The Trouble with You (2018) - full transcript

A widow discovers that her husband sent an innocent man to jail to cover-up his own crimes.

Ok, let's finish Luo!

clam! Five minutes, please.

Come on, mom, five minutes.

Ok, then five minutes.

Do not move!

Fast rolling, bastard

I want to kill you.

lay down your weapon! lay down!

Call you to lay down your weapon!

Ok, don't move!

Boss, okay?

Rely, my wrist seems to twist

- Stop it
- Just kidding... stupid!

Wow, is that really the case?

I am not sure about the brand of the car...

But the other is almost like this

All right

It’s time to sleep now, my little Thai

Dad is so strong!

Like a lion
twenty one
00:04:46,354 --> 00:04:49,619
He never let us down, never wavered
twenty two
00:04:50,258 --> 00:04:53,489
(Chinese title: old love to find 碴)
For these reasons
twenty three
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City Council unanimously passed, starting today
twenty four
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This old fisherman's square

With this one

Honesty, courage and efficiency

Guarding the city for fourteen years

And named the hero who died in the city.

That is great, heroic

Mr. Shang Santi, who is always young

At the same time, attending with us today

As his colleague and friend

Later became a fiancee, wife

Child's mother...

And his will

One is still brave today

The station at the Wahos Police Station...

Captain Ivana Santi

We often walk here with Shang

Have a drink and eat oysters in an open-air restaurant

Still love life and his work

He wants to keep the possibility of happiness and calm

I have been very happy and calm with him for ten years.

I am very touched


The statue is really messy...

Not like a body, the nose is not like...

The shoulders are not like... nothing like it, scary people

His gun is very similar

Then drunk in front of Tai Europe...

You are drunk in front of everyone...

By the way, so obvious?

Not at all obvious

You are so nice, Louis.

Why are you saying this?

Because you lied to be seen through

- You will take a deep breath and then suffocate
- Where can I?

Yes, very touching

As if I want to disappear from the world...

Ok, I can see that everyone can see it.

Even if you sit in the last row, you can see it.

I am no longer determined, Louis

Without him, I became stupid...

I can't make my own decisions

I don't know what to do and what to say.

Life is slow, I am no longer bold

Even in the supermarket, picking Youge will pick an hour.

Would you like to add the beneficial bacteria, or did you add them?

The weasel calls the monkey, mom, where are you?

- Monkey received
- They gather earlier than expected

- Who is there?
- It’s all coming.

We have arrived at their nest

We are waiting for you to come back.

- Come on, get started.
- Five minutes, I am as soon as possible

No. 17-47, please go to the Charlie Hotel...

I am taking you to the bus stop, you can take the number 30 directly.

- Where are you going?
- Have a personal abuse club

Have underage, drugs...

Rely, Louis, please...

- Take me with me.
- No!

Come on, Louis, let me do some field work.

Paperwork is killing me soon.

Don't say it, no, it doesn't work.

- I have been stuck in this office for two years.
- do not talk

I can't tell you!

Absolutely not!

Damn, why should I pay this price?

Because I am a man, I lost my job.

- I can't do anything!
- Be careful, red light!

You can, of course, just take me there.

Enough, Ivana.

Your man is dead, you still have a child.

What are you going to do, I will be smashed

Sorry... come and take the bus!

I beg you, Louis.

- Take me away from the same life
- get off

I am late, rely on!

- Monkey, where are you?
- Just an hour.

- Monkey, have you left the remains of the statue at home?
- Please, Louis, please!


Weasel, I am here, in the parking lot

We are upstairs, fourth floor

The nephew is in the aisle, Simon is on the stairs

Fenfen is downstairs, next to the flower garden

Channel 5, are you ready?

Ready to be super good

I want to fight one

- That's right.
- Yes

Ivana, be careful

what is that?



Police, everyone out

Not allowed

this is for you

I am not a minor, I am 22

"I was going to my mom's house and I went to the wrong floor."

"The door opened and the owner pulled me in."

"I want to join the game and ignore my protest."

"At the same time, forcing me to wear these clothes."

Please sit down

- Just a little tighter!
- This is already the tightest.

- Please!
- No, I can't.

"What I found in my body and in my body"

"Not mys"

"This is just a misunderstanding"... Is this the case?

That's right

You are in a public place, you can't cover your face.

- Sir, I have to come hard.
- no no

- Mr
- Calm down, Shangnuo, bring Fatoma

Please sit

Sir, you have to take the mask down.

no, do not want

If you have a lawyer, call him now.

I think too, but your colleague is investigating him.

Then wait, because you still hold four grams of coca

And there are underage women

My God, no.

Can you turn off your voice changer?

Wait, I don't know if she is a young man.

Coca is not mine, I can't take it.

Will make me stomachache

Anyway... I didn’t do anything to the girl.

It’s her own around me.

Do you explain it to the judge yourself?


I am married, I have a family.

