The Third Part of the Night (1971) - full transcript

Set during the occupation of Poland during World War II. Some German soldiers, slaughter a woman, her son and daughter-in-law. The husband and his father escape by being in the forest. The ...


And the first angel sounded the trumpet and
there followed hail and fire mingled with blood...

... and the third part of the trees was burnt up
and all green grass was burnt up.

The second angel sounded the trumpet

and as it were a great mountain
burning with fire was cast into the sea

and the third part of the sea became blood.

And the third part of those creatures died
which had life in the sea

and the third part
of the ships was destroyed.

And the third angel sounded the trumpet
and a great star fell from heaven

burning as it were a torch

and it fell on the third part of the rivers
and upon the fountains of waters.

And the third part of the waters
became wormwood.

And many men died of the waters
because they were made bitter.

The fourth angel sounded the trumpet
and the third part of the sun was smitten

and the third part of the moon
and the third part of the stars

so that the third part of them was darkened
and the day did not shine for a third part of it

and the night in like manner.

Listen, how silent everything is!

Your father was right.
We'll be safe and comfortable here.

You'll get on your feet again quickly.

How did all this happen?

You were ill for six weeks.

You swelled up to a monstrous size

and then you got feverish
and lost consciousness.

When you began to walk again,
we came here.

Don't you remember?

I do remember.

Keep loving me, Michal.

I'm not the only one responsible
for what has happened.

You're older than me, more mature.
You should have given me better guidance.

The doctor said
you should go out for walks.

I'll help you to dress.

Why didn't my father come here?
I'm quite well now.

Your father doesn't speak to me.

Take Lukasz with you.

Look how handsome your daddy is.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Father, I still can't understand it.

She left him in a cruel way.

She let him die.

For a long time she didn't want to tell me
he was feeding lice.

Oh God, who does not lead us...

Oh, God, who allows the fragile to be killed
and who elevates blind hatred...

Oh, God, who allows cruelty to be propagated
and people to torment each other...

Oh, God, who elevates the most evil ones
and puts the whip into their hands...

Oh merciless God,
have no mercy upon us.

What are you doing here? You were supposed
to stay in the country for a month.

Helena is dead, so is my mother and Lukasz,
and the house in the country was burnt down.

How can I help you?

I won't be feeding lice any more.
I'll have plenty of time now to do lots of things.

If you want me,
I would like be of use to you.

Listen, it's not so simple.

We are underground, do you understand?
Orders and discipline.

Don't worry. I can take orders.

I think that now I can do nothing better
than follow orders,

to stop despairing.

You'll have to forget your name,

your father's and your mother's name
and you'll have just a pseudonym.

- What do you want to call yourself?
- Grizzly or Blind.

Deaf or Lame.

The man who will be your commander
is really blind.

Stay here.



What... What's happened to you?

I'm in labour.

There's nobody around. Please help me.

No, no, I'm not from the police.

You must run and save him.

We've been living here for only ten days.

I simply can't understand
why they've been after him.

Hot water is in the kitchen.

Help me.


I've been quick, haven't I?

I'm not yet ready.
I'm not yet prepared for it.

This isn't the time for me
to become a father.

I'm from the municipal insurance office.


I insure apartments against fire.


The insurance is, in fact, compulsory.
In case of an accident we pay...


Perhaps I'll show you...

Listen, this gentleman says
he insures apartments against typhus.

Not against typhus but against fire.

I'm not sure whether
there is insurance against diseases.

The only fire that could have broken out
in this house died out a long time ago.

You shouldn't sit here in the darkness.

You should eat something.

My legs are itching.

I'm sorry to have disturbed you.
I think I'll be going.

I've got to call
at other apartments in this block.

- Do you make your living out of insurance?
- Yes.

Your attitude is too gentle.
You should shout at people.


Excuse me, I must help him.

It was me who found him his job.

Oh God, who deceiveth us,
make us know what we are doing.

My wife looked exactly like you.

But she is dead.

My father took us to an old country house
because I was very ill.

By us I mean Helena, Lukasz and me.

I left them wrapped up in bed coverings
because it was cold.

But I'll go back there when it's safe.

