The Time Capsule (2018) - full transcript

High school friends reunite to dig up their time capsule. When they open it, they make a pact to re-create all of their best high school moments. Little do they realize the capsule can heal broken hearts and inspire new relationships.

- ♪ Got one foot on the ground

♪ As I'm walking
through this town ♪

♪ Gonna live my life like this

♪ Gonna keep these dreams...
- Whoo!

- ♪ And I can stop the sound

♪ Of my heartbeat racing loud

♪ Wish I could save
this moment ♪

♪ 'Cause it's everything I've been hoping ♪

♪ My life is like I'm stuck

♪ Behind a movie screen

- I know I'm late, I'm sorry.

- I was so worried; I thought
you were gonna miss graduation.

- One thing I know about Lauren,

she always
shows up just in time.

- Better late than never.
- Yeah.

- Hey, guys.

- Class president Peter Silver.

- You excited for grad night?

- Oh yeah, it's gonna be fun.

- Of course.
I mean, maybe, I mean, yeah.

- Now, Tom, remember to bring
an item for the time capsule.

Jane and Lauren
already gave me theirs.

- Okay, cool, will do.
Actually, you know what?

I've got the perfect thing.

- And now, ladies and gentlemen,

your class President
Peter Silver.

- Whoo!
- Oh, yeah!

- Peter!

- Thank you, family, friends,

and teachers for joining
us on this special day.

It is my greatest pleasure
as president and salutatorian

to introduce
this year's graduating class.

- My fellow classmates,
we're about to embark

on the next chapter
in our lives...

- So have you told him yet?
- No.

Too nervous.

- I know, but the sooner
you tell him the better.

- Okay, I'll tell him tonight.

- At North Central Valley High,

we'll not only
see how far we've come,

but we'll realize that this
was the best time of our lives.

- ♪ Ooh, baby

♪ Ooh, baby, baby

♪ I see you coming
through the open door ♪

♪ I gotta wonder why
you're coming back, girl ♪

♪ Yeah, the same things
that I heard before ♪

- Whoo!

- Hey, can we talk?
- What's up?

- I'm going to Argentina.

- What? Like on vacation?

- I don't know yet.

There's just a really cool
music scene there

so I bought
a backpack and a one-way ticket

and thought I'd just
figure it out as I go.

- Seriously?

- Well, I wasn't even
gonna go until I talked to you,

but for some reason tickets
are really cheap right now

so I just--I went with it.

- When are you leaving?
- Tuesday.

- This Tuesday?

- Can you please not get mad?

- What--we had
plans this summer.

We were supposed
to start a band together.

- I just want to have a bit
of fun before we start college.

- I guess that's the difference
between you and me.

I have the most
fun when we're together.

- I have a surprise for you.

- Keep it.

- ♪ You say you love me

♪ You know you don't

♪ You say you love me

- You guys are my friends!

- Could be nice, though, right?
- Yeah, me too.

- Having fun?

- Not anymore.

- Oh, she told you.

- She told you?

- You and Lauren'll
figure it out.

You two were
meant for each other.

Just wait,
when the four of us open

this time capsule 20 years
from now,

you'll still be together.

And that reminds me,
you still haven't given me

your item for the capsule.
- It's in my jacket.

- So? How'd he take it?

- Not good.

Have you asked Peter out yet?

- I tried
on the ride over tonight,

but I didn't have the courage.

Who am I kidding?
I'm just a friend to him.

- It's a menu from Luigi's

where Lauren and I had
our first date.

It was kind of our place.

- Great,
now let's bury this thing.

- I'm not really
in the mood anymore.

I'm sorry, man.

- Okay.

- Do you want
to get out of here?

- Well, I thought we were
gonna go bury the time capsule.

- I don't think that
Tom really wants me there.

- I guess it's just me then.

- Now history is really
important because it helps us

understand why we live the way
we do, and how we've gotten

where we are both as a species,
and as a country.

Now, any questions
before we begin today's lesson?

Okay, let's get started.

- Hey, Lauren.

- Oh, George, hey.


- Lauren, you're
late with the rent, again.

- I know. I'm sorry.

We have this big gig coming up,
and after that I'll be set.

- I know you're trying, but
I can't let this slide anymore.

- This is the last time,

- This is the last time.

- Yeah, so let's just play it
in the B-minor.

- Yo!
- Serious.

- Hey, what's up?
- I'll see you guys over there.

- Don't be late.
- All right, see you there.

- Hey babe, come here,
come here, let's sit for a few.

- Are you not ready?

- No, no, no, relax,
it's fine, it's fine, sit down.

- You're lucky you're cute,
you know that?

- Listen,
all the biggest rock stars

were late to the rehearsals.

On their rent too,
for that matter.

It's part of being an artist.

One point or another, you know?

Music is not
about being reliable.

It's about being unpredictable.

- Yeah,
that's one way to look at it.

But if I don't pay George
I'm gonna have to

move back to
North Central Valley.

What is your name?

- Excuse me?

- I'm learning Mandarin for
the Teacher Exchange Program.

You should apply for that,
by the way,

because they are looking
for a history teacher.

- Six weeks in Taiwan?

- Mm-hmm.
- I don't think so.

Hey, Rod,
what's going on in the field?

- Oh, they're
starting construction soon.

- They're building
something on the field?

- Yeah, a new parking lot.
It's just as well.

I mean, what good is
an empty field, right?

- Lenny's Vinyl Vault,
Lenny speaking.

Hey, Tom.
Mr. Accountant.

It's for you.

- Hey, what's up, Tom?

- They're razing
the school field

and putting
in a parking lot.

- That's where
I buried our time capsule.

- Yeah,
we have to dig it up early.

- Can you
meet me there after school?

- At the field? Of course,
I work here, remember?

- All right, well
let's dig up some old memories.

- All right.

- You remember
where you buried it?

- Yeah, it's right over there.

One, two, three, four.

All right, this is it.

Parking lot?

- You want to do the honors?

- Soon as Jane
and Lauren get here.

