The Tombs (1991) - full transcript

"El Pollo," a 13-year-old child in reform school, witnesses and experiences the brutalization of the guards and the other inmates.

I am standing in the dark.

Hoping that the day will come,
or that some light will appear.

Last night they doused me
with a bucket of cold water.

Then the guard came,
and hit me with the knuckle ring.

He broke my lip.

There's a window high on the wall,
almost at the cieling.


Take this soap.

At least you'll smell good.
Come on, get it, pick it up.


Up the stairs.

Take your clothes off, you hear?

Your pants!

Hurry up.

Come on!

Underwear too!


Over there!

There! That's it.

Let's see... open your mouth.

Have you had scabies?

Over there!

Put your arms up, hands on the wall.

You should have athlete's foot.

Do you have any family?

So, you are not going to talk?

Do you have any parents?

Take him away! He'll talk soon.

Get dressed.

Hurry up, hurry!

Come on!

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

Hands out straight.

Bend your knees! Down...



Now up! Slowly!

Slow, I said. It seems that some of you

take me for an idiot.

Be heroes! Push yourselves.

Up now! Up!

Down! What's with you? Hurts, eh?

You little queers, that hurts?

Up! What do you want?

To go home with dad and mom, eh?

You have no dad or mom...

Just whores.

Trolls, thieves, do-nothings,
pigs, transvestites...

Did you think you could get away with that,
with the doctor?

Do you know what we are
going to do to you? Do you?

Now, you're going to find out
what it's like in the pit.

We already threw others in there.

Now, you'll learn to talk.

It's better to talk.
If you talk, they let you out.

Fuguita is already dead.

His body rotted into little pieces.

I saw how they brought him.

He was covered with scars.

As if he had fallen off a train.

Even here, I still see him.

He is dead, but I see him.

His head shaved.
With no one, like me.

You weren't out very long, Fuguita, yeah?

And you know, if you still want to,
ask me again.

I asked God to not let anything happen to you.

You know that I talk with God, no?

But better times are coming, eh?

Now, what happened to me, happens to you.

I have everything I want.

Do you think you're going to
get away with it, little one?

Here! Here!

Barrag?n wasn't saved either.

There was no way to stop it.
He was the best of all.

He confronted them.

One of these nights, they'll open the cell
for me, and I'll throw THEM inside.

God willing...

- Here you'll learn what it's like to be cold.
- Filthy rat!

I'm going to tear off
this little rooster's comb.

Son of a bitch! You don't know
the things I have done.

We have lots of time. You won't
get away with it with me, you bastard.

Look me in the eyes. Come on.

That's it!

Who did you help steal? What did you steal?

- Autos.
- Oh!

Autos. Look.

Do you use drugs?


You're going to be here a long time.

Doesn't that scare you?

Do you know who we are?

Do you?

- How old are you?

- How old?

- Where did they catch you?
- At the waterfront.

Put your hands down, on the table.

And how did it happen?

I was asleep, and they grabbed me.

- And where did they take you?
- To the police station.

- What else?
- They hit me.

- What?
- They hit me.

- Speak up!
- They hit me!

- What else?
- They hung me up.


- What, you were in St Martin?
- Yes.


- You got away?
- Yes, I escaped.

- How?
- I jumped the wall.

- How?
- I jumped the wall.

When you sleep in a punishment cell,

everything gets black.

They give you stinking rotten soup to eat.

And you wake up in darkness.

You could be 12 or 13...
and not want to live any longer.

(singing) One side blue, the color of the sky.

One side blue, the color of the sea.

The flag of my motherland.

Born of the sun, given me by God.

The flag of my motherland.

Espiga, you son of a bitch, I'm watching
you always. I don't sleep, I never leave.

I could make ground meat out of you.

He told me to kill Fuguita.
And I just wanted to escape.

Escape. Don't say anything.
Escape is hardly possible.

