The Three Musketeers (1948) - full transcript

The hectic adventures of D'Artagnan (Gene Kelly), a young provincial noble who came to Paris to become a Musketeer. He will meet action, love, hate, King Louis XIII (Frank Morgan) and Queen Anne (Dame Angela Lansbury), as his impetuousness gets him involved in political plots... and of course, virile and indestructible friendship with the three Musketeers Athos (Van Heflin), Porthos (Gig Young), and Aramis (Robert Coote).

Well, you're not just some bumpkin,

some son of a country boar.

You're a gentleman.

Remember that when you get to Paris.

A d'Artagnan from Gascony is

as much a gentleman as anybody else.

- Maybe more so.
- Yes, father.

Now I give you this letter
for Monsieur de Treville.

He's a Gascon.

He's captain of the king's musketeers.

I can't give you anything else.

A little advice.

A few crowns.

A horse.

A horse?

A great black horse?

A horse, yes.

It's not horses. It's not money.

It's that letter to Monsieur de Treville.

And remember above all,
you're a d'Artagnan.

Your honor is your treasure.

And you're nothing from any man.

I've taught you the sword.


The slightest insult.

The smallest spoke.

My son.


I shall endure nothing, sir, from any man!



My horse.


My horse.

You find me amusing?

Perhaps you'll find three feet
of steel even more amusing.

If you are trying to be
as funny as your horse

you haven't a chance.

I endure no such remarks from any man.

What in thunder?


Forgive me Milady,
there'll be a moment's delay,

while I dispose of this local fire pot.

Which is more important:

Richelieu's mission,
or your petty quarrels?

How do you know
he isn't one of the king's spies?

But Milady, I...

Sir, I await your pleasure.

Must I arrange everything?

Search him. If he has any papers,
destroy them.

Yes, Milady.

Where do I find Monsieur de Treville,

captain of the king's musketeers?

Inside, up the stairs.

What am I going to do with you?

As a king's musketeer, Aramis,
you'd make a fine priest.

And you, Porthos,

a fine structure to hang pretty clothes on.

Where's Athos?

Ill captain. Very ill. Mortally ill.

In his cups, you mean!

What do you want?

A Monsieur d'Artagnan. He has no letter.

Then why are you bothering me?

He's a Gascon sir.

Show him in.

The three of you brawling,

getting yourselves arrested,

by three of Richelieu's guards...

When you weren't even outnumbered!

The king is humiliated.

Forgive me captain, I am late.

You're wounded.

Who told the king we weren't outnumbered?

He was lying.

Tell me who said it captain,
and I'll cut him to pieces.

It was Richelieu who
reported the affair to the king.

My apologies, gentlemen.


Monsieur de Treville,

I ask one favor, my captain.

Let mine be the hand that
avenges these men.

I have a bad cough.

These gentlemen happen to be
the three best swordsman in Paris.

I think Gascon,
they can take care of themselves.

What is it you want?

To be a musketeer.

I admire your spirit, but you've
come to me without even a letter.

I had a letter.

It was stolen.

- Oh, that swine, if I could...
- Quietly, quietly.

What happened?

Well sir, it was at Bazac.

A great, tall, ugly man with a scar.

Was he alone?

There was a lady in a carriage.

A very beautiful lady.

Did he speak her name?

No sir, he called her Milady, but...

Do you know them, sir?

She's back.

I beg of you, tell me their names.

I'm going to the king.

D'Artagnan, a man is sometimes known
by the enemies he makes.

You'll receive an appointment
to the cadets.

In due time you may perhaps
be admitted to the musketeers.


Captain, my gratitude.


Clumsy, big-footed idiot!

You're addressing a future musketeer.

A future musketeer?

When you get the cockleburs
out of your hair perhaps,

and the barn yard out of your manners.

I resent that.

Well, I shall give you every opportunity

to acquit your resentment
behind the Luxembourg at noon.

Willingly, sir.

At that point, gentlemen,

the duchess swooned at my feet.

I wrapped her in my cape and...

My cape!

A thousand pardons!

How do I get out of here?

By the end of my foot.

I endure no such insult from any man.

Perhaps you'll endure my sword
in your belly at the Carmes Déchaux.

Name the hour.

- One.
- One.



You embarrass me.

Aramis, don't tell me
there's no lady in your life?

My life is dedicated to things
of the spirit,

not of the flesh.

My hat may be that of a musketeer,

my habits are not.

You sir!

Who, me?

Yes, you!


I was addressing you, sir.

What is your hurry?

- No hurry at all, sir.
- Ah, that's better.

Now tell me,

do I look like a man who
spends his time with the ladies?

Well, if you don't sir,

then Paris must echo
with the ladies' sighs.

That's not what I asked.

These gentlemen insist that
I waste my time with the ladies.

I cannot conceive sir,

that in the company of a lady,

you'd waste a single moment.


Take to your heel,
before I take your throat.

Monsieur Aramis, your language.

Would you care to object to my language

behind the Louvre at one o'clock?

Yes, sir.

Couldn't we make it at two?

Well, you're in good time.

Where are your seconds?

Well, I have no seconds Monsieur Athos.

I only arrived in Paris last night.

What a pity.

To arrive in Paris on one day,

and be killed on the next.

Oh, there's no hurry.
My seconds haven't arrived yet.

With all respect sir.

Would it be proper if we didn't wait?

You see, I have
a similar appointment in an hour.

That is, if I survive this one.

No, just as you say.

But don't worry about it.
You won't survive.

You know, you're quite a fellow.

Your first day in Paris and two duels.


I have another one an hour later.

Oh, no.

Are these your seconds?

Athos, this isn't the man you fight.

- Why not?
- But I fight him in an hour.

- And I at two.
- You at two?

What a complete madman!

You know I'm forming
a positive affection for you.

You can afford an affection.

You get him before he's a corpse.

- Who are you to complain?
- Complain!

Now just a minute! Who found him first?


Gentlemen, your quarrels are with me,

not with each other.

To talk so well and to die so young.

I really do regret this.

Sir, your wound! I...

You'll find the left hand most confusing.

Come on.


Athos! Jussac.

Richelieu's guards.

Five of them.

Sheath your swords. You're under arrest.

Three against five, eh?

Four against five.

This gives me great pleasure, gentlemen.

Duels are forbidden.

In the name of Prime Minister Richelieu,

I arrest you.

Do your best in the king's name.

Why don't you use your right hand, Athos?

I save my right hand for my drinking.

Be careful lad. That's Jussac.


Let him go.


No, come watch.

