The Thing on the Doorstep (2014) - full transcript

A psychological horror film based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft. Daniel Upton's relationship with his friend Edward Derby is abruptly changed after Edward becomes romantically involved with Asenath Waite, a hypnotist with an odd reputation. As Edward's behavior becomes more erratic and events unexplainable, Daniel investigates. Is it madness...or something far more terrifying?

(pleasant music)

(gunshots booming)

(ominous music)

- [Man Voiceover] It is true
that I have sent six bullets

through the head of my best friend.

(fire rumbling)

And yet, I hope to show by this statement

that I am not his murderer.

(menacing music)

(eerie violin music)

(dramatic music)

(typewriter clicking)

If I were to tell you

just when I knew that a
friendship with Edward Derby

was going to be exhausting,

I would say it was within
moments of our first meeting.

I was a college intern at his
father's architectural firm

and Edward immediately took
me into his confidences,

making me his first and only friend,

his personal chauffeur
and the keeper of secrets

from his "smothering, indulgent mother"

and "grim, unsympathetic father."

His words.

Not mine.

(dramatic music)

So I was hardly surprised
the day he came to me

with what would be an odd
request from your average person.

But this was Edward.

So it involved "the practical
applications of magic."

His words, not mine.

And, therefore, his father
could never find out.

And as usual,

it began with a knock on the door.

Edward's knock.


- [Edward] Dan, I need your help.

- What's the matter?

- I'm being blackmailed.


No, I'm serious, I need
your help desperately.

- The only thing you need desperately

is to have your head examined.

I can recommend somebody
to help you with that.

- [Edward] Come on.

Do you really wanna know?

- No, I don't.

Actual blackmail, huh?

- Yeah, it's like they're
stealing my milk money

all over again.

- Can't you just ignore it?

- Trust me, Dan, if it's
anything like the second grade,

I know how these things work.

Pay it and they run away.

Run away,

they chase you.

- Is there a reason these things

always seem to happen to you?

- I don't know.

So what do you say?

A thousand?

You know I'm good for it.

- A thousand dollars?

I don't know, Edward.

- Come on, Dan, he'll disown me.

- He will not.

- He'll cut off my allowance.

I'll be penniless.

- You could always get a job.

- Out of the question.

Dan, this is a grave matter.

- Is this what Europe does to a person?

Six months ago, I didn't think
you would pulled through.

- You're talking about
my psychological melting.

- It's called grief, Edward.

- I was incapacitated with lamentation.


Semantics and rhetoric, Daniel.

I lost my mother.

Nothing poetic about it.

- Hardly.

- My whole life,

my only avenue to freedom was

my machination.

I'm not a strange child with a
secretive inner life anymore.

I'm an enormously
educated, dangerous adult.

You're not writing this down, are you?

- I'm writing you a check.

- [Edward] For what?

- For your blackmailer.

Because I realize if I don't do it now,

I may have to support you
for the rest of your life.

Because I love you.

So let's leave it at that, okay?

- Thanks.

You know I'd do anything for you.

- Likewise.

- Oh, there's one other thing.

There's a meeting of the intelligentsia

at Miskatonic tonight.

I need a lift home.

- Fine.

Now get out of here.

Some of us have work.

- Thanks, I'll call you later

and I'll pay you back, I promise.

- [Dan] You better.

- Hi, Marion.

Good luck with that growth.

- Hi, Edward.

(Dan snickering)

Bye, Edward.

What was that about?

- He needs a ride home later tonight.

I said I'd take him.

- What happened to his chauffeur?

- I didn't ask.

- When's he gonna learn how to drive?

- [Dan] Believe me,
I've tried to teach him.

Edward's mind wanders too much to drive.

- How convenient.

I'd be happy to work
with him if he decided

to be anything other
than a perennial child.

- [Dan] I'll let him know.

- If you need me, I'll be
out back having a smoke.

- Marion, you said you were gonna stop.

- Just kidding.

- [Dan Voiceover] I'm not in the habit

of being dishonest with my wife.

But where Edward was
concerned, I learned long ago

that less information meant
less aggravation from Marion.

It drove her crazy that Edward

never seems to learn from his mistakes.

Case in point,

the blackmailer hadn't
even received his payment.

- [Woman] He's realizing.

- [Dan Voiceover] And
Edward was back carousing

with the Miskatonic set.

- What is inevitable.

- Hey.

I was wondering.

(dramatic music)

I had an idea.

I need to go over to do
a little research project

and I could sure use the company.



Let me introduce you
to one of my students.

- Hi.

- It's a pleasure.

- Nice to meet you.

- Where's the wife, Harold?

- Cheryl's at home,
Dan, thanks for asking.

Daniel, here, is surely
someone who can get you

a signed copy of Edward's book.

- What book?

He wrote another book?

- No.

No, I'm talking about "Azathoth."

- That was 20 years ago.

- Yeah but I heard it was really good.

- It was better than good.

- It was a phenomenon.

He was only 17.

He was a one hit wonder
of nightmare lyricism.

Too bad.

- And nine is the first time you know.

- [Dan] Who's the hypnotist?

- [Student] That's Asenath Waite.

She's one of the Innsmouth Waites.

- Excuse me?

- Strange element there.

- No quite human.

- Been studying with
Professor Gilman too much.

- [Asenath] It's when you first
started to ask the question.

- Well,

Asenath's situation is
a bit more authentic.

Waites lived in the decaying
mansion on Washington Street.

- It's creepy.

We been there.

All the windows were boarded up.

- Is this what they're teaching you here?

- Very funny, Dan.

Now the old man,


was known to have been
a prodigious student

of the black arts in his day.

Before he died,

he had been searching for a
young man to study with him.

She looks fiendishly like him sometimes.

(ominous music)

(Asenath coughing)

- Strange things happen
when Asenath comes around.

(fire crackling)

(Asenath crying)

(eerie music)

- [Dan Voiceover] I saw
that look on Edward's face.

- Was your friend all right in there?

- [Edward] She's incredible.

- [Daniel Voiceover] The
look meant new fascination,


I was confused as to the object, at first.

Was it the bizarre transaction
that I had just witnessed?

The bubbling blister on that woman's hand?

