The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (1967) - full transcript

In the Olden Tymes, Count Regula is drawn and quartered for killing twelve virgins in his dungeon torture chamber. Thirty-five years later, he comes back to seek revenge on the daughter of his intended thirteenth victim and the son of his prosecutor in order to attain immortal life.

Count Frederic Regula
has been found guilty

of torturing and murdering people
in his castle in Andomai.

The court has found that he
must pay with his life.

There is incentestible proof
that 12 persons died by his hand.

In view of the enormity of these crimes

the court has decided to alter
the usual punishment by decapitation

as such an execution can never
repay him for his gruesome deed.

He is sentenced to be quartered!

Reinhold von Marienberg, I shall
destroy you and all your family.

Thank god you were able to
escape from that madman.

Without your help
we never would have captured him.

I am afraid this is
only the beginning.

I wish none of this
had ever happened.

Yes. Gather 'round good
citizens of Bergenstadt.

The wretched murderer was drawn and quartered
Five and thirty years ago.

The sentence, they say, was fair and just.
The winds of justice did blow.

Once confronted with his evil deeds,

confession he made without delay.

Bound with strongest chains of iron
he was tortured in this way.

His plea for mercy was ignored,
the court's decision was firm.

Killers all must pay for their crimes
and hell is the place where they burn.

His legs and arms where
then torn from their sockets
by a team of four powerful horses.

A crack, a shout and life flickered out
for the monster called Count Reg...

What's his name? Yes, tell us his name! Tell us who he was. Tell us.
- Drive On.

You need wait no longer
good people of Bergenstadt.

I will tell you:

He was called Regula,
Frederic, Count Regula.

- Regula?
- Regula ...

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

Mont Elise,

Roger Mont Elise,
the lawyer. Am I right?

What do you want from me?

Dear Sir.

I know that you'd like to find out about your past.
I can help you.

You'll find me at my castle at Andomai
in the Sandar Valley mountains.

I shall be waiting for you this friday.
Count Frederic Regula.

Who is he?

I was just about to
lock up for the night.
- Not yet,

I've work for you to do.

We'll have to cancel all our current proceedings.

I'm leaving for the midlands in a short while.

The Abbot's case isn't finished!

A much more important case has come up...

my own.

Gather 'round good citizens of Lindenheim

and let me recite a horrible tale.

It concerns the blood curdling deeds
of a wicked count,

who slaughtered his victims
in his castle on the mount.

Mine is a story you've
not heard before.

At the end of its telling
you'll sleep soundly no more.

It is said that he signed
a pact with the devil

and so caused great suffering and evil
above her draw bridge and under her towers

In the Sandar valley, the castle cowers.

Won't you come baronet? There is someone
telling a story about your mother's country.

Live and die, within the castle called Andomai.

Yet blind fate condemnded their noble name
to be covered with blood, dishonour and shame.

We are getting close to
the hearts of the Midlands.

Knock again!

Excuse us. I wonder if you'll be kind enough to give our horses some hay.

- Clementine!

Sire, your clothes are all covered with dust.
If you want, I'll brush them.

Yes, if you'd like.

Can you tell me where
the castle Andomai is?

Andomai? No, I am sorry.

Oh, it must be around here somehwere.
They say it's in the Sandar Valley.

Grandpa! There is someone looking for a castle.
Andomai it's called.

Can you tell him where it is?

Excuse me. Is the castle Andomai near here?

Andomai? Good lord in heaven...

Christ have mercy on our souls
and deliver us from our sins.

What kind of a procession is that?

A procession to drive out
the man eating monster in the valley.

Who's that old man with the beard?

He's a saint. If anyone knows
where Andomai is, he's it.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

I don't like to
disturb your meditations
but I've come a long way.

Can you tell me where
the castle Andomai is?

It must be somewhere in the Sandar Valley.

The castle Andomai.

The older folks have forgotten it
and the young folks have never heard of it.


Count Regula was the last to live there.

That's where he killed the 12 virgins.

And then?

Count Regula was
drawn and quartered.

But what about his sons and grand sons?

His name was handed down to no man.

His lands lie fellow and
his castle has cumbled away.

On moonless nights I've heard
the devil himself is seen.

I was invited by count
Regula to his castle.

He sent me this letter by messenger.

It has the date and the month and the year on it.

And you can see: there is a count Regula.

The count died over 35 years
ago in the square.

