The Touch of Satan (1971) - full transcript

On his way to California, Jodie decides on a whim to make a brief side trip to a farm, where he meets and falls in love with Melissa, the proverbial farmer's daughter. Or so it seems. In between the overlong dramatic pauses, we learn that Melissa is in fact a 120-year-old witch, and her remarkably spry "great-grandmother," Lucinda, is actually her sister, who has been pitchforking people to death in her spare time. When Lucinda murders a local policeman, things start to get real complicated for Jodie.

(crickets chirping)
(cowbell ringing)

(suspenseful music)

- Oh that dirty old
trick works every time.

Oh my.


Come on girl.

Don't stop now.

I've already missed my tea.

Come on now, come on.

Whew, must be getting old.

Mercy, if you'd come
in like the rest of 'em

there wouldn't be
all of this chasing.

Oh, I can tell by
the look in your eye

you like all of the fussing.

Well just stand there
like a good girl.

Now what did I do with
that darn pitchfork?

I know I left it
in here someplace.

(cries out softly)

Alright, who's in here?

Is that you, Robert?

You're supposed to be in
bed, you little rascal.

Now whoever you are, you
better come out here.

(dramatic music)


(cries out)

- I guess we shouldn't
laugh about it.

He might have been hurt.

- Oh no, he's hard as a rock.

- Anybody want anymore coffee?

I'll heat it up.

- No thanks, not for me.

I'm going in to watch the
late news and go to bed.

- Me either.


- [Luther] Pete's
sake, what is that?

What's going on out there?


Get her in here!


- [Molly] Oh my god, what is it,

what's the matter?

- What happened,
what have you done?

- It's alright.

Stop it.

- Oh look at the blood.

- I'll take her upstairs.


Come on dear, come on.

- He's done it again.
- Oh we don't know.

- [Melissa] Don't we?

- [Luther] Oh it's been years!

- And before that nine
and before that and--

- Oh please, Melissa.

- I've gotta do something.

This torment can't last forever.

- You know that it can.

- No.

There's a way.

(dramatic music)

- Nice looking town
you've got here.

- Yeah, well don't let
that fool you none.

More going on here
than meets the eye.

- No kidding, like what?

- Like murder,
brother, like murder.

- Murder?

- Yessiree bob.

Farmer down the road got killed
in his barn by a pitchfork.

Happened a little
over a week ago.

- They catch the guy yet?

- No.

For my money they won't either.

That'll be $6 even.

See the way I got it figured,

this job was done by one
of them fromacidal maniacs.

And we ain't got none
of them around here.


- No thanks.


- Yep, long gone by now.

They won't catch him
until he kills again.

- Hope you're right.

Nobody needs, what
did you call him?

- Fromacidal maniac.

- Yeah well nobody
needs a fromacidal
maniac hanging around.

- Yeah.


(mysterious music)



- This your pond?

- Belongs to my father.

- Oh, does your father mind

if people skip rocks
across his pond?

- I don't think he's
ever mentioned it.

- Oh.

Do you want half a sandwich?

- No.

But don't let me stop you.

That your car?
- Mm hmm.

- Pretty car.

- Thanks.

What's your name?

- Melissa Strickland.

- Mine's Jodie.

Jodie Lee Thompson.

Only I don't care for
the Lee very much.

- Hello.

- Hi.

(soda can pops and fizzes)

- What are you doing
down by our pond, Jodie?

- Lunch.

- You on a journey?

- Yes, I guess so.

I'm not going anyplace special.

You're pretty, you know that?

- Yes, I guess so.

- [Jodie] I bet you
have nine boyfriends.

- No.
- Six.

- No!


- You're putting
me on, how come?

- Well, it's just that
we live on a farm.

- It's none of my
business anyway.

What kind of a farm?

- We grow walnuts mostly.

- Walnuts, huh?

Well I've never been
on a walnut ranch.

(mysterious music)

What's the matter?

- Nothing.

I was just wondering, would
you like to come up and see it?

- The ranch?


