The Tooth Fairy (2006) - full transcript

Darcy Wagner and her ten-and-a-half-year-old daughter Pamela "Pammy" are heading to the bed and breakfast of her boyfriend Peter Campbell in the River Bend Road in Northern California. Peter has quited his career of doctor and bought an old house to have a calmer life and write a book. When Darcy stops at a gas station to ask for direction, she has an abusive treatment from the owners, the Hammond Brothers. Meanwhile Peter welcomes his first guest, the student Stephanie "Star" Roberts, while he works with his friend Bobby Boulet repairing the house. When Darcy and Pamela arrive, he explains that he had a dispute in the justice with the Hammond Brothers and asks Darcy to forget the incident. Soon Pamela befriends the girl Emma in the barn and she tells that the house belonged to the Tooth Fairy Witch that killed many children to get their milk-teeth; further, Pamela would be in danger since she still has her last milk-tooth. Pamela tells Emma's story to her mother and Peter, but they do not believe in her. But when their friends are slaughtered in the house, Darcy and Peter start to believe that something supernatural is happening in the house.

♪ If the rain clouds have made
your blue skies gray ♪

♪ don't let the rain
wash your smile away ♪

♪ no matter how dark
the day has been ♪

♪ the sun's gonna
shine again ♪

♪ if the man you love
has been untrue ♪

♪ don't let your tears
make a fool out of you ♪

♪ there's someone waiting
just around the bend ♪

♪ the sun's gonna
shine again ♪

♪ dry your eyes

♪ no need to cry

♪ it's always darkest
before the dawn ♪

♪ tomorrow you'll awake
and your blues will be gone ♪

♪ if the rain clouds have made
your blue skies gray ♪

♪ don't let the rain
wash your smile away ♪

♪ no matter how dark
the day has been ♪

♪ the sun's gonna
shine again ♪

♪ up and down

♪ the world turns round

♪ it's always darkest
before the dawn ♪

♪ tomorrow you'll awake
and your blues will be gone ♪

♪ if the rain clouds have made
your blue skies gray ♪

♪ don't let the rain
wash your smile away ♪

♪ no matter how dark
the day has been ♪

♪ the sun's gonna
shine again ♪

♪ the sun's gonna
shine again ♪

♪ the sun's gonna shine

♪ again.

Ain't gonna go,
austin. Changed my mind.

She's a witch.

She ain't no witch, donnie.

Ain't nothing up there
but a stupid old lady

who likes to give
presents to kids.

Everybody says she don't
want people seeing her...

on account of that
disease made her ugly.

You go up there, I'm telling pa.

Pa ain't gonna let us
keep no bicycle.

Fine. If you're such
a fraidy-cat, then stay here.

Hello, miss craven?

It's austin carter
from down the road.

You left me a letter.
I'm here for the bicycle.

Are you alone?
Does anybody know you came?

It has to be a secret.

All alone, ma'am.

Nobody knows.

Nothing to be afraid of.

A trade's a trade.

Tooth first...
and a shiny new bicycle.

It's okay, child.
Just the wind.

Where are you?

I can't see you.

Step into the parlor.

No need to see me, child.

Where's the bike? I came
because of the bicycle.

I must have my tooth first.
A bargain is a bargain.

But it ain't come out yet.

There's a string
on the table there.

Tie it 'round your tooth.

We'll pull it out.

I ain't doing this
lest I see the bike first.

I wouldn't lie, child.

The bike's right here.

Wow! A schwinn.

- She's a beaut!
- I must have my tooth first.

I've done this many times.

The last tooth
is always the easiest.

Are we ready?

Now close your eyes
and get your prize.

Well, it's about time.

Yeah. Sorry that took
so long, peter.

They ran out of hydrangeas
over at sherman's outdoors,

so I had to drive
all the way over to twin oaks.

We got a lot to do
before july first.

I couldn't do
without you, bobby.

The other kids I hired made
a job out of just finding shade.

I appreciate all your hard work.

I've been looking at that antique
chipper thing in the woodshed.

Yeah, well, I'm thinking of having
that thing carted out of there.

It's a piece of junk.

I think I could fix it.

Pretty good with engines. I threw
a new battery in it this morning.

Just looks like it needs a lube.

Maybe after dinner I could
see if I could get it running.

Could use it to shred that underbrush
we've been cutting out of there...

instead of hauling all it
out of here by truck.

All right. Well,
give it a shot.

Where the hell are they?

Hey, pam-bam, look at this map

and see if you can find
river bend road.

I could use
a little help, pammy.

I'm in east oz here.
Nothing looks like the map.

Can I ask you a question?

It never stopped you before.

I'm thinking of going
back to "pamela."

"Pammy" seems so...
So lower school.

I thought you hated "pamela."

I know you like pet names
like "pam-bam" and "pammy,"

but now that I'm 10 and a half,

I think I'm a bit
too old for that.

I love the name "pamela."

That's why your dad
and I picked it.

Then it's settled.