An obedient boy will surely become a virtuous man.

Always, I think the same.
Of climbing a tree, jumping the walls.

To run away! To go where I want.
Espiga, you bastard!

But in the end, I ended up
almost the same as him.

Rebellion is the debilitating sickness of society.

The paying of what is owed,
that is what makes society strong.

Survival is the law of all life, of all species.

Only equality for an ideal...

is fitting for the superior species: humans.

Show respect for those
who command you, dammit!

- Have I got your attention now?
- Yes?

Yes, Mr. Espiga.

Now, you will pay!
All of you will pay, because of this one!

Long live the motherland!

Sing, sing with the voice of the motherland.

Blessed dawn.
Your rays illuminate the old sacred convent.

They don't know anything.
I have no place anywhere else.

Many kids sleep in train stations.

- Go, and raise yourself up.
- They are the armies/hosts, which prepare...

- St Martin!
- St Martin, to fight in St Lorenzo.

And in the swell, it sounded shrill...

...and the voice of the grand master
gave orders to his charges.

- Ai! Ai!
- The enemy advances, twice our numbers...

And thus I learned to stab people in the back.

Then came the Gaucha beating my mouth.

Does it hurt?

Kind of.

You don't have to let them hurt you.

Keep your eyes open.

That cowboy killed a boy, just outside in the yard.

And he shot an old man.

- Where are you from?
- From Paraguay, Carapihu?.

- Have you been here a long time?
- Long enough.

They caught me being stupid.
I took a toolbox from a truck.

Let me out! I want to get out of here!
I don't want to be here anymore! Let me out!

- Let me out! I want out!
- What's wrong?

Let me out! Ahhhh!

Why are you screaming, for hells sake?

Ahh! Let me out!
Let me out of here!

- Ahh! Let me out!
- Stop, settle down a bit!

Come here! Settle down!

You got a bit crazy, eh?
Do you want to hurt yourself?

If you've any spirit left,
I'll break it, you hear me?

I'll break your soul, you hear? Eh?

- Say: Yes, Sir! Say it!
- Yes Sir.

Nobody escapes from here, nobody.
You hear me? And no one hurts themselves.

- You hear me?
- Yes.

Come here, fucker!
I ask for order and obedience! Got it?

- Yes? Say it, loud: Yes sir!
- Yes sir.

Yes, fucker. Yes, fucker.
Eh? Yes!

- Eh? Yes?
- Yes, sir.

- Yes what?
- Yes, sir.

- Mr. Espiga!
- Yes sir, Mr. Espiga.

You don't fuck with death,
or it will fuck with you.

You don't fuck with death,
or it will fuck with you.

That's it.

Fuguita is no longer a concern. We went
to see. He's not even been given food yet.

It was Barrag?n, the same one
that later broke the lamp in the dorm.

And I smashed the Italian kid in the eye,
the one who stabbed me in the back.

Hey bud, Fuguita!

Hold on a bit longer. Tonight we'll be ready.

Just wait until tonight.

Son of a bitch!

- You son of a bitch
- Come on, all of you!

Son of a bitch!

- Son of a bitch!
- Aaaaah!

What's happening? What's wrong in there?

What the blazing hell is this, you miserable kids?

They're going to choke! Stupid!

Open the doors!

Miserable jerks! Imbeciles! Who did this?

Why did you do this to me?
Why light a fire? You little fuckers!

Calm down, be quiet!
I want to know who is responsible for this!

Tell me who is responsible,
and I'll put a bullet in his head.

A bullet in his head, the little fucker!
Miserable jerks! Who did this?

Fuguita isn't getting out. He will not
leave here! No one will leave here!

Enough! Enough!
Calm down, assholes!

This building has been here forever!
No one can burn it down!

No one is leaving here, you hear me?
Not even me!

This is MY place, assholes. This is MY place!

Shattered, broken down city!

Full of pigeons, street vendors, vagabonds.

