The Thing Inside Us (2021) - full transcript

Daniel and Shelly have lost everything to the LV pandemic that has currently engulfed the world. Most show no symptoms to the disease, but Daniel barely survived the infection. Shelly seems fine except for a strange case of sleepwalking. The doctors can't help her, so Daniel decides to document his wife's illness for evidence. What he finds could not only destroy his relationship, but the world itself.

So every morning,
I find Shelley right here.

As you can see, we have the spot

That's because she's
always in the same spot,

never different.

She's always looking at the sky.

I have no idea what she
could be looking at.

Wake up, sweetie.

Hey, wake up.

Good morning, honey.

How many bites?

A few.

I'll probably
try that new spray later,

maybe put up the zapper.

- Thanks.
- There you go.

All right.

So, sweetie, how long would
you say this has been going on?

Two and a half years, two

three weeks, and one day.

And before
that, did you ever have

problems sleepwalking as a

or sleeping, for that matter?

No, never.

And what about in the family,
Mom, Dad,

aunts, uncles, any of them
have any problems sleeping?

Not that I can remember.

What about the first time it

You recall anything weird
or out of the ordinary?

Not really.

It was just after you
got out the hospital,

maybe a week or so.

I do remember the first
time I woke up outside.

That was scary.

It's not something that you just

Make sure you take care of the

We are in the first days of

and an elderly man is the latest

from complications due
to the Livingstone virus,

or LV, as commonly called,

making him the 26th
reported case in the state.

Despite its uptick in cases,
authorities have maintained

that contacting the disease is
very rare,

and developing encephalitis
from the virus, even rarer.

Most who contract the disease

only mild to no symptoms at all.

Still, caution is
advised, as it is unclear

why some individuals develop

fatal complications from the

What the hell you doing?

Hopefully preventing

Hope you kept your receipt.

Got good reviews online, so.

I'm telling you, pissing in
the grass

would do just the same.

You don't wanna get bit, you
stay inside

and you keep it cold.

Going to the bank in the am.

Be around eight to get the rent.

I'll have it.

That's good.

Why your wife out here
so early in the morning?

Exercise, I guess.

Standing still is exercising?

Past few days, I reckon,
standing right about there,

looking kinda odd,
until you come fetch her

with that odd-looking camera of

Look, she sleepwalks.

They ain't got no medicine for

We just don't understand
why she's doing-

- Contagious?
- No, God, no.

It's just-

- One of those head things.

I got you.

Do me a favor, you keep that
over here,

'cause I ain't got no problem

this place empty, got me?

Yeah, I got you.

That's good.

Be here in the am.

I don't think
this needs to be in the video.

It feels private.

I want it in there.

Hey, babe, why
don't you let me do it?

I got it.

There's just this
little voice inside my head

keeps telling me that this
is just a waste of money.

But we gotta keep trying, right?

No one said that making
a baby would be easy.

So I have cameras all over the

Different points of views,

for both inside and out.

So hopefully I won't miss

which means you guys watching
won't miss anything, either.

Our hope is that somebody out

will see these videos,
and maybe reach out to us.

I mean, we can't be the only
ones going through this.

So, if you're out there,
please, let us know.

Maybe we can help each
other, swap some ideas,

hopefully figure this thing out.

Anyways, until then, this
is Married to a Sleepwalker,

signing off.

Are you almost done?

Yeah, babe, give me just a

Well, I'm ready.

Ready, ready for what, oh.

Ready for that.

Maybe not share everything.

So I have to
sleep on top of this thing?


So, when you get up, hopefully
the alarm will go off,

and that'll be enough to jolt
you awake.

Hey, at least keep you from

the night outside for a change.

That would be great.

No more rainwater in my mouth.

Why didn't we think about this

Actually, we didn't.

Somebody who saw the first
video online suggested it.

A Mr. Goldfish-Super-Fan-97.

The power of social media.

Well, thank you, Mr.


Thanks, Mr. Goldfish-Super-Fan.

Are you sure
that's coming from me?

I'm positive.

