The Three Musketeers (1953) - full transcript

D'Artagnan and his musketeer comrades must thwart the plans of Cardinal Richelieu to usurp King Louis XIII's power.


A small horse went trotting along.

His master was called,
of course, d'Artagnan.

Fot now, he was on his way to Paris

to seek fame and fortune.

By definition, man's noblest conquest,

though set on supporting this reputation,

d'Artagnan's horse
provoked some comments

which weren't flattering.

What's so funny?

Come here.
Watch out for the horse.

As a result, d'Artagnan
drew his sword 100 times

between Tarbes and the town of Meung,

where he arrived as majestic as ever.

Meung Inn

Man often descends from his horse

but from where does this horse descend?

Who laughs at a horse
dares not laugh at his master.

I laugh rarely, monsieur,

but when I do I laugh best.

Don't turn around,
so I don't strike from behind.

We don't fight yokels.

Monsieur is asking for it.

Hold, valets!

Hurry up!

The lesson was adequate.

Put him back on his yellow nag
and send him off.

Not before l kill you all.

Milord mustn't get up.

Don't move.

So I get stiff all over?

That would be a sight.

Milord is mistaken.

Nice work, my sweet.

I do look good.

Well, I'll be...

Where are you going?

So, Your Eminence advises me...

I order you to return
immediately to England

and notify me if Buckingham
leaves London.

Tell His Eminence
I remain his humble...

On guard, monsieur.

You again, young man?
it's becoming an obsession.

Who is this volcanic young man?

Does he come from the wars
or the asylum?

Before a woman,
you won't call your lackeys.

He seems to want to see you
man to man.

I won't be indiscreet.

I'll kiss your hand, madame,
as soon as I cut off his ears.

I'll just be a moment.

Let's go, Milady.


We'll meet again!

Bolted like scaredy-cats.

And they call themselves gentlemen.

How cool your hand is.

- Your name?
- Annette, Milord.

At your service.

May it be reciprocal.

Respecftul, she continued
to call him "Milord" that night...

the second night,
it was "d'Artagnan",

the third,
the gentle name of Charles.

This "Charles" was sure
that d'Artagnan's recovery

was off to an auspicious start.

The night was starry,

they swore it would be eternal.

In fact, it lasted eight days.

Sadly, rest is like all things

one grows weary of it.

D'Artagnan promised to come back

once the King's service allowed him.

You promise?


She didn't believe a word.
Neither did he.

Compromises like this
make the best memories.

The day after,
having remedied his ills,

in othet words, selling his horse
and replacing his sword,

d'Artagnan lost in the congestions of Paris,

made his way to M. de Treville,

a friend of his father

and captain of the King's Musketeers.

Dear Porthos, your baldric
is a work of art.

A folly, a genuine folly.

it's the fashion.

- Will you ruin her?
- Who?

That ravishing
so-called Spanish brunette.

I bought this baldric myself.
Nothing Spanish about it.

Ask Athos.

if we worry about where money
comes from, we'd go around naked.

A plague on friends.

Aramis, come help me.

Don't the Scriptures say :

"Let the little infantes
come to me.''

Announce me to M. de Treville.
Chevalier d'Artagnan.

Aramis, what a charming priest
you'd have made.

lt's only a delay,
I'm still studying.

He's waiting for the Queen
to give the throne an heir.

Let's hope
she doesn't wait too long.

And they say the Duke of Buckingham
is in France.

Make no joke about,
love knows no laws.

And we know it's a child of England.

They'll sing it soon enough.

Had a Gascon Club
existed at that time,

M. de Treville would have been

He received his old
friend's son warmly.

Your father was a valiant companion.

I'm sure
you'll prove worthy of him.

I'll give you a letter
for M. des Essarts

to take you into the cadets.

I was hoping to become
a musketeer.

You're in a hurry,
young man.

Prove yourself in the cadets
and then we'll see.

He was chauvinist and biased
like any well- born man

and practiced a religion

based on the belief
that God was Bearnese.


My false gentleman
frrom Meung. The coward!

His ears are in for it now.

- Let's meet at the Red Dovecot.
- Fine.

You must be a provincial.

Whether I am or not,
I won't be lectured by you.

if I weren't in a hurry...

I'll wait for you.


Tonight at the Carmes Dechaux.

- What time?
- 5 o'clock.

I'll be there.

He's going to make lots of friends.

Are you crazy or blind?

You'll get trounced.

That's a harsh word.

Shall we discuss this?

At 5, at the Carmes Dechaux.

Very well. I'm your man.

Here is a handkerchief
you would regret losing.

Nice crown.

You still deny
you're not on good terms

with Mme de Bois- Tracy?

Please forgive me.

Do Gascons always peak
under people's soles?

No need to say
that by apologizing,

a Gascon does more
than half his duty.

Do you know the Carmes Dechaux?

Very well.
At 5, ifyou will.

To die so young... Ah well...

A little later,

wearing the cadets' uniform,

d'Artagnan used the little time
he had left to live.

He went hunting
for living quarters.

He introduced himself
at a certain M. Bonacieux

whose address
he was obligingly given.

- Bonjour

A friend toid me
you had a room.

indeed, Milord.
On the second story.

if you'll just follow me.

in this time of dearth,

the price doesn't even cover upkeep.

I rent to be of service
and not to make a profit.

This room is not fit
for a future musketeer,

but the price is worthy of a prince.

These two reasons oblige me
to teil you...

it's about time!
I had to serve myself lunch.

l had to serve the Queen.
You forget l'm her laundress.

I'm back from the Louvre.

Back to business.
How much for this room?

There is a lack of air and light,

but the view is a delight.

So I rent for the view.

- You're making a deal.
- So I see.

- Constance?
- Uncle?

Chevalier d'Artagnan
is our new lodger.

My niece, Constance.

Clean this place up a little.

I'll leave you.

She does the housework.


I find you charming.

Oh, monsieur...

What's the matter?

5 o'clock.

- Where are you going?

Where honor calls.

if I'm not back in 2 hours,
my soul will come apologize.

While waiting
to be a virtue of kings,

punctuality is not that of our foes.

Late for the ir final hour.

How pleasant to find ourselves
at the same time and place

and for the same reason,
without an appointment.

Who are you dueling?

Athick- skinned Gascon.
And you?

Mine is a mule- headed Bearnese.

