The Thug, the Bonehead, and the Good-Looking (2019) - full transcript

Three troublesome friends learns that one of them is actually rich when his father passes away and leaves him a hacienda.

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Ladies and gentleman,
we present to you the Pan of the Town!

Go to Japan,
you will find nothing like this.

Go to American,
you will find nothing like this.

Go to Europe,
you will find nothing like this.

Sold exclusively here,

right in our hometown,
the Pan of the Town!

- Dude!
- Good mor--

Nobody is listening.

Nobody is watching.

What are we even doing?

Do you want us to have a raving audience?

Of course!

I will handle it.


One, two, three!

♪ Frying pan! ♪

♪ Frying pan! Come get your frying pan! ♪

♪ Frying pan! ♪

♪ Frying pan! The town's best pan! ♪

♪ Pan of the town! Let's go! ♪

♪ Forget your doubts about our pans. ♪

♪ Our handles will never break,
count on it. ♪

♪ Yeah! ♪

♪ The loudest cheer will get free pans. ♪

♪ Our pans are yours, come and get it! ♪

♪ Give it away. No, we won't. ♪

♪ We got you there. ♪

♪ I'm wondering, big brother got fooled. ♪

♪ The wallet's been passed around.
Quick hands! ♪

♪ Lady with a baby collects them. ♪

♪ But where are they?
Where are the cops? ♪

♪ So watch yourself,
the thieves are right beside you. ♪

♪ Here they come, here they come,
taking you down one by one. ♪

♪ Brother's a hustler,
passed it to the lady again. ♪

♪ You shameless thugs.
You think you're not obvious? ♪

♪ Oh no, oh no, oh no,
here comes another scumbag. ♪

What? Cellphone, cellphone!
They're on to the phones!

♪ It's gone. Taken down one by one. ♪

Don't let her pass!

Miss, wait up.

Take it out.

Take what out?

Take it out.

We saw everything
was dumped inside your bag.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't play stupid.

Everything your mates stole
are in your bag.

Come on, take them all out.

Wait a minute, what's the problem?

Why are you touching my wife?

Hey! He's too big. You take him on.

The items you stole
are in your wife's bag.

What stolen items?

Are you accusing my wife?

How about that? Aren’t I amazing?

Take them in.
They're members of a syndicate.

Sir, she's with them.

What are we going to do, baby?

When you get out, text me.

Go with them for now.

These guys are with them.
Bring them to the precinct.

Even the pregnant lady,
everything's in her bag.


Take her.


That didn't tire me out at all.

Johnny, Johnny Endrinal?

Yes, that's me.

Who are you?

My name is Attorney Agcaoili.

Just a second.

We were the ones who caught the bad guys.

And you're still going to sue us?

That's right!


I am Don Roberto Endrinal's lawyer.




How is Father?

I have sad news.

He is gone.

Father is gone?

Where did he go?

That's my father.

From the earth we have risen,

to earth we shall return.

All of the pain we endured in this world

will be replaced by joy and gladness

in the presence of our Lord God.

Father, wait a second.

Water the plants later,
we're in the middle of a funeral.

Of course, sir.

Father, let's continue.

Beside our Lord God,

he will experience true love and happiness.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son,

and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



You're over-reacting.
You're not even a relative. He is.

My shirt got stuck.

Lift it up, lift it up!

What were you doing there anyway?

I didn't know it was going to get stuck.

Don't get too near him.

He's my father.


I assume I won't be inheriting much from Dad.

Maybe we can just sell whatever it is.
I'd rather keep the money.

But it's written in
the last will and testament

that you cannot sell any of the properties.

You need to be the one
to manage them and make them thrive.

Is that so?

What kind of property did he leave behind?

Here are your group of companies.

Grandioso Fashion Magazine.

Oh no.

Fashion? What do I know about that?

Maybe you should be the one
to manage that since you know how it works.

I can't. It's against your father's wishes.

Let's think about this for a second.

Fashion magazine, that's great!

The women in magazines
are beautiful and they're well-dressed too!

I prefer them naked!

You're a pervert.

What else do we have?

There's an antique shop.

That's more like it.

It even has international clients.

That's good, take that one.
The older something is,

the more valuable it becomes.

That's right. You can manage that.

I don't want to.

You don't want that as well?

I'm scared.


What if the old furniture
come with spirits?


Next, attorney, next.

What about this,

Hacienda Endrinal?

It's a vast land with mango trees.

You can raise a lot of animals,

especially cattle, in these pastures.

I think I like that. We can manage that.


Are you turning me into a farmer?

No, no.

This is the easiest one to manage.

You just have to water the plants.

You just have to feed the animals.
You don't have to think about a single thing.

If you'll excuse me.

I think you're still grieving, that's why
you're not thinking things through.

We're like brothers, the three of us.

Why don't we make things legal?

How do we do that?

You should adopt me.

And then we will be real brothers.

We can divide the properties,

so that your problems
are shared between us.

I'll have lessened your burdens.

Hell, if I'm going to adopt anyone,

I'll make sure
they'll be better-looking than you.

I know you.

If you don't like something,
you make that face.

I have another option for you.

What's that?

Let's get married!

What's yours is mine, what's mine, is yours.

Conjugal property.

Now, if we don't see eye to eye
and go our separate ways,

then we half the share down the middle.

Now you'll only have half of the problem.

Okay, I'm game.


Yeah, but I'll hit you up at night.

With this.

We're not even together yet
and you already plan on hurting me?

No way!

So what now?

Are we going to live here?

In the province?


Man, we've been friends
for such a long time,

and you haven't even told us you're rich!

I don't mean to hide anything from you.

I was still in high school
when my father and I

stopped seeing one another and I knew
about being wealthy too late.

- Really?
- Forgive me.

Alright, fine. Where's our ride?

The passengers are going that way.
Let's just follow them.

Let's just follow them.

Do you know who's picking us up?

Right, do you?

No, but don't worry.

They just told me somebody
will pick us up.

Maybe it's this one.

It's grandma's ride.

Let me help you, ma'am.

It's okay.

Thank you, young man.


did your friends leave you behind?

What friends?

I'm by myself.


Where's my bag?

Oh no, looks like grandma took it. Yikes!

All my things are in there!

Don't worry.


They haven't gotten far yet.

You can still chase after them.

Go on. Be quick. Go!


Yeah, that's your lugagge, right?

Are you sure someone is picking us up?


They told me we should just wait.


Excuse me.

- John--
- Mr. Rico?

Is it you?

Yes, you're our ride.
Here he is. Let's go.

The people at the hacienda
will be happy to see you,

especially my daughter.

Who is your daughter?


Who is Alice?

My daughter.

How is the hacienda?


You look troubled.

There's a big problem at the hacienda.

What problem?

The crops are infested,

the cows are getting sick.

That does sound like a disaster.

But we are hopeful now that you are back.

Me? Why me?

Because you're Johnny.

You're Don Roberto's son.

Is that what you think? You're wrong.

My name's Andy.

This is Johnny.

He's the one with the problem.

What? Aren't you--

Be quiet!

I don't want this.

So you're not Johnny

but you kept asking questions.

How can he ask questions
when he's fast asleep?

Hey, I'm awake.

I thought I was just dreaming
that I’m wealthy. Turns out it's true.

And you. Why are you talking to him?

Talk to me.

Don't talk to my boys.

And you, what's with all your questions?

Why are you interested in my properties?

Let's get going. Straight to the hacienda.


Our hacienda's really huge!


Our hacienda, huh?

It's beautiful.

It's huge!

And check out the horses.


What are those?

