The Three Exclamation Marks (2019) - full transcript

Friends Franzi, Marieave and Kim planned to spend the summer rehearsing for a Peter Pan play, but when strange things start to happen at the theatre they take on the role of investigators.

Donations to save the theater?

Right on time!

You're 20 minutes late, Marie.
A new record!

Twenty minutes? Was I that fast?

To the best summer ever for The Three !!!

Are you crazy?
- Typical girl. Always whining!

He stole the donations!

Girls, let's get those donations back!

One! Two! Three!


We've got this.
- You OK?

We'll get the guy!

Follow that skateboard!

See him?
- He's heading to Schiller Park!

One minute!

I know a shortcut. Hold on!

Oh, I hate sport. Ugh!

I'm on his tail!

I'm catching up!

Crap, crap, crap!
- Kim, status?

I'm back! Upper Ring Road.

I see him! Take a right!

For the ride. And the door.

Got it!

Typical boy.
- Always whining.

A tip for the future...
Don't mess with girls!

Your skateboarding days are over!

Well, well...

The Three !!!

Kim Jülich,

Franzi Winkler

and Marie Grevenbroich.

Do you never take a break?
I've told you enough!

This is police work and I'm the police!
- Don't worry, Inspector Peters.

We have other plans this summer.

We're taking part in Peter Pan
to raise money for the old theater.

Care to donate?

Every bit helps!

Come in Peters!
- Looks like you gotta go!

I decide when I have to go.
And I decide that time is now.

I'm watching you.


These girls
see lots of things differently

Are better at some things
They're always on the ball

The Three !!!

These girls follow every clue

They have their own strengths
They solve every case


The Three !!!


















Kim Jülich's secret detective diary.
Monday, 8:45 a.m.

My mom has plans for me, as usual.

But there's no way I'm spending
all summer at math camp!

Adding, subtracting, equations...

The Three !!!
solve tougher cases than that!


- You're up early.

The math camp doesn't start until ten.

Uhh, I...

want a good seat.

My little math champ!
I'm a bit jealous.

Those were my favorite summers!

What is the third root of fun?

Camp Algebra!

Camp Algebra! Camp Algebra!

My angel!


It looked like I'd gotten away with it...
for now.

My getaway vehicle stood ready
to take me to the auditions.

Franzi, you're heavy!

Maybe you should read less
and come running with me some time!

Next line!

"But beware of Captain Hook!

He wants... to eat the crocodile!"
- Other way round!

Maybe you should run less
and read a book some time!

It's creepy here.


It's a dump, Marie!
- That's why we're raising funds.


With enough money
it can be reopened!

The old theater had an enchanted aura.

After a big fire 15 years ago
not' a soul had entered it since.

Till now...


The Three Losers! Of course.

Good to see you too, Verena!
- If you...

want the singing part, Marie,
forget it.

This play's a big deal.

They want to see charisma!
- And personality. Too bad for you.

We'll see about that.

I wondered what secrets
lay behind these walls.

They even say it's haunted.

But detectives don't believe in ghosts.

Hello? Anybody there?

Only joking.

A taste of my acting skills.

Is this right?

Are we early?
- It's all so big.

You have to spread your arms, like so.

Why isn't anyone here?

We must be too late, right?
- Really strange.

Does anyone know this guy?

He's cool!

Nice moves.

Second to the right

and on till morn'
Neverland is not worry worn.

Clap your hands and you will see...
All your dreams, reality!

The clay I was born, I ran away.

"What will become of Peter?"
my parents say.

But I just wanted to stay young,
to have fun!

So away I ran!

To live among the fairies in Neverland.

You may applaud.
Come on. Clap, clap!

Thank you, thank you!
And welcome!

My name is Robert Geronimo Wilhelms.
Drama teacher, director, acting genius!

But keep the latter to yourselves.

So, Peter Pan...

Sorry I'm late.

Jimmy Schmitt.

I'm on set design.

But let's focus on today's task.

Two words, "au ditions"!

Just be yourselves.

And show me what you can do.

second to the right and on

till morn'...

Clap your hands and you will see...
- Where the heck is he?

Sorry, one second. What?

Could you speak up just a bit?

- Our hearts are like two magnets!

You know magnets also repel each other?

I'm waiting for Michi. My boyfriend!
- I'm here!

For now!

Michi, look at you!
- I came straight from work.

Good. Thank you.


Next we have Wendy!


Michi, it's us!
- OK, let's go.

Maybe lose the costume?

I've nothing underneath.
- Please!

Wake up! Peter Pan has come!

He shall teach us how to fly!

How to fly!