- please!
- 歹 喔

Signing here after trouble reading

Hey, your ring

You are... do you know? A Shang?


Shang Santi! You know him?

That is still, you know?

Are you Ivana?

You are Ivana!

Thank God, thank you!

who are you?

I am Jay Hen.

- Who?
- Jay, the accountant of Masana Jewelry Store

The fake robbery in 2009!

- what?
- Your loose diamond

I am giving it to Shang.

Do you still have earrings for the set?

Gemstone with blue and white

"I have never walked into this apartment."

"I don't know anyone there."

- You don't change your testimony?
- That's right.

Ok, priest, trouble signing here


By, Ivana!

Look at me! Ivana

This is good, look at me.

Ah, is Louis?

What happened, Ivana? What happened?

Impossible, it is a nightmare

- That guy said something terrible.
- what?

- He told me, still...
- What is it?

Rely, this is not true... rely on...

What did he say to you?

- He says…
- What did you say!

Still another person...

- What do you mean?
- He said... by...

He said that he would still accept bribes.

He thought I knew and told me a lot of details.

This is not true

Louis, isn't that true?

I beg you to tell me that this is not true.

This is not true, Ivana

I have been working with him for seven years.

If he takes a bribe, I will see it.

Do not…

- So what?
- By!

- What is it!
- What?

You gave me another expression of lying.

No, I mean really...

Enough, Louis, take a breath, you have to die.

- Rely, I am bored.
- Calm, you will get hurt.

do not you get it?

I have been with a bad guy for eight years.

I am eating, sleeping, going to bed with a stranger.

I even gave birth to a child with him.


Do you know what is the worst?

He makes an innocent person jail

Remember the 2009 jewelry store to steal the case?

Is still responsible for the case

But that is fake, understand?

This is an insurance fraud case.

They are self-stealing

Found to be discovered, they solve it themselves

And people who are robbing know too many things

They need to find someone to blame

They chose the guy who didn’t do anything.

That person working in the workshop

Do you know how old he was? do not know?

He is only 26 years old

26 years old!

Rely, Louis... is still arresting him.

They hid the diamond in his car and turned it out.

He earned 70,000 euros and my engagement ring

Great, grateful

Do I have anything else to lose?

What do you mean?

I don't know, you know everything.

Tell me what else I have taken?

Wait, what is it?

Things that have been stolen, deceived, and stolen.

Tell me the truth!




By North!

Went to his!


Oh! by!

Super north!




- Mom!
- Ok?

Why is Dad not defending himself?

Because I am very tired


Can you put his teeth back?

Don't go tonight

Let's put it again tomorrow.

He will be very happy with a gold tooth.

Ok, then mom, take a good rest.

Thank you dear

So tomorrow, Dad will come to the massacre.

(Model employees are self-stealing)

No, north

This bastard

Oh, no



Where are you going?

Are you going to the judge's house?


Esther said that you are going to find a judge.

Can we talk about it first?

Louis, don't stop me, okay?

- Ivana
- Do not! Don't stop me.

Enough, Ivana, he is not dead.

That person is doing very well

Not only doing fitness, but also learning to sing folk songs


Do you find it interesting?

What is it? Is your head decorated?

Still working with the Shangs for too long, the head shell is broken?

Ivana, you can't do this.

Then what do you want me to do? Turn the guy to death?

Close to death?

He was released from prison in two weeks, and everything is over, nothing.


Are you stupid?

Is innocence and guilt to be the same for you?

He won't wait another two weeks, he will be released this week.

I have to talk to the judge, he is leaving this week.

Do you think this will end?

Do you know what will happen after that?

Dirty things that are still hidden

All his conspiracy will be turned out one by one.

Made it hard to see

Listen, Louis...

I was stupid enough to waste eight years on a rotten person.

This is a bit embarrassing but I will try to spend

But let this guy suffer innocently

- I can't stand it.
- By, Ivana!

Louis, what are you afraid of?

afraid? I am not afraid, I have not done bad things.

Best is

Do you really understand or pretend?

I am worried about Taiou

Once things get rid of

Where did he go to say that his father is a bad person?

what would you do?

What story do you want to tell at night to sleep?

I will handle it myself.

The children's books are very good now.

His father passed away two years ago.

He just calmed down

Do you really want to kill him again?

Rapid urine

Tea too much

No coffee here

Tea is soaked in five minutes

My pants are gone.

Forget it

Anyway, it doesn't look good, it's not bad.

By the way, this T-shirt is worn with itchy, it is man-made fiber.

I am sitting at the end

Hey, get on the bus, Mr.

I have to hit the belt one or two more holes.

Rely on, I am good fat, good fat

He is my brother, people are not very comfortable

The brain is a bit problematic

Well, how are you so fragrant?

I help him pay for the car.

Does this smell?

What flavor is shampoo?

Oh, it’s a dog’s scouring

Well, smell it well.

Well, good toon

- It’s a paradise.
- Thank you.

Oh, no! Rely on, stink!

