The Third Murder (2017) - full transcript

A courtroom drama centered around the murder of a factory president.


Let me see.


Take this.

A second charge of homicide
is quite serious.

- But, did he confess?
- Yeah, as soon as he was stopped.

There's no doubt
they'll sentence him to death.

- Sure.
- That's why I need your help.

I wish you have told me before
he was acussed.

I know. I thought I could be able
to manage this by my own.

But he changes versions each time
I see him.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

So many today.

I'm glad it didn't rain.


let me introduce you to Mr. Shigemori.
The lawyer I was talking to you about.

Remember the trial from
thirty years ago?

Are you his son?

I'm Shigemori.

And I, Misumi.

Your father was very good to me.

The other day I asked you

if there could be any doubt
that you killed him, is there?

No, there is not.

You killed him? - Yes

I killed him.

Why did you kill him?

He was the owner of the factory
where I worked,


I needed money to gamble.

Were you in trouble? With debts?


I had asked for money
and couldn't return it.

- When did you stop working?
- September 30th

- Were you fired?
- Yes.

Why were you fired?

I stole money from the safe.

Tell me,
did you drink any alcohol that day?


Three glasses of schochu.

Maybe you decided to kill him
before starting to drink?

Or were you pray of despair
while you were drinking?

I despaired while drinking.


The last time I asked,

didn't you tell me that you were
thinking about killing him for a time now?

Oh, did I say that?

You hit him from the back
with a wrench.


- Did you check he was dead?
- Yes.

He wasn't breathing anymore.

Your hand.

Were you injured?


When I burnt him.

Where did you get the gas from?

I went to the factory storehouse
to get it.

That far?

I run,
took less than ten minutes.

So, you didn't take the gas
from the beggining?


Write it down.

Another thing, I asked you to write

a letter to the victim's family,
do you remember?


I'll take it,
they will give it to me at the exit.


Are the prosecution going to ask
for the death penalty?

It's very likely.

It isn't possible to change the accusation
of homicide with premeditated theft.

But we have to try.

We must object the facts.

I we don't, we have lost before starting.

Hey, Settsu.


Is Misumi okay with us opposing
the facts?

Yeah, sure, why?

It didn't seem like it to me.

I'll take

life in prison
not revisable.

Has he got any family?

A daughter, that we know.

- Age?
- Daughters'?

She's 36 years old.

Do you want to see her?
She lives in Rumoi, in Hokkaido.

That's very far way.

It's very cold.

I don't think she had any contact
with his father.

No, he's spent 30 years in jail.

I doubt she can tell us something
of value.

- It's crab season over there.
- Thanks.

Rumoi is known for its octopus,
not crab.

- Oh, poor octopus.
- Don't underestimate the octopus.

- Like you were from Hokkaido.
- Exactly.

I have got to stop eating meat.

We have to take the plane to Asahikawa
and finish the trip on train.

Are we being paid for expenses?

To see a witness?

Forget it, didn't say anything.

Then it's not worth it.

Exactly, it's too cold up there.

- And there's only octopus.
- Yeah.

But, shouldn't we go to
understand Misumi better?

- Understand him better?
- Yes.

You don't need to understand
a client in order to defend him.


Of course, it's not like we're gonna
be friends.

What does it has to do with the case?


it's possible.

I have the sensation
that it still smells like gas.


Would you call this

a coincidence?

You could tell something was off with him.

He seemed to have burnt hands.

Stop, please.

- Can you rewind a little bit?
- Yes.



he opens the window.

- The window?
- Yes.

Did somthing smell wrong?

I remember now

the gas smell.


What did you smell? The wallet,
the one that was out of his pocket?






He has confessed on doing it
why do you bother?

Okay, okay.

Don't take it out of the bag.


Tell me,

are these gas stains?

- Have you analyzed it?
- Yes.

They confirmed that it was gasoline.

That could mean

that he decided to rob him
after pouring the gas.


that would mean that he wasn't thinking
of killing him in order to rob him.

Are you doubting the accusation
because of a gas stain?

It's a proof
against the accusation.

If at least he hasn't confessed.
We could attack with more advantage..

I wish you had call us at the beginning.

We'll take the letter,
visit the factory

and confort the afflicted family.

I'll buy the present of rigor
for these cases.

Thank you.

Regarding the motive.

Ask his coworkers
if he had something against his boss.

Yes, I'll do that.

Settsu has given us the case
and now he's washing his hands with it.