So, pamela,

you see this road on that map?

I'm really pretty lost here.

Why don't you ask at that
station? You said you needed gas.


Hello! I could use
a little help out here!

Oh! We need some directions.

We need some directions.

We're lost.

Get the hell on out of
that garage. Leave her be.

She don't cotton to strangers.

I-I'm looking
for river bend road.

You ain't gonna
find it in there.

- What ya gonna do, chuck?
- Shut up, henry.

This map you got is as
useless as tits on a ford truck.

Now get on out of there.

Leave her be. I ain't
gonna say it twice.

I'm looking for a new bed-and-breakfast
inn just outside of constitution.

It should be near river bend
road. That's what peter said.

- Son of a bitch! Right, chuck?
- Shut up, henry.

This peter guy isn't, by any chance,
peter "step on my dick" campbell?

I'm sorry. What?

What kind of business
you got with that

melted down piece of shit?

Here's a fact of life, missy:

When you hang with shit,
you smell like shit.

Excuse me, but I don't
appreciate that kind of language.


pammy, we're leaving!

What are we gonna do, chuck?


- Pammy!
- It's "pamela," mom. Remember?

Come on, honey.
Come on.

Hey! You ain't paid
for your gas.

Yeah! Ain't paid.

- I'll get it.
- She peter campbell's kid?

Is that raised on concrete

your good-for-nothing pa?

- My daddy's dead.
- Get in the car, honey.

- Let me go!
- Your boyfriend peter

went to the chamber of commerce

and tried to fuck-off
our property.

He thinks this is over, but
this ain't ever gonna be over.

- There's bad shit coming!
- Get off me!

Leave my mommy alone!

What are you gonna do, chuck?

You gonna run around back
and pull down her panties?

- Can I have seconds?
- It depends on how tore up she is...

- get off me!
- ...when I'm through.


Get her! Goddamn it!
Get her!

This ain't over!

Ah, finally.

Hey, hey!
Are those my girls?

Would you give me a hand
with this suitcase?


Bring enough stuff?

Excuse me, but
we're not open yet.

Doug freeman at the bank
said july 1,

but I let my place in town
go and figured...

what's six or seven days
in the course of a lifetime?

I'm star roberts.
I'm leasing a room.

I'm sorry I thought
your name was "stephanie."

Oh. It is "stephanie."

Stephanie thorne amanda roberts.

get it?


You know, mr. Freeman told me
you were going to veterinary school

down in twin oaks,

and you'd be leasing
a room only on the weekends.

He also said
that you were his, um...


Yeah. All that's true...

Except for the "niece" part.

I used to dance down at
the greased monkey in town...

and mr. Freeman
was a happy hour regular,

but I saved up enough
to retire from show biz, so...

I'm going to veterinary college.

New worlds to conquer, you know.


I hope me coming a week early
isn't gonna be a big inconvenience.

We had a lease, so...
we'll make it work.

- Thank you. You're a doll.
- Sure.

Love it here. Hey!

Look at those little guys!

I think they're called

archilochus colubris,

but hummingbirds have to eat four
times their weight in food every day,

just to have enough
energy to fly like that.

I'm taking aviary species
for a semester.

I gotta jump-start this summer
reading my text books.

- That's right. Yeah.
- Oh! I love it.

Hey, mr. C.! where do you
want the rest of these flow...


Bobby boulet, meet
stephanie roberts.

- Uh, hey!
- Whoa. Sorry.

He's been helping me
fix the place up.

Call me "star."

All right, bobby,

you can close your mouth now

and maybe help star
with her bags?

Got it.

Your room is just
up there on the left.

- Great thanks.
- Got these.

Mr. c.,
she's a hottie.

I'm telling you,
if that's your first tenant,

you hit the quiniela.

- Just keep it in your pants.
- Yeah.


I missed you!

Okay. So,
what do you think?

It's so big.

It is big.

You know, it's a little rundown,
but I think it's getting there.

- Why don't you go in and check it out?
- Okay.

- Hi.
- Hey.

I was a little
worried about you.

You said 10:00
and it's almost 1:00.

We got lost.

Boy. Talk about
your fixer-upper.

Well... it's not
as bad as it looks.

Believe me, it's a whole
lot better than it was.

Your gas cap's off.

- Darce, what happened?
- I'm still shaking.

I pulled into a gas station
10 miles back.

Two bubbas who looked like extras
from "deliverance" run the place.

The minute I mentioned I was
coming up here, they attacked me.

They were about to rape me.

- I almost didn't get away.
- What?

I'm sorry. I should have
told you not to stop there.

Are you okay?

I'll feel better
once I file charges.

What the hell's their problem?

That is a long story.

Let's just get you
settled in, okay?


The morrison calley lawsuit
just finished pretrial deps.

The case got fast-tracked,
so he's all over us.

If paralegal jobs weren't
so scarce right now,

I'd be out of there.

Yeah, well, I'm
glad you're here.

You should have seen
this place before, darce.

