The Thing Before the Thing (2017) - full transcript

- Hi,
this is Debbie calling

from the Peace Initiative Coalition.

I'm calling to let you know
that Harris Pierce is retiring,

so we are gonna have a huge party for him

and we're gonna celebrate
his amazing career

and send him off right.

Please call me back at
your earliest convenience

and let me know if you
can be a part of it, okay?

Harris and everyone at the PIC would love

to see you, call me soon, bye.

- Ready to lose?

I've been training for this
at least two or three years.

One, two, three, four.

I declare a thumb war,
oh, you're gonna lose.

You're gonna lose.
- Am I gonna lose?

Am I gonna lose, I might
win, I'm gonna get you.

Oh, you think you're so good.

- This is why they call me
the scorpion, BOOM, gotcha.

I'm gonna get a suede jacket

that says "Scorpion" on the back now.

Just so you know, you
have to deal with it.

- Do you have to go?

- Yeah.

- All right.

- Have fun.

- Thank you so much.

- You're welcome, love you.

- All right, bye, boys.


We'll hold down the fort...



Ready to have a party?


- Hey.

- And we're off.

- How are you?

- So I think we're all set.

- Great, you saw I put your
dry cleaning on the bed?

The green shirt, okay.
- I did.

Hey, I just talked to Larry.

I have a conference call on Saturday,

I'm gonna have to break
away from the thing

for most of the afternoon.

I'll be in the car.

- Okay, we're here.

Are you gonna call her
or you gonna go get her?

- You are way too happy.

I was gonna go get her, and
you're gonna come get her, too.

- No, I'm not gonna go get her.

She'd better be ready.

- Well, she's not gonna be ready.

- Okay, well, then you better make

her be ready very quickly,
we're on a schedule.

- You know I can't control her.

- We need to be there by 11, I love you.

Make sure she brings
flats, not just heels.

Not my problem, not my problem.

- Meredith, they're here, hi.

- Hi.

- She's on the phone with the
office and it'll be a second.

- I'll get that, I've got that.

- I've got it, I've got it, it's fine.

- Because it's incredibly important

for you to actually get
this contract signed

or you will actually, this is a cliché,

but you're never gonna work
in this business again.

Yes, I mean it.

- Lovely, hi.

- No, figure it out.

- Okay, Becky is already-

- Hi, Spencer, how are you?
- I need you to sign-

- Hey, it's me.

You have to sign those papers

and get them back to the attorney.

I know, I know what you're doing,

but you know this is the right choice.

It'll feel better with time,

just, just sign so we can
all move forward, okay, bye.

- You're gonna have fun.

- How about you and me skip town

and go to the thing together?

- What thing?

- The thing, come with me.

- Your ceremony, your weekend?

- Yeah.

- Oh-
- Awwww, yeah.

- I- I can't.

- What do you mean you can't?

- I mean I'm not gonna
"Yoko" your weekend.

It's your group, it's your friends.

- Did you just say

you don't want to "Yoko" my weekend?

- Yeah, I mean, it'd be

I don't want to intrude.

- You won't, you're good.

- I think they'd love to see you.

- Okay.

- Fantastic, okay.

- All right, we're going.

- Yes, yeah, I'm gonna
pass you off to Zoe.

She's gonna handle it the rest of the way.

Okay, here she is, all right, bye-bye.

- Okay, so I gotta
feed the dog twice a day-

- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Zoe, I am going to choose to
believe in you this weekend,

okay, you're gonna be
fantastic, all right?

- Okay, yes.

- Okay, great.

- I packed all the sunblock

in the bottom of the gray bag

next to the-
- That's fine, thank you.

- I forgot your flip
flops, you have no flats.

- I don't
wear flat shoes, honey.

- No, no, no, you're gonna
need them, you're camping.

Hi, this is Zoe.

- Yay, finally-

- Hi.

- Hey, so nice of you to grace us

with your presence.
- How are you? Shut up.

- And this is you.

- Good, backseat,
I can get work done.

- Also, is she
carrying all of your bags?

- God, this
seat is, three bags.

- Okay, well, she only
brought three purses, so.

- You brought three purses?

Are you kidding me?
- I have files

in half of them.

- Are you fricking kidding me?

I also told you it was a good
idea - Window needs-

to budget that extra 10 minutes.
- go down.

- Really needs to go down.

- True.

- I need to put this
window down, it's so hot.

- Can you relax for two seconds?

- I have to, just one second-

- Before you do that, I need you

to buckle your seatbelt.
- Hi.

- She knew you were gonna be late.

- How are you

telling me that right now?
- She's not even listening.

- Are you kidding, no,
this needs to be resolved-

- Put your arm-

- Immediately, buckled.

- Put your arm through.

- Hi, yeah.

- Jesus, are
you fricking kidding me?

- I have a thing.

- Okay.

- See you Saturday.

- Bye.

- Jacob!

Jacob, wait!


- Ready for the big finish?

- No.

No, I'm still processing the
fact that we're all done.

- Price of progress, money for buildings,

but not for people and programs.

If it's any consolation, both Bill

and Callie's programs are cut, as well.

Don't worry, you'll
always have a place here.

- Did I make a difference?

- You changed a lot of lives,

and that was all you, and
you gotta keep your head up.

You created a very special program here.

Oh, and timing is terrible
for this, but happy birthday.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Ready for the first one?

- Yes, thanks.

- All right.

- Hey.

- I love you.

I know you are where you are.

I know we haven't been
dating for very long.



But I do.

And so

I wanted to,

to tell you.

- Let's get on the road, yeah?

- Yeah, let's go.

Hey, you, it's me again.

Please tell me you're
coming this weekend, please.

I know you're not, but
I just wish you were.

Let me know if you change your mind, yeah?

- Wow, not too shabby.

- Oh.

- Wow, this is a lot of wood paneling.

- Thanks, Meredith.

- Oh, there's weird mountain art.

Look at these.

- Okay, let's put the groceries away.

I got home and he was waiting for me

on the stoop with burgers, he missed me.

- Oh, I'm sure he'll like
you even more once he sees

how much you've grown out
your armpit hair this summer.

- You're a jerk.

I really like him, we've
only been on one date,

but I can already see myself with him.

Getting married, buying
a house, having kids.


- You still have a few
good years left to live,

at least six months or a year.

- Oh, that's so nice.
Mags, it is not a bad thing

to think about your future.

- Oh, yeah?

Saturday night when you were dancing

on the bar at Jacob's gig,
you were really thinking

about the future, I'm sure.

- Forget it, but don't let me forget

to shave before I see him
tomorrow because it's bad.

- Ew.

- Yeah.

- You can't use my razor.

- I wouldn't want to.

I love you, though.

- Stop it, stop it.

- I didn't even get it in there.

- I will kill you.

- Meredith and I were supposed
to be rooming together.

And we are rooming
together because we're sisters,

- Great.

- Super excited about this weekend.

- Ummm, there's no, uh, reception here.

- Also, how old are you to act like this?

- Younger than you, last time I checked,

for the rest of our lives.

- That is true.

- Right? -

- But did you guys even
read the spreadsheet?

Did you even look over it?

- No.

- Nope.

- No.

- I did not read the spreadsheet.

- Okay, I have actual
real spreadsheets to read,

as it turned out, stop-

- Oh, well aren't you important?

- This is important to me, yes.