Those are the wild boars.

Your father was fond of raising animals.


Stop for a second.

What's this?


There's no ocean anywhere,
why are there sheep?

Holy ship!


You're such a sheep.

What about those little versions?

They're kids.

The house looks nice.


And it's big!


Our house looks great.

Our house?

Fine, ours.


Sir Johnny?


Sir Johnny!

- Why?
- Don't be confused.

- Sir Johnny, you know...
- Be quiet.

My daughter has been dying to meet you.

- Really?
- Yes.

They were telling the truth.

Your daughter is a grown woman.
Hello, baby.


Are you crazy?

That's not my child.

That's my wife.

She's your wife?


You forced her, didn't you?

No, I didn't.

You tricked her?

I did no such thing.

You're so lucky.

That's right.

Son of a--

Sir Johnny,

that's Bella and I's daughter.

Her name is Alice.

Alice, this is Sir Johnny.

Remember what I taught you.

What's that again?

Be respectful.

Sir Johnny,

Come here, not like that.
Kiss him on the cheek.

Sir Johnny!

Oh, yes! Oh, yes!

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Darling, come over here for a second.

Hey, what are you doing? That's my daughter.

I'm sorry.

Here it is.

Mr. Enrico?

Who is that girl staring right into me?

You know,

I'm not used to things like that.

Sir Johnny,

that's the daughter of
your father's best friend,




How are you doing?

Hi, Johnny.

I'm doing fine. What about you?

I'm good. It's all good.

Johnny, I wanted to
introduce you to Mama.

Oh, okay.

Where is she?

Hi, madame. Good afternoon.

You must have married early.

Johnny! Hi, I'm Venus.

I'm Sam's mom.

This is our helper's daughter.
Dear, go play outside.

Sorry about this, Johnny. Sam's blind.

I thought she was staring at me for real.

I was starting to fall.

Oh, you.

What the hell.
Why did he get all the chicks?

Well, you didn't want it, right?

I wondered why you
made him Johnny, not me.

We don't look alike.

Do you look more like each other?


Could you repeat that?

- You silly!
- Ouch.


Would you accompany Sir Johnny to his room?

Mommy, am I going to sleep there, too?

What is wrong with you.

It's still early. You dumbass.

Sir Johnny, come with me.

What are you whispering about?

Andy, better get Sir Johnny's things
so he can get some rest.


Yeah, you. Hurry up.

Why don't you do it?


That one's your department. Hurry.

Actually, this was your father's room.


Don't you like it?

Ah, no! I love it!

It's great.

Sorry, but who's this in the portrait?

That's your father.

Don't you recognize him?

So that's why it looks like him.

I imagine you can't get over
the fact that he's gone...

I'll leave you to it, sir.

Don Roberto,

forgive me.

I didn't want this.

Your son just talked me into it.

But I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

There is nothing to forgive, son.

Are you the one talking?

If guilt is eating at you,

do not abuse the hacienda.

No, I will never do that.

I won't ask for too much. Just a little.

Glad to hear that.


Hold this. My hands are giving up.

Which one?

I'm right behind you.

What's with you?

I thought I was talking to this person
but you're the one answering.

How can a photograph be talking?

Well, it's answering back.


this is your room. What about me?

Stay in the guestroom. You and Dondon.

Can't the three of us stay here?

Sir Johnny,

come on. It's time to eat.


Not you.

Sir Johnny?


I'll follow.

Fix the room before you leave, okay?

Where is Dondon?



Is Sir Johnny here yet?

Sir Johnny is here.

I'm his personal secretary.


What's your name?

Black lightning?

Black lightning?



that's a unique name.

Did your parents give you that name
or the weather administration?

Oh, my name isn't Black Lightning.
It's the horse's.

The horse is called Black Lightning.

My name is Isabel.

I am the caretaker of the horses
and all the animals here.

Are you now?

And you? What's your name?

I'm Dondon.


By the way, I have something for you
for Sir Johnny.

- Really?
- This.

- Here.
- Wow, that is so sweet.

Let's bring this to Sir Johnny,
he's just there.


I got the short end of this deal.

I became the errand boy.

Hey, Dad.

Can you not look at me like that?

I'm here, aren't I?

I'll take care of everything
you left behind.


Is anyone home?


You know what,

your dad has a lot of resentment
towards you.

He told me you've rebelled
since high school.

Your dad and my dad agreed

to marry us when I come of age.

When you left,

I never even got to see you.

Now that you're back,

I still can't see you.

You know what...

You were the last thing we talked about

before he died in that accident.

Let's go outside and eat.

Sorry, Dad.

Johnny, try the Caldereta.
I had the cook prepare it for you.

It's her specialty.


Sir Johnny, I cooked this myself
so it tastes more special.


Alice, make sure Sir Johnny
has everything he needs. Come.

Hi, Sir Johnny.

- Oh, hi!
- Please eat.

- One more. Add another one.
- Would you like some potatoes?

Sam, my dear.

Sam, come sit beside me.

There. Okay.

Thank you.

Johnny, you're a fast one,
I was just talking to you

That wasn't me.

You were talking with my assistant,


He's right beside you.


Forgive me for earlier.

That's okay. Why weren't you talking?

No reason. Just something on my mind.

Sir Johnny!

Sir Johnny!


This is Isabel,

my girlfriend--

I mean,

this is Isabel. She's the one
who manages the animals here in the farm.


How are you, Sir Johnny?

I'm fine.

By the way,

can I ask you about your father's plan
concerning you and Sam?

Is that pushing through?

What plan?

You should eat before the food gets cold.

Perfect! Now we have more food.

I brought some food,

Tocino and Longanisa.

Those kinds of meat make you smarter.


I vaguely remember.

I'm not sure,

but back when I was still in school,

whenever I would buy Tocino and Longanisa
from my teacher,

my grades would go up.

You know what, let's all eat first.

Alright, let's eat you. I mean, let's eat.

Sir Johnny!

Someone called for you.

Engr. June Olpindo called.

He says he can't make it.
He had to deal with something at the airport.

Who is this Engr. June Olpindo?

He is in-charge of all the developments
here in the hacienda.

If he's not coming, I'll eat his share of food.

Sam, can you please pass the rice?


I'll do it. Here it is.

Thank you. I couldn't reach it.

Is she blind or stupid?

- Sir Johnny.
- Hey...

Sir Johnny.

- Hey. Jeez.
- He's not waking up.

Sir Johnny.

What the hell?

This isn't Johnny's room.


He's just dreaming.

Sir Johnny.

What's the matter?

Sir Johnny,

Engr. June is ready to give you
a tour of the whole hacienda.

It's too early!

It's still dark.

That's Engr. June for you, an early bird.

That's not my job.
That's why I have two assistants for.

Go on, take care of it.

Alright, I'll go talk to him,

but come find me later, okay?

I'll handle things here.

Is it this way?

He's right over there.

Sir Johnny,

if you don't stand up, I'll slap you.

Hey, good morning.

We're good.

Mr. June!

Where is he?

Who are you looking for?

I'm looking for the engineer, June.

I'm June.

You're June?

So you're not a guy?


A gay man, then?

I'm a woman!

You should consider changing your name.

Wait a minute.

I know you.

What? From where?

Of all the people, I had to see you
first thing in the morning!

I lost my luggage at the airport
because of you.

Was that you?

First thing in the morning!

Engineer, this is Sir Johnny.

Good morning, Sir Johnny.

Good morning.

Do you know each other?

- No.
- No.

Do you have a problem with each other?

- Nothing.
- Nothing

Sir Johnny?

Are you ready?

