The Trouble with Siya (2021) - full transcript

Going to keep it
together today, Siya?

I always keep it together.
What do you mean?

Not gonna get drunk again, hey?

Nah. That's a thing of the past, man.

-Testing, testing. One, two.

How long will we be here, Mom?

Two minutes, then we're out.

Get them out!

Oh, Andrew, I need to give you the keys.

Oh God, I forgot them in the car.
Give me a second.

-Hey, little man. Come here.

-Come here!

- Can't be real.

Dance, and I'll play for you
and be the man, okay!

Strike a pose. You can call me Axl Rose.

Axl, Axl!

- You kidding me?

- Axl, Axl, Axl!

- I'll take care of this!

Do you know who I am?

Exit is that way!
Hey, I am talking to you!

Thanks, Andrew.
Just lock up when you're done.

-Oh no!

Luke. Come, let's go.

-Mommy, no. Please don't go.

You're going to make me sad.

We are going!


Get out.

Relax! I'm just gonna go to bed.

I'm sure you're not.
Pack your stuff.

Didn't get paid
for last night.

Can you remember
what you told the father of the bride?

Remind me.

You must be pleased
to finally see your daughter go.

And the school hall where the wedding was…
They found your wallet lying around.

-Oh crap!
-You gotta go collect it today.

You're out, Siya. The flat, the band. Out.

Out of the band?

You don't have the balls.

Let's get rid of these wedding flowers.

And the table too.

Arrange them nicely.



I happen to be
part of the band…

…that was playing last night.
And I think I may have lost my wallet.

Mm… yes. The whole school has heard
about you by now.

-You're in luck.

Ooh! I could use some of that.

Oh, that's luck.

Oh, thank you.

-You're welcome.
-Thank you.

Who are you?

-You don't belong here.


How's Oupa's big boy?

Hey, my ninja dancer!


-You… you know this guy?

-From where?
-I ninja-danced with him last night.

You danced with him?

Hey, hey, relax.
I was in the wedding band playing guitar.

This guy is banned. Come, let's go.

Hey, old man!
You don't know me like that, okay?

-Is it?

I know you hang around
staring at school children.

-Excuse me?
-You come anywhere near my grandson,

I'll shove a tire lever down your throat,
bend you straight. You hear me?

Hey, old man, relax, relax.
You got it all wrong, huh!

I'm watching you.

Hey, my ninja!

-I'm watching you.

- Hi, Frank.
- Howzit, Ceddie.

- Hi, Mel.
- Hi, Ceddie.

- Hello, Alice.
- Hi.

- Still up for Thursday?
- Absolutely.

Ah! I can't wait.

- Same.
-Alice, say bye to Mel.

-Bye, Mel.

Got to run, back to the hospital.

-Bye. See ya!




Wow. Okay, what a surprise.

What? That I survived
my attempt at unassisted flight?

Honestly, you need more practice.

I'm Siya, by the way.

Like the Springbok rugby captain?

Yeah. Well, except
he plays better rugby than I do.

-I think I just met your dad.
-Oh! Okay, you're lucky.

Yeah, I think he was here
to pick up your son.

Great kid, actually. I couldn't believe
his dancing yesterday.

- Quite phenomenal.

- What is this?
- Are you a teacher?

-No, I'm a bookkeeper.

Oh! So, you know who's earning what,
and the bribes.

You have no orange light, huh.

It's just red or green for you.

Yeah look, it's more
like green light for me.

-Red and orange are kinda boring.
- Mel! Look what we found.

I think we should take it to the police.
Maybe it's stolen.

No, no. No need for that,
I can help you with that.

No, no. That won't be necessary.

Sir, I insist, yeah. I'll take it, okay?

-I don't trust you!

No, sir!
I think you're stealing it, old man.

-You think what?

Nice one, Aggie! Good shot.

Oh my goodness.

Thank you, really. Thank you.

Don't thank me. I feel like
I inadvertently got you tasered.

I feel guilty, it's a failing of mine.


Aw! Hello, mommy's boy!

- Axl!
-Ninja Man!

Are you… homeless?

- No.
-He does look homeless, doesn't he?

Come, let's fix you up.

- Did somebody shoot you?
- Yes.


You know my oupa's got a gun.

-Is it?

Aha! Gotcha!

Marilyn Ferreira:
Face of Jaguar Sports 2011.

Wow! Are you still a model?


What do you mean? Why'd you stop?


What the hell?
I'm calling George the Greek!

Aw Dad, relax.

Relax nothing.
What's this skollie doing here?

He had an altercation with Mr. Prima,
and Auntie Agnes tasered him, okay?

