The Toolbox Murders (1978) - full transcript

A lunatic runs around an apartment complex, apparently home only to attractive flight attendants with a tendency towards exhibitionism. While there, the lunatic tries to kill all the tenants with the contents of a toolbox. Based (probably quite loosely) on a true story.

All secularists, in contempt-

Traitors, high-minded lovers of
the flesh more than lovers of God.

My friends, the Bible isn't talking about
the day before yesterday, or yesterday.

It's talking about today!

The people of today
worship fame, power.

They worship wealth, drugs.

And unless you repent your sins
and turn your trust and faith to God,

then, brother,
you're going to burn in hell.

'Cause no man
can serve two masters!

You cannot continue
to worship the evil of this world...

and serve God at the same time.

Oh, I've heard it all.

"I've got plenty of time.
I don't have to do all this right now!

I can wait a while!"

I say to you that today-

we are going through
perilous times.

You may not have time, brother.

You may not have time!

This could very well be your
last day on the face of this earth!

Because the Bible says...

"Wherefore if thy hands
or thy feet offend thee,

"cut them off
and cast them away.

"It is better for thee, rather than
having two hands or two feet...

"to be cast into
everlasting fire.

"And if thine eye offends thee,
pluck it out and cast it from thee.

"For it is better for thee
to enter into life with one eye...

rather than having two eyes
and be cast into hellfire!"

Friends, if you sin, you are
going to burn in hell forever.

Think about it, friends!

Forever is a long time!

You might say,
"Well, I try to be good.

I try not to sin.
I try."

Let me tell you,
"I try" is not good enough.

"I try" is not going to
pull you through.

"I try" is just not going
to hack it, my friend.

4-0-5, may I help you?

You say, "Why should I be worried?"

I say to you, get down-
get down on your knees...

and pray in your heart,
in your soul.

Turn your life over...

to Jesus Christ!

Pluck it out!
If it's a sin, cut it out!

If it's against the word of God,
cut it out!

At the same time came the disciples
unto Jesus saying,

"Unless you come as little children
you shall not enter into the kingdom of'-

"And who so shall receive
one such little child in my name"-

Oh, you.

What the hell's going on?

Call you Monday,

and you show up Thursday...


What the hell are you doing?


No! No! No! No!


Deborah! Did you leave
that mess in the hallway?

Jesus Christ!


No, please.


This is WRON, 1530 on your radio dial.

The time now is 6:45, brought to
you by Burlington Motor Company.

at Burlington Motor Company,

if you want the wheels,
they have the way.

The weatherman says low clouds
late night and morning.

Otherwise it's going
to be sunny tomorrow.

Now here's a song
that we've had a lot of requests for.

In fact, it's number five this week
on the national survey.


You sure this is imported?

Well, I got it at the drugstore.

That's what it looks like.

Oh, my God.


John? John!


What is it?
Look at that.




Oh, my- Goddamn.

Oh, my-

You knew this Mrs. Andrews
pretty well?

No, not really.

I try to meet
all of my neighbors,

but I don't get too friendly,
if you know what I mean.

She live here alone?

Uh, yeah.
She was divorced, you know.

Excuse me.

How long have they lived here?

Only one of them lives-
lived here.

Debbie. That one.

She moved in
about six months ago.

- How long have you lived here?
- I don't live here. I was just visiting.

I only talked to her once,
I mean, only just to say hi.

It was... right after
she first got here.

She was disappointed
they wouldn't let her have a dog.

Adults only, you know.
No pets.

Anyway, she was just
kinda quiet, I mean-

She just ran around
with her girlfriends.

How about boyfriends?

I never saw any.

Anything strange
ever happen in here?

Strange? No.

Mark, uh, come here.

Okay, thank you very much.
We may get back to you.

Thank you.
Excuse us.

Listen, uh, this is Mr. Kingsley.
He owns the building.

Mark Jamison. So glad
you could make it down here.

My God, this is terrible.

