The Tax Collector (2020) - full transcript

A "tax collector" for a crime lord finds his family's safety compromised when his boss's old rival shows up in LA and upends his business.


Are you okay?

Are the kids okay?


They're fine.

They're fine.

That was so real.

They ran away.

And I could hear the kids
yelling, like, far away

and I could see
their footprints on the sand.

I followed them.

But I couldn't go in the water.

It was like it was glass.

And I'm hitting the water,

but it's like a window
at an aquarium.

And I could see the kids
looking at me and I'm just...

It's just a dream.

It's not real.

No, David.

It was so real.

I have to clean the kitchen.

What? Now?


Favvy's coming. She judges.

Dude, fuck Favvy.

- Don't curse my sister.
- Sorry.

Daddy, my tooth is wiggly!
Is it ready to come out?

Yeah, here, let me see it.

- Let me see, let me see.
- You're going to pull it out.

No I won't.
I just want to see it, okay?

Open your mouth.

Go "ah."


- This one, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, wow.

It is loose.

- Does it hurt you?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, honey.


Hey, look, if you swallow it

you can't get all the money
from the Tooth Fairy.

Can I have $10?

What? For a tooth?

Christ, I thank you for this
bounty and your blessings.

I will serve as an instrument
of your will this day.

Please send
your guardian angels

to watch over
my wife and children,

her mom, Janet, and sister,
Faviola, and Jazmin.

Almighty God who lives and rules
the world without end, amen.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Okay, the big date...
what happened?

So, he takes me to this
really nice steak place.

Is the dude on Tinder?

Did he super like you?

I am on Tinder, David,

because not everyone
won the marriage lottery.

I can't believe
you're on Tinder.

- Alexis.
- David, stop.

Hey, what's up, sis?

All this food
for Jazmin's quince?

What? I'm hungry,
and it smells good.

Mija, you are so pretty.

Hey, can I do her makeup?

- No.
- We have someone.

You want to help us?

We have to start
shredding the pork.

Mommy, my eyes burn.

Baby, fix the alarm.

Fix it?
It's doing what it does.

It's all smoky in here.
Open up a window.

- Oh, mami.
- Take the battery out.

Chill with the chilis
for one second.

- I got to go, okay?
- Take Dylan to his game.

I can't. I'm late.

Listen, I'll take him.
I'll take Dylan, okay?

I have to go
to the store anyway.

Thank you, Favvy.

Hey, we have to
get your dress.

Hey, when do you
get the dress? What color is it?

Favvy, I'm going to pay
for the dress.

No, no, no, no.
No, seriously.

It's done.
I'm going to cover the dress.

Jazmin, can you help me
cut the tomatoes, please?

- Take of your brother, okay?
- Okay.

- Bye, Dad.
- Alright, I love you.

♪ Yeah

♪ Last night he caught a body

♪ Last night he caught a body

♪ Last night he caught a body

♪ Last night he caught a body

♪ Last night he caught a body

♪ Tru-Tru in the blue coupe

♪ Doggystyle like woof woof

♪ Came to take my shit back

♪ Trap, trap, trap, I peel...

What the fuck
are you doing here, man?

I own the fucking place.

You were supposed
to open up an hour ago.

Nobody fucking comes in anyway.

Don't be fucking partying here

with your little ghetto-ass
friends, alright?

I wasn't, alright?
We were just kicking back.

Get the fuck out of here.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

Hey, the homey liked you though.
He said he'll call you.

Lupe, this is a business.

You've heard that word
before, right?

What, Alexis getting all up
in your shit again?

Don't fucking take
that shit out on me.

Fuck, man.


I need this shit, man.

What's up, Lupe?
Give me a hug.

Fuck you.
I'm not fucking hugging you.

- Shit.
- Lupe keeps us grounded, huh?

- Dude, lay off man.
- You good?

Why the fuck is the cash
register unlocked, Lupe?

What, okay, I took
a couple twenties, alright?

I'll get you back pay day.

We need a fucking
HR department, huh?

Man, I'm your little cousin,
alright, you can't fire me.

You Victor from Big Loma's?

I'm Victor.

What happened
to your key holder?

- What's his name?
- Prieto.

Cops killed him last night.

Oh, sorry about that.

I'm David.

This is Creeper.

You heard of me?

What have you heard, Victor?

I heard you're the devil.

I might be.

Why don't you come over here
and look me in the eyes, Victor?

I'm sorry.

Why? Nothing's happened.

I don't know. I just...

You just what?

You're okay. Calm down.

Did you bring what
you were asked to bring?


Go get it.

How much is it?


And they're going to
know where it's from?

They know.

How many cats in your clicka?

Like, 50 solid heads.

And you're the key holder now?

