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The Trumpeter

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He lives yet. Come to help!

What happened?

What did you do?

You animal! We could have
got money for him.

How about you?

Who's this?

A trumpeter.

Blow it.

Blow it.

The devil take you brain!

He is playing then at the fire!

Trumpeter! Who will pay for you?


Your father?

My father?

Who was your father?

He a was sylvan-man, just like you.

The soldiers broke into
them with a night once.

I did not see my mother
and my father since then.

They sold me to the Turkish.

They received 3 golds.

From the Turkish who ransomed?

I escaped.

I found my way to a Kosice man,
I learned to play the trumpet there.

You sing always, they were knapsack.

His weaving is delicate.

Turn around, turn around!

The little boy is valuable!

This is not my dress.

We would have gone into a
wedding party, I got this for this.

From the Kosice man?

Not, he sold me last year.
I served it at a Polish lord.

You were a slave.

You did not disengage.

Good sowing, good harvest.

The dog does not pay for this boy.

My beer.



We baptize it this!

What are your religion, trumpeter?


You're lying.

You are a Lutheran dog.

Your name?

I am a stupid, smells bad,
worm, an animal.

I am a stupid, worm, an animal.

Worshipful lord.

I am a stupid, smells bad, worm,
an animal, Worshipful lord.


You may not go away!

It did not have fortune in the life that
he may be like this between people.

Trumpeter, you walked already in Szemer?

We would have arrived there

Trumpeter, you are my countryman.

The person who hurts the trumpeter
gathers with me his trouble.

Drink, trumpeter.

Onto my expensive countryman's health.

Play my favourite melody.

# Pear tree...
pear tree of Gy?ngy?s... #

# ...takes a rest under it...#

Do you hear something from
Havr?n second lieutenant?



He attacked a dealer on the last week.

A devil's bastard.

Be watching over here!

Havr?n second lieutenant even
the bullet does not destroy it.

Blow something yet trumpeter!

This no!

Where did you hear this?

From a dear fathers.

They came down from the forest at
the time of Christmas, the soldiers
did not disturb them then.

It is the god's day.

Blow this.

# Old days, old days, #

# Transylvania and other countries, #

# From this for you what your profit, #

# That this much cheated. #

# My lord went away into
a strange country #

# He made a letter write
that I should go, #

# My lord went away
into the Turkish camp #

# Our lord escaped. #

I take away your life because of this.

Escaped the Kuruc king

He's coming back and
we trample on the worms.

Well how this got here?

Let us chop it into 40 pieces.

May climb out until the road with it
only if we break half of his foot.

Not, from here we may not release it.

He may betray us.

Let us throttle it.

Rather if we break his foot only.

With an axe?

Only his shaft.

After all my countryman.

Come trumpeter.

Jank? carries his bride.

We are putting it in here.

He is not set free from here.

Only if the devil does not let it out.

I wake up the kid!


He escaped!

The devil shits always something!

He may be in the forest only.

He alarms the heyducks!

We find it.

Good morning Bajusz father.

Good morning Jank? father.

Good morning Havr?n father.

Where were you? That the gout pull.

A god blesses it dear fathers, that
my freedom was given back.

who disengaged?

The barrel was stinking.

Dear fathers curdled,
I was shouting vainly.

Jank?'s miracle traps.
The Germans always into shat.

Not for nothing my countryman.


You may not stay in these dresses.

He may bring the heyducks into our trace

Smells bad.

Billy-goat smell.

Sing, some birds tumble
off the tree maybe.

Come on.



We may shoe the devil's horse
if we are caught with trumpeter.

The sings a song then on porch of hell.

He blows nothing. Let her go!

Let him not catch cold.

Good, your coming, rascals.

We were worried already, who
we shall break on the wheel!

We are innocent itinerant artisans.

You felt a stench!

Only wander, my Worshipful lord.

You saw in this direction armed men?


Refresh their recollection.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Get down, rascals.

Worshipful lord.


Did you see somebody?

I remember something
already, my Worshipful lord.

We saw some kind of riders.