A morning tour is the best time to see
the hacienda in all her beauty.


May I request we not take
your assistant with us.

But he will be the one to drive you.

And who is this?

I'm Sir Johnny's personal secretary.

In short, his porter.

Who is going to be our tour guide?

That's me.


Yes. Let's go?

Hey! Not that way.


Oh, wow.

There are a lot of mango trees.

This is the mango farm.

How can you tell?

You said you could see
a lot of mango trees.

She's impressive, right?

Andy, take a left there.

Okay, ma'am.

Wait. Stop!

Look to the right and listen.

Why? Why did we stop?

Is that a cliff to our right?

Yes. Why?

That's where Don Roberto's car fell off.

How did you know?

We were there when the accident happened.

That's how he died
and the reason why I'm blind.

Excuse me for a moment.

Where are you going?

I just need to do something.
It's important.

Hey, Mr. Driver.

We are leaving. Why did you get off?

What are you doing there?

You're so obnoxious.

Are you trying to provoke me?


Can you stop?


Pervert? You're the one taking a peek.


I'll never stare at that thing. Never!


But she was staring.

Mr. Chairman,

can you tell us your timeline for
the casino complex

you mean to build in Hacienda Endrinal?


you are not the only one who wants
to get that show on the road.

Our foreign investors
are growing impatient, too.

Chairman, is it true
that Don Roberto's son is back?

Yes, Vicky. Johnny is back.

But that's not an issue.

My men can easily have him sign
the documents.

What is the hold up, then, Mr. Chairman?

We just need more time to spread
the infestation throughout the hacienda.

How are we going to do that?

It's taking so long.

Listen up.

Where is the white board?

I'm going to get it. Just a second.

Nevermind, give me that.

Okay. Here it is


you're fair-skinned,
you'll do nicely as a white board.


Right here on top of this mountain,

there's a spring,

that supplies water right into the lake.

The water from the lake

will flow

towards this plantations.

Right here.

In this fork,

the water flows into the cow farm.

You're such a joker, Chairman.

Hey, now.

You look like you're doing the tango.

Hold it right there.

Then we are going to pour barrels
of poison into this lake.

It flows right into the plantation

and the other side flows into the cow farms.

Because of the pest,

the value of the land
will continue to go down.

What is this?

Chairman, that is the scale model
of the hotel and casino.

We are calling it the "Flawlessorts World".

What is this in the middle?

Chairman, that is the hotel
within our casino complex.

Why is it standing?

Maybe it should be lying down.

Chairman, let me explain.
We'll have problems otherwise.

You see,

we bought four elevators.

Two on this side, and two on this side.

And when it's lying down like so,
then the elevator will be moving this way.

It will be like the metro rail transit.
The passengers will be uncomfortable.

So I'm wrong?

You're wrong, sir.

There's another thing.

At the topmost floor of the hotel
will be a swimming pool.

If we position it this way, like so…

then all the water will spill out.

What if someone wants to dive?

They'll get injured.

So you're telling me I'm wrong again.

That's right. Two in a row, you got it wrong.

I'm sorry.

I am only human.

That's okay, Chairman.

I will try to understand you.

That's fine.

He is right, I am wrong.

Chairman, what's happening?

Don't hold him down,

just show him around.
A little walk to help you relax.

Why are you holding me tight?
We're just going for a walk.

Don't hold him.

Walk him nicely.

Let's all go for a walk. Let's go.

He is right, isn't he?

Correct! Correct!

Good day, Sir Johnny.

Good day to you.

What happened to this cow?
Why is he foaming at the mouth?

We don't know why this
is happening to the cows.

Maybe you put too much toothpaste?

They are getting sick.
Some of them are dead.


But according to the initial findings
of the lab,

the hacienda has water contaminants.

It could turn into an epidemic
if we don't act fast.

It will be the end of the hacienda.


the community is losing hope.

What can we do, Sir Johnny?

Well, guys, don't panic.

If there's a problem with the water,

then we'll drink softdrinks.

The plants and animals
can't have soft drinks.

Why is that?

High in sugar.

Sir Johnny,

maybe we could talk with
the veterinarian.

Enrico is texting me now.

Someone is waiting for me at home.

I'll talk to the veterinarian first.



where can I find this doctor?

Did you see the gate
we went through earlier?


Because I didn't.

Just ask Isabel.

Just go back through
the same gate you got in.


Then turn left, go straight.
You will find the doctor.

Alright, thank you.

I'll go ahead.

Sir Johnny, I'll stay behind.

I want to learn about
the ongoings in this farm.



Alright then. Let's go.

Hi, Doc.

Who are you?

I was sent by Sir Johnny,
Don Roberto's son.

Oh, yes. I did hear about him being back.

Tell him we have a big problem on our hands.

What problem?

Well, we don't have an exact diagnosis
as to why the cows are getting sick.

Okay, I'll tel him.

What's that you're doing?
Are you trying to cure the cows?


This is called artificial insemination.

Sorry, Doc, what's artificial insemination?

How do I say this...

artificial Insemination
is when you take the male sperm cell

and put it into
the female's reproductive tract.

Why do we need to do that?

So the female cows can get pregnant
without needing penetration.

And what is 'penetration'?


I'll just demonstrate it to you.

Let's go to the quarters.

Why did you stay behind?

No reason.

I want to learn about what you do here.

I knew you were interested in me
the first time we saw each other.

Wow, you're so conceited.

Do you mean,

if I get naked in front of you,

you'll do nothing?

I will have to think hard about that.

Let's just cross the bridge when we…

when we are there.


What are we supposed to do here?
This is a room.

I told you,

I'm going to demonstrate.

Yes, you did say you would.

- Sir Johnny! Sam!
- Hi!

This is Mr. Flores' lawyer,
Attorney Saguit. And Selina,

her secretary.

This is Sam, and this is Johnny.


I hope you excuse us, attorney.
We had to drop off engineer at her house.

That's okay. The food here is delicious.

Please sit down.

No need. Sam can sit down.

Not here. Over there.

In front of you.

There. Okay.


What can I do for you?

We were sent by Mr. Flores
to strike a deal with you.

What kind of deal?

Your land value is falling.


if you sell it to our company,

we will pay you double its worth.

We'll make it...

one hundred million pesos!


One hundred million pesos?

Why not? When?

Johnny, think for a second.

You're deciding too fast.

Not fast enough. Let me see.


Here are the documents. Look them over
and call us once you've decided.


Thank you.

Let's go, Selina.

- Attorney, let me finish this first.
- Let's go!

I'll take this.

Attorney, wait!



Sir Johnny,

you gave in too fast to that.

It seems that way
when you were raised in Manila.


if you sell the hacienda,

what will happen to the people who depend
on it for their livelihood?

Hacienda? What hacienda?

This is the hacienda you are giving away.

We thought you were here to help us
with our problem.

That's the reason I am selling
the hacienda.

When we've sold the hacienda,
we've sold the land, we've sold the problem.


don't worry, I am a gentleman.

I'll take responsibility for this.

I will marry you.

Marry me?

What if my husband gets angry?


Go home.

How dare you. How could you do that to me?

What have you done?

He was going to sell the hacienda
without telling me.

Why would you do that?

One hundred million pesos
is a lot of money.

One hundred million seems fair.

Hey, you two,

you must be forgetting that I am still
the real son of Don Roberto.

Sorry, we just got tempted by wads of cash.


But I'm not selling it anymore.
Okay? Period.


I understand where you're coming from.

It's good we're on the same page.

Speaking of same page,

how are you and Sam?

Are things starting
to work out between you?

A little.

