The Trench (1999) - full transcript

A story about a group of soldiers' last days before the battle of the Somme in 1916, showing the conditions in the trenches during World War I, and taking you into the minds of the soldiers.


In the summer of 1916, the British Army
in northern France, was preparing to...

most offensive WWI.

As hundreds of thousands of soldiers in
the rear awaiting the order to attack,...

. . a number of smaller force occupied
place in the front line trenches

June 29, 1916

Somme Valley

Two red jacks and a lady in red.
Double Pay

I want to see them. . Queen and spades
- I cover... it's me again

Billy, you have some water
wonderful for us?

Nice and clean, is not it?

It's the best can get.?

Do you have any news?
- Have you seen my brother?

In Park Lane.

Do you have any sugar?

With greetings Sergeant
- Good job, Billy.

So When did it begin?

I have no idea They look like
sardines in the reserve trenches

But do not say nothing.

It's something I've never seen.
Men and women...

That's right...
- Now that's a kick, yes..

Dirty Liar!
- I tell you!

They did actually. You
could see everything.?

And that was sold to
- Ten pounds per photo.

So a man and a woman were
to do so and were photographed...

It bestial...
- Nobody does. Liar.

And if someone gives you 100 pounds
a whore to do?


Then I have to cover my face
- Entomces pay it easily..

Callensen damn!

Good morning, Sergeant
- Take care, Dennis..

Hi, guys.

Did you get Entoces buy?
- No, they were too expensive, but...

I have some
- Mostralas!

Yes Teach them, liar.

But you have to pay for it
a penny.

And I want the money before
- . We will, Billy.

If no value,
I want my money back.

Let's see them


Go passing them

This is beautiful
- Pasamelas Macfarlane

Eddie, look at this

It looks exactly the same to that...
- Very nice to be a whore?

No, who looks pensalo?

If supieraz who is?...
- That girl.!!

That girl in the post office
What do you think?

I swear No, it probably is

It looks like her.

What was he doing?
- No idea

Time passed, honey.

Comes an officer!
- Keep them..

At rest.

Can I talk to you, Sergeant?

It has been postponed.

For a day or two
And we have to stay here.

Oh Jesus Christ!

And the rest of the battalion?
- Backup?

They will come tonight and need to
keep the line until they arrive..

That will be just before the attack
- Other two nights?

But we will be with the first wave
We are the third wave.

But that's not what they said...
- I told them that we wanted

Very emphatically.

But they say that we are well
provided hot food and stuff.

What do you think?
- The third wave, said. / / - If

Supplies will come

Well Well...

Fix this mess
- What mess, Sergeant?

That fucking mess!

What measuring tools...

I'm sick of digging in this way
- What the fuck is wrong with you animals'

Always doing shit hole What war!

A side. Free way!

Care back there... Out of the way.


Give me a hand.
The guys are the experts..

They are good men, but
- The salt of the earth.

They seemed very happy

Macfarlane and Daventry, your turn.

Move it

Fuck them. Go to sleep
- . Thank you, Sergeant.

One up, one down. Alternatively.

Thank you very much.

So bad it is, Lieutenant.

Anyway nice

I would like a sandwich
No matter what, except...

Canned meat
- I seek, Lieutenant.

I think there is Sardines.
Thank you!

Macfarlane, keep your head down.


Do not smoke, do not sleep


How far they are from us
because I see nothing?

Approximately 400 yards

But keep your eyes open

Last night, shot nine times

- Snipers.

Why do you think the trenches
are so deep?

There is a sniper gun pointing to the
peephole If you see a move, shoot

Therefore it is very important...
So do not do anything stupid..

Okay Sergeant

Links are the Scots who
are right on our right

That's all you need to know.


When... when expected
the attack?

I'll let you know with advance.

Billy... carefully


- Yes

How are you?

I can not be better.

I would not be anywhere else.

And you, how are you?

Want to relieve you?

I have to pee
- So.?

What's the problem?

I do not know where to do it
- In the trench, no one will notice.

I promise I will not tell

All right.
I will in a moment.

Very noble of you

How long have Tommy was killed?

Since December 1914
- Yes, now I remember.

God, it's been almost two years.

It was ten days before Christmas.