The windows were
painted black...

and all the mirrors
inside were covered over.

I'm telling you,
you give me another week

and you won't
recognize this place.

That should help
take the edge off.

Yeah. Thanks.



what do you really
think of the place?

Once it's cleaned up,
I think it'll be fine.

You know, when I was
working in pediatrics,

that's how we used
to describe ugly babies.

Come on, peter.

I'm up here.
I brought pammy.

I kept my end of the bargain.

You're making it sound like
you have to take medicine.

It's your prescription.
You're the doctor...

Or at least you were.

Darce, come on. We've been
over this a thousand times.

I made a shitty doctor.

My heart was not in it.

You said you were
gonna fill me in.

So... who are the idiots
who broke my window?

Those idiots were
the hammond brothers.

They were squatting on the
property with their sister maude

when I bought the place, so I had to
get the municipal court to kick them out.

Needless to say,
they weren't happy about it.

Listen, let's...

Let's talk about you and i.

What is it, mark?

No no.
Brian has those papers.

I gave them to him
before I left.

Hello? Anybody in here?


It's a 1949 schwinn.

Who are you?
How'd you get in here?

I'm from down the lane,

but you can't tell.

I'm supposed to be
at home doing chores.

You live on a farm?

Yeah, about a mile from here.

Are there horses?

I'm taking riding lessons...
English saddle.

We had horses once,
but they died.

I love horses.

This bike's got the new style.

Toolbox tank with the battery
clip and switch built right in.

Wonder if we can get
these tires inflated.

Bicycle pump right over there.

You just wander in to other
people's houses without asking?

Ain't a house.
It's a woodshed.

I was just wondering
who's moving in.

- That's all.
- Peter campbell.

He and my mom used to be engaged.

He was a doctor then.

Now he quit. He just
writes short stories.

Are you moving in too?

There's not many kids
to play with around here.

We could be friends.

Me and my mom are just
here for the weekend.

I was worried there
wouldn't be any kids,

so, I'm glad you came over.

- I'm emma inge.
- Pamela wagner.

Wanna play dress-up?

Why don't I get this
bike working first?

Get it cleaned up
and go exploring.

You gotta stop, pamela.


This is witches' river.

It's haunted.

How old are you?

I'll be 11 in february.

Me too. Mommy says we
aquarians have active imaginations,

but I think we're both too old
to believe in witches, emma.

Do you have any baby teeth left?

So what if I do? But it's
just one, so it barely counts.

Best not to pull it till you're safe
at home. The witch collects teeth.

- How does she do that?
- Bad luck to talk about her.

Like voldemort in harry potter?

Who's harry potter?

Harry potter and
the sorcerer's stone.

Harry potter and
the chamber of secrets?

J.k. rowling?

My parents died when I was six.

I ain't allowed to
leave the farm much,

so I don't hear about
a lot of things.

Yeah, but still... harry potter!

Okay. Go on.

Tell me about
that silly old witch.

She used to live in
the house you're in...

a long time ago.

When she was alive,
she had a horrible disease.

Tumors grew in her mouth
and on her face.

Children teased her
when she went to school.

After her parents died,

she covered all the mirrors
in the house

and painted all
the windows black

and never came out,

but as she got old,
she got meaner.

She started luring
children up there,

taking their teeth
and killing them.

She'd put their teeth
in her magic music box,

and cursed the children so
their souls would be trapped...

to wander the earth forever.

And that's why they called
her the "tooth fairy."

And you say you
never read harry potter.

I have to get home before dark.

You better get home too.

You be careful, pamela.

Don't let the tooth fairy
have your last tooth.

She knows when they're loose.

Once she has it,
she'll kill you.


Pam! Is she upstairs?

No. No. Pammy!

I'll check the woodshed.

She's not there.
I already checked.

What's the fuss?

- My daughter's missing.
- I'll help you look.

Star and I could jump in
the truck. Maybe we could...

No, no. Bobby, let's
go check the backyard.

I used to live in this area.
I know these roads.

I'll drive.

Stephanie, I'm darcy.

Hi. Nice to know you.
What was she wearing?

Jeans and a blue hoodie.

It's been a cold july.
I hope she's warm enough.

Is that her?

Peter, she's here!

Oh! Thank god
we found you.

What happened to your mouth?

I fell. I knocked out
my last baby tooth.

good going, kiddo.

School pictures
coming up in a week

and now you have a big
hole in your smile.

♪ The sun comes up
with a bloody nose ♪

♪ it screams out
"eye of the gods" ♪

♪ another day older
another day tougher ♪

♪ the music plays
real loud ♪

♪ 'cause in the distance
is the thunder ♪

♪ Coming for you and i.

Once she has
your tooth, she'll kill you.

I met this girl today.
Her name's emma inge.

She lives on a farm
about a mile from here.

I was going to
invite her over tomorrow.

So, I asked bobby about her.

He lives in town,

but he said he never
heard of an inge family.

It's kind of strange, huh?

