The Threat (1949) - full transcript

At Folsom State Prison, several inmates escape...including killer Arnold Kluger, who swore revenge on the detective and district attorney responsible for his conviction. Despite precautions, the two men are soon in Kluger's power, together with showgirl Carol whom he suspects of informing on him. At a shack in the California desert, Kluger, two henchmen, and four hostages wait, and wait, for an escape plane that may never come.

Kluger is out.

Attention all units and all stations.

All units and all stations.

Kluger is out.
- Kluger?

Where is the Inspector?
- I'll get him.



Yeah. I'll be right down.

Mr MacDonald please.

Mack? This is Murph.

Kluger just broke out of Folsom.

Don't be so sure.

This is Kluger.
He always calls his shots.

I'm sending over two men
to act as a bodyguard.

Don't leave your house without them.

Okay, Mack.


Property damage is expected to be heavy.

And here is a special bulletin
that has just come in.

Arnold Kluger escaped tonight
from Folsom Penitentiary.

It will be remembered that
upon being sentenced ..

This vicious murderer threatened
to break out of prison ..

And kill District Attorney
Barker MacDonald ..

And Ray Williams, the detective
responsible for his capture.

All citizens are warned to be
on the lookout for this man.

He is armed and dangerous.

Description: Age: 37.

Hair: wavy brown.

Eyes: grey.

Weight 165.


Let's stick to simple names
like Mary, John or Bill.

Well, it wasn't exactly
what I had in mind.

Alright. Shoot.


'Dexter' is a nice name.

Dexter? Like in uncle Dexter?

Why not? Uncle Dexter
would be very happy.

And you know what that means.

No kid of mine will be called Dexter
even if he is left a million bucks.

Dexter. It sounds like a breakfast food.

Well, uncle Dexter did alright with it.

For the last time.

Before I buy Dexter there will
have to be a gun in my back.

[ Telephone ]

I'll get it.

Why do you have to be so stubborn?



I feel fine, Inspector Murphy.

Thanks to his broken rib I've had two
evenings in a row with my husband.


Ray. It's Murph.

Now remember.

The doctor said no active
duty until that rib heals.

Thanks, doll.

Hiya, Murph.

How did he do it?

I'll be right in.

No. Stay home and be careful.

If I need you I will call.

Okay, Murph.

Just where do you think you are going?

Kluger has busted out.


He said he would break out and kill you.

They all say that.
There's nothing to worry about.

We'll have him in a couple of hours.


Did Murph order you back to work?

It's my job.
- Job.

To you it's more like a game.
You love the excitement, the danger.

Honey, you married a cop.
Not a filing clerk.

I know that. But you had no
right to refuse the promotion.

Ann, you know a desk
job would bore me stiff.

All I know is, inside men live longer.

And stay healthier.

Ray, you are always in trouble.

Last week a broken rib.

Tomorrow, this Kluger
can make me a widow.

Is that what you want?

Now look, honey.
I never get into any real trouble.

No bullet has ever had my name on it.

And besides.

I got to live with my conscience.

I just want you to live.

Now, take it easy, dear. Take it easy.

Kluger hasn't got a chance.

It may be tough to get to a
telephone but don't worry.

I'll be home soon.

Goodnight, Jenny.

Hey, Mack.
- Yes?

Any of the girls ever go out the front?
- No. They got to come out this way.


Hiya, Carol.


What do you want?

A friend of yours wants to talk to you.

Over there.

Sorry. I am through with
characters like you.

I said over there.


Extra. Read all about the getaway.

Extra. Kluger escaped.

Extra. Kluger escaped.

I still think one of us
should stick around.

Yeah. With Kluger you
don't take chances.

Okay. I'll stay.

You spell me in an hour.
- Right.

I wouldn't stand there
if I were you, bud.

I see what you mean.

Hey, mister. Will you give
me a hand with the door?



Hello, Mack.


Back to pay off.

You are crazy.

[ Buzzer ]

Tell them you are busy.

[ Buzzer ]

Tell them you are busy I said.

Give me ten minutes.

I'm working on a brief.

Get up.

Start walking.

Inspector Murphy please.

Murph? This is Ann. Any word from Ray?

Of course he isn't at home.

He left here last night.

