The Tiger Brigades (2006) - full transcript

In 1907, following a violent crime wave, French President Georges Clémenceau decides to create the first motorized police brigade, soon nicknamed the Tiger's brigades. One of the first missions assigned to chief inspector Paul Valentin and his daring men, inspectors Terrasson,Pujol and trainee inspector Achille Bianchi, is to neutralize Jules Bonnot and his ruthless gang of anarchists ...

A bloody crime wave hits France.

The Interior Minister,
Georges Clemenceau, "The Tiger",

founds the "mobile brigades"
to counter the new villains.

1912. All of France knows them

by another name.

I'm Chief Superintendent Faivre,
your superior.

I'm your father, your mother,
your judge

and, if need be,
I'll be your executioner.

You're in the 1st mobile brigade.

It's the chance of a lifetime.

You're the men of the brigade,

with one home, one duty

and one goal: State security.

We have the best equipment,

the best weapons.

Not bad.

Its spirit,

men and officers are France's best.

You believe in intuition

and informers' tips.

Intuition is for animals.
And tips for gamblers.

Your weapons

are logic, anthropometry,


car mechanics, automatic guns,

good shoes

and, above all...


...a perfect ethical code.


There are no closed cases here,

only solved cases!

The brigade's men
love success.

Failure has no place
in their work.


I pity the crooks, pimps, anarchists

and other scum

you'll hunt them down,

collar them

and put them
where they belong.

In the nick!

When you go home in the evening,

you can be proud.

If your son asks you

what you've been doing,

believe me, you won't need to say,

"Cleaning the can."

To the brigade,

to the republic

and to France!

Well? How was I?



In an hour. On Rue Ordener.

Two guards at the front of the van
and one inside.

It'll be in the safe.
A leather-bound ledger marked SGED.

Where's Piotr?

Lt'll be all right.

Be careful, won't you?

It's my job.

I help Russia, I help France
and I help myself!

"Sir" has a pension plan?

How will you manage?

You'll have to fend for yourself

while I'll get 8% a year,

- from the state.
- From the boss.

That's why you suck up to him.

I do a good job.

That's why the director likes me.

- Come out!
- Don't!

I want them to know what we took.


Help yourselves!

The first motorized hold-up

His hairline?

Hello. My name's Achille Bianchi.

I'm one of the new recruits.

- I'm on this team.
- Bianchi...

- From?
- Milan.

Ah, Spain...
I can't abide dagos.

Your desk.

Thank you.

You do the cleaning at home?


Here, you do it twice a week.

Three phones. Answer when they ring
and take a message.

Unless it's for me, of course.

What were his eyes like?

Mad eyes.

Okay, mad eyes but tiny, slanting

or big?

I don't know. Tiny.

- A bit slanting too, maybe.
- Tiny and slanting.

We're getting somewhere.


I think he had glasses.


What kind?

Listen, Bianchi,

I hear you have nifty fingers.
Since we have one artist,

we thought it might help you along
to type reports.

It'll keep you informed.

Try to imagine him without glasses.

Start with mine,
just to get warmed up.

His mouth... Fleshy?

His lips... A moustache?
No moustache? Small? Thin?

- Thin?
- Yes.

Yes, that's him all right.

What an artist!

- Like nothing on earth.
- Right.

Wait till I put a name to it.

Raymond Caillemin, alias Brains.

Born in Brussels,
wanted for armed robbery.

- Hi, honey.
- How d'you know that?

Everybody knows.


The Paris police beat us to it.

Brains arrested!

All the news in the Excelsior!

An accomplice under arrest!
Bonnot still loose!

It's no use.

We'll never decipher it
without Raymond.

We'll ask the owner for the code.

Casimir Cagne?
You won't be able to get near him.

What do you suggest?

Europe versus Russian expansion

We'll get help.

Jaures? I don't trust politicians.

He's a journalist too
and a friend of mine.

It's the scandal of the century.
We need the press.

What if he can't decipher it?

- We'll make Cagne talk.
- Why wait?

The coppers are closing in on me.

I don't have much longer.

You'll have to carry on alone.

Don't say that.

You hear me?

We'll always be together.

I've got a tip about Bonnot.


Do you mind?

I need the toilet.


Excuse me.

It's on the left. Don't get lost.

Spit it out.

A locksmith in lvry.
He rents a room out

and I hear
he lets anarchists stay for free.

Not much to go on.

Hold on. He threw his tenants out
for one chap.

Left by a DeDion-Bouton.

Didn't they use one
for the Rue Ordener hold-up?


When do you hire me? Lt'd be fun.

We'll have to see.

Fill out a form
and grow a moustache.

Right, curtains.
Get on the job. Out with you.

You're going, right?

- What's his name?
- Gauzy.

His hovel's the People's Hall.

Coming by later?

Maybe, maybe not. Off you go.

- Shall we go?
- No.

You see the lady home.

Then go and cheer up
the man who got shot.

- I'll go with the greenhorn.
- The dago?

I'm from Milan.


Get your gun.

Where are we going?

Couldn't hear too well?

A lead? Is it Bonnot?

Sure. Come on.

That young lady...
Is she a friend of yours?


She's one of Pujol's acquaintances.

They're engaged?


It must be broken.

I reckon not.