And of pinball and video arcades!

How I would like to return now!

I went back to the port,

after walking through the whole city
and eating from trash cans.

Someday I would climb
into a boat and go away.

The next morning, I awoke.

I didn't know where I was.

I thought I would steal something.

What are you doing?

- What are you doing here?
- You kids give me gray hair.

I didn't steal anything!

In Retiro they dragged me off like a common jerk.

I was distracted, not watching.

When you are in the jungle,
you can't ever close your eyes.

Come, let's sing praises to Mary. Pay attention!

Mary! Happiness, filled with kindness.

Give me shelter, guide me to the kingdom of God.

They took me to a place out in the country.

I didn't know where.

Maybe 100 hours traveling.

Heat, bugs...

hot wind.

They lied to me.

Then, I realized that here, they brainwashed you.

It was a big place,

parts of it abandoned, with lots of gardens.

Huge block buildings.

Here, we are all poor, but respectable.

Thirty years now I have been a guard here.

What is there about birthdays in summer?

Because I realize, that in this room,
I passed mine.

Mrs Gaucha prepared me for the jumble and mess.

Had a lot of nerve, the bitch! I was locked up...

and it seems like I was only 13.

Prohibited from going anywhere
but where I was told.

As you well know, coming from abuse.

- When they told me to bathe, I met Mar?a.
- Sara, come here.

Wash out your mouth!

- But Sara!
- Get in the shower!

- Sara!
- Leave him to me!

Look how filthy you are.
You're in prison, not on vacation.

- Ai!
- What?

Ai! Ai!

You're never getting out,
never again. Now rinse!

Sara says this is your own fault.

If you had behaved,
nothing would have happened.

Put this on. Look at yourself there.

What did you want her to do? Huh?

If you kept making a mess of things...

but the one that was messed up was me.

I didn't get any time off on the weekend.

Here... you need to behave.

You have to obey, understand?

You have to obey.


You know you're not allowed in the
bathroom outside of the scheduled time...

without my authorization?

- What were you doing?
- Nothing, Mrs Gaucha.

Nothing. You came back to piss again.

- No, Mrs Gaucha.
- Nothing! Nothing!

Go! Against the wall! Move it!

Hands high!

What is this? A cleaning rag!

- Get over here!
- No, no, Mrs Gaucha!

Mrs Gaucha dug her fingernails into your gums..

It was terrible.
Lupini, I could kill you this time.

Afterward, we were equals, and nobody even knew.

Don't say a word, nothing.

- Damned bedwetter!
- No!

I'll teach you, you little fucker.

They started to fill your head.

If you were good enough, they made you a leader.

- Observe this fly.
- The priest commanded everyone.

He kept you separate.

Up until one second ago, it was alive.

If you're a leader, you can hit, kick, tattle,

take others' food, smack them in the back.

To most of the boys and the thieves,
they made them give up.

But now it is not at all. It does not
exist, and will never exist again.

It is dead.
If it had had the necessary awareness,

it would not find itself now in utter darkness.

Has anyone seen a friend die?

Has anyone known of the
death of someone, so small,

so fragile...

Death... can strike suddenly,

without warning, like when someone is murdered.

In the night, or in the day,

every movement you make, you are being watched.

Don't forget it.

I don't have to move.

I have to breathe slowly.
I have to be perfectly still.

Death is for old people.

Holy Mary, mother of God,
Pray for us sinners...

now and in the hour of our death. Amen.

There's an old man there.

An old man?
There's no old man here.

I always see him.

- What old man?
- He's dead.

The dead don't walk these halls.

What happens when they bury you?

When one is buried...

your body falls apart like paper.

Quick, come on, stupid!

Damned son of a bitch, keep quiet!

Grab him! Grab his arms so I can get his legs!

- Stop it!
- You little son of a bitch!

- Let me go! - You degenerate!
- Grab him, don't let him escape.

