The True Adventures of Wolfboy (2019) - full transcript

Follows a young boy who runs away from home in the search of his estranged mother.

I'm normal.

I'm like everybody else.

I'm normal.
I'm a regular kid.

I'm normal.

I'm a regular kid.
I'm normal.

I'm a regular kid. I'm normal.

Regular kid...

I'm just like everyone else.


I'm a normal kid, and...

...I'll be strong.

It's called
the Dragon's Dilemma,

and the dilemma the Dragon has

is whether to send you plunging
down 200 feet to the ground

or up 200 feet in the air.

Are you listening to me?

I want to go home.

It's my birthday... I should
decide what I get to do.

No. You can't. You...

Paul, you spend enough time
alone at home as it is.

- Paul, I just spent five dollars on this.
- Hey, Paul.

Is that you?

How you doing, buddy?

- You know these guys?
- Yeah, we're his friends.

Oh. Hey.

- You're his dad, right?
- Yeah.


- So, how'd it feel?
- How'd what feel?

When you screwed that dog
and made him.

Tell me their names.

They don't have names.

Step right up...


I was gonna give you this
tonight, but instead...

Step right up!

Happy birthday.

Open it.

Do you like it?

You like it?

Hey, don't worry
about those kids, okay?

Just forget about 'em.

You ready?


- Okay, this is it.
- Dad, I don't want...

Dad, I don't want to do this.

Now, what do you do
when people make a comment?

- Yeah, but you said...
- What do you do?

- Dig-Dignity.
- Right, dignity.

Show some dignity.
Stand up straight,

you speak loud, and... I
can't make this clear enough...

Paul, you don't run.

Something happens,
you get nervous,

you stay right where you are...

and you don't run.


Now take off your mask.


Dignity. Right?

Stand up straight.

Get on line.
You got this.

I'll be strong.

I'm a regular kid.
I'm normal.

- Regular kid.
- Tickets.

Tickets. Tickets. Tickets.

You got a ticket?

So, how'd it feel?

When you screwed that dog
and made him?

Paul! Paul!

Where's your dad now, buddy?

I'll bet he's
back at the pound!

He's probably fingering
your mother

before they put her to sleep!

My mom's not a dog!

- Yeah? You ever met her?
- Shut up!

Make me!


Why don't you bark for us?

Go on, bark!

You heard him!

- Bark!
- Bark for us, boy!

He said bark!

- Bark!
- Only thing you're good at!

Bark, you idiot!

Come on, we know you can do it!

Spit it out!

Bark, dog!

I'm gonna go to my room.

Look, I know you had
a rough day,

but I really want
to show you something.

Every child is
like a beautiful musical note.

It's just that some notes are
more unique than other notes.

What we like to do
is take those musical notes

and put them together
and make a song.

And we call that song
Bishop Griffin.

Here at Bishop Griffin,

we believe that a well-rounded
education comes from...

embracing the differences
of those around us

while creating a safe,
inclusive environment

to learn, play and grow.

Oh! Nice shot there, Byron.

Every child has a right to be educated.

Every child has a right
to be respected.

Every child has
a right to be loved.

Nice work there, buddy.

- Who's that?
- Um, Iron Man.

That's exactly what I thought.

A griffin is not
a lion nor eagle.

A griffin is
something else entirely.

At Bishop Griffin's, we take
inspiration from the griffin.

And together we teach
one another how to fly.


What do you think?

I think that if you send me
to this school,

I will burn it to the ground.

Yeah, right. Okay,

I have one last
birthday present for you.

Check this out.

Try it on.

Give it a shot.


"To Paul, from Mom."

Do you know
where this came from?


Wow, look at you.
You look great.

Look out, ladies.
James Bond over here.

You don't know
where this came from?

Oh, that? Yeah, that,
uh, came this afternoon.

What was in it?


I can't get over
how great you look.

- You look...
- I look like a Build-A-Bear.

No, you don't.

Yeah, I got a good feeling
about this school.

I got a good...

I got a good feeling.

It's gonna be
a terrific opportunity

for you
to meet people like you.

I don't want to meet
people like me.

Why not?

Because I hate me.

I, uh, I don't know
what to tell you, Paul.