Or the trance maker who was throwing up

and howling in the bathroom?

(Asenath crying)

After the smoke cleared
and the burns were salved,

I learned it was the hypnotist, herself.

- [Edward] We have the same interests.

- [Dan Voiceover] That had earned

the greater part of his attention.

- She's got sort of an odd reputation.

- [Edward] People are intimidated by her.

You're not saying anything, Dan.

- I'm happy to see you're
so upheaved about her.


- Thanks, Dan.

Thanks for the ride.

Thanks for everything.

And by the way,

I'm not mentioning her to my father.

(dramatic music)

(typewriter clicking)

- [Marion] I never
thought I'd see the say.

- [Daniel] Me neither.

- [Marion] So how long
has this been going on?

- About a week.


- So that explains why
we haven't seen Edward,

since what, Wednesday?



Is Dan afraid that he's
gonna lose his best friend?

Oh, come on, you should be happy for him.

He had to grew up eventually.

- That's just the problem.

He hasn't grown up at all.



(door creaking)

- [Edward] Good evening, Dr. Upton.

- Edward.

For a second there I thought

that maybe you were one of my patients.

- Not today.

- Sometimes they do
wander about the house,

knock on the wrong door.

We really should lock that.

- [Edward] I'm not sure
but I think your wife

just told me I looked like I was crazy.

- [Dan] Well, you know Marion.

She's usually a pretty
good judge of these things.

Are you crazy?

- Crazy in love with her.

Asenath Waite, not your wife.

- Yeah, that's what I figured you meant.

- She's just seen so much in her life.

You can tell just by looking in her eyes.

She gave me this so she
could always be with me.

- What the hell is that?

- I have no idea.

I wanna see what she sees.

My running has always been
so academic until now.

(eerie music)

She's a fanatical devote
of the black arts.

- [Dan] Do you even hear
what you're saying, Edward?

- She wants to become partners.

We're gonna travel the world together

and find things like
this from the outside.

- Are you sure it's a
good idea to get involved,

to jump into something so suddenly?

Marion sees this kind
of thing all the time.

A parent dies and the child transfers

their parental dependence to some

new stronger image.

It never works out.

Promise me you'll at least think about it.

If not sanely and rationally,

than at least maturely

before you let it get any
farther along than it is.

Can you do that for me?

- Of course.

(ominous music)

- [Dan Voiceover] Edward
seemed to be moving forward

with his new relationship

and as he said to me, he
considered it a smashing success.

He was less successful in
keeping the news from his father.

I was summoned to meet with Mr. Derby

and yes, the invitation
had been presented to me

as formally as if a process
server had delivered it.

Only I knew the server.

It was George, the Derby butler,

and as far as I was concerned,

the most down-to-earth
member of the household.

- Hi, Daniel.

- Mr. Derby wanted to see me.

- He's upstairs, go on up.

Can I bring you anything?

- No, no, thanks George, I'm good.

(ominous music)

- Mr. Derby?

Mr. Derby?

- [Derby] I'm in here.

- Mr. Derby, beautiful day, isn't it?

- [Derby] Have your lunch yet?

- Yes, sir, I have.

- [Derby] You've eaten already?

What time is it?

- It's two o'clock, sir.

- That late?

That's what's lousy about these weekends.

Can't keep track of the time.

I need something to eat.

They got any of last night's
concoction in the kitchen?

- I can check, sir.

- I need to speak to you about my son.

I'm sure you heard about
this girl he's taken up with.

- Yes, sir, in fact I have.

- It's all over Arkham by now, I'm sure.

My secretary congratulated
me on my son's new romance.

I immediately began to wonder
what the big secret is.

You're a church going man,
you'll appreciate this.

You know what the big secret is?

- I'm sorry?

- [Derby] She's a goddamn necromancer.

- The what?

- A witch.

She communicates with the dead

and casts spells.

Worships Satan.

For the Christ sake, I
don't know whatever else.

I can really say I thank God

that my wife isn't alive
to see any of this.

- Mr. Derby, I'm sure it'll pass.

He's infatuated with it, that's all.

- [Derby] I see he's kept
you in the dark as well.

- What do you mean?

- Well,

I wormed the real truth out of the boy.

He means to marry this Waite woman.

They're looking at houses together.

- He tells me everything.

- [Derby] Usually you have
great influence over my boy.

Help me break off this affair, Danny.

- Mr. Derby, I admire you and respect you.

You've done so much for me in my life.

I'd do anything for your family.

But I know Edward.

And this is not him.

This is not a question
of Edward's weak will

but of this woman's strong will.

Must be.

- [Derby] Talk to him, Danny.

He'll listen.

- Regretfully,

I must express my doubts.

Nothing more can be done.

(dramatic music)

- [Dan Voiceover] The Derby summons

was followed by another.

This time from Edward himself.

Requesting my presence
at a formal function

to be given in his honor.

And he added, if I wanted to,

I could bring Marion with me.

- I don't see why I have to go at all.

- He said it was important.

- Fine.

(dramatic string music)

(people chattering)

I know, I'm huge.

I don't fit in anything anymore.

I know, I can't wait for this.

(somber piano music)

- [Dan] So why are we so dressed up?

- I just got married.


- You're crazy, give me a hug.

You're crazy.


- This is my wife.


- Asenath.

I'm Daniel.

- I know.

Edward speaks of you often.

- [Dan] Yeah, I've heard
a lot about you too.

It's nice to finally meet you.

- I've been busy with the wedding.

- No, I didn't...

Yeah, I can see that.

- [Asenath] And my work
always keeps me occupied.

- Sure.


- Thanks.

- [Dan] Edward tells me that you guys

have purchased the old Crowninshield Place

at the end of Hyde Street.

- Yes.

- It's your baby.

- I hope one day you can--

- Asenath, any friend of
Edward's if a friend of mine.

(people chattering)

- I'm going to leave a
plastic bag on his doorstep.

- [Dan Voiceover] It was
only because her voice

was still fresh in my mind that I paused

when I heard it in a heated conversation

just outside the front door.

The exchange did strike
me as inappropriate

considering the occasion.

But I didn't mention it
to anyone at the time.

Events continued to get stranger that day.

