The Thing (1990) - full transcript

Italian Communist Party (PCI) is going to change name and identity and renew itself into a new 'Thing'. This is a selection of talks that took place in various sections of the party throughout Italy before the historical congress.

Starting with this, from this
great heritage.

The goal is to build.

A thing, a thing.

Which is bigger, and if you allow me the
expression, even more beautiful.

What freedom? who says that Occhetto
is setting you free?

What is there to be free, from who
you want to be free.

(indistinct dialect)



What is going to change? Because we
don't know yet what is going to change.

What are we witnessing today?

What does need to change? they
don't tell us if the symbol is changing.

They don't tell us
if the name is changing.

And they don't tell us what is
going to be the name.

I'm convinced that the old comrades,
If we change...

If we change and take a name
that is connected to the communist party.

So if it is a continuation,
I think they'll stay.

But if the name is going to change,
I don't know.

With something that has nothing to do with
the working class, I think that we'll.

The communist party will lose,
we'll take a great defeat.

And all the the old comrades
will remember this.

Including Napolitano, including Luciano
Lama, including all the others.

-"Occhietto" we still don't know.

We are not sure yet,
"Occhietto" made a proposal.

I'm not saying we are not for-

We are for the opening,
we are for the renewal of the party.

To always keep going with modern times.

But let's not forget our comrades that have
died fighting for this "Hammer and Sickle".

I think that is wrong to connect.

This word and so the PCI's name
(PCI = Italian Communist Party).

To what is the storic experience.

Of these 70-80 years or so.

Of communist experiences
across the world.

We keep arguing about a possible
change of the PCI's name.

About the "hammer and the sickle" symbol.

Or who knows what, I still don't know.

Or even better, I believe we
still call ourselves, comrades.

Tomorrow we are not going to call
ourselves brothers or.

Or something, I don't know.

In short, to the people who ask us:

"What is going on?"

What do we have to respond?

I'm basically in total embarassment.

Not here now, but in front of the people.

The people that point us out.

Ask me "what are you-"
and they mock us.

And they laugh about us.

On one hand we must avoid thinking
that the things we think.

Reflect all the party's thoughts.

I say these word because.

I found these words,
I want to say this quietly.

In the things that comrade Silvestro said
at the beginning.

He seemed like he was talking
on behalf of the whole party.

Every comrade here,
speaks for himself.

There are comrades
with different positions.

Who are forced to choose.

From the importance,
the rilevance.

Of this discussion we're having.

It's ok, the party is dividing.

Let's not make a drama about it.

I've been registered-

I joined in '45, after the liberation.

But you must know.

That I went in the mountains to
sing the red flag.

With the partisans.

In the Marcarolo's huts.

And I can say that I'm one
of those escaped.

From that slaughter you know very well.

Because we managed to escape
the dutch.

With big style.

I mean, I'm not mad with you.

Comrade Regional Secretary,
because you were late.

If we were in conspiracy time,
it would have been a big problem.

Comrades risked to lose their lives back
then, when they arrived 5 minutes late.

I did not join the party yesterday, I've
been registered to the party for years.

I've never seen an argument
so wide and serene.

In the party, like there is
in these days.

At least that means
that people must discuss.

Start discussing, they
must confront.

They must say their
point of view.

I consider them lucky.

Those comrades (male or female).

Who have clear ideas.

I admit that...

I'm in a crisis.

I was in a crisis, and I'm still
in a crisis.

The proposal.

Made to the central committee.

By Occhetto.

It came to me like a
punch in the face.

But not in a way that is...


But it shook me.

And it opened in me...

A new will that was...


Or better, it was not only sleeping.

I was leaving it to the party.

My son at home.

He's 23 years old.

I've got an older one.

But he's out.

He told me "But-".

Discussing like this.

Commentig the facts that
television gave news about.

He said: "You know that in this moment
it stimulates me to..." he said to me.

"To register to the party?"

I told him, "Are you going crazy?".

He doesn't understand anything

The moments from the "Years of Lead".

In our factory we had
the red brigades, unfortunately.

We also had a partner
that I knew well.

I worked by his side both as a
worker and as a trade unionist.

He was killed by the red brigades,
we lived moments.

Of strategy, terror, threats.

To the companion Guido Rossa,
of the death and after the death.

Of Guido Rossa which has been dramatic.

How do I lower it?

All right.

Nothing uh...

I am quite new
to this type of discussion.

Because I have not been registered
for 40 years, let's say.

- Lucky you
- And not even 20.

And so...

I can't, even if I wanted.

Talk about ... go backwards.

Tell what I heard,
this morning.

I can't, and anyway I don't want to.

Even if I could, I would not do it.

It seems almost like...
a flee, a...

To escape in the past,
to find some help.

I would be glad to
have it, but I don't.

A certain consequentiality
however comes to mind.