Why not tell me what's going on?

Lea had a tip-off for Bonnot.

Probably a dud but you never know.

Let the Paris police go.

There are other cases.

No, I have questions
that the prefecture won't answer.

What questions?

Four individuals hold up a van
like pros but leave the dough.

Nothing was stolen
but there's a huge reward.

And the prefect sends 8,000 men
to beat us to it.

Doesn't that seem a bit excessive?

Use the back door!

Paris police!

A room?

I don't have any rooms.
You've been misinformed.

And upstairs?


Nothing but the attic up there.

Someone's there.

It must be rats.

Let go of me!


aren't like crooks.

They're quiet, sober,

- don't beat women.
- You wouldn't guillotine Bonnot?

I'm no big fan of the guillotine.

Worse men than him have been topped.

Have you seen his file?
A former worker,

a mechanic, a sniper, a driver...

Two years in the army,
a medal for bravery...

He has balls...


Get down!

Go to Gauzy's! I'll get him!

Forgive me.


Out of the way!


Nothing I could do,
it happened too fast.


We'll get them out.

No, you're getting out.

The scene's sealed off, sir.

Should I organize a search?

No, don't bother.

They won't need us. Get the kit.

We'll start taking prints.

Look, Marcel, a picture
of Mr Casimir Cagne.


You said it.

A cup of chicory, gentlemen?

- Not for me.
- I'd love one.

I'm mad about chicory.

You were lucky.

- You're in shape.
- Listen, Ernest,

I'm confused.
Why you and why that day?

Why's your van so special?

No idea. They're anarchists,
opposed to society, Mr Cagne said...

Ernest, calm down. Relax.

All this is off the record.

We're chatting
and having some chicory.

This'll liven it up.

- Here.
- Thank you.

It happened

on a Thursday morning, right?

Is the Thursday run special?

No. That morning,
I left from head office.

Mr Cagne has me run errands
now and then.

What kind of errands?

He has a safe
at the Rue Ordener branch.

He gets me to take papers there.

What papers?

A ledger, bound in leather

and all the trimmings.

Thank you.

I don't know what's in it.

- It's not important anyway.
- Thank you, rest well.

- Bravo.
- Is that all?

- You were perfect.
- Just perfect.

Hold on, there's something else.

It may sound stupid but that fellow,

the bastard who shot me,

he said something...



Maybe he was thirsty.

That must be it.

So you let Bonnot get away?

You'll have to work extra hard
to make up for it.

- Had a scrap?
- You shouldn't be so lippy.

Maybe your Lea
spoke to someone else.

The Paris police were already there.

Something to say?

Yes, the Paris police were there.

- That's what you have to say?
- Yes.

So say it.

- The Paris police were there.
- That's all?

That's all you have to say?

- I asked you if that's all.
- Yes.

Say it again.

Go on.
I told you to say it.

Say it again, I said!

Please, Pujol.

You know Lea wouldn't do that to me.


- How did the house call go?
- We have something.

The new man in the gang shot Caby.

Okay, and?

Caby heard him say something
like "bistro".

Maybe it means something.

We'll ask him once we catch him.

That's not all.

Bonnot stole a ledger
belonging to Cagne, the SGED boss.

The man who offered 100 grand
for his capture.

Maybe we should ask Mr Cagne
a question or two.

He's a toff.
I'll need the boss's blessing.

Is it serious?


I've removed the bullet.

He'll need care but I...

I can't keep him here.


Garnier will come for you.
He's found a new hide.


The code...

I can...

We'll succeed, I promise.
We'll succeed.

We'll succeed.

I'm going to see Jaures.

Terrasson vs. Jacquemin,
fight of the century.

- 30, stopped by the referee.
- 30, referee.

- That's noted.
- 65 on Terrasson, on points.

65, on points. How about you?

The rules forbid betting.

The rules? There are rules?

Wager on Jacquemin,
from the prefecture. He a fine chap.

Great timing. Come over here.

You call, I come running.

- Seen my new dress?
- Enchanting.

A gift from the prefect?

In return for your tip-off?

- I told them nothing.
- They found Bonnot by chance?

It wasn't me, I promise.

A tart's promise?

So? I thought
that's what you liked about me.

- My skills...
- Very classy.

I trust you.

Don't spoil it, beauty.

Place your bets, gentlemen.

Terrasson vs. Jacquemin.

Hey, sonny, concentrate.


You're sure?

You're an athlete, not a savage!

- Not afraid of being hit?
- No.

- I'll show you a transition.
- No problem.

Chief Inspector Valentin.

I should have bet more.

Or saved your money.

A new dress if he wins.

Back to your corners.

I spoke to the boss.


He has an important mission for you.

On top of Bonnot?

The Paris police can see to Bonnot.

I don't believe it!

Waste him, Dad.

Prince Bolkonski, the Tsar's cousin,
arrives tomorrow.

- He's signing...
- I know.

An alliance between Paris,
Moscow and London.

I read the papers.

It'll be signed at an event

a smart lad like you
will have heard of.

- The opera lvan the Terrible?
- Right.

Sorry, but does it really
concern us?

The Chief of Police
has decided that it does.

You work for state security

and you'd be wise to remember it.

You'll oversee security
at the opera.