- Lauren?
- We did make a pact

that we wouldn't open it
without each other.

- I haven't seen
her since grad night.

- You're still mad about that?

- Yoo-hoo! Hey, boys!

This is so crazy! Hi!

- How long has it been?
Jane, you look great.

- Thanks, so do you.

Yeah, it has been a while.

it is so weird being back here.

- Yeah.

- So I let Lauren know
about this,

but she can't make it.

- That's too bad.

I thought we should all
dig it up together.

- Well, I saw on Instagram
that she has a show tonight,

so that's why she can't make it.

- A show?
- On Instagram?

- She's in a band.

She's playing
at the Lava Lounge.

How about we just
all go to the show, yeah?

- I don't know, just--

- Come on, it'll be so much fun,
and just like old times.

- What else are you
gonna be doing tonight?

- Grading papers.
- Boo.

- Exactly,
you're coming with us.

- Okay, fine,
but just for a little bit.

- Perfect.

do you want to ride with me?

I'll drop you off
back here after.

- Uh....

Yeah, sure.

- ♪ And I know
that I left you behind ♪

♪ But you didn't seem to mind

♪ And so I'm sure
that you're doing fine ♪

♪ But I think about you
all of the time ♪

♪ I think about you
all the time ♪

♪ I think about you
all the time ♪

Go Lauren!

I love you!

- Thank you guys,
thank you, thank you.

We are Tender Betty and
we're gonna take a short break,

but we'll be back
in 15 minutes with another set.

- Yeah, we love you, Lauren!

- Guys!
- Lauren!

- Look at you.
That was so good.

Oh, thanks, guys.
Hey, Tom.

It's good to see you.

- You, too.

- I can't believe
that you guys are all here.

- Well, figured we'd come to you
since you couldn't make it.

- Yeah, I'm so sorry about that.

I had the craziest day
and I got to get back on

in a minute,
but will you guys stick around?

- Yeah.

- I can't stay much longer.
I have class in the morning.

- Class?
- We'll let you two catch up.

- Oh, no, it's cool--
I just got to get going.

- It's all good,
we'll be at the bar.

- Uh...

So you're,
um, back in school?

- No, I'm actually a history
teacher at North Central Valley.

- Wow.
- Yep, go Lancers.

- I remember you
started the peer tutor group.

That was cool,
and I'm really glad that

you followed your passion, and
you were great at that stuff.

- Yeah, thanks.

And look at you, you're
a performer now.

That's awesome.
- Thanks.

Yeah, I mean we've only
been together a little while,

but it's starting to sound good.
We're having fun.

- Lauren's band's pretty good,

- Yeah, yeah, I've seen them
once. They're great.

- Oh, cool.

It's nice that
the two of you stayed friends.

- Yeah,
I see her once or twice a year.

We text all the time too,

but not as much as you and Tom,
I guess.

- Clearly none of us have done
a good job of keeping in touch.

- Yeah,
we should be better about that.

- So,
are any of our old teachers

still at North Central Valley?

- Yeah, actually Mrs. Kearney,

but I call her Susan now,
which is super weird.

- You know what? I always felt
kind of bad for her.

You remember when we'd just sit
at the back of her class

and play footsies all the time?

We never paid any attention.

- I remember.
- Hey.

I'm gonna go back onstage.

I'm sorry to interrupt, man.
- No, it's okay, yeah.

- Derek, this is Tom.

Tom, this is Derek.

- Hey, nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

- Yeah, absolutely.

- And this is Julian, and Max...

The other
half of Tender Betty.

- Hi, guys.
- So Tom used to play guitar.

He's actually really good,

and he won the music award
in high school

so, you know,
he's got that going for him.

- Nice.

Hey, you should totally
jump on stage with us, man.

- Oh, yeah.

- We're about
to play another set.

- No, I haven't
picked up a guitar in years.

- Don't need rehearsal, man.

Once you have it,
you never lose it.

- Come on, it'll be fun.

We love jam sessions
during our live shows.

- Come on, have a little fun,
be spontaneous.

- Hey, Tom's not
really the spontaneous type.

He's more like the serious,

getting stuff done kind of guy.

He's not gonna just jump up
on stage and play the guitar.

- Well, okay.
Well, we'll see you around.

- Hey, I'll see you up there,

- Right, now, all right, bye.

- Hey.
I should get--

- Hey, what are
you guys doing tomorrow?

Why don't we get together
and dig up the time capsule,

like, for real this time?

- Ooh, that sounds like fun.

- Yeah,
I think I could swing that.

- Works for me, yeah.

- Cool, all right.

Well, I better get back
but thank you.

And I'll see you guys tomorrow.

- You ready for me
to take you back to your car?

- Uh, yeah.

- Later.

- And her dad saw the
increased traffic to her site,

and happened to own a consulting
firm and offered me a job.

So, that's how it all started,

and now I am the social media
specialist at my company.

- Fancy.

What exactly does that mean?

- I help companies with their
online presence and branding.

- You want a new customer?

My dad's record shop
can use a serious makeover.

I've been trying to use
my so-called accounting skills,

but it hasn't really worked out.

- You know what?


- Yeah?
- Yeah, let's do it.

- Amazing.

- That was a great show, right?

- Yeah, it's a fun venue.

- Yeah,
your friends are pretty cool.

- They're good people.

- I'm surprised you actually

never mentioned
them before though.

- I haven't? Strange.

Still see Jane
from time to time.

- What about
that buttoned-up guy?

- Oh, Tom.

We used to date in high school.

- What?

Guy's like
a teacher or something.

- Yeah.

- Can you imagine living
your whole life like that?

- I'm gonna
head back to my place.

- Okay, I'll
just--I'll see you tomorrow?

- Yeah,
I'll see you before rehearsal.

- By the way, what did you
think of my solo on Left Behind?

I was kind of messing
around with the time signature.

- Yeah, it worked.

- Cool, thanks.

- Over 200,000 people attended

the World's Fair
on the first day.

Now they called this
the every man's fair

because the idea
was to show average people

all the latest
developments being designed

to help improve
the welfare of the masses.

