The Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1962) - full transcript

Three druggists travel with a Milquetoast inventor, Schuyler, and his girlfriend, Diane, to ancient Greece on a newly invented time machine. There, the evil tyrant, Odius, takes a shine to the woman and has the guys enslaved as galley rowers using the excuse of the three druggists helping a rebel leader, Ulysses, escape. The rigors of the rowing pump Schuyler up into a muscleman with strength comparable to Hercules himself, who is in the employ of Odius. The threesome get the idea of raising money by promoting Schuyler as Hercules for a series of physical contests. Using a combination of his great strength and, a judicious use of a large supply of potent tranquilizers Curly-Joe brought with him, Schuyler is a success. However, this leads to trouble when the real McCoy learns about the imposter.

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"From the beginning of the world ....."

"Every generation has created unconventional characters ..."

"Great power and bravery."

"Leif Erickson!"

"Who led his cruel people of the North to the new world ...."

"Eternal before Columbus."

"John Jean D'Arc!"

"She lived and fought for her beloved France."

"King Arthur!"

"Who inspired all the men with his kindness ...."

"His tolerance and his humility."

"George Washington!"

"Who founded a homeland and became the servant of his people."

"And yet ..... ..from all the heroes of the world."

"No one has ever reached that impressive strength."

"This champion of truth and justice."

"Of the mighty Hercules!"

"Who ..... can surprise you."

"He wouldn't have the position he wanted in history ....."

"If he hadn't been affected ... by three strange people."

"Larry, Mo and Carly Joe."

"That their original story so far ...."

"She was buried in the dust."

"And in the ruins of centuries."

"And it will be recorded for the first time ...."

"In this document."


"Our story of Hercules normally started in Ithaca."

"But not her."

"She! In the state of New York."

Listening to Subtitles TSIGGANAKI == GYFTAKI

Hey, boss, what are you doing?

I do a tonic for tired people.

I will make $ 1,000,000 and stop working for this Ralph Demzal.

Fireproof gasoline.

Fireproof gasoline!

Promotional filling. Promotional filling!

Mixture of everything. Mixture of everything!

Mo .... Mo, are you okay? Say you're fine Mo.

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

I'm fine.

What are you trying to do?

I make a super-sedative.

Reassure people that they will get Larry's hypnotic.

A super-sedative? Yes.

Is it good for headaches? Oh yes!

Here's a hyper-headache.

Earthquake .... earthquake!

No, no, it's just Skyler next door.

Yes! He plays with his invention again.

Better to go from there before the whole store dissolves.

Yes! Invented!

We will clean as much as you are missing.

Dude, what time is it? Who is

I do not know.

Maybe it's my ringing ears!

Oh, hello Mo.

Hello Skyler.

All under control now?

Oh yes, I hope my little explosion didn't upset you.

It doesn't bother me but what he does at Demzal's pharmacy ....

It's another thing again.

We won't have any more fuss if I can shorten my electromagnetic wave.

Here's why you don't cut a piece from the edge?

No, no thanks.

Oh, look!

I'm sure I did it this time, I'm sure.

Are you sure;

From day to day my time machine can be ready.

Imagine! Go back in time.

At the Crusades.

Maybe, maybe the time they were building the pyramids.

The pyramids, eh?

Oh, so Mo, I don't blame you for being skeptical .....

But think about it for a moment.

You see ... Einstein's theory says that time is not fixed.

It has variations.

Variations? Ahhhh.

Well, it's very simple, really. You see....

There is no longer a distinction between three-hour hours and space.

And I'm just working on the theory that they're related, you see?

In four-dimensional space and time continuously.


How about a little coffee? Okay.

Aaaa ... Demzal knows that ....

Do you let me eat on loan?

Well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Come on, Diana will come wherever she is.

Come on, come on Skyler. Okay.

There is a lot of promotional stuffing.

Why not try to close it? You and your tonic!

I tried to close it but ..... I will close it, so you close it!

Cut, right? I told you sharply!

How do you stop it?

Be careful!

I think I know what the error is here.

What is happening here; Nothing.

Close this thing, get rid of it.

What have you suffered ......

Hey, you ......

Special ice cream with bananas.

Hey, sorry Mo.

Oops, it doesn't matter, Kerly.

Oooo, you .....

Larry? What;

Come! What's wrong with you;

You see, huh?

My sedative pills.

Did you see that? My sedative pills work!

I caught the good one! I am successful!

