The Tiger (2015) - full transcript

While the Kingdom of Korea is under occupation by the Japanese, an old and experienced hunter is challenged by the hunt of the last tiger.


Hold your breath.

Don't blink.

One, two...

Three! Pull the trigger!


That's it!


Did I hit it?

You hit it dead on!


Let's go.

- What should we hunt next?
- A boar.

A boar?

Think we can catch that?

Okay. We'll catch it next time.


See that house over there? That's our house.

Keep it.

Chil-gu and Gu-kyung will bring food.

Just give me the canteen.

Food has to be scarce for them, too.

Take it.

What about you?

If I'm gone, are you just gonna eat grass?

Keep it. Eat it with Seok.


I'll be going.

I promise.

This time, I'll catch something for sure.

Bear with me.

My dear!

It's cold! Go inside.



Your Excellency!

Your presents from the north have arrived.

Open it.

They're all petty tigers.

The Governor-General in Seoul can have them.

As you command, sir.

Major RYU.

Yes, Your Excellency!

Do you know what this report says?

We sent artillery troops to catch
rebels hiding in Mt. Jirisan.

One squad got lost.

And a month later...

they were discovered by forestry workers.

Care to know what state they were
in when they were found?

No, Your Excellency. I don't dare.

Apparently, it was horrendous.

The bodies were slashed to bits.

Who would do such a thing?

I'm sorry, sir.


Tell me.

You can't catch the Mountain Lord
of Mt. Jirisan...

...or you won't catch it?

Your Excellency?

Tiger hunting's been outlawed
for years in other territories.

What's taking this place so long?

The Coreans here are defiant because of you.

This goes against our plan
to eliminate Corean tigers-

...once and for all.

Does it not?

Forgive me, sir!

We're doing our best, sir. We'll catch it soon!

You'd better.

If not, you'll be held responsible.

I'll investigate your full intentions.

What full intentions, sir?

You are a native Corean, are you not?

If you don't want to arouse suspicion...

bring me that tiger!

You volunteered to catch it.
You know how much I want it!

Don't you?

Of course, sir!

Here's another one.

The deforesters were on the right trail.


Gu-kyung! We found it!

By the size of the footprints...

It must weigh at least 400 pounds!

And these are cub prints.

Two cubs and a mother.

But no trace of that bastard.

He must be around somewhere.

Can't be far from his family.

They barely leave a trace.
We're lucky we found their trail!

- There's a stream nearby?
- Yes.

This is their path to water.

They'll go through here tomorrow, too.

- Let's set up here.
- Okay.

Set the nets and traps!


Feel that?

Tiger in the wind.

Looks like it'll show this time.

No word from the mountains?

Not yet, sir.

I'm sick of waiting!

What about CHUN Man-duk?

We brought him, but...

Why, you!

Hey! Get up!

Get up! Now!

You're already drunk at this time of day?

Just one drink, over lunch.

Is there a set time to drink?

CHUN Man-duk...

you ignored my orders again?

To go hunting?

You want to get me killed?

How many times do I have to tell you?

I stopped hunting years ago.

And look-

what good is a lame hand?

You don't have to hunt it down.

Just find the trail for us!


Why would you dare...

provoke the mountain lords?


You're a Corean.

You know what that means.

That's nonsense!

Who're you calling Corean?

Look, old man.

You'd better watch it.

I can't be patient with you forever.

Get it?


Why are you out here in the cold?

I was worried about you.

What for? I'm not a Freedom Fighter.

You always say no to what the Japs tell you.

Wouldn't I be?

Such a devoted son.

You don't know, but I hear that all the time.

Crazy? Just get on home.

Calling your only son crazy...

Say what?

I said you're great.

Why, you!

You never listen, do you?!

- Go home! Now!
- What did I do?

Gu-kyung! Put it out of its misery.

Isn't it heavy?

Sure is!

My feet feel light as feathers today!

Mountain god...

Why, you! I told you to pee in the outhouse!

Why bother?

It's not 125 miles away- it's right here!

I'm... fertilizing.

You fool! You're no farmer!

You just eat and goof around.

Stop it.

What are you doing? It'll splatter.

Why so much?

I take after you, Dad.


I warmed up some water. Wash up.

Okay, Dad.


Mine's pretty big, you know.

Dad! Wait up!

Hurry up!

Why are you so damn slow?

Hidden treasure or something?
What's the rush?

I said a thousand times...

If you want something up here...

you've got to work harder than the animals do.

