The Trump I Know (2020) - full transcript

We form our perceptions of the world based from sound bites on small screens - Including our opinions of the President. This narrow viewpoint opens up for one film producer when he ...

people are fascinating

i love hearing real people's stories

hearing what motivates them

what inspires them

in this day and age we have access to

more information about people

than ever before we peer into these

little windows

and think we know people clinically


even people we've never actually met you

can tell this is not a person that

understands any issue deeply

we feel so connected

so informed technology has definitely

opened new parts of the human experience

but what's been closed off as a result

we see in part

we hear in part i know words i have the

best words

opinions are quickly formed not that

there was any question but but this is

pretty clear then confirmed by random

humans we've also never met

sergeant is a bigot a racist and racist


we think we know people uh is it balance

problems is there some weakness there

but do we really the american people by

a fluke

elected in imbecilic con man the lack of

humility from donald trump he might

order a nuclear weapons strike

this might seem like such a basic


but how do we really know someone

come on here i didn't even know that

there was a human being named eric trump

truth be told don't tell my husband that

while promoting my last film i met laura


as she shared her story i was amazed as

an american

i've heard more about the british royals

than our current first family

crazy and is it okay to say i'm

surprised she was so

normal well as normal as you can be


walking the dogs and feeding the kids in

between filming segments for the news


okay here we go guys good evening

everybody and

welcome to the right view i'm laura

trump senior advisor to

president trump's reelection campaign

laura has since become my friend

she's the trump i know

is everybody ready to eat are you hungry


yeah would you like to eat lunch yeah

okay who am i

i never in a million years would have

imagined that i would be

in this role or be part of anything like


what happened ladies and gentlemen oh

thank you

broccoli so it was very polite

say thank you you're very welcome luke

i was born and raised in wilmington

north carolina

same house i came home from the hospital

to my parents

still live in today i went to high

school there i went to college at nc


in raleigh and then i expected like i

got out of college and oh there would be

a job waiting for me

and that did not end up being the case


so i it's so long

it's dirty i know it's okay um so i

ended up

waiting tables i was a bartender i was a

part-time personal trainer

for about two years after college i got

to a point where

i knew that there was something more

that i wanted to do or there had to be

something else out there

so i decided one night on a whim to

apply to culinary school in new york

city so i found my apartment and my


on craigslist which my parents

immediately thought well she's

definitely going to be dead when she

moves there

if it's not bad enough i was fully gonna

have like a movie night

at home i was gonna relax and my

roommate happened to have a friend in


and she begged me to go out with them

and i was not gonna go out that night

we went out one thing led to another and

i saw

this really tall guy the tallest guy for


in the the place we were this this club

downtown in manhattan

and i thought to myself well tall guy


was into that and i was like okay and we

hung out that whole night we had a great


and when we left that night somebody

that was with our group of friends said

something like well you know who that


you were hanging out with all night and

i was like no and they said well that's

donald trump's son i was like what first

of all i

i knew who donald trump was i think i

knew about ivanka because i got like

teen magazine or something back in the

day and i'm pretty sure she was in that

i didn't know about don jr eric's


certainly didn't know about eric and i

was like okay i didn't even know donald

trump had

a son but that's that's fine never

really figured i would see him again

and we got married on november 8 2014

which if you recall in 2016 november 8th

was election day

so that was our nice anniversary treat

i had gone down to north carolina to a


in my hometown of wilmington with my


he did what donald trump always does he

asks people's opinions of things you

know i was from the state and that was

my hometown and blah blah blah

so he asked me about the way things were

being run one thing led to another and i

i gave him my thoughts about things and

he kind of like sat back and looked at

me and i was like oh no

either i said something really right or

really wrong and he was like you know


i'm going to put you in charge of

winning north carolina could you do that

for me could you win north carolina

i mean i had no idea about anything

politics-wise i had no experience in any

of this

but of course i was there in the moment

with my father-in-law and i was like

yes of course i could win you in the

state of north carolina

so as soon as i got outside i called my

husband and i was like i don't really

know what just happened but i think your


put me in charge of winning the state of

north carolina um

and important state very important and i

had taken that day off of work it was

like a tuesday or something and i'd

taken it off of work

so i had to go back to work the next day

and i remember i went in

and i talked to my executive producer

and i was like um i'm pretty sure i'm

gonna need to take a leave of absence


about three and a half months oh no what

happened ma'am

you want some more water come on luke

let's go this way and now that people

are out golfing

the trick is to not get hit by golf

balls while we're out here too

or get in anyone's way yes obviously an


thing too this is generally fun when

everyone's cooperative

i mean a lot of the reason that i work

out is to stay sane

it's the one time of the day that i'm

sort of by myself don't have to deal

with anyone or anything else usually

the best part out here is that they all

know like i'm the crazy lady with the


and the kid or kids come on luke

my mom comes up all the time hey

my mom comes up all the time to help me

with the kids um to stay with them if


out of town like over a weekend or

something yeah well i didn't have kids

in 2016. i have two now

i think about all the time the fact that

i'm not gonna be able to see my kids

that much for

several months in a row i'm sure and

it's a temporary thing but at this age

kids are changing growing so much

now every time i facetime my son he


of course which never makes you feel

good this glimpse into the trump world

made me curious how many more of these


are there she invited the crew to tag


and find out

as a member of the first family you

don't just get in the car and go

but i have to admit riding with the

secret service was pretty cool

are you going to get on the other side

so it feels always very good to get back

excited to be here and i come i'm back

like once a week now once

twice a week sometimes so yeah i saw him

briefly yesterday did you see us


every time luke

hey can you say hi to mom

hi ben hi charlie

oh there's benjamin you're very handsome

hey luke

come here and give me a kiss i'll talk

to you later i love you

that was a better display

recently when i've been calling him he's

just been like hysterical like just

burst into tears and lays down on the

floor and cries so

that was a better uh better show

i got a couple of love use

i don't have a key to get in here

thank you sir how are you i just had a

very uh nice breakthrough with luke when


called normally he's been like freaking

out just hysterically crying right

and he just he responded to me and oh

hitting his face


hello what did we have i have that off

that calendar we were working on yeah

oh i was going to ask you about that

where is it where is it right now let's

go to fox first

because then we can yeah then we can

make it and it's such a big issue

they're all doing reopening schools

mercedes reputation i think preceded her

she has now worked in two different

white houses

and she was at the white house before

coming over to the campaign

raising the kids is my top priority one

of the biggest stresses i have in my

life is making sure

i'm able to be there for my children and

not miss out

in their lives because it goes by so


i mean matt the girls everyone has been

so supportive of

allowing me to work for this president

and now work for the campaign

well basically you just try to get uh

more queens

okay i don't know if you can cancel that

one raise my children

i think they're going to try to do the

women bus tours every week almost i'm

like literally like i looked at laura

and i was like okay how are we going to

do this okay

so i'll just take a kid a kid a trip i

think maybe

i'm excited to just go out and see

another state because

i don't really get i've never seen

wisconsin it's going to be interesting

so yeah i'm just i'm excited freedom and


that message is what i feel called to do

every day

mercy fox news is calling okay all right

why are the kids playing poker

because your mother taught them how to

play poker

this is the path to victory to get