You'll greet the prince tomorrow.
I hope you have a suit.

You'll dine at the embassy.

And you won't?

The boss is doing you a favour.

Casimir Cagne

is one of the opera's main backers.
He'll be there.

Thank you.

I promised you'd behave.

Don't let me down. Be diplomatic.





Four... Five...

Six... Seven...

Eight... Nine...

Ten. Out! Jacquemin,

of the Paris police wins!

And my dress?

Go easy on the fingers.

Try a lighter touch.

Good morning.

What's this sheet?

- The last report.
- It goes in the report.

- Okay.
- It's part of it.

- It's not numbered?
- No.

- On purpose?
- Yes.

Do it on purpose.


Russian bonds?
Preparing for retirement?

I'm investing,
helping Russia, France and myself.

Good idea. No more fights.

You'll ruin us all.

Shut up, you fool!

I don't know what happened.

It's a blank.

Old age, maybe.

You want to invest, sir.
Take a look at these.

You're flogging them?

A policeman friend of mine
made them.

Handcuffs. He says
we'll all be using them soon.

They fit around the wrists.

Automatic. The lock has a key.

- Very useful.
- Handcuffs.

Yes, quick and easy.

You attach this end
to something solid?

Here, for instance.
Then you close it.

I'll free you when you finish.

Not a bad invention.

Pujol, you sly mole.

Terrasson, what a bomb!

Terrasson, Bianchi, go to HQ.

I want the Russian embassy files,

plus the low-down on the opera,
the prince and the ambassador.

Move it.

Yes, but...

He's caught up in his new invention.

- What's this?
- Handcuffs.

- Handcuffed.
- Handcuffs.

My wife gave me that!

- Your wife gave you that?
- A useful gift.

There. Kid's stuff.

We'll meet at the embassy tonight.

Your pal's invention
is a load of rubbish.

The lock needs work
but I think it's a good idea.

- It's easy to use.
- Handcuffs...



Keep your eyes open!

Watch the placards.

You can go through.

- Go on through.
- Hold the line!

Step back!

Step back, I said!

Achille, don't overdo it.

- They keep pushing.
- Take it easy.

There can't be anyone left

back in Moscow.

Good evening.

You understand?

Break through with the package.

Go on, I'll be right there.

Death to the Tsar!

Long live Lenin!

Keep them under control.

Keep them under control.

Your Highness, welcome to Paris.

Chief Inspector Valentin,
head of security.


If you please...

If you please...

This way.

It's a bomb!

What the hell?

Don't touch a thing.

Fetch Bertillon.

Clear the grounds!

Find out who did it.

I apologize for this minor incident.

Welcome to Russia.


Stop him!

Close it and set up the line again.

What does the dog's head mean?

How should I know?

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome

my friends President Poincare,

Sir Lewis Hollingworth

and Casimir Cagne,
sponsors of lvan the Terrible.

Inspector Valentin.

This opera marks
the dawn of a new era,

a future that
we shall build together.

On May 12th this year,
we shall meet to make a reality

of the deep friendship uniting
Russia, Great Britain and France

by signing a historic agreement,

the Triple Entente.

A treaty
that will make the French rich

through our new government loan.

Well done, pal.

You're too hospitable.

London and Paris
shelter the scum of Europe

and of my country.

The Tsar has his way of dealing
with opponents.

The scum terrify honest citizens
in freedom's name.

That's all.

They're brave,
risking their lives for a symbol.

Madam... Your Highness!

These terrorists. How can you...

What symbol?

Dogs play a part
in the myths around lvan. He...

Thank you, my dear.
Russian folklore doesn't interest

the inspector.

Why not? The masses
are fascinated, apparently.

Those people are hungry.

They're far from home.
They cling to what they have left:

Their beliefs. They dream
of a liberator, a new lvan.

But I'm here, my love!

My wife is so fond of protest.

She introduced me
to some firebrand...


Absurd, just like his rag.

He should be silenced
once and for all, I say.

He's a remarkable man.

We'll be honoured
to have him at the opera.

Music won't temper his articles.

The press is free.

That's democracy, isn't it?


it's been a pleasure.

Mr President, gentlemen,
please follow me.


Mr Cagne, what did Bonnot
and his men steal from you?

Pardon me?

100 grand is a lot for a notebook.
What was in it?

You're mad.

I'll refer this to your superiors.


Making new friends, inspector?

You seem to appreciate him too.

My husband's secretary
needs to go over the opera details.

The protocol

for his Highness on May 12th.

What did you say?

- I asked him to leave us.
- No, the last word.

Bistra. Hurry. Why?

No reason.
I'm interested in Russian history,

dog's heads, opera...

- Out of personal interest?
- Partly.

May I ask you something?

I'm not going to stop you.

How long have you been married?

Five years. Barely three if you count
the time spent together.

We travel. I stage the opera.


- Does that surprise you?
- A little.

I'm sorry. And your husband?

He works on his project.
We try to help Europe's Russians.

Someone forgot to tell them.

Inspector, your job isn't to like
my husband, but to protect him.

I'll do my job.
You can keep your great causes.

You don't feel concerned?

I'm a civil servant,
not a politician.

Sir, your men need you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Sorry to spoil things.

All hell's broken loose.

Bonnot is in Choisy-le-Roi.

