The Thirsty Dead (1974) - full transcript

Beautiful young girls are kidnapped off the streets of Manila by a death cult that needs their blood to remain immortal.

(waves gently lapping)

(eerie foreboding music)

(sultry go-go music)

(sailer whistling)

(audience applauding)
(sailer whistling)

[Announcer] For the second
time in less than 48 hours,

a young woman has vanished
from the streets of Manila.

Ann Coleman, age
18, an American,

was last seen leaving the
Trinidad Hotel at 9:05 p.m..

Police are warning young
women to stay off the streets

unless they are
properly escorted.

The government is
investigating the rumor

that the abductions
are the work of

a Hong Kong-based
white slave ring.

For more details stay
tuned to this station.

How would you like to
be a white slave, honey?

Show me where to join.

Yeah well just peel me
a grape, and I might

do it. (Knocking)

[Sailor] Hey Claire,
are you coming?

Hold your horses
sailer, I'm coming.

[Sailor] I got a
taxi ticking out here!

Yeah I bet that's not all
you got ticking out there.

(door rattling)

What are you doing,
playing some kind of game?

All right I told
you that I'd be...

(gasping) (eerie sinister music)

(hypnotic suspenseful music)

(sirens wailing)

Did she have any boyfriends?



Seven girls in a month,
all young, attractive,

no motive, no clues, no
ransom notes, no bodies.

But plenty of ulcers.

Hey can I go, my leave
was up an hour ago!

The shore patrol's
gonna be looking for me.

Francisco, that's an either or,

and I don't like either-ors.

But it's true.

Either we love each
other, and get married,

or not at all, it's that simple.

Ha ha, you're not
making any sense!

You love someone and
you want to marry them.

You've married
everybody that you loved.

I only asked once before,
and this is different.

I know, I just don't
want to be married.

Not now.

Not to me.

Francisco, if I ever
decide to get married,

you're the only person I
would even consider marrying.

Laura, I uh...

No no no pressure,

it can happen in
Tokyo, in Honolulu,

San Francisco,
Tuesday, Wednesday.

But when I am
ready, I'll holler.


And if I am not there?

I'll cry a lot.

(poignant music)



Pick me up at the airport
on Tuesday, right?


(suspenseful music)

(muffled screaming)

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

(poignant music)

(suspenseful music)





(rats squeaking)


(rats squeaking)

(Laura moaning)


(rats squeaking)


God you maniacs, oh!

Oh, oh!

[Bound Girl] What is this?

Where are we?

(sighs) I don't know.

We mustn't let them know
that we're afraid of them.

(rats squeaking)

(eerie tense music)

(jungle birds cawing)

There, hello.


Do you know where we are?

Beats me.

How long have you been here?

Since last night.

This is Bonnie, Virgin Queen
of the Acme Computer Company.

I'm Claire.



What do they want?

I think we're getting a
free ticket to Hong Kong.

Don't say that!

Honey, there are worse things!

My aunt was a hooker,
she had a great life,

silk sheets, (mumbles)
clothes, the works!

No I wouldn't.

Things could be worse honey.

If you can make a buck and

not even leave your bedroom,
you've really got it...

Oh my god look at that.

Is this how white slavery
starts, (chuckles)?

(jungle birds singing)

(tense music)



(machete whacking)


Oh it's okay, I'm all right.

It's okay, I'm fine!

(suspenseful music)

It's nothing, it's just
a little cut, I'm fine.

(eerie suspenseful music)

(helicopter droning)

Here we are, oh oh
oh please help us!

We're over here, help
us, please, please!

Please help us!

Stay away from me,
no no don't touch me,

leave me alone, I
never hurt you...

(muffled shouting)

Let me go!

(eerie suspenseful music)

(jungle birds singing)

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

(jungle birds singing)
(waves lapping)

It's okay.

(luxurious music)

(foreboding music)

Seek the guidance of Raoon.

(eerie suspenseful music)

(singing in foreign language)

(tense music)

Holy good Jesus.