independent and moderate voters on the

fence in

michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin

let's welcome back to the show

trump 2020 senior advisor mercedes it's

always great to have you back on

mercedes what are the far left policies

the president is talking about here

look i think you're seeing for example

many of these liberal media outlets

just criticizing and attacking the


for any move that he makes well when you

look at the president's policies

they're common sense policies that

mainstream americans can agree with

of the fakest rumors of all rumors the

president didn't have women working for

him and didn't like strong women do


i mean i believe the president was the

first one to ever hire a woman to build

a building in new york

and when i showed up at trump tower i

met a whole bunch of powerful women

and the women within the family

including the president's wife

people think that melania is just

walking around beautiful what she is

i had actually met melania and worked

with her prior to even knowing the


she was very strong business wise knew

exactly what she wanted

and then as as i met laura and as i met

ivanka and as i met other

you know women in the um around the

trump organization

i found out that a lot of women were

what makes this place tick

every week we get some press inquiries

you guys have no women on your campaign


um or women are never promoted or women

are never senior staff

there's always something somewhere along

the way

that the president hates women and

doesn't value them

it's just so not true we're not only

like a

majority senior staff female we're

pretty much like a majority female staff

overall being a working mom and and

having the role that i do on this

campaign i think just speaks volumes to


good of a man the president is how good

of a family he has

i mean they empower me so much

not only to succeed at reelecting the

president or

run my department or be the best

operative that it can be but they also

empower me to be the best

working mom that i can be i am like one

of the only not moms on the campaign but

at one point we had like two babies

in the office like a month after and

they just like stop in and

i like well you know we'd hang out with

kaylee or hannah's baby if they had a

big meeting

um but that's just that's a lot that

happens here and they really believe

like women can take charge can have a

seat at the table

you want to create an environment that

women do feel that they have a voice

they have something to say what you said

about our campaign now almost 60

women i think it's important to note

that wasn't

because we wanted so many women this is

because we hire the best people for the

job it happened to be women

and there are so many women you never

get this narrative out there

from the mainstream media but so many

women that want to be a part of the

president's campaign that want to be a

part of this

they tried to stop us from telling that

story in 2016 and that's why i got out

on the road with a bus full of women and

said there are women that support

donald trump well by the way talk about

another strong woman ronna hi guys how

are you

sorry i just popped in for our meetings

right now the chair of

the republican national committee former

stay-home mom

only the president would say let's take

that stay-home mom and have her run the


what a smart guy well by the way but

this is another example i mean i didn't


yeah it wasn't even like in my my sphere


literally you have a woman in charge of

the republican party

under president donald trump it's always

ironic that media

trying to sell a narrative that's not

true because they just say it enough

times and

and the fact they don't say they're

strong women and women opinions of the

trump administration i mean you have a

lot of history with women kellyanne the


campaign manager you had sarah sanders

who was the first press secretary

with children i'm only the second woman

in history

to run there and see i mean he really

has made a lot of history

and when i see what what laura's done

when i say what you've done rana you

know in terms of i know your kids pretty

well at this point and

um i can tell you it's not easy i can

tell you my wife has a substantially

harder job than i might run a big

company and i might be very involved

with the campaign but

you know you really do do a phenomenal

job with kids and she is present and she

will wake them up every single morning

and she will be the first one

changing their diapers and she will feed

them and she will take care of them and

she will organize all their activities

and then she will be on the radio and

the kids will

be running up to her literally as you

know she's on with some host and she'll

play it off and she does it with

glamour and grace and and beauty and

just a funny story about that we were

doing a conference call the other day

and i was like who's taking a bath

oh that was hilarious i was giving

carolina a bath brad was like is someone

in the bathtub we were on a zoom call

and i left my phone on the counter so i

couldn't mute it

i didn't know everybody i have to say


i mean brad you all have been very

supportive of the moms here at the

campaign the mega moms

you know that i've got five kids and

it's you didn't stop from hiring me

and how many women were pregnant all at

the same time it was like between

hannah and you and hayley at the time

and i think that there was a lot of

support that we get because i think you

all value

what we're able to continue i think it

makes you stronger i mean i think it

makes it makes you more relevant to

understand as well like

if we can't get moms what are we doing

this for right and so that's what we're

fighting you know we're fighting for


american family so we should have

american families here

i love the women of trump because

they're such strong and powerful

and opinionated women

the positive message is not getting out

to the public which is why we're doing

what we're doing

we do these tours to bypass the media to

go directly to local and regional

and talk about the accomplishment to the


it seemed odd to be the one telling the

story about the women in trump's orbit

why me was no one else willing to

does it underscore the problem one


and you don't play the rest it's very

misleading to the public

mr trump talks about the policies of the

middle east after the quote you just

play from the rally

i actually feel like i have three

different lives

i have my life of work

i have my life of family

and then i have my life we just got back

from a bus tour which we're going to be

having probably one every other week

if not every week i love it and it's fun

when we're doing it

it's just craziness all the time

and it's just sensory overload for me

i have this routine and it's probably


opposite of anybody else i come home i

fall out on my bed for about 30 minutes

just to

decompress the events the the meetings

and all the engagements because i know

i only have about 30 minutes before the

phone's gonna start ringing or the

emails are gonna come in

so is the round table at the church oh

no we're leaving to go to the round

table got it okay

i'm i'm ready i've been on the plane but


like my brother-in-law don has been on

the plane as well and we are not sitting


and so i can hear these people saying

things about my brother-in-law and it's

very hard

because my reaction my initial reaction

is that

i want to get up and i want to get in

their face and say like listen you've

got this wrong like we're good people

and what everything you've heard is not

true out there

but i can't do that i mean sadly if i

did something like that i would seem i

would be a crazy person

and it would be just a ton of negative


but it's very hard i think it's really

hard for anybody to hear

information that they know is false and

especially about people

who you love and care about and you know

really fight so hard every single day

you know to to hear the media spread

lies about you it's it's hard it's very


like there are people in my grade who

will literally like nudge me and be like

i love trump because they know my

parents and it's kind of sad because

like now even kids are afraid to say


that they like trump because people will

shame you people will

and it's like it's kind of sad because

it's hard to express who you

are when everybody just if you don't

think the same way as you they don't

accept you should we turn up the volume

to see what they're saying

yeah hello everyone i hope you all had

an enjoyable weekend

i have some brief announcements for you


violence looting anarchy are not to be


chris cuomo saying show me where it says

protesters are supposed to be peaceful

i'll give you an idea chris it's the


like i was just walking in watching cnn

as they lauded the quote

rallies in the streets are you saying

the president got to let me finish jen

this isn't a cable news segment i'm

answering your question right now from

the white house podium

those people should be jailed the people

you just mentioned i never said that

those are your words not mine but

perhaps you should look into it and give

me some answers

oh that's a very nice tie by the way

thank you very much did anyone take it

upon themselves to

pose any questions about michael flynn

unmasking the president obama's