- You're really frustrating me.

- I really-

- Yay!

- Boom!

How's everybody doing?

- Yay, how are you?
- Hey, beautiful. Hey you.

- Hey you!

- I gotcha.

- How are you?

Oh my gosh.

- How you doing?

- I'm good, I'm good, you look great.

- Thank you.

- Awesome, everybody looks great.

So, um, can I show you
where you're rooming?

You're gonna be with
James, and I would love

to get those bags in there.

So let's either take
them back together, or-

- Chop, chop, no socializing-
- Get out of the doorway.

- Okay.

- I'll help you.

- Becky.

- Yeah.

- Thank you, here.

- Where are the kids,
where are the little shits?

- Well, Braden is at
home for "boy's weekend."

Max and Lilly didn't
come, kid-free weekend.

- Alright, sloppy drunk!!!

- Wooo! Let's party!

- Well, that was officially weird.

- Okay, so you will be in here with James.

There you go.

- Okay.


- He looks good, though, right?

- Yeah, he does, yeah.

- Okay. - Just be careful.

You've been down that road.

I'm not gonna-

- Don't start no
trouble without "J-Double."

- Oh, James.

- How you doing?

- I'm good, how are you?

- Hey, aren't you looking fabulous?

- Quite an entrance.

- Hey, how you doing buddy?

- And you too.

- Good to see you.

- Wow.

- Great to see everybody,

this is gonna be a fabulous weekend.

- So, you don't age.

- I don't know.

Thank you.

- Okay, so you are rooming
back there with Jacob,

and I would love to bring
your bags back for you.

- I hope you read the spreadsheet.

- The spreadsheet?

- Yeah, Becky's spreadsheet?

- James, did you
read the spreadsheet?

- Oh, yeah, yeah, I read that.

- Told ya.

- You're a liar.

- Yeah, ass-kisser.

- James is here.

- Yaaaay.

- Come out and say hi.

- Okay.


Fuck it.

- Shh.

- Hey.

- Hi.

I feel like I walked
in on something there.

- Nope.

- Not at all.

- You didn't.
- Not a thing.

- What's up, man?

- Hi. I need to...

- Okay, yeah, we will.

- Okay.


- Buh? I have a solution for that.

- There's one-

- You guys are gonna love
it, I'm so excited about it.

- There is no solution for that.

- There is.

- I've tried.

- Stop, just give me a second.

- I just, I want to see.

- Ta-da! Cellphone-free weekend!

- Phone free zone?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Let me be first.

- Everyone.

- Oh, it doesn't fit.

- Denied.

- That's not gonna work.

- It's a fancy case, bam.

- Hold on, mine's probably
too thick for you-

- Or not, yes.

- Okay, are you putting yours in?

- Yes, I have mine in my pocket.

- One, two, three.
- You first.

- All right, truly a kid-free zone.

- Yeah, okay.

- Four, five.

- Okay, everyone is putting
their phone in, everyone.

- I'm not, I'm exempt.

- I'll give you time, five?

- Oh, I need to get something outside.

- Four, three,
you better type faster.

Hit send, two, one.
- I am.

- Get the phone.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

- Get it, get it, get it, get it.

- No, no, no, no, no.

- Hey.
- Got your phone.

- That took forever, I got beer.

- I think you might be in the wrong cabin.

- Yeah.

- No, you're in the right
cabin because surprise,

this is my girlfriend, Ryann.

- Oh my God, hi.

- Hi, oh, hi.

- Oh, that's Mara.

- I'm Mara.

Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Thank you.
- Yeah.

- James.

- Hey, Ryann.

- And Becky.

- Hey, I did not know
that you were coming.

- I know, it was just
kind of a spontaneous-

- And Meredith.

- Hi.

- We also just put our
phones in a phone-free box.

We're doing cellphone-free weekend.

So, if you want to put yours in there.

- Yeah, I love that.

Oh, I totally forgot it when
we went back to get my dress.

- You, oh my God.
- Right?

- So funny.

That was like, that
hurt in the sweet spot.

She needs to turn into "Fun Becky" now,

or it's gonna be a long weekend.

- She's been
unbearable this morning.

- What time is it?

- Well, it's not
late enough to drink

'cause I've tried to get her to start.

- It is late.

- Is it?

- It's too late to drink.

We need to drink now.
- 10:00 am.

- I need a drink now.

- Okay.

- Yes, let's do this.
- Okay, let's party.

- Let's do this, come on.

Don't give me that look, let's do it.

- How was this experience for you?

Did you feel I contributed to
the fullest extent possible?

What could I have done differently?

- Usually it's me who
asks all the questions.

- Well, thought I should
take the lead, dive right in.

- Is this something you
came up with on your own,

or is it something you read in a book

on how to give great interviews?

- It was a book.

- And what was it called?

- "How to give great interviews.

- So this is the reason
why you weren't able

to beat Jacob at poker all summer long.

- Whatever, I'm gonna come
back next summer and clean up.

What is it?

- Oh, nice.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, Becky did a good job.

- It's big, huh?

- Yeah, well, there's a lot of us.

- You doing alright?

- Yeah, I'm fine, yeah,
of course, I'm excited.

- Are you excited?

- It's been a long trip, yeah.

- Hello?


- Yay.

- Oh, Bacon!

- Oh my God, yay.

- You look fantastic.

- You look fantastic, you
want me to take this for you?

- No, no-

- Can you get that?

- I just parked, Richard, hi.
- Hey, how are you!

- CJ.

- Hi, how are you?

- Great.

- Good to see you.

- Yes, you too.

- I just parked on the
street, you think that's fine?

- That's fine, that's
fine, you have those, yeah?

- Yeah.

- Oh my gosh, yay.

- How was your flight,
was everything great?

- Oh, it was fine, it was fine.

You stopped at like every-

- I did, I had too because
there is so many of them.

- Hi, Becky. You look great.

Hi, hi.
- Oh, this is the best.

- Hi, Mara, oh.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Hey, how are you?

- Hey.
- Good to see you.

- Oh, I miss you.

- How are you?

- I know, we finally made it.

- It's really cute, right?

- I think it's pretty cute, yeah.

And there's a lot of room, a lot of space.

Your eyes are watering.

- I know, allergies.

- Hey, so where are we staying?

- Yeah, so you are upstairs,

and I will actually show you your room.

- All right, I'll bring the bags up.

- And then actually, too,
we have been doing this,

we're doing a no cellphone weekend.

Can I have your cellphone?

- Are you serious?

Wait, what is this, this is aggressive-

- Yeah, look at the box, isn't it amazing?

- Wow, that's-

- So where is everybody,
is everybody here?

- Everybody's here.

Joseph isn't here.

- Oh, figures.

- Yeah, I'm sure he'll roll in-

- Yeah, I talked to him last weekend.

I didn't think he was gonna make it,

but he didn't want Becky to know because-

- He's not coming?

- I don't think, he's
in Australia, it's not-

- Yeah, world traveler, doing all his-

- It's okay, it's okay.

- It's okay.

- We've got the party going, don't worry.

- Yeah, no, let's get the party going.

Oh, yes, is there
something on ice in there?

- James, where are you?

- This is nice, yeah?

- I heard it
went well last night.

- We really shredded.

- What type of music involves shredding?

- Kind of prog rock, but like, harder.

I mean, we do some covers, too, though.

- Okay.

