The Tiger and the Pussycat (1967) - full transcript

Comedy-drama about a middle-aged Italian businessman Vittorio Gassman who is married to Eleanor Parker and is innocently introduced one day to a schoolgirl with pigtails named Carolina. Years later, the schoolgirl has become a promiscuous young woman (Ann-Margret) and she pursues him and sucks him into an on-again-off-again romantic tryst where she pulls the strings. "Kitten with a Whip - Italian Style!"

Rome. From Los Angeles...

...Miss Universe has arrived
with her bearded boyfriend.

The 19 years old Californian
girl with a perfect figure...

...declared in a rather imperfect
but equally delicious Italian:

I'm happy, thank you.
- Yes...

I'm very happy to visit
your marvellous city.


The Villa Borghese,...
- Yes.

...the Trevi Fountain,...
- Yes.

...the Colosseum.

It's my first time here but I
want to make you see everything.

We'd love to!

Still in Rome, the
minister Bini Breschi...

...visited the new facilities of
a well known industrial complex,...

...situated on the outskirts
of the capital.

Over these last years it
has been reaching...

...a production which is every bit
as good as the big Northern industries.

The company's very dynamic general director,
commendatore engineer Francesco Vincenzini...

...guided his illustrious guests...

...explaining how these facilities are
among the most modern in the world...

...and also the peculiar latest
models to be put on the market,...

...which are distinguished for
their very advanced technology,...

...aesthetics and functionality.

The minister took a special
interest in the refrigerators...

...and he wanted to open one
looking for something to eat.


Stop it! Malaspina! Where are we?
Once again these farces?

Imbecile! Wimp!

I thought that a little humor...
- Humor?! Its subtlety has escaped me.

Wouldn't this be too subtle for
the general public? Come on!

Be serious! I bribed the news
to get indirect publicity.

I disturbed a minister and
you're having fun instead.

When does this have to be ready?
- Uh... Tuesday.

Stop it! Remove this
trashy commentary.

I'm going to Milan at 4 pm but I'll
be back tomorrow and if everything...

...won't be fixed, you're fired!

Is that clear? Come, Oscar!


Out of the way!
That's mine, come on!

Attention: engineer
Francesco Vincenzini... urgently wanted on the phone
by the clinic Santa Signora.

He's born!

- Elpidio!

What is it? A boy or a girl?

If you knew what we went through...

Mother and child are fine.
I cried with joy, engineer.

Where are they?
- Over there.

Second door on the left.

Francesco, it's a boy!

He weighs seven and a half pounds.
- Perfect.

Hello, Papa.

Take him in your arms.

Are you happy to be a grandfather?

Of course, grandmother.

Go ahead.

And then, father Santorelli,
I said to myself...

...well, yes, I'm happy
to be a grandfather...

...because essentially
I thought I was precisely...

...happy to be a grandfather.

Then, I realized that
I wasn't happy at all.

You know, father, I
recently suffered...

...a sort of depression,...

...and a melancholic anguish.

I'm the sign of Leo, I don't know
if that may be of your concern.

Absolutely no interest!

And how old are you?

Forty-five, father.

Then, feel free to call me "brother".

Fair enough.

You've had a successful life.

But at last you've run out
of the goals you set.

That is you've reached the top
and completed your journey.

What gets you down, without you
knowing, is the "sensus finis".

"Sensus finis"?

You feel the end is coming.

Basically, you still think
you control the situation,...

...but it controls you.

You think that you push
it, but it pushes you.

You've the illusion of chasing,...

...but you're running away.
- Excuse me, brother,...

...I don't undertand well.

What should I be running from?

From the our finished works

...because they remind you of the
good old times that won't come back.

For this reason, the birth of
your grandson bothers you,... well as the marriage
of your daughter...

...deeply saddened you.

And your son!

Your son who grows and starts
to show his own personality.

But you don't want to admit that
and impose your will upon him,...

...because you still think
of him as a child.

What's the reason for
all these things?

Because you still think of
yourself as a young man.



...tormented by anger
and distress,... keep on pushing
on the accelerator.

And you run, run, run!

But where are you
running unhappy?

Well... what the heck are you
telling me? What should I do?


And try to discover the most
beautiful sides of life.

Adopt spiritual values which are
more appropriate for your age.

You're 45 years old, my dear sir.


It's the age of retired soldiers.
- Well then...

Sorry, brother, but I don't feel
like a retired soldier at all yet.

I already told you I'm
a Leo, didn't me?

Of course you did, and I told you
I didn't give a damn about it.

The truth is that you're
faltering, my friend.

Never in my life!
You're rambling.

Then why are you here? - It's very
simple, because I made a mistake.

You'll often say that in the future.
- Won't you even bring me bad luck?

You can go then. There are other
people waiting. Take this. Out!

Three "Our Fathers" and
three "Hail Marys" each night.

It won't hurt you. Now
get out, grandfather!

Well, say thanks to your cassock,
otherwise I'd show you!


Dear guys, the one
millionth appliance...

...left our factories yesterday.
A great result, my friends.

The company chairman decided
to grant you all a productivity...

...bonus in your next
paycheck. Happy?

Thanks and have a good work.
Come on, show me that thing.

Here's the slogan for
the washing machine.

"The Queen of the washing machines".

It's a bit poor idea, isn't it?

Well... "The washing machine of Queens"
That's a bit more effective!

And you? - Here's a letter from
the Soviet commissioner for imports.

Just a moment. It's Esperia,
for the invitation to Pinetta's.

Hello, darling. Ok,
I'll join you there.

Hello? Yes.
- Understood? Here or in Moscow...

Engineer, it's the chairman
calling you from Milan.

Hello, Giannino? How are
you, my dear big chairman?

I've some news for you.

You had the generous idea to give
a nice bonus to all the workers.

Bravo and thanks.

You're welcome.

And how much is this
productivity bonus?

You want to know too
much at this point.

What do you want? Be quick, we've
a lot of thing to do here, we're not... lazy as you, Milanese people.

I read your project on
the Oriental markets.

Do you think there's really
a reasonable chance?

All the chances and one more.
It's just a question of price.

Tell me, when are you
coming to see us?

Perfect. See you soon. Bye.

That's all, you can leave.

Oscar, please answer.

I'm not here, unless it's Lopez,
Ercolani, Ungaro,...

...De Matteis, Picchi and Olivetti.

