The Tobacconist (2018) - full transcript

Based on the international bestseller by Robert Seethaler. A tender, heart-breaking story about one young man and his friendship with Sigmund Freud during the Nazi occupation of Vienna.


So, what's the boy been up to?



I'm thinking of raising
the monthly sum a bit.

He could work on one of my ferry boats.

I'm gonna take a quick dip in the lake.

What happened?

Pardon me.

Preininger Lois was a good man.

He did a lot for his community.

Even as a small boy...

Even as a small boy
he loved to jump into the lake.

But last Sunday

for the very last time.

In the name of the Father,

the Son and the Holy Spirit.



Franz, please.

Show me your hands.

You can't work in the woods.

Preininger's gone.

All I have is my maid's salary
at the Goldener Leopold.

I've given it some thought.

There's this man,
he has a tobacco shop in Vienna.

I sent him a telegraph.
His name's Otto Trsnyek.

How do you know him?

He splashed around here one summer.

It was hot that year, and we were

very young and foolish.

It was long before you fell into my lap.

What does that mean now?

It means you're off to Vienna tomorrow.

Vienna? Tomorrow?

Certainly not.



The train leaves in an hour!

Come on.


Write me a postcard every week.

Oh, he's so good-looking.

Vienna has lost its Rotunda.

Huge fire catastrophe.

Huge fire catastrophe.
Vienna no longer has a Rotunda.

Draw your lucky card

Are you feeling unwell, young man?

It's just so noisy. And it stinks...
From the canal, maybe.

It's not the canal.

It's the times.

These are rotten times.

Have you come from far away?

From home.

Best thing you can do
is go straight back there.

One can get used to anything.

Ladies and gents, got work for me?

Good day.

Hello there, Franzl.

You know who I am?

Who else would you be?

You're late.

It's almost noon.

And you're Otto Trsnyek.

Who else would you be.



these are my acquaintances.

My friends.

I'd love to keep them all.
But I give them away.

Every day. And you know why?

Because I'm a tobacconist.

And will always be a tobacconist.

Until the good Lord pulls down my shades.

A good day to you, Frau Dr.
- A pack of Gloriettes.

Yes, right away.

And this is my new employee,
his name's Franz.


How sweet!

Give my regards to your husband, Frau Dr.


are all well and good.

But true culture,
and I'm talking about smoking culture,

lies elsewhere.

Look at this.


are real Havanas.

So, yes.

I have acquired them

for special customers.

Who want to treat themselves
to something exquisite,

or can afford it.

That expensive?
- The finest imported goods.

Need to be turned often, so

they don't dry out.
That's one of your tasks.

It's the sale of

these cigars,

that turns a plain old stinky tobacconist's
into a temple,

of pleasure and spirit.

Does this make sense so far?

Good, then take your rucksack

and follow me!

A bad cigar,

tastes like horse shit,

a good cigar tastes like tobacco,

but a very good cigar,

tastes like the world.

So, you can wash here

and sleep there.

The toilet?
- There's one outside the pub across the street.

The key's on a hook by the front door.

And what's in there?

That's none of your business. None at all.

We have customers.
Hurry and put on something decent

then you can

start working for me,

as a tobacconist.

Delighted to see you madam.
- Good day.

What'll it be?
- The Egyptian ones?

The Egyptian ones, of course.

Here you are.

So, one New Free Press
for our schoolmaster.

I can't tempt you to smoke? No?

Anything else?
- No, thanks.

- Good-bye, sir.

Study the customers, Franzl.

Pick up on their habits, their preferences.

A tobacconist's capital is his memory.

And read the newspapers, every day.

It's our main business!

And not one paper or two, but all of them.

You don't need to read them cover to cover.
Just the leading articles and columns.

Hello ladies. what can I do for you?
- Good day.

Don't you want to assist the young ladies?

Notebooks and pens are over there!

One Nationalzeitung !

We don't have it.

What does that mean?

National Socialist papers
are allowed in Austria again!


