The Tiger Attacks (1959) - full transcript

Paul Lamiani, a former spy now managing a restaurant, has to take on duties again on a gangster's affair involving his best friend.


Mr. Donan!

You're needed on the phone.

From Paris.


Take that to the kitchen.

You're late.

-Did we take care of the towels?

Well, then it's about time!

-I'll go.

-Please, add bourguignon to the menu.
-Okay, Mr. Paul.

-Hello, Paul.
-Hello, gentlemen.

How are you? Hello, Bernier.

-Shall we play one?
-I'll show you how it's done.

Jean, wine, on these gentlemen's bill.

-Let him talk!

Go ahead, play.

My turn.

That's two.

-All the sixes in two turns.
-You bastard.

Six, thirty-two.

Well, it's lost.

Excuse me for a second.

And to drink?

A half Alsace. Traminer.

You remember my little weakness.

You don't have many.

What will you have?

Get me a Beaujolais, Simone.

Yes, sir.

It's been a while
since we've seen each other.

-How's business? Are you happy?

-Good evening, Paul.
-Excuse me.

Goodbye, Doctor. See you soon.

Is it like this every day?

-When it goes well, it keeps going well.

One customer sends another, it snowballs.

Snowball, or knot bag.

Tell me…

Were you sent here
or was it a coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidences?

Your rabbit pâté is famous.

I'm going to enjoy it.

I'll enjoy your cashier too.

Shall I introduce you? She's my wife.


We knew you got married.
We were surprised to not be invited.

We were very sad.

That gives you two weak points:
Traminer and sensitivity.

-I heard you have heirs.
-Yes, I do. A girl and a boy.

Well, congratulations.

Well. Have a nice day.
Excuse me, I'm expected.

You're expected elsewhere too.

I might as well tell it like it is.

He sent me.

-He wants to see you.

You thought he had forgotten you?

I hoped so.

Maybe he saw your name on a notebook.

Meticulous as he is, he keeps everything.

He said,
"If you see Paul, tell him to visit me".

I don't know. Maybe he needs you.

Probably, but I don't need him.
I don't need him at all.

If he looks through his notebooks,
he'll find another sucker.

Thank you, Simone.

I'm not in the race anymore,
and I have no desire to get back in.

-Is that clear?
-Crystal clear.


But you have to tell him, not me.

You sent a message one way,
you can send one the other way.

I could, but he won't listen.

He never listens to anyone,
that stubborn old man.


What shall I tell him?

Tell him to go to hell.

He's expecting you tonight at 9.

You can tell him yourself.

But, I'll say it again,

I doubt he'll understand. Even that.

Bon appétit.

That's not a zero. It's an eight.

An eight?

3 x 6 = 18,
Put down eight and carry over one.

It's not 3 x 6, it's 5 x 6.

-That's a five?
-Of course, it is.

It's hard to tell. Good night, sweetie.

Good night, Dad.

-Where's your brother?
-He's sleeping.


Are you sleeping?

Well, I'm off.

I'm not sleeping!

You little rascal!

Now it's time to go to sleep.
For real this time.

-Where are you going, Dad? To the movies?
-Yes, that's right.

Enough, thank you.

With them, you can expect anything.

My younger one got measles
on Easter Sunday.

-On Easter Sunday?

Since then, he had chickenpox.

That's all?

For the time being, yes.

That's all?

I'm asking if that's all.

You didn't invite me here
to hear about my kids, did you?




Read this.



We are lost in conjecture on the nature
and the origin of the device.

Or so they say.

In fact, it's a special French prototype.

It's propelled by solid fuel.

You've probably heard of it.

So did everyone else.

Everyone else?

That's an understatement.

Too many people know.

Laboratory tests were conclusive.

But, when we tried it for real,
there was an accident.

A worker was injured,
a house destroyed, and two people died.

Accident? Sabotage? Investigation.

And in the Vergesse center,
the formula has disappeared.

-A "friendly" power?
-Not even close.

A private company, foreign, and strong.
Believe me.

After the sabotage,
the broken safe, the missing papers…

-You get the picture.

What I don't get, is what I'm doing here.

We're getting there, Paul.

We were notified,
and an engineer was arrested.

So far, everything is fine.

And then,
when they wanted to transfer him,

he was shot.