A certain consequentiality from
what's happening in the East.

And what the Italian
communist party should do.

I've always seen it as an
escape goat at every speech.

To every relationship, ecc.

And then a question comes to my mind.

I ask myself a question, no?
I ask myself and others have asked me.

From other people, outside
the communist party.

The question is: If you said
that anyway you weren't.

Connected to them.

Why do you care so much about the fact
that Honecker is under house arrest?"

Or the fact that the countries of
real socialism failed in everything?

And why do you always talk
about it in your speeches?

This is the question I've been asked,
a question that I couldn't answer.

I think there are two answers.

There's an emoctional
fact or anyway a link.

Always felt by someone
towards those countries.

Or maybe it's true that we weren't
so detached from them.

In fact, at the party of unity
at Genova, I asked myself.

Why weren't those movements invited.

The Alternative movements from the East,
why wasn't "Neues Forum" invited?

The party has lost contact with the masses.

I'm not saying it today, I've seen for
a couple of years a vertigistic party.

A party where the masses count very little.

So, changing the name, or changing...
We need to change the way we do politics.

Occhetto for me started with the
wrong foot because now he retracts.

Him and the others from the secretariat
like Mussi, that seems to want to make.

Both militants and members, make fun of us,
They say: don't talk about the name.

You talked about the name first, in a wrong
way, or we misunderstood? But it's the name.

That hit the comrades the most.

But you can't start from the symbol and the
name and then retract and say.

That now it's important to make the change.
With who? How?

With what thing? I, comrades, want to
understand what's this "thing".

Because it can be everything or it
can be nothing.

What does it mean to be communist anymore?
What did it mean? What was it?

Wrong theories? Not doable.

During the years? In the development of
society as it came, or really just wrong?

Badly applied?

Are the man that badly applied them?

Sincerely I make a lot of...

I have a lot of confusion.

Confusion, pain...

A lot of questions, a lot of...

But mostly this. What
can it become now.

What it will be, we will see.

Who among us will have the...

The will to remain, partecipate.
There will be someone.

But for me, I will stay and watch.

I'll try to understand.

And then if in the future I will agree
with what this party will be, again.

But for me the point is just this, what has been,
those that have been these 40 years of history.

In the countries of the East.

Where the one with
power were communists.

And where almost everything
turned out, to the detriment...

Of the people, of the people, I mean.

With whom we will work and fight,
and why will we work and fight?

In this moment, I don't think.

I don't think I'll renew the
registration at the communist party.

But not because Occhetto said to change,
but because the word communism.

For me lost it's real meaning,
The one that my father teached me.

Since i come from the
"Manifesto", I remember.

Old discussions we had between
comrades of the Manifesto, "Comrades".

Manifesto's comrades, back then you
weren't called comrades.

Anyway the PCI's comrades. And we said.

No there's nothing to
do with DC, nothing to do-
(DC= Christian Democracy)

But no, there are
good things there too.

It's about taking them,
knowing how to balance them.

Pull on our side, because
they are not all the same.

In Italy, comrades, it's been years we've
been discussing between DC and Catholics.

DC is a thing, Catholics are another, but.

The Catholics that somehow got
away from the DC.

In their politic and militant way, are
very few.

Vertical crisis, I don't call it
Communist's crisis, I'll explain later why.

Of the countries of the East, presenting
it like an identification.

That for me, for my cultural history,
doesn't exist absolutely.

It was enough to read a little, to know,
to understand.

That communism was no longer that thing,
nowhere communism it's made by bureaucrats.

Nowhere is communism made
on the skin of those who work.

This is what happened in that
country, now we say quietly.

Within the communist party too.

Some time ago in a debate.

Someone said... it make me laugh.

Talking, ending a debate, someone said:
"Well we're definitely not the Bolsheviks"

Like saying "You want to
offend us or something?".

In Lavinia no? He said, we are not
Bolsheviks, we are true democrats.

I don't want that in
some future debate, no?

Someone will say: "It's not
like we're communists".

Then I joined myself too because we
start from where I was born, no?

I was born in '45 too.

It's from the discovery of the
communist party that I started to-

Excuse me for this little summary.

I started working that I was ten and a
half, and I worked 15 hours a day.

And I asked my mom just before the war,
"But mom, why there are riches and poors?

"Why do they exploit me like that?" Poor
woman, she could not answer me then, no?

And I met the communist party in
a fly- I will always remember.

In a flyer thrown out and I was
in a village, in the woods.

I read this and I say:
"Damn, this is what I want."

And then I met the communist party, then
analyzing now, back then it was like that.

But I don't even feel
like changing anything.

Because I want to have my ideals,
look what we have built.

A different party in Italy, just to
raise this lighthouse.

These ideals of socialism,
this thing so beautiful.