All right,
what do you want me to do?

I don't know what to do.

I-I can't get you
to stick up for yourself.

I can't get you
to meet friends.

I can't get you to take off
that stupid mask.

What do you want me to do?
Help me out.

Mom wouldn't make me go
to this school.


- Mom...
- Mom?

Yeah, well, if she cared
so much about you,

why'd she leave?

I'm sorry.

Paul, I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have said that, okay?

- I didn't mean that. Come on, let's eat.
- Don't touch me.

Paul, I said I was sor...

You just bit me!


Paul, open up. Come on.

Come on, pal.

I'm sorry, okay?
I said I was sorry.

I don't want to talk
about her anymore, okay?

I'm sorry I said that, but...

...I don't want
to talk about her,

and I don't think
you should think about her.

Paul, please open the door?

There are some...

There are some things that
I've always wanted to ask you.

You were there
when I was born, obviously.

And then you ran away.

Was it easy?

Did it hurt?

Have you ever looked back?


♪ Have you ever been lonely? ♪

♪ Have you ever been blue? ♪


♪ Have you ever loved
someone... ♪

Excuse me.

Where in the hell
did you come from?

Do you know how
to get to Pennsylvania?

You'll have to speak up, kid.

I have a bum ear.

Do you know how
to get to Pennsylvania?

- Pencil what?
- Pennsylvania.

What's your name?

I don't know.

You don't know your name, hmm?

All right.

You have parents,
boy with no name?


So, what, you just grew out
of the ground fully formed?

♪ Take me back
in your heart... ♪

What are you hiding...

behind there, hmm?


Hey. It's okay.

There's nothing
to be ashamed of here.

Look around you, hmm?

♪ I've been through,
then you'd know... ♪

We welcome all comers.

♪ Have you ever been lonely? ♪

So... show me.

♪ Have you ever been blue? ♪

I won't look. Okay?


♪ If you knew... ♪

That is some...

kind of beautiful.

♪ Then you'd know why
I ask you... ♪

My name is Mr. Silk.

And I think we should talk.

After you.

Make yourself at home.


You got to watch out.

You stare at 'em long enough,
it starts to feel

like they're crawling around
inside your bloodstream.

- Smoke?
- No. Thank you.


do you like my carnival?

Don't lie.

I see it as it is.


Wasn't always that way.

This little cluster of

and guess-your-weights.

She was my baby.

Best cotton candy
in the tristate area.


Here's to you.


Anyway, you know kids.

Start out so damn cute,
but you come home one day,

you barely even recognize them.

I tell you,

the transitory
entertainment business

just isn't what it used to be.

Makes a man feel...

...very old.

You get my meaning?

I'd like to offer you

a partnership, and with it,

enough money
to get to Pennsylvania

ten times over.

What would I have to do?


Just... be yourself.

So what do you say?

Do we have ourselves a deal?


Detective Pollok. We spoke?

So take me through
what happened again.


Oh, uh, I told you

we had an argument, and, uh...

And he bit me.

- He bit you?
- Yeah.

And then he left.

Oh, uh, that's his hair.

Uh, it's just all over.

not a big deal.
Excuse me.

Does he bite you often?

No. No, he doesn't.

But he's got a temper.
He was angry?

No, he's a good kid.

But he bit you?

Do you want to see his room?

Do you have any current photos?

No, I don't.

He, uh... he doesn't like
his... picture taken.

Not one?

What teenager doesn't like
his picture taken?

He doesn't.

When do I get the money?

You're an eager one, huh?

First you do the work,
then you get the paycheck.

So, show me what you got.

Take off your shirt.


Well, here's what's...

gonna happen.

There's gonna be a line
of folks out here.

And now,
for the beguiling, bizarre.

Come see the dangerous Dog Boy.

They come in.

They look at you.

You look at them.

Eye contact.
You do your thing.

- What thing?
- The thing where you're you.

Oh, one more thing.
Do you have a nut allergy?

I think
I'll call it "Wolf Mash."

Look, I'm not hiring you
for your sunny disposition.

And last I heard,
you can't buy a bus ticket

with a wallet full
of principles.

There goes Pennsylvania.