I don't even think that
I could recreate that.

I'll try.

Okay, that wasn't even close.

I can't even do that.

I heard it with my own ears.

It's right there on the monitor.

Well, put it back from
when I first walked outside.

Why did I turn around right

Your guess is as good as mine.

Is your hand okay?

Yeah, it's fine.

So, look, I was thinking,
maybe we should share

this with Dr. Lopez.

Why, he's just gonna
say that sleepwalkers

do weird shit, and he's gonna
overcharge us for our time.

Okay, so let's get a new


Why not?

You know I don't like him,

and, obviously, you don't like

What are you trying to say,
you having second thoughts?

No, no.

No, of course not.

This is as much my idea
as it is yours, right?

I mean, if it wasn't for the

we wouldn't know half of what's
going on.

I need to know what happens
if this doesn't work

or if things continue to get

It's gonna work.

Of course it is.

What if we don't find anything?

Well, then, I guess
we will just have plenty

to show Dr. Lopez, okay?

Okay, let's go to work.

Dr. Lopez is an ass.

Neurological disorders,
seizures, some fertility drugs,

any number of medical issues
can cause sleepwalking,

but I don't think that's the
case here.

I think we're dealing with
anxiety, pure and simple.

Shelly's sleepwalking begins
and ends with her husband.

He almost died from the LV, but
I think

it's Shelly who hasn't

I was the second in the
state to survive complications.

At my worst, the doctors
gave me a 10% chance.

I don't think I would've made
it if it wasn't for Shelly.

I think we're dealing with
anxiety, pure and simple,

because, let's look at the
facts, she lost a child,

she almost lost her
husband, financial trouble,

the stress of the condition

That can take a toll on any

and I think we're dealing
with all of the above.

My recommendation is that
Shelly get psychiatric care,

but it's important to remember
that this is not a quick fix.

Shelly was a month pregnant
when the sleepwalking started.

She lost the child on the second

We've been trying to
get pregnant ever since.

This illness has cost
us our money, our house.

It's cost us everything.

I don't like videoing our lives,

but I feel like it's the
only way to somehow find

a way to get back the
life we should have had.

Hey, Shelly, come check this

What you got?

What do you think that is,
right there?

What am I looking

You don't see that person?

Right there in the background.

No, I don't see it.

Come on.

I mean, don't you think if
someone was standing there

that we would've noticed?

And, if that is a person,
then I feel really sorry

for them that they don't
have something better to do.

Maybe it's Mr. Cate.

Now that's actually a scary

Okay, is that how this is gonna

from now on we let the Internet

Hey, apparently, now
every important decision

is decided on the Internet.

Well, good luck with that.

All right, babe.

I am gonna go take a shower,
and then I'm going to bed.

All right, I'm gonna
come set everything up

after I check the email, okay?

"Another bullshit video."

Yeah, thank you.


Carol B.

Carol, "why don't you tie her

Short answer, we did.

Let me go, let me go!

I think you gotta take me to a

And that's why we don't
handcuff Shelly,

but a good thought.

All right, one more email here.

This one's from Mary Q.

"My husband's been sleepwalking
for the better part

"of three years, only
meaner when he wakes up.

"Place padlocks on the
doors, then hide the key.

"Let us know your results."

Mary, yes, finally!

All right.

I knew there had to be someone

dealing with something similar.

I'd love to chat, email, phone,
your call.

Talk soon, we'll give this a

It's been a week, and
Shelly still hasn't returned

to her usual spot.

I'm not sure what's changed.

If you ask me, I think
she's getting worse.

She's blacking out during
the day, way more than usual.

I've got her doing strange

stranger than usual.

You hear that?


You don't hear that?

It's voices.

And what are they saying?

Can't make that out.

It's weird, right?

You gonna be okay
while I go to the office?

Mm hmm, yeah, I'll be fine.


Hey, sweetie, I'm home.


Babe, you awake?



Honey, Shelly, I'm going
to take that knife.

Shelly, I need you to wake up.


Hi, dinner's ready.

Oh, I guess I made a mess.