You have never been successful in anything other than stupidity.

Now take a mop and a broom and clean everything.

And you helped the hedgehog ....

If the boss sees this, he will kill you both.

And if he doesn't, I'll do it myself, come on!

Thanks for the walk, Mr. Demzal.

Oh, sweetheart with Ralph.

Thanks Ralph.

Oh, wait a minute.

Wait a minute, what am I poisoning or something?

I'd rather not discuss it.


I know, this guy is Skyler, this crazy inventor.

He's not crazy, he's a good .......

What the heck......


Davis, I warned you what would happen if this crazy invention of yours ....

It did any damage to my merchandise .....

Now you will pay for all this, do you understand?

It was our fault. Yes, the machine went crazy .....

Shut up!

I said that he did it and he will clean it.

Now start and clean the bag with soft drinks.

You start and go, get out of here.

Go to the warehouse and bring other glasses.

But Mr. Demzal, I ...

Do you want to do something like this, Davis? Lift your sleeves for wood.

Is it true that you had nothing to do with it?

Oops, it doesn't matter.

It matters!

Unless you're a jerk.

Why fight for nothing? Besides, I will put the children in trouble.

This is not the cause and you know it.

Skyler, why don't you resist him?

I just didn't think it was important, nothing else.

This is the problem with you, nothing is important.

Not even me!

All you care about is this silly invention of yours.

It's not a silly invention.

And I've almost found it.

It's almost ready, honestly! Just two more days and I will have it!

Two more .... But you said that 6 months ago!

But this time I mean it, I honestly found it, only two more days.

Okay, two more days.

Then you leave the stupid machine and find a normal job .....

Or you can forget me!

For good!

I heard what he said, you better go, we will clean the place.

Oooh, but ... but Demzal ... Go, go, go.

Oh, thank you guys, I have to go get a reflective demotion.

Yes, I know I don't think we can do without one of them!

Oh, you still have a little bit left, so how do you like that?

Come on, you two come! What have you been through, come on.

Get another cup!

Should I get another cup? I'll kick you in the head.

Come to work!


Skyler? Scaler!

He has not returned yet.

How can it work with all this clutter?

There is such a shuffle!

Well, we'll clean it up.

Empty the trash can .....

Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.

Hey, go right, come on.

You mix more than anything else.

Oh, Davis, you left the figs .....

So ... did you leave so early for these children?

So oooh, we thought of cleaning his room .....

To give him more time to make his invention.

It only takes two more days to complete it.

Two days;

Well, he will never succeed based on the plans he left in the store.

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Problems; Look!

It has the anodes where the lids and the ...

The lids where the anodes should go.

Oooo, that's how it is! Yes.

And look at this transformer!

I always told you guys that Davis was a charlatan and ...

Now it proves it!

As a graduate engineer I can tell you that it would be difficult for him .....

And 3 good men to do this thing to work in 2 days.

Ha ...... two days!

What do you think?

Hmmm, it's really wired, every idiot can see it.

You must be familiar!

I mean, you heard what Demzal said.

It has the reversals ... how they say them, where the lids should be .... how they say them.

I hate seeing Skyler lose Diana .....

Because he has mixed up the .... how they say it.

Let's fix it for him.

Of course, he may not return for hours.


We will fix it.

To see if we .....

Aaa, no I don't think so.

What would you say about .... Aa Aaa I wouldn't even try that!

So, what would you say about .... No, no, don't touch that.

What would you say about .... That has .....

Oh, my friend, Skyler will be grateful for that.

The black cable goes to the blue ...

Blue goes to black ....

The ink on the blue ...

He opened the door, "squirrel bait."

Oh, "launch flour"!

Yes ... these rockets must shake Skyler .......

Back in his days, King Kivoto.

Hey, King Ciboto ..... Do you want to shake this place in the air?

Put them down. "Walk down."

Okay, okay.

Hey guys, why are you standing like this? Get me out of this trap.

Come on Kerry Joe do it fast. Yes.

Okay, calm down we'll get you out.

I know you said there was a problem with the cables, but ......

Yes, yes okay. No, no, from that point of view.

Slowly ... slowly with the tonsils, children! Wait, wait now.

Let's have a system, right? Yes.

Go to me to the right, to the right!

Slowly, with the cable, watch out for my little tooth!

Now wait, wait! My almonds.

Calm down! To see;


We arranged for you! Almost decapitate me!

What have you been through?

Come on! After all, the cables!

"After all the cables!"

