The Tortured (2010) - full transcript

In Rutland Country, the six year-old Benjamin Michael Landry is kidnapped by a psychopath in the lawn of his house. His father Craig Landry unsuccessfully runs after the truck but the abductor escapes. Sooner the police discovers that John Kozlowski had abducted and killed Benjamin. When the criminal is sentenced to 25 years in prison only, Benjamin's mother Elise Landry presses her husband to kidnap John and torture him. Craig is a doctor and knows exactly how to inflict pain to the psychopath. They succeed to kidnap John from the prison transport, but Craig has an accident and John is hurt. The couple tortures the man until they find the truth about their victim.

'911. What's your emergency?'

My son's been kidnapped.

There was a guy in a... a pickup truck.

A white rusted out pickup truck
with a camper shell on the back.

- 'What's your son's name, sir?'
- Benjamin. Benjamin Landry.

Fuck! Fuck!

What's going on?
What's going on? Where is he?

Excuse me.
I'm Detective Berger.

I was talking to your husband
about your son's kidnapping.

Mrs Landry,
can you sit down and talk?

Where's my son?
I want him back!

- We're going to find him, OK?
- Oh, God!

I just overheard two cops talking
about how unusual it is

for a child to be abducted
in the parent's plain view.

They said that the fact that the
perpetrator showed so little concern

over whether he could be recognised
points away from kidnapping for ransom.

- What does that mean?
- Means he's a psychopath.

- Jesus.
- My baby.

Mrs Landry, can I help you
with something?

- I'm going to look for my son.
- Where?

Out there. We're not going
to find him in here.

- Please
- No.

Elise. Honey, we've got
to let them do their jobs.

- No
- OK?

Baby, how can you just stand there?
We're not doing anything!

We've been sitting here all day
while they're trying to do their jobs!

- We're going to find him.
- No! Their job is to find my son!

Their fucking job is to find my son!

Let me go! Baby, no!
No, Ben... No!

'My little boy's name
is Benjamin Michael Landry.

'He's six years old.

'Please, if anyone knows anything,

'...please, help us and...

'...whoever has my little boy,
please don't hurt him. Please.

'Please don't hurt him.'


- Help!
- Shut up!


♪ Hush, little baby,
don't say a word

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird

♪ And if that mockingbird
don't sing

- Mummy!
- Stop it, boy!

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a diamond ring

♪ And if that diamond ring
turns brass

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a looking glass

♪ And if that looking glass
gets broke

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a billy goat

♪ And if that billy goat
won't pull

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a cart and bull

♪ And if that cart and bull
turn over

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a dog named Rover

♪ And if that dog named Rover
won't bark

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a horse and cart

♪ And if that horse and cart
fall down


♪ You'll still be
the sweetest little baby in town ( ♪

- You're in real trouble.
- Stop, don't come near me!

Stop crying, you little baby.

This is a messy room.

I'm telling.

I'm telling Daddy.

Look, Daddy, another messy boy.

Are you angry, Daddy?

Yes. Yes, Princess.

I am very, very angry.

- What are you going to do, Daddy?
- Stay away from me.

What are you going to do,

- Good afternoon, sir.
- Yes?

We received a report about
someone crying in the basement.

I've been depressed lately.

Haven't you ever felt like crying?

There you go.

What's your name, sir?


John Kozlowski.

- Do you live here?
- Excuse me, do you have children?

No. Why?

- Would you mind if we come inside?
- Do you have a warrant?

He's got kids clothes inside.

I'm going to say it one more time.

Can we please come inside to talk?

You can't enter my house
without a warrant or my permission

and you don't have my permission.

Have a nice day.

Give me your hands!

- Shut up!
- You're hurting me, stop!

- You got him?
- Hold still.

- What are you doing?
- Got him! Call for backup.

- Get off me!
- Dispatch, this is Officer Alvarez.

Please send backup
to 321 Spruce Avenue.

You don't have a warrant!

I didn't do anything!

Get out of my house!
Get out of my...

Shut up!

♪ Hush, little baby, don't...