You know, I'll make it
next time, I promise.

Six weeks ago, we couldn't convince you

to play for us as we
sat around the campfire.

But stick with the music.

You wear it well.

- Oh, good, about time
you guys came into help.

- Yeah.

- Yep, just let us know whatever you need.

- Yes, I would really love it

if you could start the salad,

and I would also really
like a nice glass of wine.

- No, they can't just cut the funding.

We're gonna fight this.

- Oh, the Meredith I met on the first day,

so quiet I didn't even
know she was around.

You've come a long way.

- Yeah, well, I didn't
have a whole lot of choice.

I just had to jump right in.

With these people, this
work, I loved it.

I really learned a lot about myself.

- Well, everybody respects
you for taking charge.

But the thing that's
gonna take you farthest

in life is compassion, like
the way you took care of CJ.

- Anybody would have done that.

- I know, but people
like a leader who cares.

Hang onto that.

- Well, I may have learned
a thing or two from you.

- Flattery will get you everywhere.

Thank you

- I'm telling you, if he wants
to have sex with a little child,

then that's his prerogative.
- Come on.

- We were just talking about you.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- How are you?

- Good.

- Yeah?

- And you?

- I'm good, just getting
some stuff ready for dinner.

- Do you want any help?

- I would love your help, actually.

- What could I do?

- I have a feeling that you know how

to make a really good salad.

- You feel correctly.

- Okay, why don't you
whip up a salad for us?

That would be great.
- Okay.

- Oh, are we
burning the midnight oil?

- Sorry.

So you just, you wanted us to tell you

what we thought about the program-

- First, first, can I get you a cup?

Black, right?

- Yes, please.

I was so inspired last night.

I found these enamel paints and I just,

I went crazy, I was
splashing them everywhere.

Thank you, it was so much fun.

I didn't finish 'til the sun came up.

Well, I don't even know if
it's finished, but.

Sleep can wait, art can't.

- Just don't stray so far away

from life that you forget yourself.

Listen to your heart and your brain.

- My art and my brain.

- Here here.

- So what's your next project?


- Oh.

I don't know, I don't know.

- Are you just getting ideas, or what?

- Not ideas.

I'm getting "not ideas."

- Awesome.

- Oh, man, yeah-

- And I have been noticing a severe lack

of art on your Facebook feed, I will say

and a severe overabundance-
- Oh, Facebook.

- of baby photos, not that
Braden is not the cutest baby

in the world, but-
- He's cute.

- It's still.

- But, no, that's Henry's doing.

I don't put anything on there.

- Aggressive with the camera, that's fine.

- Yeah, yep.

- So no time?

- No time. I keep saying
there will be time tomorrow.

- Oh, how about a colander?

- Yes, I can get you one of those.

- Thanks.

- So how did you and Jacob meet?

- Well, I work at this little

art cafe/performance venue, and

he came in with his scrappy
rock-and-roll band one night,

and came back the next day.

And then the next day.

- Well, Jacob seems very happy.

He deserves somebody good.

I'll be right back.

- Just started singing and dancing?

- Yeah, why not?

Just lots of leg.

- The night's still young.

- Oh, well, it is, you're
right about that, my friend.


- Is this the perfect night,

or is this the perfect night?

- It's so nice, it's so quiet.

- Quiet.

Some pretty stars-
- Guys.

Could somebody please come
and help me in the kitchen?

- Yeah.

- Oh, okay.

- She didn't see us.

- She didn't see us, no, nice.

- Look who rallied. This big guy.

So Ryann was just telling
me how you guys met.

- Was she?

- I like it.

- It's a good story.

- It is a good
story, you can take those.

- Awesome.

- Just because you're not
painting anymore doesn't mean

you're not still a painter.

- Okay.

- Becky's email did not say

that I would need to hire a Sherpa.

- What?

- How the hell are you?

- I thought you weren't coming.

- Oh, no, I got to change my flight.

Really, you look
fantastic, this is awesome.

I know, I know, I got your text.

I wanted to surprise
you, it all worked out.

How are you?

- I was waiting for you to write back.

- I'm sorry.

- Stop, okay.

- Hello.

- Sorry, hey, hello, hello, hi.

Oh, you look great, how are you, brother?

Oh my gosh.

How are you?
- Good to see you, man.

- It's good to see you too.

- We should have known it would be

some big surprise entrance.
- Yeah.

- Well, I wouldn't have any other way.

How are you guys, what is happening?

- Good, you
look like you need a drink.

- I do, yes, please, where are they?

Oh my God, thank you.

Oh, Jesus.

So is Becky totally insane right now?

- She's like in a medium to
medium-high at the moment.

- Working her way down.

- Good, oh my God, how are you?

How is-
- Great.

- God, I suck, how is Brandon?

- Braden.

- Braden.

- It was close.

- At least I
remembered it started with a B.

- That was pretty good.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- He's okay?

- Oh, yeah.

- Good, well, you look
great, Mama, this is good.

- Hey, guess who's here?

- I have no idea, I
thought everybody was here.

- Joseph, he's here.
- What?

Joseph's here?
- Joseph.

- Okay, let's do it, come on.

You gotta keep up.
- I'm doing it, I'm doing it.

- You gotta keep up, no, got it.

It's kind of a tradition.

I will get this one.

I haven't seen him in a while.

- Yeah.

- Here we go, okay, let's go.

- Let's go.

- Go, I'll hold down the fort.

- Are you sure?

- I'm sure.

- Are you sure?

- I'm sure sure.

- Yeah, how about that.

- I will.

Oh my God.

- Oh my God!

I thought you weren't coming.

- I got my flight changed.

Rock and roll, how are
you, what's happening?

- Oh my gosh, shot?

- Oh, yes, shots, all right.

- Shots, more shots.
- All right.

- Double-fist it.

- Here we go.

- Okay.

- All right?

- All right.
- Okay.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

- Eyes, eyes, eyes, everybody got eyes?

- It's crazy, down
them, one, two, three, go.

I'm gonna go finish dinner.

- All right.

- Oh my God, keep it up, Becky.

- This is great, no, seriously,

Harris should get awards more often,

this is fantastic.
- I'm gonna go help her.

- It's so good to see you guys.

- Will you come with me, I need backup.

- Oh-

- Please, I can't do this.

- Can't get out of it anymore.

- I'm gonna follow.

- Hey, so Nat said you're
not practicing law?

- No, man, I just, only
so many hours you can bill.

I decided to chase life
instead of chasing the money.

- Good for you, that's
great, you feel okay?

- I'm good, man.
- Good, good for you.

- It's good to see you.

- It's good to see you too, yeah.

- Well, I will
see you in a bit, my man.

- Alright, alright.

- We're getting ready,

we're starting dinner in a few minutes.

- And that, look, you have to bring me up

to speed on everything.

- It's all, it's good, it's
good, we're here, yeah.

- Okay, well, I just
want to get a little time

at some point.

- Totally, obviously.

- So good to see you.

- Wow.

- Wow!

- Yeah, the letter came
while we were away.

- Oh, congratulations, bold
move, you'll love Paris.

- I already do.

- I'm proud of you, CJ,

it's admirable the way you're
following your passion.

That's what this program's all about.

100%, right?

- Absolutely.

- Hey, girl lady.

- Hey, roommate, or I should say bedmate.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

- Oh, god, I didn't look you
in the eye, I need you to-

- Oh, cheers.