Is this the peasant you were going
to fight with your left hand?




Bravo! Bravo!

Who are you?

Tell Richelieu, the name's d'Artagnan.

You immoderate men!

Which one of you was so vulgar

as to use Jussac's trousers as a target?

I did, sir.

You did d'Artagnan?!

By tomorrow you'll be the talk of Paris.

But you've a great deal to learn.

Richelieu is the king's first minister.

He's an unpopular,
but an extremely powerful man.

Richelieu has many ambitions,

such as war against England.

And most important, the complete
destruction of the king's powers.

The king's position is delicate.

We don't want to make it impossible.

Send him back a corpse, alright.

But don't send him back
with his trousers dripping.

Now do you understand?

- No, sir.
- Captain de Treville.

His Majesty the King orders
the immediate presence of

Captain de Treville, and musketeers
Athos, Aramis and Porthos.

And somebody called d'Artagnan.

Fine lot of brainless cutthroats.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Obvious imbeciles!

Which is this one?

D'Artagnan, Your Majesty.

Well why doesn't he have
some decent clothes?

How can I face Richelieu

when my men don't wear decent clothes?

Which of these is the one
who so embarrassed me?

D'Artagnan, Your Majesty.


Don't they realize that
Richelieu is my dearest friend

and staunch defender?

They do, Your Majesty.

Don't they realize

that the dignity of my first
minister is the dignity of France?

They're impetuous men, Your Majesty

Don't interrupt me when I am talking well.

What did you say?

They're impetuous men, Your Majesty.

Impetuous imbeciles!

Five hundred francs.

Go on. Go on! Go on away.

And get this fellow some decent clothes.

A wardrobe, a valet, a horse.

All he needs now is a rich widow.

Planchet, my horse.

Gentlemen, my quarters.

Welcome to your quarters d'Artagnan.

Get that man out of here!

He claims to be your landlord.

He is. Monsieur Bonacieux.

Just as I suspected.

He was telling the truth.

Well, get him out of here.

I cannot abide landlords.

Please, just a moment of your time.

I need you, sir.

I live below you.

I'm going away on a long journey

and won't be back for weeks.

I have a goddaughter named Constance.

She's in danger, sir.

In danger of what?

Well, she's one of the queen's maids.

I suspect she's being followed
by Richelieu's men.

Richelieu's men are notorious
for their complete lack of taste.

I believe that.

I beg your pardon sir,

but the purposes are, I suspect, political.

You see, she's trusted by the queen.

Oh, I beg of you sir.

It won't be a matter of
any great inconvenience.

She comes home from the palace
only once or twice a week.

You can keep an eye on the street
from your windows.

And here.

You can keep an eye on our rooms.


This all sounds a little too convenient.

The floorboard, the goddaughter,
the danger.

And my young friend has recently
distinguished himself

as an outstanding defender of the throne.

It smells, my dear landlord, of Richelieu.

- Get out!
- I swear...

Oh, gentlemen.

Planchet! Remove this man.

No, I swear to you.

No, Monsieur d'Artagnan!

He rolls well.

Planchet! Get me some nails and a hammer.

Maybe I could borrow some
from the landlord.


Get out!

Oh monsieur, monsieur.
You come from heaven.

No, mademoiselle.

Just from upstairs.

Whoever you are,
in the queen's name, I thank you.

And now please, please,
just for an instant.

Alright? Please.

Master, you're wounded.

Mortally, fatally, in the heart.

I'll get a physician.

I shall never recover.

Keep watch man.

I'm on the queen's business.

Sorry monsieur, to be in such a hurry.

No greater hurry than I.

I love you.

- What?
- I love you. Love you!

Oh mademoiselle, inside me
is a raging storm.

From the first instant I beheld you, I...

By the way, what's your name?

- Constance.
- Constance.

Oh, Constance.

My own.

My all.

My blood rages like a torrent.

My heart beats like a drum.

I come from the end of
the earth to implore you.

I thought you said you came from upstairs.

To be as far from you as a half dozen
paces is to be at the end of the earth.

You're mad.

No, don't stop.

Lace me up the back while you're talking.

I'm your servant, your subject, your slave.

Your pleasure is my life.

Your will, my law.

My life is yours.

My heart, my sword.

Anything you demand.

My last drop of blood.

Why do I have to start out on laces?

I didn't do very well, did I?

I was only trying to say, I love you.

Maybe you should've
told me your name first.



The famous swordsman?

The famous booby.

Oh, no.

I only came from the country
a few days ago, I...

I just got these clothes today.

The famous d'Artagnan.

I'm sorry. I'll go.


Oh, d'Artagnan.

I'm as simple as you are.

I'm just a girl
who works at the palace and...

I am not used to being in love.

Oh, heavens!

I'm late.

Oh, I'm late.

Swear on your honor you won't follow me.

But you're not going out of here alone.

Oh, trust me.

I beg of you, trust me.

Where are you going?

If you love me, please,
please don't follow me.

But I...

- You asked me to trust you!
- D'Artagnan!

Then you leave me to keep some
cheap rendezvous on a street corner.

Stop it! Stop!

It's George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham.

Prime Minister of England.


I'm sorry, my dear,
but the gentleman cannot be left

in possession of such knowledge.

It becomes my necessity to kill him.

Oh, Your Grace.

He is loyal to the queen and besides I...

I love him.

You evade Richelieu and all his spies

and then risk being impaled
upon another's sword?

What a fate for England.


Wait here a moment please.

Your Majesty, a messenger
from Spain has come

with intelligence of your cousins.

Her Majesty the Queen.

Anne, my little Anne.

I've told you a thousand times
you mustn't come here.

And a thousand times I shall come.

Oh, heaven help me?

Why can't you understand?

I understand nothing
except that I love you.

That the earth is small

and there's no room on it
for you and me apart.

Oh, my darling.

Confess to me that you still love me.

There, your tears are my evidence.

I weep for myself.

For my husband, for my country.

Your country's wise.

But your husband's an idiot.

But Richelieu's spies are everywhere;

in my court, in my bedchamber.

I have no one to trust.

You have me.

I have?

Which of Richelieu's spies
discovered you were coming to France

even before you left England.

The Countess de Winter?

Under what intimate circumstances
did she discover the secret?


Can't I even trust you?

And I love you.

And I can't help myself.

You accuse me of faithlessness?


I accept it.

George, I love you.

But you mustn't come here again.

I forbid you ever to come to Paris.

Alone, in disguise, at the mercy
of Richelieu's villains.

Richelieu forbids me to come as ambassador.