Oh, man.

♪ Hush, little baby, don't...

- Hello.
- 'Mrs Landry, this is the County Morgue.'


I'm sor...

Maybe it's not him.

Mrs Landry. Mr Landry.

This way, please.

Oh, God.

No! My baby! Oh, my...

'Good boy!'

'l think they love this!'

'Bye, Mummy.'

Don't say anything.

What? What? What do you want?

- It's one o'clock.
- So what?

You can't live like this, Elise.

Leave me alone.

What's up, Doc?

You are looking good.

Why don't you stay home
so we can play doctor right here?

I've got to go sell a house and you're
going to sit on your butt all day.

Benji, come here, bug!

- You know Mummy's got to go to work.
- No, Mummy. I don't want you to go.

Give me a hug.

- Love you, Mummy.
- Love you too.

- Why do you have to go to work?
- One of us has to work around here.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Love you.

Bye, Mummy.

- Hey, Spartacus.
- Yeah?

What do you say
we play some soccer?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Hey, buddy.
Did your mummy put sunscreen on you?

- No.
- All right, well er... I'll be right back.

- Stay in the yard, OK?
- OK.

How am I supposed
to find anything in here?



Hey! Ben! Stop!

Hey! Ben!

- Daddy! Daddy!
- Shut up!

- Daddy!
- Stop!

Help me! Daddy!

- Daddy!
- Stop! Stop!


Where are you, Ben?

Daddy's coming. Jesus Christ.


Stop! Stop! Fuck you!


I need a phone!
Do you have a phone?

Look, I need to phone the police!
Do you have a cell phone?

Give me your fucking phone!


- Give me your fucking cell phone!
- Please don't break my window.

Just... here...

'911. What's your emergency?'

Someone's kidnapped my son.


I love you, Elise.

I love you too.

We're going to get through this.

How could you have
let this happen?

Come on!
We've already been through this.

Couldn't you have broken
through the passenger side window?

- With what?
- With your fist!

By the time
I got there, it was pulling away.

What the fuck, Elise!

What are you doing?

I would have been out there a lot sooner if
I didn't have to search through all this.

OK, old vitamins and hand creams
and all this holistic crap

and all this other shit that you keep
in here for no fucking reason at all!

I can't help it.

It's not your fault.

It could have happened to me
just as easily, Craig.

I know that...

on a rational level...

but deep down I can't help it.

I just have the need...

to blame someone.

I know it's not fair.

'Did you have
a good day at school?

'Ben, did you clean your room?'

'I don't want to clean my room.
Can I go outside and play?'

'l know it's cliché but you seriously
have to eat your vegetables.'

'Will you read me a story?'

'Look what I made you at school.

- 'Do you like it?'
- 'Oh, that's beautiful.'

'Yes, it will be there
in the morning when you wake up.

'You did? Let me see it.
Not bad.'

'When's Dad coming home
from the hospital?'

'Let's go get in bed, you.'

'Do I have to go to bed?
Ten more minutes, please.'

'Ben, enough of the candy,
it's bedtime.

'Ben, take the lollypop out of your mouth,
you already brushed your teeth.'

'l love you, Mummy.'
'l love you too, bug.'

'Deliberation began today

'in the murder
trial of Benjamin Michael Landry.

'The six-year-old,
who was found brutally murdered

'in the basement of defendant...

'...John Kozlowski's backyard.

'No one at the police department
was willing to comment on this...

'...hidden under the cellar stairs.

'...collecting disability at the time
of the murder.

'Many residents of Rutland Country
were shocked...

'...Kozlowski's basement
days after...'

- She said she'd be here, right?
- Yes. She said she definitely would.

All rise.

Honourable Justice Everett Stanley.

Be seated.

This court is now in session.

Docket Number 7564.

Defendant John Kozlowski.

Two counts,
murder in the first degree.

Two counts, kidnapping.

Two counts, forced confinement.

Two counts, aggravated assault.

One count, resisting arrest.

How do you plead?

May it please the court,
my client pleads not guilty.