I'm gonna get a broom.

Are you okay?

Well, there goes our security

Like we
were gonna get that back.

I just don't know how
I feel about listening

to Mary Q's suggestion.

Isn't that the whole point of

Besides, what, are you scared of

I doubt he's ever gonna
find out about this.

As we are literally recording

with the intent to upload
it to the Internet.

You know those voices in my head

that I'm always telling you

Well, they're telling me
that this is not a good idea.

I mean, you're locking us in.

It's only at night.

What if there's a

Babe, there's not gonna be any

Besides, I shoulda did something
like this

a long time ago.

And if it doesn't keep
you from sleepwalking,

it'll keep you inside at night,

That's a win in my book.

Where are you gonna put the

That's for me to know.

What if I need it?

Then I'll get it.

That's what I'm talking about.

If something happens to
you, what am I gonna do,

knock down the door?

If you know where it's at,

doesn't that kinda
defeat the whole purpose?

I don't know.

Look, we can drop all
of this, call the doctor,

if you'd rather do that.

Well, just know that the
voice in my head are not happy.

Yeah, that's no reason
to call the doctor.

As we approach the end of

there have been two new cases of

reported on the northern
part of the parish,

but, this time, they're both

Doctors are reporting that
they are in stable condition.

Their conditions will be closely

for the next 48 hours.

So how is it?

It's delicious.

This something new?

Little something I found

Well, you did a really great

of following the instructions.

What's wrong?

I thought that was your

Really, 'cause it tastes like

You okay?

You tired?

I'm always tired.

I'm always asleep.

Or somewhere in between.

It's just, you know,
sometimes I'm daydreaming

about my everyday daily routine

and then, bam, I wake up
and I'm somewhere else,

doing something kooky.

How do I know that I'm really

here with you having this meal,

or am I just dreaming about

that happened two weeks ago?

Or, maybe, I'm sleepwalking
right now,

and this is just a conversation

that's, you know, a reaction.

It's just my mind on
autopilot, just saying

whatever my subconscious
thinks that you wanna hear.

Life is not a dream, sweetie.

Then why do I feel like

we've had this conversation

Can I ask you something?


When was the last time
that you felt carefree,

like everything was just gonna
be fine.

Babe, everybody's
dealing with something.

Maybe this is our something.

Yeah, well, I would trade our

for someone else's something any

And then you might end up much

Or, maybe, we could end
up finally having a kid,

or we wouldn't have lost the
first one.

You can't think like that.

Well, I do.

When was the last time
that you felt carefree,

like everything was just gonna
be fine?

Okay, it was probably the
last few days before I got sick.

We went to that old burger

That place is a dump.

We only would go there if
we were too lazy to cook.

The food was awful.

So what was so special about
that day?


Absolutely nothing.

And that's what made it so

It was the last normal day of my

I like that one, I'm
gonna steal that one.

What about you?

The same day.

No, you can't have that one,

No, I meant it, I'm
gonna steal that one.

At least I know it actually

Well, at least I'm back to my
usual spot.


Come on, you must have told

There is no way I told you.

Maybe I saw you hide it.

You were in bed.

And, besides, you look
like you're possessed.

Why did you unplug the zapper?

I don't know, maybe it was
bothering the demons inside me.

I'm serious.

Well, come on, don't be

I wanna do it again.


You don't find this the least
bit freaky?

I mean, nothing surprises me
any more.

This whole thing is weird.

I just wanna see what what
happen if we tried it again.

Can you explain

It's adapting.

What's adapting?

Whatever it is that's inside
my head.

It's doing whatever it's gotta

to get me to do what it wants.

Okay, so that's your medical

Why would you say it's
happening then?

I'm not a doctor.

I want you to show
these videos to Dr. Lopez.


some common sense.

Call tomorrow.



The LV virus is everywhere.

LV is the new normal.

Two weeks ago, none of
my staff or researchers

were carrying the virus.

Today, 70% are infected, so,

mosquitoes aren't the only

In the next year, I think
it's a real possibility

99% of western civilization
could either be

carrying the disease or
dead from complications.