The horror.
The horror of this child.

Folks like you and me.

We give the people
what they want.

Come over here.
Come over here!

What they fear.

There's a power in that.

I don't think I want
to do this anymore.

So go home.

Go back
wherever it is you came from.

Get the hell out of here!


Get ready

to scream!

Only five dollars.

The horror of this child!




we dance!

Ha-ha! Yes!

Hey, drink up, you...



I'd say that we had
a damn productive day, huh?


Where's my money?

Whoa, fella!

So you had a hard day
at the office.

I see no reason
why we should terminate

our working relationship.

Do you?

- The money.
- Patience, boy.

This is not a one-shot deal.

We're just getting started.

Why don't you hop
on this sucker?

- Give it a spin.
- Yeah. - Come on.

Join the family.

Let's ride!

Come on, boy with no name!

Have some fun!

Come on!

Let your hair down!


God, yes!

I wish you could see it
as it once was.

Oh, but we built
something special.

Paradise... paradise!

I close my eyes
and I can still hear

the children's laughter.

Where did it all go?

Get him. Get him!



No! Save the Dragon!
Don't let it get to the Dragon!

Put out the fire!

My God, no!

Oh, no!

Did you
ever wonder about who I was?

About what I was capable of?

Or did you just want to get
as far away as possible?

Before I ruined your life, too.

Or did I mean anything
to you at all?


- Hello?
- Hey, it's Detective Pollok.

- Have some news about your son.
- Is he okay?

He apparently
burned down a carnival.

Does he have any past
experience with arson?

No, no, h-he doesn't have
any experience with that.

I'm just gonna tell you...
now that I know

he's a potential threat...

What do you mean?

He's not a potential threat.

He's a 13-year-old boy.

13-year-olds can do
terrible things.

Look, I'll be in touch, okay?


Okay. Thank you.

♪ When you dream,
you only dream ♪

♪ You're Annabel ♪

♪ All the secrets ♪

♪ There inside you, Annabel ♪

♪ Born beneath
an emerald sky ♪

♪ Sing, Annabel ♪

♪ Nothing that they did ♪

♪ Will stop you, Annabel... ♪

Wait, wait, wait.
I'm-I'm, uh...


Do you have any food? I...

I haven't eaten
in, like, a day.

Go eat a squirrel or something.

Yeah, I'm...
I'm not doing that.

Okay, then.


Um, for the record,
you're trespassing.

For the record,

I saw you doing
that thing earlier,

and you looked like shit.



my mom's coming home soon,
and if she finds you here,

she's gonna beat
the crap out of you.

I don't care. Let her.

She'd wreck your face open.

Probably look better.

So, like, am I supposed to feel
sorry for you or something?

So long, then.

What's your name?


That's a stupid name.

Wait. Wait, wait.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. It's not...

It's not that stupid.

You don't know how to be nice
to people, do you?

Just because you look like that

doesn't give you permission
to be a dick.

I'm sorry.

So, what,

are you on the run
from some laboratory?


Just trying to get
to Pennsylvania.

Then why is your hair
like that?

It's a condition.

And, what, you've never heard
of a razor before?

Just grows back twice as thick.



my mom cut off
all my hair last night.

That sucks.

Yeah. Um...

So, I have a show tonight,

if you want to come.

A show, like a...
like a movie, or...?

Yeah, something like that.

I gave the boy

an opportunity.

♪ Candle, candle on my clock ♪

And then
he broke into my property...

♪ Oh, Lord,
I must have heard you... ♪

...stole my money,
set my entire carnival on fire.

♪ As the flames licked
my head ♪

♪ And my lungs
filled up black ♪

♪ In your tiny,
little shack... ♪

Three generations of Silk
up in smoke.

♪ And I repent ♪

♪ All those messages you sent ♪

♪ Clear as day ♪

♪ But in the night ♪

♪ Oh, I couldn't get it right ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh. ♪

After they've gotten
into trouble...

where do
all the bad little boys go?

Wait, um...

I don't think
I should go in there.

Come on. Looking like that,
they're gonna love you.

Come on.

Paul, um,
I have to go change, so...

But, uh, what do I...?

You'll be fine.
Go get a drink.