Yes, sir.

I'm the shot caller.

Don't ever come here again.

I'll come to you.

Every gang in LA
has to pay their fucking taxes.

We get 30% of
everything you make.

Where's the fucking money?

40, sir.

Take it outside.

♪ Standing now

Don't think you can shuck
and jive the big homeys

and hold money back.

You can't.

They're fucking psychic.

♪ ...that God has given me

♪ You can't take me down

♪ You can't break me down

♪ You can't take me down

Ain't shit on
the streets happening

they don't already know about.

They've got the
whole world wired.

All the dope you sell,

the women you sell,

the Paisas you make pay rent.

Every movida.

Every money lick.

Every little tiny transa.

The big homeys get their cut.

And the Wizard is the king
no matter what.

Do not test that.

I've seen motherfuckers
skinned alive,

dipped in acid.

Arms and legs chain-sawed off,

rolling around
like a seal pup crying for mama.

If your stack's short,

go rob a bank,

rob your own mother,

sell your sister's pussy.

There's no excuses.

Sorry about your shoe.

When you're with us,

nobody, and I mean nobody,

will fuck with you.

Keep your head down.

How many times
have you given that speech?

Too many.

Watch his dumb ass
get killed too,

and I'll say the same shit
to the next guy.

You eat?
Check out the cooler.

I've got cashews,
chicken thighs, cheese,

broccoli and mackerel...
fucking everything.

What the fuck is this shit?
I don't want this shit.

Got all my ketogenic meals.

I dropped like 10 pounds

Why not just
get a fucking burrito?

Because I'm on a mission, dawg.

- Just know this, fool.
- What's up?

- Okay? The human body...
- Yeah. a machine.

Machine needs fuel.

Show me the pictures of
the bitch you smashed up with.

I saw that celly
from Diamond Bar.


She has a twin sister.

Hilda from El Monte.

- Oof.
- Keep going. Veronica.

Why is she dressed like
a fucking security guard?

Because she's
a security guard, fool.

With big-ass titties.

Look how the fucking vest
wraps around them.

- Yeah, yeah. Alright.
- Know what I'm saying?

Here she is with
a carrot in her ass.

No. No.

- Come on, fool.
- I'm good, eh?

- Oh, shit.
- You need Jesus, homey.

I need more carrots, dawg.

- Tía.
- Buenos días.

Hey, Tío.

What's up, prima?
How you doing?

- Good. How are you?
- Good to see you, man.

- I was just in Rosarito.
- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah. We missed you.
- Oh, well.

Hey, you know key holder
from Big Loma's

came through this morning?

The dude was nervous as fuck.

Marisol, Victor from Big Loma's?

He's good. They called.

He checks out.

Of course he's nervous as fuck.
I mean, look at you guys.

You guys look like
a couple of fucking monsters.

That little dude is used to

dealing with
little fucking homeys,

and now he's talking
to the fucking power.

Just being cautious, Tío.

Oh, yeah?
I'll be cautious, okay?

You just do your fucking job.

Come on, Tío.

The cops blasted the other dude
I was fucking with.

Hey, for Jazmin's quince,
take this, eh?

Put that down for the food.
Alexis's mom's all over it.

- They've been cooking all day.
- Well, take it for the beer.

Alright, the beer.

Come here. Give me a hug.

Thank you.
I love you, alright?

- Be careful.
- I love you, Tío.

- See you at the party.
- See you at the party.

Hey, how come I didn't get
an invite to the quince?

You can come through.

That's not an invitation.

That's you saying come through
'cause I asked you.

A real invitation is like a nice
card with lace edges and shit.

Well, don't fucking
come through then.

I want to come through.
I'd like to support your family.

I know Alexis gets uncomfortable
around me so I stay away.

If you got beef with Alexis,
go have coffee with her.

You got her number, homey.

Coffee, yeah, yeah.
I'll call her up.

You really wanted
a printed invitation?


They're like 20 bucks each.

I thought it would
be a nice souvenir.

Jazmin's a nice girl.

Yo, how is it you
don't have no kids, huh?

Condoms, IUDs,
birth control pills,

morning after pills,
plan A, plan B, plan C.

- There's a lot of options, boy.
- You're going to hell, man.

but I'm at peace with that.

I'm not going to argue
about Jesus with you.

You ever meditate?



I don't fuck with that.

That shit's satanic.

Okay, so some people
say yoga's satanic.

Some people. They do.

I'm doing that mindfulness shit.

The fuck is that?

So first thing in the morning...

- Yeah?
- Clear my head of noise.

Focus on my breathing.

Observe my thoughts.

Then I lean into my day.

Are we killing anybody today?

I've got fucking nice shoes on.


