The Things We Say, the Things We Do (2020) - full transcript

Waiting for her boyfriend to join her on a country vacation, three months pregnant Daphne bonds with his cousin Maxime, and their shared intimacy brings them closer together into a full fledged love affair.


- No.
- Sorry.

- Maxime?
- Yes.

I'm Daphn?, Fran?ois' partner.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Fran?ois had a problem,
so I'm picking you up.

Nothing serious?

His business partner had an accident,
so Fran?ois took the train to Paris.

I think he tried to call you.

My battery died.

He's really sorry.
He should be back in a few days.

My car's nearby.

Have you ever visited the area?

No, never.

Are you sure I?m not imposing?

Imposing? No!

Don't worry,
there's plenty of room for everyone.

Besides, I don't have much to do,
I'm on vacation.

Actually, I do. Fran?ois made me promise
to look after his younger cousin.

Tell me if you like the bedroom
I'm about to show you.

There are two others,
but I like this one best.

Are you alright?

I'm fine. It's okay.
It's normal at three months.

Three months?

Sorry, I think Fran?ois
wanted to surprise you himself.

You're among the first to know.
I'm three months pregnant.

Congratulations! It doesn't show.

That?s normal. It?s too early yet.

You can put your things there
if you like.

- I forgot the towels.
- There's no rush!

- Rest if you don?t feel well.
- I'm fine, don't worry.

And I wanted to go out,

do some sightseeing
while Fran?ois is away.

He's already seen everything.

Do you have any plans?

No. I don't know.

You're planning to write.
Fran?ois said you write novels.

No, I'd like to write novels,
but my job takes up a lot of time.

- What do you do?
- I'm a translator.

I told Fran?ois I'd write here,

but it?s not easy to get started.

Things We Say, Things We Do
Love Affair(s)

Why is it complicated to write
if that's what you want to do?

Because I'm too ambitious.

What I write so far
falls short of my ambition.

What's the point
in writing something mediocre?

Everyone wants to be a writer now.

Writing isn't hard.

It?s writing something interesting
that is.

You can't know in advance
if you're interesting.

You can be interesting to some
and not to others.

I'd like to be interesting to myself
at least.

A writer can be interesting
without knowing he?s interesting.

Often, people who think
they are interesting, aren't.

Don't you think so?


So what sort of novels
do you want to write? Political?


Adventure? Science fiction?

I'd like to tell stories
about feelings.

Love stories.

I prefer to call them feelings.

- When would the story take place?
- Today.

By the way,
Fran?ois told me you were feeling down,

because of a love affair gone sour.

So if you want to talk about it...

Well, I...

I'm sorry,
maybe you don't want to talk about it.

I understand.
Don't feel awkward.

No, don?t worry.
I don't want to bore you with that.

We've got a few days together.
It'll pass the time.

I love other people's love stories.

They're fascinating.

They remind you of the ones you had,
or didn't have.

It can?t possibly bore me.

I don't know where to start.

It was about a year ago.

I was going to wake you.
I'm leaving in 16 minutes.

I want things to be clear: I like you.

It's obvious
that I'm really attracted to you.

I'd be happy to see you again
if you'd like to.

Me too.

But, we can't have
a lasting, official relationship.

Really? Why not?

I don't think a lasting relationship
can be based on desire and pleasure.

Desire and pleasure don't last.

A lasting relationship
must be built on mutual interests,

the basis of a future family.

It has nothing to do
with pleasure.

And also, I'm already married.

You're married?

Don't worry, he won't show up.
He lives and works in Japan.

We see each other every six months.

We work for the same company.

As soon as a position like mine
opens up in Japan, I'll join him.

After two years in Japan,
we can ask for a job in the States.

We'll be transferred together
because I'll be pregnant.

We believe the States can provide
the best education for our children.

We want three.

I want to kiss you again.

Hold on, I'll set an alarm.

After I met Victoire...

The alarm is set.

...that?s when it all started.


I can't stay, I?ve got a job to finish.

No, stay! I'll help you.

No, I can't.
They?re down to the wire.

- Where are you going?
- To the best exhibition in Paris.

- The best in Paris!
- Her sister is taking us.

- Her sister? Do you know her?
- No, I've never met her.

- Here they are!
- I?m not staying.

Let me introduce Sandra, my sister.
Gaspard, Maxime.

- You two know each other?
- Of course! Super well!

That's crazy!

- You're Victoire's sister?
- Yes!

My father lived with her mother
for three years.

I told you I had a sister,
I showed you pictures!

Sorry, I can't stay. I've got work,
but it was nice meeting you.

See you around.

- ?Bye.
- Yes, maybe.

Let's go! This way.

I didn't think I'd ever see her again.

I really didn't think I'd see you again.
But I often think of you.

I thought
you'd forgotten me entirely.


I loved our meetings, our talks.

- You stopped calling.
- Are you serious?

It was always me who called you.

I got used to it. It's your fault.

Why did you stop calling me?

I thought it was better, because....

It was complicated,
and it was for my own good.

Are you saying I was toxic?

- No, but I was a bit hooked.
- Hooked?

You didn't realize it,
but I dreamed of being with you.

I did know that.

You did?
- Yes.

It made things awkward for me.

I could feel that you liked me, a lot,
as a good friend, but...

Sentimentally and physically,
you weren?t attracted to me.

I felt great with you.

But I wasn't attracted.

I couldn?t see myself going out with you.

Why was that?

Because everyone pictured us together.

My friends said
we'd make a great couple.

That put me off.

If I'd gone out with you,

it'd have felt like
others had decided for me.

If no one had said anything,
do you think we'd have had a chance?

I don't know. Maybe.

I don't like what everyone likes.

When everyone loves a book or a film,
I don't want to see it.

One day, things could have turned around.

- Turned around?
- Yes, I remember very well.

I was going for coffee at your place.

On the way, I suddenly felt
all the desire you felt for me

and I don't know why, I thought,

"Today, I'm going to give myself to him.
Just to see. You never know."

I was walking,

heading toward your place,

I'd made up my mind,
nothing could stop me.

Ten feet from your door,
I ran into a childhood friend,

right outside your building.