Tell them
you're with Aristiana.

I'm with Aristiana.

- What?!
- I'm with Aristiana.

I can't hear you.

He's with Aristiana!

And I am, too.

What is this?

It's a potion, man.

It's made of magic.

I'm not old enough.

Please. You're never
"not old enough" for anything.

Do you smoke?

So, how do you know Aristiana?

I, um... I slept
in her doghouse last night.


My name's Rose.

Hey. It's your girl.

♪ Gentle whisper,
endless winters, Annabel ♪

♪ Why they couldn't
let you be both, Annabel ♪

♪ Land of the lights ♪

♪ Of the ice,
but love still lies ♪

♪ You are the truth
they denied ♪

♪ Red like the sea ♪

♪ Tangled hair and porcelain ♪

♪ Under the stars ♪

♪ You begin ♪

♪ Da, da, da. ♪


you were amazing.
You were amazing.

I, um...

I was lying
about you sucking or whatever.

You're drunk.

Am I drunk?

I've never been drunk before.

Well, you're definitely drunk.

Hmm... I'm drunk.

That's cool.

But you-you...
I mean, you're really...

- Paul!
- You're...

You really are on the lam.

- Told you.
- Well, looks like

we pretty much have
to do something illegal.

What? Huh?


Take it off.

Come on.

Do you want
to hear something cool?

Uh, yeah.

I can breathe underwater.

No, you can't.

Yes, I can. I know
because when I was younger,

I tried to drown myself,
and I couldn't.

Why did...?

Why did you do that?


Do what?


Because I wanted to.

Yeah, but...

look at me.



I don't understand.


you're not ugly.

You don't have to lie to me.

Do you see these?

I got these a year ago when
I punched a mirror in half.

I've been beautiful ever since.

You want to hear a secret?


I'm gonna kill my mother.

- You are?
- Yeah.

I decided it last night
after she cut my hair.

I'm gonna wait
till she's sleeping

and bash her brains out
with a rock.

You shouldn't do that.

You should poison her.


Or you could just run away
like I did, you know?

Why are you going
to Pennsylvania anyway?

My mom is there.

Never met her before.

Like, ever?

Yeah, pretty much.

She sent me this.

112 Sapphire Street.


Shh. Shh.

Kevin, are you in there?

Kevin? Kevin?

Oh, my God. What is this?

Get over here!
What are you...?

- Mom!
- What's going on here?! Oh, my God.

- What the hell are you?!
- Mom, no, please stop!

- Answer me. What are you doing?
- Mom!

What are you doing to my son?!

What did you do to him?

- Paul, we have to go.
- Kevin!


Dude, bar's closed.

Tequila and cinnamon.

And light it on fire.

Bar's closed.

Excuse me?

I hate to do this, but I have
something in my shoe.

And it's just
been bothering me...

...all day.

Damn, gosh.

- How did I miss that?
- Who are you?

My drink?

You seen a boy and a dog?

- A boy with a dog?
- A boy and a dog.

I don't know
what you're talking about.


...we're in for a long night.

♪ Loving those angel eyes. ♪

Well, lookee here.


She said she'd be here
any minute.


Oh, and, um,
something you should know,

- don't ask about her eye.
- What happened to her eye?

There are rumors
that her dad scooped it

- out of her face with a spork.
- A spork?

Yeah, or that she did it

because she was tired of people

calling her pretty, or that...


Come on.

So, by my estimations,
we should be in Pennsylvania

in like, I don't know,
three hours?

Depending on traffic?

Do you think we could stop

- at a gas station first?
- Why?

I just smashed my mom's head in

with a piece of wood
last night,

and I'd really like
to make some purchases

- to take my mind off of it.
- Yeah. Yeah, okay.

That reminds me.

Hey, Paul, do you think
I can borrow your mask?

Uh, sure.

♪ She'll put you
under her spell... ♪

All right, this is a stickup!

- Oh, my God.
- I swear to God,

- I don't give a damn.
- Take it easy.

I will blow your head
all the way to Pittsburgh.

Fill it with snacks.

Paul, you don't
have to do this.

Come on!

- Give me the money!
- Okay.