But not in my shop.

We'll get you off that high horse!
You can bet on it!

A nice day to you too.

I live a few houses down,
on the ground floor.

But I don't like to cook.
Let's go to the Wild Man!

You can check out the outside toilet...

Look who's here, Red Egon!

Exactly 10 seconds after I lock up,
as always.

A packet of Sport and the Red Flag !

Sure, Why would you care about
my lunch break!

That stuff in there about world peace

All just illusions...

Keep talking, Trsnyek,
the revolution is coming!

And soon!

Yes, yes.

I'll give you your change tomorrow.

I'm not opening it up again just for you.
Have a nice lunch.

There you go.
Two specials, goulash Szegedin style.

Enjoy your meal!
- Thanks.

So, how's your mother?

The same as always.

As always, aha.

A very detailed account.

She hasn't had it easy.

Does she have someone?

Have someone?

Someone to protect her,

in times like these.

I don't think so. Preininger drowned.

Another beer, please.

Dear Mama, the work is interesting.

Otto Trsnyek sends his regards.

How are you?
I'm fine. Yours, Franz.

Who else would you be?

Dr. Schuschnigg in Innsbruck.

Federal Chancellor holds big speech.

Dr. Schuschnigg in Innsbruck.

Good-morning, Professor.
- Good-morning.

Trabuccos, as usual?
- Two boxes please

and a New Free Press.

This, by the way, is Franz.

Comes from the Salzkammergut
and still has a lot to learn.

The Salzkammergut. Very nice.

Thank you.

Good bye.

Have a nice day, Professor.

By the way,
that was Professor Sigmund Freud.

I'm sure you've heard of him.

Professor Freud?
- Yes.

He treats nut cases.

And is world famous.

He sets their heads straight.


At least,
the ones of those who can afford him.

An hour with him costs as much as

half a garden plot.

His cigars.


your cigars!

My sincere thanks.

Please, it goes without saying!

Nothing goes without saying these days.

But, thank you.

May I accompany you?

That one's mine.
It's the tenth one I found today.

There, take it. You take it.

May I ask you something, Professor?

It depends.

Is it true that you straighten out
people's heads?

Who told you that?

Otto Trsnyek. Inside, he said.

A charming way of putting it.

Yes, sometimes.
If we're lucky, my patient and I.

How do you do it?

People lie down on my
couch and begin to talk.

On a couch?

They could stand.
But it's more comfortable lying down.

It sounds comfortable.

Truth is seldom comfortable.
So, this is where I live.

May I have my cigars, please?

Thank you very much.

I'm gonna buy all your
books and study them.

For heaven's sake!

Don't you have better things to do?

You're young! Get some fresh air.
Enjoy yourself!

Find yourself a girl!
- A girl?

If only it were that easy!

Most people have managed, up to now.

It doesn't mean that I'll succeed.

Why wouldn't you, of all people?

Back home people know all about timber.

But love. ..
- That's not unusual.

No one knows anything about love.

Not even you?
- No.

Especially not me.

But people are always falling in love!

You don't need to understand water
to jump in it.

I wish you a pleasant day.


Take your time! A few of them are new!

Wrap it in neutral paper, please.
- Of course.

That's fine.
- I sincerely thank you. Herr Engineer.


Get this into your head:

Discretion is the key in a case like this!

In a case like what?

In the case of the sensitive magazine,
for God's sake!

A tobacconist



and desire.

And sometimes also



Higher, come on!

Good day.

I'm Franz Huchel from Attersee
and I'd like to invite you to a carousel ride.

Carousel no, but I like shoot, thank you.

Dead! Again!

Now you!

No can shoot. but you have a cute tushy.
Come on!

Full now.

Want share one more beer?

He from Bohemia. Like me.

What age you have?


Not matter. Now dance!
- No.

- I can't...

Feel I you down there?
- Sorry.

Why sorry? Nice compliment.


Have danced, have drunk -

what we do now?