Okay, good for her.
Now, fix him up. Get him out of here.

I'm finished.

What's a skollie?

Someone who spies on children
and beats up old men!

Hey, hey! Hold it!

I'm sorry, Siya. We don't
normally speak to people like that.

We don't normally
have weirdos in our kitchen!

Hey! Relax, old man!

- Listen, what's your problem?

I'm sorry, Siya.
My dad is socially crippled!

-Get out of my house!
- Dad!

- You old fart.

-Luke, you okay?

Yes, Mom!

Siya, are you all right?

Have you lost
your bloody mind, Dad?

It was an accident. It's his fault.

-Accident, my foot!
- That was cool.

Siya, I'm so… Please stay for dinner.

Have you lost your mind?

It's the least we can do.

You'll stay?

-Ah. I'd love to.
- We wouldn't.

I think.

What's a skollie?

So, what did you say
your band was called… Shadow…?

-Shadow Band.

Yeah, we started
back up for Rock and Roll.

Sounds super shady.

Well, if you know
nothing about music, maybe.


Thank you.

-We got our inspiration from the greats.

Dr. John, Steppenwolf, John Lee Hooker.

Yeah, you talk a lot. Probably never
heard of Booker T. and The MGs.

The MGs. They were a huge inspiration
to the White Stripes.

Allman Brothers.

-Muddy Waters.

Buddy Guy.

Willie Dixon.

Ida Cox.

Etta James.

So what happened to Shallow Band?
Do you have any hits?

Our biggest hit was…
"Blood on the Table."

- Nah, it doesn't ring bells.

Mel! Where are my heart pills?

- Second drawer, Dad.
- Second drawer? Bloody heart pills.

So what went skew? I mean, uh,

you graduated
into playing guitar at weddings?


I've got my plans.


The stew. This chicken is strong, huh?

Mine's nice.

Sorry, we really love
our chili here at home.

No, I love it.

- Really?

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

I hate chili.

Mom really did her best.
I mean, single parenting me was hell!

She then met Peter.
They moved to the States.

I lived with them
for a little bit…

…and then I thought of getting gigs
on a cruise ship.

But I guess I grew up.

- No, you didn't.
- Okay, just a little.

Argh! You know what,
adulting is overrated.

- Why would you say that?
- Because it's not fun.

Well, I won't grow up
if you won't grow down.

-Okay. Deal.


No grown-ups allowed.

-Whoa! Aye-aye, captain!
- Hmm.

Can we at least sit on
your patio, please, my boy?


My ninja,

you don't happen to have a

cigarette lying around now, would you?

You know smoking can kill you.

- Really?
-Yeah, so I don't mind if you smoke.

- Wow.

Just kidding!

-You're a joker, huh?

Here, buy yourself a cigarette.

Aw, for me? Thank you. I appreciate it.

It's a goodbye present.

Am I not gonna to see you again?

I don't think so.

-Yeah. That is my kid.

-Ow. Ouch.

You know, this has
just been so nice of you.

Hey, my ninja. See this right here?

-I am not gonna use it.

I am gonna treasure it.


So, are you really
gonna take that to the cops?

Yeah! Look, there are not enough good
people doing the right things these days.

Let me know
if anything goes wrong up there.


-My number is…
-Oh yeah!

102 797 51…


So um… can I call you for anything?

Have a good night.

-You too.


Hey, Isaac. Listen, man.

Can you give me one more night,
and you'll never ever hear of me again.

An apology,
and you can stay one more night, Siya.

An apology?

You gotta be kidding me, man.

An apology for being
rock and roll in a rock and roll band?

You've got it.

Listen here, I have options, okay?

You will call me the day you get tired
of playing Bon Jovi covers.

You know what your problem is?
You can't--

Chill out!



Can I help you… sir?

-Hi. How much for an entry-level room?
-I assume you mean a single bedroom?

Yes, that's the one.

R631.00 per night.

I'll give you
a hundred bucks for the couch.

-Come on, man. I'm a musician.

Musicians are used
to sleeping in weird places.

We don't offer the couch, sir,
or weird places.


A hundred, two hundred,

three hundred and twenty… for five hours?

This is a hotel, sir, not an auction.


James, listen to me. In a year from now,

I'll be more famous
than Bobby van Jaarsveld.

I shall alert Huisgenoot.

Yes! And you, my friend, I'll have
you to thank at the SAMAs in my speech.

Oh, how wonderful for me.


Shall I call the security,
or can you make your own way out?

Who are you?

Who are you?

- What are you doing here?

Did Oupa put chili in Siya's soup?

Yep, I think so.

Do you like him?

I don't like him,
but I don't not like him.

I invited him because
it was the right thing to do.