We started chatting
and she suggested a coffee.

I couldn't say no.

We had loads to talk about.
We hadn't seen each other for ages.

After a while,
we went our separate ways.

I headed toward your place again.

I was outside your door

and then,

I felt my resolve had weakened.

I wasn't sure anymore,
I started to wonder.

Since I didn't know what to think,
I wagered with myself.

A stupid wager.

I took my phone and thought,

"If he answers before the third ring,
I'll give myself to him.

"If he answers after that,
I'll make up an excuse."

You answered on the fourth ring.

I remember that day.

You said you'd be there at 2 p.m.
At 3:30, I hadn't heard from you.

I was waiting for you,
going around in circles like an idiot.

Out of pride, I wouldn?t call you
and show I was waiting.

I didn?t want to seem impatient
by picking up too soon.

- You were downstairs?
- Yes.

Sorry I made you wait. You understand
now that it wasn't what I wanted.

Sorry, I apologize. So sorry.

- How are you?
- Fine.

Isn't it beautiful!

Have you seen her since?

No, she said she'd call me,
but she still hasn't.

I stupidly wait for her to call,
knowing that she won't.

I won't call her and seem desperate.

- Is she with anyone?
- No.

I asked Victoire. She's single.

I don't care anyway.
It's history. I'm no longer interested.

Did she push your buttons like before?

No, luckily. That's behind me.

She's changed and I've changed.

That's a good thing.

Yes, it is.

It's just fine.

Yes, it's just fine.

How do you say
"monoamine oxidase inhibitors"

in German again?


Soon after that,
Victoire was transferred to Japan.


She didn't expect it so soon.

- Is it for me?
- Yes.

You shouldn't have.
I don't have anything.

But, I'm the one leaving, not you.

Open it.

It's for the novel
you dream of writing.

Thank you.

It's lighter than a laptop,
you can take it with you everywhere.

You won't forget me too soon.

I didn't need this to remember you.

I don't know.

I don?t want you to forget me entirely.

Are you alright?

It's normal to be sad.

It's just a little emotional stress,
don't worry.

Time will heal things.

In life, there are rainy days
and sunny days.

Right now, it's raining, but...

Let's not make a big deal out of it.

Nothing lasts. We'll just wait.

Victoire threw a cocktail party,

and Sandra was there.

I can't find any good dating apps.

If I had to invent one,
dates would be set by random

and not by compatibility.

Random? By pure chance?

It would be interesting!

A real romantic adventure,
meeting someone completely different.

What's wrong with being compatible?

It?s immoral.

Dating someone with your own interests
is self-interested.

Choosing someone because
he's handsome, likes cats and Mozart

is like building capital, not love.

- What about irresistible attraction?
- It's the same.

It's quenching a sensual thirst.
Lend me your body, I'll lend you mine.

Things were less hypocritical
with arranged marriages.

I fully agree.

What do you make of love?

I see it as more beautiful.

I see it as a gift,
a gift of self.

A surpassing of oneself.
A venture toward an Other.

Not just pursuing personal benefit.

- So feeling in love isn't love?
- Yeah!

Believing in it
is like believing in Santa Claus.

When you really believe in it,
it's great, I remember.

You've been in love?

Yes, of course.

Did you like it?

Yes, I was fooled
like with Santa Claus.

Saying you're in love sounds better
than saying you want someone.

It's packaging!

We'd never fall in love
if we hadn't heard love talked about.

We can't not hear about it.

It may be cultural,
but we can't avoid it.

Culture is like skin.

You can tan it, tattoo it, make it up,
but you can't take it off.

So we must resign ourselves
to leaving things as they are?

No criticism.
Let us act like puppets!

No, you don't understand me.

To change things, see them as they are,
not as you want them to be.

We disagree on how they are.
We can't get along.

Make an effort.

Who?ll make an effort first?
Not you, I don?t think.

- What makes you say that?
- A feeling.

Maybe your haughty airs
behind a fa?ade of modesty?

I bet you'd make an effort
out of deceit, just to prove me wrong.

Could you make an effort
to try to see how I perceive things?

Take the risk of losing yourself
to discover another person?

There's no risk with you.

- I know where I'm going.
- Presumptuous.

Just as it is
to say I am presumptuous.

I didn't see it coming.

I wasn't after anything.
It just happened.

Now I see
why you fantasized about her so much.

If you hadn't talked about her,

I wouldn't have
been interested in her.

She's not my type at all.

And the way she drove you mad
annoyed me.

I wanted to provoke her,
not seduce her.

It's funny, isn't it?

Don't you think?


As I was kissing her,
I even thought that it wasn't fair.

That you should have been kissing her.

It is ancient history for you,
isn't it?

Yes, it's behind me.
I told you, remember?

- So I shouldn?t feel guilty?
- No, that would be silly.

Afterwards, everything went very fast.

So fast.

- Your aunt lived here alone?
- Yes.

She didn't live in Paris,
she came occasionally.

- When are you moving in?
- In two weeks' time.

So? Will you tell him?

Maxime, Sandra and I have an offer.

You're the only person
we'd want to do this with.

Since we worked together at my place,
we could continue here?

Yes, that would be great. Thank you.

No, that's not all.

We'd like you to...

move in here!

With you?

Yes! With us! Who else?

Just us three. There's room.

It was Sandra's idea,
but I think it's great.

But, it would be awkward.

No rent, just help with the bills.
It'll be cheaper than your maid?s room.

I knew I should have said no.

It was a bad idea.

I knew all the reasons
that should have stopped me.

I'm going to bed.

Aren't you picking up?

I'm sorry.

Sorry to interrupt you. Forgive me.

Sorry, it's Fran?ois.


- Yes?
- Hello?

Have you arrived?

- Yes.
- How's Gilles?

Alright. I've just seen him.
He was more shaken than hurt.

He'll be out of commission
for a few days.

He?s got to rest.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

- Everything ok with Maxime?
- Yes, fine.

We've been sightseeing.
Want to say hi?


Hello, Fran?ois?

Hello, how are you?

I'm sorry I'm not there.
Did Daphn? explain?

Yes. She said you?d be back soon.
We're here.

I hope she's looking after you.
If not, she?s in trouble.

