungry. Let's eat!

You'll be wasting your time
if you try to have that

little hose in here.

Put your dynamite under the sand

right about here.

You'll probably blow a hatch
and get down the pay dirt.

Listen, we only got a few
sticks of dynamite,

will it work?

It'll work. Take my word for it.

I wouldn't take your
word for anything.

Hello, Cark.

Clearly, Tyler said
he's seen you.

Yes, and he got ahead of me
with extra canvas, didn't you?

You don't look very happy
to see me, partner?

What's on your mind, Clearly?

Funny you should ask
that knowing me as

long as you have.

You got any next of kin?

You're to young to be playing
with guns, my boy.

Clearly, please, I promise you:

We was going to cut you in

when we got back to Panama,
wasn't that, Sellers?

Sure we were, Clearly.

I reckon it will just cost you
more to be so considerate.

- Is it? What you want?
- I've got what I want.

The question is what do
you want for your men,

your tools and your dynamite?

How come I not hear nothing
out of you, Tyler?

My mother raised me
to believe that

the man with the gun is the

man who does the talking.

I admire a man who
remembers his mother.


What are you doing down there?

That's a silly question!
I was looking for gulls' eggs.

What did you think?

- Found any?
- Yes.

Where are they?

Never mind that, Ashton.

They are my eggs. I found them.


Need any help
coming out of there?

- No.
- All right.

Then I'll just see you
back at the dinghy.


Get a rope.


There you are.

Tie it to your waist.
I'll pull you up.

Don't tell me what
to do, Ashton.

Just don't say a thing.

Shove off!

Don't you think it's
time to stride back?

It's too late to go back now.

If you don't catch me,
I'd be left in the dark.

We'll have to wait
until the morning.

What are you thinking
so hard of?

You really wanna know?

You tell me what it is,

and I'll tell you If
I want to know.

I was wondering what my family
would think about you.

Oh that's funny cause
I was wondering what

I'd think about them.

You got a big family?

- Very big.
- Lots of women I guess.

- Lots of women.
- Well, they wouldn't like me.

I disagree. I think
they'd kind of envy you.

- Envy me? Why?
- Lots of reasons:

You're young, healthy and, well,

let's face it: Not the worst

looking person in the world.

I'm not?


What kind of future
do you want, Spring?

One I don't have to
make for myself.

Just would like somebody to...

- To what?
- Nothing.

You sleep over there, Ashton.
I'll sleep over here.

Will you do me a big favour,


Stop calling me Ashton.

What am I supposed to call you?

Everybody else calls me Bill.

All right,
I'll call you William.

Thank you.

Good night, Spring.

Good night, Ashton.

I got cold.

I ain't gonna ask you why you
weren't here to get supper

last night and I ain't gonna
ask you why you weren't here

to get breakfast this morning.
I ain't gonna ask you why you

left the Sarah all alone
without a soul on board.

And I got other things
I ain't gonna ask you about.

You get below.
I wanna talk to Ashton.

- Are you going to shoot him?
- Should I?

He didn't do anything
but keep me warm.

That's what God made fire for.

Tommy, if you dare to
shoot, Ashton,

I'll never cook for you again.

I don't know what you're
thinking but I can assure you...

You don't have to assure me
nothing. I know Springer.

Well, then, what...

This? Oh, this is just to keep
the wolves and rats from

climbing aboard.

The two-legged variety
as well as the four.

We're gonna blow the
wreck this morning.

Would you like to come along?

But, don't you think I'd
better stay aboard with uh...

Cark won't do nothing as long as
Clearly is around and Clearly won't

do nothing as long
as you're around.

He don't want no witnesses.

He ain't being a fool.

Hey, Tyler!

They're ready. Let's go.

You took long coming here,

What did you do? Back crawl?

Who's gonna light the fuse?

We took a vote. You are.

- Me?
- Yes.

You didn't think I'm gonna
risk one of my men, did you?

- What's this?
- That's the fuse.

- The what?
- The fuse.

10 seconds, uh?

Listen, Tyler, please.
I got business in Panama.

Are you gonna blow it open or
you're gonna stand here and

argue all day?

Why don't you all go over and
sit in the grand stand, Cark?

Let my lawyer bring the
programs and hot dogs.

You weren't serious about
this being a 10-second fuse?

Not more than 13.
And I wouldn't give

a bad nickel for the difference.

They must have one
longer than this.

Yes, sure they do.

They just figured out that
if I blow my head off,

it will make it less painful
for them when

the time comes to split
the ride up.

- You go and I light it.
- You?

I can run faster than you.
Go ahead! Go on!

Take it easy.

- Oh, it's nothing.
- You're sure?


Slaver! Wrecked with men
under hatches.