- Now to me the most interesting
exhibit at the fair

was the Westinghouse
time capsule.

They put all sorts of stuff
in there representative of 1939:

magazines, cigarettes,
a film news reel

all for someone to uncover
in 5,000 years.

Is your class putting together

a time capsule
on graduation night?

- Nope.
- Mm-mm.

- A few of us from my
graduating class made one.

- What was in it?

- You know what?
I don't really remember.

Now, if you can turn
to page 175 we'll get started.

- Any day, guys.

- Yeah.

- There it is.

Still here. Whoa.

- Wow.

- Oh, no way.
You remember this?

We made a mix CD

with all our favorite songs,

and this is the playlist.

Oh, man.
I know who put this in.

- A dinner menu from Luigi's.

- So, which item is yours?

- This.

Where'd you get that from?

- Uh--
- Wild Oaks Amusement Park.

- Tom was afraid of heights.

- Still am by the way.

- Okay,
Tom is afraid of heights.

But I got him to ride
the Ferris wheel,

and as luck would have it...

- We got stuck at the very top
for like a good 10 minutes.

- I said to him,
"Are you okay?"

And he said,

no matter what the situation,

so long as I was
sitting next to him,

everything was worth it.

- Aw, that is so sweet,
you guys!

- Anyway, when we got off,

Tom insisted on winning
a stuffed animal for me, so.

It was actually really hard

putting it in the time
capsule and giving it away,

but I figured if Tom could
overcome his fear of heights...

I could sacrifice this guy.

I remember that!

- Whoa, is that from prom?

- Yeah, I so remember
putting that in there.

- It's an awesome photo.
- Thanks.

Ugh, I still cannot believe that

Tom organized the whole marching
band, and the cheerleaders.

He put up the balloons just
to ask you to the dance, girl.

- Yeah, it was pretty elaborate.

- Hey, what can I say?

- And I...

put this in.

- Trucker Bob?
- Trucker Bob? No way.

- We must have watched this,
like, a hundred times here.

- You know what
always happens when a band's

greatest hits album comes out?

The reunion tour.
- Oh.

- We're already back together

Let's play all the hits
starting with Trucker Bob.

- Oh, wow, what a night.

Hey, thanks again,
Peter for having us over.

- Yeah, you were
always the greatest host.

- It's not me,
it's time capsule.

- So what's next
on our reunion tour?

- Luigi's?

- Sure, yep, I'm down, right?

- Yeah,
I think I can make that work.

- Okay, cool.

- All right, well,
we'll see you later.

- Thanks for having us.

- Drive safe.

is such a buzz kill, man.

- Yep.

- Ha!

Julian says that Rat Stevens is

gonna be at
the Triangle Showcase.

- Rat Stevens?

- The Snoozies are blowing
up Los Angeles right now.

So if Rat Stevens wants
to rep us...

Man, that would be huge.

- We should probably work extra
hard if he's gonna be there.

Schedule some
extra rehearsals,

you know, like, really
put the pedal to the metal.

- I think if anything we
should probably rehearse less,

just take more risks and chill,
you know?

- First of all,

I think
we need to revamp your website.

Your current one looks
like it was made with geocities,

and that's not mobile friendly.

So I made a new version.

It's a little bit more modern.

You like it?
- Wow, impressive.

"Lenny's Vinyl Vault, pre-owned
vintage records." Nice.

- Thanks, it's linked
to social media platforms

so we can post things
every day like your new music,

and events, and artist
appearances stuff like that.

Oh, and I highly suggest that

we bring someone on to design
an app to curate all of it.

- This all sounds
really complicated.

- All these businesses
do it nowadays; it's fine.

- How does this sell music?
- Marketing.

We can't sell music if no one
knows about the store, right?

- Fair enough.

- Still at it, huh, Rod?

- Well,
I can't enlighten young minds

if I can't speak the language.

Oh, how was the unveiling of the
lustrous time capsule. Was it?

- It was interesting.

- Well, you know
the old Chinese proverb?

man has his hobbyhorse.

- Which translates to?

- Love is good, maybe.

- And I'm having fun,
but I'm not even sure

the band's going
in the right direction.

But I think I might also just be
scared and stressed out

'cause I got to move out
of my place and I don't know

where to go, but my life's
kind of a mess right now.

- Well, if it makes you feel
any better,

my life is so
boring compared to yours.

- I could use some boring.

- Hey, you know what?

Why don't you just
stay with me?

- Really?
- Yeah.

- I mean, that would be amazing.

Just till I found another place.

- Girl, please, of course.

- Thank you.
- Yeah. Anything for you.

- You're the best.

So they would always have,
like, they're having

this conversation.
- Oh, gee that's really good.

- Oh, there they are.
- Hey.

- Luigi's has gotten popular.

- This is Gus's, Asian fusion.

- Oh, that's sad.

- Shall we?

- Wow.

- Oh, wow.
- It looks cool.

- Okay, well, I'm
gonna go put our names in.

- Yeah.

- This is awesome.

- Just give me one second.
- Okay.

- So it's a two hour wait
for four,

or they can seat us now
as two parties of two.

- So we'd be at separate tables?

- I'm sorry guys, I should've
called. Is that all right?

- It's all good.
I'll sit with Jane.

- Yeah, sure.

- Hey, have you guys decided?

- Yeah, can I get the
dynamite crunchy roll,

and does it
come with miso soup to start?

- Yes.
- Great, that's me.

- And for you?

- You guys don't have the pasta
primavera anymore, do you?

- No.

- What's the closest
thing you have to that?

- The udon?
- Yeah, I'll just do that.

- Okay,
you guys good on drinks?

- Yeah, we're good, thank you.

Pasta primavera.

You ordered it every
single time we came here.

- And I was never disappointed.

- You know there was plenty of
other great stuff on the menu?

- Well, you should know.

You ordered something
different every time.

- Well, yeah.

I wanted to try everything
on the menu,

find out what I liked best.

- I guess when I find a good
thing, I like to stick with it.