oh not a single journalist has posed

that question okay

does president trump believe that it was

a good thing

that the south lost the civil war say


and i just want to leave you with a

quote from martin luther king jr that we

must learn to live together as brothers

or we will perish together as fools


i you know if these are the ones that

she recommended something something

is daddy making you oh my gosh that's it

looks terrible i'm telling you

do you have something other than the

silver spoon i like that spoon that was

given as a gift to us

that doesn't look good what's daddy

making you eat

i've loved politics from kindergarten

on it was just something that was innate

i remember in college intern for

congressman adam putnam um on the hill

i interned in the white house actually

um for president george w

bush and i was in the office of media

affairs and i remember distinctly the

day i got to go to a white house press

briefing and i got to watch dana perrino

do a briefing and i was standing off to

the corner and i remember looking at

carl cameron who was the fox

correspondent asking her questions and

i would have never guessed that i don't

know 10 years later so that i would be

the one behind the podium

my mom raised three kids and i always

you know respected that

she you know worked so hard to

raise us and i guess i never truly

appreciated it

until i had a child of my own being a

mom is

truly the most challenging but the most

exciting job in the world

i think realizing just how much it


just really made me respect moms in

general and my mom for sure

my mom traveled the country with me with

blake and while she was out all day

blake and i kind of just stayed in the

hotel room a lot of times

a lot of the places it was really cold

it was snowing outside

so um we got to bond and it was

beautiful it was an experience that

i'll never forget shawn and i we didn't

really take parenting classes

we didn't read books well you read part

of a book

so when she came we were like just

figuring it out on the fly

hey pee it's okay

i know she wants more food it's all gone

there ain't any more food you can yeah

you want me to do that when my food's

over too yeah maybe just a

little one good job

maybe diaper time i don't know well we

got stuff up there too

say bye-bye

it sunk in i was going to go take this

new role and

i mean i remember just holding blake

actually right there and i just started

crying and like literally my tears were


falling on her because i was so sad

thinking about her not being with me all

the time

and then all of a sudden she lit up with

what i think was her very first smile

and it was just like

her way of saying go do this mommy and

god's way of saying i want you to do it

so that's the first secretary are you


yeah it was my phone oh okay so this is

not blank

programs for me to be a part of which

was i worked with children's cancer

groups which is really important to me

at the various hospitals in san


like ucsf and it was a really rewarding

experience kimberly guilfoyle i mean

her background is so so impressive as a


she started dating my brother-in-law don

and it was just a natural fit for her to

come over to the campaign

we were on a alligator uh hunt one time

oh my goodness

and then uh one of our friends dared

dawn to go in and swim with the

gators so of course he did it i mean i

was like what is going on here i was i'm

gonna have to dive in and like get him

out of there and whatever

gone so tough like his dad too i mean

look every day is an adventure

when you think about it they were trying

to put him in jail and can you imagine

you come home and it says

uh don jr is guilty of treason

punishable by

death i was like well let's make tonight

a good night because apparently

according to cnn

there he is singing your praises

come sit for a second say hi rap one of

the things i think that is so important

when people really see and they resonate

they understand and feel a little bit

closer to the president because they get

to meet don

interact with them very personable and

out there fighting

for his father and i think it shows you

look how much he loves his dad and his

family and willing to sacrifice against

incredible odds

with everybody coming after him and he's

really been besides his father

the you know biggest target and i want

to retire and let kimberly just fight

for me it's so much easier

she does such a better job anyway i just

know when to get out of the way

uh you know between honestly you know

just between

you know my mother my sister my

daughters kimberly you know the

your grandma the grandma they're all

very just you know

impressive women you know just you know

go-getters you know very alpha

uh you know and they just do it and so

uh it's awesome to see and my father's

really surrounded himself by

them his entire life 30 years before

other people were doing the same thing

because he sees competence

uh and he rewards it

president donald j racist is a person

who they bigot

and is in the white house his comments

about those women were racist

it seems to me like the president will

not be happy until there is not

one single female republican voter in

the country

he was lauded all over the world as one

of the greatest businessman

men of all times and then all of a

sudden he decides to run for president

and it switches and you have people

coming after you like i really don't

think any president has had to deal with

the media did the best that they could

to try and rebrand him because before

the 2016 campaign donald trump was a

beloved american icon

internationally known 100 name


hollywood star right and then all of a

sudden he's running as a republican and


the enemy he's the devil he's a russian

spy i mean these are all the crazy


that came out after donald trump the

good news is

he had 40 years of a brand these same

people who are

trashing him on these news networks for

the same people that wanted to attend

parties with him

without derek zoolander male modeling

wouldn't be what it is today

excuse me where's the lobby down the

hall and to the left

thanks mr and mrs

donald trump

it's the donald oh my god

when you look at donald trump the man

who has a documented record out there


the entire 80s has been erased the

entire 90s

have been erased donald trump's history

was never brought up between the 80s and

90s with regards to race or women

or people would have to acknowledge the

fact that it was

donald trump who worked with jesse

jackson and there's video of jesse

jackson himself

praising donald trump for being a

builder of communities and a builder of

people praising donald trump for the


that he gave to black men to help them

get involved in

wall street i do want to express thanks

to you

donald trump for being with us tonight

he is a man that sees potential

he doesn't see race he doesn't see

gender he sees potential

he sees people he's humbled um that he's

given this job that so few in the

history of our country can say they've


he's enjoyable to be around and it's not

surprising because i think when you

watch his rallies

it's he's enjoyable to watch and i think

just to see behind the scenes

that he is the same person he is in

front of the cameras that he's just as

funny behind the scenes and

it's not the case i think with every

president where there's this scripted

image of who the person

is out here and then who he is behind

the doors of the oval office is a

complete mystery

this is the same person what do you want

to be

that's a good idea so you want your own


and you're going to make a lot of money

right but don't

run for politics after you leave he will

probably be

the only president to come out of office

with less money

than when he went in because he's not

doing this to write a tell-all book his


we all know donald trump already we've

always known him

the trump winery sits on the monticello

wine trail

just outside charlottesville virginia

carrie woolard manages the property

she offered to show us a round via the

scenic route

i don't think there's a lot of turnovers

there's a lot of exits

just never know there's a rest stop

right here

it's kind of fun up here yeah i'm sure

i've had great ambitions of being a

doctor which is what i wanted to do

since the time i was a little little kid

moved to charlottesville and worked at a

winery for what i thought was just going

to be a year

i was loving what i was doing in the

wine industry

and and here i am when trump purchased

the property it was in receivership so

it was

quite distressed this is their first

winery and

they needed a bit of help so they asked

some of the experts in virginia

who would you recommend who can help us

here to really bring this place back to


we know it can be and in doing so my

name came up a couple different times so


um got my number actually called me at


uh to to which i told him that i really

couldn't talk to him while i was at work

but if he gave me his number i would

call him back

so later that evening i called him back

a couple days later i was on a plane to

new york to interview

and i i think like less than a week

later you know i had a cell phone in an

email and had given notice and

um was already you know starting to work

on the project here before i was even


in an office there's women in the

company that

i look up to and have since i started