How was he really dead?

I have curiosity.

It was by an artillery shell

It exploded on top of it.

I went to see their companions.

I talked to them after
and was told that Tom...

Completely disappeared
He was gone.


Well, almost completely...

All they found
all small remnants...

They gathered in a sock
- Damn!

Why do you think so many Germans killed
as I can?

When we attack kill
all that we can... By Tom.

ZEnterraron the sock?
- What sock?

This sock where all the rest of it?
- Do not know. Why do.?

In a normal burial?
- Do not know. Why?

So worth the effort.


What is it?
- I heard something...

Probably one of us
- I heard German voices.

Billy. You hear those explosions?

Do not be stupid
- That bombing runs for five days..

Thousands and thousands of shells fall
in the German trenches / / z Then?

So if you're a German...

with all those explosions, z'd
walking in no man's land?

Not Probably not.

Go to sleep, Macfarlane.

At six hours we will be ready.

Nothing to report, Sergeant
He is calm.

See you later, Daventry.

Yes, see you later.

How are you?

Here you go,


Well Anything new?
- All quiet.

Most sleep

Want a drink
against cold Sergeant?

I am a teetotaler, I promised.

This is beautiful. Very good.

I do not understand how you can, Sgt.

Do not condemn anyone. Do not judge others
who drink...

Just not for me.

I like to take something from time to time
In the early morning hours..

Prevents me crazy
- What is good...

What is good for one...

is another man's poison
- Yes

Of course.

Well, I go to sleep You...?

I'll do a round
And then go to the reserve trench..

Tomorrow will be a long day, we must
keep them busy. . Do not let them inactive.

I'll see that this is
- Well, good night.

Eddie, what time is it?
- Too late for me to wake up


ZESA girl?

The post office.

Have you ever talked to her?

Sometimes Billy, I'm exhausted.

How old was he?

I do not know...
nineteen or twenty years..

It's bigger than us...
- Think do with it?

Did she do not mean not married?

Good night.

Where did they come from?
- Damn it. Liverpool was.

Liverpool was Irish It's all I know.
. I kept making you the idea

Liverpool Irish girl?

Nearly 19 years...


Do not you...

Do you worry about being killed



Because I think you could
have saved

No. Like I had recruited

But you're a minor.
You had a waiver of a year.

Not while you're here.

Honestly I do not want to lose.

Not for the world

Thank you.

Good evening, Ed

30 1916 junuio
Take their places.!! We occupy...

Awaken... wake up!
Take your seats! Let's wake up!!

Why are we doing this, Macfarlane?
Tell me that. Why? Why?

We must remain so in
If they attack us..

We will attack anyway...

Or the next day I know..

Why do we attack?

Hey You two, shut up!

Some men are not
properly dressed, Sergeant

Yes sir!

What are you waiting for?

The order...
Then you will have breakfast.

Good luck, Macfarlane.

Tell me what you see
- Do not be stupid..

At ease!

Do not Let MacFarlane would see
how they are German lines?

Come on, Eddie.

Just for a moment
I give you two pounds..

Look at yourself
- You're standing there, friend..

For two pounds. . No nonsense
- They are yours, Ed

Tell us what you see.

Nothing appears
It's just a grassy hill.

I see the topsoil.
- . That's it?

It's just a hill
leading to a quarry.

A half mile away
the grass moves..

He is calm
Only pastures that slope

They are run at the side...

He is calm...

This is not worth two pounds, fuck

Bring a doctor of shit.!

Is he dead?

All out of the way.

They are stupid!

He was a real stupid!
Because I was listening.!

It was a lucky man
- What did you say.?

Think about it, Billy
He was lucky.

Was this your idea, soldier?

I do not know what happened Sergeant
He said everything was safe..

He looked through the peephole
and then came the Bang...

Here's a cut.

A "gift" Macfarlane.

I think Eddie will be fine
- Del also has a head injury..

I'm sure I saw a drop of blood.

It will be a bloody scar.

Dell, was a tooth or incisor?

You can tell your grandchildren that
turned out to injured by a flying tooth

Why do not you finish?, Hoggschijt.

It was because of your dirty pictures
they brought bad luck..

Andá right to Sunday school.

If... these dirty pictures have cursed us..