Coincidence. Mine too.

Here's my man.

No, mine.

Let's just say, ours.

Three duels at the same hour.
This is a joke.

Probably the last.

Must we fight for the pleasure

of disputing the honor
of killing you.

The honor is mine, gentlemen,

but let us respect
the order of entrance.

Athos has the right
to kill me first.

Which limits your debt,
M. Porthos,

and just about nullifies yours,
M. Aramis.

Unless l kill the three of you.


The youth has a nice draw.

The Cardinal's guards.
Swords in sheath!

Sheath your swords.

Hold, musketeers,
fighting despite the rule?

The good M. de Jussac.

None other.
And he asks you to follow him.

- if not?
- if not, we charge you.


There are six of us,
and only three ofyou.

it seems there are four of us.

Afriendship, to be well- tempered,
must be in the blood of others.

You are a musketeer
ot you are not.

if Louis XiiI left nothing
mote than a discreet trace,

it may be because it's difficult
to be both the son of Henry IV

and the father of Louis XIV.

I fear, gentlemen, l've won.

The number 13 brings him luck.

is Buckingham within our walls?

Do you wish to continue?

Losing to Your Majesty
is a delight.

Let us continue, then.

M. de Treville awaits
your pleasure.

I'll see him.

M. de Soissons, replace me.

ifthese gentlemen will have me.

Naturally, my dear Soissons.

Come to my study, Treville.
I must scold you.

Your musketeers are devils
good for the scaffold.

Five ofthe Cardinal's men,
including Jussac,

a fine blade,
in capacitated in a day.

it's too much.

it has truly sickened His Eminence.

So badly he didn't attend
my games last night.

How did it happen?

in the simplest fashion.

Three of the best musketeers
organized an outing

with a young cadet I know.

These peaceful lads
ended up at the Carmes Dechaux.

To graze on the grass
like gentle lambs.

Precisely, Sire,

when M. de Jussac and his guards
picked a fight with them.

- About what?
- Boots, Sire.

The word appeals to me.

But back to our flock...
To your little lambs.

Your Majesty knows the outcome.

Three musketeers and a cadet
aid out

six of the best guards.

- Atotal victory.
- Yes, Sire.

How sad to see two parties
in France like this...

Treville, bring me these good men.

They're here, Sire,

contrite and repentant.

I am wary
of their hypocritical expressions.

Your Majesty is mistaken.

I see a young cadet.

Was it he
who gave this happy...

that unfortunate thrust
to Jussac?

it was him.

Why don't you enroll him?

I was considering it, Sire.

Step forward, young Gascon.

How can l thank you?

By never forgetting
it is forbidden to fight.

I loathe being disobeyed.

I answerfor them as for myself.

I should have punished them,

a good thing for you and for them,

I have a weak spot for courage.

Red Dovecot Inn

Here you are.
This money is ours.

His friends refused
to share out the royal gift.

D'Artagnan, feartul of saving,
asked them for advice.

Porthos, if you had this sum,
what would you do?

I would hold a great feast.

Would not think
of spiritual nourishment?

I would hire a valet.

Vanitas vanitatum, et omnia vanitas.

Take a suitable mistress.

Good Father!

A mistress, as spiritual nourishment?

Didn't I say suitable?
And spiritual as well.

Before l find this rare bird,
I would prefer a valet.

To my future valet.

Born to a Picard mother
and a Landsknecht,

a rogue sought a solution

to a difficult problem offood supplies.

His name was Planchet.

His skull concealed
a highly elastic morality

and his clumsy look concealed
what his right hand was doing.

How much is the chicken?

- This one there?
- No, underneath.

That one?

- That one, yes.
- This one?

This chicken... 10 sols.

But it went up again
since last week.

10 sols, but it's nothing.

You won't find a better price.

You can never fell.

I'll come by later.

10 sols for my beautiful chicken.

in less time then it took to roust
the turkey,

Planchet had become
d'Artagnan's valet.

Go get us wine.

- With what?
- Figure it out.

"Figure it out."


Merci, Madame.

This is white wine?

You made a mistake.

Exchange them for two bottles
of red?

Nothing easier.

These two are ready.

Au revoir.

You haven't paid
for the two jugs of red.

But I exchanged the white wine.

You didn't pay for the white wine.

But I didn't drink it.

This tale has become famous

but I can tell you Planchet
was the first to tell it.

Here is the wine.

Ptecious valet.

feast fit for a king,

only the lady of his heart
was missing.

She wouldn't keep them

I'm just back frrom the Louvre,
ifyou need me, I'm at your service.

- Come in.
- Spend a moment with us.

Thank you, Milords,
but that wouldn't be suitable.


does she seem suitable?

I even find her bodice spiritual.

This young turkey seems
well- done.

Planchet's cooking
and d'Artagnan's good nature

kept the musketeers up
well into the night.

We kept you late.

Why did you wait for me?

My uncle told me to close up.

- Why didn't he do it?
- He's sleeping.

He says sleeping early is good.

Not as good as sleeping late.
Your uncle is a great worker.

- A man of real merit.
- isn't it wonderful?

- What?
- Our admiration for your uncle.

Your eyes contradict your words,
Sir Knight.

Now, far frrom prying eyes,


Hasn't darkness aided our desire...

Don't be silly.

Do you want the light again?

What a horrible thought.

I need some pistoles to go
to the market.

My dear Planchet,
l am broke.

And for supper, what do we eat?

- Leftovers.
- There isn't much left.

We'lI fast.
isn't Lent coming up?

I understand.
I'll have to figure it out again.

An idea.

Need makes for ingenuity.

Planchet had a few strings
to his bow,

including a lace.

What threatened to be Lent

turned into Ascension.

What misdeeds now,

Master, I'm honest.

I take goods on credit

until you can pay cash.

how do you find my dress?

- Above our means.
- But is it pretty?

Spare me your coquetry.

Do you like the ribbons?

I know nothing about ribbons.

Almost 2 o'clock,
my shop should be opened.

And you should be at your service.

I'm going, uncle.


Two o'clock in the Bonacieux shop

was the signal for sudden departures.

Constance ran to the Louvre.

D'Artagnan hurried to Treville's.

These ditections, which shallow minds
would call opposites,

joined as if by miracle,

in a blooming garden whete,
every day,

between 2 and 4,
took place charming nooners.