How to fly?
- OK.

Say your line! Your line!

The line!
- I'll enter again!

Or maybe not!

Oh Wendy, most beautiful!
Will you give me a kiss?

Do you know what a kiss is?
- I shall if you give me one.

Great! You're in!

"See that bright star in the night

How I'd like to shine so bright!"

Sorry, that can never be

Cos that bright light, that's me!

Everyone can't be a star

Stand there quietly please, hey!

Bright and beautiful, I shine

Bright and beautiful, and all around

Nothing but comets

Burned up long ago


Thank you!
- OK, wait.

Thank you! Great.


Thanks! Bravo!

Bravo! Bravissimo!

Way cool!

Is anyone brave enough
to follow Verena's performance?

You bet someone is!

You've dreamed you could fly

Free and without fear

You tell yourself now

This could be real

But you can't find

The courage to take that last step

Hold onto your dream

What's that?
- Bad connection?

Who knows! It's either that or...

A ghost!

There's always a logical...

Who is that?
- Where did she come from?

Put your trust in the wind

It carries the child

That is able to dream

Carries gently until

Suddenly you'll find

The courage to take that last step

Just hold onto your dream

Just let go

And you'll find

It lifts you high

Spread your great wings wide

Fly with me wherever dreams may lead

You'll see you really can

Follow you dream, dream, dream

Follow your dream, dream, dream

But... my list says we're full!

I did sign up.
- And...

Who are you? Where are you from?
- Miley, from Berlin.

I'm staying with my aunt for the summer.

Well, sorry, but with that voice
there's no question, you're Tiger Lilly!

The native princess!

And Marie, you're Tinkerbell!

I thought I was Tinkerbell!

We'll find you something!

Hook? I'm playing Captain Hook?

A crippled pirate?
- Like he said, just be yourself.

You won't be laughing long, Marie!

"I'm Marie Grevenbroich!
My daddy's a star!

He's raising money for the theater,
so I always get preferential treatment!"

And because she has a great voice.
- Luise!

Whose friend are you?

Thanks for helping out.

Somebody had to do it.

Are these your sketches?
- Yeah.

They're great!

I could never do it.
- It's not so hard.

I'll teach you.

You're still the best!
- You'll be the perfect pirate!

Michi, why?

We wanted to do this together.

We are together.

But not as Peter Pan and Wendy.
You're doing special effects.

Why are you so upset? It's just a play.

Sorry, I have to go. Bye.

Yes! Totally.

Which way are you going?

Actually, I forgot something inside.
Don't wait for me.

That's weird.
- Coming?

Congratulations again on the role!
- Thanks.


Franzi, your mom's cupcakes are the best!

Wouldn't it be cool
if the theater really was haunted?

There's always a logical explanation!

Except for maybe Michi's behavior.
- Come on, Kim!

Sometimes boys are just... Franzi?

Got any advice?
- Boys are a waste of time!

Even Jimmy?

What about Jimmy?

Note the bashful smile
when she says "Jimmy."

Which means?

Franzi's in love!

Right. You're in love!

And one...

and two...

and three!

Form a circle!

Keep going! That's it! A big circle!

Week one was uneventful.

We all made fools of ourselves

and it was loads of fun!

- Nevefland!

Do you feel the stage?
These boards are your world!

The stage is the actor's best
and perhaps only friend.

It's where fantasies are created.

It's where all your dreams
and wishes can come true!

What happened here?
-lmagine lying on moss.

They got mangled...

in my grandma's mower.
- You mean your aunt's?

That's what I said!

As prisoners.

Or in the forest of lost children!

What was that?
- So there are no ghosts?

I thought so...

It came from back there!

- Sorry, I didn't mean to.


That's really weird.

Where did it come from?
- I don't know.

But something lives here...

in the walls.

What sort of sick person would do this?

Everything, broken.

"Out of Neverland"

Someone wants to scare us.

Stop! It's a crime scene!

Who would do such a terrible thing?

We're just an innocent theater group!

I want to go home.


Don't worry.

The show must go on!

If we stick together, we can do it.

Trust me.


What did I miss?

What happened?


Did you split your stupid dress?

Where were you?
- Why? Did you miss me?

I was just making
some improvements to my costume.

And to mine, too. Right?

What are you implying?

It's really haunted! Let's go!

Cut it out, Jasmin!
If Marie stays, we stay.

Someone has to keep things classy.

Mr. Wilhelms?

I think we can help.

"The Three u!"

"We solve every case"

- Do you have any... enemies?

I have many things, joy in acting,

porcelain skin, teeth like knives.

But enemies?