It's the lawyer Lopez about our
merchandise blocked in Germany.

We're not responsible. Tell him to
invoke circumstances beyond our control.

Our clients will have to put
up with it.

But don't forget the lawsuit against
transports. We're the injured party.

Well... that changes the
things a bit.

So, tell him to firmly reject the
"circumstances beyond our control",...

...which are only a dummy loophole
to escape any responsibility!

Let me speak. Denounce inefficiency,
corruption, etc.,...

Do I have to teach you these
things, my dear lawyer?


Lawyer, have you heard that?

Very good.

Abbondanza, what's happening
in the fourth department?

Nobody's working.

Not even in the other ones.
The shift is over.

That's right.


Now it's my turn, Francesco.

No, my dear babies.
The show is over.

It's past 1 AM and, if you don't
mind, I'm going to bed.

I won't take offence if you
go to bed with me too, you know.

Anyway, before we leave,
you owe me a dance too.

You've exhausted my man.

Where have you brought me, my
dear? I can't take it anymore.

Poor girls...
- Poor girls?

How does it happen that you only
have friends left by their husbands?

Why didn't you invite Maria Carla?
At least she has a husband,... we'd be two. She has one?
- She had one.

Until last Thursday.
- Her too?

How come?

What can I say? Women age and
men are sometimes coward.

How's that?

Except you, my darling.
You're the best of them all.

Then I want to change the
locker room a bit too.

You don't do your ten minutes
of indoor cycling anymore...

...because you've a bare white
wall in front of you. - Fine.

But I'll put some beautiful wallpaper
with a French landscape.

So when cycling I'll think
I'm on the Tour de France.

How much hot wine we drank.

Tell how much you
drank instead.

You'd pay more attention, you know
you can't hold your alcohol.

How's that? Me? I'll show you.

What are you doing?

You didn't think I could do it, huh?
- You're crazy.

What's that smell?
- Eau Tendre de Lanvin.

Lanvin? Forget Lanvin.
That smells like gas.

Elpidio must've left it on.

He has always his head in the clouds.

We're all going to reach the
clouds in a while here!

My God! What have you done?

Yes, darling. It's nothing,
everything's fine.

What a fool...

What have you done?


Stand up. Are you okay?

You feel better? Speak up, fool!

How are you?

Don't be noisy, dimwit.

Let's spare your mother this
ridiculous show at least.

I'll get you some cognac...

...and then you'll
explain this to me.

No cognac.
I already had half a litre.

Okay. I'm listening.

What's this stupid thing?

It's not a stupid thing.

Yes, darling, all is well.
Lie down, I'm coming too.

Go to bed, daddy.

So, that's not a stupid thing?

You'd know how much
I want to kick you.

What was this crazy idea?

You're laughing now?
This is no laughing matter.

I'd rather cry.

The big idiot of the house
laughs it up now.

What's so funny anyway?

You gave me a big scare.
Fortunately, your mother doesn't know.

Who are they, The Rocks?

No, The Giants.

The Giants?
They're half a meter tall.

Listen, Luca. If you don't want to
tell me, you don't have to.

But, holy smoke!
Why did you do that?

Not for school, you don't
give a damn.

Not for a girl either...

It was for a girl.

What's her name?


What did she do to
drive you to this point?

I thought that today's
young people...

What did you say?

Good morning, engineer.

All these fine young people
have Madam's permission.

Hello, parent!


Actually Carolina was supposed
to give the kiss to Elpidio.

It was a forfeit to pay.

So I actually paid a forfeit.

That's impossible.
Are there two Carolinas?

No, there's only one Carolina.

All that because of my daughter.

It's terrible.

My God, it's awful!

Madam, please, come on,
cheer up!

Is anybody here? What can I
do for you madam?


- In the box.

Here. Breathe.

That's lighter fluid!

Indeed. Sorry, I didn't notice.

Are you better now?
- Much, thank you.

What's the matter with you?
- The needle...

Now, follow me sir.

We've to set matters straight

Yes, that's right, we've to.
- It's all absurd.

Your son attempted suicide
because of my daughter?

- I can't really believe it.

That's what exactly I said.
- You know my daughter?

- What an ugly thing!


That's Carolina?


How long has it been since we
met? Almost two years.

That's... two years...

So you tell her, engineer.

No, I prefer you do it.

Carolina, this man's son,...

Luca... it's terrible...

Tell her.

Last night, he tried...

To commit suicide. Because of me?

You knew?

I told him not to be stupid.
How is he?

You knew and you said nothing?

How cruel!
- Thank God he's okay now.

Yes, he's okay.

But I think your mother is
quite right.

What could I do?

You should be ashamed.

Calm down.

First, I didn't believe him.

And if you were told:

"Love me and run away with me...

...or I'll throw myself
out the window. "

What would you do? Would you
surrender to the threats?

That's enough, Carolina!

That poor boy... Who knows
how he must be suffering.

Let's be honest. Parenting
requires a great passion.

And now I suffer alone
since that louse left us.

Which louse?

My husband.

- Goodbye.

I owe you an apology,
I was really nasty.

It doesn't matter.

Also two years ago I was
rather nasty, wasn't me?

No, not at all...

It was on purpose because
I was an ugly girl.

Typical case of aggression
due to extreme shyness.


Me what?

I don't love your son. Boys
like Luca don't interest me.

Besides, Luca is unstable. He'll find
love with someone else soon enough.

Now I know who you look like.

You know, I got into art school.


Who should I look like?

Especially if turned sideways.

Guidarello Guidarelli.

Who is? Maybe a
boyfriend of yours?

You don't know who
Guidarello Guidarelli is?

Don't be silly, of
course I know very well.

Well, goodbye.

And excuse me. Goodbye.

Guidarello Guidarelli...

"Guidarello Guidarelli,
man of arms from Ravenna,...

...whose famous funeral monument at
the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna... the objecy of romantic outbursts
by female visitors coming from all...

...over the world, who often
deposit flowers there...

...and kisses. "

Stifer. What the heck is this?

Stifer! Move. Let me look.

Look what I've just found.

Let me see.
- Wait a second.

Where's the telephone?
- Behind the door.

Is it a girl?
- No, a man in his underwear.


I thought you'd look better
in your underwear.

Who is this?
- Guess.

Who is speaking?
- You don't recognize me?

Who's there?

If you forgive me,
I'll tell you everything.