Who brought us here, with a party different
from there, they didn't even started it.

A symbol or another symbol,
a name or another name.

What matters is the substance
of the politics we do.

The interests we carry
forward and these things.

To think that removed the symbol, oh my
god it is no longer the communist party.

Or it's no longer a force that
brings certain interests.

Honestly I don't understand this...

This attachment a little...
rigid, let's say so.

To those that are in fact
aspects of appearance.

That is, what image this party today
manages to give to new generations?

Last election out of 100 young
people, 18-19 voted PCI.

Even 15.

Even 15... out of 100.

So or we old man remain here.

Sustaining and bringing this flag.

Or instead, together,
because this it's the bet.

We make a further contribution.

So that this type of politics can
take a different characteristic.

I think we're focusing too much on one
series of issues, that others force on us.

I say: Occhetto did well,
did wrong, consulted or not.

Because Togliatti, when he landed in
Salerno, who did he consult to establish.

That big fact that determined
a radical change in Italy?

When he says: "I don't care with whom I am,
the important thing is to beat fascism."

You tell me, who did
Togliatti consult back then?

Or Longo when it comes down from
the plane, says in Czechoslovakia.

"It's a mess so we have to take
this position", did he consult you?

In the meantime we have an
internal problem here.

I say that the Perestrojka must also
pass inside the PCI.

I'm tired of hearing executives that for 10 years
study a problem, and then keep studying it.

Like Ingrao, institutional problems,
10 years he is studying.

Like Tortorella, who is Tortorella?

But let me understand, in the last years,
what contributions did Tortorella give.

For a cultural elevation,
mine and of the party?

The proposals, but I mean for fuck sake,
here someone said let's go around the world.

But where can you find a world that
it's better than Emilia Romagna?

For everything.

The most beatiful society on
the face of the earth.

And I don't have presumption,
I've never been presumptuous.

To make judgments about others societies or
other states, but I've travelled, I saw.

And therefore, I say how
we live here, maybe this.

Makes us not understand certain issues.
but it's not a fairy tail.

But the politics that we
have to make, I say.

In the other 19 regions, 18 regions,
we would manage to create.

That politic that we succeeded
to create here in emilia.

See, this is the most beatiful city
we could manage to bring together.

Today new means are needed, and a
relationship between means and purposes.

That starting from non-violence, it places
us outside the traditional history.

Of the communist party,
and passes it forward.

I have always been one of
the promoters of battles.

Until I can, I will
always do battles.

And if you change the
name, I will stay inside.

But I will form a current
inside the party.

The one that I never wanted, I have
always wanted the unity of the party.

The name issue for us
communists is marginal.

Because we are used to consider the substance
of things, and not the appearance.

However we are aware of living in the
society of information and image.

So if the name and symbol change can serve to
strengthen in the world outside the party.

The understanding of PC renewal,
then this decision is welcome.

I was also talking to
some comrade before this.

We do everything you say, we do
the reforms, we join the Catholics.

We make the widest left wing alternative.

But certain rooted things, like the
name and the symbol, cannot be changed.

Certainly some comrades put this
as the last thing to consider.

But for others it's the most important.

We communists should shake
off any presumption.

To become again the men capable
of interacting with the masses.

If not, then the workers
like those of the FIAT.

That see the shareholders
of their company.

Dividing an annual capital equal to
the whole salary of their workers.

Or the young unemployed that every
year increase more and more.

Or the women so distinct, and not
"different" as the PC states.

To be the last to be hired,
and the first to be fired.

And that still today they
die for parsley influences.

So if we don't, who would
represent them anymore?

I will put it like this.

How much distance is there between my
personal direct experience with suffering.

-I'm talking because this theme
it's important for me-

And the socialist comrades, for example,
towards the drama of drug addiction.

This is the theme of comparison
with the socialist party.

I see a great horizon open here,
I call this horizon, need of communism.

Because I can not tell the difference
between the favelas in Brazil.

Or the faces of the boys from
Soweto, in South Africa.

Or the touched and joyful eyes of the
boys from Berlin, that broke that wall.

Or that hug, that I think was one of the
most beautiful aspects of these weeks.

Between that extraordinary
square, full of young people.

And Alexander Dubcek, after 20
years from the '68, in Prague.

This seems to me the meaning
of the battle we must lead.

Coming out of schematism, from
emotions of preconstituted sides.

And opening up between us, a great debate.
and I want to say one last thing, really.

This work we are doing
is more strenghtful.

If we are able to speak, not
only to the intellectual.

But if we are able to speak also to the
comrade who has voted us for 40 years.

And he stays right here,
around the corner.

If we are able to build around this
debate, a great mass debate.

Capable of coming out of the sections
and confront the society.

With the true people, the heart of this
society, which by the way, it's our people.

If I'm here this morning among you, it's
because I urgently need to understand.

