The Third Party (2016) - full transcript

Andi, an aspiring fashion designer, is trying to win back her first love slash ex-beau, Max, a surgeon. Andi thought her plan to win Max's heart will go smoothly, but Max found a new love unto a gay pediatrician named Christian.

Stop that.

Can you check my brochure
if it's still there? Thanks

-Go have breakfast.
-Turn off the radio.

Today's your enrollment, right?

Don't worry about it, Aunt.

I saved some money from my part-time job.

That should be enough.

Take it. This will help.

Your mother has been ignoring my calls
since last week.

Don't bother calling her, Aunt.
I'll take this.

Thank you.

She's probably having a great time
there in Luciana.

Louisiana, Mom.

That's what I said. Luciana.

And don't you dare correct me.

You're the one who needs to be corrected
because of your stupidity.

I can't give Andi more money

because you got pregnant
and I have to support you.

Mom, this is your grandchild, anyway.


Andi, hello.

I'll stay here while I'm waiting for Ben.
We're going on a date later.

-I know your style.
-Stop it, Aunt.

Hey, Badet.

Are you sure about that?

There's still a way out.

What are you talking about?
Don't be silly.

I'm just being practical.

You and Atoy are still very young.

Can you really take care of a child?

We will try because we love each other.

Tell me, if Max gets you pregnant,
will you get an abortion?

Miss, what's this?

That's the latest tuition increase
issued by the administration.

It was announced last week.

What announcement?

There was no announcement
that you had an announcement.

My goodness. Tuition goes up every year
but the facilities remain outdated.

And then you pester us students
to pay your expensive tuition?

What kind of administration is this?
You're taking advantage of us.

-Hon, hey, what's the problem?
-This is so unfair.

How much does she still need to pay?

Five thousand.

Hey, you don't have to do that.

Andi... it's OK.

Don't! Stop. I can pay for it.

-It's OK. I'm fine. I can handle this.
-Here it is.

Sir, here's your order.

No, let me pay for this.

Let me treat you this time.

-Here's 40 pesos, thanks.
-Thank you.

You shouldn't have done that.


It's too much.

You should be used to me helping you
by now.

You've been saving me for over a year now.

I actually want you
to always come to me for help.

Accept it. I'll always have your back.

How do you wink?

Medina, Andrea Claire Ferrer

Congratulations to you too.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I hope you'll still be here
when Max comes back from the States.

Yeah, that will be a while.
It will take a few years.

I know you two will prove
that long distance relationships work.

I got accepted into a medical school
in San Diego.

Mom wants me to study there.

I'll come home every Christmas break.

That's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You shouldn't pass it up.

What about us?

Come on!

you'll be busy with med school.

And I'll be busy with work.

Think about it. In the beginning,
we'll call each other every day.

Then, once a week, then, once a month...

Then, only on special occasions.

Even if we try, this won't work.

And then, what?

End up getting hurt?

No, Max. It will only get worse.

It's better this way.

It's better if we end this now.

I don't want to break up with you, Andi.

All right, then I'll do it.

I'm breaking up with you.

-Let's just be friends, OK?
-Please, Andi...

Go! Your family's waiting for you.

I'm fine, I promise.


I'm OK. Promise.

Finally after...

-She's here.
-Babe, help her.

-Yes, ma'am.
-Andi, let me help you.

No thanks, I got this. Ma'am, sorry.

I already paid for the catering.

Thank you! Bye.

-Hey! Sorry.
-Hi, Andi.

-Hi, girl.
-I'm really sorry.

Sorry, I just finished preparing
for our event this weekend.

Relax. You want coffee?

Your treat?

You've been working for four years already

and you still ask me to treat you.


I just paid my cousin's school fees.

What's up?

Girl, I have news for you.

We're engaged.

Look! I'm engaged.

Isn't it exciting?

I'm so excited!

Max sent me a message.

-He's back.

-Your ex?

He's here! He's back.

Andi, calm down.

Breathe! Are you OK?

-Oh my God!
-Hey! Calm down.

You're still beautiful.