-Love you, Mom.

You're my favorite man in the whole world.


I inadvertently got you tasered.

What the hell are you doing, Siya?


-Ah, damn it!

Oh thanks, ninja.



All right.



Oh yeah!

-Yah! How're the rich guys?

Come back to apologize?

None of you guys deserve my apology.
I'm here to fetch my charger.

Yeah, and your guitar.

You know, all you gotta do is say,

"Sorry, oaks. For a moment there,
I thought I was Hendrix."

Okay. Well, sorry, oaks.

For a moment
I thought life was actually about

playing wedding gigs, and corporate gigs.

I'm back on track.

To where?

-Going solo.
- Solo Siya!

-Solo to nowhere.

-Watch me.


You're missing.

One, two, three…


What? Mm-hmm.

Hmm. Siya.

Guess what's behind my back.

Um, a tortoise.

No, the bag from last night
was behind my house,

and it had this in it,
and he weed in my cooking pot.

Lukey, this is bad news.

Very bad news.

Guitarist and singer for hire.

Sorry, no change.

Hey, man. Guitarist and singer for hire.


Are you looking for a wedding singer
and a guitarist?

Look no further. I'm your guy.

I'm already married.

Maybe you have a daughter
who could be getting married?

I don't have kids.

Toto to Brenda Fassie, Johnny Glegg,
Stimela… you name it, I'll play it.

No, man. The radio's free.

Two hundred bucks an hour.
Anything cheaper is minimum wage.

This is a kiddies' ice cream parlor, boet.

-Yeah, so?

Hey man,
this is not a place to settle in and live.

You're cool!

-Thank you.

Aw, thank you so much.


-Hmm! This is nice.

Mel, coffee time?

The bag from last night?

Um… I took it to the cops.

Then why is it in my garden?



So, uh… yesterday I met you and Luke,
and I thought you were both great.

Okay, um… my band kicked me out
of the flat, because of the wedding gig.

And by complete chance,
I then saw you at your school.

Can you please move this along?

And the next thing I was sitting
at your table. Look, I think it's destiny.

And your bag in my garden, also "destiny."

I tried to sleep at the bus shelter,
but ooh,

I actually had an old man's foot
in my mouth.

So you decided to break in
and sleep in Luke's Wendy house!


Look, I tried to buzz,
but you know your dad hates me.

Then I guess I remembered the gate code.

And Luke's little house beckoned?

-I had no any other option.


Why did you leave your bag in my garden?

-I couldn't get over the wall.
-Because you had the gate code.

You could have punched it in
and taken your bag out!

I'm going to fetch your stuff,
and I never want to see you again!

-Mel. You don't mean that…

-I wanna see you, no, I'm sorry.
-Oh, I mean it!

-Mel. Mel.

So, what is it with this
new best buddy of yours?

I was right, he is homeless.

The gate is the only way in,
how did he get the code?

-Is this yours?
-No! Ew!

- Ow!
- Here's your destiny!

Destiny, destiny.

I'm licking my lips.

He got kicked out of his apartment,
and he saw the code over my shoulder.

He weed in my cooking pot!

You let this skollie see the code.

Where is your brain, my girl?

And then the rubbish sleeps over
in a 9-year-old's Wendy house!

You know why?
Because he's waiting for Luke. He's…

-Oh, please!

From now on, nobody comes
into my house without my say-so!

Your house?

Yes, my house which I bought 15 years ago.


Yeah, and I renovated it.

-Wow, whoopee!
-Put in this kitchen.

-This kitchen?

With these lovely things
in your cupboards, huh?

Because your mother took them all!

And this? What's this? A workshop?

Yeah, just shows you, I'm the only one
who does any work around here.

And this?

Ten years of racing results!

Mel, you're just going to have to face up
to the fact that your judgment is warped.

My judgment?
Don't you dare talk about my judgment!

No, correction.
You have no judgment, of men.

Like that last loser,
that rotten ex of yours,

who took everything you had,
and pulled it through his asshole.

I actually don't believe this.

They're pathetic rubbish, and
then they blind you with their rubbish!

Because you see it all, Dad!

I might be retired, but I'm not extinct.

And who pays the bills in this house?
Don't you talk to me about judgment!

My mother left you, because
you finished all the money at the casino!

This is my house, and I make the rules!

-Is that so?


- Oh, come on!

Come back.
Got a room for you in the back.

Okay, when?

- Are you mad?


If you ever talk about
Luke's father in front of Luke again,

I will make sure that you never see
the both of us again.

Do you understand me?



Should I… enter the code?

Come in before I change my mind.

This button also opens the gate,
and you know how to get in.