They galloped at dusk,
than the rabid devils.

Did you see them already?

Two of his days we were camping
together in the Mures forest.

They were preparing to visit into
a some kind of wedding party.

How many people were they?

Was a woman.

And there were a boy, their
slave with a trumpet.

It is a lost corpse.

Do you recognise them?

Yes, Worshipful lord!

The crows filched, the Sun
blew up their cheek.

They were, Worshipful lord.

Did you see the aggressors?

We saw riders Wonshipful lord.

You will burn in the fire of the hell

There is warmth here,
my Wonshipful lord.

Drink, my Wonshipful lord. Drink!

Good wine.


There is good wine like
this in this barrel.

What did you see?

A morning was early,
we saw something hardly.

They were many people.

We are afraid. They do not
spare the innocent ones.

Do not be afraid.

The county protects you.

We do not allow you not to be
allowed to make your free trade.

We opened our eye well because of that.

One of the aggressors lay
down for bait under a harpoon.

Like this.

His hand tied.

Here his neck sticked

Bait? Old Kuruc tactics.

But worked well.

More men rushed from the forest, with an
axe, a weapon, pistols, with a dagger.

They killed all.

They robbed the victims.

Talk about the pillaging Kuruc.

Heavy to recognise anybody.

The forest is full of with Th?k?ly's men

Here a lot the horse hoof trace

These already that of our horses

Who would be able to distinguish
the horse traces?

where did they go?

This way. That way.

What shall we recognise them by?

The boy is with them, from
that direction to know.

We would bear witness then,
Wonshipful. lord.

We heard that the county rewards
the witnesses generously so.

Go towards Tokaj, there is need now
there the onto hard-working men.

Do not take it away,
do not take it away.

This last one, there are not more.

Let my tooth fall out if I bite into him

Let the wine not feel longer his flavour.

Throw down my bed, if I touch them.

More hundred people are starving.

We let us be feasting here?

The Kuruc begs, the heyduck pillages,
the German reduces everything to ashes

You get it back hundredfold.

After the victory.

The Kuruc king comes back.

The Kuruc king pulled
Turkish dresses up.

Moulted his faith.



Fellow of Tokaj.

Latent, (???)
looter, bandit
godless robber
Kuruc dog

See fellow Tokaji,
you stayed on bad road.

The got this from a Kuruc king
in kid's age yet.

Well take a look, maybe that
your father made it so.

You were our enemy's enemy,
our friend's friend.

Let a god help us so.


If you would not hit the target.

Protect it.

All right, boy.

Don't be afraid, escapes even from the
hole of his ass because of this reek.

The Turkish does it so.
He is praying meanwhile only.

You louse drover!

Dear father lousier, than
the Easter pilgrim.

The rag is beautiful on a beautiful man.

I desire a woman

It me, too would scratch itself.

We inaugurate the fellow.

What does do?

What was done, people?
He gets drowned in it.

Trumpeter, make a choice!


Please, no let this be made

We want to give a joy to you

Hop out from your pants.

People help you!

Cowardly worms!

-Help you!
-Leave it, the cow goes onto hell.

These do not protect their mother!

Drawn unarmed ones.

All of the village saw that
the Germans violated my wife.

The unfortunate one did
not get even a grave.

My dear father reviles the killers.

They are these!

Allow it to run him away.

No, no!

Run home.

Why are you doing this my dear father?

Let her go!

Do not leave yourself.

Don't you get it? Let him go!

Let me go!

My dear father do not make this!

Do not leave yourself.

Let me go!

Dear father

Don't do it!


What do you buy on him?


For what it for you, kid?

You know it well.

I avenge for my father and my mother.

We avenge their death then.

You look at your own joy only.

We avenge all sylvan men.

We buy weapons.

Weapons, pistols, swords

I had a good nose.

It is a lost corpse.

The description was accurate.

It gets tanned my face the leather.

It is not for you, only your cheek.

This is true so.

That's right.

I sit down between you.

I let you onto a long leash.

Robbery, plundering, murder.

There are a lot on your list of sins.

We did not idle.

