The Thing That Couldn't Die (1958) - full transcript

A psychically gifted young woman discovers a centuries-old crate buried on her aunt's ranch. Opening it, her family discovers the living head of Gideon Drew, a 16th century devil worshiper who was beheaded by Sir Francis Drake.

(thrilling orchestral music)

(suspenseful music)

(majestic music)

- Don't you feel anything
here either, Jessica?

Well, there was a spring near here once.

Dried up about 10 years
ago I guess it was,

but that vein of water must
still be here in the ground.

- She'll find it if it's here.

- Yeah, she'll find it.

- She can find more than water.

You remember last spring
she found my wedding ring

I lost in the mulberry patch?

(mysterious music)

- I keep forgetting that
my watch is missing.

- Well, we're home before sundown.

- You were right, Gordon.

It's a wonderful place for
a vacation, isn't it, Hank?

- It's exactly as you described
it, even including Linda.

- Even the wild boar in the hills.

- Well, one thing has changed.

Jessica was only 13 when
I went away to college.

- What is she doing?

- Mining for water with a forked
stick, and I don't like it.

- Why not, makes a beautiful picture.

I think I'll sketch it.

- Gives me the creeps.

- It's no use today, Aunt Flavia.

I'm just too nervous.

- But dear, you were so
sure you'd find water.

- But...

Not when I can feel people doubting me.

- Have a nice ride, Mr. Hawthorne?

- Wonderful.

I have a geologist friend who'd be happy

to look at a new well for ya.

He wouldn't charge much.

- But Jessica doesn't
charge anything.(laughs)

- People always pay for superstition.

- It's not superstition.

- Oh, you're wrong Jessica.

It really is.
- It's not.

I'll show you.

(suspenseful music)

- Water, she found water, hooray!

Boyd, go stake that spot.

- Come on, Mike.

- You saw that, Gordon?

(laughs) Good girl!

- Right here, here's
where I feel it strongest.


But Aunt Flavia.

No, don't!

- What's wrong, Jessica?

- Don't dig here, please don't.

There's something evil down there.

- Maybe it's gold, the root of all evil.

Come on, start digging!

- No, it's not gold!

- May I?
- Leave it alone!

- May I remark that superstition
also leads to delusion?

- I'm not having delusions.

- Well, there's nothing
evil about digging a hole.

- Yes, there is!
- Get to work, Floyd!

- All right, Mike.

- You're all horrible!

I hope you all die!

I hope a tree falls on you!

(suspenseful music)

(tree cracking)


- Let's get her to the cabin!

- Go on!

- Are you sure you're all right, Linda?

Can you move your hands and feet?

- Let's see.

I'm still in my boots.

I guess I was more frightened than her.

- If you were hurt, I'd
never forgive myself.

- But, Jessica, it wasn't your fault.

- It was, you heard what I said.

- Honestly.

You can't think you had
anything to do with that.

- But I did.

It was an evil wish,
and evil is very strong.

- Ah, Jessica, it was pure coincidence.

A strong gust of wind came and a--

- An evil wind.

I promise you, I'll never
use the witching wand again.

I'm all through with that kind of thing.

- It's so interesting though.

When did you first discover
that you were a water witch?

- Oh.


For as long as I can remember
I've been able to find things.

When it's right for me to find that is.

- What do you mean when it's right?

- I mean, I must do it to help someone,

and I can't accept any reward.

And I must do it of my own free will.

- Jessica, we're only summer guests here,

but I've known you for
a lot of summers now,

since you were that tall.

Fairy tales are all right for children.

You're a grown girl now.

- Yes.

- Now look, let me prove it to you.

Linda's watch has been
missing for about a week.

If you have this power to find things,

tell us where Linda lost her wrist watch.

- You don't believe me.

None of you.

You don't believe I made that tree fall.

Well then, listen, Linda
didn't lose her watch,

it was stolen, but not by anything human.

You can find the watch
in a trade rat's nest.

Look at the base of the oak
tree beside Linda's cabin.

(dramatic music)

- She worries me.