No, you're too kind.

And you...

you're looking better.

San Diego suits you well.

-Waiter! One sex-on-the-beach, please.
-Yes, ma'am.

I missed you.

I missed you too.


He's here.

-Andi, please.
-What the hell, you faggot?

You're gay.

Since when have you been gay?

-Answer me.
-Andi, stop it! Relax.

-Since when?

Tell me.

Were you already gay
when we were together?

Even back then?

Who were you thinking of
when we were having sex?

Aga Muhlach?

Richard Gomez? Albert Martinez?

Who? Tell me.

Don't touch me.

I don't know what to do.

I was so confused with what I was feeling.

I realized that I was
already in love with him.

I loved you and I always will.

You and Lila are the only people who know.

Don't you?

Do you really love him?

Very much.


All right.

So, we're still friends?

Are you guys, OK?

You, are you OK?

Boyfriend my ass.

He's so handsome.

What time will you get off?

I'll be a little late.

I have a lot of patients.

Hello, Charlene? What's up?

Any updates
on the events business in Australia?

Well, I need more time
to work out all the permits.

And I also have my other businesses.

But you can count on it. Promise.

You're the only one who's getting richer.

What's our time frame?

Next year, for sure.

That long?


At least you'll have time
to take care of your working visa

and your other requirements.

OK. I'll take care of it.

What else do I need to prepare?

Like I told you before,
we need to pay the agency

the placement fee of 100,000 pesos.

Do you have that sort of money?

Yes! I have been saving for it.

OK. I'll do my part here.

Don't let this chance pass you by.

Because you can earn as much as
$80,000 a year.

That's roughly 2.8 million pesos.

Of course! I know.


Hello? Who's this?

Hello, is this my daughter?

My daughter?

-Ma'am Andi. Everything's already set up.

You're already there? OK. I'm on my way.

Yes! I'm on my way.

Andi Medina! Pay your rent.

I didn't see you.

-I'm really sorry but I'm in a hurry.
-Your rent is way overdue.

-I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
-Pay me now.

You are so gorgeous today,
you look like Kung Fu Hustle.

Just pay your rent.

Had I known you wouldn't pay your rent,
I wouldn't have let you in here.

Mark's bone graft integration
was successful.

-Thank you.
-The projection is good.

So can I go back to swimming
and taekwondo?

Mark, you still need to do

physical therapy for a few months.

Imagine this, Mark.

You're a superhero,

and this is your training period.

And when you're done with your training,

you'll be super strong.

Doc, you're really good with kids.

You'll be an excellent father someday.

I hope so.

That's really my dream.

Well, they're not the same size.

They're a little hard too.
Who was your doctor again?

A friend of a friend of a friend.

There was this promo.

And this is silicone.

If you need a girlfriend, I'm available.

We have glow sticks,
so Andi, raise the glow sticks.

Here! Give me one too.

Thanks, Andi.
Andi, let's go to the balcony.

Did Inigo call already?

Not yet.

The club manager was looking for you.
He's really mad.


Sir Inigo still hasn't paid the rent
for this venue.

-They want us to leave.

OK, pay the manager
with the money we got from the tickets.

OK? I'll go there in a bit.

Go! Give me my phone.

My God, Inigo! What's your problem?

Miss Andi, what about my pay?

Take my cut.

What about you?

Don't worry about me. I'm OK.

-Thank you.

Where are you? Where's our money?

Inigo doesn't want to talk to you.

Who's this?

His girlfriend.

We're on our way to the airport
and we're flying to Toronto.

Inigo, what's happening?

What's... who was that?

Andi, that was Sophia.

I'm sorry, but I needed the money
to go to Canada.

Look, it's not my fault
you fell in love with me.

Andi, you're OK.

I'm sure you'll find someone.

I have to go. Bye.

What's this?

Why are my things outside?

What the hell.

You don't want to pay?

Then leave.

What about my things? Where will I sleep?

That's not my problem.

Ms. Tessie.

Ms. Tessie!

Aunt, thank you.

This is so embarrassing.

I'm in deep shit right now.