You gotta forgive me.
I can't stand the sight of blood.

I was just dozing off
when the phone rang.

Pretty horrible thing
to wake up to.

It's terrible.
I wasn't expecting anything like this.

You see,

this is a security building.

I-I find it very difficult to grasp.

Well, there was no signs
of forcible entry.

Mr. Kingsley, we're gonna have
to ask you to write out a list for us...

of all the present tenants, anybody
that moved out in the last two years.

I'll be glad to give it to you.

You see,
I personally screen all applicants-

place of employment, references.

My God, what's happened here,
it just-

Well, it just shouldn't have
happened to any of them.

Oh, Laurie, what time is it?

It's 8:30. Oh, my God. I meant to
get up and make breakfast for you.

Did you eat?
I'm not hungry, Mom.

Oh, honey, you can't go
without something to eat.

Mom, I gotta run.

I'll get up and make you something.

Jesus, Laurie, why didn't you
wake me up? I'm gonna be late.

Well, maybe
if you weren't out all night.

Where'd you go anyway
at 12:00 midnight?

How many times have I gotten you
up when you slept through the alarm?

Boy, you're pretty grouchy
this morning.

Yeah, that's me in the morning.

Hey, I'll be home for dinner.
What are you fixing?

Ah, le specialty of the house-
chicken a la TV dinners.

What? Again?

Think fast!



Hi, Rennie.

Hey, Laurie, did you hear what happened last
night? It was in the apartment right above us.

My dad almost saw the guy.
I mean, he heard the car start.


No! No!

Oh, please.
What are you doing?

Put- Put it down.
Please put it down.

I'll do anything you say.

I'll do anything you say.
Please put it down. Listen to me. Please.

Put it down.

I'll do anything.



Put it down.

No. Anything.


Are you kidding?


No, I'd never get away with it.

You big goof.

Because I can't.

No- I know.

I know, but-

Mom always told me that I'd either
end up divorced or with a bunch of kids,

and a crappy job like her.


No. Okay?



Well, I'd better go study, 'cause, uh, I'm
getting pretty embarrassed by this conversation.


Okay. Good-bye.

Laurie? Laurie?


Where the hell is she?

"Brazil- 500,000 square miles,
200 million population.

Settled in 1543 by Portug-".

Damn it, Laurie, did you know
you left the door op-

And where have you been if you
don't know where your sister is?

Jesus Christ, Joey, with what just happened
next door! Well, she's gotta be down-

Look, just get me something
cold to drink and go get her, will ya.

Oh, my God! Call the police!

Somebody call the police!


It's Dee Ann. She's-

Oh, don't look!

Laurie! Where's Laurie?
Has anybody seen my daughter?

Well, I guess that's
all we'll need from you now.

Joe, you wanna take her outside?

Can you tell me anything
about this girl's habits?

Looks like the possibility of an
assault as well as a homicide,

so anything at all
would be helpful.

Well, I-I've never been
in her place before.

Of course, we used to see her going in and out
of the building, especially in the evening.

Because... I'm- I'm at work,
uh, all day, every day.

I wondered what it was like
in here.

What we're trying to find out is,
who'd want to cut his way in here?

Do what?

Do you have any impression
about her sex life?

Well, I-

T-These places
are pretty soundproof, you know.

Thank you.

Okay, Cameron,
I'll take over with him now.

Man, you look tired. Why don't you go home
and get some sleep. Yeah, I could use it.

No, thanks.


So, how you doin'?
Just fine.

My neighborhood
is the target of some maniac,

and my sister's been kidnapped,
probably by the same guy.

How are you this morning?

Take it easy, Joe.
Maybe you can help.

Last night you said
you knew Dee Ann Devore.

How well did you
know her? Not well.

Sometimes after Mom would get home I'd have to go
knock on Dee Ann's door, ask her to keep it down.

Well, you know, music.

Just really loud music
is all we ever heard.

Good-lookin' girl, huh?

I guess so.