- (laughs) Then stop worrying.

She's just at the age where she likes

to dramatize everything.

- I hope you're right.

- Well, let's go see.

- All right.

- Ah, there's nothing here.

Wait a minute.

That's a rat's nest all right.

It's amazing.

- [Hank] Quite a thief, that rat.

- There it is.

It still runs.

You boys can think what you like,

but I think Jessica knows
what she's talking about.

- I'm beginning to agree.

Now what's this.

Now here's something the rat didn't take.

The root's grown around it.

It's been here longer than the oak tree.

- [Linda] What is it?

- A charm, and it looks medieval.

I bet this tree is at least 200
years old, maybe a lot more.

- Easy.

- I think we owe Jessica an apology.

(gentle music)

- Well, we found Linda's
watch, just as you said.

- I knew you would.

- Will a beautiful and gifted young lady

forgive a man who's been
treating her like a child?

- What is there to forgive?

- My doubting you.

I don't know, your senses
must be keener than most.

Nature seems to speak to
you in voices the rest

of us can't hear.

- But it frightens me sometimes.

- Why?

- They're evil voices too.

Sometimes they're very hard to resist.

- Here, polished this for you.

We found it in the trade rat's nest.

- Oh, then it belongs to
someone, I shouldn't take it.

- Oh nonsense, I have an idea this must be

hundreds of years old.

Look, this is the fleur de lis.

The three points stand for
purity, chastity, and virtue.

The crown stands for courage
and the anchor for hope.

Turn around.

You know, people used to believe

that such a charm really
protected them from evil.

As a matter of fact, as long as they

believed strongly enough, it did.

- It's beautiful.

Thank you, Mr. Hawthorne.

It's like a shield.

- Well, a girl as beautiful
as you will need one.

And don't call me Mr. Hawthorne.

I'm gonna go up and watch
'em dig for a while.

(pickax whacks)


- Stop digging, you fool,
you've hit something.

- What is it?
- It sounds like metal.

Watch it, Mike.

- Hey, what have you found?

- We don't know yet.

- [Boyd] Get it out of there, Mike.

- There's a chest, an old chest.

It it out, Boyd, hurry LIP-

- All right, Mike, give it here.

(bird cawing)

- Gold, it must be gold!

Has anybody ever buried anything else?

Oh, bless Jessica, she
may inherit a fortune yet!

Oh Mike, break it open!

- Sure.

Sure, I'll bust her open.

- Wait, you mustn't damage it.

It's old, it has a history.

- (scoffs) I have a history too,

a history of taking in guests
to keep from losing my ranch!

Hit it, Mike!

Give him room!

- You're about to lose
a fortune not find one.

- Now you listen to me, young
man, this chest is mine.

If it holds treasure, that's mine too.

You're not gonna keep it away from...

What did you say?

Lose a fortune?

- It's value as a historical relic

may be greater than the value
of anything it contains.

A museum might pay plenty
just for that chest.

But not if you smash it with a pickax.

- Oh, well, how do you
plan to get it open?

- Well, there are
chemicals that remove the

rusted vertebrae in it.

Good lord.
- What is it?

- A date.


Look at the letters, Old
English, and the spelling.

If ye valuest thy immortal...


If ye valuest thy immortal soul,

open not this accursed
chest for within it lyeth...


- Well, go on, go on,
what lyeth within it?

- I can't read the rest
until I remove the vertebrae.

But I know this much, only one Englishman

visited California in 1579.

Sir Francis Drake.

And if this chest is authentic,
it's worth thousands.

But you need an expert
witness here when we open it.

- Well, where do I found one?

- Well, I'll go to Berkeley
tonight and get the chemicals.

Julian Ash, president of
the historical society.

- You mean to say I have
to wait until tomorrow?

- Why be so anxious to
risk your immortal soul?

- Oh.

- He's right, Mrs.
McIntyre, you better wait.

There's no danger.

I'd be glad to stay up
and guard it for ya.

- Well, all right, then let's
take it up to the house.