That's very unfortunate for him.

I feel for him,
but what does it have to do with me?

You'll feel even more sympathetic
when you know that the guy in question

was in league with Raymond.

Raymond? Which Raymond?

Oh, yes, by the way.

Which Raymond?

Maroux. Raymond Maroux.

Here, look.

Recognize him?


You know, Colonel,
I haven't seen him in a while.

Yes, I know.

Since last week.

Since Monday, to be precise.

He came to eat in your restaurant.

-So what?
-Oh, I don't mind.

On the contrary, it suits me.

It's convenient for me for the next step.

It's going to be a lot of work.

Quite so.

Paulan, in the office you'll find a lamp.

Listen, Paul.

We don't know much about the incident.

But what we know for sure
is that Raymond is behind it all.

You're our only hope.

There you have it.

With a little preparation,

Raymond Maroux welcomes you
with open arms.

As for the rest, we trust you.

You get the papers,
and you work your way up to the top.

It's simple.

Oh yes, very simple.

But there's a problem, Colonel. A big one.

-What is it?

-He's my friend.
-That's why it will work.


-Does that mean you refuse?

Think carefully, Paul.

He's your friend,
but it's a matter of national defense.

It's serious.

As serious as it was 15 years ago.
You didn't hesitate then.

Yes, Paul. Don't deny the past.

Whether you like it or not,
you were a hero.

A bit of a hoodlum, perhaps,
but a hero nonetheless.

Now I'm not a hoodlum or a hero.
I've changed.

I haven't.

Good for you.

You take care of France,
I'll take care of my bistro, that's all.

You might not get to keep it.

Think about it.

-A license can be withdrawn.
-Automatically, in case of conviction.

Have you read what's written on banknotes?

Article 139 of the penal code stipulates…

Don't bother, I've seen enough.

We didn't want to talk about it,
but, since you mentioned it…

You have a nice act.

There's a statute of limitations.

-That's right, Colonel, there is.
-Oh, right!

-Unless we make a mistake with the date.
-It happens sometimes.

I'm sorry, but I won't do it.

Goodbye, Colonel.

See you tomorrow, Paul.

-I doubt it.
-I don't.


-Slept well?
-Like an baby.

-What time did you get home last night?
-Not late.

Françoise, are you ready?

-And Patrick? Is he ready?

-He's getting dressed.
-Hurry up.


-What's wrong?


Listen, Paul,

you know that I never ask questions, but,

why did you go out last night?

Having trouble?

Not really, but I almost did.


what kind of trouble?

Some stuff before you, before us.

In the resistance,
I didn't only catch lice.

-I also caught some friends.
-Yes, you introduced me to some.

Some were nice.

Well, it wasn't them.

-Goodbye, daddy.


-Bye, Daddy. See you tomorrow.
-What do you mean tomorrow?

-Are they sleeping over?
-It's Saturday, they're sleeping at Mom's.

-Give her a big kiss for me.

That's convenient.

-For table six.
-Table four's bill, please.

-Mr. Paul.

The three finds its entrecote too tough,
shall we change it?

Change his knife.

Jean, two Cinzanos.

-See you, Mr. Beaujard.

Good evening, madam.

-Excuse me, gentlemen.
-You're welcome.

-A table for three, gentlemen?
-No, thank you.

Everything in order?

Not the word I would use.

Words don't matter.

Start with the drawers.

We always start with the drawers.
That's the custom.

Excuse me.

-But, gentlemen.
-Police. May I?

-Paul, what's the meaning of this?
-Don't worry.

-Paul, we have to do something.
-Like what? Call the police?

You could have chosen another time.

Yes, we could have.


-Now, your private apartments.
-Why not, while we're at it?

-I'll show you the way.
-How very kind.

-Do you want to keep your act going?
-It's fun, isn't it?

Do you want to check the bathroom?

-And over there?
-The kids' room.

Maffrot, check it out.

And your room?

-I don't know why you…
-We know why.

Berger, the bed.

If you want to start a fire,
the matches are in the drawer.

Fire? But what about the evidence?

Check out what I found in the mattress.

A rather common hiding place.

These are fake dollars.

Nicely made.

Well, Lamiani, you're in trouble.

Your hands.

You're not afraid of getting hit.

Put that away.


Now? Let's go.