Sonny, you alright?

I still have two and a half schillings.

So, it's 4 beers or two carousel rides.

Back soon, sonny.

One more drink?
- No.

Nothing else? Thanks.

I'm Franz Huchel from Attersee...


Now that the last guests have left,
the lake is especially beautiful.

It's not the lake's fault if someone
jumps in it during a thunderstorm.

How do you come up with such strange ideas?

That truth is seldom comfortable,

and that you don't need to understand water to jump in it

You haven't fallen in love, have you?


Who was it?

Who smeared my facade?

I can guess. Rosshuber!

Rosshuber come out,

you cripple.

The young man
comes crawling out of his hole as well.

What's wrong?
- Open your eyes! Blood!

Pig's blood!

Personally smeared here
by our friendly neighbor Rosshuber!

Which remains to be proven!

Also, that's not the blood of a sow,
but a chicken.

Anyone can see that.
- Then it comes from a chicken, so what!

Who's brainless enough
to defile other people's facades?

Who has a swastika
on the back of his lapel

just waiting to turn it around?

What I have under my collar
is none of your damn business!

This person, this so-called butcher,

has blood on his hands

and black malice in his heart!

And now

let me tell you something, Rosshuber!

Served this country

in 1917, by leaving my foot in a

muddy stinkhole.

One's still left.

It's a little stiff at the hip.

But it's good enough to kick your ass.

Leave the Jew-lover alone!

He's a coward too.

What are you looking at?

Don't you have some place to go?

And you, get a bucket and wash this off!
As fast as you can.

Why did the butcher's wife
call you a Jew-lover?

'Cause she has shit for brains.

They both do.

They're jealous 'cause I have more clients.

I also serve Socialists like that one

and Jews. Why shouldn't I?

Speaking of Jews, here comes Freud.

Hello there, Professor.
- Good day.

Same as always, Professor?
- As always, yes.


Any luck with the ladies?


What do you mean?

I found one.


You don't like to waste time, do you?

But she got away.

It happens.
Then the next one comes along.

There will never be one like this.

She has the world's nicest tooth gap.

I understand.

You're suffering. I can assure you:

This pain is treatable.
- I don't think so.

What should I do?

The professor doesn't have time
to give advice to snotty-nosed brats!

Perhaps a young man like this
needs advice the most.

I'm giving you three prescriptions.
Oral ones.

The first is for your headache:
Stop thinking about love.

The second is for your stomach ache
and disturbing dreams:

Put pen and paper by our bed and jot down
all your dreams as soon as you wake up.

The third prescription is for heartaches:

Get the girl back -

or forget her.

Can't do either.


Can I go on your couch sometime, Professor?

What do you want to go on my couch for?

I don't know.

But I'll find out when I lie down on it.

You think so?

Thank you.

I wish you a lovely day.

Good bye, Professor.

Ho yo de Monterrey.

Harvested by brave men

and hand-rolled tenderly
by beautiful women on their thighs.


Yes, come here, you lovely girl!

Feel I you down there?

It a nice compliment.

In the window

of our home

...a puppet theater.

He's been sitting there for half an hour.

At least he has a scarf.

Who's sitting out there?

You shouldn't smoke so much!

Who's coughing, you or me?

Don't you get it? The smoke bothers Mama.

The dentures.


I should've had them made by a carpenter
instead of a doctor.

Or gone straight to a headstone carver.

Another patient just cancelled.

At least the ones from abroad
are still coming.

That leaves me more time to write.

If only I could concentrate better.

You need to move more.
That'll get your spirit moving as well.

Then, I'll smoke outside today.

Good evening.


For me?

Thank you.

This is a Hoyo de Monterrey.

An aromatic Habano.

Light flavor,

but elegant and complex.

Harvested by brave men

and hand-rolled tenderly
by beautiful women on their thighs.

So what do you want?
You need advice again?

It's almost winter, Professor!

I wrote down my dreams,
the parts I could remember,

but it's not getting better.