Who's on the phone?

I'm forgiven?
This is Carolina.

But how can you see me?

We're at a fellow
student's home.

We study and sometimes perform
a little "optical" espionage.

It's a lot of fun.

How can you see me?
Where are you?

Two kilometers away,
Conca d'Oro street.

By the way, listen, since the
fellow student who drove me here... staying here to study
this night too, I'll be on foot.

What an idiot! No, not you.

I said, if you drive by here,
could you bring me back?

I don't know. I've got work.
I'm afraid that's not possible.

Too bad. Anyway, if
you change your mind...

...I'll be in front of Esso
gas station at 5 o'clock.

It's not a date, but it'd
make me very happy.

Bye engineer!
- Listen...


I'm a colonel now. Come on,
these tricks don't work anymore.

You don't recognize me?

Who are you?

I'm Tazio, Tazio Menichelli,
6th company, 3rd platoon.

On the Russian front,
the Don pocket.




Where are you? I'm lost!

Where are you?
Can you hear me?

I can hear you but
I can't see you.

I'm here!

Francesco, where are you?

Tazio, here you are!

Say, you look...

How do I look?
I've aged a lot, eh?

You haven't changed. Looking great!
You're using the Voronoff treatment?

Beautiful car. Life has smiled on you.

Don't get me wrong,...

...I'm not asking for charity,
but actually for a fair work.

What's happened to you?

A tragedy, Francesco.
A real mess...

I can tell you everything.

Another time, because
I'm in a real hurry now.

I don't know what to say,
I've got nothing at the moment.

The president is in Milan.
What references do you have?

- Like everyone.

It's not easy, Tazio.

Well, take this money.
- No, what's that?

Come on, don't be stupid! It's just
for now, then we'll talk about it.

Show up. Sorry but I've got to run,
I've a very important appointment.

We'll have dinner together some night.

Francesco! My scarf!

- Excuse me.

"Stop, my goodness"
said father Santorelli.

"Try to discover the beautiful
sides of life. "

Did you think of this,
brother Santorelli?

I don't really think so.

In short, should I see Carolina or not?

Hey! Excuse me.
- Did you call me?

A question. - It's for the television?
What do I have to say?

Tell me whether
I should go or not.


It doesn't matter. Answer.

What do I know? Go!

I don't care myself.
- And I'll go.


Open wide.

Bite hard.

So are you studying Russian?
You're always the usual fanatic.

You found a teacher?

Why don't you call the
countess Irina Pietorovna?

I'll give you her number.

Pay her well, so she can pay
me for her dentures.

I don't know why,
but nobody pays here.

No, you're the fool.
- Ah, you understood?

I'm used to.
- To be called fool?

No, stupid, to people talking
with their mouth closed.

Damn, how ugly!
What have you done to me?

As the years increase,
the teeth decrease.

You'll get them tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.
- Ok.

- Bye.

Hey, look who's here!

What a coincidence!

I am going to art school,
just around the corner from here.

Will you go with me? Come on.

I read that the Americans invented a
hallucinogen for children...

...which gives them visions of toys,
Western movies and liquorice sticks.

So the child is well-behaved
and peaceful.

I'm joking, but it would be useful.

It would save money on a babysitter.

Why did I say that?

Ah, yes... some nights I babysit...

...and I happen to go home very late.

Listen to me closely,
little girl...

I wouldn't expect that you still let
women walk on the right side as a man.

That's very nice, but it's conformism.

We modern women prefer
men without prejudices.

Well... Goodbye.

How is Luca? You didn't come
and pick me up the other day.

Do me a favor and go to school.

Why are you talking with
a crooked mouth?

Are you angry?

I was only joking.

Why don't you pick me up
some night after babysitting?

Listen to me, little girl.

Please will you leave me in peace?

You say I look like Guidarello.
Then look here.

You see? Two teeth!

As years increase, teeth decrease.
It's normal, as everybody knows.

Think of me whatever you like, take me
for a conformist, all family and work.

Well, I'm satisfied so.

It's true, I only live for money.
I'm unimaginative, a common man,...

...and I don't want to change at all.

And I certainly don't want to
fool around at all. Got it?

If I had to do something crazy,... wouldn't be with a fussy
wise guy like you!

Have I made myself clear?

I didn't do anything bad to you.

If you put your head out of the,
window, you'd have made it sooner!

You've gone crazy?

It's 1:30 AM and that crook
hasn't returned yet!

I said to him: "Tonight Luca,
you don't go out, that's all!"

And he did instead.

I want to be obeyed in my own
house! Is that clear?

Darling, calm down.
Don't get angry like this.

They're young. - Enough is
enough with this young people!

I don't understand them and I
don't care to understand them.

What do they want from me?

What do I know?

What's up? Did you have a bad day?
Have you been to the dentist?

It has nothing to do
with the dentist.


They hung up.

Already two or three times today.

Forget it, come.

Come on, come to bed.


I'm sorry.

What do I do about Luca?
I look like a fool.

Oh my! My handsome tiger
is so nervous tonight!

Tomorrow, I'll tell Luca that
you came home after him...

...and naturally
he never left here.

Is that okay with you?

And you think that's dignified?

Come on, my love...

It's Luca.
- Papa!

He's not here yet.
You?re lucky.

May I come in?
- Why?

Just a minute.

It's okay, come in.

I'll lie and tell him you
didn?t go out.

But you should be ashamed.
Hopefully it won't happen again.

Now, go to bed.
- It's been a week...

since Papa knew I was going
to Simonetta's party.

I told him and he gave me permission.

Why I'm forbidden to go out
and given a slap?

He suddenly became crazy.

Don't talk like that.

He had a bad day at work.

Was the girl you like
at the party?

What's her name again?


No, she wasn't there and
I don't care about her.

Bye, Mama.

Good night.

I wanted to tell you
something else about Papa.

We'll talk about it tomorrow.
It's late.

My friends' fathers
are more intelligent.

I mean more tolerant, cooler,
more "up to date".

He only criticizes the way
we dress, for example.

"Don't go out dressed like that. "
"Cut your hair", "Be serious".

"The sweater makes you look like this. "
"Those pants make you look like that. "

He thinks we don't know
how they used to dress?

Youth, youth...

Now, that's enough. Go to bed.

It's going to rain.

Aren't we safe inside?

Nevertheless, good night.

Good night.

