The Tiger Blade (2005) - full transcript

When a highly volatile case confronts the police, a young maverick cop with mystical powers is put on the case. YOSTHANA teams up with the seductive DUANGDAO, and together they must hunt down and capture the brutal and deadly 'FIVE BULLETS BANDIT'. The gang is led by the fearsome, MAHESAK, who, like Yosthana is skilled in the art of sorcery and magic. Mahesak can only be defeated with The Tiger Blade, a magical and ancient sword, replete with the powers of nature, and the forces of good. Yosthana must find the Tiger Blade, and bring Mahesak to justice, before the bandits bring total chaos to the city. The stage is set for a gruesome battle between the two nemeses, but only one can survive.

I'm sorry I put you in danger.

Never mind. It's exciting.

You hid only one gun
in the bathroom, didn't you?

Why do you ask?

If that's the case, that's too bad,
'cause I took out all the bullets.

But don't worry.

I put them in your shirt pocket.

How did you know?

The scene was pretty realistic,
but I still noticed it.

Do you know where your boss is?


There's a fight downstairs.
Come and check it out!

Let me go!

Okay. Meet me at the car.

Don't be long.

Mod, come with me.

I'll go check downstairs.

The police might've come.

Hey! What the hell are you doing?

I'm hurt. Look!

You should hang it out in the sun, girl.

Hey! Stop it, please.

Stop! I'm hurt.

Stop it, please.

Hey! I'll help you.

Do you think I'm afraid of you?

Hah! Don't make me laugh!


I can go myself.

Don't push me! Damn!

If you come here again, I'll kill you.


Let's go, sir.


Hey! Stop!

(YAN) n. a talisman that can stop the bullet

Hey! Stop! I told you to stop.

Stop! Stop or I'll shoot!


He's got the black talisman.

Guns won't work.

Shit! The black talisman!


Yos, hit him!
Trust me, hit him!

Yos! Hit him.
Hit him! Don't piss me off.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Stealing from the accused?

It's a souvenir.
Stolen things are now in fashion.

A souvenir?
I should start collecting too.


Hey! This is material evidence.

Come on. Let me have it.

I'll buy you lunch.


Hello! Inspector?

There is a suspect, sir.
Should be Suah Sak.

He's at...

Hey! Enough! Enough!

Here they come.

Let's go!

A long and bloody battle

has left a bar manager
and six of his men dead.

The bar manager was the one

accused of giving shelter
to Suah Sak,

who is now being prosecuted.


The boss told you
to change your mobile phone.

Don't be too trendy!
Take this ordinary model.

The battery never goes dead.


This'll suit those
Thick-Skinned Bandits.

Give me one of those
so we'll look like partners.

You don't need one.

You've already got thick skin.

What a feisty woman!

I wonder what kind of man
could tame her?

Okay! Finished!

Wait! Wait! Wait!
It's too long.

Here! Here! Yeah!

Come in.

All right. It's okay now.

- Is that okay?
- Okay.

Do you think it's strange

that the police couldn't catch
those bandits for all those years,

but then they were arrested
so easily out of the blue?

Today, the "Five Bullet Bandit"

will be taken to the Pitsanulok Jail

where the Wieng Tai State leader
is imprisoned.

We're not sure if the bandits are targeting

the Kao Yod Commander or not.

So...I'm sending you to the jail
to keep an eye on them.

I always get these kinds ofjobs.

I'd like to know if...well...

Will there be anyone to watch my back?

Like who?
You like to work alone, don't you?

You've never needed any help before.

Hey! What kind of boss are you?

You don't understand me.

I meant a person who will watch my back.

Oh, I forgot to mention--

I'll be sending
special officer Duang Dao

to go with you as a prison guard.

Ha! That's great, boss.

That's very kind of you.

You've failed, man.

Hey! Yos! Shit!

Hey! I only ordered seven girls.
Why eight?

Damn your father, Eight?
She's my sister.

Ha! All right.

How do you know
my father's name is Eight?

Hey! Come and talk with me.
How do you know?

Mayom, why have you come here?

You have exams don't you?

Why aren't you at home?

Mom asked me
to bring this food to you.

She's afraid you won't have
anything to eat.

But it looks like you have
too much food now.