Marcel, take over with Achille.
Stick with the prince.

Especially after tonight's events.

The old fogey's in the way...

- We stay here?
- What else?

He's the boss.

Great atmosphere!

Are you preparing to invade

Alsace and Lorraine?

- We're tracking down Bonnot.
- Good idea.

You must know that

since you grace us
with your presence.

- Why are you here?
- Mr Prefect,

Paris doesn't extend to Choisy.
This is my territory.

It will be settled higher up.

We'll have the press here
in an hour.

You want a turf war
in front of them?

A joint operation would look better.

Under your supervision,
of course.

Give him three men and a sector
to shut him up.

A joint operation.
I'll choose my sector.

Excuse me.

What's this new whim?

Tell me, a driver,

what does he go for?


- And mechanics?
- Garages.

Excuse me, sir.


Let's go!

Pujol! Are you hit?

I'm okay.

Drag him along!

Behind the wall!

Stop here, this'll do.

Don't do anything stupid.
Just follow me.

What is this?

What do you think?
The royals wanted to see the show.

I couldn't arrest them!

- The show?
- What show?


Go ahead! Shoot the little bastard!

- Jules!
- Hold your fire!

- Hold your fire, damn it!
- Hold your fire!


Are you a martyr?

You'll die like a rat, Bonnot!

So come out! Now!

It's your last chance!

Marcel! Find some dynamite!

Take two men
and fetch that cart.

You'll cover us?

Help me! Help me to push the cart!

Got dynamite?

So go and get it!
Push and look where we're going!

I'm a famous man. My name is known

around the world.

And my renown must fill with envy

all those who try so hard
to get themselves noticed.

I didn't want much,

just to walk with her
by the Rhone in the moonlight.

I have always dreamt
of such happiness,

snatched from me each time.

Fire at will!

I have the right to survive.

Since your inane
and criminal society prevents that,

too bad for it.

Too bad for you.


Don't move. Stay there!

Hey, sonny!

Wake up! Are you okay?

Collect your wits.

Stay here.

Valentin? It's me.

I'm coming in.

I just wanted to walk with her.

Pull yourself together.

If you break down now,
Bonnot will have died in vain.

I can take care of Cagne.

Do that and Jaures will find out.

He'll know how I got the code
and will refuse to publish.


We have to act now.

I've had more than enough
of your schemes.

My husband's wary since the embassy.

I want him to be afraid.

Check identities. Search the place.

May I have a minute, Your Highness?

Some other time. I'm busy.

Start again at 18.

Hey, sonny, look.

It's about us.
What a terrible business.

Mr Terrasson, I wanted to thank you.

Sonny, you're one of the family now,
with a moustache

like the other boys.

Holy mackerel!

Hey, Bianchi.

I'm Marcel.

Okay, Mr Marcel then.

We found a dead Russian

near the embassy yesterday morning.

He had been strangled.

I thought
your husband's safety mattered...

Carry on without me.

A dog's head in paper,

is that anything to do
with lvan's legend?

Lvan used dogs' heads

to intimidate
the boyars, the nobles.

Just before his coronation,
he sent each one a dog's head.

What was the message?

That they were mere dogs
and that their heads would be next.

And that fellow

is your national hero?

Lvan was cruel
because he lived in cruel times.

What about Louis XIV or Napoleon?

They had too much power.

- So you're a democrat.
- Exactly.

Imagine what Russia was like
at the time.

The people had nothing
and the boyars everything.

Ivan changed all that.

He started by carving up
the boyars' land.

He raised an army and
united Russia for the first time.

20 years of peace.

Something unheard of before.

And the boyars?

He ordered them to be burned alive.

He was crowned in the blaze
and became lvan Grozny,

the Terrible or the Great.

It's the same word in Russian.

The men in black are his henchmen.

The oprichnina.

The "reserve" in Russian.

What are they doing?

The same as you.
Ensuring state security.

Ivan becomes a living God.
And the people, a vague memory.

He sees treason everywhere.

The slightest suspicion
means prison or death.

History repeats itself.

The Russians I saw in the street
are just as poor.

And men like Cagne or your husband,

the new boyars, use the opera

to sell alliances.

My husband isn't a salesman,

He works for future peace.

Like lvan?

You made a fine pack leader
when they slaughtered Bonnot.

How did that feel?

I just did my job.

Nothing more?

I didn't invite you to the show.

Bonnot's dead, the case is closed,
everyone's happy.

It's business as usual.

Only its owner can decipher it.

I won't publish anything anyway.

You know what's in it.

Because you told me.
I don't have any proof.

Men have died to give you this.

And you won't use it?

That's the problem.

Anyone else,
I'd have gone to the police.

An anarchist with a gun
is a criminal.

But a man can steal billions
behind his desk!

Your methods bother me, Constance.

You're sinking to their level.

You're lecturing me?

Go to Russia, Mr Jaures.

Go to see those tortured
for talking too much.

Tell them violence isn't the answer.

That they must endure it
but never use it themselves.

I've spent my life
fighting men like Cagne!

And I'll continue,
with or without you.

You can hide behind your principles.

But in fact you're afraid.

For your precious newspaper

and parliamentary seat.

I'm sorry you react that way.

What if Cagne were arrested?