You see, I've never known
whether I'm important or unimportant,

whether I'll die for somebody's sake
or they'll die for mine.

People move on orbits
that are so distant from each other.

They encounter each other so rarely

and when they do, they often aren't those
who should've been brought together.

It sometimes happens in the midst of a war,
among lice, blood and muck.

I could have told them it was me they wanted,
that your husband wore an overcoat like mine.

But they've wounded him
and they wouldn't release either him or me.

Father, I would like
to leave these things with you.

May I take your old overcoat?

Take it by all means.

Shall we play a tune together?

Father, they were killed, weren't they?
I saw it myself, I haven't gone mad.

Yes, both of them were killed.
God rest their souls.

What did you say?

They were killed.

Your mother and your woman.

My woman? You won't even say her name.
You were a bad father-in-law to her.

Don't get melodramatic.

Well, I suppose I have the right to tell you

what I think of your personal affairs
for once in my lifetime.

You destroyed somebody's happiness
without giving a damn.

Even if it was only a superficial happiness.

You let that woman devour you.

When I arrived and saw
how the illness was eating you away,

how you were withering away,

I couldn't force myself
to be properly objective.

Father, I had nothing to give her

but the most despicable things
we have to offer.


I feel that wherever she is,

alive or dead,
she expects something from me.

But she's dead.

That's a mystery.

You can't put it into words.

Stay with me, my son.

What for?

Father and son,

it's supposed to be bone of one's bone,
blood of one's blood,

and yet there's...

a wall, a wall, a wall.

Your request is preposterous.

Who is he anyway?
What can he tell them?

None of us really knows.

For the moment we should be happy
that you're alive.

However, I'm still thinking about your request.

So many valuable people
have been arrested,

the very life blood of our nation,

and this man of yours
is somebody unimportant.

We haven't got enough strength
to put our hands into this vortex

just to draw out a nonentity.

And yet I can't help worrying about it.

I feel more and more strongly

that we're sinking into a world
where all things have become alike.

Activity and non-activity,
cruelty and indifference.

I cannot therefore give you an answer
according to my conscience.

There's one thing which is not clear. You said
you stayed part of the night in that apartment.




Don't go back there
until you get further orders.

Don't come here either, please.

I feel tired.

Please, leave me alone.

I'll try to give you an answer later.

Two zloties.

God bless you.

May I see Sister Klara?

Sister, may I see Olek's mother?

She's been very weak since yesterday.

She was restless in the night.
She called for me but she wouldn't talk.

Then she put her hand on her bosom
and said, "My son is dead".

- What did the doctor say?
- The doctors were taken away two months ago.

I am told they were taken to a nearby forest
and were poisoned with fumes on the way there.


The exhaust pipes were fed
to the inside of the vans.

- You have a lot of technical knowledge.
- I've learnt somehow.

- Has Father ever visited you here?
- Never.

This irrational madness
seemed repulsive to him.

Live, my brother,
you who are so much alive.

Do you remember me?
I am Ginger's friend.

I mean Olek's, your son.

He asked me to come here
to say he is very busy.

He's doing nicely but not well enough
to take you away from this place.

He's very ashamed
that you have to stay here.

He asked me to tell you
he is thinking about you all the time,

and also to give you this little cross.

What are you doing?
You've frightened the old women.

You shouldn't be so violent.

You went to the Gestapo.
Why did they let you go twice?

I wasn't strong enough to give you
to them instead of him. I turned back.

You should feel happy that I was so weak.

Sister, she is so uncannily like Helena.

She isn't like her at all.
It's only your imagination.

I lived here, didn't I?

When they took Helena's husband away,

my sister found us shelter here.

Please go away and never come back.

The more silent he is, the more they beat him,
but he is silent as he knows nothing about you.

Don't you understand that every minute
I stay with you is a sin against him?

Now I know what I must do.

Go away, please.

Is it his child?


It's his, yours...

and mine.

Why did you never come afterwards?

I didn't want to disturb you and him.

There is no me and him, only a shell,
something terrible corroded from within.


Because you can do anything to anybody.
Only the flesh is sick and all round you...