I warn you!
Great danger awaits you.

Take heed, young man.

Good day sir. I am told you
are looking for castle Andomai.

Yes. Do you know where it is?
- Oh, but of course I do, Although I've never been there before.

Is it true what these
people say around here?

Never pay attention to them.
You can't believe a word these people say.

Peasants all, that's what they are.

You mind if I come along?

- You?
- Yes.You see, I must baptise a child near there.

Yes, it seems that beautiful young girl
is going to the same direction.

- Get in.
- Bless you.

Ah, you won't believe what the town's folk here
call the lonely castle Andomai...

the bloody castle.

- Ex...
- In my entire life I never
saw a bigger coward than he was. Living.

Oh, oop, Sorry.

We ought to have another nip
in honor of all the cowards. Hmm?

How stupid these peasants are.
The poor souls think this entire part of the country is haunted. Heh.

Some even say that they've
seen the devil himself

riding on a man's back.
Like You, a good-sized fellow, they say he pounced on him

like a tiger and he wouldn't get off his back
'til the poor man fell over dead.

- If they had checked a bit more carefully
they'd have been shocked, you see

that the devil was a normal robber. Heh heh!

What's the matter?

Who were they?

The locals would say those
were the seven deadly sins.

Drive on!

But...what if they try to ambush
us out there?

Drive on!

You are extremely courageous, Sir.
Not really.

I am making this trip to
find out finally who I really am.

I'll let neither robbers nor highwaymen stop me.

But you must know who you are.

I don't even know who my mother and father were
nor where I was born.

There's another coach ahead.

Oho, the carriage of that
lovely young woman.

Aiyayaiyaiyaiii, our trip's getting interesting! Hah hah hah!

No! No!

No! Help! Help! Please, no!

We've got to do something. Hyah!

Come here.

Are you injured?

No! No, Thank the Good Lord.

- But if you hadn't come along, just then...
- I was sure we were done for.

May I introduce my self?
I am Roger MontElise.

Oh. I am Lillian von Brabant and
this is my servant Babette.

I hope you realise how
grateful we are to you.

They were robbers. Has anything been stolen?

No, nothing at all, but ...

- Then don't let it upset you.
- They made off with our driver though.

Have you any idea why you were attacked?

No, not the least notion.

We were on our way to castle Andomai
where count Regula lives.

Do you know count Regula?

No, but uh...
we both seem to be going the same way.

Can I offer you my coach?

Thank you.

Driver, the laidies are coming with us.
See to their trunk, will you?

Peculiar, but exactly alike.

You have to learn about your
past and your identity...

...while I take possession
of my mother's estate.

Was she from here?

Yes, she was born near here.
- Eh, a great deal of money?

No idea, but if it is
it would certainly be opportune.

This is the only thing of
value she gave me before she died.

I also inherited her musical ability.

I give piano lessons
that's how I am able to make a livelihood.

It's my only source of income.

All I have from my family is this medallion.
I don't even know my own name.

When I was a little boy
I was left a letter of credit,

a bag of gold and this medallion.

It has on it a mountain
and a figure of a saint.

May I?

From this design
I was given my name.

Mont Elise, Mont for mountain
and Elise for Elisabeth.

You inherited a royal name.

She's right. Only members of the aristocracy
are allowed to have such a coat of arms.

But since when does the aristocracy
neglect its children like that?

That's what I am hoping to
find out at castle Andomai.

You wanted to come with
us to the guest house.

Is it still far away?

We'll be there any second now. The
inn keeper has got a sort of wine,

it's gourmet's paradise he has there.
Just ask him for his speciality

the roastbeef.

- Well, here we are.
- Of course, you are all my guests.

That's very thoughtful of you.

When was the last time you were here?

Well, it was over a
month ago I think.

How long ago were you asked
to perform christening?

Let me see. It was around ...

I don't trust him.
I think we should head for home while it's still light.

What if something should...

There, in the doorway.

I didn't mean to frighten you.

Could you tell me
how far it is to the castle Andomai?

The bloody castle.

Yeah. He is definitely dumb.
I'll try sign language. Heh.

That's senseless, leave him.

Now what are you going to do father?

- No baby to christen, now.
- Obviously not.

What are you going to do?

Well, if you don't mind, I'll go on with you.

We might meet someone who, uh,
who is going back to the village.

In many countries the sign
language of the deaf and dumb... also the language of thieves.