- I'd rather just not
miss out on something better.

- Mm-hmm, you see,
everyone is saying

the music industry is failing
because it's too slow to adapt,

but that's not quite true

because when
they decided to adapt,

they were way too quick to give
consumers what they wanted.

I mean, think about it.

It makes no business sense
whatsoever to make streaming

music available for free at the
same time as available to buy!


I must be talking
your ear off about this stuff.

- No, no, you're not.
I'm interested.

It's just funny how much you've
changed since high school.

- I just, you know,
came into my own.

- You remember that one time
you ordered spaghetti

just so we could re-enact
that scene from

"Lady and the Tramp" and then
we spilled sauce everywhere?

- Yeah, but it didn't work

'cause the spaghetti
was too short.

- Right.

- But we kept trying anyway.

- We were just
two spirited teens

who never
gave up on their dreams.

That's us.

Do you want to dance?

- Oh, I don't know.
I'm not really--

- Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

- Come on.
Let's go.

- Wait, what?

- Let's go.
- Uh...

- Why didn't we go out
dancing more in high school?

I guess we had dances.

- And prom.

- Wow,
that feels like a lifetime ago.

- My students are
having their prom in a week.

I'm going to be a chaperone.
- Wow.

- This is nice.

- Yeah, it is.

- Thanks for getting me
out there.

- Hey, I always like dancing
with you.

- Oh, hey guys.

- I would say track two

of our greatest hits CD
was a rousing success.

- Mm-hmm.
- What's next?

- Wild Oaks Amusement Park?
Day after tomorrow?

- Wild Oaks.

- Yes, I'm down.
Let's go.

- Great, we can caravan.

- Now for most of you this
will be your last history class.

You've spent 12 years
studying history.


Well, for the same reason the
World's Fair had a time capsule.

Because our past
is a window into our future.

Now as you can see
I've decided to initiate

a time capsule for your class.

So what I want you to do is,
before the last day

I want you to bring in one item
that you feel

best represents who you are.

This will be your final
homework assignment.

Thanks, everybody.

- Mr. Paxton, how did you decide

what to put
into your time capsule?

- You know, I picked something

that was really
meaningful to me at the time.

A memory that I didn't want
to take for granted or forget.

Think about your item as
a note to your future self,

a reminder of what's
important to you right now.

Does that help?

- Sounds pretty cool.

I like this assignment.

Thanks, Mr. Paxton. See you.

- Yeah, I'll see you.

- All right, guys, get close.

Come on, say cheese.

- Cheese.
- Okay.

- Dad, can you try
and look more normal?

- Never was normal.
Never want to be normal.

Never gonna be normal.

- Okay, well, then
how about just less goofy?

- Here,
let's just try it again, okay?

Come on, give me a big smile.

That's... better.

- Let me take a picture
of you two instead.

- No.

- That's a better idea.
- No.

- Come on,
come on, take my place.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on, here we go.


Nice. Ready?

- Oh, nice.

- We good?

- Yeah, I think so.

Look it there.

You two look great together.

- Nice job, Peter.
- See? Isn't that nice.

- Jane said I can crash with her
until I find a new place.

- All right, cool, man.

- I thought
you'd be more excited.

This means I don't have to move
out to North Central Valley.

- It's not like
North Central Valley's

some other country or something.

We'd figure it out, make it
work, rearrange shows, you know?

- Am I your girlfriend
or just your bandmate?

- Both.

- Yeah, but if I'm gonna spend
this much time with someone,

I want it to at
least be vaguely official.

- Really?

No, I just didn't think you'd
be into something so petty.

- Come on, look,
I've moved around a lot.

I've been on lots of adventures,
been carefree,

but I think it's time to choose
a direction,

you know, maybe settle down,
find some stability.

- Can we just, um,
maybe have this conversation

after the showcase 'cause--

- What has that
got to do with anything?

- Because it's just a really
big conversation

and I don't want
to be the shredder of the gig.

It's just really
important for my career, so.

- Well, it's really
important for my career too.

- I know, relax,
you don't have to get so heated.

We'll figure it out.
- Let's just play.

- All right, is that everything?

- Yeah, I'm keeping the rest
in storage, so we're good.

- Cool.
- Thank you so much again, Jane.

- Yeah, of course.

I'm surprised
Derek didn't help you move.

- Yeah, I didn't ask him.

- Oh.

- To be honest, I think I'm
gonna break things off with him.

- Really? Why?

- I mean, when we first met,

I was so excited to meet someone
I had so much in common with.

You know, he likes music,
and art, and he wrote me

this amazing song and no one's
ever done that for me before.


Outside of the band...

who am I kidding?

- This guy's not ready
for a real relationship

and I think I am.

- Hm, well, I think that
is very mature of you, Lauren.

- I guess I'm
finally growing up.

- It's about time.

Come here.

- Yeah, I mean,
they're a great band,

but you just don't hear
'em anymore.

- Yeah.

- Is it just me or has music

gotten worse
in the last 10 years?

Or are we just getting old?

- No, it's gotten
worse for sure, yeah.

- I think people just choose
their music taste

when they're in high school
and then...

you know, some things
never change.

- I don't know.

I've gotten pretty into hardcore
metal in the last 10 years, so.

- Tom Paxton?
Big metal head?

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, yeah.

I like to go to the raves
and just let loose,

get pushed around
in the mosh pit and scream.

- Wear the eyeliner
and everything?

- Yeah, obviously yeah.
What metal head doesn't do that?

- Sorry if I'm being quiet.

I guess with my work I have
a lot of say,

but this reunion tour
is making me feel

like I'm back in high school.

- It's okay.

Maybe some tunes will help.

A binder full of CDs?

I usually just pick
a playlist form Spotify.

- Fun fact, long before Spotify,

artists would create playlists

of their own music
called albums.

- Ha, ha, ha.

- Truck's overturned.

No one's hurt
but it's gonna be a while.

- Hm, you want to have lunch?

- Where?

- What kind of music you like?

- Top 40, hip hop, dubstep.

