The Truth About Beauty (2014) - full transcript

A recently graduated and intelligent young woman sees plastic surgery as essential to succeeding in both her career and romantic aspirations in modern CBD Beijing.

What's the meaning of this text?


let's meet less

Did I introduce you to
any of my friends?

Did I buy you gifts?

Did I ever say I love you?
No, but...

But What?

You knew from the start

Don't act like I've wronged you

Then what were we?

Sex partners

Remember the year we
went to Qingdao?

We overslept and missed the train

The counters were all closed

When I turned and saw your face

I thought to myself

You're definitely not the girl for me

Ever seen a car crash?

You're like...

a major car accident

This year Beijing will
undergo a major makeover...

upgrading the 484 sq. km air corridor

9 railways, 11 highways
and 11 freeways

plus inner city freeways
and subway station amenities

Apart from giving the city a new face

our living environment
will be improved

Even Beijing is getting a facelift

Weiwei is the ugliest of my friends

She's hopelessly unattractive

Yet I asked her a stupid question...

Do you think I'm ugly?



I finally graduated

Nowadays, graduating is like
an honorable discharge

joining the ranks of the unemployed

People like us just serve
to make others look better

It's tragic

Fill out the form neatly

Sign it in black
and line up over there

Forms first, interviews later

No rush. Here

Give me one...

I want one too

We hold employees to
a very high standard

You don't need a form

What do you mean?

We don't judge people by appearance...

but there's a limit

I decide to go off the grid

They say you need
to get your beauty sleep

Imagine how much sleep I'll need

I should just hibernate


He still owes me 3000 yuan

Something wrong with your account?

So much money

So much? Is it the right account?

Yes, yes, yes...

I despised him when he owed me money

Now I despise him for paying me back

Because it means

it's really over


Go jog elsewhere.
This is a private property

Yes, you!

I'm not jogging

I saw you jog back and forth

Not jogging?

Me? Jogging?

Welcome. May I help you?

I'm interested in
double eyelid surgery

Asian blepharoplasty...

is a popular procedure
that many clients undergo

First you meet with a consultant

You have consultants?

The consultant matches you
up with the right doctor



Men dress for success

Women go under the knife

Are they the same person?

Of course

After surgery, face and
temperament change

You won't even recognize yourself

It's like you're someone else

Isn't that amazing?


Will my friends recognize
me after the procedure?

The best plastic surgery means...

I know, you know but no one else knows

Don't worry, Your friends
will recognize you

This way please

What was she saying?

Times have changed

Like the introduction of color TV

as long as it's good

anyone with an open
mind will accept it

Color TV?

Plastic surgery booms...

when the economy is strong

According to global
plastic surgery statistics

US comes first

China is a close second

Like the Olympic Gold-medal count...

we'll soon surpass them

The Olympics?

What's the connection?

Are you a member?


I am

I used to be a general surgeon

just like many here

A couple specialises in orthopaedic

They all look the same

Ms. Guo

As an aesthetist

we should celebrate the domestic
plastic surgery boom

What's your budget?

3,000 yuan


gets you a membership

3,000 yuan just for a membership?

In today's world

being ugly only serves one purpose...

to ward off evil

Facelifts are as common
as manicures or dying your hair

If I can't afford first class

I'll take economy


Here for double eyelid surgery?


I'm just lost


Don't you want a procedure?

No, I don't

Relax. There's a first
time for everything


Doesn't he look like Jackie Chan?

It was tailor-made for him

That one...

who does he remind you of?

Ren Xianqi

That one there...

Edison Chen

And her...

Karen Mok

They're all celebrities?

Why not?

And him...

Can you tell?

Ethan Ruan




It hurts

How long do I need
to keep the ice pack on?

What did the doctor say?

20 minutes

Then it's 20 minutes

How do you expect me to tell time?

I'll keep time for you

I'll call you in 15 minutes, okay?

Yes, thanks


Is there anything I should avoid?

No smoking

No spicy food

That's about it?

How much is hymen reconstruction?


It can't be done?


Sure it can

Guo Jing

Come in

You can pay by installments

Students even get a 10% discount

Got a student ID?

With 3,000 yuan you
can fix your nose...

eyelids and get rid of wrinkles

3,000 yuan will fix my nose,
eyelids and wrinkles?

Do you have the time?

We can do it now

Do it now?

You keep repeating whatever I say

Are you a recorder?