(ominous music)


(people chattering)

(foreboding music)




(eerie music)

The coroner's report
listed the cause of death

to be a dry drowning.

Her lungs spontaneously flooded themselves

with salt water.

It was also revealed that
the victim was pregnant,

which started a slew of unspeakable rumors

about Asenath and what she
wanted from the dead girl.

But I never got a chance
to discuss it with Edward

because by that time he
had left for his honeymoon.

- Where he was going, he
hadn't thought to mention.

- [Dan Voiceover] After a few weeks,

life without Edward took
on an eerie stillness.

I began to feel a little
like I was holding my breath.

The thing is, I had become accustomed

to a life of surprises.

A contradiction of terms, I know.

But what I mean is that

I never knew when he was
gonna show up at my doorstep

or how he got there or why.

- And I was waiting.

I don't get how a baby
can be born underwater

without drowning.

- [Marion] There's this
guy who studied it.

Anyways, they found that when
babies come out underwater,

they're actually able to
breathe for a couple of seconds.

- [Dan] Why's it called the Bradly Method?

It doesn't drown?

- They've done these studies, Daniel,

and somehow, once the baby's born,

there's less pressure in the water

and the baby's able to
somehow breathe as it goes,

I don't know, I'll have you read the book.


Oh, shit!


- Welcome back.

How's married life?

- Educational.

- I've never heard it
put like that before.

That's actually not a
bad way to look at it.


Oh God, can I get you anything, Edward?

- No thanks.

I'm fine.

- So how was Europe?

- Mmmm.

- I hear it's beautiful this time of year.

- What we saw of it.

We spent most of out honeymoon
in more obscure locations.

- [Dan] That's what honeymoons are for.

- [Edward] We've been back
for about 10 days or so.

Finishing the restorations
on the Crowninshield House

and the grounds.

- [Marion] Sounds exhausting.

- [Edward] It is.

- And that, my friend, is
the essence of married life.

- [Edward] The place
makes me feel unsettled.

- [Dan] Ow.

What exactly does Asenath do?

You know, for money.

- Asenath is without a
doubt a genuine hypnotist.

- [Marion] Really?

I'm gonna have to remember that.

Maybe we'll work together
somewhere down the line.

Have you met any of her family?

- Asenath doesn't have any family.

Just two incredibly old servants

who've been with her dad.

And another strange girl who exudes

the perpetual odor of dead fish.


- Every new situation
takes some adjustment.

Good luck with that growth.


- So, when do we get to see the place?

- Soon, I hope.

I'll let you know.

- Okay.

Should I be worried?

- Marriage is a good thing for him, Dan.

He's having his first taste
of responsible independence.

And if you have no frame
of reference for it,

yes, it can be very overwhelming.

- Okay.

(fly buzzing)
(somber piano music)

- [Dan Voiceover] It's a
little too easy to fall in

with the gossipy circles that unite

a small town like Arkham.

I do my best to stay our of them

but even I was curious about the peculiar

union of Edward and Asenath.

I found myself driving
by his marital residence,

Crowninshield, as it was known about town,

to catch a glimpse of his new life.

The place was disturbing.

I could only imagine his
father's embarrassment.

Not only had his son married into

the most notoriously strange
family in a 50 mile radius

but he was living with
her in the neighborhood's

most dilapidated structure.

(ominous music)

(bell ringing)


- Hi, is Edward in?

- No.

- What, whoa, whoa!

Do you know when he's expected?

- No.

- What's your name?

- Unis.

- Unis.

Is the lady of the house in?

- Asenath's gone right now.


- Okay.


(fly buzzing)

- [Harold] Sorta an eyesore, isn't it?

- Yeah.

- Pride and joy of the neighborhood.

- I was under the impression
they were renovating.

- Who knows.

Maybe they're working from the inside out.

Have you been in there yet?

- No, haven't gotten an invitation.

- Too bad.

Cheryl's been asking for the inside scoop.

Have you heard from Edward lately?

- Less and less.

You know, I could be mistaken

but I swear to God I saw him

driving a car down Main
Street earlier today.

Kinda out of character for him.

- Who knows what his character is anymore?


I don't know if you've noticed.

I've heard this happen with couples

who've been married for a long while.

It could be it's just in the eyes

but I swear they're
beginning to look alike.

- Actually, I think that's what they say

about dogs and their owners.

- Look, I know you're
cynical about these things

but one day, if you're every curious,

I'll tell you what I know.

(dramatic music)

- [Dan Voiceover] The
biggest change in Edward

was a sudden one.

He was like one of those
terminally sick patients

who hangs on for years and then one day

takes a turn for the worse.

And as a chronic illness often does,

it tightened its grip late one night.

(ominous music)

- We often feel embarrassed
to a admit to ourselves,

not to mention to anyone else,

the games that we play...

(car commotion)

(ominous music)

I think someone's here.

- [Dan] Shit.

- [Chauffeur] There, we can walk.

- What's the matter with him?

- [Chauffeur] I'm not a doctor.

Called up and said he
needed someone to take him.

- [Chauffeur] You got him?
- [Dan] Yeah.

- [Chauffeur] What about my bill?

- You got a card?

I'll send you a check.

I'll cover it.

(ominous music)

- I'm losing here.

- [Dan] What's that, your mind?

- My identity.

Do you remember that
book we were gonna write?

- [Dan] It was a long time ago, Edward.

- You were going to
illustrate a book of my poems.

You said you were gonna draw your dreams.

You knew something, didn't you?

Never give the devil a ride.

He'll always want to drive.

- Are you drunk?

- I need to have a serious
talk with you later.

- [Dan] You should stay
with your father for awhile

until you feel better.

- My father's dead.

- Oh my God, Edward!

- When?

- Two days.

I thought for sure someone

would've said something to you by now.

- I'm sure they figured you
would've said something by now!

- It wasn't in the obits.

- I don't read the obituaries.

- I'm sorry, Dan.

- No, I'm sorry.

Come on.

You'll stay here tonight
and get some rest.

- Apparently I was wrong about Edward.

He's clearly too immature for
a relationship of any sort.

I'm not ever sure that's the right word.

No, not immature.

Pathologically irresponsible.