You should not have brought them - That's
right, that if any would not have brought

God knows I will do with the rest of you

They are just naughty pictures is all

It was just for fun.

Bunch of fucking idiots!

We can not allow ourselves to be in
our appearance.

Truth?, Macfarlane?

Want tea, Macfarlane?

Sorry about your brother.

But maybe it's better this way
Maybe he goes home..

You know that. in months
Far from this misery.

It will not hurt to go home..

He did not want to miss it
- He was a decent man.

We'll be fine
- He's not dead, Dennis..

I know... I know. Sorry

But he asked if he could pass
If something happened..

Have you ever talked to you?
- What did

He said he was convinced

Listen, I have a mission, Dennis.

I have eighteen years.

If you ever need someone to talk to...

Fuck, fucking

I know you're upset.

I do not blame you.

"We are the eligidos
The lucky chosen. ."

"We band of brothers..."

How old are you?

Tell me, who did?

Who did? curse
Some damn look at my stuff..

Who has it?
- What are you talking about, idiot?

I had six photos. Now there are five.
Some of you have been.

Who did?

Del She had already promised
his heart to another.

He found nothing, is at home
- It was you, eh.? "Great Shot"

Watch your language, "stream of pee"
- I saw you looking at it..

I could not believe what his eyes greasy
had seen yet... Did not you?

Innocent Eyes, looking boobs
- I'll give you a beating!

Nonecesito your dirty pictures.
I am committed. I'm getting married.

What do you mean?

Do you have a girlfriend?
- If

Who stole my pictures?
- Shut up, Dell!

When are you committed?

In our last permit
- Committed? You?

With who?

With Amy.

Damn you, Horace, why do not you tell me?
- I had not planned.

It happened so suddenly
The last license..

She was also my friend, by God!
- She wrote me..

What a wonderful amazing!

And you're there
- Yes, all very romantic..

But there are still a thief in this platoon
- What? Mantené your filthy mouth shut..

Do you have something to hide, Daventry?

Care - All rise. . There is
a colonel in the trenches

Ponganse somewhat presentable,
bunch of lazy. Abotonense!

Dennis, Dennis manages
fuck that shit!

Well, tinkers.


Sergeant, I borrow his men?
- Yes, sir!

Faithfull Well, where are you going?
- If you want to be out there.

Fumese something

You can stand on your knees?

Excuse Can you get up?

Can be placed on, Colonel?

What are you gonna say?

The title says: "Senior
speaks to men, just before the battle."

"Morale is good."
Tell me what you want Mr.

Add something, maybe.?

Ready, Geoffrey
- Whatever you say, Harold.

Colonel Villiers??

The aim of the military operation
are the enemy lines in Montauban.

I want to say..

Sorry, z can start again?
I passed my hand

Can you start again, sir?
- No need to repeat it anyway?

Do not just follow where it was
I forgot, but...

Geoffrey Ready?
I'm ready, Harold, later Colonel Villers

I want to assure you that
after the bombing..

Suffice only with a cane
to advance.

If you come to Montauban,
see that all Germans are dead.

Not even a rat have survived.

I continue
- Please Mr

We controlled the village of Montauban
at 11:00 am

The kitchens of campaign will follow, after
will have a hot meal.

I want to assure that the
Success is guaranteed.

no more than ten percent of low

If you head out with your
rifle on his shoulder...

You can smoke
a pipe or a cigarette...

And you can advance to Bapaume
without seeing a trace of German life.

Thumbs up, helmets, but joy.

Thank you, Colonel.
That was great.

You will be a movie star.

Over my dead body.

Have we done here?
- One more thing, Mr.

Inspection campaign hospital
- Well. . Shall we go?

Thanks men. Good luck

We will send you to hell, sir!
Yes!!... Yes!!

Good Oh, and another thing...

I would like to give as much
medals to the battalion

Well Because you will not be there.
. </ i>

No, I will not, know

All rise!
- Thank you, Sergeant. / / Sr!

Take charge, Sgt.

Good work, boys

Daventry, you come with me.

Boy are now dead.

I want you close, Daventry.

For make no mistake None.

And never say such a thing again
If you do not destroy

I'll make you shit

What happened?

