The Tiger Hunter (2016) - full transcript

A young Indian man relocates to 1970s Chicago to become an engineer, but when his job falls through, resorts to an elaborate charade with misfit friends in order to woo his childhood sweetheart.

[People shouting and chattering]

[Sami] My name is Sami Malik.

I like to think
I'm a fairly simple fellow.

All I've really wanted
in life are two things.

To achieve absolute greatness.

And two win over
the world's greatest girl.

It's not too much to ask for.

As for the greatness bit, well,
that's because of my father.

That's him, in the Banyan tree.

The world's
most glorious tiger hunter.

This is how I always
see him in my dreams.


Have you seen the tiger yet?

[Sami] Now, maybe
I didn't see everything.

[speaking Hindi]

But Papa,
I want to see the tiger!

Later, son, later. Okay?

[man shouting in Hindi]

[speaking Hindi]

[Sami] But there has never
been any question in my mind...

that my father...

my father was a great man.

[men shouting]

[low growl of tiger]

[tiger growling]

[tiger roaring]

[gunshot ringing out]

[Sami] The greatest man
in the village.

And everyone loved him.

[Hindi song plays]

[Hindi song continues]

[Rhythmic singing in Hindi]

If you step over there,
you might be more dry, Ruby?

[Hindi song continues]

Your father is amazing

[Hindi song continues]

[Sami] Everyone loved him.

I loved him.

And that's how
I remember my father.

His polished rifle
on his shoulder,

hero to everyone.

All I have left now,
is this legacy really.

He died when I was eight.

Not long before he passed,

my father took out
his polished rifle,

his hunting jacket,

and nearly everything else
that made him who he was,

and sold them.

All so I could go to the best
British school in India.

How can I ever live up
to a man like that?

Listen to me, Sami.

To be a great tiger hunter,

you must become the tiger.

You must know
how he feels, how he thinks.

Only then can you
anticipate his every move.

But Papa, if I become the tiger,
won't I be hunted myself?

Every man hunts himself, son.

[Sami] For starters,

I received my Masters
in engineering.

Okay, I'll solder this to this

and have it ready
for you by five.

[Mrs. Banjera] But I can't
afford to pay for this.

No charge.

Unless you have any of those
superior homemade samosas?

[chuckling] I see
your father in you, Sami.

Thank you, Sami.

Mr. Hashmi, I can't possibly
do this for free again,

- I'll get fired.
- Oh, no, not free, not free.

[Mr. Hashmi chuckles]

Papa, will we still get to hear
the cricket match?

But Papa,
I have only one week to live.

Oh, come on!

Papa said,
"You are just like your father."

Come, come.

The villagers who loved him

have always been good to me,

but it will take
more than goodness

to live up to my father.


It's 1979,

and tiger hunting
has been taken over

by shameless poachers.

Nowadays, America is
where you find greatness.

The great American cowboys,

the big American lifestyle,

the latest
high-tech innovations,

the famous American
road to success.

I've written to America

to offer
my engineering services.

All I need now,
is for America to write me back.

Well, there is one more thing.


* Clouds dissolve...

I'm so sorry Sami,

my scooter's somehow
broken down again.

Can you give me a ride home?

[Sami] I've only wanted
to marry her my whole life.

No big deal.

* Everything's
So clear to me... *

I can see Gemini, Taurus...

And Aquarius.

* ...My heart has
Taught me how to sing *

* A little bird
Has taken flight *

Hey Sami?
My cycle is also broken.

* I'm looking
Into the face of love *

* Love's looking back...

The trouble is Ruby's father.

[yelling] Climb that wall,
soldier! Hup to it!

Double time! Hup, hup, hup, hup!

[Sami] General Iqbal.

He will only allow Ruby
to marry a successful man.

But four days ago
opportunity arrived.

Graydian Technologies of Chicago
was hiring new engineers.

And they wanted me!

The entire village
helped pay for my ticket.

Your necklace. But you had that
since Vino Auntie passed away.

We sold our radio's.

We'd rather hear
about your great adventures

in America,

than cricket matches
which are actually fixed.

A neighboring village
sent one of their boys

to America to become doctor,

now we will rub you
into their faces.

Your yellow moped.

It was always breaking down.

But, you looked so good on it.


My father wants me
to marry a man in America.

So you better take this and go.

And when you see Aquarius
up in the night sky...

you'll know what to think of.

[everyone cheering]

[Huma] Why must you go, beta?

When everything
you need is here?

Papa sacrificed everything

so I can go out
and make something of myself.

Engineers here
don't become great,

they just look upset
and angry all the time.

That's how
all Indians look, beta.


- But then you must take this.
- What's this?

which you'll need later.

Take a look at them
when you're more settled in.

- [Huma] Come closer.
- [Sami] What are you doing?

Putting your father's ring
into your jacket.

If you get into trouble,

promise me you will sell it.

I can't possibly do this.

Take it.

Don't get into trouble
and start drinking.

Then you'll go in the hell fire
and it'll all be my fault.

[Huma sniffling]

* America

* Way to liberty

* America

* Hard working people

* America

* Everybody's got a dream

to the United States of America.

You have 30 days
to fill out this work visa

as a record
of permanent employment

or America will kindly
ask you to leave, son.

Thirty days? I only need one.

[sound of stamping being done]


* Everybody come together

* Every woman child and man

* Everybody come together

* Enjoy the band

* Yeah
Sha la la la la-la la *

* Sha la la la la-la la

* Sha la la la la-la la

I'm sorry, Mr. Milk... Mack.

- Malik.
- Mullick.

We've had some restructuring
since we sent this letter.

But I've travelled 8,000 miles
to get here.

I'm carrying
not only my suitcase,

but also some
very great expectations--

I understand
your disappointment.

Lucky for you we have
a temporary draftsman job

down in the basement.

Draftsman? No, no, no, no.
I'm a highly skilled engineer.

Also, I must have
permanent employment

or America will
kindly ask me to leave.

[Sandy] What can I say?

We've had to do some
belt tightening around here.

Then you'll have
to unbuckle your belt.

That would be inappropriate.

This is America?

The pavements must be
littered with engineering jobs

I'll just have to go out there
and pound it. The pavement.


* Would you like a kebab?

- * Yes I would like...
- [man] Excuse me?

- Hey!
- [Sami] Yes?

I-- I want... I-- your wallet.

[more forcefully]
I need your wallet!

- Give it to me!
- Is this a mugging?


But, I've done everything right.
It-- I'm wearing bright colors,

it's day time,

I'm walking with a purpose,
I have a commanding presence.

I know I'm not travelling
in a group,

but I haven't made
any friends yet.

[knife clicking open]

* I don't know
What I'm gonna do *

* We played a game
Of switch-a-roo *

* Walked a mile
In Another man's boots *

* Should've worn
More comfortable shoes *

What kind of country is this?
They just throw money away.