That's good work.
That's clean lines.

You mind if I do that?

It's always been
a dream of mine, huh?

One thing.

You got what we came for?

- Hmm?
- Bag.

Looks good.

Creeper, stop.


How was the funeral?

You know, kind of sad.

There's family, so laying kids
and shit out there.

Sorry about your boy, homey.

I am.

Dude had a family
but he also knew the reglas.

He made his decision.
We made ours.

I'mma take that green light
off of you, okay?

You show your face,
you walk the block,

you conduct
your business in safety.

Thank you.

got himself killed

and had four fucking kids.

Why would you fuck with that?

You got the money,
pay the fucking money.

It's greed. These guys
are fucking criminals.

It's in their nature
to cheat the system.

It's nothing new.

It could happen to us.

- No.
- A short count,

or we end up on the wrong side
of the politics,

- I mean, we'll get smoked.
- Hey.

You're connected as fuck.

No one is touching you never.

Hey, homey, that shit
smells like ass.

This? This is fish.
It's going to have an odor.

Like summertime dead body nasty.

Well, I'm not going
to apologize for it.

Maybe you're too sensitive.

I've got way more energy
on this diet.

That's not a good thing.

You want this last piece?

No, I don't want it.

Throw that shit
out the fucking window.

Hey, what's up big dog?

It's been a minute.
You good?

Okay, let me get into it, homey.

Don't trip. I got you.

Side mission, dawg.

What's up, holmes?

Wake up.

He fucked the homey's lady.

The vato dropped all his cash
on an engagement ring

and then finds this puto's
number on her fucking phone

sexting the fuck out of her.

Come on.

So let's squash this
before shit pops off.

What do you want me to do?

Cut him loose and clean him up.

You guys can't do this shit.

These ain't Vietnam, homey.

We got business with the Bloods.

The homeboy needs
to check his lady,

not the motherfuckers
piping her, okay?

Alright, David.

My bad.

Get the motherfucker in here.

Hey, Pete.

Four-five this motherfucker.


Look, they got the homey.

What the fuck, hey?

Hold up, hold up.
What's up with it?

Hold the fuck up, Blood.

What the fuck, man?

No disrespect.

It wasn't business,
and it wasn't racial.

Just some young guns
tripping personal.

Checked those responsible.

Got your boy before
it got crazy, man.

I'mma keep it G with you, David.

And I know you've got
your chess pieces

and for sure I've got mine.

But I want all this
shit to die today.

I want to walk away clean
and focus on the business,

you know what I'm saying?

You're a candle in the darkness.

Keep that shit real with you.

You didn't have to do that.

Yeah, I did.

Bone helped me solve some
problems back in the day, so...

60, right?

There you go.
It's all there.

Show it to me.


It's been kind of slow
right now, you know?

A lot of college kids
out of town.

Got that hook up though on that
good molly if you need it.

Got two homeys out of
San Francisco.

They slinging their shit left
and right to all them

Silicon Valley motherfuckers.

Everybody wants,
like, acid and LSD.

It's crazy up there.

They microdose now.

They take these small doses
every day.

It's supposed to make them
more creative or some shit.

Took acid every day for a month
straight but big fucking doses.

Big. Made me feel like
I was metal wire

and fucking alien shit
flying all over the place.

- Damn, homey.
- Fucking weird, fool.

Hey, I don't want
to break it up or nothing

but if you guys know
of a good chemist, let me know.

Adderall too,
you know what I mean?

Yeah, it's like popcorn
to these college kids.

Trust me when I tell you.

I'll ask around.

The Paisas, man, they're giving
us great competition, you know?

They don't pay no taxes

so their...
their prices are better.

You can't make no money
'cause a border brother's

got better prices?

Whoa, hey, whoa, whoa.

I understand.

Yellow is one of
my favorite colors.

45 minutes.
Where on earth is David?

Hey, you good?

The dress
isn't happening today.

The Mexican Kardashians
got here before us.

- And they're closed tomorrow.
- Are we going to get my dress?

Yes, we are going to get
your dress, mami, don't worry.

I really need your help.


We can't let this
ruin her quince.

Let me get into it.
Alright, give me 15 minutes.

Thank you, baby.


- Vamonos.
- We got here first.

It's my wedding dress.

- Bye.
- Vamonos.

I've been waiting
the whole week for this.


- Okay, let's get this done.
- Where is the dress?

- Definitely not that one.
- Let's see.

You've got a connect out of
San Diego Chicano Park

who's given you 30 pounds
of meth a week since April.

So you owe back taxes
on 120 pounds.

You got 50 grand?

Alright, let's call it a day.

I've got to get back
to the ranch, homey.


Tía Favvy took us to In-N-Out.