If I'd known the party
was going to be like this,

I'd have come earlier.

Who invited you?

Go home now.

This doesn't concern you.


You're having a party, aren't you?

Good! I'll tell Mom.

Mayom! Mayom!

Don't tell her. I'll go home.

Let's go!

Hey, girls,
Yos will pick up the tab!

Let's go! Go! Go!

Hey, man!

It's on you, isn't it?

Hey, aren't you paying for it?

I'll only pay for the food.

Everything else, you pay!


What the hell?

What, you're leaving too?

Samorn! This isn't funny!

You better speak up fast
before you turn into a real ghost.

I'm so scared,
I must look like a ghost!

I've already got all the information
regarding the Kao yod Commander.

Have a look at it before bed, please.

Don't stare. It attracts attention .

Hey! Stop!

Put down the gu ns and come down .

Prisoners kidnapping at...

Did al l the prison guards come here?

Then who the hel l's sti l l there?

Oh, my God !

Over there! Go!


Leading a lot of people to die here

is against Thai criminal law no. 1 -24.

you are sentenced to 1 5 years in prison

in the Kingdom of Thailand.

You okay?


You don't see them
over there either?

Police are still search ing for clues

for how these two notorious prisoners escaped from jail.

At th is stage, officers believe
both of them are still in the country.

The pol ice aren't as du mb as you th i n k.

They know you're sti l l i n the cou ntry.

I would like to than k you all

for getting the commander
here safely, without a scratch .

What do you want from me?

I appreciate your idealism,

but it's not possible
for your state to gain independence,

despite the fact you
and your troops are h igh ly capable.


You know how to hel p us?

Of course!

But you must help me too.

I've arranged a good shelter
for al l of you .

Plan . Plan . Plan .

Thei r plan . Thei r plan .

Thei r plan is. . .

There are three places
where Mahesak may be h iding.

I keep all information in th is file.

Darling, I'll tell you,

the restaurant stays open late, but--

Hey! Sh it! Wrong n umber.

Yeah ! Yeah ! Yeah !
I'm search ing for it.

There are 64 suspected places,
but I*ll pare down that list.

yeah ! I'm search ing for it now.

Okay! I'll update you later. Bye!

Are you on ly worki ng
for Suah Sak as a decoy?

I don't have any other bosses.

What do you know
about my organ ization?

You work as a front man

arresti ng al l the bastards for the pol ice.

You're not a pol iceman .

You're a special agent.

You work secretly and report
di rectly to the govern ment.

Who told you?

Suah Sak.

G.I . Jenjira has given us a clue.

Hey, there!


She ran i nto Soi 6.

What the hel l?
I don't u nderstand you .

Don't tal k with you r mouth fu l l .

Say agai n !

Oh, my God !

Hey! Stop!

Move away!

Pol ice! Pol ice!
Pol ice come here!

Hey, that's my car!

Th ief! Th ief!

She's goi ng to the mai n road.
Yosthana is chasi ng her.

Water, please.

She's goi ng with that truck.

She's heading to Central.

Head arou nd front.

Move away!

60 Baht change, please.

It's a long tri p.
I'l l take the rest of it.

Hey! What's u p?

She su rvived.

Confident enough?

Is there any other test?

No. Just su rvivi ng is a passi ng grade.

Du ri ng World War II,
there was a lawman

who used h is holy sword
and noth i ng else

to fight the bandits.

Th is sword was cal led
the " Metal Tal isman Sword."

Can th is metal tal isman sword
real ly ki l l those band its?

Su re, si r.

Even the strongest bandit
possessed of black magic

fel l to th is sword.


Th is is the wrong way.

We have to go back and tu rn right.

Samorn's map is u nclear.

I beg you, please.

Don't force me to si n anymore.

I'l l ask you one more ti me.

Where's the sword?

Si n ! Si n !

To prevent a fight i n th is temple,

I'l l tel l you where
the metal tal isman sword is.

The sword wi l l choose its own master.

Fix you r m i nd u pon
the Buddha and make a wish .

It depends on you r l uck.

Is th is the metal tal isman sword?

It looks l i ke a rusty old piece of sh it.

Don't fol low them, Dao.

They're just poor th ieves. . .

who were h i red to do it.

We'l l never know who h i red them.