- Yeah, okay-

- Is that better?

- I can't handle anymore bad sex.

- I actually had a bedmate last night.

- You did?

- Yes,

Blake, Blain, Blair, something with a B-L.

- You know
know his name?

- Blaze, Blaze.


- Ugh, that was the worst of the bunch.

- Yep, yep, it's LA.

- Yeah, yeah, I
wish I had that problem,

not remembering a guy's name.

- You are a female, so that will work.

You go to a bar, that's where the men are.

- So you're not in a relationship,

then, is what you're saying?

- Oh, no, no, I was.

Got out of it, wow, a couple months ago.

She was just too needy.

- Wait, did you just say she?

- Yes.

- Oh my God, you are
now officially my hero.

That is completely unfair
that you have it covered

on both sides-
- Meredith.

Becky is giving everyone
their phones back, so.

- Are you serious?

- No, of course I'm not
serious, have you met her?

No, but she's having an aneurysm,

and honestly, Mara could really use, yeah.

- We're
talking about this later.

- Oh, sure, totally.

- Well, it sounds like
I missed something, hey.

- Hey, fucker.

- What?

- What do you mean what,
I haven't seen you,

what, since Mara's wedding.

- It is not-

- And I never hear from you.

- I have been awful at writing,

and I really totally get the
worst friend of the year award.

But I'm sorry, I'm here now.

I've been sent to help.

- Oh, you don't need to
help, grilling is easy.

- Okay.

- I got it covered-

- Well, fill me in, are
you still at the same café?

Catch me up.

- No, no, actually, I
am at this restaurant

that's really good-

- Cool, that's great.

- Very high end.

Yeah, it's sort of high pressure.

I'm still making desserts
and making people fat.

- Well, the world thanks you.

- Yeah.

- Are you happy, enjoying it?

- It's fine, it's fine.

- Fine?

- That is what it is, and what about you?

Where were you, you
were just in Australia.

- I was just in Australia.

- And now you're going to-

- I am going to Peru, Machu Picchu.

- Oh, that's cool.

- Yeah, yeah,
I'm very, very excited.

- Very cool, I've always
wanted to go to Machu Picchu.

- So go there.

- I would, I just have this
new job, and it's very-

- Come on.

- And I haven't been
able to take time off-

- There are other jobs, just.

- You're saying-

- Wait, wait.
- Quit my job, what?

- Yes, I am saying quit
your job, listen to this.

This is perfect, this is just too perfect.

Look, I know you're gonna say I'm crazy-

- Well, I know you're crazy.

- Okay, we are looking for a blogger,

a traveling blogger.

- So you want referrals, or?

- No, I want you to apply
for it, you're perfect.

It's practically a shoe-in.

Look, I've been at the company long enough

that I can pull a few strings.

It's not 100%, but you're perfect for it.

- You want me to blog?

- No, you want you to blog.

- I want me to blog?

- You want you to blog.

- You are offering me a job right now?

- I am offering you a job, yes.

- You're crazy, this is-
- This is what you want.

This is perfect for you,

you know it's perfect for you, do it.

- I mean, yes, I've wanted to travel and

I haven't been able to, I've just been,

got myself into my routine.

But no, no, that's just-
- Oh, God, routine.

- Thank you, thank you,
here, I, grilling is easy.

- Grilling is easy.

- I'll think about it.

- Do not just shrug this of.

- It's not that I'm shrugging
anything off, it's just,

I have a life, I don't know.

- "I have a life, I don't know," ugh.

- It's not fine, it's theft.

- Did you make mix tapes
when you were a kid?

- Sure.

- It's the same thing.

- If I make an album,

then somebody downloads
that album illegally,

they're literally taking
money out of my pocket.

- Figuratively.

Unless they are actually
putting their hands

into your pockets, they, whoever they are,

are figuratively taking money out

of your pocket, not literally,

that's literally the
definition of figuratively.

- Besides, if they download your music

and pass it around,
they're making you money

in the long run.

- Oh, bullshit.

- Look at Phish, look at The Dead.

- We are not The Dead.

- You will be, though, the
show last night was jamming,

dude, my ears are still ringing.

- Thanks.

All right, hey.

Before you head back to Philly,

I was wondering if I could pick your brain

because I don't have a head for business,

not like you.

- Oh, dude, whatever you need, man.

You know that, I've got you.

- You are gonna
be a rockstar, brother.

♪ Ryann, oh, Ryann ♪



- What's up, man?

- Have you seen Ryann?

- No.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up, is
that how we're doing this now?

- Doing what?

- I ain't seen you in a minute.

You come up asking for your girlfriend

and bounce like that?

I'm just saying, man, I mean,
we've been boys forever,

you've been avoiding me the whole night.

- I haven't been avoiding you, man.

It's just, I've got my girlfriend,

and a lot of people, and.

- So girlfriend, a lot of people,

you ain't seen me in a few
years, and

where's Ryann, that's all I get?

Look, bro, if you're tripping
about the money you owe me,

don't, it's not a big deal.

- I'm gonna pay you back.

- Look, man, have a seat.

Have a seat, seriously.

I didn't loan you the
money 'cause I thought

I was gonna come up like
it was a tech investment.

I loaned you the money
'cause you're my friend.

We're not gonna let money come

between our friendship, alright?

- What kind of friend would I be

if I don't pay you back, man?

- Look.

If you get to a point
where you can pay me back,

that's cool, I will take the money.

But what I'm telling you
is, don't stress, alright?

We're here for Harris,
let's have a good time.

He taught us a lot, we
shouldn't forget that.

You good with that?

You good with that?

I think that's a yes-
- Yes, I'm good.

- Alright?

- Fuck, yes, I'm good with that.

Let's have a good time tonight.

- That's what I'm talking about.

- Hey.

Joseph wants you guys out on the porch,

we're gonna smoke some Cubans.

- I can smoke a Cuban,
alright, I can do that.

- I can definitely smoke a Cuban.

- Let's do it.

- Cool.

- All right.

- Thank you.

- No need, but you're welcome.

- So they have computers

in Australia, I'm assuming.
- They do.

- Phone lines, a post office?

How can I haven't heard from you, man?

Have you gotten anything, have you gotten-

- I'm the asshole because he
hasn't gotten any love letters.

- Yeah, my feelings are hurt.

- I know, you want to be
the little spoon tonight?

I'll make it up.

- Oh, man.

- Yeah, it's good to see you, man.

So what is the deal with tomorrow, anyway?

I don't even know what's going on.

- Are you kidding?

- Yeah, I just know to show up.

- Harris's favorite doesn't
know what's going on.

- It figures, right?
- Right.

- Oh, he's lucky I showed up,
seriously, what's happening?

- Well, it's somewhat of a classy event,

so I hope you brought some other clothes.

- This is all I got, man.

Yeah, seriously, the rest of
my luggage smells like a yak,

so yeah, primate house, that's all I,

gonna have to burn it down.

- Well, Harris is gonna be proud.

- So he's not gonna care.

He's gonna be wearing
his Birkenstocks, anyway.

- He has gnarly toes.

- He totally has gnarly toes.

- Please be on time.

- So we're leaving the house at 11.

We're supposed to meet
up with Harris hopefully

between 11:30 and 11:45, and
then I think at 12 o'clock,

there's a cocktail hour,
meet and greet, walk around.