Well, take a hill.

But damn... a damn mile behind
front. Right?

If a mile, yes
You could see the German line. </ I>

Just went up there and then...

Boom, out of nowhere shot
The kids started screaming.

They fell to the ground... Dead

- There was dead silence.

Bullets whizzed

The boys shouted
and ran in all directions.

How was that?

The Germans
They have not seen them there on the hill

We shot with a machine gun
in an arc. and good night.

We were too far away to hear anything
- Damn it. . What did you do?

I covered and I started to walk
- . We got lucky.

Many children died there
- We had a damn lucky..

It was so sudden, I tell

Come on, George. It was so sudden
. We were there...

we had only a few days
and we think...

His family does not know yet
- You could have told me.

You're "pulling" my best friend
How do you think I feel.?

When finished, Hogg
andd to Supplies.

And Rookwood, fast!
Hogg walks alongside..

And you, Opzouten also

Why do they call him Rag?

Because he looks like a mop.?

You know why we call him Charlie?
- Why not?

Because you're so hot.

I'm not happy, Horace.

I'm still not happy.

Come on, George
A year has passed since then..

How you gonna get 2000 pounds of him?
Why the letters??

That stupid game
- Honestly earned.?

When we return, will the money, huh
- You're going to be rich., I tell

Show me that game.

I just had a nice dream.

I was in Southport, on the boulevard.

With a very charming lady.

ZVos you think that...? I have an idea

Is it possible that someone once can...

that in 2 or 3 sentences...

Not important, but
is there anyway...

Something special about it..

Or something like that.

Asked fascinating Macfarlane.

You are talking nonsense. Gibberish.
Say what you mean.

I have not met anyone
what I said is not much, but...

but I think something special
between us.

This phenomenon, Billy...

It's called "love at first sight '
- I know.

I was sure it was mutual.

So it's not reciprocal of the girl?

No. Just what I said
She feels the same.

And z did you say in that
memorable encounter?

I remember exactly.

I said... I said:

Why I can please make a postal sending
for a shilling?

And what you said then Julia?
- No, her name was Mary. Maria Corrigan.

She said... I think it was well...

They begin to return fire
- That was close

Macfarlane. see the battalion.

Come to help the detachment of

Continue, huh Billy?
- Let's move!

And you go to relieve Digby

Where have you been, Macfarlane?


What's the matter boy?
Come decímelo!

- What's wrong?

What is it?

He'll be fine...

It's just a shock

I can not imagine something so bad..

Bad luck

Ultimately, it is luck.

What do you mean?


I chose three rations for departure
It could have been anyone..

Good luck to those who chose not
bad luck for those who do

That's a bit brutal.

You mean... no sense.

Who says I'm lucky?

Or you, Lieutenant.

Probably never thought
you'd come here.

I was hoping to start cultivating cotton
in South Africa, so...

There you...

What about you?
- Luck has nothing to do with it.

I am a professional soldier
- Ah. I see..

- Very well, thank you.

Do you like fish? Sergeant

A little fish never displeased
- . I miss that.

My family had a house in Scotland
where you can go fishing..

Strange that
- I've never been to Scotland..

I hear it's quite nice
- Sure..

Are you all married, Sergeant?
- Yes


Two girls and a boy.

Thank you.

Cute family... Beautiful daughters.

It's a lucky man, Sgt.
Of luck...

Can I do anything for you, sir?

The Germans have a
trench dug around here...

Maybe some sort of post

The captain wants a patrol
there to investigate what happens...

And take action
when they detect someone there

A patrol. How many men?

As little or as much as you want
That's something I...

I must decide before the attack.

These things
been done before, huh?


You were right.

Poor Rag and CharliezEh?

We have a damn lucky.

It was a disaster, right?

It was just...

a slaughter

Rag and Charlie...

There was nothing
- ZVos..

ZVos saw something of Hoggie?

He was somewhere in the side

I hate...

So we're not done..

You impending marriage
- I know what that means, Daventry.

Me too
- That was funny or clever.?

At all
- It's not fucking funny. Hoggie is dead.

You're alive
- Yes...

But why much damn time?

Macfarlane, come here.

It's a sarcastic asshole
He finds it funny muu

Poor old George

Now I have to kill more Germans.