Where's Alexis?

In the room napping.

How'd the dress work out?

Thank you.

No, for real. It's so cute.

Jazmin is so happy.

- Babe?
- Hmm?

What's up?

The count's 20 grand short.

Are you sure?

Shit, I mean, I don't count it.

It's Big Loma's gang.


It's a new guy, and he didn't
know how much they owed

and I forgot to check the kite
from the little girl

and I was running late
to hit all the neighborhoods.

It's okay, it's okay.

Calm down, baby.

Look, I have a little float
that I keep week to week

for this kind of thing.

But we can't afford to cover
other people's mistakes.

Is that Wizard?

- Yes?
- Listen up.

Collection needs to go
smooth this month.

I've got something
big happening.

No fuck ups.

I understand.

Put the fool on.
I know he's in there.

Yeah, just a second.

He wants to talk to you.

Yes, sir.


Just heard him laughing
and then he hung up.

What did he say?

He said that there's a lot
going on this week

and he needs this week's
taxes to go smoothly.

No mistakes.

Is he fucking listening to us?

Is this fucking place bugged?

Calm down, calm down.
Calm down, baby.

Calm down, okay?

Go relax.

Go have a beer.
Go play with the kids.

Then you're going
to go back out, okay?

Finish your paper route
so I can package all of this up

and get it out of our house,



You owe me
20 fucking grand, homey.

I gave you basic
fucking instructions.

He'll splatter your brains
all over your old lady.

You don't want that.
I don't want that.

And she sure as shit
don't want that.

I do. I want that.

Hey, this guy, he wants that.

I want that, Victor.

I'm asking you, homey,
why would you do that?

- Open your mouth.
- Okay!

I'll take your bitch
as collateral

and put her in my fucking truck
until you make it right, homey.

- I'll make it right.
- Huh?

- I'll make it right.
- I can't hear you.

What the fuck are you saying,

I'll make it right.

- What?
- I'll make it right.

In the freezer,
there's a TV dinner.

What kind of fucking TV dinner?
I'm on a special diet.

The money's in the freezer.

You were hiding
the money, Victor.

- I'm sorry.
- Why?

Why did you think
to fucking do that, Victor?

My little girl's got leukemia

and we ain't got no insurance.

Victor, you think
I'm stupid, homey?

This motherfucker. Try again.

Why did you hide
the fucking money, Victor?

My little girl's got
leukemia, man. I'm sorry.

Prove it.

This morning in
the children's hospital.

He's lying, David.

What's her name?


- How old is she?
- Five.

- Where was she born?
- Montebello.

What am I doing?
David, what am I doing?

- Hm?
- Hold up.


Don't, David.

Let's go, Creeper.

That's your fucking
problem, right there.

You can't compartmentalize.

You're taxing 43
different street gangs.

That's thousands of dudes
in the most violent,

fucked-up subculture
in Los Angeles,

and you want to play
the fucking pope out here.

You need to know when to shut
the fuck up Creeper.

Alexis is going to
fuck your shit up.

Yeah, I already fucking know,
homey, I already know.

I already know, alright?

Don't got to fucking remind me.

What the fuck?


Hey, we got to go see Venom
from Hillside.

200 fucking grand.

Hillside Trece 200 grand?

- Yeah.
- Wow.

They must have had
a serious fucking come-up

over there, huh?

Let's take their money.

I already fucked
every bitch in their hood.




Have a seat.

Drink some pista, holmes.

You know I ain't here
to socialize.

Your uncle used to do your job.

Him and that fat fuck Spanky.

Went to all the different gangs
in the neighborhood

making collects.

You're only here
because of your fucking daddy.

I earned my way to the top.

I'm here to collect
your fucking taxes.

So put your fucking money
on the table,

stop opening your fucking mouth,
and do as you're fucking told.

I got the money.
That ain't the problem.

Put the fucking fetty
on the table right now

or it's your last supper,
I promise you, my boy.

Right now.

This isn't yours.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm the future and you the past.

So Venom, he work for me now.

And all this right here,
it's my money.

Who the fuck are you?

Okay, Conejo.

Because it's not a mistake.

It's a motherfucking earthquake,

and everything
get knocked down.

Let's go, Creeper.

I got a .380 on each ankle,
.38 on my right, .25 on my left,

chopper in the trunk,
Glock in my belt, fuck.

Don't get too fucking
excited, homey.

It's just a lot
of fucking cash, you feel me?

You know my uncle
whacked Venom's dad.

And he wants to cut
your heart out for sure.

You say the word,
I'll push that bitch's wig back.

- I don't want that, Creeper.
- I'm on it.

Who is he?

Who's Conejo?

It's a confident move,
taking Wizard's money.