There's a couple other
people being recognized,

and then I think the
event's at one o'clock.

Dinner or lunch or whatever, and then

hopefully it's over by three.

- Does Becky know about this,

I thought she was in charge,
you make a spreadsheet too?

- What's going on, gentlemen?

- We're having a little bit of
a sausage-fest. - Oh, I see.

- You can have my seat.

- Oh.
- Aw.

- I'll be right back.
- Thank you.

Look at that, a gentleman.
- What, really?

- Yeah, I just gotta go
upstairs for a second.

- You know it's
Saturday night, right?

- I'm aware.

- Dude, where you going?
- Five minutes.

- Richard.

- Seriously, how does
Natalie put up with this guy?

Seriously, I don't understand it.

- He's a good guy, he's
a really solid guy.

- Workaholic, man.

- The guy's committed.

- I couldn't be a lawyer,

I couldn't be a lawyer.
- I don't get it.

I don't get it.

- Can I have one of those, please,

or am I just gonna watch
you guys smoke them?

- Think you can handle it?

- It's a Cuban.

- Fuck yeah, I can handle it.

Ooh, is it a Cuban?

- It is a Cuban.

- Don't burn yourself.

- You do look good.

- Well, thank you, boys.

This is nice, mm.

- It's the real deal.

- I do have to say, excellent job.

- Thank you very much, so ummm....

she seems nice.

- Oh, she is nice, I like her a lot.

- Thank you, I like her a lot too.

- Major upgrade for this guy.

- Oh, well, that's not hard.

- Excellent point.

- Well, there were a lot of
them between Meredith and Ryann.

I like Ryann, she's a keeper.

- How's the band, are
you still rocking out?

- I quit the band, yeah, I quit.

- What?

- You quit the band?

- I quit the band.

- Seriously, you guys were
just getting some traction.

People were starting to pay attention.

- I promise you, I was
gonna get a night off

and come see you, I was.

- Dammit, I'm just gonna say it.

I've gotta pee like really bad, so...

I'm gonna take a piss, see you guys.

- Oh, no, you are not off the hook.

I expect a full story when you're back.

- This is what happens
when you inject estrogen

into a testosterone-bonding situation.

- Oh, please, come on.

- You're right, it's your fault.

- You're not into estrogen anymore?

- That's not what I said,
that's not what I said.

We were just, it was going good, you know?

But I don't mind you hanging
with us if you can hang.

But I need to top this
off, so I will be back.

- Wow.
- Wow.

- Wow.

- Dropping like flies.

- Yeah, seriously.

- And then there were two.

- I guess we see who can hang.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.


- So, I've been thinking
a lot about what you said.

Hey, you know what, fuck it, I'm in.

- Yes.

- I am in! Cheers.

- I will make the call tomorrow.

You won't regret it.

- Wow, that's such a good one.

Remember that night when we
found those live musicians

and then those kids were in the middle

of the dance floor until
four in the morning?

That was so fun, I just want
to do this all the time.

Every single day of this program, I mean,

met people I've never
met anyone like before.

Everyone's just different,

different ideas, different cultures.

You know what?

I'm gonna come back and
lead one of these programs.

Yeah, yeah, that's what I'll do.

You will just never be
able to get rid of me.

That's both a threat
and a promise.

- Noted, I'm sure you'll
be quite an inspiration.

- Not like you.

Alright, we good here?

- We're good, and thank you.

- Alright.
- Alright.

- Hold the phone, what is that?

- It's nothing, really, it's nothing.

- Do not tell me that you were attempting

to hide some sort of
special occasion from us.

- No, I wouldn't do that.

- Okay, good.

- Don't do it.

- Do what?

All right, kids, it is time
to get this party started.

We have been here for too long already,

and you guys are up first, lovebirds!

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Here we go,
I know you're in it.

And girl, you came, so
now you're in this too.

- I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.

- Yeah, no, here we are.

- I'll take it for her.

- Thank you very much for
that, I appreciate it,

like a rockstar, Becky, get in on this!

We need "Fun Becky" tonight, come on!

Where did she go?
- Please.

- Alright, yes, and a little
down the boobs, or no?

- Oh, God.

- Champion.

- That's horrible.

- Yes, love you,
okay, all right, shots, kids?

There you go.

- What is that, vodka?

Is that vodka, yeah?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Some kind of fruity vodka, though, what-

- A little bit but-
- You thought

you were gonna leave me out?
- Just ignore it.

I got you.

- long flight,
thank you very much.

I think you forgot me, oops.

Yeah, seriously, I don't understand.

- I love you, that's awesome.
- You've got a hole in it.

- That's amazing.

- Yes.

- Yep, okay.

- Boom!
- Oh God!

Oh my God, that's horrible!

- All right, so where's Becky?
- All right, guys.

What are we up to?

We need some games.

- Classic.
- Please, finally.

- Classic Natalie Bacon.

Bacon bonding, everybody,
let's do it, games, games!

- Wait, wait, wait, what's
the deal with bacon?

Why are you called that?

- Oh, Bacon, for those of us in the group,

we call her that because
she's "six-degrees

of Kevin Bacon", she's Nattie Bacon

'cause she keeps us together and bonded

and happy and loving!

- And she looks a lot like Kevin Bacon.

- And I've got moves like Kevin Bacon, so.

- Oh my God, oh my God, I have a picture

of you on your birthday
wearing the bacon hat,

the pants we made you, and-

- That's so embarrassing.

- What?

- I need my phone.

- I'm not gonna give you your phone.

- I need to show
a picture of "Nattie Bacon."

Please, it's so funny.

- It's a cellphone-free weekend!

- Come on.

- No, come on, please?

- Okay, who here-

- Becky.

- Raise your hand if you actually believe

that Meredith only wants her
phone to look at that photo.

You guys, are you kidding me?

- Yeah.

- Yeah-

- You see our faces, please.

- Yes, so, okay, you cannot deny that.

- I'm not gonna give you your phone.

No, oh my gosh.

- Fun Becky! Fun Becky! Fun Becky!

Fun Becky! Fun Becky!
Fun Becky! Fun Becky!

Fun Becky! Fun Becky! Fun
Becky! Fun Becky! FUN BECKY!!!

- Okay.

Thank you.

Okay, here is the deal, I will
give you guys your phone back

because I want to, not because
Meredith is asking me to.

And by the way, just
so that you guys know,

the key was always right here.

- Shut the
fuck up, are you serious?

Open it, open it.

- I am, I am, geez, you guys.

Really, you think

that's the only reason
she wants her phone?

- Fun Becky is back.

- What do you do?

- I'm a lawyer.

- Hmm.

- Yeah.

- Nice.

- Yeah,

I started my own firm eight years ago.

- Good for you, that's awesome.

- Yeah, it was right
around when we got married,

and so it's been a lot of
work, but it's been good.

Yeah, it's a lot of work.

- What kind of law is it?

- Now we've expanded, so we do a lot,

but we were doing a lot
of kind of small cases,

litigation, and somehow,

it's turned into kind of, I don't know.

- Yeah, okay.

♪ Trace these words ♪

♪ With your lips ♪

- I just want to let you know the options.

I mean, you've got a great skill set.

You're a great communicator,
you're a great leader.

You listen,
and with that skill set,

you can do a plethora of things.

- Well, as usual, you're right.