Don't do it, bhai!

If you take even one coin,
little children start screaming

and mommy say big pianos
will fall on their head

because you are stealing
their hopes and dreams.

I am Babu Rahman.

I came here from Pakistan
one year ago.

Sami Malik.

Six hours ago, I'm Indian.

Ah! Better samosas,
worse cricket.

It's crazy how same we are.

Where are you staying, bhai?

Uh, well, I'm in a bit
of a transition right now.

I knew it!
We are both in luck.

I am needing
another room mate to pay rent

and you are home... free.

- Homeless?
- Yes!

Okay. Let us go.

I have no money for rent.

Ah! Why talk about money?

When you get employment,
you pay.

Why are you helping me?

Because when I came here
no one helped me. Groovy, yeah?

Groovy, yeah.

Hey, bro? Before we go...

you wanna grab a doobie?

- Sorry?
- Just a precaution.

Our apartment
is strictly drug free.

Hugs not drugs, right?

[Babu] Hey Pete.

This is Pete. [chuckles]

Land of the free,
home of the brave,

and doors waiting,
Babu's tikka masala.


Come Sami, meet your new
comrades. Brothers this is Sami.

This is Siddesh,
an electrical engineer by trade

but right now,
first class taxi driver.

I'm also watching cartoons
for rest and recuperation.

[Babu] This is Rehan,
also an electrical engineer

- but right now, uh--
- Professional washer of dishes

and buffer
of supermarket floors.

[Babu] This is Abdullah,
a telecommunications engineer,

but right now working
at Larry's Gas and Snacks.

It' not so bad.

[Babu] Uh, this is Kareem,
a mechanical engineer,

but right now
professional walker of dogs.

I also love American kittens,
they're not bald or diseased.

Although he looks
like he's from Bangalore,

he's actually just black.

This is Parag, he's a hooker.

- A gigolo
- [Babu] Yes, gigolo.

and I am a wallet.

- You mean valet?
- Why, yes wallet. [laughing]

It's nice to meet you... all.

Oh! And this is
Mary Tyler Moore, my fiancée.

She told me
I'm going to make it after all.

So, right away I fell in love.
No touching, okay?

* On a little bed of straw

* Lay with Lady
Marjorie Daw... *

So many of these men
have technical degrees

and... yet they are working

as taxi drivers
and dish washers.

[Babu] I know,
this is a great country.

There's no shame
in any kind of job you do.

[calling out] Rehan?
I take one Rehan egg now,

I'll give you
one Babu egg later, okay?

[Rehan] Okay, no problem.

How many people
actually live here?

Uh, 11. Maybe 13.


And every man here have cousins.

[man] And cousins' cousins.

Where does everyone sleep?

[house mates snoring]

[calling out] Otto!


[Sami] Okay.

Thank you
for your consideration.

[both laughing and whispering]

[Kareem] Have no fear,
the North African is here.

- You are late.
- [Kareem] Sorry--

Now all the jobs will be stolen.

[muttering] Sorry.
Sorry, sorry. Okay.

- Take off those pants.
- Yes, I know.

- Never heard that before, right?
- [laughing]

- [Rehan] This a curry stain?
- [Abdullah] No.


- [Abdullah yells out in Hindi]
- I was hungry.

Uh, can someone tell me
what's happening here?

- [Abdullah] Oh!
- [all] Job fair.

- Job fair?
- [all] Uh!

Quick! Jump into these pants.

- Do it!
- Oh, yes!

Ah! How do I look?

* He's so more than a shaker

* Straight to the top

* Nobody gonna hold him down

* Never gonna stop...

So Sami, what brings you here?

Ambition, honor, even love.

Wait, no. Uh, the bus.

* My religion

* Money's my middle name...

[Rehan] Sorry I'm late.

[Sami] No, what--
What are you doing?

I'm scheduled
for the one o'clock spot!

- [Parag speaking Hindi]
- Well, Air India,

It's a decent airline.

The food is uh...

it can be an adventure
in your stomach but...

[Sami] Did you put on deodorant?

[Rehan] Uh, no.
I'm sorry, sorry...

It was a hectic day.

[Sami] Second leg. Right.

- Okay.
- Up, up, up.

[Babu crying out in pain]

- [Sami] Are you okay?
- [Babu] He don't fit.

I beg you,
please don't make me. It hurts.

- [Babu groaning]
- [Sami] Just stay still.

It will fit if you relax!

- [Babu groans]
- [Sami] Yeah, there we go.

You meant here-here.

My feet.

I like to walk.

Give me the jacket! Give it to--

I'm versed in, uh,
control engineering

and the modeling
of dynamic systems...

...integrated circuitry,
augmentation engineering...

- [Sami] C'mon, give it to me!
- [ripping sound]

- ...megatronics, biotronics...
- Oh, no!

conductors, diodes...

Don't touch--

...but, of course,
quantum mechanics, hello?

Your sleeve is falling off.

So, about that job...


[murmuring] Papa.

Funny. I can feel the tiger.

It's fury and warm, sticky.
It's kind of wet.

That feels nice, aunty.

Just a little lower.

Okay. Oh!


- This is disturbing.
- [telephone ringing]

[telephone ringing]

[man] Hello?

Sami? India calling.

Ask them to send money.

- [Sami] Hello?
- [Huma] Hello, Sami!

[Huma] It's me, ammi.


I can hear you, no need
to yell across the ocean.

I miss you, beta.

And... And I have
a surprise for you.

Hey, Sami! Congratulations,
top class engineer!

[laughing] Hey! Say something.
Look, say something.

Where are you living?

Have they given you a new house?

[sighs] Not exactly.

The engineering job
at Graydian, it's....

[Huma] Sami, hush, hush.

There's someone
who wants to talk to you.

[Ruby] Hello? Sami?



[Sami] How's everything?

[giggles] I don't know
if I'll survive on this.

I haven't eaten,
I haven't slept.

I've counted and named
every animal in your courtyard.

I didn't want to miss
a call from my special friend.

I feel certain you will survive.

[Ruby] It's not the same
without you here, Sami.

How are you?

Yeah, yeah. I'm great.
I mean, I've just been so busy.

I had some really big
important projects and...

You should see the company,
it's this open atmosphere

there's lots of collaboration,
the CEO is such a character.

I think he really respects me,
and, your father would love it.

[Rehan] I didn't know that,
Sami. How wonderful.


Well, my father
is planning a trip to America,

to meet with some
potential suitors.

Sami? Did you hear me?

You're coming to America?

[Ruby] Well, right now,
it's California, Florida, Texas,

but I'm sure he'll be up
for coming to Chicago if...

a certain someone
were to invite us?

Shall I pass the phone
onto my father?