Get that gear,
go and see what you can find.

How long ago you say, Clearly?

Oh. 150 years maybe. Maybe more.

Sellers, go with him.
Keep an eye.

- OK, Cark.
- Hurry up!

Now get down here.

Many was the times my poor
old saint mother told me

the story of ships breaking
up with men on their hatches,

and many is the times
she wept in the telling.

Clearly, do me a favour,

don't start it
about your mother.

Tell me about it, Clearly.

She was a fine old lady.

Sellers, you found anything yet?


She must have been a saint.

It's right of you to say that,

I noticed back in Cark's cabin
you were a man who

thought well of mothers.

Where would we be without them?

Ain't it the truth?

Please, please, please, for...

Pete's sake, will you
both shut up?

No, I think, honest it was only

because of you that fine old

lady went to an uneasy
rest in Paradise.

- You don't say!
- I do say!

I never knew your mother!

Yes, sir. It broke her poor
dear old heart when

I partnered up with you.

Hey, Cark, come over here.

There ain't no gold in there.

There's nothing at all there.

Well, I guess that's it.

It's all yours, of course.

Just a minute. Ain't you
forgetting something?

Hum? No, no. Nothing
I could think of.

So, you'd better think
some more.

Because me, Jose Carquinez

don't pay no thousand dollars...

Put him down gently, Cark.

Now, Tyler, you and your
lawyer go on your way.

It's not your fault
if there's no gold.

Oh thank you, Clearly.
Much obliged.

Why did you do that for?

Why do you let them go away for?

You know, while Tyler and me
was talking I just remembered

something about you.

In the 20 years
we've been partners

I never heard you mention
your mother.

- Where's the gold?
- No gold.

- What?
- Just skeletons.


Yeap. Slaver, full of old bones.

Nothing else.

You mean we're
not gonna be rich?

You're very disappointed
there's no gold?

I'll get some water.

- Who said there's no gold?
- You did.

You said there's nothing
there but skeletons.

I said there's nothing but
skeletons here. I could show

you maps leading to any number
of wrecks in these waters,

and who's to tell me there
ain't no gold in any of them?

Are you trying to tell me
that map wasn't real?

Real? It was real enough.

Real enough to get us a
thousand dollars from Cark.

There goes Clearly,

and there goes our insurance.

I suppose Cark will be
coming in for his money.

No, not until it's dark.

He knows I keep
a shot gun aboard.

And Cark ain't the type
to walk through

a rain of 12-gauge pellets.

Now we're in for it.

How we get way away
from him this time?

Tell me that!

He'll be on us before
we can pull our anchor.

Have you ever seen me
get us into something

we can't get out of?

This is the first time.

You'll never see the first time.

There's some bandages
down below.

What if it doesn't work?

Then you'll never have to
worry about me asking for your

legal council again.

Hey, look!

Come here, boys.



- Jump over!
- Look out!

I'm leaving.

My old barrel!

I personally will give 100
dollars to the first man

can stop them.

Hey you. Get out!

Ashton, look out!

Come on, get out!

Behind you, Tommy!

Oh, I'll get you!

Right, hold on a minute.
I'll get my shotgun.

That'll scare them off for good.

Tommy, look.

Fend us off!

I told you I'd get
us out of this.

Get the rest of the canvas up.

What's Tommy doing down there?

Drawing a course for tomorrow.

Ah... Where are we going?

South. Towards St. John's.

My uncle should be
back there by now.

- Ashton, I...
- What?

Will you do me a big favour?

Sure, name it.


when you kissed me
before, well, I didn't

really mind it at all that much.


so before you go,
would you do it again?

I know it won't mean anything

to you cause you
always do stuff like that,

but, well, after you're gone,

I may never get
kissed in my whole life.

So if you have time before you

leave us, will you?

It's better when you
don't fight, isn't it?

Much better.

I think so.

Did you mean it when you
said I'm not the worst

looking thing you ever saw?

I think you're beautiful.

What's wrong?

- Nothing.
- Then why are you crying?

Cause... cause,

Ashton thinks I'm beautiful.

He said:
"I think you're beautiful".

That's all he said?

And that makes you sad?

- I'm not sad.
- You're not?

I'm happy! So you won't
decide anything.

Tell Ashton we've sighted her.

We'll be alongside pretty soon.


You've become pretty fond
of Ashton, haven't you?

Do you love him?

If he asks you to go with him
and marry him,

would you?

- Do you think he will, Tommy?
- Yeap, yeap, I think he will.

But if he does and I go,
what will happen to you?

Never mind about that,

cause there's that fine
woman in Fort Myers.

Last year she asked me
to marry her.

You wouldn't hate me then if
I left you and married Ashton?

I wouldn't take it kindly if
you denied me of grandchildren.