I never saw you
playing with a girl.

Was she nice?

Yeah, but,
she dresses kind of weird.

Well, this is the country,

It's a long way
to melrose avenue.

Do you believe
in witches, mommy?

Life isn't a harry potter
novel, pamela.

But didn't they used to burn
witches in salem, massachusetts?

In salem, they didn't
understand disease

or why so many babies
were dying during childbirth.

Since they couldn't
understand it,

they found people
who didn't fit in

and called them "witches"

and burned them at the stake

hoping to make their
problems go away.

What's all this about?

Emma says there used to be
a witch that lived in this house.

Right here in this house.

Well, she's not here anymore.

Okay? Now it's time
for you to go to sleep.

Leave the light on in the hall.


Nice night.

I couldn't concentrate on this
book in my room for some reason.

Listen to what I just found:

"Pigeons were originally brought
to this country as pets,

but they escaped and formed
feral populations

that are now the number one
pest bird in the u.s."

I didn't know that.
Did you?


You did?

I mean, no.
No. I...

I'm not sure.

I always loved animals,

even as a kid I used to have

all kinds of broken birds
and sick lizards and stuff

and nurse 'em back to health.

I... I was always kind of
your girl geek type, you know?

Then I started growing up...

This is what I ended up with.

No kidding, huh?

It's funny how you
can end up becoming

what it is you look like,

but underneath all this,
I'm still just

star roberts, girl geek.

It took me a mess of time
to get that sorted out,

but I'm on the right track now,

and I can hardly wait
to start my classes.

I play football.

Won the league
championships this year.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Got a scholarship
at fresno state.

Start two-a-day drills
in about a week.

What are you gonna study?

Uh, thought I'd try
electrical engineering.

You know, my folks, they
want me in farm management,

but I don't know if
I really want to be

in farm management
the rest of my life.

Just 'cause you live on a farm
and look like a farm boy,

doesn't mean
you have to be one, right?

Take it from somebody who
just took a three year detour.

Your dreams will carry you,

but you gotta be
willing to fly first.

So nice here.

I love it.

Mommy, where are you?

Who's that?
Who's there?

hush, child! Hush up!

- You'll raise the dead.
- Hey! Let go of her!

Who are you?

Mrs. macdonald.
Your next-door neighbor.

What are you doing sneaking
around up here? It's almost midnight.

What's going on?
Who was screaming?

You must listen to me,
all of you!

Your lives are in great danger.

This house is a place
of untold evil.

Awful things
have transpired here...

Unspeakable things to children!

- She was in my room.
- Nonsense, child!

I saw you.

You were leaning over my bed.

You tried to get my tooth.

That was not me.

It was her.

What do you mean "her"?

Who the hell are you
talking about?

The evil one is awake.

All this work on the house
has disturbed her slumber.

And, now, she will take
revenge on all of you.

Mark my words,

all who stay will die.

Pammy, I don't want you
listening to this.

Come on.

Listen, mrs. Macdonald,

I want you off of my property.

I don't care if you
are my neighbor,

you don't come
sneaking around here,

scaring that
little girl half to death.

Well, I have seen the witch,
and I know.

All of you must leave
before it's too late.

At least we know who not to
borrow a cup of sugar from.


Yeah! Ha! He shoots,
he scores!

Who is that?

Mrs. macdonald?

Peter doesn't want you
around here anymore.

- Mommy!
- What's that?

- Did you hear that?
- Yeah.

Sounded like it came
from the woodshed.

Come on.
Let's go.

Darce, I want you to stay
here with star and pam, okay?

- I'll be right back.
- Okay.


What the hell?

Excuse me, folks.

I'm gonna have the coroner

collect up the whole
dang mess, take it town.

That contraption turned that
poor boy into tomato puree.

You say he was fixing it?

Yeah, the engine
was all busted up,

but bobby figured
he could get it going.

He must've had his
head down there,

some dang thing tried to
free the chopper wheel.

Turned on by mistake
and got pulled in.

That boy was a football player
and a half. It's a damn shame.

He wanted to study engineering.

Why don't you folks
go on back to the house?

I'll let you know
when we're ready to leave.


Come on, star.

Do you want to talk about this?

I can't even bear
to think about it.

Later, then...

But I don't think
you should bury it.

We need to talk
about what happened.

I don't want it to
give you nightmares.

I'm too afraid to go
upstairs or go to sleep.

I understand,

but you have to try.

She was in my room, mom.

Mrs. macdonald
won't come back.

Peter made her go away.

I think she's the witch
who killed bobby.

There's no such thing
as witches.

But if she's not a witch,

how'd she know my
tooth was gone?

Emma says she always knows.

Once she gets my tooth...

she'll kill me.

You can't let your imagination
run away with you, honey,

and mrs. Macdonald
is just a crazy old lady.

We'll lock up tight.

She won't get in again.
I promise.

Come here.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Fine.

How could something
like that happen?

- How's pammy?
- Not so hot.