Get some of the salt
and vinegar chips, too. Yeah.

And the Goldfish.
But not the regular Goldfish.

Get the Cheddar-Blasted

- Hey!
- What?

You have any Ho Hos?

- What? I don't know what you're talking about.
- Ho Hos!

- Do you have 'em?
- Rose, calm down.

I don't know what a Ho Ho is.

Ugh, don't play dumb with me.

- Give me the bag.
- Here.

Ah. Here they are.

Thanks, man.


- Rose!
- What?

You told me you stopped
robbing convenience stores.

I did. Because gas stations
have way more money.

Rose. Where did you get a gun?

It's not a real gun.

- It's a water gun.
- What?

- I painted it black.
- Yeah.

As if. Paul, are you okay?


I feel...

Look what you did to him.

I feel amazing.

Feel amazing. Ooh!


This is, like, the best
birthday present ever.

It's your birthday?

Well, why didn't
you say something earlier?

We got to have a party.

- Really?
- Yeah. Pennsylvania can wait.

I've never had
a party for me, like,

with real kids and people.


But before we go any further,
we're gonna need

to get some more supplies.

♪ I love dancing ♪

♪ Crazy romancing ♪

♪ Fellas advancing constantly ♪

♪ Marriage is for old folks ♪

♪ Old folks, not for me ♪

♪ One husband, one wife ♪

♪ What do you got? Two people
sentenced for life... ♪

All right,
this is a stickup, lady!

We want your cake!
Paul, choose your cake!

Hurry, lady!

♪ Singing, good healthy... ♪

Thank you very much!
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

It looked feral,
like, like it had rabies.

The whole deal.

♪ Cold folks ♪

♪ Not for me... ♪

- Paul?
- This is a stickup!

♪ One married he,
one married she... ♪

Uh, don't move, don't move.

This is my son.

And then your son ran off

with this creature
on his own free will?

No. Yes. Look...

I'm not saying
that Kevin doesn't have

- his own issues.
- Don't call the cops!

- We will blow your head off!
- He does. He's a confused kid.

- ♪ I'm not ready ♪
- Go, go, go, go, go.

- Go, go, go.
- ♪ To quit being free ♪

♪ And I'm not willing ♪

♪ To stop being me... ♪

- You were pretty good.
- Hey, Rose.

These Goldfish?
Not Cheddar-Blasted.

♪ To some guy who says... ♪

Goddamn it.

♪ Doo, doo, doo... ♪

Uh, some kids,

they just robbed
a fireworks store.

Yeah, okay.

All right! This is a stickup.

Come on.

Well, one
of 'em looked like a dog.

I got 'em.

♪ Now I want New Year's
every eve ♪

♪ Marriage is for old folks ♪

♪ Marriage is for cold folks ♪

♪ That's what I believe... ♪

So, um,

where are we gonna
have this party?

At your house?

Don't worry.
I know just the place.

You ever met a royalty before?

- Uh, no.
- Well, get ready.

I'm gonna introduce you
to the Queen.

There she is! The Queen.

Make sure you bow.



This place is amazing.

Yeah. A bunch of kids
jumped off it

in some sort of death pact,
and it's been awesome

- ever since.
- I'm gonna go change.

Suit yourself.

Where's the beer?

She's angry at me
for taking you along.

I knew her before, you know.

When she was
a scrawny little geek

with terrible clothes
and no personality.

She used to not speak to anyone
and then go onstage

and read this awful poetry
about horses.

Don't be mean to her.


She's right, you know.

Running around like this?

It's probably
all gonna end in tears.

Well, it's, um...

At least it's fun, right?

It's not really that fun.

Then why do you do it?

It's probably all my
self-destructive tendencies.

Wouldn't be so bad, you know.

- What?
- Jail.

I mean, in some jails,

I hear they have
an ice cream station.

A library.

Nice beds.

What, you don't have a bed?

Not really.

Why not?

You were asking
about my house before?

You've already been
to my house.

My house is the car, Paul.



So, what do you want
to do next?

Happy birthday!

This is crazy, huh?

I can't believe
it's all for me.

Why aren't you down there?

It's gonna take forever
to grow back.

I'm sorry.

