The Thing Below (2004) - full transcript

A top secret drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico raises a dormant alien creature from the depths. Once loose, the creature goes on a murderous rampage.

( dramatic music playing )

( alarm ringing )

[ Man: ] This is chopper

clearing a hundred mile
biohazard hot zone.

( indistinct chatter )

Target turning to grid 0209.

( indistinct chatter )

Closing on target.

Target acquired.

Target submerged at 22 feet.

Requesting permission to deploy weapon.

We're flying in a damn hot zone.

Tell those gentlemen in Washington
that we need that okay now.

[ Man #2: ]
Deploy the weapon.

Roger that.

Weapon deployed.

Tracking and Telemetry Engineer
reporting as ordered, sir.

You're late.

Sorry, General, I got held up.

And you're alone.

I was told you'd be bringing
a full staff.

Well, cutbacks, you know.

Name's Lynch.

Well, let's get a move on, Lynch.

We've got a situation here.

I need you to track the U.S.S. Semenza.

Last I heard Search and Rescue
had her on course.

Tap into their comm system.

My ass will be hung out to dry
if anything happens to that cargo.

Semenza's reports are encrypted.

looks to me like it's
Naval Code Blue--

Drop the computer gibberish.
Just tell me where she's at.

It's decoding now.

( beeping )

Pardon me for saying so, but we
are getting our asses kicked out here.

I'm aware of that, Mr. Taylor.

- I'll take over now.
- Aye, sir.


Routine scientific operation, they said.

Pick up a specimen, bring it back
to Washington..! you call this routine?

They couldn't anticipate
the weather, Doctor.

Then we should have stayed docked at
the oil-rig or go back to the port.

We don't know the first thing about
what they hauled up out of the depths.

I can tell you one thing about it:

without that protective cylinder,
we would already be dead right now.

That thing is churning out
enough radiation

that it could tan an elephant
at 100 yards.

Perhaps we should
stow it in the vault.

I think that's a very good idea.

[ General: ]
Any word on the cargo?

Not yet.

When was their last report?

Fifteen minutes ago.

Slowing to 10 knots,
turning her bow into the waves.

And the cargo,
anything on the cargo?

General, if you tell me
what the cargo is--

Lynch, this is a military operation.

You think I dragged you into this shithole
'cause I like the atmosphere?

Only me, the President
and God knows what she's carrying.

You just follow orders.

The less I know the better, right?

Whatever it is, I know it's red hot.

I was right, sir.
The storm's been upgraded to a level 5.

They’re calling it
one of the worst in decades.

We'll never make it around the Keys.

Change our vector. We're heading
straight to port at Mobile. -Aye sir.

[ Man: ]
Belay that order, son.

You're not authorized to change course,
Stewart, and you know it.

God damn it, Prouty.
The Semenza's my ship.

I'm responsible for it
and the 120 crewmen on board,

including yourself.

Why don't you let me do my job?

This isn't a
goddamn pleasure cruise, Stewart.

You have your orders,

and these are fighting men
commissioned by the government.

Now if you've lost your nerve,

I'll find someone else to take control.

That won't be necessary.

We'll get your precious cargo
to Maryland

or die trying, whichever comes first.

I thought you'd see it my way.

Mr. Taylor,
keep to original course

around the Florida Keys.

and may God help us all.

Careful, careful, easy now.

All we need now is to drop it.

( grunting )

Hard to port, Mr. Taylor!
Hard to port!

- I'll get it.
- No.

( growls )

( screeches )

Let's get out of here!
Come on! Come on!

[ Prouty: ]
I don't want anything to happen

to our little shipment, gentlemen,
so keep it steady.

( screeches )


( alarm blaring )

That's code red in the lab, sir.


What's going on down there?

We've got a situation going
on down here, Captain.

I got one up here, too,
Miss Marshall.

- We have three men down.
- What?

That's right, Captain.
Our new specimen i-i-is alive

and loose in the science quarter.

What's your position, Doctor?

We're in
the clean room for now,

but that thing
wants in… wants us.

Well, just stay put.
I'll send help.

Don't worry.
We're not going anywhere.

Where is it?

It's probably looking
for another way to get in.

Oh my God, it's Peters!

Dr. Marshall, let me in.

- He's still alive!
- Open this door!

- I'll get it.
- You can't open the door!

- Yes, I can!
- No!

Oh my God!

( screaming )

( alarm blaring )

Sir, we've lost
containment in the lab.

Put out a mayday and abandon ship!

- Sir?
- You heard me, get to it.

Aye, sir.

[ Man over P.A.: ]
Severe radiation leak.

Radiation levels are now critical.

All systems on overload.

[ Lynch: ]
We've lost the Semenza, sir.

Damn it.
Find it!

Well, she must be hidden between
two swells. Sometimes high waves--

Nah, nah, something else is going on.
I can smell it.

Raise Agent Prouty.

Use NSA encryption.

We're connected on our end.

He's not responding.


Raise NSA HQ.


Do it now.

They're on.

Your satellite's tracking The Semenza?

[ Man: ]
All transponders report negative contact.

Shit. Prouty?

Not a word, General.

We lost her.

She disappeared from
Search and Rescue radar.

Inform the President?

Yeah, yeah, we'd better.

You'd better order up a pot of coffee.
Nobody's going anywhere.