Then I shall never see you again.

No, if I cannot see you as beggar,

if I cannot see you as ambassador,

then I shall see you as conqueror.
Do you understand?

- Buckingham!
- England is mine,

France shall be mine, and
you shall be mine Anne.

You must go.


I give this to you in parting.

We must never meet again.

I shall treasure these

as I treasure my dearest
recollections of you Anne.

As I treasure the anticipation
of our next meeting.

The Countess de Winter.

Your Excellency.

Welcome Milady.

And you were never so welcome
as at this moment.

Nor so unwilling to come.

You promised me a holiday.

I'm having my holiday.


Oh yes. And what is
the name of your holiday?

The Count de Wardes?

Do you know everything
that transpires in France?

I only know I'm in the midst
of a great project.

And that you Milady,
are part of that great project.

I need you Milady.

Buckingham is in possession of
a set of diamond studs.

Twelve studs.

I would be grateful, immensely grateful,

if you were to go to England
and steal two of them.

Steal two?

What am I, a common thief?

I could hardly trust a common thief
with such a mission.

The jewels were presented
to Buckingham only last night...

by the queen.

Oh, so he reached the queen.

How comical, despite all your precautions.

I leave the making of excuses to Rochefort,

and his excuses can be quite imaginative.

It's his claim that some
lone monster named d'Artagnan

annihilated all my men.

Oh no. What a catastrophe!

It takes a good man to prevent
a catastrophe, Milady.

And a great man to make use of one.

You and I, my dear, are brand new creatures

in this ancient world of impulsive men.

We have intellect;

we think.

And when we think, our
impulsive enemies are helpless.

The king opposes my plans
for war with England.

It's my belief that
if Buckingham's relations

with the queen can be demonstrated,

His Majesty's opposition
of my plans may be lessened.

But Your Grace, how can you
trust me with such a confidence?

What if I refuse to go to England?

Can there be anyone
more trustworthy Milady,

than an ambitious woman of fashion?

With a history?

You said yourself Milady,

I know everything that transpires
or has transpired... in France.

His spies. They're everywhere.

- Can you go to England?
- To England?

Nobody knows I've come to you.
Only the queen.

Oh, the poor queen.

Oh, Constance.

Richelieu's arranged a banquet
for the first of the month

for the express purpose of
displaying the queen's new jewels.

It's a set of twelve diamond studs,

and he gave them to her for her birthday,

and she has to wear them.

- But I...
- Well, they're in England.

She gave them to Buckingham.

Richelieu's found out and now
he wants the king to find out.

And she just has to wear them
at the banquet or...

Well, it's only nine days and I don't...

I love you.


Oh, you'll need this letter.

You tell the queen I'll be back
with the jewels in nine days time.

What would I do without you?

When I come back...

When you come back...

So this letter must be delivered
in England,

and the jewels returned to Paris
by the first of the month?

We have just one advantage:

Richelieu doesn't know we're going.

My friend, my friend.

My young country friend.

When will you learn about Paris?

By now Richelieu,
without the slightest question,

knows even the color of your underpants.

Well, it's my obligation, not yours.

If we all went, there'd be a better chance

that one of us would survive
to return to Paris.

To die among friends...

Can a man ask more?

Can a world offer less?

Who wants to live
till the last bottle is empty?

It's all for one d'Artagnan.

And one for all.

- On your way.
- Four against one, Athos.

In the queen's name, on your way!

Stay with your master, Grimaud!

The town of Crèvecœur lies just beyond.

I once knew a lady who lived there.

Some of my most beautiful memories
are associated with this road.

Aramis, you alright?
Aramis, are you alright?!

That way! That way, d'Artagnan!

I hope your lady still lives at the town.

That was long ago, d'Artagnan!

Long ago!

Separate men. We'll cut them off.

Here, master!


We meet again, d'Artagnan.

Ride, d'Artagnan! For the queen!


A boat for England.

The port was closed last night.

By whose orders?

Richelieu's, monsieur.

Our beloved Richelieu.

A boat for England.

No boat. The port's closed.

I am the Count de Wardes.

I have special permission from Richelieu.

You'll have to get it signed
by the governor of the port.

Where could I find this individual?

The last house on the point.

Such a... handsome man he was.

Don't talk like that. He's not dead.

Well, I'd rather be dead
than resemble a sieve.

Or maybe I...

Maybe I'd just rather be dead.

- What a man.
- Hmm.

I said what a man.

Letters from the famous Countess de Winter.

By the way, Planchet, don't forget.

My name's...

I'm the Count de Wardes.

The Count... de... ooh...

Monsieur d'Artagnan I can think of no one
to whom I'd prefer to entrust these.

My only regret is that
you're not an Englishman.

An Englishman, Your Grace,
would probably take this box

back to Paris without looking
to see what's inside it.

With all respect sir, I'm a Frenchman.

You sceptic.



You disgusting thieves.

Which one of you has stolen these jewels?

I'll have you hanged from
the highest bridge in London.

- Oh, Your Grace...
- Don't lie to me!

No one has been in my rooms except...

Summon my jeweler.

This instant!

How many days do you have left? Five?

- But without the other two studs, sir...
- Never mind about that.

If your feet had wings, monsieur,
and you rode the wind,

how long would it take you to get to Paris?

- Three days.
- You're alone?

I left Paris with friends, sir.

I hope at least one of them's alive

and can help me get back.

Rochefort, draw 100,000 francs
for the Countess de Winter.

- Yes, monsieur.
- Oh and Rochefort,

what of your demoniac
young friend, d'Artagnan?

- He's dead.
- Excellent.

Well, why does he seem so unhappy?

Well, five of my men have each assured me

that he killed him,

in each of five different places.

Place extra guards on every road.

Close the gates of Paris

until d'Artagnan's corpse is
delivered to me here in my palace,

or his person lodged in the Bastille.

Yes, monsieur.

Nobly said, monsieur.

Oh, I have every confidence in you.

You who are the equal of
catastrophes and kings.

You will someday be equal to this man

who isn't yet a musketeer.

Heavens, d'Artagnan.


They told me you were wounded.

I am, I am. I slipped up. But the jewels...

Here, safe.

Ah, that man, that Buckingham.

Two had been stolen and he had
two new ones made in 48 hours.

But come on, man.
Get your horse. I need you.

Porthos, when did a wound ever
come between you and a fight?

Well, unfortunately
the position of this one

comes between me and my horse.

I give you my word, I wasn't running away.

I was fighting magnificently when...

who should appear but...

Oh, what a beautiful woman!