And I told you a thousand times...

Times have changed.
Use your head more than your body!

Oh, and your head's so useful?

- Fool.
- Dad!

Stop calling me! I'm not dead!

We should stop picking these medicinal herbs.

Let's set up traps and collect from those.

No point in working this hard.


That won't work. Traps don't have eyes.

Respect the mountain and take what it gives you.

You mustn't get greedy.

- It'll get you in trouble!
- The mountain?

What respect for the mountain?

The Japs are rampaging
and killing off mountain animals.

But they're living just fine!

Shut your mouth and come along.

Always so stubborn...

Wait up!

Didn't you hurt your leg?

- Is our Mountain Lord next?
- Don't say that!

This is terrible!

Go away! Stay back!

Look at the camera!

I'll take the picture.

You called?

The Coreans are very interested in us today.

It's because of today's catch.

It's the Mountain Lord's mate and cubs.

Did you find any trace of him?

He's not easy to find.

Clever as a... fox.

You call yourself a hunter?

There's no time left.

Governor Maejono is set on taking it home this time.

So use any means necessary to catch that tiger.

If you like eating, bring it to me!


About CHUN Man-duk...

Isn't it time we brought him in?

He won't be forced.

If you're reluctant to shoot,
it'll blow up in the wrong place.

I have a plan. Leave it to me.

It's getting so cold.



Caught another cold?

My throat hurts.

You're such a weak boy.

You're sick all year long.

I must take after mom.

You said she was always sick.


She got weak after giving birth to you.

She wasn't always weak.

We'll get you some medicine tomorrow.

We're going down to the market?

That's what I said.

Why are you excited?

No, I'm not.

I wasn't excited.

Got hidden treasure in town?

Treasure? That's silly!

Good night.


What did you say?


Don't make me say it twice.

Why do such a thing?

We picked up his trail.

Why do that?

Let's just follow it a bit more.

There's no time.

Why chase it when we can bring it to us?

It's still wrong.

It's a low thing to do.

Who cares if it's low?

Since when do we hunt for fun?

We hunt to eat!

You don't have to yell.

How did you walk like this?

Let me see.

Does it hurt?

Give me that.

You feel it!

I should've used this side.

Not this.

Your cup's empty. Why didn't you say something?


That wretched jerk.


Stop eating that! It's medicine!

I didn't eat it.

Your mouth is full!



I'll buy everything you brought.

This warms up your body?

Brew and drink 10 packs of that,
and you'll be fine all winter.


It's for Seok again?

He has a cold.

He's always sick.



Forget the money.

Just... give me a few more packs instead?

Why not? Sure.


Why so many?

They're for you and Seok.

You're not young. It's good for the joints.

Brew it and drink it.

I almost forgot!

Heard about the Mountain Lord?

The hunters brought down his cubs and mate.

I couldn't bear to watch,
but everyone else went to see.

How could they do that?

If they catch all the tigers,
wolves and boars will take over!

They're going way too far.

He has to die someday...

But the Mountain Lord deserves
to die by the hand of a master. Like you.

Cut the nonsense.

I'm off.


Have another drink. You and me.

Seok is waiting.

Come again, pal!

Where'd he get off to?

He must be looking for you.

It's okay. He'll go up first, like always.


But then...


Will you stay here, in the mountain?

Yes. Dad won't move.

I see.

Why do you ask?

Because my mom...

Forget it.

What is it?

She's trying to marry me off to someone else.


What do you mean?

Our dads promised we'd be married.

The rice store owner wants me to marry his son.

What's with your mom?!
She knows we like each other.

I don't know.

Well, what do we do now?

What can I do? Just say it!

How would I know?

Mom says you're hopeless.

You can't make a living.

I'll come down from the mountain.

I'll do anything! I won't let you go hungry.

I don't know what to do.

Please. Tell me.

How do you feel?

Do you want to marry me, or not?

Of course I do! It's only ever been you.
You and me.

That's why I'm telling you this.

Then don't worry.

Just trust me and wait.


Wait a little bit longer. I've got a plan.

It's not that.

I can't breathe. Let go!

Oh my.

You're so strong.

Mt. Jirisan...

A vast, majestic mountain-just like they said.

You said he's one-eyed?

Yes, Your Excellency!

People say he was born that way.

And it still survived this long?

How much does it weigh?

They assume he weighs more than 850 pounds.

850 pounds?!

What a supreme specimen!