Where did you learn it?

We have many deaf-mutes in
the parish I work in, my son.

Don't leave us, father.

I wish I knew what the
devil this means!

No, no, no!

This is far as I'm going. I am not
going to risk my life because of you.

I have a wife and children.

This place is evil. I...
my heart can't take it.

There is nothing to be
afraid of. Be sensible.

Here, take this and drive us on.

- No, no. I won't go. I insist!
- No harm will come to you my son.

Drive on you fool!

My nerves, my heart!

Now climb up there!
Did you hear? Move!

A priest must have several
languages at his command.

Since when do priests carry a pistol?

Ever since priests were sent
to god forsaken places like this.

You know what's strange?

Nothing was changed
in that guest house

but the old man had disappeared.

- Yes, that is most curious.\-Not at all.

The driver scared him
away. It's as simple as that.

Whoa! It's getting foggy.
We're going to have a hard time of it.

Go on! Fog or not.

If you say so, if you say so.

Now, what is it you idiot?
Don't you hear?

I can't stand it.

The forest is full of voices.

Voices and strange creatures.
The imbecile's imagining things!

Sir, I saw three black crows back there.

- It's an omen of the devil when they appear on a holy day.
- You can spare us your stupid superstition!

- We ought to go back.
- Calm yourself. Drive on!

It's no use going on,
especially on good friday.

It will be dark very soon.

We'll never come back alive. Listen to what I say!
That's enough, you!

Drive on! Drive on, I said.

That's what I get for snoring.
I must have dozed off.

Now that surprises me more than it does you.

I have never been caught napping before.

Where are we?

In the forest, aren't we?

We are lost in the deserted forest.
I hope the ladies aren't afraid, but I can't...

We went over the root of a tree.

We are lucky that the driver didn't stop.

Highwaymen would have come out of the forest.
Woah, that's why it's dangerous to be caught napping.

What made you suddenly think of highwaymen?

Nothing at all. The lord protects us.
What made you suddenly think of highwaymen?

Nothing at all. The lord protects us.

Hey, watch that! What the devil are you up to?
You are not driving a load of animals.

Something is wrong.

I'd rather you stay here.
- Don't worry.

What happened?

Lady, you better stay here.

Come on father.

He said he had a weak heart.
- He is dead.

It's hideous! Look!

You see that? He's still moving.

He must not be dead yet.
Maybe we could save him.

What will we do without of light?


Help! Help! Help!

Father! Father!

Father Fabian, where are you?

Hold on, I am father Fabian.
Someone hit me.

They've stolen the coach.

We will catch up to it
as long as we can hear it.

Once the sound disappears it's
not going to be so simple.

They can't be far away.

The castle Andomai.

The bloody castle. Nothing but ruins.

I was afraid of that.
We've fallen into a trap.

It's too heavy.
We'll never get out of here.

We...we'd better start praying.
I don't see any other way here.

Welcome my friends to the
house of count Regula.

What is going on here?

I know who's playing that piano.
Where is she?

Where is Lilian von Brabant?

I asked you, where is she?

Your friends are fortunate indeed.

Luckily I had a chance to prevent an
accident or they would have been killed.

And now gentleman.
Will you come this way please.

Madame two guests have
come to see the count.

Roger Mont Elise and a cleric
undoubtedly a friend of his.

It is indeed an honour
to welcome you.

Please consider my house
as your own.

Welcome monsignore.
You must be famished by your journey.

Anatol, tell the servants to prepare
a banquet with roastbeef. The very best.

This is good friday, madame!
Anatol, tell the servants to prepare
a banquet with roastbeef. The very best.

This is good friday, madame!

I see. Well then please serve
what you wish Anatol.

But while they are waiting for their
supper. At least give our guest drinks
or they'll die of thirst.

What have you done to her?

She seemed so upset. I thought it
best if I administered a soothing drug.

The potion is a very gentle one.
It will wear off before the count gets here.

That's ridiculous!

The count has been dead for 35 years.

For you he will rise from the dead.
Just a minute,

Where is Babette?

There is no need to worry.
Anatol, you are boring our guests.

Come here, take a look at my paintings.

You can hardly refuse her.

It's such an expressive painting.


Seems to me we know each other.

Do you travel this way often?

Lilian, pull yourself together.

It's just as if you were
one of the family.

Oh, forgive me for not noticing.
You didn't need to bring a present.

