The Third Eye (1966) - full transcript

A young count who lives with his dominant and jealous mother, begins in a downward spiral into madness after his fiancée dies in an accident - or it wasn't an accident?

There she is.
She's coming.

Marta, no matter who it is,
I don't want to be disturbed.

Do you understand?
Not by anyone.

You can't ignore some things.

I don't ignore anything.

Concerning that one... the less
I see of her, the better.

Why don't you acknowledge
their plans to marry?

The wedding is still far away...
really... very far away.

That's not true. It'll be here
in one short month.

- What's wrong?
- Why?

Well, you're making
such a face.

I've been waiting two hours.
Where have you been?

On the hillside. I wanted to
pick a bouquet for your mother.

And that took you so long?

Today is the day you leave.

There are more important things
to do than pick flowers for mother.

Just impossible.

Mino, are you serious?
Sometimes I just don't know...

Instead... just tell me the
truth about where you were.

You know.

Where is the Countess?

The Countess does not
wish to be disturbed.

As she wishes.

Would you give her these
flowers from me?

Forgive me, Laura...

I'm sorry for my bad behaviour,

but I am torn apart by
your pending absence.

It's only for a few days.
You know that.

Our room is almost ready.
Don't you want to see it?

No. I'm tired. I'd rather
take a bath before I leave.

Just for a moment. Please.

You're like a child -

you can't deal with rejection.

Alright, just for a moment.

Stop, Mino. Please. I feel like
someone is watching us.

Laura... what strange ideas
you have.

I should be happy, but
something is very wrong.

Are you there?

When she entered the house,
she seemed very nervous.

they had another fight.

If they were fighting,
they've already made up by now...

or they will any minute.

Leave that alone.

Don't get involved.

These things don't concern you.

Pay more attention to your

instead of snooping around
like you do.

The house is falling apart and
you stand around daydreaming.

I dream the day away?

I'm up every morning at 5am
and I never take a break.

You'll never find another who
works as hard as me.

Luckily, I'll have one less bed
to worry about soon.

I mean this one here.

After the wedding, you won't
be sleeping in the same room,

and I'm sure the wedding bed
will be made by the little wife.

I don't even want to think
about it.

Sometimes I watch him all night
long and I think...

how will I ever have the courage
to stand it?

This girl? No.

I would give anything for
someone to free me from Laura.

Do you really want that?

Well, perhaps a nice little accident...

There are many things we
need to discuss in detail,

things you should tell me...

like the way your mother
treats me.

No... don't do that right now.

Also... the animosity of that

I'm uncomfortable living with
you in this house.


You're like all the others.

No. Don't say that.

That's not true.
And you know it well.

Excuse me, I have a headache.
I need some fresh air.

Alright then.
We'll see each other later.

What do you want?

Come here to me.
Look me in the eyes.

You're acting so strange.

There's nothing wrong.

Mino, you're lying to me...

you're lying to your mother.

You used to be open and honest.
You always trusted me...

We were so close...
you and l.

Then she came along,
and separated us.

What are you saying?
No, mother. That's not true.

You must believe me.
I swear...

I'm dedicated to you.

You only need to talk to me...
then everything will be alright.

I want to hear you say it:

“I'm leaving this girl,
the relationship is over”

Not that...

-1 don't want to.

What are you doing here?

I'm cleaning the laboratory.

Go tend to Miss Laura...
she probably needs you.

The Count suggested I help.

No, I don't need you.

I'm sure a massage would be
good for you.

This valley is damp, and not good
for delicate constitutions...

like yours... for example.

- Do you feel better now?

Give that to me.
I'll wash your back.

Are you a member of the family?

I was born here.

My father was right-hand man
to the deceased Count.

He practically ran the
entire estate.

At that time, it was a lucrative farm.
We had 15 employees.

Count Alberto spent most of his
time with my father,

he was the only person the
Count trusted.

They died together
in a hunting accident.

Since that day, the Countess and
her son became inseparable.

I see...
they became inseparable.

But I know... no one will come
between Mino and myself.

Not even his mother.

I wouldn't bet on that,
if I were you.