Shit's gonna blow like
fireworks on the 4th of July.

This is Bulworth.
Put the President on.

Don't tell me he's indisposed.

Get him out of the bath
and put him on the phone.

This is a matter of national security.

DC... the only town I know
that's run by interns.

Mr. President, sorry to report

that we've lost contact
with the Semenza.

No no. No, sir.

The NSA's confirmed it.

Ship and cargo disappeared from
the face of the earth.

[ President: ]
General, I want that creature found.

( wind howling )

Is he coming or what?

He'll be here.

( door opens )

Sorry, sir.


Status, Mr. Griffin.

With the wind blowing as it is,
I suspended drilling for the time being.

Unacceptable, Mr. Griffin.
I want your crews working

around the clock 24 hours.

Look, Mr. Paul, unless we get
those new laser replacement fittings,

We can't go any deeper.

The pipes will burst,
and that'll set us back

six months to a year.

You don't want to be the one to tell
your friends in Washington that, do you?

When are you expecting the
shipment to arrive?

It was loaded up this afternoon,

But I doubt they've
left port in this weather.

Not true.

I spoke to my wife myself
four hours ago.

I talked to her from the deck

of the ship just after
Captain Griffin weighed anchor.

Seems a bit foolhardy in
a gale like this.

Sounds like my brother, sir.

( thunder crashes )

Do you think it'll be here
by morning?

He's just stubborn enough
to make it, sir.

From my favorite sub place.
Got it before we left dock.

Nah, no more, Captain.

How can you still be hungry
after that huge dinner?

Must be the salt air.

Works up an appetite.

Rieser, how about you?

Hmm? Little snack?

Extra onions.

No, no thanks.

Suit yourself.


- Is there a problem, Professor?
- I'm not sure.

I've been trying to call
My husband on the Sea Ghost

And there's been no answer.

Probably just the storm.
Causes havoc on the short-waves.

I tried Korda, too.
No one seems to be picking up.

I wondered if you'd
heard from your brother.

No, I'm sorry.
We've haven't had much to say lately.

Lady, don't worry so much.

My cell goes out whenever
I walk under a ladder.

I guess you're right, Mr. Crank.

Just make it "Crank."

His real name: Lloyd Wowchowski.

Don't call him Lloyd.
Don't call him Ski.

Pretty much don't call him anything,

unless of course you're
buying the next round.

Roger that, Captain.
So we still on course?


We have to keep Mr. Rieser's
precious schedule.

You still with us, Mr. Rieser?


( retching )

[ Man: ] Commander Korda,
priority one message.

What is it, Monroe?

Washington just decoded
a garbled transmission from the Semenza.

Sir, it sounded to them
like a mayday.

Have you responded?

I called Search and Rescue, but they said
they can't fly in this weather.

Very well.
Try radioing them again

and see if you can determine
the emergency.

Yes, sir.
I've been trying,

but there's not even a blip on the radar.

Thank you, Monroe.
Notify me immediately of any change.

Aye, aye, sir.

It's most likely weather-related.

Maybe, or maybe not.

That specimen we gave them
was highly unstable,

Not to mention radioactive.

We ran all the tests.
We took all the precautions.

Excuse me, but this is not

some common everyday isotope
we're talking about here

It's something that we know
very little about.

Hell, it's only been
above ground 72 hours.

Any change in its stasis
could have happened

suddenly and exponentially.

You don't know that.

I know one thing: before we let
another sample out of here,

my wife and I are gonna
make damn sure it poses no threat.

Well, you're not in charge
here, Mr. Davis.

I am.

You have a contract and a schedule,

and you will meet it.


Don't let it bother you, Bob.

I'll get you the time you need.

Is the specimen totally secured?

Yeah, my people are all over it.

I should go down and help 'em.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Mr. Paul can be
quite trying at times.

So can my brother.

Dixon, what do you got?

It's bad, sir.

The raft could take us down if
we hit another bad swell.

I say we cut it loose.

- Now wait a minute here.

- Captain, is this absolutely necessary?

Those supplies are badly
needed on the rig.

Won't mean shit
if we don't make it alive.

They can wait out the storm

and order more supplies tomorrow.

We haven't got time
to call for another ship.

I want those supplies
on that rig tomorrow morning.

That's an order.
Do you understand, Captain?

Now listen to me, asshole.

My first officer tells me
that raft is unsafe,

You can damn well bet
I'm gonna cut it loose.

But, hey, if you're in such a hurry

to get there by dawn, here.

Paddle yourself.

Dixon, you tell Gibbons, cut the line.

Aye, sir.

I'm telling you, guy,
I come from a line of real Western heroes.

Yeah, right.

Why don't we take a look
at the facts, huh?

Butch Cassidy, Hopalong Cassidy.
- Shaun Cassidy.

- Look, I'm not here to discuss
your family tree, Cassidy,

I'm here to play cards.
Now, are you in, or are you out?

I am...


Oh my God.
I don't believe it.

Mr. ‘High Noon’ is folding.

You're gonna let the little lady
out-bluff you?

What are you holding,
Beach Boy, besides your dick?

Three bullets,
King high.

Ah... Hold on, Gibbons.

Full House.

- Shit.
- Thank you, boys.

I'll be here all week.
Two-drink minimum.

Tip your waitress and try the veal.