Excuse me, Mama.

I've thought about it. It's
useless to lie for me.

Tell him the time I came home.

I don't have to be afraid.

I won't be under his control
like all his employees.

Are you listening to me?

Let him punish me. I've the
same courage in my actions...

...that he has in his.
- Okay. Go to bed.

Good night.
- Good night, Luca.

During one year of the war I was
on the Don, Kalmyk Steppe and...

...I met with the local
population of course.

So I have vague notions of Russian.
I'm not totally ignorant.

Okay, let's see. Say something.

And then?

Come on... You call that
speaking Russian?

You said: "I give you cigarettes,
You give me kisses. "

"I give you bread, you show
me your sister. "

"Nice ass, nice big tits!"

"I leave because your father
is coming. "

That's not the Russian
of our noble Pushkin,

but just filthy talk
in peasant jargon.

No. Here...
- May I come in?

Good day Countess,
am I late?

Are you Carolina?

- You're cute in real life.

What a coincidence!

You know each other? Wonderful.
I always put my students together.

It makes my work easier...

...because I don't have much time.

Sir, will you take off your coat?

No thank you, I'm a bit cold.

I don't feel this cold
you mention.

I don't use heaters ever.

Rome is such a warm city!

I came here when I was
in high school,...

...because rain or shine,
we always had a Greek exam.

Do you ever go back to your
friend with the telescope?

Oh, olives!
Buy me some, please?

It's the same old man
who used to be here.

I'm not so old.
One hundred liras, Antonio.

I'm not Antonio, I'm his son.

I feel old sometimes too.

They say you get old when you
start to think of the past.

And sometimes I do.

Tell me a bit about
this distant past.


...I think about old songs,
old movies...

Old stuff you know, like
"Divorce Italian Style",...

...alienation, Gagarin,
rock and roll...

- You moron!

See where that bastard put it?

We talk too much about young people.
That topic has got boring, hasn?t it?

Whereas a man of your age,
with your position...

Who knows what mysterious and
strange things you think about?

Have you ever been unfaithful
to your wife?

What a strange question!

You don't answer yes not to look
like a cynic...

...and you don't answer no
not to look like a sucker.

Are you offended?

- I was joking, you know.

Not really though.

If you were a little more...

More what?

More sweet?

Like this?

You're handsome.

What did you say?

You're stunning, Francesco.

What did you say?
- I'm telling you that I love you.

I've loved you immediately
since the first day I saw you.

On February 27, 1965.

Do you like this?

Hi, Luca.

What are you doing here?
You'd be at school instead.

Don't be ridiculous, Papa.

Got it?

Excuse me for a moment.

Luca, wait.
I need to talk to you.

Do you mind, my dear?

Will you call me?
- Yes, he will. Goodbye.

Listen, Luca.
I know this looks bad.

Why are you justifying yourself?
It's not worth it.

Why should I justify myself?
I'm only trying to explain.

You're wearing the boots I bought
in England. You rascal!

Anyway, listen to me.

Now you're a man,
just like me.

Let's keep this between us.
Between men.

It was just an innocent caper.
That's all.

Innocent? With Carolina?
You'd be the first one.

What do you mean?

Aren't you even gone a bit gaga?

How dare you!
- I don't give a damn about Carolina.

So you must trust me.
Carolina sleeps with everyone...

...without thinking twice.

Ask Chirico the lifeguard from.
Fregene, ask Ugolino, ask Rod...


Carolina sleeps with everyone
without thinking twice.

2000, is that okay?

Come on, get on.

Hello, is Miss Carolina there?

A friend. Thanks.

Milan online. You're busy?
- No, I'm with Geneva.

Hello, Carolina? How are you?

What did you want?

Right, it's me who called you.
What did I want to tell you?

Listen my dear, Carolina,

I'd like to, how do you say...
talk to you for a minute.

No, nothing important, but...

I have a lot to do, so I was
afraid I'd forget.


No, this time it's definitely
not about Luca.

I repeat, nothing important.
Yes, a small thing.

At 5 o'clock?

I don't know if I can.
Yes I can. Where?

A studio? Piazza Navona, 1, 7...

1- 7- 9.
Sure, I'll find it.

Wait, Francesco!
You're going into town?

Get in, come on.
- Then I'll take the bus.

Couldn't you hire me? Even
at the bottom of the ladder.

I have to work.

I used to be chief accountant
at the shipyard at Sestri.

300,000 Lire per month. Wife, children,
apartment, car. Who could want more?

I went too far.
- Espionage?

No... I just lost my mind.

Her name was Wilma.

You know. 23 years old.

A sex bomb. I left my family.

I felt younger.

Then she revealed herself,
cheated on me, we had fights...

She drank in the morning,
she wanted a wig.

I took out a loan,
tough times you know?

Then I was fired.

For ten months I haven't seen
my wife and daughter that I love.

Look, that's her.

Who is she? Your daughter?

No, Wilma. That damned woman!

Well, to show you
I've forgotten her.

Get off, Tazio, come on.
Here's the bus stop.

We laughed like crazy.

Can you imagine?
Wearing a miniskirt at her age...

Tell me the truth...

- I'm here.

Not bad.

Is this a plumber's workshop?

It's the studio of my professor,
the sculptor Rivueltas.

He went to his exhibition.

Where's this exhibition, at
a health resort like Montecatini?

He's refined, this Rivueltas.

The Birth of Venus.

I'm tolerant and open-minded
to new things.

"Up to date".

If the younger generation didn't
destroy the world of the old,...

...we'd still be in the
lower Palaeolithic.

Don't move.

Moreover I'm even open-minded
to any change of customs.

And to show you that I don't
have any prejudice,...

...understand I'm not afraid
of new sexual attitudes.

And so I asked myself:
"Francesco, what do you know?"

What a tube!

"What do you know about this
Carolina who attracts you?"

Because you attract me.

"So, what do you know about her?"

Who are you, Carolina?
What are your dreams?

Don't move. Keep still.

Do you have any little lover
affairs? Aspirations?

What's your personality?

You want to know if I've
already slept with a man?



Four, meaning four?


Perfectly normal.

Four lovers.
- Don't move.

And who are these
young Don Giovannis?

Not so "young",
the first one was 30.

And what was his name?

What does that matter to you?

Ah, Raimondo. Tell me about
the others.

Won't you be a bit jealous?
- What? Me, jealous?