- Dubstep?

- Yeah, dubstep gets a bad rap.

You probably
never gave it a chance.


- ♪ I'm never ever gonna feel this way again ♪

- You feel that?

- ♪ You left every door
in my heart open ♪

- How's everything
going with Tender Betty?

- It's pretty cool. We've
got this showcase coming up.

This manager's gonna be there.
His name's Rat Stevens.

- His name's Rat?
- I know, right?

Like, is it a nickname

or did he name himself that
for some odd reason?

- Or maybe his
parents are just kind of evil.

- Maybe.

Anyway, I mean,
I'm hopeful that something good

will happen for the band,
but if not,

I'm just happy that people
are listening to my lyrics.

- Oh, wow, I didn't
know you wrote the songs.

- I've been writing a lot.

It's really cathartic.

For me, it's not
about being a rock star,

or signing a record deal,

or that lifestyle, you know?

I'm just happy that people
are hearing my words

and maybe
feeling a little less alone.

- That's really cool.

- Thanks.

I'm writing a book also.

It's based
on my travel journals.

I'm about halfway through.

A lot of the early stuff are
my journals from Argentina,

and a lot of it's about you.

- Would you ever go back?

- No, I mean it's a really
beautiful country,

but there's a lot of other stuff
I'd rather see first.

Would you go back?

- To Argentina?

- To senior year.

- All right, wait for it.

Ah-ah, not now, wait for it.

- Now!

Do you feel that?

Yeah, come on, get into it.

Got to feel it!


Mm, mm, mm!

No, not a seizure,
it's a dance, like this, whoo!

Ooh, I'm getting tired.

Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.

- Let's go, let's go, come on.


- I'm so sorry,

we had the craziest
traffic on the way to Wild Oaks.

- And I hate traffic.
It's so stressful; I can't deal.

- Well, it was all right.

It gave me a chance
to catch up with Tom.

- Tom? Oh, your ex.

The teacher guy, right?

- Yeah. You don't mind, right?

- Yeah, of course. Free to hang
out with whoever you want.

- I just didn't want
you to feel uncomfortable.

- No, I don't own you,
you don't own me.

It's just all one love.
- One love?

- Yeah, you know, that's the
beauty of keeping things loose.

There's no chains, no demands,
it's just people loving people.

- It's just when
you say stuff like that,

it makes me feel like

you don't really care
about our relationship.

- Well, do you want me to be mad

that you're
hanging out with your ex?

- Forget it,
let's just go to dinner.

- Dinner, that's right.
I knew I forgot something.

I was wondering
what you were doing here.

Sorry, I just get really in the
zone with my music and...

do you think we could

- Sure.

- I just--

I really think I'm
on the verge of something

awesome here, you know?

- I'll catch you tomorrow,

- All right.

- What are you doing?

- I was just thinking
about calling Peter.

- Why?

- I don't know.

The truth is,
I'm great at my job.

- Right.

- But when it comes to dating,

I think I hide
behind technology.

And that hasn't
worked for me in the past.

So I want to be the one
that makes the first move.

- That's great,
you should totally do that.

- Really?

- I had no idea you still had
such intense feelings for Peter.

- Can I tell you a secret?
- Yeah.

- Do you know why I put the prom
photo in the time capsule?

- 'Cause it was
a really fun night?

- Because that was
the first time

Peter put
his arm around me.

- Oh, Jane.

- It's embarrassing.

I just feel this urge to want

to call him and talk
to him about absolutely nothing.

Is that weird?
- No, that's not weird.

- But what do I even talk about?
Maybe I should text him.

- I think that's a cop out.

- I could send him a selfie.

- Just call him.
- Okay.

- Hey, Jane.

- Sorry, butt dialed!

- Hello?

- Well, that went well.

- "Four stars, I used
to come here all the time.

"I totally forgot
this place existed.

"I remember the owner Lenny was

"very helpful
and had a great selection.

Nice to see they're finally
on social media."

You sure you didn't write this?

- Of course.

- "I wish they would stock
more new music, three stars."

- See?

Useful feedback,
real customer interaction.

Now we can post things every
day when your dad has new albums

on sale and everyone here
can see it on their news feed.

Cool, right?

Oh, hey, what's up, Tom?

- There are customers in here.
- I know, right?

And we got 300 likes
on the Facebook.

- Nice work.
- Thank you, thank you.

- We're off to a good start.

Now we just need
to sell these records.

- Hey, what are you
guys doing next weekend?

- You want
to try Wild Oaks again?

- No, the high school prom
is coming up.

- I think it might be
weird if we all went together.

- Oh, come on.

We can get dressed up,
rent a limo for the evening.

It'll be fun.

- Okay,
have you let Lauren know?

- No, not yet.

- I don't know if I should
tell you.

- What?

- I shouldn't tell you.
- What?

- No, I'm not gonna tell you.
- Just--

- She's gonna
break up with Derek.

- Really?

- ♪ This feeling is tearing me
up, breaking me down ♪

♪ Better if I sit here tight

♪ 'Cause life is
a merry go round ♪

♪ Sedated, I'm faded

♪ It's like a birthday
so belated ♪

♪ 'Cause it's all so true

- Lauren, you're,
like, four bars behind.

- Yeah, I know, I'm sorry.

- It's 'cause
you're thinking too much.

That's the problem.

I need something to drink.

- What's going on with you two?

- I think we're gonna break up.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

- You guys ready?
- Yeah, man.

- Yeah.

- All right, from the top.

- Bro, you got to do
something about Lauren.

- What do you mean?

- You got to lock that down,
or Tender Betty's gonna split.

- Why? Did she say something?

- She writes all our lyrics,
she's our lead guitarist.

Fix it.

- Okay.

- Hey, girl.
- This looks amazing.

- Oh, thanks.

You good?
- Yeah.

- Okay.

Let's dig in.

- Sorry.

Tom wants to meet me at the
high school tomorrow at 03:00.

- Wow, already?

- Do you know
something about this?

- No.

- Then why'd you say,
"Wow, already?"