- Well you said you'd
never been on one

and since you're not
going anyplace special--

- Add to my general
fund of knowledge, hmm?

Well will you give me a walnut?

- Yes.

Maybe two.

- Well you can't
beat that, let's go.

(roosters crowing)

- Mother!

This is Jodie.
- Hello.

- [Melissa] He's just
passing through, Mama.

- Hello Jodie.

Supper'll be ready directly.

You look like you
could do with something

besides a chili
dog for a change.

- Well you're right about that.

- Sit right over there.

- Thank you.

- Melissa go get your father

and tell him we've got company.

She's a pretty girl, isn't she?

- Yes ma'am she is.

- Where'd she find you?

- Down by the pond.

- By the pond?

(roosters crowing)

- What is it?

- We have company for supper.

- Company, who?

- Nobody you know, just a
boy I met down by the pond.

- A boy you met?

You brought him to the house?

- Yes I did, he's nice.

I just wanna talk
to him, that's all.

- Melissa, you don't
have the right.

- The right?

The right to what,
to talk to someone?

Now don't get so excited,
he's just passing through.

He'll be gone soon.

- Is that all there is to it?

Is it?

You didn't call him, did you?

(mysterious music)

- No.

I tell you, it's alright.

- What about Lucinda?

- She can eat in her room,
now come on up to the house.

And be nice to him.

- So you're just
passing through.

- [Jodie] Yes ma'am.

- Daddy, this is Jodie Thompson.

- Hello Jodie.

- How do you do?
- You hungry?

I could eat a horse!

- Yeah, I guess I could too.

- [Luther] Good, we'll
have a drink on that.

- Now Jodie, there won't
be any hard feelings

if you don't want any of that.

- Oh bosh!

You'll love this stuff!

Best darn cider in
the whole country.


I make it myself.

I put peanuts in it.

Smooths out the taste.

Man that's good!


Supper ready?

- Just about.

Wash up everybody.

- So I may stay in San
Francisco for a while

or I might go all
the way down to LA.

I've got a friend there who
says he can get me a job.

- Do you enjoy traveling around

the country like this, Jodie?

- Yes ma'am.

You know there's so much to see.

And I've met a lot of
really nice people.

Just like you folks.

And may I say that
that was just about

the best dinner I've
had since I left home.

- Well thank you.

Thank you very much.

- You know there's
something else I've learned

as I've been bumming
around the country.

People are pretty much the same,

after you get the
know them anyway.

Maine or Texas, it doesn't
seem to make any difference.

I think that's
encouraging, don't you?

- Yeah.

Yeah I guess you're right.

Tell me Jodie.

You think you'll ever
stop bumming around?

- Sure I will, Mr. Strickland,

as soon as the
excitement wears off.

Or I find something
I really want.

You know I gave a lot
of thought to this

before I did it.

I just didn't jump up and run.

- Well it sounds like you
know what you're about, son.


How about another little
drink of my cider?

- No thank you.

Besides I've got to
get back on the road.

- No, why don't you
wait until morning?

(mysterious music)

The highway's gonna
be foggy tonight.

- Melissa, if Jodie
wants to leave

we really shouldn't
try to keep him.

- Yes Melissa.

If he has to get
to San Francisco...

- Well I'm in no hurry,
I just don't want

to strain your hospitality.

- Don't be silly,
it's no strain.

And besides, we've
got a spare room.

You can be off first
thing in the morning.

- Well I hate to be
any more trouble.

- It's no trouble at all.

Is it, Mother?

- Of course not.

I'll fix up the sewing room.

- I'll go with you in
case you need any help.

- Well I sure appreciate it.

- Don't say anything
more about it.

You and I can pick up the dishes

and then we'll go for a walk.

- Do you like living out here
like this in the country?

- I suppose so.

It's the only way
I've ever lived.

- Didn't you ever wanna
do something different?

- Like what?

- Oh, I don't know, just
something different.

- Not everyone can be
like you, you know.

You're lucky.

- Yeah, yeah I guess I am.