Are you okay?
- Yes, if Sgt.

Your brother is in a hospital in Etaples.

He will talk weird for the rest
of his life, but otherwise okay.

Soon to be back home.

Thank you, Sergeant
That is good news..

Better go gathering

Beckwith, you come with me.

Hey you okay?
- Do not wanna talk about it anymore. Fuck.

Sergeant zasí okay?
- As black as the ace of spades, Beckwith

Give me your grenades.!

S see exploit the mine,
throw him there.

If this does not work, geting
Otherwise, acabararas me..

Here we lieutenant
- We shall see


Good luck to you too

We still need a password
for when we return.

How about Shakespeare?

"Victor Ludorum"
- Post Office. . </ i>

'Office'. will... Fires a
flare every fifteen minutes

- Yes, Sergeant.

Well, Beckwith.

Let's put things in order.

Every fifteen minutes
shoot a ball of green light..

Every fifteen minutes
- Yes, Lieutenant.

What an idiot, that is Mr. Harte
- You have a damn right..

He can not help it
- Why not.?

If you do?
He's like home


I can not see anything.

What the hell is that?

This is not English
- Not true.

God, What will happen to
Beckwith and Winter? Jesus!

Just hope you are well.

I have still two more.

"Post Office"
Here. Come here!

Avisale Harte, Cornwallis!
"Post office. ".

We have a surprise for
Units boys...

Erin, you.

Shut up. Silence.

Shut up.!

Shut you whore mouth.!

Mantenenganlo at gunpoint
I come and go..

Let anybody wants to put
above rifle?

He walked around a daze,
after the grenades exploded

Do not know where I was
He walked straight towards us.

And that noise We heard screams.

We heard nothing
The explosions we had deaf..

Maybe it was an integral
of the trench

I heard nothing after the explosions.

It was funny. When we approach
his line, I heard them sing.

Below the earth, in their shelters.

They may have the courage to
keep up..

They are determined to fight,
after five days - Singing?

And the barbed wire?
- There are still plenty left.

After all those grenades? Jesus is going
on here? - Their trenches were broken.

Look what happens with him.
He shakes like a fucking rabbit.

If you like a fucking rat!
- Jesus Christ!..

They are stupid


Nothing works as it should.

They sit there
They're waiting for us..

Boy! I'm talking to you

Were you singing? Was it so?
Come on...

Tomorrow sing no more
There is no doubt about it. .!

OK I just saw a red mist.

We would have to kill him
What are you doing?

Here, take one

Do not worry about it
It's a crazy guy

Forward. You've had enough.


Thanks... is good
- Snuff English, the best in the world.

What is your name?

Zimmermann. Dieter Zimmermann.

Dieter... My name is Colin.

Come and Stay Daventry

Making friends with the enemy
What a terrible crime! No?

He is a fellow of luck.

We are fucking idiots
Wait and see.

What's wrong?
- God knows. It's a freak.

Beckwith, we will take the command

Goodbye. Thank you.

Shut up!
Shut the fuck up.

Eddie What are you doing
- I went to the latrine Sergeant

Try to get some sleep
- Try.

I can not stop...

I can not stop thinking

Yes, if I know what you mean.

Want some jam?
My wife made

I try to eat it but too.

Strawberries, from my own garden

No Thanks, Sergeant
- Forward..

The jam my wife is the best
world. Whole strawberries..

Please, I'm tired
- You eat them

Do not be silly
Everyone loves strawberries.

Not that I have between the teeth.


You're the fucking thief, Dell
What were you doing Eddie?

He is a thief and he has my photo
- You're a fucking liar. . liar

Calm down. What is going on here?

Let me... let me!
He checked things my brother Eddie..

Now listen
His brother has my picture there.

Find her then, but if not I will ask pardon
me you will ask forgiveness from Eddie.

Damn, I'll kill you
- Yes, we are.

Well, I will not do anything.

I'm not doing anything. Just wanted to see.

That lee no damage?

Bastardo, Dell.

Go away the devil!
I do not need.

July 1, 1916

Come on, guys!

Hurry up!

Wake up, Beckwith.!

Where is he?
- In the reserve. taking orders

Make sure you come quick
- Not until you eat

- Because for Hate is good, I think.