Yes, thanks.

And thanks for all the nice things
you said about me.

Don?t mention it.

- See you soon.
- Bye.

We don't see each other often.

When I last saw him,
I was so preoccupied

that I forgot to ask how you met.

It was rather unusual.

I'll tell you after your story.

Tell me a little.
So I won't feel I'm the only one talking.

- Are you really interested?
- If it's not too indiscreet.

It's when stories are indiscreet
that they get interesting.

It's up to you.

In all ages, man has looked
for something stronger than death.

He found gods, a host of gods,

who allowed him to extend his life
beyond his demise.

Man made another invention.

A fabulous invention,

that allowed him to be invincible
in another sense than death.

Man learned to forgive.

With forgiveness,

man had power over death.

Power over strokes of bad luck,

and in a sense,
power over tyranny and injustice.

I stopped here, like you told me to.

I followed your instructions, but if...

If you want to make changes
or don't like it,

I can stay and work this weekend.
It's not a problem.

No, it's very good.

Very, very good.


For the soundtrack,
I took the theme from the beginning

and since I used it again,
there's a variation.

Did you like it?

You did a fine job, Daphn?.

Thank you. I didn't do much,
I just followed your instructions.

Would you be ready to follow me again?

Follow you?


Well, yes.

It's a little delicate.

I wanted to ask you
to see a movie tonight.

Yes, fine. Okay.

It's not part of the job,
so if you had other plans...

No, I don't have plans tonight.
I'm totally free.

I'm afraid your boyfriend
won't like me taking you out.

I don't have a boyfriend.
I'm completely free.

I admired the man and his documentaries

long before working with him.

I didn't see
why he'd chosen me to edit his film.

He was famous enough to choose
a more known and seasoned editor.

I thought maybe something about me
had seduced him.

I wasn't sure.

- I knew you'd like this film.
- Really? Why?

I don't know.

Don't you sometimes feel things
you can't explain?


- You aren't sure?
- Yes, I agree with you.

You have to trust
your feelings sometimes.

Yield to them at the risk being wrong.

The first time I saw you,
I knew I could trust you. I saw in you...

The fact that you're so sensitive
to this film proves it.

My wife also loved this film.

- We discovered it together.
- Your wife?

- She died 3 years ago.
- Sorry, I didn't know.

- Don't worry, I hadn't mentioned her.
- No.

And so, you're single?


At work, I could sometimes feel
his gaze upon me.

It was terrible.

I would start to shake, get hot,

and be silly or clumsy.

I don't know if he noticed it.

Finally, he invited me out to dinner.
Just the two of us.

He said he had something to tell me.


Aren't we having a nice evening?


I'm very glad to have met you, Daphn?.

Me too. I didn't dare say so.

Since I enjoy

working with you,

I'd like you to edit my next film.

I didn't want

to mention it before I had
the funding. Now, I do.

We'll start shooting in three months.

Are you alright?


Can I do anything?

I'm fine, I promise.
I feel better now.

Take this cab.

I came by bike.

- You take it.
- I won't leave you. Take it.

- Pick your bike up later.
- Fresh air will do me good.

- Please don't worry about me.
- I'll feel like I abandoned you.

I'm fine, I promise.
I feel better.

What about my next film?
You didn't answer.

I'd be delighted.

- I can leave with peace of mind?
- Sure.

See you soon, Daphn?.

- Call me if you don't feel well.
- Bye.

Excuse me. Have you seen
a scarf on the ground by any chance?


I came here by cab earlier,
I went to a restaurant over there, and...

I can't find it.

I thought I might have dropped it
coming out of the cab.

I probably left it in the cab.

It's true that often
you put your scarf on your lap and...

It falls as you get out of the car.

So I thought
I?d take a look around here.

Never mind. Thank you.

Excuse me.

Sorry, I don't mean to...

bother you again, but...

I want to ask you something.
Nothing to do with the scarf.

I?ve never done this before.

As I walked away,

I don't know why,

it crossed my mind
to ask you for a drink.

I mean, with me.

I thought it was silly,
but then again...

It's even sillier not to ask you.

I still don't know why I accepted.

He wasn't my type. Not at all.

I don't know why
I slept with him either.

I could gaze at you for hours.

Maybe I needed comforting.
And he seemed kind.

I can't believe I'm here,
in this bedroom,

in front of you, whom I don't know,
but who I find so beautiful.

I'm pretty busy tomorrow,
but I'll try to find time.

When?s good for you?

I don?t think I can tomorrow.

How about the day after?

Or another day?

We should leave it at this.

- Did I do something wrong?
- No.

I won?t date a married man.

I shouldn't have said I was.

I wouldn't have slept with you

Why did you want
to sleep with me then?

Because you're married.

I thought
you wouldn't want to do it again.

- You thought I was a one-night stand.
- No.

I wouldn't put it like that.

I really want to see you again.

We can meet for a drink if you like.

But we won't sleep together.

Man is happy not to possess,
but to give.

Not to save up, but to spend.

Not to spare himself,
but to sacrifice himself.

The man who gave of himself
is mad with joy.

His joy is true
and much wiser than rational wisdom.

Is something wrong?

I was looking for a research assistant

for my next film.

- You gave me a friend's r?sum?.
- Right.

Florence Gastet.
We went to school together.

She'd be great. You should meet her.

I already have.
Didn't she tell you?

No. Did it go well?

I thought you knew.

It went very well.
We even got together again.

I wanted to thank you.

Thanks to you, I met a lovely person.

That's nice.

I feel ridiculous
telling you this, but...

I think I'm very much in love.

It hasn't happened to me for so long.
I feel like a kid.

I can't concentrate.
Please be indulgent with me.

She's with someone, you know?

I know.
Maybe that's why she didn't tell you.

Sorry, maybe I should have kept quiet.

Can we keep this between us?

- Can you play that part again?
- Of course.

Man is happy not to possess,
but to give.

Not to save up, but to spend.

Not to spare himself,
but to sacrifice himself.

Later that day,

I was meeting Fran?ois for coffee.

He was so kind to me

that I couldn't refuse
what he longed for.


I can't stop saying your name
in my head since I met you.