Through the restaurant?

I have orders.

-That will be great advertisement.
-We're not press agents.

What's going on? Are they arresting you?

-What did you do?
-Nothing, that's the problem.

Don't worry, dear. It will be all right.

Yes, I know what you're thinking.

You must be enjoying this.

We had no choice.

The colonel told you it was serious.
And it is.

In times of war, people are mobilized
without their consent.

My opinion deserves to be known.

So, what's the plan?

Here's a paper that I prepared,
with everything you need to know.

Learn it by heart, and…

Take this too. You know how this works.

And tomorrow,

your picture will be on the front page
of the newspapers.

-It will make me look good.
-It's the colonel's idea.

We've arrived.

This was the colonel's idea, too.

This is where I get to play the fool,
and you, the little jerk.

And this is where you escape.

If you would be so kind
as to open the door.

The keys are in it.

It was stolen especially for you.

What wouldn't we do?

Hey, Paul.

I'm looking for a word to wish you luck.

When you find one,
say it to the colonel for me.

Is it for gas?

No, I'd like to see Marcel. Is he here?

Who's asking?

Paul Lamiani.

-Oh, Marcel!

-A guy wants to talk to you. Lamiani.
-I'll be right there.

Wow, what a surprise!

-Hello, Marcel.

It's been a while!


I need to contact Raymond.

You must know where he is.

You're wrong.

Marcel, I really have to see him.

It's not possible right now.

What's this about?

I'm on the run. It's serious.


Wait a second.

Paul Lamiani.

-Are you the guy from the restaurant?

Thank you.

Need a light?


Raymond said you're crashing here.

Luigi and his brother
will pick you up tomorrow.


Raymond is waiting for you.

-Did you call Donan?
-I'm leaving in an hour.

Is Raymond staying here?

He should join us tomorrow in Le Havre.

Yes, he should.

Are you sure he doesn't know?

There you are. Come in, for God's sake!

Well done.

All grown up,
but you're acting like a child.

A young jerk.

What did you do with Pierrette?
Where is she?

She went to her mother's for the kids.

To her mother's?

She never should have left her mother.

Especially to end up with a tool like you.

What got into you?

An opportunity.

You call that an opportunity?

It is one.

There are opportunity
to go to jail every day.

But there's no rush.

You have a wife, kids,
a successful business,

you're as happy as can be,
and at the first opportunity,

you dive back into your bad habits!

How did you know?

By whispers, it's a secret.
No one knows about it.

Unless they read the paper.

Here. You might as well be in the know.


It's a nice job.

While they're writing articles,
we'll be making plans.

You'll have to go somewhere, Paul.

Where and how, that's my business.

I can't take care of you right now,
I'm on a job.

A pretty big job.

-An opportunity?
-It's likely to be a profitable one.

In the meantime, stay here.
You have room and board.

I'll try to reach Pierrette
to reassure her.

Admit it, you made a mistake.

Yes, but also a profitable one.


Paul, this is Walter.


You know Nadine.

-Hello, Nadine.
-I heard about your troubles.

-I mean…
-Yes, it's the least we can say.

But don't worry, not all is lost.

What about your wife, where is she?

Don't worry.

I thought you had become a real saint.

I thought so too.

Fake money is like smoking.

You stop, you think you're cured,
then you start again.

We've all been there. Haven't we?

He did Belgian francs.


Same thing.

Walter, are you packed?

-Not yet.
-Are you waiting for me to do it?

Hurry up. What about André?

He's playing with the dog.

He's playing? Go tell him there's work!

I'm going to get dressed, are you coming?

This youth is my newfound energy.

When you reach 50,
you need a younger model.

I still have ten good years, after that…

Then, you'll look for younger ones still.

You weren't caught as a pimp,
but you will with minors.

Have a seat.

Where do you think this mess came from?

Did you get ratted out?

It seems so, yes.

-Why? Do you see anything else?
-Oh, no!

I'm not surprised.

The business is full of traitors.
There's no more loyalty.

I see it in my team.

You think you're looking
at deserving guys,

and then… well.

I know what's happening to you is sad

but yesterday, when Marcel called me,

I shouldn't be saying this,

but knowing that you were counting on me
made me happy.

In short, I indulge you too much.
I should have gone elsewhere.