I dance with the world's prettiest girl.

And the next minute she's gone.

Like she never existed.

You know, women are like cigars.

If you pull at them too hard,
they won't give you any pleasure.

But I didn't even pull at her.

I didn't even touch her.

We just danced.

It's winter,
you mustn't put your health at risk.

At my age there is little risk of health.

You haven't tried the wool scarf
my mother knit.

You don't know her name, or where she lives,
your tooth gap gal?

And you don't know anyone who knows her?


Can I help you?

There was a fair this fall.
I sat here with a Bohemian girl,

she spoke to you in Czech.
Remember her?

It depends.

Just one little question.

It has to be very little question.

Come here!

I need her address.

It's so hard

to remember.

Is it easier now?

Why this cheap floozy?

She's not cheap.

I hear different.

Why always so aggressive because women?

May I have the address now?

Stubborn as ox!

Second district,


Follow the rats, house number 11.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Does a young woman from Bohemia live here?

Thank you.

Excuse me.
Does a young woman from Bohemia live here?

The sonny with the cute tushy!

You can pay me meal and mug of beer,


Thanks for invitation, sonny!
- My name's Franz.

Yes! You from Attersee!

And you?


Come from Dobrovice.

Beautiful village,

snuggle up to hill like to dark lover.

Doesn't it taste good?

Yes, it does.

You do have money?

Of course. Why?

What kind of work do you do?
- This and that.

Nanny, cook, household help,

And the other women?

All Bohemian.

Beautiful good women, all together.

Only problem,

no official permit.

Some go amuse gentlemen.

But that not for me. Because,

gentleman, poor or rich,

is not always gentleman.

- Yes.

I know what you mean.

And now I want you, sonny!

Wait, I do it.


I'll show you!

Boom, dead!

What you do with nose?

Got in a fight. Over you.

Over me? Is true?

Why did you run away that day?

Sometimes have to run away,
sometimes have to stay.

So is life.

Yes, that might be true, but...

Not talk so much.

Better to screw again.
Went little fast first time.

Not here. Working.

Again? And tomorrow?

Not here tomorrow too, not here all week.

Can leave it here.

My dear Franz], thank you so much
for the lovely Christmas card.

Let's see. A little to the right.

Our pastor took my photo.

No, my right.

To thank me for the apple
strudel I gave him.

That's good. Now smile, Gretl.

With all my heart,
I wish you a Merry Christmas

and a blessed New Year.

Yours, Mama.

PS: If your trousers get dirty,
you can send them to me.


Are you still in love?

Dear Mama,

Christmas is over and I've been in the city
for a while now.

But everything seems stranger and stranger.

Maybe our Whole life is like that:

From when we're born, we move away,
bit by bit, day by day, from ourselves,

until we don't know anything anymore.

Is this really how it is?

I wonder, and send you lots of love,
Yours, Franz.

PS: My trousers are not dirty.

PPS: I am still in love.

What's wrong with you? You look awful

move like an old man. Keep this up and
you can apply for retirement next year.

Hello there, Professor!

Good day.

I'm returning this, thank you.

It's freshly washed and ironed
and smells like a rose bush.

The ladies did their best.

Please thank them for me.

What's the matter with you?

You didn't find her?

I did.

Her name is Anezka.

A Bohemian?


From a village that snuggles up to a hill

like to a dark lover.

A N” like a dark lover?

Bohemian cuisine is wonderful.

Yes, wonderful.

You're speaking in monosyllables today.

What happened between you and this Anezka?

I touched her.

It was the most beautiful experience.

I'm glad.

I hope she touched you as well.

Oh, yes.

And then she disappeared.


I tried everything, but...

Your cigars, Professor.

Oh, I almost forgot them.

Thank you.

I wish

you a lovely day.
- Goodbye, Professor.

Now you listen to me, boy!

You don't just let a woman walk away.

I made that mistake once.

I'm giving you the day off.