you know i've been here

eight years and even when i began there

are women

and that are that still work in the

corporate office who have been

with him for 20 years and 25 years and


women who have accomplishments beyond

what most people would imagine

we ask that you would bestow upon our

president the wisdom

necessary to lead this great nation

the grace to unify us and the strength

to stand for what is honorable

and right in your sight i've been in his

life 19 years

i was in my office and they said to me

mr trump's on the line i was like yeah

yeah sure

i thought they were playing around with

me so they're like

paula mr trump's on the line so i get on

and sure enough his receptionist robin

answers and

picks up and said mr trump would like to

speak to you i hear this distinguished

voice that most people you know have had

some kind of

knowledge or some kind of you know have

heard about

so he said to me i've been watching you

on television he told me how he was

confirmed presbyterian

how his mother was a very godly woman


praying woman how he grew up

going to saturday and sunday school then

he would talk about

i went to see dr david jeremiah or how

his dad took him to dr billy graham

crusades and he loved selves loves dr

billy graham

he was really drawn to the passion

and the move of god and the spirit of

god so he said well when you're

when you're up here why don't you stop

by the office so i did and i thought

you know this will be a waiting line or

this way and he was just so


and so this actually became very regular

in routine so whenever i was ever in new

york you'd say stop

by and i think well he's going to kick

me out of the office you know or

something and i'd stay there for

thinking five or ten minutes and i'd end

up sometimes being there for

hours and i'm like just a fly on the

wall and it was

it was quite fascinating to me how much

he had been formed by several things um


faith being one of them so we are

headed down into the barrel cave

between the oak and the wine and oh my

it smells

amazing when you come in here

come in here taste a little wine check

in on see how everything's aging and

go from there 2019 was a

great vintage virginia it's going to be

one of the banner vintages i think we've


it was only the second time that he had

visited the property so

i was a little bit nervous you know i

was still new to

the company and it's strange to say that

he's down to earth

but he is very down to earth and has

this ability to make you feel at ease

very quickly it was just uh

eric mr trump myself so just the three

of us

so we're going in and out of every

building getting in and out of the car

dozens of times and mr trump opened my

car door for me

every single time we stopped and got out

of the car

and it got so almost embarrassing that

at one point throughout the day

i actually let out a little bit of a

giggle like i think it was just a

nervousness and i was embarrassed

and i was like oh my gosh i'm so sorry

and you know and he looked at me and he

was just like absolutely not

like that is just what i do it's always

what i'm gonna do

we had a huge painting crew and he

wanted to meet them

and even further than just shaking their

hand and introducing himself

he actually stopped to ask me if it was

okay first

i think it's very clear that it is who

he is to the poor

without cameras without people looking

no one's around no one to impress so

that that's the

mr trump that i know

all right if we can't do anything on the

west wing obviously we could come over

here on the from the east wing

um like i i'm in the waiting area like

that i forgot the room it's officially


laura arranged for us to get a few words

from the president himself

turns out he's a pretty busy guy

while waiting for the boss i met a few

of the women who lead their departments

within the white house

starting with stephanie grisham this is

us in the oval office

mrs trump was filming a psa i felt like

there was a hair out of place so

i stopped everything and she thought it

was hilarious because i was trying to

fix her hair

and i love this picture because it's it

catches her she's

she laughs all the time she's got the

best sense of humor

i think it says a lot about both of you

and your relationship together

it's pretty cool i think so i got a call

from somebody saying

donald trump is coming to town would you

mind working

a rally because i had worked for romney

doing advanced work for him

and i kind of thought oh oh

it's donald trump and i love the

apprentice so this will be just fun to


after seeing the energy in that room and

after seeing how he packed the room

that wasn't look again it was donald

trump that early

but the things he said and he was just

so authentic

and for me in my life

to see him be so authentic meant a lot

to me and the first time i met him

he he asked about me he asked about my


and there's there was no judgment and he

seemed genuinely interested

and so i called all the other candidates

after that and i said i'm i'm done

i'm gonna go work for him and here i am

after that we met up with kellyanne


the most important role i'll ever have

is mom

and i've been blessed with four children

who are now teens and tweens

they have sacrificed mightily for mom's

job in the public eye

and i'm trying to do my very small part

to help improve the lives of people who

don't have voices and don't have choices

and they never felt like they mattered

or that somebody was giving them voice

and visibility

because typical political speak and


would promise them the sun moon and

stars and deliver very little

and that's just a way to get votes

donald trump rolled the dice he he

didn't need this job i mean the idea

that donald trump

became the president is truly remarkable

on many

levels for many reasons but to bring

that businessman's perspective

the problem solver the crisis manager

the person who

needs to have tangible results he's a

builder he can't just talk about

building he can't just

have a commission of architects talk

about what the building may look like no

you have to build

the building and all that that means so

that people can walk into it and work

and live and that's been such a


refreshing aspect of this presidency

while we were there

kaylee texted and introduced us to

alyssa farah

who then gave us a tour of the

eisenhower building i know you've had

several roles on the hill and even

within the white house here itself

first time you met the president if you

remember that the first time that i met

the president

i was working for the vice president

mike pence

i was so nervous i he came into a

roosevelt room meeting that the vice

president was leading

and he turned to me and said hi smiley

i'm guarantee he does not remember that

to this day but i was smiling so wide

because i was just excited to see him

um but now i've got to spend quite a bit

of time with him it's

i i remember this every day as i walk on

a campus just to stop

say a quick prayer of thank you and

gratitude that i get to be there and

that i get to serve this particular


um he's a remarkable man the more time

you spend with him behind closed doors

the more you understand what makes him

such a strong leader for our nation

we also met with brooke rollins who's

been with the president

since his campaign i'm not sure quite

how it happened but every day

i along with all of my colleagues we

pinch ourselves

because we believe we have the greatest

job at the most important time

in our country's history and so to stand


this president at this point in time and

fighting for the very soul of america

is is a gift that defies any sort of

definition or explanation but one that


all understand uh is beyond anything

that we are

ourselves and part of something so much


we found out the president needs to push

our meeting back a bit

back to the waiting room i guess

i was tired and i think a lot of people

are tired of watching other countries

ripping off the united states this is a

great country

country's losing 200 billion dollars a

year when i build a building a lot of

the material has to come from china


well that's different right no it's

terrible because of the united states

david it's terrible i wish it weren't so

but they manipulate their currency and

they make it very very hard to buy


in this country and with good leadership

you could stop that immediately

my father-in-law got continually

frustrated i think by what he saw

happening in so many

cases across this country and he kept

saying like this isn't right this isn't

how it should be done

and i know people have talked to you

about whether or not you want to run

would you would you ever

i probably wouldn't but i do get tired

of seeing what's happening with this

country and if it got so bad

i would never want to rule it out

totally i think the

radicalism of the obama years

and the kind of tearing down america

really ripped at him

he begins to call me pastor in early

00:42:10,160 --> 00:42:11,760
those of us who are christians in a

ministry understand

that's quite a step that's quite a step

so that says quite a bit for him to ask

me to

break bread with him open the word with

him pray over him

pray for his family seek god calls me

over to the office and he said

i want you to pray i said about what he

said i'm thinking about running for

president this is 2011.