I mean,
I don't know why we care

so much about hair anyway.

I mean, it's just, like,
these tentacles

that grow out of our skulls,

When I was little,
I used to go in the bathroom

and wrap a towel
around my head, so...'s got to mean something.

Are you mad at me?

Well, you did rob, like,
four different stores.

- Yeah.
- But...

I'm glad you get to have
your own party.

Having fun?

Yeah. I have fireworks.

And you don't know
what direction they went in?

I really have no idea.

Showtime, y'all!

God bless
all the stupid children.

I want to dedicate this night
to Paul on his...

How old are you, Paul?


On his 13th birthday!

Happy birthday.

Make a wish.

- Stop! Police!
- This way! Come on!

Goddamn it, Rose.


- What... Why?
- Oh, I lied.

That's definitely not
a water gun.


- I think this is my time to punch out.
- What?

- Come on. Getting arrested?
- No, no, no.

We're sticking together
because, um,

- you made me a party, and you can't...
- Paul. Go.

- We should.
- What...?

Wait, wait, wait, Rose, Rose.

What happened to your eye?

Lazy eye.

When you stopped running...

...did you like
where you ended up?

Did you start a new family?

Did you tell 'em about us?

So, here it is as I see it.

We don't have any food,

we're being chased
by the police,

and I left
my nail polish behind.

So... what do we do now?

I know.


♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Death, she must have
been your will ♪

♪ A bone beneath
the reaper's veil ♪

♪ With your voice,
my belly sunk ♪

♪ And I began
to feel so drunk ♪

♪ Candle, candle on my clock ♪

♪ Oh, Lord,
I must have heard you ♪

♪ Knock me out of bed ♪

♪ As the flames
licked my head ♪

♪ And my lungs
filled up black ♪

♪ In their tiny little shack ♪

♪ It was real and I repent ♪

♪ All those messages you sent ♪

♪ Clear as day,
but in the night ♪

♪ Oh, I couldn't get it right ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Here is a church ♪

♪ And here is a steeple ♪

♪ Open the doors,
there are the people ♪

♪ And all their little hearts
at ease ♪

♪ For another week's disease ♪

♪ And eagle, eagle,
talons scream... ♪

How is it?

♪ I was on the fence... ♪

- Weird.
- Bye!

♪ Down my throat ♪

♪ Into the pit, with my head ♪

♪ Upon the spit ♪

♪ Oh, Reverend, please,
can I chew your ear? ♪

♪ I've become
what I most fear ♪

♪ And I know there's
no such thing as ghosts ♪

♪ But I have seen
the demon host ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh. ♪


- Hello?
- Uh, I'm sorry to bother you. I just...

I kind of got
a weird question for you.

I-I just wanted to know
if this wrapping paper,

does it look familiar to you?

- No.
- My son is missing,

and he got this package.

Uh, and you have the same...

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Wait a minute. Hey.

I know you.

From the carnival.


What are you gonna
do when you see her?

Uh, I guess
I'll just figure it out

when I get there.

Here it is.

Paul, are you sure this is it?

- Yeah.
- 'Cause it looks kind of...

Uh... Okay, um...

Is it okay if, um...
you stay out here?

I think I just...

think I need to do this alone,
you know?

- Yeah. Okay.
- Okay.




Where is he?

Where the hell's my son?

I don't know.

What's this?

It was just a prank.


You okay?

It was all a joke.

She didn't want to meet me.
She never did. Sh...

- Paul, let's go outside.
- No, I-I'm...

I'm not a regular kid. I'm...

I'm not a-a hero.
I'm-I'm-I'm a freak.

Paul, you can't say that
about yourself.

No, we have to be honest
with ourselves, okay?

We're never honest
with ourselves.

- I think I'm very honest...
- No, you're not, okay?

I'm not a hero, and you're not
a girl. You're-you're a boy.

And nothing we can do
will ever change that.

You're right.

You're not a hero.

Hey there, boy with no name.

You know, I've been thinking.

What is it you're trying
to repent for?


I'm sure this has been fun,

running around,
playing pretend,

looking for, what,
validation, hmm?

If you try to hurt me again,
I'll burn down more than...

Don't you dare talk
about burning!