Come on, Mike.

- Sure, sure.


I bet I could carry two of 'em.

- Get to the house, you idiot.

- Jessica, I've been thinking.

You need a little change,
a little excitement.

Why don't you come to the
dance with Hank and me tonight?

- A girl has to have a
partner at a square dance.

- Maybe Gordon would like to go.

- Do you think he'd take me?
- Of course he would.

I'll ask him for you.

- Please don't.

I don't want him to think that I...

(dramatic music)

Oh no.

- What is it?

Why, they found something!

- Please don't let them in.

- Look, Jessica, a treasure chest!

- You dug this up?
- A wonderful find.

I'm almost sure it was
buried by Sir Francis Drake.

Possibly part of the loot
he stole from the Spaniards.

We'll know as soon as I get back.

- Oh, you're leaving?

- Yeah, as soon as I change clothes.

Mr. Hawthorne, I mean, Gordon,

I was hoping that.

- Oh, don't worry about that copper chest.

There's no evil left after four centuries.

Good night.
- Hurry back!

Come on, Mike, put it in the sewing room.

We'll lock it up until morning.

(suspenseful music)

- Aunt Flavia, I don't
want it in the house.

- What, do you expect me
to leave it in the field?

- I won't stay in the house with it.

- But Jessica, you're acting like a child.

- Say what you please, I won't.

- If you feel that way, Jessica,

then why don't you stay
in my cabin tonight?

Is that all right, Mrs. McIntyre?

- (laughs) Of course it's all right.

- Come on.

- All set, Mrs. McIntyre.

(lock clicking)

- There, good night.

- Good night.

I'll finish up the chores, you stay here.

- All ready?
- Mm-hm.

- Gee, you look pretty.

- Oh, thank you, dear.

I'm sorry Gordon had to leave, Jessica.

Why don't you come with us anyway?

There are always extra
men at a country dance.

- I don't want an extra man.

That awful old chest.

- Yeah, these archeologists are always

interested in old chests.

Now take an artist like me--

- On second thought, I
think she's safer here

than with an artist like you.

Come on.

Anything in the place is yours.

- Including me.
- Oh, come on.

(crickets chirping)

(engine revving)

(suspenseful music)

(crickets chirping)

(crickets chirping)

- Well, what do you know.

We're the only men left on the ranch.

- We don't need no other men.

You and me are plenty.

- I think so too.

Stop grabbing that rifle
every time I'm not looking!

You don't know how to shoot
a gun, you'll hurt yourself.

- I wasn't gonna shoot it.


If anybody tried to bust in here,

I'll just use my hands on 'em.

- Yeah.

Yeah, you're pretty strong, Mike.

- Sure, sure, I'm strong.

I bet you could almost
open that copper chest

with your bare hands.

- Sure, sure.

But that wouldn't be right, would it?

- Well, I don't know why.

The only reason they didn't
want you to use the ax

is because you'd crush it.

But if you could open it
up without breaking it.

I'll just ask Mrs.
McIntyre if it's all right.

Now you wait right here
and don't touch that gun.

You'll make too much
noise, you understand me?

(dramatic music)

(knife clicking)

(dramatic music)

(fabric ripping)

(dramatic music)

It's all right with Mrs. McIntyre

just so we don't damage the thing.

- She said I could open it?

- Sure, she gave me the key, see?

Now move your chair.



- But you said she told us we could--

- [Flavia] What's the matter, Boyd?

Anything wrong?

- Nothing at all, Ma'am.

Mike just turned over the rifle.

- Oh.

Well, tell him to be
careful, I'm trying to sleep.

- Surely will.

You heard what she said.

- I'm sorry, I won't do it again.


(soft clicking)

- When we dug this up, it looked to me

like these iron bands were loose.

- Let me show ya, I got strong hands.

Are you sure she said it's all right?

- There's nothing to worry about.

Nothing to worry about at all.

You can always put those
bands back on afterward,

and no one will ever know.

- Yeah, yeah.

- As long as no one knows
what's on the inside

or counted it, who's to
say if any of it's missing.