Connect the cables!

Okay .... "Connect the cables, Connect the cables!"

"Connect the cables!"

He said ... "Join the cables!"

A carafe screw.

I wish I had a screwdriver here.

To see here.

Negative to positive ....

I am positive that the negative will not fit.

3 Volts .... 4 Volts say!

Okay, now listen to that.

"Now listen to that!" "Now listen to that!"

Get ready to launch.

Ready to launch. Central switch!

"Central switch open!" "Central switch open!"

You and your fireworks!

What happened;

I don't know, but whatever it was, everything started at once!

Diana, get out, this thing can explode.

Close it.

Get ready to close it to stop.

My sedative pills. Nice thought!

Success! Yes.

Oh my God!

Hold on everyone!

What are you doing to my ulcer?

What is happening here;

Coming down!

In the middle of a war.

Hercules, behind you.

Even Hercules can't help you Ontians.

Your men are down, they have been defeated.

Stop Odysseus, in Argos he has promised help from the Gods of Olympus.

You are the one who has to surrender.

Do something Skyler, we don't want to land on this carpet.

I can't seem to control it.

As Eurilikos promised ....

Gods from Olympus, help us destroy our enemies.

In the front!

Stop, go back. I order you the kingdom of Ithaca.

I ask the Gods to fight, Odysseus puts it on its feet!

The war is over ....

The men in the green skirts were scared.

These chariots ..... these old weapons.

Skyler, is it possible?


I believe that as soon as we witnessed a battle in ancient Greece.

In ancient Greece;

Of course ... this stony ground.

The hills of eastern Greece.

But this must be about ... around 900 BC.

In 900 BC?

We definitely went a long way backwards!

Our victory is complete. All of Ithaca is mine.

I ask Odius, the new king of Ithaca.

Ask! Ask! Ask!

It was the Gods who helped us win.

Honor the Gods!

Someone is coming.

Don't worry, just tell him we're American citizens!

America has not yet discovered.

Are you saying I haven't been born yet?

Christopher Columbus has not been born yet.

Come on, okay?

Strong gods of Olympus.

You visited us in this strange flying chariot.

You have scattered our enemies in the winds like leaves in the air.

Glories for your worship will be sung from every temple throughout Ithaca.


But we are not Gods from Olympus.

We are mortal like you.



You see, we are from a different time as well as from a different place.

It is rather difficult to explain.

Especially on an empty stomach.

Whoever you are and where you came from ......

You have the eternal gratitude of Odios .....

King of all Ithaca.

King of Ithaca?

And now I offer my hospitality.

My palace and all that is inside .... It's yours!

And you....

You with the ... beauty of the sunset.

That I could swear you were a Goddess ....

You will come with my chariot with me.

This Odius ......

It looks like someone we know.

He also behaves like someone we know.

I found it! With Demzal!

But that is 3,000 years before Demzal was born.

Maybe so.

But if it develops into an idiot like a wolf .....

This may be the beginning of the Demzal family.

Come on! For the palace.

What will happen to my space shuttle?

Oh yes.

The flying chariot.

We don't want anything to happen.

We will need to go home.

Yes sure.

Secure the flying chariot so it can't move.

You see, my friends, you didn't have to worry.

No living person can move these rocks .....

Only Hercules.


We had to know.

I couldn't do a better job, either.

Thanks, Hercules. Yes.

I'm glad to see you, Hercules. You look fine my friend, Hercules.

Come on.

For Ithaca and the palace for the offer of my people.

And for wine and food.

You sound good to me! I haven't eaten in 3,000 years.

Wait a minute.

Wait, wait, oh, wait, oh, wait for us.

Wait for us.


Welcome .... welcome, my friends.

Come sit with us.

Come eat and drink with us!

Hi Guys!

My friends and fellow citizens ....

Let us greet all our honored guests.

Let's be happy with their presence.

If it wasn't for them right now .....

Will we taste the bitter taste of defeat?

Instead of the fruits of victory.

Let's give our gratitude to .....

Let's give our gratitude to them .....

Strange visitors from another place .....

They come to us with this ......

They come to us with their flying chariot.

Drink my friends ... drink .... and be happy!


You know ... these old Greek things definitely have nice curves, right?

Not even these young Greek women are ugly, either.

He is right.

And now, my friends .....

A workout ....

A workout for our honored guests.

A workout!

A workout! A workout!

A workout! A workout?


Outside the palace.

Nice! Odysseus!