Is that okay?

Of course.

Just promise me, you won't hurt her.

I won't.

If you must know,

around the time I was in high school,

our parents made arrangements

that made it so that Sam and I
would get married in the end.

How did that happen?

You're way older than Sam.

This is how it happened. Listen up.

When I was young...

I thought about your future.

So I made arrangements
for you to be married

to my bestfriend Ramon's child.


I haven't even seen your friend's child.

You'll see her on your wedding day.
Don't worry.


your friend just got married.

So what?

When they get married,

they'll have their honeymoon,

then they'll have a kid.

There you go.


what about what I want?

You will follow what I say, understood?

What if they have a son?

Even so.


They already chose a name


It's a pretty name, right? Like Sam Pinto.

What if it was Sam Milby?

Sam Concepcion?



You follow me.

You make your choice.

You marry her
or I kick you out of my house.


I don't think I'm up for it.

I might be forced to run away.

You have a pretty interesting story.

Did you enjoy it?

Hey, pull yourself together!

I remember my younger days...

I applied for a clerk job in the office.

I got in.

But I got fired soon after.

What? Why?

Because I followed my boss' advice.

How could that happen?

Like this.

Sir, I'd like to ask for permission.

For what?

I might miss work tomorrow.

My joints are aching
and I feel like a fever coming down.

Do you know that when I feel that way,

I immediately run to my wife.

Then I cuddle with her

until we make love.

All my illnesses
pretty much melt away after that.

I would feel weightless.



Good morning, boss!

Please sign these.

I thought you weren't coming to work.

I'm feeling much better.

Did you follow my advice?

Now what can you say?

You have a nice house, boss.

Especially your room,

with the mirror on the ceiling.

We could see ourselves sprawled naked
on your bed.

Son of a--

That was one hell of a story.

Johnny, where are you?

I fell.

You were moving too much.

How would I know?

Listen to my story.

They maltreated me,

pushed me around.

I will never forget what
they have done to me.

They abused me.

Would you like to apply as a house boy?

Yes, sir.

What sort of things can you do?

I can do many things. I know how to cook,
do the laundry, iron clothes.

I can clean the entire house.

I take good care of plants, too.
I'm an all-around guy.

You know,

I have three children

and I love them all.

I want you to do everything they say,

are you okay with that?

Of course, sir.

That can be worked out.

For sure.

You're hired.

Thank you, sir.

What about your commands,

will I have to do those, too?

Bathe me.

Oh, ma'am.

Maybe that's not--

You don't want to?

No, I mean. I was just getting ready.

- Here I go.
- Scrub my feet.

Put this on my back
and then give me a massage


It's on your back now.

It might fall off so I won't give you
that massage just yet.

Squeeze out the contents onto my back
and then massage me.

As you say.

Hurry up.

Right there, please, yes.

Once you're done, do the front later.

Please hook my bra strap.

Yes, ma'am.

Be quick.

Yes, ma'am.


there we go.

I'm too lazy to dress myself.
Please do it for me.

Even your blouse, ma'am?



You don't know how clothes work?

Here I go.

Zip it up.

I'm going to be late.

I'm sorry. Sorry, ma'am.

I will kill you!


The one who played you
in the flashback is too attractive.

Who played it?

Julian Trono.

Julian Trono. I'll kill him.

That's enough.

Sir Johnny,

a call for you.

Who is it?

The plant pathologist wants to talk to you.

Ah. Hello.

Sir Johnny, there is a development
on my research.

Is that so?

I'll send someone in.

Okay, sir.


I need to call Mr. Flores.

Oh, hello, Johnny!


I understand.

Making hasty decisions

is never good for business.

But I must say,

my offer is a very good deal for you.


should you ever change your mind,

feel free to call me.



I thought we've settled everything.

I thought so, too, Chairman.

Let's go back to our meeting's agenda.

I want...

the members of our community

to enjoy themselves in our casino.

And how do you suppose
we do that, Mr. Karim?

We will have tables made of leather,

games of dice,

heads and tails--

We are building a massive building

but you want small-change games?

You're right.

So I'm wrong, aren't I?

Definitely wrong, Mr. Chairman.

Here I thought I was perfect.

Stand up!

- Stand up!
- Why?

We'll just go for a walk.

This way.

Hi, Doc!

I was sent by Sir Johnny.

Alright. Should we go to the tent?

Mangoes aren't the only ones affected.

It seems it has spread to all
of the plants in the hacienda.

I think the problem is in the water.


Doc, what should I tell sir Johnny

about the possible source of the problem?

Tell Sir Johnny it's possible
that there's an organism

that cause infectious disease.

Like fungi, mycetes,

bacteria, viruses,

viroids, virus-like organisms,



nematodes, and parasitic plants.

Just bacteria in general but we
are yet to identify which one it is.

Did you get all that?

Of course. I got it.

If you must know…

I, too, have a pathologist streak like you.

Really? What do you mean?

I am used to

Let's see then.

Let's try you.



What do you need?

Did you miss me?

I was going to ask you something.

What you said yesterday
was a hypothetical question, right?

You won't really do it?


will you?


No. I was just making things clear.

What are you doing?

I'm just milking the cow.

Is that what it is?

How do you do it?

You want to learn?

- Yes!
- Come here.

There we go.

Just press between your thumb,

and the milk will come out.

Oh, that's easy.

and that scent…

is fragrant.

The milk smells nice!

Would you like coffee?

This tastes good with coffee.


I will do the milking for now.

Okay then.

Stay there, okay?


It's all gone.

There's another cow.


Should I get naked too?

Why? Are you about to poo too?

No, sir. I'll leave now
so you can concentrate.


Here's your coffee.

Did you know that when you left…

that cow over there,

she ran out of milk.

Good thing this one,
even though she's small and frail,

yields plenty of milk.
She almost filled the whole bucket.

What milk?

That's a bull, not a cow.



It's a male cow?

Miss Martha,

don’t you worry.

I am a gentleman.

I'll take responsibility
for what happened to us.

I will marry you.

You're too serious.

It's 2019.

Just because something happened between us,
we need to get married.

You are too old-fashioned.

Oh my God!


The offer is 100 million pesos.

We'll be instant millionaires
if I sign this

and sell the hacienda.

That is not your decision to make.
Because you are not Johnny.


we’ve known Johnny for a long time.

We've been doing whatever it
took to keep each other alive.

And besides, we've been helping him.


Are you saying you need
payback for helping our friend?


You cannot sell the hacienda.

Johnny will be angry with us.


I don't care who gets angry!

I will sell Father's hacienda!

You know what, do whatever you want.

Hey, Sam!

Where have you been?

I went to the church.

By yourself?

You got to the church
and came back all on your own?


I got lost for a while.

I couldn't see where I was going.

What time did you go to mass?

Around 9:00 in the morning.

What time is it?

It's already 10:00 in the evening.

You see, Johnny,

I was praying for you.

It's your birthday tomorrow, isn't it?

How did you know?

It's my birthday today.

Our birthdays succeed each other.


Happy birthday then!

Happy birthday to you!

Thank you!

We need to celebrate this!

But I already ate out.

Alright, here's what we'll do.

Do you have liquor here?

Of course!

Okay, I'll get some for you.



Johnny will get drunk!

Don't worry, daughter.

He will be yours in time.

As soon as he gets drunk,

enter his room.

So when he wakes up,

he will think something
happened between the two of you.

For sure, he will marry you.

But Mom…

I like Andy.

Can I lie beside him instead?

Are you crazy?

Sir Johnny owns the hacienda!

Okay! I'll take a shower.