How about the victims from the
night before? Did you know them?

Well, I saw their pictures
on the news.

I sort of recognized one of 'em.
One of 'em?


Joey, they lived 50 feet from your door,
they're good-looking girls,

and you're telling me
you only recognized one of 'em.

What are you getting on my case for? Maybe I
wasn't paying too much attention to the news.

You really want my help,
or am I some kind of suspect?

Okay, last night.
Give me your story again.

Like I told you,

I got in at about 11:15.

Larry Grinnell, Laurie's boyfriend,

he already told you
what time he talked to her.

She was alone, right?

Yeah, we talked to Larry. We talked to a lot
of other people. Now we're talking to you.

Last night you told Sergeant
Cameron you went to the show.

That's right.
Who'd you go with?

I went by myself. Want me to tell you
who was in it? You wanna hear the plot?

You out late a lot?
How about the night before?

The night before?

Uh, oh, yeah. I got hungry late,
so I went out... alone.

Your mother said
you were home all night.

Well, that's what I told her.

Now, what about my sister?

Is she in the habit of going out at night too?
Maybe staying out all night?

Lieutenant, she's 15 years old.

- So what?
- She's not that kind of girl!

Maybe we oughta
ask her boyfriend, uh, Larry...

what kind of girl she is.

Look, Joey, we got four violent, bloody
murders and a possible kidnapping.

I'm supposed to think this guy butchered
these girls, then kidnapped your sister?

I mean, it's possible,
but it doesn't make sense.

All right, what do you think
happened to her?

Maybe she saw the murderer,
got scared, ran away. I don't know.

I'm just saying that you need more than a
spilled Pepsi to prove that she was kidnapped.

if you won't find her, I will.

You know, Joe, I bet you will.


Hey, Joey.
How's it going?

Revisiting the scene, huh?

That's not funny, Miller.

Well, what are you doing here?

I live in the next building.
What are you doing here?

My uncle owns the place, you know.
I work for him sometimes.

Did they, uh, find your sister yet?
What do you know about my sister?

It's all over school
she was kidnapped.

Larry said it happened right after
he talked to her on the phone.

About the same time as that
murder last night, wasn't it?


What do the cops think?
They think she's still alive?

- I'm sorry.
- To hell with what the cops think.

- They're not even sure she was kidnapped.
- Well, then what?

Kent, you mean you're gonna-

Yeah, you got it.
On clean-up.

Well, the police got
about everything they needed.

Joey, come here.

It doesn't look like he stabbed her
or anything right here.

More like the blood
wiped off from his shoes,

not like it gushed out or-
Don't you think?

This isn't gonna get to you?

No, man. It's just a job.

I didn't know you had to work.

If I want to get around. Dad gave
me the car, but I gotta get my own gas.

Well, this is where she died.

Come here.

Look at all that blood.

Hey, Joey, you wanna earn
a few extra bucks?

Uncle Vance isn't gonna mind as long as this
gets cleaned up before everybody moves out.

There's a lot of glass.

Must have cut her
with the bottle.

Well, he sure chased her
around this room.

There's blood
all over these walls.

You shouldn't be here.

Doesn't matter who's paying you
to be here. You shouldn't be here.

Well, sure, I should. I can take it.
It's not going to ruin me.

It's not even gonna touch me,
not the way with my Uncle Va-

You knew Cathy.
Cathy Kingsley?

Yeah, your cousin.

That was terrible, that wreck.

She, uh- She was
a sophomore, right?

Kinda small and pretty?

Yeah. Really, really pretty.

I'm sorry.

It didn't happen all that long ago.

Something, uh,
terrible happens and, uh,

it really stops everything for you.

Hey, Kent,
you wanna help me with something?


Oh, yeah, sure.
What do you want?

Well, let's see.
We'll need some solvent and glue.

If we're really gonna find out
what's happened to Laurie,

we're gonna have to break the police
seal on the door and then replace it.