Contemptuously neglectful
of anyone except himself.

- Marion, don't be so insensitive.

He just lost his father.

- Can't you see he doesn't give a shit?

- It's not healthy.

His wife is worse than he is.

- Don't be such an enabler.

- Can't you help him?

Is there anything we can do?

I can't standby and watch him destroyed!

- Maybe we can get to know her better.

- I don't think she wants us around.

I've heard Edward say again and again.

She's a very private person.

- Excuse me if I don't buy
into everything Edward says.

- I have tried talking to her.

- Bullshit.

I'm going over there on Saturday.

We'll see what's what.

(waves rumbling)

(eerie music)

(speaking gibberish)

(electrical fizzling)

- Threats were made to me.

(eerie music)

No threats left.

(ominous music)

(eerie music)



It's just a dream.

I couldn't sleep.

(ominous music)

(woman crying)


(bell ringing)

- Hello, may I speak with Asenath?

- She's not here.

- Are you sure?

- I said she's not here.

- Are you a friend of hers?

- No, I just take care of the place.


- About as well as you
receive the guests, I see.

No, no, no, wait.

Look, look, let's stop
playing games, okay?

I saw her as I was driving up.

I saw her from the window
and I heard her crying

and I can help.

- Get out of here.

Leave us alone.

- Wait, wait, wait.

- Let go of this door!

Go away, lady!

- Hey, no!

Well tell her that Marion
Upton came to see her.

And that I'll be back tomorrow.

(ominous music)

Can I help you?

- I'm here to see Dr. Upton.

- I don't usually take
appointments on Saturdays.

Is it an emergency?

- I'm Asenath.

Edward's wife.

- I'm sorry.

You know, I stopped by earlier.

- I have to apologize for that

and the way Unis behaved.

We've all been under a lot of stress.

Edward mentioned the
four of us having dinner.

Would that be okay?

- Sure.

I actually have some things
I wanna talk to you about

so that would be perfect.

- Tomorrow?

- Sure.

I'll check it out with Dan.

What time would you like us to arrive?

- Oh, it would have to be here.

We're still not in very
good shape for entertaining.

- Don't be silly, we've
been dying to see the place.

We'll stop by around 6.

I'm so glad you came.

(somber string music)

Oh, thank God, I'm starving.

The baby's really acting up today.

- Relax, dinner's coming.

- Oh, by the way,

Asenath invited us for
dinner tomorrow night.

- Okay.

- You are so fucking cute.

- Hello, Unis.

- What's the matter with her?

- She wants to know about your baby.

- Can't she talk?

- Not anymore.

- Brought this.

- They've been with me all my
life and my father before me.

They're not accustomed to visitors.

Can I offer you a drink?

- Water.

(somber string music)

- Are you expecting a boy or a girl?

- A boy.

We figured seeing our
baby for the first time

would be surprise enough.

- You're very fortunate.

My father's crowning rage was
that I was not born a man.

- Why would he ever tell you such a thing?

- Well, a male brain has certain unique

and far reaching powers.

- I've heard the same thing
about women far too often.

- [Dan] I was shocked to
hear about your father.

He was a good man.

- I know.

- You seem to be taking it pretty well.

You can talk to me, you know?

- [Edward] I'm trying, just not here.

- There's nobody listening.

- She is always listening.

She always has an eye on me.

- Okay.

- Your line of work
encourages people to believe

that nothing exists that
is not of this world.

- Some people need to be guided.

- And those are the people
you have come to understand.

- May I use you restroom?

- Up the stairs and to the right.

- [Marion] Oh and Asenath?

- Hmm?

- There's nothing wrong with your brain.

(ominous music)

- Look, I can't go on just now.

I'll come around next week, okay?

(foreboding music)


- [Dan Voiceover] It was
a little uncomfortable

for Marion to work out an explanation

for her momentary hysteria.

But that's one of the benefits
of her blessed condition.

Pregnancy, I have noticed,
is a plausible excuse

for a never ending assortment of troubles.

Afterwards, we had a good laugh.

Followed by this awkward silence.

- She's an interesting woman.

- [Dan] I'm not interested.

- Oh, stop it, Dan.

- What? I don't like her.

- I'm starting not to like
him that much anymore either.

She wouldn't tell me anything directly.

- No kidding.

- This isn't a joke, Dan.

I believe she's been mistreated.

I think he's locking her
up inside that house.

Oh God and those servants,

they're never gonna do anything about it.

Things never change.

- Did you ever think that he's the one

who's being confined and abused?

- Oh please.

You sound like one of those fathers

who's trying to defend their child.

It's so and so's fault.

It's nobody else's fault
and he's not your child!

I mean, you're child's inside here

and he needs a father
who's not preoccupied

with some raving lunatic who's
obsessed with magical spells

and all that Dungeons and Dragons bullshit

and basically making
everybody's life miserable.

Because he's been a selfish,
spoiled prick his whole life

and he has absolutely no
intention of ever doing anything

other than making our lives miserable.

(tires screeching)

- Marion, do me a favor, huh?

Stop thinking.

You don't know either one of them.

You don't know the facts.

What the hell is that?

- Just something Asenath
gave me for the baby.

It's fascinating.

- Give me that.

- Daniel!

(eerie music)

(engine revving)

(ominous music)

- Asenath?

- I saw Dan's car was gone.

I wasn't sure if anyone was home.

- Are you sick?

- You're on your way
out, I won't keep you.

- No, no, it wasn't important.

I've got some time.

Come in.

- He's trying to kill me.

- He did this to you?

- They did it for him.

- The servants?

You're obviously exhausted.

I need to know who was
hurting you and why.

- I can't.

- Yes you can, it's okay.

Breathe with me a little.

Why are they helping him?

- They do whatever he asks of them.

It's the way it has always been
since the beginning of time.

- Sorry, you've lost me.

- He can't be stopped.

I'll never get out.

He'll never let me go.

Where are you going?

- I'm just going to get
something for your arms.

(eerie music)

I'm listening.

- Why did he curse that
his daughter wasn't a son?

Tell me, what did he do to her?

That house of horror.

- What did he do to you, Asenath?

- That's not my name.

I never wanna hear that name again.