Who would want to hurt me?
- Don't worry. We'll find the culprit.

Whoever wanted to sabotage the play
hadn't reckoned with us.

I think we have a new case!

The Three !!!
One! Two! Three! Power!

In 90% of cases,
the culprit is no stranger.

Marie, fingerprint analysis?

Maybe our phantom wore gloves.

Let's start with vandalism.
- Vanda what?

Vandalism! When...

you're so angry that...

you break stuff!

Who are our suspects?

- Verena!

Marvin Koslowski?

Slimy Robin's dumb friend? Why him?

I overheard them fighting.

Yesterday, on my way home.
I hitched a quick ride.

That's when I overheard them.

What's with this Kim?
- She's really cute.

Don't be dumb!
You'd ruin everything for a chick?

I'm doing it, Marvin.
- I won't let you.

What you gonna do about it?

You'll see.

- But Verena has the strongest motive.

She wants my part!

What about Miley?
She tripped me up.

And we have no clue who she is!

She has no motive.
- Not that we know of...

We're not getting anywhere.
Marie's right.

Verena has the strongest motive.

But we have to follow all leads.

Secret detective diary, 10 p.m.

Who's behind the theater attack?


Cheese and onion.

It wasn't him!
- Or him!

It wasn't us!
- Burden of proof!

Out! Both of you!

What about our chips?
- Confiscated.

Does Mom know...
-... that you're skipping camp?

What do you want?

That howl wasn't our imagination.

Many theaters have a phantom.

Lost souls with unfinished business.

Marie and I will check it out tomorrow.
I hope she's on time for once.


ls Marie here already?
- Sleep deprivation is a form of torture.

Right, you got it?
- Oh, yes.

Lip gloss, hair brush...

and lock picks!

You want to know
how I keep my hair looking so slick?

With my favorite gel brand... Glue!

Guys, I'm not doing so good.
The competition is over, finito!

Robin's now in some dumb play!

I dunno...

I just need some time out, OK?

Keep looking!
Something's behind these walls.

Disco lights!
- Marie, stop it!

Hey, here's something.

Hair gel?

Not luxury, but high quality.

Could be Verena's.
- Or Marvin's.

We decided to take
a closer look at our suspects.

The best thing one can be in life

Will always be a pirate

You think it was Verena?
- I wouldn't put it past her.

Her costume is a fashion crime.

Sailing the seven seas, woo-hoo!

Luise, fetch my coconut water
from the changing room.

As long as it's not up a palm tree...

And where is my spotlight?


And then she was like,
"Am I surrounded by amateurs?"

Verena's clearly in a better mood!
- Why does that make me nervous?

Watch out!
- Nice!

Will you clean up a bit?
- It stinks in here!

You're just jealous of my admirer!

No card, no name...

Don't you think that's weird?
- Err, hello?

Since when do secret admirers
leave a name?

Verena, what's on your face?

Ha-ha, nice try!

OK, like this.

But... There is something on your face!
- Yours, too!

Did you eat these?
- As if! We're on a diet!

I had one.

Me too.

OK, me too. But just one!

There are four missing!

Well, that rules them out.

Unless they did it on purpose.

Verena would never ruin her own face.

This is terrible!

I can't perform like this!

Look, no one sees
Captain Hook's face anyway!

Franzi, Marie, sorry.

The gifts were for us!

"For Tinkerbell & friends"

The noose was getting tighter.

The Phantom knew we were onto him.


Sulfur and carbon never separate!

Sulfur seems to care a lot
about its relationship with carbon.

I know.

It was unfortunate.
- Unfortunate, huh?

That's why I wanted to ask...

whether you're free for a date Friday?

- OK!

Great! I'll pick you up.

What's that?
- The chemistry between us!

No. no. w.!

The results were clear...

- Pesticide, to be precise.

A bit more and Verena
would have been in real trouble!

It can be life-threatening!


Marvin's dad is an exterminator!

Let's pay his son a visit!

One! Two! Three! Power!

What are you doing here?

Where were you Monday morning?
- What?

My ears can't hear girls' voices.
Now get lost!

Didn't you hear me?


Sometimes a change of perspective helps.


What is this?
What do you want from me?

Just to hang out.

Torture-induced confessions don't count!

She knows what she's doing!

But Marvin doesn't realize
what wallpaper paste does to hair!

Although he's the expert.

We found evidence in the theater.

That's not mine!
- Come on!

You're sponsored by Glue!

Why are you lying to us?
- What's wrong, Koslowski?

Lost your brain? Maybe it's in the tub.
Let's take a look...

No, no, no! I...

OK, I was in the theater. But ages ago!
- How long ago?