He's got to be
connected as fuck.

I know who he is.

Some fucking West Side
heavy hitter.

Remember he kidnapped people?

Fucking cut them up,
burned that dude one time,

sent a video tape to his mom.

Fucking straight-up
street terrorist.

But Wizard was going
to have him taken out.

So he bounced down to Mexico.

He's been MIA for like 10 years.

Conejo, fuck that puto, hey?
Fuck him.

I'll skin that motherfucker.
You should have let me have him.

I need to put it to a vote.
I need 24 hours.

It's got to go down
the right way.

You're scared of him.

The fuck did you say?

If you weren't my nephew,
I'd stick your fucking face

in that fire
until you stopped moving.

Alright, holmes?

I ain't scared of any bitch-made
motherfucker, alright?

Hey, and you don't leave till
I fucking tell you to leave.

Sit your fucking ass down.

You're going to mind
somebody, huh?

You're my nephew and I love you
and you're bad, David,

but you ain't fucking
that bad, alright?

Now bounce.

Marisol, give me a plate.



What did you see in me
when we met?

I told you this
a thousand times.

No. There's the story you tell
everyone again and again

because you like telling it.

And people like hearing it.

And then there's the truth.
I want that. The truth.

You remember when we met?

The King Taco in South Central?

I'll never forget.

You were acting all stupid

gang banging with your cousins
back then.

Yeah, whatever. We were kids.

That wasn't the first time
I saw you.

What do you mean?

See, a couple of weeks
before you met me

my dad got really,
really drunk.

I hear all this noise,
and I come out of my room,

and my dad is beating
my mom with a chair.

He beat my mom
until the chair broke.

And my mom is bleeding
and crying and he looks at me,

and he starts walking towards me
and I'm thinking, "I'm dead."

He just walked right past me.
Didn't say anything.

Just walked into his room
and slept for like two days.

So I heard about you,

and you were this big bad
gangster who killed people.

So here I am,

some Mexican-American princess,

I go down to the hood,
figured out where you hung out.

I was going to get you
to fall in love with me

and get you to kill my dad.

Half the plan worked.

Thank God.

He stopped drinking.

David, what's wrong?

People always want
something from me.

You didn't want nothing from me.

That's what I thought.

I love you.

There you are.
Take it from him.

Now reverse it.
Ooba, ooba towards me.

That's established properly.

Armbar, take it, take it.

Merry Christmas.


- Alright.
- Good job, man.

Okay, go.
Attack, attack, attack.

Tuck your chin.

Give him the ribs,
punch his ribs.

Slow down, technique first.

Take your time. Don't rush it.

Come on, David.
Handle it, handle it.

Good. Good, good, good.
That's it. Good.

Wake up and smell the roses,
not your own blood.

- Make sense?
- Yeah.

You got a drink for us?

Thank you. That's it there.

That's it. That'll work there.

Thank you.

- Gentlemen, how are you?
- Hi, Tío.

Jazmin, happy birthday.


David, you know
it's a party, right?

Take your shot, come on.

Come on. You've been
babysitting all night.

Come on, David.

- Fuck him.
- Alright, fuck it, whatever.

Hey, what's up, Johnny Cash?

What? You're trying to be
all cool over there

to impress your little
lady friend and shit?

Come take a shot with us.

Come on.
This is some bomb-ass tequila.

Hey don't get him
fucking drunk, dude.

Just one shot. One.

Hey, Creeper, I've seen
your ass drunk, fool.

You cry like a little bitch
and shit.

I've been nothing
but a gentleman to you.

How many fucking favors
have I done for you?

- How many? A lot, a lot.
- Oh, yeah, tons of favors.

Yeah, hold on,
let me count them.

How about that time you gave me

like three different STDs
and shit.

Are you fucking kidding?

Dude, did you fuck him
without a condom?

- You're fucking nasty.
- She's kidding. She's fucking...

I have a bunch of condoms.
You're going to need them.

I tell you what, you go out
to the parking lot

and your car's on fire,
now you know why.

Oh, now I know why
my car's on fire.

Hey, Creeper, I Ubered here.

Hold that shit, though.
Pass that shit out.

Hey, hey, no, no.
You're not fucking smoking weed

in my backyard
with Alexis right here.

- No.
- Dude, come on.

She used to be cool as fuck.

I know what it is.

You talked to Dad?


No? Since when no?

Just no. Okay?

He don't want to talk to me.

Think he cares
what I have to say?

Hey, Dad's version of being
a dad is opposite day.



Dance with me.

David, I'm going to take care

of that thing that
we talked about, okay?

It's all good.
When I'm done with Conejo,

he's going to wish he stayed
in Mexico selling fucking tacos.