What a child you are...

Then there was Giulio, Ugolino...

Rod, an American, and that?s all.

And Chirico?

Did you know in Switzerland women
don't have the right to vote?

I'm talking about Chirco,
the lifeguard.

And I'm changing the subject,
because I know you're an hypocrite.

Hypocrite? I don't give a damn about
you, but I don't want to seem na?ve.

Na?ve? Two-faced, yes!
- Look at the little saint!

20 years old and is already a

What a typical Italian.
- Yes, I'm Italian!

My affairs disgust you,
but you'd love to do the same.

Me? Doing the same?

In what sense? I don't get it.

You don't get it?
- No I don't.


What are you doing?

You're taking a shower all dressed?

That's it. You need it.

A cold shower.

Also wash your conscience.


That wasn't clothes?
Just paint?

Aren't you ashamed?

What about you?

Yes I'm ashamed,
and I'm leaving.

So leave! What are you waiting for?

Of course I'm leaving,
you can be sure.


Got it?

You'll lose everything.
Like that, you'll lose everything.

Yes! Yes!

I am an Italian!

Mama, they're filthy.

Go away!

No, he hasn't arrived yet.

Hello, sir.
- You've done everything?

Yes. I took you fixed shoes back
and put them into your office,...

I got the flowers strongly
advising that they were sent...

Get to the point!

16 pm try on shirts,...

18 pm sauna, massage, manicure...

Do you have a crush on a
woman, don't you?

Hello, Malaspina.

Did you fix the electric control
of my garage at home?

Yes, I disassembled it and I even
got a shock. It's not my job.

Don't complain.
Get back to work, Tazio.

Cut your hair. Too long.
Don't eat on the job.

Then when do I eat?

Cav. Amedeo Atanasio, administrator
of Parma cheese factories.

Dear friend.
- Eminence.

Mr Gianni Renzi Morassutti,...

...president of Stifer in Rome
and of Meyer in Milan.

Comm. Francesco Vincenzini,...

...general director and
managing director of Stifer.

You're very young too.

You may rise.

If I could, Eminence...

It's not devotion but arthrosis.

I need a miracle.

Mr Giorgio Bianchini, consultant
for Ferti in Turin...

...and administrator of
Real Estate in Cuneo.


Hello, darling.

You're already in dreamland?


I was sleeping.

Excuse me.

I'd like to be the phone
you have by your lips.

Is there some noise on the line?

No, it's me, my dear.

It's me sending you little
kisses, hear.

You know how long until
we'll see each other?

17 hours.

Minus at least
eight hours of sleep.

That's right.
- Good night.

Good night.

Good night, sweetheart.

Good night.

I have one of those headaches...
tonight, a real jackhammer.

I've already taken three pills.

How tired...

One night arthrosis, another
night palpitations...

...and tonight migraine...

It's the job that kills
us entrepreneurs.

I often say to myself: "Francesco,
where are you running?"

"Stop, you fool!"

Should I stop the music
and turn on the vibrator?

Yes darling, thank you.

Sometimes we have to rekindle
things between us.

Maybe you'd better fall in
love again.

What are you saying?

You leave everything and change
your life for a few days.

After having a good time,
everything will be different.

If only it were true.

A little trip. That's what we need.

We'd have some fun... a nice place...

...where a woman could of course
go shopping...

...and show her pretty dresses.

A bit of pure air, some skiing,...

...fashionable restaurants,

In short, a bit of tranquillity.

After all, life is short,
isn't it?

Clear the way!

Wait for me!


It's Mr Vincenzo calling from
Liegi, sir.

Hello, Papa.

Oscar? Hello, my boy.
How are you? Fine.

Yes, I laugh to keep from crying.

These Belgian steelworkers wear
me out. It's exhausting!

Ten hours of talks every day.
I assure you it's very tough!

What? Yes, I planned to
return tomorrow,...

...but I don't think I'll be
able to make it.

The Soviet trade commissioner arrives
Thursday in Rome. Don't forget.

Yes, relax.

Do not worry, my boy,
I arrive in Rome at 11:45...

...and the Russians' plane
arrives from Prague at noon.

So I've plenty of time.

What happened?
The line is bad.

The president called three times
from Milan.

Serve the coffee here,
Elpidio, please. - Yes.

Mama! He wants to talk to you.

What? Oh yes...

Hello, darling. How are you?

Like I said. It's not a matter
of fresh air and dancing.

This conference is a real marathon,
it's like being in jail.

What? The noise? Delegates are
talking passionately.

How is everybody? Fine?

Luisella... Carlino, Luca?

Good? A headache?
Don't talk about it.

Do you have a cold?

Why? You think my voice sounds

Kiss them all for me.

I can't wait to get back.
I miss you so much.

I feel so alone. Really.
See you. - See you, my dear.

And don't overdo it.

Dino Michelotti here,
live from Cortina d'Ampezzo.

We're at Gatto Verde, the very
fashionable club of the moment.

Last stop in this very quick
tour of nightclubs.

Poor Papa. He's being worked to death.


He really needs to rest.

I want to talk to the president
when he comes to Rome.

What's up, Mama?

Nothing. Why?


Stop! Remember that the cream
of Rome will come to see us.

We're noble amateurs, but let's
try not to be amateurish nobles.

More pep, vigor!

Are you sure it was really him?
I don't trust television so much.

It was him, in Cortina.

In the arms of a common slut.

It must be an episodic little thing.
You'd know when to close your eyes.

No, Pinetta. That was premeditated.

This has suddenly lifted
the veil upon my eyes.

During these last times he has
been never at the factory.

At night he always had a headache.

Just "Good night".

Then there were those
phone signals.

What signals?

At dinner time.

Could you meet me at the Recalcati
antique shop at 7 pm?

It has an Early American
commode, sublime.

And to think the Americans despise
Early American. Incredible.

You said at 7 pm? Certainly.
- Perfect.



Elpidio! Who is it?

I do not know. They hung up.

At 7 it's impossible, dear.

I'm sorry but I have a meeting
at the ministry of labor.

At 7 they're still working
in the ministry?

Sure. Otherwise how would it be
the ministry of labor?

Courage, Esperia.
Can I give you advice?

As to be cheated, I could be
hired for a lecturing post.

Pretend you don't know.
- What?

Yes. What's most difficult for
a man with a mistress?