It plays in a loop in my head.

I can't think of anything else.

- I'm sorry, but...
- Don't be sorry!

I wanted to tell you...

You're the most beautiful thing
that has happened to me since...

I can't remember when.

I've forgotten everything
since I met you.

As if all my past experiences
had been erased.

- I love you.
- You can't say that.

You don't even know me.

You don't fall in love like that.

I'm not in love with you.
I don't feel the same.

It makes me uncomfortable.

I think you're very nice,
I like being with you, but...

You should know
I?m in love with someone else.

Why didn't you tell me when we met?

I told you I was married.

Because I'm not with him.

Why not?

It's complicated.
I really don't want to talk about it.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me, I...

Sorry, I didn't want to make you cry.

If you want to sleep with me,
stop saying you love me.


- Kiss me.
- Alright.

I'm sorry!
Maybe this is awkward for you.

What would Fran?ois think
if he knew I was telling you all this?

- You know his ex-wife!
- Not really. She was just a relative.

We're not especially close.

If your story's too personal,
what should I think about mine?

You're right. We're even.

You stopped

at living with your friend and Sandra.

I don't think I could have done that.

Didn't you feel you should have been
in your friend's shoes sometimes?

Yes. The cruel thing was,
we told each other everything.

even things you don't share.

Friends sometimes share
very personal things.

He told me about their sex life.
What she liked, what she didn't.

That kind of thing.

It?s wild how much I knew about her.

But you couldn't express how you felt.

No. And I didn't really know what I felt.

You were in love with her, obviously.

it wouldn't have been as cruel.

Everything would have been simpler.

Sorry. I'm interpreting,
and telling you what you felt.

Sorry. I?ll stop.

What's going on?

I have no desire to share
that room with you.

I'd rather sleep on the street!

Sandra and Gaspard
argued more and more.

- Mind if I set up in here?
- No.

Just because I sighed!
It's insane!

You?re inconsiderate!
I mean nothing to you!

I sighed because I'm tired.

Fine, go ahead. Sigh!

Give in to your moods!
But don't expect me to stay by your side.

It's not the first time.
Enough is enough!

So, I can't be myself?

I can't express what I feel
or be authentic?

If authentic means sighing
when someone speaks, great!

A giant step for mankind!

The situation
was getting worse every day.

Gaspard spilled his guts.

He couldn't stand her anymore.

- What?ll you do?
- I don't know.

I'll take a teaching job
out of town four times a week.

That'll give me some space.

With Gaspard away,

Sandra and I had started to live
almost as a couple.

Don't be like that!

And, what was bound to happen

Well, I don't know
if it was bound to happen.

But it did.

You alright?

Sorry, did I wake you up?

No, I didn't hear you.
I was thirsty, too.


Want some more?

Yes, please.

I'd fantasized about her for so long,

imagining our first time,

that my caresses didn?t come naturally.

I could see my every move.

I made sure I did what Gaspard
told me she liked.

I thought of Gaspard,

how I would behave with him
in the future.

My thoughts were so dominant
that I couldn't let myself go.

However, out of courtesy, in a way,

I showed Sandra all the pleasure
I was supposed to feel.

Probably to prove it
to myself as well.

And even if the texture of her skin

or the way she kissed
weren't quite what I had dreamed of,

I didn?t allow myself to be disappointed

and strove to love her as she was.

The betrayal I was committing
could not be in vain.

Everything between us
had to be compelling.

Are you thinking of him?

You know,

both my grandmothers have passed away.

One of them was very serious.

She was faithful all her life.

She'd only known my grandfather.

She had only one tiny affair,

hardly even a flirt.

She had such a guilty conscience

that my grandfather grew suspicious.

When he confronted her,
she felt so guilty

that she admitted feelings
for that man

and swore never to go near him again.

All his life, my grandfather
thought his wife had cheated on him.

And yet, they lived side by side,

always together.

My other grandmother

was never faithful.

Not even to her lovers.

The whole family knew
and laughed about it.

Especially my grandfather.

She never hid it.

But everyone knew
they loved each other.

It was obvious when you saw them.

That's why
we mustn't get carried away.

We mustn?t make things serious
when they aren't.

What's wrong
with two bodies getting along,

enjoying each other's company?

I understand, but I disagree.

For me, love is serious.

And because it's serious,

it's priceless and beautiful.

Pleasure is something else.

Maybe the first grandmother
actually experienced

a truer form of love.

A deeper one.

But love brings pleasure.

Maybe, but...

doesn't necessarily bring love.

I agree, but there was no point
in contradicting Sandra.

This could not be love.

She was afraid of love.

Love means commitment.

That's why I'd be unable
to cheat on the person I love,

or have several relationships at once.

You went out with Fran?ois

when you were in love
with that director.


I went out with Fran?ois
to be nice to him.

It had nothing to do with love.

I was trying
to get David off my mind.

I saw Fran?ois
more and more regularly.

I let myself be carried away by
his energy, his desire to be with me.

I made no plans,
I didn't think about it.

Whether or not our relation continued
didn't matter.

I was just going with the flow.

In fact, I remember,
I didn't really react

when Fran?ois said he was going away
with his wife for two weeks.

I would have cancelled
if I?d met you before.

Ireland is great.

I went two years ago.
I loved it!

I might even have a guide book.

But not seeing you for two weeks
will feel like forever.

Time flies when you travel, you know.

My friend kept the guide book.

Never mind.

Kilkenny is the name of the town.

You'll love it.
I'll write it down.

It's Muriel. This'll take an hour.

Have a good trip!

Hello? Yes!

Yes. How are you?

Did it go well?

That's great.

I'm so pleased!


after a few days,

his absence felt endless.

It wasn't easy to buy
and bring back without my wife noticing.

It's a good luck charm for lovers.

You have to look at it,
like this, in the eyes

every morning and say...

I can't remember
what you're supposed to say.

Never mind,
we'll come up with something.


Are you alright?

I missed you.

Me too. I missed you, too.

Yes, but I didn't want to.

What didn't you want?

I didn't want to miss you.

I'm here.

I don't want this to happen again.
I don't want this. We must end it.


Because it?s getting too serious.