Hey, Conejo's getting
his ass aired out.

I want what you got
with Alexis.

You got your wife,
you've got your kids,

you've got your castle.

You go out there,
you come back here,

you're fucking safe
behind these walls.

Fuck. I'm always living
my life on point.

You know, I'm always watching
for the fucking bullet.

I love my family.

I love God.

Oh, fuck me.

God allows me to walk
through darkness

and come back into the light.

I have two worlds.

You can too.

You think God's
going to have me, fool?

- He will.
- Mm-hmm.

God doesn't exist.

I'm a product
of evolution, David.

I'm supposed to
terrorize the herd.

That's my function.

That's the knowledge
I was born with.

Don't say that.

You know, I've seen
so many motherfuckers die.

So many.
And when the lights go out,

it's just a fucking pile
of meat left.

That's it.

So I know when I die, I die.
That's the end of the book.

I see so many
motherfuckers begging,

pissing, shitting themselves for
one more fucking second of life,

and when I'm there
pulling their card,

I'm their God when I'm there.

When I'm there, I'm God.

Nice house.

What the fuck
is she doing here?

The fuck are you doing here?

Be too bad if somebody
firebombed it

and killed
all these fucking people.

I'll cut your fucking legs off.

Don't you check
your fucking phone?

Your uncle wants you
to sit down with Conejo.

Says we have to make it right.

Fuck you.

You come into my fucking house.
Why the fuck should I trust you?


Better fucking hurry.


Hey, fool,
that's like the female you.

You guys should get married
and have evil babies and shit.

I ain't going to lie, my boy,
I'm intrigued as fuck.

Where's my uncle at?

The real decisions
are made far from here.

I'm not going to sit here and
listen to a fucking TED Talk.

I was told that
my uncle was here.

So where the fuck is he?

See, when you kill a man
and you don't kill his sons,

this is what happens.

Sometimes it take a minute for
that bullet to hit its target.

Just following orders.

I want you to understand
that I'm not a threat to you.

As a matter of fact,
I'm the only hope you got.


You actually thought
that your uncle could help you.

Nah, little homey,
only you could do that.

For how many years have they
promised to open up the books,

have you made into a boss
in the organization?

All you got to do is kiss
the ring and join the family

and I'll give you something
that your uncle

and Wizard have kept from you
all this time.

If Wizard wanted to,
he could give you more power

than you could handle
with just a nod.

♪ Nothing to see, babe

♪ When the lights are on

You said we were protected.

You knew who I was
and what my family was.

Should we run?

There's nowhere to run,
and they'd find us.

I'm sorry I'm scared.
The kids...

Alexis, these are international
players worth billions,

and Wizard and Conejo
are fighting it out right now.

I got my small slice
of the game.

They're way up there.

And I'm down here.

And I ain't shit.

We can't join them,
we can't run, what's left?

I want to fight him.


I trust you.

I can't surrender to Conejo.

He's demonic, and I feel it.

Tell me what to do.

Don't change a thing.

Conejo's watching you.

They won't see it coming.

He worked on the number-two guy
in Jalisco.

He's got someone in T.J.

Get him anything
he wants at anyway to San Diego.

He's probably got
a fucking tunnel.

It seems like it, so he can just
clip killers for his mission.

Is no one concerned
his uncle's head

was in a fucking beer cooler?

Where's Wizard in all of this?

I mean, we could use the
high-powered help right now.

I need you to find me this lame
motherfucker so I can kill him.

I'm working on
his location.

Well, work harder.

The guy's streetcraft
is bulletproof, alright?

He sleeps in hotels,
different apartments.

Doesn't trust anyone,
always on the move

so no one knows where he's going
to be hour to hour.

Look, he rolls with a couple
of rock star shooters.

One guy's up from
the Marine Corps Special Forces.

The other one's
a former lieutenant

in the federal
Mexican SWAT team.


They're players,
and they got heavy weapons.

Are we not going to talk about
the elephant in the room, David?

Is Wizard next?

Shut the fuck up.

David, get your family
and get the fuck out of LA

until we handle this for you.


Nobody's untouchable.

If it's about money,
we have money for you.

- Yeah sure, it'll help.
- Okay.

But we can do this.
We just need some time.

Maybe a few weeks.


You got some of the best
fucking soldados

in the game right here.

Look around, my boy.

Every single one of these
motherfuckers will ride with you

till the wheels fall off.

Now I'm going to hit Conejo,

and I'm going to keep hitting
until one of us is dead,

and so will he, and so will he,
and this sick fuck right here,

you don't think he wants
to spill blood, David?

These are fucking riders, David.

We got you.
Let us do this now.


Let's go.

Bang bang.

Conejo's definitely
connected to the cartel.