Know that I will not rest
until Kozlowski pays for this,

I promise you.

What is the maximum sentence
Kozlowski can get?

Life without parole.

So there's no chance
he's ever getting out?

Well, practically none.

- What?
- What do you mean, "practically none"?

Well, the jury could recommend
25 years to life

if they felt it was warranted
but that's highly unlikely.


My son was six years old.

How is killing a helpless child
ever warranted?

Look, do your job!

And make sure this piece of shit
gets put away for life.

Once I opened the fortified door,
I discovered Benjamin's body.

He must have died
just moments before.

After paramedics responded
to Benjamin,

the investigation quickly
uncovered a mass grave

located in the defendant's

Within the site,

numerous body parts in various stages
of decomposition were found.

Rutland County Forensics Team

is still trying to determine
the amount of victims

and their identities
through the skeletal remains

from the defendant's property.

The task has been challenging
since no victims were intact

and the bodies
were systematically mutilated.

I wish he was dead.
Did you see the look on his face?

I want him dead.

Well, it's not our decision to make.


Are you going to be all right?

Do you want to talk to someone?

I'm losing my mind now
because I want justice?


I'm just worried about you.

Has the jury reached a verdict?

Yes we have, Your Honour.

Would the defendant please rise
and face the jury?

Would you please tell the court
your verdict?

We the jury
find the defendant...

Twenty-five years to life?
He could be out in ten years!

It was the only way they could get him to
reveal the locations of the other bodies.

- Oh, God.
- Their families needed that for closure.

They put tremendous pressure
on the D.A.

OK, come here.

I want you to help me get a gun.

- What?
- I want you to help me get a gun.

Jesus Christ, Elise, you...
You can't talk like that.

I mean, do you really
want to lower yourself to what he is?

- Aren't we more evolved than that?
- Don't give me that crap.

It's not crap!

You don't want me
to be like him, Craig?

Fuck off!
How could I ever be like him?

Look, killing him
is not going to change anything.

It's not going to bring Ben back.

I want him dead.

Craig, I don't want him eating.

I don't want him exercising,
watching TV or fucking jerking off.

- You're just angry.
- Craig, how do you do this?

- Do what?
- Disconnect like this from reality?

We failed our son.

We failed him.

It was our responsibility
to protect him.

And we failed to do that
and he's dead.

Now don't you feel
we need to do something?

For the dignity of our child.


I left the bills on your desk.

The electric bill is overdue.

Bye, Craig.

'Blow out the candles, buddy.'
'Make a wish, Benji.'

'Flying' 'Hold on!'

'Hi, Daddy.'

'Every day we struggle,
knowing what our son went through.

'Imagine being assaulted
by a 13 foot giant.

'That's roughly the scale
of a child to a grown man.

'A monster of a man...'

'Shut the fuck up.'

'...who subjects you
to the most repulsive depravities.

'Imagine on top of that
you were someone...

'...someone new to this world.

'A child.'

'Bug, we miss you. Here I am.'

'Shut up.

'What are you going to do, Daddy?'

Killing him
is not punishment enough.

I don't like this, Craig.

Everyone knows you in there.

Not everybody.


What the hell
are you doing here, Craig?

The Board
gave you six months, take it.

Elise is a fucking wreck.
Everyday it just gets worse.

- I needed to get out of the house.
- So why did you come here?

You throw yourself into work,
hide in the back of an ambulance?

She needs you.

What happened was a tragedy
for her, for both of you.

- You know you can call me, right?
- Yeah, I know.

- Is this yours?
- Yeah.


Don't get yourself in trouble.

What do you see?

- It's him.
- Let me see.


- Let me see.
- No. Let's go, let's go.

There they are.

- Yeah, I see them.
- OK.

- Craig, please keep a distance.
- I know!

Can you please...

We've got to stay calm,
both of us.

Otherwise we're not going to be able
to pull this thing off.

I'm sorry.

They're not going to stop.


- How do you take it, black, cream?
- One cream, one sugar.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

- You have everything?
- Yeah... OK.


All right, go.

- I'll see you in there.
- OK.