You're wanted in
the inner chapel.

(echoing flute music)

You have made the preparations?

All is ready.

And you have been with them?


[Priestess] She does
bear the divine likeness?

Yes, I've seen her at
the bath with the others.

There's a special
quality about her.

Raoon knows.

And Raoon will decide.

(giggling) (laughing)


Ah, ah yes this is
really beautiful.

(women singing in
foreign language)

[Men] Raoon, Raoon,
Raoon, Raoon, Raoon,

Raoon, Raoon,
Raoon, Raoon, Raoon,

Raoon, Raoon, Raoon, Raoon!

(eerie suspenseful music)

Seed of our seed,
father of our immortality,

bring us the truth
across the centuries!

Has she been sent to us?

What is her name,
tell us her name!



(eerie dramatic music)

(water bubbling)

Hey do you think
they're eunuchs?

Oh Claire.

No I mean like you
know, in the old days,

- Come on!
- When they used to take

these guys and...

(dramatically tense music)

(rats squeaking)

(gasping) (dramatic music)


(woman screaming)

(whimpering echoing)




Wait Claire, wait!



Seem fine.

What have I got to to lose?

You know these freaky
folks have eyes for you.

That's true, Laura.

I picked up on that.

Do you think that's good?

[Laura] I don't know.

The girl most likely to be
sacrificed to a pagan god.

Oh well, think of the
honor of it honey.


I don't mind.

Mm, listen honey, I've been
in worse situations than this.

Now I don't know what
these people want,

but if anyone gives me
a bed this comfortable,

can't be all that bad.

Hey listen I was only kidding
about that human sacrifice.

I'll just consider it an honor.

(tense music)

(frenetic music)



(eerie echoing)

(sinister music)

Ah! (Dramatic music)

Are you afraid?

I am afraid.

Only a fool would not
fear the unfamiliar.

[Laura] What are you going
to do with me and my friends?


It was understood that you
were unknown to each other.

You make friends quickly
when you share a cell.

(water dripping)

Unlike most creatures, you
need never be imprisoned.

Do you mean I'm free to go?

You will be free to choose.

Who is she?

Don't you know?

I'm afraid I do.

It's me.

I painted it, some while ago.


She was traced by my hand,
an image out of my mind.

Through Raoon I have
seen you clearly,

years before you came.

I, I, I thought
you were civilized?

We are civilized,
and that takes time.

Stay with us, learn our ways.

I'm not free to go?

For the time, no.

(poignant music)

[Laura] Who is this for?

[Servant] It is for you.

[Laura] I don't understand.

[Servant] It has been kept
in readiness for a long time.

Is it familiar?


Why am I not with
the other girls?

It is your place now.

(poignant music)

(suspenseful music)

(eerie dramatic music)


It's no use to shout,

it will not save you
from growing old like me.

The curse of Raoon
is on all of us,

the price too much
for anyone to pay.

Go to sleep beautiful one.

I was once like you,
not many months ago.

Remember, beware of Ranu,
she will take it from you.



(eerie tense music)

(singing in foreign language)

Uh, I had the worst
dreams last night.

Me too.

What's that strange singing?

[Bonnie] They're devil
worshipers, I've heard the legend.

What are you talking about?

I've heard the legends about
these tribes in the jungle.

Oh you're crazy.

Well what was that pit we
saw with all those bodies?

And that scream we heard?

And what's happened to Laura?

She'll do all right for herself,

I wouldn't worry about
her, her kind always does.

I thought my dreams were
bad, being awake seems worse.

(tense flute music)

What does it mean?

The woman represents
Ranu, our High Priestess.

The man is Raoon, her husband.

He died 500 years ago.

(tense flute music)

May we go now?

Of course.

(poignant music)

Is something wrong?

Why were all those
people staring at me?

You are the guest of honor.

And the girl in the blond wig,

what does she mean?



This place is frightening to me.

It is strange to you.

(laughs) Strange?

It's completely
different from my world.