It might have been someone
i n ou r organ ization .

How else wou ld he know
about the sword?

The ch ief is investigating.

I don't u nderstand
what the mon k said.

If th is rusty sword touches
the blood of a vi rgi n woman,

it wi l l be as sharp as before.

It's i mpossi ble. No way!

Look! It can't even protect itself.

How can it protect someone else?

No way!

Hey! Can I use you r blood
to test th is sword?


I guess so.

Sh it! Have they come yet?

I can't wait.

Al l right, si r.

I've arranged everyth i ng
as you req uested .

So you don't have to go out
and be i nterru pted by the pol ice.

They must have a n u mber l i ke th is.
It tu rns me on .

Wel l, are you goi ng to take them al l?

Any left for me?

Si r! Don't you trust me?
I selected them myself.

Hey! They can be checked.

Mobi le phones are not al lowed !


Take her out.

Come here!

It's about 1 43 meters

from the west wal l to the target.

Th is is bigger than from any other wal l .

I th i n k th is is the best place, si r.

The best place might not be the safest, though .

Check the south agai n .

Have they contacted us yet?

Fou r more people have died.

The mistress and the ch i ldren are safe.

Five soldiers are comi ng today to hel p us here.

Commander. . .

can you trust them?

Why don't we do it ou rselves?

Everyone has thei r role to play.

They need ou r hel p and we need thei rs.


Real ly! Wel l, wel l, I. . .

I took it. . .yeah .
But I took on ly 1 50.

Not the 1 ,000 note.

Did you buy anyth i ng, honey?

Real ly! I swear. I'm not lyi ng.

Why wou ld I take it?
It's too m uch .

Yeah ! 1 50 is enough .

Yeah ! Yeah ! See you at home.

Yeah ! Bye!

Hey, man . Any cl ues?

I'm cool here.

Don't laugh at me.

I have to come here
and sit i n a room fu l l of sh it.

It is bu l lsh it disgusti ng.
But I have to do it!

I shou ld l ie i n wait over there.

You're too distracted, u nderstand?

I wish that bastard was near you so I'd be safe.

About 1 70 centi meters tal l .


1 000 Baht for the height.

Another 500 for the weight.

And 700 for hai r color.

Facial featu res are hard to descri be.

What if I ask you with th is?

Wel l, 50% discou nt.

Okay. . . it's free!

Come on, tal k!

1 70 centi meters tal l .

You've al ready said that.
Be more specific.

He has a beard and a black T-sh i rt.

And a tattoo on h is chest.

Tu rn arou nd and look you rself.

Whose blood did you use?

It didn't work.

- Mayom's blood.
- What?


My sister's blood.

You r bitch sister.

Krao Dang is worse off than Mahesak.

I know where to get vi rgi n's blood.

Watch out!

Sh it! I told you I took on ly 1 50. Damn !

You're th ick-ski n ned, eh?
Try my g renade!

Wel l, I-- I'm sorry, si r.

Don't shoot me, please.

My kid is sti l l you ng.

Hey! You're su rrou nded.

Put down you r gu n .

Bastard !

Sh it!

Is th is you r new toy?

Come! I'l l let you cut me once.

But if I su rvive,

I'm taki ng it back.

Seems I've always been taken advantage of.


The notorious criminal

recently invaded the prison
to free some inmates

and was killed by police
in the process.

Mahesak was so careless.

H is h ideout was fou nd.

You must be carefu l too.

Some prostitutes

can't be bought by money.

Don't stick you r nose i n my busi ness.

Sh it! Damn !

I real ly want to know who it is.

Yosthana, the Tiger Blade.

"Tiger Blade."

Good ! Let h i m i n .

Without Mahesak. . .

the plan has to be changed, right?

I can fi nd a replacement.

But we have to postpone for a wh i le.

I have an u rgent matter to attend to.

I told you Samorn is a vi rgi n .

If we don't get her blood today,
th is sword wi l l be useless.

That's why she wal ks l i ke that.

She's never been screwed before.

Hey! Can I borrow h is sword to cut someone's th ick ski n?

My wife is very difficu lt to ki l l .

She treats me l i ke a slave.

Sh it! Danci ng alone.
Take a rest.

Hey! Cal l Yos.
Where is he now?