And while, with method,

Planchet sought to perfect his technique.

d'Artagnan, with Constance,
pertected his romantic method

adapting it to citcumstances.

- Am I to blame if I love you?
- You're insistent.

I won't say it again.

You seem to keep repeating yourself.

That evening. after his service,

d'Artagnan hurried to Constance.

But virtue is a long patience.

D'Artagnan respected
this virtue so much,

he decided to pay her tribute

Knowing that Constance
would not open het door,

like any self-respecting lover,

he tried to get in through the window.

On guard, monsieur!
Even if l have nothing against you.

- Are you mad?
- l won't leave you...

Milord, in heaven's name...

"Milord"!Would you be...

Georges Villiers,
Duke of Buckingham.

You can lose us ail.

Forgive me, Milord.

A hundred pardons.

I love her, and I imagined...

How may I die for your Grace?

it's about time.

You offer me your services?
l accept them.

We are going to the Louvre.

ifwe are foilowed,
you will be of some help.

I kill him.

At the Louvre.

as Louis slept
the sleep ofthe just,

Buckingham entered
through a backdoor.

This minion of the King of England

had not come
for the King of Prussia

but to seduce Anne of Austria,

daughter of the King of Spain
and Queen of France.

Love knows no borders.

This is madness.
You must leave.

Grant me a moment.

Remember the court ball in Amiens.

- Forget it.
- Never.

When I close my eyes,
I see you again

in a gown of green satin
with siiver embroidery.

Red velvet in golden embroidery.

You were wearing a small bonnet
the color ofyour gown

and a heron feather on top.

I don't remember any such bonnet.

You see, I was right to say
you make me lose my mind.

In the meantime, d'Artagnan,
who had principles,

wondered if he was right or wrong

to favor this clearly
clandestine rendezvous.

Now... I beg you to leave...

Very well,

but I request a token
of your forgiveness,

any object of yours,
that I can wear

and which reminds me
l am not dreaming.

You will leave France?

I swear by the King.

Not yours, mine.

The diamond ferrets
I wore at Amiens,

keep them in memory of me.

Don't forget your promise.


Your hand, Madame,

and I'll go.

I will see you again,

even if I must declare war.

The heart has its reasons

which reason of State
does not know.

To think you almost killed the Duke
out of jealousy.

You're impossible.

That's overdoing it.

You admit that out of love,
Milord declares war,

but you challenge my right,
for the same reasons,

to draw my sword.



Their love has nothing in common

with the love of a duelist
and a "gossip".

I don't steal into boudoirs at night.

Why, you're in my bedchamber.
Will you get out?

You'll wake your uncle.

- Leave me.
- Don't be cruel.

Early next day,

six hotsemen,
led by a police officer,

stopped in front of the Bonacieux shop.

Coming, coming.

- Open up!
- What is it? Who are you?

Officer Guillaumin.

- What is it?
- Open up.

We are honest merchants.

Enough chatter.

Master! Master!

Where are you?

Aren't you there?


Where is he?

- What have I done?
- Nothing I'm aware of.

We are looking for Constance Bonacieux.

- What has she done?
- Where is she hidden?

I am not hiding her or anyone.

I am a loyal servant
of the King and His Eminence.



What is it?

it's me, my child.

it's only me.
Let me in.

- What do you want?
- No resistance!

- Who are you?
- A scrapper.

It can be useful at times.

Please note that you are alone,

we are three more.

if you insist, you'll be four less.

Get the others!

Dubuisson and Lafraise, come quick.


Excuse me.

Where are you?

Two down.

You're mad. The cardinal's men.
You'll get us hung.

Four down.

In the name ofthe Cardinal...

in your place, I would say
"in the name of the Father."

So be it.

Release your horses.

Defend yourself now.

That makes eight!

Oh, master!

A man ofthe sword
who outlawed duels,

a friend of letters
who attacked the French Academy,

Atmand Jean du Plessis,
Cardinal de Richelieu,

was a man of contradictions.

I had forbidden the Queen
to see the Duke again.

Since he has come to Paris
despite my orders,

you should have informed me.

It is now up to me to ask
the reason of his audacity.

What are you thinking, Sire?

if the chiefs fight,
there would be no more wars.

it's true.

Since he exposed himself
like a tramp,

wasn't this the chance... arrest the Duke,
Prime Minister of King Charles?

We seek to create
an era of diplomatic immunity.

Those responsible

for the ills of nations
shouldn't pay too high a price

for their faults.

Wouldn't that be a sorry precedent?

I didn't think ofthat.

Are you sure the Queen
and the Duke didn't meet?

The Queen is too attached
to her duties.

I know, the Queen is strong,

but women are weak.

I heard that the Queen's laundress,
Constance Bonacieux,

knows more on this subject
than the two of us.

Why not question her?

She is not easy to reach.

Look for her.

I had appointed
M. de Rochefort to this mission.

I have no doubt that he will
succeed in the end.

"Sunday15 May, after mass..."

Not that,
my sapphire sautoir.

"...came out as she had entered"

"to dine where the feast
had been prepared."

"The King's table was the highest."

"That ofthe cardinals
on His Majesty's right."

Madame de Guiche?

is this a special morning

that you don't inquire
into the King's health?

Since his rising,

His Majesty has conversed behind
dosed doors with the Cardinal.

After the interview,

His Eminence
called for Count Rochefort

for a matter of importance,
it seems.

I thought I did well.
Without this Gascon,

whom l will have arrested...

You have been clumsy.

But, Your Grace,
ads of rebellion,

assaults on agents
in the exercise of their functions...

Yes, I know.

Without a single wounded man,
not even a drop of blood.

You like to make a fool ofyourself.

if the King hears of it,
he will be the first to laugh.

Change your methods, Rochefort.

I am not beaten,

I will bring Your Eminence the proof.

I rejected the first assault,
but the Cardinal will strike back.

You don't know him.

I propose we watch over
Constance's protection.

- l must go to the Louvre.
- I'm on duty here.

I'll stand watch first.

At noon, l'll relieve you.

At 4 o'clock, I will succeed you.

Thank you, my friends.

Then I will do night duty.

We were ready to swear
that he would.

Hold, Master Bonacieux?

is there no one here?

Alfrred, search the backroom.

- You, go upstairs.
- What is if?

There you are.

Where were you hiding?

What's the meaning...?

I did nothing wrong.