How gratifying!

What a beautiful combination of time!

We are truly thankful for the favor of the Gods.

What have we done? What do you mean;

History tells us that Odysseus was a great man.

A wise and just ruler.

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

We helped the wrong army and put an old man on the throne of Ithaca.

So, Odysseus?

I waited for a long time for you to see me crawling on my feet.

Odysseus does not drag anyone's feet!

And most of all to a traitor who stole his throne.

Very well, Odysseus, tomorrow I will drag you to the arena wild horses.

If by some miracle you are saved ....

I'll think of more imaginative ways for you to die, get him.

The only way to fix our huge mistake is to get it out ...

Let's clean this from the throne and give it back to Odysseus.

But we have a numerical disadvantage!

You also have a disadvantage in mind, but we have to try as hard as we can.

And the first thing that needs to be done is to liberate Odysseus.

Come on, let's go.

Skyler, you stayed here and took care of Diana and forgot about the ceramics.

Calm down Odysseus, we will get you out of here in two minutes.

But I thought they were entering with Odysseus.

How long can you sit next to a badger?

Yes, hey ...

Come on buddy .... Take it, take it.


Aaaaaaaaa, that's not sharp.

It's not, is it? No!

Give me the number 6 bastard, try to keep it now.

Come on ... now do something right, sometimes!

Yes. Ready?


Give me this thing here.

Get out of our way, here.

Share my glass with me.



Keep quiet, keep quiet!

You're doing well buddy!

So buddy Mo, click .....

Beat it .... What do you mean "so buddy Mo"?

Forward, use your arms, put strength, what have you suffered?

What did you suffer, what did I do? You hear there "so buddy Mo"!

Wait a minute.

The 16 ounces. Yes.

Ooooh, okay.

Put all your weight on it, little one.


What happened to you;

I found ....... I mean I mean .... It's stuck!

Ooooh, wait a minute. I can not do anything.

It seems fine to me.

You had to put your nose in the middle, huh?

You see, come on, come on. Okay, okay, should it be an issue?

Let's start with the other railing. Oh yes.

A very good idea.


It came down again!

I will fix this where no one will stop it.

Go ahead and let a man know how to do it.

Okay, okay throw.

Do Odysseus quickly, do it quickly.

The dungeon below.

I will always be grateful to you.

When the throne is mine again .....

Don't go for less that your full potential. Yes, come on, give it to him!

What they mean, Mr. Odysseus .....

Better to escape before they find you.

Yes, yes come on, come on.

Find a cheap blacksmith! Ooooh, he's a nice man.


In here.

Ooooooo, it's nice, good for swimming!

Hello Sweetie! How are you;

Ooooh, you have to be the new slave girl from Sisyria.

You are right, my dear. We are.

We are all slave girls.

You deserve a good snack.

Hide to avoid your jobs .....

Start working lazy creatures, go.

Please, please ....


So, get started, you know what to do.

We know;

We know!

I wish we didn't know.

Each of us would like a complete massage.

Then you will soap us while we take a bath ....

And you will dry us afterwards.

Take me first.

Start here.

I forgot the bathroom pan, somewhere.

Please, I will mention you in the union of masseurs!

Nails on the feet.

Mine have the same color as the fingernails.

Help me, I'm ready for my bath.

But it's very cold.

Oh, I want it cold. It's cold!

I said I like it cold. You will get pneumonia!

Oops, I know what I'm doing. Ooooh, no you don't know!

How is that, my dear?

It's not bad, but next time, cut your nails.

Oops, that's great!

Ooooh. thanks .......

Oooo, stupid, clumsy creature.

A man!

Unlock this door.

It's locked!

Mark high.

You are not a sheriff here.

You are not hunting here!


What does this mean;

Odysseus has escaped.

These robots freed him from his cell.

They did, what?

There is no trace of him, sir.

These men deserve death!


Death is very good for them.

I condemn them to the galleys.

Are you kidding Are we going to cook?

Stupid, we'll do a little paddle.


You will not live even 3 weeks with the slaves of the slave leader!

Skailer, can you look like a man and talk?

Tell him he can't do that.

Yes Yes.

Sorry Sorry.

Now look here .....

Guards ..... execute the convict.

Here now .... look here .... Wait a minute, wait.

And take that timidity with you.

Wait! What will happen to Diana?

Oh yes.....

You don't have to be interested in her.

We will take good care of her!

Wait, wait. Hey, I'm going to get a big lawyer!