Truly amazing.

Will it snow?


If it snows, we're in trouble.

So, we catch it before the snow.

It's gonna snow soon.

Think he'll really show up?

He'll come. For sure.

This is a good spot.


- Let's set up!
- Yes, sir!

Now what?

We go down and come up at dawn?

For what?

At sundown, we wait at a hut nearby.

Do we have to?

It'll be really cold.

So damn stubborn!

We're staying up all night!


Let's hurry it up!


I said I was fine.


What'd you hit me for?

If you don't like it, don't get sick.

Take it.

Think I want to get sick?

Quit grumbling.

Open up.

Eat it and go to bed!


The Mountain Lord's cubs and mate...

He'll get caught too, right?

I heard there's a big reward.

Someone will get lucky.

He'll get caught anyway.

Can't we catch him? You and me?

I mean, we know his trails...

If we wanted to, we could...

Jeez! Dad...

Don't scare me like that.

It was just a thought.

It's cold. I'd better go in.

Why stare at me like that?

Good night.

Looks like it'll snow.


It may snow by dawn.

What are you doing? Aren't you cold?

Warm up by the fire.

Always acting so tough...

I hope it doesn't snow.

I was wondering...

I heard the chief fought with the tiger
and lost his brother.

And the scar's from then, too.

Is that true?


The Mountain Lord... we have some bad history.

You know...


It's here.

It's that bastard!

What's all this?

But how?

Damn! He's a genius!

He dodged them all!

Damn bastard!

Where's the damn tiger!

It's so cold!

Should we cut off wolf hides? It's so cold!

What are you staring at?

His den must be around here. We must be close.

It's the Mountain Lord!

He rules the mountains.
It won't be easy to find him.

Still, he has his domain.

He won't go into other animals' areas.

They're not like humans.

That's true.

It's time we went to Man-duk.



Don't be stupid.

He said no.

Don't bother him.

We have no other choice.

But still! Don't do it, pal!

After what happened to his wife...

Just more reason to catch him!


He finally forgot and moved on.

I... don't think so.

We both want to pull his liver out
and chew it to pieces!

Before that, we'll never forget.

Hello, sir.

Been a long time.

Are wolves worth a lot these days?

Why, of course!

Anything with fur is worth money.

But a tiger's worth more Than ten of these.

And how much is our Mountain Lord worth?

The reward on him is huge.

Enough to buy a house in town... and then some.

Of course it is!

It's the king of all Corean tigers!


Wanna catch it and get rich?

Just a thought.

Why, you little!

The kid is serious.

Look kid.

Don't even think about it.

Do you even know how to shoot?

Of course I do!

I'm my dad's son! Hunting is in my blood.

Why, you!

Not only here in Mt. Jirisan...

But that one-eyed tiger
is the only one left in Corea.

There's a huge reward on his head.


Come with us?

Forget it.

Yes, sir.

Give it up.

It's winter.

No longer suitable for tiger hunting.

That's why we're here.

It's already late.

It'll snow any day now.

Stop it, already.

You've killed off more than enough with the Japs.

Come on. Why do you think I did that?

Coreans can't have guns without a reason.

What can a hunter do but hunt?

We'll just go hungry and die.

If you don't want to hunt, just lead the way.

You know his trails.

Not interested.

He'll die anyway.

If we don't kill it, someone else will.

Why shouldn't he die by our hands?


Don't you want payback?

What are you saying?

Don't you boys have to get going?


- He didn't mean anything.
- Yes, I did.

His wife died because of that bastard!

When he pulled the trigger...

Gu-kyung! Stop it!

What did I say?

Am I wrong?

It wasn't your fault! It's because of him!

Shut your mouth.


I said stop.

Yes, sir. We'll stop.

Stop it! What if Seok hears you?

We'll go.


Think it over.

Pack up.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

Let's go.

You're all leaving?

Yes. Let's go.

It's cold. Go inside. Don't let your dad drink.

Let's get going.

Seok? How old are you?

I'm sixteen.



Take care of your dad.

Hold on!

The chasers lured him the wrong way.

It went towards town.

It's that bastard.

The one-eyed one.

Go shoot him! Hurry!

He's totally pissed!

Go on!





Stop looking at me.

You got something to say, say it.

About the Mountain Lord...

I mean...

You'll just ignore their plea for help?

They want to give you a big share.

Are we starving?

This isn't just about food.

Enough nonsense!

Dad, if you don't want to...