- I was saying, wow, I
want to eat this salad already.


- What did you put
in the time capsule?

- I have no idea
what you're talking about.

- It was the prom photo, right?

- Um.
- What's he planning?

- I'm not sure,

but it must be something

- This looks just
like our time capsule.

I know, look inside.

Ta da.

- Hm, a good collection.

- They're all from 1979.

- Oh,
we could sell this as a box set.

- Exactly,
you and your dad can pick your

favorite albums and put together
a different set for every year.

People love recreating
their memories, right?

Well, now they can do it
with the music from that time.

- Jane, this is great.

It's brilliant.

- Thanks.

I can help you look for more
recent albums if you want.

- Absolutely.
- Cool.

- Whoa, whoa, hold it, hold it.

You guys are good.
That was great.

Now we just gotta wait.

- Hey.

- Derek?

- Look, I've been thinking a lot

about what you said
about making things official.

- Really?
- Yeah,

I'm down if you are.

- Derek, this is a really
big step,

and it's so not you.

- Obviously this
is important to you.

And I don't want to lose you.

Look, you don't have
to make a decision now.

There's no rush,
just think about it.

- Yeah, I will.

- I think it was supposed to be
a lot shorter than this.

- I got to go.

- She'll be here any second.

Can you just hold on for, like,
10 more minutes please?

- I'm gonna be
late to my math tutor.

I'm sorry, Mr. Paxton.

- Yeah, that's okay.
- I have to go, too.

My mom's been in the parking
lot for, like, 15 minutes.

- Me too, Mr. Paxton.

I've got softball practice.
I'm sorry.

- I'm all about doing a thing
for teacher, but...

- Okay.


- Lauren?

It's okay, Neil, you can go now.

- Okay. Bye.

Where have you been?

It's 04:15.

- I'm sorry.

- You know, I got
the marching band,

and the cheerleaders.

Just like when I asked
you to prom our senior year.

- I'm really sorry.

- You can't commit to anything,
can you?

- It's called life, Tom.

- No, it's called set an alarm
on your phone or something.

- I'm not gonna fight with you.

- Well, it's too late,
we're fighting now.

- You could've called.

7 years ago.

I expected you to call.

That's the least
you could've done.

- Hey, you dumped me, remember?

And then you left
for a different country

two days later.

If you didn't mean it,
you should've called me.

- I bought you a plane ticket.

Do you know how much
of my savings I spent?

I was 17.

I thought you would be
so excited when you got home

and you found that
ticket in your jacket pocket.

I kept picturing your face.

I sat by the phone all night.

- What?

- And when you didn't call,
I waited for you at the airport.

And when you didn't show up,
I swore to myself

that you would call,
or surprise me in Argentina,

but you never did.

You broke my heart.

I can't--I can't do this.

I'm done.

- Where's the capsule?
Where is it?

- Fireplace,
what's going on, man?

- I don't remember that.
What is it?

- You know what?

I think that it's better that

this happened now
before we got in too deep.

- Yeah,
you did what you had to do.

It's like ripping
off a Band-Aid.

- Yeah, except that it
took seven years to pull off

so it's kind of like the most
painful Band-Aid ever, but...

- Look, I should've known that

he would've been
scared and chickened out.

I just--I didn't think

he'd leave me out to dry
like that.

- Right. Well...

Why didn't you
ever tell us about the ticket?

- I was too embarrassed.

I just couldn't...

You know what I was like.

- Yeah, I get it.

Did you ever
think about calling him maybe?

- All the time.

But, you know, I was stubborn.

I felt rejected so I
convinced myself

he didn't care about me and
I just tried to forget about it.

- Did he ever say
why he never called, or?

- No.

But I never really
gave him a chance to explain.

I just need to let go
of the past, and move forward.

- Yes,
absolutely but isn't forgiveness

the best way to move forward?

We were in high school then,

We've grown since then.

- I think it's a bit late
for that.

- It's never too late.

- I'm so sorry, man.

If I didn't make you put

in the time capsule 10 years ago

- It's not your fault, man.

If I would've seen this ticket,

my whole life
could've been different.

- Who am I kidding?

I wouldn't have gone
to Argentina.

I was too practical for that.

- You don't know that.

What about
the past couple weeks?

There's definitely
something there.

- She's been hurting
just as much as I have.

The least I could do
is give her, her space.

I've been
asleep for seven years.

It's time to wake up.

- ♪ I dare you to say

♪ It's been for the better

♪ It's just not
how stars align ♪

♪ And if there's a day

♪ When all the chaos comes together ♪

♪ We'll rewrite the story

♪ 'Til then it's always
gonna feel this way ♪

♪ When there's no right
or wrong thing to say ♪

♪ All the words just came away

♪ Like a landmine

♪ It's no game
that I wanna play ♪

♪ You run 'round my head all the day ♪

♪ And my heart's 'bout to give way ♪

♪ Like a fault line

♪ Now I need you,
need you ♪

♪ Now I need you now

♪ Now I need you,
need you ♪

♪ Now I need you now

♪ 'Til then it's always
gonna feel this way ♪

♪ When there's no right
or wrong thing to say ♪

♪ All the words just came away

♪ Like a landmine

♪ It's not game
that I wanna play ♪

♪ You run 'round my head all the day ♪

♪ And my heart's
'bout to give way ♪

♪ Like a fault line

♪ Now I need you,
need you ♪

♪ Now I need you now

♪ Now I need you,
need you ♪

♪ Now I need you now

- Mr. Paxton?

I still can't figure out what
to put into the time capsule.

I feel like there's no
single item that represents me.

- Don't overthink it.

Just pick something
random and put it in there.

It doesn't
really matter anyways.

- Um, are you okay, Mr. Paxton?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

It's just, you know,
you're graduating soon.

You should probably enjoy
these last few days

instead of thinking
about some silly assignment.