So am I forgiven?


We usually Airbnb this place,
but you can stay until Thursday.

These are the keys for the kitchen.
The rest of the house is out of bounds.

And if you know what's good for you,
you'll use the time to get a job!

You owe me chips and juice.

Now go wash your wee
out of my cooking pot.

Two nights. That's it!

Mel, I can't even begin
to thank you for what you're doing.

I don't even know why I'm helping you.

-Don't let me down, okay?
-I… I will not let you down.

Mommy doesn't like people knowing this,

but the people that lived here before us,

got killed in this exact room.

Now go wash my pot.

Old rubbish.

I think your mother's lost her brain.

Does she like him?

Lukey my boy,
with women you never know anything.



She's not allowed to like him.

Amen to that.

We must get rid of him.


The sooner the better.




I heard you had a nasty experience
outside the school.

Oh no, that was just a misunderstanding.

-Howzit, Doc.
-Hey, excellent, thanks.

Hey, that dodgy oak I saw you
exchanging words with yesterday,

Heard he attacked some old guy.

That's right. I'm scared I might be next.

Yes, that's correct!
Plus I got tasered by the wife.

And now I stay here. Ceddie, right?

-Yeah. I'm the dodgy oak.

Oh, yes, yes, yes. I recognize you.

Yeah, I'm glad
to see everything's, uh… normal.

-As you can see.


Thursday. Phantom of the Opera.

-I can't wait.

Great. Eight o'clock.

- See you then.
-Great. Cheers, Frank.

Cheers, Doc.

Did you pole vault over the wall?

I tried climbing, but I got electrocuted.
So, I'm not saying anything.


I don't like him.

But you liked him before.

That was before you liked him.

Why would you think that?

You invited him to stay, even though
he weed in my cooking pot.

And you're always nice to him.

I'm nice to blooming everyone.
Just leave it, my boy.

Hmm. Love you.

Love you too.


Got you! Got you!

-What the hell!

What the hell! Huh?

If you tell anyone, you're a coward.

We don't want you here, Siya. Go home.

-Go back!

Who is this kid?

Making yourself at home, Siya?

Yes, sir! Pancakes, Frank?

Yes, please. Sounds yum.

Here we eat oats.

I smell pancakes!

And how many would you like, my ninja?

I hate pancakes.

Since when?

Since he woke up,
and reality dawned. Sit down, boy.

So, I had an idea of how
you could make some extra money.


What about guitar lessons?

For kids.

Another forgotten wannabe teaching future
wannabes how to play "Kumbaya."

I am serious.

She's serious, Siya.

Yes, Siya, she's serious.


I'll give it some thought.


Hey, Oscar. Howzit, bro. Tell me,
are you still looking for a guitarist?

I'm sure I paid you back.

Jacques. Big guy! I heard
you guys are looking for a guitarist.

Yeah. Look, alcohol is affecting
a lot of people these days.

my favorite club owner. How're you?

It's Siya. Yeah, I once I did a gig
at your place, and…

No, no, not that Siya. No, no. Okay.

Hey, Frank. I heard you earlier…
listening to Shadow Band.

Yeah, I used to play a guitar
a long time ago when I was still jolling.

-Is it?

That's great! I wanna hear.

The road to nowhere, Siya.
You should know that.

Oh come on, Frank! I mean,
what do you do on a laptop all day, huh?

You retired, right?

I do Facebook, Gmail, all the usual stuff.


Get a real job, Siya.

Yeah, Siya. Get a real job.

Get a real job, Siya.

Make a square.

A square or a cube?


I'll show you.


See that?

A box! Duh!


Do you think you can
make a pyramid, my boy?

Mm-hmm. Yep.

You know, I wasn't so
good at art when I was in school.

Well, there's no good or bad in art.

Like in music. No good or bad.

Wow! Kick a man while he's down, hey.


Tell me, have you heard
anything about getting gigs?

Zero. But I made some calls, though.

There you go.

Bam! This dog is for you.

Sorry, dog.

Ah, Luke!

-Wow! With the sticks even.

Really? Hmm!

How is this my child?

You tell us.

-So I've been thinking, again.

Uh-huh. Tell me.

Rock isn't really like
a big genre here in South Africa.

So, are you saying
that you want me to go back to the States?

No, that's not what I'm saying.

-Listen, Post Malone, right.

He's an incredible musician.
He can literally do any genre.

But he chose hip-hop.

Think about that.


So no more guitar lessons then?

Just a thought.

- Hi, is that Siya?

Yes, it's Siya.

I came to the restaurant yesterday,
and then I heard you busking.

You heard my busking?

Yeah, I was really impressed.