Can you please let me down?
Pretty please!

Before the theater
was bought by the city,

it was full of bugs.

Guess who they hired as pest control?
Koslowski and Son.

Did you notice anything weird?
- No.


There was one thing.

I was after one critter...

And then...

Something was there.

In the walls.

No wonder they say the theater's haunted.

In the walls?
We must have missed something.

So we went back to the place

that had mystified us.



Franzi, wait!

We don't know what's back there...
- Come on, Kim!

But if anything happens to you...

An old archive.

Every actor who's ever performed here.

Look there.

Marie, Franzi...
I don't think we're alone.

What is that?

Go away! Go away!

Go away! Go away!
'Stop it!

Romeo, stop!

Let go, Romeo!


You're the Phantom!

But what's the motive?
- She doesn't have one.

She fell for the Phantom's trick.

Just like Verena.
- I was hungry, OK?

That explains the shoes.

And the one outfit!

You ran away from home, right?

I couldn't stand it anymore.
My mom's boyfriend moved in with us.

He wanted to get rid of Romeo.
- What?

He only chewed up his sneakers.
- That's no reason!

Well... he also chewed up the sofa,
the carpet and the drapes.

But Still...

At the shelter
they keep them in tiny cages.

They're never allowed out...
They don't care if they live or die.

I don't know where to go.
- Well you can't live here.

Come stay at mine for now.
We have space.

Thank you.

And this is where we live!
- Wow!

Our pool.

- Marie!

Your clad plays Inspector Brockmeier?

That's so cool!

Trust me, he's a totally normal clad.

He still yells if I don't do my homework!

Well, at least he cares about you.

Your mom must be worried.
You should call.

No. She always takes his side.

But I still miss her.

I miss my mom too.
- Is she as perfect as your clad?

She was perfect.

I'm so sorry.

She died when I was really little.

I can barely remember her.


There you are!
- This is Miley.

And that's Romeo.
Can she stay with us for a bit?

Sure, there's plenty of room. Hi!

Hello Inspector! I mean...

Mr. Grevenbroich!
- Helmut, please!

Marie, I've got bad news.
You only have...

two hours to get ready!
- Oh!

There's a fundraiser
for the theater tonight.

You coming?
- Too many cameras!

Don't worry. I have an idea.

Nice move!

How long have you been here?
- Long enough to see you're good.

- Seriously!

Can I show you something else?

Wait a second.

And? What did you want to show me?



They may not be real stars...

but I have to make the most
of having a key!

It can still get cold this time of year.

And it's a long way on a bike.

Bye, poopsie!

Have fun!

Let's go, Michi!
- OK.



You look amazing!

What about Romeo?
If we leave him, he'll eat everything.

I've got another idea!




Michi! What an honor to have you here!

Swapped the French fries for a suit?

I have a reservation for two.
Under Millbrandt.

Of course!
We've reserved our best table.

For the lady, allow me.

May I?


Order whatever you want!

I hear the fish fingers are excellent.

A gift from the kitchen!

So, um... Are you ready to order?

I'll have fish fingers and fries.
- Fish fingers and fries.

An excellent choice.

May I recommend a glass of cola?

I'll have the same!
- Absolutely. Right away.

Nice place.
- Thanks.

Helmut Grevenbroich!

How are you feeling?

You're usually the star,
but tonight it's your daughter Marie.

Are you feeling a little jealous
of the youth?

Quite the opposite.

The kids dedicating the summer to theater
brings me joy as a father and actor.

Marie, why is theater important to you?

The theater is a magical place.

We hope to see all of you at the premiere
to help us reopen the theater!

The play is happening
and nothing can stand in its way.

Having fun?

Yes, but maybe it'd be easier to talk

if the music was a bit quieter!

Hein? Hein! You can stop now.

What? The music's too loud.
- You can stop now!

I'm booked for the night...
Oh, you'll like this one.

No, no! That's enough!

Right, I'll get your drinks then.

Thank you.

Hein, be careful!

It's fine...

I'll... just go freshen up.

Another song?

Crap! Crap!

I thought you were done drinking.

You're late.
- I came as fast as I could.

I know exactly where you were.

At the theater.

You think I enjoy this kids' stuff?
I don't have a choice.

Next time, Jimmy...

That's the important one.

So, why does he still come here?

You know...

I've asked him that myself,
but he won't say.

I have my theories, of course.
But long days breed crazy theories.

Klaus comes in every few clays.

Tinkers on the keys.
Always the same tune!

It's a song from our play.
- He did act in the theater.

You know, he's an ex-con.