- We know you're an honest man.
- I think so.

Loyal to the King.

- And loyal to the Cardinal.
- Oh, yes.

Excellent man.

This proves the State knows
how to recognize its servants.

I remain at His Eminence's orders.

As d'Artagnan made him promise,

Porthos was the first to go
to Bonacieux' house

to protect Constance.

Why the grimacing?

Why this dumb show?

Damned if I understand anything.

He'll understand soon enough.

I knew it.

Afew hours inter, Athos arrived.
keeping his word.

What is he bouncing around for?

Did you fall on your head?

Athos came to relay Porthos

only to find himself waylaid.

Never two without three
since it concerned the musketeers.

Aramis soon joined them.

Your will be done.


- What is it?
- l don't know.

it must be M. d'Artagnan's valet.

Where are you running to?

I'm not running.

I'm slipping.

He who laughs last laughs best.

- Amusing, is it not?
- Very amusing.

While we wait
for the last clients,

take these to the Bastille.

The Bastille...

And all this for what?

For having climbed
through a window.

Luckily my master will
get us out of there.

You can't sentence me to the stake

for climbing through a window.

- Change your tune.
- All right.

Not another word.

But you have to admit

seeing something like this
in the17th century

is a bit much.

And what about individual freedom?

Enough out ofyou.

I understand.

At the same moment,

a drama was about
lo break out at the Louvre.

When I took the sautoir
out ofYour Majesty's chest,

I noticed the ferrets
had disappeared.

Rest assured, madame,
my ferrets will reappear soon.

I gave them to ourjeweler
to have them verified.

Your Majesty reassures me.

Ladies, I feel a little weak.

if Madame de Sannois speaks,
I am lost.

- Why would she speak?
- Because she is a woman.

- Am I not a woman?
- You're a child.

I need only look in your eyes
to have confidence in you.

We only hope
for ourjoy and the King's happiness

that your assumptions
about the ferrets

prove unfounded.

it is said that speech
was given to men

to disguise their thoughts.

Must I conclude
that Your Eminence is satisfied?

I thank you for behaving
according your conscience.

I ask you to keep this a secret.

Your Eminence can rely on me.
I know how to keep a secret.

Madame de Sannois.
like most women,

considered that to keep a secret

meant repeating it
to only one person at a time.

The Cardinal had no illusions
about that.

- Your Grace?
- Call Count Rochefort.


for our service,

you are to be at Chateau de Fleury

Oh, master!

What did I tell you?
We're getting out.

Wrong. I'm coming in.

This time, we'll be put
to the question,

the wheel, the scaffold
and all that.

I understood.

You've been clumsy once again.

I ask for the laundress

and you lock up four musketeers.

I thought I was doing
the right thing.

Assault on agents...

in the exercise oftheir functions.
I know.

But this laundress?

The Queen protects her.
She stayed at the Louvre all night.

She'll come out in the end.

We'll have her by tomorrow.

Unless the King releases my men.

They're that Bonacieux's bodyguards.

They're not easy to approach.

ifthey get out of prison,

I'll get them away from Paris
to leave you a free hand.


I'll bring you this young person
or lose my name trying.

The King asks for you.

I'm coming.

La Chesnaye,
I must see the King.

- His Majesty...
- lt's for a matter of importance.

- l'm afraid...
- Please.

- What is it?
- M. de Treville...

The devil take him!

it must concern our affair.

- lt might be best...
- Show him in.

i've been hearing charming things
about your musketeers.

I have things to tell Your Majesty.

A party of commissaries

and led through the jeering streets

4 of your finest musketeers,
all gentlemen and innocent.

Who that very morning,
had thrashed an officer and his men.

Three ofwhom weren't there
and are at the Bastille.

This did come to much attention.

- You have to admit your 12 guards...
- Six.

...were beaten with a frying pan.
- And a Gascon.

I admit they were neither
brilliant nor adroit.

if Your Majesty
tolerates such actions...

That's exact.

I won't tolerate my orders

and those of His Eminence
being disobeyed.


Leave anger to soldiers,
and harshness to ministers.

indulgence is a royal virtue.

Practice it, Sire,
and release these good men.

You accused them earlier.

is it not a mission
of my ministry to give absolution.

One condition however.

Which one?

I am going to Chateau de Fleury.

The road is not safe
and my guards are wounded.

His Eminence
has sick guards.

I would like to be escorted
by these four gentlemen.

They would preferYour Eminence
to the Bastille.

How kind ofthem.

Tonight I will have an escort
to outdo His Majesty's.

I know you are not among my frriends.

I deplore it.

But knowing your courage,
l know I can count on you.

On our word.

There is nothing clandestine
about tonight's promenade.

Of course.

Yet I would like...
How can I put it?

That it remains a secret
even if it is not.

You see the nuance,

I almost entered the orders.

Onward, gentlemen.

Happy as a king for his escort
proud as a pope fot his cleverness,

the cardinal arrived
at Chateau de Fleury an hour later.

Please enter and wait for me
in the company of Count de Wardes.

Please follow me, gentlemen.

This way.

Are any ofyou good at dice?

I'd iove to play.

- A pistole a point.
- That's how it's always played.

Torn between the passion for gambling

and a financial attachment for Milady,

neither cardinalist nor anticardinalist,

neither left nor right,

Count de Wardes
was a man in the middle.

I wonder what we're doing here.

We'll know soon enough.

This affair could be
advantageous for you.

I'm listening, Cardinal.

isn't it indiscreet to eavesdrop?

Since Joan of Arc, it's allowed
to listen to voices from above.

if God wishes it...

Has He something to refuse you?

- lf my information is good...
- lt always is.

I'm not infallible yet.

l believe Milord
is holding a ball soon.

Have yourself invited.

Milord has a coffer
with 12 diamond ferrets.

I would like you to...

to borrow two of them.

- A theft?
- The word is shocking.

- Let us just call it...
- Guided restitution.

Your understanding delights me.

Am I not your right-hand man?

Alas, I also am
a strong-minded woman.

Then I would like to know my reward.

- But, my dear child...
- My earthly recompense.

Have you ever complained
of my gratitude?

And you, my loyalty?

A faithful woman is priceless.

I leave Your Eminence

estimate is true value.

- Luck is on your side.
- Let's hope it turns.

Do you want to re-play
your saddle and harness ?