Maybe you could
say hello to him--

Your father? Ah...
Oh, no, no, no, no. I...

I'm sorry, I just...
I'm so busy with work

I should probably get going.


Okay, I know you're very busy.

- Bye, Sami.
- Bye.


Who is Ruby?

- Ruby.
- Ruby?

[singing in Hindi]

It's only when a man
becomes a sheep,

does the tiger
reveal it's stripes.

They always come back.

Well, I am willing
to begin at the beginning

to get to the end.

Great. Follow me.

[Sandy] So, remember.
This is a temporary position,

but things can always
open up upstairs,

if you don't underperform.

[Sami] Oh, I intend
to over-perform, at all times,

until the temporary
becomes permanentarary.

- [Sandy] Is that a word?
- No, I just made it up.

- [Sandy] Don't do that.
- Okay.

This is the commercial

and industrial
microwave division.

You name it...

- Uh...
- We nuke it!

And if you can't,
maybe we still nuke it.

Learn out motto.
Attention, denizens,

this is Same-eye May-leak.


[all] Hey.

Great, and I look forward
to speaking with you

about future opportunities.

[Sami] Hello.


[Winston] Care to join me
on our lovely rooftop?

I believe it's about time
for my scheduled bomb break.

No, thank you. I should
get to work. Nice to meet you.

[camera flashing and whirring]

Got ya!


Oh, sorry. It's, uh,
just a little hobby.

I like to take photo's
of the profoundly depressed.



Are you also a draftsman?

Me? [chuckles] No, no.

I'm just killing time here
until I'm, uh, struck by death.

Or genius.
Whichever comes first.

Oh, and, uh... As if by magic,
there you are. Here.

[Sami] Seems a bit off.
My head is right at the bottom.

Exactly. That's my style!

suppression, repression.

Look. See how the surrounding
space weighs down the subject?

Yes, I feel it.

Alex, can I assume
you've been here for a while?


Feels like I've been here...
since I was born.

So, can you give me any advice

on how to succeed
at Graydian Technologies,

I need to become
an engineer fast!

Nobody in the history
of this company

has ever asked me
how to succeed at Graydian.

What the hell!

This is Graydian's
microwave division.

Also known as the "Oh, man,
we might get screwed" division.

How so?

They've been commissioned
by Baldwin & Company

to design a microwave that
can properly heat frozen food.

That is without...

- blowing up loud, of course.
- [muffled explosion]


Projects due in three weeks.

- [fire alarm beeping]
- Who's that?

[Alex] That's... Kenneth.

He's a senior engineer and...

Pretty much
the golden boy of the office.

That, is just crazy, Big Mac,

cause my skin
is clearly more bronze.

[laughing] Good to see
you both, and I mean it.

A lot of work to do, Baldwin
Project, yada, yada, yada.

All right, here's the part
you're missing.

Talent, it's only
ten percent of the job.

Thirty percent is hard work,

and the last 70
is really just being accepted.

That's 110 percent.

See, when you say
nerdy things like that,

it's hard
to be accepted, all right?

You're a draftsman,

if you wanna fit
in the right circle,

you've gotta talk the talk.

You are blind, muchacho.

Pirates are gonna
sink the red ship.

Hey, come on! Did you see
the sack Bumpy tried yesterday?

- ...huge mistake.
- Hey, man, amigo,

Foster's gotta
be swinging for the fences.

- Pirates?
- Yeah. The Pittsburg Pirates.

You wanna play
Graydian major leagues,

you're gonna have to speak
major league baseball

and these office guys here,
they even have their own team.

And they really get into it.

I never really liked baseball.
Glove, really? I mean it's so--

Baseball. Pirates. Got it.

Look, you are a nice dude.

These guys,
they're professional Americans,

the born CEOs.

We're talking about a lifetime
of schmoozing about things like

golf, ethnic foods,

days of the week,
the Winter Olympics.

I want to be
a professional American.

in south Indian curry.

Piranha has wee-tish skin, I am
possessing wee-tish skin, also.

[Parag] No, you're more
the color of old oatmeal.

- [laughing]
- [Babu] You're too kind.

- [all laughing]
- What's going on?

Oh. Sorry, bhai, but I found
this envelope in your jacket.

[Sami] Envelope?

My envelope? In my jacket?

Yeah, and there was
this letter also.

[sighs] "Dear Sami,

Now that you are settled
and have a good job, it is time.

Here are the photos of choices
for your future wife...

whose parents
have shown interest."

[whispering in foreign language]

[Sami] Give this to me!
Give them to me!

[murmuring] No! Not that one.

[Sami groans in frustration]

She's not there.

Stay away from my stuff.

[Babu] Lay it on Babu, bhai.

I really should not
lay it on Babu.

- I am 1-800-B-A-B-U.
- I'm fine!

I don't have a chance, Babu.

That's why Ruby's
photo isn't here.

Not only will I lose my visa
if I don't get promoted soon,

but, there is this girl...

who can draw a perfect
anatomical human heart.

She always knows the difference

between the Big
and the Little Dipper.

She's beautiful.

* Clouds dissolve into the sun

* There's nothing
But blue above *

* Everything's so clear to me

* Since my heart has
Taught me how to sing... *

I will never be successful
enough to marry that girl.

I have something that will make
you feel so all-so-feely-good.

This is the General Lee.

From the TV show
Dukes of Hazzard.

- Ah-ha?
- In my village,

they would say, "In America,

even the man who sweeps
the streets has a car."

I'm saving up now
to make that dream mine.

So for you, be patient.

There are men up there

who haven't even had
a girl sneeze on them.

[man] Babu, that was
a private conversation!

Now I will go call mommy.

- Come.
- What? No, no--


[calling tone]

[telephone ringing]


Is this the lovely Huma?

Who is this please?

[Babu] This is Babu.
I am a great friend of your son.

- He's feeling a little sad.
- [Huma] I'll protect him!

Is he drinking alcohol?

- Is he with... prostitutes?
- [Babu] He's okay.

He's not with prostitutes--

- [sighs] Ammi?
- Sami?

Are you all right?

Yes, yes, it's fine, ammi.

I just need to know why Ruby is
not among my 100 future wives?

[Huma] The villagers are saying

her father's looking for a man
with a castle in Houston.

Are you serious? Is it serious?

I mean, he's a doctor,

- [stammers] so, I mean to say...
- [Sami] It's very serious.


Talk to her, Sami.

[woman] Just married,
Marianne and Bob are so excited

with all their wedding gifts

that they've decided
to eat their first meal in.

Marianne is cooking an old
family recipe in a new way.

She uses the same ingredients

but now she'll be cooking
with her new microwave oven.

[Sami] Ah, the microwave oven.

Clearly the delightful
American secret to good food,

marital bliss and the utmost
happiness for everyone.

What a lie!