Yes or no?

Can't decide?

No problem.
Go home and think it over

Take these pamphlets with you


Lunch Break Breast Boost'

Fat Eraser',
'Undetectable Eye Bag Removal'

I'll think about it


This summer

fresh grads comprised 60%
of the cosmetic surgery market

We saw the collapse of an era

when education was
the key to empowerment

A classmate referred me
to a top part-time consultant

How can I help you?

I need ten grand

What's your specialty?


Can you take TOEFL
or IELTS tests for others?

Cook the books?

Can you drive?

Does a bicycle count?

What else can you do?

I can write...


and think

Then I can't help you

My 4 years of university
education were a waste

I've just realized...

there's one thing all women can do

We provide a complete
set of services here

We also conduct paternity tests

and issue birth certificates

The volunteers that you pick...

undergo rigorous physical examinations

Yes, she's the one

I like her dimples

Congratulation to the both of you

That day

I went through 25 screenings

but wasn't chosen once

They said my eyelids
were my biggest flaw

Ugly go lucky

I won a scholarship

The original winner and the
runner-up were caught cheating

What if the surgery fails?

I'm also cheating

At least I'm only hurting myself

Look, even a subway train can crash

Don't remind me of car crashes


I'm paying for the procedure
with scholarship money

But I won't receive it for two months

Can I get the surgery
first and pay later?

A scholarship?

So you're a top student!

I can leave my student
ID here as collateral

We don't want your student ID

How about this...

Our Chief Physician is quite eccentric

I'll talk to him

He might make an exception for you

He did in the end

The Chief thinks I can be...

the face of the clinic

Like painters, plastic surgeons
have different styles

There's realism, romanticism...

In other words

different surgeons
offer different eyelids

Our Chief is a fauvist surgeon

His style is bold

A fauvist?

Like Henri Matisse

Her eyelids were
the work of the chief

May I have a look?



Please tell me...

what is Dr. Kim's style?




Thank God...

I needed ice for the
post-surgery swelling

But the dorm had another blackout

Weiwei took me to the
boy's dorm to steal ice

Ice is here

Who let you in?

The guard went out on a date

Put it on now

What is it?

Don't look

Don't look!

Let go!

Don't look!

You just had surgery,
you can't get your eyes wet!

You probably think I'm vain

Who isn't vain?

It's not that I don't like you

I'm just not good
enough for you, right?

That's not...

No need to soften the blow

Just tell me you don't like me

It's over?

Just like that?

Don't cry!

Hold back your tears!

Hold it in!

So this is what 'heart weep' means...

You spent your scholarship
money on your eyelids!

Don't cry!

Your eyes are quite big

That's bad?


You just need bigger contact lens

I didn't include my photo
so I finally got an interview

But my double eyelids...

will they notice?

You have extreme myopia

We need to special order the lens

We'll have it in 2 days

Step back...

You can't tell

It's not obvious, right?

The interview

The 1st round eliminates those
who don't look like their photos

Is that you?





Sit down

Will I be caught?

2nd round: make a ring
with A4 paper big enough...

for each of us to pass through

There goes the overweight

3rd round:

we're each assigned a disability:
blind, deaf or mute

We must somehow communicate

in order to climb over a wall

There goes the short ones

We meet the panel in the 4th round

It isn't easy

Tell us why you want
to join our company?

Korea's Daisung Group is the
5th largest company in the world

In recent years it's
expanded into China

Joining Daisung is a dream
come true for all graduates

What division are you
most interested in?

I'm curious about everything

Daisung has been
successful in many areas

But there's always
room for improvement

Tell me

According to a survey
I read in a magazine

The CBD has a daily traffic
of 800,000 potential customers

If Daisung established the first

Korean shopping centre
in Beijing's CBD...

Stolen idea...

...the results would
be mutually beneficial

A Japanese company tried
the same thing in CBD

You borrowed the idea

Do your parents know
how clever you are?

If it was up to me

I hope Daisung considers developing...

green apartments

Because many people love Beijing

but hate the air quality

I read magazines too

I think the Korean lifestyle
and housing design...

can marry with the
Chinese lifestyle...

to advocate for a sustainable
smart-living approach

I read that from another magazine

Today 80% of Beijingers
are concerned about the environment

For them, going green
is good for business...

and branding

It also raises the bar
for personal values

How many golf balls
can a Boeing 747 hold?