With the greatest of pleasure.

in the event
of something going wrong...

I'd iike a receipt signed by you.

What should I write?

"it's by my order"

"and for the good ofthe State"

"that the bearer of the present order
did what he did."

That goes without saying.

Do understand, Your Grace,

it will go even better in writing.

I must have the Cardinal sign
Planchet's release.

Do you have a second horse?

Ah, yes, d'Artagnan's horse.

Am I not old enough to lose
my horse by myself?

I'm ruined.

The winner owes a revanche.

at the Red Dovecot inn?

Count on us.

Saddle up, gentlemen.

Count de Wardes offered you
a pleasant way to kill time.

Pleasant ifyou like.

How bad were your losses?

Very heavy.
How did you guess?

The Count is the most elegant cheat
in Paris.

Cardinal, may i?

A rascal in my service
is stiil at the Bastille.

ifYour Eminence...

Probably a venal sin.

Put your rascal's name
on the blanc- seing.

After escorting Richelieu
to the Louvre,

the friends wondered

why the Cardinal
had chosen them as escort.

D'Artagnan was soon to understand.

Again preferring
the niece to the uncle,

he avoided the door
to knock on the window.

What is this ruckus?

it's you, Milord.

- What time is it?
- The time to settle accounts.

- Constance?
- Abducted.

They took her away.

The officer accompanying here
was wounded.

He couldn't stop...
it was awful.

- Where is she?
- At the Bastille.

Praise the Lord.

Master Bonacieux...

I'll murder you
the first chance I have.

Bearing the Cardinal's
blanc- seing.

d'Artagnan went to the Bastille
to deal with urgent matters.


This time, are you coming in
or I'm going out?

"Released on order
ofthe Cardinal,"

"Constance Bonacieux."
is that you?

And me?

What's this all about?

I'm the one who stays again?

You're overstepping yourselves!

I mean, honestly,

it's enough to make you
a revolutionary.

- You'll be out tomorrow.
- They always say that.

The Queen will sign your pardon.

- l only thought ofyou.
- Me too.

Try to think of me a little.

Afew houts later,
at the Red Dovecot inn,

Count de Wardes was about
to bewitch chance again.

But could chance dojust as well?

There they are.

Welcome, gentlemen.

I'm delighted to meet with such
a subtle player as Porthos again.

Sadly, he sprained his wrist.

Throwing dice is torture.

So I propose to replace him.

- lf you have no objections.
- None.

- Will Anjou wine do?
- Naturally.

it's indispensable.

it will be put
on the loser's bill.

How long will we play?

Until the winner accords grace.

Excellent formula.

I hope it won't last for your sake.

You're right to hope.

i'd iike to play with your dice
and let you have mine.

- Gascon custom.
- Aren't we in Paris?

Are Gascon traditions so negligible?

Say it, my gentleman.

iffolklore gets mixed up in it...

You don't want me to take
on a accent?


That ends the game.

You forget that the winner
sets the rule.

Let's play Porthos' horse.

Here you are with a horse again.

Let's play yours now.

Now I'm doomed to walk.

How nice.

Another more subtle match
was being played at the Louvre.

You're playing with my queen?

What's on your mind?

- The Queen in fact.
- What about her?

Why does she wear so little
the ferrets you gave her?

So long ago.

They become her so nicely.

Concerned about elegance
and jewelry now?

Only when the Queen is concerned.

ifyou told me your thoughts,
it would help the truth.

The truth would benefit,

but Your Majesty might suffer.

You always speak in enigmas.

Your Majesty reads me
like an open book.

Which chapter?

The next court ball.

What is so special about the ball?

Nothing yet.

Your Majesty should request
that the Queen wear

the ferrets that so become her.

The idea is not bad.

I find it quite good.

I fear l have nothing
more to lose.

Keep looking.
Would you have some good wine?

No, but if you like,
I can play a lady frriend.

What do you mean?

I was to escort

one ofthe prettiest ladies in Paris
to the ball.

Renting a coach
is beyond my means.

You won them.
I'm the one without them.

I have little experience
of the world.

A pity.
Milady will find another cavalier.


I should have said
the most beautiful woman in Paris.

it is Milady de Winter.

Let's play, monsieur.

If money can't buy happiness,
it does make good customers.

And if clothes don't make the man,

they contribute largely
to make the soldier.

Milord is then
the most elegant man in the kingdom

after His Majesty.

More than that, my friend.

My cousin who served
Count de Guiche

didn't look like much
next to that.

He would have been taken
for my lackey.

- l must lease a coach.
- And l to drive it.

Are you sure
you haven't forgotten anything?

What matters is that I do not forget
the Cardinal's paper

which will be our safeguard
ifthings go badly.

l hope you haven't played
our safeguard for England.

Now that I'm broke,
I won't let you go.


We should mystify
this insolent Gascon.

He will be, with the doors closed.

We can improve on that.

Do you know the story of Cinderella?

No, madame.

Well, you're going to know it.

You're even going
to play it tonight.

Later, as the coach tode off

with Milady toward
new romantic adventute,

this other coach
driven by Planchet.

took d'Artagnan lo the rendezvous
set at Milady's.

- Monsieur is expected?
- Yes and no.

- Who shall I announce?
- Count de Wardes by proxy.

if Milord would follow me...

Who is it?

Count de Wardes by Proxy.

Milady, my respects.

Your beauty, indeed,
is not a fable,

and your gown is ravishing.


To think it's made for you.

And those eyes, those jewels...

it's alI too good to be true.

Madame d'Aiguillon
will think she's dreaming.

What are we doing
at Madame d'Aiguillon's?

- Nothing, unless...
- What is it?

Bring us supper.

So, where do we stand?
Preparing to go out?

- No, preparing to have supper.
- Fine idea.

I said we, not you.

I understood.
I'm the eternal sacrifice.

I know the tune,
"You can sup tomorrow."

i've about had enough.

They're kidding us.

it can't go on.

We should form a union
for household staff.

You're being negative.
You'll end up at the Bastille.

I just got out.

What times.

it was worth renting a coach
and not using it.

What can they be up to?

What is it?

I'm not the person
you think l am.

- My attentions don't appeal to you?
- On the contrary.

When you kiss me,
you're kissing another.

You amaze me.

I'm not Milady de Winter.

And these clothes,
these jewels?

They belong to Madame.

And these beautiful eyes?