You actually sound like my friend's dad,

who says I shouldn't go into
law unless I actually love it.

Yeah, but what I really love is the idea

of helping people with the law,
like Thurgood Marshall did,

especially for people
that look like you and me.

I mean, if I can do one
tenth of what he did,

I'll be good.

- Well, the legal profession
will be a lot better off

with someone like you in
it, so follow your passion.

- Thanks, I appreciate that,
especially coming from you.

- Thank you.

- No, someone's in here, no,
get out, get out, get out!

- What are you doing?

- What are you doing, this
is not a lecture moment,

so shut the door, shut the door!

You're so-
- Exactly.

- No, no, no, that is not what I meant!

Come on, oh my God, I cannot believe you!

- What are you doing?

Richard was looking right at
you and Joseph down there.

That's not good.

- This, I'm not doing this
with you in here, okay?

- Look, I get that you
guys are having problems,

more than anyone, you gotta talk about it.

And if you don't talk about it,

no matter how it ends up,
you are going to regret it.

- I get it, we're fine, it's just-

- No, you're not fine, and
it's okay that you're not fine.

Gotta talk about it.

- Can we not talk about it right now?

- Just don't want you to make
the same mistakes I made.

- Richard and I are not
you and Jocelyn, I promise.

We just, it's.

All right, it's fine, it's-

- Don't just blow me off like that.

- I appreciate what you're saying,

and I hear you, and I would love to talk

about this a ton more,
not while I'm peeing.

- Are you sure?

- Yes, please go.

- Promise?

- I promise.

- Pinkie-swear promise?

- You're so

Please get out of here!

- Give me a hug.

- What, fuck you, no, oh my God!

- Get up, give me a hug.

- There's no, I need-

- You want me to go, give me a hug.

- I let you stay for way
too long, get out, you were-

- You're not gonna give me a hug?

Fine, I will sit-

- No, no, no, absolutely not!

You are such an asshole, oh my God!

At least let me finish, this is, ugh, why?

- Give me a hug.

Wash your hands first!

- You are such an asshole!

I cannot believe you.

- Did you use soap?

- Get out, thank you,
I'll meet you downstairs.

- Hey, you know if you
carry that guitar around

and you don't play it,
you're just a show-off.

Come on, Jeff Buckley, what you got?

- "Freebird!!!" Wooo!


- Play that song that you
played for me last night.

- Ooh, yeah, let's hear it, lover-boy.

- It's not finished.

- Do it, just play it, it's good.

- Okay.

All right.

- Boom! I knew it, I knew it.

- What?

- Trying to sneak out
and be all emo on me,

but I found you, 'cause
we gonna have some fun,

because I found a boombox, old school.

It has batteries, it works, I checked.

- What are you talking about?

- It has

a cassette, it's a mix-tape.

I don't know what's gonna
happen, but whatever happens,

it's gonna be awesome.

This, this.

- Okay, this is about
the only song

that I would dance to.

- One, two, three, oh, what?

Uh oh, gonna bring it out!

Yeah, yeah, old school, old school!

Oh, you gonna get spun!

- Ow, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Okay, take two, take two, ready?

- Okay, okay.

- So on me, on me, okay, come on.

- I'm sorry, no, that's my
problem, I always try to lead.

- Oh goodness.

It's not a problem, it's
not, we had a great run.

And I should have let you
lead, but I can't let you lead,

and you need somebody who lets you lead

because when you lead, it's beautiful.

And that just came on.

Fuck it, let's make it
weird, for old-time's sake?

- Only 'cause you asked so nicely.

- Yeah.

♪ A thousand stars aligning ♪

♪ This unknown sky ♪

♪ A million stars rising ♪

♪ High above the dawn ♪

- I'm really proud of you, Jacob.

♪ We ran so fast, and we lost ♪

- All right, Doc, give it
to me straight.

- So the program was
good for you, thoughts?

- Well, before I did the program,

I'd barely set foot outside of Paramus,

let alone the country.

It really opened my eyes to the world.

- So what now?

- I don't know, scrap-booking?

- You really don't think it's a big deal

because it comes so easy to you,

but I'm serious, Joe.

There's no shame in taking
over your dad's shop.

Working with your hands is honest work.

But these are really, really good.

The world needs auto
mechanics, they absolutely do.

But for my money, you're not a mechanic.

You're a storyteller.

Your photos capture more about life than

just regular pictures, and
the world needs that, too.

- I should have known.


Everybody else is at the party,

and Mr. "Lone Traveler"
is up here by himself.

- Hey, I have to set up.

- Well, you're being a weird hermit.

Can you come back?

- Becky would not let me have a bed.

She said I'm not on the spreadsheet.

- Yeah, 'cause you didn't
RSVP, so that's on you.

- Well, I didn't know I could make it.

- Or you just like stringing me along

for the last six weeks.

- Hey, I would never string you along.

- Who's out there
to help with dishes?

- Oh, I do not want to.

- Get in, come on, get in.

- Okay.

- Oh, turn off your light, too bright.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- No, nope,
don't, don't apologize.

That was my fault.

- It was a little my fault.

- A little bit, yeah.

- Mostly your fault.

- I know.

- Well. Um...

Welcome to my tent.

- Here we are.

- Look.

Listen, I...

I know that things are

really terrible with you
and Richard right now,

and I don't want to make
things more complicated.

I don't want to make them worse.

- You're not, you don't have to do that.

It's not even about that,

I kind of felt like that
was a long time coming.

- Me too.

- I don't know.

I think I just always sort

of thought it should have been us.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, like in
some parallel universe,

you and I just ran off together.

- Yeah, and see the world.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

Look, I know that I am very lucky

and I lead a fabulous life, but

honestly, lately I've
just been feeling like...

Feeling lonely.

I really think I might be missing out.

You set the bar very high.

There's seven billion
people in this world.

There's gotta be at least
one other person almost

as interesting as you are.

Wouldn't it be great if this wasn't

just some stupid little thing

that happened one night at a party?

- Yeah.


- Hey.

- I need to...

I need to talk to you about something.

- Sure.

- Being up here has,

it's reminded me of a lot of things.

And um...

I've also learned some
things since we've been here,


I don't know how to.


I'm fucked up, and-

- You're not-

- I don't know where I'm going,


I don't have anything, but...

Aaaah! Aaaah! Fuck it!
- It's okay.

- I'm just gonna say it.

- It's okay.

- I love you.


I-I love you.

- What?

- And you don't need
to say it back, but...

That's um...

I just, I love you.

- Hey, I love you.

- We've got more players, come in.

Come in, we're gonna play Celebrity.

We're gonna do it this way, CJ, you're up.

- Oh, you're on that team.

- So we're playing Celebrity?

- The ringer, we got the ringer!

- Are we doing the cheat round?

- Uh-huh.

- Elvis!

- Yes! Oh, this is like
the opposite of Elvis.

So he's a poet, and he writes
sort of like off-color-

- Shel Silverstein!

- Not, no, very adult-themed-

- Roald Dahl!

- No, okay, the first name is like Manson-

- Charles-

- Bukowski!

- YES!

- Shut your mouth, shut your mouth!

- He's like
the hottest man alive.

Blonde and really good abs,

and he's all steamy and
really into Rachel McAdams-

- Oh, Ryan Gosling.

- Yeah! Okay, okay, the guy, oh,

the guy who's in the movies
with the dinosaurs right now.