All right, thrill-seekers, game's over.

I need you all at your posts.

- what's cooking, Dix?
-Supply raft's taking on too much water.

If it gets any heavier,
it can sink to the bottom

and take us along with it.

- Gibbons, I need
you in the engine room. - Halfway there.

We'll need what power you can muster
to keep this heap afloat!

Aye, aye, sir.

We're moving out, you two.
Let's go.

Come on, baby,
I know you can get this.

I know you can do it, honey.

[ Dixon: ]
Gibbons, come in.


Captain wants you
to cut the towline right now.

Aye, aye.

Seems like a good idea to me.


Yo, Dix, it's a no-go.

We got a short circuit
in the wiring or something.

- You're gonna have to do it manually.


I'll get it, Captain.

Take these.
Be careful.

Don't worry. I'll be back.

We'll keep the
home fires burning.

( grunts ) Shit!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

- He's fallen over the edge.
- Keep it on course.

As long as I can, Captain.

[ Dixon: ]
Get me out of here!



Over here!

( grunting )

Get inside.
I'll take it from here!

- Thanks, Captain.
- Get in there.

Gimme the gun.



Nice shot, cowboy!

The President wants me to ship
another cargo as soon as possible.

Contact Mr. Paul on the rig.

Tell him to ready
the second specimen A.S.A.P.

( alarm blaring )

[ Man: ] The specimen's loose
on the lab level.

Everybody, keep sharp.

Take no chances.

Shoot to kill.

What the...?

( creature screeching )

Let's get the hell out of here!

- General.
- You got Paul on the line?

No, there's no response.

- What?
- I've tapped the civilian lines

as well as the secure ones,
and there's no one answering.

We're in the dark here.

When's that supply tug arrive?

Well, the storm's slowing
'em down a bit,

But the last E.T.A. was 0700.

Okay, good.

Tell Agent Rieser
That the Air Force expects

the storm to clear by dawn.

We're about 30 miles out, Captain.

Too much fog to get a visual.

All right, just keep it
on course, will you?

Aye, sir.

Well, Dad, here I am,

on a mission you probably
wouldn't have taken.

Wish you would have been around

to give me some of that
old homespun advice.

Then maybe I wouldn't have gotten
mixed up in all this crazy business.

It's been a long while,

but I remember it
like it was yesterday.

I got some news.

I made it through.

There were times
I didn't think I would.

Hell week almost got me.

But I did it.
I graduated, made the teams,

passed the 6-month probation.

Now I'm just waiting around
for that first big chance.

Seems so strange.
By the time you were my age,

married to Mom,

had me, had a life.

I'll be 25.

Maybe that's what scares me.

And you've always protected me.

- Captain, come in.
- What you got, Cassidy?

That's just it, sir.
I don't have anything.

I've been trying to radio
the Sea Ghost for an hour.

No response, not a peep.

Did you try other frequencies?

Yeah, up and down the dial, sir.

I'm getting a homing beacon
from them. That's it.

All right,
Just get what you can.

I'll get up there
and check things out myself.

Aye, sir.

Man, Gibbons, what's up
with you and the porn chick?

If Captain ever saw all this shit,
he'd have your ass.

Well, for one thing,
you and I both know

the Captain's never gonna come
way the hell down here,

and for another,
this isn't just any porn chick, okay?

This is Cindy Mayberry,
Adult Entertainer of the Year.

She's done X-rated, right?

Well, obviously, you haven't seen

These are real movies, Mel.

Sorry. Missed them both.

Your loss.

Just do me one favor,
huh, Gibby?

Keep your eyes on the gauges
and off her ass.

Anything you say, honey buns.

( phone beeping )


There's no way the leak came
from our end, sir.

Damage control?

Some congressman got wind of
the Semenza going down.

He's shooting his mouth off
all over the hill.

He's demanding an inquiry.

Oh, yeah, what line you
gonna throw him?

There's no line.

This is a terrible tragedy.

I'm gonna make sure the Semenza's crew
get medals and a state burial.

Hmm. Buying it in a black op.

It's a hell of a way to go.

This is my sister's kid Adam,
one and a half years old.

My family said
he looks just like me.

What do you think?

Oh, yeah.

My opinion-- he kinda
looks like me.

You're no good.

Yo, Mel, come here.
Check this out.

Great-looking kid, huh?

Yeah, beautiful.

What's with her?

She lost her son and husband
in a train wreck

about three years ago.

Oh, shit.

Cassidy can't find a frequency.

Goddamn rodeo clown.

( feedback whines )

Attention, people, we're
coming up on the Sea Ghost.

Now we haven't heard
a word since yesterday.

Maybe it was the storm that
knocked out the radio, maybe it wasn't.

Break out your weapons.
Have 'em ready.

Let's go.

Any idea what
happened out there, Mr. Rieser?

Didn't think so.

[ Jack: ]
There she was.

Just like her name,
a ‘ghost’ coming out of the fog.

We're laying in wait.

( horn blowing )

I don't like it, Captain.

I got a bad feeling about this.

Makes two of us.

Dixon, get everyone
up on the platform in 20 minutes,

Armed and ready to go.

Aye, sir.

How many in your crew?

Nine, including myself.

Commander Korda,
my husband Bob,

four lab techs,
your brother Cole

And a certain Mr. Paul.