Hey, you're ruining the night!

Come and row this boat.

Ride .... row.

Put your strength.

Ride or I will cut strips for you.

I guess we made it to the cruise!

You, there! You ruined the rhythm.

Pull this paddle.

We have been in this bucket for three months and you are getting wilder every hour.

Hey guys .... Look at Skyler .....

His muscles are growing more and more every day.

Yes, on the one hand!

If his left arm could grow ....

To look like the right will be able to put up with both of these baboons.

What did you say;

I said that this galley can go through 2 hurricanes.


I will make you strips and feed you to the dogfish.

Do you have your sedatives?

Yes why;

Give me some.

Hey, maestro!

Give me a drink, will you? No!

Nothing else for him.

Lazy female mules.

You had every sip you would spend for today.

Yes, but we were thirsty, aren't we, guys?

Yes Yes! Quiet, quiet here!

Quietly, there is no water until nightfall, now you are pulling a paddle.

Now you are pulling a paddle.


What happened; Speak!

The key, guys unlock the chains!

Give me this sledgehammer.

Back to Ithaca! Yes Yes Yes!

You pulled a paddle!

Put all your strength!

Fasting seats ......

I will make you small pieces and throw you in ......

In the fish! Ride, pull a paddle!

You there ... You ruin the rhythm, be careful.

You pulled a paddle!

Hey, Mo has a very good rhythm, huh? Yes.

Pull a paddle, there! Sit down.

Put a little force, pull the paddles. Save the box with the shit.

Skyler ....

Get the chains out of the types we may need to swim.

Hey, Mo enters the water from the right.

Is it coming in

He's coming in, you idiot.

Oooh, I'm sorry Mo. I am sorry.

Yes, I bet you are.


Wait here.

It's too late!

Take this tap and plug it in. Yes.

And he plugged it in safely, thick-headed.

I thought you would never come back!

He said safely.

Stop trumpeting.

Leave the ship!

Swim to be saved!

It breaks into pieces.

I hope the others did it too.


I wonder where we are. Maybe this sign tells us.

Da .... Sill ... Pid .... Idis ..... Par ... Ge ..... Jir ....

You know......

I will hit the first one who will tell me that they are incomprehensible.

Well, they are incomprehensible to him. Yes.

Get out of here.

One person. Yes, come on.

My God ..... Have you been shipwrecked?

No, we always take a bath with our clothes, so we do our laundry.

Hey, would you mind telling us where we are?

Yes, how far is Ithaca?

Well, here is the island of Rhodes and Ithaca is 1200 miles east.

Can you tell us where we will find the nearest port?

Well, it's a 3 day walk from here.

In which direction?

Well, you have to go through Roufichtra Street ......

Turn left on the stream ....

Then cross the deep ravine until ... na..mbrrlrrll .......

You ..... Better to go from here!

Now ... Follow the shore.

Cross the dunes and then return south to the rocks.

And then if you stay ..... not the other ..... no you can't .... no ...

The mountain road!

That's it, the mountain. Yes!

Now .... Cross the forest with the fir trees .....

Until .... you won't see any more, you'll see a gate, but ....

Don't go in, it's nothing, it's something old that was left there ...

You just keep going and you will .... maybe if ... no .....

You know, if I were you, I wouldn't start here.

Don't you tell me? Why didn't you follow me?

I'm going there to sell my flock!

Only I will cut a path!


Fruit, 8.

Astragalos, 9.

Fruit, 7 and 3/4.

Astragalos, 8 and 3/4.

Sorry, general.

Is this ship going to Ithaca?

Very likely.

This is the ship of King Theseus of Rhodes ....

Preparing to leave for a leisure cruise.

A leisure cruise! Oh my God, eat, wine, dancers!

And we always stopped in Ithaca to get new supplies.

Oooh, my God, this is for us.

Tell me, Colonel .....

Are 4 experienced sailors useful to you?

I don't see why not.

Well .... Giakas, 16 and 1/2. Long sleeves 31 and 1/4.

Head size, 6 and 7/8. Thanks.

Fruit, 8 and 1/4. Oh, that's for the cufflinks.

For your chains.



I'm glad to have you back.

We don't want to go back.

Ride, lazy camphor.

I wonder what it takes for this drummer to change his melodies.

If they put a banjo with him, it would be a duet that I would tolerate.

You will not live even 5 minutes if you do not clog it.

Row, you bastards.

Now, at least we're on the other side of the ship.