I can't remember
being anywhere else.


That's strange,
you seem so, uh...


Yes, civilized.



I will take you
to your quarters.

(horn wailing)

(horn wailing)

Please put these on immediately.

Where's Laura?

You will see your
friend soon enough.


I can't wear this!

I don't think we have a choice.

Put these on, they will
come for you presently.

Are you the...


What is it?


Pass it on.

(tense music)

(brooding music)

She is among us.

And you...

Oh, how long we have all
waited for this moment!

Are you Ranu?


I am Ranu.

Somehow I expected
someone older.


Did I say something wrong?

You are very beautiful.

Baru has told me
so much about you.

(horn wailing) We must go.

(suspenseful music)

(eerily tense music)

(brooding music)


Do not worry.

Let the ceremony, begin!

(suspenseful music)

The people are paying
tribute to Raoon!

Raoon will keep
us young forever.

The leaf can heal
all, and it's essence

mixed with the blood of
a young girl in her prime

can produce an elixir, a potion

that gives eternal
life to the chosen.

Raoon chooses the superior ones.

The others must return to
the Earth to be born again.

That blood is precious to us,

it is our celebration of life,
it is our tribute to Raoon!

It has been written
that one would come,

and lead us to a new way.

Our long wait is over!

And you have come
to join us at last!


Drink in eternal life!

(eerie hypnotic music)

I can't.


You are not prepared?

I don't wish to offend!

I didn't ask to be
brought here, I can't.

The choice is not yours!

You have been offered
youth and beauty forever!

All your needs will
be taken care of here!

People have sold their souls

to the devil for less than that.

Would I be any different, to
drink the blood of my friend?

To sap away her life
so that I might live?

Raoon chooses, it is the
manner for all to serve!

It's madness, it's insane!

And what do you do
with the chosen,

with those honored few when
you're finished with them?

When their isn't a drop
of blood left in them?

You speak of matters
you know nothing about!

However, it may be
good for you to see

what does happen to
those who are not chosen.

It might change your mind!


Have a word with her first,

so the trip may not,
prove necessary!


Let me be with my friends!

You will die with them!

I hope not!

No one can help you!

Please Baru, let me
be with my friends!

It is not so simple Laura,
you are part of a prophecy!

No, you don't make sense!

Life revolves
toward the eternal.

Nature builds and
destroys in search

of what can live forever.

Please, come drink.



(Laura screams) (dramatic music)


Let me go!

Let me go!



- Oh, let me go!
- Do you want to see

what happens to those
people on the altars?

Ones who are not
blessed with this

eternal life nonsense
as you call it?

No, no, no!

Oh no!

(eerie dramatic music)

Oh no!




Get her out!

(Laura sobbing)

(whips cracking)

(Laura crying)

(vulnerable music)

I had to do it.

I had to show you.

Show me what?

Sick, twisted bodies sucked dry?

Laura, these people
have fulfilled themselves.

Their life force flows
within us forever.

That's their contribution.

I want you to share
in this with us.

I want, I want you
to know the joy

of living forever without
the fear of death.

In God's name how
can you find joy

crippling and abusing
people so that you can live?

You don't understand, Laura!

Oh I understand, I understand!

Listen to me please!

We have the wisdom
of the ages Laura,

that's part of our gift!

And through Raoon we've
evolved beyond nature.

We've combined his wisdom with,

with the vitality
and beauty of youth!

(sighs) Laura, don't you see,
we must isolate the others!

Our existence is the
worship of beauty!

Their presence, their ugliness
would only be an intrusion!

No, no Baru, can't you see?

Look into yourself,
worshiping yourself

at the expense of
others, that's ugliness!

That's evil!

Perhaps, in time,
you will understand

that our every
action is guided by

the divine wisdom of Raoon.


You can't believe that!

I know this.

The community that survives,

does so by the light
of superior people.

We are they.


The chosen.

I want to see Ranu.

If I am not free to go home,

I do not choose
your eternal youth.