What they don't tell you
is that nobody has yet made

a microwave that properly
heats frozen food.

And while Graydian struggled
with high radiation levels,

Ruby was being courted
by doctors across America.

I had to become
an engineer, and fast!

[chuckles with delight]

[Babu] Ah, I know what this is.

It's a television.

- [laughing] No.
- It's a fish tank?

Time machine?

No. This is a microwave oven.

Right now, we are trying
to properly heat frozen food,

but if we increase the power,
there's too much radiation.

And what's great is that

Graydian's model
keeps exploding.

- That's a great thing?
- Yea, for me it is.

See, if I can figure it out,

they'll have no choice but
to promote me as an engineer.


Time machine?

* Whip me with seconds

* Till I'm blind with pain

* I'm breaking free
From you, baby *

* From all these chains

* I'm so tired

* All I wanna do

* Is lay down

* In your arms

[Abdullah] If you change
the radius of the magnetron

will it have any effect
on the load required?

Then you'd also have
to adjust the magnetic strength

- to achieve the correct--
- No, no, no, no.

Maybe the problem
is the wave length itself.

But perhaps
for different types of food

you should use
different types of energy.

Hey. Hey, hey,
what are you doing?

We were just checking it out.

Okay, well, no more checking
it out. This is my project.

- [all] Okay.
- [all speaking Hindi]

Let's go.

We have feelings.

[microwave whirring]


[Sami] Kenneth, hi. I have
some ideas I wanted to show you.

I really think if we adjusted
the magnetron we could...

How long have you been here?

Hmmm, 23 months.

- Twenty-three months?
- [Winston] No.

Thirty-three months.

[Sami] Thirty-three months?

My God, Winston is
the future white me.

I can't possibly do that.

[Sami] I have to become
a professional American.

It makes no difference
if you're wearing

a hunting jacket
or a monkey costume,

as long as you get yourself
into the tigers' den.

* Touch down

* I have the faculties...

[Sami] Hey, Alex,

thank you for showing me
the ropes round here, I owe you.

Lunch tomorrow?
You, me, burgers?

He makes burgers?

So... anyone here
notice how much torque

is involved in figure skating?

An I'm really excited
about the Winter Olympics.

[men at table laughing]

* ...tigers' den

* it's gone

[no audible dialogue]

Why are so many
baseball terms related to food?

High cheese, a pickle,
a meatball, a rhubarb.

[stops and opens microwave]

See, no explosion.

Hmm. The outside's
a little warm,

the inside's
a little... frozen...

but, you know, I like crunch.

To keep it from exploding
I had to reduce the power.

It's a work in progress.

Oh, my god, what is my roommate
doing to you?

- Alex, Babu. Babu, Alex.
- Hi.

Axel, do you want to try some
of Babu's famous chicken tikka?

I have no idea
what that is but...

Yes please.

Oh, us too, okay?

I'll take mine Indian hot.

And I'll have mine veg.


This is the best
Indian food I've ever had,

I mean, it's the only
Indian food I've ever had.

My father had a roadside
restaurant outside of Lahore.

People would come for miles
to taste his tikka.

I think I'll be chasing
this tikka for a long time.

My father also left me
some very big shoes to fill.

[Babu] You know what they say,

"If you put your mind to it
you can do anything."

Sami bhai,
you will fill those shoes.

- What about you Alex?
- How big are your father's feet?

[Alex] Oh, they're pretty big.

- [camera clicks]
- He's the owner and CEO

- of Graydian Technologies.
- [spits]

[chuckling] I'm sorry. I, uh...
normally get that reaction.

You are Mr. Womack's son?

What are you doing
in the basement drafting?

You should be on the top floor
smoking cigars

and getting
complimentary foot massages.

I'm just not the "climb
the ladder at work" kinda guy.

I-- I just wanna be happy
with how my day went, you know?

What makes your day go good?

Well? No? Good?

[Alex] I'm really into social
documentary photography but, uh,

I don't know, my dad thinks
that's a lost cause so...

[Kareem] You're still
living with your parents?

That's very Indian of you, huh?

- [everyone laughing]
- Alex?

In your social
documentary photography,

do you only make
sad heart-wrenching art

or do you also do
documenting of happy people?

- I guess I do both.
- [Babu] Then come, I am needing

to be documented
in front of something

that'll make me oh so happy.

Come! Come, let's go! Come on.

[Babu] Come on!

This is him. The General.

The car that carried
Bo and Luke out of danger

when the jewel thieves came
to town and tried to frame them,

when the pool hustlers came
to town and tried to frame them,

and when the vending machine
bandits came to town

- and tried to frame them--
- I think we got it.

[Babu laughs]

[Alex chuckling]
All right!

- [Alex] One, two, three.
- [Babu] Cheese!

Come, Sami, get in the car

we'll take a picture
inside The General.

Yeah, I really
don't think we should--

The owner's a friend of mine,
he won't mind.


[Alex laughing]
You need some help?

Looking good! Good,
good view right here.

[Babu] Thank you, Alex. I've
been meaning to document this

to send it home to my family.

[yelling] Hey!

Get out of the car,
man, told you before!

[Babu] I'm still happy, Alex,

take the picture.
Take the picture, guys.

- This is your friend?
- [man] You are dead meat!

- Wait till I get there!
- [Babu] Take the picture, guys.

You wait till I get there,
you guys are dead meat!

[Sami] We gotta get him out
of the car. Get out of the car!

- [Alex] Let's go!
- [yelling] Take the picture!

[Sami speaking Hindi]

- [Alex] Okay, go, go, go.
- [Babu] Did you get it?

- You got it?
- We got it, we got it!

Move! We gotta go now! Go! Go!

Go! Go!

[all three panting]

Okay, okay.

- [Alex chuckles]
- [Babu] I'm sorry, guys,

- I don't know what came over me.
- [Sami] Yeah!

Seems like quite a bit
of fuss over a car!

No, it's oh-so-much more!

I'm having dreams
about my General

and you're having
nightmares about yours.

- [Sami groans]
- [Alex] Wait.

What are you talking about,
a... a General?

Sami has to convince
big scary general,

father of the girl he loves,

that he is
a big success and worth it,

but General father
is shopping for another man.

A man with a castle and a moat

who lives in a city
called Houseton.

I'm pretty sure a moat
wasn't mentioned.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
It's probably just a house.

[stammering] My dad calls
our house "his castle" too,

you know, the whole "a man's
house is his castle", and all?

You must have
a really big house.

[Sami] Ooh, wow!
You weren't kidding!

[Babu] It really does
look like a castle.

[Alex] Yeah. A castle
I can't get out of.

[Sami] Oh.

I'm not allowed
to complain, am I?

- No, definitely not.
- No, never.

- Fair enough.
- Take a picture of me and Sami

- in front of your house.
- [Sami] Why?