- What's it like?
- What?

- Being able to do
exactly what you wanna do

every single day?

- It's exciting.
- Exciting.

- Yes, why do you think I
turned down your road today?

- Why did you?

(gentle music)

- 'Cause I wanted to see
what was at the other end.

And I got lucky
because you were there.

- This is where the fish lives.

- Why did you run?

- Felt like it.

I really wanted to fly but
I couldn't do that so I ran.

Tell me about yourself.

Who you are, all of that.

- Well, my father's
a Russian count.

And when the
Bolsheviks came in--

- Stop it.

- You don't believe that?
- No.

- Well it could be true.

- Stop it.

- Okay.

My father's a lawyer.

And he wants me to
be a lawyer too.

I told him I didn't know yet,

that I wanted to go
out and poke around

the country for a while.

So he gave me the car,
300 bucks, and a handshake

and here I am.

- Do you let him know
what you're doing?

- Sure I do, I think
he'd like to be with me.

- He sounds like a nice man.

- Yes, he's a very nice man.

(gentle music)

You know I like you.

I did right away.

You like me too, don't you?

Don't you?

- Uh huh.

- Ah.

Funny, isn't it?

I wonder what causes
a thing like that.

- [Melissa] Maybe I hexed you.

- You mean put the whammy on me?

- Maybe.
- Nope, not me.

- Will you stay here a few days?

- Huh?

- Stay here with me.


- Well--

- I'm lonely, Jodie.

I need someone to talk to.

To share things with.

Just for a few days.

- I was going to
be in San Fran...

What about your folks?

- Oh Jodie.


- You know what I
mean, would they mind?

- No.

- Alright.


- Oh, do you know
how long it's been

since I felt this good?

- Must be at least 50 years.

- Let's get up first
thing in the morning,

we can have the
whole day together.


What's so funny?

- You.

You are.

Come on, let's go.

(suspenseful music)

(clamoring on television)

- Did you have a nice walk?

- Yes ma'am.


- That's your room.

- Bang on my door
in the morning?

- At six o'clock?

- Sure, why not?

- Okay.

(mysterious music)


- Must go away.

- Who are you?

- Go.


- Who is it?
- It's me.

Got to talk to you.

- What's the matter?

- Is there anybody
else in this house

that I don't know about?

- Lucinda.

- She came right in my room

and scared the hell out of me.

- I'm sorry she
frightened you, Jodie.

But you mustn't pay
any attention to her.

She's an old woman and she likes

to wander around the house.

It won't happen again.

- Who is she?

- She's my great-grandmother.

- What happened to her face?

- She was badly burned
when she was a young girl.

That's why she doesn't
go out very much,

because of her face.

Go back to bed.

She was just curious.

I'll go talk to her.

- Okay.

Why did she say go away?

- She's afraid of strangers.

- She wasn't afraid to come
into my room without knocking.

- She's an old lady, Jodie!

I'm sorry.

Go back to bed.

- Okay.


- Goodnight.

(mysterious music)

You frightened my friend Jodie.

Now listen.

You must stay in your room.

- Brush, brush.

- Do you understand?

You must stay in your room.

Molly or Luther must
have made a mistake

and forgot to lock your door.

Now if you want me
to be nice to you,

you must stay in your room

even if the door is unlocked.

I'm gonna lock the door now.

Do you understand?

- No Melissa, no, no.

- No.
- No Melissa.

- It's late.

You have to go to sleep now.

- Melissa.

- Tomorrow I'll take you
for an extra long walk.

- No Melissa no.

No Melissa.

No Melissa.
- Goodnight.

My sister.

(mysterious music)

- No, Melissa, no.

(chainsaw rumbling)

(goats bleating)

- Gotta feed the rabbits now.

Empty this first.

- He doesn't show any
signs of leaving, does he?

- He'd better leave.

(roosters crowing)

- Oh come on.

Simmer down.

He might be the right one.

- Molly.

Molly it's taking such
a terrible chance.