What did you say?
Speak louder!

Yeah ! I'm nearly there now.
Wait for me.

What? What?

Wel l, she's not with me.

He's al most here,
but Dao isn't with h i m.

What ki nd of cou ple are they?
Why don't they come together?

What? Who said
she's Yosthana's gi rlfriend?

Duang Dao is my gi rlfriend.

Oh, hel l !
You have a gi rlfriend?

I'm not tryi ng to make fu n of you,

but the clothes you wear,
they're al l brand names.

There's a lot at Pratu nam .
Sorry, I didn't want to say it.

What? Here! Th is is real !
I'm not l i ke you .

Krao Dang ! Ha!
You don't even have a beard.

Man ! You'd sh it you rself
if you saw my beard.

Are you the commander's man?

Where is he?

Beh i nd you .

He's not answeri ng the phone.

How cou ld he pick u p the phone?
They're maki ng love, you know.

You potty mouth !

How can you tal k
about my gi rlfriend l i ke that?

Why? What's wrong?

I'l l say whatever I want.
What are you goi ng to do about it?

Yos gets Dao.
Yos gets Dao.

Dao gets Yos.
Got a problem?

Yeah !

A man l i ke Tiger Blade
is never outsmarted by anyone.

I won't lose my chance
to see you al ive,

Commander Kao Yod of Wieng Tai .

I want to know you more.

So you won't shoot me, right?


If I don't get a satisfactory answer.

Someone is spyi ng on you .

Real fu n ny.

Someone is betrayi ng you .

I won't shoot you .

So please tel l me the truth .

Listen, Commander.

Everybody i n my u n it
is trustworthy.

So there's no spy.

More i mportantly,
we've got an advantage over you .

Is there anyth i ng to tel l you?

Where are Jenji ra
and Mahesak h idi ng?

We'l l work it out.

I guess not.

J ust how d id those th ieves know
where to go looki ng for the sword?

Did they know th rough a sou rce?

I want you to know
where those two are h idi ng

by wh isperi ng th rough the spy i n you r u n it.

What for?

As a test, to prove someth i ng.

You l ie, and you'l l go to hel l for it.

And even if it were true,

why wou ld you tel l me?

I want you to spare me.

I am a very i mportant person
to my cou ntry.

There, even the ch i ldren can't su rvive.

We l ive i n holes to h ide ou rselves.

Al l rig ht.
Enough ! Enough !

That's you r own busi ness.

But th is is my cou ntry.

You r u n it doesn't want to lose you .

Wieng Tai State
doesn't want to lose me.

Why don't we joi n together?

What's i n it for me?

I'l l expose anyone beh i nd the scenes.

Commander, what is you r real plan?

I'l l tel l you i n good ti me.

But to prove my si ncerity. . .

th is is who you have to beware of.

Let's dance.

We've been with her a long ti me.

You just come and take her?

Duang Dao!

How did you get i n here?

If I'd known you had a g uest,
I wou ldn't have waited for you .

Wait! Where are you goi ng?
Hel p me, please.

She's very dru n k.

Wait! Take it easy.

Bri ng me someth i ng
to hel p carry her on .

Watch the carpet.

Hey! Hey!

Good th i n ki ng.

My socks!

You brought her home l i ke th is,
so you m ust accept it.

Who said I brought her?

Darl i ng.

Don't go back. It's too late.

Stay with me, please.

Noth i ng can stop Mom from cooki ng.

I bel ieve you .

The microwave is out of order,
but she uses it anyhow.

Who's here, Mom?

There's a lot of cars out front.

Hold that for me.

The Best Son
of the Year Award goes to. . .

Yosthana "Suah Kab Dab,"

who gave a microwave to h is mom.

Put it down .

Oh, my God !


He hasn't contacted us yet, si r.

Aren't you r men at h is place yet?

They wi l l be soon .

What did you tel l them to do?

Noth i ng.

It's h is idea.

It sou nds personal .

But it's not bad, I th i n k.

What shou ld we do?

I can't get out!

Open !

What wi l l you do?

I'm tryi ng, Mom.

If I get out, you'l l have
to deal with me for su re!

you shouldn't interfere.

Let me handle it. . .

or I'l l cancel everyth i ng.

You r mom and Mayom are okay, right?