Thank you.

As I was saying, I'm on a job.
A trip to Le Havre.

But after that, I'll take care of you.

I'll take care of everything.
Travel and residence.

I'll get it!

Hello, yes? Yes, it's me.

Dafonta! How do you do?

I said, "how do you do"?

He's American. For a heist,
you have to go through Berlitz.




That's what I thought.

I'll handle it.

Thanks anyway.


Yes, at three o'clock.

That's it.


I'm off.

I have to drive my guys to the station.

André, what are you waiting for?
Get ready!

The train only leaves at 11 am.

I have errands, get your suitcase.

Tonight, there's "Head and Legs" on TV,
it's funny.

Are you hungry?


Nadine, fetch Paul some food, he's hungry.


See you soon.

When was this picture taken?

A while ago.

When I met Raymond.

At Clairvaux?

Yeah, we don't look like it,
but, we both went to jail.

I see that you know everything.

-Is there any coffee left?

I've always wondered what prison is like.

When I ask Raymond, he brushes me off.

Is it that bad?

-Even worse.
-Tell me about it.

Well, there are doors.

Lots of doors.

And we don't have the keys.

Do you mind
if we talk about something else?

How did you meet Raymond?

By doing his nails.

I was a manicurist in a salon for men.

I was more or less engaged at the time.

Raymond started dazzling me with big tips,

then he invited me to lunch several times,

then to dinner.

And you ended up taking breakfast.

Yes, you know how Raymond is
when he wants something.

He was kind and considerate.

He still is. I don't regret anything.

What about your fiancé in all of this?

I liked him,

but he was as unstable
as Raymond is stable.

As selfish as he is generous.

A boy on one side, a man on the other,

I didn't hesitate.

What's going on?

I don't know, go check.

Start the motor.

Start the ignition.

It can't be that serious.

You think?

Power up the engine.

Everything okay?


What the…

What happened?

Dafonta told me that he contacted Donan.

He wanted to work on his own.

Help me move him.

Wait for me in Le Havre.
Don't leave the hotel, call me tonight.

Be careful, don't leave it unattended.

Not even to go to the restaurant.

I'm not saying
a restaurant isn't profitable.

But, it never tempted me.

Every day, on the job.

What time do you get up?

It depends. 5:00, 6:00?

Every day?

No, there's no market on Mondays.

I get why you went back to fake money.

At that time of the day, we…

Pass me the fruit.

I would have preferred a club.

It would have been fun,
I thought about it.

But I placed my money in a hair salon.

That way, she keeps busy.

It doesn't make much, though.

I make a profit.

You do! I'm the one who pays the taxes.

If we could make a fortune by working,
we would know it.

Clear up, will you, I'm expecting people.

Mister Dafonta, my American.

He's got a heart condition.

His secretary is beautiful.

Hello, did you get here all right?

Yes, thank you.

-Hello, Mr. Maroux.

-Can I give you a hand?
-Yes, I'd love that.

Have a seat, Miss.

Please sit.

first, allow me to congratulate you.

I just got lucky.

And thank you for your call this morning.

My call?

-Oh, yes! So? Was I right?

He realized that he had made a mistake.

He's calmed down.

Here it is.

You know that I'm Jess Donan's lawyer.


Technical counselor.

Jess Donan's technical counselor.

But, this visit…

is my own idea, Mr. Maroux.

Donan didn't send me.

It's simply…

-What's that?
-His sense of business.

Who's that old guy?

Dafonta? An American lawyer.

-Is she really his secretary?
-I think so.

Why are you laughing?

Female solidarity is a great thing.

-Isn't she beautiful?
-Yes, she is.

And they say Americans have no taste.

We didn't say they had no money.

Do you think Donan is buying
your documents for himself?

-No, but I don't care.
-That's where you're wrong.

I know the boss.

-The real buyer.
-The real buyer.

Donan is offering $500,000.

That's about 200 million francs,
is that right?


And do you know how much
Donan will get for this deal?

400 million. Exactly the double.


The middlemen.

Do you think they can be cut out?

No, just changed.

Which means?

Mister Dafonta
wants to deal directly with you.

300 for you, and 100 for Mr. Dafonta.

And nothing for Donan?

I see.

That's a good idea.

-Can we have a glass of water?
-Sure, a whiskey?