Done, okay, and, oh, err.

This is, okay, you guys,
this is his last name.

It's a singer, and the
last name is the last name

of the people that we met in the Bahamas

and then we went and we emailed with them

and then we had dinner
with them in New York.

Think, really, this was
less than eight weeks ago.

Come on!

- I don't know, just give me the clue.

- Think about it, no,
no, there was a singer,

and the last name is
the people that we met

in the Bahamas, and then we went there

and we had dinner with them.

Really, that's, wow, alright.

Should have been a
shoe-in, but cool, okay.

You gotta go.

- Who's going?

- I am so ready.

- All right, you ready?

- I'm ready, baby.

- Go.

- Okay, okay, Kermit's girlfriend.

- Miss Piggy!
- Miss Piggy!

- Why didn't you just give me the clue?

- I gave you the clue,
there's no more obvious-

- A couple in the Bahamas?

I have no idea-

- Where were you that time-

- Oh, Kanye West!
- Kanye West.

- You don't
remember them, nothing?

- Pizza, and she has funny outfits

and big blue eyes-

- Lady Gaga.
- Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga.

- No, no, no-

- Katie Perry?

- Yes.

- It's just a game.

- Are you gonna be like this...

[Ryann} Sexy...

...the whole night?

Please do not be
like this the whole night.

Don't, I'm...

- You what?

- You don't have to tell.

- No, I don't have to do anything.

I'm just telling you,
take care of yourself.

Don't worry about me, okay?

- , I'm sorry, guys.

I'm sorry about, that's really-

- I'll be right back.

- You don't have to
fucking, don't start this.

You can't even take a
joke, are you kidding?

Don't do this, come on.

- Leave me alone.

- Don't just run away from me.

You can't even look at me right now,

is that?

Oh my, you are not gonna fucking do this.

I don't care if everyone
can hear it, all right?

- You want to deal with this right now?

- Yeah.

- Well, I think
you've made it crystal clear

that you hate me.

- I don't hate you, you're
just embarrassing me

in front of all of my friends.

Get fun! Just be fun, please!

- You resent me, Natalie, like
I took something from you.

I mean, did you see what
you just did down there?

You treated me like a child,
this isn't working like this.

- Oh Jesus.
- Oh wow.

- This isn't 100%, it's not.

You're so critical of everything I do!

You tell me I'm not drinking enough,

I'm drinking too much, I'm not
sitting in the right place.

- No, it's not that, I just
feel like you're a liar!

You lied to me about what,

you said you were gonna
come here and be present

and be in it, and all
you do is sit in the bed

and go off to work and be
totally somewhere else!

And I understand that your
work is important, alright?

I don't know how to get
you to just be with me.

- I'm here now, and I have to work

because this week is a big week for me,

you know that, and yet I
continue to disappoint,

I continue to frustrate you.

You chose to acknowledge
that this is fucked up.

- It's a long time coming,
it's, we shouldn't-

- We might be able
to do something about it.

- What are you talking
about, a long time coming?

- Do you know something?

- No, it's nothing, it's
none of my business.

- It's us, this is
the problem, not me, not you.

Spit it out!

- I'm in a house full of people

who see me, hear me, actually
remember all of the moments

because they matter.

And I feel like you and I are just going

through our lives and
missing all of the moments.

- Do you know
how many times I've heard

that story about you and the bacon hat?

How many times I've heard about you

and Salamanca in the summer?

I'm your husband, so if
you want exciting moments

and happiness, you've
gotta make it with me.

And for the last five
years, you've been nowhere.

And I'm not saying that
I've been a star student,

or whatever, but you have checked out

in terms of supporting
me in this relationship.

I'm giving all I can,
and this is all I can.

And yeah, it's not enough for you.

- I just,

I know your work is important.

I know that all of the things we have

in our lives are important,

I just kind of want to be
the most important thing.

- You'll never be enough for me, Natalie.

You understand?

We're partners, you're not my everything.

Do you get it?

- Yeah.

- Okay, well, I'm
gonna pick up a little bit.

- Do you want help?

- Count the cards
on our team, at least.

See if we won.

- We definitely
won, I think we won.

- I feel awful, should
one of us go up there?

- No.

- No, absolutely not.

- I'm single, I'm sorry, I don't know.

- I'm really tired, Natalie,


I don't know.

- So what do we do?

- I love you, Natalie.

But I gotta go.

- Just let me do it myself.

- You're fine, geez.

- Are you sure you can do this?

- Geez, bossypants.

- Hey, don't.

I'm tired.
- Did you know

that a yawn is a sign of empathy?

- I've never been called
empathetic, empathotic?

- Give me the-
- Sure.

- I'm so tired,
just give me the shit.

- Wow, look at you, don't drop anything.

- You be careful-
- Don't break anything.

- Good night.

- Good night.

- Good night.

Good job.

- That was a little loud there,

I shouldn't clap and wake everybody up.

I forgot everybody was sleeping.

Tonight's been fun.

- I know, it's been so awesome.

- I know, it's been good.

It's been really good to see everybody.

- Oh, Natalie and Richard!

- My gosh, I had no, I mean,

I was blown away by what happened.

I feel bad for her.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.

It really makes me, it makes
me miss my boring life.

You know?

It does. How you doing?

- Really tired, but good.

- You're tired?

- Mm-hmm.

- I know, me too, I miss
Max and Lilly, though.

- I just really-

enjoyed some time away.

- Yeah.

- I mean, I-
- That's good.

- Yeah.

I haven't been away since he was born.

- You haven't, is this
your first overnight away?

- Yeah.

- Hey, are you okay?

- Yeah.

- Are you sure?

What's wrong?

- I don't...

I don't miss him.

- You don't miss who?

- I don't miss Braden.

- What do you mean you don't miss him?

I was...

- All I wanted this whole
weekend was just some time

for myself, that's what I really want.

- Okay, well, that's fine,
but that doesn't mean

that you don't miss
Braden, that would be...

You don't mean that?

- Stop it.

- Stop what?

- Just stop asking me
what's wrong, I'm fine.

- Uh, you're not fine.

- I'm fine.

- What's wrong?

- I just, wow, I don't know.

But how do you do this here?

How did you put this whole thing together


still do everything for Max and Lilly,

and still have time for yourself?

I mean, I don't understand.

- You just do it.

I do need time for myself,

but I also know that my kids need me.

- OK

I don't understand where
this is coming from.

- Oh, so now this is a
little martyr-ship thing

that you're doing, is
that what you're doing?

So I confide in you and you turn it around

and make me feel like shit?

I almost forgot.

- I am not trying to be a martyr.

I am listening to what you're saying,

and I'm not understanding it, so maybe

you can help me understand
what you're talking about.

What exactly are you
saying, I don't understand.

- That I don't think I
should have been a mom.

That I am an artist,
and that now I'm a mom,

and I don't fucking want to be a mom.

And maybe that's what you want to do.

Actually, I think that's all
that you ever wanted to do,

and that's what you're doing now,

and that's all you can do, so...

- Wow.

You know what?

Too late for that,
that's too late for that.

What are you even talking about?

It's too late.

If you didn't want to be a mom,

then you shouldn't have had a kid.

- That's great.

- You know what?

That's fine if you don't think
that I can do anything else,

but I'm happy,

and I love being a mom.

And you need to figure your shit out.