Did you tell?
- I wanted to surprise

Then put a cup of tea for him
in the German line.

All right. All right.

It seems to be a good day.

Well, you know,
in other circumstances.

A 7. 30.

07: 30 AM
It is in broad daylight.

It's time
they have planned. Can not change.

Can you get this food here, please?
- Immediately, Sr

I have no appetite.

One day
I do not want a full stomach.

Never eat anything
- Very wise..

There's more...

Orders have changed Actually, there
is something that went wrong..

Two companies were lost

Is equiviocaron of communication trincera
is ridiculous.

So there is a great lack of men.

The squad will
with the rest of the company...

With the first wave.

That's not good.

Not with this group.

There's nothing we can do nothing
Orders have changed..

And men have to...

The men have...

Yes, and there's one more thing.

The captain has given each platoon
a soccer ball.

"The Great European Cup Final: Troupe" C"
Vs The Huns "</ i>

The platoon giving kicks here first Germans
in the lines, you get a beer barrel.

The captain seemed good for morale
have some fun, he said.

That clever idea...

They will be ready at 7..

We'll need rum now, sir
- Of course.

Ensure that, Sergeant?

What was that?
Where did that?

It was an accident, Sergeant

I put my rifle against
wall and fell to the floor.

It was an accident, Sgt.

Now he's dead, Cornwallis.

I can not believe I did that.

They're all alike
Chats, until the time comes.

This is a court-martial
- Firing squad, no doubt about it..

Do you think he knew something?
Why would you do differently?

I'll tell you.

Because he is not a hero, like you and me.

Go to the Troupe, and bring us
rum. Bone will point the way.

At this time, Sergeant?

Cape, should be here in fifteen minutes
Hurry up

Beckwith, I have a gift for you.

Billy, this ball is as good
as what's inside.

Where are you going?
- I have to bring the rum

Here's a whole battalion.

Are you sure you told Dell to go?
- I could be wrong, Sergeant..

Even in the dark, I could not
- That son of a bitch.

Where is whiskey Harte?

I do not know, Sergeant
- . How much are the damn whiskey?

Two bottles, Sergeant
Two and a bit.

There was an explosion, Sergeant.

Now you come with me, son


Around here, and quickly!
Put it ready!

What is it? What do you want?
- No rum. The ration perdío.

Request permission to use his whiskey, Sr

What are you saying? Certainly not
- These men can not go without rum

We give them a sip of his whiskey
some courage, make five yards ahead.

Permission to use his whiskey
then you can recover

No, out of the question
Permission denied.

I said no
- You know it works..

Offer it with
"Greetings from Lieutenant '

Then will follow you everywhere
To hell and back..

At any other time would have arrested
and defendant

- What?

Sergeant, you've done this before, huh?

How do you think?

You should not think about it Remember
that your homework. . / / I mean...

I mean: Did you have fear?

Yes, I had

But you have no time to be afraid.

It's too...

Too weird.

If you attack,
entering another world.

A place where nothing...

Compliments of Lieutenant.

Compliments of Lieutenant.

Sergeant... zShooting something
even on a day like today?

No, thank you sir

That was it, Lieutenant
- Well.

Back to the reserve trench
- No, I'm with you, sir.

Who is going to do differently the tea?


Thank you.



I feel bad, Horace.

I can not, Horace.

You'll be fine immediately
Come on..

Come on.

I'll go first, you can go behind me.?
If Sergeant

Are you okay?
- Yes

Yes, I feel good.

I'm ready. Completely.

That's the spirit

That's your girlfriend?

Her name is Mary
She works at the post office..

What do we do now, Sergeant?
- Wait...


There is something that worries me

What if...

Something happens?

Maybe something happens to me.

Maybe even you...

I mean, this idea that I have.

It bothers me.

You'll be fine Do not worry, son

I always see you.

I know you're the type who is saved
And you...


Come on, Billy. Damn.

Come here, Macfarlane
Or I'll shoot.!

Move it now!

The July 1, 1916, the first day
the battle of the Somme...

60,000 soldiers were
killed or wounded...

Especially during the first
two hours after the attack.

It remains one of the bloodiest days
in the history of the British Army.