Go now,

stand in front of her house

and wait till you see her!
And when she comes,

and she's with another guy,

then you strike him down
with a wet washrag.

Or should I lend you a crutch?
- No, but thanks.

If you're gonna put down roots,
do it elsewhere!

One show please.
- One schilling.

Free choice of seats, no intermission,
enjoy yourself.

Dear God, strike me dumb,
so Dachau won't be where I come.

Dear God, strike me deaf,
so I'll believe we have a future left.

Dear God, strike me blind,
so I'm in a wonderful frame of mind.

What will it be?
- A beer.


the German Reich Chancellor

and am hungry

as a wolf!

Serve me

my Austrian homeland!

I will devour Austria!

Choke on it!


Good Adi, good doggie.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

an international sensation.

In the endless expanse of the prairie,

where the coyote howls, the eagle swirls,

and buffalo herds graze, we have found her:

naked and defenseless,

without taboos, without shame.

This evening, here and now, welcome:

N'Djina, a shy beauty
from the land of Indians!

Stop, or I'll slit you open!

Put it away, Heinzi!

I know him.

Must talk with him.


I don't know you.

And it's better not to get to know me.

You know what I mean?

I saw you.

You follow me in secret.

Was nice the show?

What's with you and that Heinzi?

He colleague. Have fun and cabaret.

Not just a knife in his pants, right?

Some have in pants, some not.

Ask stupid question,
get stupid answer, sonny.

I'm not sonny, my name is Franz!

Here's three schillings
to show me your ass again.

Right here in this courtyard.


We all have to live, sonny.


I'm ashamed of everything.
My legs. My neck.

Of the sweat stains under my arms.

I'm ashamed of everything that I have,
that I do, that I am.

Don't you ever feel desire?

Don't you ever feel a sense of pleasure?

Mrs. Buccleton?

I feel pleasure in eating.

...big pieces of cake.

You know, Mrs. Buccleton,
pleasure and shame are siblings.

It seems to me, in your case,
one of the siblings

has been somewhat neglected.

You think so?

Yes, I think so.

What can I do to help the poor thing?

Stop eating cake!

How long have you been
sitting on this bench?

Don't know. Maybe two hours.

Did it occur to you to ring the doorbell?
It might make things a lot easier.

I did think of that,
but didn't dare disturb you.

I'll tell you when you're disturbing me.

This is a wonderful cigar!

Our meetings are getting expensive for you.

Latest news:
Sunday. the referendum on Austria's freedom.

Maybe love is not for me.

Or maybe I'm not cut out for love.

Do you love her, this Anezka?

Or is it just your libido?

My what?

It's responsible for joy and pain and,

to put it simply,
it's what men have in their pants...

You too?

I've gotten over my libido, ages ago.

Gentlemen, I apologize,
it's because of the bombs.

And other objects not tolerated
by the municipality.

What kind of objects?

I can't say.

I'll know when I find one of them.

Love, libido...

I don't know.

Actually, I don't know anything.

Anyway. It's the first step
in the steep stairwell of Wisdom.

Now Hitler is marching into Vienna.
People here will greet him enthusiastically.

Austria lies before him
like a huge schnitzel,

he'll eat it up with
a ravenous appetite.

Stop thinking about love.

This morning at 5:30 a.m., German troops
crossed the border at Salzburg.

Without resistance from the Austrian army
they advance towards the capital, Vienna.

He's up there!

Come on!

What's he doing up there?

Hey, come down!


"Freedom of the people
calls for freedom of the heart"

Thank you.

The intervention of courageous
Viennese citizens, yesterday

prevented a cowardly attack
on the new freedom of the spirit.

Freedom of the spirit...

Known in certain circles as 'Red Egon'
notorious Bolshevik Hubert Panstingl

unfurled a banner on the roof
of an apartment building,

attempting to insult our Reich and people
in the most offensive way.

Brave residents and pedestrians
asked the man to hand over the banner.