Over my dead body!



Whose that for?

Well, today's my birthday, right?

And tomorrow is Sir Johnny's.

So we are going to celebrate.

But my child,

I want you and Johnny to end up together.

But first, you need to get married.

Wait just a second.

I will replace that with a better-tasting liquor.
Johnny will like it even more.

Wait there.


I'll wait until you're drunk, sir Johnny.

And see if you don't fall in love
with my scent!

Hey, enough.


This is perfect.

Today's your birthday,

it's my birthday tomorrow,

we can celebrate it in one go.

- I like that!
- Right?

Although, I am sorry.

I can't drink with you.

- That's okay!
- Just juice for me.



- Try it.
- Alright.

I selected the best from
your father's collection.

Did you really?


It's a good thing we have a lot of chips.

It's a good thing we have a lot of chips.

They go together.

Go on. Drink all of it.

I'll finish all of my drink too.

- Cheers!
- Here we go again.

I don't think it's normal for a lady

to enter a man's room.

I don't think it's normal for a lady

to enter a man's room

and close the door.

I think I'd be pretty stupid
if I passed this up.

Don't worry.

I'm a gentleman.

I will take responsibility for this.

I will marry you.

We can't do that.

Maybe if you were
the owner of the hacienda.

Oh no, what time is it?

He's probably drunk by now.



Johnny, good morning!

Good morning, who is this?

This is Mr. Flores, your friend!

Mr. Flores!

- Johnny?
- Yes?

We have prepared a grand feast for you.

I was wondering if
you would come to visit me,

so we can get to know one another.

Is that so? When?

For lunch in a while at the plaza.

The plaza?

Wait, I will check my schedule.

Hold on.

Hold on. Later today, later today…

It looks like my schedule is free.

It looks like my schedule is free.
No, wait.

Oh, nothing. Nothing.

Okay. I'm free.

Alright, let's meet.

Okay, see you my friend.

Thank you.

Was that Mr. Flores again?


What are you doing here?

Johnny, don't you remember?

Remember what?

What happened to us last night.

Something happened?

What happened?

You must have forgotten

because you were so drunk.


Yes. Didn't you and Sam
have some drinks last night?

When you got drunk,

you pulled me aside

and there was nothing I could do.


How could I get drunk?


I drank vinegar.


Can you exit the room now?

Or else, I'll scream! I'll scream.

Good girl.

Damnit. I already said--

Mr. Flores?

Hi. Hi, horsey!

I'll close it.


Wow, Black Lightning has a big house.

Hay stack!

Is that what the horses eat?

Yep, that's it.

It's pretty soft.

We can lie down.

Let's try it.


Fine, let's just sit down.


Sit beside me.


Wait, wait!


Somebody might see us.

Nobody will see us in here.

We're the only ones here.

What about Black Lightning?

What about him?

Is he the jealous type?

What are you doing?

What do you think?

You're making me nervous.

Then you know.

Wait, wait, wait!

What now?

I know what you want.

But if I give in,

what happens when I get pregnant?

Don't worry.

The Man above will handle it.

Me? Why me?

Hey! What are you doing up there?

Hey! I got here first.

I was here longer.

But that was a nice show.

Keep going.

I told you someone might see us.


that could have been my chance.

Where are you going?

I told you to turn left.

Why did you turn right?

There's something I wanted to see.

It will only take a second.


My driver has his own plans.

Can you give me a moment?

Mr. Flores.

Hey, Mayor.

You're quite popular around here.

Don't be jealous, Mayor.

You will get their votes.

I don't have plans to get into politics.

I ony have one dream in life.

And what is that?

I want this town

to be a gambling capital.

It will open up many jobs.

So nobody will be in our way, Mayor.

I think we will get along just fine.

Let's go meet him.

Let's go, boss.

Mr. Enrico!

Is that…

Sir Johnny!

Sir Johnny, this is Mr. Flores.

Mr. Flores!


Oh, yes!

Such a pleasure meeting you!

Thank you, yes, thank you!


This is Johnny.

The son of the late Don Roberto Endrinal.

Is that him?


Hi, Mayor!

Pleasure meeting you!


Did you know that the people of this town,
adored your father?

It is such a shame that he's gone.

And wonderful

that you are here now.

We'd like to welcome you.

Thank you.

Have a seat.



Don't dally, make space for Johnny.

Oh, of course.

Have a seat.

He should have the seat.

- Sit down.
- Thank you!

I want to strangle you.


Engineer June?

Johnny is here with Mr. Flores.


Looks like there's going to be a sale.

He is urging Johnny to sign.

Okay, Mr. Enrico.

See what else they're up to.

All clear!

What are you watching out for?

I noticed there weren't any people around
and it's a beautful place

I thought maybe we could continue
where we left off.

Hey, wait, wait!

Engineer June is coming!

My blue balls are hurting.

Besides, she won't be arriving in a while.

It's traffic in the mountains.

Traffic in the mountains?

Yes, come on. Just one--

Wait. Here she comes!

These guys have awful timing.


Ma'am June…

What are we going to do here?

We’ll acquire a water sample.

Oh, by the way,

Enrico called earlier.

He said Johnny went to meet with Mr. Flores?

He said a signing might happen.

Where did they say they were meeting?

At the restaurant beside the city hall.

Hey! Where are you going?

Why did he leave her?

He always leaves me behind!


Did you fetch some water?

Here it is.

What is that?

I have a proposal for him.

But he was not convinced back then.

What kind of proposal?

I want to buy out your
and for the price of--


No problem!

You agree?


It's settled, then!

We can do the signing right now?

If you have a pen, I'll sign anything!

Selina, ballpen!

Here are the documents
you need to sign, Johnny.

Don't you want to read them first?

Nevermind, Mr. Flores.

I have faith in you.

Oh no!

Sir Johnny!

It's time for your coffee.

Wait a minute.

Drinking coffee is scheduled?

Is it medicine?

The coffee will get cold.

Oh no, it spilled! I'm so sorry!

I am so stupid.

I am so stupid.

Oh, it spilled again!

Jeez, my God! Sorry!




Wipe it with your panties!
It's soaked with coffee.

Mr. Flores, don't worry.

Even though it's wet

I will sign it.

Sir Johnny!

It's time for your nap, too.

Oh, right.

It's my siesta time.

Mr. Flores, I have to go.


Come and sleep, you brute.

Who was that midget?

What is that?

It's coming from the pipes!


What's that you're carrying?

Containers. Can't you see?

What is in the container?


What did you put into the water?

Why do you have so many questions?

Do you want more?

You're a cheater.

It's supposed to be a fist fight.

I couldn't get in any punches!


I don't want to.

I said, kneel!

Alright, here.

Hey, hey, you two.

Over here. Kneel.

Go first. Hurry.


Who wants to go first?

Not her. She's my girlfriend.

Take her.

Don't, Mister!

Please not me!

I still want to have a family.

I want to have a child.

Not me, have a go at them,

they're sweethearts.
They can die together.

Hey! Drop your weapon.

Or I'll blow your brains out.

So? What are you waiting for?
You're going to get it!

Please don't!

Run! Run!

That was awful.

You were great!

Why do you have that with you?

I had flat tires.

Come, help me.

Let's go.

Don't worry, Mr. Chairman.

We will meet them tonight

and we will make sure

that they will sign.

And make sure

there won't be any food
or coffee near you, alright?

Yes, Mr. Chairman.



Somebody saw you?

What an idiot!

Here's what you'll do.

Take down the engineer first.

Scare her.

Until she pisses her panties!

Oh my.