I don't want to hope
for something that's impossible.

It's not impossible.

Yes, it is.

Look, I couldn?t stand
you leaving your wife because of me.

That's out of the question.

I can't take that responsibility.

I can't see a future with you
without thinking of her,

without feeling for her
and being ashamed of myself.

You?ve spent a life together,
you have a family,

you have a child.

You loved her before you met me.

The two of us were just having fun.
Nothing more.

I don't want to fall in love.
We must end this.

Do you think we can end it
just like that?


We have to.

It's a question of reason and willpower.

It will be painful at first,
but it will pass.

Everything passes in time.

We're adults.

We must behave
like responsible people.

Think of your wife.

You and I, we had fun.
It was nice, but it's over.

Over for good.

Hi, Dad!

What are you doing here?

We didn't have enough books in our pad,
so I came to get some.

- You're off already?
- Yes.

- Hello, Claire.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- How's rooming with L?a?
- Great.

Not having too many fits?

With no parents around, there?s no need!

- I'd like to see that.
- Impossible, by definition.

Of course.

- Is your mother home?
- She's upstairs.

See you, Dad.

Bye, Mom!

- Don?t forget the meeting on Saturday!
- Yes.

For real.

Are you alright?

I've just got a headache.

- Take an aspirin.
- That's what I'm doing.

Maybe take two.

One should do.

I think you should take two.

It's not that painful.

Yes, but it might get worse.

How so?

I need to talk to you.

I don't understand.

I haven't said anything yet.

What's going on?

Is something wrong?

- I'm so afraid of hurting you.
- Why would you hurt me?

I can't go on like this.
Sorry, it's too much, I can't do it.

What are you talking about?

Fran?ois, I've met someone.

What do you mean by
"I've met someone"?

I met a man
and I'm in love with him.

I didn't know how else to tell you.

I've been trying to talk to you
for months.

I was afraid how you?d take it.


It was just flirting at first.

I didn't think anything of it.
It was like a game,

a secret thrill
that had nothing to do with us.

He couldn?t hold a candle to you.

I felt strong. I was convinced
that nothing could harm my love for you.

But today, I see no other solution...

I'm sorry, my darling, sorry, my love.

What did you say?


What could I say?

You could have told her about us.

I thought about it.

I didn't know
where our relationship was at.

You wanted to end it

because of my wife.

I didn't know if we were still together

or not.

It's unfair.

She was so brave
to tell you everything.

Now, she must be feeling guilty
about hurting you.

Do you realize
she's feeling bad for no reason?

If I tell her about us,

I might hurt her.

I don't know how she'll take it.
Maybe very badly.

She might react unpredictably
due to the mimetic theory.

What's the mimetic theory?

I edited a documentary about it.

Basically, it's about desiring
the other person's desire.

Desiring the other person's desire?

What does that mean?

It means you desire not only
someone or something,

but that you desire having
the same desire as the other person.

For example,

if your wife learns that I desire you,
it might make her desire you again.

You are a desired object.
Therefore you are desirable.

Or, as your wife
is desired by another man,

it might make her
desirable to you again.

A few months later,
we were invited by his ex-wife

to her and her partner's house.

They had moved to the country,
an hour outside of Paris.

Thank you.

We would tell her
that we'd met recently

and appear happy
so she wouldn't feel guilty anymore.

Is this your sister?

No, my mother.

Doesn?t she look young?

Very young.

I'm really glad to meet you.

So am I.

I'm delighted to meet you.

I'm sorry. I insisted to Fran?ois
that we have this lunch.

I found it important symbolically
that we all meet.

I hope it's not awkward for you.

On the contrary.
It's a great idea.

- Do you work in Paris?
- Yes.

It's a bit far, but living
in the country has many charms.

Louise dreamed of it. So did I.
We took the risk.

To be honest,
I'm thrilled that Fran?ois met you.

I felt so guilty about leaving him.

I was worried about him.
He seems happy with you.

Thank you.

Don't thank me.
It makes me uncomfortable.

I was delighted by Louise's kindness.

I think the lunch
made all of us feel much better.

As we left,
I even suggested meeting again.

But the opportunity hasn?t come up.

- See you soon.
- I hope so.

Love affairs are usually
strewn with obstacles and incidents.

Mine isn't.

Everything unfolds like in a dream,
with no drama.

So easily.

It's not very interesting.

- Are you disappointed?
- Not at all.

It has its twists and turns.

It's unfair.

I feel ashamed to be so lucky.

I don't know how your story ends,
but not happily, I know.

- Don't you want to?
- I do. Very much.

- What's wrong?
- You're with someone. I can't.

- Not even one kiss?
- Not one kiss. Out of principle.

- What if I were single?
- We?d be kissing.

I'm sorry.
I hope you won't hold it against me.

So what?s next?

I don't know.
I'm asking for your advice.

Would you consider
leaving Sandra for her?

No, but I'm soul-searching.

- You like the girl that much?
- Yes.

If I cheat on Sandra,
I cheat on her, too. It's inextricable.

If I forget her, I feel resigned.

It's not right to stay with Sandra
out of resignation, is it?


- Yes or no?
- Yes to what you said.

What did I say?

No to resignation.

- What do you think?
- Yes, I mean no...

- You understand.
- No.

- I agree with what you want.
- I don't know what I want.

Well, I do, but I don't...

Could you live in resignation?

Sandra, on the other hand,
had no trouble living a double life.

As for me, I was tormented
by my thoughts and desires.

I didn?t dare wish for
what I forbade myself from wanting.

- Take your Tolstoy!
- Ouch!

- Take your Derrida!
- Stop!

Your Sartre! Your Balzac!

Your Gide and Stendhal!

- Your Racine and Proust!
- Stop it! I don't get it!

Why talk about that girl?

Why do you need to talk about her,
unless it?s to hurt me?

You told me to tell you the truth.

Will you ever smarten up?

When I ask for the truth,
it's a figure of speech.

I'm lost because you're leaving me.

If you had any delicacy,

you'd know not to tell the truth
when I ask for it!

You?d make something up
to soften the blow.

Shall we go to bed?


I didn't insist
on sleeping with her that night.