Nine for this whole place?

This rig was shut down
in early '95.

The government bought this rig
and refurbished a couple of the drills

for our specific needs.
They're on lower Level C.

What specific needs?

Sorry, Mr. Gibbons.
it's on a need-to-know basis.

If you'd all please follow me
in here...

Need-to-know. Great.

This chick's been hanging out
with Rieser too long.

It's just over here.

This car will take us
straight down to Level C.

Professor, please
stand clear of the door.

- Aren't you overreacting
a little bit, Captain?

- Yes, ma'am, maybe I am.


Level C it is.
All aboard, shoppers.

Room for one more, honey.

I saw that episode.
Cut it out.

( bangs )

What the fuck is that?

( clears throat )

( taps button )


The lab must be in lockdown mode.

All the doors and hatches
seal automatically.

Why would they seal the doors?

So nothing can get in.

Or out.

- That's what I was thinking.
- There's an override in that panel there.

- Gibbons.
- Yeah, I'm all over it.


- Looks like the maid took the day off.
- I'll say.

Professor, we are definitely
on a need-to-know basis.

What the hell happened here?
What is this place?

In general, it's about collecting
rock samples from the earth's core.

What's so secretive about that?

It's not the digging.
It's what we ultimately dug up.

Professor Davis,
you're not authorized to say anything.

I'm authorizing.
Go on.

I don't like that.

[ Professor Davis: ]
I can explain more in the science lab.

It's just down this corridor
to the right.

We're on the move.
Stay sharp.

Gibbons, you stay here,
get that door open

so we can get out of here
in a moment's notice.

Happy to do it, sir.

Let's move on.

Real happy.

[ Professor Davis: ]
Oh my God.



- Have any idea what happened here?
- I don't know.

Professor, please, think.

- It had to have been the specimen.
- What specimen?

It was in this container,

from the last drilling session
before I left.

Some kind of fish?

We weren't sure.

All right, look.
Professor, we need to know what it is

Before we can find and kill it.

- You mean secure it.
- No, I mean kill it

or whatever it takes
to get my crew out of here safe.

Tell us what you know.

Alright, we were drilling around
the 15-mile marker.

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
15 miles?

That's twice as deep
As anyone's ever gone before.

Correct. We were trying
to find a new source of energy

by tapping
into the earth's core.

And let me guess:
you hit something else first.

That's right, Mr.--

We were at
the 14.5 mile mark,

and our drill hit
something we didn't expect.

Yeah, what's that?

- Nothing, Mr. Cassidy,
Absolutely nothing.

Where there should have been
dense compact igneous rock,

there was just a large vacant chamber.

What was inside?

Well, for one thing,
a high-degree of radiation,

Enough to kill a man
100 times over.

We took two samples
from the bottom of the pit

and put them in these protective containers
for further study.

What did you find?

Life, Mr. Griffin.


( woman whispering )



Is someone there?


Cindy Mayberry.

Is that really you?

Of course, Bobby.
It's me, Cindy.

W-w-what are you doing here?

They didn't tell you?

You have to be quiet.
I'm making a movie.

So that's why everyone's gone.

Listen, I gotta tell the others.

No. No, it might ruin a take.

You have to whisper.

Gotta whisper, okay okay.

Hey, listen, I'm one of
your biggest fans.

Would you mind signing
this for me?

Sure, Bob.

Anything for you.

Come on into my dressing room.

Oh, man, okay.


I just changed
into my next outfit, darling.

So, what movie you shooting?

Mmm. I think you're gonna
love this one, Bob.


Oh, my God.

I saw the first one like 50 times,

especially the dance you do
in front of the fire.

That's a classic.

I do an even better one
this time, Bob.

Wanna see?

Yeah, sure.

( dance music playing )

You're more beautiful in person than
I ever could have imagined.

Oh, I don't know about that, Bob.

( voice echoing )
You've got quite a good imagination.

Look, I think you're all
jumping to conclusions here.

No reason to assume the worse yet.

This is a huge place.

They could all very well still
be alive somewhere.

He's right, Captain.

All right, look.
Mel, Crank, take the east wing.

Dix, Cassidy, take the other side
and stick together.

Professor, any idea
where your team might have gone

to protect themselves?

Maybe the quarantine unit
in the Med Lab.

Once the door closes,
it's vacuum-sealed.

No one can get in or out
without a code.

What's the code?

Go to the keypad,
punch in "JULES VERNE."

We'll check it out.

Jules Verne, very funny.

Yo, Gibbons.
Gibbons, Come in.



[ Gibbons: ]
Aye, sir.

How's that elevator coming along?

Almost got it.
Just a few more minutes.

- All right, keep working on it.
- Aye, sir, will do.

Have you ever noticed we're
always partnered together?

It's kinda cool, huh?
Different backgrounds.

See now, what I think
is when we're done,

we have a couple beers,
a couple ladies, a little two-step.

Cassidy, I wouldn't take two steps in
any bar with you in that outfit.

All right, you could take me
to your neck of the woods, your hood.

My hood.

Oh, man, you would not
last a minute on my block.

What do you mean?
I'm down.

Yeah, you be down all right.


I do NOT have a good
feeling about this.

The place gives me the willies.

Whoever did this is pretty smart.

Yeah, it reminds me of my ex-wife.
- How's that?