I let my eyes stray for
just a moment when... zing!

I'm disgraced.

When was I ever wounded in a locality

so impossible to explain?


I can see you're in doubt.

No, my dear friend, merely in a hurry.

Where can I find Aramis?

In a monastery.


Our friend Aramis has renounced
the world of the flesh.

But it's only been a few days.

Yes. He says a great deal
can happen in a just few days

to change a man's life.

I suspect...

His lady in Crèvecœur didn't remember him.

Oh heaven, heaven,
let Athos still be alive.

- I said wine!
- I have none.

What kind of an inn is this?

Go down in your cellar?

I can't go down in my cellar.

- Why not?
- Mercy, gentlemen.

Believe me, there's a madman in my cellar.

A madman!

He took refuge in my cellar a week ago.

He's been down there for a week.

All my food. All my wine.

Three more days like this and I'm ruined.

Athos! Athos.

Open up, it's d'Artagnan.

Athos, it's d'Artagnan!

♪ Fill up the flagons with wine... ♪


My friend, welcome!


My beautiful magnificent friend.

Grimaud, wine for Monsieur d'Artagnan.

The best in the house for my dearest...

for Monsieur d'Artagnan.

Athos, we have to be in Paris tonight.

Wait a minute, you're not drinking.

Athos please, sober up. For heaven's sake.

A puritan...

His lady doesn't approve of drink.

Let me tell you about women.

- Athos.
- I knew a woman once...


No. Let's say that I had a friend.

An aristocratic young friend.

He knew a woman.

Athos, for heaven's sake.

Have you forgotten we ride for the queen?

I was telling you about women.

Well then tell it to the wind
of your own making!

Have you forgotten our pledge?
All for one and one for all?

You pompous, village bore.

You hero.

What do you know of
anything besides swordplay?

I was speaking of women.

This friend... This aristocratic friend,

fell in love with a country wench.

He married her and
took her to his ancestral bed.

She was beautiful.

He worshipped her.

As in an ancient order.

The pure, the good.

His angel of light.

Within a week's time his angel
of light had led a neighbor,

a young recluse, from a life of chastity,

and together they eluded the local church.

My friend wrung a confession from the woman

and turned her over to the executioner

of Lille who branded her shoulder
with a fleur-de-lis.

Then he cast her out of his house,

renounced his ancestral claims, and fled.

He changed his name and joined
the legions of the king.

He never saw the woman again.

Nor ever cease to loves her.

I am speaking of women.

We will ride to Paris.

Move on.

Move on.

Planchet, take the horses into that barn.

Who goes there?

In Richelieu’s name, Stop or I'll fire!

Guards! Surround the barn!

Get to the loft!

D'Artagnan, will you surrender?

I drank too much.


Oh, my headache!

Come on, or we'll burn the barn!

Cease firing.


If we shouldn't meet again,

I believe I was drinking this morning

and I have a way of

concocting fairy tales when I drink.

You'll remember that.

Are we to surrender?

No, wait here two minutes
and then you'll be free.

And the gates of Paris open.

Come along, Planchet.
There must be two of us.

They'll take you for d'Artagnan.

And we'll spend the night in the Bastille.

Is Her Majesty never going to appear?

I told you all I know.

She sent word she's not feeling well.

Sight of food...

But supper is almost finished.

Well, maybe when the dancing begins.

What a pity.

And I have a little gift for her.

When she does appear, Your Majesty,

without set of 12 studs
that were your gift to her,

then ask her who stole these from her?

I'm ready now.

But Your Majesty,
without the jewels you can't...


The jewels, Madame.

I suspected you might have need
of some jewels, Your Majesty.

And so I...

I'm heartbroken, Louis.

I had no time to display
the jewels properly.

My dressmaker arrived too late.

Your dressmaker,

Madame d'Artagnan, no doubt.

But I am all confused.

Where did you get those two studs?

He said they were stolen.

Our great Prime Minister
reduced to stealing?

Perhaps we'd better increase his allowance.


You may give them to me just the same.

My profound compliments.

Dispose of them as you will.

Where can we go?

Oh, I can't leave the palace tonight.

Tomorrow. Somewhere.

My gratitude.

I kissed the queen's hand.

Have you no higher ambitions?

Tomorrow night.

Eight o'clock at Centraud.

The Inn of the Flowers.

All the things
I go through for you, master.

No sooner did they let me
out of the Bastille,

then here I am, wearing your clothes.

I almost prefer the Bastille.

Ah Planchet, we must be careful.
Maybe Richelieu is planing revenge.

If we run into an ambush,

surely his men will mistake you for me.

Oh yes, that's true.

Oh, what are you saying, master!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

You may hang me if you desire,

but call upon you to witness
that I surrender freely.

Voluntarily of my own choice.

Because I cannot stomach
the kind of justice

that takes the woman
and lets the man go free.

The man surpasses
even your description of him.

It's unbelievable.

You will release Mademoiselle Bonacieux.

I bargain with you sir, my life for hers.

Why should I want your life?

You don't want me?

Of course I want you.

I want you as a lieutenant in my guard.

Young man, I can't afford to
have you as my enemy.

It's true.

You bring the affairs of state
to a complete halt.

But hang you?

What a waste.

No, a man like you, d'Artagnan,
brings out but one thing in me:

- My inquisitive instinct.
- Monsieur, I...

You're an ambitious man or
you wouldn't have come to Paris.

May I suggest that
in your allegience to the throne,

you've joined your ambitions
with a falling star.

Monsieur, I didn't come here prepared...

I came here about a certain young lady.

Oh, yes.

Why don't we speak of her another time.

Some time perhaps after you have
accepted my commission.

The Countess de Winter.

Oh here! You two haven't met.

The Countess de Winter.
Monsieur d'Artagnan.

Or have you met?

I am extremely interested in
this young man, Milady.

I wonder if you would be so good
as to entertain him.

Give him a glimpse perhaps of
the kind society that would be his,

if he accepts a lieutenancy in my guard.




Careful! Our friend Porthos
has a very tender heart.

Aramis! They told me
you'd entered a monastery.

I thought I wouldn't see you again.
It's only been a few days, man.

Ah, a great deal can happen in a few days,

to change a man's life.

It seems, my friends, I'm not yet prepared
to embrace the life of the spirits.

But I expected every hour that
you'd be joining me in the Bastille.

Richelieu took Constance instead.

Where is she?

I don't know.

Richelieu knows.

Rochefort. Countess de Winter, I think.

Oh, the famous countess again.
Has anybody ever met her?