- ♪ This feeling is tearing me
up, bringing me down ♪

♪ Better if I sit here tight

♪ 'Cause my life
is a merry go round ♪

♪ Sedated, I'm faded

♪ It's like a birthday
so belated ♪

♪ 'Cause it's all so true

♪ I'm never gonna forget you

- Whoo, yes!

- Boys and girl,
I believe Tender Betty is

ready for the Triangle Showcase.

- That was solid.

- That bad, huh?

Want some sugar
for that coffee?

Look, you're having
a quarter life crisis, okay?

I've been there

and the best
thing to do is take a trip.

There's no better time
to go to Taiwan than now.

- Think about it, all right?

You're gonna be okay.

- Hey, why'd you change your
mind about making it official?

- What do you mean?

- Well, at first you didn't
want to

and then all
of a sudden you did.

- Talked to the guys
about it and Max convinced me.

- Convinced you how?

- Told me to think
about the band.

- So this is just
about your drumming career?

- I mean, I thought it would
make you happy so it made sense.

- I just--I don't understand
how you can be so chill about

a relationship
and taking it to the next level.

That's a big deal.

- It's who we are.

No drama, remember?

- But I feel like maybe
it's no drama just because

you don't actually care.

Which is cool,
but just say it.

- Jane,
you have done a wonderful job.

I can't thank you enough.

Lenny's Vinyl Vault
is full of joy.

- Well, it's my pleasure,
Mr. Silver, really.

- Lauren.
- Hey.

- Hey, girl.

- I just wanted to come by and
officially invite you guys

to the Triangle Showcase.

- Cool.

- Thank you.
- Mr. Silver?

- Well, I'm sorry,

but I will be rooting
for you in spirit.

- Hope you guys can make it.

I know that the reunion tour
is over,

but I really
want to keep in touch.

- Definitely.

- Cool, all right well, I'll
see you there and you later.

- Wait, Lauren, you know music.

Can you settle something?

- My dad is convinced
that all our time capsules

should include what most people
would deem

as bad music, which
I personally think is absurd.

Wouldn't you agree?
- Yeah, I agree.

- Hold on,
you have not heard my reason.

- All right, Dad,
the floor is yours.

- It's very simple.

We're trying to honestly
represent a year in music,

but every year
had good and bad music.

- Can't argue with that.

- I mean, if I were gonna
make a time capsule

about my life,

it wouldn't be about
just weddings and proms.

It'd be about dirty dishes,

taxes, sitting in traffic.

- Dad, you can't put
traffic in a time capsule.

- Well, you should.

Like I've said,

if you want to figure out
who your soul mate is,

it's the person that you
enjoy sitting in traffic with.

- Dad, I think
you're getting off track.

- Oh, you kids.

- Hey, I got to get going, but
I'll see you guys at the gig.

Great to see you, Mr. Silver.

- Bye, bye.
- Hey, Lenny, Brazilian jazz?

- Oh,
I'll be right with you, sir.

- Peter... I was thinking.

- Yeah?

- Well, since our job is
done here,

I would like to ask you
to go to Lauren's show.

With me.

Like on a date.

- Are you asking me out?

- I mean, only if you want to.

- I do.

I'd love that.

- Well,
it took you two long enough.

Yeah, way too long.

- Back and has, like,

You'll see.

- Everyone excited for prom?
- Yeah.

- Oh, yeah, yeah,
I remember my prom.

Seems like a lifetime ago.

Anyways, I'm still waiting

on some of your
time capsule items

and I just wanted to add,
please, handle with care.

Believe me.

You don't want
to choose something

you might regret later.

Which actually ties in nicely

to what we're
studying today in class.

Anyone want to tell me
what I'm talking about?

- Yes, Marie.
Always Marie.

- The past is
a window into our future?

- Yes, exactly.

History repeats itself.

If it didn't work then,
why would it work now?


- You told us that the time
capsule item is supposed to be

something that's important
to us now, but also is probably

a reflection of what's
important to us in the future.

But if you have the chance
to correct something

from your past and you don't,
aren't you

letting history repeat itself
and making the same mistake?

- ♪ Five years later I'm still
thinking about you, baby ♪

♪ I got a feeling that you feel
the same maybe ♪

♪ I ought to call you
but I'm not strong lately ♪

♪ Come and save me

♪ I think I might go crazy

♪ I never meant to leave you

♪ I want you, I need you

♪ I only hope
it'd be me and you ♪

♪ So can you

♪ Meet me in Argentina

- Yeah, sounds really good.

- We need to talk.

- About what?

- Guys, please, can we focus?

- I know this is weird timing,

but I don't want
to make it official.

- Okay, I mean, that's cool.

- We've had a fun,
casual relationship.

But I need to start
taking my life more seriously.

- I cannot believe
you're doing this right now.

- I'm sorry.

- You're doing this
the day of the showcase?

- This is really
all you care about, right?

- Yeah, you know what?

I do care about this all right?

I care about my music.

It's my life.
It's what makes me, me.

And I just--I don't
play well with these bad vibes.

I-I need--I need good energy.

- I just wanted to put this
out there so we could move on.

- No, this?
This is toxic, man, I'm out.

- Whoa, no man we need you.
No, come on.

- Lauren,
we worked so hard for this.

Please, just go work it out.

- Look, if Derek's gonna be
a flake,

we'll just use a drum machine.

This isn't about Derek.

- A drum machine?
Are you kidding me?

- My friend
Jane can help us out.

And there's one more thing.

I'm gonna be a little late
for load in,

but I'll be there
before we go on, okay?

There's just
something I have to do.

- The--what?

Why are you gonna be late?

- 'Cause I'm going to the prom!

- Hey, Rod.
- Hey, how are you doing?

- I have a question for you.

Actually, two questions.

- You a chaperone?

- What?
You don't think I look 18?

- Oh, no, no, you
could absolutely pull off 18,

maybe with the right hairstyle.

- I'm just kidding.

- So you are a chaperone?

- Nope.
- You're a mom?

- Very funny.

I'm crashing a high school prom.

Let's just leave it at that.

- Righteous.

- So prom was
seven years ago tonight.

- Yep, that's crazy, right?