I only want to
ask you one thing.

Let me be with my friends!

I can not give you what you
want, I will not join you.

I may be your victim,
I may be your prisoner,

but I will never
join you, never!


(smacking) You leave her alone!


(crying) No!

Jesus in Heaven, give us
this day our daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses...

Would you cut out that
religious mumbo-jumbo?

[Ann] Leave her
alone, it helps her.

I don't want any crap from
you, Miss Teenage America!

What do you think
happened to Laura?

Oh, well you saw her,

she has clothes and she
has Prince Charming,

I just wouldn't worry
about her at all.

Oh (sighs)!

[Ann] Are you all right?

Oh, oh, it's okay.

It's all right.

What about you?

What did they do to you?

It's all right, it's all right,

those leaves that they put
on it stopped the bleeding.

It, it felt a little
funny when they did it,

but it just feels strange now.

We've got to get out of here!

Why didn't they do it to you?

They want me to join them.

They claim they live forever.

[Claire] Why you?


There's this old
painting, it looks like me.

They, they mix the blood

with some sort of a
potion or something.

Listen, do you think they'd
like to have me instead?

Claire, you haven't
heard one word I'm saying.

This place is evil,
it's voodoo here.

We have to get out of here.

But how?


I don't know.

This whole place is just
a maze, passageways...

[Servant] There is a way.

You will help us?

You are not afraid?

Anything's better than this.

Than come with me.

There are many
passageways, many.

Wait a minute, wait a minute!

I don't think I want to leave.

Oh good god Claire!

[Claire] I'm very
comfortable here.

You may be comfortable
here, but you will also die.

Please go home with us!

All right, all right,

the story of my life,
one-night stands.

There, I can go no farther.

[Laura] But you must go with us.

No, they have made me
too old, after a time.

Go towards the leaves,
away from the mountains.

Thank you Eva.

(poignant music)

(eerie tense music)

(jungle birds singing)

Oh girls come on let's go!

Laura, if I'm not crazy.

We've been by this spot before.

Are you sure?

No I'm not sure,
everything looks alike.

We should have
stayed back there.

Oh, you're not
gonna feel that way

when they catch up with us.

Come on, come on.

Mother, somebody,
somebody please help me!

Please, help!

Help me please, help!

Please, help me please,
help me please...

Just be quiet
Bonnie, just sit there.

Don't move.

(jungle birds singing)


How did you know that
snake was gonna go away?

I didn't.

It was either that, or you
taking it off of her foot.

Sweetie, you're all right,

come on we've got to keep going.

One cool chic.

What do you think?

I don't know.

What have we got to lose?

You're learning
kid, you're learning.



(speaking foreign language)

Bonnie, do you understand
what they're saying?

No, I've never heard
that dialect before.

Do you know the way to Manila?


(speaking foreign language)

Uh, I think she's telling
us to get some rest.

Good idea.

(tense music)

Whoo, I feel like
I slept for weeks.

(crickets chirping)

Hey is it the next day or what?

[Ann] Oh no!

Ann what is it?

It's okay, it's okay.

Lie back, lie
back, relax, relax.


Somebody help!


It's okay, it's okay.

She's gonna go get
help, gonna get help.

She can help, it'll be
all right (mumbles).

(eerie dramatic music)

(singing in foreign language)

My impulse, was
to let you escape.

Maybe I should have.

But you couldn't.


I'm wondering,

why I can run to someone once,

my arms outstretched,
all smiles, yearning,

giving, wanting, laughing.

Now I don't know what I feel

or if I feel, I'm, I'm dust.


oh Laura!

You're being romantic.

There's a fine old word.

What a time.

Yes, I know.

Hala, why are we
going through here?

I've been told to
take them through Orlic.

(mysterious music)

(squeaking pulley)
(dramatic music)

Oh, Eva!

Release her!

Take her down!

Ranu will hear of this!


(rats squeaking)


I knew nothing of
this, I swear it!

She's dead!


She was 28.