Now that this has happened,

I don't know if I feel...

the same way about this place.

Maybe moving up here

to be a writer wasn't
such a hot idea after all.

Maybe this whole thing
was a big mistake.

No. You gotta do
what you want.

I don't wanna put any
pressure on you, but

pammy and I would love
to have you come home.

Can't you write
stories anywhere?

Does it have to be at some
inn way out in the country?

Look, I admit that, you know,

this place hasn't...

been very peaceful,

but trust me, darce,

I will not let anything
happen to you or pam.

Come here.



Where's my car?

It was right there
when the cops left.

What kind of wack-job
takes a hyundai?

One of the reasons you drive those
things is because nobody ever steals them.

I got a hunch it's
the kind of lame crap

those dipshit hammond
brothers will be pulling.

Uh, sheriff pepper, please.

Well, when will he be back?

Okay. Thank you.

Won't be back till noon.

We'll wait till pammy gets up

and we'll take a trip into town.


To put a little sugar
in your day.

- Thanks, peter.
- You're welcome.

Now why don't you go check out

some of those cool sunglasses

and your mom and I
are gonna go talk

to the sheriff, okay?

- Okay.
- See you in a minute.

Meet me in the changing room.

You'll never believe
what happened last night.

Bobby boulet died.
It's all around town.

And the tooth fairy,
she was in my room.

She tried to get my tooth.

She can't come after you
unless your tooth is out.

As long as it's in
your mouth, you're safe.

I fell off the bike.
I knocked it out.

- And last night...
- Only one person

in the change room at a time.

I'm sorry. I'm all alone.

It's just my radio.
I'll turn it off.

I'm so scared.
She almost got me.

And, now, she's after
this tooth.

Now that the tooth fairy
wants that tooth,

she'll come after you
wherever you go.

You're not safe
unless we stop her.

How can we stop her?

If we give her your tooth,

she'll lead us to
the magic music box.

That's where she keeps
the teeth.

Once we have the music box,

I think her spell's broken.

Once she gets my tooth,
she'll kill me.

She can't bear
to look at herself.

Yes, but how will that
keep me alive?

We can use that.

We just have to be
very, very clever.

he seemed about as involved

as one of mark's
notorious sleeping jurors.

Well, they got their
hands full with the media

over bobby's death.

My car's probably
halfway to bolivia by now.

Maybe not.

I wonder if they took anything.

How do you unhook this thing?

It don't unhook.

Now we got ourselves
a full-fledged innkeeper.

What are you gonna do, chuck?

I want my car back.

You trespassed on
private property

and stole it.
That's against the law.

Well, I found these

in your backseat, missy.

It says here you're a paralegal

that's some kind of
lawyer's helper, isn't it?

See I'm figuring that this
means you understand

the concept of
a mechanic's lien.

Well, me and my brother, we
put one of them thing-a-ma-bobs

on your car here on account of

you took off without
paying for your gas.

- Bullshit!
- Darce.

Hey, shut up.
And you.

Keep your trap shut as well,

or I'm gonna fill
the hole with one of my

size 13 boots.

She didn't pay for her gas,

so we impounded the car.

Course calling this roller skate
a car is a mite bit of stretch,

but what the fuck, it takes
what the good lord provides.

If she owes you money
for gas, I'll pay it.

You obviously don't hear
too good, mr. Pete.

I said to "shut up"!

This ain't some
city court proceeding

where bullshit flows downhill,

and honest folks who miss
a few payments on their house

get run off like rabid dogs.

You were squatting
on my property.

Now just unhook
the car, asshole.

"Unhook the car, asshole."

Sounds like mr. Pete needs
to get took down a notch.

Don't get into a fight
over this, peter.

We'll just go to the sheriff.

you mean cousin claude?

Well, that ain't gonna work
out quite like how you think.

So go ahead.

See if you can't take back your
Korean leaf blower with windows,

but I best warn ya,
when the shit jumps off,

I aim to hammer you to dog shit.



Stop it!

I said stop it!

Feisty little beaver,
aren't you?

You son of a bitch.

Come on, darcy.
Come on. Let's go.

Wait a minute.

Come onto our property again...

I'll shoot your balls off.

- Cherise.
- Yeah?

Hey, cherise.
Come on out.

They're back.

Sure this guy isn't like
that other friend,

that... luis character
with that meth habit?

Uh-uh. Y-you're
gonna love pete.

His chakra is as blue
as a mountain lake.

He's been my main man
since high school.

H-hey, darce, pammy.

- Cole.
- What's up?

Ooh. What's the 411?
Someone throw down on you?


No, I just had a little
misunderstanding in town.

So what are you doing here?

You asked me to come up
and help, remember?

Yeah, but I...

I thought you said
you had a gig.


Cherise, meet the big dog.

This is cherise lowe.

We, uh, hired her on as a...

roadie for praying mantis.

You know, she puts stuff up,
takes shit down

and sells cds and t-shirts
in the lobby,

sometimes on the street.