- Don't you think she
deserves the chance?

Look Luther.

You've got to see a little more

of Melissa's side of it.

Look at all those years.

The torment she's had.

I think she's doing
the right thing.

And I think we oughta help her.

Look if that boy's not the
right one, she'll know it.

- What else are we
going to do today, hmm?

- Would you mind
driving me to town

so I can go to the store?

- Sure.

- I'll go change and
tell them we're leaving.

Meet me at the car.

- Okay.

- I asked Jodie to stay
a few days and he agreed.

- We figured you would.

- Jodie's gonna drive
me to the store.

- [Luther] Does she
know everything we need?

- [Molly] Yes.

- I said Jodie's agreed
to stay a few days.

- [Luther] We heard
you the first time.

- And it's alright with you?

- No it's not alright with me,

but it's your
decision, not mine.

- That means a great
deal to me, Luther.

(roosters crowing)

Thank you.

- Go to the store.


What are you gonna tell him?

- I dunno.

I'll have to wait and see.

(mysterious music)

- Ready to go?
- Yeah, let's go.

(doorbell rings)

- Well, hello Mr. Mason.

- Howdy Mrs. Strickland.

Luther around?

- I believe he's
around in the back.

- You mind if I
wander back there?

- Of course not.

- Thank you ma'am.

- [Molly] There's not
anything wrong, I hope.

- Oh no Mrs. Strickland,

I just wanna chew the fat
with Luther for a while.

I'll be seeing you.

- Well hello John,

what brings you out this way?

- Oh, nothing much, just
kinda poking around.

- Sit down, take a load off.

(roosters crowing)

- Thank you.

Luther, doesn't the
back of your place

butt up against Old
Man Larson's property?

- It sure does.

You still working on
that Larson business?

- Harris Tomley's
still got his wind up.

Thinks if we can
break this thing

he'll be reelected sheriff
for the next 20 years.

Damn fool.

He's running around
over in Newport

like he thought he
was J. Edgar Hoover.

- How can I help?

- You mind if I just take
a look around your place?

(goats bleating)

- [Luther] Course not.

What are you looking for?

- Hell, I don't know.

Ain't found nothing yet.

Not even a
suspicious-looking cow chip.

Looks like whoever
killed the old man

went up in a puff of smoke.

- I see.

So you don't have
any idea at all

who might have done this.

- Nope, nothing.

That's why we're all
just out poking around.

Guess the sheriff
hopes we'll find

a signed confession just
laying in the grass.

- Well help yourself
to my place, John.

Take all the time you want.

- Thanks a lot, Luther.

I appreciate that.

- Listen.

You get through poking around

come on up to the house,

we'll have a touch of my cider.

- I knew you were
gonna say that, Luther.

But if Sheriff Tomley finds
out I was drinking your cider

I may have to start
working for a living.

Thanks anyway Luther,
I'll see you in town.

- Two, three?


(bell rings)

- Morning Mr. Gentry.
- Hello Melissa.


- What's the matter
with these people?

You'd think we had the
plague or something.

- It's not you, it's just me.

They always behave that way.

- Well why?

- They say in this
town that I'm a witch.


- A witch?


- See what I mean?

- Why do they think
you're a witch?

- Because I am.

- Oh, stop it.

- You don't believe me, ask 'em.

(cash register rings)

- Thank you, Melissa.

- You're welcome.


- Zap!

- Young whippersnappers.
- Where's he from?

- Why'd you do that?

- Serves 'em right.

- You just made it worse

doing a silly thing like that.

- I'm sorry Melissa but
that sort of thing bugs me.

- Come on, let's go.

(mysterious music)

- You really do believe
you are a witch, don't you?

- Yes.

- There's no such
thing as witches.

I mean real witches.

- Real witches.

- Yeah, you know.

The kind they burn.

What's the matter?

- Would you like to see
where I do my witchcraft?

- Yeah, I guess so.

- Okay, I'll show
you where to turn.

(gentle music)

This is it.

- It doesn't look
very forbidding.