and i said okay he said i really need to

hear from god

and he said i've got to make a pretty

big decision he said paul can you bring

some people around to pray

so we did i brought about 20 people 20

pastors that i'm

very close to or new and we went there

to trump tower

we prayed for six hours he wasn't in

there the entire time but almost the

entire time

and it wasn't about can you know get

get people around me i want to know what

they have to say i want another opinion

not at all it was pure unadulterated

um seeking god what does god have to say

so the next morning he calls me over and

he said

paula what do you think god's saying i

mean i remember

and i'm not a real you know teary type

of girl at all

and i remember this tear coming down

barely i

said it's not the timing but i

knew that he was going to run and be


i knew it in 2011 and i said as

a friend as someone that

i care about little did i understand

what i was saying then

i said i hate to see

what you would go through i said but our

nation will need it

one of my favorite memories that i have


actually having dinner in the 21 club

in new york with mr trump and eric and

then governor mcauliffe who was the

governor of virginia who was you know

part of the

dnc with the clintons and so mr trump

was asking

tons of questions and expressing his

frustration and

i remember sort of sitting there in


and in awe of what i was able to be a

part of and listen to

and i should have had clued in that

night that

that's what was coming

so my father-in-law's birthday happens

to be flag day

june 14th and if you remember he

announced he was running

on june 16th so we all went to have

dinner with him at bedminster at the

the golf club for his birthday and it

was at that birthday dinner when

he really said to all of us this is this

is real

i i want to do this but i'll never

forget what else he said

because he said this isn't just about me

this is about our whole family and

there's no way that somebody runs for


and they don't drag everybody in so i

need to know from you

of course that you guys understand what

that means

and that everybody is on board and i

kind of think if any one of us had said


maybe we're not into this i don't know

necessarily we wouldn't have done it but

i think we could have had a conversation

about it nobody even hesitated we said

absolutely we're on board but i remember

he also said charlie get off

he also said now they're going to come

after us they're not going to make it


there's going to be lies written about

us they're going to say all

everything they can politics is a nasty


but i think this is the right thing to

do wow was he right on that right

oh my gosh i get a phone call i was

in my kitchen in florida he goes up

paula what you doing you know how are

you and i said i'm great sir how are you

and he said i'm running for president

and you're going to oversee faith and i


and with all due respect of course he

knew what he was doing but i thought i

certainly don't know what i'm doing

the american dream is dead

but if i get elected president i will

bring it back

bigger and better and stronger

than ever before and we will make

america great again thank you thank you

very much

everybody knew donald trump but then

when he came out

and started talking like we all talk and

saying the things that we were all

thinking and

and speaking about the things that were

sort of under the surface that no one

wanted to address but

they weren't right and we had to fix

them people i think for the first time

in a long time

had hope that things would change there

was something going on

and it was very reminiscent to me as a

tea party person when we started out

with 200 people at an event

and ended up with 34 000. it was like

that energy was back

and but this time we had a leader

which republican candidate has the best

chance of winning the general election

of the declared ones right now donald


that was the moment that everyone said

was impossible according to the experts

the pundits the whole group of them

hillary clinton has a 100 chance of

winning over 60 percent of republicans

aren't going to vote for donald trump

if trump does win the party's nomination

he claims he won't stand a chance

against hillary clinton you have to

understand he cannot win

going into this night where do we stand

268 to 204

so clearly an advantage for secretary

clinton we have our first woman

president soon to be hillary clinton

elected president of the united states


the vote is sacred until the people

speak we don't celebrate

it was so late and nobody wanted to call


i called eric and i said i need you to

come down to my office i need to show

you something

eric kind of leaned on the computer and

i'm sitting there and i go

look right there that's the moment the

data crossed the line

and eric was like you're serious and i

was like yeah

we won this was election day i said now

it's just a matter of time of

of waiting for it to all come in and for

everyone to believe it when it became

very evident that he was going to win

and he started quickly working on the

acceptance speech and

still hadn't heard from hillary clinton

and everybody was like well where's


the president is in the dining room

somewhere outside the kitchen staircase

camera exactly whereas i walk up to him

i said sir

i have the raw data we want you want sir

and he was like oh they called it yet

they called it and bannon's standing

next to me and kelly and they're like

they haven't called it yet on cnn or

asia i said i have the raw data

our team says you have won it's just a

matter of time now i would get ready to


but nobody had heard from her and and

everyone kept saying well look until she

calls and concedes

and says like you won we can't


say like that that you won this election

my father-in-law said well we can't just

leave these people there these people

have been there for like 12

hours look at how close he is right now

he has 257

electoral votes he needs 13 more 270

to be elected president of the united

states and dana

he is getting incredibly incredibly

close jake

and the wall comes tumbling down i mean

this is this is truly the beginning of

the end for hillary clinton's campaign

associate press still won't call it

they're double checking their numbers if

you look at this again let's go

pennsylvania 97

hold on one second i want to go back to

general right now diana what are you


you know well if i have wolf i have a

little bit of information but i just

want to be sure that

i have it right that's why i reported to

you so go back and talk to john

we were backstage as we were you know he

was preparing to go out

there and i'm so mad i actually went to

the bathroom

i know i went to the bathroom and i was

like i've got i've got to go just real

quick so i ran to the bathroom

and as i'm coming back everyone is like

huddled around him so i kind of like

squirmed my way through

i was like what's going on and my

husband said

it's hillary and i was like oh my gosh

and he was in the middle of a

conversation with her

and it was very cordial i mean they

they've known each other

for years i mean maybe 20 years

and he hung up the phone and we were all

just kind of there with like baited

breath like

well like what happened and he said well

it's official that's it let's go do it

decision desk has called this means that

donald trump

will be the 45th president of the united


winning the most unreal

surreal election we have ever seen

it is my high honor and distinct


to introduce to you the president-elect

of the united states of america donald


thank you very much

sorry to keep you waiting complicated


complicated to get to that moment

to realize that it was it was real that

he had

won the presidency literally defying all

the odds out there

i mean there was just a moment of of

sort of shock for all of us because

although we felt it we've been even been

beaten into us

like i think so many people in this

country that there was no chance for

donald trump

now it's time for america to bind the


of division have to get together

to all republicans and democrats and

independents across this nation

i say it is time for us

to come together as one united people

we probably got home at like 4 30 in the

morning or something

didn't get much sleep and i mean we

couldn't sleep like how do you sleep

after that i pledge to every citizen of

our land

that i will be president for all


and this is so important to me

i guess it was just surreal you are go

go go go go

constant like work and work and working

hard and fighting and fighting

and then you get to this moment and

we're sort of like okay now like

what do we do now now what

maybe he's dealing with china

i feel like ultimately the rule of law

needs to be followed by a president

and this president has shown a contempt

for the rule of law and seems to kind of

i think it's fairly obvious that he's

violated the constitution in a number of


i think that president trump has

demeaned the office disgraced the office

of the president

i would say at least a weekly if not a

daily basis

the number of inaccurate unfounded

stories written either about me

my husband the trump organization

clearly the president when you look at

the media's approval rating which is

often very low it's

the american people recognizing that

there was a harvard study done of the

president's first hundred days in office

and they found that he got historic

negative coverage historic this is trump


everybody in it is a liar it's really

the beginning of the end

the beginning of the end he may be

feeling the walls closing in on him all

the walls closing in on him

the walls closing in on him he is a liar

there was just so much lying tonight one

astrologer says this means the beginning

of the end for president donald trump

the beginning of the end of the trump

presidency uh he's a bigot

it is racist he's a narcissist he's

always hated women to me it's just

people being gullible

is this the tipping point i know we've

said it over and over

you think this is a tipping point and

over and over this is a

tipping point and over and over the

trump family is a criminal enterprise

obstruction of justice obstruction of

justice obstruction of justice

obstruction of justice obstruction of

justice this is the beginning at the end

the beginning of the end the walls are

closing in the walls closing in an

obstruction of justice to an obstruction

argument this is a very dramatic day and

i think it might be near a tipping point

do you think this is a tipping point

it's all so sad 93

negative media coverage it's just a

saturation from the mainstream media

skit's done on saturday night live where

boy kate mckinnon captured me perfectly

i've had a bad hair life here to help

make sense of this is trump senior

advisor kellyanne conway

thank you jake happy to be here

and then donald trump won and then it

all changed

i remember we used to go at inside


over to trump tower like once a week to

get a sound bite from my father-in-law

about whatever the the topic of the day

was you know because he always had an

opinion that he would share

part of the reason they were killed was


under this administration it was just so

interesting how quickly it shifted

and it became hard for me because these


that would write the stories and and you

know cut pieces together for a show that


who i knew very well they knew that i

was going to see this stuff

would choose the worst photos of my

father-in-law would take

you know his words out of context and i

would go back to their edit base and be

like guys

i know we've got a better picture than

that of the pres of donald trump like

please i know that you know what he said

let's play the full

clip there but that became really hard

for me because

i wasn't used to that feeling that like

i was being like our family was being


my father-in-law was being attacked and

i didn't like it

when congressman elijah cummings calls

you a racist

your reaction is what well i think the

word has really

gone down a long way because everybody's

called a racist now uh her own party

called nancy pelosi a racist it's all

about guilt

and it's all about trying to destroy who

you are as a person

from 2016 to now there's this narrative

you know donald trump is

racist the sexist the misogynist of

course he's a racist

i have no examples for you but he's

definitely a racist like just because

everyone knows

i don't have to explain it because

everyone knows it's so ridiculous

right i have a little sister she's 12.