Yes, the eyes are mine.

Then dry them quickly.

You're not Milady
and I'm not Count de Wardes

and we haven't gone out,
that's all.

Are you angry with me?

For being young and pretty?
Are you joking?

And not being my mistress?

Be mine.

You see, bad "counts''
can make good frriends.

To the Bastille.

Last stop, all off.

What times.

- Milord doesn't need...?
- I just need sleep.

And until tonight.

Has Monsieur had some happy events?

My God,
that's the least you can say.

Gently, monsieur.

The Queen sends me and asks
that you follow me.

Why would Her Majesty
wish to see me?

On the advice of one
of your frriends.

- Must I be precise?
- No need.

I'll follow you.

Come in.

This is M. d'Artagnan,
whom l've told Your Majesty about.

- I answerfor his courage.
- And i, for my faithfulness.

Faithfulness to Your Majesty.

May Your Majesty tell me
how l can die for her.

Beauvais Relay

At this rate,
we'll be in Calais tomorrow.

in what state?

To think how our fathers traveled.

Those were the good days,

the Tower of Nesle,
the mammals of France,

the white feather!

We only need a gentle wind
from the south

and we'll be in Dover.

Won't you be too late
for Buckingham's invitation?

Didn't you tell me
that I was pretty?

Very often, dear friend.

Then a pretty woman
is never late.

Especially when not expected.

Very true and charming.

The court ball
takes place in 10 days.

The King asked me
to wear my ferrets.

Proofthat Mme de Sannois

if I don't have them
that night, I'm lost.

Your Majesty will have them.

Even if l have to swim to England.

Take this ring, which I dare hope

will open certain doors.

Sometimes it is good
to leave ill tomorrow

what can be done the same day.

Rochefort was hurrying
to a summons from the Cardinal.

And, despite the early hour,

d'Artagnan rushed
to obtain from M. de Treville

the authorizations fot hisjourney.

What is it, young man?

is the Louvre in flames?
is Spain attacking the borders?

Has the Cardinal been assassinated?

it's important in a different way.

What is it about?

- l must leave Paris.
- When?

I should be in London already.

Is someone out to see
that you don't make it?

The Cardinal would give a lot
for me to fail.

in the event that
His Majesty is worried,

you're going to treat
your old wounds

at Forges- les- Eaux.

And in view ofyour weak state,

some friends are accompanying you.

How many?

Asergeant and ten men, Eminence.

You have to leave as four
to arrive as one.

if His Majesty worries,

we'll sayAthos is going
to Forges- les- Eaux

and that seeing his state,
his frriends are accompanying him.

United once more
for bettet otfor worse,

the friends aided by Planchet,
prepare to set off.

One for all, all for one.

Something new to get us thrown
in the Bastille.

Buckingham's doors will open
for the bearer ofthis ring.

if I'm killed,
one ofyou will take it.

if he is killed,
anotherwill take it.

it's an excursion.

So long as one arrives.

So long as he comes back.

if one remains, I want to be him.

Risking death to earn a living.
That's no existence.

Rochefort set out with the guards.

D'Artagnan will never reach Calais.

- How can we warn him?
- We have to trust in God.

Sadly, God often helps the strong
against the weak.

That's a fact.

Monsieurs, let's go.

Wait for me!

While Milady was only two stops
from Calais,

Rochefort arrived in Beauvais.

- Welcome, Milord.
- Prepare some wine and horses.

- How many do you own?
- 14, Milord.

- Saddle them all.
- But there are only12 of you.

if you count so well,
count these coins

and do as you're told.

This way, gentlemen.

May I ask a question?

Why don't we wait here
for those gentlemen?

Because we aren't sure
they took this road.

Morality : You are a jackass.

And you'll always be a sergeant.

Well I'm not a jackass

and I telI you our rogues
will go through Amiens

and that's where we'll get them.

But we have to be ready
for anything.


if musketeers turn up
in a few minutes,

you're to give them
our most tired horses.


How do I make them believe...

Have them see you sprucing them up

and swear they've never been out.


Yes, Milord.

- Mount up.
- When do we rest?

You dare talk about rest?

Let me tell you
the Cardinal has no appetite

and the King never sleeps.

Do like them.

And ifwe're dead tired?

I'll give you the coup de grace.


Let's go, monsieurs.

Rochefort took the Amiens road again

as the musketeers reached Beauvais.

Gentlemen, welcome.
What can I do for you?

Something to drink.

Roast us some chickens.
I'm dying of hunger.

- You're just a stomach.
- An empty stomach.

Drinks, quickly.

- Prepare five horses.
- With parsley.

Come on, Porthos.
Saddle up five horses

which have proven their worth.

Have no fear.

The horses I give you
have shown their worth.

They've run too much?

My word on it.

Afew hours later,
they learned the declining tange

of what horses can do :
the gallop,

the trot,

then the walk.

We'll never make it.

Finally, the graceful
but inefficient immobility

of equestrian statues.

Milady reached her destination,
meaning Calais.

She set out immediately
with Count de Wardes for England.

This arrogance of fate continued

from Calais to Dover,

where they landed

on a radiant afternoon
of British spring.

Less fortunate,

the Queen's hotsemen
still arrived in view ofAmiens.

There's Amiens.

King Henry's Tavern

This way, gentlemen.

My best table.

Would your lordships care
to taste my specialty?

in other words?

At King Henry's Tavern,
the ''poule au pot''.

My entire childhood.

I'll take the poule.
Add ham, pate,

some red meat and appetizers.
I'm dying of hunger.

And wine. I'm dying ofthirst.

And for dessert...

St. Honore cake?

I recommend the cream tarts.

They're succulent.

Cream tarts it is then.


They're eating in the main room.


We attack by the courtyard window.

I pick up the others
and go in through the door.

Fate is on our side.

- The cooking is exquisite.
- The wine is excellent.

The soubrette is charming.

This relay has fine horses.

We'll reach Calais in no time.

Let us thank God
for such solicitude.

Quick, gentlemen!
Your swords!

Watch out, Aramis!

it's we two, M. Athos!

Run, d'Artagnan!Get out!

Flee these clowns?
Not yet!

Nothing left?

The tarts!

Parry to your left, Aramis!

Bothering us while we eat!

Watch out!

You didn't see that one coming.

Show some spirit!

Don't move.

You wanted to hurt me,
but you're dead.

it doesn't work.