With pleasure, thank you.

I need a glass of water.
His heart is acting up.

And some whiskey. The old man deserves it.

He said things that moved me.

Thank you.

Nadine, put the dog in the outside.

I can't deny that I'm very interested
by your proposal.

But I need to think about it.

Make up your mind quickly! Very quickly.

The big boss, the buyer,
is going in Le Havre tomorrow.

The goods are already there.

I'll be in Le Havre, I'll call you.

Before seeing Donan?


You're good at washing dishes
but not at juggling.


-See you tomorrow.
-See you tomorrow, Mr. Maroux.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to find,
under the warmth of the lamp,

the familiar book.

Max Fouchet will, on the occasion
of the anniversary of the death…

This isn't my show!

I told you "Head and Legs" is on Thursday.

Well, I'm sleepy, I'm going to bed.

-Good night, Paul
-Good night, Nadine.

-Good night, honey.
-Good night.

-Did you pack my suitcase?
-Yes, you just need to close it.

-Can you manage that?
-I'll try.


-Your bag.
-I was thinking about it.

-Think about what I said too.

Hello, yes?

I'll hold.


Get there all right?

Do you have a room?

Yes, tomorrow morning.

Give me the hotel's number.

And stay in your room.

That's right, sleep with it.

See you tomorrow.

-Not for me, thanks.
-It's good for what you have!

I don't want to see you with a sad face.

Listen to me.

I'm on a huge job, you have no idea.
I've never had one like this.

If all goes well,
I'll be as rich as a prince.

And you can start your life over.
I'll pay for everything.

How about a bar on the Italian river?

Raymond, listen.

I'll arrange for your wife
and your kids to join you.

Instead of selling coq au vin,
you'll sell spaghetti.

You won't be tempted to make fake bills.

Over there, fake bills are more expensive.

Will you listen to me?

No, I don't care about your crap,
it's in the past.

We're on a roll, buddy.

You're at the Lord's right.

I'm not a philanthropist.
But I don't have many friends.

If they cut off nine fingers,
I'd have enough to count them.

I hit the jackpot.
It's only fair that I share with you.

Do you know how much it is?

-Say a number.
-I don't know.

Just say a number.

300 million.


300 million. Are you deaf or just dumb?

If that's all it does for you,
you've got nerves of steel, buddy.

-I want you to let me speak.
-I know what you're going to say.

That I don't have them yet, and it's true.

There's still one more turn to take. One.

-And, it's in a zig zag pattern.
-I know.

-Oh, no!

-Go ahead, what do you know?

I know everything, except for the price.

You're saying it's fake?

Exactly! It's all fake!
Do you hear me? Everything!

The fake dollars, the raid,
my escape, my face in the paper,

it's all fake!

You're messing with me.

I've been messing with you for 24 hours.

And I'm not alone.

The police set it up.

The fuel formula and everything,
they know it was you.

But, they would rather catch you all.

That's why I'm here.

And the fake money story
was to soften you up.

You fool!

That's all.

Now you're like me. You know everything.

A guy like you.

And you chose this.


You chose to rat me out to cover your ass.

You chose to be a chicken.

You're right to call me a fool.

When I think
that I welcomed you in my house.

Only, I too have a choice.

Drop my bone, or shoot you.

And I don't intend to drop my bone!

You'll have to let it go.
Even if you shoot me, the cops know.

-Screw them, screw you.
-And the others?

Do you think
they'll let you have your bone?

You think they'll let you get away
with 300 million?

It's bad, Raymond. Trust me.

You would know that.

Leave, Paul.

Leave now.

Don't you understand?

Don't you understand
that you have to leave.

Won't that dog shut up?

Expecting someone?



That's enough!
Gun or not, I'm going to punch you!

Go through the kitchen,
and wait for me to turn on the light.

Quick, to the car!

You still need to be in my business.

I didn't ask anything.


Turn off your headlights, turn right.

-That's them.
-Are you sure?

Yes, I recognize their car.

It's not.

You see, it's not them.

That's enough. Turn around.

What's wrong with you?

You're completely insane!

Cutting me off at this speed!

It's no big deal, you didn't die!

Get his plate number.
We won't let this slide, moron!

Are you looking for a fight?

-No, I don't want to fight.
-Get back in your car!