A Boeing 747 has a passenger
capacity of 350 to 400

The average person weighs 60,000g

Each golf ball weighs about 50g

The answer should be... 4.8 million

I don't think it should
be calculated by weight

A jet measures about 16 cubic meters

Let's say the size of a golf ball
is 1,000 cubic millimeters

The answer is...

16,000 balls

And you?

What's your answer?

The question...

is questionable to begin with

How can we possibly know the answer?

There's no correct answer
to this question

I came up with it on a whim

I don't have an answer either

I just wanted to see
if you were brave enough

to admit you didn't know

I realized later

that he also has "mono-lids"

But it doesn't stop him
from dating the attractive

My lease at the dorm was up

Since I still hadn't found a place

I'm staying at Weiwei's for a while


My eyes... is it obvious?

Very obvious

...within 3 feet

It takes 6 months to
fully recover, remember?

Have patience, just use heavy makeup

Do you think my nose is too wide?

Miss Guo

Want to be perfect? Next life maybe

Weiwei posted her resume online

Many companies looked over her resume

but no one ever called


You think I look like your grandma!

She photoshopped her picture before...

sending out more resumes

I finally got hired

My dream to work in the CBD...

came true

You either get stuck in traffic

or get packed into the subway

We must choose between
the two tortures everyday

After the medical exam

the Head Secretary assigns desks

Our president is Korean

They say Korean bosses
are more particular about appearance

Never wear the same outfit
to work for consecutive days

If possible...

change to a second outfit
in the afternoon

I'm serious

Female employees in particular...

you must bring a second
outfit to work

Refresh your look after lunch

We hold our employees to
high aesthetic standards

Considered yourselves warned

[Korean] Understood?



Your desks are at the back

Cheng Ming

Your desk is in the middle

Thank you

Min-min, Le-le

you two follow me

The seating plan resembles
the layout of Beijing

The 3rd Ring is the center of power

The 4th Ring represents
the up and coming

And me...

I'm outside the 6th Ring

I see...

The most attractive
are in the 3rd Ring

Guo Jing


Did I scare you?


He'll see the surgery scars
if he comes too close

What's wrong?


What do you want?

Why do you keep backing away?

I'm not

Just tell me


Since you're an honor graduate
in Chinese Literature

I need your advice


go ahead

For our new car campaign

our MPG is 3 times as
efficient as our competitors

We want to underline
their shortcomings...

using a Chinese character
comprised of 3 identical parts

Any ideas?

A word with 3 identical parts...

Three 'earths'

Yao', translates as tall mountain...

or rustic and stupid

Three 'hands'

That's 'pa'

It means stealing from others

taking what's not yours

And three 'sheep'

That's 'shan'

When you have 3 sheep together

it translates into big stink

There's a saying...

how does it go...
stinking of sheep...

and treachery!

That's bad

So, was that any help?


You're a walking dictionary

Can you write it down?
I can't remember it all


Only four get hired
after the probation period

I don't want to get cut early

Dress pretty and get to stay?

How about this one?

Oh please, with your square face...

you can't wear patterns

Let me do it

Is my face really square?

How can your boss be so demanding?

He's Korean; he likes pretty things

So did the emperors

It's a losing battle

The gentleman that just left,
what did he buy?

Sex education DVDs

He didn't just buy one
but a whole stack

His type is really...


Horny men are healthy

Look at Bill Clinton
and John Kennedy

Nothing wrong with being horny

The problem is that
they are not into you

Girl, if you want to keep a man

you have to ignore the
fact that he likes porn

Forget it

He didn't even invite you...

to watch the DVD with him

At least I've had a 'sex partner'

Show some respect

His horniness and promiscuity
give you the advantage

I never said I liked him,
he's sort of ugly

But isn't he quite popular
in your company?

He's upper management

No wonder



The Head Secretary
does everything by email

According to her 'E-theory'...

emails serve as future evidence

Since she started working

she has already sent out a total of...

103,883 emails

You asked for me?

You forgot to punch in today

I'm sorry. I'll...

Never mind. I punched in for you

Thank you

You can go now


I'm not myself... during the day



Don't answer someone else's phone

What if it's from his mistress?

Korean companies care
about staff appearance

as well as team spirit

Learning Taekwondo is compulsory

No blinking during class

Blinking means you're scared

Thank god I got double eyelid surgery

Xiaodong is the shortest
and the ugliest

It makes her an easy target

The ugly get bullied, that's life

It's the weekend!