so she's a young

latina woman look at this girl this is

like how

this is what her concept of a president

will be framed at

70 percent of americans say a racist


misogynistic but here's what it all

boils down in the white house

how is he like how's working on the

campaign it was just like

did he like black people yes i'm here

racist sexist misogynist i even pointed

to myself on the tv screen during a cnn

interview once because

you just have to be deaf dumb and blind

to believe that

when you look at donald trump's history


you see the number of women that he's


when you see the number of minorities

that he's empowered

i've seen the attitudes of changing our

communities people are just hopeful

again you can't deny the historic first

step back

criminal justice reform that should have

been done a long time ago

i've met some racist in my life donald

trump is not one of them

how are you so what's your experience in

front of the world

donald trump's closest advisors are


but that is something that gets lost

about this man all the time

it has never mattered what someone looks

like their gender anything about their

background to donald trump

his number one question is can you get

the job done for me

and a lot of times women can get the job

done and he knows that

some of the smartest most talented

women that i have seen are people who


for or around president trump he loves

killers he tells me all the time

kimberly you're a killer we like to tell

other countries that they need women's

empowerment and gender equality and all

these things but we

look to our own selves and we see we've

never had

obviously a female president every time

in 2016 i got that question about

you know well you're a woman wouldn't

you want a woman to be the president of

the united states

it made me more and more angry that

people legitimately thought that was a


to vote for somebody i mean i can't

think of a worse reason

to vote for a person than what they they

look like

people just want to be treated like

people and respect it as such and

just because i'm a woman doesn't mean

i'm going to vote for a woman

if she wants to destroy everything about

my femininity he chose me for the

positions i have because he believes in


and he believed i had the best ability

to be able to fulfill these roles

that's actually respectful to women i

don't want a job

because of my gender i want the job

because i'm the best person for that


you know i have gut instinct okay and

we're allowed to have that

and i looked at her and she asked a

question and it was a very

positive question she looks like she's

got a great look and she's

look at that with the tears how nice

she's just a good

she just seemed like a good person to me

the attacks

are difficult um and it isn't

necessarily difficult for me and i think

for the

the ladies and the gentlemen frankly

that we work with but for our families

the thing where it gets hard and is

troublesome and worrisome or

you know the people on social media

those people are

you know a little much um

you know i just don't understand where

they get off saying something like that

to somebody that they don't

know um you know they don't know her

they don't know anything about her

don't know me and you know they just the


like attack on your family you know it's

just like

you know a fan you know in the stadium

or whatever

they mouth off and it's the same thing

you can't say anything back

if you hear it you hear it and move on

for me i mean when i see people attack

me it doesn't faze me it motivates me it

just makes me want to do my job

even better we take our elections

seriously and we believe in election


justin i was not on the call caitlyn

stop filibustering justin let your

colleagues ask

questions like the book i asked her well

she's here for this purpose

she's doing a great job and she's

fighting a fight that's worth fighting

and uh very very proud yeah very proud

you just tell her to keep

as all you s keep people with the truth

everything else is easy right you tell

the truth the truth wins out

always goes

all right ladies and gentlemen

quick question before we get started who

here is ready for four more years of

donald trump

thank you for everything thank you for


tell him i said thank you for everything

i would often tell him

the stories that we would hear out on

the road and he loved hearing them and

he referenced them sometimes in

interviews he did or in speeches that he

gave and it's not just the

the write in the person's name joe the

plumber stuff these are people who

really told me their stories with tears

in their eyes and poured their hearts

out to me

and they did the same to him he actually

not only would go

and talk to waiters but i feel like he

would seek out people

like the janitorial staff or the

housekeeping staff right

because those people don't generally

directly interact with the management

all the time

and that he knew he would get the real

truth from those people and like

whatever so he would want to get like

the low down on everything

from them and he would go straight to

them and ask how

how's everything doing and you know how

are we doing how do you feel like

everything's going anything we can

improve on

what are you seeing what are you hearing

we're staying in this kitchen and the

wait staff is just

waiting and so trump looks over to the

guy that's about to go out and wait on

tables he goes

so what do you think about all this and

he looks at him

and he's like me so he he literally

talks to the wake staff

the elevator people i mean everywhere we

went he was always talking to the people


who themselves thought shouldn't be in

front of anything

he remembers the farmer's face he saw in

iowa and

the farmer who he met backstage and he

remembers the auto worker in michigan


he remembers them and he's taken i think

those faces with him to washington

and has not allowed him to sink into the

washington swamp like unfortunately a

lot of republicans do

and he has for somebody who's been

incredibly successful in business

this unique ability to connect with the

ordinary man and woman

he's just a really good guy who loves

this country and i think just seeing how

the reporting of who he

is was so wrong was just really jarring

you have folks who have leaked for

whatever purposes they do

and create this image that it just is no

bearing in truth

and it's quite interesting too because a

lot of people that now

you know kind of come against him


i saw many of those same people in his

office quite often

people ask me all the time why does he

why does he tweet and it takes

everything so personal and i said well

because it is personal when people

you've known your whole life

who know your heart who know you're not

racist or sexist or misogynist are now

on the airwaves trying to poison people

who don't know you

that is personal and it should be


i researched i went way back and i found


30 years prior mr trump at the time was

speaking about all of the issues that

were still relevant

well this is like my second bible and

you can see how it's

all marked and annotated and because

i was going uh all over virginia

and even debating at people who were

cruising for somebody else and they

would say well trump said this or trump

said that well all of the answers were


and so all i had to do was turn to this

say no you're wrong

i started virginia women for trump right

here in my living room with 22

very enthusiastic women and it grew from


we're out there we're engaging with

everyone that we meet practically he

really cares not just

you know for this country he cares for


other countries around especially for a

christian persecuted as

me a daughter of coming from um iraq

baghdad the christians were persecuting

all four decades

back in 2016 when i first attended one

of his rallies

i was very lucky to be at the very close

to the studio

and i had a made-up sign says iraqi

christians voted for trump to win

so as he arrives i followed up and

opened it up

and as through his speech he pointed at


and mentioned that we're going to do

better for the country we're going to

restore law and order

and make sure we will protect the

christians there

that's where he immediately gave us a

big hope

and i touched my heart and i felt that