[Babu] Because it's fun.

It's all right
to have fun sometimes.

- Smile. Yeah.
- [Alex] Ready?

- [Sami] Yeah.
- [Alex] One, two, three, cheese.

[Babu and Sami] Cheese!

- Back to back.
- Yeah, back to back.

[Babu] Ready?

- [camera flashes]
- [Alex laughing]

On three. Samosa!

- One, two, three.
- [all together] Samosa!

You stay, you stay, stay.
Put your hand here and one here.

- [Alex] Ooh. Yeah!
- [Babu] Okay, all right.

Let's do this one nicely--

This is a husbandly pose
for Sami.

[Alex] There you go.
One, two, three.

Sami and his castle.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- No, no, no, no.
- No, what?

I can't let Ruby and her father
think that this is my castle.

[Sami] I--

Yeah, I may be desperate
and unsuccessful

- but I am not a liar.
- [Alex] Sami, relax.

This is what we call
"buying time".

[stammers] You just send
the photo to your girl,

Admiral Daddy, and by the time
you can get married

you'll have a place of your own.

You know what the Americans say,
"Fake it till you make it",

Fake it till you make it, Sami

- [Sami] No! No!
- Come on.

- [Alex] Come on, Sami.
- No! No, no, no, no.

* Precious store
He's here too soon *

* Crashing down
Our favorite groove... *

Tacos, amigos, muchachos?

Currently, there is
one power source here

in the back of the capacitor,
but if we...

...right over here we have
one side of the microwave

at 0.33UF... we change the radius here

and put it more towards
the back of the capacitor,

we've now completed

a more even distribution
throughout the microwave.

[microwave whirring and beeping]


[Parag] It's like a radio.

You need to adjust
the wave amplifier.

[Parag singing]

That could help.
That could really help!

Yeah, I thought
you were a gigolo?

[Parag] I am a gigolo.

Don't you tell
anybody any different.

[Kenneth] Come on,
Sami, hombre.

[clapping and cheering]

This is just like cricket.

It's just like cricket.



[shouting and cheering]

[Kenneth] That's what I'm
talking about, hombre!


[Kenneth] I'm telling you guys,
it is the Cubs' year

and if it's not this year,
it will--

Kenneth, before you go,

I forgot to show you these.

Uh, just some designs
I have, but, uh....

Think of the right direction
for the Baldwin Project.

Uh, it's very interesting.

And I'll definitely
take a look at it

and bumped it up
to the big man if it works.

- Great.
- [Kenneth] Oh, hey, Sami?

Feel like joining us
at O'Malley's for some brews?

Brewskies? Ah,
does O'Malley's have tea?

Yeah, I'm sure they do,
I bet it's delicious.

* ...we'll find a way

* I can fill fill fill fill
Fill this house of dreams *

* I see...

[Babu] Sami?


The dream has come true.

[Sami laughing]

Come, step onto my General Lee.

Really nice, Babu, really nice.

- Well?
- What do you think?

You've seen the
exhaust pipe, right?

Yeah, the dealer told me
they'll impound the car

if I can't get the smoke fixed
but you can fix it, right, bhai?

- Right?
- Yeah sure, I'll take a look.

I just have to work out
some final details of my design.

Kenneth finally took
my last draft. I'm so close!

Come with me for a joyous ride.

It's Sunday.

Maybe later, Babu.

It's Sunday.

[all snoring]

- [Sami] No!
- [all talking in sleep]

* Build, build, build, build
Build this house of dreams... *

Sami, this telegram
came for you earlier.

Go ahead.

"Dear Mr. Malik
Received photos. Stop.

Looking impressive. Stop

Ruby and I fly
to see you Saturday. Stop

Nice castle.

General Iqbal."

[Rehan chuckling]
I've never been to a castle.


Are you going to the castle?
Can I come?

Are there horses?

Sami bhai!

What are you doing? Huh?

You sent that photo
of me to Ruby's father?

[stammering] You left
the address on the table

- for Alex and I to send.
- That's not why I left it there!

Trying to help out a brother.

Well now,
a brother's in trouble.

Ruby is coming here. Yeah!

She's expecting me
to be an engineer

and to have a castle!

Sami bhai, Alex's castle
can be yours someday.

It's only a small pretend.

This is, this is a big pretend!

I'm not doing it.


Kenneth wants to work
on these right way. Sound good?

Okay, great.

- These are my designs!
- Okay. So?


[Sami] Kenneth stole my designs!

My ideas!

This is my chance to get
a permanent job around here.

Man, nobody here
is your friend, okay?

Well, except for me, but...

Did you really think
they were your friends?

[chuckling] Dude!

[stammering] Listen to me. Look.

Let's go out for a few hours

and play some pong
or something--

I'm going to fix this.

Look. Kenneth is chief engineer.

He's probably a future partner.

You, are a draftsman.

You're not going to become
engineer overnight.

That's just...
the lay of the land, my friend.

Well, I'm not going
to make the land lay.


[telephone ringing]

Hey, Linda.
Thank God, it's Friday.

[telephone continues to ring]

- Taco guy!
- Taco guy!

Sami. Hombre. What's doing?

I just received the designs
you asked me to draft.


So, you going to say
something or explain?

[laughing] Listen, man, we are
in the middle of a meeting--

I worked on these
designs for weeks.

I've been over performing,
learning about baseball terms

going across town
for your tacos,

you could've at least
given me credit.

Credit? Ken,
what is he talking about?

It's just something
he's drafting, it's nothing.

It's everything.

I need a promotion. And I know
you want to become partner--

Hey, I don't need you,
to be partner.

What did you not
give him credit for?

I gave him credit!

I told the big man
where all the ideas came from.

I gave you credit.
I was gonna tell ya.

He said you were
king for the day.

And that was Wednesday of last
week, but hey. [chuckling]

Washington's birthday

always ends up
on a Monday somehow, right?


Hey, kid...

sometimes it's a "dog
eat dog world" around here,

and sometimes

it just works out this way.

That was a good design,

even though I think it's
probably still gonna explode.

No, there's a few bugs in it

but I don' think
it's going to explode.

Even then, you got
what you're gonna get.

The boss wants
engineers to finish it.

It just doesn't
sound right, man.

You need to be upfront with her,
let her know where you're at.

[Sami] I am desperate now, Alex.

Can't you feel my suppression,
oppression, depression?

[sighs] Kind of.

As of right now,
Ruby and her father

are touring America

deciding who will marry
the love of my life.

- [fly zipping up]
- Please, Alex.

Please is when you ask
for more cookies, okay?

Please isn't "can I steal your
parents house for an evening

so a scary General
from the Indian army

will me marry
his daughter, I mean."

Not steal, borrow.
Can we say borrow?

Alex, you've seen my roommates,
you've met my roommates.