- [Dan Voiceover] Marion didn't know

what to make of the visit.

Or of the vagueuries and riddles

and I couldn't help but be
amused by her perplexity.

After all, it sounded so much
like Edward's usual banter

that I had grown to expect nothing less.

It was not beyond the realm of possibility

that Asenath would share the same

enigmatic manner of speaking.

Sure enough, I asked him to meet me

at the part a few days later,

he greeted me with a
similar complicated speech

and a fist full of crumpled
papers which he called proof.

He clinched his precious documents

as though they held the
secrets of life and death.

(water trickling)

- I don't know where to start.

- Wherever.

- Did Marion mention the visit?

- Visit? No, I don't think so.

- No, I didn't think she would.

Asenath has started
talking about the baby.

At first I let her do it to me.

It was too unbelievable.

I thought it was a kind of hypnotism.

There I was, looking
across the room at myself.

It was fantastic.

When I asked her to stop,

she started locking me up in the room.

Dan, you have to believe me.

(ominous music)

- I believe there are mental factors

which make this marriage suicidal for you.

I'll help you get a divorce,

I'll talk to her face to face.

- No, don't do that, please!

It's not that simple!

She's not gonna go away that easily.

She wants me for a reason.

I have to stop her before it's too late.

(ominous music)

- You looking for somebody in particular?

- [Edward] They're always watching me.

See him?

I think he may be one of them.

- Maybe it's just a guy walking in a park.

- This is not my imagination anymore!

I have to go.

(eerie music)

- [Dan Voiceover] He left
me with one of the pages.

His evidence.

But evidence of what?

- He's either unable or unwilling to tell.

- [Dan Voiceover] The
quandary was temporarily moved

to the back of my mind

with the arrival of
more pressing concerns.

- Marion?


- [Marion] I'm right here, stop yelling!

What took you so long?

- Where you going?

- To the hospital.

The baby's coming.

- Oh.

Oh, shit!

(ominous music)

- [Dan Voiceover] I
didn't take him seriously

when he said it.

I had written it off as a product

of his typical penchant for drama.

But Edward had indeed gone away.

Once again, he didn't
tell me where he was going

or when he would be back.

It was only a matter of days before I felt

the vacancy created by absence.

I had something monumental
to share with him

and had chosen this moment
in our lives to disappear.

- They didn't leave an
emergency number, anything?

- [Dan Voiceover] I
remember how he insisted

it would be for Marion
and the baby and me.

I had to know what he meant by that.

- Unis, this is really not
worth additional discussion.

Tell Edward that my son was born today.

Tell him we named him
William, after his dad.

I thought he might like to know.

(somber music)

- Are you sure I can't get you anything?

- Oh, no offense.

I just can't stand the stuff.

- Well, I'll just have to celebrate alone.

So how's fatherhood treating you?

- I'm not entirely exhausted.


Thanks again, Harold.

- Forget it.


not sure I understand you correctly.

Was something about Innsmouth.

- I just wanna tap into
your expertise a little.

You mentioned you knew something about

the Waite family at Innsmouth.

Came to collect on your offer.

- I could go on all night.

What is it you want to know?

- For starters, what do you
know about Asenath Waite?

- [Harold] Beside the
face that she's married

to your good friend, Edward?

- Yeah, besides that.

It's a weird situation, Hal.

There's either things
he doesn't know about

or won't tell me.

- I knew she had locked her
father in a padded attic room.

Towards the end, he began
shrieking like a frightened child.

- How'd he die?

- Insane.

Under rather suspicious circumstances.

That was just before
she began studying here.

- Is it murder?

- Who knows.

No one cared enough to investigate

or no one was brave enough.

- Did you know him?

- Who, Ephraim Waite?

- [Dan] Yeah.

- Nobody really knew Ephraim Waite

but we all saw him around occasionally.

You too, I'll bet,

if you thought about it long enough.

I've seen him come to Arkham
a few times in my youth

to consult some of the
volumes over at the college.

When I was younger we used to...

Used to study the things he
left behind in garbage cans.

Before he caught on, that is.

Any little scrap of paper we could find.

But, you know, we could
never decipher any more

than a few of the characters.

- Characters?

You mean like symbols?

- Yeah.

He wrote in this Noachian,
foreign calligraphy.

- [Dan] Like that?

- Yes.

Where'd you get this?

- Edward gave it to me.

Some notes written by Asenath.

- Yeah?

Hold on.

- [Dan] This is his work?

- [Harold] Dan, do you see what I see?

- [Dan] I don't know,
tell me what you see.

- [Harold] Well these look to
be written in the same hand.

- That's not too uncommon, is it?

- Are you sure this was done by Asenath?

I'm sure that's what he told me.

- Looks too new to be
his anyway, I suppose.

- Can you make anything out?

- Not much.

But I'm fairly certain that
this signifies Hallow Mass.

It's an important pagan feast.

And I believe this has
to do with immortality.

Everlasting life

- Are you sure?

- [Cheryl] It sounds like that.

- Well it just seems odd

that they'd leave someone in
the house for over a month,

especially in the condition.

- You never know what
those two are thinking.

- Ladies,

Daniel and I are stepping
out for a few minutes.

- A few minutes meaning
how many hours exactly?

- One, maybe.

- Good.

Cheryl and I were gonna
take a walk anyways.

- [Harold] See you later.

- [Cheryl] We were?

- Yeah, if it's all right with you.

- [Cheryl] You did fine
the other day, didn't you?

- Barely.

I could really use a lookout.

- No way.

I plan to stay far away from
whatever's sobbing up there.

- I'm going over there.

Watch the baby.

- Marion?

- What's that smell?

- Ah, the godforsaken hole.

"Only the foulest of sea creatures

"wash up on the shores of Innsmouth."


- This is where Asenath
spent her childhood.

- In a manner of speaking, yes.

(menacing music)

(ominous music)

(woman sobbing)

(door creaking)

(foreboding music)

- What happened to her mother?

- Oh, Evelyn Waite hung herself.

Cause of death ruled suicide.

Ephraim had her committed
only a week before.

Never even came to collect her things.

She spoke in tongues,

spitting mad the whole time.
(Dan laughing)

I know.

