The Three of Us (2015) - full transcript

[somber strings and guitar music playing]

[sporadic laughter]

Wait, can you say that again?
I can’t hear you.

And have you heard from him,
any better?

Ok… yeah. Don’t worry.

Yeah, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
Love you.


Pardon? Pardon? Sorry for being
loud whilst you were on the phone.

Sorry for being loud whilst
you were on the phone.

Oh… it’s ok.

See you inside!

[rhythmic guitar continues playing]

She walked in hand and continued
on the same street light.

“I left my gloves”,
she finally confesses.

“I’m not going back”, I said.

Anybody else?

This is my poem, it’s called...

‘Rage in Minor B, '

'my fight with the Undemented'.

[background chatter]

Sorry Nathan, I’ve gotta go.

No, there’s still so much
drinking to be done-

I drove so I can’t really
have any more.

Thanks, it’s been great though.


Where are you going?


What direction are you driving?

Oh, erh... east.

Yeah, me too. I’m–

Do you mind if I grab a lift?

No that’s fine,
but I’m going now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, me too.

I’m just gonna
finish this drink.

Do you mind, or…

No, that’s fine, yeah.

Do you want me to plate yours?

Plate, you mean plaite?

Plate, plait…


Probably not the best moment.

Pull over then!

[rhythmic guitar playing continues]

[wind rushing in tunnel]

[music fades out]

You know I don’t have to leave you here,
I can take you home.

What’s your number?

We can hang out again
if you want.

Thanks for the lift.

I’ll let you know if I go out.





[slow, somber music with humming vocals]

[speaking French]
Donne-moi de l'eau.

[speaking French] Au revoir!

[speaking French]
Au revoir, Charlie.

[somber music fades out]

[door screeching]

[bottles clinking]

[car door shuts]

[muffled voice on radio]

[door opens]

[door shuts]

[birds chirping]

[speaking French] Excusez-moi,

[speaking French]
C'est une propriétée privée içi.

[speaking French] Tu comprends?

I don't speak French.

You can't be here.

Do you understand?

Where can I be then?

You live here?

My dad–

My family…

I'm just...

Looking after it.


It’s fine.


What’s the name of this town?


Saint-Léger-en… Rahgie…

That last word didn’t even–

Wasn’t even close.


Yap. Pretty good.

En Charnie…

Yeah, without the
neck, but yeah.

En Charnie.

I’m really bad at French.


[chatter, glasses clinking,
music on radio]

So where are you
staying tonight?

I don’t know.

Let’s walk.


[car boot closing]

Yeah, that way.

Oh god!


I could have done without
that, you know.

Oh, sorry!

[Mia laughing]

Who’s home?

It’s my home.

No, who is home?

Oh. Nobody.

[glass clinking]

What do you think?

I have to see it all first.

I’ll show you where
you can sleep.


[door shuts]

[birds chirping]




[slow guitar playing]


Do you want to sit on the back?


Someone’s heavy.

I hate this bike.

You’ve been on it
like three seconds.


Get off the bike.


I’m leaving your jacket.


I’m leaving it.

[music becoming more intense]

[church bells ringing]

Oh shit!

I’ll ask the bar if they
can hang on to it.

[slow guitar and electronic music]

What are you doing in Vaiges?

You’re such a pisshead.

I told you last night.

If you can’t be bothered
to listen, then…

Or you could just
make something up.


I came here with someone.

Then they dumped me.

I’ve been trying to hitchhike
back to Paris since.

How come you’re struggling?

With all of… that.

I wasn’t struggling for offers.


Ones that were worth taking.

What do you wanna do tonight?

I’ve bought a lot of wine.



You’re relentless.

Nothing else to do.

There’s plenty left to do.


What did you do before?

You really don’t do
anything, do you.

What would you do?

I don’t live in a
fuck off house, do I?

What did you do back home?

I sing mostly.

And I...

I wrote my songs.