Those things don't work well.

Where is the exit?

Now that you have your trophy,
run for it!

Go on, we'll handle them.

Stop him frrom getting away.

So long, friends.

Master, wait for me.


Guillaume, Bodar, Nadal,
come with me.

The others, keep fighting.

Quick, Planchet!

Grace, we surrender!

ln equal numbers,
it's no longer professional.

- What will you do to us?
- Hang you.

Unless you give us your uniforms.

Right away.

Aramis and Athos,
taking shortcuts across the fields,

soon passed
d'Artagnan and Planchet

as well as Rochefort and his men
in hot pursuit.

There they are!

Hey, what's got into you?

Bon voyage!

The imbeciles!

What are you doing here?
Where are your horses?


Ah, that's smart!

This is no time to joke.
Saddle up!

You'll hear from me!

Rochefort had lost the first hand.

On the othet side of the Channel,
that same evening,

the Duke of Buckingham offered
his friends great music

and little cakes.

It was already in fashion.

What gem are you wearing tonight,

Cousin, would you choose for me?

What a sign of trust.
Do you think I'm worthy?

Choosing a gem is a woman's role.

is not a woman's role
to be offered one?

Choose as iffor yourself.
I appreciate your taste.

Choosing frrom among so many marvels

requires some reflection.

could make the French court pale.

Do you know the treasures
ofthe Louvre?

Not having any contacts there,
l limit myselfto imagining.

it's said...

don't hold this gossip against me...

Speak, please.

They say you're on very good terms
with the Cardinal.

Pure nonsense, is it not?

The favors of a minister
are too fleeting

for one to rely on them.

I'm a minister myself.

So I have never sought your favors,

only your trust and affection.

You are my very dear cousin.

And eyes ofthe heart
are a family tradition with us.

is that not so?

Here. Do you want this one?

Chosen by you,
I wouldn't wear any other.

Would you do me the honor
of opening the ball with me?

You have remained very gallant.

is that to be taken as a compliment?

- Did you succeed?
- Temporarily.

On to Dover!

- Go on, I am staying.
- You'll get yourself arrested.

So that you have the time
to set sail.

By leaving the ball,
I would awaken suspicions.

You don't run
when you have a clear conscience.

Very well. I'm leaving, I'm flying,
and for you, I will succeed.

Forgive me.
I love you like a fool.

i've always thought so.

Since he's not coming to us,
let us return to d'Artagnan.

Where is he?

Well d'Artagnan
has finally reached Calais.

And fotthe first time
in thisjourney,

it's not a horse he needs
but a boat.

incredible! No fisherman
would raise a sail.

it's not good to disobey
the Cardinal's orders.

Nothing to get frrom these peasants :
"The port is closed. Orders.

"Order ofthe Cardinal...''

And dishonest to boot.

Even with money,
no way to decide them.

That boat did leave the port.

it's because it has a safe- conduct.

- The Governor awaits you.
- l know, my friend. Follow me.

it's de Wardes.

Why, yes!

- What did he say?
- it's a friend...

he's glad to run into again.

He wants to have a word with him.

Chance does things well.

Aword with you, Count.

Excuse me?

it's M. d'Artagnan.

Are you planning to fleece me?

Keep your smile.

I don't want your rendezvous

but your safe-conduct.

This is neither the time
or the place to throw dice.

I'm not inviting you
to throw dice now but to this.

My word,
you're picking a fight with me.

Lubin!My pistols!

Don't you dare!

Defend yourself.

it's hard to cheat at this game,
I'm warning you.

And l'm warning you
that fighting with me

is no promenade.

Astroll at most.

Don't cry, it won't hurt.

These things are dangerous.

Go on, master, I'm here.

The ballad of M. d'Artagnan's duel
with a fraudster.

Pompous title.

That's not the title.

That's the end.

Bravo, master.
You're the victor too.

So, monsieur,
that safe- conduct?

Here. Go hang yourself!

Quick, the boat is still docked.



Lubin, get up!
Take me to the Governor.


There it is.

- Who is the captain?
- Me.

- Perfect.
- Set sail for Dover.


- Officer?
- Whose horses are these?

To a certain M. d'Artagnan
and his lackey.

Where are they?

They seem to be afloat.

The next day,
d'Artagnan and Planchet

entered Buckingham's castle.

is Milord home?

- Who asks?
- D'Artagnan.

I just arrived from France.
Give him this ring.

Go in, my friend.

ifYour Lordship will follow me.

As d'Artagnan was received
by Buckingham,

Count de Wardes
at the Governor's home

received the visit of Rochefort.

i've iooked for you for two days.
You might have informed me.

I thought the Governor
had given orders to the police.

Let's just say the police
is worse here than in Paris.

I will have to file a report

on the way you conducted
your mission.

Giving your safe- conduct
to d'Artagnan without getting killed

is such poor taste.

Giving to save a lot

is a policy the Cardinal
will approve.

it seems to me
that the Cardinal

is expecting two ferrets.

- Really?
- Really.

Yes, it's true.
What was I thinking?

Have it taken to him
in all haste

ifyou don't want to be blamed.

I don't need your advice, monsieur.

ifthey want to take them,
they'll have to kill me.

May God hear you.

The Queen gave me these.
She is taking them back.

Her will be done.

May i?

Two ferrets were stolen.



Bring myjeweler within the hour.

With d'Artagnan,
remember that a poor pistol shot

is better than good judgment.

There is a price on his head.

ifyou want the bonus...

- Understood?
- Understood.

Let's see, M. Orelli,

in how many days
can you make two ferrets?

Eight days, Milord... At least.

I'll pay you twice as much.
But I need them tomorrow.

Milord will have them.

For a lady's honor,

Milord doesn't bargain
with taxpayers' money.

Milady de Winterwishes...

To see Milord.

Allow me to introduce a friend,
chevalier d'Artagnan.

Aren't you a friend
of Count de Wardes ?

"Friend" is an exaggeration.

We met in Calais.

And how is he?

Poorly when l left him.

Really? I'm sorry.

I invite you to a farewell dinner.

I leave London tomorrow.
I plan on inviting a few friends.

I'm terribly sorry, cousin.
I'm not free.

And l fear your departure
will be delayed.

i'vejust ordered
the gates of England to be closed.

Even to me?

Even to you.

Then I'm a prisoner.