She was brought
here five years ago.

Take the ladies back
to their quarters.



Laura, listen to me!

(crying out)

After today (mumbles)
and I will be banished.

It's too late for me but
not for you and the others.

I will help you, come,
there's not much time!

Doesn't he know he's giving

away his life, his immortality?

Fetch me the guards.

Bring them to me in my chamber!

You're wanted in the
observatory at once.

I'll remain here until
your replacements arrive.


(eerie tense music)

You're free!

You're free!

Yeah well how do you know
we'll get away with it?

I don't want to end
up like that old hag

getting eaten up by rats!

Claire, you can't stay here.

Why not?

I want to live forever!

I think you're nuts
to turn it down.

Oh I'm pretty, and I've got
a good body, they'll take me.

I'm staying and you're not
gonna screw it up for me!

You're not going anywhere!

Get out of my way!

All my life people have
been telling me what to do!

Get away! (Clattering)

(ominous tense music)




You stay away from me!



(dramatic music)

(rats squeaking)

We must go.


(dramatic music)
(pottery breaking)

(screaming) (ripping)

(eerie tense music)

Laura, tie this
around your waist.

Well be going down the back way.

It's very dangerous, but
we have no other choice.

(jungle birds singing)


Come on, let's go!



(dramatic music) (shouting)

(whips smacking) (screaming)

It will be morning soon, we must

take advantage of the darkness.


(whip smacking)

Baru can not get
beyond the Ring of Age,

but we must stop the others.

Go, quickly, go find
them and bring them back!

But do not go beyond
the Ring of Age!

If you must, guards,
you go on from there!


(jungle birds singing)

(eerie tense music)



Ba, (groans), Baru!

Please don't go on!

Please no more, I
can't go on (sobs).


All right.

Wait here, wait here.

Here, quickly!

(coughing) (sighing)

(eerie tense music)


Ann, Ann, no sh!

Sh, sh-sh, it's all right!

(sobbing) It's all right,

it's all right, sh,
sh, it's all right,

(weeping) there's no danger,

(weeping) it's all right, sh!


We must go on now.

Oh Baru we can't!

We can't, we're tired!

I know but there's only one way

through the jungle
and the others

know it as well as I.

Now our only chance is
to keep ahead of them.

Please, we must go on!

Come on.

Come on.

(eerie tense music)

(dramatic music)

(jungle birds singing)
(eerie tense music)

Baru, Baru!

Baru what is it?

We must go on.

(eerie tense music)


(dramatic music)

We have passed the Ring of Age.

It will come quickly now.

Is there anything I can do?

It's too late.

Do not hold on to me,

I will not hold on to you.

(eerie music)



Oh, no!

(poignant music)

I can't stand to see you suffer!

It is my punishment.

And my reward.

(eerie tense music)

Come, as far as we can go.

(poignant music)

(eerie tense music)

No, no sadness.

I have escaped.

Now you must leave me

before it is too late.


What will they do to
you when they find you?

They won't find me,

dear one.

(eerie music)

Go now!


Please, go!

(dramatic music)

(jungle birds singing)

(eerie music)

Kill me,


Kill me.



(poignant music)

(brooding music)

I can't go on any more!

No more (sobs)!

(motor revving faintly)


(dramatic music)


(speaking foreign language)

(dramatic fast music)

(helicopter droning)

You men, you men get
out of that ravine!

Get them out of that place!

Uh, listen Miss.

I don't really know what
happened to you girls,

but there's no way up or
down from that mountain.

N-No we were up there...

Not only that, you
go 50 feet right now,

[Pilot] Helicopter to ground,

- helicopter to ground!
- And you get

chewed up by poisonous snakes.

They're crawling
all over the place.

Colonel Tyler!

If this is the mountain
she's telling us about,

there's absolutely
nothing down there.

[Lieutenant] Okay then,
you better come down now.

Sorry Miss, there's
nothing there.

(dramatic music)

I was there!

I was.

(remorseful music)

(funky energetic music)