Forget it, Raymond.
We don't have time for this.

Go on, beat it.




Come here!


-It was Toni Luigi.
-I know.



Oh God, Raymond.




This is awful.

We must do something…

We have to go.

With all that shooting,
the cops will arrive soon.

Go get your things. Hurry, Nadine.


I don't understand.

Raymond was so careful, so cautious.

Not careful enough, I guess.

Did he tell you about his business?

No, we mostly talked about mine.

It's quite complicated at the moment,
I have to leave you.

-Where can I drop you off?
-At my place, Decamps street.

Right now, I'm in trouble,
but if I can help you, I will.

Raymond and I are still in business,
and debts have to be paid.

For now, I only need your friendship.

-Goodbye, Paul.
-See you soon. And, count on me.

Thank you.


Impéria bar?

Is Mr. Régis there?

Put him on, will you?

Hello, Régis?

Listen, something terrible happened.

Raymond is dead.

I'll explain.

I need to see you right away.

Pass me the 23rd, in Étretat.

Yes, Étretat.

Hello, yes?

Please hold.

Mr. Donan? It's Luigi.


Hello, Donan speaking.

Mr. Donan, I'm in Le Havre.

In a bistro, next to the Normandie hotel.


We had trouble, but we got him.

Great. I'll meet you
in front of the hotel in two hours.

Bad news, Mr. Dafonta.

Your friend Raymond had a little trouble.

He died tonight.

You're clever, Mr. Dafonta.
A little too clever.

Dishonest lawyer,

dishonest businessman,

that wasn't enough for you.

You don't know when to stop.

So we'll spare you any further nonsense.



Excuse me, miss.

-Hello, sir.
-Has Mr. Ziman arrived yet?

He arrived yesterday.

Tell him Mr. Maroux is here to see him.

Yes, sir.


Mr. Maroux is here
and wishes to see Mr. Ziman.

Very well, sir.

You can go up to room 26, sir.

Thank you.



-May I come in?

Aren't the cops on your tail?

I thought you were hiding at Raymond's.

By the way, where is Raymond?

-The Luigi brothers killed him last night.

I got one, the other one split,
but I'll get him.

I'll explain later, there's no time.

How did you know I was here?

Raymond told me everything before dying.

Are you surprised?


What do you plan to do with the papers?

What papers?

What do you mean?

I'm talking about the documents
and you understand perfectly.

Tell me, kid, you didn't intend
to finish the job by yourself, did you?

What about you?
Do you hope I'll get killed like Raymond?

You're mistaken.
Raymond was my friend. You aren't.

And I'm in a hurry.

You can team up with me
or get a thrashing.

So? What's your choice?

Either way, you'll spit it out.

Raymond made me swear not to open it.

-He had my word.
-He didn't have mine.

Well, I'll be damned.

There's been a change. Walter had a visit.

-The guy who was with Raymond, Lamiani.

Raymond was clever.

-He sent you here as bait.
-That was just like him.

He could only hide them in the shack.

-We're leaving. How did you get here?
-By train.

I'll take you back.

It's done.


Shit, we have a flat tire.

Look in the trunk, there must be a jack.

Need a hand, gentlemen?

We have a functioning car.

We could give you a ride.

You don't expect me to believe that?

If you do, Mr. Lamiani,

I feel very sorry for you.

I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

Did you not come to Le Havre
to see Mr. Dafonta?

If so, you'll be disappointed.

A very unfortunate accident
happened to him.

He fell from a cliff.

That's very sad.

Isn't it?

But, don't be too sad.

Despite his tempting offers,
Mr. Dafonta wasn't a valid interlocutor.


There's only one serious buyer,
Mr. Lamiani. Me.

-Where are the documents?
-I was just about to ask you that.

We know you have the papers, Lamiani.

I killed Raymond,
you easily could've grabbed them.

How much?

The same amount as Maroux.

See, I'm not taking advantage
of the situation.

All right, sold.

Where are the documents?

Calm your horses.

We could accompany you
to wherever the papers are.

-And I'll…
-Put a magazine in my gut.

You can't be serious, my good man.

We'll do the deal on neutral ground.


In Forty-eight hours?

Forty-eight hours in a bunker
will seem long.

Have you noticed
the splendid bunker next to the house.