Pity, kindness and faith cease to exist
when blood has been infected.

What does remain then?


Before the war I studied law,

but when war broke out
it appeared I had no talents whatsoever,

that I could do nothing.

I was happy to get a job
at the insurance office.

- How old are you?
- 22.

You'll perish
if somebody doesn't put you right.

I'll give you a job
which will be the best for you.

What will I have to do?

Nothing. Just be patient.

I can do that.
Will we be working together?

Yes. Only I'll be the breeder.

When war broke out
my husband could do nothing either.

He tried to get a job at the post office.
I told him he should start feeding lice.

Before that happened
I thought I knew what love was.

What is love?

I don't know.

It is the opposite of cruelty,
a total contempt for all that isn't love.

That sounds dreadful.

No. It just means taking off the shield,
which in any case doesn't protect us.

To surrender yourself with the fear
that you may be rejected.

That hurts.

Feel my heart.

I can't feel like a grown-up man with you.

I can't be close to you without suffering.


Give me a letter of introduction
to your breeder.

I'm going back to feeding.
I must get better ration cards.

- Marmalade, bread and flour.
- There is nobody you need them for.

Old man, it's now your turn
to make a confession.

Have you seen a miracle?

You would say that miracles
don't happen, wouldn't you, Marian?

You behave like... a wind. Those two worlds
can't be measured by the same yardstick.

One is a reflection of the other
and you yourself are the mirror.

You have the faith of a simpleton,
no matter what you say.

Listen, only you can understand me.

I'm not able to provide for anybody
in my present job.

Have you set up a family?

Yes. I've been blessed with one.

Do you realise how they infect us?

They fill themselves up with blood
and then they eject it.

They vomit it into little wounds
they have dug out

and only then
do they start sucking to the full.

This can't go on like that...

It's impossible.

There must be some law.


It's time we talked with God.

A cry must burst out of this country's soul.

Some appeal, some waves,
for if all this means nothing or only history,

- only a medieval darkness...
- Stop talking.

It means nothing.

The time that is to come
will be a time of despair

if the laws by which we're now governed
become established.

It's a crippling thought to remember
that the world was better at one time.

I'll give you a letter of introduction
and you can start feeding again.

Who do you want to see?

Mrs Wisniowska, on the first floor.

I've come to see you.

Are things as bad as that with you?


Do you know
how many people try to get this job?

Yes, I know.

A slight temperature won't do them any harm.
In fact they like warm blood.

I'll give you a note for the doctor.

I've only just read your husband's book.

I wish you could tell him
that it's a very beautiful book.

It's beautiful, it's old.

It's many years old.

My husband is dead.

Have you ever seen
people dying of typhus?

Excuse me.

I'm going to register you as a patient.

And now I'll give you the first injection.

You'll be feverish for 24 hours.

I know.

You'll get the second injection in three days.

You'll then get the real vaccine, the illegal one.

Thank you.

I need two more vaccines
for a woman and a child.

They should have come here.

As members of the feeder's family
they're entitled to it.

All right.

Hide it, quick.

This is the professor's private stock.

Thank you.

Enter this man on the list.

It's the best job you can find,

the best one.

Now when he's gone, his place is vacant.

I've brought food for her and the baby.

Could you give it to her?

I've put her in your old room.

No other accommodation is available
in the house or the convent.

It's dry and warm there

and if they look for her,
it would be difficult to find her there.

Would you tell me, Sister,
would you explain to me, but don't deceive me,

does what has happened to me
make any sense?

Does it have some meaning
which I am unable to grasp?

Do you know
what these old people are dying of?

Of hunger, of cold and of lack of food.

Do you know how they die?

Sister, I have now got
good ration cards and food.

I can give you flour so you can eat your fill.

No, don't do that.

Go away please.

Sister, can't you see anything significant
in her likeness to Helena?

It's just that you can see
something which isn't there.

I've brought you some flour and potatoes.

You should eat well now.

I'll try to bring you something regularly.

I can leave the food at your door if you...

I've also brought a vaccine.

You touched my blood.

I was ill. My blood might have been infected.

I did it because I was frightened.