Opportunities for Skyler to strengthen his left side.

Look at this arm!

Yes, it's like a volcano erupting.

Ride, come now. Ride.

Look at these shoulders, now!

Yes, that covers muscle issues.

Now we have to work on the mental apartment.

What you need .......

It is self-confidence, initiative and ..... referendum.

Yes him......

Ride, miserable sick people.

Ride! He pulls you all to the right.

Now, paddle. He is turning the ship!

Oops, let's go round and round.

That should have been a leisure cruise and I'm dying ...

I am the king of Rhodes.

Oooh, here you are.

What is the reason ..... I mean why are we whining like a whirlwind?

You have a drunk steering wheel I bet.

He is not the helmsman, sir, but the strong rower on the right.

All my other slaves together cannot keep the ship afloat.

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Oooh, my God, that's really it ....

A man;

It has a power of 20 men!

20 men? Don't tell me!

Strong as 20 men and ....

The ship goes on one side and my head on the other.

Will you sit still now? Oooh I understood everything now, you insisted!

This is rebellion! No sir, I'm protesting.

Okay, okay, stop the ship.

Bring me these 20 men, I mean ... the strongest man as many as 20 men.

Yes Sir. Immediately sir.

That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

He means him. The king knows this, big head!

Oh my God, don't tell me! He really looks strong!

You haven't seen anything yet, great.

There! Make a body, for the king.

Hey, look at him!

It is in better shape, than Hercules. Hercules?

Did you say Hercules?

Here in my gallery the strongest man in the whole world?

The Gods sent me Hercules ....

The only living man who can save my kingdom.

You have fallen out a little, kings. Is not.......

What this bastard idiot means, you are great ....

It is that Hercules from here is a victim of occasional circumstances.

That's right, kings, that's all there is to it

You ... Really unbelievable.

My lord, these men have been condemned by King Odius.

Were they convicted?

I never heard that ....

Hercules, do something for me and I will see that you will get your freedom.

Will my friends be released too? And of course, they will be released.

We have royal agreements! What do you have in mind;

There is a free terrace on the island of Rhodes.

Undoubtedly you were told that I am the king of Rhodes?

Yeah right....

And this monster is called Siamese Cyclops.

Oooh, it's a terrible thing on the face!

His two heads, a big look at the center from each front .....

I don't know how he manages.

Now, what I want you to do is get rid of the Cyclops for me.

Oooh, say that he became king! The child does this job.

Now what do you say you set us free? Now;

Before we get rid of it .... Of course, we will not escape.

Of course you will not escape .....

My soldiers will circle the whole island.

Go ahead, take out the chains.

Be quick.

Come on, take off those wings, iron heads.

Get a job there, brazara!

Hey, get to work! This is the king, isn't it?

Of course I am!

Get active. Hey, get active!

Okay, instead of losing.

Lift that foot up here.

Well done, little one.

Here you go. How about the other leg?

Come on.

I don't see a trace of him.

Let's cancel it, maybe it's not the period for Cyclops hunting.


There is no one around here except us, what are you afraid of?

Maybe it's better to separate and detect around, like in the army.

Good idea, I'll go ahead.

I will take the right side. I will take the left side.

I will take a sedative!

Come here!

You went up on the rocks and noticed ....

And if you see anything Cyclops you know what steps to take.

Yes, quick steps! You're gone.

Come on, let's spread out.

So what is there to notice?

Peacefully like a tomb.

Oooo, what did I say!

Hey "dude" buddy, you better watch out for this cold.

Oooooooooo .... Mo!

Mo ....



Shut up!

If we want a singer, we will shout about Per Komos.

What do you care?

Maybe these dumb twins.

Aaaa ..... Heaven-Cyclops.

Oh my God!

Entice them!

Hey, ugly .....

Even though you have two heads, you only have half a mind.

Your father has two mustaches.

Neurotic, eh? I will arrange this myself.

We are trapped.

Come on, Skyler.

I succeeded him, I succeeded him, I succeeded him!

Fine, it works!

Come on, Skyler, get up, we have a lot of noise, you know, aaaaaa ....

Hey, stop this, leave it with a double-headed mop.

Foolish idiot! I can't, he doesn't open his mouth.

The pills, the whole bottle.

Leave me with you! I will take your eyes off you.

"Swing trouble Cyclops close your red eye ..."

"Go for a dwarf Cyclops the nap is nice ..."

"When the pill works, the creature will fall ..."