And confessed to the police?

Our paper would do its job.

The anarchist Bonnot's lair

You do a fine job, inspector.

What do you want?

Who do you think
buried the Bonnot case?

The prefect.

For his own benefit?

No. For one of your friends.

Casimir Cagne?

If you could bring him down,
how far would you go?

As far as the law allows.

What a pity.

Let's say
I might go a little further...

You know what this is?

An accounts book.

Bonnot stole it from Cagne.

And he gave it to you?

Jules Bonnot was my lover.

We found fingerprints
next to Bonnot's.

On a bedstead. Do you realize
the risk you're taking?


criminal conspiracy,
threatening national security...

I should cover you?

Just arrest this book's owner

and make him confess
to what it contains.

Such as?

Embezzlement of Russian bonds
by politicians and wheeler-dealers.

Including your husband?

He's their leader.

I'm not getting this.

I thought you wanted
to help the prince.

The Triple Entente,

lvan's opera, peace...
It's an act?

You destroy a system
from the inside.

It's an agreement among crooks

to buy Russian blood
with French money.

That's what the loans are for,
nothing else.

Arrest me, if you want.

Then you can give the book
back to Cagne. He'll be grateful.

I can't prove it's his.

Aren't you a policeman?

Without proof,

what do you do?

The prince's wife?

If we tell anyone, she's dead.

What do we do with this book?

Give it back to its owner.

I don't like this at all.

So see to the opera.

- Why me?
- Because I adore you.

Happy, you naughty boy?

Casimir Cagne, come with us.

Is this a joke?

Article 416 of the penal code,
section C...


This is a valid warrant
from the Versailles prosecutor

allowing me to confiscate
all your assets.

You wouldn't dare.

Please leave.

It allows me to take you in
for questioning.

Miss Amelie, this office is yours.

Let's be systematic and methodical.
Clear the place.

You'll regret this, believe me.

Miss, are you sure this is

the same notebook?

I want you to give
a very precise answer.

Yes, that's where he keeps
his accounts.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

He admitted embezzling funds?

Like I said,
he was bragging about it.

Counting his dough in there
was better than...

- She's in shock.
- And the pig wouldn't pay.

That's not nice.

Will you testify under oath?

I want to serve justice.


Let's be going.

Oh, my God...

How long are you keeping him?

The judge has had
half the government call him!

Take their names.

You're joking.

Not at all.

Hide out at Marthe's tonight.

Do as I say.


- Sir?
- Your witness can't be that...


Oh, my God!

It's a classical coding system.

You pick a book, take a line from it

and use it as the code key.

With the book and the line,
you have the code.

Without it, it'll take years
to decipher all the names.

What is clear

is the amount that's been embezzled.


The bonds of 15 million savers.
That's a lot of piggybanks.

- Going to tell Marcel?
- What?

That he's ruined.

So this is where you're hiding.

- I'm not hiding.
- I'm joking!

Lvan the Terrible!

By the way, I saw

your lady's expecting. Good.


you have responsibilities.

I put money aside for my girls.

The oldest will have
one hell of a dowry.

Good, solid state bonds.

- Mr Terrasson...
- Marcel.

Yes, Marcel...

- Something wrong?
- No, it's just...

Since my wife
will be giving birth soon and...

It's all right,
take the afternoon off.

Go and see your missus.

Do you mind? We working!

Forgive me.

Ivan the Terrible all right!

Have you seen this thing?
It's a "podograph".

Some American's
trying to sell it to me.

- Bless you.
- Thank you.

He says if you put this
on a suspect's big toe,

you can tell if he's lying.

Can you believe that?

The mind revealed by the feet!

Will it be much longer?

Chromatic analysis takes time.

Inspector Terrasson!

- An urgent call for Bianchi.
- I'll take it.

Thank you.

Inspector Terrasson,
1st mobile brigade. Can I help you?

Miss, I'm Inspector Terrasson,
1st mobile brigade.

Where did that last call come from?

The prefecture?

Are you sure?

The bastard!


Tine. Pervitine.

An analgesic. For injection.
Category F, like morphine.

Rare, expensive and very addictive.
Nasty stuff!

- Prescription only?
- Yes.

I'll check the central pharmacy.
They record all category F products.

This is between us, okay?

- Not a word to anyone.
- Who do you think I am?

Hi, Achille!

How's your charming wife?
Well, I trust.

Very well, sir.

The baby's due this week.


- You've been neglecting me lately.
- Not at all.

I'm at the opera all day.

Fancy. While your colleagues

were arresting Mr Cagne
in front of his staff.

You don't know why?

Not the faintest inkling
about what they have on him?

No, I...

They don't tell me everything.
But I'll find out.

If you'll excuse me,
my wife must be worried...

Let the bitch wait.

Expect to get off that lightly?

One word from me

and she'll give birth in solitary!

Just wait till my boys
finish with her!

I'm France's most powerful official.

And I intend to stay so.

Mess with me,

and I'll deport your family.
You follow?

- I'm right behind you, sir.
- Good.

What has Valentin got?

Think of your family.

Look what might happen.

He has Cagne's ledger.

Where from?

I don't know.
Napisy pobrane z NapisZone

- Who gave it to him?
- I don't know!

- Who?
- Lea!