Hold him you worthless thing.
Grab him, I'm telling you.

- Hold on tight to him!
- Ai!

And Jesus said: "How many loaves
are there?","7 loaves and a few fish."

And he commanded that the people should
sit on the ground...

and giving thanks to the heavens,
he broke them into pieces.

And after, he had given to his disciples
so that they could distribute it.

All satisfied their hunger, and there
remained still 7 baskets full.

Be seated!

Have you been confirmed?

I don't know.

I'm a big follower of St Luis Gonzaga, you know.

- Who?
- St Luis Gonzaga...

When he was 8, he had his first vision.

Vision of what?

St Luis Gonzaga,
he spoke to a child like you.


In Italy. He almost died,
and the Pope canonized him.


He ca-no-niz-ed him. It means,
made him a Saint. He does miracles.

I know all miracles started with Jesus.

He gave sight to a blind man.

He made a paraplegic walk.

He went to heaven in body and soul.

His body went up into heaven.

Jesus is going to help me.

He's going to make me stop wetting the bed.

Did you ask him to?

I always ask him.


My grandmother spoke to the Holy Virgin.

She had heavenly eyes and was crying.

She asked her to build a house.

- Is that true?
- Yes, its true.

Some priests went to see it, in San Pedro.

Since she couldn't take me with her,
they brought me there.

- How long ago?
- A long time ago.

But it was worse for Jesus.

He cried blood, and suffered a lot.

When the Holy Virgin went to
get him from the tomb,

he had already flown to heaven.

You believe that stuff?

That's what the holy gospels say.
The Apostles wrote them.

The same ones that resurrected Lazarus.
He came back from the dead.

And they saw him walking, dressed in a white robe.

What's your name?



How old are you?

- It says here you are 14.

I'm going to be 14.

- Did you have a good trip?
- It was bad.

What did you steal?

I didn't steal anything.

Did you visit anyone?


Look at my eyes.

You were in prison for 2 years.

A year and a half.

Before going to jail, where did you live?

In La Plata.

In the station?


Sit up straight.

Hands on top of the table.

Look at me.

Did they tell you why you were sent here?

No, they brought me by force.

They didn't tell you why?


Didn't they tell you that we were going to
rehabilitate you here?


They told you, or they didn't tell you?

- What? - It doesn't matter.
You're not going to rehabilitate me.

Don't even dream about escaping.

The country is full of thorns.

Healthy mind, healthy body!
Healthy mind, healthy body!


I enjoyed watching you run.

In another time,
this place was full of kids like you.

What's become of them? God knows.

Surely, today they are all delinquents.

People, just like institutions...

can sink to the lowest levels.

Since seeing you, I wanted to talk to you.

- How are you, bud?
- Fine.

Fine? Fine...

In the jail, you took out your cellmate's eye...
and you're fine?

No, Pollo, no...

Now he can't go anywhere.

He is stuck in that jail, understand?

- You'll go from here to jail!
- I didn't do anything.

What do you mean, you did nothing?
You did!

Walk straight. I'm talking to you.

God was watching you, Pollo.

He watches you. Not me.

And you know something?

I have an obligation.

I have to take care of you.

And save you.

And I am going to do it,

as surely as there is a God. Understand?


- Want a smoke?
- No thanks, Father. I don't smoke.

Smoke it.

I don't want to.



Look, Pollo...

I know everything.

I know everything you do.

So let me tell you something...

I don't know why you want to lie to me now,

because I already saw you at the prison in Azul,
with a long record.

Yeah? Hey, hey, Pollo...

Tell me something,
why do you keep fucking things up?

You can still be saved.

You have a chance still.

ONE chance.

And do you know who is going to
give you that chance?

Father Roque.

Starting today, you will be a team leader.

A team leader that cares about the health,
physical and moral, of the other boys.

A team leader, Pollo. Do you know what that is?

A team leader is like an assistant to the guards.
Is that clear?