- I don't know why I never asked
you to go with me.

I was an idiot.

Better late than never, right?

- I'll be right back.

Excuse me,
are you one of the chaperones?

- No, I'm dating the prom queen.

No, yeah,
yeah, I'm a chaperone.

You are, uh...

- I'm Lauren,
I'm looking for Tom Paxton.

Is he around here somewhere?

- No, Tom cancelled last minute.
I'm here in his place.

- What?

- Wait a minute, you're
high school heartbreak Lauren?

- Yep, that sounds like me.

- Wait a second,
you came all the way over here,

in a prom dress,
and Tom isn't here?

What a moron!

Wait, no, no,
I'm sorry, you're not the moron.

He's the moron.
- I better get going.

- You--no, no, no, I'm a moron.

I mean, you're not a moron.
I didn't mean you're a moron.

- I've actually
really got to run. Thank you!

- Okay,
I didn't mean you're a moron.

I'm a moron before--

oh, man.

- That was quick,
everything okay?

- Long story.

Change of plans, it's just me.

- Hey, guys.
- Oh, glad you made it.

- Excuse me, hi,
you're Jane, right?

- You're in Lauren's band.

- Yeah, Lauren said
you might be able to help us.

Look, our drummer bailed,
and we're desperate.

Would you sit in?

Lauren said you're amazing.

♪ Five years later and

- Something like that?

- Yeah, that'll work, I hope.

- Okay.
- Lollipop Blister, you're up.

- Here we go.
- Lauren better get here soon.

- Hey, where is she?
- That's what I want to know.

- What was that?

- I think we blew a tire.
I'm gonna have to pull over.

- No, no, no, no.

- I already called an Uber,
I'll be there soon.

Can you stall them?

- Look, I'll try.
- 10 minutes.

- Hey, can we
switch with the third band?

Our guitarist isn't here yet.

- Sorry, can't do it.

- We're dead, dude.

- Give me a minute.

- Hey, you're Tom, right?

Hey man, look, we really need
you to play with us tonight.

- What?
- You play guitar, right?

- Well, yeah, but I'm not
like a performer or anything.

- Come on, man, listen.

We're really desperate.
Please, just one song.

- Sure, yeah, yeah,
yeah, whatever you need.

You got it, yeah.

No problem.

Okay, Tom, I see you.

- One song.
- One song.

- Hi. Are you Lauren?
- Good luck.

- You too.
I hope it all works out.

- All right, so we got G.
- Yeah.

- Right? And then we got A.
- Mm-hmm.

- C.
- Right.

- F.
- Right.

- Right, then we got
to go back down to C--

No, no, no, you want to
do G and C.

- Oh-oh you--oh, okay.

- Okay, so from the top.
So, okay.

- You guys are up.

- Hey, we need five minutes.

- Let's go.
- Okay, you good?

- Yeah.
- Not the G, go to the C.

- That's Rat Stevens.

Hey, man, Rat Stevens is here.
This is huge.

We cannot mess this up, okay?

You got this, man, all right?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Let's go again.

- All right, so we got the G.

- Yeah, yeah.

- That's right.

- Nice, nice.

- Hi everyone,
we're Tender Betty.

♪ Five years later, I'm still
thinking about you, baby ♪

♪ I got the feeling that
you feel the same maybe ♪

♪ I ought to call you
but I'm not strong lately ♪

♪ Come and save me

♪ I think I might go crazy

♪ I never meant to leave you

♪ I want you, I need you

♪ I only hoped
it'd be me and you ♪

♪ So can you

♪ Meet me in Argentina

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

- ♪ I never meant to leave you

♪ I want you, I need you

♪ I only hoped
it'd be me and you ♪

♪ So can you

- Lauren, nice dress.
- Woohoo!

- Yeah!

- That's crazy.

- Thank you, thank you,
we are Tender Betty.

- Thanks a lot.

Really missed you but man,
your boy was on fire.

- I'm so--
- No, it's cool, it's cool.

- Did you see me?
I did it!

That was crazy.

- I never got the ticket
to Argentina you left for me.

- What do you mean?

- The menu was
in my jacket pocket.

Your envelope
must've gotten stuck inside.

It's been in the time capsule

this whole time.

- Are you serious?

- I can't say
I would've come,

but I definitely
would've called.

- So...

this whole time you thought
that I just left you?

Just like that?


I'm so sorry.

- Me, too.

You look amazing.

- I went to prom
to surprise you.

- You did?

- Yeah,
I had a whole speech prepared.

- Okay.

- Okay.

Tom, I know this is
seven years overdue,

but I'm always late.

You know that about me.

I wasn't ready to commit to you
in high school.

But I am now.

- I guess in some ways,
I wasn't ready either.

I wasn't willing
to fight for you when you left.

To follow you,

or jump on a plane for you.

But I would now.

Or at least I'd jump on stage
for you at the last minute.

- I love you.

- I love you too.

- You guys were great.

you killed it on the drums.

- Really? Thanks.

- I might not have realized

that you liked me
back in high school,

but I do know
that you're beautiful,

talented, and smart.

And I don't want to
waste another second.

- Tom!

Hey, man,
thanks again, brother.

- Bro,
seriously you saved us, man.

- Glad to be of service.
It was fun.

- Hey, we're gonna go hang out
with Rat Stevens,

but you killed it.

- Hey,
I'll join you guys in a minute.

- All right, cool.

- I'm so impressed.
Those lyrics were amazing.

- Yeah, well, most
of them are about you, so.

- Mm-hmm, yeah, thought so.

I'm going to Taiwan
to teach a class for the summer.

I never want to lose you again.

Will you come with me?

- I'd love to.

- Tom, you should've
put it in her pocket.

Then she would've found it later
and met you at the airport.

It would've been
way more dramatic.

This is true.

- You guys, I'm done covering
the old hits, all right?

It's been fun.

I say we start
touring with the new stuff.

- You guys make
some good points.

- Let's take a picture,
for the next time capsule.

- All right.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Come on, get in here.

On three.

One, two, three.