I want to understand why this
name, this politic, this PCI.

That later I will call Mister X for
convenience, today we find it inadequate.

I joined and militated
in the Mister X party.

Because it was and is, the party of the great
pacifist and environmentalist battles.

When I think about Mister X, or at
least, when I thought about Mister X.

I thought of it as a big
elephant, with very long ears.

And a long proboscide,
that never ended.

Intent, however, in a slow and boring path
for who knows what forests or which lands.

But excuse me, what you would say if
suddenly this elephant started running.

Well, I was stunned.

Dear Mr. X, please do not change without
making us understand where we are going.

Dear Mister X, I loved you, you taught
me to have the courage to be indignant.

But today I feel I can't
do it, the hit was hard.

Then I feel inside me, like Andrea
said, a big need for Communism.

A new one, but anyway his
name is still "Communism".

What have you communists
taught to the Italians?

Comrade Togliatti answered with a sentence that
I think it's very sharp, very penetrating.

"We "learned" the peasants.

The workers, not to take off their hats
when the master passes."

This is what Communism was in Italy.

If we say that we, as a communist
force, as they call us Stalinists.

We haven't been that for several
years, approximately...

-It was a bad thing though.

-We are, excuse me.
-That was a bad thing.

-And you don't emphasize it,
but this was a bad thing.

-I've been sitting there
for 3 hours, sitting.

-I arrived now, It's the first time I
join a section of the communist party.

-Especially in light of recent events....
-Oh, anyway...

-You have to tell me why there
still are these discussions..

-If you want to talk...
-What's happening is more important than...

-Of all the stupidities that...
-If you want to intervene.

-It's clear to me the fact that the
communist party must not change the name.

-Comrade, if you let me....
-I've been 50 years in the party

-If you give me permission to talk.

-The PCI have nothing to envy.

-Come here.
-It was not the Russians who invaded Italy.

-It was the Americans, and the Italian
Communist is an authentic one.

We must not change, we are superior to
the Poles, to everyone.

To everybody who call themselves

We are another matter,
another thing.

And finally we begin to
discuss of concrete things.

I'm tired of getting
beaten in this country.

I worked for 20 years at FIAT, and I
am 20 years that I always get beaten.

And it was about time that we begin to
discuss for the alternative of this country.

It would be wrong then if in this
process, We do not question ourselves.

In short, if we want to make the alternative In the
true sense of the word, we have to understand.

That others must come with us,
because alone we will never make it.

Certainly with the socialist party,
just as today, it's not possible.

But I say there are contradictions
also within the socialist party.

They too must question themselves
about this great proposal.

That the communist party is doing.

I entered the communist party ...

Not as a kid, even if since when
I was a little boy, in my town.

I traveled from the oratory to the league,
there we called it "The League" .

On one side there was the
socialist party section.

They were all nice, but they
were always at the bar.

And the communists, who
instead were studying.

And they inspired me a little
fear too, a certain...

But I saw them in the evening
when they were there, studying.

There were those who taught history of
Italy, economy, to make counts, etc.

But when I became, I came to Turin,
dazzled by the problem of consumerism.

I was the one of those who Toninelli at
the beginning called, social worker.

I didn't get along with the Piedmontese because
they spoke in dialect, I did not understand.

Authoritarianism was not good for me,
and I was always at home, in mutual.

And then I was changing factory
once every six months.

Who convinced me that basically it
was worth trying for an adventure.

It was the communists, a group of
revolutionary communists workers.

Who at the age of 18 made the civil
war in our country, the resistance.

And for me they were fascinating,
because it was people who...

When the boss came by, they
did not bow their heads.

They said their opinion,
and I wanted to imitate them.

They gave me the impression that you could
stay inside the fabric, in a country like this.

Without being a sub-proletarian
rebel as I was, throwing rocks.

To those who did not strike, but ...

Learn to read and write,
and to make the accounts.

I saw that there were workers
who had a library at home.

And I was attracted
to these things.

When the communists lose their sense ...

The idea of revolution, they
lose the meaning of adventure.

Communists without the sense of
adventure become boring people.

And as we saw there,
even dangerous people.

Yes , the DC is 40 years that governs.

But the PSI is from '63 that governs,
so the other parties are governing.

It's not only the DC
that is governing.

It is not true that in the DC there
are no healthy forces, dear comrades.

Because it's not- I am more
convinced that the workers.

The workers, the unemployed, certain
people, they go more there.

In the DC, especially in the south.
and in the PSI.

The comrade Liliana Omegna said:

"A party like ours, in the
situation in which it was.

It could not be woken up and revitalized,
with a kiss from Occhetto."

This party needed a strong proposal,
that could shock.

And that opened a discussion, starting
from this, there could be a discussion.

Beyond the fact that the
method it is such that.