And not only are you going to walk straight...

you're also going to make sure the others do.

What do you think?

I hope you like it, because if not...

you'll go straight to the prison in Azul.
And you'll never leave there.

You'll rot there!

You see?

I knew that we would understand each other.

Very good, Pollo. The new team leader.

They'll be jealous of you, Pollo.
And they'll give you trouble.

It's just logical, kid.

People on the bottom always
cause trouble for the ones on top.


I don't know.

You'll get used to it soon.

But your hair! You can't have it like that.

It makes you look like a faggot, kid.

A team leader is... like an officer.

A junior version.

But you're in charge.

Hold still!

I can tell you now, Pollo.

Be careful of Lupini.

Lupino isn't here by chance.

He was talking to you
about God and the Holy Virgin,

but in reality...

he killed a vagrant with a butcher knife.

From here you can see Mar?a.

They said that she lost her family.

That she had photos hidden in her room,

and that she had killed her brother,

and that she walked alone through the halls.

They gave her a shortened sentence
for having helped a kid so much.

A man abused her, he stole her money...

and he promised to marry her.

Hah! But here, one rotten thing
makes them all rotten.

Now you know, remember it always.

I hope you are finished trying to be funny.

Bedspreads must be folded at the corners.

And the sheets must be ALWAYS clean.

I will not tell you that twice.

So watch it.

I have a pacemaker from dealing with kids like you.

Pollo! Get him a towel.

Here you are.

You piece of shit!

What are you doing here?

Don't you know that
you shouldn't be in the guards' rooms?

They made me a team leader.

I heard.

Sorry, but I cant see you as a team leader.

Come in!

Close the door.

Sit down.

Are you sure you want to be a team leader?

They'll give me better food.

And better clothes.

And you think they'll give you these things here?

Maybe, I don't know.

And you think you can
just come into a guard's room now?

Why are you a leader?

They hook you and they kill you, you know.

And why did you come to tell me about this?

Because you think I'm going to
treat you any different?

I am no one's friend.

singing: They bring happiness, Lord.

Singing with happiness, Lord.

Those who walk through life, Lord.

Resting in your peace and love.

They come bringing hope, from a hopeless world.

From a world that searches but never finds.

I walk in your love and kindness.

They come bringing happiness, Lord.

Singing with happiness, Lord.

Those who walk through life, Lord.

Resting in your peace and love.

- Where are you taking me?
- I thought you weren't afraid of anything,

shitface. Who do you think you are? Huh?

What piece of shit are you?
Who the hell do you think you are?

- You're going to...
- Let me go, you black bitch!

- Where do you think you're going?
- Leave me alone, I'll hurt you.

- Come here, I'll hurt you!
- Let me go!

- Come here!
- I don't want to be here!

- Where do you think you will go?
- I want to go!

- Sara!
- Mrs Gaucha!

You're going to rot right here in this room!

- Stay here!
- I don't have to take your shit, or anyone's!

- Grab him, Sara.
- Leave him to me!

- You bitch!
- Grab his legs!

Let go, bitch!

That's it! That's it!


Hold still, you son of a bitch! Hold still!

- Quiet!
- Bitch...

Search it carefully. Go through it all!

All of it.

See? You can be up here,
while all the others are praying.

I couldn't care less.

Father told me that you don't smoke.

- So... you're a boss but you don't smoke.
- No, I don't.

- Did you find anything unusual?
- No.

If they steal anything here,
you proceed with caution.

Even though you're a team leader,
I always suspect everyone.

- Understand?
- Yes.

Fear is best...

The dark one... we know what he stole.

Watch him for me.
I want to know everything he does.

You see that one there? See him?

That one, watch very closely for me, ok?

If you need anything, arrange it with Rosa.

I'm going to drown you! Talk, shithead!

We've been following you. Where did you hide them?

This will teach you! I'm taking you out, got it?

- Are you going to talk now?
- No.