If you're not well, what if I join the hunt to...

I said stop talking nonsense!

It's no place for you!

Watch what you say, or else!

You never take me seriously!


Why not?

I'm a hunter's son! Why can't I?

Because the hunters work for the Japs?

The Japs rule this place.

If we don't work with them, how can we survive?

That's not everything!

I'm not finished!

How long can we live like this?

You've had your day,
and maybe picking herbs is good enough for you!

But what about me?

Why do I have to live like this?

I want to live in town like other people!

Not like you, Dad!

How dare you!

I get it.

I understand you.


after what happened to Mom...

You live like this out of guilt.

I understand why.


How do you know?

Everyone in town knows.

I have ears, too.

But not anymore.

I can't live like this anymore!


Seok is right, too.

The poor kid.


I know it'll be hard without him.

But you can't keep him up there forever.

I hear rumors.

They really like each other.

Let them get married.

I'll lend you the money.

Chil-gu's wife asked around
to marry off her youngest girl.

I heard there may be talks of marriage already.

Look, pal.

Go see her now.

Chil-gu's wife likes fish.

Do as I say.

So it's set already?

They wanted Sun. What could we do?

There was nothing to think about.

I talked with Chil-gu yesterday.

He agreed to it, too.

I see.

Isn't it the obvious choice?

Seok will only ever be a hunter.

A store owner's wife
is better than a hunter's, right?

You've struggled.

I know that.

Sun is my youngest child.

I want a better life for her.

Of course.

I understand.

I don't believe this!

Is he crazy?

Hurry up!


You tell him no way.

If Man-duk finds out, he'll die!

Send him back home.


What's wrong with a hunter's son hunting?


I've been hunting since I was ten.


Do the right thing.

If it wasn't for Seok, he'd be long dead!

After what happened, he'd be lost without Seok.

You know?

Not everyone dies hunting.

Do what's right!

The hunters here belong to the army.

You know you can't come and go as you please.

Of course I do, sir.

And I know I'll get regular pay.

And a reward for capture.

Know how to use a gun?

Of course, sir.

I'm my dad's son.

My dad was the best hunter in all of Corea.

It's a 38 rifle, for soldiers.

It's a gift.

I won't let you down, sir!

Go on.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir!

Thank you!

He says he knows the tiger's trails.

What would he know?

Probably just around the mountain.

It doesn't matter.

I'll escort His Excellency. Head out first.

Sure thing.

It's a 38 rifle!

- Like it?
- Of course!

It's a good gun.

Let's go!


How can you do this?

Enough nagging!

It's dangerous, and he can't do anything.

Think I'm taking Seok along and don't know that?

What do you mean?

It's to bring Man-duk to the hunt.

Seok's with us, so he has to come.

What if something bad happens to Seok?

Why, you!

If you're so worried, have him stick by your side!

He's out of his mind.

He's totally crazy!

- Seok! Come here.
- Yes.

Don't follow us. Go with the chasers there.

But I can't hunt with them.

You're not hunting!

It's not just a tiger.

It's the Mountain Lord!

If you get hurt, your dad'll kill me.

Do as I say.


You have no use for a gun.

Stand at the back.

Don't act up.

Got it?



Yes, sir.

Go on.


Didn't you hear me?

Where'd he go?


Where'd he go?


He'll be caught, anyway.

Why don't we catch it, Dad?

If I join the hunt instead...

I'm a hunter's son! Why can't I!





I'm my dad's son.

My dad's the best hunter in Corea.

Hold on, Sun. I'll come for you soon.


Doesn't look like he'll show.

Just keep waiting.

He'll go through here. He'll show.

They're chasing it here, right?

Of course they are.

What's that?

Shit! He caught on!

Where is he?

That sly bastard!

It lured us away from there!

We have to go back!





I think I got kicked in the chest.

My dad...

Could you call him?




I'll go, and I'll be right back.

Stay right here, okay?

It's okay.

Don't worry.

Don't go. Please.

I'll be right back, okay?

Don't go.

I promise I'll be right back.




He's a damn genius!

It's fresh blood.


He's hurt badly this time.

He can't be far.

That's it.

You're running out of time.


I'll shoot you dead.


Oh no!

Where's Seok?

Did you see Seok?

Anyone see Seok?

I didn't see him.

Did you see him?

Oh no!

What do we do!



You bastards! Scram!


Where are you?


Where are you?

Where'd he go?


It's Seok's gun.

Why's it here?