i'm talking to

the person speaks out of his heart doing

this because

you know for the next generation my

children life my

grandchildren and you know their

children some american people they say

oh america never greek

i mean i think that because they never

been outside of the country

so they don't know sometimes when we

travel around the world we come back and

we want to kiss the crowd because we say

oh my god thanks god we are back even

though i didn't born here

but i i always feel i'm american

as the bus traveled through pennsylvania

i stopped by my favorite city


these are the halls where imperfect men

first declared the words that

toppled empires and ancient ideologies

people could rule themselves


was born here this

is the birthplace of america

it just so happens to be my birthplace

here we are in kensington allegheny down

in philadelphia this

is the house that i was born to stayed

here at 12

5 found me with a very rough situation

when i was five the police came in


my mother and my two sisters and myself

from this house and then we never came

back we never saw our dad again after

that night

we were just kind of living on the

streets and my sisters found a sign on


side here that said sunday mornings free

dunkin donuts and orange juice

so we would come here probably for uh

several months in a row never with our


just with my sisters while we were here

a gentleman noticed us

and noticed that we didn't dress well

and that we didn't have

any adult with us and uh took it upon

himself to find out our situation

and one day he he walked along the


to find out what house we were

living in basically an abandoned house

and that's when he was

discovered us and took us to uh this

orphanage he was doing a

a project with

growing up i never dreamed i'd be where

i am today

a beautiful wife kids of my own and now

working in the film industry making

movies but isn't that what we are

fighting for

where a regular joe like me and rise up

out of a place like this

isn't that america

we're back donald trump and robert

kiyosaki define rich

develop rich is a state of mind more

than anything else if you feel you're

rich and if you're happy and

you have a wonderful family you're rich

and this doesn't just have to do with


he wants every person in this country

to have the chance of the american dream

and everyone who comes to this country

they work hard that's what he wants he

wants opportunity for everyone

he always loved america because america

he felt

gave him this great opportunity and it

was a place where people could

move from queens to manhattan uh miami


kansas can come to dc you can you can

live your dreams

and he realized that my dad was so happy

and proud when he was able to

uh get my mom a house like in the

suburbs and a front lawn

you know and it's things like that that

you know you understand the value of

hard work and be able to provide for

your family

to be able to live your american dream

having that equality of opportunity

not necessarily a result but you have

the chance i became the first

black woman to represent a republican

presidential campaign winning

presidential campaign

in united states history which is huge

i'm a black single mother

coming from poverty

having nothing or no one

no support system no connections and no


and he gave me the opportunity of a


only a fraction of people will ever get

to work for the president of the united


and i became one of them and that is the

donald trump that i know

have we been so conditioned to believe

the worst about people

have we lost the ability to recognize a

good thing

when it's staring us right in the face

there's sort of the public persona of

who donald trump

is who's this you know brash celebrity

businessman that we've all seen in you

know our homes for the last two decades

but there's this side of him that is

this incredibly

calm sort of father-like but deeply

serious man

who cares about the american people i

believe i'm portrayed in a rougher sense

than the actual product and i hope

that's true because i hope the actual

product is

a lot more mellow than the portrayal

he's just raw

he's real he's going to tell you what he

thinks when he thinks it and if he

changes his mind he'll tell you that too

normal political motivators did not

apply to him people looking for status

fame power money he had all of that he

sacrificed so much of it

to do this job we love our

slightly flawed candidate

because we're all slightly no matter

what he says it could be the greatest

thing in the world

but there are so many people out there

and it's sad because

if they got on board and really just for

took a breath and said well let me just


listen for one moment and see what's

really here instead of just having a

prejudgment about somebody

and then just in their mind making it up

you know it's

it would be a lot easier for them and i

bet that they would find that they

really enjoy the president and they

have really benefited from a lot of what

he's done but

there are some you'll never convinced

nobody made any effort

sorry let me i did thank you so much

thank you darling

i'll remember it really means a lot to

me it really does that you take that

and all my son loved this country very

very much

and he gave his life painfully never

cried out in pain or anything like that

asked that his men be taken care of and

and what rank was he in he was a staff


not a general not anything like that

just a staff sergeant a platoon sergeant

now again we have a man of the people


unlikely man of the people from you know

new york city

um very very successful but yet

in the best way a man of the people who

himself had lived the american dream and

who now just wants to

make sure everyone else has the same


i want to thank you guys all for coming

i especially want to thank our guests

for coming in and that lovely pink truck

that everybody's gonna see

thank you all for joining us i have five

girls okay

talk about women for trump i think i

should i think i should have daughters

for trump bus at this point and alyssa

is here and she's

our number three right she's very

excited to be away from the sisters

and i wanted her to be able to meet the

great people of wisconsin

because it's important for her to know

and understand that

the heart of america is about people who

love this country

america is not about violence america is

not about hatred

america is not about division it is

about freedom

and love and patriotism

and you all embrace that every day of

what you're doing

talking about socialism 14 000

kids who came like me in this country

without parents

and we were provided an opportunity

this is what makes our country great i

was in florida last week with the

president for a round table with vanessa

and cuban leaders

and i met um some workers that were that

were nearby

and they were talking to me about their

concern of seeing

people tearing down the violence and

seeing people tearing down these statues

in the streets

like ali this is how it started in

venezuela this is how it started in cuba

they're like people championing these

policies promising you things that they

can't deliver on

promising this government's gonna fix

everything for you and then taking

control of the people

they're empty promises they weren't

delivered on and they destroyed

countries economies cultures and we

can't let that happen here

this behavior that started with riots

and you know tearing down

vandalizing businesses

statues all the government building this

is the beginning that we've seen back


this is the beginning to destroy the

nations it's gonna get worse

and worse if we're not gonna stop it now

you know that's a history right there

and now they trying to destroying it

freedom is just so fragile and

it really can change in a whim

a woman called tara durant took her

young daughter on erin's downtown

as the two tried to drive home a mob

surrounded their vehicle and blocked it

from moving several people

jumped on durant's car and screamed

obscenities at her child

i'd taken my daughter to home depot we

were doing um

a little renovation project we had a

really good time and we were coming back

i realized i've come to a protest and

these protesters were occupying this


all around it was probably close to 30.