Smart and slippery,
gets in your heart and tears it out.

I kinda like that girl.

- You would. You're just my type.
- You wish.

No, come on, I'm not so bad.

Yeah, or that smart, huh?


Now good luck with
everything, okay, buddy?

- Yeah, you're nice, real nice. Over here.
- Yeah.

God damn.

Looks like a set
from a Peckinpah movie.

You got that right, amigo.

( footsteps )

What the fuck?

What is it?

Don't you hear that?



I don't hear a damn thing.
Just keep moving. I wanna get back.

- Shut up and listen.
- Hey, cowboy!

Snap out of it. What the fuck is
the matter with you, huh?

Stop this bullshit,
'cause you're starting to freak my ass out.

Sorry, Dix.

I guess I've been drinking
the wrong kind of whiskey, huh?

Whatever you're drinking,

keep it away from me.

Looks clear.

So, Mel, what do you say we skip
dinner and a movie and go back to my place?

In your dreams, Crank.

We'll light the fire,
pour some wine, put on some Manilow.

What's Manilow?

Italian shrimp.

Look, Crank, cut the chatter.

We've got a job to do.

( railroad crossing alarm ringing )

- Mel.
- Shh.

- Mel.
- Shut up!

What is it?

- Did you hear that?
- Hear what?


Nothing, I guess.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah yeah, I'm fine.

Let's just keep moving.

It's no use.
The lines are all dead.


- Any luck with the e-mail?
- Not so far.

You know, Professor,
there are a lot of names in this log

I'm not familiar with.

Must be an old one,
before we were brought on.

Really? How long did you work here?

We were hired six months ago,
after the last team was dismissed.

- Dismissed?
- Replaced with a more qualified group.

Bob and I have over 20 years

of geological and archaeological
experience between us.


Professor, where are the
auxiliary lines?

I believe there are some
through that hatch there.

( phone beeps )

Yeah, Eddie.
Yeah, we're on the rig.

Fun? Yeah, it's about
as much fun

as having a case of non-specific
gonococcal urethritis

and seeing your doctor coming
for you with a 4-inch cotton swab.

Listen, is there anything on Paul?


Jesus H. Christ, are you sure?

Davis, okay, listen.
I need to know when,

I need to know where,
I need to know how to get there.

You bet your ass
I'm bringing it back,

If I have to swim with it myself
to Washington.

But then I'm cashing in my chips.

Uh-huh, one-way ticket to Fiji.

Hey, you bet. I'm trading in
the penguin suit for a--

That's right.

For a sarong and
a bottomless cup of Kava.

Listen, it's hell or high-water time,
so I've gotta sail.

Rieser, listen to me.
Just wait.

I've decoded an encrypted message
from Professor Davis--

What's the situation?

Rieser reports
the rig's been compromised.

- Korda and his team are missing.
- The specimen?

- It's gone.
- Shit!

Rieser, listen to me.

I have decoded
an encrypted e-mail

From Professor Davis, all right?

It has everything you need.

It is imperative that
we get this data back here.

Count on it, my friend.

Now the press
is snooping around.

This is turning into a circus.

Gonna have to abort the mission.

Tell Rieser he's got until 1700 hours.

After that, I'm gonna order in
a tactical strike team to secure the rig.

That doesn't give
Rieser a lot of time.

I can't afford another screw-up
like the Semenza.

We lose another specimen cargo

and the President is
gonna transfer our asses

to permanent guard duty
In Cold Dick, Alaska.

- ( phone beeps )
- Lynch.


Now who the hell tipped them off?

You tell those cowboys
to take a number and wait.

( clicking )

You weren't just looking for
mineral samples, were you, Rieser?

What are you talking about?

I just found this file
drafted by NASA.

Why would they give a shit
about a pile of rocks anyway?

It was a meteor.

Okay, what's so top secret?


All right, what the hell
is going on here?

It's what they suspect was
inside the meteor.

Which was?

A life-form.

Oh, you son of a bitch.

You kept innocent people
in the dark

while you were off looking for
some fucking life-form?

I'm sure you're familiar
with protocol, Captain.

We weren't sure what it was

so we needed the security cap
on the project

until we did some further study.
- What did you find?

( static buzzing )

What's that?

My husband.

Hey, Tulip.

You were right.

Damn thing is dangerous,

and now it's loose.

I've already lost Johnson and Riggs.

I don't know what happened to Korda.

I'm locking myself away.

Even though I know
you're not here,

I keep hearing your voice
and seeing your vision.

I don't know what's real anymore.

( static buzzes )

We got our answer...
didn't we, Rieser?

[ Mel: ]
Captain, we're in the Med Lab.

We found somebody.

[ Jack: ] Who?

I think
it's your brother, Cole.

We gotta go.

No more surprises, Rieser.

I swear to God,
I'll fucking shoot you.

That's funny, very funny.

We didn't go in.

Figured he might be
contagious or something.

No, the computer says it's safe.

No sign of contagion.
We can go in.


( beeping )

How is he?

Stable but weak.
Probably a light coma.

He's got a head wound.

- Is he gonna be okay?
- Not sure.

He's strong, though, so there's
a good chance he'll come out of it.

I'm gonna give him an injection
of barbitone. That should bring him up.