Singer, songwriter.



I play some guitar.

But I’m the lead singer
in the band.

Do you play?




It’s easy.

If you say so.

Sing something!



Fuck off.


[music fades out]

In Rwanda, all the Doctors
Without Borders claimed

that the intervention
was a necessity.

But in Sudan,

all the various
aid organizations

were thanked by the
ICC for helping-

Ok hang on, so wait,
you’re saying, ok,

that you’re doing your
humanitarian work,

you’re going into prisons,
helping POWs,

you witness the abuse of
people’s human rights,

and you’re not going to report it or
tell the press about it, what – because

it isn’t the result of a conflict.

Yes, but they would argue that you’d
jeopardise your aid organization’s work

in that country,
and probably other countries.

But no, hang on, how can you walk away, in
that country, and probably other countries.

But no, hang on, how can you walk away,

how can you just ignore screams of torture But no, hang on, how
can you walk away, how can you just ignore screams of torture

and be able to help other people?

I know.

I’m just saying what the
opposition would say.


Sorry, I forget that we’re
on the same team.


I tried calling!


Shall we…


Just this way.

Just you and mom here?


Fucking hell.

Who’s that?

That’s my fiancé, Charlie.

You’re engaged?


You’re old.

What are you doing tomorrow?


All day?

Sit there.

Ok, we mainly do weddings, so...

Don’t expect too much.

Hold on Sam, just
putting the cymbal on.

Wait one second.

Just do one with you and me.

Can you sing?

[Mia singing Sale of Sorrow
by Samuel Ford]

[Mia singing] Forty-three

[Mia singing] times I lied.

I can’t entertain you all day.

Well I might not be staying here all day.

Well then you better make the most of it.

[Mia singing] Crying eyes,

Ok, we’ll do something really easy.

Shall we do B minor, A, E minor?

It’s really heavy.
Shall we do B minor, A, E minor?

Shall we do B minor, A, E minor?

Ok, so you need–

We need three notes, right?

So put your first finger there.

That’s it.


Yeah, and then the
next note is here,

so that’s an A, so move your finger down.

Aah, so I just move it up?

Oh I just do one.

Yeah just one, open.

[Mia singing] Stop breaking me,

[Mia singing] save my soul.

So if you take your
finger off completely-


[Mia singing] So take it slow,
this sale of sorrow

[Mia singing] as the world we know
turns pale and hollow,

[Mia singing] what do we do now,

[Mia singing] where do we go now?

[Mia singing] Where do we go now?

[Mia singing] Where do we go now?

[Mia singing] Where do we go now?

[Mia singing] Where do we go now?

[Mia singing] Where do we go now?

[Mia singing] Take it slow,
this sale of sorrow...

Did you enjoy your big break?


My back, like, aches!


Heavy, the bass.

I wouldn’t know.

Looks good.


[door closes]

Oh my, smells good.

Mum, this is my friend, Mia.

Hi, Cynthia.


Is Charlie coming?

No, he thinks he might
have to go back,

he says his dad’s worse.

Oh dear.

Mia– It’s Mia, right?


Would you like a drink?

Yeah, do you want me to
go out and get some wine, or…


Courtesy of work.

God I stink of grease
from that place.

Ella. Ella.

So he said “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind”,
I figured I’d give it a go.

See if I could use some of
my old, old contacts.

So now you’re managing him?


Do you like him?

What do I know.

Could be fun.

[quiet song on CD player]



Mainly bar work at the moment.

No Mia’s in a band
and they’re really good!

Yeah well. You sold your opinion
on music when you said

“what do I know”.

Well Mia, when I make it
as a music manager,

I’ll sign you to my label.


Only cause you are.

[suspenseful electronic hum]

Close the window.

Do you find yourself
worrying about men, Mia?


I think I should give up
worrying about them.

Ella, you found Charlie and
everything you need.

Security, money, family.
It’s all I want for you.

It’s all I ever wanted.