(suspenseful music)

(crickets chirping)

(suspenseful music)



(shoes thudding)

(doorknob clattering)

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

How you doin', Mike?


(lock clicking)

I thought I told you not to open it.

You stupid idiot, what's wrong with you?

Mike, what's eatin' you?

(knife clicking)

One more step and I'll kill you.

(dramatic music)

(screams) You crazy idiot!

Help, help! (screams)

(dramatic music)

(knife clicking)

(mysterious music)

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)

(objects crashing)

(suspenseful music)

- Jessica!


Jessica, help!

Jessica, can't you hear me?



(suspenseful music)

Hurry up!

- What's the matter?

- Downstairs, something
horrible has happened, hurry up!

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

The chest, the treasure's gone.

- I told you it was evil.

- Ugh.

I heard Boyd yelling at Mike.

And I heard a crash.

- But Mike wouldn't hurt
Boyd, he wouldn't hurt anyone.


- What's that?


- It's only branches
scraping against the house.

(dog howling)

- I wish dogs wouldn't howl like that.

- You'd better call the
police, Aunt Flavia.

- Yes, I suppose so.

(phone clicking)

Hello, Sheriff's Office?

(dramatic music)

This is Flavia McIntyre.

I locked up a valuable chest,

and when I went to look for it later

I found the chest empty and
blood all over the floor.

Yes, the McIntyre Ranch,
near Cabrillo Canyon.

(suspenseful music)

Please hurry, my niece
and I are here all alone.

Thank you.

- I had the strangest feeling.

As though something was
trying to overpower me.

(feet thudding)

Oh, Gordon!

- Jessica, what is it, what's wrong?

- May I come in?

I reckon you forgotten you dragged me

out of bed to see a treasure chest.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

Mrs. McIntyre, Ms. Jessica Burns.

This is Julian Ash, president
of the historical society.

- How do you do?

- Now what's all the excitement?

- The gold, all the gold that
was in the chest is gone.

- That nitric?
- Hydrochloric.

- I can't understand why
the police don't come.

- It's a long way off the canyon road.

- You know, it just occurred to me.

I didn't meet anyone when I drove over it.

- Then the thief must be on
foot and still near here!

- You know, there's a way
we might find a wounded man.

You could tell us, with this.

Won't you try it?

- It's the treasure everyone wants.

I can't do it for money, it wouldn't work.

- No, not money.

The man whose blood that
is, Boyd's or Mike's,

may be badly hurt, in need of help.

- I'll try then.

But the wand should touch
something of the thing it seeks.

(dramatic music)

- [Julian] Amazing, Gordon,
it works beautifully.

- Let's see.

- [Julian] Yeah.

Watch now.

- [Gordon] Try some place where
there's something written.

- [Julian] All right.


- It's hardly clear.

If ye valuest thy immortal soul

open not this accursed chest.

For within it lyeth the disembodied spirit

of Gideon Drew, the foulest
and wickedest man who ever

set feet upon earth.

- Disembodied spirit.

- There's more.
- That's impossible.

(suspenseful music)

- This record prepared
the 22nd of June, 1579.

At the command of Sir Francis Drake

by Captain Fletcher of the Golden Hide.

Gideon Drew, being found
guilty before his comrades

of a crime most foul
was this day sentenced

to a living death.

(bird cawing)

(dramatic music)

- Yes, she finds things, even bodies.

(dramatic music)

- [Gordon] Gideon Drew being found guilty

before his comrades of a crime most foul

was this day sentenced to a living death.

(mysterious music)

(drum banging)

- Remove the blindfold now
and let him see a world

where he shall never walk again.

- Hide the evil eye, one
glance could make you a slave.

- Fear not, his eyes cannot
abide the vision of lost matter

that surrounds this ancient talisman.

Remove the cloth.

- Cowards, look at me!

- Nay do you gaze on this!

Speak not of cowards
when your own heart fails

with visions of the honor you've betrayed!

Aye, grovel, hide thy eyes.