You know, it's funny, but Laurie
used to be kinda interested in you.

She even asked me one time
if I could fix her up with you.

I told her you were out of
her league. You're kidding me.

She's a fox!

Don't worry, Joey.
Laurie will be okay.

She'll turn up soon.
I know it.

Joey, it's a lot worse
than the last one.

Oh, God, that's her.

She sure was pretty.

Hey, Kent.

That's disgusting.

Aw, hell,
there's nothing around here.

Let's go back to work.

Nail gun.


He got her with a nail gun.

You know, it's one
of those things you use-

Come on, let's go.


Oh, Al!

Listen, Jo, you didn't have to show up today.
Not this early anyway.

You want me to stay at home?
What do you mean?

You go home and get some sleep.
I'll call Pam and ask her to fill in.

Can't. I can't...
stay home and be still.

I've gotta be out.

Okay, good lady.
Glad to have you.

Thank you, Al.

I never could stay at home.

Kids were always so good, I figured,
well, must be doing something right.

Laurie's close, Al.


I mean, I feel it.
I can just... sense it somehow.

I keep thinking any minute I'm gonna look
up and she's gonna be just standing there.

Or she'll call.
She could call here.

She- She will...

when- when she gets the chance.

Oh, Al!

Mom said the doc gave Uncle Vance
some kinds of pills,

but still I don't wanna wake him up if he's sleeping,
so let's be careful when we put that stuff away.

Come on.

Hey, I feel like I'm playing
hooky. It's because we are.

Geez, what was that?

You're afraid
of your own shadow.

Can you get it together long
enough to locate the paint?

I think I know where he keeps
the rollers. I'll get the lights.

Uncle Vance.

Hi. It's me. Kent.

Look, sorry.
Didn't mean to wake you up.

Anyway, this is my friend, Joey.
Joe Ballard.

He's gonna help me clean up.
It's okay, isn't it?

We, uh- We brought back some of
the stuff. We're looking for the rollers.

Gonna start painting tomorrow.

Uncle Vance, you okay?

I was just fixing
something to eat.

Hey, that sounds great.

Not bad, huh?
There's more to come.

Hey, he's all right.

This is what we're looking for.

Well, we can use these.

How many buckets of paint will we
need? Uh, I was thinking about three.

I'll get some
of these drop cloths.

I'll take this one.

Got it?
Yeah. Should about do it.


I brought you a lollipop. Hmm?

Isn't that nice?


Hey, you're all messed up.

What a mess.


Brush you a little bit. There.

There. Isn't that better? Hmm?

Are you crying?
You've been crying?

Well- Why?

You got everything here.

I mean, Cathy'd want you to have it.

You remember Cathy.

Hmm? Don't you remember
what happened to my Cathy?


She was prettier than you.

She was so young.

God, she was young.

But the best are always taken
when they're young.

I think maybe God wants it that way,
because the world would ruin 'em.

I- I tried to keep her right,

to keep her good.

But today, in this world,

I think that's impossible.


You see, it's such a bad world.

Laurie, it's bad. It's evil.
Full of evil.

Oh! Terrible people.

But, you see,
if you get rid of the evil-

then all that's left is good.

Life is so simple.

I mean, it really
should be simple.

Life, I mean.

But we- we mess it up, don't we?

You take that woman-

Poor, sick woman-

Uh, Mrs. Andrews.

She was drunk- Ah.
Filthy. Dirty.

So dirty.

Oh! But God knows...

I'm humane. I'm compassionate.

I did it very quickly-
as quickly as I could-

because I never want
to cause suffering.

You know, like on the farm when you
take care of an old dog or an old horse.

No suffering. Mm-mmm.

That woman-

That woman that lived
downstairs from you,

I stood and I watched her.

She didn't see me.
Oh, no. She didn't see me.

But I watched her, and she did...

terrible things to her own body.

I mean, unnatural things.

Unnatural. Unnatural.

Unnatural! Unnatural! Unnatural!