He was in the clink, the slammer...

In prison?

Careful. We don't like that word in here.

But what Klaus did back then...

What did he do?

The chef will be here soon.
I have to help slice the tripe.

I really should...
- Hain! Seriously?

I have to go.
- No dessert?

It's important.

You sure?
- Yes, I saw him at the theater!

And Jimmy said
he hates this "kids' stuff."

What if Jimmy's sabotaging us for him?
- I don't think so.

The play's important to Jimmy.
He would never do that.

How well do you really know him, Franzi?

Exactly! We have to find out more
about Jimmy and this Klaus guy.

Why was he even in prison?

We'll go see Peters in the morning.
- He won't tell us anything.

Who says we need to ask?


"My, my, Mr. Cat,
you almost committed the purrfect crime!"

Oh, kitty! I'd really like to...

Inspector Peters?
- Marie... Hey.

What's up? I'm busy.

Must something be up?

I just wanted to say hi!

Do you have a minute?
- Well...

The law never rests, right?
Where are Winkler and Jülich?

Do you have a new case?
- No, no.

They're at rehearsals.
- Rehearsals?

We're in this theater project.

Yes, of course, that's right...


I'm really pleased for you.

There's one more singing role open.

Marie, this has to stay between us.

My colleagues wouldn't really...
- Of course, Inspector!

Kim. go!


"Schmitt, Klaus"

"Schmitt, Jimmy"


Wait! I forgot something.

Inspector Peters! Wait!

Kim, get out of there!

One minute!
- Peters is coming back!

Lips, teeth, tip of the tongue

Lips, teeth,

tip of the tongue

I don't believe it...
- It's right here.

"Jimmy S. will pay his penalty
through community service..."

He has to be in the play.
- What "penalty"?

For this and this?

This is art!
- His record also says...

that his parents died two years ago.

He lives with his uncle... Klaus Schmitt!

Girls, it could just be coincidence,

but Klaus played Peter Pan
in our theater 15 years ago!

There's more.

It's believed he started the fire!

An actor died in the blaze.
Florentin Flemming.

Jimmy and Klaus are in this together!

Why would Jimmy show me the set

if he's sabotaging it?

It doesn't make sense!
- To impress you?

It also shows he knows his way around!
- And has a key.

Yes, because he works there!

Everyone deserves a second chance!

Guess that's all for today.

So, how did you
get Peters out of the office?

I always wanted to be a singer

But sadly things turned out differently

"Learn a trade" they said to me

It will never be

And so it all remained...

a dream!

That was really good!
- Cool.

Kids, the premiere is in five days!
So today's lesson is...

the theater kiss!

One of the most important...
No, the most important discipline

for actors.

Of course, it's not a real kiss,
but the spark...

you have to set the room on fire!

Metaphorically, of course. Robin.

'Why me?

You're Wendy!

The magic of the first kiss!

Captain Hook has badly injured Peter Pan
with his hook.

Can a kiss from Wendy

save young Peter's life?

Cool, huh?

Whoa! Nice!

Sorry! Wrong button.


Yeah, I know.

Yes. It's all set up.

Yes, don't worry!
We'll do it tonight.

What happened 15 years ago today?

The fire!
- It can't be a coincidence!

Kim, we're so close!
We'll camp out in the theater tonight.

When they strike, we'll be waiting!
- Yes!

Do what you want.
But do it without me.

Damn. Franzi!



I'm late for work.
- Can I call you after?

Double shift.
- Are you angry?

No. Why?

You said yourself, it's only...

a play.

Sometimes it's really hard
to separate work and private life.

But, as a detective,
you can't always follow your heart.

And honestly, the thought
of hiding out at night in the theater

was just as unappealing
as trying to explain that dumb kiss.

The Three !!!, so noble...

so eager to help.

Marie! I...

I thought you'd left.
- I have.

Dinner's in the fridge.

I've got to run.
- Marie!

Thank you.

What for?



See you later!

- I can be late once too!

I'm so glad you're here!

Our mission was all or nothing.

Either we would catch the Phantom
or the Phantom would catch us.

How are the new night-vision goggles?
- Amazing!

If the Phantom comes, I'll see it.

Someone's down there!

- Up there!

- You OK?

I need light!
- I need to get to Michi's control panel!

Kim, hurry UP!

I am!

Kim, what are you doing?
- Sorry!

No! Franzi, hold on!

Franzi, please hold on!

- Please hold on!

We have to do something!

Someone's there!

Franzi, the ladder!

Franzi! Are you OK?
- If you don't crush me to death!

I thought you were done for. Oh, Franzi!


The Two !! would sound really lame.