Stinky, there should be an infection, the dog should be thrown away

Stinky dog

Hey, puppy, stretch his tongue, stink...

Was the supermarket here before?

should not

Was it a football field before, or was it my dream?

No, I remember going through one...

Yes, it used to be


The new mayor took office and built it two years ago...

This wife


What is it? So love to grab the words!

Now even the elderly are so rude

I used to be there before, I was there before.

But she is right, even though she has a kitchen aftertaste

You are right, madam, it used to be

I used to be here before.


An Duan?

They said it was evening, about six o’clock.

why is it like this?

Why didn't you call first?

I... my phone is dead.

How did they let you out first?

I don't know, they...

It should be very guilty.

Is not it good?

Why didn’t they tell me?

I originally thought...

I wanted to come early, I want to wait for you.

so sorry

No no no no

Don't say that, dear.

Sorry, I am talking nonsense.

I just want to be ready, let everything go

I waited for this moment for a long time.

I originally thought...

Waiting for you, waiting for you, watching you back

I am so surprised.

Happy to speak


It’s all messed up, it’s terrible.

Hello, incense

Where is it, my body is sweaty?

Can you come again?


I want you to go back to the garden entrance.

Count to thirty

Push the iron door open and make a rock squeak

Walk slowly on the stone road

Go back here, then knock on the door

May I?

it is good

An Duan, An Duan

It’s great to be back.

Hey, An Duan

I love you, I love you.

I miss you so much.



Please, go out, come back again


Hey... you can stop in the middle of the path.

It seems that you are hesitating

It seems like you are afraid...

Not sure what to see

it is good

- It’s great to be back.
- Correct

I love you, An Duan

I miss you so much.

Really Want

What do you want to eat?

Do we have money for a single point?

What do you want to eat?

What do you want to eat?

Appetizer: warm lentils with caramelized shallots

Zuo vinegar with cream and parsley, 13 euros

Shiitake Hot Spring Egg Sagama "Good" Truffle Cheese Shavings

The word is wrong, 16 Euro

Grilled sardines with spiced mashed potatoes

Spices are good and evil, mashed potatoes are crushed with a fork

"Fork" is highlighted in italics

I really want to know.

I eat asparagus...

With chicken


Wait for me, I will buy a packet of cigarettes.

Come back in five minutes

- I will order first?
- Yes, I will be back in five minutes.



I do not understand

Two packs of Marlboro light smoke with a box of matches

I only have Camel in light smoke.

Give it to me

Give it to me or I will bang you

- Give me the smoke.
- I am not light.

I do not care!

Give it to me, give it to me!

- Yet?
- How?

Fowa High School, two shifts in six years?

Are you Marriot?

Are you Santee?

What are you doing here at Marriot?

Santi, you guy!

You are the first in the class.

Is the teacher's heart and baby

But I was fired because you were

You told me to set fire to the laboratory, obviously Dawei

why did you do this? I am innocent!

why? why?

For...six chocolates


I am telling you, Dawei will give me...

Six chocolates

For six chocolates?

I am sorry, Marriot

I was originally a medical life.

But it’s not too late, you...

Hit destined to meet me

I am very familiar with people in big pharmaceutical factories.

- Really?
- Correct

Everyone should have a second chance


I promise

You see what you turned into me, a monster

Ok, just burn the scald ointment.

I am innocent, you ruined my life.


Dad is so strong

How strong?

Do you really understand or pretend?

I am going to help you dry the door.

You have to go out tonight.

Dear, I am sorry, I have to go to work.

Come, go to sleep.

good night

- Hi
- Hi

Thank you, I thought you didn't want me to see him again.

You are welcome

Can't you find someone else right?

That's right

he has slept


Do I have to tell the story to him?


I didn't see you at work, don't you come to work?

I want to have more time with Tai O

I understand

And I don't want to be robbed

Are you trying to avoid me?

I didn't want to avoid you, I didn't want to see you.

Wait, Ivana

Why are you blaming me?

- 嘘
- I have to tell you a few times.

I did not do anything

But you stand by and watch

Otherwise what do you want me to do? When is it to catch the scorpion?

what about me?

Damn, Louis

Why don't you tell me?

Why let me continue to be with him?

- Because you love him, you love each other.
- 嘘

What power do I have to destroy?

Then you see how good you live.

I thought you know 咧

I am going to order drinks.

a glass of vodka...three servings


That guy grabbed my wallet

Where did he go?

He went there.

Are you ok? are you happy

Very happy

Great music

what happened?

I am always afraid that you are bored.

I think you should expect a lot of things.

Open up, carnival

Celebrate every night

But the problem is me

Life is faint

You are the most beautiful thing I am looking forward to.

It’s like you now.

- You are not angry?
- Do not

Not angry, no resentment

I am very calm, Janice

very happy

He is there! Git!

Wait, don't move

Bastard, I see you Zoubian

Look at me to give you some color瞧瞧

Be careful

My ears

stop! Are you crazy?