"And down with the Cyclops" "Two heads and everything."

Hey, we have to make Skyler think he did it.

We will build the apartment of his conviction.


Hey, bring this bat.

Come on, little one! Come on, you're fine.

You have him on the ropes, little one!

Now all you need to do is go a little further.

Come on guys, here we are.

Come on, chase him, little one!

Okay. Throw them away.

Well done Skyler, finish it.

You can do it, you can. Finish him.

Tree treeooooooooo .....

Did I make it? And of course you did, Skyler.

You proved that you are a real Hercules.

And now if Diana will like you!

Dude, you're great!

Well, you conquered the whole Cyclops and captured it.

Oh my God, I don't know that ... such a big monster ... but you are Hercules!

Well, king, old man, if you're done with us, we'll leave for Ithaca.

Oooh, wait.

We have another job before you leave.

Oooh, I'll pay you this time under the table!

It's good as gold.

So ..... what do you have in mind, kings?

Oh, the problem with Taurus. Do you have a Cretan Taurus?

Because ... but the island of Crete was torn apart.

And now he is breaking out of Rhodes.

Oooh, a terrible monster!

But ... he digs the ground with his hooves like ....

Like a demon!

Now, if you defeat Taurus as you did with the Cyclops .....

I will pay you 1,000 talents ... in gold!

How do we go with sedatives?

We still have enough.

But we will do to Taurus what we did in the Cyclops.


Kings, we agree.


We can't do it, we have to go back to Diana.

I know this is small, but some jobs still like this ....

And they won't have to hire slaves in the galleys.

We can buy our own galleys.

And back in style.

We will get it!

I will take it ... oh, wonderful, wonderful! Fame, fame, fame!

If you ask me, Theseus dissolves.






You were in a hurry, you were in a hurry, you were in a hurry. Both are invincible!

See Hercules fighting the one and only Hydra.

Incorrectly awful awful heads.

You were in a hurry, you were in a hurry, you were in a hurry.

Come in and get your schedule here, right here, thanks.

Programs, in fact, gentlemen, that's it, programs, friends.

You cannot separate one head from another without a program.

Programs here.

Programs .....

You're in great shape, Skyler.

Skyler, Skyler look! They are all for sale.

Now you have enough money to get a new model of used Galaxy Ford.

Guess again! We are coming for you!

We will start as soon as the race is over.

Well done, this championship is the old certainty.

Hey, the audience started to get impatient in there.

It's time to start, 2 and 15 '. Go, yes.

Hey, what happened to the pills?

Aaaa ... I calmed down Hydra. It took 9 pills.

One for each head! Yes.

Hi Guys. Hello. Hello.

My partner Freddie is the thief

I am Achilles the healer.

Do you guys have a license? No.

No; This is sad!

We are tax collectors you see.

We get a share from all the sports that are done and from the dog fights.

From what I understand, you are fighting your boy all over the Peloponnese ......

Without giving us a share.

Now you shouldn't all be doing this!

Now we have no choice but to give you a fine.

What ..... what ..... what kind of fine?

100% of today's revenue.

Ooooh ... aaa ... oooh ...... It's impossible!

I hope you guys see it this way.

Hey, Duke!

You can't get our money now.

Thanks, gentlemen!

Oooh, forgive me.

Well, that's what Hydra did.

Now when do we leave for .... for ...

What happens;

Skyler we have bad news.


We wouldn't have lost all our money if you had taken leave.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Now we have to start all over again.


Skyler, you think you can handle it, you're .....

He is strong! Can you strengthen your arms?



Come on Skyler, old man. Come come.

How did you like this Orneo? He beat you 2 times in a row!



Don't bother with the small things, just count the thick ones.

How are we?

Look at Skyler for the next 3 weeks.

The wild horses of Diomedes .....

The nine children of Octavius ​​...

And then Cerberus! This beast can be difficult.

Don't we have enough now to return to Ithaca?

Oops, it won't be for long now, we're fine!

We have a race here in Delphi with three times the money.

Hi Guys! Hello.

Now wait, we need this money to go back to Ithaca.

No, there is no money to make in Ithaca.

There is nothing there except the king's wedding.

Wait for me. What king?

Odius, who else?

And this doll that says it fell from the sky.

Diana! We have to go back to Ithaca.

Hey, you're not going anywhere.

Guys do you have a license?

Aaaa, don't start this again, we didn't cancel it anymore.

I hope you see it this way.