- Why?
- The Count is devoted to his mother;

he would never betray her.

He'd rather avoid a relationship
with another woman.

Don't exaggerate so, Marta.

Why are you telling me this?

Tell the Countess and my fiancé
I am leaving immediately.

Alright... if that's your wish.

I have decided to leave earlier
than I originally expected.

The road is dangerous, with
lots of bends...

and I'd rather drive
in the daylight.

Excuse me, Countess... but I
won't be sharing dinner tonight.

But of course, Laura...
As you wish.

I'd like to get home by six.

My sister is coming back from
school in Switzerland:

it's been six months since we've seen
each other, and I must be there.

In the past, when a servant
wanted to leave early...

they would say
“My mother has been taken sick...

Servants now-a-days claim to
have sisters from Swiss schools.

But Countess...

Don't think twice about it.

Sometimes I don't even know
what I'm saying.

But the next time...
I'll know even better.

I wish you a good trip.

Thank you. And thanks for your
warm hospitality, Countess.

- Don't mention it.
- Please, could I...

- The Count is not here.
- He went to the city:

he won't return until
this evening.

That doesn't matter.

Tell him I'll call him tomorrow.

- Can I take your luggage
to the car?

Come in.

Dinner is ready, Count.

Has Miss Laura come downstairs

The madam left
ten minutes ago.

- What?
- She seemed to be in a hurry.

And why?
Why didn't you tell me?

Stand still.

Where are you going?

What did you do to Laura?
You mistreated her...

I forbid you to speak to me
like that. Do you understand?

Is that what you wanted?
Is that what you hoped for?

- You are mad.
- Yes, I am mad.

You will try anything to
get involved with this family.

You are even chasing after
my son.

You're the deranged one.

How long do you think you will
control him?

He wants to have a woman
beside him... a real woman.

And you won't be able
to keep that from him.

Is this the thanks I get for
raising you as my daughter?

Your daughter? You've treated me
like your slave for years.

Leave this house immediately.

I'll give you ten minutes
to pack all your things,

and then get out.

Forgive me, please.

Let go of me.
Just get out.

- Blasted witch.
- Let go.

It can't be true
She was like a mother to me.

- Excuse me, but the poor Countess
had a fatal accident.

You can't go in there now...
the investigation is under way.

Sit down, please.

Has the son arrived?

Was he informed?

Excuse me, Count...
I need to speak with you.

Pull yourself together, Count.
You must be strong now.

- Accidental death.
- I'll await the official report.

Marta, listen to me:

you must pull yourself together.

The Count is overcome by his
great loss.

He needs you now...
You must stand by his side.

Right by his side.

Yes. I know.

From now on... I don't want
to see these birds anymore.

Nobody may go inside there.

Mino... Mino...
What's happening?

What's wrong with you?
Tell me.

Are you feeling better now?
Are you?

Is it better?

And now... we gladly present
the International dance star...

Make yourself at home.

Tell me, my dear... am I going
to receive a nice little gift?

I'm ready... can I join
you in your room?

Where are you?

Do you delight in frightening me?

Let's go.

This looks like a butcher's room.

Isn't there a more appropriate
room we can use?

Get undressed.

Hurry up.

You know, you may find this odd...

but now I feel like I should
be ashamed of myself.

Come on, get undressed.

Aren't you ashamed?

Hey... what's wrong with you?

And now her...
Why did you kill her?

I don't know.
I didn't want to do it.

I didn't want to do it.

I'm going to call the police.

What should I do then?

I don't know.
I don't know.

Please help me.

We need to get rid of her.
But how?

I guess...
we should bury her.

No... that's far too dangerous.

We must make the bodies disappear

How is that possible?

In the laboratory...
with hydrochloric acid.

Show us what you can do.
Fly now. Fly now.

Stupid parrot.

Don't be so stupid.


Fly now. Do it.

Too proud, too beautiful...

- What are you doing? Going out?
-I don't know.

You should... it'd be good
for you.

You need to distract yourself.

I've tried without success.

I know... it's almost impossible,

but keep trying.


What kind of game is he playing?