Begging your pardon, Captain,

but whoever or whatever
did this is probably still around.

Yeah, okay, look.

Call Dix and Cassidy. Tell 'em
to get their asses here on the double.

We'll then form a new perimeter

and find out what the fuck's
going on around here.

Right away, Captain.

Dix, Cassidy, come in.

[ Dixon: ]
What's up, Crank?

[ Crank: ]
We're in the Med Lab.

Captain wants you, Cassidy and Gibbons,
down here on the double.

Got you, Crank.
All right, Hopalong, new orders.

Cap wants you back
at Med Lab right now.

He told us to stay together.

I'm just going for gibbons.
I'll see you in five.

( horses whinnying )

Dixon, get down here!

Dixon, you hear me?


[ Man: ]
Hold it there, stranger.


Your name's Cassidy, right?

Who's asking?

The man who's gonna collect
the reward on your head.

Is that so?

Yeah, that's so.

Sorry, partner.
I guess I'm just a little bit faster.

( alien voice )
Yeah, and a little bit dumber, too.

Gibbons, Cap wants us back
in the Med Lab right now on the double.

Yeah, wait a second.
Hold on.

Something in this elevator
I want you to see.

I ain't got time for this shit.

What do you want me to see?


Gibbons, open the damn door.

What the--

( screeching )

Where the hell are those guys?

They must be out of range.

All the steel in this place
plays havoc with the signals.

You want me to go?

No, stay put.
They'll be back.

Any change?

Well, his heart rate's gone up.
That's a good sign.

You realize that
if your brother comes to,

I'm gonna have to
question him at length.

Yeah, whatever, as long as
I'm there when you do.

- I got Dix.
- Put him on the box.

All right,
where the hell are you guys?

[ Dixon: ]
We ran into trouble, Level C, Section 5.

- What now?

One of the security hatches
triggered and jammed up.

It's blocking our way.
Send Mr. Crank down to let us through.

All right, he's on his way.

Wait a minute. Hold on.
What did he just call him?

[ Jack: ]
What, what do you mean?

he called him Mr. Crank.
Mr. Crank--remember on the tug?

just call me Crank.

Dixon wouldn't make that mistake.

No. No, he wouldn't.

Okay, all right,
I'm with you. Go on.

Let's look at my
husband's last login.

Look at it again.

Hey, Tulip.

You were right.
Damn thing is dangerous,

and now it's loose.

I've already lost
Johnson and Riggs.

I don't know
what happened to Korda.

I'm locking myself away.

Even though I know
you're not here,

I keep hearing your voice
and seeing your vision.

I don't know what's real anymore.

This is a big supposition,
but I believe

that whatever's loose
on the rig may have telepathic powers.

At close range,

It can read our thoughts and
create very, very real hallucinations.

You mean there's a thing
on board that can read our minds?

Very possibly.

It's gonna be awfully mad
when it gets to me.

Excuse the interruption,
but isn't this a little far fetched?

Let's find out.

( clears throat )

Dixon, you out there?
Come in.

Dixon here, Captain.
Where's Mr. Crank?

Yeah, well, he got lost
at corridor 4.

You know,
those guys from Georgia,

that can't find
their way home without a horse.

You got that right.

Stay put.
He'll be right there.

- Will do, Captain.
- We got a problem.

How so?

Well, I'm from New Jersey,
and I hate horses, and Dixon knows it.

Gibbons, Cassidy,
You out there?

[ Dixon: ]
They're both with me, Captain.

[ Jack: ]
Well, we know one thing:

It can't read our minds
from a distance.

( thumps )

( dramatic music playing )

( engine revving )

Strike team reports ready
for "GO" order.

Request further intel.

If half what I suspect is true,
and that thing's a killer,

We can't let it off that rig.
transmit the "GO."

Rieser's still got 20 minutes.

Let's hope he uses them wisely.

What about the crew on that rig?

Better to report them killed-in-action
than to fail in the mission.


The Navy reports
strike team launched.

( beeping )
[ Jack: ] How do you feel?

For the most part, okay.

My head's still throbbing.

[ Jack: ]
So can you tell me what happened?

What happened to the rest
of your crew?

I'm-I'm not sure.

I think they're dead.


That thing from below

burst out of the rock and grew.

It feeds on flesh and blood.

When you're near enough,
it steals your thoughts.

How'd you get away?

It was attacking Johnson.

( beeping )

I tried to help him.

( buzzes )

- You did this to me.
- Cole!

Wh-what the hell happened?

It got out.
We didn't stand a chance.

No one's gonna be able
to stop it.

It's under my goddamn skin.

No! No!

Look what you did to me!

[ Cole: ]
It threw me back,
and I smashed my head.

I made my way up to the Med Lab

Where I locked myself into here,

Quarantine room.

It tried everything
to get me to open that door.

It creates, like,

this flytrap illusion.

What do you mean

Whatever you want,
it gives it to you.

At first,
it duplicated Korda.

Hey, Cole, would you open
the door, please?

I seem to have locked myself out.

Cole, open the door.

Are you blind, Cole?

Mr. Griffin,
this is Commander Korda.

I am giving you an order to open
that door immediately.

Would you like to spend
the next week in the brig?

Open the door.

[ Cole: ]
But I knew he was already dead.

Then as I was drifting
in and out,

it became Maggie.