But tune your ears to this,
the record of your evil deeds.

Thou, Gideon Drew, hath
blasphemed thy creator.

Thy voice was heard above the
hurricane beseeching Satan

to avert the wrath of God.

Yea, thou hast robbed and murdered.

And by the power that Satan
placed within thine evil eyes,

hast corrupted better men to do the same.

- Guilt is naught, but justification all.

I see a day when evil finds its power.

And in that distant
time my soul shall rise

to spread the flames of
hell around the world!

Can mortal man aspire to more than this!

The final triumph over all that's good.

- That we shall prevent by our punishment.

Let his neck be stretched!

Hear then, Gideon Drew,
the fate before thee.

Thou shalt not die.

Thy head which taught the deeds

shall severed be from its obedient body.

Satan bought the whole man not a part.

He will not take half now for his fee.

Steeped in its evil thoughts,

thy head forever living shall
lie in this nameless land.

While in another grave thy headless corpse

shall find eternity in which to lust

and find the time too
short to give it ease.

This be thy torment!

And the curse shall reign until thy head

and body join again.


(dramatic music)

(ax crashing)

(mysterious music)

Follow me and we'll bury the body

where none will ever find it.

(drums banging)

(mysterious music)

(mystical chiming)

(suspenseful music)


(dramatic music)

(siren wailing)

- Gordon!

Aunt Flavia!


Aunt Flavia!

- Jessica, where have you been?

- I found Boyd, dead, in a
grave he dug for himself.

- Wait a minute, Miss, will you explain

so I can understand?

- I know the place, officer, some on.

- Come on, Swanson!

- [Flavia] Jessica, why did
you go out there all alone?

- This began leading me.

I didn't want to, it's evil.

Never, never, never again!

- Wait, I want to see that stick.

- Come on, Jessica,
let's go into the house.

- No, not while that chest is still there.

I'm staying with Linda.

- Jessica, Aunt Flavia, what's happened?

- Oh plenty.

- I'll tell you on the way to the cabin.

I'm afraid out here.


- Well, who are you?

- Ash, Julian Ash.

- I'm Hank Houston.

(lock clattering)

- There, the door is
locked, and you're safe.

- I should have remembered.

While I'm wearing this, I'm always safe.

(suspenseful music)

- Come on, let's get some rest now.


- [Gordon] Now that's Boyd all right.

- Any idea who killed him?

- I hate to accuse anyone.

- You're not accusing anyone,

just giving information to the police.

- He was with Mike.

- Mike, who's he?

- One of Mrs. McIntyre's
employees, big fella.

Physically very strong but
weak under the rafters.

- You mean a nut?

- No, just dumb, but gentle.

- How'd Floyd treat him?

- Floyd was rough on him.

- We'll leave here the body for homicide

to start looking for Mike.

He sounds like the killer to me.

(suspenseful music)

(bird trilling)



(lock clattering)

- Shh, Jessica's asleep.

What is it, Hank?

- I just wanted to be
sure you were all right

before I turned in.

- I'm all right, darling.

- The police are staying
until the trouble's over.

So there's nothing to worry about.

- All right, good.

- Good night, darling.

(lips smacking)

- Good night again, Hank.

(lock clattering)


(dramatic music)

(mysterious music)

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

You called me?

- [Dispatcher] K4 to patrol car GW.

There's a police hearse on its way

out of Cabrillo Canyon, it
should arrive in 15 minutes.

Blocking all roads in that area.

Anything at your end yet, over.

- [Officer] GW to K4, all quiet here now.

The man we want is probably
hiding in the hills somewhere.

There isn't much we can do until morning.

(blade clicking)

We'll keep watch until the
rest of the crew gets here.

- Hold it, somebody coming.

- Stay on, who is it?

- Turn on the headlights.

Stop where you are!

Stop, I said!

- Be careful, he's cracked.
- Drop that knife.

(gun blasting)

(suspenseful music)

(gun blasting)

(suspenseful music)

- Now your safe, and I'm your only slave.