I also read chakras
and adjust auras.

Oh, we sure could have used
some aura adjusting yesterday.

So, I thought your...
Your gig was up in portland?

Well, I wouldn't wanna
miss the grand opening.

The grand opening's july 1.

Oops. Hee-hee.
My bad.

Come here.
Gimme a hug.


Hey, um, look...

Well, I'm glad you're here.

I'm just gonna go inside

and get some ice on this.

I hope you put the other guy
in the hospital.

Well, it was guys, actually,

and, um...

You can say we did
adjust their auras.

Your personal landscape

is a manuscript
written by your actions.

When you fight, you always lose

more than you redeem.


You sort of had to be there.

Come on, pammy.


A transcendent evil
has been awakened in this house,

and it's started
to assert its will.

Tell me about it.

Easy on the freaky shit, man.

Worst part is, he was
starting college in a week.

So much to live for.


That kind of sucks the big one.

So sad. I wish I could
stop thinking about it.

It really bums me out.

I totally understand.

What kind of music do you play?

It's, uh...
alternative country rap.

It's a genre I created myself.


I always wanted to
play an instrument,

but, uh... god didn't
give me that gift.

And I think I'm tone-deaf.

Oh, you might be tone-deaf,

but you score
in some other departments.

I mean, look at you.
Fucking gorgeous.

God gave you plenty.
I mean, forget music.

You should be
a model or something.

No. I already
tried that.

Modeling's for losers.

I'm going to be a veterinarian.

Start school next week.

That is so cool.

You think so?


Most guys try and
talk me out of it.

They want me to stay
just the way I am.

Not me, man. You know?

So many girls,

all they
think about is dumb stuff

like, uh, "how's my hair look?

Are my boobs too small?"

You know,
"do I look fat in this?"

It gets real old because
it's always about them.

I mean, to be truly beautiful,

you gotta give the best part
of yourself to others.

You can't see real beauty.

It's transcendent.

That's very insightful.

And so... poetic.

I'm a songwriter, so, uh...

poetry kind of comes
with the territory.

Hey. Who wants wine?

None for me, thanks.

I have two chapters
to get through tonight.

- Good night.
- Night.

Some things never
change, do they?

Thank you.

Cole, I wanted again
to say thanks

for coming up on
such short notice.

I mean, with what happened
to bobby and all, I...

I just don't know how

I would have got
the place open by july 1.

Look, unfortunately,

it took a lot longer to get
up here than I thought,

and, uh, we needed
a new clutch for the van.

We burned through
all our contingency dough.

I got stuck in bakersfield
for two days.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to
leave first thing in the morning.

- Well, I mean...
- our new cd is slamming, man.

You gotta hear it.

Uh, we sell it at our gigs.
Seven bucks a copy.

We're doing good. We're
averaging, 75 copies a show.

Congratulations, cole.
That's great.

Here's just, um,

one little ant
stuck in the afterbirth.

Uh, we're gonna burn
a couple of hundred copies,

and with the van breaking down

and the cost of the posters
for the oregon event, um...

You need to borrow some money.


Look, dog, uh...

I don't want it to seem like

that's the only reason
I stopped by.

I mean, if the clutch
hadn't ghettoed on me,

we'd be moving furniture and cutting
back brush for two days already.

So how much do you need?

Aw, seven would be good.

800 would be awesome!


Peter doesn't have limitless
financial resources, cole.

The inn isn't even bringing
any money in yet.

I didn't just come up
for the money, darce.

You know, I wanted to kick back with
you guys and catch up on old times.

I-I don't think we should stay.

I had a bad feeling
about this place.

Cherise, ink isn't
even dry on this thing

and you wanna boogie?
No way.

A vengeful ghost...

seeks the souls of
all who quarter here.

That's the exact same thing
that mrs. Macdonald said.



- Hey.
- Hey.

how's the head?

Uh, um...

Which one?

Well, you were
very brave in town.

So were you.

We always did make
a good team, didn't we?

I just never...

figured it would be for
beating up a couple of bubbas.

I been trying to
sort some things out.

You know,
all this stuff with pammy.

Her imagination is amazing,

but sometimes I worry about her.

She has these weird fantasies
that she seems to believe in.

This is a critical
time in her life.

It's got me thinking.

Thinking about what?

Oh, maybe being away
at the office all the time

isn't so good for her right now.

You guys should move up here.

I'm not sure yet.

I don't wanna give up everything

I've been working for.

With you gone,
I have to admit...

the apartment seems very empty.

Life isn't as good as it was.

I think the hammond brothers
have redeemed themselves.

Maude. Maude.

Stop right there for a minute.

That's far enough.

She's gonna go up to the house
and make some noise,

keep 'em busy.
We're gonna get the truck.

She ain't exactly been paddling
a straight canoe, chuck.

What the hell is she
gonna do to keep 'em busy,

and what is she doing with
that old kitchen knife again?

- Shut up!
- Ow!

- Dang it.
- Let me do this.