What are you doing?

Rearranging files?


In my spare time,
my supervisor told me to...

rearrange company files
from 1980 to present...

said it would be a big help


I'm free over the weekend anyway

Don't you have a date?

My boyfriend is on a business trip

What does he do?


Which company?


Got his picture?


It's nothing...

Just curious to see
what he looks like

What do you mean?

In alphabetical order?

Is that okay?


Have you found your phone yet?

Oh... one more thing

You owe me a favor

I told them to hire you

What's your salary?

70,000... a year

Of course, I wouldn't
think it was a month

Can we leave now?


The company's Spring
Festival Ball is coming up

Weiwei said I should
seize the opportunity...

to show Raymond my sensuous side

I can't breathe... I can't...

I'm going to pass out...

I rarely attend this type of event

I finally see what
head-turning means

The world is cruel

I was afraid to move
the entire evening...

even to go to the washroom


Even she got an upgrade?

All a woman needs is
a good pair of breasts

You're here

You looked for me?


Sorry about before


Never mind, I don't
like dancing anyway

Guo Jing

Normally, girls don't
stop talking by now

you know?

Let's go back

What's your boyfriend like?

Oh... he's clingy

He calls me every night
even if he has nothing to say

I encourage him to meet other girls

Living in a closed world
of two is unhealthy

I'm scared of boys who tell me

I can't live without you

Men who overlook all my flaws
don't deserve my respect

If you two broke up,
I'd pursue you for sure

If only all women were like you...

Train them

My boyfriend was
very clingy at first

He's much better now
after 3 years of training

3 years!

Guo Jing

You're adorable; don't change

If I didn't change
I wouldn't be adorable

My nose is too wide

I want a full rhinoplasty

Fix your nose and chin
at the same time...

with implants


Will they poke through my skin?

No, as long as...

My face is so square

Won't shaping it into a
triangle be too drastic a change?

What's this Golden Ratio for Faces?

If I do everything they say here...

Ms. Guo

Are you done?
I need time to translate

What's wrong?

If I fix my nose, chin and jaw

will I truly be beautiful?

We can't guarantee you'll become
the most beautiful woman

but you'll definitely
look better than you do now

Let's do it then


Only money makes miracles happen

I'm flat broke

What did you just punch in?

Oh, my computer access code

Monica is a senior executive here

Your blouse is gorgeous

Really? I bought it at
the airport in New York

You did?

Shopping is a lot
more expensive there

I bought almost all my clothes
while waiting at airports

I can't remember the last
time I shopped in the city

or the last time
I went out with friends

or the last time I had a decent meal

I used to call home once a week

Gradually, it became once a month

You can never rest or you'll be done

She doesn't have time
to see friends, sleep...

see loved ones or to shop

But I do!

The markup at airport is 30% higher

I proposed a 20% commission

Monica said 10%

I negotiated to 15%

We made a deal!

This one may seem pricey...

I'll take it

My efforts paid off

I got to stay

They also moved my desk
closer to the power center

You only get ahead with good peers

Guo Jing

Did you sleep with your Korean boss?

What's wrong with you?

They say Korean
bosses are sex maniacs

Due to the disparity between
her doctored photo and reality

They considered Weiwei untrustworthy

and rejected her

You moved from our house...

to the 4th, the 3rd and
now the 2nd Ring Road!

You are now a business manager

At this rate, you'll be
getting stock options soon

What's the secret
to your rapid rise?

Can you please stop whining?

I wish I could get a job
by just sleeping with someone

You wish

If only I were beautiful...

Why didn't my mom and
dad make me beautiful?

Thank God I got a job

Actually, I don't want a job

I want a long-term meal ticket

Don't be so shallow

People like me and Weiwei
were handicapped at conception

If we didn't work hard

we would be total failures

I didn't go home over
the spring holiday

I need money to pay
for more procedures

Are you here for the presale?

No, no, no

Come see our model home

No need

We have a Zero-down-payment plan!

The neighborhood is filled
with famous schools

I just want to pee!

Take a look.
Go away!

Enrollment is guaranteed
at these schools

Our son already finished university

Is he married?

Not yet

Then he'll need a home someday

Strike while you can!
Home prices are rising by the day!

Plan for the future, right?

I really need to pee!