- I'm sorry this had to
happen, Mrs. McIntyre.

There's not much doubt
the boy killed Boyd.

There's the murder knife,
he tried to use it on me.

(siren wailing)

Well, folks, you might
as well go back to bed.

There'll be no more excitement.

- Jessica, where's Linda?

- I don't know, she wasn't in the cabin.

- Wasn't in the cabin?


Jessica, said you weren't here.

- Of course, I'm here.

What concern is it of yours?

- What concern is it of mine?

I'm gonna marry you, remember?


What's so funny?

- Marry you, marry a painter?

You sentimental fool!
(hand slapping)


(door slamming)

- What's wrong with them?

- I don't know.

But I do know it's time
everyone got some sleep.

- Yes, good night, Gordon.

Aren't you coming to bed, Linda?

- In a moment, dear.

- All right.

(suspenseful music)

(mysterious music)

(suspenseful music)

- Linda, why are you
staring at me that way?

- I was just admiring the
gift that Gordon gave you.

May I try it on?

- I promised not to take it off.

And after that dream I had
when I fainted, I won't.


(door slamming)

(dramatic music)

(canvas tearing)


(suspenseful music)

(rooster crowing)
(horses whinnying)

- And so there was never any treasure.

If what's written on the chest
is true, only a human head.

- No, hardly that after
nearly four centuries.

I'd say, at best, only a skull.

- Well, there's a lot of tannic acid

in the soil around here, it
might preserve part of the skin.

- You mean, turn it into leather?

- Mm-hm.

So if the legend is true, the
head is looking for its body.

- Oh please, it's not funny.

- Oh, I assure you, Mrs. McInytyre,

I intend to search for the other casket.

And I'll pay you well if I find it.

- I don't know why you keep
looking at me that way.

- That thing around your neck, I want it.

I'll buy it from you.

Let me have it, Jessica.

- No.

- You like beautiful things, don't you?

You may keep this dress
or anything else of mine

that you want.

- No, I'm going now.

Thank you for letting me stay with you.

(birds chirping)

- Jessica!

Come here.

(heels clacking)

I want to paint you.

- I haven't eaten yet, I have to go to my.

- The light's exactly right.

Just a quick sketch to start with.

- I thought you were painting Linda.

- Linda, you're a much prettier subject.

- [Flavia] That's impossible.

I can't have you digging
up my whole ranch.

- Well, I'm sure I can
persuade the society

to pay you $5000 for each of the caskets.

That's a lotta money, Mrs. McIntyre.

- Yes, yes, that is a lot of money.

- And a great contribution
to California history.

- You're thinking that
Jessica can help you

find the other casket.

Why not ask her?

- (sighs) Well, I don't want to.

Not after what happened last time.

- Well, after all, that
can't happen again.

Mike and Boyd are dead.

- I'm sure she'll help you.

- She has such a conscience.

Where is she?

- She and her conscience
are in Hank's studio.

Just the two of them.

(suspenseful music)

(door slamming)

Here she comes now.

(door slamming)

- What is it?

Why does everyone stare
at me this morning?

What's wrong with me?

- There's nothing wrong with you, Jessica.

- We have a problem.

- Oh, let's get to the point.

There's another casket buried
somewhere on the ranch,

Jessica, and Mr. Ash has promised us $5000

if we can find it.
- Yes, that's right.

Of course, I haven't seen you demonstrate

your remarkable abilities yet.

- You've all been sitting
here, plotting and planning

to make me do something I know is wrong.

That's why Hank tried
to keep me in his cabin.

That's why Linda wanted
to take away my talisman.

Isn't it enough that two men are dead?

Do the rest of you wanna die too?

- Oh, honey, all I'm asking is that you

take that forked stick and--

- No!

(dramatic music)

I hate you all, I wish you all were...

I'll not stay here any longer!

- Well, that does it.

No help from Jessica.

- She's right.

You're trying to make her do
something against her will

because you want money.

- I see nothing wrong in wanting money.

I'm not trying to rob anybody, am I?

