The Three Wishes (1954) - full transcript

NARRATOR: Martin the woodcutter
lived in a little hut in the forest.

He was not very happy

because Margaret, his wife,
was always grumbling and shouting at him.

Martin felt happier in the wood
with the squirrels and the birds.

Martin sat down to eat his bread

and then heard a little voice calling to him.




lt seemed to come from inside the tree.

VOlCE: Cut a hole
with your axe and let me out.

Thank you, Martin. Thank you.

lt was good of you to let me out of the tree.

You're welcome, miss.

Take this magic ring.

Wear it on your finger
and you will be granted three wishes.

Martin, what are you doing?
Why aren't you working?

Shh. l have something to tell you.

l met a fairy in the woods
and she gave me this...

-Gave you?
-...this magic ring.

She was trapped inside an oak tree
and called to me to get her out.

lt's a magic ring.

lt will grant three wishes.

What shall l wish for?

Stop, Martin, stop! This is our great chance.
We must not waste the wishes.

You must run to the school teacher
and ask him what to wish for.

Give me the ring for safety while you're gone.

l wonder what l should wish for?

Just then, a neighbour came to visit them.

His name was Casper.

And Margaret quickly told him
of their good fortune.

Sit down, Casper,
and make yourself comfortable.

l wish l had a nice plate of sausages for you.

Meanwhile, Martin was asking
the advice of the school master,

who, after deep thought,

told him to wish for eternal youth,

good health and untold riches.

Margaret was very unhappy because
she had wasted one of the wishes.

But Casper went on eating sausages.

l am to wish for eternal youth,
good health and untold riches.

Margaret! Margaret!

-l have it. l know what to wish for.
-Martin, l've used one of the wishes.

Give me the ring!

A plate of sausages!
l wish they were sticking on your nose!

Casper, clear the table.
l am going to chop them off.

CASPER: Careful, Martin. Careful.

l have it, Martin. You must use the third wish.

-Please, Martin.
-Please, Martin.

MARTlN: All right.

l wish the sausages were off your nose.

Give me back my ring.

Well, Martin,
you have wasted your three wishes.

But because your last wish was for Margaret,
l will give you my three wishes.

To each other, you will always seem
as young as you are today.

-Martin's very young.
-You're young, too, Margaret.

Good health will be yours.

And your untold riches will be
that you will never quarrel all your lives.