-Are you still there?

No, no, I'm still here. Yeah.

-Come by the restaurant. We'll talk.
-Yes, I can come now. Coming now.

Yes! Yeah.

I've got a gig, I've got a gig!

I got a gig! I got a gig!

Guess who got a gig!

-No way!
-Guess who got a gig!

- Oh!

- Where did you get a gig?
-At Hoggies.

-That's amazing!

-Mom, stop holding him!


That's great. Have a seat.
Let me get you a plate.

So, it's R2,000.00 a gig. Um…

Thursday and Friday. Starting tomorrow.

Good. Now you can start
paying rent to someone else.

Dad, can we just be happy for him, please.

Actually, you know what,
Siya, you should play for us after supper.

- Tonight?
- Nah.

He probably can't
without having a couple of stiff klappe.

You've had a couple of klappes,
so you should play too.

Thank you. Actually, Frank, I dare you.

On one condition. Mel, you sing.

- Yeah!
- Yeah. Yes!

-She's a bloody good singer.
- Is it?

-I wanna hear that.

You boys are playing dirty, huh?

- I mean!

Okay. Fine. Deal!

-Yes! Thank you!

That's it. I need some more wood.
Siya, give me a hand here, please.

All right.



Thank you.




-Come on, Mel.

Wing it. Busk it.

Oh, gosh.

Good stuff. Now, some words.

-What? No freaking way!

- Rock and roll, baby!
-High five!

Oh my goodness!

I'll have one of those now.

Oh yeah.

No, honestly I think… Frank… to music!

-To music.

- Tastes a bit different.

Whiskeys are all different.

You know, you play better
with him than you do with your band.

-You think so?

Maybe him and I should start a band.

Or maybe you and I should start a band.

-I'm serious.

I didn't think you could
actually sing like that.

Yeah well, there's a lot of things
about me you don't know, Siya.

-Oh really?

-Like I don't like guys who smoke.

Should I brush my teeth?


Oh no.

-That's awkward.

Slowly does it.

You promise?

No promises.

Well, slowly I can do.


Was that um… slow enough?

I'll let you know.

No, you won't. Never.


Hells, bells, and buckets of blood!
Your face looks like pomegranate puke!

Frank, I'm allergic.
I'm allergic to mozzies, okay?

Ever since I was a kid. Ah!

Funny, huh? Very funny, huh?

Look at your face.

-Look at your face.

How come these mozzies
don't bite you guys? I don't understand.

They're trained.

Oh goodness, your face!

You have chickenpox.

Yoh! Antihistamine.

- Pomegranate vomit.

Come and turn around. Let me help you.

Funny how your mosquito jar
goes missing

the morning after Siya
gets attacked by mozzies.

They're not missing, Mom.
I just feed them to store them.

Don't lie to me. Tell me what happened.

Why did you kiss him?

Come here.

Mommy loves you, okay?

You have nothing to worry about.

-You guys made a baby.

You kissed with your tongues.

We all know where
the mosquitoes came from.

He's jealous.

Yeah, it's a good thing
you're going to be out of here today.

Luke doesn't want his mother's life
ruined by another piece of rubbish.

You gonna have to get some cream
or something on your face

if you don't want to look
like a pineapple tonight.

I thought it was a pomegranate.

I know it was you and the mozzies.
It was a good joke. Well done.

Uh, Luke, um…

you know that you can always
tell your Oupa anything, right?

Mom kissed Siya last night.

Twice, they almost made a baby.

What do you know about that, huh?



Not right now, Siya.

Luke told me about your silly actions
last night. He thinks you made a baby!

It's not right that Luke spies on me, Dad,

and it's worse that you two
gossip about my private life.

Well, I've got news for you, my dear.

Luke likes him nothing,
and I like him even less!

Ugh, Dad,
change the record, I don't care!

-What about Ceddie?
-What about Ceddie?

You're going out with him tonight.

So? I kissed Siya last night!
I might kiss Ceddie tonight.

So what, Dad?

You are looking
for bloody tragedy again!

I'm looking for what I need.

What's that? What's that?!

To be happy. Can I just be happy?


Hey, Mel, I wonder if I can borrow
a little bit of your make-up

for my face for my show.

Yeah, sure. Um… just meet me
in my dad's office. I will see you now.

I'm so sorry about Luke and the mozzies.

I was actually quite impressed
at his imagination.

And you? Where are you going tonight?

Phantom of the Opera.

Oh yes. Oh yeah.

Quite a hard act to follow.

And tomorrow?
You're coming to my gig, right?


Let's take things a day at a time, okay?

Yeah, you did say…

Slowly does it.


Hello… Luke.