He’s– Charlie, he’s just so…

You know Mia, you
know what I mean.

You should share the responsibility
to look after yourself with someone else.

Which is what I
should have done.

But Mia, you’re free.

You can do what you want.
Ella, me, we can’t.

You don’t have the consequences.

You don’t have the weight of
consequences following you around.

That’s freedom!

Mum… go to bed.

So now Charlie’s here I think my
mum thinks everything’s sorted.


His grandad left him a house.



I’m cooking for you tonight.

[door unlocks]

[slow cello music
building throughout scene]


Have you thought about it?


Which room?

In my dream…

I see you…

Walking across the gravel at night.

You look back at me.

You start to undress.

You walk off before
I can see anything.

I never get to you in time.

[footsteps disappear]



Not yet.

Do it, Mia.

Do it, Mia.

[cello music stops]

Do it now.

[voices on TV]

Do you wanna hang out today?

I gotta study today.

Maybe later?


[door slams shut]


Fuck, Charlie! Fuck!

Fucking dickhead! Fuck you!
Fucking prick!

[phone notification sounds]




[birds chirping]

That’s it. There you go.

[brass instruments
start playing to applause]

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,
graduates, and students no more.



It went well, by the way.

You go alone?

Yeah. Yeah, it was just me.

What did Charlie say?

Is he talking to you yet?

[phone notification sounds]

You slept down here?

Where have you been?

Got back late.

From where?

I got back late.

And I figured you wouldn’t mind
me staying one more night.


You don’t mind, right?

Who else is coming here?

No one.


Including you.

Including me?


Who else is here for you?

We held the service in here.

Why didn’t you say anything?

Didn’t think it was worth it.

How can you say that.

We didn’t really get on.

Left you this place though.

No. He didn’t.

It was my grandad’s.

Dad never let me forget
that it was mine to keep.

Not his.

I can see why no one
would want to leave.

Where you there, when…

Did he say anything…


[child talking, background chatter]

You could have easily have
gone to Charlie by now.

Well, he might be coming back
soon anyway, so…

Graduation’s done.

The funeral…

You missed it. And now?

Just… go to Charlie.

There’s still a chance.
How would you know?

Are you still speaking to her?

Don't… fucking ask me that.

How can you fucking ask me that.

Erh. Hi. Can we talk?

I was gonna come out, but…

Do you want…

Do you want me to come out?

[light guitar playing with humming vocals]

Taste sensation, mate!

Don’t call me mate.





You drink too much.

Good thing my hair is up.


Who are you texting?

I text no one.

You’re texting!

Come on, who’re you texting?

Who’re you texting?

[slapping sound]


This how you like it?


[phone ringing]

[door closes]


You’re the one who decided
to stay out there.

[door opens]

Thanks for cooking.

It was quick. Don’t mention it.

I think I have to go back to England.


Talk to lawyers.


Look, I’m serious. I can pay
for your flight back

but there’s a few things
I’ve got to sort out here.

I don’t think so.


I mean, I don’t want to go back.



You’re going to stay
around here?

Yeah, you… you said you
will be back, right?

Yes, but…



Fuck off!


Get the fuck off me!




Just tell me what’s going on!

I’m not an idiot.

One phone call and you
say I have to go?

It’s complicated.

Because you’re lying.

I don’t want you to go, do I?

Then why are you
making me leave?

You think I can’t work it out?

You need me to say
what you can’t.

What can’t I say?

That there’s someone else.

Let me ask you.

Why do you think she
isn’t here with you?

I don’t know, she said-

Forget what she told you.
Why do you think she isn’t here?


I said I don’t know, Mia!
She had to stay! She…

She couldn’t just stop her life because
of someone she barely knew.

Did you want her here?

I can wait here
until you tell her.

I don’t know if I can.

I can wait here until you do.

I want to be here for you.

And if you still can’t…

Maybe I can.