Remains from the occupation.

It's the advantage
of living on the Normandy coast.

No, Mr. Lamiani,
I'm in too much of a hurry.

Too bad.

Too bad for who?

Maybe it can be arranged.

-Can I make a phone call?

Break down the door!

He went through the bunker!

Bring him back alive!

You, with me!


There he is!

Give me the rifle!

He's hidden by the cliff.

He'll have to come out eventually.

Jacques! The car!

The car? Oh!

Thief! Thief!

200 million. That's a lot of money.

It's all relative.

If he's taken such risks,
he's offered something better elsewhere.

There may be a way.

André, Raymond, Dafonta, Walter.

All that's missing is me,
and we'll all be dead.

You got me into trouble
and you don't care.

Your game is better and better.

Now, they're asking me for the papers!

Isn't that great?

At least it proves they don't have them.
That's something.

But then, who does?

Did you search the house well?

We doubled the teams, we moved everything.

He's an old fox, that Raymond.

It's sad that we killed him.

Yeah, especially for him.

And Nadine?

-You didn't give her any trouble?
-No, but the CID summoned her twice.

She faces an arrest warrant
for complicity in murder.

She wouldn't say the name of the guy
who was with her the night of the tragedy.

A certain Paul Lamiani, do you know him?

Don't you think you're going overboard?

It's not us, it's the guys from CID.

If you have a crush on her,
you should have said so.

I just don't want her
to get hit by a stray bullet.

Do you think
she has something to say first?

I can't believe this.


-Hello, Nadine.
-I'm glad to see you.

-Me too.
-You weren't followed?

Don't worry.

-I tried to call you.
-I was at the CID, for the third time.



Would you like something? Are you hungry?


-Yes, please.

Your place is not too shabby.

-Have a seat.
-And it's discreet.

What did the police want?

They wanted to know
who was with Raymond the night he died.

They think I know who did it.

As well as the motive. It's silly.

Listen, Nadine.

What I'm about to ask may be silly…

The day I was at the villa,

the night we were watching TV,

did Raymond say anything to you?

I don't think so.

Didn't he give you anything, either?

No, nothing. Why do you ask?

For you.

I know why Raymond was killed, Nadine.

He was killed for valuable papers.

If you know where they are,
I advise you to tell me.

I don't understand.

-This isn't a threat.

It's friendly advice.

I don't want anything to happen to you.

They're ready to kill for them.


Yes, it's me.

It's Régis, you called me earlier?



Not right now.

Me too.

I'll explain.

You seem angry.

You have company?

I don't care, I'm coming over.

In fifteen minutes?

Twenty minutes?

Who was here?

Paul Lamiani, Raymond's friend.

The guy who trafficked money?

You shouldn't see him.

What did he want?

To see me.

At least, that's what I thought.

He came to talk about the papers.

He wanted me to give them to him.

No kidding.

He's dreaming.

-We can sell them to him.

So far, sellers haven't been
successful in their attempts.

-Did you mean your old man?

Listen, honey,

if they're shooting each other for paper,

they're worth money.

And money…

is what we're lacking to be happy.

Do you love me?

-Yes, or no?
-That's not the question.

Yes, it is.

When you love someone, you trust them.

-You let them do things.
-You're a child.

You're willing to go into this alone
when even Raymond failed.

Your Raymond didn't have any brains.

Like all old people.

Old people aren't good for much anymore.

You even said they were good for nothing.

-Who's there?

I'm coming.

It's me again.

I came back
because we still have a lot to talk about.

Or maybe you have something to tell me.

Like the truth.

-What do you say?
-What do you mean?

Are you alone? Can we speak?

-Are you sure?


Look what I found.

What are you doing here? Grounded?

Promise to be good,
and come talk with the grown-ups.

Come on.

Sit down.

You two are going to answer nicely.

Was he your fiancé,
when you were a manicurist?


Well done, you know what you're doing.

I don't care about your private life,

I'm not here for morals,
but for the papers.

The papers you have.

The papers?

-What papers? I've never heard of them.

If you don't know, keep quiet.

I understand Nadine,
Raymond's inheritance should be yours,

but, here, there' no notary,
and it's not family jewels.

Make up your mind,
I'm not leaving here empty-handed.

Don't be afraid, Nadine.

