The Time Machine (I Found at a Yardsale) (2011) - full transcript

Robert Moore [Johnny James Gatyas] buys a box at a yard sale that turns out to be a time machine. He travels to the future and rescues a slave named She-Ba [Amy Henry]. Together, they go on many futuristic adventures.

Excuse me?

What is this?
The stuff that dreams are made of.

It looks like it's made of gold.
It is.

Whoa, it must be worth a fortune!
It is. But not because it's made of gold.

Why are you selling that at a yard sale?

It's only for sale to the person who's

supposed to have it.
Yes somebody with a

lot of money!
No, you are the person.

I don't have a lot of money.
I'll settle for the $17 in your wallet.

How did you know I have $17?
I know a lot of things, just as you will.

Why would yoyu sell a gold box for $17?
Let me tell you something.

There isn't enough money

in the whole world to buy happiness.
I'm selling it to you

because you're the one that's supposed

to have it.
I don't understand.
You will.

Let me get a sturdy bag for you to carry it in.

You wouldn't want to drop it.

Take good care of it. No one who owns it really possesses it.

They're merely the caretaker.
Use it only for good. Be careful.
I will.

What the?

[electronic noises]

[electronic noises]

He's right, there's not enough money in

the world to buy this thing.

[electronic noises]

[electronic noises]

I soon found that I can move forward or

backward in time as fast as I wanted.

I could even stop time from my perspective.

I found that it was also possible to

enter a time value and the machine would move

you instantly to the time selected.

Up to this point I'd been using the time

machine as if it were a toy. I had always

wondered what the future held for mankind.

I decided that I wanted to see what life

would be like tens of thousands of years

from now. So I decided to go back to my

apartment and pick up the things I

thought I would need for my journey into

the future. I decided to leave from

Hollywood Boulevard.

[electronic noises]

What's that sound?
The alarm.
What alarm?

Did you go near the monitor? The column

this tall?

Oh no. Now they'll find both of us.

I'll be punished again.

Who is "they?" Who is after us?
The law enforcers.

Listen to me. I have the power to prevent
them from ever taking you back.

Who are you?
My name's Robert. What's your name?



Where did you come from?
I'm from here, actually.

I've never seen you. And your clothes are so strange.

I came from the past. Traveled here through time.

How did you travel through time?
I have a machine.

A time machine that I use to travel through time.

Where is your time machine?
It's in my backpack.

Can two people travel through time?

Yep. Why are they after you?

I'm a runaway.

Why did you run away?
To escape.

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

How long?

What about your family?
I have no family.

No one?

Where are you gonna go?
Where were you running to?

I don't know. Anywhere but here.

Have other people escaped?

Where did they go?
I don't know. Never saw them again.


Why did you come here?
I wanted to see what would happen

to the human race.
Now you've seen.

Now you're going to return to your time?
Not yet. I still want to

go farther in the future and see what happens.

Robert, can you take me with you?

Are you sure that's what you want?


[electronic noises]

Stand close to me.

How far did we go into the future?

I'm not sure. Thousands of years?
At least they can't follow us here.

They sure can't do that. Cause I'm not a slave

anymore, I'm not gonna look like one. I'll be right back.

I kept it a secret. I hid it until the day I

would be free. I made it myself.
It's very nice.


I'll keep this for money.

What do the women in your time wear?

They wear all kinds of things. Some of

them wear dresses like the one you're wearing.
Do you have a wife?

Do you have a woman you care about?

Not at the moment.

Do you have a mother and a father? A brother and a sister?

I have a mother and sister.
Do you live with them?

No we have own places.
I'd like to meet them. Do you think they'll like me?

Yeah I think they would.
I hope so. Where will I live?

My mom's gonna be away for a couple months.

You can stay at her place till we figure out

what to do.
Where you come from, what do

you do?
You mean for work, what do I do?

Yes, what do you do for work?

It's kind of hard to explain. I work for an

online publication on the Internet.

Oh boy. It's a way of telling people

about things.
So everyone knows you're going

into the future?