[Forever And by Samuel Ford starts playing]

Stale reverence hanging
round this place

Worn pickets raid the
ground saving grace

Drawn eves in the
dark still await

But they won't wait forever and

even sure grows tired

They won't be forever glad

serving beggars course

So sick of when the rain falls

Sacrosanct is the boulevard

Taut stepping in terror

They won't wait forever and

even sure grows tired

They won't be forever glad

serving beggars course

You can't be lost forever and

Wait here.

[speaking French]
Alors, la chambre est libre?

[speaking French] Oui,
mais Pierre veut que tu payes maintenant.

[speaking French]
Bien sûr, il sait que c'est moi.

[speaking French]
Ça, c'est l'argent.

[speaking French]
Tu viens quand?

[speaking French]
Ce n'est pas pour moi.

Right, it’s all arranged.

This is your plan?

Yeah, just don’t come by
the house for a few days.

[speaking French[ Bonjour.

I don't know where you are.

I don't know where you are.

I don't know where you are.

I don't know where you are.


I’ll just park up by the barn.

Do you want a hand?

Did you want a…

You’re confusing me.

[guitar starts playing]

Since you’ve arrived,
you’ve been confusing me.

No I haven't.

You’ve been quiet.

I buried my father.

You weren’t here.

There’s more.

It’s as if you’re trying
to keep quiet.

Quiet over what?

What’s happened.

To who?

You, me.


[Ella crying]

[music fades out]



Tell me why you’re crying!
What’s wrong?

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just-
I’m sorry, Charlie.

Sorry for what?

Ella, what’s– Just...

Tell me why. What-

Why are you crying?
Just calm down.

I’m sorry I never–
I never kissed you when I got here.

[Ella crying]

Tell me I’m a good person.

Tell me I’m a good person,
I need to hear you say it.

You are. You are. Shh.

I’m so sorry.
I’m sorry I left you here.

You know you are.

Do you think you could live here?

I have been thinking.

I could see it.

What else?

Me, maybe?


If you wanted.

Would you work?

What would you do?

We’ll grow bored.

If we haven’t had a family by then, we’ll
probably start thinking of having one.

That’s what happened to your dad.


What did you talk about,
that last time?


Nothing at all.

Do you want to go on the bed?

Come on top.

[suspenseful music starts]

[phone notification sound]

[gate slams shut, music ends]

[phone notification sound]

[phone text delivery sound]

What have you done
with your hair?

Does it look-


Do you mind if I
invite someone over?

Oh I thought we could…

Yeah it’s fine.

You’ll like him.

He's nice.

So how do you guys
know each other?

Oh well, ehm…
well how did you guys meet?

Well it was some…
poetry dinner party.

So like an open mic kinda thing?


And at the end I just told
Ella I was coming with her.

Hey! Where are you going?

Don’t you want to stay?


What’s-What’s going on?

Mia, this isn’t what you promised.

Just the two of us then.

I’ve been there before.

Fuck off.

Fuck you!

[slapping sound] Fuck-

Don’t do that!

[speaking Swedish]
Ut! Jävla fitta, ut!


Are you mad?
Who are you trying to impress?


Look at yourself.



It’s a night in with me,
for fuck’s sake.

What were you doing tonight?


I wasn’t sure what you wanted.

I’m sorry.

[door closes]

Get off.

Have you done it?

I can come with you.

We’re not going there.

What’s the point in waiting?

Have you even missed me?

How can you spend time
with someone like that?

How can you do that?

Am I now allowed to see
you until I tell her?




[engine starts]

Fucking gearstick!


[guitar starts playing]


You’re actually here.

I didn’t think you’d actually do it.

Figured you would just hide away.

I’m here now, for Charlie.

He told me.

You’re not sleeping together.

There’s more to us than that.



Actually knowing the other person
rather than pretending to? Do you have-

You’re hardly being honest.

To show you what it’s like!