A few students tried to get in there

to ascertain the language

but no one was allowed to go near here.

(ominous music)

Come on, have a look around.


(woman sobbing)

Ephraim Waite threw himself
out the attic window

and landed on his head.

Cause of death, suicide.


Let me show you how he spent
the last days of his life.

- [Dan] Are you sure we should go in here?

- Dan, you scare much too easily.


(woman sobbing)

- [Dan] Who owns this place now?

- Not sure who has the dubious privilege.

(ominous music)

(woman whimpering)

Don't suppose she
started looking for that.

(ominous music)

(eerie music)

(girl giggling)

(woman whimpering)

(unsettling music)

(door creaking)

(suspenseful music)


(menacing music)

(waves rumbling)

- [Dan Voiceover] I went home that night

feeling as if I had slid down the gullet--

- Into the belly of the beast.

- [Dan Voiceover] It was a sensation

I hadn't felt in decades

but it was not altogether unfamiliar.

Edward and I had planned
to write a book together,

where I would, as he said--

- "Draw my dreams."

- [Dan Voiceover] I
hadn't told anyone but him

about those incoherent images,

the terrifying visions
that defied interpretation,

except, of course, by Edward.

And now the dreams were coming back

and he was nowhere to be found.

(somber radio music)

- I went over there today.

- Where?

- Crowninshield Place.

- What do you mean you went over there?

- I mean, I opened the
door and I walked in.

- Okay.

- We have to do something.

I don't know what but
we have to do something.

- Marion, what did you see?

- She was bound up.

It looked like she
could've been left there

for any length of time.

The ropes had cut into her wrists.

God, it was just disgusting.

Dan, then she screamed.

- Who're you talking about?

- Asenath, Dan.

I heard about stuff like
this happening all the time

and I always thought I'd
be able to help someone

when I saw them suffering

and what did I do?

I ran the other way and hid.

Like a frightened child that
had seen a dead thing walking.

- Did she see you?

- There's something wrong with her.

Sitting in that chair, so
far gone, not even human.

- The whole family went
insane, you know that?

Edward has nothing to
do with her instability.

- [Marion] I have to do something.

- [Dan] Marion, did anyone see you there?

- I don't care.

They have to know that they can't hide

in the house that way.

- [Dan] Answer my question.

- I don't know, I don't know.

I was scared, I hid.

I heard someone coming and I hid

and then I got the hell out of there.

- Promise me you won't
go over there again.

- [Marion] I can't pretend
that I didn't see what I saw.

- I don't ask you for
much, I am asking for this.

- I don't know what he's
been telling you, Dan.

I know you think you love him.

He's a liar.

It's written all over his face.

He's probably the most pathological case

that I have ever seen

and yet you still believe him.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?


Is he all right?



Yeah, of course.

It'll take some time

but I'll get there as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

- Who was that?

- Deputy sheriff of Chesuncook, Maine.

Apparently a drunk madman
stumbled into his town today,

raving deliriously and
begging for protection.


He was just able to remember his name

and my name and phone number.

I will be back as soon as I can.

- [Dan Voiceover] I didn't
want to leave my wife alone.

I didn't wanna put her in danger.

She was afraid and it pained me.

I was helpless to stop it.

I wanted to hide my own fear from her.

I wanted to bring peace
and calm and safety

back into our lives.

But more urgently,

I wanted to find Edward
and bring him home.

- [Radio Host] I tell you,

we've got very chance
situations here right now.

Now, Rebecca, I want
you to just listen to me

for a minutes, okay?

- [Rebecca] Yes.

- [Radio Host] Okay?

We wanna help you.

(geese squawking)

(dramatic music)

Now we can help you in a number of ways.

- [Rebecca] Help me.

- [Radio Host] First thing
we can do is pray for you.


- [Rebecca] Does it hurt?

- [Radio Host] Pardon?

- [Rebecca] Does it hurt?

- [Radio Host] Our Father in
Heaven, the son of Lord Jesus.

(Rebecca gasping)

(ominous music)

- [Dan] It's Michael.

- Huh?

- Michael, the archangel.

Saint Michael.

- Patron Saint of Policemen.

- [Dan] According to the book od Daniel,

when the world's in real
trouble, Michael will reappear.

- How do you know about all that?

- I was born on Michael
Mass and my name is Daniel.

- I don't know anything about that.

(police radio commotion)

- Through here.

Just in this door.

You oughta get some coffee
in your before you head back.

You're liable to get yourself killed.

- [Dan] I'll take it under advisement.

- Looks like he's asleep now.

- Can he be released?

- Now that I've got
someone to release him to.

Last time I saw him,

he was in no condition
to be out on the street.

- I'm sure he'll be all right.

- I don't know about that.

I'm not sure what
happened to him out there.

- I couldn't get it out of him.

- He doesn't drive.

He probably got separated
from his party, panicked.

- Give me a call if
you remember something.

- Yeah, sure.

(ominous music)

What happened to you?

- For God sakes,

I can't stand it.

I won't stand it.

I'll kill her if she
sends me back there again.

I'll kill it with my own hands.


Please don't make me go back.

I can't.

You do believe me, don't you?

- We're not going anywhere tonight.

We'll talk it out, we'll figure it out.

- Thanks, Dan.

If I go back, one of us will die.

- Stop saying that.

Look, it's clear to me

you're having real delusions.

Probably brought on by some

actual hypnotic ordeal
you've been subjected to.

(ominous music)

- Dan?

You awake?

- Yeah, Edward, I'm here.

- [Edward] I know someday that
she's not gonna let me go.

Even now, it's only when she has to.

She takes my body constantly now.

Nameless places for nameless rituals.

(eerie music)

She keeps me locked up in her body

upstairs at Crowninshield.

She can only hold on
for a little at a time.

And I find myself in these
strange, far off places.

Like you found me.

I don't know where I am.

Hundreds of miles off.


- I'm listening.

- The worst part of it is

that I know someday
she's not gonna let go.

She wants to be a man
and to be fully human.

- What does that mean, fully human?

- You must've heard about
the Inns of the Blood.

There's a legitimate reason

why people are afraid to go out there.

- Edward, I feel like we're
telling ghost stories.

Like we're whispering in the dark.