I'm sorry.

I can only offer the couch.

There's someone renting your room.

That's OK, Aunt.

I'm meeting Eka later.

I think I can crash at her place.

Let me give you something.


This will help.

Just take it.

let's see if you have any more in there.

No more.

Girl, I'm sorry.

You know that I'm staying at Ben's
and his mom doesn't approve of it.


That's OK.

I just didn't want to stay at Aunt's
because they're already crowded.

Don't worry about it.

Where is Inigo?

He left.

He went to Canada with his new girlfriend.

He took the money from our event
so my boss fired me.

I knew it.

The first time I saw him,
I knew he was a scammer.

What will happen to you
and your plans to go to Australia?

Girl! Are you OK?

Hey. Are you OK?
What's taking you so long?

Hon, our anniversary's tomorrow.

I want us to celebrate now.

Happy anniversary, Max and Christian.

-Thanks, Auntie!
-Max, you look stressed.

Son, take care of your boyfriend.

I am.

Anyway, we're hanging up
so you two can celebrate.


I wish my parents were like yours.

Let's eat? I'm starving.

That's because you're late.

Andi, what's your problem?


I can't get pregnant now.

No! Not now.

You know my life's a mess right now.

I can't be a parent.

What do I know about parenting?
I don't even know my father.

My mother left me

to be with different guys
from all over the world.

This can't happen.

-Andi, calm down.
-What do you mean calm down? How?

I have to think of a way to fix this.

Help me think.
Maybe I should abort this baby.

Do you know anyone
who sells abortion medicine?

Are you crazy? What are you talking about?

Andi, that's a baby you're going to kill.

I don't know what else to do...

that's the point in the relationship

when you think about the next step.

I spoke with someone
from an adoption agency.

They agreed to meet with us next week.

Max, what's the problem?

-Can't we postpone this?

Christian, don't pressure me.

My parents don't even know I'm gay.

That's another thing.

Max, we've been together for three years.

Your parents still don't know about me.

What's your plan, really?
To keep this relationship secret forever?

What am I, a mistress?

Don't be like that.

Please, don't be mad.

It's our anniversary.

I don't know.

I'm getting tired.

I need your help.

I'm pregnant.

-Are you sure?

Just tonight.

He's gone. He disappeared.

That's not important.

You guys are doctors, right?

So... you can do something about this.

That's against our code of ethics.

Our license can be revoked for that.

To hell with ethics.

I can't do this.

I have too much on my mind right now.

I can't face this right now.
I really can't. No.

Andi, look, maybe you're just stressed
because of your situation.

You should get some sleep.
Let's talk about this tomorrow.

Lend her some clothes.
Get a pillow and a blanket.


No problem.

She's blacklisted
from all events companies

because of what her ex did.

Guys, can we not talk about my work?

Because this, this is the real problem.

Are you guys going to help me
get an abortion or not?

Because if not,
I'm going to find someone who will.


Max and I adopt your baby?

We've been meaning to adopt, anyway.

This is a great coincidence.

Maybe this is a sign from the universe.

That's why you came here last night.

You don't want a baby. We want a baby.

Hon. What are you talking about?

You don't want a stranger's baby, right?

She's not a stranger.

She's not just someone you know.
She's your friend.

Your ex-girlfriend.

Wait. Hold on.

So I have to bear this for nine months?
I don't even have a place to stay.

The unit beside us is vacant.

You can stay there.
We'll pay for the rent.

Are you serious?

OK. What about my food?

We'll take care of it.

How about my check-ups?

We'll take care of that too.


That too.

My maternity clothes?

Yes, everything.

We'll take care of you
until you give birth.

Are you for real?

This is crazy.

What's that?

It's like I sold my baby

for accommodation and vitamins.

I can't do that.

What else do you want?


I have a job offer in Australia, so...

I need money.

How much?


All right. Excuse me.

I'll just put this here.

-Does that still work?
-Of course.

-Let me carry it.
-No, I can--

-Give it to me.
-All right.

Let me do this.