- You have a point there,
Mrs. McIntyre, I have a plan.

- Oh?

- From what I've read about dowsing,

the ability often runs in families.

- You mean me?

Oh, I couldn't do that.

Why, I'd look so foolish.

- Didn't mind if Jessica
looked foolish, go ahead.

- Take it, and try it.

(suspenseful music)

- You're really going?

- Yes, Linda's driving me to the bus stop.

- Well, I don't blame you for being upset.

I just want to be sure you're safe.

- I'll be safe enough,
I'll go to my cousin.

- There's just one favor I'd like to ask.

- Yes?

- Well, Julian and I were
talking about this talisman.

He feels it may belong to
the same period as the chest

and very valuable.

- You mean you want it back.

- I should say not, it's yours.

But if you could let me borrow
it, I could have a cast made.

- You put it there, you're the
only one who can take it off.

- I'll put this in the car for you.

- See what I mean?

- You know, with Flavia doing it,

it looks positively immmoral.

- I'll go get Linda.

You ready?

- Sit down, dear, I'll just be a moment.

- All right.

- Such a beautiful day.

- I keep feeling there's
something evil very close to me.

- Well, I'm close to you.

- Oh, I don't mean you,

though I should think you'd feel it too.

- I've got something to cheer you up.

- [Jessica] Something for me?

- Mm-hm.

A gift.

- Oh Linda, you're giving
me one of your hats!

- Go ahead, open it.

Open it, dear.


(dramatic music)

Don't you like it?

- Yes, Linda, I like it very much.

- I'm so happy for you, dear.

- I'm not going to leave the ranch.

Something I have to do.

- Cake?

- Oh thank you.
- Yes, thanks.

Jessica, I thought you'd gone.

- I stayed because I want to help you.

- You want to get the chest?

- Yes, Gordon.

Go cut a fresh wand for
me from the willow tree

behind the house.

I'll change clothes.

- Do you think you might need that?

I wonder what made her change her mind.

- Well, I suppose after
she thought about it

she realized our request was reasonable.

- I'm not sure it is.

- Well.

- Jessica!

- Where are Hank and Linda?

- In the cabin.

- We're ready to start, come on.

- Have a drink.

- Sure.

Look at me, is this what you
wanted, the natural girl?

- Yeah.

- Now come on.

(suspenseful music)

- Why, it's taking her a long time.

- The first one took a long time.

- I wish she'd hurry.

- Wait, wait, she's onto something.

(suspenseful music)

- She's found it!

- Here.

(suspenseful music)


- Gordon, I'm rested
now, let me spell you.

- Yeah, okay.

- Jessica, what's happened?

You're changed, you're not the
same girl you were yesterday.

- Yesterday I was trying to do
what was right, I was afraid.

But I'm not afraid anymore.

Now get back to work.

- We found it!

(dramatic music)

- About time too, let's have some light.

- [Flavia] $5000.

- Well, let's get it to the house!

- I'd like to open it without breaking it.

- Might be able to knock the pins out.

- Mm-hm.

- Put some oil here.

Jessica, aren't you
gonna watch us open it?

- Oh, I'll be back.

There's something I have to get.

- [Gordon] Yeah, this one feels loose.


(dramatic music)



(thrilling music)

- Jessica!

(thrilling music)

- At last I breathe again.

(gun blasting)

(dramatic music)

Satan still lives.

Four centuries have not reduced his power.

So this is what mankind has become?

Hogs before the butcher!

Waiting to die.

- Let's get him, now!

(thrilling music)

- Which one of you is first?

After so long of fast, I
thirst for human blood.


But I think your blood is too cold,

and yours has turned to water.

Your blood is diluted with
the vile stuff you drink.

And you have dried up.

Ah, you.

(suspenseful music)



(casket creaking)

- Gordon!

- Better make sure he's dead.

All right, open it.

(casket creaking)

(thrilling music)

Satan has finally received him.

- Hank.

Oh, please forgive me.

(romantic music)

- Let this protect us both.

(majestic orchestral music)