No, no one knows. No one even knows I have a time machine.

Oh, what about work?
What'd you tell the people where you work?

I'm on vacation.
What does that mean?
Every year I get three weeks

where I don't have to work.
I had one day a week.

I have two days a week, plus three weeks.

That's nice. I bet you like vacation

better than work.
Me too.

You know, I can use the time machine to

make my vacation as long as it want.

I can set the machine to go back to the

exact day I left.

Even the hour, the exact minute. I can

make my vacation last 20 years if I

wanted to, and no one would even know I was gone.

Wouldn't they ask what happened if
you come back and look 20

years older?
Yeah. Let's climb that hill.

And see if we can see any signs of


It's a spaceship.

Come on, I gotta see this.

It didn't crash. Looks like it's
been here for some time.

They must have just walked away from it

and never came back.

Who does it belong to?

Let's go inside and have a look.

Looks like the crew's quarters.
They didn't make their beds.

They must have left in a hurry.

Look there's a hallway up ahead.

Where does it go? I'm not sure. We have to

come back later and check it out.

What are those?
Some kind of cargo

containers strapped to the floor.

Looks like it's the control room of the ship.

This is cool.

Maybe we shouldn't be here.
Why not?

Whoever owned it abandoned it. It's ours

now. Let's have a look we'll see if it's

still functioning.

This is nice. Very comfortable.
Why don't we see how to turn

it on? Why don't you give me the time

machine? I'll wait outside.
Relax. Why don't

you sit down.
You've never flown

something like this have you?
Stop worrying.

What could go wrong?

I don't like this.
Sit down please.

Yes! That's more like it.

Put your seatbelt on.
My what?
Your seatbelt.


Over your shoulder.

All right!

Ramp up!

I told you!


If you travel a space how will you find

your way back?
That doesn't look like

it's gonna be a problem.

This screen is part of some inertial

tracking system. Always shows you where

you are relative to where you started.

I can always find my way back.

What's this?
We must deliver the supplies to the members

of the Resistance as soon as responsible.

See Mr. Aggasiz at the outpost on Damar.

He will tell you exactly where to deliver

the shipment. Mr. Seven, you were very

highly recommended. The lives of many

people are in your hands.

He must be talking about those boxes we saw.

Yes, Mr. Seven must have been taking

them to the Resistance people and

something happened to him.

How will we know where Damar is?

So that's what this, is it's a course set

to Damar.

Look the last point here says "Damar."

If people need a supply thing you just take

them there.
We don't know we're getting

into. It could be dangerous.
We need to go.

Okay. What are these points? What's this called?

I don't know. Well it's on the way. We could

stop there and see.
All right.

Well, we're on our way.

Yikes this thing's fast. Even at sublight

speed. There's Saturn, the planet with the

rings? I wonder what it's like to go

between the planet and its rings. Hang on.

Wow that was fun.
Yeah that was fun.

Ok, I gotta get us back on course. Let's see

how to go to warp speed. I got it.

Wow look at this.

This is fantastic.

We're traveling at warp seven.
What's that?

Seven times the speed of light. Very fast.


Let me fly it now. I've watched you. I can

fly it.

All right, it's all yours.

This is really fun.

It sure is. It's great having your own spaceship.

Well it's not far to the

pole so you can fly it there. When we get

there, I think you better let me land it.

All right.

I'm gonna get a little rest. Tell me when

we get there.

I think we're almost there.

Okay let me take it now.

Okay dropping to sublight now.

Should be a planet right around

that star. There it is dead ahead.

According to the planet map, we're close

to the place marked on the map. Should be

at the foot of the mountain. Shall we go

have a look?

Oh how beautiful.

If it doesn't take long will you just stop

at this other planet says says "D?"

I don't care, that's fine.
I wonder what D means.

I don't know.
It looks like it's the fourth

planet from the Sun. Maybe that's why

it's called D.
I don't know, maybe.

Well if it's anything like the coolest planet.

How beautiful.
It sure is. I gotta go get

my backpack. Don't walk too far away.

I'll be back in a minute.
I won't go far.