There you go.

- There you go, sir.
- Thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

Can I help you?


- Do they have any brown sugar?
- Don't see any.


- Hey, where's my change?
- What change?

I gave you 20 dollars
on pump five, where's my change?

- I'll give you no change.
- Give me my money.

I don't owe you any money.

All right, maybe you're right,

Fucking mutt!

- Did you do it?
- Done.

It should kick in
in about a half an hour.

- It's been 45 minutes.
- Yeah.

- You sure this is going to work?
- Elise, please.

Maybe they didn't drink
their coffee right away.

They're speeding up.
I think it's working.

They're looking for a place
to pull over.

- Here?
- I guess we have no choice.

All right, now!

Buckle your fucking seatbelt,


Hey! Stop!

Come on!

Come on!

Let's go.

For Christ's sake, slow down.

Oh, my...

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Craig!




Are you OK?

Oh, God!

Yeah, I think so.

He's over there!

- Oh, my God. Let me see.
- I'm OK.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm OK.

He may not have survived this.

- He's alive.
- Thank God.

Here we go.

By tomorrow,
he'll be out of the woods.

That'll be good.

I'm sure you've figured out by now
why you're here.

And what's going to happen to you.

If you think
this is going to be over quickly,

you're very much mistaken.

You know, Craig is a doctor.

I can keep you alive for weeks.

And if you think you're just going to
pass out, that's not going to happen.

I have drugs
to keep you conscious.

You're going to feel everything.

From now until the moment you die
you will know nothing but agony.

We will just keep hurting you.

And hurting you.

Imagine the worst pain
you've ever experienced.

It will be much worse than that.

By the time we're finished with you

you're going to look like a cadaver
from an anatomy class.

I know a million things are rushing
through your head right now.

What can I do?

How can I change
what's happening to me?

How can I change their minds?

Well you can't.

There's nothing you can say or do
that will change any of this.

You sealed your fate.

See you in the morning.

- You coming?
- I'll be there in a minute.

Don't try to talk.

I got this.


'Mrs Landry,
this is Detective Berger.

- Mrs Landry?
- 'Yes, hi.'

I'm afraid I've got some bad news.
Kozlowski has escaped.

'The prison transport that was carrying
him was commandeered.'


'We want you to know
we've put the world on this.

'By the off chance
that he tries to reach you,

'l want you to call us directly.

- 'We will find him.'
- Elise?

'I'm on my way to his house now
to look for him.'

OK, thank you.

Elise... I'm sorry.

'Daddy, where's mum?

Can you tuck me in, please?'

'Tuck you in?'
'l can't sleep, I'm too scared.'

'Well, what are you scared of?
I would never let anyone hurt you.'

'Daddy, I'm scared.
Can I sleep with you and Mummy?'

No more painkillers for you,

Just in case
you need to use the bathroom.

You sick fuck!

I'm going to make sure
you get the death penalty, asshole!

Shut up!

- Ready?
- I'm ready.

Would you...

Don't you fucking scream,
you cocksucker!

Are you OK?

No, I'm...
I'm really far from OK, Craig.

What are we doing?

What are we doing?
What you wanted us to do.

I don't think I can do this.

Elise, we are doing this.

It's done, he's here.
There's no turning back, not now.

He showed no mercy for our son.

He tortured Benjamin to death.

That's not a person
lying on that table.

It's a fucking monster.

You think you got a reprieve,
you couldn't be more wrong.

You sick son of a bitch.

You ever had a swimmer's cramp?

It's a real bitch, isn't it?

And that's just one muscle
cramping up.

Now imagine all your muscles
cramping up at the same time.

It's terrifying, isn't it?

Here it comes.

Wake up! Wake up!

It's amazing
what one needle can do.

You see, this needle's going
to keep you conscious and aware...

while this needle
will inflict more pain

than you've ever felt
in your life.

My son begged for his life.

He screamed for you to show him mercy,
but you didn't listen.

You didn't hear him.

Maybe you were fucking deaf!

This needle's going
to shatter your eardrum

and destroy your ear canal.