Oh, yes. I've been seeing
quite a bit of her lately.

Oh, now, gentlemen, don't misunderstand me.

I... I love Constance.

How I love her.

My time with Milady has been
spent in polite conversation.

Don't you believe me?

He makes love to one woman in order
to make love to another woman.

No, gentlemen. All I want of Milady
is her confidence.

Believe me. We spoke of horses and Gascony.

The woman most notorious woman in France.

The woman that not even Buckingham
could resist.

The most dangerous, fascinating,
appetizing, tantalizing.

And all he wants is her confidence.

I'm only seeing Milady to find out
where Constance is.

Poor Constance.

Fifty francs he's in love with
Milady by the end of the week.

What a swine. He doesn't know
what it is to be in love.

Why, when a man's in love
he's safe from anything.

Oh, oh, you country boy.

You know, I almost believe him.

Fifty francs with the end of the week?

I believe him, but not fifty francs worth.

You poor, corrupt creatures.

Well, you'll see.

She hasn't the slightest appeal for me.

If only I had some slight appeal for her,

I might find where Constance is, but...

No, Milady despises me.

She considers me a bore.

Oh, and worse, she's in love
with another man.

But desperately.

All she can think of is where is he,

why doesn't he come to see her?

I've made so little progress,

I've been reduced to her maid.

Don't tell me you're
making love to her maid.

Delicious! Delicious!

No. No, if I've flirted with Kitty a little

it's only to intercept Milady's
correspondence with this other man.

D'Artagnan, how can you get mixed up
with so many different women,

and still be in love with somebody else?

My poor, fickle friends,

you'll never understand.

Wait, if... if all you do
care about is Constance,

why don't you just go to this other man?

Certainly the Countess confides in him.

Excellent, excellent.

Except that the other man unfortunately,

is a certain Count de Wardes,

whom I left in Calais
in very poor condition

with four sword passes through the body.

Oh, how can fate be so cruel?


Cruel fate!

Why don't you kiss me?

Ah, Kitty, my precious.
My beloved, my dove, my all.

Oh, you don't care about me.

All you care about is my mistress.

Well, she doesn't care about you.

This is the man she's in love with.

The Count de Wardes.

No, I have to take that to him.

I've been taking letters
to his house for days now.

And he never answers.

Well, of course he doesn't.
He isn't at his house.

How do you know?

Well, he's a good friend of mine.
Here, let's see what she says.

Oh! Oh, give it to me, give it to me.

Oh, I'm not...

My undying love, my...

Oh, you're right, Kitty. She does love him.

My, my. Why don't you answer my letters?

Come to me, I beg...

I wonder...

Could I do it?

Oh, won't you please give me the letter?

Kitty. Kitty, this man, this De Wardes.

Does she confide in him?

Oh, she must.

Oh Kitty, stop squealing.
I'm only trying to help you.

Look, you tell your mistress
you delivered the letter.

But I didn't.

Never mind that.

Tell her the Count begs forgiveness,

but he's in hiding.

He's in trouble with Richelieu.

It was through him that
Monsieur d'Artagnan got to England.

And that Richelieu has given out
an order for his arrest.

Is this true?

Well, more or less. More or less.

And then tell your mistress
that the Count de Wardes will

sup with her at midnight tonight.
On one condition...

That there is no light burning
anywhere in the house.

No lights?

Ohhh, if he's recognized
by one person he's lost.

Tell her that he's afraid of
running into the terrible


Oh! Oh, I don't understand, I...

I mean... I mean suppose he doesn't
come and then she'll be angry with me.

There, there. Now Kitty, don't worry.

Didn't I say he'd come?
He's a friend of mine.

Yes, yes. But you said he was afraid.

My Kitty. My darling.
My precious. My darling.

There, there. Now run along.

And don't forget,

tonight at midnight.

And no lights!

Every light, Kitty. Hurry!

- Yes, Milady.
- Oh, this is insane!

I could just as well pull
the drapes. No one can see.

Kitty, did he act insane?

No, Milady.

Well, never mind. Every light.

Oh, if he doesn't come...

If you've made a mistake...

Kitty, the wine is warm from the fire.

Take it and chill it.

And the chocolate, it's cold. Warm it.

- But there isn't a light in the house.
- Do as I say!

Put out that light!

Monsieur d'Artagnan!

Where's Milady?

She's resting.

Where's the Count de Wardes?

Is the room dark?

There's a fire.
They're eating by firelight.

A fire? I said no light.

But it's only a little fire.
You can't see a thing.

You'd better be right about that.

Alright, I understand.

I don't understand one thing.

Ah, ah, ah. Now, Kitty,

go and announce me. The Count de Wardes.

The Count!

Come, come, Kitty.
This is no time for weak nerves.

Now go. Go, go, go, go, go, go.

The Count de...

The Count de Wardes.

Oh, Constance, Constance, understand me.

This is just for conversational purposes.

De Wardes.

De Wardes, at last.

- At last.
- How sweet to see you.

Ah, supper! How nice!

Never mind about supper.

A man grows hungry, Milady.

Kiss me! Kiss me!

I shall positively be cremated

sitting so close to the fire.

Are you going to kiss me or aren't you?


Perhaps one little kiss.

I think maybe we'd better eat supper.

Wake up, Athos.

Athos, wake up.

Oh, no.

Come on, Athos, wake up.

And help me to compose a letter.

You wake me up?

It isn't even noon yet.

This is no hour for composing letters

or looking happy.

Will you stop looking happy?

Oh, Athos, we've judged her unfairly.

How can I describe her?

- Her hair like... Her lips...
- Who?

- Her throat like...
- Who? Open your eyes,

so you can see who you're talking about.


I can't describe her very well.
It was dark.

She even gave me a ring.

Ah, you're a carnival star!

I resent your tone, Athos.

You've fallen in love with her.

I tell you, we've judged her unfairly.

You know, there's a certain
difficulty about this ring.

She gave it to me under the
impression that I was De Wardes.

A man wants to be loved for himself and...

Well, that's why you've got to help me
compose some kind of a letter.

Give me that ring.

What is it?

What's the matter, Athos?

I don't understand you.
That's a very beautiful ring.


It once was mine.

Athos, this is a crude sort of joke.

There are things that
a man doesn't joke about.

I'd know that ring
if I found it in my grave.

It belonged to my family.

It was a wedding gift to my wife.

Your wife?

The Countess de Winter.

Oh, heaven, how can you play
such a hideous trick on me?

How can you play such a trick on me?

On her shoulder there's a...
a brand. A fleur-de-lis.