They see it.

Okay, Skyler, give me the money.

"I hope you see it that way." "They see it."

Skyler, take the money.

Back to Ithaca! Ithaca, we are coming to you.


Dear, my dear!

You will be fascinating at our wedding party.

I wonder if you know how much I look forward to this day.


Aaa, Hercules! You see, he can't resist anymore.

The spell does its job well!

Look what they brought me from Delphi!

See where he has the audacity to disguise himself as ... the great Hercules.

These bastards that I condemned to the galleys.


He doesn't look like the sluggard I threw on the floor.

I will find him and smooth him with my bare hands.

Not now, Hercules.

I need you here with me.

Odysseus collects new horses.

I need you here in Ithaca with me.

Sir, I have to destroy those blackened worms ....

The big name of Hercules.

Hercules stop! I am your king.

Where is Diana, talk. Yes it is, you better talk.


Now ... now ..... you don't have to go in here like that, it is ....

She is very happy ... She is getting ready for her wedding!

Aaa, gunpowder! I do not believe you.

She wouldn't marry you for her reason.

Stand up guys, don't take another step.

A trap door will open!

Yes, watch out!

Have children back, before it's too late.

It has more tricks than a magician.

Yes ... trap doors!

Do you think we are stupid or something?

The Gods sent them to me. Wait a minute, Hercules.

Tomorrow you will have your sport in the arena.

And then the whole of Ithaca will see who the real Hercules is.

You will tear them to pieces in the hand-to-hand battle.

And a fun party for the wedding party.

And when you're done with them, I'll give their remains to my cats.

Cats say! Cats are crazy about me.




Have fun with them and then cut parties.

Here, take these pills.

Find the opportunity and throw it in your mouth.

Keep your pills!

I won't need them this time!

Poor Skyler! A lamb for slaughter!

I can't see. Someone tell me when it's over.

Hey, Skyler, he's still alive.

So well done Skyler, give the old one a couple.

Ante Skyler, give the old blow to the head.

Finish him.

And one click!

Circle him.

Oh my mother, look at that! A knee in the back.

Throw it away! That's it!


That's it!

So, so!

Give me life! I don't know why it should!

You don't look much like the great Hercules of history.

History? Yes, history.

They know you for a great man.

If I let you go you will have to change completely.

I will change.

Then you will help Odysseus ......

To take his throne back.

Yes ...... I swear!

Very well.

I invite you to make a great man famous.

To look worthy of it.

With the soft!

Look ... we are your friends.

Wait a minute. He didn't do it!

Skyler, from here. Come on, Skyler!


Equal to the time machine and don't feel sorry for the "horsepower".

We have company!

Look at this can opener for cans.

He made it!


I'll uproot your mustache for that.

But I will stop this.

Do it fast, press the accelerator!

I think they are coming. That's it!

Be careful.

Come on.

Sedatives. Give everything you have!

It goes down again. Look!

The Crusaders!

Hey, what is this?

This is Nelson's victory in Trafalgar.

This will be the ..... 1805.

Leave the big gorilla.


Τζερονιμοοοοοο ......

He will succeed without a parachute.


World War I, 1914!

Bend over!

Look, a Nazi bomber. World war II!

Hey, here's a rocket! We went back to where we started.

Hey, you guys have been playing with it for the last 25 years, get rid of it.

I warned him this Davis.

Hey, home again!

My God My God!

Davis, now I warn you .......

So you thought it wouldn't work, did you?

We were back in time. Yes, far behind!

Yes, in the galleys for a year with your annoying ancestors.

And he has the muscles to prove it.

I will arrange this.

Ooooh, now wait .....

Several times, Mr. Demzal, you challenged me to play punches.

Well, I ... I ... Is this invitation still valid?

No no no!

Do not touch this switch.

Natos, he's leaving!

Aid. Okay.

Help, get me out of here.

So, don't just stop, guys, help me get out of here.

Oooh, please, sorry. Please take me out!

What did you do; I didn't know that Priscilla was married.

Try this, Mo. Oooo, no, no, no.

Get into it!

It must exist ....... With the soft now.

Wait. We are not doing anything fast.

Wait a minute, I found it. The electric saw.

Good idea. Yes.

Swamp in the socket! It's not enough.



Oooh guys, guys ...

That's it ..... No, I didn't know ....

Listening to Subtitles TSIGGANAKI == GYFTAKI

Listening to Subtitles TSIGGANAKI == GYFTAKI