Zero down payment,
it costs nothing to look!

I'm telling you...

Alright, alright

This way

The floor area is 80 sq meters

10 sq meters more
than the original plan

This can be converted
into a walk-in closet,

very practical

And here's...

the perfect spot to read
with a cup of tea

When your eyes tire,
just look at the scenery outside

This home costs about...
2.4 million yuan

But you don't need
to pay a cent now

Sign the contract
and you'll profit right away

Yesterday a client bought 2 houses

Today he's already made 60 grand

It's true. Sign here
and this house is yours

Prices are rising as we speak

Absolutely no down payment?


All it takes is your signature


So we just sign and pay nothing?


not... exactly

You have 3 days to pay
a 20 grand deposit

and 20 grand each month
until the end of the year...

in order to secure the down payment

Miss one payment
and you lose the house

and the sum you already

paid is non-refundable

It's a penalty for breaching
the purchase agreement

Therefore, think again

What are you doing here?

You know each other?

He's the son who finished university

Uh huh

Do you plan to buy a house?

She said there's no down payment

She said we'd make 60 grand a day

I also said zero down
payment for 3 days

You need to pay a
deposit by the 3rd day

But you said the price would rise

And the view...

the view

is fake

What exactly is this?

Don't report me

You work together?

Same hometown too


This young lady is
a fellow villager!

What luck!

Auntie, don't buy

They have no money

Do you need money badly?

I'm desperate

You skipped the spring
festival for this?

Her name is Guo Jing

Guo Jingjing's sister

Huh? Wow!

No, no, no...

He's joking. I'm not

You should use the
bathroom before you go

I was so busy talking,
I almost forgot


Are you going to blackmail me?


Do you want to go to a concert?

My friend's sister plays violin
in the Beijing Symphony Orchestra

Want to go to the concert
after the spring festival?



O... kay or OK!


I'll call you

Time is running out

I must act now

Dr. Kim said there's an extra
charge of two grand for anaesthesia

I said I don't need it

I can take the pain

Do you need all this equipment?

Yes, we need to cut open your chin

to insert the implant

Cut open my chin?


Dr. Kim!

I've changed my mind.
Give me anaesthesia!

A full-body anaesthesia!

Got it?

Tran... translator!

Miss Translator!

I want to draft my will...

[Korean] What's she saying?

She thinks she's going to die

Not so soon

The beautiful are happier
and therefore tend to outlive the ugly

[Chinese] It's wonderful!

If Dr. Kim says so,
it must be true

According to a study

plastic surgery can extend
your lifespan by 10 years

because of its positive
impact on self esteem

3 days later,
Weiwei came to see me

Very scary

Does it hurt?

How are you? Can you talk?

You're one tough cookie

How can you take the pain?

What is it?

That's him?

No way... No way!

Weiwei said if I had work done
just to date someone like him

we must truly be ugly

I suppose I can't quit then

Weiwei said we live in a time
when we can own our beauty

Our bodies are our business;
no one else's


I inspired Weiwei
to get plastic surgery

Where are you going?

How could you even think

about mortgaging the house
to have plastic surgery?


You two gave me this ugly face.
Now you must pay

We must pay?!

Today I'm going to
teach you a lesson!

Money? Die and wait
to be reincarnated!

You're killing me!

I just need plastic surgery!

Plastic... move over!

Mom, dad's gone mad!

Help! Mom!

Help me!

5 hours later

Weiwei triumphed over her parents

Isn't this too subtle?

There's almost no difference,
I suffered for nothing!

You can't over-extend a double eyelid

The proportions now are very natural

Doctor, I want my nose
to look... like this

That's too high,
completely out of proportion

Screw proportion,
just make me beautiful!

Doctor, look

I want lips like Angelina Jolie

This... this is really too much

A kindred spirit!

This woman is a veteran
of plastic surgery

She's had work done
from head to toe

After I had a butt augmentation

I didn't dare to
sit for a long time

Afterwards I went to
the US to get a gastric balloon

It's good for losing weight

since you can't eat as much

After surgery,
I threw up day and night

But after the rains comes sunshine

I can reaps the fruits
of my labor now

Can you guess my age?

You look 27, 28

I'm guessing you're close to 37, 38?

I'm 60!


I love seeing this
reaction from people!

Before she left, she even asked
me to join her Botox club

I'm so sorry

We can't go to the concert tonight

It's been cancelled

That's alright

Let's go for dinner


Just a simple meal,
anything will do

But I have a meeting
tomorrow morning...