Hey, Andi, pregnant women
shouldn't carry heavy stuff.

I can manage.

Hon, carry that.

-Let me carry it for you, Andi.
-I can manage.

Let me do it.

-Are you OK?
-Yes, I'm OK.

I need that for work.

That's for work! Don't touch my things.

For work?

I don't like that. Use this one.

I like this better.

See? It's better.

Put it there.

Is it OK now, ma'am?

Lady Gaga!

The food that you should
and shouldn't eat are listed there.

And all the tablets like calcium,
folic acid, iron, and zinc.

And when you need to take them.

This is too much.

Sorry, Andi, but Christian's right.

If you want your baby to be healthy,
I mean our baby...

I mean, Christian and I's,

Here. This is the key to our unit.

You're welcome anytime.

-Oh! Oh, my.

Your shirt's wet.

It's OK.

I'll just change later.

-You're sweating.

-What did you do?

You'll get sick.

Look how we looked like in high school.

Look at me. What is this?

We didn't know how to pose
for a photo then.

See, look at that.

We really liked going to photo studios
to take pictures back then.

-Do you remember the backdrops?
-The tie-dye designs?

Yes! Tie-dye.

-And there was one with clouds.

-There were lots of designs with clouds.
-Our poses.

And the thug poses.

And this pose.

-Suck it.

You? Didn't you watch wrestling then?

Christian, come here.
Let's take a picture.

Come here.

Come here! Oh, hold on. My foot got stuck.

Hey! I brought you cookies.

Yes. It's good.

Andi's brownies are really good too.
Try it.

Guess what? We're together now.

-Oh, really--

Hon, please hand me the pepper.

Here you go.

Let's taste it.

Are you excited?

-This is your favorite, right?

Taste it.

-It's good.
-Want another one?

You want to taste it too?

Maybe later.

-See, told you.

He has a point.

It's better if I let them adopt the baby,

they can secure the child
a better future, right?

So you'll let your ex adopt your baby?

Wouldn't it be awkward?

Of course not! Max and I are good friends.

My only problem is Christian.

He thinks that
I'm going to steal his boyfriend.

Don't you feel anything for him anymore?

None. I promise.

This is it.

After two years, I'm getting married!

Who would've thought, right?

So she's staying at the duplex
next to yours?

And you provide for her food as well?

Yes, Mom.
So we can keep her diet in check.

How long is she staying at the duplex?

We decided to let her stay there
until she gives birth.

We'll talk about the next step afterward.

Did you both decide on this?
Or was it just your decision?

You know what, son?
You can be a little controlling.

Mom, I'm not controlling.

Are you sure Max is OK with this setup?

You said they were exes.

-Oh! Hi.

Nothing. Just a dress.

No, I'm not stressed.

I'm just a little bored.

Look at this.

Hold on.

How does it look?


If you weren't an events manager,


You think I can make a business
out of this?


So that I have additional income.

So I don't get bored here.

I won't let you provide for me forever.

Life is hard in Australia.

Well... I need cloth.

Lots and lots of cloth.
All I have here are scraps.

It's better if you have
a social media account for your business,

More people will buy.

If you have more buyers--

It will be easier for me
to save for Australia.

-Thank you so much.
-You're welcome! Anything for you.

Let's eat?

My treat.

Vinegar, please.

Hey! Don't! I told you I'm paying.

Give me that. Here you go.


-Bring that to the table.

-Are you OK with that?


Street food is still your favorite?

Yeah, like how you always save me.

this is still
what you can afford to buy me.


That's true, though.


You better be.

You know I have a messy life, right?

And that I rely on you for direction.


when you...

When you left,

I got lost too.

You were my lifeline.

When I lost you,
it was like I lost my life too.

Damn it.

I really wanted to get back at you.

If you only knew.

I almost had someone do voodoo on you.

Forget it. That was a long time ago.

It was my fault anyway, right?
I broke up with you.

I was stupid.

Damn it.


What's important is we're both happy now.


I'm so full.

-Did you like the food?

That's good.

-Where did you go?

We had street food.

Street food?