Who was that?

The Phantom was still at large,
and the premiere was in five days.

Time was our toughest adversary.

Kim, Franzi! What's that over there?

Looks like a séance.
- A what?

Where you summon ghosts.

"In memory of Florentin Flemming"

A cross...

This is Jimmy's uncle's ring.


It's Jimmy's!

I hate to say it, Franzi.
But all the clues point to Klaus and...

Jimmy. I know.

I just can't believe
I was so wrong about him.


You're early!

Would you rather be alone?

Got more things to light?

Or more threats to paint?

You sabotaged our play!
- You and your uncle!

My uncle? What are you talking about?

Hurry! Something's happened!

Guys, someone really wants to scare us!

Someone wants to sabotage the premiere.
The whole set is wrecked!


"Time's running out..."

The Three !!!
So clever, so noble...

so eager to help.
- That's Miley!

Especially you, Marie.
You're so kind.

But that doesn't stop me from hating you!
- Where is she?

Michi, where's it coming from?
- I don't know!

The other microphone is...
in the foyer!

She must be in the foyer!

When I tore your dress,
I imagined you were in it, Marie!

If Verena hadn't eaten the chocolates,
your face would no longer be so perfect.

I won, you lost.

As if The Three !!!
can solve every case.

Don't bother trying to find me.

You losers!

I'm far away from Neverland...


I'm sorry.

Hi, Dad.
- Did you know about this?


We hid a missing girl.


Why didn't you tell me?
- You would have told the police.

Of course I would have told the police.

This isn't one of your detective games!

Her parents are worried to death!

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry, too.

I thought we were always honest
with each other.

Once a criminal, always a criminal.

I'm sorry.
We thought your uncle started the fire.

My uncle was injured in the fire!

He only just got out alive.

Everyone blamed him at the time,

because he rehearsed by candlelight.

He blamed himself, too.

Every year, on the date of the fire...

he tries to make contact.

To ask for forgiveness.

Then why did you say
that the play is just "kids' stuff"?

I don't know.

At first it was just a dumb punishment.

But then...


We all say stuff we don't mean, right?

I'm really sorry, Jimmy.

Will you give me a second chance?

How could we be so blind?

How could I?

The Three !!!
So clever, so noble, so eager to help.

Especially you, Marie. You're so kind.
But that doesn't stop me from...

Listen to her inflection!

To what?
- How she talks!

It doesn't sound natural.
It's like she's reading.

How can we tell that?
We don't know her!

Maybe it's just how she sounds!

All we knew was a lie.

Little Miss Perfect...
- But listen!

No, Kim!

I'm not listening to that again.

Some have it all, others nothing.

Miley's confessed.
- It makes no sense.

Why would she fall for her own trick
and eat the chocolates?

To throw us off? I don't know.

But the case is closed.
She was a liar.

We shouldn't have trusted her.

But we can't just...
- No, Kim!

That's enough! Marie's upset,

Jimmy won't speak to me anymore.

What more do you want?


I won, you lost.

It was the biggest defeat
in the history of The Three !!!


But the premiere was in two days.
And, as the saying goes,

"The show must go on."

Torn costumes can be mended.

Vandalized sets repainted.


Roles reassigned
as if nothing had happened.

And though questions remain,

sometimes there's only one option.

To move on.

Mr. Schmitt?

Do you have a moment?

I think this belongs to you.


You're dealing with forces
that no living being can match.

I was worried about my boy.

So I've been watching the theater.

I keep my distance.

I never enter.

This might sound strange, but...

for me, Florentin's ghost
still lives in the theater.

He was sensitive.


a difficult person.

Still, they shouldn't have taken
his role from him.

Why did they?

He got stage fright, as all actors do.

The day after the premiere,
I was asked to play the main role,

Peter Pan.

A few days later, the fire started.

I escaped with a black eye.

But he...
His ring was all that was left of him.

Maybe it's time to start over.

I'd love to see you at the premiere.

You should leave the past alone.

It would be better for all of us.


And hips!


And again... Clap!



Did you hear that?
Sounds like Romeo!

Peter Pan was a very charming boy.
The most beautiful thing about him?

He still had all his milk teeth!

Children! Tomorrow's the premiere.

This is the moment actors live for.
It can send you soaring...

or crashing to the ground.

But no pressure. We're here to have fun!
- Kim!

Constanze Jülich.
- Who is that?

That's Kim's mom.

How did you find me?

Your brothers caved.

You must think you're very clever.
Come, we're going home.

But we open tomorrow!
- Sure.

Yes, Kim opens her math book tomorrow.