He leaned my hair off

- Are you ok?
- what?

Are you ok?

By, Jimmy!

That pair of dogs and men

Guy in a green jacket

The police, all the way!

Policemen! Stop me!

By, I am the police! Policemen!

- What happened?
- He ransacked those people.

Also attacking us from behind

Please describe the suspect's appearance

description? Tell you that he is there, right there!

Who is doing these things for you?

Please, he is there, wearing a green coat.

His girlfriend wears gray... no, red

Ok, grey jacket, what else?

No, it’s green, girls are wearing red

Ok, red jacket, what else?

Green, coat is green, girlfriend is wearing red

- Calm!
- They have to take a taxi.

Sir, calm down.


When was the last time you saw the suspect?

What happened?

I do not know either…

Wait, we were attacked.

You are my idiot! You see them so excited

And how can you attack so many people with bare hands?

what are you saying?

I feel like you are fighting like a regular meal.

You just seem to start

Look, there are bloodstains in the corners of your mouth.

Is the driver big brother okay?

Sorry, I am fine, sorry.

Eight years of vacancies in my life, meaningless eight years

Don't bother me with those trivial things.

Is this your excuse?

"I have no time to sit for eight years."

"So I have the power to do something wrong"?

Can slap their eyes

Interrupt their teeth and hurt the girl with gas

Also smashed the preserved skin?

Do you know that you just bit the man's ear?


Sorry, sorry.

I am sorry

Old pity, you are also locked into the strange

how? Stealing and beating makes you feel alive?

This will only make you live in prison.

This is not bad.

I don't recognize you anymore.

An Duan, please, let me say something to make me feel at ease.

I dreamed that I really ransacked the silver building every night.

I am holding a rifle, an axe and a flamethrower.

Go in and threaten them not to move

You don’t feel relieved when you talk about these things.

Really not very at ease

After you get out of prison, it becomes like this?

Didn't you find out?

No, I am very happy, did not find

I thought you were like me.

Are pretending

You really thought that I would like to eat Chinese food on Wednesday and have a drink on the weekend.

Will this all disappear?


My ears

Your wine

Call you to me

Why am I telling you this?

Why should I talk to her like this?

Can't you shut up?

Shut up for five minutes

Yes, but...

See what she said to me.

"I don't know you."

Why... Why did she say this?

By...he wants to start quarreling, things are in trouble.

who am I? who am I?

What am I?

This is the problem, what am I?

where am I?

I was out

Out of the cubicle

Out of the big circle

I was out

I am so lonely

As lonely as a stray dog


He is never bored.


Maybe she is right

Maybe I am crazy.

Those bastards drive me crazy

What the hell am I doing?

I have something else to do

I have life

Life like a sly life

Please don't go crazy

Yes, go crazy... show

Completely Xiao...

Completely lost in this world

Lost... ferocious...and lonely

I don’t know what to do.

What should I do?

What time is it now?

what should we do?

Where is he going?

How to stay?

- Why do I wear shoes with heels?
- Need to support?

Why am I married to the bastard?



What a nice view

These three small?

Are you okay, sir?

Are you ok?


Sir, sir.

Are you ok?

Sorry, sir, please.

not good at all

My shoulder hurts

No, I am really messed up.

Where did you come from?

I saw you jumping into the sea, I thought...

What do you think?

- I thought you...
- I want to swim.

I often jumped here from the age of 11

I am very familiar with this area.

Rely on, dead

I am sorry, the misunderstanding is big.

I am stupid, I am stupid.

Miss, you got rid of my hand.

You have to pull me, ok?

Come, pull

- what?
- By, I need you.

How are you so good?

Fast, fast pull

Ok, I am pulling

Wait... it hurts

- I want Lara.
- Do not

Pull it hard once

- I am pulling.
- Quick pull

Shut up, I can't

Pull it hard once!

Dry, can't do it!

You go to someone else.

No one else here!

Fast, pull hard once

I am lost, completely lost.

What is this?

This lady

what are you doing?

Where are you going?

I do not know


Come back, it doesn't matter.

There are relationships

I have been messing around

You are not messed up

I have got

You jumped down to save me is right...

I was going to die.

It’s not to comfort me.


Why are you jumping into the sea?

My life has been stolen for eight years.

I have been jailed for eight years.

Being humiliated


Trampling, swallowing

My youth was stolen

For no reason

I am innocent

Everyone said this, but what I said is true.

After I was released from prison, I have been misbehaving.

Mainly to hurt others

Made a lot of bad things

I think I... became a monster

Do not

Don't think so, you didn't become a monster.

You are just a person who is seriously wrong.

And you have the right to be angry

Make a sigh of anger

You have the right

Change it to me, I will want to bite

Yes? and many more…

I bite a person's ear less than two hours ago.

- This is normal.
- Yes?

It doesn't matter, be a little bigger to yourself.

You don’t have to blame yourself, you don’t have to die for it.