Didn't I tell you to avoid eating that?

It was just this one time.

Even so.

You're a doctor
and you let her eat fatty food?

Your boyfriend's on his period.

Go home.

Hon, we're going to an art exhibit
when I get back from Cebu.

Dr. Baterna's son invited us.

Hon, don't you think
you were a bit harsh earlier?

It wasn't a big deal.

It was no big deal.

And it didn't cross your mind
to let me know where you were?

What if something had happened to Andi?

What if something had happened
to the baby?

Is it really that hard
to follow my orders?

It seems like I'm the only one
concerned about the baby.

I hope you're concerned too.
It's our baby.

Do you understand me?


Gosh! It's hard without a nanny.

Sit down, first.

Oh, don't cry.

You know, I need a break for a while.

you can leave the kids with us.

Promise? I'll remember that.



You still haven't told Mom and Dad
that you're gay.

It's Christian. You know what he's like.

And you simply agreed,
despite the weird setup?

What's wrong with you?

It's not that weird.

She's still your ex.

When you were still straight...

But she's still your ex-girlfriend.

What? So you're straight again now?

Because I don't get attracted
based on one's gender.

I'm OK with girls,
and I'm OK with guys too.

As long as I like the personality.

What's that?


Hello, Andi? My daughter, is that you?

Hello? Is this Andi Medina
of Medina Designs?

Hi. I'd like to buy a dress.

Ma'am, that really suits you.

This is beautiful. I love the detail.

Thank you, ma'am! Until next time.

-OK. Thank you.
-Just call me.

If it hurts again,
just take this medicine.

Thank you, Doctor.

What happened?

Doc, I felt pain in my stomach.


What are you doing here?

Max called me. Are you OK?

Yes. OK.

Well, it's possible
that you had some contractions.

Have you been stressed lately?

Not really, Doc.
I just met with a client earlier.

Doc, what do we need to do
so this won't happen again?

Rest and drink more fluids.

Dehydration is the cause sometimes.

Are there any meds she needs to take?

Well, actually for now, there's none,

so we can find out the cause.

This may not be simple stomach pain.

OK, let's do all the tests, Doc.

We need to make sure Andi's baby is safe.

-That's enough.

Slow down! You're eating like...

-Don't overreact.
-Like the food will disappear.

Didn't you have breakfast?

Let me have that. Please, pass that to me.

And I'm not overreacting. I'm a doctor.

This is so delicious.


You don't have to do that.
I can do that myself.

It's OK. I do this for Max too.

He can't make his own dip.

You're right. He's too spoiled.

You know them, rich kids.

Tell me about it.

It doesn't annoy you?

I used to walk out on him
whenever he acted like a spoiled brat.

He's childish sometimes.

I got used to it,
and I like doing things for him.

I love taking care of him.

He takes away my stress.

From back in med school up to now,
with our work.

I could've gone mad if it weren't for Max.

Thank you for the treat! I'm so full.

-You take care of dinner.

I want steak.

I'm kidding.
You don't have to pay me back.

Are we close friends now?

Depends on you. If you want.


You know, I have a recurring bad dream.

About how my mom left me.

It's becoming worse lately.

When did you last talk to your mother?

Does she at least know you're pregnant?

Yes. I mentioned it to her.

I'm hungry again.

So you're a pediatrician.

Why do you like kids?

I was four years old
when my parents adopted me.

My biological mother
left me at the orphanage.

And my father...

I don't know anything about him.

I owe my adoptive parents a lot.

This is me giving back.

You want to give your future child

what your parents gave you?


Since Max and I can't get married here,

if we adopt, it'll be as good as a vow.

We'll be parents forever.

One complete family.

Please adopt me.


My life might get better
if you were my parent.

Let's go home.

-Go home?
-It's getting late.

It's still early.

Hey! It's your turn.

-Don't be a killjoy.
-I don't want to.

I said I don't want to.

-Everybody sing with me.
-I want that part.

That's mine.

We're such great singers.

I'm so great.

You know what? You're OK.

No, seriously.

Now I understand
why Max fell in love with you.