they started to swarm around me

and they started to swear at me they

started to

you know you do affordably offensive

gestures and

that's when i called 9-1-1 they're on my

car all right they're on my car right

now so we would suggest you slowly drive

through the area don't hit anyone with

your vehicle

i cannot get out of here okay patient go

i'll let the officers know okay

are you serious we can't do anything now

the city told us that this is a

sanctioned event get out of my car

you know this is gonna get dangerous i

got a case here yes ma'am it was just

that you call it city hall to let them

know about your frustrations

this is getting scary as i'm getting

more upset so

two protesters jumped onto

they're on my hood they're on my car if


proceed slowly they're going to attack

me they're going to attack my car

if i go fast and use dangerous force i'm

going to hurt or kill someone

and i got a little girl in the car

crying are you kidding me she was afraid

that they were gonna get into

our car they were gonna hurt me or kill

me a motorcyclist came

up and he all of a sudden the people's

kind of

parted and he's gesturing at me

horrifically just saying

get the f out of here get the f out of

here and i stared at him i thought did

he just save me or

what happened you can't be threatened

and assaulted or battered

and say call city hall that's not

civilized society that's not

our country

my father was very successful i mean he

came from nothing and built these


and owned his house and he was going


all of a sudden when castro came into

power you can see disintegration

destruction division happen in a country

so fast

it was a story of starting their lives

over again in this great country that

embraced them that really took them in

and my father always says you know he

left cuba with just an apple in his


and leaving everything just think about

this you leave

everything behind no matter how many

times i hear that story i always get

emotional like when my mom told that

cpac like she has told me the story so

many times and when i was a kid like i

didn't really know what it meant like i

was kind of like oh well

it's like freedom but now i realize like

how important that is to us

and when she told it at cpac actually um

recently um i started crying and

everyone looked over at me and i was

just like

because i just it's so terrible

what happened to him and i know every

time he tries to tell us like he gets

emotional he can't even tell the story

it's that bad and that's how precious

our freedom is

it's it's so important that if we lose


we lose so much more than just our


it's a choice between two visions of


and two different visions on how your


would either be more in the hands of the

government or more in the hands of you

the whole concept of self-governance

right where

you usually have a monarchy or a

dictator the whole idea of america 250

years ago was that

that doesn't work as well as a

government structure where we

elect our own representatives and they

represent the people

not the institutions and i think that

got lost

along the way and i think that this

president represents the people

not the establishment not the

institutions not the lobby

not a political party he represents the


no one could have predicted the chaos

that would ensue

with the trump candidacy i mean the

level of vitriol

and hate and now even violence i knew

that it would get pretty bad because

when you take on the establishment

regardless of the party there's there's

going to be some problems people don't

just give up power

or control of a 20 trillion dollar piggy

bank it's just not easy

it's a very slender minority of hateful


who are trying to rip everything down

and they really intimidate people

into silence if you're in the creative

community and you want to be on broadway

or in hollywood and

you're a christian or you love america

or you want to put your flag out i mean

these basic things

um they will persecute you they will

harm you

and the thing about good and decent

people is they tend to be quiet

because they tend to be tolerant and

what they need to understand is it's

good to be tolerant that's a virtue

but it's not a virtue when it turns into


destruction of what is good well i want

to thank everybody i will not forget

what i heard today

it uh it's very moving it's a very tough

situation and

we've made a lot of progress as you

probably have seen and you know

and i have a feeling you won't be

disappointed i've watched

him in just about every situation

circumstance from

fundraisers to dinners to on the golf

course to with family to casual time

you begin to know the character of a

person you begin to know the patterns of

a person

he's got an inner strength and an inner

core and he's got a love for this


and a love for people i had a guy say to

me today it was great he was like yeah

god what trump's doing is amazing that

guy he is made of steel his backbone is


i just wish he could be a little more

polite and i was like

when they're ripping apart your country

and trying to turn it into a communist

nightmare you're probably gonna be in a

little bit of a bad mood

probably gonna fight hard and maybe a

little bit dirty

you know uh when they're ripping down

everything that this country stands for

i'm glad we have a president that's

kicking dirt back in their face

i sincerely believe that when history

looks back on this president

the story will be told that no one

no president has done more for more


and for our country than this one has

right now at this time

wow we're not going to get anything out


don't get me wrong obviously i chose to

participate and i

love and appreciate what you guys are


but are we going to convince anyone

differently it's like we're in such a


time right now yeah that

are people open to hearing the real


and i hope they are you know and but i

say all the time i'm like if people knew

him the way

i feel like i know him we wouldn't even

have to be working so hard to tell this


when the president finally arrived he

mentioned he didn't have a lot of time

you could tell something was definitely

on his mind

despite this i watched him pull himself

into the moment

he gave us his attention as if we were

the only people in the room

go to the night of the election it's

like 2 30 or so

in the morning the moment came when you

went from trying to win an election

and then you won and realized you became

the president of the united states

if you just share that moment i know

laura was there for that moment also

so the night of the election was

certainly we have to say one of the most

exciting times for everybody

because nobody's ever seen worldwide i

have friends that said they've never

seen anything like it i know that some

of the big sports networks said it was

the most exciting

evening they've ever seen so you've had

super bowls and you've had

some of the biggest events ever and this

was probably the most exciting

and that was a special night you have

the family around and all of a sudden

they announced it was two o'clock

in the morning or so although i think we

knew the result long before that they

didn't want to call it they just refused

to call pennsylvania they should have

called pennsylvania long before

but uh we knew that it was uh pretty

much over

at about ten o'clock but all of a sudden

it's two o'clock

and we're realizing what happened and

being with the family was just something

very special because it's such an


thing and and i'm not even saying

important for us

because i don't think any of us view it

that way it's important for our country

the country needs help

it's needed help for a long time and

when you see what's going on now i think

maybe even more so in a sense it was

it was fomenting and uh it was it was

very bad the

ideology the the others ideology

but now it's all come out they're saying

this is really what we want

and it's really a sick ideology it's

very dangerous and

and very bad you look at venezuela you

look at cuba you look at so many other

places where they have something very

similar and what's happened is we've

made such great strides

but we have to really get this

additional four years

or the first four years won't mean quite

as much

and maybe won't mean much at all frankly

so we have to get this this next four

years it's got a seed just like a tree

you can't just put it there and let it

grow it has to seed

and i think it will have tremendous

spirit tremendous spirit

we've made a lot of progress other than

the plague coming

in from china we had the greatest

numbers in the history of our country

and now we're building them back again

and i think next year we're going to be

stronger than ever before that's what's

happening those are the numbers those

are very good at numbers those are the

numbers that are coming in

we're going to have a year next year

that's even better than last year and

last year was the greatest year this

country's ever had economically

family is so important to yourself it's

been really

a privilege for us to spend time with

your family

and it seems like with all the other

chaos in there in the country in the

world right now

why is family so important to you so

having family and having people that you

can really

love and trust and all of the things

that go along with the word family

is very important it grounds you

it makes you realize a lot of things

that you wouldn't

realize otherwise when you see

children growing up without a good

family structure you see the result is

is percentage-wise just a tiny

percentage of

what it would be if you had the family

structure so having family around

is number one it makes a nice life it

makes a much more comfortable life in so

many ways but

it's really very important oftentimes

the media presents

uh you as somebody that doesn't support

women yet that couldn't be

further from the truth even from the

days when you

built trump tower you've always put

people in places not based on what they

look like

but based on their performance and based

on what they bring to the table

and i think it's incredible that you

have within your campaign

over 50 women that you have so many

strong women around you in the


so i've always felt a great

affection and respect for women and

it's always been there from day one i

don't know i guess you can develop that

maybe you can't

but with me it was always there and

whether it was in business or politics


anything else women have played a very

very big role

uh the level of genius is unbelievable


and it's been an honor to have so many

uh winners because they're real winners

winners with me i couldn't have won

without women but they helped me get


they helped me get there and they're

really just i love working with women

i love working with women i really

appreciate your time sir

it means a lot to us so i have to get a

because of change i knew it okay

what i'm personally fighting for is a


where my kids get to grow up in the same

america that i did

i think back to my childhood and it's

just the greatest memories in the world

i remember

being so proud to be an american i

remember standing up a little taller and

prouder with my hand over my heart when

i said the pledge of allegiance because

i loved

this country and i knew how fortunate i

was to grow up in this country when i

think about

my children growing up i want to know

that they feel that way too that they

get to live

in this great country where there are

boundless opportunities where there

are freedoms unlike any other country in

the world

nowhere in the entire world in the

history of the world

has there ever been a country like

america where anyone can succeed

one of the most essential fundamental

elements of our society the freedom

to live the life that you want to live

you might live a very different life

than i live you might think differently

than i do

but america is big enough to take it

this is the country that i would leave


for my my children and my grandchildren

i only wish that america could know and


and understand and truly adore

this president the way i and so many

others on his staff do

people are never going to see his heart

because if they did

i think the media is just not going to

let that happen in this country which is

really unfortunate

but at the heart of it he's such a good


and he really cares about this country

people really thought about that

about how he gave up what anybody would

consider an

incredibly successful life and career to

be treated the way he is treated every


they might actually get a little glimpse

into what the heart of donald trump

actually looks like

i think as a country we're fighting to


the america we've always known because

in many respects

there are people out there that want to

fundamentally change this country they

want to transform it they want

us to have a country that would put

socialism forward and

have more government involved in your

life controlling most things that you do

and that's a really scary prospect

under those circumstances we couldn't

thrive in america like we always have

people wouldn't have their chance at the

american dream so

we will be fighting every single step of

the way

because really nothing is more important

good evening america

i'm lara trump daughter of bob and linda


sister to kyle mother to luke and


and the daughter-in-law of our 45th