Kids have a right
to personal development!

You have the right to remain silent.
- But Mrs. Jülich!

You too, Franziska Winkler!

Come on.


What to do? Wendy's been taken!

We need a replacement
for tomorrow's premiere.

Who doesn't have a part?
- No one.

Except... Franzi.
- No,no!

No, no, no, no, no!


Children, we have much to do!

Get changed!

OK, Kim. Read and understand!

"Oh, how I would love to fly..."

Peter, Franzi! His name's Peter!

This whole thing
was Kim and Marie's idea!

And who's on stage? Me, in a dress.

How unfair!

How could I concentrate on math
when the biggest problem didn't add up?

Why had Miley confessed?

The easy solution just didn't make sense.

His ring was all that was left of him.

Florentin's ghost
still lives in the theater.

Detectives don't believe in ghosts.

But an awful thought was taking shape.

I would get life for this.

But the show wasn't over yet,
and I had to act.

What was it the Phantom wrote?

"Tick, tack, time's running out..."

Whatever his plan,
the premiere was the last opportunity.

- Kim!

We have to go to the archives now!

Where's Marie?
- I don't know!

That's what I feared. The Phantom!


Miley's on the run.
She wouldn't risk it!

I don't think it was her. Quick!

Wait, Kim!

Kim, wait!
I never thought I'd say that...

Kim, what is it?
- We have to find Florentin Flemming.


I knew it! I heard Romeo howling!

You heard Romeo?

Where is he? Is he OK?

How would we know?

The Phantom blackmailed me.
He kidnapped Romeo.

And left a note in my shoes
telling me what to say on the tape.

I had no choice.

I came to deliver it the other night.
- That was you!

You saved me!
- Yes.

Then you got involved.
I did everything it asked!

But the Phantom still has Romeo.

We have to find Marie!
- What happened to Marie?

We'll explain later.
We need a photo of Florentin Flemming!

Found it!

Kim? What's wrong?

It's what I feared...

Florentin Flemming isn't dead.
He's alive!

He's the Phantom!

Robert Wilhelms...
- Franzi!

Klaus told me the whole story.

Wilhelms' story!

The clay I was born, I ran away.

I didn't want to grow...

Out of here! You amateur, you!

Call yourself an actor?

They took away his part.

They robbed him
of the thing he loved most.

The spotlight!
So he took revenge.

He started the fire, faked his death
and everyone blamed Jimmy's uncle!

Wilhelms wanted
the theater to himself again.

At all cost.

The building's been empty ever since.
That's why he wanted us out!

This is his home! And now he's got Marie!

Hey, stop!

What if he gets suspicious?

I'm meant to be onstage soon!
- I'll do it.

I'll perform for you. For Marie.

We'll find Romeo, promise.
- Hurry! Give her the dress!

Where did you find her phone?
- Down there.

There's a draft!

Which must mean...

A secret room.

One, two, three!

We should really call Inspector Peters.
- There's no time.

Today is the day!

We've all been eagerly
awaiting this performance.

And seeing this theater full,
with not an empty seat, overjoys me.

I was nearly in it too.

The director basically begged me,
but I decided not to accept.

An inspector
chases criminals, not... fans.

All that leaves one thing to say.
Raise the curtain!

It's Peter Pan!

Be careful!

Where are we?

Look, light!

Kim? What's wrong?

"Tick, tock," Franzi!
What happens at the end of the play?

Hook tries to blow up the ship!


"The Three u!"

"We solve every case!"

I mean, I knew kids were dumb.
But this dumb?

Thinking you could
come into my Neverland?

Did anyone ask my permission? Did they?

No, they did not.
- I hate to interrupt your...

But I would really like to leave now.

You're right.

You really are right.

I'll let you go.

Thank you.

You really believed
that I was letting you go!


You know why?

Because I'm such a good actor.

You know what?

Kids should be quiet
when adults are talking.



Marie! Are you OK?

His sock!

Barely worn!

Don't be like that!

It's just a sock!

We know everything, "Wilhelms"!

Or should I say
Florentin Geronimo Flemming?

You've been living here 15 years?
That's madness!


You can't avoid reality forever,

Is that so, Jülich?

Before you showed up
my life was a dream!

Every night was a premiere!

The crowd adored me!

Nobody ever laughed at me.


Is someone there?

I'm Robert Wilhelms, the drama teacher!

I had no choice.
I had to defend my Neverland.

"Peter Pan
A children's fundraiser for the theater"

What did you do with him?

Are you ready?

Robert Wilhelms!

The Three !!!, meet Robert Wilhelms.


That's unlawful imprisonment!