Attorney, you need to excuse us.
We're doing some grilling.

That's okay.

I was hoping to talk to you.


Would you like some coffee?


No, thank you. No coffee, please.

Tea? Juice? Water?

No, it's okay. I am not thirsty.

Thank you.


So attorney, what can I do for you?


Boss was a bit embarrassed earlier.

Why is that?

Well, he didn't get to host you properly.

Oh, that's nothing.

That's alright.

Maybe we could carry on with what we
were discussing earlier.

Which one?

About the signing of the documents?


You were almost done.

It's like with certain friendships,

just a signature to make it all official.


I don't want to sign it anymore.


But why?

I love the people here.

I see…

But on one hand,

Attorney, I must ask you,

should the sale push through,

will you rob the people of their livelihood?

Of course not. We intend none of that at all.

Are you saying they won't lose
their source of income?

No, of course they won't.


Then I will sign.

Alright then.



Sir Johnny--


I'll help you grill, okay?

Oh, please, yes.

So we can get a move on.


It's just here. I put it in.


The ballpen, attorney?

Here it is.

Oh, wait.

Sir Johnny, I'll add more coal, okay?

Okay, please.

So it will cook faster.

For sure! You should.


Thank you.


We have the ballpen

but the contract is missing.

It was just there. I handed it to you.

It's gone.

Where could it be?

I can't see it.

Maybe you haven't showed it to me.

No, I showed it to you.

No, check again. Check again, attorney.

It's not in here.


I just need a fan.


Dinner's served.

Mr. Chairman!

Our town fiesta is in a couple of days.

The venue is secured.

The organizers have sent out invitations.

And Mayor is very happy.


just make sure

that on the day of the feast,

Johnny will sign the papers.

If we can't get to him the nice way,

we'll have to resort to drastic measures.

What do you mean?


Selina will caress
the most intimate corners

of Johnny's imagination.

And of course,

things will move on very quickly.

Is Selina up to the task?

Her brain's filled with frog puke.

Not to worry, Mr. Chairman.

I will give Johnny everything.

Anything to have him wrapped around our finger.

Are you sure you're okay?

Of course!


What happened?

It hurts.

Here, I brought some ointments.

Why, you heal people too?

Of course.


it takes a while for the veterinarian
to show up.

That's why,

I'm the one who has to tend to the horses.

Is that what you think I am?

A horse?

I didn't mean that.


alright, here.

You know what,

just listening to you earlier
made me feel better.


The pain's gone.

It's like your words have healing properties.


I'm only realizing

you're truly a woman.


What do you think you're doing?

No touch.

I wasn't pulling a fast one on you.

I was just helping you with your seatbelt.

I'm a big girl, alright?

I can handle it.

You were pulling a fast one.

What kind of things do you like?



These days,

I like eating.



You love to eat?

I like to cook.

It's gone. I've gotten stronger.


You're right.


Are you feeling better too?

You know what I think, Ms. June?

I have a hunch

that some people are behind the bad things
happening here in the hacienda.

What's their agenda?

I don't know that yet.

But what I really want to know is

how Father died.


Johnny's father,

Don Roberto.


So you're saying,

you're not convinced

it was an accident?

Onions, butter, ginger,

lime, red peppers, and green peppers.

Get the chopping board and knife.

Here's the chopping board and the knife.

And now you can take out the milkfish
from the freezer.

Here it is.

If you don't mind me asking,

is Manila really a beautiful place?

It's great in Manila.

But when I saw you,

I prefer being here.

You're playing with me.


I wasn't even playing yet.

I was just going to ask

what an elevator is.


An elevator is like a room with a door.

You go in and then it closes.

You push a button,

and it goes up where you want.

You push another button
if you want to go down.

You won't get tired.

What about an escalator?

An escalator is like a flight of stairs.

It has steps too,
but you won't take a single one.

You'll just step onto it,
and it will carry you up.

If you want to go down,

just get on another escalator
that goes down.

It saves you energy too.

What about a calculator?

I don't know.

I haven't ridden one before.

Have a seat.

No need.

I just drove you home to make sure
that you're safe.

I'll head off.

Thank you.

Hey, wait.

Ms. June?

Are you the one with Father--

Don Roberto in this photo?

Actually, Don Roberto is near
and dear to my heart.

He was the one who paid for my studies.

That's why,

if you think I don't care
about how he died,

you're wrong.

You don't have to explain.

No, you see--

That's enough.

You're not the only one
who loves their elders.

I was just going to ask

if there's anyone else in the house?

No one. Why?

Is someone there?



What are you doing here?

Put the milkfish in.

Do it carefully.

Now throw in the onions,

the ginger, and the green peppers.

Ms. June?

If it's okay with you,

do you mind if I stay with you tonight?

I'll stay right here.

If you want to rest in your own room,
that's fine too.

What are you looking at
the ceiling for?

I'm just making sure
nobody is up there this time.


Before Don Roberto died,

he told me that whatever happens,

I should carry on with the irrigation
and water filtering faciity.

I feel that...

he knew something bad
was going to happen, even then.

Who would have thought

I would end up here on my birthday.


Is it your birthday today?


Well, we should celebrate it!

It's your turn!


I'll feed you.



Here it comes.

Where are you?

You know,

when we first met,

I was so annoyed by you.


Imagine, you let me chase after
my own things!

That was awful.

I'm really sorry.

I didn't know.

What do you mean?

I didn't know.

You do know!

But it's fine now because

we're quits, right?

What quits? Why are we quits?

You think I'd forget that one time,

I was peeing and you took a peek!

Hey! I did no such thing!

How dare you!

Admit it, you enjoyed it.

How dare you say that.

Drink that.

- Hey! Wait, wait.
- No, we should drink more.

- Miss June, you've had enough.
- No, let's drinks some more, no!

- Happy Birthday!
- You've had enough.


take care of the lapel, okay?

And hide it well.

They absolutely cannot see it.


Do it right so I can hear you from here.


This is the recorder.

Record your conversation.


Copy, attorney!

Hey, Alice!

Sir Johnny, you have a visitor.

A visitor?

Who is it?


It's me, Selina.


I was out late.

I was wondering

if I could stay here for the night?

You want to stay the night.

Even if,

just for one night.


Hold on.


What do you think?

Johnny, I don't see anything bad about it.

I don't see anything good either.

I can't see anything.

I see.

Alright, come in.

Come on in.

Thank you.

Hey, watch it!

Oh no!

It's your fault, you're so annoying.

Sorry, it's just--

- See, it's wet now.
- Ms. June.

Sorry but--

You're being such a pain

Ms. June, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

Hold on!

It's so sticky!

I'm going to take it off.

- This is all your fault.
- Hold on a second!

Sir Johnny?

The guest room is ready.

Is it now?

Thank you, Alice.

Aren't you cold?


it is quite cold tonight.

I feel like

warming myself.

You do?

There we go…

Are you going to help me?

Of course.

What about…


Johnny is so easy!


I'm sorry, I got carried away.

We did it three times.

I got carried away three times.

Another round?


You wrapped me up like a burrito.

I wrapped you tight so you won't get sick.

You said you were cold.

But now, it's so hot.

Wasn't that what you wanted?

Damnit, Johnny!

You know nothing about women!

How do I put this--

Hey, where did--

What's the matter with you?

It's your fault…


Miss June! Miss June! Miss June!







What are you doing here?

Oh, because…

there's a lot of mosquitoes in my room.

I'll just stay here beside you.


Wait, wait.

Why are you getting naked?

You're getting rid of your clothes,

the mosquitoes will flock to you.

I need you, Johnny!