It's all so ugly.

It's an- an ugly world.

Want to eat your lollipop? Hmm?



I'm sorry, baby.


Ah, there.

I'll take these offtoo.

My little girl.

My little Cathy.

I'm sorry, baby.
I am so sorry.

There. Ah, there.

Hmm. That's better. Hmm?

Now, you better not eat
the lollipop now.

I want you to eat your lunch.

There, baby.
My little girl's got to eat.

I brought
your favorite sandwich.

Oh, here. Let's clean
this up a bit there.

Don't cry.

Please don't cry.
Now, drink some milk.

Just a swallow. Come on.

More milk. I remember.
You never liked milk.

You know, I shouldn't
have told you about that.

But that never will happen to you.

And you know, the others-

they were all committing
unnatural acts with each other.


I know it.

It's because they were never taught
what was right when they were little.

Nobody to teach 'em.
And they grew up.

It was too late.
They were too old to learn.

And the Bible says,

"If one of thy members
offend thee, cut it off."

Cut it off!

So I cut 'em. I did it.

Huh? I cut all the evil out.

It was gone.

And there was nothing
but good left.

I mean,
that's when I saw you again.

And it has-
it has been good, hasn't it?

Huh? I mean, everything and everybody's
been so nice to me again.

The police were nice this morning.

Oh, the police are nice
every time they talk to me now.

I didn't say it, but I, uh-

They know that I-

I- I've been sad.

I have been sad.


I've been... sad, Cathy.

Cathy. Cathy.


Oh, my baby.

My little girl.

My Cathy. My baby.

- Daddy?
- Hmm?

Daddy, my wrists hurt.

Oh. Oh, yes, I know, honey.

I have to put 'em
together again.

Oh, no. No, Daddy. Don't do that.
Please don't do that, Daddy.

I must. I must. Cathy,
I must. It hurts. It hurts.

You know I must.

I know what you've been through,
my darling, my little girl.

But I'm doing the best I can.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

Would you...

tell me?

Did it hurt... much,

I mean, when God
took you away from me?

Did that hurt...
when you died?

No. No.

Dying's easy.

It's over in a second.

This hurts worse.

I know.

But I can't bear
to you lose you again, Cathy.

What's it like?

What's it like where you are?

Well, it's all-
Well, it's all purple.

- Like the lollipop?
- Uh-huh.

And you never get to see God.

And it's like you're flying around.

And you-

you know...

what everybody else
is- is thinking, and-

and you know all the
answers they wanna know.

And- And you're real close to them,
if they only knew it.

And you can't tell 'em anything,

because they can't hear you.

Oh, baby.

Papa loves you.

Oh, don't.
Don't cry anymore.

No, please. No.
It won't hurt.

Don't cry, darling.

And don't die anymore.

Excuse me.
You got time to talk?

It's not bad news.
It's no news.

I figured, uh, maybe
you can help me out.

Any way I can.

Well, I went by your place,

and, uh, then I figured
you'd be here.

Uh, look, I'd like some privacy for
the kind of questions I gotta ask you.

- Uh, what time do you get off?
- Not till after 2:00.

Yeah. Well, I'm off at 1:00 officially.

Uh, maybe I could just hang
around here until you're ready to go.

Look, when I finish here,
I go straight home to my children.

So if there's something you need
to know, the sooner, the better.

I'm sorry.

Listen, can I have just
a couple of minutes with you?


Look, I'm- I'm looking for Laurie.

I'm at a dead end.
I'm fishing.

I understand.

You must think it's kind of funny,
my being here,

but I'm-I'm just trying to get through.

I'm just doing what I know how to do
till- till she gets home.

I know. We're- We're both
used to working long hours.

Look, I gotta ask you something,
and it's gonna sound lousy.

Does Laurie kind of flirt?

I mean, girls today,
they all seem to get around.

Not at all.

As a matter of fact,
she's rather immature for her age.

The last few years, she's gotten crushes on boys a few
years older than she is, but she'd never let 'em know.