What can be

I'm not sure anything can be

Quarantines haven't worked.

We need to identify other

examine our blood supplies,
resume research on a vaccine.


Time to wake up.

So what you about to do,

Don't follow.

I warned you.

You're lucky she loves you.



Shelly, wake up, for God's sake!

This is all my fault.

I should've called the fricking

I'll never forgive myself
if something happens to her.

She's never wandered out this

I swear, she's gonna wake up

and not know where the hell
she's at,

or, worse, she stays asleep.

Damn it!

Hey, who's there?


Like a dumbass, left my phone at

Morning has to be a couple hours

Guys, this is as bad as it gets.

I mean, there are bodies
of water everywhere,

she can't swim.

Wild animals, and fricking

What happened?

Your wife take the night off?

Where the hell have you been?

I was thrilled to wake up
in my own bed for once.

So you don't remember
anything about last night?

I never remember anything.

What did I do?

So what you gonna do, sweetie?

Wasn't expecting that.

Don't follow.

I warned you.

You're lucky she loves you.



Shelly, wake up, for God's sake!

You could've
gotten hurt out there.

Yeah, and you could've died
out there.

I know.

Call Dr. Lopez if you want.

I already did.

I uploaded a video earlier for
him to see.

Got a video conference
scheduled for later today.

He's probably gonna admit me

You don't know that.

Maybe that would be best.

"She found the key, didn't

Found the key, who the
hell did she know that?

Is that what happened with your

Do you know how he did it?

Please, respond, come on.


"Yes, but not ready to share.

"Talk soon."

The Internet is full of crazy

Do you see me?

Hey, Dr. Lopez, yeah,
you're a little fuzzy.

Hey, let me get Shelly, hold on.

Hey, Shelly, Dr. Lopez.

Is that any better?

Oh, yeah, much better.

Hey, Dr. Lopez.

Good to see you, Shelly,

All right, I took a look at the

and I agree, these new
symptoms are troublesome.

How do you feel, Shelly, tired?

I'm always tired, but I guess

that some days are better than

I'm gonna up the dose on your

to give you a little bit of
extra sleep.

The following day, please,
check in with the nurse,

and let us know if you have any

any complications, et cetera.

And are you still taking
the fertility drugs?


I want you to stop those

until we have a better
understanding of what's going on.

No, I can't do that.

These medications, in rare

can cause sleepwalking.

I'm going to insist you
follow instructions.

Daniel, I was curious, how did
you come by

the video of your wife?

We've got several cameras
set up around the house.

For what purpose?

Same as you, try to
figure this thing out.

I'm sorry, but how do
you believe this will help?

Research, try to see it
from a different angle.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong,

but do you have any medical

You and Shelly are accountants,
if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah, that's correct.

Do you feel qualified to do

No, I don't, but if we didn't,

we wouldn't know about
all these new symptoms.

Have you considered that

your lives into an experiment

is what's caused her condition
to worsen?

If I'm to be honest,

I think you should stop that

I'm fine with that, Doc,
and I can get behind that,

but can you please
explain to me, Dr. Lopez,

how she continues to find the

Daniel thinks I'm possessed.

Pure and simple,
sleepwalkers do strange things.

I haven't reviewed enough of the

or understand what Shelly's

to make an educated guess,
but I can assure you

there's a perfectly reasonable
explanation for all this

beyond possession.

Do us all a favor, don't put
your wife under the microscope.

Let's be patient here.

I do believe that we are about
to turn a corner with this.

Make sure to follow up, best of

He doesn't know what he's
talking about.

He is such an ass!

I don't know, maybe he's got a


That's not it, this is beyond

The problem is, I need to start

to what's going on.

What are you talking about?

I need you to make sure
I stay inside tonight.

I think I know what you are.

It's okay.

I'm listening now.

Maybe this was a bad idea.


Okay, you freaks, let's see
if you're paying attention.


What the hell is that?


Shelly, what the hell
are you doing in there?

Shelly, open, what the hell was

Daniel, I think we're being

Oh, shit!