The poor kid.

Oh no...



Oh no! Where is he?

It's no use.

The wolves must've taken him. He's gone.

Oh no! Poor Man-duk...

Poor Seok! Oh no!

Let's go down.

If we get any more snow, we're all dead!


What did I tell you?!

I told you to send Seok back!

What are you going to do!

He wanted to do it.

I never forced him to.

You son of a bitch!

How can you say that!

You bastard!

I didn't expect this!

Shut up bastard!

Let go of me!

Let go!


Where is he?

Where is Seok!

Where's my son!

You need soldiers?

He's badly hurt.

This is our chance! We have to finish him off!


We can't. Not with the men we have left.

This isn't a war! What soldiers?

Normal troops won't cut it.

Then what?

You want artillery troops?


Are you insane?

They can't be just any soldiers.

They have to know the mountain.

It's winter now.

We must do something to catch
it before it snows harder.


The troops sent to catch rebels hiding
in Mt. Jirisan will do.

Your Excellency!

It's true.

That tiger is no match for these hunters.

He's the king of tigers. He should be given respect.


I'll give you the troops you want.



Damned beast!

We got it!

Look at the little cubs.

Still a tiger, huh?

Settle down.

You cubs. Go with your momma.

What are you doing?

That's enough.

To make a living, we have no choice.

It's been years since we saw a tiger.

If we're empty-handed,
we'll starve or freeze to death!

I know.

I get it, but let's stop.

Oh, my!

What's that?

A tiger?

I don't believe this!

Thank you!

Thank you, mountain god!

Thank you for blessing us with a tiger!

A barn Pig?

The village is past two mountains.
Why'd it go so far?

Oh no...

A mother with cubs?

We're going to starve to death!
Who cares if they're cubs!

You want our families to starve?

That's not what I meant!

They'll just end up being food for wolves!

Let's just take them instead!

Come here, you!


Why, you!

I told you to stop!

It's up to the mountain now!

No! Seok...

How can this happen?



Your dad's right here.

How are you such a mess?

Let's get you inside.

Let's go in.

Seok... Let's go in.

Let's go home.

My poor son...

Soldiers must serve with loyalty.

Soldiers must have decorum.

Soldiers must respect combat arts.

Soldiers must be faithful.

Soldiers must be frugal.

All set!

What's going on?

If that hunter's right...

He's in here somewhere.

This may not be a traditional way to hunt,

but in Southern China, soldiers hunt like this.

First remove places to hide,
then close in on his domain.

What in the world!

Cease fire!

I knew it! It's coming.


If you don't want to be tiger food, follow me.

Over here!

It went that way!

Cease fire!

Don't back down!



Shooting formation!

I knew it.

Feast off their blood.

It's the last dinner you get from me.

This is why you brought in soldiers?

I will finish the tiger. No one shoots but me!

I got him.

I got him!

There! Let's go!

Be careful!


I told you, he's mine!

I'll finish him.




Gu-kyung! No!

Gu-kyung! Are you okay?

Are you okay, pal?

Calm down.

A hunter dying on a hunt... it's no big deal.

I don't believe this.


Just go.

Just leave me here.

How can this be?




Gu-kyung! No!

This can't be.

Gu-kyung! No!

Medic! Over here!

Can you move?

Set up camp here. We'll keep chasing.

But sir!

Until we catch him...

we're not going back! Understood?

Yes, Your Excellency!

Bring CHUN Man-duk at dawn.


We need him to finish this off quickly.

Bring him here, no matter what!

Got that?


Oh no. What now?

You're badly hurt.

You've lost your family?

Do you hate me?


I understand.


I'm going.

At last...

We have him cornered.

Split up the troops.

Yes, Your Excellency!

How is this such a hard battle?

What a disgrace for the great imperial army.

Watch out!



No, Man-duk!



Let's go!

We can't go any further!

Come on! Hurry up!

We're close!

We're almost there!

You're here?

You're late.

At last...

Shall we?


Why'd you stop?

Let's go!

Sir! No!

Let's go now!

Sir! No!

It disappeared?

That's right.

Vanished without a trace.

How is that possible?!

It can't just vanish into thin air!

Well, they say mountain lords
sometimes become gods.


Maybe that's what happened.


Your Excellency? What should we do?

Mt. Jirisan...

We can't fight winter here.

Next spring, then!

We'll be back!


Yes, Your Excellency!

Let's withdraw!

Yes, sir!

Be happy, pal!