I'm so frightened.
Nw we know what the

D stands for.

This is where they said he is.

Well, after you.

Please, let me get you a table.

We're here to see Mr. Agassiz.
Oh, business!

In that case, you'll be our guests.
Please, follow me.

Please have a seat.

The show is about to start. I'll get you

something to drink.
Nothing too strong.

Of course, please make yourselves comfortable.

I'll be back in a minute.
Mr. Agassiz will be here shortly.
Thank you.

It's a nice place.

Not bad.
Yes, it was good.

I'm Agassiz, how can I help you?
I'm Robert Moore.

This is She-Ba.
Pleased to meet you.

We're here to get the instructions on

where to deliver the shipment for Mr. Seven.
~Where is Seven?

We don't know.
He disappeared.

We found this ship where he left it.

We were told to see you for instructions on

where to deliver the supplies to the


It would be best if you didn't mention

that word. The Empire has its spies


You must not discuss this with anyone

else. I hope that nothing has happened to

Seven. It's not like him to walk away and

just leave his ship.
The ship's ramp had

dust on it. It looked like it'd been

there for some weeks.
That's disturbing.

This paper has the information you'll need to deliver the supplies.


We'll deliver the shipment.
These are

dangerous times.
We're not from around

here. We don't know anything that's going on.

In the last few years, the Empire's

government has changed. Some very bad

people have seized power. Things have become

very repressive. Many have been

imprisoned, or just disappeared.

Do you have in your possession something

that you would like to sell?
Like what?

It's not important, I just thought.

What kind of thing?
You didn't happen

find any diamonds have you?
We don't have

any diamonds.

It's not important. But if you should

happen to find yourself in possession of

certain stones, I can offer you the best

price for them. Just keep in mind..
We will.

I wish you good fortune.

May you be guided and protected, maybe

meet again very soon.

Thank you.
Thank you.

We're getting near the place Mr. Agassiz

warned us about, aren't we?

It's probably too late to turn back now.

Yeah I think so.

What is it?
I don't know. I can't tell. I think

there's something ahead.

I'm gonna drop to sublight and see

what's going on.

Sublight now!

We can't outrun them. I'm gonna drop to

sublight speed and find a place to hide.

There! There's a planet. I'm gonna go

around it and hide the ship.

It's no good.

They're on our tail. We got to move.

I've got an idea.

I noticed before, when we went through a

nebula our instruments went dead, and we

couldn't see anything. We're coming up on

one now. I'm gonna slip in there, and come

to a stop. Hopefully they won't be able

to find us. Here we go.

I think we're drifting.
That's okay.

Maybe we lost them.
No, I can sense

they're very near.

Let me handle the ship. I can find them.

How? You can't see them.
I sense them.

I can do it.

But you'll have to use thrusters only.

Yeah! You did it! Well you've got the helm, why don't

you lay in our course.

We're almost to the planet. I hope there's

someone there to receive the supplies.

I hope so too.

We've already had a shootout with one

star cruiser. Who knows how many are

looking for us now. I don't think they're

too happy about what happened. We need to

drop off the supplies and get the hell

out of here.

Do you want to land the ship?
You can land it.

You're the ace here. I haven't

destroyed any enemy ships.
Oh, cheer up.

Maybe you'll get your chance.

No let's hope not.

Well that's that.
I wonder why no one was here to meet us.
I dunno.

Seven was supposed to deliver the stuff some

week ago. I guess they couldn't just stay

around. It's too dangerous.

Well we did what we were supposed to. Mr. Agassiz's instructions

say to bury the supplies under the marker

if no one was here.

Yeah we did it. I just need to rest.

We'll go in a minute.
We'll go when you're ready.

I wish I knew more about what's

going on here. Here we are, in a strange

place, far from Earth, thousands of years

beyond my time or yours.
Do you wish you

were back on Earth?
No, my life's much more

interesting now. Just to think that only

a few days ago, I spent my time sitting

behind a desk, writing about things that

just don't seem very important now. A few

days ago seems like a hundred years.