Now she's-

she's going out
with just one boy her- her own age.

Going out with?
Just going out.

How about Laurie's
behavior that would- No.

Has she mentioned to you
any men in the neighborhood...

maybe that, uh,
seemed interested? No.

I don't know.

Maybe you and I ought to
get together, and we ought to-


Just find Laurie, please.

We'll find her. Okay?

I thought I'd sing to you,

'cause we haven't done that
in a long time.


Hey, Joey. How you doing? Hi.

Hi, Joe.

Are you looking for the next
victim, Detective Jamison?

He says the, uh, glasses
are police equipment.

Come on over here
and take a look.

Maybe you can find something.

I don't get it.

Well, I haven't got it either.
That's the point.

See, the killer is a repeater,

a planner.

Now, he could live somewhere
in the neighborhood.

And he could've learned
the, uh, habits of the victim...

with- Well, who knows? He
might not have even needed these.

Did you, uh, turn up
any leads at home?

No, sir, I haven't.

How did he do it?
I mean, how did he kill Mrs. Andrews?

He killed her with a drill.

Well, the way you look at it,
the murderer's a guy-

The murderer is a guy
who knows what he's doing.

I mean, we got three
apartments, one forced entry.

That leaves me to believe that he
conned his way into the other two.

What if he didn't?

What if he didn't con his way in?
What if he didn't have to?

Oh, good thinking, kid. Now, what did
he do, find the key under the doormat?

Nice guy, huh?

I'd say about average.

Well, I'd better get started. Oh,
listen, Joey, you don't have to.

I mean, uh, I wouldn't cry
if you didn't help.

I can do it nice and slow, and, uh-

Besides that, I, uh,
wouldn't have to split the money with you.

Yeah, I'd bet.

Hey, really, I gotta
check in with my mom.

Okay. I'll see you later.

Bye bye.

Yes, Joey?

Mom, I need the car keys, okay?
I'm just gonna go down-

They're in my purse, honey.

Where's your purse?

I think it's in the kitchen.

Okay, Mom, I got 'em.
I'll see you later.

Bye, dear.

Need some tools, Joey?

He did it.

Your uncle killed all those women,
and he's got my sister.

Shh. Hey, come on, come on.
Keep your voice down.

Keep my voice down?

Come here.
Look at this stuff.

See this?

Hmm? A drill bit?

Yeah, a drill bit.
And look a little closer.

This is blood.

Is this what you've got,
a rusty old drill bit?

But look at this stuff.

Here. Take a look at this.
Is this just rust?

And there's a lot more.

And look at th-

Kent, are you crazy?
Don't point that thing at me.

Oh, hey, I'm sorry, Joey.
Now, listen,

there's stains all over this stuff,
and I'm telling you it's blood.

And they've got tests they can do
to prove it's human blood...

and if it matches someone's blood
that's been killed.

Joey, you're crazy.
It must be the strain.

Look, suppose you walk around
saying silly things like that?

And just suppose, for the hell of it, that
that dumb-ass Detective Jamison believes you?

It could, uh, cause
a lot of trouble for my uncle.


we are very well thought of.

So, you see, I got to protect my family.

Ow! My eyes!

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

lit the night with firelight.

Kent, I won't tell anybody.

Joey, Joey, burning bright, lit the night
with firelight. I won't tell anybody, Kent.

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

lit the night with firelight.

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

lit the night with firelight.

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

lit the night with firelight.

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

lit the night with firelight.

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

lit the night with firelight.

Joey, Joey.

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

lit the sky with firelight.

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

- No, Kent.
- Lit the sky with firelight.

Joey, Joey, burning bright,

lit the night with firelight.

No, Kent! Please!
Joey, Joey,

burning bright,

- No!
- Lit the night with firelight.

- Kent, please. Please. I won't tell anybody. Please.
- Joey, Joey,

burning bright,
lit the night with firelight.