My apologies.

What I should be saying is:

Looks like you finally got
where you needed to be.

But lest you forget,
boy with no name,

you've still got a contract
to hold up.


But I think you're not facing
the reality of your situation.

No more fairy tales.

No more make-believe.

You have a disfiguring
medical condition...

...that disturbs
the people around you.

You think you can have a job?

A wife? Children?

All you're good for is

a long stare
and a weak punch line.

You heard him!

Why don't you bark for us?


- Go on, bark!
- You're going to die ugly...

...and unloved.

You little bast...




How'd you guys find me?

It was your father, actually.


Uh, am I going to jail, or...?

Let's take that
one step at a time.

Where is he?


You don't run. When you get
nervous, you don't run.

How many times
do we have to go over this?

I'll give you a minute.

I'm sorry.

No, I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Forget the school, okay?

Forget the school.
It was a stupid idea.



I'm trying, pal.

I'm trying as hard as I can.

- I know. I'm trying, too.
- Yeah.

I know you are.

Where's your mask?

- I lost it.
- Okay. That's okay.

It doesn't matter.
We'll get you a new one.

I was thinking maybe...
maybe it'd be easier

- if I wore one, too, so we...
- No. No, Dad,

it's... it's fine.



You went to go find your mom.

- How'd you know that?
- That... it doesn't matter.

You still want to find her?

You told me you didn't know
where she lived.

- Okay.
- This is it?


Have you ever been in there?

No. No.

I mean, I've been through
her, uh, garbage a few times.

Not in, like, a creepy sense
but in a professional way.

It's funny, I always thought
she lived in, like...

Paris or something.

Paris. Nope.

Are you sure you don't want me
to go in there with you?

No. I'm okay.


Paul, wait.

I don't know what
it's gonna be like in there,

okay, so I don't think you
should expect it go great.

I know, Dad.

And the last thing to ask,

I guess...

...did you ever wonder
if I would find you?



I can get you, um,
some water, or, like, um...


I always thought
you lived in a mansion,

with kids who played
the flute or the cello.

Did you want me
to have a nice house

so you could come
and stay with me?

No, it just made it easier
to dislike you.

Um, sorry to disappoint.

I don't have a flute.
I have a recorder, I think.

Do you want it?


I think it's somewhere
over here.


Happy birthday.

You remembered.


I don't know how to play this.

Here. Want to show you.

Just, um, put your fingers
over these holes like this.

You're really bad at that.

Yeah, let's be
honest, these things...

sound like shit
no matter what, so...

Damn it,
I was trying not to swear.

I'm sorry. It's just...

It was me.

I never told your dad, but...

...this is pretty much
all my fault.

What do you mean?


Who's that?

- It's me.
- Sleeping.

Remember the person
I told you about last night?

He's here.

Well, would you look at that.

Jen, uh, you mind
leaving us alone for a bit?

You know, I was awful angry
when she told me about you.

If I had known before,
I-I would've...

I mean, I didn't even know
she had a kid.

You didn't know about me?

She's always been very, uh...

It was hard for her,
growing up with me.

Used to lie and say
that her dad was the guy

who hosted "Wheel of Fortune."

Yeah, she pretty much
cut me out of her life

for something like 25 years.

When did she start
talking to you again?

Uh, about 13 years ago.

- Hmm.
- And, you know, it's...

it's really easy
to blame anyone for anything.

But when you get to be my age,

it all just seems sort of...

So, what kind of names
have they called you?

- What do you mean?
- Come on. I want to see

if they've gotten any more
creative since I was a kid.

Dogface. You ever get Dogface?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, that's a staple.

- How about Furball?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.

Um, uh, Hairy Potter.

- You mean, l-like the...
- Yeah.

With an "I," yeah.

Hey, that ain't half bad.

You ever try to cut it off?

- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- But it came back, right?

- Yeah, twice as thick, yeah.
- Yeah.

- Mm-hmm.
- Once, I tried to set it on fire.

- Really?
- Yeah, I got too scared at the last second.

But I still managed
to burn down a shed.

Wow. I tried Nair.

This is a weird question,

How hard is it?

What do you mean?

I mean... hard will it be?