In fact, I didn't know
what to do or say to her.



We were lovers,
but we never discussed our feelings.

I didn't even know
if she had any for me.

Have you seen my phone?

Yes. It's over here.

Sandra, I wanted to tell you...

I love you.

I don't know why I told her that.

It just happened.

Over the following days,
I didn't see her much.

She came home late, saw friends.

She needed a change of scenery.

She said the flat
reminded her of too many things.

She even went to the countryside
for a few days

without asking me to come with her.

As days went by, embracing her,

holding her tight and kissing her

seemed less and less possible.

I'm off.

The cab?s outside.

Have a good break.


See you Wednesday.

She kissed me.

Why did she kiss me?

I almost asked her what she felt,

but it didn't feel
like the right time.

- What's that?
- Claire gave it to me.

She was happy I took it.

Is it going well?

Yes, very.

Hey, see you later at Theo's?

He's a friend of Claire's from school.

What about you?
How's it going with Sandra?

Fine. We don't keep the same hours.
I hardly see her.

I suppose you're going to move out?

I need to start thinking about it.

I'm sorry I got you into this mess.

It's not that bad.

If you fell in love with each other,
it would sort things out.

You liked her a lot
before I went out with her.

You fantasized about her, remember?

It's behind me. I told you.

Don't you like her anymore?

It?s not that.
I don't look at her that way.

You could try your luck.
You might feel attracted to her again.

I'd feel uneasy with you.

I was joking.

I know.

How would you react if one day
you found out we were together?

I don't know. I'd rather not know.


Because I wonder
if I haven't made a mistake.

What would you think
if I got back together with Sandra?

I don't know.

I don't have an opinion.
Do you want to get back together?

I think so, yes.

Do you think she does too?

I didn't dare tell you,

but we're already sort of back together.

What do you mean?

I broke down a while ago. I called her.

We met up, we slept together.
Now we see each other regularly.

I don't know if it's because
I see her in secret, in hotels,

or because we don't have
our old routine, but it's amazing.

Being with her is so great.

We even went to the country
for a few days. We never did that before.

It was fantastic!

- Does Claire know you?re seeing Sandra?
- Of course not.

I do my best to be decent with her.

What do you mean?

I try to satisfy her moral demands.

She wants me to be faithful,
so I hide my relationship as best I can.

- Does Sandra know about Claire?
- Yes. She doesn't mind.

She's flattered to be my mistress,
to feel she's the favorite.

Sandra knows we share everything.

She asked me
not to tell you about this.

I think she's uncomfortable.
Act like you didn't know.

Could I reasonably
hold it against Sandra or Gaspard

as we had cheated on him for months?

When times are tough,
our mind seeks to assign blame.

But in order to assign blame,
we need clear rules.

But, what are the rules of love?

Is that you?

I'm going out.

I'm going to the movies with a friend.


I've thought it over.

I'm going to move out.

Yes, alright.

I understand.

I long thought I needed
a major heartbreak in order to write.

So I moved out
and shut myself away to write, but...

Nothing came to me.
It was just another humiliation.

After moving out,

I never heard from Sandra or Gaspard.

I haven't heard from them since.

It's as if I no longer existed for them.

Are you unhappy
because you lost a friend

or because
you're still in love with Sandra?

I'm not sure I loved Sandra.

I desired her, that's for sure.
But it?s harder to tell if I loved her.

Sometimes, I feel that I loved her
and sometimes that I never did.

I don't know what we had.

We didn't speak much.

If I was sure I loved her,
it would be easier.

I'd have a reason to be unhappy.

What really hurts me
is this feeling of shame I have.

By giving in to my attraction for her,

I betrayed a friend
and humiliated myself.

Lots of books and films

show us that we?re powerless
in the face of desire.

It's human not to resist.

No, it's not human. That's just it.
Being human means resisting.

Books and films
also show people who can resist.

I never want to go through
something like that again.

Never again.

I'm going to bed.


Sorry to bother you again,

but I think
you take it all on yourself.

It's also Sandra's fault.

I let her see my desire.

That's what triggered hers.

You can't be blamed for showing desire.

In some situations, you can.

It doesn't mean you'll act on it.

It can be a trigger, a spark.

A world in which you hide the pleasure
someone gives you is just sad.

You can show your desire
without acting on it,

even when you're with someone else.

What matters is how you show it.

It's a look that says,
"Yes, I want you.

"Yes, you want me.

"We can't act on that desire
because we are taken.

"But it doesn't matter.

"I'm happy that our paths crossed."



There?s a wine tasting later
if you want to come back.

Thank you,
but we're just passing through.

You can taste something now,
if you?d like.

I'd love to,
but I don't drink, I'm pregnant.

Congratulations to you both!

No, I'm not...

But the gentleman can have a drink.

- Can I tempt you?
- No, thanks.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- Don't hold back for my sake.
- No!

Thanks. Goodbye.

- Goodbye, thank you.
- Have a nice day.

No! I can't believe it!

Is it really you?

It's unbelievable. This can't be true!
I must be hallucinating!

- Is it you, Maxime?
- What are you doing here?

Japan is over. I got divorced.

It's a long story.

I'm vacationing at my mother's.
I've been coming here for years.

I'm so happy to see you.

- Sorry! Hello, I'm Victoire.
- Daphn?.


Do you want to come
for dinner tonight?

We don't want to put you out.

Not at all!
My mother's going out, I'm on my own.

It'd make me really happy, say yes!

Hi there!

Funny meeting you here.

Hi. Yeah.

How are you?

Fine, thank you. And you?

Very well. I'm here
with some colleagues on a worksite.

Go ahead! I'll catch up.

How's Louise?

Is something wrong?

I'm going to pick up the children.

This is Fran?ois.

Fran?ois is an old friend from...

- It's been ages.
- Nice to meet you.

Don't forget the Maillards.

- And call Mrs. Lambours.
- Sure, don't worry.

I didn't want to talk about Louise
in front of that woman,

because that woman

is my wife.

My real wife, I mean.
We've been married for years.

It's not what you think.

I can explain if you like.


I'm a friend of a friend
of your ex-wife.

That friend, Bianca,
introduced me to Louise.