Am I a mosquito repellent?


What I mean is…

My body needs you.



I already love someone else.



Sam? The blind girl?


What did you see in her?


But she saw nothing in me either.


I like you.


Get dressed.

I have respect for women like you.

You should think of yourself.

Don't lower yourself like this.

You are not a toy.


Let's sleep.

I'll sleep over here.


The audio's gone.

What happened?

He's the only man

who ever respected me.


Thank you for treating me right, Johnny.

Hello? Andy?

This Attorney Agcaoili.

I can't contact Johnny,

tell him I have a lot of things to discuss.

Hello? Hello!

Hello? Hello!

This is Andy?


Sir Johnny?

Sir Johnny?

I know the truth!

He's Andy.

And I also have something to tell you.

Good morning!


What happened, you asshole!

What did you do to me?

What about you?

What did you do to me?

Damn you!

Why do I look like this?

Why am I naked?

Why was I on top of you?

I don't know.

I don't know what to tell you.

What did you do to me?

I'm sorry,

we got drunk.

Maybe that's how it is.


What "sorry"!

What do you mean that's how it is?

Marry me! Right now!


Sure, go! Go!

After all,

I really am starting to like you.

For real?

That's why I did this to you.



Did something really happen between us?


♪ You are the light ♪

♪ There's no objection in your injection ♪

♪ You are the color of my life ♪


Why are you so happy?

Why are you singing?

Because… last night,

Isabel gave me an injection.

So what did you do?

Of course, I gave her an injection too!

I was surprised, you know.

Hey, you.

Make sure you're not going
to break her heart.

No, I won't.

I'm in love with her!

What about you?
Who did you inject last night?

Tell us!


No, the truth us,

last night,

something bad happened at June's house.

A man entered my house.

He seemed to be looking for something.

Hey, Selina!

Are you choking on something?

You're choking, drink some water.

And yesterday, we discovered

that the irrigation at the hacienda

is being poisoned!

Hey, Selina!

What is happening to you?


I'm fine!

- What?
- I'll go ahead.



Leave before you throw up all over us.

What was up with her?

Whose plan was it, do you think?

I think it's none other than the person
who benefits most from this hacienda.

Mr. Flores!

You are so stupid!

You had them in your hands,
and you let them escape!

You wasted my men's efforts
to put poison in the lakes,

to kill all the plants and cows!

What if I just kill you?

Like what I did to Roberto Endrinal!

Johnny's father?


Please don't do it.

Then go back there!

Attorney, see her out.


Why are you doing the laundry there?

It's more windy in this spot, sir.

But we have a washing machine, don't we?

You can attach an electric fan to it
if you like it windy.

But sir,

you never go into the laundry room.

I like seeing you all the time.

Is that so?


Wash this also.

I'll wear it tomorrow. Alright?

It's just very important, please?


Okay, sir!

Thank you!

Gather around, everyone.

Chairman has something to say.

A good day to all of you.

Good day to you as well, Chairman.

I am happy to announce,

that my plans to improve your livelihood

are coming to fruition.

Mr. Flores,

is this about the casino
we heard you will be putting up?

So you know about it! That's it then!

We have a good livelihood here, sir.

No, you do not.

You are all going to die
with your eyes open.

Because of an unknown cause.

The crops are getting eaten
by pests and poisoned,

even the cows.

With all due respect, sir.

With all due respect, Chairman.

They already know
we have been poisoning the waters.


Are you saying Chairman is wrong?

I guess so.

Chairman, he is saying you're wrong.

They've cleaned the waters.

The cow farms and plantations
are now in good condition.

You're really rubbing it in, aren't you?

If I am right,

then Chairman really is wrong!

Chairman, he's really telling you
you're wrong!

If you are right,

I am wrong.

Yes, exactly.

Forgive me, Kordoy.

I'm only human!

I can also make mistakes!

Where are we off to?

Let's walk around over there!

Let's go! Get some rest!

Are we pushing through with
the casino or not?

Yes, we are, Chairman!

Yes, we are, Chairman!

Long live Chairman!

Long live!

It's still on, Chairman!


What are you doing here?

I thought you left.


I've fallen in love with you.


This is for you.

Wait a minute!

I'm not ready!


I need to give this to you.


That's my conversaton with Mr. Flores.

Everything you need to hear
is recorded there.



I have to ask you,

apart from this,

what else is in there?

There's two more! There's two more!

You had them in your hands,
and you let them escape!

You wasted my men's efforts

to put poison in the lakes,

to kill all the plants and cows!

What if I just kill you?

Like what I did to Roberto Endrinal!

Johnny's father?


Please don't--

So Mr. Flores truly is to blame for my-

his father.

And the pests here in the hacienda!

I think it is time they knew
the truth about you.

What truth?

Let's focus on the problem at hand.

What we need is a witness.

Someone who can give proof
of Mr. Flores' wrongdoings.

That's what we need.

Don't worry, Johnny.

There was a witness to the accident!


Go on, then.

Tell us what you saw

before the accident happened.

I was sleeping in the car.

Then what?

I didn't see anything, I was asleep!

I will slap you hard.

She's a woman.

She's a woman.

She's messing with us.


What did you see after the accident?

Nothing. I was blind by then.

I will slap her.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Nevermind him.

No, she's been pulling our legs.

We're going to ask Mayor himself.


The mayor?

What do you have in mind, June?

Whatever evidence we have against him,

we will show the mayor.


all the bad things Mr. Flores
has done need to be exposed!

Perfect timing!

The fiesta is tomorrow!

Mayor will be there.

Your sworn statement against Mr. Flores
is strong and substantial

because you are his personal secretary.

You will solidify other evidences
we'll manage to gather.

I also heard Mr. Flores' other plans!

Once you have signed the documents,

a sniper will shoot you dead.

I can't let that happen!

What does that mean?

I haven't even gotten
the 100 million yet,

why will he shoot me?

That's exactly the plan.

When he has your signature,
and you're dead,

then he doesn't have to pay anything!

Do you have an idea where
the sniper will be hiding?

I will find out.

Okay, do that.

I know someone who may be able to help us.



Good morning!

Happy fiesta to whole town of Sta. Inez!

Let's give a round of applause to our dear town!

There we go.

My name is Juan, I am a puppeteer.

I come from a family of puppeteers.

My wife is a puppeteer,

my children are puppeteers,

my mother-in-law, I just found out,
is a puppeteer, too!


how old are you?

Dear child, I am 84 years old.

I'm still young!

Is anybody interested?

Mr. Flores?

Grandma, at 84 years old,

how has life been treating you?

Well, child, at my age,

I have four illnesses!

Oh, no! Four?

That's how it is when you grow older.

You're more likely to get sick.

What's your first illness?

I forget things frequently.

The second one is,

my left knee

keeps aching.

Left knee…

That's from old age.


It's caused by old age.

That's not true!

Why not?

Why isn't my right knee hurting, then?

I have lived with it as long as the other.

Third, my hearing isn't as good
as it used to.

Your hearing isn't good?

What did you say?

It's not so good anymore.

What about your fourth illness?

I'm coughing.



Because my hearing is so bad,

I cannot hear myself coughing.

I didn't hear that.

Did you get a check-up?


- With a doctor?
- Naturally!

You think I'd go to a barangay guard?

Did they give you medicine?

Yes, they did.

Medicine to improve your hearing?

Oh, not that.

Medicine to make me cough louder.

So I can hear myself.

I can hear it much louder.


this fiesta is for you

and for the townspeople of Sta. Inez.

Mind you, Mayor.