Talk to me! You're under our control.

- Your friend ratted you out.
- Ai!

So, you want to get away?


Why are you hiding?

You were going to tell me
who the theif is just like that, huh?

Everyone here is going to learn
to be afraid of me, understood?

And now, you're going to learn.

What were you going to do to him? Huh?


Go to your room, Trigo.

What's wrong with you?

One, two! One, two!
One, two! One, two!

Come on! Push harder, brats!


- One, two!
- Attention everyone.

On your feet!

Line it up!

Pollo! Take charge, and get them moving.

You're going to leave here rehabilitated!

Arms out!

Down, up, down, up...

Down, up, down, up...

Before you came here,
there was another boy, named Rulo.

He also was team leader.

He enjoyed hitting the other kids.
He hit just because he could.

He would get so angry his throat bulged.

This is for you.

Take good care of it.

Look at me.

This points north. Always.

No matter where you move it,

the blue arrow points north.

Think hard about what it is to be team leader.

...Reciting 'Hail Mary'...

What's wrong?

What are you saying?

I'm in charge now, don't you know that?

Barrag?n told me about the death of Fuguita.

That's where it all started.

That morning, my world fell apart.

I was okay. I was saved.

What are you doing here?
You know how things were at the other prison.

But here, they put me in charge.

And Tanito?

He came back with one eye missing,
wearing a black patch.

Be careful. There, things were fucked.
But here its worse, if they don't like you.

It seems like you got worse, did an about-face.

Don't give me shit.

- And Fuguita?
- You didn't hear what happened?

They killed him.


They left his cell unlocked.
He waited, opened the cell,

and then they shot him in the head.

What are you saying?

You're wrong! Nothing and nobody gets past me!

Now we have to start being mean. Heavy handed.

I vomited, then I cried like an idiot.

They used me, used me to hurt the other boys.

He was going to stop killing.
You'd have liked him better.

I can't sleep. I have strange wild thoughts.

I'm going to end up just like Fuguita.

They killed another boy.

I heard.

- I'm certain they want to kill me.
- No. Why would they kill you?

I don't know what I have to do.

Go to sleep, okay?

Tomorrow we'll talk. Go to sleep.

I lay there, awake.

Mar?a left a warm spot on the bed,
and I put my legs in it.

The wind blew harder than ever.

I had to go on, going through the motions.

- Not even a fly was moving.
- Everybody up! Come on!

If you didn't get dressed quickly,
they beat you to a pulp.

I couldn't think about it. I only thought,
like I do now: To get out, to escape.

There were more boys,
but none of them knew anything.

Our building was named after a Saint.

But everyone was scared to death.
No one was ever going to visit us.

I started to work it out. From my bed,
I could reach the wall in 3 minutes.

Quickly! Run in place!


Feet higher!

Keep going, keep going.
You look like paraplegics... move it.

I want you cleaned up? Do you hear?

First line, to the shower!

Second line, get ready.
Second line, to the bath!

Come on, move!

In the garden, while the others were bathing,

Mar?a told me how to escape.
What time, everything.

If Lupini and Negrito hadn't followed me,

today I wouldn't be here in Azul,
the worst place in the world.

There's a wood, with a mill...

and past that, a small town.

In that town, there's a train station.

The train leaves early every morning.

If you go quickly, it's 3 hours. There's a shed,

a place where you can hide
until you get on the train.

Ow! Ow!

Get up, Trigo!

Rosa, bring Pollo.

Let's go, get up. Up!

- Punish this little one.
- No.

- Hit him!
- No.

- Aren't you the leader? Do you hear?
- No. I don't hit people anymore.

Take him to the punishment cell.

Come one, move it!

Move! Move, I tell you.

Hold your arms behind your back.

Higher! Higher!

I'll teach you what happens when you disobey.

Force them higher. Higher! Stretch your arms!

Feet together. Together! Right next to each other!