Living in your own lie! Can’t you see
what you have, isn’t that what we-

You don’t know what
you’re talking about!

How many times do you ask him
to tell you you’re a good person?

You can’t… You can’t even tell
me what you’ve done with him.

Go on.

What are you waiting for. Say it.

Tell me.

Get off!

[music intensifies]





What do you want?

Just wait!

For what?

It’s not easy.

I can’t just say it like you.

What have I said?

No wait. Look.
I’m not sure! Mia!

You know, I don’t even know
how to look at you!

Just the way you look
at me right now!

Just the way you look at me
right now is what I want.

Get off! Go and ask him!

No I’m asking you.

Which is it, Mia, did you come
here to ruin his life or mine?

What about mine?

What about it?
What do you lose in all of this?

What do you lose, Mia?

Where have you been?

You slept with her, right?

Here, in this house in France,
with me in London.

Blame it on your dad, blame it on me not being
here, but just tell me. Somebody has to tell me!

Did you sleep with her?


Oh no...

I'm sorry.

Sorry, Ella.

No. No, Charlie!

I wanted to tell you-

You know she’s still here.

I know. But I wanted to tell you.

In the village. Oh fuck!
I know. But I wanted to tell you.

In the village. Oh fuck!


I'm sorry!

Been here a few hours now.

It's weird.

Being able to think about
everything for that long.

I never should have stayed there.

Should have...

Been here for you, not for him.

My mum isn’t talking
to me because of it.

It doesn’t mean that I should-

I forgive you.

That easily?

It’s not easy.

But I can forgive you.

Can love you like I did.

What if I can’t forgive myself, Ella?

Then I’ll help you.

Did you dad ever talk about us?

At all?

Not really.

When my mum first met you,

she called you Prince Charles.

That is disgusting.

She needs to see you.

Why don’t we go out there?

What did you say?

I said why don’t
we go out there?


Can you shut the door?

Just the way you look at me
right now is what I want.

What about all this bit?

Just sit still.

You are a bit bossy.

Do you want a plait or not?

You’re gonna watch me
cook or help cook?

Well, I can help you,
a little bit.

Is this your...


Your favourite meal?



[Ella singing] Take it slow...


Say it.





No wait.



No, you can’t do it.

It's Mia.

Tell me I’m a good person.



You don’t need me
to tell you that.

Tell me that I’m honest.

You are.

You’re beautiful, kind,


Say we can be happy.

I’ll stay if you can say that.

Get out!
Close the door, get out!

[plates smash]

It’s my dad.

I’m not sure if I should be
saying this over voicemail.

[phone rings]

We’re talking one minute,
and, and then…

Then we weren’t.

He’s gone.

He’s gone.

Do you want me to help you?

Yeah, can you take that?


Have you got your passport?



No, wait. Wait.

Tell me.

What did he last say to you?

Your dad.

We never said an honest or sincere
word to one another our entire lives.

I didn’t think he was
even capable.

Just before he passed…

He finally had to admit something.

Did you?

He said he never loved
anyone entirely.

Not my mother.

His father.

Not even me.

I’m so sorry.

He couldn't.

You made me-

I couldn’t let her carry on a lie!

Why did you have
to fuck me, huh?

Why did you make me
into something like you?

I don’t know, I came
here to make sure!

I’m so sorry, Charlie.
Charlie. Charlie, I’m so sorry.

He’d seen me with my grandad.

With Ella.

It didn’t take much, did it.

For you to forgive me.

I do.

You’re not in a position to
forgive anyone. You-

How caring I was.


You begged! You begged me to tell
you that you’re a good person!

I know!

You begged!

She is.

He didn’t understand
where I’d got it from.

Unlike him, he realized that I
was capable of showing love.

I did it for us!

No! Do not! Why?

You have destroyed our lives.

We can still be.

Why would I, with
somebody like you.

And that gave him great relief.

And happiness.



He was proud.

I wonder if he’d take
it all back now.



[music fades]