Today, the whole party, and not just
the party, is discussing this question.

Bear in mind that, this proposal.

Not only opens the contradictions
inside the parties we call traditional.

It opens them, I said it before,
in the social body.

But opens them, if I think of the other
party, if I think of Confindustria.

If I think about Federmeccanica, well,
there is a problem with this proposal.

Because, until yesterday, they could say
"They are the usual communists.

And we can decide to marginalize them or
not". Today it's not that simple anymore.

My perplexity is that...

I don't know if to be more relevant,
we should then...

Yeald some things that now

No one dreams anymore about doing
the revolution, nobody ...

We accepted all the rules
of the Western World.

But it's also true that, at least for me.

I'm here in this party because I hope.
In a fair society, I hope that...

Not to have the terror to get sick.
Because today we know how the situation is.

I'm pissed off because.

I pay the taxes up to the last one
lire and I'm always .

I always see people who pay a lot less.

And I wouldn't like that then...

Let's say there's the fear,
and not just mine, I repeat.

Is that... in the end, in the party
ther's a certain...

A certain percentage, that still
tries to take.

Tries to take all the cake, because
I must say this too.

So, I don't know, because.

I don't know, if tomorrow.

The communist party or how it will be
called, could get the 40% of votes, but.

It would argue instead like Craxi
and Andreotti now.

And Forlani, they will fight
with Craxi.

For the presidencies of the RAI, of IDI,
of this and of this other. Then I....

I don't care if we get the votes and
do certain things, but then later.

In the end the workers will always be
there. With the same problems.

Even this name that, like I said,
we happen to have.

In my opinion, If on one side, made
it easier to identify to many people.

Those that in the end, were different
from others who wanted the change.

On the other side made life easier
for those who were against us.

But, in the electoral campaigns.

To me it seems like this.
The others didn't use many

Arguments against us, against
the PCI like they're doing now.

Saying this program, these
proposal are not good.

Instead, they referred to us of the
facts happening in other countries.

To say the word "Communist" , to make
this word enter.

In the head of the italians, in a negative
way, to say "Ah, the italian communists..."

And we waste, we wasted
a lot of our time.

To explain them, look we're different
from the Chinese, from the Vietnamese.

We're different from those in Moscow,
we're different from the East Dutch.

We're different from Prague, and often we
use our time saying that we are different.

Is it a replacement of the ruling class?

Or a change of political class?
As we say.

I have already expressed that opinion.

That the priests told me about
in my town, of transposition.

That a piece of bread in
hand to a common mortal.

And is called "ostia", from my
parts was called "particola".

And instead in the hands of the priest
it becomes body of christ.

So what are you telling me?
That is enough to.

Put communists in place
of the socialists?

That then things will
become body of christ?

Or also things that I heard inside the party,
just take out the notables, and there are many.

And we put the youngsters of 30 or
40 years, and things will change.

It's not that simple, I've been
seeking for renewal for many years.

And I've thrown a lot of rocks.

And that big coward here, Annibaldi,
says that the communists.

Are a bunch of scumbags because they
don't care about the factory production.

If he said, Ok now Mr. Romiti,
I want to come to Mirafiori.

And we're still in time, for the
constituent, Occhetto-Mirafiori.

But not in front of the gates, like his
poor predecessor, in times of misfortunes.

But to clearly say this thing
here, and it's not a provocation.

That the 50% of a car,
is made with the hands.

The hands of those who when
go to vote, they vote left.

Then Occhetto, if he has in mind
the change of the ruling class.

The workers emancipation, not to replace
a political class with another one.

Then he must ask to go inside, and say:
Doctor, what is that you are saying.

That I don't think about the production of
the factory? But we saved it in '43, '48.

In the '70 we ruled
that factory together.

The communist party has educated
millions of people, laborers.

Son of peasants like me and you
that didn't know anything about.

Metals, the logic of production,
the organization, etc.

If we could give some suggestions,
as we find ourselves.

In the start of a discussion that
is unprecedent for our party.

It's not comparable to any
moment, even important, like '56.

Even that was a big, dramatic discussion,
even inside the party, or the '68.

This is something
truly extraordinary.

And that anyway, in
front of these changes.

A refundation of our
core, must be done.

I was in Venice, to see
the cinema exhibition.

After many films, one day they
presented the film by Moretti.

I went to see it, and me,
that I'm a communist.

For the 40th time this year
I renew the party card.

I was taken by a huge sadness,
like taking a kick in the balls.

It's a film that I liked and
a film that I was sorry for.

But that doesn't mean
I didn't like it.

And indeed, the situation we lived until
a few days ago, It was a situation of...

Managing the manageable.

I'm not here only this evening, I
went to some other Milan's sections.

In these days, and I must admit
that I felt a great exaltation.

And the sections are full
like here, all the sections.