You have a term for everything,
don't you?

I won't let three little girls stop me.

Tick, tock, tick tock.

Time's running out!

Time's running out!

Then it will all be mine again!

You'll go to jail for this!
- To jail? I've been dead 15 years!

Who's going to lock me up?

I'm a phantom!

Don't waste your breath screaming!

These walls are impenetrable!

Not that it matters.
None of you have any talent anyway!

We can't let him get away!

We'll come back for you!

Do you have your lock picks?
- No.

But Marie Grevenbroich never goes out

without doing her hair!


You'll come back, right?

Hook, I challenge you to a fair duel!

Where's the bomb?

It's just like in the play!
The crocodile swallowed it!

I'll get it!
- I'll distract Wilhelms.

And I'll think of something.
- The Three !!!

One! Two! Three! Power!

Now to take my Neverland back!

People will tell you to grow up
And leave your dreams behind

But in their world you'll lose yourself
And forget who you are inside

Come and fly and you'll see
Time is all that we need

To see the world through a child's eye

Here we are happy
- You sure mean what you say

But we'll make you pay

And you won't lead us into the dark

Here we are happy!
- You are Jekyll and Hyde

But we'll put up a fight
- The others are outside

That's why we'll stay in here
Here we are happy!

Just to leave it at that
Could you really have thought

Thar would suffice
- To see the world through a child's eye

Now everyone knows
- All together now!

Now everyone knows
- All together now!

Your secrets are out
And the future is now

You won't steal my show, maggot.



All this time I thought you were dead!

I thought it was my fault.
I went to prison!

Klaus Schmitt.

I hid myself away.

But now the game is up, Florentin!

I'm only just getting started.

Here I am!

Over here!

Klausi, Klausi, Klausi...

You look like
you've lived underground for 15 years!

What happened to
our dazzling crowd favorite?

Klaus Schmitt!
Prepare for your demise!


You try to defeat me with just one hand?

Leave me...
- How is being tied up?

Do you feel the stage?

You need to leave.
This wasn't the plan!

You... Stay where you are!

Now you'll get what you deserve!


You'll all get what you deserve!

You too! You just don't know what yet.

OK, Kim, systematically.

I should have studied math!
- That was our last performance.

And, as usual, I was the better actor!

In five seconds, this ship blows!




- Tick tock!

Time ran out!
- Well, it went wrong.

You've ruined it all!

You ruined everything!


On the stage! Sing!
- It's my stage.

I have the main part!
- Come on! To the front.

To the front! Everyone.

Okay, a little bit more to the center.

You in the middle, yes.
And you here.

Yes. Everyone ready?

"See that bright star in the night

How I'd like to shine so bright!"

Sorry, that can never be

Cos that bright light, that's me!

Everyone can't be a star

Stand there quietly please, hey!

Bright and beautiful, I shine

Bright and beautiful, and all around

Nothing but comets

Burned up long ago

Bright and beautiful

Bright and beautiful

And all around, nothing but comets

Burned up long ago

Bright and beautiful

Bright and beautiful

Nothing but comets

Get out of my light

Officer, it was just a play!
I was just acting!

The Three !!!

We need to talk, too.
- You know, an actor...

Jail or no jail, that is the question!

An actor lives for applause...


Boy oh boy, oh boy!

We used to experiment a lot
in the theater,

but this was a truly extraordinary
interpretation of Peter Pan!

Everything OK, angel?
- It is now.


Kim Constanze Jülich...

When I was your age
my parents sent me

to drama camp, and it was awful!

So I ran away to study math.
And look how I turned out!

What I'm saying is...

I'm so proud of you!

My little pogpsie!

So I never have to study math now?

A bit early for that, Kim.

A bit too early.

This case was tough.

We took risks and made mistakes,

but we also learned
you have to trust your friends.

Wherever it may take you.

Now it was finally time
for a proper summer break...


I thought The Three!!!
could solve every problem?

Take me off the business card!

Miley just wrote me!

Her mom got rid of her dumb stepfather.
She can keep Romeo!

Three milkshakes from the gentleman.

Once again, girls.

Stop meddling in police work!

Stick to your own homework!

But you deserve chocolate shakes.

Next time come to me first.

Got it?

Yes, Inspector Peters!

We promise!


The Three !!! are good!
The Three !!! are better!

The Three !!! are unbeatable!

We know everything, "Robert Wilhelms"!


- Geronimo.

Start over!


Here. And sit!



Damn #$@&%!

Take this trunk and go home, you...

You scoundrel!

Start' over.
- I knew it!

The Three !!!

Grace Mellor
Babelfisch Translations