We just exchanged a few words.

I was very busy.

One month later,
Bianca came to see me.

Do you remember Louise?
We met at the park with your kids.

Yes, I remember.

She seemed to be...

very friendly.

She enjoyed meeting you, too.

- Really?
- Yes, really.

That's nice.

I've got a favor to ask you.

- It's not for me, but for her.
- For her?

It's a bit of a special request.
I'll understand if you refuse.

If you agreed, it'd be great.


What can I do?

Could you act as her partner
for a few hours?

Just pretend you?re together
and very much in love.

It's for a lunch with her ex-husband,
but don't ask me questions.

If you don't want to,
I'll ask someone else.

I came up with an excuse for my wife
and got away for the day.

We were to meet before lunch
to hone certain details.


- Thanks for coming.
- You're welcome.

- I know you have a family.
- It's fine. No worries.

- Did you get the file I sent you?
- Yes. I even printed it out.

I've done my homework.
Rest assured.

- What's my favorite dessert?
- You don't like dessert.

- My date of birth?
- May 29, like Louise Michel.

That's why your mother
called you Louise.

- Our last vacation?
- Venice.

For a week, with five days of rain.

I brought a few things,
like you asked me.

I brought some pictures,
I thought maybe...


- Your mother?
- Yes.

- She's beautiful.
- Thanks.

I'll put them over here.

We'll have to...

if you don't mind,
show them that we're close.

See what I mean?

Don't be afraid.

Take it like a game, a performance.

No gesture will be improper.

The more ardor you show,
the more grateful I'll be.

Thank you.

I tried a new recipe.
We'll say you made it.

Here are logs for the fire.

You could put on
a radio station that you like.

They're here. Are you alright?

Are you all set?

Kiss me.

Right now?

Yes, let's get it over with.

Come on, let's go and greet them.


Thank you.

I have very fond memories of that lunch.

My apprehension soon disappeared.

The script came off like a breeze.
Everything was simple.

I became one with my character,

as if by being someone else,

I was truly myself.

When you left us,

I suddenly went back
to being who I used to be.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

- It wasn't too difficult?
- No, it was fine.

- I hope I did well?
- It was exactly what I needed.

Thanks, but I'll take care of it.
You've done enough.

- Aren't you in a hurry?
- No. I'm happy to help.

I was curious
about why she had wanted to do that.

But I didn't dare ask.

Your meal was delicious.

Thank you.


Thanks again for everything.

If you ever need me,
let me know.

Thank you.

For a long time,
I hoped she would call me back.

But I never heard from her.

Not a day goes by
without me thinking of that day.

I?d almost stopped thinking about it

and here you are.

Here are the car keys.

I'm a little tired.
I don't feel like coming.

We won't be back late.
She's a great person.

- You'll get along.
- She seems nice.

You'll have loads to talk about.

I won't tell her
what happened with Sandra. I can't.

She'll tell you why she got divorced.

Maybe it?s because of you.

Maybe you made her feel so good

that she felt empty
when she went back to her husband.


It's none of my business.
It's your reunion tonight.

I need to get some rest.

Have a good evening.


You too.

Hey, how are you?

Fine. I'm at home.

Is dinner over?

I had dinner alone.

Your cousin's with an ex
who's charming and divorced.

He's in good hands. How about you?

I'm fine.

I'm happy for my cousin,

but I feel guilty
about you being all alone and abandoned.

It's okay. I need the rest.

Did you have a good day?

- Hello?
- Yes.

Did you have a good day?

Yes, it was okay, I mean...

Nothing special.

I don't miss you.

Me neither.

Even less when I hear your voice.

It's time we hung up then.

I'll try not to dream of you.



- How are you?
- Fine, and you?

I hope you didn't need the car
this morning. I spent the night.

Yes, I noticed.
Did you get back together?

No, I had a few drinks
so it was best to stay there.


- I promise you nothing happened!
- Do you expect me to believe that?

I'd tell you.
At this point, I've got nothing to hide.

- Nothing happened?
- Nothing, I swear.

- Aren't you disappointed?
- No.

I wasn't hoping for anything.

Besides, nothing could happen.
She's three months pregnant like you.

- By her ex-husband?
- Yes.

If she hadn't been pregnant,
would anything have happened?

Why do you want anything
to go on between us?

I was never in love with her.
We got along, that's all.


Are we still going exploring?

Good morning!

I brought you some coffee.

You're packing?

I'm going to leave.


Wait until Fran?ois comes back.

It'll be weird
if you leave before he gets back.

He'll be home
tomorrow or the day after.

I know, but...

I don't know what to do.

I don't want to leave.

I should leave, though.


This is for you.

What is it?

A book of poems.
It was my grandmother's.

- I can't.
- I'd like you to have it.

We hardly know each other.

I take it with me everywhere I go
and I'm scared of losing it.

I won't be afraid
of losing it anymore.

What better company
than a future novelist?

I don't know
if I'll ever be a novelist.

It might help you.


It will help me.

Thank you.

Did you hear that?


Stay asleep.

I just wanted to look at you.

I was too impatient to see you.

I'm going to get up.

Do you want some coffee?

There you are!

It's great to see you.

How are you?
Finally, we meet again!

You'll be disappointed, I'm leaving.

I just got here and you're leaving!
What a shame.

You'd better have a good excuse
or I won't let you go.

But be warned:

The only good excuse

is a girl.

Daphn? told me
you'd run into a close friend.

Try to stay until this evening,
so we can spend the day together.

Are you sure you don't want to come?


I'm tired.

You two go ahead.

- Spend time together.
- You're right.

You've had him all to yourself.
It's my turn now.

Afterwards, I'll have you all to myself.

Are you okay? You look out of sorts.

No, I'm fine, I promise.

You know, pregnant women and hormones.
I'm not really in control.

Look after yourself.

Get some rest.

I'm glad you're feeling better
and bumped into that girl.

You know...

- What?
- Nothing, sorry.

Tell me. You?re acting strange.
What's wrong?

I don't know if I should tell you.

Do you mind if I confide in you?

I really need to talk about it.

I had a strange encounter in Paris.

Did I tell you that Louise
had moved in with someone?