I haven't seen or heard
from my wife in two days.

The ransom note, I don't
know who or why or what,

but I know that multiple
people broke into this house

and took my wife.

And I say multiple because
that's the only way

that I can explain what

But I can tell you one thing,

whoever took her, they've been

watching us for quite some time.

I mean, I've got cameras covering
every inch of this place,

and I got nothing.

Hi, Detective, wasn't
expecting to see you today.

Well, I thought we were due
for a little face-to-face.

You wanna go inside.

I don't think so, I'm not
a big fan of being recorded.

Think you can turn this thing

Not from out here, no.

Everything is controlled
from in the house.

Fine, look, we've
watched all your tapes,

everything you uploaded, and
I'm gonna be honest with you,

is this whole thing
just some sort of hoax?

I'm sorry, a what?

A hoax.

Is this a big joke to you?

It's a game you're playing?

A big cry for attention?

Why would you ask me that?

Because we watched the tapes.

You didn't see the attackers?

You didn't see the hand,
they guy on the roof?

Yeah, we saw all of it,
and it's just the fact

that you have it all recorded

just seems a little bit

So I'm asking you one more time,

is this whole thing
you're just trying to make

fools out of our department?

Somebody kidnapped my wife,

and I showed you the proof.

You gave us proof that you're

your front doors, playing
hide-and-go-seek with the keys,

your wife attacking you,

and your little midnight
stroll through the woods.

So, if this is not a hoax,

I think you have quite a bit to

I'm just trying to help my

Yeah, so you say, but
I've heard that line before,

only to have to come back and

the same guy just a few days

So you're saying that I did

I'm not saying that,
but I'm not dismissing it.

So do yourself a favor and
don't do anything crazy

like go and leave town, you

Yeah, I understand.

I'll be in touch.

"Your wife will return in six

How do you know that, do
you know where my wife is?

"You'll understand in six days.

"Talk to you later."

No way.

Thank you, I walked
outside and forgot my keys.

I would forget my head
if it wasn't attached.

I was gonna run and get some

and I'm gonna pick up some

You want donuts?

Chocolate, glazed?

Where have you been?


So you don't
remember any of this?

I remember getting out
of bed and going outside,

and then I locked myself out the

So where are we on breakfast?

Do you want me to make
biscuits instead of donuts?

This doesn't scare you?

I'm over it.

Someone took you from this

and you don't think this is a
big deal?

I mean, how can I worry about

that I don't even remember?

So where are we on breakfast?

Okay, so you don't remember

But I will tell you that
I feel good, really good.

Okay, there you go.

I don't see anything left to
do except to close the case.

Close the case?

Yeah, is there any
reason why we shouldn't?

Someone came and took her.

I mean, who's to say they
won't try this again?

Well, in my business, we
need something called leads.

So, unless you have more
evidence to put forward,

then, yeah, I'd say this case is

I just don't feel like
this is good enough.

Do you?

I'm just glad that
this whole thing is over.

Who's to say that
this won't happen again?

I think it's safe to say that
this will not happen again.

How can you say anything
if you're not doing anything?

I think your wife has the
right idea here, my friend.

These things don't
always end quite so well.

I think you need to count your

where you have them.

I think he's right, Daniel.

But we will continue to look
into it

as much as we can manage.

Are you satisfied?

It's good to have you back.

Thank you.

I'll be in touch.

You sure you wanna do


Don't you agree?

I mean, it's
all we ever wanted.

Yeah, but I think it's time
that we stop

trying for things that just
aren't meant for us, you know?

I feel better already.

It's time to let it go, all of
it, okay?

You should try it.

So what's the last thing you

Losing my keys.

And before that?

Honestly, it's all kind of

I remember eating dinner, maybe?

I think we were watching

Or I think we were talking to
Dr. Lopez,

or fighting, but, about what,
I can't really remember.

It's weird, huh?

I think weird seems to be our

I don't want that to be us

I don't think it can be that

Why not?

Why not just let it go?

You know how crazy that

I mean, you realize you
were just kidnapped?