You can't stand me up

I went through a lot of trouble!

Calm down

What kind of trouble?

Just... trouble

Alright. What do you want to eat?


I deliberately chose
a dimly lit restaurant

My face is still swelling a little

I was afraid of disaster

Are you alright?

I'm fine

Waited long?


Have I been exposed?

My eyes are so small,
this place is so dark

I can barely see you



It's good that you have small eyes

You won't see people's
flaws so easily

The world will look better to you

Since your eyes are so big,
do you see all my flaws?


Tell me what my flaws are

Women don't tell me

Your main flaw is
too many girlfriends

They're female friends

Do you see a difference?

Of course

Female friends...

We don't need to waste time
to understand each other

A girlfriend is different

She could be my wife

It requires long observation

I only want to find one

Once I find her,
I won't look at other women

Then go find her

Where do I start?

Any ideas?


When you look into the
eyes of someone you like

you'd discover a different
side of yourself

Let me see

I see him

When was the last time
you had a girlfriend?

2 years ago

Where did you meet her?

I forget

But I remember how we broke up

She had work done and
completely changed her face

When she denied it,
I broke up with her

I hate people who
undergo plastic surgery

as if changing their faces
can change their lives

So I hid in the shadows
for the rest of the evening

Does plastic surgery
boost your self-esteem

or ruin it?

I was getting confused

I stayed up all night

I decided to tell him
the truth the next day

The following day

I lost my resolve

Guo Jing

What skincare have
you been using lately?

It's European

It's really good


Hey, Guo Jing

Do you have a moment?

What is it?

Your face looks different


I switched to a
new skincare product

Once you say the word skincare,
women believe it

This is what Guo Jin uses

It's amazing!

She does look more beautiful!

The Head Secretary loves
talking about her family history...

from her mother to her
ancestors from the Ming Dynasty

Today everyone found
an excuse to avoid her...

except for me... I got caught

You want to hear more?

I should... go

If you listen to my great
great great grandma's story

you'll go on a business
trip with Raymond!

It's common knowledge
that business trips

are assigned based on beauty

The prettiest are sent to the US

B-grade beauties go to Japan

The bottom ones
go to the coal mines

Excuse me, wait...

After listening to the
Head Secretary's stories

My wish was granted

But I forgot one important detail:
the photo on my ID!

Are you alright?

I'm fine

It's time to renew your ID photo

Thank you

I told you to go through
Chenqi to get to Ergun City

How could you confuse
Chenqi with Xiqi?

As a driver, you should
have learned Mandarin!

Don't fight with the driver

You never know
who you're yelling at

Are you circling on purpose
or are you just lost?

Install a GPS device!

Do you even know where we are?

Father's prairie, mother's river

Why don't you learn
our language instead?

Listen to yourself

See your family photo?

We hired you because you had
a family to feed

Now you're complaining?

Let us out!

We could go as far as Russia by now!

We can't get out here,
it's a wasteland

I'm not taking this crap!

Stop the car!

Guo Jing, I'll never go on
a business trip with you again

Don't worry. Follow me

Boss, grab the luggage

My face is so dirty

Why didn't you tell me?

Tell you what?

I've dislodged my chin!

Dr. Kim went to Switzerland

I called him long distance

Hello... Dr. Kim?

Dr. Kim...

my chin...

Dr. Kim?

How are you?

Skip 'how are you'!

Help me, help me please

How do you do?

I am not fine!

How do you do?

I forced them to use a dictionary

It took an hour to explain

I fell and dislodged my chin

I suggested using a shoehorn
to force my chin back into place

They warned me, in English:

You must not

I couldn't care less!

Why can't I go with you?

Why are you being so clingy?

You're not making sense

I'm really shy

I can't let you see
me without makeup, bye!

He couldn't see why I wouldn't
let him take me to the hospital

Of course he couldn't!

Where's Dr. Kim?

He's still in Switzerland. The
Chief Physician will operate on you

The Chief?

Our Chief is a Fauvist

I'm finished

How do you feel, Guo Jing?

This is our Chief Physician

You should have been more careful

You rode a camel before
your chin fully healed

Let's change the subject

I have good news for you

Our hospital is launching
a new product called NoBra

Are you interested?

Guo Jing, want to give it a try?