This is going to be so good.

Here, let me show you.

Okay. Wow, look at that!


It's been really great
getting to know you,

and I think you're an amazing soul.

But why does this sound like an ending?

Let's just not jump to conclusions.

Bye, Mel.

Bye, Luke.

Bye, Frank.

I wonder if I could borrow
a little bit of your make-up for my show?

Howzit, Ceddie. Come in.

-Howzit, Frank. How're you?

Great. Thank you.

So, uh… How's the dodgy one?

Gone! Thank God.


My fantasy.

My phantom, transport me to the opera!

My Lady, your wish is my command.
Your chariot awaits.

See you later, Dad.

Frank, we'll be after midnight.

Yeah well, we don't want any pumpkins.

Ceddie, is it okay
if we just go past my friend, Siya?

I just want to drop off something
at his show tonight.

Is it on the way?

-Okay, sure. No worries.

So, he's a musician?

Yup, and he's actually really good.

Hang on, there he is.

Well, do you have a lighter?


You know what, it's okay.
Let's just leave it.

She seems to like him.

Well, good for him.
He needs all the support he can get.


Let's go in.

How's everybody feeling tonight?

You guys feeling good?

All right, all right, all right!



-Ah! James old buddy, old pal.

Tell me, did you hear about my award?

Read it in the Huisgenoot, back page.


Well, James, kindly cater for me

a room for one.

In fact, make it a double bed.

I mean, you never know, hey.

A star like you.

- Amazing!

-Love it!

-Favorite Broadway musical ever.

A kiss?


Thank you, Ceddie,
for the most magical evening.

-Thank you. Straight home now.

-All right.

-Good night.

Love, Luke. Hmm.

I didn't know you cared, my ninja.

Who's that?

No one. Just relax.

I am relaxed. Is it Siya?


He's asked me to go for breakfast.


Argh, Luke!

How was your gig?

It was great. How was your date?


Good! I'm glad that's out of the way.

I like your hair.


Me too.

Now, look how slo-ow-ly I drank my coffee.

Look how slo-o-owly--

Okay, I get it. Stop.

I, uh, wanted
to deliver this in person, sir.

James, James, I live here.

Yes, I do happen to remember.
However, breakfast isn't included.

Oh! Well, it's not a problem.

He's such a chuckle, isn't he?

How much is that? Oh.
Thank you, James. Oh, hold on, um…

And that's your tip.
Thank you. And that's not all.

Since I am the star of the night,
and the show,

and you would be the most
beautiful woman at the event,

I am taking you
for a full beauty package at the salon.

Don't be silly. You can't afford that.

Yes, I can. Yes, I will.

- No.
-I'm taking you in.




- No.


- No.


Say no one more time.

No. No!

-Yes, yes, yes. Yes.
- No.


What? In his shampoo? Glue?

I wish I could've seen it.

-I wish we got it on candid camera.

You know what else I did?
I peed in his bottle of Jack thingy.

In his Jack Daniels?

-And he drank it?

Yeah, last night when
you and him were playing guitar.

Hang on a moment,
I also had a glass of his Jack.

You're a piece of work, you know that.

I hate him!

I wish he would drown.

He's touching her feet!

Hmm. Yuck, man!

You know we're a package deal.
Me, Dad, Lukey.

I don't want to have to look
after three kids.




I have a Zoom meeting with
the headmaster. I'll see you in a bit.

You know what we should do next time? Hmm?

We should put petrol into his whiskey,
and then when he lights his cigarette,

it will… …explode.

Nah, I'm only joking.

Why are you joking?

'Cause you can go
to jail for that sort of thing.

But it's worth it.

Hi, boys.



Lukey, it's time to get less subtle.

Drown him.

No, not quite, but a final goodbye.

Now here's what you are gonna do…

-Whoa, whoa. Don't kill it!
-Aw, hell.

-You little bastard!
-He's trying to kill Scorpio!

What are you doing?

You nearly killed Scorpio!

What's going on here?

-It bit my ass!

- You prick. Why'd you do that?

-I'll deal with you later!
- It's your fault!

- Didn't know you had one of those.
-I will break your legs.

All right, come.
Come, boy.

Ten out of ten, Lukey boy.
Ten out of ten.

I am so sorry.

Mel. Maybe…

-Maybe this is not going to work.

No, you're wrong.

He's wrong! I mean,
he can't do this and get away with it.

Mel, last night Luke put some
glue, or something sticky in my shampoo.

He hates me!

Not as much as he loves me.

Well, they both hate me.

Let me handle them.

I'll speak to them and make sure
that I'm at your gig later tonight.



Okay, okay, okay.

All right.