Two minutes after your phone call.

Hang on a second. I'll check.


Did Ray Williams check in
last night or this morning?

"Not here."

Any calls from him?

"Not since he left yesterday."


Not a word, Ann. But ..

You know Ray. He likes to work alone.

Murph, I just feel there
is something wrong.

Alright. I'll be patient.

But I don't like it.

The Chief of Police.

Urgently requests that all citizens
be on the lookout for Arnold Kluger.

Now at large after breaking
out of Folsom prison.

And making good his threat
to kidnap Barker MacDonald.

Here is a picture of Arnold Kluger.

He is 37 years of age.

Has wavy brown hair.

Grey eyes.

Weighs 165 pounds.

If you have any information
regarding his whereabouts.

Contact the Chief of Police immediately.

At Madison 9-5-9-1-1.

[ Police radio: ]

"Car 42."

"Car 42. Come in please."

"Car 42. Colwyn. Go ahead."

"Going south on Figueroa
near 60th Street."

"A black sedan with three men."

We can't blow tonight, Red.
This town is crawling with cops.

Let's lay low for a week
and let the place cool off.

Look, Red.

I'll go for anything but
why look for trouble?

Call that moving guy.
- But Red ..

Call him.

"Attention all units and stations."

"Attention all units and stations."

"Until further notice, all men and
departments will be on 24-hour duty."

Don't take me, Red.

Honesty, Red. It wasn't me.

Why should I squeal on you?
Do you think I'm crazy?

Sit down.

Don't take me, Red.

Please don't take me.

Shut up!


Hello? Bee-Tee Trucking?

Who is this?

Hold on a minute, will you.

"Car 20."

"Go to Subida and Ventura."

Keep that thing low.

What is his name?
- Joe Turner.

Hello, Joe. This is Harry King.
I've got a job for you tonight.

Yeah. A whole load of stuff
I'm running up to the desert.

I'll need your big van.


How much are you going to charge me?

That's pretty steep, isn't it?

Okay, I'll pay it.
Can you come right over?

Sure. Right away. What's the address?




Where is this load going?

Palm Springs.

Gee. Thanks, Mr King.
I'll bring a tennis racket.

Hurry it up, will you.

Okay Joe.

"Car 14. Williams. Come in please."

"Car 14."

"Care 14. Williams."

Bring him in.

Alright. Come on. Inside.

"Car 14."

"Car 14. Williams."

"Come in please."

"Car 14. Car 14."

"Williams. Come in please."

Hey, you.

I was only going to go into the kitchen.

Get back there.

Why don't you get
this over with, Kluger?

Get rid of us now.

That's too easy.

You kept me sweating for six months.
Now you try it.

Somewhere along the line
you're going to pay for this.

I'm headed for that gas chamber anyway.
You two won't even count.

It was hard to believe the
evidence about you at the trial.

I couldn't believe any
man could be so vicious.

Are you through?


I am through.

Put his gag back on.

How often do you have to check in?

I told you. I handle cases on my own.
- You got a case now?

- What is it?



Call your office and tell them
you're tailing Nick Damon.

You will check if anything happens.


You got the wrong boy.

I got the right boy.

Unhook him.

Sure you don't want to make that call?
- That's right.

You ain't going to like this.


Got your pliers?
- Yeah.

Give the DA the treatment.

Come on, Mack. Sit down.

Wait a minute. Why pick on him?
- You must be in shape to make the call.

Lefty, give me a hand here.

"Calling car 14. Williams."

"Calling car 14. Williams."

"Come in please."

Say when.

Where is the phone?

You'd better sound right.

"Calling car 46."

"Calling car 46."

"Going east on Firestone
Boulevard near Alameda."

"A suspicious-looking light-colored
sedan with three men and a woman."

"Check and report."

"Car 46."

Inspector Murphy please.

Hello Murph. Ray Williams.

No. I am okay.

Well, I have been busy.

Call her and tell her not to worry.

I located Nick Damon.

In a bar.

I'll stick with him.
It may lead to something.

No. He is alone.

If I need anyone I'll call you.

Don't forget about Ann, huh.

Thanks, Murph.


Thanks, pal.

Now just a minute.

Carol. Come here.

Come here. Come on.