OK, fine! I'll admit it.

I get it why Max loved you before.


Yes. Before.

-Your feet don't smell. Don't worry.

You're all set. Sleep now.

I'm leaving.

-Come here.
-Hey! Wait.

I'm a girl! Don't you forget.

-Silly! Just stay beside me.

Why is your face like that?

Just got out of a 12-hour surgery.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to go with you
on your check-up.

He's drunk?

I'll stay here.

Package for Mr. Christian Pilar.

It's been so long since...



Do you remember our first time?

Please don't remind me.

It's embarrassing.

Do you remember?

You said,

"Sorry. It's my first time with a guy."

"How do you do it?"

But now you're really good at it.

It's because an expert taught me.

I've been looking for both of you...

Oh my gosh.


-Perverts. No! I am!

I am the pervert! I'm leaving.

You have a fuckage--
I mean, there's a package for you.

As kids,
my cousins and I slept on a bunk bed.

I liked the top bunk
because it was more fun.

If you slept on a bunk bed,
which bunk would you choose?

Top or bottom?


I'm just asking. What's wrong with that?

-Didn't you tell me the other day

that... I need a break?

Well, I'm going to the bazaar today.

So I'll leave the kids with you.

I'll pick them up later. OK?

Their milk bottles are there.

Christian. Hello! Bye.

-I'll come back later.

Excuse me.


Come and get me.

Chase me...

We're going out.

Oops. There.

Careful, hold on.

Look at your crazy uncles.

Careful! Take care! Hold on tight.

It's fun, right?

Yes, Uncle.

Hon, Lorie might fall.

Be careful.

Having fun?

It's really tiring.

Here we go again.

-Why are you mad?
-Because we're talking about this again.

I already know what you're going to say.

How will you know you're ready
if you're not willing to try?

Aunt Andi,
are they fighting because of me?

No! Of course not. They're just hungry.

Don't cry.

Hey. Can you please not fight
in front of the kids?

Oh my gosh.

Lorie, don't be sad.

Uncle Max and Uncle Christian
just had a misunderstanding.


Say sorry to her.

Lorie, we're sorry.


They're sorry.

She's not mad anymore.


Look, they're really sorry.

I'm sorry.
I still don't have a helper yet.

I have no one to leave the kids with.

It's OK, sis.

It's amazing
how you take care of them by yourself.

Sometimes, I wish my husband were here
to help me with the kids.

It's hard to look after them by myself.

But at the end of the day,
despite the stress,

they're worth it.

You know what they say,
that your kids take away your stress?

It's true. It's no joke.


My kids gave meaning to my life.

Hey! Are you serious?

Let Max drive you.
I can take care of myself.

What if you have an emergency?
Who will assist you?

-Andi, Christian is right.

What if you have an emergency?

Don't worry. I'll call a superhero.

Anyway, I'll get going.

You're so gay.


Of course.

-I'll miss you.
-Me too.

I'll miss you too.

Come on.

There, you're on your eighth week.
It's still small.


What's that?

The one blinking?

-Thanks, Doc.
-Thanks. We'll be going.

Really? Since when?

My sister told me they arrived last night.

We're having dinner later.

Are you going to tell them about us?

My fellow doctors, we're starting.

-Doctor Pilar.
-I need to go.

Max, keep me updated.

Hey, don't worry. I'll go with you.

Max, tell them now. Go on.

It's time to tell them.


I'll be here.



Sorry, go ahead. I have to answer this.

I'll be there soon, I promise.

I'm really sorry.

Everything's been taken care of.
Our business permit got approved.

We can start in two months.

Well, I still don't have enough money
for the placement fee.

I don't have 100,000 pesos yet.

That's OK. I'll take care of that.

I need you here.

Just pack your bags and come here, OK?


Who's your girlfriend now?

You have lots of female patients,

Don't tell me no one caught your eye?

Hi, Uncle! Hi, Aunt.
Sorry, had to answer a phone call.

You too, Aunt.

Thank you, Aunt, you too.

So, have you told them yet?