Lea something.

Pujol's little tart?

What'll you do to her?

My boy, one day you'll understand
what public service entails.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I've told you 100 times,
the book's not mine.

It's a set-up.

I'd like some water, please.

I'd like to see my lawyer.



Answer me!

Let me speak to Piotr.

The prefect will get him freed.

Tell him to hurry. Cagne is a dog,
without that beast's loyalty.

After signing,
we'll need to replace him.

They're going to free Cagne.

You'll have to make him talk.

I don't believe it.

My friends can't leave me here.

Let's talk about your friends.

Can't you just jot down their names?
Why use a code?

You're going to decipher this

and name everyone you've bought off.

It's your only way out.

I don't understand.

What don't you understand?

I'm talking
about Russian loan embezzlement!

The Russians never see a kopek.

A bonanza for your pals!

Lmagine ten years in gaol, Casimir,
without the sun.

They'll go wild
for a pretty boy like you.

We can't protect you

if you don't talk.
You'll pay for everyone.

Just you. You'll take the rap.
Think about it.

And hurry.

All right.

Too bad.

We know the whole scam
wasn't your idea.

You just followed orders.

- You followed orders?
- Right?

Exactly. I just followed orders.

Along with every other bank
in France.

Check the Credit Lyonnais.
And in Russia...

Prince Bolkonski pockets the funds?

Give us the code.

- Give us the code.
- Enough!

You're free. Do you need a doctor?

Here's the release order.

My men will make sure
your things are returned.

You can't touch these papers.

They're police property.

My men!


Pretty girlfriend.

Lea, right?


Cagne has been embezzling
the Russian loans. State loans.

Are you serious?

This is the proof.

The prefect will demand it
any second. Call our boss.

Nice office.


So you found this book
at Mr Cagne's?

Yes, I have a witness.

She's withdrawn her statement.

What would happen
if people knew the Tiger Brigade

used prostitutes
to trap innocent men?

Miss Amelie?

Call national police HQ.

Chief of Police Hennion's office.

As you wish.

As you wish.

Deliver it to Hennion in person.
Find Terrasson for me.

Very good, sir.

Thank you.

Someone's head must roll.

It has to be Pujol's.

We can't accept his behaviour

Pujol acted on my orders.


You'll replace Valentin.

You'll handle opera security.

One more screw-up
and we'll all be out of a job.

The door!

I'm not in for anyone.

Excuse me.

Sir, please...

I've given her a sedative.
She'll need more.

A lot more.

And her face?

Vitriol leaves a permanent scar.

I'm sorry.


Thank you, but no.

Keep it.

Stay with her
until I come back for her.

You understand?

Don't make me insist.

The scum has calls
from the prefect's own office!

The damn spy! He betrayed me.

I shared food and my very soul
with him!

When I get him,
I'll show him what loyalty means!

Calm down. Deal with that later.

You're alone and in charge now.

That has to be a joke.
I'm not falling for it.

I know you.
You won't take it lying down.

What can I do? They've won.

It makes me sick. Stop
talking rubbish and sleep on it.

Thank you, my friend.

Trust me.

Good evening, inspector.

I'm not an inspector anymore.

I heard about Cagne
but not about you.

I'm sorry.


For what? I lost.

I'm the one who should be sorry.

What'll you do now?

Go to Hennion
and tell him everything.

Including about me?

He's the chief of police.

What I don't tell him,
he'll find out.

I can't let you denounce me.
Not now.

An anarchist-loving princess...

That would sink the Triple Entente.

They won't believe you.

So what are you afraid of?

Give me one last chance. 24 hours.

I'll get the code from Cagne.



Bonnot is dead.

I'm finished.

Who have you got left?


Go ahead.

I'm no use to you anymore.

One more dead man...

It's for the cause.

How does it feel?

Come on, tell me.

Go on, it won't change a thing.

Bonnot's Russian accomplice...
What do you know about him?

I never saw him. Bonnot hated him.
He said he was a fanatic.

Ask Raymond.

How will you make Cagne talk?

I'll tell him the truth.

My husband wants him dead
and only I can protect him.

He'll believe me.

I'm the prince's wife.

What did your prince do

to make you hate him like this?

He made me believe in him.

His fine promises
and speeches about peace...

Until the day I opened my eyes,

when I realized what he really was

and all the terrible things
he had done.

I've dreamt of killing him.

Him and all his dogs.

I want the world to know
what they really are.

I want them to be judged too
for once.

They'll be there tomorrow
to sign their treaty.

And I'll have a front-row seat.

I won't go to see Hennion.

I won't go.

You'll have your chance.


Calm down.

He's gone to Cagne's.

You have to stop him.

Stay there, I'll take care of Pujol.

I have to go.

Be careful.

It's my job.

Nice place, isn't it?

What have you done, Pujol?


What do you think?

I was too late.
Want to see Cagne?

He's in his bedroom.

Nice job.
I couldn't have done better.

They broke his fingers one by one.

I bet he told them everything.
Including the damn code.

The dog's head,

the inverted cross...

The Russian's signature.

He's lvan's admirer
punishing the boyars.

We have to catch him.

That's your problem.

I need to see Pelletier.

It'll have to wait. I need you.

And when you have a minute,
go to see Lea. She'd like that.