You anticipate.

My evening will include no goodbyes.

Will you do me the pleasure
of coming?

With the greatest joy, madame.

On my word.

I'm early. Excuse me.

Knowing you would come,
I canceled my friends.

Am I not presentable?

I would prefer
to sup with you alone.

it's alI the more flattering.

You seem surprised. What is it?

I expected to see your soubrette.

- Same gown.
- It was mine.

- Same perfume.
- it was mine.

But her eyes were gray.

Yours are black.

And you prefer them?

I take them as they come.

ifyou were your soubrette...

Am I not your servant?

While his mastet indulged
in guilty passions,

the valet tried to show
that one lives well

on love and eau- de- vie.

Were you at the Bastille?

You weren't at the Bastille?

I'm thirsty.

Can't I have a chair?

When a musketeer is thirsty,

he doesn't like to wait.

I waited long enough...

Has anyone told you
that you were cute?



Perfectly drunk.

Drunk on good wine,

and love.


Love of liberty invidi...

invi... individual.

And long live the Bastiile!

I am a lion!


And it's the hour
when lions drink.

I have to go to Paris.
You too, l suppose.

But there's no way out of here.

- There is a way.
- lt's not possible.

impossible is not Gascon.

Then speak, monsieur.

What is this way?

We'll talk about it tomorrow.

By then...

And by then?

One fot getting blitzed,
the othetfor getting plotzed,

master and valet
had to dissipate the London fog.

There's nothing like hydrotherapy.

it's wet!

A little latet in the morning,

while Rochefort arrived in Paris
with the two fettets.

Buckingham gave twelve
to d'Artagnan.

Here are the ferrets.

The coffer is all the more precious
as it is all I have now.

Tell Her Majesty
I kept it as a souvenir.

- I will tell her.
- Here is your safe- conduct.

An order for the owner
ofthe boat, "The Sound,"

which should take M. d'Artagnan
to a port of his choosing.

Can you add :

"And the persons accompanying him.''

I would have the bad grace
to refuse you that.

We, George Villiers de Buckingham,
order the captain of "The Sound"

to take to a French port
of his choosing...

You can now trust in me.

You don't doubt it?

By nature, I doubt nothing.

Leave it.

Why this worried expression?

One thing bothers me.

I didn't think of a relay from Calais.
We can't take the horses.

But we'lI land at Saint- Valery.

There is only one inn.

Just tell the owner :

We'll have everything we need.

Precious friend.

May i?

Here's my master.

Give me that. Don't tire yourself.

it's heavy.

Remove the gangplank.

Master, catch this.

Please excuse me. Goodbye.

My coffer!My papers!

You can't leave me here.

Give me my coffer back!

All my papers are inside!

Sometimes, a justice exists.

D'Artagnan found in the coffer

the list of relay points
and the precious paper

signed by the Cardinal

which should.
in the even of obstacles,

facilitate Milady's mission.

The return was smooth
until Saint- Valery.

Yes, Milord?

Just one word...


it's an English word.
You understand English?

I understand this word,

He called me "Milord''!

You owe me nothing.
Everything is paid for, Milord.

What organization!

And long live the Cardinal.

- it's him all right.
- He won't go far.

- The bonus is ours.
- Mount.

I would never have thought ofthat.
It's a war trick.

You sure know things.

Come on!

Wait for me.

Watch out, here they come!
To arms!

But it's not them!
Come on!

Long live the Queen!

Hello, gentlemen.
Wait for me!

The road to Paris was free.

But the path offriendship
went through Atamis...


and Porthos.
his wound now healed.

They were still
a few leagues from Paris,

when the Tout- Paris took their places
forthe ball.

The King.

The King has entered the ballroom.

I'll be right down.

Remain confident, Madame.

D'Artagnan wouldn't fail
at his word.

Come to the point, M. le Cardinal.

l would like to see the Queen
wearing her diamond ferrets.

They suit her so well.

She will wear them
because I asked her to.

What are you getting at?


ifthe Queen wears10 ferrets
and not12,

I suggest that Your Majesty ask her

where these two come from.

The Queen!

Madame, why aren't you wearing
your ferrets?

I asked you to wear them.

- With his gown, l thought...
- You were wrong.

I can go back for them.

Do so. As quickly as you can.

The ball begins in a few moments.

So, Sir traveler,
where are you running now?

Where I am expected.

Can't they wait a little longer?

i'd iike to teach you manners.

Some other time.

I'll have no choice
but to strike from behind.

I was going to show my sympathy
but since you're in a hurry...

We haven't said everything,

As you like.

Leave us, ladies.

I can wait no longer.

I just heard horsemen
in the courtyard.

- lt may be him.
- He'd be here by now.

I think all has been said.

in the name ofthe Cardinal,
you are under arrest.

Give me your sword
and follow me.

His Eminence's desires
are my orders.

Yours too.

I think you'll recognize
his handwriting...

By this order, the bearer has done
what he has done.

You may go, monsieur.

Take M. de Rochefort away.

Madame, put this necklace on.

Tell the King
the ferrets have been stolen.

You will accuse me.

I'll be arrested,
along with my uncle.

Oh, dear child!

Did you succeed?

I hope no one doubted it.

So, Milord,
on a promenade?

The last one, it seems.

Madame, the King is impatient.

The King or the Cardinal?

Mme de Sannois,
tell the King and the Cardinal

that I am coming.

Now I need only give
Your Majesty this ring.

Which brought me luck.

May it continue to do so.

- You are trembling.
- l haven't stopped in 10 days.

What is it now?

Can't you leave me alone?

The friends ofYour Grace ask if,
in keeping with musketeer tradition,

the victory ofYour Grace
doesn't call for a toast?

Quite right.

Come, my love.

Red Dovecot inn

Adrink to our victory.

All for one...

Excuse me, gentlemen.

One for one.

- ls it true?
- What?

Acertain Mlle Ketty came
asking for news ofyou.

The name means nothing?

Nothing, my angel.

Can you swear to that?

On the Cardinal's head.

As d'Artagnan won the beauty...

Thank you, Madame.

A dozen times thank you.

Well, M. le Cardinal,
what does this mean?

it means, Sire,

not daring to make you accept
two additional ferrets,

I adopted this way,
which might seem strange.

Strange, indeed.

The Cardinal had no inkling

that d'Artagnan
went down in history that night.