I'm scared of interrogations, of beatings,
I'm afraid I won't hold out,

of that what they may do to him.

They'll let him out after a time.

After what time?

Your husband...

I would like to know who he was,

what he did?

Before the war he wanted to be a lawyer.
He was a clerk at the district council for a year.

He started writing.
When I was pregnant he got a job here.

A good one?

It allowed us to live.

I also had a wife and a son

and we also lived here.

Would you do me a favour?

Would you let me
hold your child for a moment?

Who are you?

You lived at my place at one time.

You were giving me tuition in literature
and I paid you with money.

Oh yes, I remember.

Later I let you dabble in trade,
rather a poor kind of trade.

Better than nothing.

It gives me great pain to see you back here.

I thought you'd fared better in this world.

You see, a carpet is only an object,

and so is a knick-knack
or a pair of shoes.

I understood that you didn't want
to pay with objects

but with what you yourself
had been created from.

What if I was unable to understand,
to protect myself?

You want to talk to God on equal terms.
It's impossible.

You should only ask him silent questions.

I've brought you a prophecy...

from your Bible.

I've marked it down,
but don't read it now, only when I'm gone.

I've come to say goodbye.


Yes, because I'm going away.

Now? Where to?

The Germans give passports
to wealthy people,

so they can go to Switzerland on the sly.


I've got one for myself and for my mother

but I must leave everything I have behind.

That isn't so dreadful
but the fact that I have to leave my son here...

I've got used to sneaking away
and visiting him night after night.

I wanted to talk to you for the last time
and somehow silence has descended upon us.

You see, I believe that my son
will be waiting for me at the end of my road,

just as I believe that you must find
the woman you loved again.

Why are you still wearing a mask?

Because I'm afraid to look at my own face,

because I'm afraid that the wind
may blow me out like a candle

just at the time of departure.

Goodbye, Mr Rozenkranc.

May the grace of God be with you.

"There appeared a wonder in heaven,

a woman clothed
with the sun and the moon under her feet.

And she being with child cried,
pained to be delivered.

And there appeared another wonder.

A dragon stood before the woman

for to devour her child.

And there was a war in heaven.

Michal and his angels fought the dragon.

And the great dragon was cast out.

The woman was given wings
that she might fly to the wilderness

and be nourished
for a time and half a time.

And I stood upon the sand of the sea. "

I've come to you, to you...

You can't stay here.
I must go there to help them.

What about your husband?

Would you love me
if I deceived him even one day more?

I never believed one might be fired with love
so unexpectedly and with such terrific power.

I wasn't ready for it.

I was, well, a kind of student.

Father, what was my child like?
Silent or cheerful?

When Helena and I went out,

at that time he was too small
to stand in queues with us.

I used to put his hand on the arm
of a chair and say, "Wait here."

And when we returned after several hours
he was still standing there.

Lost in thought. What about?

Don't get annoyed.

And that man?

You've never told me about him.

I think that the feeding humiliated him,

that he didn't, in fact, love anybody

and yet every day he had to give his blood
to something he hated more than anything else.

Later I saw him only once,

from a window.

They took him away. I saw it.
The crowd drove me into a stairway.

- There was a round-up.
- Who?

Your husband.

- He's got good papers.
- I saw him tearing them up.


I don't know. Perhaps he couldn't bear it
that you had left him.

Perhaps he loved you and
everything you told me about him was a lie.

We must move from this place.

And you should never forget it's our child.

Ours. A feeder's job is now available.

If you want the child to stay alive
you must take this job.


Why did he tear his papers up?

He didn't feed any longer at that time.

I understand that
he roamed the streets with no job,

that he seemed
to be hungry and half mad.


Before the war he was a physicist,
apparently a very able one.

You see, he used to beat her.
He turned her out of the house.

She had nobody to turn to except me.

Tell me, my dear, what do you think
was more important?

The force which drove that woman towards

the fulfilment of her biological animal urge
to procreate against all the odds?

Was this force more important than sacrificing
herself for a man who lived at her side,

who suffered, who thought,
who loved and who needed her

and who chose death when she left him?

Father, tell me, what is more important?

The things people sacrifice for each other
or the things they share and want to save?