Think about it:
How'll you help her in gaol?

Excuse me.
Dr Tanpisev, please.

You're the only Russian doctor
to order pervitine

last week.

I want all your patient's names.

I can't do that.

You know...

A doctor is sworn to secrecy.

This dump
looks like an anarchist hangout.

If I inform HQ,

everyone here
will end up in Siberia.

Look, don't make me...

His name's Piotr.

A lady friend asked me to help him.

So who's the lady?

Princess Bolkonski.


Princess Bolkonski.

Blue suits you.

You're more beautiful every day.

Where were you?

You're interested in what I do?

Since when?

Since my friends have been arrested
and my secrets exposed.

Where were you?


In bed.

With Chief Inspector Valentin.

A little basic at first
but an incredible finish.

You've sunk so low, my dear.

As low as you can go.

Come in!

Casimir Cagne is dead, Highness.


By an oprichnik.

Find that cop for me!

Do you mind.

My cell doesn't have a window.

I want the Russian.
The last man in the gang.

He killed Casimir Cagne.

That's one hell of a bit
of good news!

I'm glad I've met you, inspector.

We have the same enemies, Raymond.

The prefect, the prince,
Cagne's pals...

This is a laugh,
you asking me for help.

Especially to rat on a comrade.

Let me finish the job

for Bonnot and you.

I'll blow the gaff on the loans.

I stand more chance

than your Russian pal.

Why should I trust you?

Because Constance is still free.

His name's Piotr.

Piotr Hernienko.

Where is he?


What are you up to?

Changing bulbs. Light.

His Highness. Be seen.


- I need a word.
- I'll give you Marcel!



Come on, you!

I followed a lead with Bertillon.
One of Bonnot's men

is here at the opera!

You want to talk? So talk, scum!

The anarchist, the Russian...
He's friends with the princess.

- What?
- His name's Piotr.

He's hooked on pervitine.
He may be here now.

Fire me tomorrow if I'm wrong.

They're signing without you.

Call Bertillon and ask him.

I haven't told the prefect,
I swear!

Terrasson, hurry it up!

Okay, go on.

But if you screw up,
you'll get more than a beating.

I told you! It's too late!

They're going to sign.

Trust Jaures.

Once people find out,
the treaty won't be worth a thing.

Ivan didn't settle for
a mere scandal.

He was a madman and a tryant.


You want to save my people

but can't even speak their language?

Lvan was ready to die for his cause.

So am I.

Are you?

Inspector Bianchi, mobile brigade.

Can't you wait?

It's urgent, madam... Your Highness.

- What happened to you?
- Nothing.

- Let's find the nurse.
- No, I need to talk to you.

It's about one of your friends.

I have many friends.

The one Dr Tanpisev
prescribed pervitine for.


Your colleagues questioned him.

- What does he do here?
- Use this.

Piotr is an electrician.

He helps with sets, does walk-ons...

Known him long?

A few months now.
Dr Tanpisev introduced us.

That's right.

The Tsar's police tortured Piotr
before deporting him.

I must attend the treaty signing.

I've seen you before.

Here or at the embassy.

No, outside Bonnot's hide.

Pull yourself together.

Pull yourself together.

It's you and I now, Mr Jaures.

Just two people who can change
the destiny of Europe.

In any way we can.

A promise is a promise.

Take it, I beseech you.

How did you get it?

You don't want to know.

"How do you know I'm mad?"
Asked Alice.

"You must be," the Cat replied.

"You wouldn't be here otherwise."

That's my banker's favourite line.

The pathway to justice
is a long and winding one.



- Holy mackerel!
- It's okay.

The prince will kill Valentin.

Where's Bianchi?

What does she see in you?

Ask her that.

After the opera, I certainly will.

I'm afraid my wife sees some good
in everybody.

Not in you though.

Are you so sure?

She knows what you are.

A salesman ready to start a war

for a little spare change.

For 40 years, France and Prussia

have dreamt of war.

Neither I nor anyone
can change that.

War is now inevitable

but who will the victor be?

Believe it or not,
your country needs me.

If Russia doesn't pay back the loan,
what will France do?

Bankrupt us?

- The loan's all hot air?
- You're ruined, old chap.

My savings... Someone will pay.

She gave you Cagne's book,

didn't she?

You've lost.

Who has the code?

Tomorrow, you'll be exposed.


The code is for him?

If he doesn't hold his tongue,

he'll be silenced.

Will you silence Constance too?


She's my wife.

Don't worry, she'll soon forget you.

You'll never be lvan.

Even if the Entente comes about,
you won't exploit it.

You can't stop history.

I'll stop yours.

Farewell, inspector.
My wife's waiting.

Make him suffer before you kill him.

What a shame.

Your lover will miss this.

Don't worry,
I've ensured your immunity.

For my girl's dowry!

And for the heck of it!

- All right?
- Yes.

How is the royal box lit?

- With light-bulbs.
- Bloody hell!

It's a trap.
One switch and it'll blow!

Holy mackerel!


Find the mains.

Cut the power.
I'll see to Constance.

What about me?

Evacuate everyone.

"Descending from the gloomy North,

"the prince, cloaked in storms

"and thick dark clouds,

"swooped down, causing ruin,

"thundering and shuddering.