And I'm sorry that you
feel that way, I really am.

- Me too.

- I'm gonna go to bed.

- Good.

- I am so disappointed
in you, I really am.

- I was just
thinking in the bathroom.

- Oh yeah?

- And I have an idea.

- Does it involve playing cards?

- No.

- Okay.

- Okay, I'm gonna tell you the idea,

and I don't want you
to talk until I'm done

with the idea.

Good, alright, so.

As we both know, I have had
difficulties with the men

for my entire life,

and I was just thinking
that it might make sense

for me to try the ladies.

- Ah, this was the idea
that you came up with

in the bathroom-

- I'm not finished yet, so I
think what should happen is

that I think you should kiss me.

- Okay.

- Yeah?

- Sure, why not, I'll be
your guinea pig, go for it.

- Okay, close your eyes, alright.


I'm gonna try one more.




- So you don't like the ladies?

Or you don't like kissing me?

- Oh, no, you're great, I just think.

Oh, you're such a great friend.

- How much did you have to drink?

- Like a a bottle of
wine and Natalie's shots.

Oh, man, that's so weird.

- Hey, Mer?


You gotta go easy on Ryann.

She's new, she doesn't know us.

And you and Jacob broke up eons ago.

- Yeah, no.

- Come on.

I remember the Meredith
before the business attire,

before the cellphones
and the meetings, and

the pantsuits and whatever.

Remember when you took care of me

when I had that fever,
it was like 104, Jesus.

And you came in and
checked on me every hour

on the hour, you made it
your sole purpose in life.

Do you remember that?

You're a good person.

And you're enough, and you
don't need Jacob anymore,

or any man, for that matter, or a lady.

- Oh, thanks, CJ.


- You'll be fine, can you get that door,

'cause it's so bright right now.

- I like it open.

- Oh my God.

- Oh, CJ, I'm
not that kind of girl.

- I know,
we just discovered that.


- I'm leaving.

Can you make sure she makes her plane?

- Yeah.

- Thanks.

- Not now.

- Hey, what's up, man?

- What's up, James, still going
for those morning runs, huh?


- What's this?

- Something came up, I
gotta get out of here.

- Now?

- Yeah, a bit of a surprise, but-

- You're gonna miss the event for Harris.

- Yeah, would you give him a hug for me,

tell him I said hey?

- Did you say goodbye to everybody?

- No, everyone's still asleep.

I didn't want to bug anybody, so

you know, give my best to them.

But it was good to see you.

- Good to see you too, man.

- It's been too long.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Let's hope that next time
is sooner rather than later.

- Yeah, right?

I'll see you around.

All right.

You can't build a
life on a couple of pictures.

- Try me, get out there.

Go see the world, I mean,

the auto shop will always be there.

It's a wild life.

But it's very rewarding, too.

- Yeah, I don't know if I'm built for it.

- There's only one way to find out.

Just make sure you send me some pictures.

- I'll think about it.

- Deal.

- Deal.

- Look, if had to happen,

at least it happened among friends.

- Yes, it doesn't really-

- Good morning.

- Good morning, guys.

- Good morning.

- Oh, did you guys make coffee?

- Mm-hmm.

- Thank you much.

- God.

- How did you guys sleep?

- Well, in spite of
Meredith's arm being draped

across my head when I woke
up, I slept like a baby.

- Babies don't sleep, actually.

- True.

- I wouldn't know, but I've heard.

- How you doing, Nat?

- Oh, you know, not my
best moment, but I'm okay.

- Morning, ladies.

- Good morning, James.

- You guys should actually try
getting up early around here.

- Yeah, I think I will pass on that.

I choose sleep over beautiful
vistas any day of the week.

- You would say that, but if
you'd gotten up this morning,

in addition to the sunrise,
you'd have gotten a chance

to say goodbye to Joseph.

- What do you mean goodbye to Joseph?

What, did he go get
groceries or something?

- No, he bounced, told me
to tell you guys goodbye.

- Huh, yeah, of course he did, of course.

Why did we expect any
more from him, right?

- Well, he's true to
himself, that's what he does.

- Wow.

Hey oh.

- Some ruckus going on down here.

- Somebody got laid last night.

- Maybe.

- Maybe?

Maybe a little bit.

- What's up, man?

- What's up?

- Joseph left.


- That's,


He's my hero, come on,
international man of awesome,

just picks up and flies
whenever he wants to.

Hanging with the Sadhus

and dancing with some
Shaman priests, and...

that's so cool, though, that's awesome.

- Listen. Ummm...I...

You know how I have a lot of sick days

that I haven't used?

I'm gonna need

a...month leave of absence, actually.


Sammy can do all of the things that I do.

He can.

I booked a ticket
already, I am off to Peru,

actually, to see Machu Picchu.

- Okay, you guys,
let's go, let's go, let's go.

We've got 30 minutes
before the thing.

- We're coming!

- Come on, babe,
we're running late.

- Oh, I forgot my toothbrush.

Go in the car, I'll meet you there.

I'm ready, Becky,
I even have heels on!

I'll be outside!

- Hey.

- You need a ride?

- Yes.

- Oh, Meredith, your suitcase
is already in the car.

- Thank you,
I'll be right there.

- Okay, Becks, I'm in the car!

- Listen, I just want to say,

welcome to the group, Ryann.

- Thank you.

Do you need help?

- No, I'm good, I'm going!

- Surprise!!!

- Oh, you...


- Natty Bacon is very resourceful.

- Oh, the honors, please?

- Make a wish!

- That's very sweet of you.

- Enjoy, it's just a little something.

- Did you make these?

- You bet your ass she did!

- I've been leading this
program for many years,

and this year's group
is truly exceptional.

So here's to all of you.

Come on, come on.

- Yes.

- Each of you,

each and every one of you, of us,

deserves 100% of what
we want our lives to be

'cause there's one thing
we know for certain.

We only get one life.

So make the most of it, cheers.

- Cheers.

- Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
have you learned nothing?

Eye contact, 'cause if you don't, it's-

- Seven years bad sex.

- And James could use
all the help he can get.

- Ohhhhhh!

Seriously, though, thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes,
eyes, yeah, yeah, yeah, good.

- 100%!!!

- Too much.

♪ I guess I just loved you too much ♪

♪ I guess I just wanted it ♪

♪ Too much ♪

♪ Before we go ♪

♪ Our separate ways ♪

♪ I just thought you should know ♪

♪ That I ♪

♪ Did try ♪

♪ No stone ♪

♪ Left unturned ♪

♪ But I guess I just loved you too much ♪

♪ I guess I just wanted it ♪

♪ Too much ♪

♪ All ♪

♪ That time ♪

♪ You knew ♪

♪ Didn't say a thing ♪

♪ But I ♪

♪ Still thought ♪

♪ We had ♪

♪ One last chance ♪

♪ But I guess I loved you too much ♪

♪ I guess I just wanted it too much ♪

♪ It doesn't really
matter how we ended up ♪

♪ This way ♪

♪ It just didn't work out ♪

♪ The love didn't stay the same ♪

♪ 'Cause we ran out the clock ♪

♪ So now it's time to go ♪

♪ But I just thought
I would let you know ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ 'Cause I loved you too much ♪

♪ I guess I just wanted it too much ♪

♪ I guess I just loved you too much ♪

♪ I guess I just wanted it too much ♪