It's me.
Why don't you open the door?

Cole, open the door.

I miss you.

I miss you so much.
Don't you miss me?

I can give you what you want.

Is this what you want, Cole?

Is this what you want?

I can give it to you.
Just open the door.

Don't you want more?

Just open it. Come on.

Oh, man, I wanted to open that door
in a big way.

And then, just before
I passed out...

I saw you and Dad, Jack.

I swear.

I couldn't believe it,
but it was really you two.

Remember that fishing trip
we took to Tahoe

when we were kids?

Cole, come on,
let's go fishing.

Come on.

It's gonna be great.
You should really go.

Yeah, the fish
are jumping right into the boat.

Come on. It's super.

[ Cole: ]
I swear.

I couldn't believe it,
but it was really you two.

They were right outside
the window,

Just begging me
to open the door.

Come on now.

[ Cole: ]
Going on about the trout,

how much
they were biting.

And I think after that,

I blacked out.

And the next thing I knew, I woke up

and you guys were here.

Could anyone else have escaped harm?

It all happened so fast, Anna.

But I think I saw Dr. Davis.

Yeah, he was headed up
to the storage locker room on B.

Then we have to go look
for my husband.

Whoa, Professor, listen to me:

if this thing can do
what Cole says it can,

going out there in your emotional state
is potential suicide.

I'm sorry.

Yes, Captain, right.

So how are we supposed to know
what's real and what's not anymore?

Yeah, how do
we know what's real?

Any ideas, Rieser?

I'm as much in the dark
as you are.

Right. Cole.

You up for a walk?


All right.
Ladies and gentlemen, pack your shit.

We're getting
the hell out of here.

You all right?

Come on.

All right, people, listen up.

This thing is unpredictable.

Don't believe anything you see
or hear until we check it out.

Now we're gonna take
the elevator down to Level B.

We're gonna look
for the professor's husband

and then get out of here.

All right, Mel, Crank, take point.

You got a problem?

How you holding up?

Getting my sea legs back.

It's good to see you.

What's it been, a couple years?

Two and a half since dad died.

- Why, did you forget, Jack?
- No.

And I didn't the first time, either.
I couldn't make it.

And I told everyone that
in my letter I sent to Mom.

The man gives you
his entire life,

and you write
a fucking letter, Jack?

Cole, nobody loved Dad
more than I did.

I suppose you're gonna tell me
the Navy doesn't give funeral leave

for family members anymore.

I couldn't tell you then,
but I can now.

I was working covert ops
with agents in Iraq,

and it was top secret.

Okay, we're moving out.


bird in hand,
leaving cage now, over.

Hell, I was lucky to get
a letter out at all.

The State Department had to read
the goddamn thing before I could send it.

They didn't want anything revealed.

I wanted to be there.
You have no idea.

I just couldn't.

Nice story, Jack...

if it's true.

Move out!

No no no, we gotta get back to 'em.

We can't. we have to go to Level B
before we can go back down.


( railroad crossing bell ringing )

( radio chatter )

God damn, I know this place.

[ Crank: ]
From where?

It's Devil's Bend Junction.

My husband and little boy

were here three years ago

when a train derailed
near the crossing.

It's not real, Mel. Remember what
the captain said, nothing's real.

Now we gotta figure how to
get out of here.

[ Boy: ] Mommy!

- No, wait, I hear him.
- Hear what? I don't hear anything.

- Over here, Mommy.
- That's-that's Taylor, my son.

- I've gotta get to him.
- Mel, come back!

It's a hallucination!

Don't get too close to anyone!

Thanks, fellas.


- Taylor!
- Mommy, help me!

Where are you, Taylor?



Where are you?


Over here, Mommy.

Oh my God.
Taylor, honey.

You're okay.

- Michael, you're both all right.
- Sure we are.

It was a close call, though.

Daddy swerved fast
when the train came off the tracks, Mommy.

We almost got hit, but it's okay now.

Oh, sweetie, I can't believe
you're alive.

I'm ready to go home now, Mommy.

Can we go home now?

No no no, Michael,
this can't be happening.

honey, we're all right.
you can see for yourself.

The car's right over there.

Let's go home.

I love you, Mommy.
Let's go back home now.

No, get back.

Get back, I said.

Don't shoot me, Mommy.
I love you.


( alien voice )
I love you.

Oh. Oh, Crank.

It was horrible.

It was so damn real.

But I did what you said.

I didn't let anyone get close.

( alien voice )
On the contrary, Mel, you did.

Coordinate with B Team.

Get back to me. Out.

- Rieser report in?
- He hasn't secured the disk.

Whatever it is you're looking for,
it must be pretty dangerous.


Three down, but there is
a survivor from the crew of that rig.

- Who?
- Cole Griffin.

- Griffin...
The Captain's brother.

Transmit to the strike team.

Trust no one.
Use extreme caution.

I want any friendlies shackled
and quarantined before transport.

I don't want anybody getting near them,
especially the C.I.A.

Got that?


One more leak and they'll make me
the fall guy.

Mel, Crank, where are you?


Son of a bitch!
Where is that thing?

- Down there.
- Uh-huh.

- Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
- Oh, honey.

Hold it, Professor.

[ Rieser: ]
We don't know what that is.

It's me.
It's Dr. Davis.

It may be your husband.
It may not be.