Know her?

I'm not sure.
- Yes or no?


Where do you know her from?

She is Tony Anzio's girlfriend.

That's a lie.

When did you see her last?
- About a year ago.

What did you pick her up for?

To get a line on you.

Did she spill anything?

She wouldn't talk.


I told you, Red. I told you.

"Calling car 26."

"Calling car 26."

Put them back, Nick.

On your way, Mack.

Do you have to keep us gagged?
- No.

- But I'm going to.

What about food?
- You'll be lucky if you starve.

Wow will you let me go, Red?
- No.

Why? I told you I didn't squeal.

Williams just backed me up.

I don't believe you and
I don't believe the cops.

[ Door knocks ]

Cover me. I'll get the door.
Get in there.

"Car 42."

"That black sedan on Figueroa was okay."

[ Door knocks ]

Who is it?
- Joe Turner.

Come in.

I'm looking for a Harry King.
- You got him.

Frisk him.

What is going on?
- We were stuck up last week.

He is clean.
- Sit down, Joe.

You the guy that wants a
load taken to Palm Springs?


I've been thinking I don't need the job.
Get yourself a new boy. Okay?

Look, Joe.

We're not going to Palm Springs.
We are going to Banning.

We're going tonight and
you're going to take us.

Now sit down and be a nice boy.

Look. Sit down.

Where is your van?

Out in front.
- Keys in it?

Make him back it up to the garage.

Come on.

"Car 16."

"Nothing in the grey sedan on Ventura."




Red, why don't you let me go?

I told you I didn't tell them anything.
Honest. It wasn't me, Red.

Why do you keep blaming me?

Why do you keep thinking I did it?

Four of us knew about
that safe deposit box.

Tony, Alex, you and me.

Alex is dead. He couldn't talk.

Tony wouldn't and I didn't.

That leaves you.

And without that box they
couldn't have touched me.

It wasn't me, Red. Honest.

You didn't tell them and you
didn't go near the box?

No. Honest, Red.


Where did you get this bracelet?

"Attention all units and stations."

"We are positive Kluger is still
within city limits of Los Angeles."

"All units are to concentrate
on capturing Kluger."

"Dead or alive."

Anything for us, Murph?
- Not yet.

What's taking you so long?
- How does it look?

We'll get him.
- You sound pretty sure.

Sure I'm sure.

Well, come on. Give.

They always go too far.

What does that mean?

This guy has gone farther than too far.

Just the same, they
all follow a pattern.

No matter how well they plan,
sooner or later they slip.

Then it's our turn.

Sounds like double talk, Murph.
- Yeah?

Well, watch it pay off.

"Cars 10 and 11. Report to
your stations immediately."

All set, Red.

Let's go, Nick.

You too.

Hey, Mr King.

The name is Kluger, kid.

Come on. Let's go.
- Kluger?

Look, Mr Kluger.
I must get out of this thing.

You got the van. Let me go.
- Where to? The first cop?

No. I tell you I'll keep my mouth shut.
- I'll be around to see that you do.

Nick, drop the tailgate.
- Sure.

Back Williams' car into the van.

Give him a hand.

Come on you.

What are you taking a police car for?
- He knows what he is doing.

Red, I got to talk to you.
- You've talked too much already.

Look, Red. Honest.

Honest it wasn't me.
Somebody gave me that bracelet.

Sure. Alex crawled right out of
his grave and gave it to you.

I wasn't meant to tell you, Red.

Tony gave it to me.
- Don't give me that.

He's not been around in a year.
- Yes he was.

Just after they picked you up.
He gave it to me then.

You're lying and you know it.

If I got the bracelets why
didn't I get the money too?

If you didn't get it, who did?

Do you think I'd hang around this town
living in a 2-bit hole in the wall ..

If I had a hundred thousand dollars?

So who got it?
- I don't know for sure.

Meaning what?

Tony got the bracelets.
He maybe got the money too.

Why not stop knocking yourself out?

Of course you wouldn't
believe it about Tony.

But you believe anything
about me, don't you?

Tony won't do anything to me.
We're partners.

You are taking the rap.

You are his partner.

Is he yours?

"Engels. Car 46."

"Nothing in that sedan
on Firestone Boulevard."