In about 15 days we will
do it at the "Ortica" too.

The main merit of this provocation.

Was to get us back the
joy of being communists.

Probably I'll continue to stay
in the party, even if we...

Start this new aggregation,
this th- this thing.

I'll continue to be here so there will
be the presence of us communists.

We, here, eat and we
are fat like cows.

The 500 million who do not eat, it
is because we also eat for them.

In the countries of real socialism, they
never took advantage of these situations.

Then we can talk about internal problems,
democracy issues, etc. I agree.

I lived all my life in the socialist
countries, I know the great difficulties.

The big mistakes made, etc.

But let me say this, this too
is the end of the Utopia.

The end of this dream, of all men equal.

Of men who could achieve
themselves as men, and not like...

So don't let me say tomorrow,
that in this thing.

That even America (trosa?)

The USA's comrades, they eat the 25%
of the product of all the world.

And the popolation is not the 25% of
(du ses million?), for god's sake.

And they eat the 25% of all the resources of
the earth, (ferditi?) and they'll always be.

The most vile thing that
nature have created.

In the, in the th- and someone in the
streets unfortunately still thinks so.

So I remain anchored to my
story, I'll enter this thing.

With this baggage of
history and experience.

With the struggles, with the sacrifices,
with the batons on the (Firulle?).

With the handcuffs in "San
Vittore" , I'll still be.

Extremely proud of this
story that I carry inside.

And the history of this glorious party
in which I have served all my life,

And this, my story, in this
story, I am willing to play.

All the cards of renewal,
without refoundation.

There's no need to refundate a thing
that was born so well, in '21.

And that we leave to live like this,
trying to create something around it.

Maybe something new, something more
aggregating, something that satisfies everyone.

Certainly giving up something, but
don't let me give up my story.

Because on this thing I will
do a bloody battle, all right?

First of all, this proposal was expressed
in a completely wrong occasion.

On the wave of tumultuous events
that are shaking the Eastern Europe.

So how can we trust those who wish for the
failure of both real and possible socialism.

So that in the future it will be possible
to say that, how the Italian Communist Party.

Arose for the repercussions
of the bolscevic revolution.

Thus it disappears due to the impact
caused from the facts of the east.

An observation that certainly
does not make us honor.

That is to say that socialism and
revolutionary ideals that gave body to it.

Have only been a moment in history, they
only belong to the 20th century.

The very fact of being
here in this section.

Of hearing an alarm for this party, in which
we believed and we felt was our instrument.

It makes us, makes me say, then it is true
that we were different from the others.

We grew up and they told
us "you communists are-"

"You -our bosses told us-
we are a different party".

And I believed it
when I was a kid.

And I still believe it, even
if I'm no longer a kid.

Because the spring that stimulates us is
the spring of brotherhood, of solidarity.

If these tools disappear then I'll
just sign up for the social-democracy.

I just want to say that...

I don't know how to put it, sincerely
I am very grateful to Occhetto.

For the proposal he made.

To rediscover ourselves deeply and
also to re-establish ourselves.

Because I believe it was necessary.

An act at the same time of
humilty, great humility.

And also of great pride, but mostly of
humility, of which we seemed to need.

Of which I also need, and it was needed
by the party and their militants.


The idea that in front of of the
revolution which is underway in europe.

And that in a few months,
in a few weeks it did...

What in other times turned
out to be a world war.

The idea that, in the
end, this thing here.

We said, "But anyway it's
not about our communism."

That they have not listened to us.

I had a feeling of inadequacy
first of all of the "feelings".

The famous feelings that in these days,
in these weeks everyone talks about.

Like an inadequacy of the
heart of the communists.

Towards what's happening right now.

And I'm sorry, but I'm glad
that the party secretary.

Would fill this inadequacy of
the heart of the communists.

Because in the meantime there is something
to be ashamed of, even ourselves.

It's not like we are not
involved, those are lies.

Beginning with the fact that,
it is true we didn't...

At the last second we didn't send
a delegation to the congress.

Of the Romanian fascists, but at the
penultimate second, we sent it.

I did not ... I had a clear
sens- a lack of heart.

There is a revolution going on,
with millions of people who.

Say certain things, all that we have
to say is.

No? Anyway we're not involved, something
like "Mani Pulite" a little out of place.

An act of humility to say that
what is happening.

It must make us re-discuss, it can also
mean that maybe.

At least say that
maybe we were wrong.

Maybe there's somethig
to reconsider.

At least say it, I had the feeling

In a reflex like to say, defensive, very
strong, of the brain and not of the heart.

Well, these three things. Compatible
development, non violence.

Including the verbal one, as far
as I'm concerned.

Of which I would prefer not to
make use in any case towards.

Political opponents or
different politicians.

Violence, non violence, also verbal,
and democracy are not made in PCI.

That's how it is, they are not made in PCI.