I know what you mean. My life is so much

better now. I could never go back to my time.

You don't realize what you're

missing until you've had a taste of

freedom. I'll never go back.

Don't worry about it, you're not going back.

It seems like everything that's

happened was supposed to happen.

Of course.
What I mean is, from the beginning -

The old man that gave me the time

machine, and stopping where I did in your time.

If I had been a few minutes earlier or a

few minutes later, we never would have met. It was all meant to be.

I don't believe in coincidences. Whatever happens is supposed to happen.

Seems like it. And there's the whole thing with the

ship. It was just sitting there waiting for us.

And the message from Mr. Seven?

Yeah that's what I'm talking about.

It seems like everything was just

sitting there waiting for us.

It was supposed to be.
Yeah well, what now?

What do you want to do?
Well we have the ship and lots of food.

I'd like to to see more places that I

haven't been to.
You'd like to travel?

I guess that would be fun. While

we're at it, maybe we could become a

little more knowledgeable about what's

going on this time. It might make it a

little safer.

One thing's for sure, we need to get far

away from here. Back maybe closer to Damar.

Okay that's a good place to start.
All right are you ready to go?

If you think you're feeling alright.

I'm okay, I just need to rest for a

little bit. Let's go.

Oh I forgot! While you were digging, I

was cleaning the ship, and I found this.
Oh man, oh! The more I find out about

Mr. Seven, the more I think he was into a

lot of things. Diamond smuggling, who knows what?
Could we use some of them to buy some things?

What sort of things?
Since we're going back to

Damar, I thought maybe we could buy

some new clothes.
You want to buy new clothes?

I saw some beautiful clothes there.

Why not? They're yours, and you found them.

I think one of those stones could buy

you more clothes than you could fit in the ship.

I see you found something.
I found a few things. Did you see Mr. Agassiz?

Yeah, he said again that he'd be glad to buy

any diamonds that we'd like to sell.

I don't think we'll need any more money

for a long time.
No, I think we're set for

a while. He's got a new job for us.
Does it involve the Resistance?

No, he says it's not dangerous. Said he'd do

it himself if he had a ship.
What is it?

We have to go pick something up on

another planet, and bring it back here.

It's not anywhere near where those

star cruisers were, is it?

No, it's not anywhere near there. He said

he'd pay us ten thousand credits to do it.

It's up to you. We can go if you want to.
I mean if it's not too

dangerous, and it's not too far, I think we should.

Ten thousand credits is a lot of

money. Why would he pay so much?
I don't know. I mean,

renting a ship's not cheap. Maybe he thinks

we're trustworthy.

Maybe it's very valuable, and he doesn't trust anyone

else to do it.
Yeah I'm sure that's

part of it.

Ready to go?

Okay, I entered the coordinates. We shouldn't

have any problem locating

the planet.
I wanna do the takeoff.

I don't care. Just be careful around

all the buildings, and watch out

for other ships.
I will.

I'm getting kind of hungry. Do you think

you can go to the galley, make us a

couple sandwiches, bring back some drinks?

All right, just don't do any fancy


I'll put it on autopilot.

Mmm, it's delicious. Thanks.
You're welcome.

It's like having a motorhome, only it

can travel through space at the speed of

light, or faster. I need to put cupholders

in this thing.

Okay, I'll set the ship down at the

coordinates. Should be right about there.

Oh, look at the mountain.

Setting it down now.

It's supposed to be a short distance

from here. Shall we go?

I'm a little chilly, but not too cold.
It's not cold, it's nice.

Where we're supposed to go is over there. Let's go.

Well, it was right where Agassiz he said it'd be.

How'd he know it was here?
I don't know.

Someone must have dropped it off here.

Why here, I don't know.
It doesn't look like it's been here long.

From what he said, I got the impression that it was dropped

off here in the last few days.
It's much colder here. We need to get back to the ship.

We're not dressed for this.
What was that?

I don't know, let's get back to the ship.

Oh my god. No.

I thought there weren't supposed to be

any Imperial ships around here.