But of course, you wouldn't know that.

Oh, this is monstrous.

What kind of drunken fantasy is this?

My friend, believe me.
This woman is my wife.

- I told you the story.
- Of your friend.

No, no, of myself, of myself.

I lied.

Look, shun this woman
like you would the pox.

She's evil itself.
She's death. She's poison!

You liar.

Why do you try to turn me against her?

What's your purpose?

Your words proclaim your lie.

When you told me the story,
you said you still loved her.

Are these the sentiments of a man

who still loves a woman?

Oh, you drunken fool!

Because you hate all women, must I?

Are you sure this is
the Count's real handwriting?

Oh, yes. I intercepted
that letter only today.

Ah, Aramis, you write a fine hand.

Milady, I find myself unable to
come to you again

this evening as promised.

Since my return from England

I have so many invitations of
this kind on my hands

that I am forced to regulate them a little.

When your turn comes again,

I shall have the honor to inform you of it.

I kiss your hands.

Now sign it De Wardes.

Well, she certainly can't be
too fond of De Wardes now.

But Aramis,

what's going to make her fond of me?

You! Get out of my room!

Monsieur d'Artagnan.

He is waiting in the sitting room.

Well, get him out of the house.
Tell him I can't see...

No. No, wait.

Monsieur d'Artagnan, the famous swordsman.

Kitty, prepare me.

Monsieur d'Artagnan.

How handsome you are.

Milady, beside you, I'm... I'm a sparrow.


Oh, Milady.

I'm overwhelmed.

I have no words.

What need has a man of action for words?

My, what a strong hand.

It's yours.

Don't you think it's
a little bright in here?

The light is still in my eyes.

Oh, I find you in my arms.

My own arms.

I mean...

Tell me you love me.

If only my heart were free.

Free of anger.

Free of fear.


Oh, Milady, whom are you afraid of?

What do I live for, except your command?

What would you do to a man,
who holds my life in bondage?

Who persecutes me?

Reviles me?
Soils my honor and boasts of it.

Name him.

Speak his name
and you sentence him to death.

Count de Wardes.



Oh yes, the Count de Wardes.

You're afraid of him.

Oh, Milady.

Well, if you love me.

Well, that's not the question.

Do you love me?

Oh, Milady, to kill a man. I...

No matter what my reputation,
I don't take killing lightly.

Why only yesterday you were cool to me.

Cool to you?

You'll never know the agony
it caused me, sitting here, cool.

While you talked about horses.

And I yearned to throw myself
into your arms.

Oh, I can't believe this.

And afterwards, after you left,

to have to receive the filthy De Wardes,

to pretend out of fear.


Do I love you?

Like the stars in the night.

The sun, the day, now, tomorrow, forever.

My heart is yours, constantly.

Irrevocably yours.

And yours alone.

Whatever my reputation,

my d'Artagnan, I don't take love lightly.

Oh, if I had only known.

Oh, Milady.

I'm unworthy of you.

The things I have done and had to do.

It's I who am unworthy of you.

Oh, no, Milady.

Let me put your heart at rest.

It wasn't the Count de Wardes you hate

who came to you last night.

Oh, forgive me.

Forgive me.

I know you will.

Don't you think it's
a little bright in here?

- Milady?
- Oh, you foul, sickening...

Oh, when have I taken so little
pleasure in wrestling with women.

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Why am I a woman?

Why haven't I the strength?

D'Artagnan, you are destroyed!

Guards! Guards! Thief!

Kill him! Kill him!

He does rather well for a farm boy.

So this is how he spends his time
in polite conversation.

Shall we, ah... intrude?

She's promised to kill you.

She'll keep that promise if she can.

Beware d'Artagnan.

Beware of strange men in dark places.

And lonely roads.

That woman will destroy you
because she must.

You know her secret:

Brand of a common criminal,
the fleur-de-lis.

All I know is what I've done.

I'm unspeakable.


Merely young.

You could be so much worse off.

She could be your wife.


No, it isn't a miracle. The queen found me.

Oh, my love.

Speak to me.

Darling, we have so little time.

Oh, my angel of goodness.

Will you marry me?

Now, this instant.

I can't. There's no time.

Oh, you must.

The queen's carriage, it's coming for me.

She's sending me where
Richelieu can't find me.

I'll follow you.

I don't even know where she's sending me.

Oh, Constance, Constance.

Whether there's time
or whether there isn't,

for my sake.

I have to leave soon.

Where I'll be, I don't know.

What may happen to you,

We don't know.

You're afraid, aren't you?

Oh, I didn't know you could be afraid.

Now you know everything about me.

No, it's just that sometimes I

know how young I am,
and how much I have to live for.

I tremble, I...

I can make mistakes that will
follow me through all my days.


If I can forgive you, certainly she can.

Oh, you don't know her.

Oh, my darling.

Well, that's only the sun.


Your carriage is here.

Wherever you are.

Wherever I am.

Your Grace.

Welcome to Grandstogen Castle,

- You'll be safe here.
- Thank you, Your Grace.

Within a few hours you will be
separated from Richelieu

by the most impenetrable of
all barriers, the war.





D'Artagnan, go back.
Tell His Majesty another road.

We'll hold this one as long as we can.

Come out!

That's no English voice.

We're Frenchman!

Come out, Frenchmen.

Identify yourselves.

Men of the king's musketeers, sir.

What are men of the king's
musketeers doing in this vicinity?


So I'm going to have His Majesty
on my hands soon.

If I let these men go,

news of our little expedition will

reach His Majesty within the hour.


I find myself abroad on this dark night

with insufficient escort.

But His Majesty has...

We're at your command, sir.


There's a village yonder,
and an inn, the Dragon Rouge.

One of you out front, two behind!

My own men will stand guard outside.

Give my trusted friends here a room
downstairs with a decent fire.

Gentlemen, you may have my room.

I put in a new stove only today.

Good. And landlord, lock their door.

Let them out only in case of trouble.

Monsieur, would you be
kind enough to inform me

of the reason for
the secrecy of this meeting.

It's imperative that no one here suspect

I have had anything to do
with your leaving.

I have arranged it, therefore,

that not long after
I go out of this building

men will appear and kidnap you by force.

They won't know that you're going willingly

of course, so I'd advice you
not to resist them.

They will put you on a boat.

By morning you will be in England.

You will then proceed to
Buckingham's headquarters

at Grandstogen castle

and appear before him.

Well, after the affair
of the diamond studs,


Since the affair of the diamond
studs Buckingham knows

at least you're in my absolute confidence.