Not only then, the communism of the others,
the one that failed, the one that...

But not even our communism.

We can't always think that our
task is to historicize others.


To historicize the others, we historicize
ourselves only when things are done.

I believe we must do a great act.

Of humility, because the winning political
and cultural operations.

Start from humility, so
the desire to see if.

Not only what we did wrong, but
also if we are doing wrong now.

And then make a great act of pride.

Without which I would not bear too much
humility, I would rather go fishing.

To do a new political lineup, in
which what we built in these.

Great years of history and
hard work from everybody.

Will not be lost.

I would not accept to have worked
so much like a mule.

To see what I've done.

I don't know if like, decline, but in
short, marginalized, I would prefer...

To spend it in something
that has a chance.

This re-foundation, this,
this constituent.

In my opinion, it would be necessary.

First of all we have to maintain all
the communist that there are now.

No, because otherwise, I mean, if
you start even with a little less.

I don't know how all the others will be
ready to clap their hands saying "See?".

Let's try to get all there and
all together, to this stage.

That it's constituent because you
can hear already, here and there.

A certain "sectarianism" , I want to use
this word.

We can last another 30 years
this way, comrades.

At an election we'll have plus 1%,
another election we'll have minus 2%.

The socialist party will take plus
2%, it will take plus 1% the DC.

And DC with the socialist
party will continue to rule.

Then maybe next friday there
is the discussion about drugs.

And we will be split in half
because the others don't care.

If we make a new party,
or even stay like this.

One condition is that we start
to make politic again, comrades.

Even to say our opinion, of course to say
our opinion first of all, to criticize.

But we must come back, but then
if we fight about the name.

And then go back to watch TV.

We must continue to work, comrades.

I repeat, we need everyone
in San Casciano, too.

And if next friday, when there will
be the discussion about drugs.

Instead of being 200, we'll
be 60, something's wrong.

I think, in my honest opinion.

That this party is losing votes
because is no longer left-wing.

And to clarify, I didn't renew my
registration the last two years.

Because I don't agree with
this party, with this politic.

Soft, and I call it of "ruffling".

But with who do we want to make this thing?
Everybody ignore us.

We had to put "Indipendente" mayor of Rome
because no one wanted to be there.

Then who's going to do politic with us?

With who, the socialists?
The demo-cristians?

Because you think the DC will
vote a union with the communists?

If you allow me, I don't believe it.

I don't believe in fairy tales,
and this is a fairy tale for me.

I'll tell a joke, criticize me if you want,
earlier a comrade said:

"Actually we are becoming a
socialist-democratic party".

Now regardless of wether we for some
years have been connected.

To the European Social Democratic party,
we took them as our ambition and goal.

We have been like this
for 20 years, comrades.

We have to discuss about this, comrades.

Otherwise we'll remain
attached with this name.

That becomes almost a shield, behind
which we hide our difficulties.

And I don't want to discuss the name.

So, if this is necessary, because.

I have another fear.

- Can I? I remember the time, comrade.
- Yes, go on.

That it was just a comedy, the one of
the companions of the secretariat.

Of course it was forced.

Of course it was.

My conscience makes me
say that in certain times.

Maybe some forcing is needed,
or you can't go on.

Comrade Berlinguer did some forcing,
even if some "Berlinguerian", like me.

Who here, before me, didn't
agree, well, Berlinguer did it.

He did it both on the "Historical
Compromise", on the NATO.

Even on- He forced it, he
didn't consult the party.

Neither he made a referendum, no?
Maybe they were less bitter.

This is just to remember the truth.

The end of Communism. But has
there ever been "Communism"?

Has there ever been a society,
of those in the East.

In wich Communism has ever been made?

I remember, I was a boy, I think it was
the 22nd or the 23rd congress.

The Soviet union presented
this ideas in which they said.

They had to overcome
the socialism phase.

To move to a Communist Society.

But they didn't even reach
the socialist phase.

Not even a bit of socialist legality.

They didn't reach it, they only
achieved a state capitalism.

And we decree in 70 years, little
more than 70 years.

The end of a utopia as it
says here, a great utopia.

I came here really happy,
because I feel happy.

Maybe I'll be a "White Fly".

I finally heard new discussions.

New proposals and a new road, finally.

Instead I come here, I feel like, It
seems to me, no offense to anyone.

To hear the priests
talking, we are idolaters.

Because the comrades that have been,
that died, with all the respect.

The comrades that put time in
this, like myself for 12 years.

- Aging like priests in seclusion.
- We have also earned something.

- What?
- We also earned something.

Yes, of course, for me
it was an experience.

That made me grow, that
brought me many things.

It also took away some others.

However let's say the net was positive.

I came here, I heard the
same speeches again.

And they will be the same speeches,
comrades, you'll make for another 40 years.