He's right, Anna.

[ Dr. Davis: ]
No, honey, it's really me.

I heard your voices
in the ventilation shaft

and let myself out of the vault.

I've been in there nearly 24 hours.


Step back.
Step back!

There's an easy way to tell.

Bob! Bob!


You're gonna be okay, honey.
Just hang on.

We're gonna get you out of here,
and you're gonna be fine.

Take this, Tulip.

It's very important to
kill the thing.

- It was self-defense.
- Self-defense my ass.

What, did you shoot him to shut him up,
to protect your little secret?

- Come on, this is crazy.
You're talking shit!

- Five people are dead.

The only reason I don't
kill you right now

is I'm gonna need your
skinny little ass to get out of here.

Now shut the fuck up
before I change my mind.

You're gonna be all right.
It's okay. Come on, you're gonna be fine.

Hang on.

You killed my husband.

You killed my husband!

Drop it!

Drop it or your brother's
a dead man, I swear to God!

- Jack.
- You know what to do.

Good, little brother.

Okay, Professor, give me the disk.

I saw him hand it to you.

You fucking little weasel.
You knew what was going on the whole time.

- You didn't say anything.
- I got my orders, Jack, just like you do.

and this project is far too important
to let you or anyone else

get in the way.
Now throw me that disk.

What's so important about that?

Sorta like a get-out-of-jail-free card.

What's that mean?

Davis e-mailed Washington
when all hell broke loose here.

Somehow he figured out
a way to defeat the creature.

That's why he lasted as long
as he did.

This floppy gets me safely
off this tub without a scratch.

And what happens to us?


I'm afraid it's coming up
on dinnertime,

and, well, you three are
the main course.

Sorry I can't join you,
especially you, Anna,

seeing that you're recently
single and available.

( clapping )

( alien voice )
Very well done, gentlemen.

A truly remarkable fight,

a veritable Battle of the Titans.

Good against evil,
like it's never been fought before.

You're not Korda.
Who are you?

What the hell is this place?

This place,

as you of this planet
sometimes refer to it,

has been my humble home
for the last 2.2 million years.

My ship crashed

during a major planetary cataclysm,

which ultimately left me
entombed here beneath the surface.

But now I must thank you,

for helping to release me.

And your little fight was a pleasant bit
of entertainment

for one who's been dormant so long.

You killed my friends, you bastard.

Bastard? on the contrary,
Mr. Griffin,

I arrived on this planet
long before even your most primitive life

crawled up out of the ocean.

I am the legitimate life-form here.

You're the bastards.

- We'll stop you.
- You haven't yet.

Come on, Jack,
We're gonna get out of here.

[ Paul: ]

Thank God.

I knew you'd get through.

( alien voice )
I always do.

( screaming )

Let's get the hell out of here.

- Jack.
- Thanks.


That definitely goes down
as a career highlight.

Hey, thanks.

Forget it, Jack.
You would have done the same for me.

I hope this means you'll have
a beer with me

if we make it off this place.

You get us back to shore,
I'll buy you a six-pack.


Anna, are you okay?


We gotta keep our heads,
all right?

This is it.
Top floor, last stop.

What about that thing?
It's not gonna stop.

It's gonna find a way up here.

- We can make sure it stays below forever.
- How's that?

When they built the lab,
they put in a self-destruct mechanism.

- Like a fail-safe?
- Yeah, we can activate it from over here.

- Oh my God!
- What now?

Someone's deactivated the system
from below. I can't seem to arm it.

Maybe you punched in
the wrong codes. Try again.

Professor, what's this stuff here?

Explosives from when
the rig was in operation.

I can't vouch for their
stability or potency.

That still gives me an idea.

It's the elevator.

That fucking thing figured out
how to override the emergency stop.

Cole, help me with this shit.

Professor, keep working on
the fail-safe.

- What are you gonna do?

I'm working on a fail-safe of my own.

All right.

It's all right.
Hold it.

It's no use.
I can't get it to work.

It doesn't matter.
In 30 seconds, this place is gonna blow.

All right, look out.
Look out.

Let's get out of here!

( all scream )

Give me the report.

Strike team reports

target exploded in flames.

Lit up the night sky for miles.

The specimen?

Well, smoke in the area

is making visible contact
nearly impossible,

and something is screwing up the radar.

- Doesn't look good.
- Tell 'em to keep looking.


I think your mission is over.

I'm not taking the fall for this.

I'm not taking
the fall for this!

Yes, Mr. President.

Seems Bulworth really dropped
the ball on this one.

So my recommendation is that the C.I.A.
take over this operation.

If anything's still out there,
we're gonna have to get our hands on it.

Orders from the top.
Launch the combat team.

Move it! Move it!

[ Man: ] This mission is
search and destroy, gentlemen.

We take no prisoners.

- What's up?
- We'll be eating well tonight

- If that's what you're worried about.
- Oh, man, look at you.

Dad would have been proud.

Uh, no, not there...

There's papers.
Forget it.

- What you been doing?
- Thinking.

Ocean gives you time to consider.

Consider what?

I don't know.

I guess about what might
have happened

If that thing ever got off the rig.

Well, it didn't.

We got enough information here

to make sure it never
happens again.

Isn't that right, Professor?


( alien voice )
Not necessarily.

( dramatic music playing )