Keep your mouth shut
or you'll get smacked.

Five people already died.

If you act like idiots,
there will be seven.

Between the crooks and the DST,
there's no room for you kids.

You're well informed.

Are you working for the cops?

Now you're informed too.

Where are they, Nadine?


So? Where are they?

What did Raymond tell you to do with them?

Put the envelope
in a suitcase at the locker.

And wait for him to call.


Now what?

Now, all I have to do is thank you,
and leave.

Do you expect me to let you go like that?

Yes, that's right.

Happy engagement, Nadine.

If only I hadn't held back!

You hold back too much.

It's bad for your nerves.



Mr. Paul.

What's the matter?

-Mr. Paul…
-What is it?


What about Patrick?

On the way home,
he was playing with his sister.

Two guys in a car took him away.

Françoise saw them.

They called, they'll call back tomorrow
for an appointment.

And my wife?

This can't be happening, Paul.

You're right.

It can't.


Put me through to the colonel.

Somebody else, I don't care.

Hello, Paulan?

Yes, it's me. Yes, I'm back.

Yes, I have your papers.

What I don't have is my son!

Do you understand? My son was kidnapped.

See what it came to!

My wife and I are going crazy
with your dirty little schemes.

So listen carefully, Paulan,

I don't give a damn about your papers,

and, if it's the bargaining chip
for my son, I'll give them away.

I'll give them away!

I'm crazy, yes, of course, I'm crazy!


I don't give a damn
about the network or France!

I don't give a damn,
what I want is to find my son!

And you can all drop dead!

I swear I'll do what it takes
to make it happen!

If he has the papers,
we have to catch him.

He probably didn't wait for us,
he's a fast one.

He happens to be
a well-connected gentleman.

He'll use them to get his son back.

I can relate to that.

It's not just the documents,
it's the organization too.

Set everything in motion, immediately.

We need to find Paul. Discretely.

And then, not let him go.

Above all, don't kill him.

What's wrong with you?

-Where's Luigi?
-I don't know.

-I swear.
-You swear.

If you keep your mouth shut,
you'll have a hard time.

I haven't seen him,
I don't even know if he's in Paris!



Go to René's.

Which René?

René la Tirette. On Clichy boulevard.

That's enough!

-You don't like it?

If you think you're Marlon Brando,
I'll kick you out. Got it?


Come here.

What's your problem?

You'll know soon enough.

-What's the meaning of this?
-Tell me where Luigi is.

What, Luigi?

-So? Where is he?
-Stop, I'll tell you.

He's at Camille's.

-At her bar?


This is private, sir. Can't you read?

Are you looking for something?


What do you want?

-He's not here.

Someone called him 15 minutes ago.

And Camille?

I'm here, Paul.

Come to my office.

Well, keep going!

-Resume the game, gentlemen.
-Let's go!

Where is that bitch?

Funny, you just said the word
I was looking for.

René warned him, so he left.

He wanted you to call him.

He left his number.

That's his car.

He's at the bar.


Luigi? Yes, he's here, I'll put him on.


It's you, scumbag.

Is my son with you?

If something happens to him,
you'll regret it.


If you touch a hair on his head,
I'll kill you.

No matter where you are, I'll find you.

Yes, put him on.

Hello, Donan? Yes, I have them.

No, not tomorrow,
we'll sort it out right now.

Yes, okay.


Highway 51?


Until? Yes.

Turn left? Then?

Yes, the dirt path.


Alone, okay. At 5:30.

I'll be there.

But I'll say it again--

Three more hours to wait.

There are times
when three hours is a long time.

Hassan, go tell Luigi to stay put.

He's done enough damage already.

-Do you have the documents?
-My son.


Just a moment.

So, are we done?

You've forced me
to use "undignified" means,

and foolishly lost an opportunity
to earn a small fortune.

Let me go!

I said, "let me go!"



Let me have him!

Stop already!

Stop it!

Calm down, Paul! It's over!

Stop it.

It's over.

Say, Lamiani…

You have the papers, are you happy?

-Don't be silly.

What are you doing here?
I told you to stay in the car.

Ah! See?

You shouldn't be outside at this hour.
Your mom won't be happy.

-You think so?
-We'll get yelled at for sure.


Subtitle translation by: Alexandra Dormoy