I mean, I've heard the stories, Edward.

They're mostly insane.

- Don't say I'm insane
whether or not I am.

- I didn't say that you were insane!

- It's all true, you know?

The stories.

Whether you want to believe them or not.

They're true.

- You don't have to worry
about convincing me.

I'd rather spare you the effort.

- Dan, remember how I shivered

when I gave you those notes of Asenath's?

- I know those papers you gave me

were actually written by Asenath.

- Is there really such a person?

- That thing.

(ominous music)

(faucet running)

- Edward, you all right?

- I'm fine.

I think we should go home now.

I think I've said enough.

- [Dan] Goodnight, Edward,

I think we oughta get some sleep.

- I'm fine.

- [Dan] Yeah, maybe, but I need sleep.

I spent all last night
getting up here to you

or did you forget about that?

- [Edward] I'll drive.

(foreboding music)

- [Dan Voiceover] Either there was truth

in what he was saying
or he was just crazy.

And if he was then he
was dragging me with him.

And what about the change
that seemed to come over him?

Like a mechanical click.

It was at that moment that
the thought dawned on me.

This man that I had for so long

considered my closest friend,

this person sitting next to
me whose face as so familiar,

I may not know him at all.

(dramatic music)

- I'm enormously grateful
for this lift home.

You must forget any crazy things

I might have been saying about my wife

and about things in general.

That's what comes from over
study in a field like mine.

My philosophy is full of bizarre concepts.

When the mind gets overtired,

it cooks up all sorts of
imaginary concrete applications.

You probably won't see me for awhile.

So don't blame Asenath for it.

- I don't understand
what's happening to you.

What're you doing up here?

- There are certain Indian
relics in the north woods.

You know, standing stones,
that sort of thing.

They're very important local folklore.

Asenath and I were
following that stuff up.

It was a hard search.

I must've gone off my head.

- [Dan] Sometimes I feel like
I don't even know you anymore.

- I'll send someone up for
the car when we get home.

(eerie music)

I won't stand!

I'll kill her!

- Look out!

(eerie music)

(tires screeching)

(glass shattering)

(ominous music)

(steam hissing)



(ominous music)


(ghostly whispering)


(woman laughing)

- You know where you are?

- Hospital?

- [Doctor] And who's that?

- Somebody who's very mad at me.

- He's all yours.

- Good morning, Mr. Upton.

You totaled the car.

- Where's Edward?

- Where was your seatbelt?

- [Dan] Where is he?

- He's probably home resting.

He had to walk six miles
with a gash in his head

to the nearest house.

- He's all right?

- He's doing better than you are, Daniel.

- They find Asenath?

- What?

- The old church.

She was there.

- Oh, Daniel, let's not start this again.

There was nobody there
except for you and Edward

and possibly Jesus Christ because
you are lucky to be alive.

- She was trying to hurt Edward.

- I'm sure if she did

then Edward would've mentioned something.

Please, just rest.

I need you.

(dramatic music)

- [Dan Voiceover] By now I
thought I would have to accept

that my friend was lost.

Not that I wanted to

and I wasn't even sure I could

but I didn't hear a word
from him since the accident.

I even toyed around at the notion

that I might not recognize
him if I ever saw him again.

(dramatic music)

(doorbell ringing)

- Edward.

- Hello, Daniel.

- How you been?

I was worried.

- Much better.

I just came by to collect
some books I lent you.

- Remind me.

- Studies of the old
Innsmouth architecture.

- Oh God.

Yeah, get them out of here, huh?

- Where's the baby?

- Marion took him to the pediatrician.

(eerie music)

Can you stay for a little bit?

- Some other time.

Those are the books?

- Yeah.

- Thanks.

(ominous music)

- [Dan Voiceover] I did recognize the man

who rang the doorbell that day.

It was the same person
who drove my car back

from the woods of Maine.

Edward's regular nervous
energy had been replaced

by this one's uncanny calm.

There was no trace of my old friend left.

But just when I had prepared
myself to give up on him,

I heard his knock.


And, of course, I had my doubts.

I told myself to be cautious.

- [Edward] Do you have any whiskey?

- Is that what you're drinking nowadays?

- It'll steady my nerves.

- Marion's probably got
something stashed away.

- Asenath is gone, Dan.

She just walked out.

I suppose people will talk

but I can't help that.

There's no need to mention
that there as any trouble.

Just say that she's gone
on a long research trip

and she's probably gonna stay with one of

those horrible groups of devotees.

- And you're okay with this?

- I hope she'll go out
west and get a divorce!

It was horrible, Dan.

She was making a prisoner of me.

- This is worth a toast.

You're completely out of your
mind and I don't give a shit.

It's wild, drink up.

To your new found freedom.

- To freedom.

The Arkham history oughta
back up what I'm saying.

What I...

What I'm about to tell you.

- [Dan] Ah, here we go.

- You witnessed one of the changes.

That night, in the motel room in Maine,

that's the last thing I remember.

You do know that.

Oh, you have to know that, Dan, come on.

You had to know it wasn't me!

You must've known the difference!

- I know.

I knew.

I know it wasn't you.

(dramatic violin music)

- Oh, there's more I can tell you.

I'll tell you when
you're ready to hear it.

Right now,

I just need to lay down for awhile.

- Yeah, I'm going upstairs.

Get some rest.

(ominous music)

- Some people can do things

that nobody oughta be able to do.

I've been in it up to my neck.

That's the end of it.

I'll burn that damn Necronomicon

if I ever get my hands on it.

- Good.

- I've been thinking about writing again.

- It's about time. I'm glad to hear it.

- Maybe we could finally write our book.

I know you'll help me.

I know I can count on
you if anything happens.

Even if I have to tell you a lot of things

that might shock you.

- Of course you can.

(ocean waves crashing)

(baby giggling)

(eerie music)

(baby cooing)

- What're you doing?


- [Edward] I didn't...

- [Dan] What's going on?

- You figure it out.

- [Edward] I'd never.

I swear.

- Edward, come on.

- [Edward] I wouldn't.

- Come on.

- [Edward] I wouldn't hurt.
- [Dan] Come on!

(clock ticking)

- I had to do it!

I had to!