- Tommy sided your uncle's yacht.
- I heard him.

I guess you'll start wearing
pyjamas again, yeah?

I mean because everybody else
does back in Philadelphia.

I haven't really thought
about it, but I probably won't.

When you get home
I guess you'll start

sending people off to prison.

I'm not that kind of lawyer.

I didn't know there
was but one kind.

You mean there are
good ones too?

A few.

- Spring.
- Yeah?

I want you to know that leaving
the Sarah Tyler is the hardest

thing I've ever had to do.

I don't really understand it,

but I feel almost as if
I was abandoning ship.

Doesn't make very much
sense, does it?

What I really mean is
I'll miss you.

- Will you write to me?
- What about?

I just wanna hear from you,
know how you are.

Ahoy there, Dryad!
We're coming alongside.

Watch the paint, Mr. Tyler.

You'll never see the day, I'll
scratch a paint work.

Hold off there.

Well it's been just great,
Thanks, Tommy.

Been a pleasure, Bill.

If you're ever around at these
parts again, look us out.


Goodbye, Ashton.

I.. I...



- Goodbye, Tommy.
- Bye, Bill.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Ashton,
you just made it.

Just made it?

We're due to set sail to Nassau
this morning but one of the

diesels was acting up.

We'll be leaving any moment now.

I'll have to put you
in another cabin.

Ms. Jones is occupying yours.

Ms. Jones?

Yes, sir. She came aboard last
with 3 other young ladies.

Where's my uncle?

I think you'll find them all
in the upper deck, sir.

Well, what a surprise!
I wasn't expecting you.

You haven't met my little
darlings, have you?

This is my nephew, William
Ashton from Philadelphia.

And this is Miss... uh..

- Jones.
- Jones, Miss uh...

- Parker.
- Miss Parker and Miss Grier.

- How do you do?
- And Miss Freeman. My nephew.

Come and sit here, Willy.

He was introduced
to me first, darling.

Oh, nonsense. He's past the
age of consent. Let him decide.

No fighting, no fighting!
Just be nice. No fighting!

Ahoy there, cast off.
We wanna raise the ladder.

Come on. Gotta move on.
What's that, skipper?

You heard me. I said cast off.

You think I've got four hands?

Excuse me, excuse me.

We're gonna get away,
Mr. Ashton.

Where you're going?

Just give me a few minutes,

Listen, Tommy, there's no time
to explain, but will you

- go along, won't you?
- Go along?

I mean I'll take
good care of her.

- Springer, will you marry me?
- Yes!

Where can we keep in
touch with you?

Better make it to General
Rudder in Kingston.

I get in there once in a while.

You sure now, you sure you
won't come with us?

Well, me leave the Sarah?
No, I can never do that.

Besides what would Tommy Tyler
be doing in Philadelphia?

No, I'm fine.

Still got the old maps and
a very good friend in...

Fort Myers.

If that good old friend is the

one that likes things in ship
shape and Bristol fashion,

then you just tell her
that she can have it.

You brush your teeth,
you hear me?

And take a bath once in a while.

No Philadelphia lawyer
wants his wife smelling

like a wharf rat.

Sorry, Mr. Ashton, we really
have to go on our way.

Don't worry about her.

Just see that she has
plenty of children, Bill.

She ought to be kept busy.

All right, get it up.

It's Cark.

Oh, this is the moment I've
been looking forward to.

He's got it coming, all right?


What kept you?

Do you think I got nothing
better to do then

to sit here while you've
been around somewhere?

I've been waiting long
enough for you two.

You're gonna owe me
another thousand dollars.

- What's he talking about?
- I'm gonna kill him.

Now, wait a minute, Cark.

Let's hear what he's
got to say first.

Every time I talk to him,
it costs me.

It can't cost you anything
this time. We're on to him.

That's why I'm gonna put
a bullet in his head.

Come over here!

I've got something you'd be
interested in.

It's worth a fortune
and easy to get to.

There ain't no way in the world

he can get another
dime out of me.

All right then,

let's just listen
to what he's got to say

before you kill him.

Yeah, yeah... very good!

Here! Keep this money for me.

- Maybe we'd better go back.
- And spoil his fun?

You're not worried
about him then?

Never worried about Tommy Tyler.

Thank you.

She fixed me with an icy stare
and she said she'd rather

jump naked into a barrel
of rattlesnakes.

Excuse me.

Uncle Charles.

I must say, William, you have
much better taste than

I ever imagined.
Come with me, my child.

I want you to meet Miss Parker,
Miss Grier, Miss Freeman,

and Miss Jones.

Of Palm Beach, darling.

And I would like all of you to
meet my future wife, Miss Tyler.

Of Catfish Key, darling.