Hello, sir... How would
you like me? Yes or no.

I don't have time
to waste, understand?

- What's your name?
- Loradonnna.

Now what should I do?
Get in, or look for someone else?

Get in.

How old are you?

What do you care?
Are you a copper?

What did you say?

Maybe you're one of those
undercover police?

But no... after seeing you now...
you're not that type.

But I bet you're the kind who
likes to take control.

Am I right?

More or less.

This can't be true.

This is more money than I've
ever seen in my life.

Big wonderful bills.

It's not counterfeit, is it?

You don't belong to a band
of counterfeiters, do you?

Tell me... what do you want
to do?

The same as everyone.

Did you see?

I have killed again.
I killed again.

It's as though I suddenly
had a third eye.

The third eye.

It always stares in the
same direction.

Help me, Marta.
Help me.

Help you?

It's easy, right?
You think it's easy?

But this time you didn't
calculate correctly.

I've had it.

Marta... tell me it's not true.

Tell me you're not leaving.

I beg you, Marta.
Listen to me.

You listen to me now:

since I was brought into the
world, I only took orders.

I worked like a slave.

I also grew up in this house,

I too lived within these walls.

And... And... l saw wealth all
around me, out of my reach.

I was no more than an employee
to all of you.

But that's over now...

Now... Now you must come to
grips with life on your own.

You can't go now, Marta...
don't leave me.

Ask anything from me...
but, please don't leave.

I killed.

That's what you said.

Say it again.

Yes... whatever you want.

I will stay, Mino...

on one condition.

I want to be your wife.

My wife?

You are sick, Mino...
and you know it.

You also know there is no cure.

It would be deception
not to realise that.

You will always need
new sacrifices.

Only a woman who shares
everything with you...

can understand you... and
will be able to help you.

I will be an understanding wife

for better and for worse.

What do you say?

Just as you wish.

Wait here for me.

Excuse me,
is this Villa Alberti?

I am Daniela Campi,
Laura's sister.

You knew her, didn't you?

Yes, of course.
You look exactly like her.

Yes, I know.

I imagine you'd like to
speak with the Count?

Yes... is he at home?

No. He's not in.
He drove into the city.

Perhaps I could wait?

There's no point in that.
He won't return today.

Sometimes he stays two or three
days in the city.

- Can I give him a message?
- Thank you. Ask him...

Hello, Mino.
Do you remember me?

I am Daniela,
little Daniela.

We haven't seen each other
in such a long time.

Certainly I have changed a lot.

You have become a beautiful
young woman.

What brings you here?

I still haven't given up hope
of finding Laura's body.

Tomorrow two divers are making
another attempt, and I want to be there.

For you... her corpse probably
has no meaning...

but for me... it does.

I want Laura to find peace in
a quiet, safe place...

not at the bottom of a ditch.

I think it's time to
return to my hotel.

I forbid you to stay
anywhere besides my home.

The villa has enough room.

Marta... prepare a room
for the lady.

Thank you, Mino... l accept
your gracious hospitality.

And now, I am lucky to be closer
to Laura than I expected. I'm very pleased.

Your hospitality is

Listen to me, Mino:

I want to tell you
something confidentially.

What is it?
Tell me.

I've always dreamed of dining
with a man like you,

in a villa exactly like this.

Next to a fireplace...
by candlelight,

and whatever else fills
the scenario.


In my dreams I was wearing
a luxurious evening dress,

and the entire scene took place
at the turn of the century...

not in this banal year
of 1965.

Why are you laughing?

It's very strange,

but since you came into
this house...

you have made me see my entire
life in the mirror of the future.

Even though I don't prefer it...
I've been living in the past.

There is always a meeting point
between the future and the past.

That is...?

The present.

You are dismissed, Marta...
I don't need you anymore.

It would be best if I retire
as well

The trip was very tiring.

Tomorrow we will have plenty
of time.

We'll get to know each other

What is it?


Mino, what is the meaning of
all this?

What liberties you are taking.

Your tone of voice is
too familiar...

a familiarity which you
have not yet earned.

Yes... l think I must blame it on my

On your mother?