My life. Mine.
And I can see whoever I want to.

That doesn't mean I don't love you, Luke.
Do you understand that?

You're going to apologize
for the mosquitoes,

and you're going
to apologize for the glue!

You're going to apologize
for the scorpion,

or else I'm donating
all of your stuff to the zoo!

And Pa, if I find out that you had
anything to do with it,

I swear to you,
I will never speak to you again.

Tonight, I'm going to Siya's gig.

And if I decide not to be single
for the rest of my life,

then get used to it!

-Do you understand me?
-Yes, Mom.

Thank you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you.

And if you guys are interested,
or the kids, for guitar lessons,

grab one of my high class fliers,
as you can see, and I'll sort you out.



So, where did Frank
get all his money?

Um, in the motor industry.
He had garages and used cars.

He lost all of his money 10 years ago.

That house is the last thing he owns.

What about your mom?

She's mixed race like me.

I think they got legally married
when Dad was 40,

but she left
because of his gambling problem.

And then, my ninja…
what happened to his dad?

Motorbike accident.

He, uh…

drank too much and crashed into a truck.

I'm sorry about that.

You remind me so much of him.

So bold and wild.

Siya, that was great, man.
Hi. Sorry, Michael.

-Your boyfriend is amazing.

How about you play us one more?

-On the house.
-Yeah, sure.

Yes! You bloody beauty.

Come, come, come.

Yeah, ha!

That was for somebody special
that I've always been in love with.

-And I finally met her.

Oupa, can we please bake a pizza?

You were amazing tonight.

And you looked amazing tonight.


I think you and I should start
a hip-hop group, like the Wu-Tang Clan.

And then we call ourselves what?
The Wu-Tang Duo?

That can work. I thought you'd come
up with something more creative, but…

Like what?

That's fine,
we can stick to the "Wu-Tang Duo."

I like it.

Hmm! Candy.


Mel, where are my heart pills?

Candy sprinkles.

To you finding your own place,
and buying your--

-And staying with you forever. Whoop!

Something's not right.

Something's not right.

-I smell smoke.

-Dad! Luke!

I smell smoke! I smell smoke!




Dad! Dad! Wake up! Wake up, Dad!

The Wendy house! Where's Luke?

Luke! Lukey.

My boy!

- Lukey!
- Luke.

My baby!

- Frank!

Frank! Frank, get help!

- Frank!

Patients only. Wait here.

I knew when you came
into my life you'd be trouble.

Leave me.

Mel, what do you mean? I can't--

-I can't leave you here!

Get out of my life!

I'll do all I can.

Mel, we had to pump his little tummy,
but he's fine, you can take him home.

-Oh, he's fine?
-He's fine.

Thank God!

- It's okay.
-Thanks, Ceddie.

I'm glad we got to him in time.

-Thank you so much.
-It's okay.

This will never happen again.

I promise. Never ever.

No, it won't.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
For everything.

Get out of my life!

Lukey, what's this?

I was trying to bake a pizza.

Ceddie, hi.

How's the young man?

Surprisingly, he's okay.

Thank you so much for coming
to the hospital. We really appreciate it.

Not at all. It was lucky I was available.

-So Mel, I've been thinking about things.


Particularly Frank, and we need
to put him in a home.

What do you think?

Sorry, I missed your question.
What did you say?

Oh, not much of a question,
more of a fact.

We need to put Frank in an old age home.

Why do we need to do that?
He's perfectly healthy.

Not mentally. Do I need to remind you
what nearly happened last night?

This is the man who's drinking when he's
supposed to be looking after children.

Sorry, Ceddie. Who do you think
is going to look after Luke?

Well, you my dear. Luke and Alice.

When we get married,
you'll never have to work again.

But we haven't even…
Listen, I'm still enjoying--

Sorry. Sorry my mother's calling.

We'll continue this later.
Okay. Bye for now.

Mom, what's wrong?

I've got it all wrong, my boy.

-What did Siya say?

Mom, phone him back.

Just leave me, please.

Do you love Siya more than you love me?

No, never.

Then I don't mind if you love him also.

Aww. Thank you, my boy.

Mom, he's not answering. Come!

-What? Wait!
-Hey, Mom. Come!

-We're going to fetch him.
- No.

- Wait!
-Now, now! Come, let's go!

We're fetching Siya!


Because Mommy isn't happy.

So buy her a chocolate.

Oh, for heaven's sake!

Come boy, let's go!

What the hell has changed?

I've grown up!

Why do you wanna do that?

-Siya… where is he?

Sadly for me, he left.

- When?
-20 minutes ago.

Where did he go?

Gautrain bus,
I believe in a train to the airport.