You will present yourself
to Buckingham, Milady, openly,

as my negotiator.


Do I understand, the great Richelieu

is preparing to negotiate a peace?

You do, Milady.

Buckingham is arranging
an alliance with Spain,

with Austria, and with Lorraine.

If he is successful,
then the days of my power

and your affluence are numbered.

But what if he refuses to negotiate?

You disappoint me, Milady.

We play chess with the Gods,
not pussy wants a corner.

Of course Buckingham will
refuse to negotiate.

Well, what then?

Milady, where is your famous imagination?

Do you suggest I have him assassinated?

I suggest nothing.

I merely rely on your imagination.

What are your terms?

- I shall need something from you.
- Of course.

In writing.

A carte blanche.

A carte blanche?

But you have my word.

In writing.

It is by my order,
and for the good of the state

that the bearer of this has
done what he has done.


This will be quite satisfactory.

Shh! Listen.

The rest is bargaining.

My terms are simple.

First, there is a certain estate
in the vicinity of Lyon.

A barony.

It was renounced by its owner
quite some years ago.

It now belongs to the throne.

I want that estate, and the title.

That's easily done, Milady. What else?

Second, and last...

I want the head of Monsieur d'Artagnan.

Delivered to me preserved in a small box.

Oh no, Milady.

Well, that is, I haven't
yet given up hope for him.

You may give up hope for him now.

His instructions were to let us
out in case of trouble.

Nobody said we weren't
to start it ourselves.

Quickly, there seems to be trouble!


The bargain?

If he succeeds in England,
she gets d'Artagnan's head.

No, wait.

You and Porthos go on back
to camp with Richelieu.

Find d'Artagnan. Bring him here by morning.

Leave the woman to me.

Tell Richelieu I'm scouting ahead.

What happened?

Where is the other musketeer?

I don't know what happened, monsieur.

Athos went on ahead.

He, ah... he said he'd scout around.

Good man.

I have a message from Richelieu.

All is quiet; you have nothing to fear.


Don't be afraid, Charlotte,

I can neither kill you nor take you away.

Your kidnappers, in a few minutes,
would report to Richelieu

either your corpse or your disappearance.

You, my dear wife,

fainting is neither becoming
nor believable.

Richelieu gave you a certain paper,
a carte blanche.

Since I cannot kill you,
I must at least have that paper.

You will give it to me, Charlotte,

or I shall have to take it.


Help! Don't hit me! I'm the landlord.

Help! Help! Help!

Stop that! Stop it!

The lady you're looking for is upstairs!

Your orders are changed however.

She is not to be taken to the boat.




You could have at least used wine.

With the compliments and
apologies of the house.

The compliments and apologies of a man

who has never appreciated landlords before.


- They've told you, huh?
- Yes.

Well, none of us can go to England.
We're soldiers.

If we're caught on English soil
we'll be hanged.

I suggest Planchet go to Buckingham.

- Planchet?
- Hmm?

You're going to England.

Yes, master.

I'll get shot!


Well, I... I'll get seasick.


D'Artagnan, do you think that, uh...
Planchet is a...

My faith in Planchet
is my faith in a friend.

I'll go, master.

Well, just so you'll have
no difficulty in traveling,

Richelieu himself gives you his blessing.

Be back a week from today.

My friends will be in the French camp,

but I may be in hiding.

For if you fail, Richelieu
will be wanting my head.

Now, tell Buckingham...

Ah, this same woman,

uh, who has been promised my master's head,

uh, comes to England, not to assassinate,

ah, ah, ah... not to negotiate a peace,

but to a-assassinate you.

Uh, then imprison her, my master says.

This is one of Richelieu's tricks.

Uh, uh, bind her. Chain her.

Surround her with guards.

Pick from your most trusted men.

Uh, she is evil itself.

Now, may I go back to France?

How do I know you're not
one of Richelieu's tricks?

Is there anyone in England
who can identify you?

No, sir.

- I, uh...
- Well?

Oh! Oh, uh. My... My master says
that you will know this.

This man has in his possession
the diamond stud

which you once stole from me.

But of course, Your Grace.

And which he stole from me.

He was one of my servants.

Where have you been, Duval?

I've been trying to find you,
to have you hanged.

Hanged? Duval?

My name is Planchet.

My master is Monsieur d'Artagnan.

Would you do me the favor of
having this creature hanged?


Oh, my sweet Planchet. How is he?

How is he?


you're under arrest.

The Countess de Winter,
may I present to you your jailer,

Mademoiselle Bonacieux.

You will have a company of guards
at your disposal, my dear.

But you will be responsible for this woman.

You see, you're a woman yourself,

and safe from her more obvious temptations.

If she escapes you,

then you must know that I
will be her first victim.

And d'Artagnan,
the man you love, her second.

I think you'll make a better jailer
than any man in England.

Remove the prisoner.

I haven't come to the best news.
I haven't come to it yet.

Uh, mademoiselle.

The lady who lived downstairs.

- The lady you married.
- Constance?

She's in England.

- You saw her?
- Right in the castle!

Oh, and the wit of
that Monsieur Buckingham.

You know, I had always thought that
Englishmen weren't very bright.

Well, you see,
there was some question as to

who was to be the woman's jailer.

Never mind about that.
Tell me about my wife.

But that's what I'm telling you.

He made mademoiselle a jailer.

But that's a funny story.

Did I leave something out?


did he trust Madame
to mademoiselle herself?

Oh, there was to be soldiers.

He trusted Satan to an angel.

Planchet, saddle my horse.

D'Artagnan, you can't go to
England. You'll be hanged.

Buckingham will protect me.

But you'll be a deserter in France.

I too, then!

They didn't tell me you were sick.

- Let me address you.
- No!

- I'll call the surgeon.
- No!

- I forbid it.
- Milady, I...

Pray for me. You're young. You're good.

He will listen to you.
He won't listen to me.

Pray that I die.

Is that what you've been praying for?

To die?


I'll call the surgeon.

No! Pray for me. That's all.

Oh, if you knew, you'd pray.

Oh, leave me.

Leave me!

Madame, call the surgeon.

She won't let me.

There's nothing wrong with her
at all. She's just pretending.

She knows if I call the surgeon,

he'll find out.

- Yes.
- It's Alvin of the guard.

Milady, brunch?

You can't eat?

Oh, mercy.

Mercy, let me die.

Let the surgeon see you.

Let the surgeon see me?

Let Buckingham know?

He'll hang me.

Tomorrow, today.

But I trust you.

To be hanged...

A common criminal...