He responded by threatening them
with a weapon,

and lost his balance in the process.

What a pack of lies!

Freedom of the people
calls for freedom of the heart.

Dear Mama!

It's beautiful here in Vienna.

Everything is blossoming,
the parks look like postcards

out of the horse droppings,
primroses are sprouting.

Send her my love.

Crazy people,
running around like headless chickens

they haven't got a clue.

I'll show you.
- What will you show me?

Beat it.
- I dare you to do it.

If you ask me,
it's not just because it's spring.

It's mostly due to politics.

These are strange times.

Or maybe the times were always strange,

and I just didn't notice.

Until recently, I was just a child.

And I'm not yet a man.
That's the predicament I'm in.

My dear Franz]!

Guess what? Hitler's hanging on the pub
and school walls now.

Right next to Jesus.

Yet no one knows
What they think of each other.

The mayor is a Nazi now.

Suddenly everyone wants to be a Nazi.

Even the forester wears a bright red armband
in the woods

and wonders why he hasn't shot anything.

Oh, Franz],

my dear boy,

Where does this end?

Preininger is dead,

and you are so far away.

Herr Leopold.
- Come on!

ObersturmbannfUhrer Garleitner
won't like this.

Obersturm... what...?

ObersturmbannfUhrer Garleitner from Linz.

He and I...

Sometimes I lie in bed
and cry in my pillow,

'cause there's no one here anymore
I can take care of.


Jew lover!

Communist pig!

Heil Hitler!


Thank you.
- You're welcome.

It's interesting
how little you can talk in one day.

Herr Trsnyek?

We're closed.

That doesn't bother us.

Otto Trsnyek, you are under arrest.

For possession and distribution
of pornographic material.

So, where do you hide the wank mags?

The jack-off-booklets.
- I didn't hide anything.

I get it.

"Under the counter goods" as you call them.

So, bend under the counter, pal!


Who do you sell this stuff to?

Your Jewish and communist buddies?

The booklets belong to me!
- Shut up!

I bought them.
- Shut your trap, you idiot!

We're not in the barrack yard!

Why yell at your apprentice like that!

You're my apprentice!

So do exactly as I say now!

Sit down and keep your trap shut!

Leave it to me!

Leave me alone.

Where are you from?

- Really?

Me too.

It's nice there.

It's the times, sonny.

Look, you'd just be ruining your future.

I'm not sonny.
My name's Franz Huchel.

Are you still in business?

Of course, Herr Jurist.

Dear Mama, I have some unpleasant news.

Otto Trsnyek has gotten sick.

It's his liver,
or kidneys or some other innards.

He's in the hospital for a few days,
and has to wait and see.


Hello, Frau Veithammer.

The Illustrierte Wochenpost

and a pack of Egyptians, please.
- Of course.

I shouldn't smoke so much.

What's the point of life,
without a little pleasure?

You're right, Herr Franz.

I've just come from the cemetery.

Where's Herr Trsnyek?

Took a trip. He'll be back soon.

Do you know where they take
the people they've arrested?

- Heil Hitler!

I'd like information
on the whereabouts of the innocent

but still taken away
or arrested

or abducted tobacconist Otto Trsnyek.

Information of this sort is not given out.

- No buts.

You'd better leave!
Or you'll end up staying here longer!

Could you at least give Herr Trsnyek
his crutches? He really needs them!

Can I count on that?

Hail Hitler.
And don't ever show up here again.

How can I help you?

I'd like to speak to the Professor.

My husband doesn't see patients anymore.

I'm not here as a patient, but as

a close acquaintance.


He said to ring the bell next time!
And it's urgent.

It's alright, Mama. Come in!

A visitor for you, Papa.

Just a moment.


Should we take a little walk?

Yes, Professor.

You shouldn't leave the house anymore.

Why not?

You know Why.
- No, I don't.

I absolutely need some fresh air, Martha.

Or I'll turn into a fossil

and end up, without anyone noticing,
in my own collection of antiques.