Not necessary at all

Would rather be a blind man, an improper victim

People have a limit

what are you doing?

Stealing a car

- Why?
- Go home.

Why not call a taxi?

Do not


Am I not entitled?

I stole the car for the first time.

Let's make a wish.

you are right


Would rather be a blind man, an improper victim


This... is this your car?


That one…

Can we meet again?


Can't you refuse me?

Do you have this power?


I deserve a little understanding

a little gentle

a little beautiful

a little you

I can not

I really want to see you again.

You will be very disappointed, believe me

This is not fair

Fairness is very rare

What about tolerance?

It's required

What you said to me today, completely touched me.

I know that I am wrong, but I heard someone say

"The reason you have the wrong"

Make me very comfortable

Your hand is on my back and it is very comfortable

I want to kiss you.

You are entitled to do this


I should go, I have to go to work tomorrow.

what? and many more

Wait a minute, two minutes!

Let everything go with the flow

But it’s too short, wait

Too short, two minutes longer



Are you ok? Everything is ok


He just got up, we played a bit

Yes, that's great.

As usual


I want to apologize for what I said this time.

I am very unfair and my temper is very bad.

I should not have such behavior

Sorry for being so scornful

In short, we have tried our best.


Also, starting from tonight

If you want, you can despise me.

No, I am fine.


You don't have to respect me.

Don't be too respectful

Still have to

No, Louis, I am also very vulnerable.

No... no

OK, Louis, you are very vulnerable

- is it?
- Ok

- You know... this fragile
- Ok

Not so uncomfortable, right?


I can't do anything in two years, I am really fed up.

- Do you understand?
- Understand, understand

- I want to give up, understand?
- Ok

- Can I be tolerant of myself?
- Can

- Have a little gentleness
- Ok

Are you jealous?


Are you okay?


- Louis
- Yes

I want someone to kiss me.

it is good

I am so tired

Those secrets made me breathless

I killed my aunt in the kitchen.

Killed with scissors

When she died

I slam her because I think she is laughing.

I first... stabbed her chest.

Then stabbed twice again... then the neck

- it is good
- Then I ate her eyes...

So she won’t look at me.


- Do you understand?
- I understand, I understand.

- Then I cut her in half.
- Ok

Put in a bag

Put it in the garage, almost...

- Two weeks.
- Ok

But I will be afraid at night.

- So I grabbed her hand.
- Ok

Yes, I brought her

Of course... it will taste a bit

of course

So what?

Just like this

Sorry, I am just absent-minded.

Can you say it again from the beginning?

- From scratch?
- Correct

I will say it again soon, there should be no way.

I understand, certain

If the same happens again

- I will come back to tell you.
- So be it!

Come back again after the same situation

Anyway, I live close

I will send you out

Sorry, can you talk to you?

of course

I want to tell you...


This is not easy

I want to say

I can't stand this job for a long time, I hate it here.

I have been staying at this police station.

it's all because of you

I want to protect you

Not being hurt by others

Also to see you

I haven’t left because of these years.

Because I have believed in you for the past eight years.

Finally, you have seen me a few more days.

You are holding me in the hallway and talking to me.

It will be very beautiful in those days.

Other days are completely meaningless


What happened last night, Ivana

I have been waiting for several years.

I also fantasized many times.

- that's it
- By, Louis


Sorry, I am not listening at all.

What did you just say?

Oh...nothing, it’s about...

Will you talk for a long time?

Because I have to deal with things quickly

Small things, things about parking

Ok, I really have to...

Ok, of course


Who is the Ferrari that was just towed?

Someone was arrested, Joey caught in the morning.

Has anyone been arrested?

Hey, Michel

Hit me, see me kill you.

I am going to kill you

To shut up

Give me calm!

Catch him up

To shut up! You are sick

Open the door and open the door

Go forward

He leaned on my ear

He bite off a piece, bastard


- Michelle, is your wife still okay?
- Ok.

How can you please me?

Please, just do it.

How are you like your husband?

You know that he is innocent

Before, now is not

He stole the famous car and bit the policeman’s ear.

If I let him go, it would be me.

But all this is our fault

He was lost and was made into a neuropathy.

He wants to go back to jail, he must not live.

Do you know again?

Have you met him?

- Have a chat.
- You are sick!


He knows what you are doing? Do you know who you are?

do not know

You are Xiao Xiao! I forbid you to see him.

He wants to find out that he will kill you.



- good Morning
- How?

You said, if it happens again, let me tell you

Yes, but sorry, I am not available right now.

I am back, bring a little...

Sorry, I am not available.

- Louis
- You met him yesterday, right?

Just be an eyeliner

How can you ask me to do this?

I have to be caught and it’s over.

Have you thought about it? Have you thought about me?

No, because your eyes are growing overhead

Only a hero or a victim, you will take a look

Why are you talking to me like this?

What did you do with him last night?

Didn’t do anything with him?

What are you doing with you?