Good day, I'm Shigemori, the lawyer.

You defend Misumi Takashi.

I'd like to deliver a letter
he wrote for your family.

I'll tell my mother.


Excuse me.

My name is Shigemori.

Before anything I would like
to express my condolences.

Should I forgive him
just because he sends a letter?


He killed a member of this family.

Then he burned the body.

During the funeral,

we couldn't even

see his face to say goodbye.


He's really sorry about
what he did.

I'm so sorry.

Tell me,

do you think
Misumi hated his boss?

More like he was grateful
for getiving him a job.


Did you watch them arguing about something?


He always complained to the boss
that he payed us so little.

Did you get in trouble again,

Don't be an idiot.

He's a lawyer, not a cop.

Did you know Misumi
spent time in jail?

I knew it.

Many of the people here did time.

Even myself.


Do you wanna know?

What I did?


Your boss seemed like a good man.

He hired us because we're cheap.

We are in no position of demanding anything.

Ok. I see.

Good. Thanks a lot.

How was it?


that bad.

Is not that.

That's how things are now.

Victims thing they can
get away with anything.

I wonder why did she defend him.

But that's our job.

Okay, which strategy should we follow?

We reject that he killed him
with the intention of robbing him.

We go from homicide with intentional robbery
to plain homicide.

He didn't kill him with the intention of
robbing him.

He burnt him after killing him
and then he thought about robbing him.

In reality, after he killed him,

he went back to the factory
to load some gas.

- He came back to the factory?
- He came back.

The logical thing would be to run away.

So what's the motive for the crime?

Revenge would be the best.

They often argued about salary.

I don't know all the facts.
But that will be our strategy.

He got enraged because he got fired.

You're betting for revenge?
That's not much for defense.

Is it less serious to kill out of
revenge than stealing money?

It's always worse to kill for money.

It's considered a crime of selfishness.

- For the kind of killing?
- Good question.

If it was out of revenge,

we need to know
how that revenge came to be.

If that's enough to lower the sentence,

it seems to me
that the law is really strange.

Shigemori speaking.


I'm her father.



- You called me.
- Are you her father?

Just "hello"?


we would've called the police

I'm deeply sorry about all the hassle

my daughter caused here.

You're a lawyer.

I'm in the middle of
an important homicide case

and I'm spending a lot of time outside home.

I'm sure this happened because of that.


I'm sorry.

I haven't been taking care of you.

Why haven't you call your mother?

In a case like this,

a lawyer is more useful.

I'm very grateful.

Well, let's see,

Tell me about Nemo.

He's history now.

Do you want the fish tank?

Are you okay with it?

No, I didn't mean it like that.

They died.


All of them? - Yes.

Why are you sad?

It's just fishes.

You didn't flush them down the drain, right?

They were living beings
and had to be properly buried,

with respect.


all of the sudden
you sound like a real father.

What do you mean I sound?

- I am your father.
- At the moment.


Tell me, why did you cry before?

I can cry on command very well.

Look, check it out.

Isn't it cool?

Everyone falls for it.

Go ahead, pick it up.

Not now.

Pick it up.

- Is that your lover?
- Don't speak nonsense.

It's Settsu.


Right now?

Yes, I can.

No, not yet.

Has Misumi read this?

I send it for him to read.

He can't stay saying the first thing
that pops in his mind.

Sorry for the delay.

It's cold today, isn't it?

Let's see.


we're here because of this piece.


What you tell in this exclusive
is completely true?

Precisely the part where it says

that his woman asked you to do it
so she could cash the insurance.


Did you really say this?

Yes, probably.

What exactly do you mean with

Mr. Misumi,

there's a money transfer
in your bank account

of 500.000 yens
at the beggining of October.

Besides your salary.

Was it his woman?

Yes, a transfer from his woman.

So, this was

an advance payment for what you had
to do?


Why didn't you tell us
from moment one?

I honestly don't know.

Maybe because...

the journalist asked you first

and was an exclusive?

I don't recall.

Here we go.

How did she ask to kill her husband?

An email from her mobile phone.

- An email?
- Yes.


Two weeks before
I killed him.

Do you still have it?

It's very likely.

This can work, conspiracy,
instigation and complicity.

- You think so?
- Yeah.

After the crime,
did you contact the wife?

Yes, I called her
from a phone booth.

What happened?

She told me that if I didn't involve her
in this,

she would take care of me.

And tell me, you and the wife

had something to do

as man and woman?