In London you could walk around freely.

Stop pestering me about London!

So, what's brought you to me?

The Bohemian gal again?


They didn't even let him take his crutches.

That's bad.

You drink coffee?

Today I do.

Hello, Josef.

Professor, let's try to find you something
more secluded today.

Follow me, please. Thank you.

What can I get you?

Two Verléngerte please!
- My pleasure, Professor. Coming right up.

Why did your wife mention London?

Are you planning on travelling?
♪ Travelling", that's good!

My two ladies want to emigrate.
They're frightened.

And rightly so.

Yes, but your country is your country,
and home is home, my Mama always says.

You should meet her.
I think you two would get along well.

Mama knows a lot about people
and their crazy ways,

you'd have plenty to talk about.

And she can also bake potato strudel.

A real, honest to goodness one.

Voila gentlemen, two Verléngerte.

How about dessert?
- No, thank you.

Where did I leave off?

With a real and honest to goodness
potato strudel.

Made in an iron pan, with fresh butter.

With or without lentils,
with or without greaves, you like it.

I don't think I've ever talked this much.
- Keep on talking, my friend.

Listening is my specialty.


Very good.

Don't want to leave!

Pardon me.

Pardon me.

Pardon me.



A fat man,

like a clerk...

Hello, Frau Dr.
- Good-morning,

I need a cigarette holder.
- One moment please.

My dear husband
knocked the old one out of my mouth.

That wasn't very nice.
- No, not very.

But he did pay for two jacket crowns.
That was nice.

Very good.

And a pack of Gloriettes.
- Of course.

There you go.

It's fine. Franz, right?

Thank you very much, Frau Dr.

You again!
I can't leak information, you know that!

The crutches! You promised...

I didn't promise anything.
Now get lost!

Before you land in the cellar too.
- So, he's in the cellar?

Take me to Herrn Trsnyek immediately.

Sonny, sonny.

I have a guy here
who won't take no for an answer!

Wipe that blood off your face!

Better go straight home to Attersee.

Come on.

I'm only telling you what's best for you.

Ah, Mama...

Often I'm sad, and know Why.

Often, though, I'm sad, but don't know why.

And that's almost worse.

Sometimes I wish I was back at the lake.

Of course I know it's not that easy.

I've seen, heard and tasted too much.

I don't know where it's headed,
but life will go on.

So, I'll stop grumbling.

I'm temporarily responsible for

managing a tobacconist's

and need to look ahead.

If you want, Mama, you can be proud of me!

Yours, Franz.

Good day.

In the name of the Father,

the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Hello Franzl.

"A girl walks in the Prater,
gets on the Big Ferris Wheel,

Swastikas are flashing everywhere,
the girl goes higher and higher,

suddenly the roots snap and the Ferris Wheel
rolls over the city

and crushes everything..."
What's that supposed to mean?

- Nothing?

I have an official package for you.

Sign the receipt here!

Heil Hitler.
- Thanks, same to you. inform you about the decease

of Herr Otto Trsnyek

and notify you that

Herr T. succumbed to a heart condition
the night of May 14th at Gestapo Headquarters.

The funeral held by the city of Vienna
took place at the Central Cemetery.

In discharge of our duty we are returning
to you Herr T's personal belongings.

What do you want?

Otto Trsnyek is dead.

You smeared and vandalized
his tobacco shop.

You insulted and denounced him.

You murdered him!

Eduard! Do something!

My mother always said I had two left hands.


What is it?

Did something happen?

They murdered Otto Trsnyek.


as much as I will miss you,
please go to London!

Thank you for your advice.
- Good advice.

We will leave Vienna.

I have to stay and take care of the shop.

Of course you do.

But other than that

is there anything or anyone else
keeping you in Vienna?

Is the Indian girl still around?

Her act is almost over.
Tickets are only 50 groschen now.

A ship full of Jews is sinking.

What's so bad about that?

One of them could swim.

What's the difference
between a Jew and a tumor?