We gave you too many liberties,

resulting in you
crossing the line.

I will inform my mother
of your insubordination.

But not today... because today
is a day of celebration.

Because tomorrow
is my wedding day.

Do you think I'd ever let
you marry?

But of course.

There's so much to do...
you know Miss Laura is back?

And this time, mother can say
whatever she wants.

Tomorrow morning,
I will marry Laura.

Mino, what are you saying?
What are you talking about?

Your mother has been dead for a year.

And Laura is also dead...
We are the only two left.

Only the two of us, alone.

Get lost.
You are mad.

Get out of my house.
Go away. Get out of here.

Get out of here. Get out of here.
Get lost. Immediately.


Help me.

How stupid you are.
You wanted to kill her.

That was a big mistake.

You shouldn't have done that.

Why did you want to kill...

to kill her?

Why are you attracted to her?
You don't even know her.

I'm the best for you...

Don't move.

Where are we going?

Why aren't you
wearing the white dress?

What white dress?
I don't have a white dress.

I love white more than
any other colour.

It reminds me of
newly fallen snow,

before anyone disturbs it.

It's beautiful.
And so pure... virginal.

I must ask you...
what happened to my sister?

You should have worn it...
You'd look beautiful in white...

What did you say?

You'd look best in white.

Besides, every woman should wear it
before getting married.

Getting married? What are
you talking about?

You know, Laura...
l always knew you'd come back.

You understand... you mean
everything to me.

Even she...
even she knew it.

That's why she tried to keep us

But she didn't succeed.

- How much?
- Fill it up.

Your keys.

He dropped his
registration papers.

Should I try to catch him?

Are you an idiot? How could you
catch him? That's stupid.

What if the car is stolen?
What should we do?

We'll call the police station...
that would be best.

Yes. I understand:
a model 8400... dark blue.

We'll look into it.

Look up the number
for this man.

- Somebody found his registration

There's no answer.

Did you dial correctly?
Try it again.

This is the police...
Count Alberti?

Listen to this...

Someone's there.

Do you hear it?
We're almost at the ocean.

I love the sea.

It reminds me of when I was
a young boy,

when mother let me run,

and I ran around freely.

She just didn't see how
you would be a good wife for me.

She barely knows you.

The count did this.

He killed them all,

and he destroyed their bodies.

Find him.


the murderer.

We are looking for a dark blue
Fiat 8400,

with the licence number
42174. repeat, 42174.

Approach with care...
the suspect may be armed.

Get out.
They'll never find us here.

Come along.

We will spend the night

the longest night we've
ever known.

Just us alone.

You and me.

Brighten up.
Brighten up, little candle.

Life is no more than
fleeting shadows.

A wonderful fairytale
designed for idiots.

Everything is noise and
fireworks, with no meaning.

I can already smell
the scent of the sea.

But there's nothing I prefer
to the scent of you, Laura.

Mino... listen to me:
you must face reality.

I'm not Laural
It's true. Believe me.

Laura is dead.
Gone. Finished.

She's dead.

You went away...
but then you came back.

I will never let you go again.

Thank God
you've arrived.

There she is...

That woman is insane.
She killed my maid.

You'll find the body in my house.

It's true... and she threatened
to kill me...

if I didn't go along
with her.

What else could I do?
I had no choice.

During the trip I tried to
contact the authorities,

but she wouldn't let me.

Look at her.
She's mad.

she was armed,

and she's been screaming...
screaming like that.

Don't you hear it, commissioner?
She must stop it... Must stop it...

Make her shut up.

Of course, Count...
we will silence her.

You don't have to be afraid...
I'll handle everything.

You can trust me.

Make her shut up.

Just look at her...

Calm yourself down...

I'm asking you to accompany us
to headquarters.

We need to get a written

It's purely a formality... please.

Gladly, commissioner.

What should we do?
Handcuff him?

That won't be necessary...
but stay close to him.

I hope the paperwork isn't very

No. Not at all. Everything will
take only a few minutes.

Would you like a cigarette?
Take one.

- I've never smoked before.
- You'll like it.