But I vowed never to undergo
plastic surgery again

Are you sure?


NoBra is no ordinary implant

Do you know the cost?

128 grand

How can I pass it up?

Screw the vow!

I told the Chief

I agreed to be the
spokesmodel for NoBra

on one condition:

they must obscure my face
on all publicity materials

All sorts of things can go wrong
with breast augmentation

Also, implants will age

They might eventually leak,
rupture or explode and...

Stop it!

Say no more. I want them

Good. Let's proceed

Using my previous fall as an
excuse, I took a 2-week leave...

enough time for me to heal

I finally have breasts!

I don't understand how
he got promoted over me

My team recorded the
most sales last year

Why was I passed over?

If the best performer
doesn't get promoted

I should reconsider
whether or not to stay

When you joined the company,
you promised in 5 years...

you wouldn't get
married or pregnant


I do

A child called here,
looking for his mother

He is your child and
you're married, correct?

You lied to the company

I didn't lie

I didn't get married or pregnant
after joining the company

You concealed the truth
right from the start

But it didn't affect my work

True. That's why I didn't fire you

As for promotion? No!

If I told you I was
married and had a child

would I have been hired?


You may think it's unfair

but the company
also has a human side

Now that we know you have a family

we will reduce your workload

It's not discrimination but empathy

You must want to spend
more time with your family

Sooner or later you'll
lose that hunger

and rest on your laurels

That kind of mentality

doesn't mesh with senior management

In the end, Monica quit her job

In death, there is no escape

In life, don't hold your head high

Guo Jing

Are you alright?

I'm fine


The project...

Why are you still standing there?

My foot hurts

Take some rest

I'll try

What is it?

Nothing, today's my birthday

I was going to invite you
over to try my home cooking

But your foot

It's fine. I can manage

You don't need to rest?

No need, it's okay

Alright, see you at 8

Don't jump straight
into bed with him

I forgot to get you a gift

I'm sorry!

Never mind

It's your birthday!

It's no big deal


I'm here to celebrate
your birthday

I need a gift

No need

I need to get it

I insist

It doesn't matter

Don't make the first move

Shouldn't we talk first?

We're done talking

Where did my breasts go?

Another nightmare



Your phone vibrated all
morning, you should check it


We didn't eat
anything last night

They're all waiting to ridicule you

You must get this message.
Don't show up!

What am I going to do?


Can you stop rolling
up your eyes?

The nurse said it would
help me heal faster

Do your photos look good
on the website?





It's me, Jing-jing!


You're Jing-jing?

Sister Jing-jing

What are you doing?

Go away!

There's nothing to see!

Get down...

There's nothing to see!

Get out of here...

Patience, people

I'll bring Guo Jing out
to see you in a minute

Hurry! I want to see
her pretty face!

I want to see how an ugly
duckling turned into a swan!


When I grow up, I want to
be just like Sister Jing-jing

She's on the internet!

TV crews will be here next

When they come, I'll tell them...

how smart she was as a child

She's quite accomplished...

She's the pride of our village

We are all so proud!

We should all cheer for her!

Why don't you go outside?

How dare you?

What were you thinking?

Have you no shame?

If you don't feel ashamed

I do

What are you crying for?

Friends and relatives
have known your face for 20 years

Now, look at you

Are we still family?

I can't even tell
if you're my daughter

If I'm not your daughter, who is?

It's against nature!
When Japan invaded China...

they cut people open
for experiments!

That's what happened to you!

What if they left
a scalpel in your chest?

What did you do that for?

You felt it, is there a scalpel?

What about the needles?

What if you contracted HIV?

I'm fine. It's all over now

The doctor gave you anaesthesia

What if he also removed your uterus?

Mom, where did you
get this nonsense?

How can you laugh?
You want me to have a stroke?


A good face brings fortune

My little sister's
sacrifice will be rewarded

Our generation is not
the same as yours

Don't you know

we want to control our own fate

See that house?

It's been what... 16 years?

It was abandoned,
now it's demolished

That's change, progress, right?

People are like appliances,
who wants refurbished ones?

A week passed, I was now
a celebrity at the village

Mom also began to
accept my new face

Soon, I had a job interview

Who says appearances don't matter?

Weiwei had her eye bags 'removed'

Afterwards her eyes wouldn't close

She didn't sleep for 3 days

Are you alright?

How can I be?

I haven't slept for 3 days

How long can humans
survive without sleep?