Because in 2023, you'll still be
talking about the socialists.

About Craxi, about the DC.

And about these things,
nothing will be changed.

Because this is the right
proposal, revolutionary nowadays.

That puts everything into motion,
the Italian political system.

That blows the Italian political system.

I want to make an appeal to the comrades,
who don't have to be resentful.

We all are resentful, because the
red flag makes everyone shudder.

Including myself.

But let's not stop there, let's
see the political substance.

What's the point of political substance?
It's to create an alternative in Italy.

Because the alternative is either
social-democracy, or nothing.

It's useless for you to say
that the discussion still is.

If we have to transform, like the comrade
said, in a social-democratic party.

Comrades, it was not
Occhetto that woke up.

You are showing me that
you are waking up.

From a dream, because it's
been at least 20 years.

That the communist party is not
a communist party anymore.

I affront this in a isolated way.

Because basically nobody here has
ideas like mine, in the commission.

You know that I talked at the congresses
about feminism, of self-awareness.

Of certain things at an embryonic level,
with the due cultural limits.

But nobody ever answered me,
so it's a big...

Let's not say trauma, but let's
say commitment, to come here.

Because it means that I have to adapt to a
kind of culture that is different, softer.

Why don't we create a project?
why don't we work on projects?

I'm not interested in
Craxi, I pity him.

I pity him in the true
sense of the word.

I find him pathetic when he laughs, when
we know there's nothing to laugh about.

Our referent must not be
a symbol or a party.

Our referent must be all those
people who are willing.

To dedicate all their lives, understand?
Without drama, without.

Risking their lives.

I had to separate from someone
to be able to dedicate my life to...

Because you can't do many things
together, you lose your balance.

I lost my balance for a while.

Our referent must not be
things said in advance.

Our referent must be the people
willing to work with us.

To change this society, all of it.
Including the dismembering of the Vatican.

Which is the most hierarchical and monarchical
society that there is in the world.

These people must be the referent, with
these people, they-

We have to elaborate concrete
facts and projects, not ideas.

I want to do politics.

I have an incredible desire to do
politics but I don't do it anymore.

I don't do it anymore because
there's no point in coming here.

But not because the comrades who are
here are not worth a penny.

They are very sweet people,
but they never argue.

It really chaps my ass, all my life.

And I come here and this thing,
it has no value.

I keep it inside me and
I live it on my own.

So, in the workplace,
that is the school.

The misery that exists everywhere.

And therefore knowing
there is people like me.

So being with you, knowing we
are still many, I feel glad.

I can bear Willy Bramdt because
Willy Bramdt is a temporary thing.

Because he has his own issues
with the Nuclear Power Plants.

With that choice that has been.

The choice that these democracies
did, I don't care about it.

But it's a train I can take
because it can do me good.

But I don't care about his
type of model of development.

I am a communist and as an ideal
I have the abolition of private property.

But not because I want to
take away -like the DC said-

The house from the people, like I
don't want to give them nothing.

I want the means of production and
of exchange to be collective.

This is the focal point that
distinguishes me from the others.

From the social-democrats.

They can say they tolerate
private property.

I dont fucking accept it.

Hospital here could work if.

If you hear what they say, the
hospitals work badly.

Because they are public.

What is this?

They work badly because
they are abandoned.

They must work good, and
they must be public.

This is the fondamental difference
between me and the socialists.

When I was a boy.

And I fought in the streets,
and Morricone knows.

We thought about the
proletarian dictactorship.

But in a good way, we thought that the
working class, the soviet would rule.

Understand? This is the
focal point, in a good way.

Because the party is structured in
a way that who is going in charge.

Then governs like he wants.

Got it? And then he's not free anymore.

If we were ruled by Russia,
or other east countries.

They would have kicked our ass,
me and you, and you and you.

Why? Because we are pestering.

Am I wrong? Then, then.

Me too when someone talked bad about
Eastern Countries, I was bothered.

Because they are Communists
too. Now I grew up.

I know that the man is
a man and he can be wrong.

Then I want to create some assurance.

The party must be structured differently
from how it's structured now.

Meaning that I must be able to
talk, and I must be important.

Not that somebody-

Like when there was the Historical
Compromise, and we didn't agree with it.

And we fought in this section because
of the Historical Compromise.

Do you remember it Morric?? The comrades
made the "conclusions" at the end.

What the fuck did you conclude
if we were all against it.

Is it true? Am I wrong? He "concluded".

Now I felt a boost, an incentive again.

Who came here to discuss
things that you didn't think?

The drug-addicts, the gardens...

The fact is that the new-

It's the discussion about the new
communist party programs.

He made the 18 congress, he
told you very clearly.

The fact is, if you go forward,
you lose a part of the party.

If you go back, everybody
will be against you.

Thanks to all the people who
made this film possible.