- Why should it be forbidding?

- Well if this is where
you do your witchcraft.

Just what kind of
witchcraft do you do, huh?


- Oh I witch the
birds into singing

and the sun into coming out,

making everything
look the way it looks.

- You're a very lovely witch.

- Come on.


(suspenseful music)

Take a look inside.

("Amazing Grace" instrumental)

Go on in.

- Your own place.

Come in here and shut the door

and leave the world
out there somewhere.

- [Melissa] Do you like to
turn off the world sometimes?

- No.

No, I'm afraid I
might miss something.

You do though, don't you?

- Yes.


- Well?

- Well what?

- Do some witch things.

- What would you like me to do?

- Make me disappear.


- I wouldn't like to do that.

- Make somebody appear then.


- Hello there.

- Is Lucinda out again?

She wandered into
Jodie's room last night,

scared him half to death.

- We'll help you look for her.

- No, you stay here.

Stay here.

Have a good time.

- Poor Lucinda.

I'm the only one she
feels comfortable with.

Except her doll.

- Mm.

It's sad, really is.

What's in the chest?

- I'll show you.

(birds chirping)

- [Jodie] What's the matter?

- I'm not sure.

Will you take me home please?

- Sure.

- Unit one, this
is unit four, over.

Unit one, this is
unit four, over.

(suspenseful music)

Unit one or unit
three, do you read?

- [Doll] Mama, mama!



- Lucinda!


Be calm.

Be calm.


(roosters crowing)

- Melissa.




- Go inside with
Molly, go ahead, go on.

Go on.


(roosters crowing)


- Molly!

Molly get on out here!

Molly, where are you?


(engine rumbling)

Molly, where are you?

Molly, will you get out here?


Molly, where are you, come here!

Molly, for goodness sakes!

Is Lucinda locked
up in her room?

- [Molly] Yes, I locked it.

- Alright now look
I've got to get

good strong lock for that room

so she can't get out again.

Now I want you to follow
me in the pickup truck

and for Pete's sake
drive carefully,

we don't wanna be stopped.

- [Molly] Alright,
where are the keys?

- [Luther] The keys
are in the truck.

- [Molly] What about Melissa?

- [Luther] Oh we can't
worry about Melissa now!

Hurry up now, follow
me and be careful!

(mysterious music)

- [Jodie] Why do you think I
turned down your road today?

- [Melissa] Why did you?

- [Jodie] Because I
wanted to see what was

at the other end and I got lucky

because you were there.

- [Melissa] They say in
this town that I'm a witch.

- [Attendant] They won't find
him til they kills again.

- [Melissa] She doesn't go
out much because of her face.

Will you stay with
me a few days?

Stay here with me.

I'm lonely, Jodie.

I'm lonely, Jodie.

I need someone to talk to.

I need someone to talk to.

To share things with,
just for a few days.

- What are they
going to do about me?

- I don't know.

Will you stay here
until tomorrow?

- I don't seem to
have any choice.

- Luther'll unlock that
as soon as he gets back.

- He trust me not to run off?

- He'll do what I say.

Believe me.

- Listen, that old
woman, the way she--

- Just give us until tomorrow.


- And what good will that do?

It won't change anything.

- Maybe I can find a way
for you to understand.

- Oh I understand.

I understand enough
to know that if you'd

gone to that
sheriff 10 days ago,

that deputy would
still be alive.

She killed that farmer
too, didn't she?

Didn't she?

It's wrong, Melissa.

Luther and Molly
and you are wrong.

- We're cursed.
- No.

- We are cursed.

- You believe that?

You really do believe it.

- Yes.

- If I stay until tomorrow
will you go away with me?

- Where?
- To the sheriff,

and then after that
away from here.

Maybe back to Austin with me.

- I can never leave them.

- Why?

Why Melissa?

- What happens to my family
is my responsibility.

- And why not Luther?

It's his family.

- You saw Lucinda
this afternoon,

she barely knows Molly or Luther

or anyone exists but me.

I saved her.