-Come, Mommy!


- Just go home. Leave him.
- But what if he is there?

I'm coming!

- Mom, speed up!
- I am!

We don't even know
if he's in the bus!

- What if he's in there?
- Be careful.

- Mom, go faster.
- I am.

- Don't worry…

Drive next to it, Mommy. Go!

I'm going. I'm going.

There he is, Mom. There he is!


-Siya! Siya!
-Hey, hey!

Come inside,
you're going to get hurt!


-What are you doing?
- Luke, come inside!

- Siya!
- Lukey, stop.

-Are you trying to get hurt?
-Mom, bump into the bus!

I'm not going to bump into the bus, man!

- Siya!

-Oh. Now we're in trouble.
- Mommy, go!

Don't worry, Lukey. I've got him.

We're not gonna lose him.
Aw, no entry!

- Toodle-oo!
- Drive in!

Yeah, yeah,
let's just get arrested.

Don't be so negative!

We're going to jail!

It doesn't matter!

Okay. Here we go!

- Stop! Buses only, man!

Buses only! Buses only!


You're not allowed.

-Mom, there he is.
- Halle-bloody-lujah.

Dad, park the car.

- This is totally unnecessary--
-Just park the car!

Sir, the parking is back there.

Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay.

Coming through!

Hey, hey!


-Lukey, Lukey!

-Hey, ma'am!
- You see him?

-Ma'am, please.
-Oh please, just open the gate!

Please ma'am, calm down.
You need to go and buy a ticket, please!

Just open the gate!

Calm down.
Buy a ticket, then I'll be with you.

Siya! Mom, I see him!

-You know what, I'll be with you just now.

-Bye, man! Hey!
- Siya!

This train will be departing
in two minutes.




Mommy misses see you.
Come home with us, please!

No, this is probably one of your pranks.
I'm done with your pranks.

This is not a prank anymore.
Please, come home, Siya.


I need to go. I'm going home.

Come home with us!
No more pranks, no nothing.

Hey young man, come here!

Leave me alone!

- Come here!
- Easy on him.

- Leave me alone!
- Leave my son alone!

Leave my son alone!

Mom. He's in there. Go now.
Quickly, before he leaves. Leave me!

This train will be departing
in one minute.

Siya, come home with us!

Mel, I gotta go. I gotta go see my mother.

-Come home!
-Mel, it was all a dream.

But we'll make it work.

You know that you and I could never work.

I love you.

Welcome to White Tower
train. The next station is Marlborough.

I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry I made him go.

It's not your fault, my boy.

Good night, Dad.

He wasn't for you, my girl.


No, we don't want to buy any brooms!

Do you know what
the trouble with you is, Siya?

Nope, but I've got
a feeling you're about tell me.

You just don't listen.

I listen to my heart, Frank.



My ninja!

My ninja, you see
the day when you gave me this…

I knew that my life was getting better.

Some of us weren't so lucky.

Slowly does it.


Welcome home, Siya.

So, what's going to be different?

Well, Mel is right.
Hip-hop is the market right now.

Not rock. So I'm officially
going to be a rapper, yo!

Heaven help us.

Siya, I think you're amazing just the way
you are, and you're great at rock.

Don't change.

Well, okay. On one condition.

Here we go.

If you and I will do this together.

I'm serious!

You and I on stage. A duo!

Do it! Do it!

Okay, done!

Hang on, hang on, on one condition.

You're going to need a good manager if
you don't want to bugger it up again.


who knows how to deal
with diva tendencies.

Times two.

- Huh?

Oupa, you're also a diva.

Hmm? Hmm? What do you say?

Okay. Done.

Okay, done!


I want to hear
the instruments separately.

At the moment, it's just a mess.

I want to hear the guitar,
I want to hear the keyboards,

the drums, the bass.

And I want the bass
to drive the whole show.

That's when it works, right?
Now fix it.

I wanna fix it.

- My ninja!
-I will fix it.

- Hmm?
- Do that.

- Are you winning there?
- It's all I do, Dad.

- You ready, baby?
-Look at you.

-Look at you.
-You look amazing.

-You look amazing.
- Don't do that. Not till you're 18.

- Just kidding, Oupa.
- We're ready for you.

Thanks, man. Okay.

-We are live. Enjoy it.
-Thank you.

-Thanks, man.
-Are you ready?

-No! No.

Well, I'm here for you, okay.

Luke, when you get a chance,
you pee in that club owner's whiskey.

Got you!

Siya! Siya!

Okay. Up with the bass.

-The bass is fine.
-No, it isn't. Up!

-More. More!

Yes. That will do it.

Subtitle translation by Ayolope Koiki