That's what he said.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.
We're gonna die, aren't we?

Sun's gonna go down in two hours, and when it does

we're gonna freeze to death.

I've had a lot of fun. I don't regret


Me neither, I just wish it would have lasted a little longer.

Do you think it will hurt?
No, they say

that you just all asleep and don't wake up.
I wish I gotten

to meet your mother and sister. I wanted to make

a good impression.
They would've liked you, I'm sure.

I could use some coal.

Please, please.

Robert, is the time machine in your backpack?

I dunno. I can't remember.

Yeah, yeah.
We can leave and go back in time

before they find the ship.
Yeah, we're gonna be okay.

I'm a little nervous.
Everything's gonna be fine.


Hi mom.
Hi. I'm Robert's mom. Call me Patty.

It's so nice to meet you, She-Ba.
I'm Barb.

This is so much like Robert to do something like

this and not tell us.
We are so happy

for the both of you.

C'mon, lets not stand out here, let's

go inside.

So where did you meet?
In Hollywood. I was

walking and-
We bumped into each other.

I took a few steps back, and we actually

crashed right into each other.

That's funny.

So are you from Los Angeles?
Yes I've

always lived here.
Yeah she actually grew

up right here in Hollywood.
And your

parents do they live in Southern


They did, but they died when I was very young.

I'm sorry
So how long have you guys

known each other?
I guess about a week.

Really? So it was love at first sight?

It all happened so fast.

Yes, it certainly did.
Well I think it's

wonderful that the two of you wanted to

tie the knot.
So, She-Ba, what do you do?

She works at a produce company, selling

berries and stuff. But she quit her job

when we both met.
So he sweeped you off your feet

and carried you away?
Yeah sort of.

It's mutual. I quit my job this morning.

But I thought you liked your job?
I did, but

well, between the two of us, we have a bit of money.

We're gonna travel.
Yeah, she's

always wanted to travel, so we're gonna

see a bunch of places she's never seen.

You'll have lots of adventures together.

I bought a motorhome, so we're gonna

travel around in that.
One of those big

Oh yes it looks like a ship.

So you're gonna take a couple years off and

see the sights?
There's something to

be said for doing things when you're

young enough to really enjoy it.

Are you ready to go?
I just found this.

This is a treasure map. You want to go on

a treasure hunt?

Alright, let's go.

I think I figured out what part of the

star system this map refers to. Should be

at this planet any minute.

I think we're right about here on the

map. We need to get through this canyon.

Looks kind of narrow. I think we're gonna

have to walk and leave the ship behind.

Ready to go?

Well this is the first point on the map.

Go around the dragon's head, and keep walking.

It shows the holes in the rock. We keep going.

Well this is the third point, crack in the rock.

We got to keep going.

There's the entrance to the canyon.

Let's go.

Wow, this is a weird-looking place.
Yes, it's spooky.

We're almost there. I think we go around

one more bend. Least that's what the map says.

I think I see the end.

This must be the entrance to the cave.

Are you ready?

Look, there's a hole in the top of the cave.


Whoah, I can't see the bottom

of this thing. Must be hundreds of feet deep.

Let's get away from the edge.

Well, according to the map I gotta go down

here. Stay here, I'll be right back.

Oh man, I...

Look, from down there.
More diamonds?

There must be a hundred of these bags

down there. I'm gonna go get more.

Stay here.

Wow, this is great. I don't see

how it could get any better than this.

Yeah, it's wonderful.
Would you like more fish?

Oh no thanks, I couldn't eat anymore.

It was good though.
Yeah I'm full too.

Want a refill?

No, I'm fine. Robert?
We need to talk about it.

We just got here, we deserve more than a

few days' rest.

I know, we need a little rest. But at some

point we need to help the Resistance.

If you don't want to, we won't.
I didn't say I didn't want to

help them. I

just think we need a rest.

That's fine, I won't say anything else

about it.

I want to help them. I told Agassiz we would.

It's just a question of when.

All right, we'll flip a coin.

Head, we leave now. Tails, we leave in a week.

Oh, man.