I'm the only one
that can reach her.

- I don't understand.

- Then stay.

Just one more day.

- Alright.

- I'll find a way.

- You really do
believe there's some,

some devil out there?

- Oh yes.

- I suppose that makes it true.

- It is true.

- You're just like those
people in the store.

They believe you're a witch
so it's true for them.

Well I don't, so you're not.

- I'm possessed by the devil.

- There's no such thing.

- I heard his voice.

- No.

There is no devil.

(suspenseful music)

(explosions booming)

(door shuts)

(wind whistling)

(dramatic music)

- [Crowd] Burn the witch, burn
the witch, burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the
witch, burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the witch.

- The wicked man travaileth
with pain all his days

and the number of years is
hidden to the oppressor.

A dreadful sound is in his ears.

In prosperity the destroyer
shall come upon him.

What is it, child?

- Thought I heard something.

- Pay attention to
the word of God.

Yea, the light of the
wicked shall be put out

and the spark of his
fire shall not shine.

The light shall be
dark in his tabernacle

and his candle shall
be put out with him.

- Listen.

- [David] Sit back, Lucinda.

- They're coming for me.

- Calm yourself, sit back.

The steps of his strength
shall be straightened

and his own council
cast him down.

- [Crowd] Burn the
witch, burn the witch--

- For he's cast...
- Burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the
witch, burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the witch.

- For he's cast...
- Burn the witch,

burn the witch.

- Into our net...
- Burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the
witch, burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the
witch, burn the witch.

- What is it, David?
- Burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the
witch, burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the witch.

- Papa, what is it?
- Burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the
witch, burn the witch.

- I don't know yet.

Take your mother to
the back of the house

and I'll see what this is about.

- [Crowd] Burn the
witch, burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the witch.

- [David] Good
evening, Mr. Keitel.

- Mr. Strickland.

- What can I do for you?

- Ah, Mrs. Loucasta lost
her youngun tonight.

Only three years old.

- I'm sorry to hear that.

- Kester Hagen here lost
three head of cow tonight

and his wife is down sick.

- I'm sorry.

- It's the plague.

- I understand.

- The plague has hit
near everybody here,

David Strickland,
but it ain't hit you.

Now how do you explain that?

- I can only assume

that it's God's will.

- Don't talk to us about
God, David Strickland,

there's a witch in that house

and we aim to have her.

- There is no witch
in that house.

Go on home!

- We'll not go home until
we get what we come for

your daughter is a witch
and she's put a hex on us!

- [Crowd] Yeah!

- That's a damn fool
thing to say, Mr. Keitel.

Go on home!

I'll talk to you tomorrow
down at Ben Proctor's store.

- [Mr. Keitel] There'll be no
talk, we'll have the witch.

- Over my dead body!

- So be it.


Come on!

- [David] Lucinda, run!


Damn you!

Damn you!

Oh run Lucinda!

- [Lucinda] Oh
don't, please don't!

No, help, no, you're hurting me!

Let go of me!
- She hasn't done anything!


- No, let me down from here,


Please untie me, let me go!

- She hasn't done
anything wrong!

No, no, no, no!

- Help me, let me
down from here!

- [Melissa] No, let her go!

- Oh no, you're
making a mistake!

Help me, help me Melissa!

No, no, oh you're
hurting my arms.

- [Melissa] No, no!

- [Lucinda] Please
you're hurting me!

- Send her to hell.
- Burn the witch.


- [Crowd] Burn the
witch, burn the witch--

- [Melissa] No, no!

- [Crowd] Burn the
witch, burn the witch,

burn the witch, burn the
witch, burn the witch.

- Father please help me.

Please don't do this.
- Burn the witch.

♪ Amazing grace

- Take her down!

♪ How sweet the sound
Help, somebody, help!

Damn you!

♪ That saved a wretch like me

Somebody, anybody, I
beg of you, anybody!

(wind whistling)

♪ I once was lost
but now am found ♪


♪ Was blind but now I see

- [Woman] Will you save her?