You are careless.
You are drunk instead of escape.

You visited the cross.

You were not able to
keep your eye closing.

We paid our respects to him.

Deserved it

He held out until a lot.

He was shouting for revenge
even on the rope.

Havr?n second lieutenant
avenges his death.

Took even the password into his grave,
he tried to find out two about
my best man though.

He talked about me.

From Havr?n second lieutenant.

He did not see your
scabby cheek fortunately.

He may have died in the
hope of the revenge.

Did he recognise you?

Beside myself I wanted to receive it

Would have been securely between the
heyducks, but did not undertake
the service.

Trumpeter blow something
onto the Wonshipful lord's respect.

They brought the boy.

It is possible to recognise them by it.

The he's dead his heirs compiled it.

They knew it punctually though
what they waited for.

Let us be watching circle.

Wonshipful lord, we put your part aside.

There it is.

You lie, rascals.

A whole village was sent by me
in a gift, I carry everything.

There is nothing there.

You forget it that we served a lord?

We drink water. Our glass is empty.
Our weapon is empty.

Take it!

We are chased dogs.

Carry it.

Worshipful lord!

Have mercy on us. Spare our life.

You come into the city on the next week.

You volunteered to witness.

The county offered 10 golds
to the one giving a clue.

We are poor.

Do not grudge it us Worshipful lord.

Open the garbages well then.

Your good day was today, rascals.

You would need even the county's money.

The tale-telling is worthless earnings.

I'm sorry!

Come on.

Did you let it go away?

He does not stop until three.

Took all of our money away,
from what we buy the weapons?

We want calmness.

Let the dog go.

My dear fathers they get drunk
and you let it rob yourselves?

Did you forget about the revenge?

We do not have to take vengeance


For you.

You are young.

I handled 10 men in my young age.

Of this time I was a
second lieutenant already.

The Kuruc king is behind our place.

Havr?n second lieutenant he himself
is worth more at ten thousand labanc.

From labanc we laid heaps.

He pins the countryman onto his moustache.

This second lieutenant is
a cowardly worm.

Frequented the villages
violated the women.


It is something else, my son.

You saw that nobody shielded them.

It is necessary to punish
the cowardly ones.

Give a weapon to me.

You are worthy of him!

For the homeland!

Courage, countryman!

He went away!

The dogs lick his blood!

The second lieutenant catches him then.

The absent corpse will be. Right?

Good morning, dear father!

How about you?

Do you live yet?

A devil's bastard!

I believed it already you carry the
manure from under the devil's horse!

Come on!

I brought everything back.

Pin these onto your moustache.

The second lieutenant did not hurt it.

The dog revealed our lair.

There was best country.

Here was a little of our calmness.

Our place did not warm up.

I take it away to dry onto a gallows!


Towards the caves. That way.

Keep the horses.

Bring him.

This kid's corpse missed.

He was the Polish lord's trumpeter.

The Kuruc brought him.

Get it back on its feet.

We found weapons.

Look them up.

Inflame them in it the upper forest.

Onto a horse!
Come on.

You that way!

We find them, my son.

We avenge your master's death.

We smoke them out from the forest.

Stop, stop!

The third is rascally here.

I cut it up your head, you!

I report it I captured it at the
upper forest, near the caves.

The second lieutenant
was his pistol at him.

The second lieutenant's pistol.

The boy.

That's them?


You will hang around
because of this, rascals.

We did it for the homeland.

We killed it in manly fight.

For the freedom.

Labanc henchman.

I am not angry at you, countryman.

But the Kuruc king avenges us.

Th?k?ly is our hope.

The Kuruc king comes back!

Repays for everything!

Look, you sacrificed it at the life of
how many sylvan men for one single man.

You rascal rotter.

You betrayed the Kuruc!

He even his father would
send it onto the gallows.

Our sons betrayed us.

Let the Kuruc pass sentence on you.

Do not be afraid people,
the Kuruc king comes then!

He avenges us!

We pay for all sylvan men!

Do not leave yourselves, my sons.

All of the Kuruc will hang around herd.

They are robbers, goddamn robbers!