You are the only person
who can help me. I need you.

Let's do it!

Okay, let's go.


If you begin
to doubt your reach,

remember the tiger
can jump 20 feet.

You don't get out
through the door!

- [Alex] Why'd you bring them?
- This is my tiger.

Trust me,
they'll want to see it.


my folks are at the Engineers'
Dinner Club tonight

so we've got this place
to ourselves for a few hours.

Let's quickly
transform the house,

make it look like a successful
Indian man lives here,

and impress the scary General.

In Three's Compan they
did this all in 30 minutes.

[Babu] It doesn't smell
like an Indian man lives here.

* Rolling thunder

* Going on down the coast

* I wanna live a little
Before I'm toast *

* I can't stay here

* I'm already gone

* Sound of an engine
Like a victory song *

* People say you're crazy

* If you stray
Too far from home *

* Small town talk
Is just leaving me cold *

* I'm gonna find my goal...

Wow, I would marry you right now

if I wasn't already betrothed
to Mary Tyler Moore. [laughing]

- Thank you.
- [doorbell rings]

Okay, they're here!
Um, who are you?

I'm Babu, this is Alex,
I think you already--

No, no, no, no,
in this situation.

Oh. Um, well of course,
I'm your personal chef.

Perfect. You?

- He's the butler.
- [Alex] What?

You have a problem with being

- a brown man's butler?
- No, it's not that--

You open the door,
you go to the living room,

I'm going to the kitchen.

* We're gonna
Make it after all *

[doorbell rings]

Ah, really, Babu?

[muttering to himself]


[Alex clearing his throat]


Why is it so dark in here?

Yes. Uh, Alex,
can you find the light?

I mean,
get the light, my butler.

[Alex] Yes, of course.

- Sami.
- Ruby.

- [Sami] Hi.
- Hi. [giggles]

How are your travels?

Good. Really good.
It's... Good to see you.


- You must--
- [feet stamping]

You are so annoying.

Dazzle me.

Alex... Prepare to dazzle.

[Sami sighing]
It's nothing really.

Just the humble abode
of a successful engineer.

Hmm. But you've barely
been here a month?

Things happen quickly here.

Especially if you
put your mind to it.

You certainly seem
to have put yours to it.

Was it you who slued this beast?

Well, no. Yes.

I found him prowling
in the backyard.

There's bears in Chicago?

There's a few stragglers
here and there.

From Canada.

The butler should
only speak when spoken to.

- Is this glass for alcohol?
- [Sami] No-- Alcohol?

Tiny glasses for tiny milk
and tiny cookies and such.

Collectors' item, yeah.

Everything for everything.
Only in America.

[Sami laughing]

"Pour me another glass.
You're still ugly."

Alex, I think it's time
to see what the chef is up to.

Of course, Your Lordship.
Right this way, General.

That's a lot of milk
you've got there.

Yeah, it's... to make sure
I have strong bones.

I feel like we haven't
had a chance to talk.

[sighing] I know, I'm sorry.
[stammering] I've been...

really trying to make sure
your father felt comfortable...

And you know, at work I'm...

I'm leading this big project
where we're trying to take

a microwave and reduce
the radiation waves....

You look beautiful, as always.


You look, uh...


Um... I need
to show you something.



[microwave whirring]

[microwave tings]

Sir, this is not a new invention

but this
particular design is mine.

These samosas are delicious.

And your contraption
has heated them perfectly.

Our boss is
a top class engineer.

[General Iqbal] I have no doubt,
like you're a top class cook?

General, would you mind
if I took Ruby upstairs

to talk for a few minutes?

You have
my permission to woo her.


But you know, Sami beta,

on military training exercises

we do not use live ammunition.

You catch my float?

Yes, sir, of course. Ruby?

You have my permission
to woo me.


Now I can question these men
about their military history.

Do you know General Lee?

Which brigade?

Dukes, the Hazzards of.

- [Sami] Okay, keep walking.
- [Ruby giggling] Okay.

- [Sami] Forward. Keep going.
- [Ruby] Okay.

[Sami] Right there, stop.
Now turn around.

- Grass. [chuckling]
- Okay.

Now lay down.


What is going on here?

- Just trust me.
- Okay.

- [Sami] Keep your eyes closed.
- Okay.

[Sami] Okay.

* ...Everything's
so clear to me... *

Open your eyes.

* Since my heart
Has taught me how to sing... *

[Ruby] The Indian night sky.

It's so beautiful.

* And the flowers
Are in bloom tonight... *

[Ruby] Taurus.



- [Ruby] Hmmm.
- [both laughing]

* I'm looking
Into the face of love *

* Love's looking back at me...

Ruby, I have
to tell you something.


I need to tell you the truth.

It's okay, I know.

You know?

[laughing] Yes.

Why else would a brand new
moped keep breaking down

and all of a sudden
be magically repaired again?

- [chuckles] Your moped?
- [Ruby giggling]

Yes, right.

I miss our little trips.

[Sami sighing]

I miss you, Sami.

I wish we didn't have
to share our adventures

over the telephone.

* Since my heart
Has taught me how to sing... *

Yeah, it's much better
like this.

* A little bird
Has taken flight... *

You-hoo, dinner is served.

[groaning in frustration] Babu.

Do we have to?

- We have to.
- Really?

- Ah, ten more seconds.
- [whispering] Okay.

[Sami sighing happily]

[General Iqbal] Oh, no, no, no,
that's enough for me.

I need to leave room
for the sweet dish.

Are you jiving me, partner?

[Babu] Uh, no, no.
Uh, partner is cowboy talk.

Uh, cowboys in America
do not jive--

I really think--

[General Iqbal] No, no,
leave him, Sami.

Unlike your butler, your chef...

is a good man. He's as good
a man as I now see you are.

To tell you the truth...

I did not think
you had the success in you.

[Ruby] Papa!

[General Iqbal]
I'm being honest.

When the village pooled money
to send him to America,

I refused to donate.

And now I see I've missed out
on... a great investment.

This house,

your career...

Sami... Now you are a man.

I thought you will
be washing dishes.

But now look at you.

They often say that, uh...

skips a generation."

But you are
an exception to the rule.

Sami, you are
just like your father.

He would be so proud of you.

A tiger's son is
always born with stripes.

You'll make me proud, my son.

I think this moment
calls for a little honesty.

[Sami sighing]

General Iqbal...


- This is not my house.
- Oh, dear.

This is his house.

[Babu gasps]

The butler?

I don't own a house.

I share a small apartment
with 13 roommates,

sometimes more if their aunts
and uncles are coming to visit.

You mean you've
been lying to us?

I'll just go reheat the chicken.

This is all an...
[laughing] act?

I don't have a permanent job.

I'm a temporary draftsman
at his father's company.

The butler's father
has a company?