Told us what?



-He's ga--


What's the matter, Lila?

There was a fly! Ew.

Did you see that, Andi?

-Yes! It was huge.

I almost choked earlier.


And what were you saying, Andi?

I've been wanting to tell you something.

What is it, son?

Those faggots are disgusting.

They're growing in number nowadays.

Maybe the end of the world is near.


Andi's pregnant.


We have a new grandchild.


Are you crazy? Why did you say that?

I don't know! OK?

I don't know! I panicked.

I'm really upset.
You used me as your scapegoat.



Sorry. I'm sorry.

Can I bring Max along?


A friend who's also an ex.

That's funny.

You look so happy.

So, is there something going on?

What something?

Well, I guess some things never change.

He's my first love
and my first heartbreak.

He'll always have a huge impact
on my life.

Girl, let me remind you that
he's already with someone.

My God!

I know.
But I can't help but think what if.

Don't you regret anything in your life?

There are a few things. But, look.

Your situation is different.

Sometimes, I think...

what if...

What if Max and I ended up together?

You're unbelievable! Are you mad?

Your situation is already awkward
as it is. My God!

And you want to be the third party?

Third party? Come on.

-Goodness, Andi...
-It's just a what if.

Andi, stop whatever it is
you're feeling inside your body,

and your crazy thoughts, stop them.


Your mom is here in the Philippines.

She said she's been calling you
but you never pick up.

I pick up.

I just don't talk to her.

Come on! Give your mother a chance.

This is her address,
if you ever change your mind.

It's OK, Aunt. I'm OK.


You really put it there.

-Hello, bless you.

-That'll make me look old.

-Don't mind her.

She's sulky.


Behave, Aunt.

Are you OK?

Is he your boyfriend again?

No, he's with someone else.

Are you sure?

Yes, he's taken.

Hey! You crazy woman! This is my moment.


I wasn't sure
if I could fight for our love.

I wasn't sure if I could give you
the love you deserve.

after all the things we've been through,

I'm now sure of one thing...

that you give my life direction.


When we broke up, I lost my way.

But thank you, love.

Despite my craziness,

when I thought no one
would ever understand me,

you were there.

Where did that come from?


It just crossed my mind.

what if I were straight?

But you're not.

So let's just move on.

if we'd stayed together.

Christian is a nice guy.

He's a good person.

Thank you for coming with me.

Can I stay a little longer?

I want to go to sleep.
I can't stay up late, remember?


This is still here?

-That's nothing.

That's nothing. Don't mind it.

What's this?

That's nothing.

Those are my things.

-You shouldn't be touching them.
-Why is my face...

Your face... don't touch


I booked an earlier flight.

Because I missed you so much.


It seems like you missed each other more.

I thought we're friends?

I let you stay here.

I took care of you.

I gave you everything you needed.

But damn it! Not my boyfriend.

Then it's your fault?

So what's this?

You can't decide what you want?

Then here it is! Now, choose.

Me or Andi?

Why can't you answer?

I know why.

You're confused again.

Fuck that confusion, Max.

Unfair? I'm unfair?

When was I unfair to you?

But you agreed.

Because you forced me to.

I won't allow you to be unfair.
Not to Andi.

You're taking her side?

Max, we've been together for three years.

And even after all this time,
you're still confused.

You still have no balls.


Wait! Max.


Stop! Cut it out.

Who are you to stop us?

This would never have happened to us

if you hadn't fooled around
and got knocked up.


Just because we have a deal
doesn't mean you can judge me.

So you're playing the victim?

So you can look pitiful?

Don't be so righteous.

You're the one who's been using my baby
to save your relationship.

-No, you too.


Do you still have feelings for me?

Or are you just scared
because your parents are here?

Max! Be man enough to decide.

Be fair to the people who love you.

I've had enough.

The deal is over.

I don't want to give my baby to you
because you're both screwed up.

List down everything you've spent on me.
I'll pay you back every last cent.

I don't care if I get into debt.
I will sell myself! Whatever.

Please put it in there.

Is that OK?

Andi, please.