That's it! That's good. Stand up straight.

Stand as straight as the wall. Your back flat.

Be still! Be still, or I'll smack you!

Keep going! What's wrong with you, huh?

To the chapel.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost, amen.

Kneel down, I'll take your confession.

- Hail purest Mary.
- Who concieved without sin.

You hide many things, Pollo. There were
many things that you didn't tell me.

I don't like that. No, I don't.

Tell me, boy.

Who was this Fuguita, anyway?

- Your friend?
- What Fuguita?

What do you mean, 'What Fuguita'.
Don't act the fool with me.

- Fuguita, who they killed for stealing.
Answer me, was he your friend? - Yes.

- When?
- I don't remember.


I'm going to help you remember.

I'm giving you a chance you don't deserve.

- Did you do drugs there?
- No.

Who brought the drugs into that jail?

The guards.

- And here?
- Here, there are none.

Tell me something.
What did you and this Fuguita do together?

Was he a bad influence?
They say he liked most of the boys.

Come on, tell me. Did Fuguita corrupt you?

Go to hell.

Go on, to the back.

Faster! Go, I say, move!


Stop there. Look at me!

Take a step forward.

Now one back.

Arms behind you!


"Not going to hit people anymore", eh?

Not going to help anymore?
Over to the wall!

Move! Over to the wall!

And I thought you would really come out all right.

A dangerous child, you.


Halt! Where do you think you're going?

Raise your arms! Now! Up!

You thought I was asleep, but I never sleep.

The only one that decides
when you leave here, is me!

What did you think? Give me that cross!

Curse you all, for even having been born.

Anyone moves, I kill them. You hear?

I'm fed up with you three.

I'm going to send you to the worst place on earth.

Where you'll die of cold and hunger.

Sit down.

What has happened is very serious, Mar?a.

And you know I also have to take orders.

The boy won't talk, but I know you influenced him.

Mar?a, let me suggest,
because I think it is best,

that you take some time to think it over.

There will be an investigation.

You are already implicated.

Go, go away from here.

singing: Those who walk in your like, Lord.

in the shadow of your peace and love...

- What are you doing here?
- The Father gave me permision.

- He let you come here?
- Yes, Rosa.

Go on then.

Hello, Lupini.

They can't take me to Azul.

It's 6 hours from here.

The driver will stop 2 or 3 times for gasoline.

Goodbye, Pollo.

Mar?a left that morning.

They left us inside under guard,
until we left for Azul.

They loaded us up like 3 bags of potatoes.
It was terribly hot.

The truck ran rough.

The driver stopped for gasoline,
just as she had said.

I was going crazy with thirst,
but not so much as to be confused.

They took me, just a fucked-up orphan.


Come on! You can get some air.

Push the car. Put some strength into it!

Where are you going, idiot kids?
Come back, bastards!

Where are you going?
I'll get you! Orphan boy, I'll get you!

Come back here!

Let go of me, you son of a bitch.

- You shithead.
- The mess you got me into,

Little son of a bitch, where are you going?

- Let me go!
- Don't you know what's waiting for you, bastard?

Let go, let me go. Ai!

You're going to get well acquainted
with 10-foot high walls, understand?

You piece of shit!

- You're going to Azul, and you'll never get out.
- Maybe so.

Curse the bitch you that gave you birth.

Negrito, I can't remember his real name,

ran a while down the highway,
and got hit by a truck.

We found him on the side of the road,

covered with sheets of newspaper.

He was snapping his fingers like he always did.

He had run faster than an antelope.

We never heard another thing about Lupini,
he ran away.

May God and the Holy Virgin help him.

Mrs Gaucha will try to catch you, Lupini,

and gouge your eyes out with her fingernails.

You can hear all the noise from the other cells.
My lip still hurts.

Even though they beat me, I swear,
someday I will see the sun again.

Translation @ The Deaf Boys For Boys Group