Stay fucking still!

Because if you move, it could
cause you to bleed inside your skull

and that blood will become trapped
and it'll drain into your throat.

And since you're gagged,
you'll start to fucking choke!

In about an hour or so, you'll drown
in your own fucking blood.

So if I were you, I'd stay still.

Craig. Craig, Craig wake up.

It's the car alarm.

Oh, yeah?

That's interesting.

I've done quite a bit of research
on torture specifically for this occasion.

I wonder if you're familiar
with the game of Slonik?

It means 'little elephant'
in Russian.


Very popular
with the Soviet Secret Police.

And also very effective.


Stop moving
or I will pour this on your face.

Good boy.

Do you know that drowning people
actually scratch their faces

before they take
their first fatal breath of water?

Yes, their hunger for air
is that great.

You see, the difference between
suffocation and drowning

is that when you're drowning, you have
a choice to take that last breath of water

and end your suffering.

But not in this case.

Soon the cells of your body
will start demanding oxygen

and then they'll
start screaming for it.

Your need for oxygen
will create an urge to breathe.

The greatest urge imaginable.

An urge you won't be able
to fulfill.

You suffocated my son.

Now you're going to feel
what it's like.

How does that feel?

I want to know how someone
like you can justify

the sick shit that you do?

How you can derive pleasure
from other people's pain?

- That's enough breathing.
- Shall we do it again?

No mother
should have to bury their child.

No mother
should outlive her son.

This is what it feels like
to not have control.

This is how our son felt,
you fucking piece of shit!

You like it?

How does it feel?

- How does it fucking feel?
- Craig, stop it!

- You like it?
- Craig, stop it!

He's dead.


No! No! No!

- No, Craig!
- It's not enough! We're not done!

- Craig, it's over.
- No, it's not nearly over!

- Stop it!
- He took our son!

And we just took his life!

- Did you lock the front door?
- I don't know.

- Elise, go.
- What do you want me to do?

Just go! Deal with it!

But whatever's up there
cannot come down here!

Come on.


Keep your hands
where I can see them.

Motherfucker, come on.

- Squatters, huh?
- What?

This cottage belongs
to old Frank Jessop

and you're squatting
on his property.

Come on.

Please call your dog off.

I'll call my dog,
when I damn well please.

I... I'm a real estate agent.

I'm showing this property
to a client of mine.

That's bullshit, lady.

Mr Jessop died over a year ago.

This property's been
on the market ever since.

So what are all those noises

We're checking the foundation
of the building.

Got any Id on you?

Yes, I do.

What's your name?
You're trespassing on state property,

waving a gun around,
making threats.

- Where's this client of yours?
- Right here.

Well, Elise.

This place sure is charming

but I am concerned
about the basement.

Is everything OK up here?

I don't know,
is everything OK up here?

I'm checking
that story of yours.

Come on, boy.

Jesus Christ.

He's alive.

Come on.

- Detective Berger.
- U.S. Marshall Lynn Conover here.

I've got some good news for you.
We've got a break in your case.

'A woman here says
she saw a prison van three days ago'

just off of old Howell Ranch Road.

Stay there, I'm on my way.

Wake up! Wake up!

No. Wait, wait.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Put the tape on.

No. Wait, wait.

I don't remember anything.

I don't know who you are.

I don't even know who I am.

You don't remember who you are?

I remember some kind
of a car accident.

I don't believe him.

I don't believe you.
This is too convenient!

Craig! Where are you going?

- I can't remember a thing.
- I don't believe you.

Could it be true?

- Yes.
- Yes?

Yes. I mean, he did suffer
a serious head injury,

memory loss could be possible.

Fuck. Fuck!

- God, what do we do?
- I don't know.

What if he's lying?

That's also a possibility
considering his circumstances.

But there's no way
to know for sure.

So, that's it then?

We just leave him here?
All this for nothing?

Craig, he cannot
get off that easy.

That animal needs to pay
for what he's done.

God, listen to yourself.

You want to torture a man who has
no idea why we're doing it to him?