We don't know by who, or why.

We don't even know if they're
coming back.

Why does it matter?

Because I'm scared.

You don't realize it, but

is the beginning of something

How can you say that?

You'll see.

Good morning.

You're still here.

After observing Shelly for
three days,

I can comfortably say
that her sleep patterns

have returned to normal.

That's amazing.

How is that possible?

We've been dealing with this for

She goes and spends five
days out in the woods,

and, all of a sudden, it's gone?

These things disappear in
the same fashion they appear.

But if that doesn't satisfy you,

it's possible that ceasing
her fertility drugs

have had some positive effect.

Look, sorry, Doc, we're just
not used

to getting good news.

You two have been through

Go on and enjoy life.

You two deserve it.

If you need me, you know where
to find me.


Can you believe it?

- Detective?
- Mind if I come in?



No, no, I'm fine.

Oh, good, you're here, too.

Something we can do for you,

Well, I wanted to
come by because we came

across something I think you
both will be interested in.

We picked up a few kids for

a house just up the street from

and we must have given
them a pretty good scare

because they admitted to

from vandalizing that
house to cheating on tests

to vandalizing this house.

- Wait, what?
- Yep.

They are the ones who
knocked your cameras over.

- They kidnap her, too?
- No, no.

But I've been thinking about
that a lot.

She must have simply
crawled out of the window

when you weren't paying


That finally sheds some
light on that night.

Case closed.

Now, do you want to press

No, I'm sure those kids
are in enough trouble.

Yes, ma'am, they are.

I think the worst is behind

The death rate has reached
what I would consider

an acceptable point.

In other words, the curve has

What makes you
say that?


LV is considerably more

than we originally thought.

Most of us have it at
this point and are fine.

I think the best thing people
can do is live their lives

and accept LV is going to be

a part of our lives going

What about a

We will be fine without a

What you doing?

I'm not sleepwalking, right?

Not any more, no.

Well, the experiment's over.

Ah, man, I can't
believe I'm saying this,

but I really think it's over.

Ever since Shelly has came back,

it's like it's the old her.

It's like the Shelly I knew
even before I got sick.

So I guess that's it.

Thanks for watching.

Next time I post a video,

it will be of us at the beach.

We did it.

- You ready?
- Absolutely.

Just wanna do one thing.

Come here.

Picture time?

- You got it?
- Mm hmm.

Look at this,
10 minutes into the trip

and she's already asleep.

Hey, babe, I'm going to
get something to eat.

You want anything?

Oh, turn the air off.

My sinuses are starting to act

That noise, that fucking

And I might've let it go

if it wasn't for that email from
Mary Q.

I know it's crazy to put so much

in someone you never met, but
she's been pretty dead on.

And who knows, she, or maybe he,

whoever the hell is a part of

manipulating me, who knows,

but I had to see where
the rabbit hole went.

Hey, sweetie, I'm gonna
be in the office today.

It seems, when I wasn't home,
she started acting weird.


And now things are worse.

Much worse.

Why are you still recording

'Cause you're not well.


I haven't slept-walked in weeks.

Why can't you be glad that
this whole thing's over?

Because it isn't.

You know what?

I think that you like me sick,

like me being dependent on you.

Why can't you just accept
that things are normal now

and be happy for once?

This isn't normal.

I don't even think
you're even you anymore.

What, what does that even

It means I don't
think my wife ever came home.

Then who am I?

I don't know, you tell me.

What happened in the woods?

I told you,

- I don't remember.
- Remember, yeah.

I've already heard that.

So how about this time, you
try telling me the truth.

I'm not doing this
with you.

I need you to cut your hand.

I need to see your blood.

I'm leaving.

You can't just leave.

Yeah, why not?

Because this isn't over.

This is definitely over.


- Shelly, please.
- Let go!

Come on!


Oh, shit.

So here we are.

Daniel, Daniel, where are you?

Daniel, you need to untie me
right now!

You're right, you're right,
but first things first.

What happened in the woods.

I told you.

The truth, damn it!