There isn't any!
- There is.

A tumor can be benign.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy

the magical Massimo
and his gorgeous assistant.


Where did tooth go?
- I don't know.

You look like me now.

Yours is nicer.

Where's Heinzi?

Gone. Took him.
By Gestapo.


Because of jokes.

Did you get a package yet?

What kind package?


I've thought it over,
let's go away together, the two of us,

some place, where it's quiet,

to Bohemia, for all I care,
behind the dark hill,

or to Salzkammergut.

My Mama certainly won't object.

I could open a tobacco shop,

and we could get married.

Just like that.

I no can go away from here.

Please leave us alone!

So that's what it is.


Life is what it is.

What sort of life?

Dear Franz],

I'm sorry it didn't work outwith the girl.

Sometimes you need to let one thing go,

for another to come.

Are you eating enough?

My dear, dear boy,

I hold you forever in my heart.

Yours, Mama.

Where are you rushing off to?

In there.

Visiting somebody?

Professor Freud.
- Why?

I have his theater tickets. Burgtheater.

No performances for Jews.
Not today, not tomorrow.

And now piss off!

Is the Professor here?

Come in!

This way.

What are you doing in my trousers?

I came through the coal cellar,
'cause the Gestapo's outside.

The Gestapo?


One for now,

one for the journey,

and one for England.

Thank you.

Have you ever held anything this marvelous,
this wonderful,

so perfect in its imperfection

between your teeth?

Then it's high time, my friend.

Sit down!

On the couch?
- Yes.

All our chairs are either

shipped off

or are being sat upon by some

staunch Nationalists' asses.

I'm not sure, Professor.

I've never tried it.

New worlds are created just by trying.


Here you go, gentlemen.
- Thanks, Anna.

Maybe it was all one huge mistake.

Love is always a mistake.

Back when I boarded the train in Schbrfling,

my heart ached.

And when Anezka ran away,

ten doctors couldn't have cured me.

But at least I knew what I wanted.

Now, the pain's almost gone,
but I'm clueless.

I feel like a boat
that's lost its oars in a storm

drifting, stupidly, from here to there.

And my dreams!

I don't know where they're all coming from.
I can't imagine

that such strange things
can grow by themselves in my head.

We're not in this world to find answers,

but to ask questions.

Only with a great deal of courage

or persistence

or stupidity,

preferably, all three at once,

do we manage, here and there,

to make a mark.

A mark.

You'll come back from England, Professor?

Won't you?


Leave me alone, Anna!

I can do it myself.

Dear Franz].

Remember Hannes, our pleasure steamer?

They've renamed and repainted it.

It shines like a sucked piece of candy

and is called Homecoming.

Probably meaning the return to the Reich.

However, during the first voyage under the
new name, the diesel motor exploded,

and they had to use row boats
to bring everyone back to shore.

Why don't you write anymore, my boy?

Did something happen?

I was wondering Why I never saw
your ObersturmbannfUhrer here?

So I asked around.

In all of Upper Austria there's not
a single Obersturmbannfilhrer Garleitner.

Keep your hands off me!

I quit.

Dear Mother,

a boy has a Mama, but a man has a Mother,

I'd rather have sent you a card,

but some words can't go with pictures
and need an envelope.

Yesterday, Otto Trsnyek died.

His heart simply stopped.

Maybe it just didn't want to carry on,
in these times.

Please dear Mama, don't be sad.

Or go ahead and be sad.

Otto Trsnyek deserves it.

Yours, Franz.

This doesn't make sense anymore, sonny.

What makes sense or doesn't
is yet to be determined.

And, by the way, my name is Franz.
Franz Huchel.

Can I close up?
- The key belongs to us now.

The geraniums glow in the night.

As dawn breaks, the dark lover rises

and disappears in the bat of an eye.

On a swing,
the Bohemian girl flies into the air.

Her dress is light and white,
like wisps of cloud.

She laughs and falls smack into my heart.