Pretty real istic, h u h?

How much did they pay you?
Why did you put my fami ly at risk?


What's u p, man?

Boss, I want her
put u nder i nvestigation .


It's you who shou ld be i nvestigated.

Hey! It's better
if we go and tal k at the office.

Who sent you here?
Who sent you here?

You saw that me and my fami ly
were nearly ki l led.

And don't you th i n k
I was nearly ki l led as wel l?

I don't th i n k the Five-Bu l let Bandit wi l l i nterfere.

What a shame.

It was so much fu n for you, h u h?

You bastard !

That's why you r fucki ng cou ntry
deserves to be destroyed.

Why did you do that?

To prove a poi nt.

Prove what?

Remember th is--
next ti me, I won't let you go!

you never thought to spare me.

I know you wanted
to shoot me that n ight.

We both deceived
each other from the begi n n i ng.

So bel ieving anyth ing
the other says is pointless.

I'm sorry. I shou ldn't have shouted at you .

Me too.

How did you get th is pictu re?

Someone sent it to the office.

It m ust be h im .
What is he plan n i ng to do?

If you want them to come to me,
you shou ld bri ng some bait here.

If not, it'l l . . .

It depends on you r decision .

Ask h i m.

Why the hel l do you ask?
He's too scru pu lous.

The plan is exactly the same.

You just have to add more decoys.
Is that goi ng to fucki ng ki l l you?

Bel ieve me.

Isn't my plan to get h i m out of jai l?

Commander Kao Yod
said we've got a spy.

It's true.

But he doesn't know who it is.


Impossi ble.

What wou ld he get out of it?


Th is was recorded at 1 : 00 a. m.

He cal led Chon bu ri .

I'm goi ng there.

They'll check it in a second.

Good !

They should pay
for their carelessness.

So, what shouId I do?

I must report it,
otherwise they may suspect me.

How do you know
who shou ld be i ntercepted?

Wait for my signal .
The boss should make the decision .

I don't know.

I'l l i ntercept everyone.

There's a lot of money deposited
i n h is ban k accou nt over the last few days.

It's a secret ban k accou nt.

He used an al ias and a fake passport.

But I can't tel l now,

so I'l l ask Samorn
to fi nd more i nformation .

But. . .

I want you to cut Utane
out of the game.

They've taken Mayom.

To ki l l someone with one bu l let. . .

is too easy.

To shoot the body part by part. . .

is more beautifu l, and pai nfu l .

Shoot the right leg th i rd.

Shoot the left leg fou rth .

And fifth . . .

the head !

If there's a fool screwi ng with you,

please tel l me.

I'l l shoot h i m i n the head
for you, free of charge.

Th is is thei r bu i ldi ng, si r.
It's next to the go-cart track.

Look carefu l ly, si r.
See the fence?

It's electrified, very h igh voltage.

There are seven levels altogether.

Some people have pissed on them

and were electrocuted to death .

Who owns th is bu i ldi ng?

The go-cart track owner?

No, Suchat.

It doesn't belong to h i m.

He rents it from the owner.
U nderstand?

Hey! How did you get th is pictu re?

The Internet.

The i nformation i nd icates
that th is man owns the bu i ldi ng, si r.

The defensive equ i pment was bu i lt when

Kh u n Sa h id h i mself i n Bangkok.

If on ly someone went i nside
and cut the ci rcu it,

we cou ld attack swiftly.

You vol u nteeri ng, Samorn?

No, si r.

I'l l tel l you that h is weakness is women .

Bastard ! Are you that horny?

I told you to guard on ly.

Go! Get out of here!

H i ! Want to try me agai n?

Why the hel l are you here?

Wel l . . . there's a pizza del ivery, si r.

What pizza?

See for you rself, si r.

Yeah ! Pizza is much better.

Take her to see me
at the swi mmi ng pool .

Sh it! He's a real psycho.

Take you r wet dress off.
You'l l get pneu mon ia.

Can I go i nside and get a towel?

I'm cold.

That way.

I'm looki ng for a bath room.
I want a towel .

There's no towel i n th is room?

Can you wi pe it for me please?

She's goi ng i nto the room.
I can't see her.

She might fi nd ou r target.

And, do you control th is room alone?