An English noose.

Have I ever lied to you?

Have I ever pretended to be anything

but what I am?


Your d'Artagnan...

I'd kill him in an instant.

And Buckingham, that swine, I'd...

I am what I am.

And I have no concern with your

silly rights and wrongs.

But heaven, heaven,

may I not have pride?

Must I die at the end of an English rope?

I won't tell, I swear.

A knife.

Do you lay claim to goodness or don't you?

Are you merciful or are you not?

Oh, save me.

Bring me a knife.

Let me end this.

Oh, how do you stand there, torturing me?

Oh, I can't endure.

I can't.

There's home, there's England.

I... I'm Mademoiselle Bonacieux. I...

I have charge of a certain prisoner.

I'm... I'm sick.

I can't take further responsibility.

His Grace can't be disturbed.

Oh, but I must see him.

Tomorrow perhaps.

I'll give him the message.

She's laying on the floor.

She's all doubled up, like...

Madame, I take my orders from you.

But you're no officer
and I can tell you this:

We don't treat no dog in England

like you're treating her.

I'm going to the surgeon.


Are there any other guards on duty?

Yes, Madame.

Send them away.

- But...
- You stay by her door.

Close the peephole.

I'll be with Milady in a few minutes.

But I forbid you to watch
or to have anyone else around.

Yes, Madame.

Will you send for the surgeon?

I don't think that will be necessary.


I... I brought you a book.

Lieutenant St. Clair,
returning from France.

I have urgent dispatches for His Grace.

Direct me please, to My Lord,
the Duke of Buckingham.

I'll have to report to
the captain of the guard.

Follow me, sir.

Halt! Halt!

Guards! Guards!

Follow me! Frenchmen in the castle!

Spies! Spies! Soldiers, after them!

Ah yes, Mademoiselle Bonacieux.

You came earlier I believe.

His Grace was disturbed by your message

and asked that if you returned,

you be admitted.

That door.

Frenchmen in the castle.
Report to your corporal.

- Yes sir!
- Which way to the prisoner's quarter?

- Up the stairs.
- His Grace has been murdered!

Buckingham has been murdered!

Frenchmen in the castle!

Frenchmen in the castle!

Follow me, men!



Constance, my wife.

My wife.

My Constance.

We will never have time.

Oh, you're smiling.

Oh, yes, we'll have time.

Of course we'll have time.

Now look at me.

Look at me.

Keep looking at me.

You and I,

we'll have everything you asked for.

Time to be in love.

Hold me.


Oh, heaven, let me be strong
enough for the two of us.


We have only a few seconds

and they'll come in this room.

We have no Buckingham to protect us now.


You must come.
There's nothing more you can do.

Listen to me!

De Winter is still alive!

Frenchmen! Frenchmen!

I advise you, d'Artagnan,

to lose yourself on the road to Spain.

Richelieu has given orders for your arrest.

As for the woman, forget her.

You ask the impossible.

This woman has assassinated
the Prime Minister of England.

Murdered d'Artagnan's wife.

What do you propose to do?

Find her.

We lost her somewhere on the road to Lille.

We merely asking you,
has she been in Paris?

Athos, this woman is protected
by Richelieu.

If you touch her...

Gentlemen, are you aware of
what will happen to you?

- To all of you?
- We are.

Leave her.

I beg of you, leave her to
the justice of the state.

When there is no justice in the state.

She's not returned to Paris.

The road to Lyon.

Athos, remember the night you said

the rest was bargaining?

Lyon, an estate near Lyon?

A Barony?

She demanded the estate,

and the title.

Is this more or less beautiful
than Gascony,

I wouldn't know.

Here, I grew up.

These woods, these hills.

All this was mine.

And more d'Artagnan, more.

Here, I fell in love.

Is it she?


Well, Athos, in a matter of hours,

we'll be on the road to Spain

with a price on our heads.

Will we live to see France again?

Will we live to see Spain?





This was my family's chapel, Charlotte.

You remember, we took our vows here?

I loved you, Charlotte.

I still love you.

I love you as I love war and drunkenness.

I love you as men love all
that is worst for them.

Forgive me, Robert.

Before God and this Holy place

I swear, I swear.

The executioner of Lyon.


You cannot...

Gentlemen, mercy.

How many times have you asked for mercy

and you received it?

And then repaid it in blood?

How many times have you taken men's love,

their pity, their aspirations,

and their lives?

What has been the essence of your evil?

That you understood goodness.

We don't forgive you, Charlotte.

We can't.

We do not dare.

My wife.

They should remember you here, Athos.

My appetite, anyway.

Food, landlord.

And wine, landlord,

in the king's name!

The king's musketeers?

Yes, Monsieur Athos.

The best food and wine for Monsieur Athos.

This is a trap!

Aramis, chandelier!

D'Artagnan! Come on Porthos!


Athos, hurry!

We come into a time of peace, Your Majesty.

The British retired from
La Rochelle. The war has ended.

We mourn our dead, and forgive.

Forgive these men, Sire.

I have here their resignations

from the musketeers.

Aramis will embrace the life of the spirit.

Porthos, I believe
he states here his intention,

or at least his ambition,

to marry a rich widow.

D'Artagnan will return to Gascony.

Athos, to the province of his birth.

Grant them peace, Sire,

and forgiveness.

It is I, Treville, who have forgiven.

I have forgiven treason and treachery

because I admire an honest cutthroat

as much as any man.

But with the murder
of the Countess de Winter

these men have set themselves
above the state.

But she assassinated Buckingham.

You know that. I know it too.

It was an abysmal crime,

whoever was responsible.

- But I-I...
- I am the state, Your Majesty.

Let us say it now, privately,

so that we never have need
to discuss it in public.

I am France, Louis. I am the state.

These men have set themselves above me,

and it is I, Louis, and not you
who sit in judgment.

I render that judgment now.

What have you there?

It is by my order

and for the good of the state,

that the bearer of this has done

what he has done.

Signed, Richelieu.

That's a forgery.

This isn't theirs!

I gave this paper to...

To whom, Richelieu?

Did I understand that you were about to

render a royal judgment?

In my humble capacity as the throne's

first minister, Your Majesty.

I was about to offer my suggestions,

that we allow Monsieur Aramis

to enter a monastery.

That we discover, if possible,

a rich widow for Monsieur Porthos.

That we restore to the Baron de la Fère,

if he wishes them, his lands and title.

And as for Monsieur d'Artagnan,

don't let him go back to Gascony.

Send him perhaps on a mission

of peace to England.

The English lead too dull a life.