It ain't me!

- [Dan Voiceover] But Edward
had crossed the line now

from which there was no return.

Seemed as though he was no
longer just a danger to himself.

We were out of options.

(dramatic music)


- He's in the midst of
a severe depression.

Whatever his mental illness
was before, I can't say,

but I have my suspicions.

- Is he sleeping?

- Right now, he's just
sitting and staring.

Like he's listening for someone.

- [Dan] I almost think he misses her.

- In his own dysfunctional
way, I'm sure he does.

- [Dan Voiceover] It
came in bits and pieces.

But, as usual, none of them fit.

He could not articulate any
kind of lucid explanation

for his behavior or his frame of mind

but I was grateful.

Because if there was more to
his madness than I was seeing,

I didn't want to know.

And yet, I kept hoping that
he would return to fold.

Over the next few weeks,

I adopted a new regiment
of unrequited visits,

unreciprocated calls.

I couldn't get through.


Not even after I finally tracked him down.

(ominous music)

- [Dan] George.

- [George] Mr. Upton.

- Is here here?

- I'm sure of it.

I saw a light go on in the basement.

- How long's he been doing this?

- He's had me drive him out quite a lot.

Spends hours prowling around the house.

Principally down in the cellar.

Most of the time, I can't
get him to come back with me.

- So, essentially, he's still living here.

- More or less.

We've had the house ready
for him for weeks now

but he's invented every kind of excuse

to postpone actually moving out of here.

- Why haven't you told me this before?

- It's not really my place.

I figured Mr. Derby tells you
what he wants you to know.

- And she hasn't been writing to him?

- [George] There's no
mail from Mrs. Derby.

(ominous music)

- This seems more like random extortion.

- [George] I suppose.

- Edward?!

Is there a light in here?

- Over here, on the wall.

- Always tell that to the accountant.

It's just speculative.


- Why did you come here, Daniel?

- I asked George to help me find you.

I was worried.

- I'm sorry, Edward.


(ominous music)

- [Edward] If you only knew.

- [Dan Voiceover] What did I know?

I knew that Edward wasn't coming back.

"If I only knew," he said.

I know I should've given
up a long time ago.

I knew Marion was right.

I knew when I left him that night,

I would probably never see him again.

If I only knew.

I know he must've been talking to himself

because for all he had claimed
to have seen and suffered,

I don't think Edward had any idea.

- If you're going to keep doing that,

I'm going to sleep.

- Sorry.

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.

(phone ringing)


(breathing over phone)


I'm sorry, I can't hear you.

(eerie music)

Something wrong on your end.

Better hand up and try again.

- [Marion] What was that?

- Wrong number.

(ominous music)

(man gasping)


- Go back to sleep, honey.

It's just a Halloween prank.

- That was last night.

It's not Halloween anymore.

(ominous music)

(crickets chirping)


(foreboding music)


(man groaning)

- Daniel?

(door creaking)


(dramatic music)


- Edward?

(eerie music)


- [Marion] Daniel?

(Marion gasping)

What the hell?

- [Dan] It's him.

- [Marion] What's this
note? Did he leave this?

- [Dan] Yes. It's probably true.

- [Marion] No!
- [Dan] Read it!

- [Marion] Daniel!

- [Dan] We'll get through
this, I promise you.

It's going to get better.


- "Dan, go and kill it.

"Exterminate it.

"It isn't Edward Derby anymore.


"She got me.



"She has been dead this month and a half.


"I lied when I said
that she had gone away.

"I killed her."

- "I killed her."

(eerie music)

- "Buried her in the cellar."

- "Buried her in the cellar."


- "The servants suspected
the next morning,

"so I sent them off.


"It was all right for awhile

"but then I felt the tugging at my brain."

(eerie music)

- "The tugging at my brain and my soul."

- "I found myself choking in the darkness

"and Asenath's rotting carcass.

"In spite of everything,
I clawed by way out.

"Kill that fiend if you value

"the decent comforts of this world.

"See that it is cremated.

"If you don't, it'll live on and on,

"body to body."

- "Body to body, forever."

- "Forever.

"I can't tell you what it will do.

"Keep clear of black magic, Dan.

"It's the devil's work.

"Goodbye, Dan.

"You're a great friend.

"Tell the police whatever they'll believe

"and I'm damn sorry to drag you into this.

"I'll be at piece before long.

"Hope you can read this
and kill that thing.

"Kill it."

- [Dan Voiceover] The
thing in the doorstep

settled the questions,

the ones that Edward
couldn't or wouldn't answer.

The gap between what we
could, until this moment,

understand and what was
actually happening was filled

and the course of action was decided.

(dramatic music)

- [Dan] We're never gonna
write that book, are we Edward?

- [Edward] Now isn't a good time, Upton.

- Edward.

Can I even call you that?

I know who you are

and I know what you've done.

- No.

You think you know.

You have what they call faith.

- It turns out I don't
have near enough of it.

Not until too late.

- What have you seen?

You haven't seen anything yet, Daniel.

May I call you that?

- I've seen enough.

- Be careful.

You don't want people to
think you've lost your mind.

You haven't lost your mind, have you?

(foreboding music)

- Yeah, maybe I have.

- Daniel Upton,

you're a man of God.

You can't shoot me.

(eerie music)

- Yeah, you're probably right.


- [Radio Host] Keeper and guardian,

you are bound in Lord Jesus Christ.


You, who call yourself Keeper

is Jesus Christ, Lord.

You can not have this girl.

(dramatic music)

(waves rumbling)

- I asked

for peace.

(eerie music)

- I am your friend, Edward.

I ask for peace.

- This is my reason.

(demonic growling)

(gunshot booming)

(eerie music)

(gunshots booming)

(dramatic music)

(waves rushing)

(liquid sloshing)

(suspenseful music)

- [Dan Voiceover] No madness of mine

could account for all that I have seen

or that my wife has seen
or all that we know now.

I had been through enough
to know that it isn't over.

An evil such as I have dealt with

can never be wiped out so easily.

It's almost as if I feel it
lurking just out of sight.

And I find myself waiting,

thinking that at any moment

it could start again.

(dramatic music)


(somber opera music)

(dramatic instrumental music)