I want you to tell me the truth,
or else.

Or else what?

You gonna hurt me, you
gonna hurt your wife?

Is that what you've come to?

You are not Shelly!

You've lost it, sweetie.

You're the sick one.

Maybe we should've been
recording you this whole time

so that we can show the world
what a sick asshole you are!

Fine, fine.

Last time I'm going to ask.

Wait, wait, Daniel, what are
you doing?

Mary said proof is in the

so we're gonna see exactly what
she meant.

Shelly, why are there worms
inside of you?

You really screwed up

What the hell is that on the

Will you talk to me?

You need to untie me
before this gets out of hand.

Out of hand?

This is pretty much out of hand.

Are you even Shelly anymore, are

What does it matter?

You're not gonna believe
me one way or the other.

I'll believe whatever you tell

Good, first, you need
to go and take my friends

and put them inside something

- Your friends.
- On the floor.

You're not Shelly

What the hell was that?

Who the hell are these people?

I would not do that.

Why not?

Because the minute
you walk out that door,

they're gonna kill you.

Why would you even tell me

Wouldn't it be easier
just to let them do it?

Yes, but Shelly loves you,

and, if something were to happen
to you,

it would cause her sadness,
and we can't let that happen.

It would make her less


The worms?

I don't wanna sound
like one of your movies,

but we are not of this world.

The term you use is alien.

Look, all I want is my wife.

That's not possible.

Why, why is that not possible?

Shelly and us are one now.

If we left, billions would die.

You see, Daniel, Shelly now

millions of our people and, if
she dies,

it would be like wiping
out an entire country.

I'm sure you can understand
that we cannot let that happen.

Who the hell is that?

May we come in?

Put down the knife.

Put down the gun.

We both know you're
not gonna hurt your wife.

You don't know what
the hell I'm gonna do.

I'm not even sold that this is
my wife.

We are gonna be brutally
honest here.

You know way more than we'd

Most of us would like to
eliminate you.

I just want my wife back, worm

Shelly already explained
that it's not possible.

We are joined.

That colony will be with
her til the end of her days.

Their children will
populate another and another

and so on and so on.

Well, then take me instead.

We tried.

But some bodies reject us.

Most of them do not survive.

The LV?

Yes, LV.

Originally, we used
mosquitoes as transport,

a way for our children to
populate other colonies,

new bodies, warm bodies.

So this is an invasion.


It's more like cohabitation.

I don't care what the hell it

I'm not gonna let you get away
with this.

Jeez, you were supposed
to be finding a cure,

but, instead, you were making it


I wish we were compatible with

or anything else on this
miserable rock,

but here we are.

Do the right thing.

Let Shelly go.

Let Shelly go.

Let Shelly go.

You know what,

I'm taking my wife and
getting the hell out of here.

I'll have to handle this.

- Wait.
- Why?

Would it not be easier
if he were just gone?

There's no risk here.

We see it differently.

Most unfortunate.

They're safe.

Only the host has expired.

No need to execute this man.

Besides, he was just defending

I'm sorry it had to be this

You should know that Shelly is
not gone.

We influence, but we try not to

You could've lived your
whole life with her,

but you had to know.

You couldn't just be happy.

Please, don't take my wife.


Finally, there's life.

No, wait.

I'm gonna tell everybody.

Tell whomever you want.

Those we have bonded with will

whatever we want them to see, a

Those who can't or haven't
will see a crazy man.

What do you want?

I wanted to make sure you were

Yeah, what do you know about
all this?

I pay attention.

I really like the videos that
you post.

I also go by Mary Q.


She's my sister.

I use the alias to help
others like us, the immune.

Come on, let's get you outta

So is the LV
Virus alien in nature?

To say LV is alien in

is unbelievably ridiculous.

But, as we've already
seen, there's a small group

of the population that will

any ridiculous conspiracy
theory tossed on the Internet.

These are the same people
that wear aluminum foil hats.

You can trust your government.

We have your best interests at

and we will do everything
we can to protect you.

And if you don't believe us,

I'm confident that you will