[Ruby] Sami...


You left India...

You left me.

[Ruby] To do this?

[Sami] I needed to buy time.

And I needed
to impress your father.

Until all of this becomes real.

But it's me
who you're marrying, Sami.

Not my father.

And the one thing
I wanted in a husband

was someone who I could
share the same values with.

I wanted to become a man
of prestige, and honor...

That's what you deserve.

But all I needed was
my best friend back, Sami.

I just wanted you to be you.

The Sami that...

that I know.

[Ruby sighing]

Come on, Papa... let's go.

[General Iqbal] Your father
would be so ashamed of you.

[Sami] Ruby, please?

Okay, Ruby!

[chattering and laughing]

[Sami] Ruby, please,
try to understand!

What's happening?

You guys are back early.

Alex, who are these people
and... what is that smell?

Say hey, Sami.

- You know this man?
- He's a draftsman.

- [Kenneth] From the basement.
- An employee, in my house?

- Goodbye, Sami.
- No, Ruby--

- [sound of explosion]
- What the hell was that?

[Babu] It's okay.

- I mean, not really.
- [Alex stammers]

Look, we, we're just
having a dinner party,

it's no big deal.

[Mrs. Womack]
Uncle Tommy and Aunt Agatha!

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Agatha
turned brown.

Nobody move.

[Mrs. Womack] I don't feel safe.

- Sir, I can explain.
- [Mr. Womack] Stop talking.

Operator, yes,
I'd like to report intruders.

[Alex] Whoa! Dad,
what are you doing?

We're going to have
a sincere conversation

about your choice in friends

and life and work!

No, not you, operator.

[Babu sighing]

It went ding.

And then it went boom.

[Kenneth] Hate to say
I told you so, Sami, but....

[blows lips]

Do-- do you have a corner piece?

- Right here.
- Thank you.

It's been hours,
and Babu's still detained.

That is not good
on perspired visa.

[microwave whirring and beeping]

[Sandy] Mr. Molluck.

You are now officially
on double probation.

There is double probation?

I have been informed
you committed an infraction

on our CEO's private property.

Luckily for you,

Mr. Womack's son
pleaded your case.

There are certain ways of doing
things here, Mr. Mollick.

If you want
your temporary position

to become something more...

I suggest you learn them.

Can you tell me,
where is Alex now?

[Sami sighing] Have you seen
my butler around here?

Hey, it's the man
who speaks with microwaves.

- So you got transferred, huh?
- Yeah.

My dad had a big
talking with me and...

uh, he put me
on the corporate track and...

eventually I'll become
leader of this empire.

Thank you for saving my job.

Sure. And... no offense,
friend, but, uh...

I think we both need to chill.

Alone. For a bit.

Right. I understand.

Have you heard from Ruby at all?

I can't get hold of her.

She's going to California.

Probably going to find
a man who's a real person.

Well... can't always
get what you want.

A little pointed, but true.

It's a song. Rolling Stones?

Well, the Stones
speak the truth.

[door opens]

Babu! Hey, are you okay?

What happened?

[Babu sighs]

[Sami sighs]

I'm sorry, Babu.

I miss my valet shift.

The country club
has asked me to go away.

That is wrong.

That is so wrong.

I'm probably going
to be fired myself.

Land of opportunity.

You can do anything
if you put your mind to it.

That's a load of crap.

I'm sorry, Babu. [sighs]

I didn't mean that.
I know you have the General Lee.

It's a majestic car.

[Babu] He is impounded.

In one week...

he'll be crushed
into tiny little pieces.

They will not extend my visa.

I will have to go back.

I will never be able
to find another job here.

You can't fly away, Babu.

If anyone deserves
to be here, you do.

Do you know what I told you
about the street sweeper?

In America even the
street sweeper has a car.

[Babu] It's more than that.

In restaurants here...

they call you a hombre.

Nobody comes
and steals your food.

And they queue up in lines
here, even when they drive.

And it doesn't matter
how little you make...

they still smile
at you on the streets.

But still I have to leave.

[sighing and whispering]
I'm so sorry, Babu.

You know what, Sami?

Ruby is right for you.

You know how I know that?


Because even though she goes
to a top British school...

she still wears
little braids in her hair.

Arrogant girls don't wear
little braids in their hair.



So, I suppose this is when

I should see
the best in something, huh?

Always to be patient.

No, Sami bhai...

today we just be sad.

[Sami] Babu! Come quickly.

[Babu] I cannot,
I am still being sad.

[Sami] Come with me.

- I have to show you something.
- My boots!

* This is my destiny

* My true reality...


[Sami] The great
mythical street sweeper.

He lives.

He drives.

A Dodge Colt.

[Sami] But...
Ah, it's still something.

[car engine starts]

It is something.

[telephone calling tone]

[Huma] Hello?

Hello, ammi.

[Huma] Hello, beta.

How are you?

I have to tell you something.

I know everything.

You do?

Ruby told her mother.

And she told
her cousin's sister.

And she told her
brother's wife's aunty,

and the brother's wife's aunty
told Mrs. Banjera, who told me.

I'm sorry, ammi.

I let you down.

[Sami] I let the village down.

I let Ruby down,
everyone really.

I had this great
tiger hunter for a father

and this is what
he gets for a son.

[Huma] Oh, Sami.

Your father
only ever killed one tiger.


That's it. One tiger.

But, everyone remembers him
as the great tiger hunter.

[Huma] He was.

He shot that one tiger
that helped protect his village.

But everyone kept
calling him this...

because he was always
a hero for them,

always around for them.

Besides, not many people
had a gun.

I wanted to be great.

I wanted to be just like him.

But, you already were like him,


[Huma] Even when you were
here in the repair shop...

I see your father in you, Sami.

[Huma] You know?

Both of you had
a different idea of greatness.

Do you think
the villagers loved him

when he was
hidden in the jungle?

Or when he was dancing
with them in the streets?

Grandma... is this a time
for crying or for dancing?

- Dancing?
- Oh...

Show them your moves, come on.

[villagers laughing]

Your father is amazing.

[Azeem] Whatever you do
in life, remember this.

The success comes
not from what you hunt...

but who you hunt with.

[microwave whirring]

I've gather you here,

in the privacy of this
very small dining area,

'cause I have come to realize...

that there's
tremendous potential,

right here in this room.


it is time to put
our collective heads together

and create a microwave
that cooks food perfectly,

and somehow does not explode.

Are you up for the task?

- Let's do this boys.
- Yeah.

[all] Okay.

That's right! Let's begin.

[all chattering]

It is not possible,
we need to increase

the microwave energy
to produce more heat.

Then there will be
too much radiation.

What we need here
is a lightbulb moment.

- Or, how about just a lightbulb?
- What?

An infrared one,
to create more heating power.

I cleaned my bowels.