The car is in. What's next?

She says Tony was in town
about six months back.

What about it? Did you see him?

- Not me.

Did you hear he was in town?
- No.

She says Tony got the dough out
of the box. What about that?

I always thought the law got the dough.
- Yeah.

Nick. Bring Williams in.
I want to talk to him.


You two. Start moving this
furniture out to the van.

You. Stack it so it hides the car.

The desk first.

"Calling car 10."

"Calling car 10."

"Report to our station immediately."

"Car 10. Ewing. 10-4."

No. Just his.

How did you turn up the box?

The box?
- Yeah. The box.

The dame didn't talk. Who did?

I can't answer that one.
- Don't give me any double talk.

Level, or I'll blow you apart.

The tip came from Mexico City.

You see? I told you I didn't do it.

What was the tip?

To check a certain safe deposit box.

Who was the stool pigeon?

I don't know.

The tip came from the
Treasury Department.

How much dough did you find in the box?


Just the bonds and the jewellery.

Take them back, Nick.

And put their gags back on.

- Yeah?

Do you think Tony would sing
to the Treasury Department?

Tony? You couldn't make Tony talk.

But you both think I would.

Do you think Tony got the dough?
- What's wrong with Tony getting it?

Plenty. Plenty is wrong with
it if I don't know about it.

Maybe he is holding it for you.
You are lucky he beat the law to it.

That had better be it.

Hello, Murph.

I'm sorry to be a nuisance.
- Don't be silly.

Ray has never gone
this long without calling.

He has called.

I tried to reach you.

And he isn't in any trouble?

Of course not.

Now sit down and make
yourself comfortable.

He is liable to call any time.


Take down these roadblocks
and put them on the air.

Two .. three ..



"19 .. 21."

Let's get out of here.


"These are to be established .."

Grab the radio.

Pack up the grub.

Put these two in the
front seat of the sedan.


Where to put the hardware, Red?

Leave mine out.
Throw the rest in the truck.

But first get me that brace and bit.



Get in.

A nice job, Joe.

Tie those things to the
back end of the load.

Don't they belong to the
kids that live there?

So what? Get them.

I'll be watching you.

In the front seat, you two.

Why you want to drag them along?
They'll only get in the way.

That's my business.

Keep an eye on him.


- Shut up.


What is with this?

Give me two holes, right about here.

- We may need them.

You think we're asking
for it leaving tonight?

We got to leave tonight.
Tony is meeting us in the desert.


I thought he was in Mexico.

He is. He is flying up to get us.

Flying when?

Three days after the break. Tomorrow.

How did you get to Tony?

We figured this out before I went up.

When he hears I'm out, he counts
three days after the break ..

And then flies into that
old field near Banning.

Then flies us out.

I got to hand it to you, Red.

I was thinking that stretch
had you hearing noises.

They will never get me again.

When you get through there.

Give me two down here and
the same on the other side.

And put one behind Joe's seat.

I can take care of him.

If we get stopped you may not
be able to, so I will take over.

Look, Mr Kluger. Take the van.

What do you want with me?

Relax, kid. Maybe he's
beginning to like you.

Only, in being away ..

If there is any shooting,
I'll fall apart.

I get the jitters.

If there is any shooting
I will be doing it.

Get back to that wheel.

All fixed, Red.

Take care of Joe?
- Sure.

Get into these and let's get going.
- Okay.


Okay, Joe. Roll it.

Douse that light.

Twenty-two roadblocks are up.
If he gets through he's a magician.

We're stopping everything on wheels.

If we don't get him tonight,
keep them going tomorrow.

I thought I sent you home.

I'm not going until I hear from Ray.

Supposing he calls you at the house?

Well, I will go home.
If I hear from him I'll call you.

Don't forget to call me
if you hear anything.

Send one of the boys along with her.



Crawling with cops.

What have you got, bud?
- Furniture.

Where are you bound?
- Palm Springs.

You got your driver's license?

Yeah. Here.

You guys never sleep, do you.

We drink a lot of coffee.

What's all the excitement about?
- Red Kluger broke Folsom.

Kluger, huh?

I sure hope they get him.

We'll get the dirty rat.


Hey, wait a minute.

Hey. Don't I know you?