It wasn't true. It was all an act.

Fran?ois, what are you doing here?

I wanted to see you.

You should have called.

I was afraid you wouldn't answer.

Is everything okay?
Nothing serious?

Louise, I know everything.

Thank you.

It was in October,
a few days before your birthday.

I didn't know what to get you.

Bianca said she'd come along
and help me find something.

I left work early.

Bianca said she knew a nice shop
near the Saint George metro.

We took my car.

We drove around
looking for a parking place.

Finally, we found one.

It can't be serious.
It's probably just a fling.

Almost all men have them.

To see if the grass is greener
on the other side, and realize it?s not.

Don't make a scene

or rebuke him for it.
It'll backfire.

I made that mistake with Jeremy.
I was so angry, so furious.

It made me ugly,
and so nasty that he decided to leave.

Don't make the same mistake.

I decided to listen to Bianca.

To be patient, to grin and bear it.

To wait for it to be over.

And to look after my appearance.

Aren't you in bed?

I'm sorry,
the meeting went on for ages.

I was listening to music.
Do you want a drink?

No, thank you.

- Do you want something to eat?
- I'm bushed. I'm going to bed.

Are you sure you don't want a drink?

No, thanks, I'm so tired.



I thought
my patience would be rewarded.

I fortified myself by thinking

that time would show you
your love for me was deeper,


I didn't want to be jealous.

Being jealous was unbearable.

I didn't want
to think about the other woman.

I didn't want to think at all.

At night,

you slept so soundly.

But I could no longer get to sleep.

I became sleepless.

I wanted to cry
but I managed to hold it back.

Except one night
when I couldn?t anymore.

That night,

you'd come home very late.

You said
you'd been out of town that day.

As soon as you got home,
you fell asleep.


I realized that sleeping with me
after seeing her

had become a habit.

Over time, you no longer bothered
to wash away her smell.

I had to accept
the scent of her in my bed.

All my efforts, all my patience,

everything seemed pointless.

I couldn't spend another minute
lying by your side.

A kind of frozen mist
fell over my thoughts.

I cried for at least two hours.

Everything I had bottled up came out.

You didn't hear a thing.

Not a thing.

Then suddenly,

something odd happened.

Something odd?

I felt at peace with myself.

My whole body and mind
were infused with a kind of presence.

A gentle, warm
and extremely comforting presence.

I felt a kind of intense serenity.

A feeling of infinity,
but a very warm one.

I don't understand.

What made you feel that?

An idea.

A wonderful idea.

An idea that saved my life.

The idea wasn't really mine.

It was in a documentary
you'd brought home

about a philosopher
whose name I've forgotten.

I couldn't focus on the film.

You were on your phone,
answering text messages.

I imagined with whom.

I tried to look contented.

At one point, you got up.

I'm going to get another drink.

I was alone

in front of the film
I was pretending to watch when,

I don't know why,

suddenly it caught my attention.

Man thinks he loves,
but rarely does he love.

He is mistaken.
He thinks possession and jealousy

are signs of love.

But one doesn't seek revenge for love,
one doesn't kill for love.

True love is only interested
in the other's happiness.

It isn't concerned about possession.
It possesses nothing.

Isn't it funny

how a few words strung together

can change things within us.

- Won't you watch the end?
- I'm tired.

- Goodnight, darling.
- Goodnight, love.

Those words freed me.

They came back to me suddenly.

I felt I had a choice,
I wasn't doomed to suffer passively.

I could choose the way I loved you.

Everything could change,
depending on what I decided.

I could decide to love you
with the love of ownership

and make you pay
for letting someone enter our property.

Or I could love you for who you are,
with a selfless love.

I took a few days to think about it,

but deep down, I'd made my decision.

By deciding to love you selflessly,

my wounded pride
could heal with a noble gesture,

one that allowed me
to hold my head high.

I opted for your happiness.

To do that, I had to leave you
while sparing you any feeling of guilt.

I would tell you
I was leaving you for someone else.

Don?t worry,

I wasn't completely perfect
in my kindness.

I'd made up my mind.

But I decided to wait a little
before saying I was leaving.

I wanted to have you all to myself.

One last time.

I knew you wouldn't dare refuse

so as not to arouse suspicion.

I remember very well.

It was a very powerful moment.

We'd never made love like that.

It was so good.

It left me very confused.

For a few days,

nothing was clear anymore.

Thank you.

I don't know how to thank you.

Don't thank me.

What I did for you was actually for me.

What you think is selfless
isn't all that selfless.

Have you been alone ever since?

Let's say I haven't been
looking for company. Not yet.

Are you leaving?

I have a job, you know.

- What time is it?
- 7:15. I'm late.

There's hot coffee downstairs.

I don't know what to say.

Don't say anything.

Shut the door tight when you go.

And she just left?


Abruptly, just like that.

As if nothing had happened.

It's impossible to know
what she really felt.

I don't know
if I should tell Daphn? or not.

Should I keep it from her?

I tell her everything.

She always said she couldn't bear it
if I left Louise for her.

She'd feel too guilty.

If I tell her everything now,

I'm afraid it might upset her.
Now's not the right time.

She needs to be taken care of now.

If I tell her,

all of Louise's efforts to spare us
will be destroyed.

Sorry, I hope I'm not...

making you uneasy.

No, don't worry about it.

Shall we head back?

- Fran?ois?
- Yes?

I have a question that might seem nosy.


With all that?s happened,
how do you feel about Louise now?

I'd be a liar if I didn't admit

that for a moment
I felt very much in love with her.

She was so beautiful.

It shed meaning on our whole past.

I realized I was lucky to have met

and lived with a woman like her.

I also realized

that I'd never deserved her.

Or the chance that life
had granted me.

But there isn't one right path,
there are several.

You can't take them all at once.

And you can't look back, life goes on.

When you're on one path,

maybe you should follow it
and not look back too much.

Don?t you think?

There's no doubt about it:

I love Daphn?.

We're going to have a child.

It's wonderful.

It really is wonderful.

Have a good trip back.

Stay longer next time.

Thanks for everything.

Don't forget your bag.

Have a good trip.



I forgot to return some money
to Maxime. I'll be right back.