I thought you forgot

- Hello, police officer.
- Boss, how are you?

Want to be big?

Yes, no onions

Hello there

Don't blame me, I can explain

Because then you don't want to see me?



I feel ashamed because I don’t think it’s worth it.

What are you ashamed of?

Because I am... I am like this

I forbid you to be ashamed

You are very tolerant, very gentle, and compassionate.

- completely soothing people
- Yes?

I asked myself last night:

"Who can understand and accept..."

"And don't criticize, who?"

- I…
- I just thought about it when I saw it.

of course

Lonely, chaotic...

Human weakness, you are watching every day

Don't be ashamed of yourself, it's not worth it.

You are an angel, I don't care if you are a prostitute.

My name is An Duan.

My name is Ivana.

This is your... flower name?

Why? Does Ivana sound like a chicken?

No, like picking

My name is Louise.


are you free tonight?

I don't have time, I don't have any space.



You told me last night.

"Let's go with the flow"

Supernatural now

Do you understand?

I can finally embrace the miracle

Life begins to reward me.

You can't refuse me

Dinner... just have dinner

I have the right

Maybe, but not with me...

Listen, An Duan... I can't... I don't want to

No, Ann, my life is complicated.

Louise, last night...

It’s been the first time

I feel calm...



I am so touched, do you understand?


Last night because of you

I finally got out of jail


See the seafood restaurant at the pier at 9:30 pm

So we don’t owe each other

Now we are not owed each other

This is called true fairness.

Do you want 200 or 500 bills?

Give me a balanced match

I heard that you are preparing to go to the Silver House to make a vote.

Still telling the boss to ask for a sea cut

I can help introduce you.

Don't overdo it too much

Help me keep a ring

Give my fiancee

No, Thai, you can't interrupt

Too long

And I can see that Dad is pretending

No, he didn't pretend

Not pretending at all

Thai, listen

Sometimes the best people will do stupid things.

Because they are afraid or want to pamper their loved ones

So doing stupid things

Don't be him, don't be daddy

Of course it might be him

An Duan?


An Duan


I'm very sorry

Sorry for what?

I am sorry about what happened last night.

Don't say that... no need to say this

But I really think so

It’s my behavior is too bad.

I am really scared and worried.

It’s hard to get along with

Don't worry, because...

I am very nervous

I am too strict, so you are nervous

You will be harsh because...

Because I hide the truth from you.

because I…

Lying to you

You lied to me because I didn't have confidence in you.

Because I am not looking at you, but watching you

You monitor me because...

you love Me

I love you because I know the real you.

Because I know that you will change back to your former

Me in the past?

You call An Duan

Very handsome

Very kind, curious, very attentive

You are innocent, right?

You are a jeweler

People like their jobs

You can find the beauty that others can't see.

Know how to find diamonds from stones

I just showered in...

what are you doing?

Why don't you sleep?

Time is still early

Your looks are bad

I didn’t see you coming home last night, I’m so scared.

No blinking all night

Then close your eyes, why are you so embarrassed?

Because every time I close my eyes

When you open again, you are not there.

Good night, Janice

Good night, An Duan

What are you doing here?

- I need you to assist in stalking.
- what?

We found the Corsican gang in the city center.

- Who?
- Gangsters!

- Which?
- Which?

Ivana, you have to go to the office occasionally.

Is the sniper of the old sailing gang

He came to find Beverly to seek revenge

Caught is a big case

I need a female to pretend to be a couple

Yi Lishi vacation


- However, I can't!
- what?

I have an appointment and can't cancel it.

- What are you kidding?
- I am not kidding

How is this... is that Xiaozi?

This is a complicated matter

I have a hard time rejecting him, he is very vulnerable

Who is in charge of you, I am discussing work

You want to attend, now you have a chance

If you want to continue to make up for your husband's fault, then continue.

Yes, I am going right away.

I should go, have a good date.

You don't have a gun?

- I bring another one.
- Oh

Do you want to stand by and follow?

- Let's go! whatever
- Ok, let's go!

How is this guy long? Is there a profile of the suspect?

40s, black, tied scorpion, yellow bag

Black people in Corsica

Yeah, haven’t you seen their flag?

Who is coming with us?

You don’t know, special forces

This can't be caught, we have to go apart...

- what?
- We search separately

Then gather in the middle aisle, ok?

Ok, I am waiting.

Don’t talk to yourself, don’t stop, Anduan

Ok, then I won’t say it.

I am not talking in front of you.

I want to drink some wine from the cup.

Ah, no more.

I want to come...

- Trouble with bottle of brandy
- Brandy?

Yes, brandy and bread

Are you going to order a meal?

No, I will wait a second time.

- Very good.
- Calm

I promise


An Duan?

Sorry, I am still working.

No, I can't say go and leave.

Yes, I owe you

I know what you mean, but many people around me.

Otherwise what do you want me to say? let me tell you

Threesome? Yes?

What is it?

Don't be so unkind, Ann, please.