I say again, would
you save the witch?

- Yes.

Save her.

- [Woman] Will you
accept me as your master?

- Yes, yes!

- [Woman] Hold up your hand.

Now put out the fire.



- You have asked for death.

And you shall have it!

May your livestock
sicken and die!

May your crops
rot in the ground!

May your houses be invested
with snakes and scorpions!

And may your first-born be
deformed with pig's toes!


(mysterious music)

Who are you?

- [Woman] I am the friend
and companion of the night.

I rejoice in spilled blood
and the baying of dogs.

I wander among shades and tombs.

I am gorgo and morgo of
the thousand-faced moon.

- What would you have of me?

- [Woman] I ask that you
know me when I return.

I will return.

I will return.

- [David] Thou shalt not
suffer a witch to live.

- Father.
- There shall not be

among you anyone that
maketh a son or daughter

to pass through the fire

or that useth the divination

or an observer of times

or an enchanter, or a witch.

- Father, what's wrong?

- [David] Stay away from me.

A man also or a woman
that hath familiar spirit

or is a wizard shall
surely be put to death.

And their blood
shall be upon them.

- He rejoices in spilled blood

and the baying of dogs.

He is gorgo and mormo.
- Stop it.

- Jodie.

You turned down a road yesterday

because you wanted to see
what was at the other end.

Well now you've seen it
but you won't believe it.

- I can't.

- Not can't, won't.

You won't believe in the devil

because you're afraid if you
believe in him he'll be real.

He is real.

I heard him.

I felt him inside me.

- It's not true.

- Face it.

I've had to.

Do you think I like it?

Do you think I've
enjoyed all these years

with the devil's
spirit inside me?

It happened, Jodie,
just like in your dream.

- That dream was coincidence.

- Is it a coincidence
that I know

they sang a hymn in your dream?

The good Christians sang
a good Christian song

while they were
burning my sister.

♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch like me

(mysterious music)

- What are you doing to me?

Why is it so important
that I believe

in this devil of yours?

- Because you can save me.

I've got a sickness
in me, Jodie.

You can free me from
it, but not unless

you believe it exists.

- How can I help you?

- By believing
what I've told you

and what I'm going to tell you.

- I want to help you.

I love you.

- Then hear the rest of it.

- [Jodie] I want to
help you, I love you.

I want to help you, I love you.


I want to help you, I love
you, I love you, I love you.

I want to help you.

- No!

No, no, no, no!

- Melissa.

If all this were true,

that would make
you 127 years old.

- Yes.

- Even if it were true,
I'd love you anyway.

(suspenseful music)


- Lucinda!

Run Jodie!

- Oh!

Oh no!

- Burn, witch, burn!


♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch like me

- Melissa, come on!

♪ I once was lost

♪ But now am found

♪ Was blind but now I see

♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch like me

♪ I once was lost

♪ But now am found

♪ Was blind but now I see

(birds chirping)

Goodbye, sir.

Thank you for trusting me.

I'll keep my word.

- I'll walk out to
the car with you.

It's all true, you know,
everything she told you.

- I'm sorry sir, I
can't believe that.

And I can't believe she's
possessed by the devil either.

- I suppose not.

Be careful.

Goodbye, Jodie.

- Goodbye, sir.

(mysterious music)

I love you, Melissa.

It doesn't matter that
the devil's in your soul.

I love you.

- [Melissa] You freed me.

- [Jodie] I love you, Melissa.

I do love you.

("Amazing Grace" instrumental)

- [Melissa] What's wrong?

- Your face.

- [Melissa] What's
wrong with my face?

Oh my god.

He cheated me.

He never told me.

Jodie, I'm going to die.

- No.

There's a way.

- No.

Jodie, not that way.

- [Man] What would
you have of me?

- Don't let her die, I love her.

- [Man] Will you accept
me as your master?

- Yes.

- No, no.

- [Man] Then save her.

Quickly now, save her.

(gentle music)

(mysterious music)