"But, from the painful groan,

"arose a being

"like a shadow

"of smoke."



Let go, the princess is in danger!

The light-bulbs!



There's a bomb about to explode!
Everybody out!

It's going to blow!

Constance... Can you hear me?

Try to breathe.

Can you hear me? Try to breathe.

Can you hear me?

Try to breathe. Hold on.

Release him.

The police are about to confirm
Bolkonski's accidental death.

You're guilty of sedition,

illegal arrest, bodily harm...

Book me and the Russian loans
business goes public.

We'll see if it was an accident.

Another thing, sir. I know the code.

What are your conditions?

A full pension for Bianchi's widow.

The reimbursement
of Terrasson's investment.

And his head.

- Are you joking?
- No.

It would be funny to find

a prefect's name here.

You're not negotiating
with this prisoner?

What prisoner, sir?

The chief inspector is an officer

chosen by President Poincare
and myself

to expose this whole scam.

I feel he's done quite well.

All along, you...

What will it be, sir?
Retirement or prison?

I'm being very magnanimous here.

In the past,
suicide was the only option.

Sit down.

I'd like to see Mr Jean Jaures.

I'm Chief Superintendent Faivre.

Mr Jaures is busy.
He's rewriting his editorial.

He has time.
Today's issue won't be printed.

These crooks disgrace France.
Why shouldn't I print their names?

I thought you were a pacifist, sir.

I don't quite follow...

I feel that linking your name
to these anarchists

could cause some harm
to your political career.

What if I took that risk?

It seems worth it.

Alive, you can continue your fight.

Don't commit suicide like this.

With the compliments

of Jean Jaures and Mr Faivre.

Alice in Wonderland?

Page 54.
The key sentence is underlined.

Thank you.

The police force can do its job now.

A clean sweep...

No scandal, no trials...
Business as usual.

We need mobilization, not rebellion.

The Triple Entente

must live on.
And that's that.

How are you?

Very well.

Do you need anything?

Paper, ink and a good pen.

An end to isolation.

You'll be tried in secret...

Sentenced and executed, I know.

But they'll hear me first.

No one will listen.

No paper will print your name.

They'll silence you
just like Jaures.

Thanks to you.

Why are you here?

To see you.

To talk to you.

I went to a funeral earlier.

Not a big event like your husband's.

A humble cop's funeral.

An immigrant.

He's left a wife
and a kid who'll never know him.

Sorry, I don't know
why I told you that.

I'll get you out of here.

I have a fake warrant

to take you to HQ for questioning.

We'll go to the embassy.

You'll be safe there
on Russian territory.

You want to save me a second time.

No, thank you.

I'm staying here.

Know what they're doing in the yard?

Building a guillotine.

- You want to end up there?
- It's better than a life of lies.

You want to help me?

Go to see Jaures. Help him.

I can't.

You don't want to.

It's no use.

Why not?

You want to change the world?

You haven't realized
it's impossible?

They'll execute you.

Lie you down and behead you!

That humble cop...


I did it.

I stabbed him
with a pair of scissors.

Piotr simply finished him off.

You see,

the innocent woman you want to help
is a murderer.

I'd do it again if I had to.

I think this was for you.

Thank you.


In conclusion,

it is our opinion
that Constance Bolkonski

should be tried

for conspiracy
to overthrow the government,

conspiracy to stir up civil war,

falsification of private accounts,

complicity in premeditated murder...

You've heard the charges.
What do you have to say

in your defence?

I don't wish to defend myself.

I don't wish to be defended.

I wholly support
the social revolution.

I accept responsibility for my acts.
The full responsibility,

without any limit.

What I demand from you

who judge me,

is the truth.

If I live,
I'll never cease fighting you.

I've finished.

The High Court of Justice

hereby declares you guilty
of all the charges against you.

However, given your nationality
and social standing,

you are hereby reprieved.

You'll be handed over
to the Russian authorities

to do with you as they see fit.

- What do you want?
- My girlfriend's pretty.

She sends her love.

You lovebirds!

It's time for a drink!

Some nice, cool red.

Hurry up, or the fish go back in!

We're coming!

He wants a quick one!

Marcel, not in front of the girls!

They'll have to learn one day.
Right, young man?

Yes, of course.

You want my girl's hand?

I'd be honoured.

You crafty devil...

This chap's not bad.

I'll need to talk with your mother.

Thank you, daddy dear!

You agreed?
We can call you grandpa now!

You can talk, you old pimp!
You're due to tie the knot too.

Look who's here.

The mobile brigade in all its glory.

A toast?

Where are you going?

Valentin, are you okay?

To Achille Bianchi,

trainee inspector,
1st mobile brigade, killed in action.

That's for soldiers.

Who cares? To Achille!

Anyone fancy a dip?

I certainly do.

The prefect of police was replaced
by former police chief Hennion.

Raymond Caillemin, alias Brains,
was guillotined in April 1913.

Jean Jaures, member of parliament,
was assassinated on July 13, 1914.

One week later, France and England
declared war on Germany

thus beginning the First World War.

The Russian revolution meant the loss
of 12 billion francs in loans.

An admirer of lvan the Terrible
had his hero's life filmed in 1942.

This man was Josef Stalin
and he hated the film.