- It hurts people.
- I am not welcome.

- I... I respect your work very much.
- You have a little

What is this sound?

Please don't pay attention to the details.

Ok, they are not happy.

I can't actually answer the phone...

I understand, but are you still a long time?

I think the people in the restaurant are a bit...

I don't know... a bit complicated

- I know
- A little patience...

They are really upset...

Ok, I heard that.

I hang up

see you later

who is it?

By North

Answer the phone, Louis, connect quickly.


Quick pick up... good!

- Hey?
- Louis, the suspect is behind you.

I can't hear you, what are you talking about?

- By, he is here.
- Too noisy

By, he is behind you.

hold on

- How?
- Can you borrow a fire?

- of course
- Thank you.

what did you just say?

Do you see the suspect?

No, no picture

a mess

By, wait, wait a minute

I am stupid.

- what happened?
- I met someone from the special forces.

Found him in the terror train

See you there.

Please, half an hour later.

Sorry, sir.

Trouble with your checkout and leave

I thought you could be tolerant.

But it’s already late, sorry

I have been working for you for so long.

- what?
- This napkin is what I made.

Pay an hour of 3.75 euros, embroider these octopus lobsters


- Strange, this is what my friend did.
- Yes

Yes, this is actually the last piece he made.

Is he released from prison?

In his way


I want to stew the vegetables and grill the fresh fish, don't add the cardamom.

I want to call the police, sir.

Then add the cardamom

Hostage crisis...


Hostage crisis in the third district

Seafood restaurant is maddened by madman

There is a madman holding a restaurant employee

Stay here


It’s 11:30, it’s reasonable not to accept the order. I stabbed him with a sickle

His skill is really getting better.

Where is this bastard?

Here...he is here


No... can't you settle for a few minutes?

They don't order me

This is the case in the countryside.

An Duan, you clearly promised me.

very sorry

- I can not wait anymore
- Can't wait?

What are you kidding! Here is like the battlefield

I am two hours late, you burned the whole village.

By the way, this car is leaking oil

An Duan

An Duan, are you injured?

- A little
- Rely on, help you to bandage

- Can you go to your home?
- No.

- By
- You didn't have enough of me?

Shut up, I am not fed up with you, of course not enough for you.

I really don't know how you got it.

Why am I fed up with you?

I am fed up with myself.

No, no, don't say that.

- Leave me alone.
- Do not

Policemen! Mr! Trouble you

Oh, I know.

What is this?

Where I work

- You have special expertise.
- A little

- You have a lot of secrets.
- As long as you know

So hot

Getting hotter

I may use too much dose.


you are so nice

- Are you ok?
- Ok

very good

You make me calm

Every time

Should be the role of morphine

You forgive me

- Every time
- Correct

Every time I see you

I feel like I am worth living.

You are worth living.

Only you said that I believe

Please, Ann, don't think that I am a good person.

Of course, you saved me again.

Yes, I am helping you sew the wound.

When you are at the bottom of the car, you can abandon me.

I will never abandon you.


I do not know

I know

Because we are fellow travelers

How to say?

Look around you


We are all people who like to hurt people.

Sorry, I can't help it tonight.

you know

Telling stories requires sincerity and faith

I can't do it tonight, do you understand?

I know


and so…

Has he been missing for 72 hours?

- Correct
- Can you say his name again?

Handkerchief, sailing


Name...An Duan

...An Duan

It often happens that someone doesn’t take long

Maybe drinking too much at night

Or where did you go?

I know that he had something in the port three days ago.

I saw in the newspaper that there was a man who had a big disaster.

That may not necessarily be him.

After he was released from prison, he became a wrath.

Thought that he has the right to misbehave

If he is in jail again, he will die inside.

I know


I mean, I understand.

He used to...

Not at all like this

He used to be...

Make love

Kind and kind

This lady, are you okay?

Nothing, my nose is allergic


- it's all my fault
- Don't blame yourself.

- Are you sure everything is ok?
- nice to me

He changed, but I can't see it.

Sometimes it will be like this

I thought he was enough for me.

Our past life is enough

It’s normal to think like this.

Our past has passed away

You wiped it out

He is very angry

Obsessed with the lost time... and revenge

And the damn silver building

Finally, it will be very difficult to see.

Must find him quickly

Don't worry, we will definitely return your husband to you.

I don't know what I am doing here.

Here is the beginning of tragedy

Desperate to find this group of executioners


An Duan

Where have you been? What happened?


I can't stand it, An Duan

I can't continue this way.

- Really can't
- I know, Janice.

I know

Yanis, I am tired...

Try to be the original one

But I can't do it

I am sorry, Janice

Sorry, my lover

This is not our problem

I just want to start over.

With a person...

People who didn't know me before

that person

Not because of me now

And disappointed

Sorry, I am coming again.

Not available now!

When is there?

I don't know, Monday.


Is there a place where I can live on the weekend?

Sir, you are enough!