To save? Nothing can be saved.

The world has crumbled,
has got smashed, has vanished.

You must fathom the new laws
that govern this decay

and adjust yourself to them.

That's why you acted
in a correct but cruel way.

I can redeem anything I did,

even the presence
of our children in this world.



Good morning.

Good morning.

10,000. They're strong and healthy.

You'll feed them for half an hour
until the breeding cycle is complete.

Then they'll be injected with typhus germs
which will be bred in their intestines.

Later the intestines will be specially processed
so as to obtain vaccine.

That's the best job you can get.

It provides you with papers which protect you
against deportation, arrest and hunger.

It's a loathsome job.

The others who are here
are in the same situation.

They would perish
if they couldn't come here.

What's that?

Excrement of lice.

Every day I check it for bacteria

and to find out whether
your blood has not made them ill.

You shouldn't scratch yourself.
They die from it.

Somebody's selling all his books.

Yesterday I saw invaluable books
in a second-hand bookshop.

- Works by Nietzsche, C?line, Spengler.
- What about Conrad?

- It's too late to read Spengler.
- It's too late to read.

I saw some beautiful volumes
of the encyclopaedia, richly illustrated.

And nobody wanted to buy them?

Somebody will.
It's a time for intensive reading.

You're wrong.
Books are read out of derision.

I don't agree with you.

The fate of non-existent people
has never been more important that it is now.

When Balzac was dying he summoned
to his death bed a doctor he'd created himself.

When Proust was dying, he was worried
about one of his secondary characters.

He scratched alterations
with his nail on his blanket.

At the hour of his death
this was more important to him than reality.

But neither Balzac nor Proust died
of hunger or in a concentration camp.

Neither of them was rounded up
like a dog in the streets.

That's why anything you write
won't be a masterpiece.

One shouldn't write but look after children.

You're talking rot.

You'd better recite some poetry.

You, who know how to live...

My poem.

Not mine, my friend's.

Twice the moon his silver face had turned,
When I pitched the tents on the desert sand.

My wife with crying baby at her breast,
It's dead now, laid to rest.

- And sons and daughters did...
- Stop it!

Please stop this talk.
You'll make them ill with your chatter.

The injectors and controllers can tell
if anything's wrong.

They're biting awfully today
as if they hadn't eaten for weeks.

You're the worst feeders here.

You scratch yourselves
when nobody is looking and drink vodka.

We lose at least one litre of blood at one go.

Shut up!

No talking while feeding.

Because the lice may get infected.

Do you remember
how they took the professors away?

Scores of people
were driven away in lorries.

Where to?

You see, only lice are important

because they keep you alive.

You shouldn't harm or cheat them.

They're your mothers
carrying death in their intestines

and you are wet nurses to your own mothers,
feeding them with death.

Your time is up.

You can take them off.

- You shouldn't come so late.
- I can still make it.

You're out of breath
and sweating all over.

I've taken up my job again.
I can infect everybody here with typhus.

- They've been vaccinated.
- How?

Your vaccines are distributed to the doctors.

- How is she?
- She's well.

She's slowly beginning
to forget about her husband.

Sister, you've never told me
how she got here.

One of our sisters met her in the street,
dragging her feet.

Do you remember which one?

I don't remember.

Why did you put her in my old room?

Won't you tell me?

"And there came an angel
saying unto me, come hither.

I will show thee the judgment
of the great whore

with whom kings
have committed fornication.

And all men were drunk
with the wine of her fornication.

So he carried me to the wilderness.

And I saw a woman upon a scarlet beast,

full of the names of blasphemy.

And the woman was arrayed in purple

decked with gold,
precious stones and gold,

a golden cup in her hand,

full of abominations
and the filthiness of her fornication.

Upon her forehead was a name:


You're deceiving me.

You know that feeding gives you a fever.

You know I can't find an answer myself.

You expect me to forget,
to humiliate myself,

to say:
"Unfathomable are the ways of God."

I only expect you to save...

Who? Her? Myself?

Your soul.

Have you been vaccinated as I asked?
It's important.

I've brought you some more ration cards.

What's the matter?