Th?k?ly's men.

Cursed villains!

All right!

Come here with the cup.

He drains away!



Let be silence!

Let be silence!

# Because this pagan extinguishes
everything in our sweet homeland, #

# cut it so yet it Hungarian his company

# wine my cup wine! Man onto the dam! #

Silence him.

# Tyukod fellow let's go #

# Beat the labanc onto the hell #

# a god gives peacefulness
so our sweet homeland! #

Jank? is my father!

# If with each other good Kuruc
we drink wine together, #

# let us strike it so at the time
of daybreak the labanc camp #

# drink wine so, that if you
hear the trumpets, #

# be allowed to drink blood ... #

# ... their body #

Jank? is my father.


Let be silence!

# drink wine so, that if
you hear the trumpets, #

# be allowed to drink blood their body #

Let us plant it into a picket
the Kuruc second lieutenant.

# Hegyalja is the Kuruc already. #

Llives yet Havr?n second lieutenant!

# If with each other good
Kuruc we drink wine together, #

# let us strike it so at the
time of daybreak ... #

# If with each other good
Kuruc we drink wine together, #

# let us strike it so at the time
of daybreak the labanc camp #

# ... drink wine so, ...#

His seed announced for the Kuruc.

Drink, boy!

Let us go towards the village.

I have the friends there!


Knows everybody!

Good here!

We do not stop!

To the cellars!

Dear father.

All right, my son.

We have to obtain a horse and a weapon.

We set the others free!

We go to bed before, we have a rest.

If the your trumpet would have here now!

I may sing...

Let them hear it.

Here you attract the people!

You, a hand cut our liberator?

Kuruc kid!

Our hero!

He will be the heyducks' spectre!

Innocents' avenging!

Will avenge Jank?'s death!

For the women's outrage!

We gather everywhere.

Hegyalja will flame!

We wait for the leader.

Envoys fetched the Kuruc king!

Let a saddled horse wait for it.

He his soldiers', his officers',
old heros's sons come home.

We gather up the believers
of the freedom.

Havr?n second lieutenant I present.

You will be a captain.


Kuruc brigadier!


It no.

Our brigadier stands here!

From the throat of the death saved us!

Drink, boy!

Drink yet.

The memory of the last battle
beside our Th?k?ly king.

Hurray the Kuruc king!


Our team got it.

Lives yet, Hayr?n second lieutenant.

Like that than his father.

Kuruc leader!

The Kuruc king wore it so.


What do you make with me?

The Kuruc king will never forgive us it.

We jeopardized your life!

Kiss our leader's hand.

We protected it from the wind.

We brought it back for his folk.

It will be worthy of his father.

Our leader came.

His father's son.

Onto this news Hegyalja is buzzing.

What are you doing?

Our leader is the Kuruc king's son.

We found it finally.

The real ones.

We looked for the old
heroes with messengers.

We roam the forest because of this.

We are not received already
back up the Kuruc.

Already the first vanguards would impede.

We do not know the password.

The Kuruc are cautious.

We do not know the password.

Ploughs his land with a sword,
with blood harrows.

This is the insurgents' password.

You are a betrayer!


What are you doing?

Oh, my God.

Dear father, what did you do?

He was a betrayer.

Labanc with a Kuruc cheek.

The villages may be evicted, ...

...the men may be cleared they
went away onto Hegyalja, ...

...anybody may clean the
defenceless ones out.

It made an attempt on your life, my son.

I say thank you for my life
to the dear fathers.

Where you going?

I take the betrayer out.

I pull it in under a haystack.

We have to guard it, a heap of shit
may bring the heyducks into our trace.

I will be his enemy's enemy,
his friend's friend.

Let a god keep me alive so.

We can start!

Come on!

They deserve it!
Into a picket with them!

Let's go!

It is necessary to flay them!

Go on!

Flay my leather quickly in order
for the devils to infect you.

If only you would be in my place!

From head to his toe we impose it.

Now roar, villain!

The Kuruc king comes back!

They are robbers, miserable robbers!

A devil's bastard!