Isn't she nice, hmm?

I remember
when I bought it for you.

Are you afraid?

Well, there's nothing
to be afraid of. Mm-mmm.

Those are children.
They're playing.

Oh, they scream a lot,
sometimes all over the weekends.

Don't be afraid.

Oh, you used to play loud, too,
when you were little.

You remember?
When you were a child?

My little child? Hmm.

But you know something?

I was the only one
who understood you.

The only one.

I understood your youth...

and your high spirits...

and your gift for life.


And you- you always
understood me too.

Truly, you were the only one.

That's why you're
my little girl.

My very own.

You're my child,
and you always will be.

See? Always.

I love you.
I do love you.

And here- it's all safe here...

and nice...

and protected- just for you.

And it's pure and clean...

and perfect.

Just for you.

I kept it that way.

And Kent- Hello, Kent.

That's your cousin Kent.

Boy, he helped.
I mean, Kent always helped.

He took you places that
you wanted to go. Yes, he did.

And he kept the boys
from hurting you.

And he kept those nasty boys
from trying to touch you.

And, Kent, I wanna
thank you for that.

Uncle Vance, what you've done?

Kent, you've always helped me,
and you always will.

No, I won't.

You're sick. You're insane.

- No.
- I never helped you.

Never helped you protect Cathy.

Cathy and I-


Cathy and I were into each other
so hard that it hurt.


All those times- Hmm.

Every time we could get away,

every hour we could find alone,

we'd make love.

We made love. We made love.

We made love.

- No! No!
- You stay away from her!

You stay away- away from Cathy.

Cathy won't tell.

No, you won't.

She won't be able to,
because I'm going to execute you.

I am going to kill you.

You're going to die.
I'm going to kill you.

You killed Cathy.
You liar.

You dirty, filthy fornicator!



You hurt my Cathy.

You hurt my baby.

You hurt my Cathy.

Your mother was an infidel,

and you're a heathen.

You're a heathen.
I'm sick of you!

You're a heathen.


Killer. You killed her.

What? What? That's nothing.
You're insane. You killed her.

Nothing! Nothing!

You killed her again.

You killed Cathy again.

You killed her.

You killed my Cathy again.
You killed her again!

You heathen! You-

You killed her again.

You killed my Cathy!

Cathy. Cathy.

It's purple,

like you said.

It is purple.


He's gone.

Okay, I'll untie you.
Just give me a minute.

I can hardly walk.



Untie my wrists. Untie my wrists.

Now, calm down.

Are you all right?

Yes. Yes.
Laurie. Laurie.

He wouldn't hurt you.

Are you hungry?

I-I thought he was gonna kill me.

- I didn't think I could get away.
- Laurie, he wouldn't hurt you.

My feet hurt so much,
I don't even think I'll be able to stand up.

Oh, come on. Shh. Now,
just be quiet. Don't try.

Oh, I'm free!

Mom, Joey, I'm free!

You're so beautiful.

And you're so funny.

Ah! Oh, thank you, Kent.

Thank you for letting me free.

No, he wasn't even fit
for a father.

Laurie, look at this room.

Cat- Cathy-
she wasn't anything like this.

I mean,
he didn't know her at all.

I thought he was gonna kill me.

I thought he was gonna kill me.

Don't worry.
He's gone away now.

What are you doing?
Come on.

Kent, I wanna go home. Kent-
She liked me so much.

What are you-

Kent, no. Please.

Laurie, he didn't
understand Cathy.

No! Kent, let me go!
He didn't understand you.

I mean, you can't remain a little
girl for the rest of your life. No!

And I'm sure you
wouldn't even want that.

Oh, Kent! No! No! No!

Just relax. I'll be gentle.



That's what being married's like.

We're married, Laurie.

Just the way
Cathy and I were married.

Can we tell Joey?

Joey's gone away.

And your uncle is gone away?

They're dead?

You killed them.
They're dead.

What did you think?

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Trust me.

We'll be together.