Now go on, maude.
Get around back.

- Shh.
- What you gonna do, chuck?

You gonna hot-wire it?

Assholes cut the fuel line.

That ain't gonna be good enough.

Oh, shit.

She ain't got no fucking idea
what she's doing.

All roads wind uphill.

Death is only a veil

that shadows life.

Blood upon the altar.

Wings across the sand.

Now is a time

for a cleansing song.

Evil witch, begone.

What pagan sign are you?

From the autumn equinox?

The spirit of beltrane.

Stop! I command you.

I am initiated in
the ways of the unforgiven.

Return from whence you came!

Begone, evil spirit!

Hey! The hell's
going on in there?

Cherise, open the door!

Shit, man.


Darcy, no!


Why are you doing this?


Pammy's gone.

No! No, I won't!

Cole, grab the front!

- Cole, come on.
- Yeah.

Emma! I need you now!

Who the hell's that?

That's the woman
from the gas station.

The hammonds' crazy sister.

That's who's been scaring pammy.

I-I don't think so, darce.
It's something else.

We gotta find her, peter.
Where could she have gone?

I don't know.
She probably took her bike.

Bet she went looking
for her friend emma.

She thinks emma's
an expert on witches.

- Okay. Where does she live?
- I don't know.

We'll go to the neighbors
and we'll ask around. Okay.

Cole, get a hold of the cops.
Tell 'em to get up here.

And in the meantime, don't go
in the room or touch the bodies.

- All right.
- We'll be right back.

Come on.

Wait. Oh. Ew.

You called?

It's horrible. There's a dead
woman out in front of the porch.

There's another one upstairs.

A younger girl.

I saw her spirit leave.

We've gotta get
the tooth fairy's music box.


There isn't much time left.

She intends to kill everybody.

But she's got a nail gun
and an ax,

and she runs
faster than anything.

There's no way we'll get
close enough to get it.

Do you wanna save the children?

I wanna save mommy and peter.

Then you've got to come with me.

Come on.
We've got to hurry.


You're going down for
a dirt nap, honey!

stop it!

There's a hole in the road!

They're okay.
Keep going.

Son of a bitch.

I told you there was an
evil spirit in that house.

How many people have to die
before you believe me?

Ancient druids wrote
about children who die

at the same time that
they lost their last tooth.

Legend tells us

that they are cursed
to wander the earth

until their teeth have
been returned to them.

That is how the legend of
the tooth fairy was first born.

We need to find my daughter.

Can you help us?

Now the witch
that resides in your house

has trapped the spirits
of many children

by stealing their teeth

and giving them nothing.

In the old days,

the witch hunters had a sense

that fire would cleanse
the evil spirit.

That's why they burned witches
at the stake.

And in celtic lore,

it is said that the soul

is a double spiral,

or a ball of light times two.

Peter, we need to get out
of here and find pammy.

You must burn this witch
with flames.

But you must do it two times.

The first time, she will
extinguish herself, unharmed.

But the second burning

will consume her spirit.

Come on, peter. We...

By the second burning,
I promise, she will be gone.

Thank you,
mrs. Macdonald,

but we really need to go.

Come on.

I'm through messing with peter,

his uppity bitch
and that snot-nosed kid.

What are you gonna do, chuck?

Well, I'm gonna start
by taking a piss,

then I'm gonna go up there and
knock that guy's dick in the dirt.

Shouldn't we just
ought to call cousin claude?

You hear what I just said?

What are we gonna do, chuck?

Why don't you ever
shut the fuck up?

Fool ain't got the brains
god gave green apple.

I mean, would you
find your own tree?

Can't a man even
take a leak by himself?


What are you doing, chuck?


What's your dick
doing over there, chuck?

What are we gonna do...

now, chuck?

Who are they?
Are they ghosts?

These are some of the children

who were killed
by the tooth fairy.

Are you a ghost too?

They chose me to come to you.

It was said that a noble spirit
would set us free.

When you came here yesterday,

we sensed your spirit.

We're trapped
between heaven and hell.

You're our only hope
to set us free.

I'm okay, mom. Really.

We were so worried.
Where were you?

I was on the far
side of the woods,

in the graveyard.

The ghosts of lots of children

are trapped there.

Come on, pammy.

Darce, let's just hear
what she has to say.

You know, maybe this explanation
isn't quite as simple

as a couple of rednecks
and their crazy older sister.

Will you come with me, mommy?

It's not that far.

Maybe I can get them
to show themselves.


What is it?

Pam, I found your friend.
Emma inge.

Emma? I need you.

This is crazy.

Emma said she could move
little things.

Most of the other children
are like that too.

But they can't
affect matter very much.

Darce, we have two...

dead bodies back at the inn.

I think we need to
get hold of the police

and try to explain that to them.

And... also, cole and star

are probably
freaking out by now.

Hey. So, come on.
Let's go.

It's her.


Emma, tell them.
Show them.

They can't see or hear me.

I can't change that.