It's the same guy.
It's the same guy!


- Detective Berger?
- Yeah.

- U.S. Marshal Conover.
- Nice to meet you. What do we know?

We've got a lot.
We've got a second lead.

We've got a local here who says
our convicts are held up in some cabin.

Do we know where?

He's on his way now to give us
a pinpoint but it's in this area.

The problem is this area
is 10,000 square miles of forest.

Wake up. Wake up!

Wake up! Come on, get up.

What's she doing?

You say
you don't remember anything.

I know you're lying.

What was my son's name?

I didn't...

I don't know, lady.

Come on.
Come on, that's nothing.

That didn't hurt.
This is nothing.

What was my son's name?

No, stop, please!

Just say his name.

Just say his name.
I'm not going to stop.

Somebody help me, please!

You broke 18 bones in his body.

This is nothing.

Say his name!

Say his fucking name!

Benjamin! His name is Benjamin!

I'm sorry. Please stop! Please!

Still believe
he doesn't remember?

You think that hurt?

It's going to get
a lot worse tomorrow.

No... No!

So what do you have to tell us?

- I told you... I'm sorry.
- Sorry?

"I'm sorry"
is not going cut it.

But these will.

No, no, no...


You crushed my boy's liver.


Oh, fuck!

Fuck this fucking shit!

I can't take this any more.

Get me out of there!

Now what?

So we just pick up tomorrow
where we left off?

Have breakfast,
get our tools ready.

We could just walk away,

call the cops, he'd go to jail
and we could just disappear.

I just want Ben back.

- I want him back so bad.
- Yeah, I know.

So do I.

He's held up in a cabin,
up the road.

- Can't miss it.
- Appreciate it.

All right everybody, listen up!

This is it.
Spread out, stay alert.

Come on, boy.

Spread out!

Come on, boy! Find him, boy!

Craig! Craig!

Come on. Let's get him back
on the table before he wakes up.


- Where is he?
- Oh, God.

He just...
He walked out the front door.

- You OK?
- He just stared at me.

- We can't let him get away.
- Be careful.

This way.

Come on, boy.

There he is!


Cuff him!

'As you can see behind me,
authorities have now located

'the abandoned Vermont
Correctional vehicle

'that was carrying John Kozlowski,
the convicted child killer

'who is serving 25 years in jail.'

'Twenty-five years to life?

- 'He can not get off that easy.'
- 'We kidnap him.'

'Buckle your fucking seatbelt,

I don't remember anything.'

'It's the same guy.'

'You want to torture a man who has
no idea why we're doing it to him?'

- 'Say his name.'
- 'He tortured Benjamin to death.'

'Say his fucking name!'


'Love you, Mummy.'

'Also, Patrick Galligan,

'a man who was convicted
of tax evasion and fraud

'who was sentenced
to 18 months in prison.'

- 'He's alive.'
- 'Thank God.'

'Come on!'

'It is still unclear
if Kozlowski has left the area

'with the assistance of others
or if he has simply disappeared

'into the 10,000 acres
of surrounding wilderness.

'Authorities have begun
an extensive man-hunt

'and say it is unlikely for anyone
to survive these elements

'without food or shelter
for more than three days.'

'Nothing I can say will ever
ease the pain that I've caused you.

'And I fully deserve
what you were about to do to me.

'I am an abomination.

'But I'm also a coward.

'On top of everything...

'...I know I must die.

'But I can't take any more
of the torture.

'I'm sorry.'

♪ Hush, little baby,
don't say a word

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird

♪ And if that mockingbird
don't sing

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a diamond ring

♪ And if that diamond ring
turns brass

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a looking glass

♪ And if that looking glass
gets broke

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a billy goat

♪ And if that billy goat
won't pull

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a cart and bull

♪ And if that cart and bull
turn over

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a dog named Rover

♪ And if that dog named Rover
won't bark

♪ Mama's gonna buy you
a horse and cart

♪ And if that horse and cart
fall down

♪ You'll still be
the sweetest little boy in town

♪ Hush, little baby,
don't you cry