Tomorrow they'll offer you
the infected ones.

It's a better and more stable job.

How do you know?

You've never done it before.

It was too awful for you.

Did my sister tell you this?

I must find him.

I'll look for him in the prisons.

I'm now strong enough to go out alone.

No, it's no use doing it
until I learn everything.

When I'm looking at you,
I feel I've got another chance to experience

what I've already experienced
in a wrong way...

and what I didn't understand well.

Love takes us unawares
and slips through our fingers like sand.

Or perhaps...

Perhaps there was no love in me,
back then.

I'm afraid of the strange circumstances
in which we always seem to meet.

Oh merciful God,

thou who knowest
that we sin out of weakness.

God, who sendeth us the scourge of love
in the time of plague.

God, who rules us blindly,

don't leave us that
we may not be lost in your wrath.

I didn't want to feed infected lice.

I was afraid they would do to me
what they did to Helena's husband,

that I would become a bad man.

Was it the lice who did it?

Or perhaps the lack of love between them?


I'm feeding them well today.

My blood is feverish and they like it.

They get drunk and fall asleep in ecstasy.

Feverish blood has bubbles
and it fizzes like champagne.

Are you feeling bad about it?

Do you understand what's happened?

This is only for you.

I always think about all of you.

There's no us any longer.

Time's up.

You may hand the cages back.

You've already had typhus
so you're immune.

They need injectors
in the contagious diseases section.

If you feed infected lice

you'll get better ration cards,
better pay and it will be regular.

You can take it up right away.

I'll set up a family too.

Better than yours, much better.

I'll take them tomorrow
in exchange for your meat ration.

I've got plenty of blood.

We've been breeding
the same family since 1918.

These are progeny
of the original breeding couple.

Have you looked at them closely?
They're darker than the average ones.

Several years ago their vitality declined,
so they were crossbred with Abyssinian lice.

Have you been an injector before?

I've already been everything in this process.

I've been here for only six weeks.

The professor brought my husband here
from Poznan to save him from...


If we set them free
they would die of hunger.

They're bred in a hot house
and propagated in test tubes.

They've lost what people often lose -
their instinct for self-preservation.

Between you and your child
they are a kind of pump drawing fresh blood.

I haven't got a child now.

I'm sorry.
I thought you'd set up a family again.

Don't touch me.
You're feeding infected ones now.

So? You've been vaccinated.

Look at your collar.

It isn't blood that makes
this louse so red but germs.

It's been infected with Rickettsia
and it's got fever.

I must confess something to you.

You see, if they catch me,
I'd give everybody away.

I'd blow the whole institute to pieces.

I'd tell them that scientists are hidden here,

that writers are feeding lice,
that they should be deported.

You see, nothing in my family
prepared me for this job.

My ancestors were thinkers, lawyers...

The lab assistants should sabotage it.

Vaccines should be made less effective.

The whole situation should
be brought to a conclusion,

should be stretched to the breaking point,

so that not a trace of submission
and baseness is left in us,

even if this leads
to mass arrests and torture.

Perhaps this extermination is like a plague,

sent to make people realise
the meaning of their lives.

I'll be trembling for you
if ever anybody gets deep into your heart.

Would you do me a favour?

Wait at the bakery tonight.

Somebody's come
to carry out a death sentence.

Hold a newspaper in your right hand.

Go there instead of me.

- Please...
- No one must see us talking.

But I must know the truth.
I saw you caught in a round-up.

You tore your papers up, so...

What of it?
You're surprised I'm alive? Are you?

I escaped.

You see...

I don't remember much.

It was your fault that she left you.

She said the lice had eaten you up from within.

But no, it couldn't be like that.
You must have been like that before.

I must know why
all this turned you into a stone.

I don't feel guilty towards you any more.

Give my regards to Helena.

Helena is dead. My son, too.

I'm sorry.

What will you have?

Tea, please.

My husband's been taken to Germany
for forced labour.

What time is your train?

Early morning.

There's a room here.
Won't you get some sleep?

I'm working till morning anyway.

Don't switch the light on.

Thank you.

Good evening.

I'm supposed to prepare here.