It's just the way it is.

Who are you talking to, pammy?

It's her, mom.
She's standing right there.

She's the one
who made the candle fall.

I think the wind made it fall.

No, mom.
She's standing right there.

Pam, come on. Now.

Emma, you have to
move that candle again.

Show them you're here.

I can't.
It's too heavy.

It took all my strength just
to knock it off the headstone.

Ask the others to help.

Help us, everybody.

Throw the candle.




Do you believe me now?

How did you do that?

It wasn't me.
It was them...

The spirits of those children.

Maybe we should do what, uh...

pam and emma want us to do.


Come on, man.

Shit. It's the third try.

Couldn't get through
to the sheriff.

Storm must've knocked
the phone lines out.

Yeah, I really hope
they find pammy.

It's getting rough out there.

You writing a song?

Yeah. You know,

shit like this really, uh...

brings stuff up.

You have some really
deep feelings.

You just gotta
get 'em down on paper.

All the stuff that...

used to seem important
just doesn't anymore.

No, uh...

I hate to admit it
but I'm, uh...

kind of a selfish guy.

I don't mean to be, it's just...

I sort of use people.

Guys like peter,
they're an easy mark. I...

I leech off of him, steal...

Man, I was gonna...

I was gonna smoke
this 800 bucks he gave me.

Right now, I'm feeling
really shitty about myself.

People change, cole.

I mean, you didn't
try to use me.

Babe, I was trying
to get in your pants

the first time I saw you.

What stopped you?

It's kind of...

hard to get it up with all this

freaky shit going on.

I'm really glad that
you told me something

that you're not very proud of.

That takes real courage, cole.

I mean, my mom
always told me that

people who can
recognize their faults

are destined to change them.


I see a lot of inner strength.

Cherise said my aura
was muddy and brown.

Maybe it was then,

but it's not now.

Come on.



- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Yeah. Yeah.

You're right.

Somehow this all makes sense.

Death and love...

both make life more valuable.

Sounds like lyrics from a song.

Maybe it will be.

Come here.


I have to... I'll be right back.

I just have to go get ready.

Who's that?


Shoo. Go.

Oh, yeah.


Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, go.

Ooh. Yeah, come on.

That was quick.
Oh, yeah. That's it.

Don't be so impatient.

Yeah, my head.
Now pull it.

You wanna spank me?

Yeah, of course.

Yeah? Come here.
Wanna spank...


Look at you. Hmm.

Darce, you guys
go in and get dry.

- I'll be right back.
- Peter, wait.

Emma says we have
to burn the witch.

I know. I think I have
some gas in the garage.

Now go on in and see if cole
got a hold of the sheriff.

Be careful.


Come on.

Cole, star, we're back.

We need to talk to you guys.

Peter said
the electricity was funky.

I don't think that's
funky electricity, mom.

Oh. Let's get
you dried off.

Well, that'll have to do.

Okay now let's get you upstairs
and out of those wet clothes,


Upstairs, peter.


Oh, pammy.


Geez. Shit.

Star. Star.

Star. Star.
It's okay. Come on.

Come on. It's okay.


It's okay. It's okay.
Calm down.

What the fuck is going on?!

Okay, okay. Come here.
Come here. Come here. Shh.

Shh. I got you. I got you.
I got you.

It's okay. Shh.

It's okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay.

Why can't I just do it?
Why does it have to be pam?

Because it's my tooth.

The music box is magical.

Emma said that you have to have
a connection to it to see it.

My tooth is the connection.

I'm scared to death
to go back in there.

Well, we have to, mommy.
It's the only way.

Bobby got killed out here.

But if she finds you...

Emma taught me a trick

to slow her down.

A mirror.

You and peter have to
stay close and be ready.

Okay, come on.
Let's go.

I want my tooth back.

Run, pammy, run!

Hey, bitch!

Pam! Grab the box!

That's one.



Now, mommy! Now!

Go, darce, go!

Get your teeth, everyone.

Get your teeth.

are you okay?

Yes, mommy.
I'm finally okay.

Are they all gone, pam?

They're going back
where they belong.

Thank you for saving us.

Thank you for saving me.

I'll be waiting.

When you get there,
bring some dress-up.



I forgot something.

My tooth.


Well, I guess that's everything.

- Ha. Well, I hope so.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry for moving out

and, uh, breaking
the lease and everything.

I just...

After everything
that's happened.

Star, it's fine. Really.

Everyone feels the same way.

A lot of bad stuff
happened here, and...

Actually, I'm...

gonna move darcy and
pam back to the city,

and I'm gonna sell this place.

You're a good man.

Well, thanks.

I want you to know I
appreciate what you did for me.

You're really kind, and you...

treated me like a person,
not a thing,

and I'm not really used to
being treated that way, so...

I want you to know
how much that meant to me.

- Sure.
- Thank you.

- Take care of yourself.
- Okay.


so, you guys ready?

Yup. Pam'll
be right down.


Peter, I want us to try again.