Your face sure looks familiar.


I don't know where from.

Yeah. We've met up somewhere.

Could be. I get around.

What is your name?

Mike Kelly.

Oh. Mike Kelly, huh?

Yeah. That kisser of yours
sure looks familiar to me.


Move on.

Come on. Take it out of there.

"Car 101. Sprague. Roadblock 2."

"No suspects."

"Car 47. Oakley."

"Roadblock 6. No suspects."

"Car 7. Cutler. Roadblock 9."


I need gas.


What's up?

You need gas.

Well, get it.

Fill her up, sir?

Yeah. It takes twenty-five.
- Right.

140 million people work
days and sleep nights.

Me, I got to switch it.

You get used to it in a few years.

Don't fall asleep driving home.
See you tomorrow.

So long.

Johnny, give me some change.
I want to phone.

Sure, Pete.

Here is a nickel.

I'll settle with you later.

Okay, bud. That's enough.

Never mind. That's enough.

But you've only got sixteen.
- Come on, son. Knock on it.

Skip it. What do we owe you?

- Pay the man, Joe.

Keep the change.
- Thanks.

Hey, that's a ten-dollar bill.
- So what. Get going.

Hey. Wait a minute, bud.

You guys are really loaded.

Yeah. A big job. A two-family house.

I never saw furniture
level off a van like this.

Let's have a look inside.

What do you want us to do? Unload?

Just open the ports.


She is bolted inside.

Bolted inside?

What are you giving me?
That doesn't make sense.

Once in a while I forget
and I leave it locked.




Yeah. Unload.

I got to deliver this. I'm late already.

You'll get me fired.

I'm sorry. I just want to have one look.

Have a heart. I got a wife and
two kids. They got to live too.

Alright, bud.

But don't let it happen again.

Thanks, mister.

You're a right guy.

[ Car horn! ]

Has your wife got a car in there?


Drop, Lefty.

[ Gunshot! ]

Are you Frank Bates?
- Yeah. Why?

We are from the Sheriff's office.
Are you connected with Bee-Tee Trucking?


Did you send a van out tonight?

No. My partner did. He phoned me.

Do you know where he was going?

Yeah. Palm Springs I think.

Where did he make the pick-up?

All the dope should
be down at the office.

What's up?

That van of yours is in trouble.

Get into your clothes.

Yeah. Sure. I'll be right with you.

'Harry King. 942 Sunrise
Terrace to Palm Springs'.

Can you give me a
description of the van?



Put this description on the air.

Now let's take a look
at Sunrise Terrace.


These belong to Kluger. They check.

I'll proof the others later.

That's it.

Kluger is in that van.

They've got to move fast.


Have four radio cars search the
district north of that gas station.

All cars to be fully armed and
prepared for any emergency.

Yes, sir.

Jensen, get a plane over
Redlands at daylight.

They should be able to spot
that van from the air.

Alright, men.


Easy, Nick. Easy, easy.

Come on.

Now you are clear.

- Yep?

Throw the guns in the trunk.

Put these two in the back seat.

Get in there with them.

Come on, Lefty. Snap it up.
- I go it.

I'll see you, Mr Kluger.
I'm going to stick with the van.


You drive.

Lefty, turn on the radio.

"All cars. Be on lookout
for large moving van."

"Kluger using van for escape."


- Yeah?

Put the car into the lean-to.
Grab the grub, Nick.

The rest of you inside.


That's for blowing that horn.

Carol, make some sandwiches.

Look, Kluger.

You hired me to drive you
to Banning which I did.

You bore holes in the side of my truck
and ruin it and owe me $250 for the job.

Okay. I am forgetting about that.

But I am going home.



Open up some beer, Joe.

Make me one too.

Hey. You guys hungry in there?

Don't let it get you, Mack.

My mind isn't on food.


We're not through.

He has still got his coming.

I hope I can have
something to do with it.

Just give us one good
break and you will.

Joe. Give me the opener.

I thought you said Tony
would show at daylight.

I hope he don't miss.

[ Aeroplane noise ]

Good old Tony.

You see? Right on the button.

I told you Tony was okay.


This guy ain't landing.

So, it wasn't Tony.


You guys are getting jumpy.

Are you sure he can land here alright?