Plus they give zero fucks.

I mean, this guy has the power

to turn out the entire game
up here.

I need you tell me
how to get to

this lame motherfucker,
that's what I need from you.

I just need some time.

You've got a millionaire
and a stone pillar.

- Fuck!
- Fuck!

Run, run!


But I ain't going
to give you nothing but pain.

Hey, puto.

I'm going to need
some copies of that ASAP.

Okay. I'm sorry.

What's going on?
What happened to you?

Tell me what's going on.

Just drive, Alexis.
Drive the fucking car, okay?

Okay, okay, baby,
your face is all bloody.

Just get the kids, okay?

- I am, David.
- Get the fucking kids.

Stop fucking touching me

I'm trying to keep calm,
but I'm scared.

- Tell me what's happening.
- Okay, good, good.

Be scared.
Be very fucking scared.

Run the fucking light.
Don't stop.

What? No, I'm not going to
run the red light.

There's a cop behind us, David.
There's a cop behind us.

Just fucking drive perfectly,

Oh, my God.
He's got lights on, David.

- He's gonna pull us over.
- What?

- He's gonna pull us over.
- No, he's not. No, he's not.

- Just calm down.
- Shit. Shit.

Just calm.

What's going on?

A real man knows
when to take a knee

and serve the stronger master.

Fuck you, you motherfucker.

The difference between
a king and a servant,

the servant acts while the king
masterminds the whole shit.

I got your boy.
He's alive.

- Is that Creeper?
- Come swoop him up.

His dog ass right here
crying for you.

Fuck you,
you fucking piece of shit.

Fuck you.

Creeper, it's alright, man.
You're going to be okay.

I came as a friend
and I offered you life.

Now I come as an enemy
and bring you death.

Motherfucker, fuck you,
you fucking bitch.

The fuck you doing with that,
you stupid fucking bitch?

Leave him alone,
you stupid piece of shit!

What's going on?

- Hey, leave him alone!
- Oh, my God.

Let him go, you motherfucker.

Let him go, motherfucker!

Leave him alone,
you fucking coward!

Don't curse me.
This is your truth.

Your pride cost this.

I was sent here on a mission
by the real jefes

to flip the whole
fucking game over.

Alright, motherfucker,
you fucking made

your fucking point, homey.

Leave him alone, motherfucker.

You want a little kindness
for your friend?

Mercy? Watch.
Watch my mercy.

Fuck you.

You're a shit bitch.


Everything you love
is going to die real bad.

Hey. Hey, hey, baby.

We got to go, okay?

Baby, we need to go right now.

- But I'm...
- Leave it. Come on.

Baby, come on.
Come on.

Favvy was heading back north
but she's turning around.

She's going to pick up the kids

and take them to Fresno
with her.

Go with.

No, I am not leaving you.

- Alexis, I'm not asking you.
- Yeah, well, neither am I.

Stay here while I go
get the money.

I'll stay here.


We're on our own.

You don't believe that.

I don't need to.

I know it.

David, prom... promise me

that we're going to
start over, please.


Start over.

Daddy, why do you have a gun?

Give us this day
our daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


Yo, what the fuck
is going on?

What the fuck is going on?

Hey, hey, stop, stop.
Calm the fuck down, okay?

Hey, if anyone asks, you
haven't fucking seen me, okay?


Oh, fuck.


How much is that?

Over a million and a half.

And that's been there
this whole time?

Nine years.

Me and Creeper robbed
an armored car back in the day.


You heated up, primo?



It was your dad's.

It's got a lot of murders on it.

Take it.

You need me to ride with you?

You know I got your back.


Get the fuck out of my way.

David, David, stop.
What are you doing, David?

I know exactly
what the fuck I'm doing.

- Oh, do you?
- Yeah.

Don't let it touch, Alexis.

She's clean.

Don't let the family business
touch her.

If the hand touches her heart,
it will turn black.

♪ To come and rescue me

♪ To come and set me free

I got to go.

♪ And you were running

♪ Through the valley

♪ Heading straight for me

- ♪ My mind was shaking

- ♪ But I was ready
- Baby?

- I got it.
- ♪ For you to rescue me

$1.6 million.

Kids, turn off the TV.
Put on your shoes.

You, put on your sweater.
We have to leave in two minutes.

- Okay.
- I'm meeting Favvy in 10.

She's going to take the kids,

so I'll be here
when you get back, okay?

I love you.

I love you too.

I'll see you soon, okay?

♪ Now I fade into eternity

♪ I'm free




Hey, where you at?

Baby. Hey.


Hey, wake up.

Baby, please don't leave me.

Baby, wake up.

You broke me. You broke me.

I'mma clean you up, okay?

I'mma clean you up, okay, baby?