Max, this is too much.

Thank you for everything.

I'm sorry I have to leave you again.

Take care of yourself, OK?

My daughter.

How did we get here, Max?

Don't I make you happy?

I'm getting tired of this.

You want so many things for me.

But have you ever asked what I wanted?

What do you really want, Max?

I know I'm controlling sometimes...

but I love you so much.

How about you?

Did you really love me?

I risked and gave up a lot for you.

This is about you, Max.

Even now, you still won't accept the truth
about yourself.

If you were really sure that you loved me,

you wouldn't get confused,

no matter who came into your life.

Let's set each other free for a while.

You're up early.
What do you want for breakfast?

Anything will do.


Where's the baby's father?

Let's not talk about it.

Is he handsome?

Do you have pictures? Let me see.

Are you serious?

Are we really gonna talk about this?

We don't have to.

Salad? I'll make some salad.

This is wrong.

I knew it.

-This is so wrong.

Wait! Hold on.

What's wrong?

Hey! What's this?


-Where are you going?
-I'm leaving.

Wait! Hold on. Please.

You just got here.

Let me be a mother to you.

Why did you leave?

Why did you leave me?

Whenever somebody asked where my mom was,

my answer was always, "She's abroad."

She's an OFW.

But sometimes I wanted to tell them,
"My mom isn't an OFW."

"She's just a slut."

We don't even talk.

I graduated,

got a job,

got a boyfriend,

and got pregnant.

Now you want to be a mother to me?

You must really regret having me.

Dear, no.

I'm sorry.

I was young when I had you.

I had lots of dreams
and wanted to do so much then.

So when I had you,
it was like the world fell down on me.

The truth is...

I wanted to abort you.

There were a lot of uncertainties
in my life,

but I was sure about one thing.

I wasn't ready to be a mother.

That's why I thought of leaving you
with your Aunt Juliet.

Because she could take care of you
better than I could.

Do you understand, Andi?



You're my mother, indeed.

I don't know what to do.

I'm here now.

I won't leave you again.

So you mean to tell me
that you're living with a man?

But we're over.

You're a man again?

I am a man, Dad.

You knew about this,
but you didn't report it to us?

Wow, Dad! Report?

What is he, a criminal?

no matter who you are.

I'm sorry about your father.

He's just shocked.

How are you?

I'm fine.


I'm OK too.

Do you still live with your aunt?

I live with my mom now.


Still at the duplex.

Max went back home...

to his parents.

Christian, I'm sorry.

Sorry, because...

We were already having problems
before you came.

You actually made us realize
that we needed to break up.

Do you miss him?

Every day.

Can you live without him?

Will you let regret bother you every day,

every minute of your life?

Christian, don't be like me.

Max loves you.

I know that you love him too.


Don't let some stupid girl like me
ruin what you have.

Give it another chance.

Give what you have another chance.

I can't! I can't do this.

You can do it.
Just like what we practiced.

I want to go home. Let's go home.

It will be over soon.

-You can do it.
-I can't.



I'm not yet ready.
Please come back when I'm ready.

-Why are you late?

Which one is the father?

Both of them.

Call it, Doctor.

Nurse? Room 301...

Andi, you can do it.

This is it.

You can go home after two days.

OK. Thank you.


Andi, may I carry Andrew?

Of course.

OK. He's sleeping.

-He's handsome, right?
-I'm Godfather Christian.

And I'm Godfather Max.

I missed you, guys.

Guys, where are you?

We're about to start.

do join us for dinner later, OK?

Come on, join us. Please.

OK. I'm going.

-Let's go?

Mom, you should see her creations.

-It's so fabulous.
-Beautiful, right?

You're so cute.


-Your godfathers are here.

-Congrats, Andi.
-Say hi to your godfather.

How's my godson?

Is your mommy taking good care of you?

Of course! Don't be silly.

She's the best mother in the world.

Wow, this is nice.

Wow, really? Awesome.

It's a new day, son.

You know what that's for?

For another chance.

Yes. We all have a chance
every day to be better.

Remember that.