He's been landing booze
here for ten years.

So that is how they are getting away.

Tony Anzio.

Ten Gs dead or alive.

What gets me is that
van hasn't turned up.

It must be closer to that gas
station than we figured.

Plane 4. Come in please.

"Plane 4. Slavin. Go ahead."

Where are you?

Practically over your head.

"Fly a 5-mile circle."


"Low altitude."

5-mile radius around
gas station at tree-top level.

Will do.

This heat is murder.

Joe. Get me another beer.

I don't mind the heat so much.
But what happens if Tony don't show?


Why don't you guys stop beefing.

What if he don't show?

You guys can forget about Tony.

What was that crack?

Tony won't be here.

What makes you think so?

The Treasury Department picked him up.
- When?

Two weeks ago.

Why didn't you spill it before?

You didn't ask me.

You liar.

A pal of mine spoke to him a week ago.

I told you to get rid of those guys.
- I told you I'd take care of them.

Give me that chair.


After Tony gets here.

Why knock them off then?

Because I hate their guts.

What was the idea of that?
You knew you were lying.

So did he.

What is the point?

If we can get them worried enough
they might do something stupid.

This beer is hot.

Hot or cold, it is still beer.

Didn't you bring any water?

Red said we'd be out
of here by daylight.

What time is it?

Give me your watch.

Now you don't have to
worry about the time.

That is the same one.

Can I help it?

Stop squawking.

Lefty, get on that radio and
see what the cops are up to.

"Car 22. Murphy."

"Car 22. Murphy."

"Come in please."

"Car 22. Murphy. Go ahead."

"I've got your van."

"It's about two miles north of the
gas station just off Highway 6."

They are getting closer.

So what? It will keep them
busy for a couple of hours.

"A good job on the van, Slavin."

"We'll be right there."

"Here is something else."

"Get another plane up
from Los Angeles .."

"And check every landing field
within a 50-mile radius."

"We've got a hunch Kluger may
try to get away by plane."

"Report anything that looks suspicious."

"Okay, Murph. Right away."

How do you suppose they
figured the plane?

Bring those guys out here.

Now you will see why
I hung on to Williams.

Hi, Barney.
- Hi.

A smart guy. He had a car on the van.

I checked the tyre marks.
They are off to the highway.

Then which way did they go?
- East.

Well, that's that.

Jensen. Call off the search for the van.

Barney, load the furniture up.
Have it brought in.


Okay, fellahs.

"Car 14."

"Williams to Riverside. Come in please."

It's Ray.

"Riverside. Go ahead, Williams."

Riverside, can you relay a
message to Inspector Murphy?

"Here I am, Ray."

"Where have you been?"

What are you doing in
this neck of the woods?

"We got a lead on Kluger."

I've got one too.

Tailing Nick Damon finally paid off.

I haven't got much time so get this.

Damon is meeting Kluger at a
landing field outside of Barstow.

They are making their
getaway by plane. You got it?

I figured that but couldn't guess where.

Nice work.

We'll get right on it.

Where are you?

On a back road to Victorville.

Damon is moving. I've got to go.

Murph. Do me a favor, will you?

Tell Ann not to worry.

And give my love to Dexter.


"Who is Dexter?"

That is the name we picked for our kid.


We'll see you at Barstow.

Now you know how a good
detective operates.

When he gets something he calls.

This could be it.

This is it.

Murphy. Calling Riverside.

Come in please.

"Riverside. Go ahead."

Put out an APB for all planes and cars.

Kluger is in the Barstow area.

"Have all planes and cars get
there as soon as possible."

What is that APB?

All-Points Bulletin.

Special orders.

If they get it this gives
Tony more time.

Get these guys inside.

Now we can relax.

Me? I'm going to get a little sleep.

I just played a long shot.

Let's sleep on it.

It may come in.

Alright everybody.

Now get up.

Sure, Joe.

Anything you say.

It's a wrong move, kid.

Don't make me shoot you, Kluger.

Well, you can shoot me, Joe.

But while you're doing it one
of the boys will get you.

There is no percentage.
- Watch it. Don't move.


I thought you said you
didn't like shooting.

Besides, what did I ever do to you?

If you're sore about the holes in your
truck I'll give you an extra hundred.