What a lovely thought.

It shows that you have
the most unusual taste.

Thank you so much.


Serve our guests first!

You must be careful. I managed to avoid it.
Hurry up!

Our guests are thirsty.


I know the work of the
devil when I see it.

Out of three glasses of wine
which one was full of acid? My glass!

You might have me murdered, didn't you?
I'll make you pay for that.

- Oh, but monsignore.
- And stop calling me that.

I am not a monsignore.
I make my living by thievery,

by highway robbery. Understand?

I was counting on making
a nice haul at the inn.

If only it hadn't disappeared.

Hey! If you get me out of
here I'll go easy on you.

Each of you will be on his way
out of here in his own time.

A good wine goes flat
if it's too old.



What's going on? Where am I?
Oh my god, the forest...

then we were attacked.
Taken to a deserted house.

How do I get out?
I've got to get out!

Let me out of here!

- Please let me out!
- The potion he gave her is wearing off.

- It'd seem so.
- I"ve got to get out.

Let me out! Let me out!

Lilian, Lilian. It's alright now.
You are not alone anymore.

I'll stay with you.

Roger, oh Roger! Roger, I am frightened.
This house, it's horrible.

It's so frightening and
those paintings look so evil.

I don't know how but we've
got to get out of here or we'll be killed.

We don't
have a minute to lose, Roger.

We must get out!

Look over there.
Those curtains hide the way out.

It can't be true, Roger.
It's me, isn't it?

It's an inredible alikeness.

It seems almost as if you and
I were painted together.

I don't know but I'll find out.

A man being torn apart.
That must be Count Regula.

But you are the one standing next
to me. How can that be possible?

Isn't that your coat of arms?

One thing I know now is, that the people who've
brought me up explained my coat of arms incorrectly.

Marienberg means mount of Mary.

But they told me my
name was Mont Elise, for Saint Elisabeth.

Berg is mountain. But the
saint isn't Elisabeth.

It's the virgin Mary.

In some strange way,
you and I are connected with that picture.

I can't imagene how we are involved.
]We are both strangers in this region.

Did your mother ever tell you of any experiences
that she might have had when she lived here?


In fact I was forbidden
to mention the past.

That was the only subject
she always avoided.

Lilian, I've got to find out
the secret of this castle.

And I must meet this Count Regula.

We have to get to the bottom of this.
Lilian will you help me?


Assassins! Murderers! They are
all devils!

It's inhuman what those monsters are doing to her!

What's the matter? What's happening?

I'll show you, come with me.

This is nothing for women.
She'd better stay here.

No. I won't leave her
alone again. Come!


- Let's go.
- Alright.

Babette, Babette - Babette, Babette!

Are you alright?

He attacked me. The servant
tried to strangle me.

Can you walk?


Don't leave her alone.

- Babette!
- Go after her.

Close your eyes, I lead you.

No thank you. It's alright.

You must learn that obedience
is the most important quality that a servant can have.

Not so fast! You won't get
away with this you monster.

I've been dead for years.
They hanged me.

Dead? - Yes!
What do you mean?

If a man is taken from the gallows soon after he's been hung,
his body can be rendered invulnerable.

I must be seeing things.
Do you mean to say that you didn't see a thing?

Not a thing.

Sorry but you didn't
leave a single scratch.

Now, where is the girl, Babette?

Please Roger, let's
get out of this place!

What about your inheritance?

I don't care about it.

Where is Babette?

She disappeared.

The butler. Dead as a doornail.
He's a walking dead man.

I suppose you think I've
gone out of my mind, but it's the truth!

Count Regula awaits you. This way!


The girl is right.
Let's go back upstairs. It's a lot safer.

I advise you to do as you're told.

Otherwise my master will lose
patience with you. Now come!

Stop, the passage on the right.

-Throught the door.
- Stay here.

Roger! What's going on?

Get back!

Stay where you are!

You need go no further.

So, have you found
anything to amuse you?

- So these are the 12 murdered girls.
- Yes,

but that's no reason why you
shouldn't make your selves at home.

Come forward Lilian von Brabant.

My master Count Regula
was drawn and quartered.

No matter how they tore
apart the good count,

his spirit is still intact.

Before he made his death, my master
charged me with a difficult mission.

I've been carrying out
his orders ever since.

Everything has been
done as he requested.