To find the courage to tell his wife
"I love someone else, goodbye. "

He hopes that his wife makes his
task easier discovering his affair...

...and making a big scene.

He'll just say, "It's true. "
He leaves and you don't see him again.

Woe to someone who gives him
a chance to confess!

I made that mistake with Luciano

If I could hold my tongue...

What an idiot! At this time
he'd be still under my control.

Pinetta, it's for you!


Pretend you don't know. You'll avoid the
disaster and everything will be all right.

Miss Vincenzini, your face
looks so terribly sad!

There they are.

That's Malaspina coming!
But where is mr Vincenzini?

I waited, but Vincenzini
wasn't on flight 218.

What do we do? The only Russian
word I know is "vodka. "


I introduce mr Malaspina.

It's a great honor...

Mr commissioner is asking for
mr Vincenzini who can speak Russian.

Don't move. A beautiful smile.

Perfect. Thank you.

When will they be ready?


How? What day is it?



What's wrong?


Hello, Carolina is here?
It's Liliana.

One moment, please.

It's mr Vincenzini.


You're so crazy!

We just got back and you've
already called seven times.

What are you doing?

I was in the shower.

I wish I could be with you
in the shower...

Do you remember those moments?

I have trouble recognizing
my everyday ordinary life.

Everything seems strange to me.

Everything. The Russians, the factory...

...even my family.

My eyes see your animated image.

I always remember the perfume
of your body.

Then the refrain of that famous
song came back to my mind.

Yes, tho one that they played
in Cortina.

Of course, exactly like that,
Roberto Gallotti.

Yes, Tazio was sure he was alone...

...but I heard the conversation
from beginning to end.

You understand? That idiot
sang even in French.

Then I told him:

"Listen, Tazio, if you give
in to her,...

...she'll just humiliate you. "

You understand? Roberto Gallotti!

What? My prosthesis?
It's okay. It bothers me a bit.

It's cold, but I'm getting used to it.

Goodbye, chicken!

Bye, Roberto Gallotti.

Did you hear that?

Tazio Menichelli.
And if you saw the woman...

I saw her picture.

Tazio showed it to me.
A dwarf with a red wig.

And if you heard him.
He says he's madly in love.

One of these days,
he'll slash his wrists.

Tazio Menichelli, yes.

What's wrong? You don't believe me?

Why wouldn't I believe you?

Of course I believe you.

Carolina... Esperia, I...

I sense irony in your words.
You doubt I was speaking to my dentist?

Who else would you speak with?

How can you think I doubt you?

Of course I believe you.


What are you doing here? Get out.
- Please...

Go to school instead of polishing
your hair all the day!

To school on Sunday?!?
- You always have all the answers.

Oh my! My stamps from San Marino!

Madame Esperia, stop.

Otherwise I'll cry too.

Do not look for excuses.

You missed a perfect opportunity
to say everything to your wife.

It was hardly a perfect opportunity.

She gave me no oppoertunity at
all, believe me.

Sure. You have your wife, your job...

...and I should stay home
all the day knitting...

...waiting for my revered caliph.

Even on Sunday...

...because the good father spends
all the Sundays with his family.

There's one thing you don't
want to understand, Francesco.

I'd rather you didn't tell
your wife...

...because our affair
will end sooner or later.

So let's end it cleanly.

Our whole lives are ahead of us,
especially me.

Oh, no. I have no intention...

Mr Vincenzini,
something else?

Yes, a little cheese.

After strawberry icecream?

Yes, after the strawberry icecream,

After the strawberry icecream.

I have no intention
of leaving you.

No intention!
- Ouch! You're hurting me.

Got it?

Come on, please.

Look at me.

I'm looking at you. So what?

Well, smile at me.

That's better.

Excuse me, I have to call the office.
I'm never there anymore...

.. that's slightly because of you.

Come in, don't be shy.

I assure you the food is great here.
- If you say so.

Dear president, how are you?
When did you arrive?

Yesterday, I've looked for
you since.

You knew I was here?

No, but in Rome you've been always
recommended eating at Pellegrino's.

Yes, it's the best restaurant.

You've already eaten?

No, I just got here.
Let's sit here.

Pellegrino! You'll show
your virtue here.

Hey, please make my guests
get amazed.

I'll have lunch with them.
- Right.

A great cook.

How come did your meeting with
the Russians fail?

How did that happen?

The plane is faster than the train,
but it's not equally punctual.

My plane from Paris
was 48 minutes late.

I think you've caught someone's eye?
- What?

That girl over there can't
stop watching you.

You say... She's probably
interested in you...

Giannino was always known
as a ladies' man.

She's ready to attack.
Look how she's ogling us.

She has a pretty face
for a little whore.

No, I don't really think so...

Anyway, I said...

Maybe it was better so.
A late flight is not all bad.

Meanwhile, I had an offer
from Romania.

And you understand the profit
we can gain.

With the friction between Romania
and Russia, if we succeed...

What did I tell you?

I've always had confidence in you
and I still have.

I know you deserve it.

But the general state of the
industry is damnedly serious... all of us have to
fight tooth and nail.


Hey, are you listening?
- Of course.


They haven't waited
to settle that account.

A little wine, Francesco.

If she goes with someone like that,
it's not surely for the money.

For pure vice.
It's the kind I prefer.

What are you doing?

I was distracted.

You want it in writing?

I don't know who that bearded
guy was. Got it?

We talked for a while, had coffee
and went our separate ways.

What a bother!

Mamma mia, what a night!

Actually, you're the one
who bothers me.

These are very harsh words.

All day long over there to meow.
Get out of here, you miserable cats!

If you want a woman only to yourself,
you must be only for her.

And don't plant her at a table
like a cheap whore! Understand?

Don't talk like that.

The president was looking for me
since yesterday. I had no choice.

I'll be frank.

Finally! I expect that. Go ahead.

I'm listening.

I liked you because also
I thought you were a tiger.

But actually, you know what you are?

You are... a dead cat.
That's what you are.

You're pragmatic, serious,
wise, prudent...

In short, you're miserable.

- Yes.

You're perfect, sure but never
changing your hair or ideas.


I discovered that you're also
a commendatore.

They nominated me and you know
that I absolutely forbid... employees to call
me commendatore.

Think that's a fault? Even so, the
one who loves is ready to forgive.

Francesco, I don't love you.

Listen to me, Carolina...