I'm not gonna lie,
it's gonna be tough.

You got any friends?

- Yeah.
- Well, then,

you're a heck of a lot
further along then I was.

I mean, when I was your age,

I was still wearing a sack
over my head.

So, no, it's never
gonna be truly easy.

But I guess I'd just say this:

the world is gonna be mean
to us no matter what we do.

So we can't afford
to be mean to ourselves.

You know,
your mom's got this, uh,

art studio thing.

She'd been working on this
project for quite a while.

I always thought
that it was connected to me.

But now
I don't think that anymore.

You guys have
a good conversation?


Did he say anything bad
about me?

- Uh...
- He can.

He should, because...

I know how he feels about me,
and he's not wrong.

But when I first saw your face

and I knew what your life
was gonna be like,

I just... I couldn't.

I couldn't do that.

If you want to be angry at me,
it's okay.

If I were you, I'd be angry.

- Do you want me to yell at you, or something?
- Yes.

No. I don't know. Maybe.

I had all these questions
for you.

You're a good artist.

You're really good at drawing.

- Well, can I give you a hug?
- No.

Can I take the recorder home?


Thank you.


Oh, look at that...
a dust bunny.

Can you...?

Do you think we could go talk?


Listen, I'm sorry.

I'm really, really sorry about
what I said, and I was just...

It's fine.

I'm over it.

You don't have to pretend.

I'm not pretending.

You think I'm not used
to people being terrible to me?

Think you're special?


I mean, chances are,
20 years from now,

I'll either be an alcoholic
or beaten to death.

Come on, I got something
to show you.

You know, I...
I meant what I said.

I'm really sorry.

So, how are things
with your mom?

I'm staying with my aunt
for a while.

You know,
it's not perfect, but...

it's getting better.

I met my mom today.



How was it?

It was...

...really weird.

I don't know...

I'm sorry, Paul.

Can I tell you something?


I'm pretty sure you're the most
amazing girl I've ever met.

Yeah, I'm...

I'm pretty sure I am, too.

You think we'll still be
friends in 20 years?

In 20 years, I think the whole
world might be underwater.

But, uh... yeah.

I think we'll still be friends.

♪ And I wish
we could stay frozen ♪

♪ In this moment ♪

♪ So you and I could
drink up this night ♪

♪ For it's over ♪

♪ In the blink of an eye ♪

♪ Have you come here
for a reason? ♪

♪ Are you murders
in disguise? ♪

♪ Is there something
I'm not seeing ♪

♪ That will lead
to our demise? ♪

♪ The forces out there
are relentless ♪

♪ They will pull us apart
and run us down ♪

♪ I wanna break
across the fences ♪

♪ Before I lose you
in the crowd ♪

♪ And we could be frozen ♪

♪ In this moment ♪

♪ So you and I could
drink up this night ♪

♪ For it's over in the blink ♪

♪ Of an eye... ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Death, she must
have been your will ♪

♪ A bone beneath
the reaper's veil ♪

♪ With your voice
my belly sunk ♪

♪ And I began to feel
so drunk ♪

♪ Candle, candle on my clock ♪

♪ Oh, Lord, I must have heard
you knock me out of bed ♪

♪ As the flames
licked my head ♪

♪ And my lungs
filled up black ♪

♪ In their tiny
little shack ♪

♪ It was real and I repent ♪

♪ All those messages you sent ♪

♪ Clear as day,
but in the night ♪

♪ Oh, I couldn't
get it right ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Here is a church
and here is a steeple ♪

♪ Open the doors,
there are the people ♪

♪ And all their
little hearts at ease ♪

♪ For another week's disease ♪

♪ And eagle, eagle,
talon, scream ♪

♪ I never once
left in between ♪

♪ I was on the fence and
I never wanted your two cents ♪

♪ Down my throat,
into the pit ♪

♪ With my head upon the spit ♪

♪ Oh, Reverend, please,
can I chew your ear? ♪

♪ I've become
what I most fear ♪

♪ And I know there's
no such thing as ghosts ♪

♪ But I have seen
the demon host ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa,
oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, oh. ♪

Clowns... tonight we dance!

Ha-ha, yes!