Only his final wish
remains unfulfilled,

the wish that he'd be
restored to life on good Friday.

And this particular good Friday
he shall live again.

There is a force here I
cannot stand. A cross!

My cross, I don't have it anymore!

I didn't take it.

So you have the cross!

In the coach. I was going
to give it to you when I...

I can't tolerate the
presence of a cross!

Get out of here this minute!

Get out, you hear?

Turn the other way! You are not pure
enough witness such a solemn act.

Frederik, Count Regula is
risen from the dead.

Roger von Marienberg,
the son of that man,

Lilian von Brabant,
the daughter of that woman.

Welcome to my house.

Has everything been
done as we planned?

Just as you wished.
There were many obstacles I had to overcome.

And my devotion to you master
gaveyour humble servant

all the powers necessary to accomplish
every detail of his mission.

This is a great moment for me.
I will not detain you long,

but I feel I owe you an explanation.

For many years I have sought
the secret of eternal life...

and finally I have found that secret.

The blood is the life. Once I
unlocked the secret of life

immortality was within my reach.

Yet in order to succeede I
needed the blood of 13 women.

I found 12. They strugled against death.

It was that desire to live
that I required.

The 13th escaped me...
Lilian von Barbant.

Your mother turned me
over to the authorities.

Roger von Marienberg, your
father sentenced me to death.

But before I was arrested,

I was able to take some of the blood concentrate

and so I have returned
after 35 years, for my revenge.

All I need is a few hours. Time
makes no difference to the dead.

My other orders, Anatol?

To exterminate all of the
judge'sfamily, that I have done.

Every single soul, but the son.

He escaped. They took him to
another city far from here.

After that I was arrested and hanged.

But because of your great kindness,
they were cheated of a victim,

you left me the elixir
of life. Life, eternal.

Just before my execution
I drank half of the flask

that is what saved my
body from deteriorating.

So I lived to carry out your wishes.

To track down the last member
of the von Marienberg family,
here before you.

Lilian von Brabant, you will
take your mothers place.

I have the blood of 12 virgins.
You shall be the 13th...

who will give me eternal life.

You'll never get that chance.


No! It is not enough.

Roger, Roger!

Roger von Marienberg will die.
It will be an agonising death.


He means something to you?
That is good!

Everything's in order.
Is she ready?

Still difficult.

Her blood gives me the elixir I need
for eternal life,

but she has not enough fear.

If she would watch his execution,
you think it would help?

- No
- Untie her!

Stand up, come here! Come!

Go to the pedestal and
look through the mask.

No one can help him...except you.

Yes, I will.

Behind those women there is a door that leads to a passageway
and from there to the pendulum chamber.

She will try to get to him

and in this way her
fear will grow greater.

We should be getting started.

It will pass quickly.

Roger! Roger, Roger!


Roger! Roger!

No, no, no!

It is time.

In a few more seconds and
then my vengeance is complete.

- Fabian! - You!
- Thank god
you are alive.

How much more time?

About a 1000 heartbeats sir.

The acid!

Where is Lilian?

I have been locked in a cell.
I haven't seen anyone.

She must be in danger.

But we don't have a chance
against that devil.

Why didn't that butler bring the count...
right back to life in the beginning?

The most important
thing is to save her.

She must be in the torture chamber.

The concentrator works well.

The time has come to take
the blood of the 13th.

Place the tube in the
arthery of the throat.


So you have escaped the
pendulum. Congratulations!

Let her go!

She is preparing herself
for her greatest moment.

Master, the concentrator
is not working.

You are carrying something which
is breaking the magic circle.

Maybe it's this.

- Throw it away!
- Let her go!

Destroy that cross and she is free.

Free as those 12?

Destroy it! If you don't...

I know as well as
you, if I don't you turn to dust.

Destory that cross!

This hour glass is your life.

How many more seconds do
you have without that elixir?

Destroy the cross!

I too have a pendulum. The
pendulum that will destroy you.

Throw it away!

Throw it away!

- Throw it away!
- My pleasure.

Eternal life!

Hey, here we are! Hahah!

- I finally found you!
- Baroness!

Oh, Babette, Babette!

Get in! I will take
you anywhere you like.

Which way should we go?

Anywhere you say.

Come on Babette, all's
well that ends well. Eh?

Little funny face.

Roger, the horrid things
that went on last night... was only a dream wasn't it?

It could all have been a bad dream.
But me...this is real.