That ought to cover it.

And in an hour you'll
be on your way home.

Besides, this is my party.

You don't want to get mixed up in it.

Right Joe?

Come on, Joe. Come on.
Give me the gun.

Give it here.


Now, isn't that better?


Now you can have your gun back.

Drag him around the back.

Inside, you two.

That's right.

And it looks as though he
has broken the case for us.


I told you not to worry.

Now, you're sure he was alright?

What was that?


Well then, he must have been
fine if he remembered that.

Thank you, Murph.



Come here.

I've been doing a lot
of thinking about us.

If it hadn't have been for Tony ..

It could have been you and me.

You never gave me a chance before.

Give me a chance now.

You mean Tony is out?

Who wants a second-rater?

That is what I always say.

What's she pulling?
- Forget it.

Get out to that radio again.

Hey, Lefty.
- Yeah?

Do you think Red would cross us?

Why? We're level with him.

Yeah, but when is he going to pay off?

In Mexico I guess.

I can sure use that dough.
- Me too.

Twelve Gs.

You know it's a pretty soft touch.


A swell guy, that Red.


Red, you wouldn't do anything to me?

Why wouldn't I?

I didn't do anything to you.

We'll see what Tony
has to say about that.


He will cut my throat.

He's sore because I wouldn't
go to Mexico with him.

Maybe that was a mistake.

Because it will take Tony
to get you off the hook.

How many blankets should I buy?

None. Your relatives will
send you at least six.

What about diapers?

Old fashioned. Use the diaper service.

Ann, I think I'll embroider
the baby's name on this.

How nice.

You mean, you decided the name already?
- Uhuh.

Male or female, it will be Dexter.

Dexter? Poor kid.


Well, it is your child.

That's just the way Ray feels about it.

He said it would only be Dexter
with a gun at his head.

"Urgent. Car 22. Murphy."

"Car 14. Williams."

"Come in please."

"Urgent. Car 22. Murphy."

"Car 14. Williams. Come in please."

"Urgent. Car 22. Murphy."

Hey Red. Come here.

"Urgent. Riverside."

"Please try to contact either Inspector
Murphy or Williams immediately."

"This is urgent."

Get that cop out here.

Hey, copper.

Come here, you two.

When I call you guys ..

"Car 22. Murphy."

"Go ahead."

"Are you in contact with Williams?"

"No. But I think I can reach him."

"Stand by and I will try."

"Car 14. Williams."

"Come in."

"Car 14. Williams. Come in."

"Car 14."

Get that rum-dumb away from the beer.
Bring Williams out here.

"Car 14."

"Car 14. Williams."

"Car 14."

"Car 14."

"Car 14."

"I can't raise Williams."

"Why do you want him?"

"Mrs Williams claims information
Williams gave about Kluger was false."

"She says Williams must
be in Kluger's hands."


"Ray was fine. I would know
if anything was wrong."

Let me speak to him please.

Sorry. Regulations.

But I have got to speak to him.

Let her on.

Murph, are you there?

"Go ahead, Ann."
- Murph. Listen to me.

The way Ray used 'Dexter'
meant he was in trouble.

He always said the baby would only be
called Dexter with a gun at his back.

"Murph, don't you see?
Kluger made him send that information."

"Ray is any place but where he said."

"Please do something
about, Murph. Please."

"Yeah. I think you are right."

"Put Staley back on."


"Emergency APB."

"Set up search in Sector 3."

"From Barstow and
Victorville to Beaumont."





The boys are tied up, Kluger.

Come on in. You are next.

I'm coming, copper.

Why don't you open up?

Come in and get us.

If they make a move, christen them.



What do you want?

We're through, Kluger.

Williams is wounded.

We're coming out.


Give me the gun, Carol.

No, no.




You go inside.

I'll take care of Tony.

Oh, Carol.

The Sheriff's office owes
you a new pair of shoes.

Alright, alright.

You were right and I was wrong.

It will never happen again.

That's what you always say.
- Yeah. But this time it is different.

This time I mean it.

- Really.

Well, anyway ..

I've got good news for you.
- Oh? What is that?

My X-Ray.

Only one of them has to be named Dexter.

Only one?

You mean that ..?

I've been framed.