Can you talk?

Don't be now, I am in a mess now.

I don't believe it, I am also in a mess now.

Rely, I hate myself.

It’s a coincidence, I hate myself too.


Oops, because I love you

you love Me?

Yes, I love you.

I like... thinking about you

I like how we feel when you have a date.

I like you by my side.

Keep me calm and make me confused

I also like your voice.

As soon as you open your mouth, you will feel that there will be no bad things.

I like you looking at me tenderly.

Because of your gentle eyes

Let me want to be a better person

I like your smile

I love you Louis.

I love you as much as I hate myself.

Believe me, this contains deep love

Ok, I…

Can we have a drink?


What are you coming to?


Great, let's go.

follow me

- not on purpose
- It's ok

An Duan?

An Duan?

An Duan

you know

When you are in prison

Sometimes it's really hard to fall asleep

So I once a month, let myself imagine the story

Give me sleep, always like this

I am dreaming

You are really guilty

On a full moon night, you escaped from prison.

You came to my room

Wake me up gently

You hold my hand

Take me to the depths of the garden

There is a hole there

The jewels shine in the cave

There are jewelry, diamonds...

Ruby and...

Two flights to tropical countries



You are returning innocently, with the anger of the victim

This is better

You don't have to endure me anymore

You are free now


But I am like you

Not so sure of myself


By the way

An Duan?

An Duan?

Rely, is this for children?

Don't do this now, we have to talk about it seriously.

What are you talking about?

- Talking about the future
- This is the future

- Where are you going?
- I want to grab the Marshall Silver House.

- I can't let you do this.
- I know

can not do this

Rely, An Duan! Screw you

- I came back in an hour.
- let me go

Why are you doing this?

I am fed up with being an innocent person.

hate! Hate it!

All right

Rely on

X fuck der

86 Marshall Avenue

- what?
- 86 Marshall Avenue

Hurry up

Take Cano Street, it is convenient to take the road

Ok, go to Cano Street

do we know each other?

- I should not know
- you sure?


But after all, I am carrying countless people.

Parking over there, parking in front of the silver building

(Marshall Silver House)

Minibus, how are you? Still smoking?

do not move!

Shrinking on the ground...

- what did he say?
- kneeling on the ground

- I don’t understand.
- kneeling on the ground


Rely on, is the Islamic State

These three small?

It’s okay to shrink on the ground.

what did he say?


- what?
- Is your head packed?

Your majesty!

Give your nest!

What are you tired of? Underarm

Nest, horse, horse

and many more…

What is in his hand?

do not know

It seems to be a giant...

No, not an Islamic State

do not move

Are you ok?

- Louise?
- time to go

They are coming, it’s time to go.

Wait, I won’t take it, I won’t go.

The police are coming, hurry up.

- and many more
- what are you doing?

I haven't finished it yet!

Are you stupid?

Haven't finished yet!


Then what about me?

Ok, it’s time to go, these are enough.

I haven’t finished

Go fast, or I will shoot


what are you doing?

You don't leave, I won't go, it's all for us.

No "we"

I lied to you

The police will arrive in four minutes, go quickly.

How do you know that it is four minutes?

I know

Because I have headphones

I am not your love

I am your enemy

I am a policeman

I am a policeman, I am the widow of Santi.

Sorry, I thought I could help you.

To shut up! To shut up!

I'm going to kill you

Really enough! Didn't see me helping you?

Didn't see it?

I was also stolen for eight years.

Maybe, but you are looking for it.

Go fast

Otherwise it doesn't make sense.

Go, you are waiting for you.

There is a great life

No one waiting for me

I have nothing left.

Nothing is gone

Enough, still eat cookies

Rely, they are here.

Sorry, I tried my best.

Wait, what are you doing?

Should this be some kind of performance art?

The new mayor is the left

Why are you doing this?

I am fed up with my guilt.

What's your name?


I said a truth, but you don't believe it.

Farewell, Ivana


Although it is fake, it is beautiful

Don't they kiss no?



I lost weight

It’s not bad to get thin in prison.

and many more


I thought you were released from prison tomorrow.

I know, they let me out early.

Sorry, I am not ready, I originally thought...

do not worry

I know what to do

Wait, don't worry

I'll be right back


do not move!

do not move

Sorry, boss, I am not good at it.

I have 10 grams of good goods in my belt.

Oh no no no...

Take it, raise a child.

Thanks, boss

I have six grams in my back pocket.

No, this is not good

Take it, it’s a pity to throw it.

Another pocket

Thanks, boss

There are also diamonds in...

Also take it, I don’t care.

- No, that's enough.
- you sure

- Are you ok?
- do not worry…

Willing to gamble

What happened later?

Nothing later


Do you understand?

I know

you have grown up

Not so big

All right

Good night, dear

Good night, mom.

Be careful

He escaped

He slipped and grabbed him.

By the way, the guy hit me, I’m catching it, chasing

(Translation: Liu Kaixi)