[laughing] Bowls.

Bowels. That's what I said.

[microwave beeping and whirring]

Radiation is within limit now.

But, it looks
like it's barely defrosting.

[sizzling and crackling]


We need to find
an additional heating source

with lower radiation.

Or, something that
won't overload the power.

I hate cold pizza.

Then warm it up with...

[singing] * Ground control
To Major Tom... *

- [Sami] We need your hairdryer.
- [speaking Hindi]

[Sami] I'll explain later.

But your hair is not wet!

- [whirring]
- [Sami sighs]

I'm excited.

[microwave pings and stops]

[Sami] Okay.

Ooh... It's hot!

All right.

Is it perfectly hot?

This is some
perfectly hot jive turkey.

- [all laughing]
- Yes!

[man] Nope.

What do you mean?

I mean, that much ain't
gonna cut it for this Charger.

This car is
disgustingly decrepit.

It makes your junkyard look bad.

Come on, this is more than fair.

If my crusher
wasn't malfunctioning,

this Charger
would be pulverized by now.

You're in luck,
with your equipment malfunction?

Because you happen
to be talking to an engineer.

[microwave whirring and beeping]

[Sami] Wow, don't you
love Paris in the fall?

And you are?

I'm Sami...

and this is Rehan, Siddesh,

Kareem, Parag, Vikram,
Abdullah, and Winston.

Are you sure you didn't
leave anyone out?

Mr. Womack
is in a meeting with--

With Mr. Baldwin.
He needs to see us.

Nobody knocks.

[Mr. Womack] What's happening?

Frank, what the--

I, uh...

Mr. Malik.

[Sami] Hello. I'm Sami.

And this is Siddesh, Vikram,

Rehan, Abdullah, Parag,
Kareem, and Winston.

All of them
very talented engineers.

How wonderful...

to have Siddesh,

Vikram, Rehan, Abdullah,

Parag, Kareem,
and Winston with us.

- [whispering] Not bad.
- [Frank] Right now,

I'm just not sure this is
the time for everyone--

It is lunch time, isn't it?

Let me call my secretary,
I'm sure we can reschedule this.

[Mr. Baldwin] Frank,
before you turn them out

let's at least
have a little lunch.


What have we got to lose?

After all,

I haven't gotten any good news
from your chief engineer today.

Mr. Malik, you were saying?

[microwave whirring]

[microwave pings and stops]

[Sami] Mr. Baldwin,

please enjoy a perfectly heated
and evenly cooked TV dinner

thanks to convection
and radiant heat

from a new microwave
oven prototype

designed by the team
you see here.

I can never tell if this meat
is chicken or turkey.

I'm sure it's one of them.

Now I don't know what
kind of contraption

you people have going
with the hairdryer, but...

this TV dinner
is perfectly heated.

And for once this brownie
does not taste rubbery.

I'd say as long as there's
no danger of explosion...

we have ourselves
a new contract.

[Kenneth sighs]

It's not going to explode,
is it, Kenneth?

[Kenneth] I don't think it will.

From an engineering stand point
it makes perfect sense.

[Mr. Baldwin]
It makes perfect sense.


Well, what are you
waiting for, Frank?

- Aren't you hungry?
- I'm famished. [laughing]

[all laughing and cheering]

* People

* Got the power...

Have you got any,
uh, Eric Clapton?

No, but I have, uh...

The Village People's
and the Donna Summer's?

Uh, no.

I'll just take two
of those fried triangles.

Uh... [chuckles]
That's my....


[car approaching]

General Lee!


I missed you.

What? How did you do this?

No one can keep
the General behind bars.

And, uh...

It's time you got in the samosa
and tikka masala business.

People are hungry.

And you have something
no one else in Chicago has.

This is a food mobile?

Yes, it's a food mobile.

To go along
with your Babu mobile.

I am speakless.

Me too.

You're a good bhai.
Really, Babu.

- [crying out in elation]
- [Frank] My mostly good news:

Baldwin has agreed to take
the project to the next stage...

I'm curious what you are
expecting from all this?

Only that those
talented engineers

get the opportunities
they deserve.

What about you?

I only wish to live up
to my father's example.

And if there's a way
to do that here at Graydian,

I'll be excited
to hear about it.

You were lead on the project,
I imagine there's...

a position for you that's
more in line with your skills...

[dialogue fades away]

[Sami] Dear Ruby,

Sometimes the only reason
you miss something

is you were looking
in the wrong direction.

[Alex] Hey. [stammering]
What-- What are you doing here?

[Sami] I'm going to California.

If I make it
to Ruby's hotel in time,

I might be able to convince her
to give me a second chance.

[Sami] Maybe that's why
I can never see Aquarius.

No matter how hard I looked.

* Ooh baby baby
It's a wild... *

[Sami] What do you
say to the girl

who knows every
constellation in the skies?

* Hard to get by
Just up on a smile *

* Ooh baby baby
It's a wild... *

[Sami] I might tell her this:

It may not be what I planned,

but I found something here.

* Like a child girl

* You know I've seen a lot
Of what the world can do... *

I 'm no longer pretending.

I 'm just trying to be the man
you always knew I should be.

* Sad girl

* Don't be a bad girl...

[Sami] There may always
be somebody above me,

and I don't know how high
I'll climb in my future,

but I've learned that it doesn't
have to be a future

about dog eat dog at all.

It's about dog helping dog.

[camera clicks]

[Sami] About just being happy
with how you spent your day.

[cow mooing]

[Sami] Because here,
there is a way to be nothing,

but to also have,
and to be, more than most.

[Kareem] Hey, Babu!

Oh, hey. There you go.
Where's your money?

- Tomorrow!
- How many?

[Sami] It's a strange thing

being the son of the world's
greatest tiger hunter.

* La-la-la-la-la-la

* La-la-la-la-la-la
La-la-la-la-la-la *

* Baby I love you...

Learning to find greatness

in how you live
the little moments.

* Hope you make a lot
Of nice friends out there *

* But just remember there's
A lot of bad and beware... *

[Sami] I have found good here.

* Baby baby
It's a wild world *

[Sami] And maybe I can
never give you much else...

but if you join me,

we can experience
that good, together.

* It's a wild world

* And I always remember you
Like a child girl *

* Ooh baby baby
It's a wild world *

* And it's hard to get by
Just upon a smile *

* Ooh baby baby
It's a wild world *

* And I'll always remember you
Like a child girl *

* Hey, baby

* Reach out and take my hand

* I said, baby

* Just reach out
And take my hand *

* Let's go to that windy city

* Good old Chicago land

[man] Come on. Hey, what's up?


* And it's the heart
Of America *

* The face by the lake

* It's my kind of town

* A city on the lake

* So come on

* Just reach out
And take my hand *

* We'll all go
To that windy city *

* Good old Chicago land