I don't know

Am I going to die?

Of course not

You'll just be more beautiful


Don't laugh!

Even if I was assigned
the toughest job

I'm confident my body
and mind could handle it

You're about to go on vacation

you already purchased your ticket

The company suddenly
needs you at work

What would you do?

Refund the ticket

and report for work
since I'm a workaholic

I won't enjoy a vacation

I remembered when
Raymond interviewed me

I suppose...

I would ask if there
were other options

Was another colleague available?

Or could it wait until
I returned from vacation?

If both answers were no

I'd refund the ticket
and report for duty

Do you think Raymond liked
me because of my honesty?

He liked me when I was frank

Do you know what
upset me the most?

You planned out the whole thing

First you got work done,
then you seduced me

Then you lured me into bed

What did you take me for?


What about you?

You did just the
same to other women!

How is it the same?

How is it not?

Because I'm a man

If you were a man,
you would understand...

how much you hurt me!

Listen, Guo Jing

If you understood men better

you wouldn't want
plastic surgery

No man wants his woman
to get plastic surgery

Without plastic surgery,
would you have fallen for me?

Tell the truth


Each person needs to
own their limitations

That takes courage

Guo Jing, I thought you had it

Men prefer natural beauty

Aren't you naturally beautiful
after plastic surgery?

Weiwei's parents finally sold
the southern wing of their house

After that Weiwei got
a Botox brow-lift

They botched it;
her brows are now uneven

Then she went for a Jaw Reduction

But the equipment broke
down mid-operation

The surgeon had to shave
her jawbone manually

The surgery lasted hours

She asked for takeout food
but she could only sniff it

because she couldn't eat

She made a necklace out
of the bone to commemorate...

the new chapter in her life


She was diagnosed with
body dysmorphic disorder

In lay terms

it means her self-image

is completely skewed

She thinks she's ugly

regardless how pretty others think
she is, she feels inadequate

One day, she fainted on the street

Before that, she requested...

a belly button reduction

Her doctor denied her request
and she was traumatized

One day I found an article...

criticizing our society's
obsession with instant success

The writer is a man

He'll never understand
what it means

to have a pair of 220cc NoBras

instead of 180cc

Who is to blame for our fixation
on physical appearance?

Men only choose inner beauty
over the outer one...

when they're at an ATM

When will people stop pretending
and express their true selves?

I thought of Monica, is she
still pretending to be unmarried?

Weiwei finally stopped asking
her doctor for more procedures

He gave her a rubber band
to wear on her wrist

She snaps it whenever
she craves more surgery

She snapped it so often
her wrist got infected

Her doctor wouldn't
operate on her again

so she went to an underground
clinic for full-body lipo-suction

Did she have any fat left?

It's going to take 6 months
for her to recover

The surrogacy agency gave me a call

They now also provide
"Rent-a-friend" services

Someone saw my photo
and wanted me to play his girlfriend

How... how can

you be so much
prettier in real life?

You want a girlfriend for show

to make your parents happy

The prettier the better, right?

They won't believe it
if you're too pretty

They'll worry I'm being conned

Can you find me someone
less attractive?


My ugliest friend
is also beautiful now

What can I do?

I already paid the agency

No problem. Think it over.
I'll do it for free

I was in the same boat,
once upon a time

Let's take a wedding photo?

A wedding photo?

I want to develop a full story

Later, I'll tell them
we got married in Beijing

They'll be happy

and stop worrying about me

You're a good son

Can we?

We'll just take photos,
no ceremony

They'll be so happy
when they see you

If they die...

they'll die happy

Miss, you look so
beautiful in this dress!


That word, what does it mean?

Yao', three 'earths',
means tall mountains

Isn't it a bit archaic?

No. "Separated by tall
mountains", it's simple

If not, check the dictionary,
it's more memorable

You're right

Miss, perhaps you'd like to
see our flower arrangements?

Here is some of our work

There won't be a wedding

Ah... a civil ceremony


Hey, Miss, wait!

I don't understand
why I'm running either

Perhaps I'm afraid
what he'll say?

If he rejects me,
I'll be devastated

If he accepts me, I can't
revert back to my old look!

Watch out!

A car crash?

Don't worry.
We'll save your face!


We finally became equals

We got married and had a baby

But how will we explain to him
why he look so different?

1, 2, 3


we should call Dr. Kim?