No. If you don't mind, I'll get it.





Is that you?

How crazy!

Of course!

What time?

All right. Bye.

Who was it?

A guy.

Okay, I'll do what you want.

I'll make a decision.

Aren't you happy?

Isn't that what you wanted?

I'll talk to my wife.

Then what?

What do you mean?

I'll leave my family
and we'll live together.

Starting when?

As soon as possible.

Right now if you want.
It's up to you.

Come on, my love.
- Leave me, let me listen.

It's my failure

It can't keep calm close
to you

It doesn't want to hear why

It does its own way
and then orders me

Be good and don't do these
old-style things!

This time I'll listen to it

It's tired of suffering

To stay all alone,
my poor heart

It's fair that life is like that

Actually it pretends not
so much, only for itself

Think of my future
without your love

Think of my empty days
without you

It's only your fault

if my heart beats so hard

There's no reason at all

to doubt, my love

You are important for me

And it which knows that,
suffers more than me

Esperia, listen to me.
I must talk to you.

We thought that
nothing could change...

...the ordinary course
of our life together,...

...well, the impredictable happened.
A thing that father Santorelli wouldn't approve,

...but can dispel that awful
sensus finis upsetting my life.

I'll explain what it is later.

Yes, Esperia.

If my flesh won my reason,
I don't want that...

...hypocrisy will win over

So I have to tell you,
Esperia my dear...

...even if it costs me, even
if it humiliates me and hurts you...

...I must confess
I love another woman.

That's what I should say.
Who will say that? You?

Don't make me laugh, come on.

And when will you ever
find the courage?

However, she must be told.

Is there no possibly way
to be really happy?

It should take so little.

My children, I have great news!
Your father is engaged.

Oh, Papa!
- Thanks.

It's so cool! - Thank you all.
- Bravo, Papa!

You're going to show us.

Oh, Esperia! My good and
sweet Esperia!

Good morning, sir.
- Good day, Elpidio.

Hello, darling.

There's mail?

A card from Masetti family
from Honolulu,...

...the notice from the phone
company and the usual advertising.

Anything else?
- No, why?

No, it's all wrong.
I can't...

...and I must not.

Listen, Carolina.
All in all...

...I have no right to hurt
my wife and destroy my family.

The choice is yours.
It will be us or them.

I mean... me... or you, or them.

Got it?

In short, your affair goes on
like this or we have to quit.

I will use your own words,
you see?

Exactly the same words you used.

Our affair will have to end
sooner or later.


...let's end it cleanly.

We've got our whole lives
ahead of us actually.

Isn't that right?

What do you say?

What should I say?

Do you agree?

Absolutely agree.

Goodbye, Francesco.

Isn't that what you wanted perhaps?

Of course it is.

So, are you happy?


Why? You want even to follow her?

Can I call her at least?

You have no dignity, you see.

Besides, if she wants to keep you,
she'll reconsider and return.

Stay there. Don't move.

No, she won't come back.

What do you care?

She's not coming back at all.

Stay there. Don't be a buffoon.

That's right, I'm a buffoon.

Wait for me!

Hey, stranger!

If I were you I'd leave
Carolina alone.

You understand?
Or I'll fill you with lead.


I'll kill you!
Stop annoying people!

Excuse him!

Go home.
When your father gets back...

...I"I show you! Gringo, Ringhio
or what the hell your name is!

Hello, it's Liliana.
Is Carolina there?

It's me.

Oh, is that you?

I must see you.
Even for five minutes only.

Otherwise, I'll do something crazy.




You claim the Chinese
don't scare you?

They're small, one meter tall.

But they are 600 million.

It's like having 300 million
people of two meters.

Oh my God.

I beg you to forgive this
deception, mr Vincenzini...

...but I had to, believe me.

So you knew about it.
Carolina told you?

No. A mother's heart is never wrong.

And the other night my little girl
said your name in her sleep.

What did she say?

"Francesco, stop bothering me. "

Oh, okay.
- Yes.

So she said that?

In her sleep. A brilliant man
like you should understand that.

My little Carolina is so young.

That's true, and I am old.

I didn't say that, mr Francesco.

Don't think that I'm mean too.

You're suffering and I hate
to see suffering.

Believe me, I understand you,...

...but you must have a reason.
You've a family, are a husband and father...

It's madness.
- Yes, it's madness.

Even worse, I'd say a disease.

I'm seriously ill.

- Yes.

You say you don't like
to see suffering.

So, talk to Carolina.
Try to convince her.

It could change her mind, who

See how I humble myself.

Talk to her, please.

You know what my employees
call me at the factory?


Well, madame...

...the tiger is crying.

The tiger?


...the tiger is me.

Francesco... Do you mind
if I call you Francesco?

My Carolina is not for you.
Forget her.

Young people are cruel.
- That's true.

We are good instead.
We can understand each other.

Remove Caroline from your heart.

It will be better for us all.

Try, Francesco. You're strong.

You're still strong
and I'm your friend.

Francesco, be good, make the right
thing, try to forget her.

Francesco, do you say yes to me?

You're coming home at this hour?

What? Who's coming home?

I'm coming home?

That's funny! I'm just leaving.

You say I'm coming home!

You know, I have some...
people arriving at the airport.

Two sheiks from the Middle East.
Very large orders.

There are millions at stake.
No, don't turn on the light.

I finished dressing. I'm off.

I'm already late.
Sleep, my darling.

Like me, I slept well.
Sweet dreams.

Goodbye, darling.

Life is hard.


I pass, my honourable.

May I introduce my general
manager to you?...

"Dear Francesco, I'm leaving
for Milan.

I wrote this note because
I couldn't wake you up.

Friendship is based primarily
on sincerity.

I wouldn't be a true friend...

...if I ignored how you've
recently caused our firm...

...more harm than the
crisis of 1965.

However, I won't be so unfair... ignore your many past merits.

And because of them,
I simply advise you...

...a long period of rest
away from the factory.

Yours, Giannino. "

That Judas!

Here's Ruggero Orlando,
live from New York.

Today is a memorable day
for the city.

The engineer Francesco Vincenzini,...

...the man who, thanks to
his prodigious talent...

...has succeeded in creating one of
the largest industrial complexes... Europe and the world!

He managed to build...

...bold commercial bridges
between East and West.

The man who was the main
responsible for the development...

...of the consumer society
on five continents...