Lord God in heaven,
please hear me.

I'm a sinner.

I've always known that.

But Alexis is good.

She's good.

Please take her by the hand,
Lord, and hold her close.

She needs lots of love.

Hey, David.

How are the kids?
Are the kids okay?

Uh, I don't have the kids.

Where are they?

Alexis texted saying
she was keeping them.

David, is something wrong?


I got your kids.

You want to buy them back?

I'll text you the address.

You got two hours or you're
going to leave me no choice

but to melt these two little
motherfuckers down in acid.




Now I'm going to hit Conejo,

and I'm going to keep hitting
until one of us is dead.

I'd die for you, my boy.

Let's go.

Blood, you can't come in.

Then tell Bone that Capone
from the cutdowns is right here.


Blood out here
name dropping on you.

Hey, y'all, give us a second.

This might be above
y'all pay grade.

Now clear it out for me.

Where's your crew?
Why you by yourself?

- Everybody's gone, man.
- What you mean, gone?

Why are you here, bro?

They killed my wife.

And they killed Creeper, man.

Mexico's trying to
change the structure.

They took my kids, man.
They took my kids.

- What you need?
- I need riders with heart.

Some motherfucking killers
with choppers, Bone.

I'm alone, Bone, I'm trying
to do this shit by myself,

but I ain't got
nobody else, man.

- Listen, we, I'm...
- I need your help.

I'm with you, bro. I'm with you.

- Thumper, we fucking with Blood.
- That's right.

This is a good motherfucker
here, man.

- That's right.
- I told you he was a candle.

- We fucking with you.
- That's right.

So I'm not saying we're
a bunch of scandalous niggas

with fucked-up pasts,

but we got a chance to wash
all our sins away on this one.

That's a good man, right there.

He stands for what we stand for.

And somebody done
took his fucking kids.

I'm not politicking,
pushing the line,

shot calling,
none of that bullshit,

but we going so far down
the rabbit hole on this one,

there might not be
no getting back.

This is strictly
a volunteer mission.

'Cause this shit
is heavy as it gets.

And I ain't never asked y'all to
do nothing that I wouldn't do.

I'm with the bullshit.

I'm ready. Fuck it. It's on.

- Let's go on, man.
- Feel?

Pablos is on.

Okay, five. What are we doing?

We're going to get
his kids, homey.

On Pablo Bishops,
we fucking with you.

So let's do it.

Got you.

Stupid motherfuckers should
have kept your ass in Mexico.


Where are my kids at, huh?

- See if you fucking remember.
- Throw his fucking ass out.

Where are my kids at, que?

I really don't know.

Unlock the fucking phone.

- Unlock it.
- Unlock that shit.


Here's the address on the phone.

Let's go get your kids.

We're going to get
your kids, man.

Go, go!

- Honey!
- Check the back.

Ain't no body back here
but Conejo's grandma.

- Clear.
- It's all clear, Dave.

Nobody up in here.

Where's Mommy?

She's not here right now.

I'm here.

Dave, how are we
going to do her?

I ain't going down to his level.

- Okay.
- Family's sacred.

You guys go with them, okay?

Y'all take care
of the man's kids.

And on my life,
they're going to be safe.

- I'm going with you.
- No.

I got to do this alone.

No, you're not alone tonight.

This is me and you till
the fucking wheels fall off.

It's like that.

That's the house right there.

That's Conejo's eyes outside.

The motherfucker
has a chopper in his hand.

Yeah, that's right, keep coming,
keep coming.

I'mma dome
your motherfucking ass.

Drop it.

Come on.



Get the fuck over here, bitch.

All you had to do was say yes,
you stupid motherfucker.

You caused this.

Three, two, one, dead.

Don't defend what's gonna happen
right... right now.

And your crowd ain't shit.

Just a badass bitch.


It's me, it's me, it's me.

Come on,
we got to get out of here.

We got to get out of here.
Come on.

Taking you to see
my little homegirl.

She works at USC Medical Center,
patch you up.

No questions asked.

Pull over.
I got to talk to someone.

Talk to me.

Fucking talk to me.

You did it.

There were two,
and now there is one.

How do you know?

I got the devil on my shoulder
here whispering in my ear.

It came for you and you beat it.

Just like I did in my day.

You saved me, mijo.
You saved me.

Now you can stand
under your own sky.

This pain you feel will go away.

But the power...

the power is forever.

I don't want that.
I want her.

Mijo, I love you.

Why are you saying that?

Why now?

You never said you loved me.

'Cause I didn't know
who you are.

Now I know.

You and me, we're the same.

You're a king.

I don't want it.

I don't want it, Dad.

It wants you.


No, I don't want that.

Forgive me.