Not only is it air-conditioned,
we also hired a catering service.


whoever is wearing a floral outfit

is our enemy.



We don't seem to have allies in here!

Let's go home.

Dude, wait a minute.

We're not backing out now.

We're here!

Why? Can you take them on?

Are you a badass?

Pick one, I'll take them down first.

Come in!


- What?
- Go ahead!

- Okay!
- Come over here.

- Sam!
- We're going here.



Not here, there's so many people.

I didn't mean that!

The sniper's there on top.

But there's a way through the back.


I'll come in through the back.

Wait, wait!

You're not allowed here!

This is for VIP.


He's Mr. Flores' guest!


Mr. Flores!


So nice of you to come!


29 Degrees Celsius!

Wind velocity?

0.19 Northwest.


Oh no!



What do you mean?

But it's so bright!

Wait a minute.

Were you invited too?

We need to talk to the mayor!



I know her!

Engineer June Olpindo.

Mayor, there's something you need to know
about Mr. Flores.

About Mr. Flores?

What is it?

Mr. Flores is the suspect

for the poisoning of the entire hacienda.

And Mr. Flores is also

a suspect for the death of Don Roberto.

You have proof?


And I am an eye witness.


You need to stop the signature signing.

Why will I do that?

Mr. Flores is a good friend of mine.


Attorney Saguit!

Hold this for a second.

That's our evidence,

against Mr. Flores.

Give me that!

Thank you.

Are you ready to sign the deed of sale?

You mean the documents?

I'll sign them righ tnow!

Attorney, the deed of sale!

Come on!

Here we are.



You have no right to sign that.

You're a traitor!


Who does this midget think he is

to get in the way of Don Roberto's son?

He is not the real son of Don Roberto!

Who, you?

Not exactly.

Then who?


I am the real son of Don Roberto.

Death comes easy to someone
who speaks like that.

Hey, ugly!

Is this true?

Yes, Grandpa.

I'm just Johnny's posse.

Not one hoe-faced punk who insults me
has ever survived.

Hey! Russel, please don't!

Let's go!

We need to bring Selina to the hospital!


Hurry up!


So you're the real son
of Roberto Endrinal?




You're amazing, Don!



It went through!

I got shot!

I'm going to die!

No, you're not!

I don't want to die! I'm still young!

They're running away!

Let's run after them!

He's carrying the evidence!

We need to get it back!

So come with us or I'll frame you!

I'm going to die!

No, you are not going to die.

Bring me to the hospital.

It hurts!


It hurts!

Is that so?

You're going to frame me?


Please stop!

I'm with you! I'm with you!

I'll be your lawyer!

Let's go!

In here!

I think I'm going to die.

Get in the car!

Over there!

What do you mean get in the car?
This is my car.

Don't cause trouble.

There's a monster!

A monster!

You drive!

You drive,
you're in front of the wheel already.

But aren't you the driver?

You're more familiar with the place!

I'm a slow driver!

Just drive! You drive!

This is an emergency!

You drive, come on.

No, you!

You should just drive!

I'll drive!

You're taking so long! You're so noisy!


Let's go!

Come on then!

Okay, come on!

I'm coming.


Is there a problem here?

The criminals are running away!

Run after them!

Let's go!

Our driver is blind!

- Why did you let her drive?
- I don't know.

Have faith!

Where are you taking me?

You must be kidnappers!

Watch your mouth!

Stop it!

They are on to us. It's the police!

You are criminals!

No! I don't want to come with you!

I am getting off.

I'm getting off the car.

Hurry up!

- Yes, sir!
- Mayor,

we have to talk about something important.

Quickly, they're getting away!

Where are we?

Go straight!

Turn left! Turn left!

Turn right! Turn right!

Pull over!

Pull over?

Where are we going?

We are bringing Dondon to the hospital!


The hospital?

Which way is it?

Here to the right.

You missed it. Turn around.


I have no issue with regards
to being taken hostage.


Eagle 2, Eagle 2.

This is Eagle 1.

Go ahead, Eagle 1.

We're going after a gray SUV.

It's driving towards your location.

Please intercept it!

Okay, sir, copy!

Hey, where to now?



There it is! Overtake it!


Did I run over something?

No, nothing.

Nothing, nothing.



Ow! That hurts!

…a memorandum of agreement.

Ram against it!

- I'll handle it.
- Ram it!

Thank you.


This is the hospital!


Pull over!

I am going to die!

What is wrong with you?

I am going to die!

I got shot!


I'm dying!

You're not going to die!

Shut up!

Help! Help!

Someone, help over here!

There we go.

Go on, sit down.

Sit down!

I'll leave my share to you, alright?

Okay, fine.

There they are!
Take good care of Isabel.

I'll take care of her.


You do it!

Catch those criminals!

Nobody move!

What are you waiting for?

Handcuff them!

Put your guns down! Put your guns down!

Wait a minute!

What is happening here?

I'm the mayor here.

And I am the governor.

We know,

Mr. Flores is your accomplice.

Arrest that Mayor!

Now, hold up, Governor!

Mr. Flores is lying.

You're saying I'm wrong?

I am wrong?


I don't mean it that way, Gov.

I was just explaining…

So, you see,

it's pretty clear to all of us.

Go on!

Arrest him.

Come with us.

This is Mr. Flores' lawyer.

- Come with us.
- You're all talk and no game, Mayor!

Governor! Thank you!

You were such a big help.


we have been watching Mr. Flores
for a while now.

Thanks for your help, too.

Now everything makes sense.

We are grateful, Gov.


Everything's okay.

How is Selina?

Why? What happened?

She's gone.

Hon, let's go swimming!

Let go of me! It's so hot!

That's why we're going for a dip!

But why?

We'll forever be the caretakers
of that hacienda!

You really are good for nothing!

Don't be like that, Hon.

Let go of me.

Come on, let's just go
and get something to eat.

Let's go, Mom.

- Sir Johnny!
- Hello!

Grab a bite, come on in!

Here, we prepared something for you.

- Wow! Thank you!
- That looks delicious!

But before you dig in,

I wanted to tell you something.

What is it, sir?

Well, Mr. Enrico,

since you've spent most of your life

in honest service of my father

and of this whole hacienda,

I want to give you something
to show how much

we appreciate your service.

Please accept this.

No, I'm just kidding.

The house at the hacienda?

It's all yours.

It's ours?

The mansion is ours!

What do you mean the mansion is ours?

Now you're all clingy.

No, I was just thinking about Alice's future.

Thank you very much.

Thank you!

Stay quiet about what happened, alright?

What did he say?

He said you're welcome.

We have a mansion!

We have a mansion, Mommy!

Thank you, Sir Johnny!

- Alright.
- Thank you so much.


Let's go swimming!

We have a house!


Let's eat!


Man! Don't surprise me like that.

You know what happens when I'm surprised.

And what is that?

Want a part 2?

Oh, please!

Come on, let's eat.

Wow, looks delicious!

What's this?



What is it?

Do you have a problem?

It's your fault.

What did I do?

It took you a long time to tell me
you really are Johnny.

That's fine, we're quits now.

What do you mean?

What did I ever do to you?

I only just found out
you were a real woman.

Can you prove it?

You really are trying me, aren't you?

Nothing special.

Just joking.

Let's just eat.

It's Sam!



Why didn’t you do it?

Do what?

Embrace me.

How did you know?


she can see now.

Before Selina died,

her last wish
was to donate her eyes to Sam.

I will leave you to talk, okay?

So now you know how I look like.

Being this attractive is in our blood.

That's a shame.


It went straight to your blood,

not on your face.


I still love you!

I knew it!