...thus safeguarding peace
and democracy in the world.

This dynamic man is courted
by the most beautiful women...

...because, as everyone
knows, he's very handsome!

Mama, I'm hungry!

Papa is coming.

This archangel of progress
and love... finally here.

He arrived in New York...

I found four rice croquettes.

Then he'll be in Washington
as guest of President Johnson.

For this illustrious figure,
an incomparable reception...

Here, keep the change.

But this is your parking ticket.

Keep the car too.


Admit it, if you've the courage. I'll
give you what you deserve, little slut!

Let me go!
- No, Papa!

How dare you?
- Papa?


I'll kill you!

Let me go!

Come on, gain on me!

I want to take 30 of young men
like you.

No, Francesco!

Not the eye!

Let's go, my dear.

You look crazy, certifiably

Your Fiat 500 made her
fall in love.


Who is it?

I'll go first.

Come on.

Well done, mr Tazio!

You're bringing even girls now?
I could lose my license.

Oh no. You're mistaken, madam.

The girl will just talk,
then she'll leave.

Trust me.

Look who's here.

Wake up.
Can't you see who's here?

Tazio, you'd have warned me.
You're an idiot.

I give him a nice surprise and
he calls me idiot right away.

Everything is ok at your home.

They think you're in Terni
and you'll return tonight. Okay?

Yes. I'm in Terni
and I'll return tonight.

He hasn't eaten anything.

I thought not to see you again.

Tazio met me by chance.
I'm going to leave.

You're leaving? Where you going?

To Paris, for the winter courses
at the Acad?mie des Beaux-Arts.


Well, bon voyage.

Francesco, do you love me?

You ask me...
if I love you?

Of course I love you.

Tazio, what are you doing?
You have nothing else to do?

You could go out, right?

Excuse me.
I didn't mean to bother you.

Why don't you come with me?

What do you mean, with you?

If you love me, prove it.
Come with me.

Would I have to
leave my family too?

Of course, if I go to Paris.

You really want that?

This isn't the first time
we've talked about it.

How can you ask me again
if I really want that?

It's a grave decision.

I'm very well aware.

Anyway, if you don't want to do it...

...then it means that I'm worth
very little to you.

I only said it to see your reaction.
I'm not going to Paris.

Actually, I'm marrying Raimondo
Castelucci next month.

Will you be my witness?

I didn't ask you to come here.

If you came to tease me
you can leave now!

Of course I'm leaving.
I was hoping you'd changed.

No change! You're more of
a coward than before.

Stop! Shut up!

No, my love. Forgive me!

I wanted to run away
with you to Paris.

No, you're right.

Go away, you bad! Actually
I'm not getting married.

Let's go away and live together.
I'll leave everything. - Let me go!

We'll be happy. Nothing else matters.
I want to be always with you.

Ah, mr Tazio, I can no longer
trust you now.

Are you standing guard for your friend?

You can't say that.

I haven't lied.
See for yourself.

I see! This is a decent house,
not a brothel.

I'll tell my husband now.

How shameless!
I'll tell him.

I don't want customers like
you here.

To confront the situation
would be very painful, Esperia,...

...and I don't have the courage.

Forgive me for that too.

I've chosen a path
that I'll follow through.

Goodbye, Esperia.

If children and you
won't forgive me,...

...I beg you not to hate
me at least.

Have you taken everything?
- Everything.

Painkillers, antacids,
earplugs, cevion?

I took the whole cabinet.
Hurry, before your family comes...

Yes, we're going.

What's wrong?

Have you forgotten anything?
- Go!

Come on.


Idiot! What did you take?
That's the turntable!

Go ahead! I'll get the other suitcase.


- Here.

Where are you?

What are you doing? Hurry!

My daughter.

Go through the glass door.

Drop it!

Get going! Come on.

Quick, Nunzio. Thieves!

Put it in the car.
It's the custodian.

No problem. No worries.

He's my friend. Don't ask
questions, Nunzio.

This is for you, Nunzio.

And this letter for my wife.

Give it to her, but not before 9 PM.
Got it? Not before 9.


- Bravo.

Understood everything.

Let's go away!

Attention! Railway No. 1,
direct Milan-Paris is leaving.

Are you sure?


That I'm not making a mistake.

What is done is done.

Please give me news of my family.

If you can speak with Esperia,...

...try to explain it to her
in your own words.

No, you'd better speak to Luca.

Take him out from time to time.

Take him to a game
or the Piper Club.

Just look out for him. Please.

March 14
is Esperia's birthday.

Get her four dozen roses.

She prefers Baccarats.

Don't write a card.
She might understand.

Send me a photograph
of the baby, Carlino.

Great. Even without a frame.

I forgot.
Here, the house keys.

Take them. Now...


Go now.

Don't look back. Goodbye.


I'm going to the dining car.
- Should I go with you?

Damn! It's all because of you!

Trust me. Act like nothing happened.
Trust me, I'm your friend.

Don't give your husband
the chance to confess.

He took it by himself.

Are you satisfied now?

Eat this, now.

Come, Esperia.
Don't be like that.

Now I'm like you, like Giusi,
Sandra and Maria Carla.

Now all I can do is to kill myself.

Do not tell nonsense, Esperia.

You witch, you did it on purpose.

You were jealous.
I had a husband and you didn't.

He's returned!
I saw through the window.

- Francesco is back.

Where is that letter?

I gave it to Elpidio
ten minutes ago.

You didn't read it.

We'll do this again?

Trust me. Leave it to me.
Go ahead, Elpidio.

No, wait.

The custodian gave you a letter?

Oh, I forgot to deliver it.

Where is it?
- In the kitchen.

What did you do? That was the complete
series of Pope John XXllI stamps.

And the letter?
- There.

I'll buy you a new collection
of Pope John XXIII.

And even those of Pius XII.
Okay? Thank you, Elpidio!


Boys! Come here. To the table!

Papa has arrived. Sit down.

Please don't ask him anything.

Lately he's had a slight
nervous breakdown.

Act like nothing has happened.
Talk, smile and make noise!

Be all smiles.

A little wine, thank you.

What a nice evening. How are you?
A little cheese for me too.

Good evening.
Excuse me for being late.

Good evening, darling.
- Darling.

Hello, Pinetta.
- Hello.

We're all here.

Come on, Papa, we've all had
that experience.

Subtitles by fosho & quidtum,
May 2013