Hey! Goddamn it!
He's wal ki ng away from the pool .

He might be goi ng to take a piss.

A damn piss?
He can piss anywhere he wants!

Is the towel i n th is room?

I-- I can't fi nd the bath room.

And he asked me to come here.

I never knew you had a room l i ke th is.

It has a real ly good atmosphere.

Can't you do anyth i ng to check?

There's no signal i n that room.

I can't even get the sou nd.

Hey! Yos! Where are you goi ng?
Cal m down . Sh it!

We're al l goi ng to die.

I'm tryi ng. Wait!

Hey! Red head !
Go stop h i m now.


Yosthana wi l l ki l l you for su re.

And don't forget about me either.

Go tel l h i m you rself that he can't
even protect h is own woman !

- Don't, Yos!
- Get off me!

- Don't! We're al l goi ng to be ki l led.
- Get off me! I'm goi ng i nside.


Hey, you bastard !

M uthsee! M uthsee! M uthsee!

Take care of her, please.

Yos! You r sword !

Hey! Get i n the car!

We were tricked i nto comi ng here!

Jenji ra is robbi ng the diamond ban k.

There's a big fight there.

The pol ice have barred entry
i nto the bu i ldi ng.

No reporters can get i n at th is ti me.

Someth i ng's wrong.

Why wou ld Suchat come and take it?

Yos! Hel l !

Thei r real target is the treasu ry.

Cool !

What a smooth operation !


The system of th is model . . .

has a control room over it.

We must go i nside. . .

and put bombs on the seven beams.

If there's anyth i ng wrong,

we must destroy the beams

and let the explosion
blow open the door.

Get away from the door.

I can manage it.

Who's that?

I heard you l i ke women .

I want to test you out.

That's wrong !

But go ahead, test me.

Take the money on the plane now.

Why are you doi ng th is?
Betrayi ng me?

Who betrayed whom?

You th i n k I don't know?

I i ntercepted you r cal ls
with that special officer.

You want to deceive me?
Take al l the money and ru n?

No matter how clever you are,
you won't ever be as clever as me.

Hey! Is everybody okay i n there?

Put down the gu n .

Want to get rich by robbi ng my cou ntry?

Forget it.

I need the money.

Otherwise, my cou ntry wi l l die.

How many are dead?

The stolen money is on the plane, si r.

Hey! Watch out!


You ! Are you just l i ke
the rest of them?

I'm sorry.

Everybody needs the money.

Yeah ! Everybody needs it.

Goodbye, Suah Kab Dab.

Friends are more i mportant than money.

Okay! Okay!

There are on ly th ree of us now.

Let's divide it i nto th i rds.

We can fly away together
to l ive ou r l ives as we want to.

But I prefer my l ife l i ke th is.

Hey! Th i n k it over.

You'l l be a mi l l ionai re.

You can have anyth i ng you want.

Even an ideal ist
l i ke Commander Kao Yod

wants the money to trai n h is forces.

Why are you doi ng th is? Why?

I don't want to reti re
with j ust a pension .

I risked my l ife day i n, day out,

and for what?

You're the same.
If you aren't ki l led before the end,

you'l l be left old and useless

just l i ke a dog waiti ng
for the scraps from the table.

Look at the bastards,
getti ng richer and richer.

Don't you see?

Bel ieve me.

Take the money.

- I don't want that ki nd of money.
- Wou ld you give me some?


You too?

Of cou rse!

I don't want to be weari ng
sh itty clothes my whole l ife.

You !

Al l of you !

I'm an ideal ist, anyway.

How did you know it was me?

Did you forget?

Samorn is capable
of fi ndi ng any i nformation .

The smal lest cl ue is enough for her.

The body of Commander Kao Yod
isn't here, si r.

Hey! You're gon na get pregnant.
Look too long .

I'm not a fish .


Goddamn it!
We didn't get all the money!

One sack is missing.


I regret taking the money.

I needed it for Wieng Tai.

But I guarantee there won't be
a contempt of your country.

And if you want my help,

add some more n ines to the n umber,
and you*re welcome.

Un less it's absolutely necessary,

I hope we never
see each other again .

Yos, that's the tape recorder.

How come it's here?

H i, Tiger Blade! Have a n ice vacation .

And then maybe
we can start over once again .