Blind, he has already come.

We know everything now.
Poor boy, he wasn't involved at all.

When they bring him to the cell
after a beating he asks: "What for?"

He often says his wife's name, Marta.

There's no man strong enough
to stand such a beating.

Yesterday he was taken to the hospital,

ward number 14.

Perhaps the order I gave
and the conclusion I arrived at

couldn't be reasonably justified.

But I still think
I shouldn't lose sight of the paths

that lead you and me and all those
who've trusted me out of the darkness.

So, this innocent, unnecessary man,

who is so like any one of us,
only without a pistol,

this... worm can be saved by us.

We've got a group to perform this task.

We'll get German uniforms,
weapons and a car.

As you're the only one
who has ever seen him,

I want you to be here at six in the morning.

How can I thank you?

You don't need to.

You see, it's not irrelevant
whether I'm court-martialled for it.

But I'm at a loss myself.

I don't know, either.

It's very hard on me.

I'd like to defend myself
against you and yours alike.


I envy you.

I've refurnished the room.

Do you like it?

I've got some news for you.


Yes. Your husband is in hospital.

I know where.

They'll probably let him out tomorrow.

Let him out?


I've got some bandages ready.

I must dress your wound.

No, it's not necessary. I'm all right now.

I hear of such terrible things
and I can understand so little.

I wouldn't like us to flounder in this dung.

Did you want to have a child with Jan?


Yes. I can't deceive you. I wanted it.

Oh, I hate this flat.

We should be in a quite different place.

But I'm afraid I can't provide for you.

Look, it's so hard to live anyway.

We won't survive
if we have nobody to live for.

One shouldn't have children
at a time like this.

If love is of paramount importance

then a baby that is not yet born
becomes the most important thing.

You mustn't come here.

I don't want you to see
how you're both alike.

Everything happens in the same places
and with the same words.

No, words are always new.

- I've been finding you again.
- Yes, in other people who aren't us.

I, who am leaving you,
feel reconciled with you now.


Sister, you need not go there.

But I want to.


Because in this way, brother,
I can ask a question

and get an answer at the same time.

They're gone.

How quiet it is now.

- I must be going.
- Where to?

I must.

It's still too early for feeding.

- I'm going to my father because...
- You're lying.

- But I'll be back just before the feeding.
- I won't let you go, I won't!

- I can't be late.
- You must stay here for five minutes.

- Why?
- I don't know. I just want it.

- Are you crazy?
- I'm crazy, I'm crazy.

Don't go there.
Be careful, they've set a trap.

Father, where's the overcoat I left here?

As long as you live
you can come and leave everything here.

Add yours to all these unnecessary things.

They've been collected
by many generations,

through fires, famines, invasions and wars.

All these objects, books and paintings -

they are you.

Look, your left profile
comes from your mother

and the right from your father's side.

As long as you live,
you can always come here.

Father, I've put you in danger
by leaving this overcoat here. I'm sorry.

We'll go on sinking deeper and deeper.

Your grandfather spent half of his life
on his own land,

listening to the strikings
of an imaginary clock that measured his time.

We were gentle in gentle times,
and now...

Nothing's changed, Father.

There's blood on your overcoat.

I try to live at your side
and to understand what you do.

What I must do, I must do myself.

There's a gun in your overcoat.

I wish you knew what it's like
when your own child is bleeding.

I know it. I know it very well.

It's they who are unhappy, not us.

Let's play something together.

I can't.

I curse you and her and him.
All of you who are deserting me.

They've taken your daughter away too.

Those lice, son,

you carry them everywhere.

And the fifth angel sounded the trumpet,
and I saw a star fall from heaven upon the earth

and there was given to him
the key of the bottomless pit.

From the smoke of the pit
there came out locusts upon the earth

and power was given to them,
as the scorpions of the earth have power.

It was commanded them that they should not
hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing

but only the men who have not
the sign of God on their foreheads.

And in those days shall men seek death,
and shall not find it;

and shall desire to die,
and death shall flee from them.

And the four angels were loosed,

which were prepared for an hour,
and a day, and a month, and a year,

for to slay the third part of men.

...and others.



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